How tall is John Cena

John Cena's Height

6ft ½ in (184.2 cm)

American Professional Wrestling Star and Actor from films like The Marine and 12 Rounds. His billed height in wrestling was 6 foot 1, but in a 2006 Khaleej Times interview he was quoted saying: "I know that I'm 6 feet, 245 pounds" and also said "I am 6 feet. And if I wear cool shoes, I am maybe 6'1."

How tall is John Cena
Cena with Snooki
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6ft 0.41in (183.9cm)
miko said on 26/Mar/20
Peak Shane was taller than peak Vince although obviously Vince's peak is debatable. If Vince was 6'1.25/6'1.5 at his tallest then Shane could have been near 6'2 (although today he seems more 6'1/6'1.25 range).

Click Here
Click Here

Cena looking that tall next to Shane is no surprise as he's a solid 6'0.5/6'0.75 in his best posture. I've seen it first hand.
Vegas' said on 26/Mar/20
I think Cena might be even shorter than Stephanie, closer to camera too Click Here
Pierre said on 25/Mar/20
Click Here = John Cena and Ric Flair listed 5"9' both slouching and same distance to the camera

Click Here =Ric Flair easily closer to the camera and straight and Evander 6"1'/6"1.25' slouching,but even without counting this parameters the difference of height here is bigger than the first pic with John Cena.

In the first pic if Ric Flair is 5"9' John looks maybe a strong 5"11'

Click Here = here 2015 John closer to the camera with advantage of cap does not look taller than Ric Flair even with this advantages

Click Here = here exactly same shoes John closer to the camera than Jimmy Fallon
Click Here = again John closer to the camera this time Jimmy a little bit in poorer posture

Click Here = now John with probably his brown shoes or equal ....tower a bit over Jimmy...

Click Here = around same shoes Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert,Stephen a bit in poorer posture = Click Here

Click Here = Stephen Colbert and 6"0.75' Barack,probably equal shoes= Click Here

By this comparisons John Cena around the same height as Jimmy Fallon(himself very similar to Stephen Colbert's height) is again never even close to barack's height or even 6"0'
Vegas' said on 24/Mar/20
Angle isn't the best but HHH looks to have higher eyeline Click Here

Rob and HHH comparison with Tyson Click Here
Paddy said on 24/Mar/20
This guy looks like a 5'10" guy for some reason, but wow I wouldn't discount 184 cm when he stands next to Undertaker. I'd say Taker was MAX 6'7" in his youth but 6'5" and a bit for Taker now.
Paul 7'11 said on 23/Mar/20
Click Here

Rob, what do you think of this? Shane McMahon has always been as tall or maybe even taller than his dad. Maybe this will upgrade Cena to 6'1 peak?

P.S. This may have been 2005 or 2006 so he might've lost a tiny amount of height compared to his early WWE years.
Editor Rob
Depends what height you have Shane at...but Shane does look taller, how much is debatable.
Pierre said on 22/Mar/20
Comparisons Triple H /John Cena = i'm pretty sure John's brown shoes are not classic shoes.

now 6"1' / 6"1.25' Evander Rob has seen /Ric Flair 2019 = Click Here

Triple H /Ric Flair 2015 = Click Here
miko said on 21/Mar/20
In full posture today HHH, likely measures in the 6'1.5/6'1.75 area. I can't buy all this 6'1 and under stuff. He's likely lost half an inch from his prime, plus now he's bald and doesn't wear boots.
Vegas' said on 21/Mar/20
Another Henry and HHH photo. Rob also met Maryse Ouellet from that photo but she isn't standing fully straight there Click Here
Vegas' said on 20/Mar/20
That's decent shot of Orton, HHH and Cena with front facing camera. All standing in line with similar footwear. Based on top of heads Cenas only about an inch shorter than HHH there and 5+ inches taller than Daniel Bryan.

Orton would gain some more height if his legs were not as outstretched

Click Here
Vegas' said on 20/Mar/20
HHH likely has lost some height in recent years. Here in dress-shoes back in 2002 he has solid 3 inches on RVD Click Here

Rob and older RVD Click Here
Vegas' said on 20/Mar/20
HHH and Mark Henry full length shot Click Here
Pierre said on 15/Mar/20
miko said on 14/Mar/20
I'm 6'0.25 and claim 6'0. I suppose if I really wanted to I could claim 6'1 as I'm that tall out of bed, but if someone pulls a tapemeasure out on me in the afternoon I'm done for haha.

John has claimed 6'0 and 6'1 numerous times, he's bang in the middle at 6'0.5 IMO. He always looks taller than a 6 foot flat.

@miko = Alberto Del Rio is billed 6"5' if my memory is good... = Click Here

Triple H billed 6"4' = Click Here Click Here

Randy Orton billed 6"5' = Click Here = here next to Triple H and Dave Bautista billed 6"6' :D
miko said on 14/Mar/20
I'm 6'0.25 and claim 6'0. I suppose if I really wanted to I could claim 6'1 as I'm that tall out of bed, but if someone pulls a tapemeasure out on me in the afternoon I'm done for haha.

John has claimed 6'0 and 6'1 numerous times, he's bang in the middle at 6'0.5 IMO. He always looks taller than a 6 foot flat.
Canson said on 13/Mar/20
@JamesB: I’m sure you’ll get a 6’0 3/8 or 6’.5” guy that even does it on occasion but they would prob measure similar time to how Rob or some of us would in the afternoon. Otherwise they’d claim 6’1
James B 172c, said on 12/Mar/20
Rob i guess some 6ft.25 guys will round down by claiming just 6ft?
Editor Rob
Yes, I'm sure they do.
Pierre said on 12/Mar/20
QM6'1QM said on 10/Mar/20
Rob, what if Cena absolutely an honest guy and claiming his real height ... I mean he's said about himself as 6ft few times and it's legit argument to thinking about it.
What do you think ??
Editor Rob
Well, I think he is one of the more honest wrestlers. I still feel he would measure a bit taller than 6ft flat though, it's a question of how much for me.

