How tall is The Undertaker

The Undertaker's Height

6ft 6 ½ (199.4 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 7 ½ (201.9 cm)
Mark Calaway is an American Wrestler. In a 2001 documentary he referred to himself as being "About Six foot Eight, Six Nine". On another occasion he said "I used to be 6-foot-10 but I got dropped on my head a few times so I'm 6-foot-9 now."

How tall is The Undertaker
By AngelCaroll-Ann0770 [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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Average Guess (477 Votes)
Peak: 6ft 7.78in (202.6cm)
Current: 6ft 6.58in (199.6cm)
rawdshaq said on 21/Apr/19
I agree @Edwards, after his last appearance on RAW, he couldn't have been any taller than 6'6". However he wasn't really standing his tallest, if he straightened out his back and stood tall like he was gonna get measured I think 6'6.5" is still possible.
Canson said on 20/Apr/19
@62B: he may have been a full 6’7” peak and been a bit less in the early 90s when you saw him. I saw where Dewie mentioned below what his wife claimed he was. I could buy that but especially as a bit earlier in the day and 6’7” at a low in his prime. Then 6’6” or weak 6’6” 197 cm range today
viper said on 20/Apr/19
Canson, I thought the Martin twins were 6-6 until I saw they were measured at
6-4.75 last year. That really surprised me.

They look wayyyy taller than Barkley physically.
Heisenberg89 said on 20/Apr/19
Harry sachs

It's true that Undertaker is not taller than Corbin now.
But during his career , looking at his legs and other factors, I doubt he used to wear so much internal lifts.
Now sure he doesn't, otherwise would means that without wear them he would be 194cm.
Now,, in shoes, he isn't over 200cm in my opinion.
Johan 185 cm said on 20/Apr/19
Click Here

His wife is 5'9", clearly still over 6'6" in equal footwear.

6'6" flat is the lowest I would go.
62B said on 19/Apr/19
Canson said on 19/Apr/19
@Viper: I’d say best case for both peak and current. I don’t rule out a peak 6’7” really and 6’5.5-.75 today.

I think 6'7" peak would be max. That's what he looked when I saw him, Nut it was also like 8 am
Heisenberg89 said on 19/Apr/19
For me Big Show, in shoes, was barely over 7'.
dewie 5ft9 175cm said on 19/Apr/19
Undertakers ex wife said he was 6ft7.25 201cm current 6ft6
edwards said on 19/Apr/19
i honestly think that rob should downgrade him to 6'6 ,he is not getting any younger.infact non of us are.i think i am not the only one who think taker need a downgrade.maybe down grading to 6'6 is reasonable.i honestly think i am not the one i who thinks taker needs a down grade seriously for real
Canson said on 19/Apr/19
@Viper: I’d say best case for both peak and current. I don’t rule out a peak 6’7” really and 6’5.5-.75 today.
Harry Sachs said on 19/Apr/19
Right @edwards and if you feel the need to over exaggerate your TV heroes height then good for you. Baron Corbin is 6'6. The Undetaker isn't taller than him period. Baron Corbin doens't wear thick sole boots. The Undertaker does. Braun Strowman does. Kane did/does. In any case Kevin Love is 6'7 3/4 tops and is clearly 2 to 3 inches taller than the Undertaker.
viper said on 18/Apr/19
I think Rob has his peak right at 6-7.5

He's 6-6 today
viper said on 18/Apr/19
Heisenberg I like most of your estimates, but there is no way Big Show was only 6-10.5 peak
TravonLays said on 18/Apr/19
It's impossible that he is lower than 6'6 even now,
Big Show must be 6'7 if Undertaker is 6'5 lol
Click Here
Ellis said on 18/Apr/19
He needs to be lowered, I'd say right now a safe adjustment would be 6'6 flat.
edwards said on 18/Apr/19
@harry sachs
if you wanna believe taker is 6'5 then thats upto said Undertaker is 6'5 tops but maybe even lower barefooted.omg jesus christ.holy damn,you mean even lower than 6'5 barefooted,please give me a break.cough.....................dude i tell you onething its never a good idea to estimate or say someone's height you've never met.ali baba who met him said he(taker was 6'6 or bit hair over).vegas who met him said he is visibly taller than legit 6'5 are one of those poster who inflate height on others direction. i have one dude name kevin who is 6'4 and said that taker edge him by 2 inch when he met taker in texas longhorns match in,if taker is 6'5 then all other celebs mainly wrestlers needs down grade.yes calaway has big forehead and low eye,you must be on serious mission in proving taker at 6'5 or simply you have made a mission in proving taker at 6'5 ,no one agrees on your estimation.its just laugable dude.dont get me wrong buddy
Vegas' said on 18/Apr/19
Heisenberg89 Rock is taller than Reigns today, taller than Lesnar too.

Nash looks more than 6'7 1/4 with Rob

Gonzales was 7'6 according to Guinness.
Vegas' said on 18/Apr/19
Baron Corbin (Tom Pestock) was measured 6'6 1/2 barefoot at 2009 NFL combine
Heisenberg89 said on 17/Apr/19
Peak/current barefoot heights real life, without lifts or boots.

The rock 6'2 today 6'1.5
Big Show 6'10.5 6'9.25
Taker 6'6 3/4 6'5.25
Kane 6'6 3/4 6'6"
Triple H 6'1 3/4 6'1"
R.K.O 6'3.5
Lesnar 6'1 3/4
Reigns 6'2"
Cena 6'0.25
Edge 6'2" 6'1"
Hogan 6'4 3/4 6'2"
André 6'10"
Nash 6'8.25 6'7.25
Batista 6'2.5" 6'1.5
Corbin 6'5 3/4
Strowman 6'6.25
Sid 6'6.25 6'5.5
Khali 6'11.5" 6'10.5"
Gonzalez 7'4"
Hanry 6'1 3/4 6'1"
Viscera 6'6"
Shane Mcm 6'1.5 6'1"
Harry Sachs said on 17/Apr/19
Right @edwards as I said apparently the Undertaker never stands up straight right? At least according to people like you who want to believe their TV heroes are taller than they are. The Undertaker is clearly standing up straight. He is clearly at least 2.5 inches if not more shorter than Kevin Love. This The Undertaker has a big forehead makes no sense. I gave you 2 different pictures proving my point. The Undertaker is 6'5 tops but maybe even lower barefooted.
Harry Sachs said on 17/Apr/19
@Canson who says the pro wrestlers undertaker are in the ring with are 6'6 or taller? You know most of these guys like Braun Strowman where really thick sole shoes to look taller? Also most pro athletes heights are inflated as well. Baron Corbin was listed at 6'6 when he played football. Again who says they is his legit height? In any case I gave you a few pictures with the 6'7 3/4 measured Kevin Love and he is clearly a few inches taller than the Undertaker. The Undertaker was never 6'7 1/2 . There is no way he lost 2 inches at his age unless he had his back fused which he hasn't.
Lyle said on 17/Apr/19
On YouTube search "Undertaker C3 conference interview"

At the 18 minute mark, he describes himself as 6"8

Everyone knows he ain't so he's probably going by the +2 inch rule
Canson said on 17/Apr/19
@Vegas: I’d say peak 201 current maybe 197 minimum or 197-198
Vegas' said on 16/Apr/19
Harry Sachs said on 16/Apr/19
The Undertaker at best is 6'5 and he was only slightly taller than that when he was younger. It just shows how inflated these pro wrestlers heights are.

He was definitely above 6'5 range at peak. I met him in person out of gear on flat ground (hotel lobby) a few times between 2006-10.

Photos are nice but photos from last year with 6'9.75 barefoot measured Enes Kanter make Taker look taller than he stands today.

Ben Roethlisberger was measured a hair shy of 6'5 barefoot so you have an idea how tall that is in a WWE ring. Max Starks with black t-shirt and yellow writing was measured just over 6'7 barefoot

Click Here
Canson said on 16/Apr/19
@Harry Sachs: I’ve seen other shots of Taker in the ring with guys who were closer in height with him where he still looks above 6’5” closer to 6’6”. Now with Love, I’m not saying he isn’t a decent amount shorter but while Taker may not be the full 6’6”, I have seen some pics that suggest that he’s somewhere in the 197cm range. Something like 6’5.5 minimum imho
dewie 5ft9 175cm said on 16/Apr/19
Peak 199cm current 196cm.
Dan Trojan said on 16/Apr/19
Edwards i agree especially to the fact that the first photo he posted has a really bad angle and the second is like you said about 1.5 inches there's no way there's over 2 inches
edwards said on 16/Apr/19
@harry sachs
i am not tryin' for excuses but mate taker isnt standing straight here.maybe you are going by eye level.dude taker has low eye level and huge forehead that need to be taken into account.he has a very big head.the max difference i see is 1.5 inch.given love maybe hair over 6'7 that puts taker to 6'6 or maybe atleast a has higher eye level so he appeared quite taller than taker.
edwards said on 16/Apr/19
post photos where taker is standing straight.all the photos posted here is taker not standing straight and having bad some good one' photos posted here will do justice .no photo's posted here will make me believe taker is 6'5.c'mom y'all the guy rarely stand straight and has develop even worse posture throught out years.less than 6'5.75 is absurd and make no sense,its just laughable.
Dan Trojan said on 16/Apr/19
Edwards thanks i doubt it will end the debate but hopefully it will give people a general idea of what his current height is we'll see
Harry Sachs said on 16/Apr/19
@Canson you are trying to tell me in all of these pictures the Undertaker isn't standing up straight?

Click Here

Click Here

The Undertaker at best is 6'5 and he was only slightly taller than that when he was younger. It just shows how inflated these pro wrestlers heights are.
edwards said on 16/Apr/19
@dan trojan
dude hope you'll put this all debade to end and pove the current height of taker
best of luck👍👍
edwards said on 15/Apr/19
@dan trojan
i mean i like your estimation,i cant even imagine taker being 6'5 now let alone peak
Dan Trojan said on 15/Apr/19
So it's official i am meeting the undertaker in june and i will be posting a picture here once i get it and i'm looking forward to people's opinions with no bias but like i said before i will give my honest to god opinion i won't try to overlist him hell i'll even try to remember to pay attention to his footwear
Undertaker Frank said on 15/Apr/19
Sotiris, Cass told me he was 6ft 9 he was listed @ 6ft 8 in College
Canson said on 15/Apr/19
@Harry Sachs: I would say that Taker isn’t standing completely straight though. I think he’s still close to 6’6” if he does. Love’s measurement was likely earlier in the day as he’s described as 6’7” by most who meet him. He looks similar to Lebron in almost every picture
edwards said on 15/Apr/19
@ dan trojan
yes dude,i agree on what you said.taker has never claimed 6'5 or atleast i dont about that.i was shocked to hear that taker has claimed 6'5 chatzi can claim or can feel free to express his opinion on taker but like you,i dont agree with him.
Sotiris Gravas said on 14/Apr/19
@Jw Dude, if I accidentally spill a drink, my formidable keyboard power is rendered nonexistent.

