How tall is The Undertaker

The Undertaker's Height

6ft 6 ¼ (198.8 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 7 ½ (201.9 cm)
Mark Calaway is an American Wrestler. In a 2001 documentary he referred to himself as being "About Six foot Eight, Six Nine". On another occasion he said "I used to be 6-foot-10 but I got dropped on my head a few times so I'm 6-foot-9 now."

How tall is The Undertaker
By AngelCaroll-Ann0770 [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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Average Guess (575 Votes)
Peak: 6ft 7.76in (202.6cm)
Current: 6ft 6.51in (199.4cm)
Big ed said on 1/Apr/20
Sid was a legit 6'7 so taker was taller
houss said on 31/Mar/20
Rob I'm wondering who's taller taker or stroman
Editor Rob
They can be very similar these days
Roderick said on 31/Mar/20
@treefroggy Yeah, that sounds about right. I've said Undertaker was 6'7" peak for awhile now. If he was 6'7.5" then that guy would have probably told you 6'8".
treefroggy said on 30/Mar/20
Long time ago... I was talking to some guy in a bar and we started talking about wrestling and I mentioned they exaggerate heights. I said Undertaker is not 6'10 and before I finished my sentence he said he's 6'7. He then says he knows some wrestlers and shows me some photos of different wrestlers (not Taker). These weren't normal fan photos unless he convinced wrestlers to hang out at his house or backyard.

Anyway, that doesn't mean this guy knows Taker's height for sure or that you should believe my story. I talked to that guy before I think this website existed. Interesting that years later this page says 6'7 1/2 although Rob may have had Taker at 6'8 in the past I can't recall. Rob, the guy I met, and all the other posters here have verified to me that Taker was 6'7 range peak.
Big ed said on 29/Mar/20
Taker was huge probably the tallest in wwe at one point early 90s minimum at this time 6'8 Andre and studd were gone so in like 1991 92 he was the tallest sid was about 6'7 when he came in earthquake I don't think wrestled him which was strange he was about 6'6 Hogan probably 6'5.5 at this time then obviously Gonzalez 93 at about 7'7 diesel also came in at 6'10 that year
Roderick said on 28/Mar/20
Kane mentioned how he had bad knees before. Even in college while he was playing football, he injured his knee so seriously that he wasn't allowed to play again. But thank god for that, as that's what lead Glenn into joining pro wrestling :)

Also yeah his knees arent in the best shape but its nothing like the Great Khali. I have a theory that having bad knees can be related to not working out legs (aka skipping leg day) but then building a massive 300lb+ physique up top and having your skinny legs carry all of it for years, years, and years lol. Probably what happened to Khali.

But if you seen Kane in the 90s it was obvious he didnt skip leg day
Canson said on 26/Mar/20
@Roderick: maybe in the 90s. A peak Hogan was minimum 6’5”.
Canson said on 24/Mar/20
@Ced: that’s a possibility. I’d go with 6’7.5 as his max peak height but I could say anywhere 6’7-6’8 is possible. However Vegas claims to have met him in When he was in his 30s and he was 6’7” tops. If we go with 6’7” that’s not a full inch loss. He’s still over 6’6 today next to Lee Smith but if he’s 6’7.5 peak then that’s a 2 or 3cm loss perhaps. Right around an inch
rikashiku said on 24/Mar/20
@QM6'1QM said on 12/Mar/20

and Rob

Here's that same guy, Aleksey Mokshyn with Aaron Reed, who is 6'7". Click Here
Editor Rob
Can look close to 6ft 3
Roderick said on 24/Mar/20
I honestly believe Hogan was 6'4.5" barefoot on his best day and it appeared Undertaker had around 1.5"-2" on him like you said. Obviously Taker in the early 90s didn't have best posture but it's a case that should prove that over 6'7" is too high
ced said on 23/Mar/20

Kane has definitely lost at least an inch from his peak.. (I think he was definitely 6'7.75 at his very peak, and is about 6'6.25 today..

The culprit? His knees. Take a look, as he's gotten older, his knees started to bend outward, (almost like the problem Matt Hardy had but with his legs..

If he was to straighten out his knees, I think Kane would gain about .5 of an inch.
Shaka12 said on 23/Mar/20
he claimed 6'8, so probably at his peak he was between 6'7-6'8, like 6'7.25 easily.
Canson said on 21/Mar/20
In his prime, he had 1.5-2” on Hogan. So it’s possible that he wasn’t as high as 6’7.5 but he looked to be at minimum a solid 6’7” guy in the afternoon. That puts Hogan at his height of 6’5-6’5.5 range which he looked next to Tiny Lister
Cockstride said on 20/Mar/20
WWF billed at 6-11 at one point. 6-7.5 peak
Canson said on 20/Mar/20
@Roderick: it’s the entire career and all the strain he’s put on his body over time though. All of the taller wrestlers have lost some height during their careers. Now maybe Kane was only 6’7” all along instead of 6’7.5 and maybe he’s 6’6.5 today or maybe what Vegas said is true that he could even be sub 6’7 peak height. I doubt he’s as low as 6’5.5 but I can’t see anything under maybe 6’6.25 today
Roderick said on 17/Mar/20
@Canson Kane has always stayed healthy and avoided a lot of injuries during his career. I know he tore his bicep in 2002, broke his hand in 1999, but I really think that's about it (except for the knee issue he had in 2018 during Extreme Rules).

I can't see why Kane should have lost anymore than .25" from his peak by 36.

Remember Canson, I'm actually gonna be 41 in June, and I haven't lost any height. I'd be surprised if Kane lost height when he was younger than me.
TheBat said on 17/Mar/20
I do think that Undertaker is currently 6'6" flat today.
dewie 5ft9 175cm said on 17/Mar/20
Peak taker 6ft8 current 6ft7.
62B said on 16/Mar/20
Canson said on 14/Mar/20
But to say he didn’t lose height at 36 is not a guarantee. Hulk Hogan lost height beginning probably before that age

I fist noticed that I was loosing height during my mid 30's.
Roderick said on 16/Mar/20
@Canson It's ok. We all misread sometimes
Canson said on 15/Mar/20
@Roderick: you’re right he did say March. I apologize
Canson said on 14/Mar/20
For those still saying Taker is only 6’5”, of course it’s an opinion and we can respect it. However, The two people who have recently met Taker, Dan Trojan, a very honest poster, and Brosofdestruction, who although not here quite as long also seemed like a decent poster, both estimated him at 6’6”. Keep in mind a pic was posted with the latter. While we don’t know how tall Brosofdestruction is via a measurement taking his word he’s 6’3.5”. And Ali Baba, a confirmed 6’6” on this site, met him in the mid 2010s but it’s evident that he’s not as tall as back then since Taker edged him by a tad. But All encounters add up with how Undertaker looked at the current time that they met him. He really looked 6’6.5 or 199 when Ali Baba met him and still 197-198 range in 2019 when Dan Trojan and Brosofdestruction met him next to guys like 6’6” Baron Corbin and Braun Strowman. As stated before his posture is poor and it’s possible even that he cant stand at his best for extended periods. But keep in mind that Tyson Fury appeared shorter than Magic Johnson and people assumed he’s only 6’6” when he’s clearly 6’7” range in the ring. Taker may very well be the case similar to Hulk Hogan who really didn’t look under 6’3” with Fury if not actually a tad bit over 6’3”. While Rob May have Taker slightly overlisted, I think 6’5” is taking it too far. I could see the argument for something like 6’5.5” based on how he stands at times but not lower than that. Really, a flat 6’6” listing is probably ok for him today as that’s likely where he would measure either at lunchtime or in the afternoon/evening. Best case is that he could be fooling us and he maybe 1/8” over the mark but an “honest” 6’6” guy measuring 6’6 1/8 at any point in the day is going to claim 6’6” anyway. So 6’6” flat is probably the “Jack of all trades” listing here.
Canson said on 14/Mar/20
@Roderick: the more I see, it’s possible. He and Taker are listed the same way and people argue Taker wasn’t over 6’7”. As far as 6’5”, that’s easily put to rest being he’s a full inch taller than the football player who measured 6’5.75 early morning. I’d still say 6’6.5ish today or at worst 199cm flat in the afternoon. I have a hard time seeing under 6’6”. I think if we are going off 6’7” peak he’s only lost half inch up until now. But to say he didn’t lose height at 36 is not a guarantee. Hulk Hogan lost height beginning probably before that age
Roderick said on 13/Mar/20
@Canson He did, he said March. Kane was 36 and it's unlikely he lost height by then. I've never ruled out a weak 6'7" peak range for Kane and it appears he has looked it many times in person. A poster from 2007 said she met Kane and Kane wasn't any taller than her 6'6" brother. I've read YouTube comments of people saying Kane looked 6'5" to them when they met. It's unlikely Kane was ever over 6'7", because he can struggle to even look shorter heights like 6'6" or 6'5".
Canson said on 12/Mar/20
@Roderick: I would say Sid 6’5.5 worst case and Taker 6’5.75 worst case. Could also be 6’5.75 and 6’6
Canson said on 12/Mar/20
@Roderick: Kane would’ve been 36 or 37 when Vegas met him. He said 2004 but didn’t specify which month of that year. I had 38/39 but because I saw a site where it said he was born in 1965 somewhere and not 1967. With that lifestyle I don’t rule out height loss at that age but I’m very surprised if he was not the height Rob lists him or close to it in his prime. A solid 6’7” caught me off guard. And Vegas actually insinuated his slightly under 6’4” friend (not sure what the symbol meant but I think) and that Kane was max 3” taller.
QM6'1QM said on 12/Mar/20
Rob, how tall is this guy, if Taker 198-99 cm right now ?? (188-190 cm ?!!)
Click Here
Editor Rob
6ft 2 range is likely there
Battery6565 said on 12/Mar/20
I'm not buying that he's anything under 6'6.5" currently.

I don't know why he was downgraded?

Rob, have you seen his recent pics to Dr Disrespect and Big Show?? He looks at least 6'7" in those pics.
Roderick said on 11/Mar/20
Also just to note when Vegas met Kane if it was March 2004 then Kane would have been 36. So it's actually very unlikely Kane lost height by then. He would have been at the same stage Strowman is now (Strowman is 36).
Roderick said on 9/Mar/20
@Canson It is possible that Kane lost a fraction by his late 30s. But to me Kane comes off as a dude who ages very well, so maybe he was 6'7" range until his 40s.

