How tall is John Cena

John Cena's Height

6ft ½ in (184.2 cm)

American Professional Wrestling Star and Actor from films like The Suicide Squad, The Marine and 12 Rounds. His billed height in wrestling was 6 foot 1, but in a 2006 Khaleej Times interview he was quoted saying: "I know that I'm 6 feet, 245 pounds" and also said "I am 6 feet. And if I wear cool shoes, I am maybe 6'1."

How tall is John Cena
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Average Guess (768 Votes)
6ft 0.36in (183.8cm)
(Hicqs) said on 27/Nov/23
Jimmy Uso can look 6'1-6'1.25 with 6'0.5 John Cena. Maybe 6'1 1/8. The difference can look a solid half inch (0.5-0.75).

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Doexi said on 27/Sep/23
My guess is 184 evening barefoot
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Sep/23
I gotta say, Cena has been very consistent with his 6ft claim when he could easily say 6ft1 and no one would call him out.....
Matez said on 23/Sep/23
Solo Sikoa looked 5'10.5 Max next to Cena
ConnorS-6'0 said on 23/Sep/23
Cena looks 6’0.5 with 5’10” Kevin Owens, there’s a good 2.5 inches difference between them, he’s definitely not 6’0 flat.
5'7 and a fraction said on 19/Sep/23
A 6'0 3/8 measurement under the stadiometer wouldn't surprise me. I wouldn't say Cena is over this listing, that's for sure.
Ali said on 17/Sep/23
As soon as it happened, I knew I had to post it: here was a recent face off between John Cena and Solo Sikoa:

Click Here

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From those shots it looks like Solo is a 5'10 - 5'11 guy if John is over 6'.05 as listed on here.

What do you think Rob? How many inches do you see?
Editor Rob
5ft 10, maybe a touch over.
trin said on 11/Sep/23
184.2 cm
Abdul 5'10 said on 9/Sep/23
183.4 cm
romuald said on 8/Sep/23
Jimmy uso had about 0.75 inches on Cena last smackdown but i'm not sure on the thickness of their respective shoes
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If Jimmy is 6'1" then Cena is 6'0.25

I never knew much about Jimmy's height tbh... He always looked 184.5 - 185 cm to me
Ali said on 7/Sep/23
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Had to post this staredown after it happened, John looks around an inch taller than LA Knight who I think is more 5'11 - 6'0 range rather than over 6'0. I would say LA is 5'11.5 max and maybe a bit taller in boots and John is 6'0.5

What would you say Rob? Anyone?
7272 said on 6/Sep/23
R-Truth looks 5'10 ½
Njp said on 5/Sep/23
I’m gonna say his 6ft 1/2” is still spot on. He looked taller than 6ft flat LA Knight at Payback. I would say that LA Knight maybe even looked a hair under 6ft
Joe Max said on 20/May/23
Cena looks very similar to Vince in this video, at 1.29.

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Jesica said on 17/May/23
5'10-Abdul. said on 6/Mar/23
He is 6’0, Or a smidge above the mark.

That's where I see him at as well.
Jolapizza 6'0 1/2 said on 16/May/23
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The guy on the left claims to be 209 cm. Or about 6'8 1/2. How tall do you think that John Cena looks here? I would personnaly say a solid 6'0 1/2 tier. I think he's an early morning 6'1 guy
Progking185 said on 3/May/23
He looks 6'0.5, not much shorter than Kinnaman maybe 2 inches max, and generally looks tall. Maybe a bit shorter at low
Jawilder said on 2/May/23
@rampage same.
viper said on 2/May/23
6-0.5 is too much imo

I think 6-0 1/4 would be more accurate
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/May/23
I think he still clears 6ft
oren metser said on 1/May/23
No way he is a millimeter under 6'0 flat. He could be somewhere around 1.85m or weak 6'1 in the morning, 6'0 and a half(1.84m) by the afternoon and just over 6 feet by night. He easily gets a 1.84m 6'0.5
miko said on 30/Apr/23
Cena at 5'10 is insane.

Here is Cena next to a 5'10 guy.

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QM6'1.75"QM said on 29/Apr/23
Omg, what's they talking about?!)

It sounds like room of haters. John Cena is a solid 6ft tall. Definitely not a 6'1" guy, but still rocky 6'0". Come on guys, he's taller than Cavill ...

Understimate, maybe all these guys doesn't know how big real 1-2-3 inches difference in real life !
Space said on 28/Apr/23
Cena does not come up to someone’s eye level who is only 6’2. He is at least 5’11.75 even today, and that would be an extreme low for him. He may have looked shorter to Titus, but no way cena is only 5’10-5’11”. I’d bet anything on that.
Qadar said on 28/Apr/23
185 cm
Joe Max said on 24/Apr/23
Christopher Titus who is a legit 6'2" said that he did a radio show with John Cena and John Cena came up to his eyes on him and that no way he is a 6'0" let alone 6'1". Another guy said that he met Cena in a restaurant, Cena was behind him and when he turned and looked at him he looked right across the top of his head and he was at least 3-4 inches shorter than him which puts him at 5'10" o 5'11".

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Andrew Lawrence said on 18/Apr/23
Taller than expected.
Cashelly said on 12/Apr/23
Cena is definitely a tall guy and not height conscious either. Most guys his height would claim 6’2”
bmb said on 9/Apr/23
Chances are maybe 6ft 0 1/4" during evening hours
Aris20 said on 9/Apr/23
6ft 3/4. he doesn't wear boots or lifts so he is taller than he looks compared to others
Alex 6'0 said on 6/Apr/23
Cena 6'0.25 would put Brock 6'2 if that.
185 Tim.Will_son_T said on 1/Apr/23
John Cena has solid 6' betwen 183.5 and 184 in noon and
morning 185.8 6'1.18
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Mar/23
I wouldn't say he's lost much
Ares_02 said on 20/Mar/23
1.85 for Cena as he looks exactly the same height with Rollins
Jawilder said on 19/Mar/23
@GRXj17 the picture Josh took with Cena proves he’s at least 6 feet. My guess is 6’0.25.
GRXj17 said on 17/Mar/23
I think he already lost some height. Throwihg around the ring def wont make you taller Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan are prime examples. Standard 6 footer as of now. 6ft 3/4 to 6ft1 peak maybe. Likely the former. Because a genuine 6ft1 never claims hes 6ft1 in shoes. I give him 6ft now and even that is debatable.
Smoosh said on 8/Mar/23
After seeing him in ring with Austin Theory this past week on Raw it is pretty much confirmed that John is not a single millimetre over 6’0 and more than likely sub 6’0
5'10-Abdul. said on 6/Mar/23
He is 6’0, Or a smidge above the mark.
Sean Hurley said on 4/Mar/23
Okay, so I am 6'0.25" barefoot. I go to the doctors all the time and am measured all the time. I met John Cena in 2005; I stood next to him and we took a photo. I wish I still had that photo. I uploaded it to a blog I had at the time which is now impossible to find. Anyway, he was most certainly taller than me, and we had the same basic footwear (sneakers). 6'1" easy for Cena, at least as of 2005.
Jawilder said on 1/Mar/23
6’1 out of bed
6’0.25 before bed.