@QM6'1QM @Rob =

I tend to think it's not a question of honesty,the Wrestler Fédération apparently rounded up more or less some of this guys ,this is part of show .
Pierre said on 11/Mar/20
@Paul = Click Here = in this video Booker T stand straighter than the other videos.In the other videos he clearly break his neak but you can not see it because he has long hairs.At around 8:30 and around 8:47 you can see the difference between them = John cena is max 5"11' here too.
QM6'1QM said on 10/Mar/20
Rob, what if Cena absolutely an honest guy and claiming his real height ... I mean he's said about himself as 6ft few times and it's legit argument to thinking about it.
What do you think ??
Editor Rob
Well, I think he is one of the more honest wrestlers. I still feel he would measure a bit taller than 6ft flat though, it's a question of how much for me.
Paul 7'11 said on 8/Mar/20
@Pierre That's not how hunched necks work, my friend. I myself am a hunch neck and it still shows when I'm in neutral straight position.
Zimi said on 8/Mar/20
If he’s claimed 6’0 multiple times I think it would be more accurate to list him as this, he’s probably one of the very few celebrities let alone wrestlers that’s very honest with their legitimate flat height.
Pierre said on 7/Mar/20
@Paul = no Booker T 's neck is around horizontal next to John Cena , he clearly tower him if same posture,watch again the video Booker T is standing in a terrible posture with his neck next to John
Paul 7'11 said on 7/Mar/20
Your links show angles where Booker T is much closer, man. Same with Triple H in the Booker T standoff. Never trust close-up angles like that. And also, Triple H in that picture with Evander shrunk down to 6'1.5 thanks to age.

The first video I linked had Cena and Booker T do that head-butting stare. They both had their necks pushed upright and still turned out pretty even. Booker T only looks taller sometimes because he has a higher waist and less neck.

I always prefer the rather neutral side view of the ring where only lifts can cheat a WWE Superstar's height. IMO, Cena definitely shrunk now because he has a long torso that is more prone to spine compression. It also didn't help that he bulked up big time during 2009.

Just a friendly rebuttal. Let's agree or not disagree.
Pierre said on 6/Mar/20
Paul 7'11 said on 5/Mar/20
Click Here
timestamped at 5:44

Can we make Cena's peak height 6'1 now? Because here he's pretty even with Booker T

You don't take in consideration Booker T completely advances/break his neck here and so lose a lot height like here = Click Here

With around same posture = Click Here Booker T tower him....

Plus maybe 6"1' range for Booker T is a bit rounded up = here is Booker next to Triple H = Click Here Click Here

Now Triple h and 6"1.25' Evander = Click Here
Paul 7'11 said on 5/Mar/20
Click Here
timestamped at 5:44

Can we make Cena's peak height 6'1 now? Because here he's pretty even with Booker T

Click Here
at 7:07 Booker has at least 1/2 inch over Bobby Lashley. And at this point, Lashley was as tall as Cena.
Pierre said on 2/Mar/20
@Vegas = Click Here And Maybe Bobby Hashley had this type of shoes or similar next to Rob...But very difficult to know in a classic posture...If this is the case this means he had very probably elevator shoes ...that could explain why he looks around the same height as John Cena in the ring in classic shoes....and could explain the big difference of height between John Cena and Mark Henry...
And Then = Bobby Hashley would be in fact more 5"11' max and John probably a fraction or two under...
Pierre said on 2/Mar/20
Click Here = What's going on here?

Click Here = and here?Even a lot closer to the camera with an advantageous low angle John looks again easily shorter than Bobby....
Pierre said on 2/Mar/20
Rob guess Mark Henry around 6"2' Click Here . Guessers by 155 votes guess him around 6"1.5' .

John Cena next to Mark Henry = Click Here

John Cena's shoes are looking big next to Bobby Lashley.

Jimmy Fallon wear big shoes sometimes then logically in one event he looks the same height as Stephen Colbert,in another event he tower him.
Canson said on 1/Mar/20
@Vegas: agreed.
Vegas' said on 29/Feb/20
Rob and Bobby Lashley Click Here

Cena and Lashley in 2007 Click Here Click Here full match if interested Click Here
Vegas' said on 29/Feb/20
Rob makes no mention of Renner being in big high shoes, he states Renner has 'slight footwear advantage'. Rob estimated him at 5'8 1/4 in person.

Cena is taller than Fallon in that video because he is taller. Fallon is 5'11 range, Cena 6 foot range. As I have stated a number of times I met Cena in person and he was taller than me (I am a measured 180.5cm barefoot afternoon)

Colbert is shorter than Fallon. 1min 40 they are back to back Click Here
Pierre said on 27/Feb/20
@Vegas =
Jeremy Renner was wearing some big high shoes next to Rob with very possibly lifts.And Rob generally isn't standing as tall as his max height in pics.As I said in my recent comment Jimmy Fallon wear sometimes advantageous shoes imo.John Cena looks taller than Jimmy Fallon in the video"Sticky balls" because he's always standing a bit closer to the camera and the camera is not particularly high and so give a good advantage to John Cena.
Stephen Colbert next to Barack looks something around 178 cm and Jimmy Fallon next to Stephen Colbert does not look taller than him.
Vegas' said on 25/Feb/20
5'8 1/4 barefoot Rob and Jeremy Renner Click Here

Fallon and Renner, that's more than 2 inches, more than 3 inches flat too Click Here

Unless you are arguing Fallon wears lifts because he is over 6 foot in shoes there with Renner

Cena was taller than Fallon Click Here
Canson said on 25/Feb/20
@Pierre: that looks low for Fallon. I would’ve had him taller than Kimmel
Pierre said on 24/Feb/20
@Canson = I have Fallon around 5"10' like Stephen Colbert,Stephen Colbert looks around 3 inches shorter than Barack 6"0.75',and both Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert are looking very similar.
Of course Jimmy or Stephen can look sometimes taller than their real height,particularly if they wear lifts lots of celebrities too...
miko said on 23/Feb/20
He'd measure somewhere between 6'0.25 and 6'0.75. He probably wakes up in the 6'1/6'1.25 range.