It's funny how Kane didn't seem to physically age at all until just a few years ago. Kane said in an interview when he was 44/45 that he was "in the best shape of his life".
Roderick said on 8/Mar/20
@Canson Sid at 6'5" and Undertaker at 6'5.25" works for me
Canson said on 8/Mar/20
Vegas' said on 4/Mar/20
Canson, I don't have Kane as tall peak as Rob. When we met him in March 2004 he didn't look more than 3 inches taller standing next to my ~6'4 friend.

@Vegas: that’s interesting! I would’ve had Kane A hair over 6’7” in his prime. I wonder if he had lost height when you met him but he would’ve only been 38 or 39 then. Maybe with the life he lived he could’ve lost height
Portillo said on 7/Mar/20
@Canson back at it again making people shorter then they are! My friend why do wish to be shorter
Canson said on 6/Mar/20
@Roderick: I used to think Sid was taller than Taker today but not sure now. Rob implied that Sid could be 6’5.5 and I have to agree after seeing more pics. He and Taker could both use downgrades
Canson said on 6/Mar/20
In the pic with Kobe it’s hard to tell being Kobe isn’t standing straight. This are arguable but so is weak 6’6 range (6’5 and change)

Click Here

Click Here
Robert twal said on 5/Mar/20
The picture with UT and Post Malone -

If UT stood straight, theres atleast 6inches there difference
Canson said on 5/Mar/20
@Sotiris: the only issue with your comparison is that you are using eye level to eyebrows, and Taker is looking down at Post Malone in that picture. Not to mention, their heads likely aren’t the exact same size.
dewie 5ft9 175cm said on 5/Mar/20
Peak taker 6ft7.75 203cm current 6ft6.3/4 200cm.
Nishanth Hegde said on 5/Mar/20
Click Here
At 6 minutes 24 seconds onwards, there is a staredown between Taker and Big Show. Big Show looks to have Taker by around 2.75 inches. This match was in 2009 when Show had not lost so much of height when compared to his recent matchups.
Vegas' said on 4/Mar/20
Canson, I don't have Kane as tall peak as Rob. When we met him in March 2004 he didn't look more than 3 inches taller standing next to my ~6'4 friend.
Shaka12 said on 4/Mar/20
Tracy Murray is atleast 6'6 or 6'6.5
Click Here
Sotiris Gravas said on 3/Mar/20
Max 6'0" Post Malone w/ Undertaker... Click Here

W/ 6'2" (listed 6'3"/measured 6'2.5") Von Miller... Click Here
Canson said on 3/Mar/20
@Sotiris: I don’t see the pic of Tracy Murray but doubt he was 6’7” either. Next to Chris Webber and Juwan Howard he looked 6’5 range.
Canson said on 3/Mar/20
@Vegas: Rob seems to think 3/4” peak to current. I’m not exactly sure how much he appears to have lost but if 6’7.5, I would say he’s probably 6’6.5ish next to Smith and next to others
Canson said on 3/Mar/20
@Riccardo: those aren’t bad estimates. I would probably say Taker was a peak 6’7” minimum though and today 6’5.75 or so but we’re very close on them. For Hulk that is a very good estimate. He’s probably not much above that if he really even is
Riccardo5'7 said on 2/Mar/20

I think undertaker lost 1.25in from his peak. Today 6'5.5.

Big show in my opinion was 210cm peak and 206 max 207cm today. I see him same range as guys like Kanter (6'9.25)and Durant (6'9").

Hogan is probably the one who lost more height but I think 2 inches no more.
Max 6'2"3/4 today and 6'5" max peak.

Kane, because of his footwear, is always difficult to guess peak/current.
He was no where near 6'8" without footwear.
The most i buy for him is 6'7" peak and 198cm today.
People who met him and guessed him 6'7" or 6'8" or even higher recently did it judging him in footwear.
Riccardo5'7 said on 2/Mar/20

I think he was 6'7" but I personally don't rule out a hair less (barefoot afternoon). Something like 6'6"3/4 wich btw still 2,00 M.
I agree with you about Kane being the one who lost less height, it seems.
Vegas' said on 2/Mar/20
Canson I don't think there is anything to suggest Kane's lost very much height.
Sotiris Gravas said on 1/Mar/20
@Ben Bell

Great pic of Taker w/ The Godfather and listed 6'7" Tracy Murray.

Maybe 6'1" (NOT 6'2") Mark Henry w/ The Godfather... Click Here

You, your 6'1.5" (not 6'2.5") pal, and Godfather (aka Papa Shango)... Click Here

Forever and always, your friend,

Sotiris Gravas said on 1/Mar/20
Canson said on 29/Feb/20
@Sotiris: how tall would you say Mychal Thompson is today?

Not sure, dude, but he looked close in height w/ Kevin Love as far back as the 2009 pic I posted. I guess Klay might be 6'5.25"...
Canson said on 1/Mar/20
@Riccardo: yea in his peak I wouldn’t have guessed anything less for him. Looking at the big four on this site: Big Show, Taker, Hogan, Kane that seem to be attracting to most posters currently I would say that all four have lost copious amounts of height. Kane probably to the least degree of the four
Riccardo5'7 said on 29/Feb/20
Nice picture of Undertaker with Trish Stratus Click Here

Taker and 6'1" max peak Austin, here he looks around 6'7" to me
Click Here

Pastor Ed Young, who I think is 5'11"
and Ric Flair
Click Here

Ed Young with Hogan Click Here

Ed Young and Undertaker Click Here

Click Here
Riccardo5'7 said on 29/Feb/20
In the video on Instagram Dr. Disrespects Undertaker isn't taller firstof all ans he was also in gear I guess. We can't see footwear btw.
I have no idea how tall this Dr. Disrespect can be, but he is taller than Undertaker
Shaka12 said on 29/Feb/20
Can't see him below 6'6 even right now to be honest.
Public Enemy said on 29/Feb/20
Undertaker looks huge in that video! Standing tall would still clear 6’6 but not 6’6.5.
miko said on 29/Feb/20
Still over 6'6 today. But by how much is debatable.
Canson said on 29/Feb/20
@Sotiris: how tall would you say Mychal Thompson is today?
Ben Bell said on 29/Feb/20
Interesting recent photo
Tracy Murray (“listed” 6’7) and Undertaker along with the Godfather. Click Here
Shaka12 said on 28/Feb/20
Undertaker and Dr Disrespect, we can't see their boots, but they look really close in Height, Undertaker looks bit taller due to Longer head, but hard to tell who is really taller
Click Here 5:05.
Roderick said on 28/Feb/20
I love to see the Undertaker looking young and amazing but I am disappointed by how he just beat AJ Styles like that. I get that he's 55 now, but I'm sure he is still capable of selling a few moves for AJ.
Roderick said on 28/Feb/20
Odd video on Dr. Disrespects Instagram of him and Undertaker looking around the same height. Doc is 6'7" absolute minimum and is likely more like 6'7.5" and Undertaker looks minimum 6'7" in return. Thoughts?

Still think he's max 6'5.5"
Canson said on 27/Feb/20
@Sotiris: I would say that Klay is probably 6’5 and change. Prob the same as Draymond 6’5.25
Riccardo5'7 said on 27/Feb/20
Sotiris Gravas

Hey Sotiris!
You are the undertaker's nightmare lol
Because 6'5" Klay Thompson , in the comparison, looks taller than Undertaker
Khaja Qadaruddin said on 26/Feb/20
Click Here
0:17 sid is described as 6'9..
Could it possible he was atleast 6'7 those days..
Vegas' said on 26/Feb/20
A short video from this morning of Undertaker Click Here
Canson said on 26/Feb/20
@Riccardo and Roderick: Yea 6’4” looks low. He would only have Hogan by About an inch Today at that stage when he’s still got him by prob 2-2.5”
Sotiris Gravas said on 25/Feb/20
6'5" (not 6'7", lol) Klay Thompson (2012)... Click Here

6'7.25" Kevin Love w/ Mychal Thompson (2009)... Click Here

Again, lol, Love and Taker (2016)... Click Here

Mychal Thompson and Big Show (2014)... Click Here , Click Here

Funny how Taker doesn't really look taller than 6'5" Klay.

Again, Taker w/ maybe 6'7" (not 6'9") Ike Catcher... Click Here , Click Here

No offense, Rob, but Taker's current height listing is absolute nonsense. MAX (!!!) 6'5.5", and I do mean MAX, lol. I've already proven this.
Roderick said on 25/Feb/20
@Riccardo I didn't say I thought Undertaker was necessarily that short, I was just saying that a guess from a poster in the 6'4" range isnt that out of hand nowadays.
Riccardo5'7 said on 24/Feb/20
Roderick said on 23/Feb/20

Roderick I hate to use words like "impossible" but 6'4" range for Taker is definitely too low. Of course he isn't 6'6" but i would safely guess him in the 6'5" range.
6'5.5 in my opinion or 197cm sound perfect. But below this I don't think.
6'4.75 was likely the height of Kobe Bryant and I still think undertaker would have at least half inch if not more on Kobe
Canson said on 24/Feb/20
edwards said on 23/Feb/20
@ editor rob

intrestingly and funnily i can see how some pages and news article have listed taker at 6’6 today.he was always listed at 6’10 by google and wwe.some pages and articles are rapidly changing undertaker’s current height to 6’6 like this one. Click Here
i would like you to have a close look at this article and scroll down.taker is listed at 6’8 peak and 6’6 currently intrestingly and funnily lol.i feel its very very unlikely he is over 6’6 today.i hope you looked that .i feel he was 6’7.25 peak and kane at 6’7.50 peak.
Editor Rob
Looking and measuring can sometimes throw up surprises.

@Editor Rob: true but your friends who have met the Undertaker in person say he can look shorter than expected. 6’6” flat looks very realistic today and him being listed that would still put him near enough 6’6 1/8 or 1/4” if somehow he managed over the mark which is slim. On that same token, there’s no guarantee that Taker is even still a full 6’6” today. Could be weak
Editor Rob
yeah, I've measured people who don't have much hidden posture and those who do. The more probems with joints and injuries, the greater the chance they can stretch up taller when measured.

Maybe Undertaker falls into the category. Of course he might not and today could be 6ft 6 flat at most.
Canson said on 24/Feb/20
@Roderick: in their primes Taker was always the taller of the two
Roderick said on 23/Feb/20
Maybe I am wrong, and Undertaker was taller than Sid.