Looked two inches taller than legit 5’10.25 Josh.
Tallish guy said on 27/Feb/23
Rob what would be his out bed and before bed height?
Editor Rob
Could be solid 6ft 1 range and fall to 0.25
miko said on 26/Feb/23
Still looks a solid 6'0.5.

Here he is with Austin Theory.

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Alex 6'0 said on 25/Feb/23
5'11 cena no way. Ok maybe at 45 he could dropped a small fraction. At worst 5'11.75 nowadays but more likely still solid 6'0
Jawilder said on 16/Feb/23
Nope, Cena is 6’0.25.
Jessy83 said on 16/Feb/23
indeed, I have the impression that everyone was wrong about the height of Cena. If you go to youtube and search for "Cena and Xavier Woods". There's a slight difference between the two, @matt Morgan quoted cena at 5'11". I think he's right.

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Savagetez said on 13/Feb/23
John Cena being 6'0.5 is right and the Rock is 6'2-6'3.
Jessy83 said on 11/Feb/23
According to me, Cena turns around 6'0.5", whereas The rock must be around 6'1.5".
If i'm right, write to me.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Feb/23
Editor Rob: Somewhere in 6ft 2 range

I think Eddie Fatu was around 6ft2-3. He wrestled barefoot as Umaga though so may have looked shorter than he was and he was over 300lbs. He was billed 6ft4 which I always found suspect
Njp said on 28/Jan/23
Savagetez said on 14/Jan/23
Anyone have any estimations for Austin Theory. I would say he is very similar to John Cena. I would like 6'0.25 for Austin Theory but 6'0 flat would the lowest and 6'0.5 would be the tallest.

Depending on whether he’s wearing his ridiculously thick soled wrestling boots of his street shoes, Theory can be anywhere from 5’11” to 6’1”. He may even be a weak 5’11” based on this picture
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Jawilder said on 17/Jan/23
Austin Theory is probably 5’11.5.
Sup said on 16/Jan/23
How tall was umaga?
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He seems a bit taller than cena and he was barefoot, so i think is over 6ft2 am i right?
Editor Rob
Somewhere in 6ft 2 range
Savagetez said on 14/Jan/23
Anyone have any estimations for Austin Theory. I would say he is very similar to John Cena. I would like 6'0.25 for Austin Theory but 6'0 flat would the lowest and 6'0.5 would be the tallest.
Mickie said on 12/Jan/23
6'0.25" would be an excellent listing.
berta said on 3/Jan/23
James gunn 6 foot on a good day.
cena 184-184,5
kinnaman 188-189
Idris elba 188,5-189,5
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 23/Dec/22
With James Gunn and Joel Kinnamon:

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He’s taller than James Gunn at least. There are distorted photos which make Joel look five inches taller in comparison, which is obviously hyperbolizing the difference.
Luke Guarda said on 14/Dec/22
My coworker met him and claims that cena was the same height as him at 5'7" LOL. I mean he`s taller than 5'9" Angle who I saw in person so... I`ll give him the 6' listing because he is a nice guy too.
Canson said on 10/Dec/22
@Jawilder and Alex: I agree with that estimate for his peak.
Jawilder said on 8/Dec/22
Yeah like Alex said, worst-case he’s lost 1/8. But he’s most likely lost nothing.

6’1 out of bed and 6’0.25 before bed seems like the best bet for Cena.
Canson said on 7/Dec/22
@Viper: maybe he was 6’1 out of bed and 6’0.25 at a low in his prime. But he’s gonna get listed taller because most wrestlers are over listed already. Rob reduced hogan to 6’5.5 which fits being taker is listed 6’7.25” now.
Alex 6'0 said on 7/Dec/22
Cena is 45. If hes lost anything prob an 1/8 no more
viper said on 6/Dec/22
Isn't Josh more 5-10.5

5-10.25 is his height at a low
viper said on 6/Dec/22
Really don't think he's lost anything
Alex 6'0 said on 5/Dec/22
Yea strong 6'0 with 5'10.25 Josh. 6'0.25 could be spot on but can't see footwear
Jawilder said on 5/Dec/22
Average guess for peak height is good. He has lost MAYBE 1/8 which would put him at 6’0.25 today. Either way he is for sure a strong 6 footer. I locked him anywhere between 6’0-6’0.25. I think that photo with Josh proves he is a legit 6’0.25 at a low.
Jawilder said on 5/Dec/22
@Josh awesome picture! You just proved Cena is 6’0.25 at least.
QM6'1.5"QM said on 5/Dec/22
viper said on 4/Dec/22

Yeah, totally agreed, Viper.
Then Cavill is about 6'0" flat at most, because Cena a little bit taller (1/4"?!).

I mean we have the same difference as between Cena vs The Rock and Cavill vs Fisher (188cms range).

The Rock is 188cms range.
Cena is 183.5cms
viper said on 4/Dec/22
Too much evidence has shown Cena is
6-0-6-0.25 than 6-0.5
Emil said on 3/Dec/22

Josh has proved his height several times. He's the most legit strong 5'10 guy you can come across
Smoosh said on 2/Dec/22
Unless josh proves his height, I’m calling bull . You look 5’9 tops
Editor Rob
Josh is strong 5ft 10 at his lowest.
miko said on 1/Dec/22
We all know Cena is comfortably over 6'0. That photo with Josh proves it yet again.

A solid 6'0.5 in my estimation.
QM6'1.5"QM said on 30/Nov/22
Really great and amazing photo, Josh B ;)

Way back then, before WrestleMania 28, Cena and The Rock had many shoots standing face to face. You can google. And the most realistic difference was 1.5 or about 2inches!
Maybe even between 2010-14 The Rock was a solid 6'2" tall. Kinda 6'2.5" peak. I believe peak!! The Rock was really close to 6'3.75" in the morning/ an inch less in the evening. Maximum!!!