I'm 6'0.25 and wake up at a flat 6'1 so with him being a fraction taller than me I'd think he likely cracks the 6'1 mark fresh out of bed.

I'd say 6'0.25 would be an extreme low for him. He likely floats around 6'0.5 most of the day.

He's always in normal footwear and consistently looks over 6 foot with Miz, Rollins, HHH, Hogan, Rock... add to the fact he's claimed both 6'0 and 6'1 for himself, he's smack bang in the middle of both.
Canson said on 23/Feb/20
@Pierre: how tall do you have Fallon?
Pierre said on 19/Feb/20
Click Here = John Cena /Arnold
Click Here = here with probably some lifts
Arnold and his 5"9' daughter = Click Here

Click Here =John Cena clearly closer to the camera,Jimmy Fallon in poorer posture(big space between his feet)both wearing same shoes .Other = Click Here Click Here

John Cena 5"11' max

Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here = Jimmy Fallon /Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert/6"0.75' Barack = Click Here Click Here Click Here
Roderick said on 16/Feb/20
@Canson I agree. 6'0" flat makes perfect sense for Cena.
Canson said on 14/Feb/20
A Downgrade to 6’0” flat would be good
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Feb/20
Taker at his heaviest easily cleared 300lbs by a good 20lbs+. Look at him in the early days...guys was yoked up. Today a lean 260/265lbs
Dmeyer said on 2/Feb/20
I think Cena IS about 6-1,25-1.5in shoes on diesel IS aleast 6'0.5-0.75 shoes on even if hé lost near 1cm at 50 so near 5-11 barefeet , how hé managed to look close to thé rock 6-2.5 but yet looks 5-11-11,25 max near cena
John wilson brown said on 2/Feb/20
@ christian and Edwards

i’ll say probably 300/305 lbs at his heaviest and probably 280 at most of his career .
miko said on 31/Jan/20
Cena with Diesel.

Click Here

In the trailer, there is a pre clip of them toe to toe and it 'looks' like Diesel has a pair of decent sized boots on. Probably not any lifts in them as he'd likely be as tall as 6'0.5/6'0.75 Cena if he was. Certainly rules out yet again this rubbish of John being under 6 foot.
miko said on 31/Jan/20
In the latest Fast 9 trailer, Cena & Vin Diesel have a staredown.

It looks like Vin is in some sort of thick boot so will likely have a footwear advantage, but Cena still has 0.5/0.75 on him standing very straight.
Editor Rob
Here's a link to the moment they square up.
Cena looks taller in wide shot.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 29/Jan/20
Or maybe Undertaker claimed 315, but was misheard and misinterpreted as 350. In that case, 315 was more believable, but not heavier than that. "Three fifteen" and "three fifty" sound similar, and sometimes, people don't pronounce their words clear or slow enough.
edwards said on 28/Jan/20
@ christian

agreed dude.people are trolling around here.people need to realize how big 350 + guy can look.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 26/Jan/20
Yeah, and muscle is more dense than fat, so even when Undertaker was fat in the late 90's, he still wasn't anywhere near 350. His body would've been about Strowman's size if that was the case, as you said.
Dan Trojan said on 24/Jan/20
I don't think the undertaker was ever 350 his average was probably around 280 but i do think when he came back as the biker taker i think he was a little over 300 maybe 305 it was clear he had gained some weight at that point
Dan Trojan said on 24/Jan/20
Canson back in june of last year
edwards said on 24/Jan/20
just because undertaker claims that means he is that ? undertaker also claimed he was 6’8 or almost 6’8 so that means he is 6’8 ? nobody is saying cena is heavier than taker .we’re saying cena has a bigger build than taker,compare his biceps,triceps and chest with taker and cena has obviously the bigger y’all know what a 350+ guy looks like ? guys like strowman is maybe over or near 350 or maybe even over that mark,taker is nowhere near strowman’s size,he maybe almost an inch taller than strowman at peak but he was noway bigger or same as strowman.its just so laughable.honestly people dont have idea what a 350+ guy looks like lol
Canson said on 23/Jan/20
@Dan Trojan: when did you meet Taker?
The Ben said on 23/Jan/20
I've checked to see if I can find the Undertaker article, it was early 2000's so I'm struggling.
ANother guy who was surprisingly fat is Dibiase. He said he hit 350lbs in his retirement.
The Ben said on 23/Jan/20
There was in anterview with taker in a non wrestling publication in the late 90's, early 200's. He said at is heaviset he was fat 350lbs due to being on the road drinking all the time.
I believe it was his late ministry days.
he had no reason to lie, he was saying it in a negattive way. He said he'd been helping Shaq lose weight at the time.
I think this was after hed lost weight, he said he was down to 270-280.
I think he weighs 260-ish now at the least. I have a freind who's 6'7.5 and 260 and he actually looks skinny on such a big frame.
Dan Trojan said on 22/Jan/20
When i met the undertaker i can say that i can't guess an exact weight for him i would guess around 260 definitely not close to 300 he may have been at one point but not today
Tom123 said on 22/Jan/20
Cena is easily 183 cm 6 ft 0.5 inches, but guys seriously ? Undertaker max 280 pounds?
Do you guys even saw him during Ministry days? he was around 290-300 easily back then, and he was even heavier 2000-2002, as American Bad Ass he was really out of shape, easily over 300 pounds, in some magazine he claimed he was almost 350 in 2000.
Click Here Easily 290-300 range, at his height 6'7-6'7.5.
edwards said on 21/Jan/20
@ christian

agreed with everything you’ve said.i doubt peak taker was ever 300 lbs let alone over it.