Just a reminder: 6'3" Titus and Roman Reigns... Click Here
Undertaker (poor posture) and Reigns... Click Here Taker looks more like Mideon here.
Sotiris Gravas said on 14/Apr/19
@Undertaker Frank Nice pic, dude. I had put Big Cass at 6'7.5", but maybe he really is 6'8", like Editor Rob has him. What do you think of the 6'8" Dellin Betances/Judge pic I already posted? Supposedly, the Yankees listed Betances at 6'8" on their 2014 roster, which is why he chose the uniform number 68, but I also see him mentioned as 6'9" online.

Betances and Reece Whitley (2015)... Click Here , Click Here
Whitley is described as 6'8" Click Here , as well as 6'9" online.

Whitley and 6'1" Will Smith (2015)... Click Here
W and max 6'0.5' Ryan Lochte... Click Here
W and around 6'2.25" Michael Phelps... Click Here

Phelps, Matt Grevers (listed 6'8") and Nathan Adrian (listed 6'6")... Click Here
P and Blake Griffin... Click Here
P (barefoot) and basketball players in the 6'9" to almost 6'10" range... Click Here

Getting back to Big Cass:

Judge and Big Cass... Click Here
J and max 6'7.75" (not 6'8.5") Blake Griffin... Click Here
J, Sabathia and Ortiz... Click Here
J and Ortiz... Click Here
Dan Trojan said on 14/Apr/19
Edawards exactly that's why i'm not buying this guy's claims especially him saying big show is 6'8" when i know for a fact he isn't because i've seen him in person
dewie 5ft9 175cm said on 14/Apr/19
Sid 6ft4.5 kane 6ft5 taker 6ft5.25 kevin nash 6ft7 big show 6ft9 khali 6ft10 andre the giant 6ft10 barefoot.
Jw said on 14/Apr/19
I know for one thing, i wont be arguing with the keyboard power of Sotiris or the very questionable disputes of Sotirios' Dad knowing the undertaker apparently my only question is where we are saying Braun Strownman stands in height. As per the below attachment when they are stood at the same point not in front of each other, taker is looking tall. If you know anything about production you would know WWe cameras can be deceiving on angle shots.

Also Jimmy Fallon has been known to stand in positions to look taller than he is when near a big guy. If you want more of an accurate look at a height, look at his interview in 2003 with Jimmy Kimmel.

This is the video of taker, braun and Reigns from a house show. Click Here
edwards said on 13/Apr/19
@ chatzi
i am very shocked to hear that taker has claimed himself as 6'5, personally i havent heard that,last year with pastor ed young he claimed as 6'8 or "almost 6'8" while in the early 2000s he claimed 6'9.never listened the 6'5 claim.
Canson said on 13/Apr/19
@Edwards: actually 6’9” in boots in the morning is very possible. At a low only if he’s got very thick boots. Regular boots though likely about what you said. Maybe 6’7 or 6’7.25 barefoot at a low and 6’8.5 in boots
rawdshaq said on 13/Apr/19
I don't think he was 6'9", Edwards. But I have just noticed that he was even billed at 6'8", so 6'8.5" is out the window now. I think 6'7" flat is a good bet for the ol' Phenoms peak.
Undertaker Frank said on 13/Apr/19
Theres a possibility Judge is alittle under 6ft 7 Big Cass was over an inch taller than him and Cass in my opinion is 6ft 8 even though he told me 6ft 9 Sotiris did you see my pic with Big Cass that Rob posted last week ? Im 5ft 11.5 barefoot
Dan Trojan said on 13/Apr/19
Sotirios chatzi how about posting some photos to prove what you're saying because i'm not buying it
Sotiris Gravas said on 13/Apr/19
@sotirios chatzi Dude, it's funny how we have the same name (though I go by "Sotiris"), and that we both got labeled as trolls. You actually answered something I wanted to inquire about, namely, your dad's height. The fact that he's 6'3" would make it easier to judge Taker's height, rather than an average-size person. I'll be honest, I wanna believe you, but I do think Taker was more than only 6'5" peak height. That said, maybe he was taller thanks to lifts. If you have any photos to post of your dad and Taker, it would certainly help. Your account is one I find fascinating.
edwards said on 13/Apr/19
@ rawdshaq dude ,even at peak taker wasnt 6'9 in boot let alone barefoot.taker was 6'8.5 in boot.he wasnt 6'9 even in boots
HarrySachs said on 12/Apr/19
Click Here

The measured 6'7 3/4 Kevin Love and the Undertaker. There is no way the Undertaker is 6'6 1/2 here. He is at least 2 plus inches shorter than Kevin Love. The Undertaker could be shorter than 6'5 today barefooted. But lets say peak he was 6'5.
Canson said on 12/Apr/19
@Sotiris: I think 6’6.5 is as low as he would measure. The pic with the two isn’t good for comparing due to the angles and distance from the camera. It’s possible he’s 6’7” but I wouldn’t rule out 6’6” range. The pic that got my attention was the one with Ntilikina and Judge where he didn’t have more than 2” maybe max 5cm if being generous. And that’s if the former really is that 6’4.5 at a low. Chances are he may have measured that a bit earlier although I do remember when he was drafted they said he flew over and had his physical not Long after his flight. So it was during the day. I think he’s not less than 194cm. Judge could be 6’6.5-.75 possibly and 6’8” with shoes
sotirios chatzi said on 12/Apr/19
Apparently some people have called me a troll and a liar, Lol. My dad seen the Undertaker in socks as well as heard his own voice claim 6'5". My dad is 6'3" and said he was almost the same height as him. He never looks like a solid 6'7" in the ring, he does however always look like a solid 6'5". He had enhanced boots guys, that's why he can sometimes look 6'8". It's easy for him to claim 6'8" when he's already taller than 99% of the wrestlers by quite a bit. The chances of Undertaker being 6'8"? Absolutely nonexistent. As for Kane, I believe he was 6'5.25", but my dad thinks Undertaker was taller than Kane, after seeing them together in person on several occassions. That means if Kane was never any taller than 6'5", then he was overbilled by 7 inches! That's just crazy
rawdshaq said on 12/Apr/19
He did look 6'6" max on RAW. But he did look like he wasn't standing his tallest, he never does. If he busts his gut for a measurement I believe he still measures 6'6 1/2".
Sotiris Gravas said on 11/Apr/19
@Christian and Canson... The Yankees listed Dellin Betances as 6'8" on their 2014 roster, which is why he chose the number 68... Click Here

Again, Betances and Judge... Click Here
edwards said on 11/Apr/19
@ rob
rob ,i wanted to ask you this question in the past but was unlucky,who do you think is taller today baron corbin or undertaker,I know they are in same range , but you never thought that one of them was slightly taller,who maybe a tad taller ?maybe even by cm
Editor Rob
I think they would need measured really, because I could see how either potentially might appear taller.
Nyjuan said on 11/Apr/19
Maybe 3/4 of an inch shorter than Kane so peak 6'7.75. 6'6.25 now
Heisenberg89 said on 10/Apr/19
At last Raw Undertaker looked, in my opinion, 6'5.5 at best. Not taller then that.
I think also that a man like Mark Calaway, with the career that he did and with all the surgeries that he had, will soon see the 6'4" range.

His peak was 6'7" or just half hair less.
But we all noticed how this height loss is becoming fast for taker
dewie 5ft9 175cm said on 10/Apr/19
Taker looked 6ft6.75 200cm.
Canson said on 9/Apr/19
@Sotiris: I agree with Christian in that I cannot see Judge as low as a flat 6’6” but I think he’s gonna be taller than Undertaker today on the other hand. Taker peak I could see as a 6’7” maybe a bit over tops (201) and today 197 minimum max a full 6’6”
edwards said on 9/Apr/19
taker looked quite great shape then last year.tho,he didnt looked that tall.
Exile said on 9/Apr/19
Tad over 6'6'' today, tad over 6'8'' peak
edwards said on 9/Apr/19
taker looked tall but not that tall next to elias.i mean elias came a bit over takers nose.he dosent looked that big next to elias.
edwards said on 9/Apr/19
cant believe what i saw,taker just made a rare appearance on monday night raw,he looks in great as compared to last year but he has really lost much masses.his biceps looks much skinner and smaller.damn,his biceps looks even smaller than elias,even his chest looked smaller than elias,he is in good shape if you compare to last year but imho he should hangup his boots and ride into sunset.he looks much older,his hairline got so bald .it is pretty much obvious that taker has got shorter.elias who o personally think is 5'11 -6.wwe could billied elias as 6 feet.he came upto takers nose.taker didnt look that big next to elias.i'm pretty sure he aint low like 6'5 flat but my bet is 6'5.75 to weak 6' chance of being any higher or lower.
Sotiris Gravas said on 8/Apr/19
@Christian and Canson It looks like I closed the tab too quickly and my previous post regarding Aaron Judge wasn't submitted. Here it is:

Dellin Betances (listed 6'8") and Jameis Winston (listed 6'4")... Click Here

Betances and Judge... Click Here

W/ Judge, and around 6'5" (not 6'6") CC Sabathia... Click Here

W/ a slouching 6'11" David Robinson... Click Here

W/ around 6'2" (not 6'3") A-Rod... Click Here , Click Here

A-Rod and Judge... Click Here

A-Rod and Magic... Click Here , Click Here

A-Rod and David Robinson... Click Here

A-Rod and Derek Jeter... Click Here
6'2" Mark Cuban and Jeter... Click Here
TravonLays said on 8/Apr/19
I noticed that he got huge problems with his knees, he can't stand straight, his hips and knees are in BAD condition, its really hard to tell, what his real height right now is, if he can stand straight for a measurement, i think 6'6 or even more is still possible.
Canson said on 8/Apr/19
@Christian: I concur. Not 6’6” flat
Heisenberg89 said on 7/Apr/19

He looks slightly up to Rodman probably, but I didn't see yet a good picture of both but seems.