Cena is 183.5cms (and Cavill probably 1/4" shorter)
The Rock is 188cms.
QM6'1.5"QM said on 29/Nov/22
josh b said on 26/Nov/22

If Josh is a 5'10.25" guy then Cena is a strong 6'footer like 6'0.25", or 6'0 1/8" or something else. Def 183cms range.
What's about shoes ?!))
josh b said on 28/Nov/22
I am 5’10.25 before bed and about an inch more first thing.
Rsingh said on 27/Nov/22
josh b,how tall are you though?
josh b said on 26/Nov/22
Click Here
My photo from a recentish convention, cool dude.
Editor Rob
Great to see you met him, can look over 6ft flat there.
Kenzo said on 18/Nov/22
I think that Cena is a fraction away from 6ft 1
(Billythetreesurgeon) said on 17/Nov/22
I’d guess cena at 183 - 184 he doesn’t look that tall because of his build, extreme low probably just under 6ft by a whisker
Journal said on 10/Nov/22
5'7 and a fraction said on 1/Oct/22
Doubt he's shrunk

• 6'¾ peak,
6'⅜ current.
Iggy said on 6/Oct/22
Rob, I’ve been meaning to ask you what your estimate of Austin Theory’s height is? He wears larger than average lifts and claims 6’1.
5'7 and a fraction said on 1/Oct/22
Doubt he's shrunk
MaskDeMasque 5'9.5 said on 27/Sep/22
From what ive seen he generally looks around the 184cm mark. He looks like a giant in the pic above though lol
QM6'1.5"QM said on 17/Sep/22
Big Show said that John Cena is stronger than Brock Lesnar.
And in another interview someone's mentioned Cena was one of the greatest and strongest wrestler of all time (industry means).
Journal said on 12/Sep/22
6'0¾ peak,
6'0¼ current.
houss said on 11/Sep/22
No one is natural in the wrestling industry and bodybuilding
Journal said on 8/Sep/22
James B 172cm, he might've not been natural, but his bone structure and broadness is.
Not many "even with PEDs" can achieve a physique like him.
I'd say, whatever he was, during his prime, roids sure did help, but it was mostly because of his genetics.
James B 172cm said on 5/Sep/22
Lesnar is not a hundred percent natural though
Journal said on 4/Sep/22
Space said on 3/Aug/22

I’m in my late 20’s, I’m 6’1.5” 235-240lbs 15% bodyfat. I usually only follow the ufc heavyweights and pro wrestlers who look like they were created out of a laboratory by a scientist because it’s inspiring to try to attain their physique..

• You're at a decent shape, that's a cool way of doing it, and I remember few years ago, I wanted to have a physique like Lesnar, but that was until I realized Lesnar is Lesnar, and I'm me. Don't have the big broad boned body like him. Also was the time I realized I want to have a bit thin V shape body, currently am not exactly that.

also remember Brock looking almost twice the size of Goldberg at WM 33 2017. Brock had to be 275lbs in that match.

• Yeah, during that time, he looked around easily around 280, but he was a little loose, and fatty there, was an absolute unit at WM 29 though with being broader and bigger, in addition to being more ripped and having less body fat %.
Public Enemy said on 30/Aug/22
@James B 172 cm
I am 187 cm in the evening. I swim a lot and walk but don’t do much else. At 83 kgs I look trim but not skinny. I did weight training years ago and got up to 87 kgs but never looked ‘big’. Am pretty thin boned.
James B 172cm said on 30/Aug/22
Public Enemy said on 29/Aug/22
@James B 172 cm
Do you take protein shakes. I know a guy who does who always takes after a daily workout. He’s out on mass since taking but interestingly when he stopped for about two weeks he did lose a noticeable amount of size. I don’t take the stuff as I am happy with my weight of 83 it’s and prefer looking athletic as opposed to ‘big’.

No I dont take protein shakes

How tall are you by the way?
Public Enemy said on 29/Aug/22
@James B 172 cm
Do you take protein shakes. I know a guy who does who always takes after a daily workout. He’s out on mass since taking but interestingly when he stopped for about two weeks he did lose a noticeable amount of size. I don’t take the stuff as I am happy with my weight of 83 it’s and prefer looking athletic as opposed to ‘big’.
James B 172cm said on 26/Aug/22
Alex 6'0 said on 20/Aug/22
James B, 5'8 180-185 is solid. I feel even 200 at 5'8 as long as more muscle is good

I lift weights a lot but can last 160s range
Rhys 6'1" said on 22/Aug/22
@Most Legit 6'3 not necessarily, I was skinny my whole life and couldnt put on weight for the life of me but after a few solid years of bulking and lifting I now hang at around 200 lbs, maybe 10ish % body fat. just takes a lot of time and hard work. to be fair tho to get to cena's size it is a lot about genetics but I don't think he is all natty either.
Space said on 21/Aug/22
Yeah this post about perfect weight per height isn’t making sense to me.

You can have one guy who’s 6’2” and his frame/bone structure is not wide/skinny. His “ideal” weight may be 180lbs at 15% bodyfat.

You can have another guy who’s 6’2” and wide as a doorway/huge bone structure, and his ideal weight is 240lbs at 15% bodyfat.

Those differences in bone structure at the same height are absolutely out there walking around.
Alex 6'0 said on 20/Aug/22
James B, 5'8 180-185 is solid. I feel even 200 at 5'8 as long as more muscle is good
James B 172cm said on 20/Aug/22
Most Legit 6'3 said on 19/Aug/22
Guys like Cena and Lesnar are just naturally huge. I’m 6’3 and at my biggest, I was 190 and when I first hit 6’ at 14, I was only about 140. It all comes down to genetics.

They have been known to take steroids
Most Legit 6'3 said on 19/Aug/22
Guys like Cena and Lesnar are just naturally huge. I’m 6’3 and at my biggest, I was 190 and when I first hit 6’ at 14, I was only about 140. It all comes down to genetics.
Arch Stanton said on 19/Aug/22
Exactly Alex haha, google image the NHS height weight chart and it says you at 140 lbs would just be within healthy range! Mariusz Pudzianowski was about 6 ft I think, and a total freak, had the most impressive physique for a strongman I thought. I generally don't like the look the strongmen have but he was the most athletic looking and lowest bodyfat for a competitor I can remember.
James B 172cm said on 19/Aug/22
Alex-What do you think a nice size is for someone who is 5ft8?
Alex 6'0 said on 18/Aug/22
Those charts have 6'0 at 149-188lbs range being healthy. 188lbs id look too slim. Couldn't imagine 149. Id be in the hospital! I can see 180-190 at 6'0 healthy but below that is too light. Not saying be 240 but 200 at 6'0 is a nice size.
James.B 172cm said on 18/Aug/22
Personally I think people with 28 BMI and relatively low bodyfat are very rare. You'd need to have at least 2 out of these 3 things: regularly bodybuild for 5-10 years, steroids, god-tier muscle-building genetics.