@ gonzo

even a 6” guy like cena looked bigger than taker.though,taker is taller than cena.
Roderick said on 20/Jan/20
@Christian I can believe Undertaker is only 255lb today.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 19/Jan/20
No offense, but you must be on drugs if you think that Undertaker was 320+ in his prime. He was bigger back then than he is now, but still nowhere near 320.
Roderick said on 14/Jan/20
@gonzo I'm not sure if you know what a 300lb+ guy looks like.

Undertaker NOW is nowhere near the 290 mark. I have an opinion on his weight and it's a lower guess than anybody on this site. I will say that much...
gonzo said on 10/Jan/20
roderick cmon man, undertaker no more than 280 pounds/ 125 kg ? are you kidding ? back in the late 90's and beggining of this century he was clearly at least around 140 kilos/310 pounds if not even 320 pounds , the guy was 6.7 tall and massive, you cant be massive at 6'7 height at 270-280 pounds, you got to be at least over 300, my guess was backe then taker at his peak was around 6'7 tall and around 310-315 pounds not less, then he lost some weight and in the last 15 years he is in the 270-290 range.
houss said on 8/Jan/20
@pierre you have problems my friend
Desmondg said on 4/Jan/20
Rob,how tall is Jeff hardy ?
Editor Rob
Can look close to 6ft
Roderick said on 28/Dec/19
On the topic of size, anybody know what happened to Kane in late 2002? He was for sure at his smallest in his entire career and if we are honest he looked the same size muscularity wise as guys like Test or Bradshaw. He did put on a lot of size back on during mid-2003 not long before his unmasking but I really wonder what happened. Did he get injured in 2002?

If I had to guess the weight of the big guys, I'd say

Kane's heaviest was 300 or more

Undertaker was never more than 280

Big Show was pushing 500 in 2006

*Kane says he weighed 320 pounds in his new book
Darian said on 26/Dec/19
I just can’t see John Cena being 6’0.5” and claiming 6’ flat, most likely I think he is 6’/6’0.25” like John Travolta in his prime!
Nik Ashton said on 24/Dec/19
@ viper - It’s very nice to see!
viper said on 24/Dec/19
It's shocking how honest he is
edwards said on 23/Dec/19
@ christian

agreed dude.i doubt taker ever was over or close to 300 lbs at any point of his career.if cena was 6'6 now or ever 6'7 like taker,he would dwarf taker by huge margin.he looks physically much bigger than taker.cena honestly looks too big for his height and looks jacked than undertaker.honestly,cena looks bigger than undertaker.the only advantages taker has over cena is he is taller.taker's biceps and chest are small for his height.i agree and i doubt he was ever close or over 300 lbs but for kane,kane maybe 300 and i woudnt rule out possibility of kane being closer to 300.
edwards said on 23/Dec/19
@ mikey97

i agree that cena is lot younger than taker.but even when they met in 2004 when both were in prime,cena was clearly bigger.
how is it a messed up ?
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 23/Dec/19
You're right. There's no way that Undertaker's 309lbs, yet Cena's only 250. I don't think Taker was ever close to 309, but especially not today.
Roderick said on 22/Dec/19
I'm of the believe that Cena is honest with his 6'0" claim.
Mikey97 said on 22/Dec/19
To be honest it's kinda messed up to compare Undertaker to a former bodybuilder who used steroids (who is also way younger, lol).
edwards said on 21/Dec/19
john looks very big for a 6 footer or 6 feet guy.his biceps,triceps and chest looks much bigger than guy like undertaker who is 6'5.5-6'6.cena obviously is bigger than taker,it is obvious that taker is taller but cena looks to be bigger or atleast his body frame looks bigger than guy like taker intrestingly.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 21/Dec/19
Alright, no problem.
Alex 6'0 said on 20/Dec/19
With Joey he looks no more than 6'0
Canson said on 18/Dec/19
@Christian: I meant Merriman. My bad for the confusion
Canson said on 18/Dec/19
@Vegas: I know what Maryland listed him at officially but there were other listings (Viper pointed them out) where he was listed at 6’10”. Either way he measured (early morning) at 6’6.75” meaning 6’6.25 is more likely
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 17/Dec/19
Do you mean his wrestling billed or football billed?
Vegas' said on 17/Dec/19
Carter is listed 6'9 on official college page Click Here

Hardy's looked solid 6 foot in person. Matt seemed maybe a little taller but I did meet them at different times, 2009 for Matt, 12 for Jeff. Jeff was also in a bar where TNA talent used to hang out after tapings in Orlando.
Canson said on 16/Dec/19
@Viper: right. 6’4” is the highest I’ve seen him billed
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 16/Dec/19
I've seen Matt billed as high as 6'3" before, where I haven't seen Jeff being billed higher than 6'1". (maybe he has, but at least I've never seen it before)
heightchecker34 said on 14/Dec/19
Hardy Boys have been tricky to pin point, and sometimes they look the same height at times. But for the most part I have believed Jeff is taller of the two, although the difference is slight. Matt is 6'025 cause he looks the same height as Christian, who I can never buy as a flat 183 cm guy. And Jeff would be 6'075 which satisfies me cause he never looked a full 6'1 guy in scenes with John Cena and Triple H but still would have 1/2 inch on his brother.
viper said on 12/Dec/19
At least Dwayne has a 6-5 listing to point to unlike Merriman
Canson said on 12/Dec/19
Vegas' said on 18/Nov/19
A 6'1.5 max Dwayne Johnson would mean Rob is quite a bit off on many of his estimates btw not to mention he was listed 6'5 at times in college football at Division 1 level..a 3.5 inch overlisting

