How tall is Kane

Kane's Height

6ft 6 ¾ (200 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 7 ½ (201.9 cm)
Glenn Jacobs is an American professional Wrestler. Has been billed 6ft 10 and some believe he stood 7ft. When wrestling under the name Yankem he may have been billed as 6ft 7.
I'm about Six-Eight...[and I weigh] a little over 300 pounds.

How tall is Glenn Kane Jacobs
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Average Guess (384 Votes)
Peak: 6ft 7.94in (203cm)
Current: 6ft 7.1in (200.9cm)
Canson said on 26/Feb/20
Vegas' said on 25/Feb/20
Roderick said on 19/Feb/20

In the photo with Donovan Smith, I think Kane looks 6'5.5".


If you go by top of head there is an inch there Click Here

Smith has measurements of slightly over 6'5 1/2 barefoot himself so Kane can't be 6'5 1/2 in that photo. Even if you think Smith is lower than his measurements like say 6'5 flat Kane still looks 6'6 in that particular photo.

Of course that's one photo and you can't see feet or ground.

Yea 6’5 flat is a stretch for a guy who measured 6’5.75”. I would’ve probably said 6’5 3/8 maybe 6’5.25 worst case. Kane would have to be somewhere around 199cm if that’s the case as it’s minimum 1”
Mikey97 said on 26/Feb/20
Click Here

Very cool young Kane photo. Kane claims he was 6'4" in 8th grade. I can buy that
Sotiris Gravas said on 25/Feb/20
Just a reminder:

Kane looks 6'5" w/ 5'6" Rand Paul... Click Here , Click Here At around 6'7", I have never looked so "short" next to a 5'6" someone...

Rand Paul w/ 6'0.5" Trump (aka "The Chosen One," lol)... Click Here

Shane McMahon w/ 5'10" Kevin Owens... Click Here
W/ Kane... Click Here
W/ Undertaker... Click Here
W/ Kevin Nash... Click Here
Vegas' said on 25/Feb/20
Roderick said on 19/Feb/20

In the photo with Donovan Smith, I think Kane looks 6'5.5".


If you go by top of head there is an inch there Click Here

Smith has measurements of slightly over 6'5 1/2 barefoot himself so Kane can't be 6'5 1/2 in that photo. Even if you think Smith is lower than his measurements like say 6'5 flat Kane still looks 6'6 in that particular photo.

Of course that's one photo and you can't see feet or ground.
Roderick said on 24/Feb/20
Several people have claimed Big Show looked 6'7" in person. Maybe his height loss is more serious than we think...
Khaja Qadaruddin said on 24/Feb/20

May be.. Tht was a bad dream!
DFens said on 24/Feb/20
Kane is definitely not 6'5".

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Canson said on 24/Feb/20
So Donovan Smith shows 6’5.75 and 6’5 5/8 in the link I have. If the latter is correct, Sotiris is right in that is all he would be in the afternoon. But I can’t rule out the listing here being an alternate measurement like a pro day etc

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viper said on 24/Feb/20
Another poster on here thought Big Show looked 6-7-6-8
Roderick said on 23/Feb/20
We have THREE 6'6" range Smiths in the occasion now..

Honestly I won't deny that Kane does look taller than that dude but how do we know that guy is a legit 6'6"? What if he's 6'5.5", or as low as 6'5.25"? Even still, Kane looks 6'6" there.
edwards said on 23/Feb/20
@ canson

agreed with everything you is kane edging legit 6’6 baron corbin.of course,kane may have footwear advantage but he is still taller than legit 6’6 guy like corbin.this photo was already posted by christian but i would like to post it is kane with corbin. Click Here
i personally feel kane can still barely edge braun strowman like he barely edged corbin.i personally feel at this stage if this life,kane is 3/4 or 0.75 taller than undertaker in 2020 but ofcource i could be wrong as taker is rapidly shrinking in height.
HJake said on 21/Feb/20
Back in the mid 2000s I had good seats at a house show- non-televised. I was at the aisle right near the ring- entrance side. So, I got to see everyone up close as they walked by to the ring. No ramp where I was standing- equal footing. I'm 6'1.5" barefooted afternoon and it really shocked me to see the real heights of these guys as they walked by, some stopping to slap fives etc. I don't know if it was where I was standing somehow, but HHH looked 5'11", Cena maybe 5'10". But, Kane was the guy I was there to see- when he was tag teaming with Big Show. Kane looked all of 6'5" walking by and that's generous. Show looked maybe 6'7-8" ish. I don't know, had to be something with angles a bit or something, maybe I had hiking boots on that day. I just remember being a little shocked at heights across the board. And, no, I didn't expect billed heights.
Canson said on 21/Feb/20
@Roderick: I’m referring to the Smith who measured 6’5 3/4 who we were all referring to below. Kane has an inch on him. You can see it in the shoulders and the bodies too. If it were only around 1/4” the difference could go either way in the picture and it doesn’t. Kane has the clear height advantage. As for Smith I could agree with Sotiris but a 6056 an hour out of bed could mean 6’5 3/8 afternoon height for some. Most like myself (I lose a cm after an hour) and another cm thereafter estimated. But then some like Christian 6’5 3/8 lose 1/4 after an hour and lose half inch therafter. So in this case Rob may list him 6’5.5 as that would be his lunchtime. If that’s the case that’s an immediate argument for Kane to be 6’6.5”. I still can’t see the solid 6’6” for Kane today let alone under that mark. The lowest I could argue for his afternoon height is 6’6.25 which means lunchtime 6’6 3/8 or 1/2”. I think the compromise 6’6.5. I agree 6’6.75 looks too much but he’s noticeably taller than Taker at this stage. He’s around the same as Strowman today. Kane would easily still wake to 6’7-6’7.5 range
Roderick said on 21/Feb/20
I see Kane more as a guy who specialized in strength training rather than bodybuilding training (like most WWE stars).

If you look closely at Kane, you will notice how his tricep development is a lot stronger and bigger than his bicep development. I think this is because Kane would work out his chest a lot, and usually your triceps come into the day you train your chest.

But Kane didn't seem to care much for his calves. If you've ever seen a photo of them, it looks like he's never worked them out a day in his life, lol.
ced said on 21/Feb/20

Kane may claim that he didn't use steroids, but he and many others did at that time. If you take a look at Kane as his Isaac Yankem days, while he had a great physique even then, it was nowhere near what he had from 97 through 2002.

I think arguably, Kevin Nash had a huge chest just like Kane. (Nowhere they were pretty much mirror images of each other and Kane played Diesel).. As far as height is concerned, it's a weird one between them 2.. Obviousbly Kane wasn't as tall as Nash, but I do believe that Kane in his lifts was as tall as Nash.

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Mikey97 said on 21/Feb/20
I wanna know if anybody has advice on how to look like how Kane did physically?

It's a shame WWE never tried to sell a DVD that had Kanes workout routine or at least Kane workout videos. I was looking at Kane in 2000-2001 and I cant even believe the physique he had. In my opinion I think Kane had one of the greatest physiques in the history of the business. You can see his tricep sticking out of his arm when he choke slammed people and the peak he had on his bicep when he raised his arms to summon the fire. His chest development was probably something no wrestler has ever had, it was massive! His shoulders would pop out like nobody elses. Kane was truly built like a tank.

I wish, if anybody has or have seen a video of Kanes routine, please post it.

From what Ive heard, Kane can bench 405 for ten reps and bench 525 for a single rep. He could also squat 650. These are all prime numbers.

Even more impressive he didnt use steroids
DFens said on 20/Feb/20
Google says this guy is 6'6" (search Tray Smith Tennessee)

At 3:58.

Click Here
Canson said on 20/Feb/20
@Edwards: yea 199 is a good fit for him just like 197.5 would probably be for Taker. It’s about a 1.5 cm difference between them in pics. Lol a 6’4.75 Taker would mean that he’s even shorter than when Dan Trojan met him
Roderick said on 19/Feb/20
I just noticed we are talking about two different Smiths here... lol.

In the photo with Lee Smith, I think Kane looks 6'4.5".

In the photo with Donovan Smith, I think Kane looks 6'5.5".

@Canson To me it looks like a very tiny difference. Kane is a bit closer to the camera, and also looks like he's tippy toeing on his right leg.

Kane looks shorter than Wilder as well.

Best bet for Kane IMO is 6'5.75" max, he might not even reach 6'6" the more I look.
Pierre said on 19/Feb/20
Kane / Vince Vaughn = Click Here

Vince Vaughn/Stephen Merchant listed 6"7' each time in poor posture = Click Here Click Here Click Here

Vince Vaughn /Snoop = Click Here Click Here

Snoop /Magic 6"7.5' = Click Here Click Here
Click Here

Kane 6"7' = porbabilities = 0% imo Kane 6"6.5 or full 6"6' = probabilities = 0% imo
edwards said on 18/Feb/20
@ canson

agreed with everything you said.6’5.25 is joke for kane.he still got 1.5” on 6’5 guys.i can see the possibility of kane being 6’6.25 but that being the minimum.the max is 6’6.5.i can see kane having the possibility to measure 6’6.5 still on a good day but not any higher though.i personally wouldn’t go below 6’6.25 for kane and wouldnt go above 6’6.5 aswell.if kane is 6’5.25 than undertaker by sense is 6’4.75 which i dont thing is possible at all cost.
Canson said on 18/Feb/20
@Roderick: actually with the variables In picture etc I’m going to say it’s a full inch between them minimum. So if Smith is day 6’5 3/8 then a 6’6 3/8 Kane works. I agree 6’6.5 for Kane is ok but I wouldn’t go as low as 6’6 flat for An afternoon let alone 6’5.25”. 6’6” flat at an extreme (once in a while) low is remotely possible if he is more 6’6.25 at the normal low than 6’6.5. That part I don’t rule out
Canson said on 18/Feb/20
@Roderick: in the pics with Undertaker and Strowman and some of the other taller wrestlers as well as the one with the football player below that was posted. If we use his afternoon (supposed height), Kane would not be 6’5.25 because he’s taller than Smith. If Smith is a morning 6’5.75 after around an hour he’s not lower than 6’5.25 maybe 6’5 3/8”. And Kane has around an inch on Smith. We could argue that maybe it’s 2cm worst case. I think a 6’6.5 listing is more than fair for him. I don’t see below 6’6.25”
Roderick said on 16/Feb/20
IMO Kane should be downgraded to 6'6.5", even though I think he's absolute maximum 6'6".