But you can't deny that Sid DID look taller than Undertaker in their 1989 staredown. He really did.

Honestly at this stage a guess of 6'4.75" for Undertaker isnt that out of hand. While I agree he's probably at least 6'5" there are occasions where he struggles for it a bit
Shaka12 said on 23/Feb/20
Ced: I think that's Worst Camera Angle ever lol.
Undertaker 6'7.25-6'7.5 peak Sid 6'6.75. Peak. I posted video before, Undertaker is taller no dobut.
Canson said on 23/Feb/20
@Riccardo: yea if he has more that may put Sid around 6’5” though being there was prob half inch in their primes. I have Taker at 6’5.75 too
Riccardo5'7 said on 22/Feb/20

Honesty I think that today Taker has more height on Sid than he had back in the 90s. At "for the love of wrestling" a poster Ben Bell took a picture with both of them and undertaker looked clearly taller.
Now Undertaker didn't look "clearly" taller back at their primes in my opinion like he does now, but probably Sid was trying to stand super streight in their staredown.
Sotiris Gravas also showed a pair of pics in wich Sid was definitely under 6'6" in 2018/2019.
I say 6'5"1/4 for Sid because Undertaker in my opinion is sure 6'5.5 or maxxx 6'5"75(Probably eye to eye with guys like Gronkowsky)so Sid can't be taller than that.
Canson said on 21/Feb/20
@Edwards: I certainly agree. Taker would be the taller one at their peaks. By around 1/2” probably
ced said on 21/Feb/20
Sid was taller than The Undertaker...

Click Here
dewie 5ft9 175cm said on 21/Feb/20
Peak taker 6ft7 200.7cm sid 6ft6 1/2 199.4 cm
Deathvaelley99 said on 20/Feb/20
I doubt undertaker was always 0.25 inch taller than sid. half an inch taller at least. Today maybe 6ft6 I don’t think is under than that and sid 6ft5.5
Canson said on 20/Feb/20
@Riccardo: this video is from 1997. So maybe a tad outside of their primes

Click Here

In the pics I saw posted of them it appears Taker is precisely only about half inch taller than Sid max. I know Rob has them listed 3/4” apart but that didn’t look as much as 2 cm although I initially thought it was. So If Sid is listed here at 6’6.75 which he actually could look (I thought 6’6.5 too) then Taker would be a bit over 6’7”. If you see Hulk Hogan and Sid in front of one another in their primes that’s about a 1.25”-1.5” difference whereas with Taker it looks more like a 1.5-2”. We could say that Sid is 6’6.5 and Hogan 6’5-6’5.5 Taker 6’7 or Sid 6’6.75 Hogan 6’5.25-.5 Taker 6’7.25. I could buy 6’6.5 for Sid but not less (I used to think 6’6.25 was possible) but not now. As for Sid today that looks a bit too low. He looks 6’6 still imho but maybe I’m wrong just as Taker still looks a weak 6’6 minimum. I think Taker could use the 6’6” flat listing and that may be perfect being he could measure within 1/8” of it or even bang on at lunchtime perhaps since I could conceiveably see 6’5.75 for him
edwards said on 20/Feb/20

of course i could be wrong but personally i haven’t seen and i don’t think sid is taller than taker.
Shaka12 said on 19/Feb/20
Roderick: Undertaker was always billed 6'10 or 6'10 1/2 in WWE, only time he was billed 6'8 was before Kurt Angle Undertaker match for WWE title in 2003, Undertaker was 6'7 range easy, about 6'7.25 easily.

Click Here 0:47 Undertaker Sid Face to Face, Undertaker is taller for sure. Sid in that Staredown from 80s got his Mask and fake hair on, it's not serious to compare guy with Mask, also Sid loves to stand on his tip topes.
Riccardo5'7 said on 18/Feb/20

Sorry guys but not Sid and not Taker were clearly taller than the other. In my opinion Sid was never taller than 6'6.5 and Undertaker was identical if not 0.25 taller than Sid at most.
Today I feel that Sid is around 6'5.25
Canson said on 18/Feb/20
@Roderick: in every pic I see of Taker and Sid, Taker is the taller of the two. If we use Sid being 6’6.75 Taker would be around 6’7.25”. This is peak of course
Canson said on 18/Feb/20
@Roderick: in every pic I see of Taker and Sid, Taker is the taller of the two. If we use Sid being 6’6.75 Taker would be around 6’7.25”.!
Carter Washington said on 18/Feb/20
@Roderick Also how tall u think taker is to drew mcintyre compared to Strowman and Mcintyre. I have Drew McIntyre at a legit 6’4.5-.75 and Braun at 6’6.5
Click Here
Click Here
Couldn’t find a good stare down between Braun and drew
Carter Washington said on 18/Feb/20
@Roderick do you think that it’s possible that taker grew from 1989-1990 by maybe a half inch which will put taker at 6’7 barefoot then with footwear 6’7.5-.75 just a theory
Canson said on 17/Feb/20
@Edwards: I know on a different site they assessed an estimated peak of 6’7” and a current of 6’5.5”. I would bump up 1/4” on each but it’s likely due to how he stacks up to a much younger guy such as Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson although we really can’t tell how good his posture is with either. I’d like to see him with someone closer in height in a good picture. Maybe with guys taller than him he didn’t stand quite as tall especially those listed in shoes and roster heights in the NBA where everyone believes Thompson and Love are both 6’10 (back when the picture was taken before they reduced them to 6’9 and 6’8 in 2019).
Roderick said on 16/Feb/20
@Carter Camera advantage to Undertaker. There is a much better staredown from 1989. Sid was clearly taller than Undertaker.

Sid: 6'6.75"

Undertaker: 6'6.5"

WWE wouldn't bill Undertaker at 6'8" in the early 2000s if he was 6'7.5".
edwards said on 16/Feb/20
@ canson

agreed.i too got the same feeling.i feel rob will either downgrade him to flat 6’6 or maybe 6’6 1/8.i dont know why rob still feels that he is over 6’6.there is literally no way mark calaway is over 6’6 and i mean noway.even if we see calaway in ring,he looks 1” to max 1.5” taller than drew mcintire who i personally think is 6’4.25 mcintire looks half inch taller than orton who i think is 6’3.75 today.also a point to remember,taker probably had footwear advantage on mcintire and every other guy he wrestles and is barely taller.
Carter Washington said on 16/Feb/20
Click Here

Undertaker obviously taller than Sid peak by about 0.5
Takers peak 6’7.25
Now 6’5.75-6’6
Canson said on 16/Feb/20
@Riccardo 5’7: thanks! And I have that respect for anyone who respects me and others. I actually have the feeling that Rob will reduce Taker once more and it will be this year. He appears to be on the fence. While I don’t see 6’5” range, I do predict a drop to 6’6” flat in 2020 which is the catch all for most of us here since a lot of guys get the half inch anyway. He was prob Just under 6’6” in 2019 to be honest with you
Bob da cob. said on 15/Feb/20
Billed at times as 6-11?!!???? Wtf
Riccardo5'7 said on 15/Feb/20
Btw I don't think Rob is going to downgrade undertaker again, or at least not soon.
But the guy is officially under 6'6" and not only since this year. So when and if Rob will downgrade him again to 6'6", Undertaker will already 6'5" just so its a circle that will never end.

Leaving alone Taker's peak who in my opinion it's also wrong
Riccardo5'7 said on 15/Feb/20

I know i know, and I have respect too for you and all the others. Mine was a way to say that same opinion does not mean same person.
Canson said on 15/Feb/20
@Riccardo: we have the same opinion but Christian and I do as well and Christian and I have for quite some time (several years). But even Christian and I have disagreed on a few listings despite us being extremely cool as posters here too. But I have a lot of respect for you and Roderick and have never had an issue with either of you just as I have never had one with Edwards or Christian
Deathvalley99 said on 15/Feb/20
Maybe is time for a downgrade.. taker as 6tt6 and sycho sid as 6ft5.5 is very beliavible today
Canson said on 14/Feb/20
Deathvalley99 said on 11/Feb/20
How likely is 6ft6 flat? I think kane is 3/4 of an inch taller than taker today
Editor Rob
People who meet him, can guess him around that, at least a few folk I spoke to last year think he is shorter than expected, which tells you something.

@Editor Rob: maybe the solid 6’6” is the better listing today? He’s likely not over that mark if people you know met him and said he’s below that and he never looks over that in pics. Yes his posture is poor (consistent with other tall wrestlers) but the difference between 198.1-.2 and 198.7-.8 isn’t much. He really can look under it but since there is some doubt maybe 6’6” is a good listing. I mean In reality, if a man measures 6’6.25” (provided they’re honest and don’t claim shoes typical of an athlete), they will just claim 6’6”. Even Rob Gronkowski who measured 6’6.25” at the combine claims 6’6” (to Conan O’Brien). That said a “6’6”” guy can measure 6’6.25 earlier in the day so 6’6” is probably a fair listing for Taker at this stage of the game. If he really is shorter than expected, it’s likely that he’s actually 6’5,75 or hair under. 6’6” is likely the catch all listing as some don’t believe he’s the weak 6’6 yet so it’s a fine balance. He may be under that actually and even in cases where you see a guy like Hulk Hogan he may be a hair over 6’3” according to some who have met him and he’s still listed the flat 6’3”. While I don’t agree with some saying Taker is the flat 6’5” I think he’s a real weak 6’6” but there are a lot of weak 6’2 weak 6’3 weak 6’4 weak 6’5 weak 6’6 guys here on the site that get the full listing (rounded up) which is also fair at the opposite end (in a sense) being that they measure it earlier In the day (if we want to look at it that way). That despite the fact that the site standard is 5 hours out of bed minimum and even in many cases an afternoon height which is more 7+ hours after waking.
Roderick said on 13/Feb/20
@Canson I'm not in the big city part. I moved just about 3 months ago, I used to live in Compton but the area I was in was just so ugly and I finally got the opportunity move last year
Canson said on 13/Feb/20
@Edwards and Roderick: I think he’s very much known to be overlisted here. 6’6” is fairer listing and he likely dips to 6’5.75 afternoon height. 6’6 is close enough as he’s likely close enough to it (6’5 7/8) or even the full 6’6 At lunchtime. 6’6.25 is too high for him at this stage in his life unless we are going by morning heights
Riccardo 5'7 said on 12/Feb/20

I have no problems with you but it seemed that you called me out saying I was same person as Roderick just because our guesses are similar. Even you and canson share similar opinions but I never even suspected or insinuate.
BTW sorry if I was too heavy in my text.