Craig Ferguson Rob has at 6'1 (6'1.5 peak), 37 seconds Click Here
Rob has Jonathan Ross at 6'1, 16 seconds Click Here
Rob has Arnold Vosloo at 6'1 3/4, Johnson with clear footwear disadvantage there too Click Here

While I agree with you that he probably isn’t 6’1.5, There have been guys that have measured 3” below their listing at the combine in sports. Earl Boykins was listed 5’8 and measured 5’5”. Then some basketball players like Robert Carter were once listed 6’10 and turned out early morning at the combine to be 6’6.75 (not even an afternoon height). Meaning they could be 1/2” lower in the afternoon. Not to mention, Rock is not young. I could believe that Rock was something like 6’2.5 or .75 peak and is around 6’2 or a tiny hair over today
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 12/Dec/19
That could've influenced WWF to list him as 6'5".
Canson said on 10/Dec/19
@Christian: wow never knew that. I thought he was listed 6’4”.
joe ### said on 8/Dec/19
joey is a little close to the camera and widened the gap a bit but i think john cena is 6'0 max.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 7/Dec/19
Here's his 6'5" college listing. Click Here
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 7/Dec/19
Didn't you once say that the Hardy brothers were around 6'0.5" before though?
Editor Rob
Yeah, but last time I seen Matt he was barely 6ft...
Joeyb33 said on 3/Dec/19
I’m 6 foot 2.25

Click Here
Xpac99 said on 27/Nov/19
How tall is matt hardy?
Click Here
Click Here
6ft 1/2?
Editor Rob
Somewhere in 6ft range
Canson said on 20/Nov/19
@Viper: last Thursday Tony Gonzalez looked taller than Strahan at times. It probably was the camera. But Strahan may not be as tall as he was in his prime. He’s almost 50 and has dealt with numerous injuries. He didn’t look it with Kobe either. To put into perspective if the combine was really that early in those days those two would be a hair under 6’4”. Strahan in his prime looked 6’4”
Roderick said on 19/Nov/19
Obama has always been 6'1" IMO, hasn't shrunk.
viper said on 19/Nov/19
I don't think it was a camera angle where Cena looked 6-2.5-6-3 with Strahan.
Canson said on 19/Nov/19
@Vegas: I can’t remember him ever being listed 6’5” in college. Maybe 6’4”. Maybe he’s lost height tho since his prime. 6’2 today 6’2.5-6’3 peak perhaps
Vegas' said on 18/Nov/19
A 6'1.5 max Dwayne Johnson would mean Rob is quite a bit off on many of his estimates btw not to mention he was listed 6'5 at times in college football at Division 1 level..a 3.5 inch overlisting

Craig Ferguson Rob has at 6'1 (6'1.5 peak), 37 seconds Click Here
Rob has Jonathan Ross at 6'1, 16 seconds Click Here
Rob has Arnold Vosloo at 6'1 3/4, Johnson with clear footwear disadvantage there too Click Here
Vegas' said on 18/Nov/19
With the right camera angles you can have Cena looking similar height to rock yes eg Click Here
Pierre said on 17/Nov/19
Vegas' said on 17/Nov/19
Obama photos you can't see ground, stance or footwear and Obama is closer to camera. Those are not good sources of reference

Compare Obama next to Jimmy Fallon and Johnson next to him on video

What is the probability the floor was not regular here? both men are very close one to the other one in some pics then Dwayne really isn't lucky if Barack has the advantage of the floor.
Click Here Click Here = here we can see a regular floor and also a bit the shoes that are looking very similar. Click Here =here both men are very close one to the other one ,even if Barack is standing closer to the camera i think we can imagine the difference between their respective heights,the camera is at a good height.Barack looks a bit shorter but Dwayne is standing straighter....the difference is slim here Click Here Click Here ....From there i can say John is standing closer to the camera than Dwayne too = Click Here .... But is John looking only a fraction shorter than Barack....=Nope.John isn't even close to the 6"0.75' of Barack

Jimmy Fallon wear very probably lifts sometimes then the comparison with him...
Vegas' said on 17/Nov/19
Obama photos you can't see ground, stance or footwear and Obama is closer to camera. Those are not good sources of reference

Compare Obama next to Jimmy Fallon and Johnson next to him on video
Public Enemy said on 15/Nov/19
Good reference for other wrestlers height. Current 184 cm. Honest guy , rounds down a wee bit.
Pierre said on 11/Nov/19
@Roderick = Dwayne is standing as straight as a I next to Barack,Barack isn't standing perfectly straight like Dwayne.I can buy 6"1.5' big max for Dwayne with Barack 6"0.75' that i think it's a realistic guess for Barack.
Roderick said on 10/Nov/19
@viper There was also a photo where Cena looked the same height as a 6'3" listed baseball player.
viper said on 9/Nov/19
He really looked 6-2.5-6-3 with 6-4 Strahan halftime of the Thursday night game.

It was wild
Canson said on 9/Nov/19
@Viper: not in this pic. He looks a solid 6’0”. In hard pressed to believe Strahan is more than a solid 6’4”.

Click Here
viper said on 7/Nov/19
He looks 6-2.5 next to Michael Strahan on video.

Must be wearing lifts
Roderick said on 4/Nov/19
Am I the only person that thinks he looks over 6'1" flat with Obama. I see 1 inch between the two. So if Obama is minimum 6'0.75", that puts Rock at a chance of 6'2" still.
Pierre said on 31/Oct/19
@Jackson =Lol ,no Jackson ,a Dwayne Johnson standing perfectly straight is 6"5' lol = Click Here
Jackson said on 30/Oct/19

Oh okay great pic! So you have The rock at 6’1” flat?? Hahahaha
Pierre said on 29/Oct/19
Jackson said on 28/Oct/19
Great accurate listing.

Click Here

If anything shorter than 6’0.5” Then the rock would need a gigantic downgrade and I think the rock pulls off 6’2” still.