Undertaker would look slightly up to a strong 6'6 barefoot guy now day.
He probably does also with strowman but obviously, like Canson said, not like a short man does with a tall one.
Even Corbin in the worst case is eye to eye with Undertaker.

He definitely looks up to Kavin Love, and by logic he does also with a strong 6'6 range LeBron if they would meet.

Those are only my ideas eh, my thoughts.
I saw the MSG video few times, strange angle and weird video that one.
Because he seems 0.25,0.5 taller then Strowman but only 2.5 inches taller then Reigns. And it would make no sense no?
That video is not good as a prove I think.
edwards said on 7/Apr/19
judge may be over 6'6 maybe 6'6.5 like christian said.
Canson said on 6/Apr/19
@Travonlays: even in that case if he did look up I’m sure it wasn’t like a person looking up 2”. It could be something like 2cm between Taker and Strowman as I don’t rule out 197cm for Taker and something like 199 for Strowman. I don’t think Strowman is that height he’s listed at a low. I think that would be a bit earlier in the day and that he would come out around 6’6 3/8 maybe 6’6.5 max but I think 6’6 3/8 is good for him
Sotiris Gravas said on 6/Apr/19
Undertaker and around 5'8" Mario Lopez (2018)... Click Here

6'7" Tyson Fury and Lopez... Click Here
6'7" Magic Johnson and Lopez (2010)... Click Here

6'3" barefoot (6'6" in heels) Gwendoline Christie (2015)... Click Here

6'5" Howard Stern and Lopez (2014)... Click Here

6'4.5" Charles Barkley and Lopez (2014)... Click Here

6'3" Joel McHale and Lopez (2015)... Click Here
6'3" Joel McHale and 6'3" Titus O'Neil... Click Here
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 5/Apr/19
I can maybe see 6'6.5" for Judge but not 6'6" flat.
Canson said on 5/Apr/19
@Tree: he is that height today perhaps. Peak was 6’7” range
Canson said on 5/Apr/19
Gronk measured early morning 6’6.25. 6’5.75 is very realistic for celebheights standards as he doesn’t have 2” on Brady more like 4cm
ced said on 5/Apr/19
Undertaker is currently 6'5.5. In shoes he might reach 6'6, but a 6'5.5 guy is very tall.

Kane is currently 6'6.

Mark Calaway was a weak 6'7 at his peak. Kane was 6'7.75 (just under 6'8). In boots, 6'9.25 - 6'9.5.

Big Show: 6'11.75 peak. Current: 6'9.25.

Sycho Sid: peak 6'7. Current: 6'5.5 (same as Taker).

Kevin Nash: Peak 6'9 / Current: 6'7.25
edwards said on 5/Apr/19
@ canson dude i am juiced to say that my estimation are same as yours.While I don’t believe taker is over 6’6. I could also say I doubt that he’s not as low as 6’5” and could be in between at worst for real.i am zonked to hear that he is low as 6'5 while i also dont believe he is over 6'6.
TravonLays said on 4/Apr/19

He didn't looks up to 6'6 range guys,
last Summer he looked same height as Braun Strowman at MSG show,
in March he looked even little bit taller than Glenn Jacobs Kane (in normal non WWE Shoes),
so when he looked up to 6'6 range guys?
Sotiris Gravas said on 4/Apr/19
@Christian Here's Aaron Judge w/ 6'4.5" Frank Ntilikina (listed 6'6") in 2017:
Click Here , Click Here

Ntilikina admits to being 6'4.5"... Click Here

Maybe Judge really is 6'6.5".
Sotiris Gravas said on 4/Apr/19
@Christian Maybe Judge is 6'6.25", he's definitely not 6'7", especially given that Giancarlo Stanton is around 6'4", not his listed 6'6". The most I would give him is 6'6.5". Even 6'6" comes across as very tall. I'm sure a big guy like you would agree...

Here's Judge w/ max 6'3.25" Conan... Click Here

Conan and 6'7" Magic... Click Here , Click Here , Click Here , Click Here Magic often slouches; he looks much taller w/ better posture.

Conan and another guy who never stands w/ good posture, 6'7" Stephen Merchant:
Click Here , Click Here

I posted a lot of Aaron Judge pics on his page if you're interested...

Just for fun, one more of Conan and Magic... Click Here
Canson said on 4/Apr/19
@Christian: Judge looks 6’7” imho but I do see how Sotiris is saying he can look 6’6 at times in a poor camera angle. He does look 1.52” taller than CC Sabathia who I have around 6’5” maybe a hair over tops
Canson said on 4/Apr/19
@Heisenberg89: I don’t see him looking up by much at 6’6” range guys. If you’re talking Strowman that’s 1/2” or 3/4” difference so he would slightly especially if he doesn’t stand straight. While I don’t believe he’s over 6’6 I could also say I doubt that he’s not as low as 6’5” and could be in between at worst
Undertaker Frank said on 4/Apr/19
Sotiris, Judge is listed @ 6ft 7 Big Cass was listed 6ft 8 in College i sent Rob 2 photos to post for me Cass is taller than Judge as you can see in your photo you posted with The Big Show in it
Vegas' said on 4/Apr/19
ced said on 3/Apr/19
If Gronk is 6'5.75, then Braun is at least 6'6.25.

Gronk measured 6'6.25 barefoot and there is at least 2 degree tilt in that photo. Mojo Rawley on far right was measured 6'3 1/4 barefoot

Click Here
TravonLays said on 4/Apr/19
Peak was over 6'7, maybe even 6'7.5 on a good day.
Right now 6'6, if he can stand straight probably even more,
he's got a poor posture.
Editor Rob
Here is Big Frank's photo with Big Cass Click Here
Heisenberg89 said on 4/Apr/19

Do you think that undertaker can be currently same height as Gronk?
Editor Rob
Yes, I think he if measured he's still somewhere in 6ft 6+ range, but I am sure standing at times can look barely 6ft 6 to people.
Heisenberg89 said on 3/Apr/19
If WWE bills a wrestler at 6'10 it probably means that the wrestler in not even in shoes close to that height.

They measure the guy, put him shoes on and after add inches.

Probably yes, undertaker peak is somewhere between 6'6.5 and 6'7".

We can't exclude the possibility that wrestlers are shorter, way shorter than we think.
Heisenberg89 said on 3/Apr/19

Why in your opinion he looks up at 6'6 range guys then?
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 3/Apr/19
You sure Judge is as low as 6'6"? He looks a bit too tall to be only that.
tree said on 3/Apr/19
Maybe he was 6ft8 for a measurement 2:26 Click Here
ced said on 3/Apr/19
If Gronk is 6'5.75, then Braun is at least 6'6.25.

The top of Gronk's hair measures even with the top of Braun's head.
tree said on 3/Apr/19
what the hell,6ft5-6 for peak?
Click Here
same as kane Click Here
Click Here
dewie 5ft9 175cm said on 3/Apr/19
6ft9 enes kanter meet undertaker said he is 6ft7 in real life taker was taller thane 6ft6 ali baba looked 0.5 taller but was not standing straight. At lowest 6ft6 1/2.
Sotiris Gravas said on 3/Apr/19
Richard Luzzi and maybe 5'9.25" Mr. T... Click Here
Mr. T and 5'11.25" 50 Cent... Click Here

Mr. T and 6'3" slouching Titus O'Neil(2014)... Click Here
Mr. T and Undertaker (closer to camera)... Click Here

Luzzi and height-loss Piper (2014)... Click Here
6'0.75" Ted DiBiase and height-loss Piper (2015)... Click Here

Just for fun, some more 2014 pics:
Luzzi and The Rock... Click Here
Luzzi and Hogan... Click Here
Luzzi and Orton... Click Here , Click Here
Canson said on 2/Apr/19
@Heisenberg89: 6’5” range peak seems way too low for Taker. 6’7” like 62B said. I doubt even at a low that he was below that. Today however, a weak 6’6 is very possible. But I wouldn’t go under probably a solid 197cm and possibly even into the 197 range would be as low as I’d go. Could still touch 6’6” possibly. He has poor posture so never know with him
Sotiris Gravas said on 2/Apr/19
@Undertaker Frank Here's YouTube footage of around 6'6" (not 6'7") Aaron Judge w/ maybe 6'7.5" Big Cass... Click Here

Judge and Cass pics... Click Here , Click Here

Big Cass and Big Show... Click Here

Just for fun, 6'5.75" Gronk and Strowman (2019)... Click Here
Lyle said on 2/Apr/19
@Undertaker Frank, post the pic?
tree said on 2/Apr/19
He could jump over Rey Mysterio lol
tree said on 2/Apr/19
Most athletic big man of all time,i think he could still do that if he would be really 6ft10
The ropes all well over 1 meter! Click Here
Canson said on 1/Apr/19
@Edwards: my guess is a peak Taker would’ve been 201 (6’7.25) max. Maybe even closer to a flat 6’7” really.
Heisenberg89 said on 31/Mar/19
Undertaker 6'5" range peak is too low. But I respect the poster story.

From the other hand 6'6" range peak is a strong possibility.
6'6.5 peak barefoot is a strong possibility, w/wrestling shoes 6'8"/6'7.75.

At that point claim 6'9" for him is easy, be billed at 6'10.5 even more.

But the man now is not above 197, he looks up at 6'6.5,6'7 guys and absolutely he doesn't look down when he is face to face with Corbin or Strowman and also not with Kane (with who btw I think he is equal).