Yes from Europe, Italy.
I came across this site searching how tall was Vince Voughn. Who to me looked always extremely tall.
Dear said on 12/Feb/20
How tall was he at age 16 ?
Deathvalley99 said on 11/Feb/20
How likely is 6ft6 flat? I think kane is 3/4 of an inch taller than taker today
Editor Rob
People who meet him, can guess him around that, at least a few folk I spoke to last year think he is shorter than expected, which tells you something.
Tom123 said on 11/Feb/20
McIntryre claims that he's 6'5.5 but, hes probably 6'4.5 or 6'4.75, Undertaker looks solid 6'6 with him, Mcintyre posture was much better.
Canson said on 10/Feb/20
@Roderick: there are a few posters here from the Southern Cal area (LA suburbs). Christian also does. Are you in the city?
Carter Washington said on 10/Feb/20
Peak 6’7.25-.5
Now 6’5.75-6’6
He did look barely over an inch taller than a 6’4.75-6’5 drew mcintyre tbh
edwards said on 10/Feb/20
@ canson

dude,i think taker at 6’5.75 and kane at 6’6.25 looks somewhat accurate considering afternoon today.
edwards said on 10/Feb/20
@ roderick

thanks dude.we can all agree to disagree on certain estimation.
edwards said on 10/Feb/20
here is mark calaway aka undertaker with mark henry.this photo was taken sometimes ago.i think henry is 6’1.5 and taker looked 4.5 inches taller in this particular 6’5.75/6’6 and 6’1.5 looks accurate imho Click Here
Murtuza said on 9/Feb/20
Gonna say

Undertaker Peak - 6’7.25”
Current Undertaker - 6’6” Flat
Roderick said on 9/Feb/20
@edwards It's OK, no hard feelings.

@Riccardo I can see why people can think that, although I live in LA, and if I'm not mistaken, you are from Europe, correct?
edwards said on 9/Feb/20
@ roderick

sorry,i apologize for everything i have done.the reason was,i cant stand out and digest when some one calls me out and attack me.its really hard for me and my only worst habit.i dont wanna argue with you anymore can still believe taker is 6’5 and kane is 6’5.5 but personally i believe he is 6’5.75/6’6 we have our own opinion but from now and onwards i don’t wanna interact with you and hope it stays,i havent attack anyone since the last three years.i apolozgize for everything.

@ canson

thanks dude,i’ll always have your back nomatter’re also a class act in my book and one of the kindest human ,i’ve known.i’ll always have a lot of respect for you’re only a few people in this site that i am intrested to interact and have lot of respect.

@ riccardo

do you have any problem ? do you need any help? if you don’t then please stay in your place.dont turn smoldering ashes to raising you are allying with roderick to attack me,have i attacked you ? if you want then ,dude,then you can directly say it to my can confront me in real life as i dont want to create any drama and problems in this site.i never called you out.who are you referring weirdo ? i never called you out.please mind it dude.

@ sotiris gravas

glad to have you back were missed

@ editor rob

i would like to apologize with you.from now on,i’ll try to keep it everything civil.i’ll also minimize to interact with some people.though,for first time in three years,i went berserk and broke the site rules,i regret everything and like to apologize with you.i’ll try to be next seven years in celebs height to make it ten.i have a humble request with you sir,i’ll promice you that i’ll never ever break the site rules again but i wanna add something.please don’t let your posters anywhere near me.i will act civil from now on.this poster riccardo is mentioning me and i hope he stops this as i dont have any words for him.i’m sorry for the past sir but please recommend some of the posters to act civil.i apologize with everyone and i have request for some of the posters to stay civil as well or don’t interact with me otherwise.thank’s rob paul.
Editor Rob
I think if people can be civil, and avoid any little digs, it makes reading a more pleasant experience 🤝
Riccardo5'7 said on 8/Feb/20
I just read that I was accused to be same person as Roderick from a respectful but very weird guy, Edwards.
What a weirdo and not even smart to type differently at least.

Me, Roderick and Sotiris had similar guesses but we are not same person
Public Enemy said on 6/Feb/20
In 1999 looks easily 6’7 and 300lbs . See 50 second mark and onwards
Click Here
Roderick said on 5/Feb/20
@Canson I always thought he was respectful. But to do what he did, I have to lose some respect for the guy. I've never seen someone go off on a rant like that because of one accusation. If it was really not true, why did he get so mad?

@edwards I'm not worried about if people will agree with me or not. You have a good day.
Roderick said on 5/Feb/20
"i wish i could confront you in real height. get a lift dude."

That made me spit out my coffee!
Roderick said on 5/Feb/20
I called him out so he quit the site. And I wasn't attacking him, I was making a statement that looked like it needed to be made... lol.

Even Rob confirmed it
Canson said on 5/Feb/20
@Edwards: Im really going to miss interacting with you, as well! It has truly been a pleasure for these last couple years. You are a class act in my book! I really hope you stay around!
Canson said on 5/Feb/20
@Rob: not sure if my last post went through but I feel compelled to stand up for Edwards. Very good poster and a stand up dude. I do not know if he really did what he’s being accused of and i am not here to discuss whether or not he did, but of course we know that In addition to Viper (who it was publicized here that he did) But is a respectful poster nonetheless; and Willes189 (who did it and belittled others along with praising himself in the third person) And is disrespectful; and Thisismoe who does it in a cowardly way just to attack and is disrespectful to other posters, at least Edwards is a very very respectful poster. He doesn’t cause any problems here unlike the last two I mentioned; and it probably was unfair for that to be said to him in response to his post considering the other two (not including Viper of course) mentioned have done it and nothing has been said to them in response to their posts nor have they been banned. Viper had it said to him and he was banned but not the other two. No mention. And even to Viper’s credit, he never denied it and we all knew the other usernames were him. Edwards is nothing like the Other two as posters who do that. Also one of the posters I mentioned claims to have met several movie stars, provides no pictures, and argues with people and gets irate when they don’t agree with him. He resorts to name calling etc when people don’t agree and has to use a different username to do so cowardly. Edwards doesn’t do any of that stuff but it is your site. That’s just my opinion because I feel that Edwards hasn’t done nearly as bad as some of the others. That even includes Ronster in the past when he did it
Editor Rob
Well he may return, he's not banned as there are many others who have used a multi and I'm still letting them post...

I do ask that people try as best to stick to rules, as it makes it easier for everybody.
edwards said on 5/Feb/20
this is my final comment in this site so hope it gets posted.its also my message to my dear brothers.

@ canson

gracias.thanks dude.before going i would like to say thanks dude for sticking with me like a brother during my times in this site.i have always thought you as my brother and loved interacting with you,christian and dan trojan and sotiris.i’ll always remember you guys as my brother.thanks for all those support in the past dude.take care brother.celebs height deserves you.there should be more people in celebs height like you .hope i’ll interact with you in future someway but i’m not sure whether i’ll visit this site ever again.thanks dude gracias.

@ christian

thanks dude for a great memories in celebs height.the site deserves’re an amazing person dude gracias

@ sotiris gravas and dan trojan

thanks dude for the memories.we can all agree to disagree on certain heights but you guys too have given me great time during my time in this site.we were like mates/brother whether we agreed or disagree.thanks dude’s.its my final message and final time i am commenting on this site .

finally,i would like to thank editor of this amazing site for giving me opportunity to comment in this wonderful being a member of this site for last three since,it will be a great memory..thanks editor rob kudos.

thank you for all my time in this site.

its kevin woods
Editor Rob
Ok, good luck to you.
edwards said on 5/Feb/20
@ rob paul

thanks for all those opportunity opportunity in the celebs height in the past.i quite have a good time in the can ban me.i’m never visiting the site again.kudos for the wonderful site.

@ canson

take care brother.i have always thought you as a brother.before going i would like to thank you for sticking with me in the past like a brother.take care brother .celebs height deserves you.kudos.celebs height should have more people like you and christian.
edwards said on 4/Feb/20
@ roderick

i have doubt that riccardo and roderick are same person with very same and exactly same estimation ? who tf do you think you are ? you dont have no rights to say that.does having same estimation means the person is estimation is exactly similar to canson,christian and even dan trojan.that being said,i am commenting under their name .you and riccardo are also likely same are you ? its obvious to me you are also same person.if a new poster comes and estimate same as me then i am commenting under them ? this guy seriously need help.i have been visiting celebs height since the last three years and didn’t have any sort of problem and now you are blaming me.i wish i could confront you in real height.get a lift do you think you are.does having same estimation means you are same person.i have same estimation with canson and christian since almost two years.believe in your claim of crap 6’5,nobody ever gonna agree with you.i’m sure if a new poster comes and said taker is 6’6,you wont believe him but if he had said 6’5 then you would have believe.the reason you are saying this is because your excuses aren’t working.

@ john wilson brown

i feel very bad for you dude.stop arguing with some insanely ridiculous people.
Canson said on 4/Feb/20
@Dan Trojan: Edwards Christian and I have all been saying that he’s 6’5.5-6’6 range. You have some though who say he’s 6’5” still. I like John Wilson Brown and he seems like an honest guy. His assessment adds up to how he looks around 197-198 cm
Canson said on 4/Feb/20
@John Wilson Brown: I’m a strong 6’4”. I tend to come down only to 6’4.25 or maybe 6’4.3 other days that I don’t hit the gym or stand as much while I’m usually about a mm over 6’5 out of bed or 6’5 1/16” more specifically. The lowest I’ve ever seen is 6’4 flat once. But Typically my extreme low is 1-2 mm over. At the end of the day, I only claim 6’4” as my height since I’m content with that height and since I’m probably 5 out of 7 days of the week right at 6’4.25 or less. I also have friends that are honest and claim their afternoon heights so I feel more compelled to. Along with claiming the half always got me questions like why don’t I claim 6’5” or why do I claim the half instead of 6’4”. So I go with the latter now. In your case If 6’5” is your lunchtime height, you may only be 6’4 7/8” in the afternoon. Which means you may lose a full inch from morning to afternoon. I’m usually around 6’4 3/8 after 5 hours which is 1/8” above my afternoon. I’ve seen with Rob And Christian that their afternoon and lunchtime are usually only about 1/8” apart. That depends on how active you are though because if you’re very active like working out in the AM 6’5” may be your afternoon. I have worked out on a weekend or a day off early morning and Already been down to 6’4.25 or a mm over by lunchtime
edwards said on 4/Feb/20
@ rob

how can you say that i am using different names,i admit last time i mistakenly commented under name undertaker and i was hurrying at that time.i agree i have been using different gmail under my original name kevin woods and other one being using indian name when i was in india few years ago and given by one indian dude.i havent used any other gmail address and have probably .i used my own name to comment in your youtube channel under kevin woods.i have been commenting under edwards only in this site to remain of the gmail being kevin comment wasnt being posted in this site sometimes ago so i even commented in your youtube channel asking to fix the problem.soon,i changed my gmail into my original name and commented with that name and is now again using old gmail.