Ahahah Jackson! Why don't you post this when both in same posture? = Click Here .... =difference here no less than two inches ....
Jackson said on 28/Oct/19
Great accurate listing.

Click Here

If anything shorter than 6’0.5” Then the rock would need a gigantic downgrade and I think the rock pulls off 6’2” still.
Pierre said on 27/Oct/19
Click Here = in this Bret Hart slouching a lot...
Pierre said on 25/Oct/19
@ Vegas = Click Here = John Cena does not look really taller than Bret Hart here and

Brett is not even standing as straight as John ,this pic is from 2012. The pic Bret /Rob = 2008,Rob guessed him 5"11' here
Other= Click Here in your pic Bret look shorter but more space between his feet than John and poorer posture imo and John has the advantage of the cap
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Oct/19
I think a prime Reeves might’ve had the edge Berta.
viper said on 25/Oct/19
There is no evidence Lesnar measured

He looks nothing more than 6-1 with Cena
viper said on 25/Oct/19
Trump is only in his early 70s
berta said on 24/Oct/19
184,5 cm guy. he can look either 184 or 185 half the time. it would be interesting to see him beside a guy like keanu reeves. they could probably look identical today.
Vegas' said on 24/Oct/19
Vince and Trump was early 2007, they are both in their mid 70s now and obviously shorter than ~13 years ago.

As stated previously I met Cena in person. He was taller than me and I was measured 180.5cm barefoot at about 12-1pm on a stadiometer by my doctor.

Cena is bending his neck looking down at Kurt Angle in that photo. That's Cena standing straighter Click Here Click Here Alex personally measured by Rob at 6 foot 1/8 barefoot met Angle over a decade ago and said he looked 5'10 in person. Obviously with injuries and surgeries he likely is below that today.

Brock Lesnar was supposedly measured 6'2 1/4 barefoot at 2004 NFL combine Click Here Click Here if Cena isn't max 5'11, Brock isn't much over 6 foot..

Rob met Bret Hart Click Here Cena and Bret Hart in 2010 Click Here
Sampex said on 23/Oct/19
183-184 range
Roderick said on 23/Oct/19
I think Trump is 6'0"-6'0.5" range but it's hard to pinpoint where exactly IMO.

Cena is just 6'0", not 5'11" flat.
Pierre said on 17/Oct/19
in add to my comment = Donald looks around an inch shorter than 6"0.75' Barack that means Donald is around 5"11.75'.Vince looks nearly 2 inches shorter than Donald that means Vince is around 5"10' range.John cena looks an inch taller than Vince = he's 5"11' nothing over that
Pierre said on 15/Oct/19
Here is John next to Vince McMahon = Click Here Click Here

Here is Vince McMahon next to Donald Trump = Click Here Click Here

Here is Donald next to Barack(6"0.75') = from 0:16 to around 0:29 = Click Here

John Cena 5"11' range here too
Pierre said on 13/Oct/19
@Miko =Cena was young in my pics then Kurt Angle was very probably at his peak....And the difference is not 2.5 / 2.75 inches in my pics...Even with Cena in better posture....Watch the peak of their heads and imagine Cena without his hairs....Cena straight is never 2.5 inches taller than Kurt the difference is around 2 inches.Kurt angle is listed 5"10' peak here but i doubt he was as tall as this mark.The pic at his page next to Alex was made in 2005 apparently then Kurt was at his peak logically ,with probably an advantage of shoe...John cena next to Kurt looks shorter than Alex next to Kurt to me
Smoosh said on 12/Oct/19
Pierre I can you tell you for certain Zach Sabre Junior isn't a full 6 foot. He was one of my trainers in the UK and I'm just under 6'0 and I am still taller than him.
miko said on 12/Oct/19
Cena was somewhere around 2.5/2.75' taller than a peak Angle. Today it would be more as Angle has lost height and his knees are a mess.
Pierre said on 10/Oct/19
Other pic John Cena and Kurt Angle Click Here
Pierre said on 10/Oct/19
John Cena and Kurt Angle Click Here Kurt Angle and Zack Sabre JR listed 6"0' =

Click Here .....
Nik Ashton said on 6/Oct/19
It would have been so easy for him to lie!
TheBat said on 5/Oct/19
True 6'0.5". Possibly a hair or a bit shorter than Henry Cavill, both either way are very close in height.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 4/Oct/19
@fred rosser
While there are few who downgrade their height, I don't think that the majority of them do it intentionally though. I've seen some cases where a person measured their height as a teen, and they grew after that, without realizing it. This is just my guess, but I'd say maybe only 20% of people who downgrade are doing it on purpose.
fred rosser said on 3/Oct/19
Most people inflate their height intentionally or some do it unintentionally. But there are many modest people who don't. Actually some downgrade themselves. Cena is not 6ft flat (atleast not in his peak). Peak Cena was 184-185 cm dude. I don't know if he lost any height ..
Smoosh said on 1/Oct/19
He looks very average here

Click Here
Nik Ashton said on 30/Sep/19
I take my 🎩 off to this guy for his honesty! He can have comment no. 2450!
Nik said on 29/Sep/19
I would love to see a photograph of him with Shane McMahon!
fred rosser said on 29/Sep/19
The Rock DOB is 2.5.1972,
prime young rock low - 6'3-6'3 1/2 range. 6'3 1/4 i think.
see rock next to young dlo brown - he easily looks 6'3 or more (but not under 6'3)
also. rock lifts weights and he's getting older - that def knocked some ht off of him
Johan 185 cm said on 26/Sep/19
Click Here

Lot more than 4cm between them. Easily 2 inches.
Pierre said on 26/Sep/19
The Rock is around the same height as Barack and John si clearly two good inches shorter than the

Rock....Barack around 6"0.75' means The Rock is around 6"1.25' means John is around 5"11'...(Watch

recent comment and pics here)
Canson said on 25/Sep/19
@Junior: Cena isn’t more than a solid 6’0” I doubt. Rock is about 2” taller making him 6’2” which is how he usually looks
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 25/Sep/19
I wouldn't thought The Rock is more than 6'2 if Cena is really only 6'0.5".
Pierre said on 24/Sep/19
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 17/Sep/19
Rock's more than just 3cm taller.