Ps: everyone, on every page, that continue to say Hogan was at least 6'6...Kane 6'8...Taker 6'8...big show 7'...
is the prove that WWE do well to over bill heights.
rawdshaq said on 31/Mar/19
@edwards Wym? I've been very consistent with saying Undertaker is 6'6" - 6'7" range today recently. Look at all my recent messages.
Undertaker Frank said on 31/Mar/19
Met Big Cass Last night & too a picture with him he told me he was 6ft 9 he looked to me 6ft7 or 6ft 8
edwards said on 31/Mar/19
dude i doubt taker was ever 6'7.75 at peak,my guess is 6'7.5 but almost 6'7.75 is not unreasonable.
edwards said on 30/Mar/19
good to hear that dude
Dan Trojan said on 30/Mar/19
I'm not trying to be nasty i'm telling you what i saw there's no way big is 6'8" i'm sure he did where big boots but if he was only 6'8" then he wouldn't have been over 7'0" in them like i saw so your dad is wrong period he was 6'11" at least barefoot about 6'10" now i know what i saw i apologize if i came off that way i'm just telling you like i said i know what i saw
Canson said on 30/Mar/19
I doubt Taker was ever 6’7.75 at a low
Johan 185 cm said on 30/Mar/19
Hogan was still 6'5" in the 90's and even with cowboyboots he was still 2 inches shorter than Taker on film. His peak is legit and he was still 6'6" at least next to Ali Baba ( a user who looks legit 6'6"). Nowadays i wouldn't be surprised if he has lost more but 6'5" peak is just a damn joke.
edwards said on 30/Mar/19
@ rawdshaq dude what is your estimation for takers height?a final one
sotirios chatzi said on 29/Mar/19
My dad is 100% convinced Big Show was always 6'8". He told me that Big Show also wore enhanced boots and they were the same exact kind Undertaker had except the "lifts" weren't really hidden...

NOTE: Please do not harass me or say nasty things about me or my comment. I am providing information from a primary source to you guys to HELP you. I personally don't think he is 6'8". I believe Big Show was about 6'11". However, my dad has seen Big Show in barefeet/socks on many occasions, and he believes he couldn't have been much taller than 6'8".
edwards said on 29/Mar/19
@sotirios chatzi
dude i am shocked to hear that taker has claimed himself as 6'5.
rawdshaq said on 29/Mar/19
Check out a picture of Undertaker with 6 footer Post Malone Click Here

Also another note. Undertaker recently posted that he has lost 25lb. He doesn't look any heavier than 270 pounds now, maybe even 260.
rawdshaq said on 29/Mar/19
Tbh, I know @edwards that I do it a lot. But you HAVE to admit that Undertakers height is everywhere. Of course he looks 6'5" sometimes, and other times he looks 6'9". I swear if somebody has the balls, bring a tape measure and the day you meet Undertaker ask him if you can measure him! Lol. Perhaps we should do a bet, I put $20 on 6'6"
Dan Trojan said on 29/Mar/19
It don't matter the undertaker is doing a convention in my area in june and i plan on getting a picture with him and i'll settle it once and for all and i will say this if he looks 6'5" to me i will admit it i won't exaggerate i will give my honest opinion
edwards said on 29/Mar/19
every one just stick with one height,dont change mind everytime after new photos being posted.
sotirios chatzi said on 29/Mar/19
I don't know what to tell you. My dad has heard him claim 6'5" in the 1990s during his time in the WWF. I have never met the Undertaker but I do have photo evidence that suggests he really is only 6'5". He doesn't look 6'6" next to Kevin Love or look 6'6" next to Triple H. Honestly hes still the G.O.A.T
Alex 2 said on 28/Mar/19
Long time since I’ve posted here.

I would put very good money on 6’7.75” Peak and 6’6.25” Current for Taker.

Btw, thought I would note that I have grown from 5’8.25” to 5’10.75” in the last 3 months @ 26. Currently being tested for possible Acromegaly/Gigantism. 100% serious.
Dan Trojan said on 28/Mar/19
I doubt the undertaker ever admitted to anyone he was 6'5" he's always claimed 6'8" not saying he was i believe he was in the 6'7" range but what you're saying is making me believe you're a troll sorry not trying to be disrepectful but that's the impression i'm getting
Canson said on 28/Mar/19
@Sotirios Chatz: I am not saying your father didn’t meet him or that Taker didn’t say that. All I said was that he has always looked 6’6 or 6’7 in early years.

To everyone else now attacking Sotirios Chatz just because his story doesn’t align with most peoples expectations of their heights, please remember that next time another poster guesses or argues a celebrity taller than Rob lists them. I guarantee all of this is out of the window at that point.
rawdshaq said on 28/Mar/19
@sotirios Dude Undertaker at 6'5" peak and Big Show at 6'8" peak sounds silly bro. Big Show was at least 6'11" peak and Undertaker was at least 6'7". I have Big Show a full 7 feet at his peak and Undertaker 6'8 1/2".

Also on another note, sorry Sotiris. It just seemed like you were trying to make a guiene 6'5" range guy look taller than Undertaker. We are all on the same team trying to find out one persons height. Who knows how tall Undertaker is today, his height really is everywhere. My guess is no taller than 6'7" today, no lower than 6'5".
Canson said on 27/Mar/19
@Dan Trojan: that’s the problem here. When a poster says a celeb is shorter than listed they hear about it. Sotiris has always claimed that Taker was 6’5” and if we actually think about it, that really isn’t that bad of an estimate given the poor posture and the fact that many others here have guessed Taker still to be 6’7” which he was peak or even a few at 6’4”. To be fair he could be 6’5.5-6’6” today which means Sotiris is in the range at least, although I don’t think he’s as low as 6’5” and could easily be 6’5.75 or 6’6” still today. My guess is no lower than 197 range (with change of course) but quite possibly 198 flat
Dan Trojan said on 27/Mar/19
I've seen the big show up close yes he was wearing boots but i don't think they gave him more than a 2 inch advantage he looked about 7'1" so i'd say barefoot 6'11" i'm sure he's lost a bit of height since then so maybe 6'10" now i can honestly say that 6'8" is utterly ridiculous i'm not saying that because it's what i believe i seen it with my own eyes
rawdshaq said on 27/Mar/19
@Sotiris Go take a look at Undertakers wife, Michelle Mccools Instagram. She has consistent pictures with Undertaker out of character, and as clear as day Undertaker consistently looks 6'7" range next to his wife if she is 5'9".
sotirios chatzi said on 27/Mar/19
I dont know how to reply to people directly, but I agree with Sotiris Gravas. My dad is not a liar, and he told me he heard Undertakers own voice say he is 6'5" several times. If you wanna believe Undertaker is 6'11" or whatever, go ahead. Rawd Undertaker is for sure not 6'3". Canson my dad worked in wrestling in the 90s and people asked him how tall he was all the time and he always said 6'10". On a few occasions he said he heard Undertaker admit to being 6'5" and wore boots that made him a few inches taller.

just a note. My dad loves the undertaker. He has a tattoo of the american badass Undertaker on his thigh, and he plenty of t-shirts featuring the undertaker. My dad even said that in socks Undertaker didn't look any taller than 6ft 5.
The Ben said on 27/Mar/19
@sotirios chatz
You really are talking nonsense.
I think im a realist, although a huge wrestling fan I do find most are overbilled by 1" or 2".
Unlike you I've met the undertaker, I stood in a hotel lobby with him for 30 mins in 94 and although it was a long time ago he was freakishly tall. I would have said 6'7 to 6'8.
He's certainly lost height over the years and I'd say he's probably around 6'6 today.
I'm also meeting him at the end of April. I'll have a second photo with him.
Dan Trojan said on 27/Mar/19
Rawdshaq i can honestly say that sotiris has never said the undertaker was 6'3" he's always said 6'5" range now some other people here on the other hand have tried to claim he was only 6'3" i've seen it a few times but never from sotiris
Lyle said on 27/Mar/19
@sotirios chatzi I'm sorry but that's absolutely laughable, no way Big Show was 6"8 he ain't even that now, the only possibility is Taker been 6"5 now definitely not in the 90's.
edwards said on 27/Mar/19
@sotiris gravas
the person who met him guessed him 6’6 range
Sotiris Gravas said on 26/Mar/19
@Sotirios Chatzi Cool name, dude. There were two guys named Sotirios at my elementary school, but one preferred to go by Steve. I often go by Sam to make it easier for ppl and always knew a girl was into me when she insisted on calling me by my real name. By the by, my mom's maiden name happens to be Hatzipetrou. Thanks for sharing. On a side note, pretty sure ppl will think you and I are the same person wanting to downgrade everyone, lol... To be fair, I do switch places w/ a kid named Billy Batson when he shouts, "SHAZAM!"

@Miss Sandy Cowell Indeed! Well said. Variety is the spice of life.

@rawdshaq Rawdshaq, rawdshaq, rawdshaq... (sigh)... Dude... Dudester... Bro... I'm not trying to make Undertaker look 6'3"... I'm demonstrating the fact that the man is around 6'5" nowadays. If you honestly think that Taker is 6'6.5", then cool. Run w/ that; no one is stopping you, certainly not me. On the other hand, if you want me to believe in something that is obviously not in keeping w/ reality, then sadly... hard pass.
JT said on 26/Mar/19
Click Here Undertaker and Tony Longo, who is listed everywhere at 6'6".
Canson said on 26/Mar/19
@Sotiris: the person who met him guessed him 6’6 range. He said at best 6’6/6’7. So that implies 199ish. Maybe he’s 6’6.25. This was also a few years back. I wanna say maybe more like 7-10 to be honest. So it’s not unfathomable that he dipped to 6’6” but not below I doubt. He could almost look taller than Wilder there or could go a lot of different ways due to the angle and inability to see footwear
Canson said on 26/Mar/19
Where did Sotiris say anything about Taker only being 6’3”?

Taker being 6’5” at his peak is very difficult to believe. Ali Baba a regular poster here met and took pictures with him. Ali himself was a solid 6’6” and Taker was taller. Not by a lot but still a small fraction taller. While likely not 6’7” in the pics with Ali, Taker had to have at least been 6’6”-6’6.5. At his peak, 6’7” easily. A couple other posters have met him and said while maybe not 6’7.5 or 6’8 that he was an easy 6’7” peak. I doubt he’s as low as 6’5 even today. Still somewhere around 6’6” if he’s 6’5 range it’s in the 197-198 range
Sotiris Gravas said on 26/Mar/19
@Canson Yeah, saying that Wilkins was leaning would be more apropos. As for the dude's height, he doesn't appear to be taller than max 6'6" Deontay Wilder... Click Here
Wilder and max 6'6" Audley Harrison... Click Here
sotirios chatzi said on 26/Mar/19
Interesting story. My dad worked in wrestling in the 90s and apparently The Undertaker used to tell newer guys he was 6'10", but apparently admitted to being 6'5" several times and said he wore enhanced boots to appear taller around guys who were legit 6'6+ guys. My dad told me that Undertaker and Kane are the same height, and Big Show was always 6'8" and wore the same exact boots Undertaker did to appear taller. Apparently the giants were nowhere near the height they were billed at.