I wouldn't be surprised if Kane measured 6'5.25" at night, since he's almost 300 pounds. But his afternoon height I think is around 6'5.75".
Canson said on 16/Feb/20
@Vegas: But I didn’t say 1/2-3/4. I specifically said 3/8-1/2” where I mentioned below. Im sure some manage 3/4 while some manage 1/4”. Lamont Jordan from MD I remember Viper and I discussed when he posted that Jordan was 5’9.5 at his Pro Day or Senior Bowl but 5’10.25 at the combine. That one stood out to me. Rob has even said that it could vary. And in your case were these guys you met players who were drafted a long time ago? And to what you said about near the pre draft listing, you may get a guy who is measured 6’3.25 like Vernon Davis where he looks around 6’3 still but it’s because he likely only comes down to 6’2 7/8 so you wouldn’t tell the difference between that and 6’3” or 6’3 1/8 unless you are that close. But I doubt Peyton Manning was the case. I see 6’5 or maybe slightly higher. I saw his Pro Day was actually higher at 6’5 3/8 so the combine was likely Held later in the 90s. I do think Eli is the case in 2004 but my argument would be that he’s around 194. He looks shorter than Roethlisberger who looks about 195. I actually feel Ben’s was probably a different measurement like a Pro Day. He looks around his as does Antonio Brown. And with Brady that would mean he dropped 7/8 which usually doesn’t happen. I have Brady at 6’4. Viper posted the Senior Bowl listings from 2006 once and here. Also see my link below. it says that the players measured early. They did it after the drug test so I gave that a full hour and called it 7 am instead of 6 but 3/8” and 1/2” variances signal an hour or slightly less or slightly more out of bed. Rob said before you could lose 1cm after waking (I lose .9cm myself) and some like Christian just lose 1/4” after 1 hr which is why you see the 1/2” variance for some guys. Also look at the tweets of times when measurements come out. Kyler Murray’s came out around 9 am eastern last year. I know it said Vincent Jackson measured 6’4 3/8 at the senior bowl and he measured 6046 at the combine. Another example DeAngelo Williams was 5’8 3/8 or half and was 5’9” at the combine. Those two I remember. Another was Nick Mangold and Marcedes Lewis. Theirs were about the same 3/8 or 1/2”. I saw where I posted that mangold was 6’3.25 senior bowl and 6’3 5/8 then Lewis Viper posted 6’5 7/8 where he was 6’6 3/8 at the combine. I don’t remember Exactly where the 2006 senior bowl listing is but I’m sure that Viper can find it and it’s clear that the average disparity there was around 3/8” some half inch some did manage 1/4”. But the 3/8 was very common and lines up to what Rob said given the time of day it is held. I’ve also posted the one for the NBA where the players all measured 1/2” taller from 08 to 09 just based on time of the day. That is likely commonplace being they know it helps draft stock by the players measuring taller which it explicitly states in the NBA article

Click Here

Click Here
Vegas' said on 15/Feb/20
How do we know it's morning measurement within hour out of bed?

Is every NFL player in same boat then? Does that mean Peyton Manning was 6'4 1/2 afternoon, Eli Manning was close to flat 6'4, Tom Brady 6'3 1/2?

I have met a couple of measured ex NFL players late at night and they looked close to their measured heights after 12am not 1/2-3/4 inch short of measured number.
Canson said on 15/Feb/20
Sotiris Gravas said on 14/Feb/20
Vegas' said on 13/Feb/20
Donovan Smith was measured 6'5 6/8ths barefoot

That was a morning measurement. He's 6'5.25". And Kane is 100% not over 6'6".

@Sotiris. It likely was a morning measurement. I agree with both you and Viper. That could mean 6’5.25 or 6’5 3/8 like Christian. I still see a full inch between he and Kane though. Kane would be no less than 6’6.25 maybe even 6’6.5”. The angle in the pic is not the best to be honest. But I can safely rule out 6’7”. Even 6’6.75 that Rob lists him looks on the high side. Should be a little less if going with an afternoon or lunchtime height. Fact of the matter is that the site standard is lunchtime or afternoon heights but some people here use pre drafts as gospel or the rule of thumb which is not a fair comparison since the standard is what it is.
Canson said on 15/Feb/20
@Edwards: yea for taker’s peak he could’ve been Closer to 6’7” flat as opposed to 6’7.5 based on the possibility of footwear. I doubt less than 6’7” but today I doubt more than 6’6” or even that if going by an afternoon height. It won’t surprise me if Rob knocks Taker down to 6’6” flat now based on what he said about the encounters people he knows have had but I still can’t see less than that even though he really looks a bit less at times. Rob even admitted on Taker’s page that many believe Taker is not as tall as he’s billed here or there
Canson said on 15/Feb/20
@Viper: see my last post too. I said the same to Vegas. In fact Sotiris could be right as we’ve seen guys gain half inch or 3/8 inch from senior bowl to combine or pro day to combine simply because its early morning. But Rob has made it clear that the standard is supposed to be afternoon or max lunchtime. That said 6’5.5 may be a fair listing for him if 6’5 3/8 is his afternoon height. If 6’5.25 is it then 6’5 3/8 would be lunchtime. I think he would measure the same as Christian to be honest
Sotiris Gravas said on 14/Feb/20
Vegas' said on 13/Feb/20
Donovan Smith was measured 6'5 6/8ths barefoot

That was a morning measurement. He's 6'5.25". And Kane is 100% not over 6'6".
viper said on 14/Feb/20
Lee Smith is 6-5 1/2 at best

Click Here
Canson said on 14/Feb/20
@Vegas: true. But Rob has made the standard lunchtime or afternoon height which he’s mentioned many times. If we want to use an afternoon height Sotiris is potentially right being a lot of guys lose 1/2” from their combine measurement or best case 6’5 3/8 perhaps. Remember this is a taller guy with more potential to lose height. If he has that measurement an hour out of bed 6’5.5” would be fair for Donovan Smith as a lunchtime height as we saw Rob also list Baron Corbin and others below their combine listings. As for the picture, it’s an odd angle. I have a hard time seeing Kane below maybe 6’6.25” but I could argue maybe 6’6.5. However I don’t believe he’s 6’6.75 (200cm) like Rob lists him. That looks around a 2cm or a stretch 1” difference but that’s possible due to the angle
edwards said on 13/Feb/20
@ canson

dude,The fact that undertaker look very short now might mean that it's not all height loss. Maybe he did wear internal lifts which bruce pitchard revealed.maybe undertaker was just 6’7 1/8 peak ?
edwards said on 13/Feb/20
@ canson

dude,agreed with everything you’ve said.

@ sotiris gravas

dude,even if those guys are height that you estimated.kane still edges them but barely.under 6’6 for kane maybe out of window even if we go by photo’s you posted.kane still edges them.
Roderick said on 13/Feb/20
@Sotiris Yeah, but Edge was never known as a huge guy, even though he was billed at 6'5" 250lb. I would say 6'2.5" 220lb is probably the most he ever was.

Also 100% agree on Kane and Taker
Vegas' said on 13/Feb/20
Donovan Smith was measured 6'5 6/8ths barefoot
Canson said on 13/Feb/20
@Edwards: I was mentioning on his page that 6’6” flat is probably enough for him as opposed to 6’6.25”. 6’6 is the catch all being some have doubt he’s that low but most of us know he’s not higher than that and really suspect he’s lower. We have a range of 6’5 for some and 6’6.5 or 6’6.25 for other posters where you Christian and me are all around the middle of that range. That said 6’6” is probably decent especially if we consider it just lunchtime and not afternoon which he’s definitely under 6’6 by that stage
Canson said on 13/Feb/20
@Edwards: that’s a very good estimate

Strowman maybe 6’6 3/8-1/2
Corbin 6’6”
Taker 6’5.75
viper said on 13/Feb/20
Sotiris Merriman doesn't look any tker than 6-2 with Boomer
Riccardo 5'7 said on 12/Feb/20
Nishanth Hegde said on 10/Feb/20

Without footwear factors I don't know who was the taller man at their peaks.
In my opinion both Undertaker and Kane were not 6'7.5. Max 6'7".
Today we have brosofdistruction who met taker and Kane in Knoxville and he said Taker was about an inch taller.
Now I don't think Taker is really that much taller than Kane...

Peak Undertaker 6'6"3/4 /6'7" barefoot and 6'8"1/4 in wrestling gear
Current Undertaker 6'5"1/2 and 6'7" in gear.

Peak Kane 6'7" and 6'9" on gear
Current Kane 6'5'3/4 6'6", barefoot.
Robbe said on 12/Feb/20
6'6 is absolutely the max for Kane. Looks hair shorter than 6'6 Wilder.

Click Here

Kane has also probably slighly more footwear there. 6'5.75 is probably spot on for Kane's current height, so he needs a downgrade.
Sotiris Gravas said on 11/Feb/20
@Roderick Yeah, I met Edge back in 1997. He was very lanky. I'd say max 6'2.5" peak, max 6'1.5" today.