@ Christian = Yeah a difference of two good inches to me
Roderick said on 17/Sep/19
John Cena has always been 6'0"
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 17/Sep/19
Rock's more than just 3cm taller.
Paul the Puppeteer said on 17/Sep/19
If Lesnar is or was an undoubtedly 6'2 guy, how tall does that make Cena here? He didn't seem to wear any chunky shoes during 2003 so that picture plus his staredown with Booker T meant he was 6'1 at his very peak.

Click Here

I say that because Cena had a visibly longer neck compared to today and a lot of his height comes from his upperbody versus Booker T and Brock Lesnar (who have long legs for their height) which makes him more prone to height loss later in life.
Johan 185 cm said on 17/Sep/19
Always looked a comfortable 6 footer. Not a guy who took many risks in his wrestling career so his loss if any is probably very little.
houss said on 17/Sep/19
If he's 183 cm that makes the rock only 186 cm which i do believe
Pierre said on 16/Sep/19
Lol = again = 6"0.75' Barack not perfectly straight and Dwayne straight =

Click Here Click Here =

difference maybe 0.5 inch = Dwayne 6"1.25' max

John Cena and Dwayne = Click Here = here John Cena a little bit

closer to the camera

Click Here =here same distance to the camera = bye bye 6"0' hello

edwards said on 16/Sep/19
I doubt cena is under 6’
K.A 188 ! said on 16/Sep/19
Are folks in here still throwing 5ft11... C'mon.. Cena has always looked a big 6footer all is career him and the Miz are good example of solid 6footer that never deep below the 183 mark.
Jackson said on 15/Sep/19

5’11” for Cena?! My goodness you downgrade the heck out of everyone lol....
Canson said on 14/Sep/19
183cm at a low. 185 out of bed.
Riccardo 5'7" said on 14/Sep/19
"If I wear cool shoes maybe I'm 6'1" is a weird thing to read most of all coming from someone who always saw other people wear lifts and very "cool" shoes for all his career.

Btw hard to see him under 183cm
cmillz said on 12/Sep/19
lol @ 5’11
Pierre said on 6/Sep/19
imagine if the official wrestling billed height of a guy is 6"1' the probability he's really 6"1'....Alberto Del Rio is listed official 6"5' and looks even under 6"2' next to Rob....

Again Mark Henry / John Cena = Click Here Click Here

Mark Henry / 5"10.25' Josh = Click Here

John Cena to my eyes maybe full 5"11' by this comparisons
Tarinator said on 3/Sep/19
6’0.75” is more believable for John Cena than 6’1” or 6’0.5” but they are very darn close in value.
Canson said on 2/Sep/19
182 looks low. 183 looks better
Jack strong 175cm said on 28/Aug/19
182cm barefoot
Pierre said on 26/Aug/19
Some guys here should look at some recent comments and pics at Dwayne page .
Remember this pics = Click Here Click Here Click Here =here Dwayne slouching and more distant to the around the same distance to the camera Click Here
My guess always 5"11' max for John
184guy2 said on 25/Aug/19
Cena NEVER looked as low as 6' in his entire carrer
He just a modest person who doesn't bother to claim fractions
viper said on 24/Aug/19
An honest wrestler with his height
Canson said on 23/Aug/19
@Roderick: I was hallucinating. I was agreeing with Johan in a sense that he may have been a 6’0 and change guy at his peak, just not 6’0.5 like he’s listed. 6’0.25 is what I meant to say but that conversion made it 6’1.25 lol
Canson said on 23/Aug/19
@Roderick: 1/4” over 6’0 is reasonable but he also just said he’s 6’0” not 6’1” so I doubt he is 6’0.5
Canson said on 23/Aug/19
@Roderick: I think he’s always claimed 6’0”. He was listed 6’1”. Maybe at his peak he was 6’0.25 and today 6’0” flat
Roderick said on 23/Aug/19
@Canson Ooooooh that's much more reasonable. I never thought he was taller than 6'0" but 6'0.25" isn't insane like 6'1.25" would be, haha Lol.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 22/Aug/19
No big deal, everyone makes a calculation error at some point.
Canson said on 20/Aug/19
@Roderick and Johan: I made a mistake. I meant to say he may have been 6’0.25 peak. Not 6’1.25. Man my Conversion was way off there!

@Johan: I was thinking more like 6’0.25 peak and 6’0” today
cmillzz said on 20/Aug/19
I don’t think Cena has lost any height. Has always been a solid 6 footer.
Roderick said on 19/Aug/19
Im horrible with CM because Im American but isnt 186 a tad over 6'1"? Canson dude John Cena doesn't even claim that tall he's a solid 6'0" no more he probably hasn't lost any height
Johan 185 cm said on 19/Aug/19
Canson said on 10/Aug/19
@Johan185: 186 is possible peak. Today tho 6’0” is the most he looks