Im talking to my dad as I write this, apparently Shawn Michaels has always been 5'10", Stone Cold has always been 6'0", Triple h was 6'1"ish, Christian was underlisted to sell other wrestlers heights, but was actually around 6'0". My dad told me X Pac was REALLY short, like a kid. He isn't sure what his exact height was. He also said Giant Baba, who was a Japanese wrestler, was never any taller than 6'8", despite being billed at 7'3".

I'm not much of a wrestling person but I hope this information helps you guys discover Undertakers true height :),
rawdshaq said on 26/Mar/19
@Sotiris It seems like you are trying to prove Undertaker is only 6'3". Bro everybody has different measurements like head size and leg length etc. You cant just put 2 photos back to back and judge off of that. In the Undertaker/Fallon picture I can easily see 7 inches between the two people. If Fallon is a solid 5'11" then Undertaker still looks 6'6" - 6'6 1/2".
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 26/Mar/19
@ Sotiris Gravas - Thanks for your amusing little comment! You sure went to a lot of trouble submitting all those pictures, and the height variations are quite staggering.

I can be pretty well obsessed myself - with music, films, historical facts - the list is endless! It's not harming anybody, is it, so go ahead and enjoy your hobbies. Having them turns you into a more interesting person!

Sandy 😉👍
Sotiris Gravas said on 26/Mar/19
6'5.75" Gronk and Jimmy Fallon (2019)... Click Here , Click Here

Fallon and 6'3" Liam Hemsworth... Click Here

Undertaker and Fallon... Click Here , Click Here Both men have poor posture in the second pic, not just Taker.

Obviously, Taker looks at least 6'8" here, maybe even 6'9"... Kidding.

Fallon and 5'8.5" Conor McGregor (2019)... Click Here
Ozzy said on 26/Mar/19
Yeah Takers birthday... I feel a bit special as I have the same birthday Go the 24th March lol ....


Id say hes in 6'5 range these days somewhere 6'6 - in shoes. Theres some great points being shared. But does show that alot of wrestlers are much shorter than they are billed. Always knew they overbill 2 - 3 inches but alot are over by 4, 5 and 6 inches ....
Canson said on 25/Mar/19
@Sotiris: Wilkins does not appear to have that poor a posture there. Maybe he’s leaning into fit into the picture but his posture appears very good for a guy who is close to 60 or at least somewhere in his 50s in that pic. I would’ve said peak height 199-200cm but I know someone who has met him a few years back and said he’s still near that. I’d say probably 199ish still
Sotiris Gravas said on 25/Mar/19
@Miss Sandy Cowell That's b/c we're irrepressibly obsessed, MWAHAHAHA (cough)... (Always good to see some distaff discourse on this site.)

Taker and 5'8" Mario Lopez (2018)... Click Here

5'8" Ludacris and Lopez (2017)... Click Here

Dominique Wilkins (poor posture), Ludacris, and slouching 6'7" Magic Johnson:
Click Here

Wilkins and 6'10.25" Chris Bosh (2015)... Click Here
rawdshaq said on 25/Mar/19
There is another meeting after Undertaker won the Royal Rumble when he looks like a legit 6'7" @Sotriris
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 24/Mar/19
I've noticed that the pages of these wrestler guys are extremely popular! Rarely does a day go by.....
Sotiris Gravas said on 24/Mar/19
Here's Taker w/ 6'0" Cena (6'1" in "cool shoes") in 2002... Click Here Does Taker look close to 6'7" here...? The answer being no.

As for Kane, check out the video clip of him and Daniel Bryan that I posted on his page. Somebody forgot to tell them to wear their internal lifts.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 24/Mar/19
I have reason to believe that it's The Undertaker's Birthday today, so

🎂 Happy Birthday to The Undertaker 🎂

He seems a trifle young to have already lost a whole inch in height, so maybe it's the injuries that go with the sport. He's somewhere in his mid-fifties.

Anyway, fella, have a great Birthday, with lots of lovely presents, good food and your best friends for company!


Peak for this Big Boy? 6ft7.5 and an inch off for nowadays.
Canson said on 22/Mar/19
@Sotiris: Hsysbert still looks the full 6’4 if Merchant is 6’7”. At times his posture is poor so he can look shorter
Heisenberg89 said on 22/Mar/19
Undertaker was never 6'8 barefoot.
He was around that height with shoes on and at his peak.

Now days he does look shorter or btw not taller than guys like Rodman, Corbin and Strowman that are all in the 6'6 range strong or weak.

It means that undertaker is currently 197cm barefoot.
His posture is bad, no doubt.
But if you look up to someone like he does with some 6'7/6'8/6'9 basketball players means that you are not really close to 200cm as many people here things.

At his peak, from the other hand, I think he was taller than the guys i mention before.
But, for be clear, not taller than Kavin Love.
Dan Trojan said on 22/Mar/19
Sotiris it's all good man
Sotiris Gravas said on 21/Mar/19
@Dan Trojan You seem like a good guy and I apologize for being so harsh; I can have a bad temper sometimes. You're 100% correct, we can agree to disagree and act like civil adults. Again, my apologies, dude.
rawdshaq said on 21/Mar/19
There were magazines not long after Undertaker debuted saying he was 6'8" but was inflated by 2 inches. He was probably 6'8" range at his peak and today he is about 6'6".
Dan Trojan said on 21/Mar/19
You know sotiris i respect your opinion if you think khali is 6'10" i respect that i'm not here to argue with you or make personal attacks all i was saying is i don't agree with you you didn't need to go off on me like that but whatever honestly it's childish you're like what 40 something years old i'm 34 we're both adults arguing over someone's height is just stupid
Canson said on 20/Mar/19
@Rawdshaq: he claimed to be 6’10 then 6’8/6’9 which was close to what he was in shoes. Likely a peak height would be nothing higher than Rob lists him here and if we are going off a normal low probably just 6’7” flat or 6’7.25. Today 6’6” is a safer bet than 6’6.5 and 6’5.5 is even safer than 6’6.5 at this stage of the game. I think worst case is 6’5.5-6’6 range and he may be 6’6 at a low best case
Ellis said on 20/Mar/19
I would say at the moment he is a strong 6'5 or weak 6'6, I haven't really looked at pictures though or anything like that for a while.
Dan Trojan said on 20/Mar/19
Btw in that picture with mahal mahal is clearly closer to the camera but you neglect to mention that but anytime someone else posts a picture with say the great khali closer to the camera you're quick to point it out
Dan Trojan said on 20/Mar/19
Sotiris you know i wasn't trying to start an argument but you've turned it into one it's clear that when someone doesn't agree with you you put them down which is ok because i'm not gonna argue with you grow up seriously btw i still stick to what i said
rawdshaq said on 20/Mar/19
@Sotiris He said Undertaker and him had similar shoes. Also Tbh I don't think Undertaker cares about looking tall because he's always slouching and he's also 54 (4 days away). He doesn't try to stand tall or look tall, but he claimed 6'8" in 2019 during an interview. Maybe he wasn't 6'8 1/2" but instead just 6'8" at his peak.
rawdshaq said on 20/Mar/19
There are pictures where Undertaker looks 6'3" and some where he looks 6'10". I guess we can never confirm it until he gets measured. I think we can ALL agree he is currently in the 6'5"-6'7" region. Maybe 6'6 1/2" is too high for him, 6'6" is a safer bet from me
Heisenberg89 said on 20/Mar/19

Your maths sometimes seems to bring you to think he is 6'4.

I agree that compare to a 6'7 guy he doesn't look so huge, infact today he is 1.5 shorter than a legit 6'7.
But I wouldn't go down that range.

At his peak i think he was eyes to eyes with you
Sotiris Gravas said on 20/Mar/19
@Dan Trojan What's absurd is your dissenting opinion to what I already proved via fact. I'm tired of this nonsense.

This is 6'7" Stephen Merchant next to 6'3.5" Dennis Haysbert... Click Here

This is Khali back in 2005 next to 6'4" Bob Sapp... Click Here

Your comment is a joke.

7'0" (not 7'2") Satnam Singh and around 6'7" A.C. Green... Click Here
Green and height-loss Kareem... Click Here
7'0" Satnam and 6'10" Khali... Click Here

Do you have eyes...? By all means, use them.

This is a recent pic of 6'3.5" Jinder Mahal next to max 6'10" Khali (devoid of WWE footwear enhancement)... Click Here What's absurd is that you actually think you know what you're talking about. You don't.
Sotiris Gravas said on 19/Mar/19
@Philip Here's a thought: try posting some actual pics to back up what you say, and use some objective criticism rather than simply ranting and raving like a lunatic. I'm curious, how old are you...?

@Heisenberg I know for a fact that Fallon isn't over 5'11". I have no idea what brosofdestruction's real height is; all I know is what he claims. Maybe Taker really is 6'5.5" now, but he certainly didn't look it next to Fallon or Kevin Love. The pics of Fallon w/ Stephen Merchant demonstrate how huge a legit 6'7" guy looks. Undertaker is nowhere near that. I don't think Taker is under 6'5".

@rawdshaq Sometimes ppl claim to be taller than they really are. I think we can both agree on that. Maybe brosofdestruction is that tall and Taker wears lifts for public appearances. Based on the JT pic of Big Show w/ Dion Dawkins, it's abundantly clear that he resorts to footwear enhancement to combat height loss... The pics of Show and 6'1" HHH that I posted again proves this.
Dan Trojan said on 19/Mar/19
Philip i agree with you khali at 6'10" is absurd
Heisenberg89 said on 18/Mar/19
Leave alone the pictures one moment...can undertaker be so much short than a 6'7" guy?

Or can he really be only 5" over Fallon?

Because in the end you say Taker is 6'5", but all your thoughts seems bring you to 6'4" range not 6'5".
If Kevin love has 2.5 on him means he is 6'4.5 right? 6'4.75...

But I don't see him so much shorter than guys like Corbin, I don't see only an inch with brosofdestruction and sure he isn't shorter than 6'5.75 Ali Baba.

6'6.75 Peak
6'5.5 Current

Sure 6'6.5 now is high, definitely.