Even many bodybuilders who train for years might barely be overweight (i.e. 25.1).

A lot of bigger guys overestimate their muscle mass and have more to lose than they think they do.
James.B 172cm said on 12/Aug/22
Yeah I know what you mean there very biased arch
Arch Stanton said on 12/Aug/22
How do you define "perfect" though James! Those medical encyclopedias never take into account men who lift weights. According to the height weight chart of the NHS I could be 65 kg at my height and still low end of "healthy" range, that's 143 pounds. I'd be on death's door at that weight! Under 180 pounds and I'd be skinny minny!
James.B 172cm said on 10/Aug/22
Apparently to find your perfect weight take your height in cm-100.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Aug/22
Anthony Joshua I think is typically in 240s range at about 6 ft 6, Click Here imagine how much more muscle you'd need to weigh the same as him at 6 ft-6 ft 1 and 8% bodyfat! Joshua was called "too big and heavy" when he weighed in at 254 lbs! Cena is a beast, 225-230 sounds like a nice weight for him.
James B 172cm said on 10/Aug/22
Cena may be a big guy but Lesnar his size is not natural. He's likely done steroids.
Alex 6'0 said on 8/Aug/22
Cena at 250s was huge especially lean. Even now if we got him 225-230 hes even leaner but also lost muscle mass. Still a big guy in general.
Space said on 6/Aug/22
I think there’s other factors into play such as bone structure/frame size. Not every guy who’s similar in height has the same bone structure/frame size regardless of muscle mass. For instance I never thought Arnold’s frame was anything beyond ordinary large, but he had so much muscle mass that it made him much much larger of a person.

Someone like Brock Lesnar could get sick from diverticulitis and loose all of his muscle mass, but his frame is still extra large. I know we used that example of Brock in 2019 where he looked like he lost a lot of his mass, but in my opinion his bone structure still remains extra large.

Those 2 might not be the best examples, considering they are both freaks of nature in their own aspects, but I can’t think of any other examples at the moment, so hopefully that makes sense.

For me I just checked I’m now at 16.6% bodyfat at 237lbs at 6’1.5”. I do cycle Sarms though which obviously helps.
Alex 6'0 said on 6/Aug/22
I'm 6'0 240 but my bf % is higher. Somewhere between 20-25% but not exactly certain. Still pretty big and muscular just not lean
Journal, 6'5 1/4 /196.2 cm said on 5/Aug/22
I'm already very tall, but bulking up to be big, when I'll be 20 as an adult, I have my ideal weight at 290 Ibs with mostly muscles.
James.B 172cm said on 5/Aug/22
I am 171-172cm currently weight 160 lbs. Sure I am lean guy who exercises and often lifts weight but compared to you guys on here I am very small.
Arch Stanton said on 4/Aug/22
240 lbs LEAN at 6 ft 1 is monster territory. We're talking Arnold in his bodybuilding prime. I know how I currently look at 200 lbs lean and the idea of having 40 lbs more muscle would look ridiculous!
Alex 6'0 said on 3/Aug/22
Space you're big dude too. Pretty similar in size to me but 1.5 inches taller.

I'm 38 but nobody guesses me it. I get guessed 30 or so often
Space said on 3/Aug/22
Brock may have been 280lbs in the Goldberg WM 33 match while Goldberg looked 235-240lbs there..

It’s amazing how they looked in comparison to wrestlemania 20 where Goldberg was pushing 270lbs back there..
Space said on 3/Aug/22

I’m in my late 20’s, I’m 6’1.5” 235-240lbs 15% bodyfat. I usually only follow the ufc heavyweights and pro wrestlers who look like they were created out of a laboratory by a scientist because it’s inspiring to try to attain their physique..

As for Brock in 2019, although he did have moments where he did look skinnier (possibly 255lbs at the lowest) there were moments where he looked 265lbs or more in 2019 such as his stent with Cain Velasquez..

I may have to agree with you that Brock was his biggest/heaviest ever in 2013 WM 29 vs Triple H. He looked 285-290lbs then. I don’t think Brock ever hit 295lbs in 2002 however. It looked like he maintained 280lbs mostly in 2002.

I also remember Brock looking almost twice the size of Goldberg at WM 33 2017. Brock had to be 275lbs in that match.

At the end of the day, it’s hard to guess his exact weight, but you can definitely see the fluctuations.
6'5/ 195.58 cm said on 2/Aug/22
Alex, I thought Canson, Viper and all of you were around your 20's, but well, it turns out to be more than what I assumed.
6'5/ 195.58 cm said on 2/Aug/22
I have a stadiometer at my house, but not the weighing scale, that was an old damaged numbers of inaccurate scale at my Granpa's that I measured 250 Ibs haha, recently I went to a pharmacy just to ensure that I'm 250, until I was measured at 2 hundred and 9 freakin pounds, although I guess it's ideal for me as I currently stand at 6'5¼/196.2 cm on an active day, and am still only 16.
Alex 6'0 said on 1/Aug/22
6'5, yea 6'0 240. Lol yea I'm pretty big. Higher body fat % but alot of muscle too

James B, 198 is very unlikely. Ive been there years ago. In time i will prob end up cutting but not to 190s
Alex 6'0 said on 1/Aug/22
Brock in 02 looked close to that 295 billing. Easily 280
6'5/ 195.58 cm said on 1/Aug/22
Space, I'd say the heaviest Lesnar was around his first WWE run at 2002, and the biggest was at 2013's WrestleMania 29. If you look closely, he was more ripped in the early 2000s, but with some fats on as well was the biggest at WrestleMania 29 while weighing lighter.

When it comes to 250 for Lesnar, I believe he was, at around this year's brawls and segments, cause how can he possibly weigh more than Ngannou who now has bigger biceps and is more ripped than him? But 260 might still be Arguable for the current Lesnar.

And when it comes to 2019's Lesnar, I can bet anything on that, that he was in fact, no more than 250 then, dude wasn't looking anywhere near the Lesnar we all knew, he was really thin and his entire body including his arms as well.
Space said on 1/Aug/22
@ 6’5

I’m just not seeing where he was only 250lbs. In his 2021 return as the bearded butcher you could tell he lost a tiny bit of size, but he still looked 260 minimum to me.

I’d say the biggest Brock ever was was in 2002. There were some segments in 2002 where he looked yoked beyond belief probably 280lbs or more.

He slimed down for his match with Goldberg in 2004, he was probably 265lbs then.

He went of the steroids and weighed at 262lbs for his K1 Pride fight in 2007.

He started to bulk up a little more as he entered UFC, cutting to 265lbs for the weigh in, and looked like he stayed around 265-270lbs for the actual fights.