@ roderick

i’m done arguing with some desperate guy like you.i’m honestly are attacking me because i havent agreed with your claim of taker being 6’ can you believe me when you dont even believe guy’s like dan trojan and ali baba who probably got photo with deliberately tried to downgrade those guy’s to claim taker shorter than he is.i’m sure you are a downgrader.i feel sorry for myself for wasting my time arguing with you in the past.keep on insisting that taker is 6’5 as long as every drop of blood left in your body and every beat left in your heart but in the body,i mean nobody gonna agree with you in your ridiculous claim.i’m sorry.i dont wanna interract with you ever again.i’m sorry.i’m sure you are kid wanting someone to be certain having similar guesses means same person are commenting,guys like canson,christian and dan trojan all has same guesses as me.that means i am commenting under their name,the reason you are saying this is because i dont agree with your crap claim of 6’5.i feel very bad for the new guy because his claims were similar to my and canson.i’m dont arguing with you.
Editor Rob
Since you said on youtube
"i even dont know who the new guy is .though,i really feel bad for him"
And now you are repeating it here. I think the hole you are digging is getting a little deeper...

Click Here. That's a mighty coincidence, both yourself and John not only have the same grammatical style, but you are both posting from the same ISP and IP from a very very remote country...😵

My tip for anybody thinking of using another identity here or any website - don't, it's a bit daft and when you start making up stuff about meeting Celebs, it gets old and waste's people time.

I'm not going to ban you, but kindly ask that you please stick with your one name 😎
John wilson brown said on 4/Feb/20
@ editor rob paul

rob,who is edwards btw ?.isnt he the poster of this site who generally interact with canson. this is probably the last time i am commenting on this amazing site,kudos.i am surprised how you have allowed some posters to attack other’s opinion.i am first time visiting such a amazing site.editor rob,i give height estimate that i genuinely believe people to be and never deliberately upgrade or downgrade any one.i believe what my eyes saw.i’m sure you have hard time dealing with trolls who believe undertaker is 6’5.i can get how it is harder at times to manage such a big sites.i can see how some people still believe undertaker is 6’5 given that i met him in person and he was an inch taller than me and i am 6’5.where did 6’5 claims for taker came from ?i think i’m not the only poster who believe undertaker is 6’6 flat.editor,i can bet that when a new poster comes to this site.he/she is doubted by some poster’s who believe undertaker is 6’5 and kane is 6’5.5.i know ,some poster in this site could have believe me if i have said taker was 6’5.but the problem is i have said that he is 6’6 so some people are doubting me because they believe he is 6’5.i’m sure when a new poster comes in future and claim taker is 6’6,i am sure he will be attacked and doubted.finally,thank’s rob paul for giving me wonderful opportunity to comment in this amazing site kudos.thanks for being such a dedicated individual.
Riccardo5'7" said on 3/Feb/20
6'5"3/4 his how he would measure today in my opinion if not 6'5.5, barefoot, in the afternoon.
Big show looks max 6'9" with taker, camera factors included
Dan Trojan said on 3/Feb/20
So are you doubters gonna keep making excuses you have a 6'5" guy on here claiming undertaker was around an inch taller than him so honestly don't take my word for it take his he'd definitely have an easier time guessing taker's height than me
Roderick said on 3/Feb/20
Lol yeah Undertaker got his Nineline attire last year for his birthday and I don't know where you would meet Undertaker in 2017 so personally I don't believe your story and I even feel like you are @edwards pretending to be someone else..

It looks obvious to me.

I still think Undertaker is 6'5".
John wilson brown said on 3/Feb/20
@ canson

i generally measure 6’5 7/8 out of bed but honestly i haven’t managed to measure myself in the was 2 years ago though.the last time i measured was a month ago and it was around 1 in the afternoon and i was measured flat 6’5.i have to say it was 4 and half hour or nearly 5 hours after i woke for you,what is your extreme low ?you are a very solid 6’4 guy.

as for taker i feel this look’s accurate in my personal opinion

taker currently

taker at peak
Roderick said on 2/Feb/20
Just saying it's kind of weird how John and edwards type the exact same way and how their guesses are the same. Also I don't even see how you could have met him in 2017 because I'm pretty sure he didn't start wearing that Nineline stuff unti he got it for his birthday in 2019.

Hmmm... still think Taker is max 6'5.5"
Canson said on 2/Feb/20
@Edwards: I also remember Brosofdestruction saying he looked max 6’6” but then another post said he looked at least 6’6” so not sure what to make of it. Maybe he was Saying he looked 6’6” in person. My guess is if someone looks at most 6’6 that they’re prob No less than 6’5.75
Canson said on 2/Feb/20
@John Wilson Brown: that’s what Edwards Christian and I have said all along. Not as low as 6’5 but somewhere 6’5.5-6’6”.

By the way, what do you measure out of bed and in the afternoon? Is 6’5 flat your afternoon height (7 hours after waking up)? I’m 6’5 out of bed but by afternoon I’m down to around 6’4 1/4, Which consider as my true height (Classifying myself as a strong 6’4). That being the case Taker would prob be 1.5” taller than me and you right in the middle of us
edwards said on 2/Feb/20
@ canson

agreed with everything you said.if you can remember,the poster john wilson brown was saying the same thing that dan trojan said.chance of 6’6 but might be a fraction under it.actually,dan trojan and the new poster was saying the same thing.both of them dudes said same thing that you,me and christian was saying from the very first time and since the beginning.
John wilson brown said on 2/Feb/20
@ canson and edwards

as someone who has met taker,i can say it with full confidence that he is not 6’5 like some posters in this site are claiming.there is still a chance of 6’6 than 6’5.i was standing next to taker in same row.i had probably the taller shoulder than his.i also has higher eye level than that of taker.infact my nose was near his eyes.but where people should pay attention is that he has head which is too big for his height.the top of his head adds 0.75 or even 1” and makes him taller than me.i have higher eyelevel than his,my shoulder was also higher than his but his head was probably taller than mine.those 6’5 claims are so bloody joke for his weight when i met him,it was 270-280 lbs at that time in 2017.honestly,those 6’5 claims are so laughable.believe me,if he was only 6’5 then he would have been same as me but he was probably 0.75 or 1” but i’ll say he was likely 0.75 taller than me.6’5 claims is hard to stomach for him.i’ll say 6’5.75/6’6.rven if he is under 6’6 its not my much maybe only by fraction or so.
John wilson brown said on 1/Feb/20
those 6’5 claims for taker 6’5.5 claims for kane are laughable and most ridiculous claims i have ever seen my life.
Canson said on 1/Feb/20
@Edwards and Roderick: the 1/4” in 2019 wasn’t enough. He needs a further downgrade. Although he really can be only look 6’5.5-6’6 range these days, I think it’s safe to say he’s not over 6’6” flat at a lunchtime or afternoon height these days. A flat 6’6” listing is more appropriate even if I don’t believe he maintains that into lunchtime and especially not the afternoon
dewie 5ft9 175cm said on 1/Feb/20
Taker 6ft7 big show 6ft10
tree said on 28/Jan/20
I doubt ther is another clip as good as this from the 90's with HHH and TAKER to compare height
Click Here

Theres bigshow too in the begining of the clip with taker
Steven Dixon said on 28/Jan/20
It’s worth noting that on an off the cuff interview with BT Sports after the Rumble Drew McIntyre said he was 6 foot 5. So looking at recent pics with Taker you would have to say with good posture he could still hit 6.6.5 early in the day and will stand over 6:7 in his wrestling gear.
Canson said on 27/Jan/20
@John Wilson Brown: I along with Edwards and Christian have been saying that Taker would be around 6’6” today. Around means more weak 6’6 range 6’5.5-.6’6 range today. He’s not as low as 6’5” flat or as high as 6’6.5 tho. I think 6’5.75 fits very well actually
John wilson brown said on 27/Jan/20
as i was saying,i was standing next to undertaker in same i have already said i am 6’5 flat and was wearing a 1” sneaker that made me 6’6.taker on the other hand was wearing nine line tshirt and black shorts.he was wearing a nineline cap too.he was wearing a shoes that gave him 1”.he was probably 0.75 inch taller than me and it wasn’t even a full inch or maybe max 1” but i am not sure whether he was 0.75 or 1” taller than me but i felt it was 0.75.though it was three years ago.i met him in 2017,i dont know about 2019/2020 though.i feel in wrestling boots he is 6’7.25

peak height:6’7.25
Roderick said on 26/Jan/20
@Rob To me, Undertaker looks 6'5" with Love.

@edwards That photo is weird. Foley looks way shorter than he usually does with Kane.
Tom123 said on 26/Jan/20
Guys here trying to say Undertaker is 6'5 range, better check his instagram photo with Big Show,
if Show is 6'10, Undertaker looks 6'8 LOL, i think Undertaker is stll solid 6'6, and Show is max 6'9. Not to Mention Big Show posture in this picture is better than Undertakers LOL, it's impossible that if Show is 6'10, Undertaker is only 6'6.
Click Here
Mrployminostop said on 25/Jan/20
Please see his latest Instagram pic next to Big Show.