I think he wakes up at 6'6.25 now going down to 6'5.5 later in the day.
Philip McMullin said on 18/Mar/19
@Sotiris Gravas Khali at 6ft10 is friggin preposterous!
Sotiris Gravas said on 16/Mar/19
Just for fun, here's Stephen Merchant (poor posture) and 5'9.5" Adam Sandler (2009):
Click Here footwear visible
Click Here

Khali and Sandler (2005)... Click Here

Khali is around 6'10" nowadays. Feel free to go on his page and see where I 100% prove this.
edwards said on 16/Mar/19
@Heisenberg89said on 15/Mar/19
6'6.5 is high for taker considering today,i doubt he is that tall today,maybe 6'6 or atleast weak 6'6 is arguable.
Sotiris Gravas said on 16/Mar/19
Stephen Merchant definitely wasn't standing straight in that pic w/ 6'2" The Rock and 6'4" Vince Vaughn... Click Here

Here's Merchant standing w/ better posture w/ 6'3.5" Dennis Haysbert and 6'1" Rainn Wilson:
Click Here

Undertaker and 5'11" Jimmy Fallon... Click Here , Click Here If anyone actually thinks Taker is close in height w/ Stephen Merchant (6'7" peak height), please run to an optometrist as fast as you can... Better yet, drive. Take an Uber if you have to. Honestly, does Taker look more than 6'5" here...? Of course not.

Here's Merchant w/ 6'2" (not 6'2.5") John Krasinski, footwear visible (2019):
Click Here Again, w/ better posture... Click Here
Merchant looks 5" taller than a 6'2" guy, whereas Undertaker looks 5" taller than a 5'11" guy. In NO WAY does Taker even remotely look close to Rob's listing of 6'6.5". The man is 100% not that tall.

Maybe LeBron James is 6'6.5" as compared to 6'6" Carmelo Anthony and Love is really 6'7.25"... Here's Love not looking that much taller than LeBron (Kyrie Irving is standing on a big "Hulk Hogan box")... Click Here

LeBron looking taller than Love... Click Here

Love looking taller than a slouching LeBron... Click Here

Even if Kevin Love is really 6'7.5" (which I doubt), Taker isn't more than 6'5" IMHO b/c Love looked to have 2.5" on Taker, not just 2". Here's Taker looking up at Love:
Click Here , Click Here

Taker and Love (looks more than just a 2" difference)... Click Here

@Heisenberg How tall does Love look next to a 6'9.25" (not 6'9.5") Kevin Durant...?Click Here
rawdshaq said on 16/Mar/19
@Sotiris He's probably not a full 6'7" today but dude 6'5" is way too low for him. There is a picture in these forums of a 6'3 1/2" dude next to him and he is clearly 3 inches taller than him.
Canson said on 15/Mar/19
@Vegas: the norm is probably about 3/8 to 1/2” from it. There are cases where it could be more or less depending on how tall a person is or if they were laying or stretched etc or if the measurement was wrong to begin with. Like Jason Witten shows 6’5.75 and 6’5 flat in two different places. Coincidentally he looks 6’5” with Booger McFarland on MNF when Booger once said he was 5’11”. He also said this season he’s a solid 6’0” which lined up with his combine of 6’0 4/8 so he would be 6’0” at a low. Then like Vernon Davis who measures 6’3.25 at his he still looked 6’3” in person when I met him. Maybe he was 6’2 7/8 but that doesn’t look any different
edwards said on 15/Mar/19
@canson dude my estimation is same as yours
Heisenberg89 said on 15/Mar/19
I agree with someone like Sotiris, many people seems don't accept reality sometimes.
I'm sure taker is not 6'7" now but I also doubt he is 196cm like Sotiris usually say.

I honestly think he is currently around 0.75 shorter than LeBron that I think is 6'6.5/6'6.75.
And I say this comparing LeBron and Kevin Love that I think is not 6'7" flat but more like 6'7.5.
Click Here

Undertaker 6'5.5/6'5.75 now and 6'6.75/6'7" peak.
And Kane is clearly same height as him, best case scenario he is 1cm taller than Taker.
Canson said on 14/Mar/19
@Sotiris: that is a pretty bad picture with Taker and Fallon. He’s standing behind him and it’s pretty clear he isn’t standing straight in it either. Taker has notoriously bad posture. While he may not be the full 6’6” I doubt Taker is less than 6’5.5 today. Likely if Brosofdestruction guesses him the way he does, he’s likely at least 6’5.5-6’6”. I would honestly say probably not worse than 6’5.75 if he gave that type of impression off. If he stood straight He isn’t 6’4 or 6’5 flat however
Sotiris Gravas said on 14/Mar/19
@rawdshaq First of all, the Troy Aikman/Kevin Love pic 100% destroys and delusions involved in thinking Taker is anything close to 6'6.5", Rob's listing. Period. Full stop. Secondly, the Stephen Merchant/Jimmy Fallon pic completely ANNIHILATES any debris left over from the aforementioned destruction. Game over. Keep living in the Matrix, dude. Say hi to Keanu for me. Taker looks to be 6'5" now, if I'm wrong then he's max 6'5.5".
ced said on 14/Mar/19
@Sotiris.. What would you say were the very peaks of Undertaker and Kane?

If they are only 6'5 today, I can't imagine them losing that much height in their 50's..
Canson said on 14/Mar/19
@Sotiris: well for site purposes 6’5.75 is reasonable for him. We all know that the combines are early morning measurements. But don’t be worried about hearing about yourself downgrading anyone. I find it hilarious when people pick on you yet some of them or others go out making celebs taller than they are. Either they don’t say a thing to the others or don’t mind it. And It’s always “Is there any chance at 6’2.5” on a guy that Rob lists 6’2; or “I think Steph Curry is 189cm” when he measured 6’2” (if that) early morning at the pre draft. I say if that because it’s entirely possible it was a hair over 6’1.75 even or 6’1 7/8 since they aren’t as precise as the NFL. Or “I think he’s 6’3” on a guy that Rob lists 6’1”. Then you get the pictures. Of course when the intent is for a poster wants to make someone else taller, you don’t hear anything about it being a bad picture yet they can easily take one of yours and give your “alleged” intent. I’m not saying you’re right or wrong because I don’t always agree with you but it’s just funny that you never hear anyone say any of that to someone else estimating above the listed height Rob gives them
rawdshaq said on 14/Mar/19
@Sotiris Again that is the worst photo to compare Undertakers height. How about you find a friend who is about 5'11" or 6 feet tall and take a photo like that and see if you still look 6'7"...
Vegas' said on 14/Mar/19
Love looks 4.5 inches taller than Aikman in that particular photo.

I don't buy these guys are losing upwards of an inch from their combine measurements. I met Mojo Rawley about 12am after Wrestlemania when he was out celebrating in a bar with fans. Still looked solid 6'3 with my brother and 6'4 friend. Rawley was measured 6'3 1/4 I believe at combine and Gronk looks about 3 inches taller than him.

Even if measurements are early these guys are up extremely early. We were in WWE hotel in Chicago during Mania 22 weekend and a number of the wrestlers were up walking around/having breakfast/getting ready to work out at 5am
Sotiris Gravas said on 13/Mar/19
@Canson and edwards I can totally buy 6'5.75" for Gronk. Given that Rob has him at 6'6.25", I took the safe 6'6" route so as not to be accused of downgrading... :)
Canson said on 13/Mar/19
@Edwards: he looks about 6’5.5-6’6 imho. Brady is probably a solid 6’4” and looks roughly 4cm shorter than Gronk. He measures 6’6.25 in the early morning. He also looked shorter than Jimmy Graham
Canson said on 13/Mar/19
@Edwards: he looks about 6’5.75 imho. Brady is probably a solid 6’4” and looks roughly 4cm shorter than Gronk. He measures 6’6.25 in the early morning. He also looked shorter than Jimmy Graham
rawdshaq said on 13/Mar/19
@Sotiris You are actually posting more evidence that Undertaker is still 6'6". Kevin Love isn't 6'7" flat and Undertaker is slouching just a tiny bit, and he has a huge forehead (his hat makes him look shorter).
Sotiris Gravas said on 13/Mar/19
Stephen Merchant (6'7" peak height) and Jimmy Fallon... Click Here

Taker and Fallon... Click Here

edwards said on 12/Mar/19
@sotiris gravas
Gronk is less than 6’6” barefoot. he maybe around weak 6’6.
edwards said on 12/Mar/19
there is hell of a living proof that isaac yankem was clearly taller than taker by half an inch and kane didnt have lift.maybe notmore but half an inch,kane is taller imho
edwards said on 12/Mar/19
totally agreed
Lyle said on 12/Mar/19
@Heisenberg89 It was revealed that Taker wore lifts inside his boots but as everyone can see Kane wore outer lifts, so they're both lift wearers, look at the staredown from 95'i believe with taker vs yankem, yankem has about 0.5inch on him, not a lot but definitely taller
Canson said on 12/Mar/19
@Sotiris: I would say Gronk is less than 6’6” barefoot. Probably weak 6’6 (197 range). 6’5,75 and Snoop maybe 6’3.5. But Taker is not a flat 6’5” even today. In the pics that Brosofdestruction posted he may be 6’6” still or close to it. Also he didn’t say definitively that Taker was 6’6”. He just said that he’s “at most 6’6”. The camera angle plays a huge factor. I doubt he would post the pic if he were really only 1.5” taller than him and say he’s 6’6”. But all of this leaves the door open for Taker to be something like 6’5.5-6’6 range as well but nothing more than 6’6”. It sounds to me that Brosofdestruction was just saying that Taker is at least 2” taller but probably not as much as 3” from what I gather and from what the picture would tell minus footwear etc. a 6’3.5 guy looking at him probably saw that he was anywhere from upper 6’5” range (essentially qualifying a weak 6’6”) up to the full amount
dewie 5ft9 175cm said on 12/Mar/19
Taker claimed 6ft8.75 205cm barefoot peak today hes claiming 6ft8 203.2cm.
Sotiris Gravas said on 11/Mar/19
@brosofdestruction You say you're 6'3.5" and that Taker is 6'6" flat.
Click Here

Here's 6'3.5" Troy Aikman w/ 6'7" Kevin Love (2014)... Click Here

6'5" Undertaker w/ 6'7" Kevin Love (2016)... Click Here

Love and 6'10.25" Chris Bosh... Click Here

Kane and 6'5" Donovan Smith... Click Here
Donovan Smith and 6'5" Devon Still... Click Here
6'3" Titus and Kane... Click Here

Titus, 6'2" Tim Tebow, and 6'3.5" Snoop Dogg... Click Here
Titus and Snoop... Click Here

6'6" Gronk and Snoop... Click Here
rawdshaq said on 11/Mar/19
Maybe he claims peak height, or boot height. I think Kane is about 6'7" today, maybe 6'6 1/2". Kane is really similar to Undertaker in height.
Heisenberg89 said on 11/Mar/19

The perception you and the others have about kane is because what you saw in tv during the years.
Lifts, big boots made Kane be in your head around 6'8".
He is 6'6", a guy who meet him and taker said Kane was shorter.
The picture I posted is way better that wrestlemania 14 staredown picture.