When he came back to wwe in 2012 you could tell he was still around his ufc weight of 265lbs.. however he continued to bulk up to around 280lbs between 2013-2020..

I would say he looked around 265lbs in his 2021 bearded butcher return… At times he looked 260lbs as the bearded butcher, but no less…

I don’t see Brock dropping to 250lbs anytime soon, he just wouldn’t allow that to happen to himself…
James B 172cm said on 1/Aug/22
Alex you should try and get down to 198 lbs. It's a healthier weight for your height and less stress on your heart
6'5/ 195.58 cm said on 1/Aug/22
Space, 250 was right for Lesnar previously, but I guess he weighs more now, as he was looking bigger in Summer Slam, I'd say 270 for the Lesnar we saw at Summer Slam being a flat 6'2 or even possibly 6'1¾.
Monkey knees said on 31/Jul/22
6ft dead on
Space said on 31/Jul/22
As of today, Brock’s maybe 260lbs on a bad day
Space said on 31/Jul/22
@ 6’5

Brock is not only 250lbs today, that’s comical. I don’t think you realize how big he still is lol. I think everyone would agree with me on this that Brock has not shrunk to 250lbs. Brock still has like 20-25lbs on Roman, and Roman is no small guy.

He ranges from 265-280lbs throughout his wwe/mma career. He looked at least 265lbs in his recent match with Bobby Lashley.
Alex 6'0 said on 30/Jul/22
I rarely watch wwe anymore but ive seen him. Its hard to guess weight sometimes. I'm hovering at 240 at 6'0. He could be slightly bigger than me now or about same
6'5/ 195.58 cm said on 30/Jul/22
No way, he's now leaner and has also lost muscle mass, I'm about 3¼ inches taller than him while having a decent amount of muscles, and weigh in at 250, can't really see him being heavier than me nowadays, but he is my favorite personality not only in the WWE but the entire celebrity count.
6'5/ 195.58 cm said on 30/Jul/22
If you think he does look similar to his UFC 265 days, your thoughts might be fan-derived rather than being real and accepting the crystal clear reality.
Alex 6'0 said on 27/Jul/22
Lesnar looks similar to his 265 ufc days. You think as low as 250? Cena 230 ill agree
6'5/ 195.58 cm said on 26/Jul/22
I'd say 230 at most, no more, it still remains the most accurate guess for Cena, as Lesnar himself is no more than 250 nowadays.
Alex 6'0 said on 23/Jul/22
Cena has claimed 245 and 250 back then. He definitely was 250s at his biggest. Now 230 i can see. Still big guy but just aint like he use to be
Space said on 23/Jul/22
He looks 6’0.25” 230 in his latest appearance.

Closer to 6’1” 250 in his prime
Alex 6'0 said on 22/Jul/22
6'5, if we're going 250-255 peak then i can see 230 now. 20-25lbs is noticeable.
Alex 6'0 said on 21/Jul/22
Cena peak was easily 250. He claimed 245 back then as well. Couple years ago claimed 236. Hes that weight max now. I could see 230-235 now. Lost noticeable size but pretty lean.
6'5/ 195.58 cm said on 21/Jul/22
220- 230 would be a fair guess.
6'5/ 195.58 cm said on 21/Jul/22
Risingh, no no bro, he can't weigh around 240 now, haven't you seen his latest appearance? His arms has lost a lot of mass, as well as his entire body. I can bet anything on that. He won't cross over 240, never.
Rsingh said on 21/Jul/22
Today he might be 6ft3/8th of an inch.he can still weigh over 240lbs.
QM6'1.5"QM said on 20/Jul/22
John Cena is a real 6ft guy!!!
He's def fall into this 183cms range barefoot ... can't believe under 5'11.75".
Prime weight was 110kgs.
I'm not sure about steroids and gains, but he did it :)
6'5/ 195.58 cm said on 19/Jul/22
Currently, Cena would most probably be 6'0¼ at most. Though he has lost a significant amount of muscles since his prime. Therefore, weight. I assume 230 ibs, it's saddening old age is taking over.
6'5/ 195.58 cm said on 19/Jul/22
Barefoot feet flat on the ground, Theory would be 6'0 at most just after a good 9 hours after bed, 5'11½ at afternoon, and 5'11¼ before bed.
Daniel Lee said on 15/Jul/22
Theory looks 6'0.5" with lifts, then a weak 6'0 is pretty reasonable, he looks between 5'11.75" to 6'0.5"
Glady said on 3/Jul/22
Austin theory is just flat 5.11 or even 5.101/2, he wears lifts to appear taller to look similar to John Cena. But he is atleast 2 inches shorter than John Cena.
Rsingh said on 30/Jun/22
I think he is still easily over 6ft,he appears shorter because he doesn't wear lifts like Austin theory.
Alex 6'0 said on 29/Jun/22
I'd still question if Cena has lost height. Yea its possible but only a small fraction where not even noticeable
ThanosSlayer said on 19/Jun/22
I honestly feel like in the 2010s Cena looked a solid 6’1”. There’s a lot of segments where he barely looked any shorter than The Rock and Batista etc..
ThanosSlayer said on 19/Jun/22

Cena isn’t 6’0” max.. 6’0.5” has been legit for him in the past.

Charlie Hunnan is 6’0” or slightly more.
Ben - 6'1.5 said on 10/Jun/22

The Rock hadn’t lost height when he had that picture with Routh. He was still young there as you can clearly see. Dwayne has always been a solid 6’2. I don’t think he’s lost any noticeable height to this day. He just wore boots all the time in his WWE days which is what’s fooling you and most other people on here.
Space said on 8/Jun/22
@ christian

I was just trying to tell Alex that Orton is well over 6’2” with that statement. Ortons ideally 6’3.75”-6’4”
ChristianAnthonyPerkins said on 5/Jun/22
I can see that figure for an extreme low.
Space said on 4/Jun/22
@ Alex
Orton is 6’3.5” on a bad day.
Alex 6'0 said on 4/Jun/22
Pierre, i been talking about that 04 face off. Rock looked 1.5 inches less than orton.
Alex 6'0 said on 4/Jun/22
He didn't look anything over 6'2 with Cena is 2011-2012. Cena isn't over 6'0.25. Rock would been 39-40 then. By then a slight loss is possible
ChristianAnthonyPerkins said on 3/Jun/22
Rock's peak was 6'2.5"-6'2.75" IMO. He may have dropped a tad of height by the time of the pic with Routh.
Pierre said on 29/May/22
Randy Orton is absolute max 6'2" here= closer to the camera than Alberto (max 6'2" next to Rob) = Click Here Click Here