I am surprised this man is listed under 6'7"
Canson said on 25/Jan/20
@Steven Dixon: my guess would be 6’5.5-6’6 range for Taker. Probably what you said 6’5.75 today.
John wilson brown said on 25/Jan/20
@ editor Rob Paul

Rob I'm first time commenting to the site but was a long time follower of this legendary site.kudos for this amazing site but wanna tell you something.rob I met taker in 2017 in Texas longhorn match and was lucky enough to stand along with him.i met him one year after taker met love which was in 2016.i am a legit 6'5 flat guy and taker honestly and I swear he wasnt more than an inch taller than me.he was probably 0.75 to Max inch taller than me when I met him in 2017.i feel he is flat 6'6 at most.
Editor Rob
I can believe Taker in person is now looking 6ft 6 at most to many people. What he measures though, might still be a surprise.
edwards said on 24/Jan/20
@ canson

dude,agreed with everything you’ve for taker and ali baba i feel baba was 6’6 and he said taker was half inch taller than baba so 6’6.5 was believable in that of today,he looks comparatively shorter than he was with baba.i personally feel that he looks 0.75 or almost an inch shorter than he was in 2014 with ali baba but we never know.
davinder dhillon said on 24/Jan/20
Peak height 6ft 8 currently 6ft6.5

96-03 6ft 7.5
04-10 6ft7.25
11-14 6ft7
15-18 6ft6.75
Steven Dixon said on 24/Jan/20
I watch this site but rarely comment so when I do it’s with much thought. Rob and the rest what do you think of Love and Taker pics that Love is 6.7.5 plus shoes so 6.9 and Taker after surgery probably just 6.6 plus shoes at 6.7.5 or even 6.5.75? Today Taker is still 6.6 and change easy and was for me just over 6.7 peak.
Editor Rob
Taker could look 6ft 6 at most really with Kevin.
edwards said on 24/Jan/20

here is peak mick foley with peak kane.peak mick foley has been listed as 6’3 by editor rob.even if mick foley was low as i6’2.5 or even 6’2 ,kane still looks almost 6” taller appearing near 6’8. Click Here
now i know you’ll say kane is in lift or he is near to camera.a big lol
Canson said on 23/Jan/20
@Edwards: But you and I have both said it before for Taker and it’s the case for Hogan and Big Show too. They all have poor posture likely due to their back issues from wrestling. Hogan gets guessed on this site at 6’2” regularly while Show some 6’8 and 6’9” while you get a guy like Taker getting 6’5”. In reality I would say Hulk Hogan 6’3 Taker 6’5.5-6’6 range Then Show 6’9-6’10” or even 6’10 is possible. A lot of people with the lower estimates tend to neglect it tho. I know you don’t because you’ve mentioned it before with Taker too
Canson said on 23/Jan/20
@Tom123: in 2014 with Ali Baba I would’ve guessed he was still 199cm. He has lost more today though
Canson said on 23/Jan/20
@Edwards: yea I can buy 6’7.5 but no higher
Tom123 said on 22/Jan/20
Undertaker looked 6'6.5 with Alibaba in 2014, when he was 49 years old, after hips and knee problems for 20 years, so that's only your dreams. he was over 2.5 inches taller than Hogan easily in 1991-1992. And Hogan was like 6'4.5-6'5 still in 1991.
edwards said on 21/Jan/20
@ canson

at that time,i feel love was 6’7.5 and taker looked 1.5 inch shorter so i have taker at flat 6’6 and love at 6’7.5 at that time.
Roderick said on 20/Jan/20
IMO Undertaker looked 6'6.5" with Hogan. And this was a prime Undertaker.
edwards said on 20/Jan/20
@ NR

agreed.kane at peak has looked 6’8 at times.
Canson said on 18/Jan/20
@Riccardo: in person Melo was 198-199 range. He could be right around 6’6 up to 6’6.25. I doubt less or more than
Riccardo 5'7" said on 17/Jan/20
Canson said on 13/Jan/20
@Riccardo: that’s my guess too is that Love is 6’7” range as opposed to 6’7 flat. I think Love is 6’7-6’7.5” range and would measure 6’7.75 earlier in the day. Love is not quite as tall as Blake Griffin who measured 6’8.5 very early in the morning as was evidenced by his video. If we see Blake next to Deandre Jordan 6’8” can look sketchy. I could argue 6’7.75 next to a 6’9.75 guy. Love looks slightly shorter and only looks about 1” maybe 3cm taller than Carmelo Anthony. I would go with 201-202 for Kevin Love

I agree that Carmelo Anthony is about 199 cm, 6'6"1/4. Even next to LeBron he did look that range. And Live is slightly taller than LeBron by 0.5 probably.
Canson said on 16/Jan/20
Click Here

Bosh does not have a .5-.75” footwear Advantage on Love
Canson said on 16/Jan/20
@Vegas: Derrick Williams was 6’7.25 at the combine (morning). Love isn’t that much taller than him. While I see Williams dipping below 6’7” in the afternoon, I doubt Love does but I also don’t see Love being 1” taller. Love is not 6’7.75 in the afternoon

Click Here
Canson said on 16/Jan/20
@Vegas: 6’6.5 peak for Sid probably works better. And I said 6’6.25-.5 range so using a midday height 6’6.5 and 6’6 3/8 afternoon was more along the lines of my initial estimate which is why I said 6’6.5 is fine. But the more I see maybe he is 6’6.5 afternoon meaning maybe 6’6.75 or 6’6 5/8 lunchtime is ok. Hogan likely wasn’t 6’5 in 1991-92. He may have only been 6’4” Or 6’4.5 by then. Peak height I doubt he was less than 6’5” and perhaps 6’5.25”. And Rob only lists Sid 6’6.75 so that’s not much different from his listing. Rob sssumes a lunchtime height in some cases.

As for love and bosh I didn’t see them but I’ve seen other pics where Love looks 6’7” range. 6’7.75 is a morning height based on how he looks.
Canson said on 16/Jan/20
@Vegas: 6’6.5 peak for Sid probably works better. Hogan likely wasn’t 6’5 in 1991-92. He may have only been 6’4” Or 6’4.5 by then. Peak height I doubt he was less than 6’5” and perhaps 6’5.25”. And Rob only lists Sid 6’6.75 so that’s not much different from his listing.
Vegas' said on 15/Jan/20
Sid 6'6 1/4 peak? That would mean Hogan was 6'4 in 1991-92 and Nash was 6'8 in 99.

Canson there is other photos from that event where we can see Bosh and Loves feet.
62B said on 14/Jan/20
Canson said on 13/Jan/20
@62B: he was 6’7” when you saw him, right? Assuming it was in his prime. I wouldn’t have guessed Taker below that in his prime. If anything I could see 1/4” over back then. But that sheds light onto Hulk Hogan as Taker easily had bare minimum 1.5” maybe 2” on him

I saw him in the early 90's. 6'7" is my guess as he looked to have Crush (Brian Adams) by a couple inches when they interacted. I figured Adams a solid 6'5" guy, probably a fraction over.
Roderick said on 14/Jan/20
@edwards He also has that fake eye in as well as the black stuff underneath his eye.
Canson said on 13/Jan/20
@Roderick: I think Sid was less than 200cm. Taker was a bit taller than Sid in his prime. Sid wasn’t more than strong 6’6” range at his peak 6’6.25-.5. Maybe 199cm is the sweet spot for Sid 6’6 3/8” so 6’6.5 is fair enough. Taker I agree is max 6’6”. He could be 6’5.5-6’6 range more than likely
Canson said on 13/Jan/20
@62B: he was 6’7” when you saw him, right? Assuming it was in his prime. I wouldn’t have guessed Taker below that in his prime. If anything I could see 1/4” over back then. But that sheds light onto Hulk Hogan as Taker easily had bare minimum 1.5” maybe 2” on him
Canson said on 13/Jan/20
@Riccardo: that’s my guess too is that Love is 6’7” range as opposed to 6’7 flat. I think Love is 6’7-6’7.5” range and would measure 6’7.75 earlier in the day. Love is not quite as tall as Blake Griffin who measured 6’8.5 very early in the morning as was evidenced by his video. If we see Blake next to Deandre Jordan 6’8” can look sketchy. I could argue 6’7.75 next to a 6’9.75 guy. Love looks slightly shorter and only looks about 1” maybe 3cm taller than Carmelo Anthony. I would go with 201-202 for Kevin Love
Canson said on 13/Jan/20
@Vegas: I don’t see Bosh and Love’s footwear. Love to me at least looks 6’7-6’7.5 range. Bosh May be as high as 6’10.25 but afternoon height could be just 6’10 flat although doubt he’s below thst
Roderick said on 12/Jan/20
@edwards He does have his elbow sleeve there, so he may have his boots on too.

Also in 2006, Kane was 39 years old. Nobody loses height at 39 unless there is an injury. Especially in Kane's case, he didn't lose height by 2006.

Go to Kane's match on RAW with Test in 1999 and there was a staredown before the match and Kane looked maximum 2 inches taller, and Test was 6'5", maybe even 6'4.5".

There is no solid evidence of Kane looking 6'7.5"-6'8" in his prime. If there is, it is usually something favoring Kane.

Mark Henry actually said Kane was 6'7" on Table for Three and Kane didn't deny it.

Just for fun, supposedly Kane used to pick on Big Show a lot back when he first came in because he was the only dude that could actually carry him!
Vegas' said on 11/Jan/20
We have lots of video of Sid and Taker.. Click Here

As for Bosh and Love. Looks like Love is wearing vans there. If so that 0.5-0.75 inch footwear advantage for Bosh. Love 6'7 3/4 + 0.5 inch shoes, Bosh 6'10 1/4 + 1.25 inch footwear

Bosh's head is small so probably less difference there than we think too
Caldonio said on 11/Jan/20
Billed at 6-10. Wtf!!!! Hahaha. 6.7.5 absolutely max peak. Now 6-6 imo.
Tom123 said on 11/Jan/20
Undertaker was easily 0.75 inches taller than Sid At his Peak. Sid always was standing on this tip-toes, and always standing the tallest. Undertaker posture was always more relaxed, because he know he was a Taller Man.

Click Here
second 0:47, Easily Undertaker is taller, probably maybe even an Inch there.
edwards said on 11/Jan/20
@ roderick
How do we know he is in wrestling gear? anytime kane appearing taller means either he is wearing lifts or closer to camera ? Why cant we accept reality ? How do we know that he was measured in morning then ? That was not even a peak kane ,a peak kane in the 90s was surely 6'7.5 or even weak 6'8.
Roderick said on 10/Jan/20
@Harry Sachs Well Sid is listed here at 6'6.75" peak height which looks accurate to me. Undertaker typically looks 6'6.5" with Sid, which makes me believe he wasn't more than 6'7".

Undertaker claimed he was 6'8" on Stone Cold's podcast when he talked about the Skyscrapers.

Stone Cold also said, "hey, I'm 6'2" 252".