@edwards For me, Kane is max 6'6" today, and Undertaker is max 6'5.5". (Pics of Taker w/ Kevin Love and Ike Catcher makes this abundantly clear.)

This is Kane w/ maybe 6'5.25" (listed 6'6") Donovan Smith... Click Here

And w/ listed 6'6" Lee Smith... Click Here Notice how Kane looks shorter. Kane is nowhere near 6'7" or 6'6.75" now.
Roderick said on 11/Feb/20
@Nishanth I would say there is a greater chance Kane is taller. Kane can still look like a solid 6'6" in some pictures. However Undertaker frequently looks 6'5" range and he can only appear taller thanks to big boots and a beanie.
Canson said on 11/Feb/20
Nishanth Hegde said on 10/Feb/20

Don't you guys think that Kane and Undertaker are the same height today?
In my eyes, they either look the same height or Taker ends up looking taller.
What do you guys think?

I highly doubt it. I doubt Kane is less than 6’6.25 and could possibly even manage 6’6.5 in the afternoon still. I feel Taker struggles to hit 6’6” in the afternoon. I doubt much less but I feel 6’5.75 is possible. Peak heights I feel Kane would be the taller of the two ever so slightly. Edwards’ estimates are good. 6’7.25 for Taker and 6’7.5 for Kane. The max was 1/2” difference between them. Taker may have been 6’7” flat but doubt less than that. I think current listings should be Taker at 6’6” flat (Rob didn’t reduce it enough) and Kane 6’6.5” (same thing)
Canson said on 11/Feb/20
Nishanth Hegde said on 10/Feb/20

Don't you guys think that Kane and Undertaker are the same height today?
In my eyes, they either look the same height or Taker ends up looking taller.
What do you guys think?

I highly doubt it. I doubt Kane is less than 6’6.25 and could possibly even manage 6’6.5 in the afternoon still. I feel Taker struggles to hit 6’6” in the afternoon. Peak heights I feel Kane would be the taller of the two ever so slightly. Edwards’ estimates are good. 6’7.25 for Taker and 6’7.5 for Kane. The max was 1/2” difference between them. Taker may have been 6’7” flat but doubt less than that
edwards said on 11/Feb/20
@ canson

agreed with everything you said.i think taker still has a chance in 6’6 and kane still has chance in 6’6.5 but that is maximum for both guys.6’6 max for taker and 6’6.5 max for kane.but considering today afternoon 6’5.75 for taker and 6’6.25 for kane looks more than likely.i means 6’5.75 for taker and 6’6.25 for kane looks very very likely and believable for peak,i have peak kane at 6’7.5 and peak taker at 6’ for corbin i personally think he did edged taker in madison square garden last year by probably 0.25 i might be wrong but i saw corbin edging taker but barely maybe by,me and christian have same estimation since more than a years.
edwards said on 11/Feb/20
@ NR

if that guy is legit 6’9 then kane looks 6’7 though,i dont agree that he is 6’7.peak was 6’7.5 in my personal opinion.
Canson said on 10/Feb/20
@Edwards: I think 6’5.75 is good. I agree with both you and Christian after seeing that and also because of how he looked with Baron Corbin who I think is a legit 6’6 perhaps or maybe same range 6’5.75-6’6” range
NR said on 10/Feb/20
This guy That’s 5 inches taller than Drew Mcintyre even with Drew on his toes and that same guy with Kane Click Here Click Here

This guy has claimed 6’9 btw
ced said on 10/Feb/20
@Roderick, I agree with that.. I think he was a peak of 6'7.25, may have woke up around 6'8, but today Kane is no more than 6'5.75. Sotiris proves it with the Deontay Wilder photo. (there maybe a slight footwear advantage as NBA guys are known to wear some high shows) but 6'5.75 for Kane, 6'5.5 for Undertaker (currently).

I think Big Show has lost a tremendous amount of height too since his peak (6'10.75 at peak) + 1 inch boots = 6'11.75. Currently, I think he is 6'9 or maybe even 6'8.75
Nishanth Hegde said on 10/Feb/20

Don't you guys think that Kane and Undertaker are the same height today?
In my eyes, they either look the same height or Taker ends up looking taller.
What do you guys think?
edwards said on 10/Feb/20
@ canson

agreed with everything you said for undertaker,i have him same as kane peak but probably fraction lesser than kane.i think taker at 6’7.25 and kane at 6’7.5 looks accurate in my personal opinion after looking enough for both of the guys.
edwards said on 10/Feb/20
@ roderick

dude,there is noway kane is only 6’5.5,he might have look that but on a stadiometer,its a different story.he dosent look more than max 3” shorter than big show who i think is 6’9.5 today.
Roderick said on 10/Feb/20
@Canson I am not an expert or know anything about height loss to be honest. I would guess it was just naturally due to him aging and the lifestyle he lived. Kane was probably in the gym more often than any other wrestler in the WWE. Kane probably worked out more in a week than Andre did in his entire lifetime.

But yeah, maybe that had some effect on Kane's height? Not too sure.
edwards said on 9/Feb/20
@ canson

dude,i personally feel taker ain’t low as 6’ the ring,he generally looks 6’5.75/6’6.i think you can agree with me on this one.
here is taker with hhh at super showdown last year. Click Here
Roderick said on 9/Feb/20
Those photos Sotiris just posted prove 100% that Kane is probably 6'5.5".

@Sotiris Didn't you meet Edge and say he looked max 6'2" in the 90s?

IMO Edge was 6'2.5" peak, 6'1"-6'1.5" now
Deathvalley99 said on 9/Feb/20
What do you think about this pic?
Click Here
Kane for me looks similar to 6ft6 1/2 deontay wilder, but I think he edge out deontay in the pic
Editor Rob
They can seem roughly similar compared to the guy, both though are a fair bit further away.
Canson said on 9/Feb/20
@Roderick: I wonder when Kane began to lose his height. And to which degree. I think peak probably 6’7.25 or .5 and today 6’6.5 is max he would measure at an afternoon height. Could even be around 199 flat
Canson said on 9/Feb/20
@Edwards: it’s good to have Sotiris back! And good to have you back too! My guess for Kane:

6’7.25-.5 out of bed (current)
6’6.25-.5 afternoon (current)

Peak though

6’8-6’8.5 out of bed
6’7-6’7.5 afternoon
edwards said on 9/Feb/20
@ sotiris gravas and canson

glad to have you back dude.
lol i am not a fanboy nor anything but anything less than 6’6 is complete joke for kane.dude,how tall do you think is kane in the morning.

here is kane with edge who editor rob has listed at peak 6’3.kane easily have almost 5” on edge here

Click Here

here is peak kane with big show

Click Here

here is kane with bug show lasttime

Click Here

here is kane with a fan.i guess most of the door in the states are 6’8. Click Here

here,kane is with ex wwe star piage posing near the door. Click Here

dude.i honestly think kane is not less than 6’6.
Canson said on 8/Feb/20
@Roderick: 6’5 flat is too low for Taker. Remember his poor posture as is the case with Hogan and Big Show too. Taker bare minimum is 6’5.5” but I’d really go with 6’5.75” afternoon height and 6’6.75 out of bed
Sotiris Gravas said on 8/Feb/20
Kane w/ the Brooklyn Brawler... Click Here

6'3.5" Snoop Dogg w/ Brawler... Click Here

Brawler w/ Ric Flair... Click Here

Brawler w/ Chris Jericho... Click Here

Snoop w/ Flair (2016)... Click Here , Click Here

Kane w/ Flair (2018)... Click Here , Click Here
Sotiris Gravas said on 8/Feb/20
Kane w/ Stone Cold... Click Here

6'5.5" Tommy Kelly w/ Stone Cold... Click Here

The fact that ppl think Kane is 6'7" or even 6'6.75" barefoot today astounds me. Agree to disagree, lol.

A word to the wise: stop looking at WWE Kane pics when he's in big footwear or even internal lifts. You will never gauge his true height from that. This guy wears big boots when getting pics w/ fans -- even that isn't a true indicator.

@Dfens Great pics.
Sotiris Gravas said on 8/Feb/20
Kane w/ Boomer Esiason (2019)... Click Here

6'6" Deontay Wilder w/ Kane... Click Here , Click Here

Notice how Kane does not look taller than Wilder. He looks shorter.

Boomer w/ 6'5" Austin Seferian-Jenkins... Click Here
W/ 6'5.25" Peyton Manning (2005)... Click Here
W/ maybe 6'4.25" Eli Manning (2011)... Click Here
W then 6'3.25" Dan Marino (2006)... Click Here
W maybe 6'3" Shawne Merriman (2016)... Click Here

Ppl who think this guy is anything over 6'6" w/o big footwear make me laugh. Keep dreaming.

(Don't worry, fanboys. I don't post here like I used to. You can go back to your kayfabe fantasy.)

Roderick said on 8/Feb/20
@Canson I don't think Kane was much under 6'7", if he was. I'd say he was minimum 6'6.5", and max 6'7".

6'7" is a good bet. Even Mark Henry once stated that Kane was 6'7" on Table for Three.
Deathvalley99 said on 8/Feb/20
stop saying nonsense words.
Test is 6ft5 and Albert is 6ft6, if he looks 6ft6 1/2 next to test because the footwear advantage.
Click Here
Kane is clearly taller than Albert
Click Here
Even undertaker is clearly taller in footwear disadvantage
Click Here
Stop Roderick.
NR said on 8/Feb/20
Kane standing side by side with Test Click Here
Definitely a big difference in height between the 2.
Maybe 2.5-3 inches

A couple other Kane/Test photos Click Here
Click Here
NR said on 8/Feb/20
Kane standing side by side with Test Click Here
Definitely a big difference in height between the 2

A couple other Kane/Test photos Click Here
Click Here
Roderick said on 8/Feb/20
@Dan Trojan I didn't know that photo was fake, that was my fault.