Click Here Dwayne wearing type Timberland / Randy = Click Here Click Here =since 0:33

John Cena /Dwayne = Click Here
Ben - 6'1.5 said on 29/May/22
@Alex 6’0

The Rock was never over 6’2. Brandon Routh proved that. Click Here
Alex 6'0 said on 28/May/22
I've seen face offs in the ring where orton was easily 3 inches taller. It could still be about 4 inches in reality. In faceoffs the taller guy will be looking down some losing height. If orton is 6'3.5 that would mean rock wasn't even 6'2.5 at his peak
ChristianPerkins said on 25/May/22
I'd say a 3.5" differece. Orton's leaning more in the pic.
Rukmini Singh said on 25/May/22
He Looks 183 cm to me
Space said on 23/May/22
The average guess of 6’0 1/3” for Cena is one of the most accurate of all the wwe superstars on this site I’d say.
Ben - 6'1.5 said on 23/May/22
Either Orton isn’t a legit 6’4 or Cena was a legit 6’1 prime because there’s no way there’s near 4 inches between them. Click Here
5'7 and a bit said on 21/May/22
6'0 1/4 - 6'0 1/2
ChristianPerkins said on 17/May/22
Alex 6'0 said on 14/May/22
Canson definitely seems 6'4.25 is your typical walking around height. What you did proves it.
Canson said on 14/May/22
@Christian: I tried it yesterday. I got home from work and was 6’4 1/4”. This was around 430 pm. I laid down on the couch to watch tv for a few hours before I got up. I laid on my side however so I probably didn’t gain as much as I could’ve. I got up around 715 and measured and was 6’4 1/2-5/8 range. It was about 194.5. then went and ran some errands and re-measured at 930 and was down to just over 6’4 1/4” when I got back. It was 193.8 cm and stood on my feet until 10 or a little after and was a solid 6’4.25 at that stage. I didn’t try it laying on my back flat however. I think 6’4.25 flat is my normal low these days whereas on a day I don’t do as much standing etc I can be a little over. I stand a lot more now though just to stretch and to make sure my back doesn’t get tight
Canson said on 14/May/22
@Christian: I tried it yesterday. I got home from work and was 6’4 1/4”. This was around 430 pm. I laid down on the couch to watch tv for a few hours before I got up. I laid on my side however so I probably didn’t gain as much as I could’ve. I got up around 715 and measured and was 6’4 1/2-5/8 range. It was about 194.5. then went and ran some errands and re-measured at 930 and was down to just over 6’4 1/4” when I got back. It was 193.8 cm and stood on my feet until 10 and was a solid 6’4.25 at that stage. I didn’t try it laying on my back flat however. I think 6’4.25 flat is my normal low these days whereas on a day I don’t do as much standing etc I can be a little over. I stand a lot more now though just to stretch and to make sure my back doesn’t get tight
Canson said on 13/May/22
@Christian: yea I tried laying down an hour and a half or so once and was 6’4 1/2 to 5/8. Then when it was 3 or 4 I was in the 195 range. But I was back to around 6’4.5 after maybe less than an hour
ChristianPerkins said on 13/May/22
I've never thought of that, but it's very interesting. I'll experiment that one day.
ChristianPerkins said on 11/May/22
By hydration supps, you mean electrolytes? I tend to add electrolytes to my water, whether active or not.
Canson said on 11/May/22
@Christian: I’ve also noticed that it could be the amount of time you are at the extreme low. So in your case, you may be right. If I stay at my extreme low and on my feet to remain at that it’s harder to regain it. I’ve also noticed that when I lay down in the afternoon I can regain height. I’ve gotten back to as high as 6’4 3/4 or near 6’5 at times just being in bed for 2-4 hours on my back but I lose it quickly from being on my feet. Meaning I’ll be back down to around maybe 6’4 1/4” just in a couple hours maybe 3 sometimes less and back to around 6’4 1/2” just within 10-15 minutes. You lose a lot faster if you lay down to regain after hitting the low and then lose again whereas it’s 7-8 hours.
Canson said on 10/May/22
@Christian: I don’t always gain mine back either. Or if I do it may just be a small fraction. I’ve gotten all the way down to 6’4” flat before and only gained maybe a couple mm’s back before I went to bad. It may depend on the surface or the water I drank after working out. I take hydration supplements when I work out too
ChristianPerkins said on 10/May/22
While my loss tend to be more gradual and spread out than yours, I've also noticed that I don't regain my height back as much after a strenuous activity such as gym, like you do, at least not when it comes to sitting. After I lift weights and sit in my computer chair and relax for a few hours, I gain only 1mm back, sometimes none at all. Lying down flat on my bed is a different story though.
Alex 6'0 said on 9/May/22
Sometimes 4-5 hrs up with physical activity you'll hit your low and maintain it
Alex 6'0 said on 9/May/22
Viper, you're usually 6'3.25 midday?
viper said on 8/May/22
Today I went down to 6-3 1/8 after 4 hours of being up, walking a good amount. Strange thing is I lied down for a few hours in the afternoon and still measured it
Canson said on 8/May/22
@Alex: yea an anomaly is
Alex 6'0 said on 7/May/22
Canson, yea so 6'4 1/8 very active days. Extreme lows vary 1/8-1/4 below normal low for people. My lunchtime midday height usually stays throughout rest of day unless even more physical activity.
Canson said on 4/May/22
@Alex: yea if I’m not lounging around, I’m 6’4 3/8” on a normal day around lunch assuming just a normal amount of time on my feet and 6’4.25 in the afternoon onward if I don’t do anything else out of the ordinary. Some days maybe even 193.8 still. If I hit the gym in the afternoon I may come down to 6’4 1/8 or even a bit less but I regain it and shoot back up to 6’4.25 or maybe at least 193.5-.6 if I sit for a while. If it’s a day when I’m sitting on a reclined surface etc I can be 6’4.5 at midday. On the flip side, if I hit the gym before work or am on my feet or if I help some employees lift some equipment being in Facilities, I can get down to 6’4.25” by lunch. I’ve had days when I’ve been slightly below 6’4.25 if I have done all of the aforementioned. I’ve probably been down to 6’4 1/8” by afternoon 12-1pm (since I wake up a little before 5 am some days) with heavy activity. I know for sure I was at about 4 pm when I got home a couple times.
Alex 6'0 said on 4/May/22
Canson, yes a really relaxed day midday you can definitely be 1/4 higher i feel. Any activity can drop height a few mm at least. 6'4.5 midday for you on relaxed day but most days 6'4 3/8 lunchtime?
Canson said on 2/May/22
@Alex: I’ve had days where I’ve been 6’4.5 midday if I’m not as active. Maybe that’s why I thought I was taller previously. May also have to do with when you sit on some couches you sit can also sit that way when you’re in a doctors offices albeit a shorter period of time
ChristianPerkins said on 2/May/22
Got you
Garrett Peduto said on 1/May/22
I think he’s a very honest dude with his height claim
Alex 6'0 said on 1/May/22
Christian i have gotten 6'0.25 midday on stadiometer by nurse in the past to but thats the most id get.
Alex 6'0 said on 1/May/22
Christian, i rarely measure myself but 6'0 1/8 is usually midday and evening 6'0. This is excluding extreme lows. On relaxed days minimal activity i could probably measure 6'0 1/8 low but most days I'm active work and or gym. That 1/8 i dont feel or see any difference lol
ChristianPerkins said on 1/May/22
I thought you were 6'0 1/8" evening all this time.
Jawilder said on 29/Apr/22
@Alex Yeah I remember you posting that. Y’all would be identical most likely
Alex 6'0 said on 28/Apr/22
Jawilder, id love to meet cena. He was at comic con here in ny but i didn't go. It would have been a standing pic. We'd be the same or even if tiny fraction its not noticeable. I'm 6'0 1/8 midday 6'0 evening
Rsingh said on 26/Apr/22
184 cm he is.
Jawilder said on 25/Apr/22
6’0-6’0.25 is a lock for his evening height. Probably within millimeters of Big Alex at a low.
Antonio B said on 24/Apr/22
Hey rob john cena already claim six foot why not just downgrade him to 6’0 ?
miko said on 14/Apr/22
Having seen him up close a few times it's hard for me to buy Cena any less than 6'0.25, he looked a solid 6'0.5. I wouldn't rule out 6'0.5/6'0.75 peak back in 2002, he might have lost a tiny fraction. He looked to have nearly 3 inches on Angle and held his own with Lesnar back in the day when they went face to face.