He was 6'7" peak, so how can be taller than taker?
They are basecly the same height.
Erik C. said on 11/Mar/19
Lol I can't believe that the Undertaker stills claims 6'8. He's an old man now is isn't accounting that Braun Strowman and Kane both claimed 6ft8 and he stood shorter both of them in the past, let alone now. And, in addition to that, chances are Strowman and Kane aren't even a full 6ft8 themselves. I'll give taker max 6ft6 today, i'd say 6'5 3/8 -3/4 is liklier though.

Peak perhaps close to the 6'8 mark.
Qadaruddin said on 11/Mar/19
Click Here ..a good stare down btw taker and sid after few years again aftr thr feud
Lyle said on 9/Mar/19
Jake Roberts wore huge boots too
rawdshaq said on 8/Mar/19
@Infinity That video they keep moving and the camera angle is weird. He's a better photo of the same thing. I can see Undertaker having 2-3 inches on him Click Here
Dan Trojan said on 8/Mar/19
Infinity the undertaker is taller there don't look at the eye level look at the undertaker's head and you can see it
Lyle said on 8/Mar/19
@Heisenberg89 bring Kane closer to the camera to match Taker(clearly has camera advantage) , straighten up Kanes posture and there you have it, Kane was, is and always will be the taller man
Heisenberg89 said on 8/Mar/19
I read many comments about kane be taller than everyone, even if you knows about hells and lifts.

Click Here

In this picture made in Knoxville, they are really close this time.
And can someone tell me where, in the Pic, Jacobs is taller than Calaway?
InfinityGauntlet said on 6/Mar/19
Click Here There is a video of the 6'5 240 pound Jake "The Snake" Roberts. Do you think Mark Calloway looks 2 inches taller than Roberts. The are the same height. Which means at peak Hulk Hogan was 6'5.
ced said on 6/Mar/19
@Heisenberg89.. Neither Taker or Sid were ever taller than Kane.. There's a battle royal in 1995 where Sid and Isaac Yankem are in the match.. When Sid walked by Isaac, you could tell Kane (this i believe was his very peak) was about 1.25 inches taller than Sid..

Bruce Prichard mentions on his podcast that both Undertaker and Kane wore lifts, and that Kane is actually the taller of the 2 in real life. I believe Taker's lifts were internal.

Here is a Nash - Isaac Yankem match, i tried my best to get the best angle for a height comparison..

Click Here

^^ Looks way closer in height to Nash than Sid or Taker.
rawdshaq said on 5/Mar/19
I believe Undertaker might have weighed 300 pounds at his peak and WWF then added 20+ pounds, and Kane claimed 320 at his heaviest and said he is about 295 or 290 now, and Kane isn't the lying type and that sounds accurate so Undertaker might only weigh 270 now.
Heisenberg89 said on 5/Mar/19

I think somehow he looks taller than 6'6 there you know?
I think that at 6'3.5 you are tall enough to feel if you are near a 6'7" guy instead than a 6'5".
So if you say 6'6" obviously I agree.
In my deep I think taker is taller than Kane (and sid) barefoot, but facts didn't give me right yet.


Probably now Kane is really no more than 198, I can see 199cm only because probably he lost a bit less height than Taker.
Canson said on 5/Mar/19
@Edwards: I agree with what you said as well regarding Kane vs the other two
edwards said on 4/Mar/19
@ rawdshaq
i maybe wrong but i personally think no way taker is more than 270-280,he himself has claimed that he was heaviest during his ministry and biker days and he has said he was almost 300 lbs or atleast close to those days are off,he may seem heavy but not quite heavy like his ministry or biker hey days.i personally think he is between 270-280,kane who looks much bigger and heavier than taker claimed ro be close to 300 so i doubt he us 300,more like 270 or 280 lbs
Dan Trojan said on 4/Mar/19
Honestly the only time i can think of the undertaker being over 300lbs was when he returned in 2000 as the american badass it was clear at that point he had gained a bit of weight but i wouldn't say he was 328 maybe 305 but now 280 maybe at the most
edwards said on 4/Mar/19
@Heisenberg89said on 1/Mar/19
i agree with some of your estimation but i doubt kane is similar to corbin as you have estimated both at 198 cm,corbin may edge taker today but i doubt corbin aint taller or atleast tall as kane.i personally think kane is 199cm but i agree that of corbin and taker.
brosofdestruction said on 4/Mar/19
I found it. For anyone else, it’s (wwe legend mark calaway, the undertaker, makes special appearance in Knoxville)
Again, I’m 6’3.5 flat, so you can clearly see he is 6’6 Max flat now. And I weigh 230, and I say he is 265-270 max.
As for Kane’s height with footwear, my brother is slightly shorter than me at 6’3” and was wearing the thickest footwear (wolverine work boots), so he would be above 6’4.5” in the video, but Kane is much closer to camera.
brosofdestruction said on 4/Mar/19
I found it. For anyone else, it’s (wwe legend mark calaway, the undertaker, makes special appearance in Knoxville)
Again, I’m 6’3.5 flat, so you can clearly see he is 6’6 Max flat now. And I weigh 230, and I say he is 265-270 max.
As for Kane’s height with footwear, my brother is slightly shorter than me at 6’3” and was wearing the thickest footwear (wolverine work boots), so he would be above 6’4.5” in the video, but Kane is much closer to camera.
Canson said on 4/Mar/19
@Heisenberg89: those are very logical estimates current and peak
brosofdestruction said on 4/Mar/19

Exact name of video? All I find is the news report video which was before we got up there.
Sotiris Gravas said on 3/Mar/19
Undertaker and Chris "Birdman" Andersen (poor posture)... Click Here

Taker and Big Show (big boots, naturally)... Click Here

Shane Battier, Birdman and 6'10.25" Chris Bosh in the back... Click Here
Battier and Big Show (dress shoes)... Click Here
Battier and LeBron... Click Here
Birdman and LeBron... Click Here

Just for fun, here's 6'3.5" Jinder Mahal and 6'5.5" Rick Bognar (fake Razor Ramon): Click Here Jinder and 6'3.5" Snoop... Click Here

Here's Bognar w/ Kane (fake Diesel)... Click Here
rawdshaq said on 3/Mar/19
@Xpac He can look shy of 6'7"
Dan Trojan said on 3/Mar/19
Xpac99 the undertaker definitely looks a few inches taller than orton of course that was in 2005
Heisenberg89 said on 2/Mar/19
What you think about?

He claims 6'8" in a recent interview talking not only about his height in shoes, but also about a peak height. Most of all a peak he is max 270/275.
So the tallest undertaker we ever seen was about 6'6.5/6'6.75 and 6'8" in shoes.
Now 6'5.5/6'5.75 and 6.'7" in shoes. tall is Ed Young..?
rawdshaq said on 2/Mar/19
@edwards Remember how Roman Reigns couldn't lift Undertaker at WM 33 when he botched the reversed tombstone. Undertaker does have quite a gut now, he might be close to 300.

Btw, can you guy post pictures of Undertaker looking taller than Sid?
edwards said on 1/Mar/19
how tall is ed young?in recent interview he came up to takers's nose.
Heisenberg89 said on 1/Mar/19

Cool, a bit after your picture with taker I saw a video of taker and some fans in Knoxville. You appear for some seconds with taker Kane and a guy with a red shirt.
The video is on YouTube.
You have long hair, with a bandana.
BTW in that video Kane looks absolutely not taller than taker, while taker is sluncing near you
Heisenberg89 said on 1/Mar/19

Undertaker 200cm
Sid 199cm
Kane. 200.5cm
Nash 206cm
Show 209cm


Undertaker 197.5cm
Sid. 196.5cm
Kane 198cm
Nash 203cm
Show 206cm

I add Randy Orton 192cm
Edge 186cm
HHH. 188cm current 185
Khali. 211cm
Strooman 199cm
Corbin. 198cm
Reigns. 188cm
Lesnar. 187cm
Cena. 184cm
Hbk. 181cm current 179cm
Jake the snake. 195cm current 194cm
Batista. 189cm current 186cm
Viscera. 198cm
Jbl. 196cm current 194cm
Heisenberg89 said on 1/Mar/19

Undertaker 200cm
Sid 199cm
Kane. 200.5cm
Nash 205cm
Show 209cm


Undertaker 197.5cm
Sid. 196.5cm
Kane 198cm
Nash 201cm
Show 206cm

I add Randy Orton 192cm
Edge 186cm
HHH. 188cm current 185
Khali. 211cm
Strooman 199cm
Corbin. 198cm
Reigns. 188cm
Lesnar. 187cm
Cena. 184cm
Hbk. 181cm current 179cm
Jake the snake. 195cm current 194cm
Batista. 189cm current 186cm
Viscera. 198cm
Jbl. 196cm current 194cm
Canson said on 1/Mar/19
@Christian: I would say that Sid could be 6’6” today max but if Taker really is only weak 6’6/6’5 range guy then he may too be the same. I think Kane would edge him today. I wouldn’t put The Show below 6’9.5 though. My guesses peak:

Taker 6’7.25
Kane 6’7-6’7.5
Sid 6’6.25
Nash 6’9” max
Canson said on 1/Mar/19
@Christian: I would say that Sid could be 6’6” today max but if Taker really is only weak 6’6/6’5 range guy then he may too be the same. I think Kane would edge him today. I wouldn’t put The Show below 6’9.5 though
Xpac99 said on 1/Mar/19
Click Here
How tall is undertaker in this segment?
Canson said on 1/Mar/19
@Ced: I think Taker would be 6’7-6’7.5 and Sid 6’6” range. Taker was the taller of the two at their peaks. Nash was likely near if not a full 6’9” while Show may have been 6’11 peak max
edwards said on 1/Mar/19
@ rawdshaq i doubt he is 300 lbs.he is claiming his billed weight in interview.he is more like 270-280 lbs imho
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 1/Mar/19
Not too familiar with Sid's height, but I wouldn't put anything below 6'8" for Nash today. 6'7.5" seems a bit too low. The other 3 of your guesses I agree with.
Canson said on 1/Mar/19
@Christian: thing is most 5’9.5 guys claim 5’10”. I’d prob just go 5’9”
ced said on 28/Feb/19
Judging by what everyone's estimates here are, I'd say these are the peak heights for these guys:

Undertaker: 6'6.75
Sid: 6'7
Kane: 6'7.25
Kevin Nash: 6'8.25
Big Show: 6'11.25

Current Heights:

Undertaker: 6'5.5
Kane: 6'6.25
Sid: 6'5.5
Nash: 6'7.5
Big Show: 6'9.25
rawdshaq said on 28/Feb/19
Recent out of character interview just 8 days ago! Undertaker claimed to be 6'8" and 300 something pounds at the 18:00 mark
Dicko said on 28/Feb/19
On YouTube in a recent on stage interview with Ed Young The Undertaker says he is 6 foot 8. He was introduced by Young as 6 foot 10. The fact that The Undertaker said 6 foot 8 is good enough for me. I personally think that includes footwear so barefoot he is 6 foot 7. Hope this helps end the debate.
edwards said on 28/Feb/19
@rawdshaq dude,i personally dont think he is 6'7 currently.yes 6'7 maybe his morning height tho.i'd buy w6'6 rather then anything above or under it.but imho 6'7 is too high for him considering canson said the max low height i'd buy is 6'5.75 only in extreme low condition.6'7 maybe his morning height i'm assuming.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 28/Feb/19
Why not claim 5'9.5" if you wanna be seen as taller? At least you're that height in the morning so it's not really a lie unlike claiming 5'10".
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 28/Feb/19
Michelle Mccool is listed here at 5'9", not 5'10". Click Here
Canson said on 28/Feb/19
@Rawdshaq: fact is that you can’t change who you are either. Even if you wore shoe lifts and looked it, you are only masking your being unhappy with it. But at that stage if I saw someone and didn’t know they had lifts I wouldn’t question it I’d say
Canson said on 28/Feb/19
@Rawdshaq: I agree that you did admit that. And that wasn’t an attack on you. But this is a height related site so to bash or attack Sotiris because you don’t like his estimates is no better than what you did. As for your height, you are still average height. You aren’t short. Difference between claiming 5’9” and 5’10 isn’t much really
Vegas' said on 28/Feb/19
They looked same height aside from Memphis clip, Sid with bigger chin and taker bigger forehead Click Here

When were Harris brothers billed 6'5? All I am finding is links to cagematch a German fan contributed site. I remember 6'8 in WWF and I think 6'6 in WCW. Not guys I paid much attention to given how horrible both were but Chris Owens (who does Andre fan page on Facebook and has provided probably 75% of Andre photos to this site) met them a few years ago, got a photo and if memory serves me correctly said they looked 6'6
edwards said on 28/Feb/19
@ rawdshaq dude imho michelle mccool in 5'9 not 5'10.
edwards said on 28/Feb/19
@ canson same estimation here dude
rawdshaq said on 27/Feb/19
Thing is, @Canson, I had admitted to being 5'8 3/4". If someone is actually really curious I would tell them. I just say I'm 5'10" because it's average height and I don't want to be looked at as a short person. I never even get asked my height anyway, so who cares.

@edwards Yeah I agree, I bet he measures close to 6'7" though if he stands up straight, even today.
Canson said on 27/Feb/19
@Edwards: my guess is he downgrades him half inch if he meets him. Even if he’s a hair under Rob would give the benefit of the doubt before lowering below what he believes. 6’6 is the catch all. It’s hard to see him over that but at the same time if he’s under that mark it’s not by more than maybe a cm or perhaps only 1/4” really. I doubt he’s any shorter than Anthony Joshua if postures matched and perhaps could be slightly higher if Joshua is 6’5.75
Canson said on 27/Feb/19
@Edwards: my guess is he downgrades him half inch if he meets him. Even if he’s a hair under Rob would give the benefit of the doubt before lowering below what he believes
Sotiris Gravas said on 27/Feb/19
@ced I don't think the Harris bros were taller than their 6'5" billed height. Same goes for 6'3" Fed Ottman. Which means that Taker was not as tall as ppl think. Anyone that looks at Chainz next to Taker in relation to the Harris bros can easily see that Taker was never 6'7.5" peak height. Rob has Sid at 6'6.5" and Sid was slightly taller than Taker. On social media, Sid himself claims he was never more than 6'7" Click Here , which would mean Taker was around 6'6.5" peak height. There is zero chance Taker is 6'6.5" today, IMHO.

@Canson :)
edwards said on 27/Feb/19
this undertaker height mystery aint gonna be solved untill rob meets him and either he upgrade or downgrades him.we are only going it by photos.
Ozzy said on 27/Feb/19
@Sotiris Gravas Mate I read an article on Brian Harris that he was 6'4". I think he was as he wasnt that big of a guy.

The Harris brothers when first came into WWE in 1995. They were known as Jacob and Eli Blu and were billed both at 6'9" 320lbs. But later in commentary they were described as 6'8" and when they changed gimmicks 6'6 and 6'5. When nose to nose with Robert Malliet they were about 4inches shorter.

In 1992 at Summerslam they said Crush was 6'10" ... lol def 6'4.

its hard keepin up with these wwe "expandible" heights lol

cool pics mate !
Canson said on 26/Feb/19
@Edwards: well said!
Canson said on 26/Feb/19
@Edwards: true
ced said on 26/Feb/19
@Sotiris.. I can definitely see what you're saying with him looking not as tall as Fake Diesel.. It's weird with Kane man.. There's a battle royal that I posted here a while ago where Kane is in the ring with Sid (he was Yankem), and Sid passes by Kane and Kane looked to have had him by 1.5 inches (could have been the angle of the camera maybe in reality Kane had him by 1 inch) but it was telling as Sid was closer to the camera and Kane was on the far side of the ring facing toward the hard camera..

What do you think were the Harris Bros true height? There is a match in 1998 where Undertaker and Kane were facing them boys, and you really can't tell if the Harris Bros were trying to sell height for Taker and Kane, or if they were the same height.
tree said on 26/Feb/19
Click Here
rawdshaq said on 26/Feb/19
Cool picture of Undertaker with his 5'10" wife Michelle Mccool Click Here

He looks 6'7" there
Canson said on 26/Feb/19
@Rawdshaq: you’re right. It doesn’t matter what height someone is to determine whether or not they are troll. However, it is not right to bash Sotiris when you have admitted that you are 5’8.75 and “even sometimes say you’re 5’10”. That’s no better than him estimating someone low and while I don’t want to accuse you of anything, it almost sounds as if you are attacking him because you believe he lowballs heights whereas you would rather see them upgraded
rawdshaq said on 26/Feb/19
Actually in my opinion I feel that Glenn Jacobs as Diesel looked taller than he did as Kane. How tall do you believe Kane was at his peak height? @Sotiris
rawdshaq said on 26/Feb/19
Yeah same I can agree that Sotiris is allowed to have his own opinion as well as everyone else there is no point of bashing him for it. He has a lot of solid evidence to back up his claims too
Sotiris Gravas said on 26/Feb/19
@ced Sid, Taker, and Kane all looked to be very close in height, w/ only a nominal amount separating them... but if internal lifts were involved, it obviously makes determining their height more guesswork. These men were never more than 6'7" peak height, IMHO, closer to 6'6.5".

Here's something I find interesting. Look at Taker up against "Under-faker", Chainz (aka Brian Harris):
Click Here Taker is obviously the taller man here.

Now look at 6'4" Crush next to Chainz, Skull, and 8-Ball (aka the Harris brothers):
Click Here The Harris brothers were billed as 6'5", yet they're taller than Chainz who was billed as 6'7", and Crush who was billed as 6'6".
Here's another pic of Chainz and his cousins, the Harris brothers... Click Here
Here's another, but w/ Crush, as well... Click Here Compare the Harris brothers (billed 6'5") to Undertaker, who you think was 6'8".

Here's Crush w/ 6'4" peak height DDP (2007)... Click Here
Here's Crush w maybe 5'10" peak height Marc Mero (and Randy Savage, not in cowboy boots):
Click Here
Marc Mero and height-loss Hogan (2018)... Click Here
Mero, Scott Hall and Nash (2018)... Click Here Nash looks max 6'8" here. I met Mero way back in 1997 at my gym during morning hours when I was closer to 6'7.5". Mero looked around 5'10" to me. Here's Mero and 5'8" Mean Gene... Click Here
Mero and Flair (5'11" peak height)... Click Here

Just for fun, here's Kane as fake Diesel vs. Marc Mero. Notice how he doesn't look so huge w/o his Herman Munster boots... Click Here , Click Here
edwards said on 26/Feb/19
if someone dont wanna argue with sotiris dude,dont argue with him but atleast respect him as he is only sticking to his opinion and entitled to it.he is respecting everyone here but some of the posters are bashing him for his low estimation.c'mon ,atleast call it a respect.everybody is free to express his/her opinion regarding it is site for height debate,tho ,i dont agree with him in some of his estimation,atleast there is no reason to bash him.
Ozzy said on 26/Feb/19
@sotiris gravas ... yes true mate 6'3.. I should of been more clear, I think totatly about 6'5 in boots,,,, to the top hair lol max. I can def see 6'3 but.
He prob has the most altered height in compare to Andre, Gonzalez, Big Show. Because there was a video Tugboat vs Taker and they stood nose to nose. Commentator Lord Alfred Hayes said "(Tugboat is 6'8", so that places undertaker around 6'10)"...

But most his career billed as 6'3.
His Tugboat figurine states on back 6'3.
His Typhoon figurine says 6'6. ??? lol
Click Here

Im lost lol but Im thinking all said and done ... 6'3

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