I think Sting is 6'1.5" and Undertaker is 6'5", so there is a 3.5" gap. Maybe it could be 4 if Undertaker is really 6'5.5". So yeah, Undertaker is quite a bit taller.

The video of Albert and Test with Kane is muuuuuch better than the photo NR posted. At least in my opinion.

Click Here

Go to 1:45 on that video. Remember, Test was MAX 6'5", and I am not sure if he was shorter than that or not. He might have been 6'4.5".

There is NO WAY Kane is over 6'7" there!

Also on YouTube, there was a perfect staredown of Kane and Albert but I lost it and will post it when I find it, but they looked the same height.

I seriously don't understand the 6'7"+ estimates for Kane.

@ced Thank you! I also am a huge Kane fan but I disagree that he was in the best shape in 1999. My theory is he got sick and lost a lot of weight around that time. I would say in 2001-2002 he was in the best shape of his career, especially when he came back from his bicep injury. He was really fast and athletic around that time!
Canson said on 7/Feb/20
@Roderick: I can’t see Kane under 6’7 peak. Maybe 6’7.25 but I doubt under. Today while I don’t believe 200 I could see 199cm or 198.5-199 range
Dan Trojan said on 7/Feb/20
Roderick so typical of you to make excuses everytime kane appears taller bit meanwhile you support a video that proves nothing it's laughable and honestly you're one to talk about posting questionable photo when not too long ago you posted a photoshopped photo of the undertaker and sting trying to pass it off as legitimate i've met both and i can say with certainty that taker is significantly taller
Public Enemy said on 6/Feb/20
Peak 6’7.5
Current 6’6.75
NR said on 6/Feb/20
Here’s a picture of Kane with a guy 2 inches taller than him and is the same height as Kevin Nash, which would mean The current listings for Kane and Nash are perfect. Click Here

Now this guy was messing around and having fun with people who asked him how tall he is, he said he was 7’2 and Kane was 7’0 and then said yes when somebody said he was 6’10
Tom123 said on 5/Feb/20
ced: Undertaker was taller than both of them noticeable, there's a video from 2001
Click Here 5:47

Undertaker was like 6'7.25-6'7.5 peak
Kronik guys at best 6'6 even bit less i think
ced said on 5/Feb/20
I hate to say it because I am the biggest Kane fan but I think Roderick might be right on the money.

Bruce Prichard is on record as saying taht both Undertaker and Kane wore lifts. Meaning, most likely Undertaker wore internal lifts.

A peak 6'6.5 Undertaker with a one inch lift in his boot is a 6'7.5 Individual.

A peak 6'7 Kane with 2 inch external lifts is a 6'9 individual.

I also agree that Sid was taller than Taker.

Now, Kane was listed in college as being 6'8 on his basket ball team (probably in shoes), so he might have been 6'7.5 and by the time he became Kane, he dropped height by a little (which would be realistic as he put on at least 30-35 extra pounds for the gimmick).

Notice the difference in Kane in 1998 and 1999 (when he had a staredown with Big Show).. Kane looked a little taller in 1999 because he was around 270-280 and was probably in the best shape of his life.
Roderick said on 5/Feb/20
@Dan Trojan The camera angle is hugely in favor of Kane. Kane was no way in hell over 2 inches taller than Test. That's ridiculous.

I just can't see how Kane was ever taller than max 6'7".
Tarinator 6'3.5" said on 5/Feb/20
I thought he might have been 6’8 1/4-8 1/2” in his peak along with a 6’7.75-8” tall The Undertaker. I am 6’3.5” and 237 pounds so I would probably look 4-5 inches shorter than Kane. I doubt Kane is only 6’7”. He looks around 6’8.5-8.75” He probably lost half an inch by now. Kevin Nash was probably 6’10 1/4” in his prime and 6’9.5” now. Matt Morgan in Royal Rumble 2004 was 6’9”. He is probably half an inch taller than Kane. Maybe not a full inch. I am usually 6’4.25-4.5” during the day and 6’5” in the morning. I lose about an inch and a half (1.5”) throughout the day. So I just go with my evening height to be honest with people. People think I look 5’11-6’0” but I am much taller than that.
Vegas' said on 5/Feb/20
Powerslam a non kayfabe UK wrestling mag had Crush down as 6'4 and Clarke at 6'5. Crush was slightly taller than Hulk Hogan in 1997..

Clarke and Kevin Nash so ~6'5 looks about right if Nash was ~6'9 in 1990s @ 2 minutes 44 Click Here

Roderick, Taker looked taller than 6'5 flat just a few months ago. John Pollack guy in middle was measured 6'2 1/8 barefoot Click Here
Dan Trojan said on 4/Feb/20
Roderick btw if i knew how to post photos trust me i would post plenty
Roderick said on 4/Feb/20
John, if you are real, these are my estimates

Kane: 6'7" then, 6'5.5"-6'6" now

Undertaker 6'6.5" then, 6'5" now

I could be wrong and Undertaker was 6'7" peak but he did look shorter than Sid. He really did.
Dan Trojan said on 4/Feb/20
Roderick it's funny you should say that because a poster by the name of nr posted photos where kane looks at least 2 inches taller than test either you didn't see it or you chose to ignore it
ced said on 4/Feb/20
Rob, how tall do you think Brian Clark (Wrath) was? I wonder if there is a staredown between Kronik and BOD from when they came to the WWF in 2001 to feud.

I know Brian Clark has said in an interview that they were both 6'6 (Kronik) but I feel as if Clark was a smidge taller than Adams (.25-.5) inches.

How do you think they compare to Taker and Kane (I imagine both were still at their peak in 2001)
John wilson brown said on 4/Feb/20
kane and taker both being 6’7 or under it is completely laughable.taker was 6’7.25 and kane was 6’7.5.i am surprised and shocked at the same time how some posters have underestimated both of the guys height.
Riccardo5'7" said on 3/Feb/20
I think he is no more than 198.8 at lunch time, no way 200cm.
As for his peak 6'7".
Outside the wwe circle he is same size as strowman barefoot. Probably strowman 6'6'1/2 and Kane 6'6' 1/4
Roderick said on 3/Feb/20
@Dan Trojan Dude, you keep saying that and you have no evidence to back it up. Kane has never looked over 6'7" with Test, ever. Show me where and when Kane has looked over 6'7" and exclude any staredown with The Big Show. It's a good challenge.
Dan Trojan said on 3/Feb/20
Does anyone remember seeing that smallville episode where kane was on it there's a few photos and google of tom welling and kane standing side by side and kane easily has 5 inches on him and rob has tom listed at 6'2.5" figure it out people this 6'5" crap is ridiculous
Editor Rob
This shot he didn't look as tall Ones like this
Dan Trojan said on 2/Feb/20
That video is a terrible comparison it doesn't prove anything i thought it would show a staredown between kane and test but all it showed was kane walking by test and it was a bad camera angle kane was over 6'7" in his prime
Roderick said on 2/Feb/20
I could be wrong but I feel like edwards is commenting under John wilson Brown.

@edwards Go back to all of Sotiris's old posts. He has shown that Kane can't be as tall as you think.
Editor Rob
I would always urge people to stick with one name, edwards included 🧐
Canson said on 2/Feb/20
@John Wilson Brown: very good estimates!
John wilson brown said on 2/Feb/20
@ canson

i personally have peak taker around 6’7.25 and peak kane at 6’7.5.i think this looks accurate.
NR said on 2/Feb/20
Here’s Kane & Test Click Here Kane was at least 2 inches taller
Sam Tyson said on 1/Feb/20
Judging a persons height using that example is completely vague and inconclusive. Test and Kane would have around a 2inch difference in height, just say, so viewing them from angles that far away will always show one or the other looking either the same height, taller, or shorter.
edwards said on 1/Feb/20
when kane appears shorter in 1-2 photo’s ,some trolls insist he is shorter but when he is appearing really taller,they they are claiming he is either wearing lift or appearing closer to camera.if no excuses work’s then they’ll say the photo is outdated or the guy with whom kane is standing is not taller as listed.a big lol to these childish people’s.go on as i have already said,1-2 people disagreeing dosent change the fact.
Lyle said on 1/Feb/20
@Ced @Roderick He looks like he's looking up at Albert too in that video, but i just can't see him at 6'5-6'6 barefoot it just seems to low, he's a very strange one
Canson said on 1/Feb/20
@John Wilson Brown: I doubt he was under 6’7” peak. In fact I’d guess him as 6’7.25 and guess Taker around the same. Today, it’s evident that he’s lost height. Don’t know which degree. Could be a strong 6’6” or weak 6’7” range. Strong 6’6 more than likely (6’6-6’6.5)
Deathvalley99 said on 1/Feb/20
Click Here
Kane was a couple of inches taller than test minimum
Roderick said on 31/Jan/20
To be honest, Test does look taller than Kane there. It's funny how often Kane can look 6'5", and yet some people want to insist he was close to 6'8" peak, lol.
ced said on 31/Jan/20
@Lyle, wow, I do agree.. It doesn't look like that much difference, it almost looks as if Test is taller in some instances.. (And we know that Kane is wearing his lift boots here)..
Lyle said on 29/Jan/20
@Ced I'm not trying to troll, I'm a huge kane fan, please do check it out and also check out this video Click Here

Pause at 2.47, there's not a lot between them
John wilson brown said on 29/Jan/20
Canson said on 28/Jan/20
@Roderick: I can buy 6’7.5 peak.
edwards said on 28/Jan/20
anybody can say whatever they want but it dosent change the fact that peak kane was 6’7.5 which is near 6’8 or can be considered as weak 6’8.kane today is still 6’6.5 which can be considered as weak 6’7.only 1/2 people disagreeing dosent change fact.go on
Canson said on 27/Jan/20
@Vegas: I’ve seen Babatunde listed as high as 6’10”. He measured 6’8” at his Pro Day. Whether that is his afternoon height is the question