I find it ridiculous how anybody can say Undertaker is 6'6" let alone 6'6.5". He is very obviously under that mark as of 2020.
Riccardo 5'7 said on 9/Jan/20
Canson said on 8/Jan/20

Let's say that Bosh looks to me over 6'10", I would say even 6'10.25 if not 6'10.5. In fact with him K.Love looked 3 inches shorter minimum, probably if I remember there was even more.
Roderick said on 8/Jan/20
@edwards If we're honest, he looked like he was in wrestling gear, and was also a little closer to the camera. I still think he looks 6'7" there regardless of other circumstances.

Also how do we know if that dudes measurement wasnt taken in the morning?
Harry Sachs said on 8/Jan/20
Here is a picture of Sid Vicious next to the Undertaker back in 1992 Click Here Click Here Click Here The last picture shows Mark before he was even given the Undertaker character with the thick sole shoes. He is clearly shorter than Sid without them. Sid is 6'6 according to this site so how was the Undertaker 6'7 1/2 in his prime? I don't think most of you know what you are talking/typing about at all.

So many people have show pictures of Kevin Love who was measured at 6'7 3/4 and he is clearly at least 2 inches taller than current Undertaker even with the thick sole shoes and you people still think Undertaker is 6'6 1/2 to this day? Funny stuff.
Deathvalley99 said on 8/Jan/20
There are more chance that undertaker is 6ft6 flat or 6ft6 1/2 ?
Canson said on 8/Jan/20
@Riccardo: another person who met him said 6’7” on the page I linked. Going off Love next to Bosh that’s 6’7-6’7.5 range. Also looked that with Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose even though it was shopped. Now I believe that the 6’7.75 is a morning measurement for Love. My guess is Love can drop to 6’7.25” and Majerle probably isn’t a full 6’6”. He looks more Christian’s height 196.5 maybe 197 max. Some players even getting measured later in the day will lay down to maintain height. That’s likely what he did
marco23 said on 8/Jan/20
So many experts judging Undertakers height from one picture with Love, Undertaker was walking with a cane days before he met clevland players, he was after surgery.
Riccardo 5'7" said on 7/Jan/20
Dan Majerle said 6'7" for Love but it could have means 6'7" range rather than just 6'7".

1.5 inches between the two seems to me optimistic also because we know undertaker had footwear advantage over Love

I think that when Love met taker the situation was this one: Love 6'7.5 Undertaker 6'5.5 (struggling)
Canson said on 7/Jan/20
Vegas' said on 6/Jan/20
Canson said on 5/Jan/20
That may be 6” or a bit under 6” with Kyrie.

That's slightly over a measured 6 inches Click Here
Slightly over a measured 7 inches Click Here

Going off how he looks with Bosh it appears to be a morning height. Maybe I could argue 6’7.5” but doesn’t seem that close to 6’8” imho
62B said on 7/Jan/20
Canson said on 6/Jan/20
@62B: you met Taker, right?

I saw him from across the room. At the YMCA where I saw Dibiase and Crush. Undertaker was easily the tallest in the room that day.
Canson said on 6/Jan/20
@62B: you met Taker, right?
Deathvalley99 said on 6/Jan/20
Maybe undertaker today as tall as sid vicious?
Click Here
edwards said on 6/Jan/20
if the guy is legit 6'4 7/8 then kane looks near or almost 3" taller.kane looks near 6'8 there if the guy is that height.meaning kane looks 6'7.5/6'7.75 which is weak 6' some people gonna say kane is wearing lift because they cant accept kane being over 6'7.5.a big LOL
Vegas' said on 6/Jan/20
Canson said on 5/Jan/20
That may be 6” or a bit under 6” with Kyrie.

That's slightly over a measured 6 inches Click Here
Slightly over a measured 7 inches Click Here
Canson said on 5/Jan/20
That may be 6” or a bit under 6” with Kyrie. Both measurements appear to be morning heights though

Click Here
62B said on 4/Jan/20
I'm sure its been posted before. Click Here Peak Undertaker looking quite a bit taller than a peak Scott Hall.
Vegas' said on 4/Jan/20
Love is 6'7 3/4 barefoot, 6 inches+ taller than Irving Click Here
Canson said on 4/Jan/20
@Riccardo and Roderick: people who have met Love such as Dan Majerle and this other person say he’s 6’7”. Then you have others such as Chris Bosh where he looks 6’7”. My guess is that it was a morning measurement and 6’7.25 is his low. 6’7 3/8 is possible if 6’7.75 is earlier in the day too. The picture with Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah is photoshopped being Love never played with Chicago but believable with how he looks in general. It’s more likely that Taker wasn’t standing as straight as possible with Love and that there is really more like a 1.5” difference and not 2”. 1.75 is possible and maybe Taker is 6’5.75 and Love 6’7.5 at a stretch or 6’5.5 and 6’7.25”. Also keep in mind footwear. Love may have more on than him

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
StevenClarke said on 4/Jan/20
Guys, maybe if we determine the identity or contact of the individuals present in the below mentioned photographs, we may arrive at an accurate listing of Undertaker's height. The guys present in the photographs for which I have pasted the links appear to be closer in height to the Undertaker.

Pic 1: Click Here
Pic 2: Click Here
Riccardo 5'7" said on 3/Jan/20

My doubts are more about Love's height. Because if he is just 6'7"1/4 as many good posters here said, means that Undertaker is not even 197.

I personally believe Love is about 202cm, but again this would put Taker at 197cm.

For judge the height of a tall guy you have to look at him next to tall guys, this is what I think.
How good could be look at Taker next to guys like 6'5.75/6'5.5 afternoon Gronk?
We need comparisons like that.
Roderick said on 2/Jan/20
@Riccardo I agree 100%. He looks 6'4" range in those pics, which leads me to believe he's not more than 197cm.
edwards said on 2/Jan/20
i honestly think rob should lower the undertaker.i honestly think that.he is edged by almost every 6'7 guy's by not just and inch.probably by 1.5",he looked 1.5 inch shorter than 6'7 range kevin love and last time was edged by 6'7 ike catcher by 1.5-2" inch.honestly,there is no reason in putting him still over 6'6 rob is such a dedicated professional and busy at the same time.maybe,he havent looked the undertaker for a while concentrating on more celebs than just taker.i'm sure rob havent paid attention to taker lately.he has hundred's or thousand's of page to look after so i think he havent looked taker lately and still thinks he is over 6'6,he is max 6'6.
edwards said on 2/Jan/20
@ canson

agreed dude with everything you said.if taker is 6'6.75 out of bed then love should be 6'8 out of bed because there is easily 1.5 inch difference.if love is 6'7.75 out of bed and taker at 6'6.75 out of bed,that is only 1 inch difference whuch is impossible you ask ne.there is 1.5" difference at 6'8 out if bed and taker at 6'6.75 out if bed makes most is impossible for love to wakeup only at 6'7.75 as he is taller than undertaker who i personally think wakesup at 6'6.75.
Canson said on 2/Jan/20
@Edwards: I’m thinking Love could be the full 6’8 out of bed
edwards said on 2/Jan/20
@ canson

agreed with everything you said dude.i too I have Love as 6’7-6’7.5 range. Maybe 6’7.5. 6’7.75 morning height.
Riccardo 5'7" said on 1/Jan/20
Undertaker was clearly and I would say dramatically towered by Love in some camera angles.
Rob once said even 3 inches can seems, I would say no less than 2 inches difference. It went even worst with T. Thompson and with 6'8.5 Webber.

Undertaker is exactly in the 197 range, no more than that and I bet all the Christmas cakes that I have at home now.
Riccardo 5'7" said on 1/Jan/20
Happy new year guys, to all of you!
Canson said on 1/Jan/20
@Edwards: I wonder actually how much difference there would be with Love today. I have Love as 6’7-6’7.5 range. Maybe 6’7.5. 6’7.75 morning height though. But I feel Taker is probably more like 6’5.75 like you said too
edwards said on 1/Jan/20
@ roderick

if they both stood side by side,there is minimum 6” difference atleast.
edwards said on 1/Jan/20
@ canson

in 2016,when taker met cavaliers it was probably 1.5 inch difference between taker and love if taker was in his best posture.but it was four years ago.if taker and love stand side by side in their best posture in 2020/2021,i'm sure it will be almost 2" inch difference now.but when the photo was taken it was 1.5" though. as taker is in same boat in shrinking height with hogan and arnold.

as for his current height,i feel 6'5.5 is probably low and i personally wouldnt go that low.unluckily,even if he is 6'5 range,its probably 6'5.75 atleast in afternoon.afternoon is what most of people,atleast most of us claim our talking about afternoon i still think he is 6'6 still or 6'5.75 or simply shy or fraction of 6'6 is possible.i dont think he is 6'5.5 in afternoon.its too low imho if you ask me the evening,its a different story though.
Roderick said on 31/Dec/19
@edwards He actually only looks 6'5" there IMO. Seems like Cena's head comes around his eyes there. Maybe 6'6", but more 6'5".
Canson said on 31/Dec/19
@Edwards: very good estimate imho!

@Viper: that’s a good estimate for him peak and current. Doubt he’s below that though
viper said on 30/Dec/19
It's possible Taker has lost 1.5 inches.

6-7 down to 6-5.5
edwards said on 30/Dec/19
kane looks 7” taller than cena here
Click Here
edwards said on 30/Dec/19
@ canson

agreed dude lol,i was in hurry so.
i still feel that kane was fraction taller than undertaker.i agree that they looked very similar in height and either could seems to edge the other but there will always be 1/4 or 0.25 difference between them which is invisible to us.even if they are equal,there will always be 0.25 or 1/4 which many of us couldnt see and find out
so i have peak taker at 5'7.25 and peak kane at 6'7.5 and this looks accurate in my personal opinion.
Roderick said on 29/Dec/19
I think Kane and Undertaker were the same height as well. Both 6'7" guys
Canson said on 29/Dec/19
@Edwards: it’s happened to me before if I’ve commented on a certain celeb lol.
Tom123 said on 28/Dec/19
There is no 0.5 inches between Peak Taker and Kane,
Both guys were 6'7.25-6'7.5 at their peak.
Roderick said on 28/Dec/19
@edwards Why did you comment under Undertaker? lol

Also I think he would be just shy of 6'7" in boots today but give or take yeah.
edwards said on 28/Dec/19
lol i must be crazy.i mistakenly entered my name as undertaker lol.
Canson said on 28/Dec/19
@Edwards: 6’7 in boots I can easily see today. Maybe even a bit over.
Canson said on 28/Dec/19
@Edwards: 6’7 in boots I can easily see today
undertaker said on 28/Dec/19
@ canson

dude i personally think either peak kane was 6'7.5 and peak undertaker 6'7 flat or peak kane at 6'7.75 if peak taker is 6'7.5,i personally can see easily see half inch between them.either rob should lower peak taker to 6'7 flat if he wanna list kane at 6'7.5 or should upgrade peak kane to 6'7.5.sometimes either seems to edge other at times

@ roderick

he looks 6'7 in boots today.
edwards said on 27/Dec/19

happy belated christmas.same to you
Riccardo 5'7 said on 27/Dec/19

Nice video, they are same height
Canson said on 27/Dec/19
@Roderick: that’s not a bad estimate. I would go 1/4” taller and say minimum 6’5.5-.75 range = weak 6’6”. 6’5.75-6 is still realistic for Taker today. I think over 6’6” today is too much and under 6’5.5 is too low
Canson said on 27/Dec/19
@Edwards: agreed. I’d orobably lean toward 6’5 5/8 as maybe worst case. Really 6’5.75 is fine
miko said on 27/Dec/19
Kane has a very minimal edge on Taker there. It's very much like a Sid/Taker staredown other than Kane doesn't raise his eyeline up.