He's taller than Miz who Rob has at 6'0, and he's similar range to Rhodes who Rob has at 6'0.75. Rhodes looked half an inch taller than Miz about a week ago.

A Cena and Rhodes staredown would be very close.
Alex 6'0 said on 13/Apr/22
Pratt weak 6'2 as in 6'1 5/8-6'1.75
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 13/Apr/22
Chris Pratt is a weak 6’2” in my book.
Tall Sam said on 11/Apr/22
Forgot Cena had a cameo on Parks & Rec, without his baseball cap, could see 1.25-1.5 inches in favor of Pratt.
Alex 6'0 said on 11/Apr/22
Pratt looks 1.5 or so on Cena
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 10/Apr/22
With Chris Pratt:

Click Here
QM6'1.5"QM said on 9/Apr/22
Hillbilly said on 7/Apr/22

Wow. This is so interesting.
I knew that, John Cena always speaking truth about his height.
Then Henry Cavill is 6ft tall as i said even 2-3 years ago
Hillbilly said on 7/Apr/22
I had rigside seats at a wwe house show sometime around 2005. I was against the guard rail as john came by after match annd id put him under 6' but just. I'm precisely 6'1.5" barefoot by noon. John was an inch anda half shorter- eyes at my nostrils ish. I'd pretty well trust his own assesment of 6', likely 5'11.75" or thereabouts out of shoes.
Alex 6'0 said on 3/Apr/22
5'10.75 is bunk for Cena. Likely still a solid 6'0 at 45. Lost a possible small fraction
L.L. said on 3/Apr/22
He is tall
FriedChicken said on 26/Mar/22
Can he be added to the DC Universe category as Christopher Smith / Peacemaker?
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 23/Mar/22
“ Alex 6'0 said on 21/Mar/22
Remember that poster Pierre recently who had Cena at 5'11 and even said 5'10.75. I believe he had to be a troll.”

If he’s 5’10 3/4”, then so many celebrities would need massive downgrades. In fairness, he does look shy of that mark here:

Click Here

But obviously there’s something up with it, because it appears that Tom Hiddleston would be taller than Chris Hemsworth if he stood up straight.
Jawilder said on 23/Mar/22
Cena isn’t over 6’0.25. He could be a flat 6 feet
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 23/Mar/22
With Charlie Hunnam, who Rob has met:

Click Here

Hunnam is giving his head a slight upward tilt, and Cena doesn’t appear shorter. I’m ignoring Charlie’s slight hair advantage.
Alex 6'0 said on 21/Mar/22
Remember that poster Pierre recently who had Cena at 5'11 and even said 5'10.75. I believe he had to be a troll.
ChristianPerkins said on 19/Mar/22
Would like to see Austin Theory added. Maybe 5'10.75"-ish. Looks around that next to 5'11" Pat Mcafee Click Here (Mcafee's 5'11 4/8" NFL combine measurement Click Here Click Here and Theory's footwear advantage Click Here) Also next to maybe 6'0"-6'0.25" Cena Click Here
Alex 6'0 said on 16/Mar/22
Pretty much identical. Even 1/8-1/4 difference you wouldn't notice. 6'0 1/8 afternoon. 6'0 evening or 5'11 7/8 extreme low
ChristianPerkins said on 15/Mar/22
IDK, Alex has said to be 6'0 1/8" at his low, but I think Cena's 6'0"-6'0.25" so could be identical.
(Billythetreesurgeon) said on 14/Mar/22
I think that Alex guy would be taller, but only by like a thinly sliced bit of bread (if you both had the same activity during the day of course)
ChristianPerkins said on 13/Mar/22
@Celebheights 6'1.5"
Carrey's still holding his height surprisingly well at his age (59 at the time of the pic). He makes Cena look more 6'0" flat there, though we can't see footwear. Even more bad news for Cena if Carrey has lost a bit of height in recent years, and still has around 1.5" on him.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 13/Mar/22
With Jim Carrey:

Click Here
ChristianPerkins said on 12/Mar/22
To grow 10in from 12-13 as a boy is quite rare. Most have their biggest growth spurts until older. Also rare is stopping at only 13. I was probably around 175cm at 12 and 180cm at 13, and 196cm now since 19. I never had a sudden huge spurt, just steadily.
Alex 6'0 said on 3/Mar/22
Me and Cena prob identical. Out of bed I'm 6'0 5/8.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 28/Feb/22
John Cena looks an inch shorter than Andy Roddick:

Click Here
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 28/Feb/22
He looks short next to Gerard Butler:

Click Here

It must be uneven ground, because I doubt the difference in height is three full inches between both of them.
nehal said on 21/Feb/22
Rob, have you seen that claim, John Cena in that video if you type 'john Cena cookies Conan'
He said he was 5'2 at the age of 12 with 100 pounds of weight and 6 foot at 13 with 110 pounds and he never grew after 13 and still is the same weight.
Editor Rob
Yeah he's being consistent!
Tall Sam said on 15/Feb/22
On the Peacemaker series his frame is massive (although I think he’s a bit thinned down from his WWE days) and it makes him seem low slung and kind of awkwardly put together a lot for such an powerful guy. You would never guess on his own that Cena would measure a couple inches taller than someone like Andrew Garfield. Cena continues to look pretty tall with his co stars though, except of course Steve Agee.
Slim 6'0.25 said on 13/Feb/22
Reeves would edge out cena
(Billythetreesurgeon) said on 11/Feb/22
Looks near 6ft, but no where near 6.1
Canson said on 11/Feb/22
I think peak height was 6’1 out of bed 6’0.25 afternoon so 6’0 3/8 lunchtime. Close enough to what Rob lists him. Today he looks nothing over 6’0” flat at a low
Dauphine said on 10/Feb/22
I meant slimmer.
Dauphine said on 10/Feb/22
I don't think he is 114 kg, that was his WWE weight and he is noticeably similar. I say he is 105-110 kg now.
Slim 6'0.25 said on 6/Feb/22
Add to the dceu page he plays peacemaker


Mike voorhees said on 6/Feb/22
Most honest claim in wrestling. 6-0.5.
Rowan182.5cm said on 5/Feb/22
As listed looks 183cm minimum 185 max so 184 seems spot on (6'0.5)
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 3/Feb/22
pull off 'Over 6ft' look quite often,but sometimes can look just 6ft, so i think it's became apparent for his range, Joh himself also claim to be just 6ft, what a honest guy, 6'0,5 for John Cena
Sanjay singh said on 20/Jan/22
Legit 6foot1
Jawilder said on 13/Jan/22
Maybe peak he was this height? But now I couldn’t believe anything over 6’0.25”. But has he lost any height? Who knows.
Tall Sam said on 11/Jan/22
He looks pretty solid a lot in The Suicide Squad, with Idris Elba and Joel Kinnaman he often doesn’t seem 2 inches shorter but Cenas posture often seems fairly impeccable whereas Elba is often leaning in a bit more.
berta said on 9/Jan/22
yeah out o bed he is easily 185,5 i think maybe closer to 186 and falls down to 184,3 ish in the evening. I have cena couple mm taller than ford at peak.
miko said on 9/Jan/22
I'd be pretty shocked if he measured much below 6'0.5 at his low.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jan/22
Should clear 6ft1 out of bed
Canson said on 8/Jan/22
@Jawilder: I agree with you and I’m not even so sure he can get 6’1 in the morning. If he’s a guy who gets all the way to 6’0 flat which he may be he may only be 6’0.75” out of bed. But he’s def no less than 6’0” flat at a low
Jawilder said on 6/Jan/22
I really don't see him measuring anything over 6'0.25". I think I've seen enough to say he's definitely in the 6 feet to 6'0.25 range.
Marquis Hicks said on 6/Jan/22
Can he get 6´1 in the morning?
Editor Rob
No doubt he can get that.
Smoosh said on 3/Jan/22
So how tall would that make John? 6 foot maximum? Even the difference between John and Roman Reigns doesn’t look that much.
Editor Rob
Beast near his claim isn't exactly ruled out.
Smoosh said on 3/Jan/22
Rob, how tall does John look here with Mr Beast, who you have at 6’2 1/2?

Click Here

He’s not even standing straight at all and makes John look small.
Editor Rob
He could look 6ft 3
John moss said on 24/Dec/21
John Cena is somewhere between 5'11-6'1 imo. Would you agree rob?
Editor Rob
Last thing I watched with John in was Daddy's Home 2...and funnily, although Jenny isn't that aware of who he is, she did say 'He's a big guy'.

I mean compared to Wahlberg he seemed closer to 6ft flat I though!
Darcy Umbach said on 9/Dec/21
John Cena is at best 5'10". I stood beside him at a WWE event in Edmonton & I am 6'5" & John came up to the bottom of my chin. He came into the crowd to shake my son's hand & we were standing on the same stair. He is not 6'.
Mickie said on 3/Dec/21
I think 6'0.25" is fair for Cena. I think it's most likely that he's claimed 6'0" because he's closer than it than he is to 6'1"... I know people claim heights that are a mix of all sorts of things. Different times of day, without shoes vs with, rounding up vs rounding down, even just flat out made up claims. I have personally claimed to be 6'3", 6'3" and change, 6'3 3/8", and 6'3.5" on various occasions where as the more exact answer is that my measured barefoot height is between 6'3.25"-ish to 6'4"-ish depending on the time of day. I think the odds are Cena within an 1/8" of 6'0.25" if measured in the middle of the day.
Wehrmacht180 said on 28/Nov/21
183 cm
Alex 6'0 said on 23/Nov/21
Miko, to claim 6'1 id have to be no lower than 6'0.75. 6'0.5 i wouldn't round up but i wouldn't say 6'0 either. You have a fraction on me.
miko said on 19/Nov/21
I can measure between 6'0.25/6'0.5 through the morning (close to 6'1 out of bed) but I'd never claim 6'1, I always just say I'm either 6'0 or a touch over six foot if I'm ever asked.

If I claim I'm 6'1 and someone pulls a tape measure out them I'm in a pickle.
Jackie Lee said on 13/Nov/21
@Alex 6'0
You never know. There are people like myself who round down despite being halfway to the next inch. I just feel dishonest to claim something I am not at night time
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Nov/21
berta, Cena is one of the few that's held up well over the years through diet/exercise despite having his share of injuries...his discipline in that regard has kept him from ending up like a Hogan who at his age had already lost a good inch
berta said on 30/Oct/21
i dont think he have lost height. He does a lot of strethcing. But still believe he could have been a 184,5 guy and maybe still is. If he have lost anything then we talk 2-3 mm.
Johno said on 9/Oct/21
I think everyone should chip in and get Alex that photo !!!
Alex 6'0 said on 7/Oct/21
Cena is coming to nyc this weekend for comic con. I was debating on getting tickets but its $150 for photo op with him. Thats too pricey for me lol
Canson said on 7/Oct/21
@Celebheights 6’1.5: yea I think Cena is losing height. I’d have him as taller
Slim 6'1.75 said on 1/Oct/21
Put the suicide squad in his description it was a big hit

Add him to the dc page he played peacemaker

Physique obviously not natural

184.5 peak is possible

183.5 current
Space said on 1/Oct/21
Cena’s listing is more accurate than any of the other OG wrestlers on here

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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