Click Here
DFens said on 27/Jan/20
This guy says he is 6'9.
Comparing him to Kevin Nash, he's possibly 6'7. Making Kane 6'6 or less

Click Here
Click Here Bad posture
Click Here
Click Here
ced said on 26/Jan/20
@Lyle, come one.. Kane has never looked shorter than Test, ever. Test was a huge dude, but Kane always looked taller.. I'll check out the 03 Rumble and see if I could take a few snapshots but Test always looked about 2.5-3 inches smaller than Kane
Roderick said on 26/Jan/20
Kane was definitely not 6'8.5" peak height. For sure 6'7" at most IMO. That picture with Foley is weird, Foley is looking shorter than normal.
Vegas' said on 25/Jan/20
Ced I met Test out of gear in 2008 at a show. He was shorter out of gear than Heidenreich so not 6'6. I saw Albert twice in person first time in March 2004 and he didn't look more than 6'5 out of gear. Today he is looking shorter next to 6'9 NFL listed Babatunde Aiyegbusi and 7'3 college basketball listed Jordan Omogbehin

Click Here
edwards said on 24/Jan/20
@ canson

I too saw his listing during his entrance on Smackdown, and it said 7'0" 323 lbs which is kinda weird and this isnt the 90s no more.
Canson said on 23/Jan/20
@Christian: he’s still listed at 7’?
ced said on 23/Jan/20

Kane looks 6.5 inches taller than Mick Foley in that photo.. I have heard a 6'8.5 backstage measurement for Kane before. I don't know how true that is.

If Kane was indeed as tall as 6'8.5, then Taker was 6'8 in his prime.

This would make Andrew Test Martin 6'6. Prince Albert 6'6.25. Crush would be 6'6 and Adam Bomb/Wrath 6'6.

What do you guys think?
Lyle said on 23/Jan/20
I'm watching Royal Rumble from 2003 and Kane (in his smallest boots) looks shorter than Test and also in a match from 2001 he looks shorter, he's a really hard one to pin a height on at times
remo said on 21/Jan/20
Heres kane after he took off his mask, he's looking close in height to big show. Heres the video Click Here
Deathvalley99 said on 20/Jan/20
Click Here
How tall kane is in this segment with Harper and Rowan ?
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 19/Jan/20
It baffles my mind that he's still listed 7'0" by WWE in 2020. I saw his listing during his entrance on Smackdown, and it said 7'0" 323 lbs.

He's probably one of the most athletic and in shape wrestler for his age. He looks and moves better in the ring than Undertaker and Chris Jericho does, and they're all around 49-54.
Mikey97 said on 19/Jan/20
That's a very weird photo. Kane looks 6'9+" there which is impossible.
Mikey97 said on 18/Jan/20
Kane was on Smackdown and he still has gorilla arms and tree trunk legs. He's a huge guy still.

He actually looked 6'7" with Daniel Bryan but maybe had slight footwear advantage.

Kane is aging great. I would love to see him in the Rumble
Lyle said on 18/Jan/20
@NR Easily 6'8 there, Foley was at least 6'2
NR said on 17/Jan/20
It’s been posted before but Kane in the mid 90’s with Mick Foley and Al Snow in regular clothing Click Here I think he definitely looks 6’8 there?
Taryn said on 17/Jan/20
Click Here
Puts question marks on his peak height and how big those lifts were and bare in mind show is wearing lifts too
remo said on 16/Jan/20
Riccardo 5'7m No he didnt have lifts as issac yankem, only when he became kane
Riccardo 5'7" said on 15/Jan/20
Martin 6'1" said on 11/Jan/20
I have a question, does anybody know if Kane wore lifts back in the 90s? I know he had 1.5 or 2 inch soles, but did he also have lifts inside as well?

No one knows, we can suppose he did.
Kane's character was built to be bigger than undertaker and very close to big show.

He sure, with Jake the snake Roberts, wore the biggest boots in WWE. So it means that glann jacobs was sure a big guy but not as big as they(WWE) would.
Caldonio said on 11/Jan/20
7ft. Lol insanely stupid wwe again. 6-8 max.
Martin 6'1" said on 11/Jan/20
I have a question, does anybody know if Kane wore lifts back in the 90s? I know he had 1.5 or 2 inch soles, but did he also have lifts inside as well?
Deatvalley99 said on 10/Jan/20
How tall looked kane in this segment with 6ft4 peak ddp?
Click Here
MYBrawler said on 8/Jan/20
He’s not under 6’7 imo
Riccardo 5'7" said on 8/Jan/20

Only 1.25 1.5 inches boots for kane in that picture? Hmmm, if he is in gear as I think I would say 1.5 minimum.
remo said on 8/Jan/20
Heres a segment with big show and kane, kane and show where there peaks, show only looked 3'5 inches taller then kane. Check it out Click Here
edwards said on 8/Jan/20
Still minimum 6'6 and maximum 6'6.5 but 6'6.25 is looking likely.
Creeper said on 8/Jan/20

I personally wouldnt go as low as 6'6.5 as I still think hes around 6'7 still but probably just shy of it. Hes likely 6'6.75. As for Strowman? Hes 6'6.5

Corbin i agree he was measured 6'6.5 early so 6'6 afternoon

Undertaker is 6'6-6'6.25 but no more, i can't see under 6'6 if he stands his tallest

How tall do you think they were at their peaks? Id say Kane was 6'7.75-6'8 and Undertaker 6'7.5 or maybe 6'7.25
NR said on 7/Jan/20
Kane and Stone Cold last week. Kane’s about 6.5 inches taller there. Probably be 7 inches with impeccable posture Click Here
Canson said on 7/Jan/20
@Vegas: peak Kane could’ve been a bit over 6’7”. Today tho he can look under the mark by a bit. Still a strong 6’6”/weak 6’7” not 6’5” like some are saying.
viper said on 7/Jan/20
Too bad 6-7 Max Starks didn't have a pic with Kane at that same event
viper said on 7/Jan/20
Kane looks maybe 6-7.5 with Big Ben.
edwards said on 7/Jan/20
@ roderick

its ok dude,i wasnt pointing you or anyone.
Mikey97 said on 6/Jan/20
First, I would like to wish everybody a happy new year.

Second, Creeper your guesses are pretty good but I'd lower Undertaker just a little bit and Kane as well.

I'd say Kane is 6'6.5" and if he's under it he's not under it by much.

Strowman is likely close to Kane, I'd say he's 6'6.5" as well.

Corbin was measured 6'6.5" early in the day so chances are he is only about 6'6".

Undertaker is probably not the full 6'6" and more like 6'5.75".

I'd say the person who has the chances of being the tallest is Strowman even though in 2015/2016 Kane was clearly taller than Strowman it appeared Kane dropped a fraction in 2017/2018 when he faced Strowman again and looked a little taller but with a footwear advantage. I'd say if Strowman is taller he is taller by .25" no more

Of course a peak Kane would be obviously taller than Strowman in a staredown
Vegas' said on 6/Jan/20
It's possible Kane is in gear there yes but his boots around that time were 1.25-1.5 inch soles. If Roethlisberger was in similar size sneakers to his appearance on Raw in 2009 footwear difference wouldn't have been that noticeable.
Roderick said on 6/Jan/20
Kane looks 6'7" there Vegas for sure

@edwards I happen to think Flair walks around at 5'8" which puts Kane at 6'6" there. I don't downgrade Kane on purpose, I just really doubt he's as tall as people think he is. I'd say 6'5.5"-6'6" for Kane.

@Creeper Kane and Strowman are too high. I'd lower Strowman to 6'6.25", and Kane to 6'6".
Riccardo 5'7" said on 6/Jan/20
Vegas' said on 5/Jan/20
Been a while but seeing as there are many new posters here since this was last posted

Kane and 6'4 7/8 barefoot measured Ben Roethlisberger circa 2006

Click Here

Kane is in wrestling gear there
Vegas' said on 5/Jan/20
Been a while but seeing as there are many new posters here since this was last posted

Kane and 6'4 7/8 barefoot measured Ben Roethlisberger circa 2006

Click Here
edwards said on 5/Jan/20
i agree that kane is probably 6'6.25 or max 6'6.5 today .but with ric flair,there is no way in hell kane looked only 6'6.a 6'7 guy has full head on 5'9 guy.but that photo is outdated though as it was taken some years ago and kane havent shrink much at that time.i cant get why some people want taker/kane to be certain height childish asf. i also agree he is no longer over 6'6.5,6'6.5 is max and 6'6.25 is likely.
Creeper said on 5/Jan/20
Kane 6'6.75

Strowman 6'6.5

Undertaker 6'6

Corbin 6'6

Seems accurate to me
edwards said on 4/Jan/20
@ Editor rob

when the poster sotiris gravas said falir was 5’8,you said that when you seen him,he was 5’9 and was taller than most of 5’9 guy’ said flair being under 5’9 is hard to stomach.i remember if my memory serves well.
Editor Rob
Flair was taller than a con guy who was at least 5ft 9.

Funnily at Wales Comic Con I saw him again and he looked 5ft 9.5, taller than 5ft 9 flat for sure, so somehow Flair managed to look 5ft 10 range with him...a couple of years ago.
Vegas' said on 4/Jan/20
Rob said his 5'9 friend met Flair and Flair was taller..