Kane/Taker and Sid were all very close in height.

Taker and Sid were both around 6'7 and Kane 6'7.5 IMO.
Roderick said on 27/Dec/19
@edwards I agree that he isn't 6'5" flat but to say it's impossible 100% is a bit of a stretch. I personally think he looks closer to 6'5" way more than he looks closer to 6'6". Has he looked 6'6" with guys like Lesnar and Reigns? Yes. Does he look 6'6" out of the ring in normal shoes and not thick soled boots? No.

He is definitely below 6'6" IMO, I would say it's even obvious. You can't just go by WWE staredowns.
NCL said on 27/Dec/19
I found me a gem! Pause at 6:06 Click Here

Merry Christmas and happy New Year everyone!
edwards said on 27/Dec/19
how can some one even argue about 6'5 flat for the is 100% impossible.even if he is in 6'5 range,it is 6'5.75 not anything the ring excluding shoes,he still looks 6'6 or atleast close to it to me.6'5.75 is still a weak 6'6 to me.this is accurate for undertaker
immediately out of bed=6'6.75
Roderick said on 26/Dec/19
Under 6'6" for sure IMO

@StevenClarke I feel like 6'4.5" is a stretch... though not impossible. He's still in the 6'5" range somewhere like 6'5.25"-6'5.5" IMO
Tyrone David said on 26/Dec/19
He is not under 6’6
Canson said on 25/Dec/19
@Riccardo: I think for his prime minimum 6’7” flat maybe even 6’7.25. Today 6’5.5-6’5.75 is reasonable but as low as I would ever go today. 6’5.75-6’6 is probably as high as I’d go today
Riccardo 5'7 said on 25/Dec/19

I understand what you mean and I honestly believe you, but 6'4" range sounds to me really low.
I'm one of the posters here who "downgrade" taker and other wrestlers often because I don't think they are as tall as many people thinks, but I give him at least 6'5"1/4 and probably still to low.

For example triple h in my opinion could be even as short as a 6'1" flat, but there are at least 4 inches between the 2 guys? I think yes, most of all outside the WWE circle.

He was more than 2 inches taller than Orton who is at worst case 6'3.75, back in 2005.
Ike Catcher is 6'7", but I don't see more than 2 inches at most but probably less.

6'4.5 is btw how he did look with Clevelands, most of all with 6'8.5 max T. Thompson who literally towered Undertaker (footwear advantage)
edwards said on 25/Dec/19
as you can see undertaker has a proportion of a 6'5 flat guy's now days.his shoulder's level and all of his physique looks like flat 6'5 guy.but where people should be aware is that his head adds an inch and makes him 6'6. everyone can see that undertaker and drew mcintire has a same proportion and same shoulder height but taker's head looks bit taller than mcintire and makes him a tad taller.
Riccardo 5'7 said on 25/Dec/19

I don't think undertaker is 6'4.5.
He is obviously taller than guys like Ibrahimovic and not by a little.
I also agree that Undertaker was probably 6'6" 1/4 ( not 6'6.5) in 2014.
But since 2016/2017 he stood next to 6'7",6'8",6'9" guys, being most of the times towered by them.
And even next to 6'6" range guys like Rodman or strowman he did not look same height.
Also he was never 6'7.5 peak in my opinion, for me it's just impossible.

My peak height for him is 6'6"3/4
Today 6'5.5
Tom123 said on 24/Dec/19
Undertaker 6'4.5? are you guys trolling right there?
Dude lookes 6'6.5 in 2014-2015 easily, when he was 50 years old, it's impossible that he lost two inches since then, if he lost inch since 2014 it would be also miracle, he's still 6'6,due to his poor posture he looks shorter but he still can hit 6'6, and was over 6'7 at his peak.
StevenClarke said on 24/Dec/19
I have no met him formally but have stood next to him. But I have had the privilege of meeting a few tall cricketers like Mitchell Starc, Kieron Pollard, Darren Sammy, Morne Morkel, Steven Finn, Suliemann Benn and Jason Holder at the MCG and SCG, and I can guarantee you that Taker is not taller than even one of them. So believe me when I say that I can distinguish between a 6ft4 man and a 6ft6 range man irrespective of their body proportions.
Riccardo 5'7 said on 24/Dec/19

But did you met Taker even or not?

Btw I understand your point, probably he walks around at 6'4.5 due his posture but I would be shocked if he is less than 196cm right now.
StevenClarke said on 24/Dec/19

Taker never gave me the impression of being 6ft5.5.
I have had the privilege of meeting and shaking hands with Mitchell Starc who is an Australian fast bowler, who I believe is a solid 6ft5 and maybe even 6ft5.5.

I have never had the same perception or opinion about Undertaker, whom I felt to be a maximum of 6ft4.5 ( I consider him 6ft4 but adding 0.5 inches because of his posture).

In the end, I would like to tell that Starc looked taller than Taker even if it was by half an inch.
Riccardo 5'7 said on 23/Dec/19
Drew McIntyre, as I think Vegas said, is around 6'4". Undertaker, who Im not sure had footwear advantage (just because WWE tends to give advantage to the shorter guy) looked around 1.5 or 1.75 inches taller even if he was selling heights in that staredown. I don't know if I'm clear..

Undertaker is around 6'7" in wrestling gear today, 6'6.5 in normal shoes and 6'5.5 barefoot.
197 cm if f Im not wrong
Johan 185 cm said on 23/Dec/19
Vegas' said on 22/Dec/19
PD Indy, Pollack (guy in middle) measured 6'2 1/8th barefoot at 05 draft, Herbstreit I can't find a measurement buthe looks maybe inch taller than Pollack.

That's 2 months ago September 19 Click Here


Looks 6'6" there but its hard to tell as the camera is low at times and then goes high when they zoom in. Does look near 6'6" though, definetly not as low as 6'5.5".
Vegas' said on 22/Dec/19
PD Indy, Pollack (guy in middle) measured 6'2 1/8th barefoot at 05 draft, Herbstreit I can't find a measurement buthe looks maybe inch taller than Pollack.

That's 2 months ago September 19 Click Here
Canson said on 22/Dec/19
@PD Indy: are those guys really as tall as listed? Look at Jay Bilas as an example. He’s listed 6’8” but nowhere near it. He interviewed a college player who is listed 6’9” or 6’10 I believe and the player towered him. That was this year.
PD Indy said on 22/Dec/19
Look at Taker earlier this year on college game day on ESPN. He is with Kirk Herbstreit and David Pollock. Both are legit 6'3 6'4. Taker had some inches on them.
edwards said on 21/Dec/19
@ canson

in the ring,he still look 6'6 or maybe a fraction undertaker like 6'5.75 which isvstill weak 6'6.
Tom123 said on 21/Dec/19
Im Sure he is still 6'6 for 100%, for guy his size it's hard to tell, his posture is terrible, but i think mesasured in solid posture, he still hit 6'6 pretty easy. Everybody need to remember this men had over 20 surgeries, full hip replacement and knee problems since late 90s, so it's really hard to tell, how tall he is right now with good posture.
Dan Trojan said on 21/Dec/19
I know i haven't posted here in a while but i've still been watching and i have to step in there is no way the undertaker is 6'4.5" that is absurd i'm sure the majority here would agree on that i do admit that a little under 6'6" is possible and roderick no disrespect but that photo with sting is photoshopped i've also met sting and i can say undertaker was significantly taller there's no way he's that high on the undertaker i would put stimg at 6'1.5" he looked 6'2" but i'm pretty sure he had a footwear advantage
Roderick said on 21/Dec/19
6'4.5" isn't impossible to me. While I agree it's a low guess for him, he can still look that height with guys like Tristan Thompson.

Also, I don't ever see Undertaker as a 6'5.75"-6'6" guy in the ring anymore. He looks 6'5" and granted his posture may be poor sometimes I would say maybe he can reach up to 6'5.5", maybe... max.

@edwards I think he was actually talking about leaving forever in his recent posts but I don't remember for sure.
Canson said on 21/Dec/19
6’4.5 is way too low for Taker let alone a flat 6’5”. While I don’t agree that he’s still 6’6.25 today, he’s still at minimum a 197 cm guy or perhaps 196.8-.9 at minimum in the afternoon. I’d be hard pressed to see anything below 6’5.5 and that’s stretching it. 6’5 5/8-3/4 is really more like a low if he’s in that weak 6’6 range
edwards said on 21/Dec/19
@ Editor rob

isnt the poster @ sotiris gravas active these days ?havent seen his post for a while on any of the he banned,taking break or he isnt active these day's ?
Editor Rob
I haven't seen him post for a while, so maybe he gave up.
edwards said on 21/Dec/19
@ steven clarke

6'4.5 is too low for taker.if we're talking about afternoon then 6'5.75 is possible but not lower than that considering is the minimum for taker.i still see possibility of taker at 6'6 flat today but now higher tho.even if he is shorter as people think or people who met him is only fraction under 6'6.
Riccardo 5'7 said on 21/Dec/19

I doubt he is shorter than guys like Kobye Briant, and wade barret I think is around 6'5" /6'4.75.
I agree that Undertaker isn't a full inch over Barret, but if Wade is 6'4.75 undertaker is confortably 6'5.5/6'5.25 at absolute low.

You have to consider that Orton is 6'3.75 and undertaker isn't just a fraction taller than him.

I disagree

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