Couple of comparisons, Flair and 6'4 3/8th barefoot measured Tom Brady Click Here

Flair and 6'4 7/8 barefoot measured Ben Roethlisberger Click Here
Riccardo 5'7 said on 4/Jan/20

It wasn't a picture, if I remember correctly you saw him or someone you know met him.
But sorry probably i understood completely wrong 😅
Editor Rob
Yes, it wasn't me, but other con friends who have got photos with him. It was surprising to see Flair manage to look in 5ft 10 range with a guy I know now is over 5ft 9 flat.
remo said on 3/Jan/20
Heres kane interview at his wrestlng school, both kane and the interviewer stood, kane looked 6'6
Riccardo 5'7 said on 3/Jan/20

Rob you met Flair of I'm not wrong, and I know for sure that you can't mistake his height.
Now Flair is someone who does wear always the same kind of shoes.
How Kane looks next to Flair? Considering that both are in footwear?

I agree with Roderick, 6'6" no more
Editor Rob
I don't know where that was picked up, I never got a photo with Flair!
Canson said on 3/Jan/20
@Roderick: he probably is somewhere 6’6-6’6.5 today the more I’ve seen
remo said on 2/Jan/20
Kane was on TMZ and he looks 6'7 check it out Click Here
Roderick said on 2/Jan/20
I personally think Ric Flair walks around at 5'8", and I'm not sure if he can measure taller when he's measured. In my opinion, Kane doesn't look over 6'6" with Flair.

He looks 6'6" there, but not over
Riccardo 5'7" said on 1/Jan/20
If Someone like editor Rob guess someone else at 5'9" sure he is right being him self 5'8". He can't be wrong on Ric Flairs height even if I remember Rob saying something closer to 5'10" than 5'9".

But doesn't change a lot... Kane isn't 6'7" and if he does look like a 6'7" guy sometimes is because of the footwear.

From the other hand, if sometimes he does look just 6'5" it's also probably wrong because of the angles or other things.

Kane is somewhere between 6'5.75 and 6'6"1/4, no way he is taller than that.

And I just saw a video of him eyes to eyes with Undertaker back at their peaks...... But even a kid know why kane did look taller than taker during his career.
edwards said on 1/Jan/20
@ roderick

here is kane with ric flair,rob has met flair and pegged him in 5’9.
kane has full head on ric flair. Click Here

now,its obvious you’ll downgrade flair height to make kane shorter but rob has met flair and said he is in 5’9 range.this is not even a peak kane.dude, sorry,i cant can’t see him as low as 6’5.5/6’6 ” just as you can’t see him as high as 6’6.5 or over 6’6.
Roderick said on 31/Dec/19
@edwards Dude, no offense, but that is a terrible camera angle to compare with! First off, Viscera is actually more like 6'6" flat than 6'6.5", and there is another photo that is much better for comparison.

Click Here

Kane not looking 6'7.5" there.

Also, there is NO way Kane lost that much height. He's obviously max 6'6" now.

Kane is max 1" taller than Viscera, and Viscera is more like 6'6" than 6'6.5".
Johan 185 cm said on 31/Dec/19
viper said on 30/Dec/19
His 6-8 claim is pretty damn honest compared to many on here.


He even says "about 6'8"". So 6'7 1/2 peak does seem reasonable and is an honest claim. Big guy like that will shrink alot more than the average.
edwards said on 31/Dec/19
peak taker at 6'7.25 and peak kane at 6'7.5 looks likely imho.
viper said on 30/Dec/19
His 6-8 claim is pretty damn honest compared to many on here.
Roderick said on 30/Dec/19
@viper Yeah, but if you and I agree that he is 6'6" today, don't you think a 1.5" loss is a little too much? He looked much closer to 6'7" flat than 6'7.5" anyway.

The staredown he had with Test in 1999 screams max 6'7" to me.
Canson said on 30/Dec/19
@Viper: that’s the max I buy for his peak. 6’7.25 is possible too
edwards said on 30/Dec/19
@ roderick have a look pal.this was in 2006/7 and isnt even a peak kane.kane wasnt even in his prime.he was past his prime.with 6’6.5 big daddy v aka viscera. Click Here ,Click Here

looks 1.5 inches taller than viscera who is 6’6.5,now i know you’ll find excuses sayin’ kane is closer to camera or he is wearing lift.i already know what you are going to say lol.
viper said on 30/Dec/19
Maybe, maybe 6-7.5 peak

It's not totally out of the question
Roderick said on 29/Dec/19
@edwards He always looked max 6'7". Look at him with Test in 1999. Before their match, they had a staredown and Kane looked absolutely max 2 inches taller. If Test was 6'5", Kane was 6'7".

Post a picture of Kane looking 6'7.5" in his prime
edwards said on 28/Dec/19
@ roderick

most wouldnt agree with me on this one but for me personally,i have hard time on seeing peak kane less than 6'7.5,give or take few cm's,peak kane has always looked weak 6'8 to me.he was 6'9 in close to it in normal shoes.and maybe 6'10 in boots.
Mikey97 said on 27/Dec/19
Forgot to add that he claims he was 6'4" in the 8th grade and his brother was 6'8" by then.

@Rob Interesting add?
Editor Rob
I'd need to see the exact quotes
Mikey97 said on 27/Dec/19
Fyi, in his new book, he said he weighed 230 pounds coming out of high school. He mentioned how it was slim for his "Six-eight" frame.
Martin 6'1" said on 27/Dec/19
NCL, They look exactly the same to me there in that footage, before Kane had his huge boots, and before Undertaker had all his surgeries.
Roderick said on 27/Dec/19
@edwards To me, I think Kane was 6'7" peak height. So in an inch sneaker he probably measured 6'8" at the doctor. In his thick soled boots, he was probably 6'8.5"-6'9". I don't think he ever hit 6'10" in his boots. I feel like they added 2" MAX to his height.

@NCL Kane and Undertaker look identical there. Both around 6'7" give or take a quarter inch.
NCL said on 27/Dec/19
I found me a gem! Pause at 6:06 Click Here

Merry Christmas and happy New Year everyone!
edwards said on 27/Dec/19
@ roderick

no way he was only 6'8 in shoes.he was 6'8.5/6'9 in normal shoes and maybe 6'10 in monster boots.he was 6'10 in those very thick boots so wwe could billed him 2" more than his boot height at 7 feet.
Roderick said on 26/Dec/19
I think his 6'8" claim is his morning or shoe height (in his prime). The doctors office probably read him off as 6'8" in shoes and he hasn't bothered to check his height since.

Also Kane was max 6'7.25" peak IMO
Lyle said on 25/Dec/19
I've got Kanes new book for Xmas, he states a few times "6ft8" and when he was teaming up with Bradshaw (JBL) In Germany before WWE that the tag team name translated to "the six-foot-6 team"

I'm sure they'll be more mentions of his height later on
Riccardo 5'7 said on 25/Dec/19
Kane prime at 6'7.5 is a bit generous. I would give him more 200cm/200.5cm and today 198cm/198.5 even if sometimes he does look shorter than that. If one of the B. O. D. was ever 6'7"25(max) that one was Kane.
Canson said on 24/Dec/19
@Edwards: agreed. I think 6’7/6’7.25 for Taker prime and 6’7.5 for Kane too. Then 6’5.5-6’6 Taker today 6’6.25 or .5 for Kane
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 23/Dec/19
Kane and Taker were the same height at peak IMO, both at 6'7.25"
Mikey97 said on 22/Dec/19
Masters I've met and he did look around 6'2" give or take half an inch in shoes. Kane looks 6'7.5" there for sure and it's not like he's standing tall or anything.

In my opinion Kane is still 6'6.5" or over. Some of you guys haven't seen him with perfect posture.

Peak: 6'7.75"
Now: 6'6.75" is my guess
DFens said on 21/Dec/19

Look at the difference here. Click Here
edwards said on 21/Dec/19
@ canson and christian

the more we looks at these guy’s specially undertaker and kane,the more i believe that they are not as tall as most of the people looks like taker has shrink 2” from the peak but ofcource i could be wrong.either taker or kane has shrunk a ton especially taker or they weren’t tall as most of us have thought.i say 6’7.25 for a peak taker and 6’7.5 for peak kane.
6’5.75 for undertaker today and 6’6.25 for kane today.max height for them are 6’6 for taker and 6’6.5 for kane but that’s maximum.i say 6’5.75 for taker and 6’6.25 for kane today is likely and believable imho.
Canson said on 21/Dec/19
@Christian and Edwards: the more pics that I see of Kane, the more I’m agreeing with Christian too. I used to think he was still 6’7”ish but not anymore. He looks max 6’6.5 the more I see
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 21/Dec/19
Maybe. I really can't see him losing any more than an inch since his peak. If he's 6'6.25" today (which also happens to be my guess for him), then I can see him at 6'7.25" peak, but no taller.
NR said on 20/Dec/19
It’s all in the camera angle. Here’s Kane and Vince in 07. The difference between them is similar but not quite as big as 10 years previous Click Here
Riccardo 5'7 said on 20/Dec/19
Kane has been easily a 6'7" guy during all his life and now probably lost 0.75 in height is possible for him.
Troy Harrison said on 20/Dec/19
You would be surprised how much posture makes a difference in photos. Am referring to the Kane and Vince photos. But also camera angles as well, of course.
ced said on 19/Dec/19
@Vegas, I know it seems crazy for someone to lose that much height in just 6 years, but here.. Take a look at what I'm talking about.. Vince in 98 comes up to Kane's chin.. In 04, the top of Vince's head is by Kane's eyebrows.. (I know, Kane was leaning on one leg there more but it truly does not make any sense.. How is he THAT MUCH Taller than Vince in 98 and we know he wore lifts at both times)


Click Here
Canson said on 18/Dec/19
@Vegas: I misunderstood
Creeper said on 17/Dec/19
In my opinion, I feel like Kane is boosting his bench a bit. I feel like a prime Kane could hit 495 on a good day nothing more.

A 6'8-6'8.5 guy who weighs around 320 is going to be a big strong guy but not a powerlifter.
Vegas' said on 17/Dec/19
Just to post correction, I never met Cesaro. I did however see him and Kane in lobby of hotel standing together talking out of gear and it looking less than that photo. I was maybe 25-30 feet away from them though.

Those interview segments they have interviewer often stand barefoot or spread-legged to make wrestler look taller Click Here

Ced are you suggesting Kane list a tin of height between 98 and 2004?
Johan 185 cm said on 16/Dec/19
Roderick said on 4/Dec/19
Kane has mentioned multiple times that he benched 525 before when he was younger.

I believe it. He had gigantic triceps.

If thats true then thats truly freakish, my PR is 310 pounds. I consider myself a strong guy as well wtf.
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 16/Dec/19
Do you have a pic with Cesaro standing together?
Editor Rob
Check back in 2020 🤞
Roderick said on 16/Dec/19
Does anybody find it interesting that WWE bills Karl Anderson at 6'0.5"?

I feel like the height difference there between Kane and Cesaro is not reality. Kane looks 6'8" there which is impossible
Canson said on 15/Dec/19
@Christian: Vegas also met Cesaro and said he’s 6’3” so I could believe with the combination of the pictures and that that 6’3 is closer to reality than 6’3.5. It’s possible when Ced met him that there was a footwear advantage or that Ced is less than that in the afternoon
Canson said on 15/Dec/19
@Rob and Christian: Cesaro could be 6’2.75” if Kane is 6’6.75. That’s s solid 4” between them pending footwear of course. That’s the only reason I say could be. I agree with Christian that Cesaro is max 6’3”. A weak 6’3” isn’t completely out of the question either based on the pic
TheBat said on 15/Dec/19
Good downgrade for Kane. I thinks he's definitely about this listing as of today.
ced said on 14/Dec/19
Here is a comparison of Kevin Nash and Kane on the ring apron, (I tried to crop both pohtos as best as I can to get them to where the top rope is the same in both and they are comparable to each other in size as best as I can but if anything, we can at least get an idea as to how tall they both are from the top rope). What do you guys think? Whose is taller? Nash, or Kane in his lifts?

Click Here
ced said on 14/Dec/19
Rob, just a correction. Cesaro is 6'3.5. I also stood next to him (i was an extra for a WWE Raw taping in September of 2014), I am 6'4. Had Cesaro by .5 inches nothing more. Had Randy Orton by .25 inches (he's 6'3.75)
Editor Rob
as I mentioned in previous comment, that is the mark he's given, but I'm just saying Kane in that moment makes him look at most 6ft 3.
James B said on 14/Dec/19
Rob do you think cesaro is under 6’3.5?
Editor Rob
I wouldn't give him 6ft 3 flat, he's been on 6ft 3.5 and in person when I shook the guy's hand he looked 6ft 3 range, although had less footwear than myself, so I have no problem seeing him above 6ft 3 flat.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 14/Dec/19
I've always thought that Cesaro wasn't over 6'3", rather than his listed 6'3.5"
NR said on 12/Dec/19
Kane and Cesaro in dress shoes a couple years ago. 4 inches difference. So how tall is Cesaro? Click Here
Editor Rob
Can make cesaro at most 6ft 3 there.
edwards said on 12/Dec/19
@ roderick
idk about now but when editer rob met henry,he was comfortably over 6’1 and maybe flat 6’ he could be 6’1 range tho,maybe like 6’1.5
Canson said on 12/Dec/19
@Christian: I think taking everything in as a whole with the pictures I think the same a strong 6’6 or a very weak 6’7” 6’6.5 like you mentioned 199 cm range. 6’5 though is still too low for him
Roderick said on 12/Dec/19
Kane doesn't look more than 6'6" with Henry. If Henry is 6'1", Kane is 6'6".

@Mikey97 That's a damn good squat, dude. I always sucked at squatting. I didn't lift a lot in college or in high school but I think the most I ever squatted was maybe 315 or 325. Most guys were hitting 450-500 so yeah I felt weak there lol. I was fat too, so it didn't look good.
edwards said on 11/Dec/19
@ christian
yes agreed on what you said.i agree and i have to add that even 6’6.75 looks high for kane currently if you ask me.6’6.5 would be better listing.same goes to undertaker.he is max 6’6 with the chance of being fraction or shy under 6’6 for taker today is likely.i feel kane has chance of measuring 6’6.5 and taker 6’6 but i personally think undertaker is 6’5.75 and kane 6’6.25 after looking enough of both guy’s.
ced said on 11/Dec/19
Kevin Nash - McMahon:

Click Here

Now compare to previous post of Kane and McMahon
ced said on 11/Dec/19
Kane and Vince - 2004

Click Here

Kane and Vince - 1998

Click Here
ced said on 11/Dec/19
Something I came across that is really interesting. I think Kane has lost tremendous height since his peak.

In 1998, there was an in ring segment with Kane and Vince McMahon when Kane first spoke with his voice box. There was a difference of height between him and McMahon that looked like the same difference of height between Kevin Nash and McMahon in 1995. (There looked to have been a 7-8 inch difference. If McMahon was 6'1.5, Kane had to have been 6'9.5 in his lifts here, meaning without them, he was 6'7.75-6'8.

Then, 2004 - There was a segment between McMahon and Kane when Undertaker was coming back. Kane interupted McMahon (when he was wearing a towel on his head), and I don't know if it was due to Kane's posture, but he was hunched as if almost on purpose to try to be face to face with McMahon, but man, he looked to have McMahon by only about 5 inches.
Johnny John said on 11/Dec/19
He was & still is today as a 50 something plus a very big guy. If he said about 6'8 & 300lbs, then a little under 6'8 bare feet is close enough to called 6'8.
Jim Garrett said on 10/Dec/19
If Kane also stood erect, which he hardly does, I can see still see him at 6’7 there.
Matt logan said on 10/Dec/19
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 9/Dec/19
Didn't notice it until now, but Kane's now lowered to 6'6.75". I think he's max 6'6.5" though, but it's a better listing than 6'7" nevertheless.
Mikey97 said on 9/Dec/19
Kane w/ Mark Henry this weekend Click Here

So Henry I met (got photos, you can check them out on his page) and I thought he looked 6'1"-6'1.5", so let's just say 6'1.5" since he's standing pretty erect, and might even be on a little tippy toe there.

Kane looks around 5 inches taller to me, which places Kane at 6'6.5", but just barely.

It's becoming more and more obvious however that he's not 6'7".

Lowering him from 6'7" to 6'6.75" was a great move.

I personally put him in the 6'6.5"-6'6.75" range
Tammy Saachs said on 8/Dec/19
There is a new pic of Kane standing next to Mark Henry who is listed at 6’2. I am not sure how to post a picture here. Look up Glen Jacobs On Instagram. Anyways point is, Kane still looks every bit of 6’7 there.
Xpac99 said on 8/Dec/19
Click Here
How tall is tyson tomko in your opinion? I think he’s about the same range of randy orton
Editor Rob
He might be in that range, never as tall as 6ft 5-6 though
Mikey97 said on 7/Dec/19
I weigh 150 and I can squat 340. But remember Kane supposedly has never had great knees so squatting was probably never his favorite. In bench Kane for sure beats all of us.

Kane height loss is kinda exaggerated. He was always in that 6'7" range give or take half an inch. 6'8" isn't impossible but kind of unlikely.

Kane is 6'6.5" or 6'6.75" today, but probably not 6'7".
edwards said on 6/Dec/19
i personally feel “almost 6’8 “is possible for a peak kane.
Emre T?rk said on 5/Dec/19
Kane peak height 203 cm
Roderick said on 5/Dec/19
From a comment I saw on YouTube. I actually lost it so I tried to copy it as best as I could.


I used to workout with Glenn in college before he hurt his knee and quit football. He was one of the biggest, strongest dudes on the team for sure. He actually had legit long hair, and he used to play basketball before he got too heavy. He was actually 300-310 pounds, and he was benching 315 on the incline for reps like nothing. He was remarkable.

He was a very strong dude. He had big legs, but he had a bad squat for some reason, like really bad. I think he could hit like somewhere in the low 400s, which is bad for his size. Even in college when I weighed 250 I could hit 525 on squat for 2 reps.

I think, he measured 6'5 at 19. He did look noticeably taller years later when he started wrestling. He probably was 6'7-6'9.
Creeper said on 4/Dec/19
I feel like when he stands with good posture he can still look 6'7. He certainly looked 6'7 with Edge back in 2012. Even during his run with the authority he looked 6'7 in dress shoes next to Randy Orton, Big Show, Rollins, etc.

It's possible he's dropped a quarter since and is now 6'6.75, but you never know if he still hits 6'7 when he measures against a wall, nice posture with head titled back.

6'6 is too low, forget 6'5 range

Personally i thought the 6'7 listing was fine
Roderick said on 4/Dec/19
Kane has mentioned multiple times that he benched 525 before when he was younger.

I believe it. He had gigantic triceps.
ced said on 3/Dec/19
Watching Monday Night Raw last night, Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton staredown. I know for a fact that Randy is not taller than 6'3.75. (I am 6'4, and had Randy by .25 inches when we stood next to each other), Drew did not look taller than Rnady at all (on TV, the guy looks 6'4.75 but he clearly is not).

Judging from these 2 and their staredowns with Kane, I think Kane is 6'6 today with a peak height of 6'7.25.

Undertaker - Peak: 6'6.75 | Now: 6'5.75.
Sycho Sid - Peak: 6'6.75 | Now: 6'5.5.
Kevin Nash - Peak: 6'9 | Now: 6'7.25
dewie 5ft9 175cm said on 3/Dec/19
Peak kane 202cm taker 201cm current height kane 200cm taker 199cm.
Chris K said on 2/Dec/19
That’s just Lilian Garcia making a mistake. She’s done it before. She once accidentally announced him as 426lbs. I love Lilian
Roderick said on 2/Dec/19
To be honest, he's been looking very physically tall recently. While I see believe he's 6'6", I can easily see how people can mistake him for 6'7" in person.
Canson said on 1/Dec/19
@Rob: I see you lowered him. Wasn’t expecting that.
Roderick said on 1/Dec/19
Weird how Kane is announced at 267lb here Click Here

Is it possible maybe Kane weighed in earlier that night just to check his weight and somebody told the announcer that's what she needed to call out? Weird
Mikey97 said on 29/Nov/19
I just watched the first See No Evil which is a horror movie with Kane playing the main slasher and Kane looked 7 inches taller than 6 foot Luke Pegler for sure. Kane was probably a 6'7" guy in the 2000s. Maybe close to 6'8" in his 20s
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 29/Nov/19
@Chris Nehm Nathan Jones was never 6'10 maybe not even a proper 6'9 peak if any injuiry makes him shorter now. Jones is close to 6'8 1/2 looks it with 6'0 1/2 Michael Jai White nothing up. 6'10 claim was always with a standard shoes(1") or military boots heels (1.5") height.
Mikey97 said on 28/Nov/19
He isn't 6'7" because he looked around the same height as Braun Strowman in their photo with 6'9" Big Show last year, and we all know Strowman is 6'6.25"-6'6.5" range.

Kane is 6'6.5"
Chris Nehm said on 27/Nov/19
Good pic there! If Nathan Jones stood straight I can see about 3 inches separating them. I think Kane is still 6’7
Roderick said on 27/Nov/19
Rob, there is no way Kane can be 6'6.75" and Nathan Jones can be 6'10" in that pic.... just no way.

I think Kane is max 6'6" which makes Jones max 6'8" in that pic. Def not 6'10"
edwards said on 27/Nov/19
i feel peak kane is similar and very awfully closed with big cass who is billied as 7 feet but is 6'8 flat in really.a peak kane would has pushed almost 6'8 at peak in a good day.
Kane Fan said on 26/Nov/19
Where's sotiris now?
FMExTREME said on 26/Nov/19
Yes Chris Junior Nathan Jones at 6’10 is a joke considering he’s shorter than Nash who’s listed at 6’9, Jones is 6’7.5 at the very most or Nash is 6’11 and Kane 6’9.
Vegas' said on 24/Nov/19
He isn't as low as 6'5.5 because he looked over 6'6 in dress-shoes with Ron Killings just a few weeks ago.
Roderick said on 23/Nov/19
I feel like these pages are dying... most arguments seem settled. I haven't seen a lot of familiar posters comment in awhile maybe because the arguments seemed repetitive and there is no point of posting especially when you will never convince someone.

My final thoughts are Kane is 6'6" today and 6'7" peak. Pinning him at 6'6" to play it safe because if I say 6'5.5" that is possible but he still looks 6'6" a lot of the time with good posture.

At his peak, he did look 6'8" range a lot ESPECIALLY during like the late 98/early 99 era, but you can't forgot those thick-soled boots he wore with his attire. I can see easily see why people pegged him closer to 6'8", and if I'm wrong and he really didn't get much of a boost from his boots, then maybe he really was a 6'7.5"-6'7.75" guy that could maybe push 6'8" on a good day, but my first gut instinct makes much more sense IMO, and I also don't think he lost that much height. So 6'7" flat is accurate enough to me.

Kudos, CH
Johan 185 cm said on 23/Nov/19
I have him today at 6'6.5", he was barely taller than taker at the charity event this year. 6'7.5" max peak.
Mikey97 said on 20/Nov/19
Not lower than 6'6.5"
Chris Ne said on 18/Nov/19
Shrivelling old fella.

He will always be the 6’8 monster to me 😁
Roderick said on 17/Nov/19
Thank you Rob!!

I agree with you that I also seen enough to put Kane in 6'6" range. And yes it's a big website and I understand how its hard to keep track of everybody especially the tall guys.
Xpac99 said on 16/Nov/19
6ft6 3/4 seems reasonible for kane today. He still taller than strowman in my opinion but not half an inch taller
Roderick said on 16/Nov/19
@Rob I think all of us can agree that lowering Kane to 6'6" range is a good move that would make lots of posters happy.
Editor Rob
Ultimately it's whether I feel the guess is fair (from what I've seen) - remember I may not have seen enough of somebody to change a listing, but over time I see more and more and my opinion could change and I feel another listing might be nearer.

The more entries you have in a database, and with time (and people shrinking) it can become time-consuming trying to keep on top of everything ;)

Today I've probably seen enough to class Kane as a bit shy of 6ft 7, just how much exactly...
Xpac99 said on 15/Nov/19
Editor Rob
Kane still seems somewhere in 6ft 6 range, though maybe not 6ft 7

You said that in randy orton’s page
Editor Rob
Yes, possible now weak 6ft 7, I haven't decided to put his current under 6ft 7 yet though.
Public Enemy said on 15/Nov/19
Peak 6’7.5
Current 6’6.75
Pierre said on 14/Nov/19
FMExTREME said on 13/Nov/19
Come on peak Kane was at least in the high 6’7 range, maybe 202cm, all this talk of him being barely 6’6 I don’t buy, even today he is at least 6’7 flat, in all the shots next to Strowman Kane looked taller apart from the first time they were face to face, maybe the ring was slightly tilted or Strowman wearing extreme lifts but all other times Kane looked like he had the edge sometimes an inch or more, so if Kane is only 6’6 flat then Strowman is what? 6’5? High makes the Undertaker 6’4 with change? Orton 6’2 and half? Rollins 6’0? Triple H 5’11 1/2?
Reality is Kane is still 6’7 today and maybe even 6’8 in his prime, Undertaker 6’6 today and Strowman 6’6 1/2, Fury 6’7 1/4, Big Show 6’9 1/2 with a peak of 6’11 1/2.

@FMExTREME = Here is Undertaker next to Kane = Click Here = Kane looks max the same height as undertaker here,probably a bit under.

Here is Tyson Fury next to Magic Johnson 6"7.5' = Click Here Click Here =Tyson never looks 6"7' range here

Braun Strowman /Tyson Fury = Click Here

Click Here = Kane /Brown Strauman when probably around the same heels
Carls110 said on 14/Nov/19
6'6.5 MAX Right now, some people are saying that Undertaker is 6'5.5 or Even 6'5 LOL,
And at the same time there are people saying that Kane is still 6'7 or over LOL,
Undertaker 6'6-6'6.25 MAX, Kane 6'6.25-6'6.5 MAX
FMExTREME said on 13/Nov/19
Come on peak Kane was at least in the high 6’7 range, maybe 202cm, all this talk of him being barely 6’6 I don’t buy, even today he is at least 6’7 flat, in all the shots next to Strowman Kane looked taller apart from the first time they were face to face, maybe the ring was slightly tilted or Strowman wearing extreme lifts but all other times Kane looked like he had the edge sometimes an inch or more, so if Kane is only 6’6 flat then Strowman is what? 6’5? High makes the Undertaker 6’4 with change? Orton 6’2 and half? Rollins 6’0? Triple H 5’11 1/2?
Reality is Kane is still 6’7 today and maybe even 6’8 in his prime, Undertaker 6’6 today and Strowman 6’6 1/2, Fury 6’7 1/4, Big Show 6’9 1/2 with a peak of 6’11 1/2.
ced said on 13/Nov/19
@ Roderick, yes, he has wore hige boots all of his career, but, i truly bekieve the man was 6’7.25 - 6’7.5 in his peak height.

There are several pictures on line when he was unmasked as Kane from 98-99, and the man looks every bit of that height outside his ring gear. (If you go on Youtube and type in “Kane with long hair unmasked” the guy was a tower.

Undertaker - I think he was 6’6.75 at his peak, and today he’s at 6’5.5-.75

Refer to Undertaker Vs Isaac Yankem when Kane wore flat boots (and according to Bruce Prichard, Taker did wear internal lifts), Glen still had him by .5 inches.

Today i see Kane at 6’6 - 6’6.25.

Kane with his huge lifts was about 6’9.25
Kane Fan said on 13/Nov/19
Josue Still more than 5 inches there and kane wasnt standing straight
Mikey97 said on 12/Nov/19
I think Kane is still 6'6.5". But I do agree that 6'7" is too high.
Josue said on 12/Nov/19
Yup looks 6'6" next to 6'1" Seth Rollins.
Click Here
Riccardo 5'7" said on 11/Nov/19

Many people don't want to admit that hey are influenced by the fact that for all his career he wore big boots, but very big. This gave a wrong perception of his real height.
Even to me, because I thought in the past he was easily 6'9".
tony t. said on 11/Nov/19
When Kane took his mask off he turned into Aristotle Nostradamus "Bull" Shannon from Night Court.
Tarinator 6'1.5" or 187 cm said on 11/Nov/19
I highly doubt he was anything under 6’8.25” in his prime. Looked only 3.5” shorter than Big Show and 4.5” inches shorter than Khali. He was probably only taller than the Undertaker by 0.5”. I doubt that he is much shorter than Matt Morgan. I could only see half an inch between the two in the Royal Rumble. Seth Rollins looked 6-7” shorter than Kane. Some could argue 5-6” but I highly doubt Kane is shorter than 6’7.5” now. Maybe he would have been 6’8” in the mid to late 2000s. But 6’7” is too short for him when he is clearly at least half an inch taller than that.
James B said on 10/Nov/19
Kane looks 6’6 tops next too Braun strowman

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