I disagree Canson I think he lost maybe a 1/4 or a 1/2 at most. I don't see him over the listing peak ; 6'0.5"- 184 cm.
Canson said on 19/Aug/19
@Pierre: I made an error there. I definitely know he isn’t 186. I was agreeing with Johan that he may be 6’0.25 peak
Canson said on 19/Aug/19
@Christian: sorry I wasn’t talking about Cena. Wow I’m losing my mind here. I meant to convert to CM and converted 6’0.25 to 186. I should’ve said around 183-184 not 186
miko said on 17/Aug/19
I doubt John has any height loss yet, he still looks over 6 foot, if he's lost anything we are talking a few millimetres due to lifting. He's still taller than 6 foot guys like Miz etc. Quite impressive given he wrestled a very heavy schedule for 15 years.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 16/Aug/19
186 for Cena? What? He couldn't have lost 3cm of height. If he did at all, I can't see more than 1cm at best.
Pierre said on 16/Aug/19
186? lol it will be the first time i see a wrestler with his official height under his real height!Official height 6"0.5'/ 6"1....and reality "around" 5"11'.
Canson said on 15/Aug/19
@Christian: yep. I was saying 186 or near it is possible peak but not over
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 15/Aug/19
When you said 186 peak, you weren't talking about Cena weren't you?
Pierre said on 11/Aug/19
John 6"0' means Dwayne Johnson is a strong 6"2' but Dwayne looks just a fraction or two taller than 6"0.75' Barack not even perfectly straight as Dwayne in the pics...5"11'range
Canson said on 10/Aug/19
@Johan185: 186 is possible peak. Today tho 6’0” is the most he looks
Dan Trojan said on 9/Aug/19
I have no doubt in my mind cena is a legit 6'0"
Johan 185 cm said on 9/Aug/19
He just can't be under 6', he didn't look less than that next to Joey or Ali Baba. Today he could be 6' flat but I wouldn't argue less than 6'0.25" at the start of his wrestling career.
Pierre said on 8/Aug/19
Watch eventually my comment on 07/August on Dwayne Johnson's page.....You will maybe agree why i always guess 5"11' range for John....
Nik said on 7/Aug/19
@ Canson - 👍
Canson said on 7/Aug/19
@Pierre: 5’11” is too low but 6’0” I can believe
Roderick said on 4/Aug/19
@Canson I think Cena is 6'0" max but Pierre was saying Cena might not even be 5'11".... lol
Pierre said on 4/Aug/19
Cena 6"0' want to say he looks around two inches taller than Josh next to Mark Henry = 0 chances.i can go maybe with 5"11.25',never 6"0' for me
Nik said on 3/Aug/19
He could have easily claimed 6'1"! I am so pleased to give him his 2400th comment!
Canson said on 3/Aug/19
@Junior: I have:

Cena 6’0”
Rock 6’2”
Orton 6’3.75
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 3/Aug/19
There's almost zero chance that Orton's only 3" taller than Cena. It's a solid 3.5" at the very least. I have Cena at 6'0" and Orton 6'3.75" and that seems about right.
Canson said on 2/Aug/19
@Roderick: more like Cena isn’t under 6’0”. He isn’t 5’11” for sure. If anything his peak height may have been a hair over. I don’t think he was as tall as Rob lists him because Cena even said himself he’s 6’0” and 6’1” in cool shoes. I haven’t seen much of him recently though so who knows if he’s begun to lose height or has lost more. It’s the people saying he’s 6’0.5 or 6’1” are the ones I question because he said himself that he’s 6’1” on cool shoes
Roderick said on 2/Aug/19
@edwards At the same time, him being much over 6'0" is also a joke and hard to digest, Lol.
Pierre said on 1/Aug/19
Then explain the comparisons on 29/Jul John Cena /Dwayne Johnson/Barack....
Even if Mark henry wear catch shoes = how much this shoes can give him to practice catch?probably around 2 inches i doubt this shoes are giving him 3 inches to practice catch then he has around one inch more shoes than John ,but this never gives John 6"0' = Click Here .In this pic = Click Here =Mark Henry has probably advantageous shoes too but he completely break his posture here then he lose the benefit of his shoes....And always looks two good inches taller than John...
edwards said on 1/Aug/19
cena being under 6’ is complete ridiculous joke.its so hard to digest lol
Roderick said on 30/Jul/19
Cena looks at least 1.5" taller than Josh in those comparisons. John Cena is definitely not under 5'11".

We do know how tall Arnold is. He is around 5'10"-5'10.5" and most people can agree on that. Cena has Arnold by a good 2 inches.

Cena, if he's under 6ft, it's only by half an inch. No chance under 5'11", just zero.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 30/Jul/19
What i honestly think Cena is 6'0.75",The Rock 6'2.25" and Randy Orton 6'3.75".
Pierre said on 29/Jul/19
@Roderick =why compare John Cena with other guys like Arnold when we don't know his exact height now and when we know the exact height of Josh?John Cena looks clearly around the same height as Josh and clearly not 6"0'range Click Here Click Here =here Mark Henry certainly does not wear his catch shoes.My comparison on 26/Jul/2019 with Dwayne/John/Barack give the same result =my guess=John is under 6"0'.Big max 5"11'
Roderick said on 27/Jul/19
@Pierre You're saying Cena is under 5'11".

In a recent pic with Arnold, Cena looked all of 6'0". Cena also looked no less than 6'0" with Sheamus. He very strangely looked like the taller man in a staredown with Bobby Lashley in 2007 I think, which makes me question if Bobby is a legit 6'1"...

You keep using the Henry and Josh comparisons, right?

Mark Henry in wrestling boots is taller than Mark Henry in normal shoes. Mark Henry doesn't wear flat boots. They got a good heel to them. If Henry is 6'1.25", then a good heeled boot should bring him to 6'3"-6'3.25".

Mark Henry in shoes, is only 6'2.5" max (probably only 6'2" if he wears Converse). Cena looks around 1.75" taller than Josh in those comparisons considering all factors. The math perfectly plays out into 6'0" for Cena in that photo.

I used to think he was 5'11.5" now, but I thought better and thought maybe he can still measure 6'0" now.
Pierre said on 26/Jul/19
Johan 185 cm said on 25/Jul/19
Pierre said on 22/Jul/19
Nah he has not the body of a 6"0' or 6"1' guy you can see in pics his arms bust and legs are ont vey long he's probably a good fraction taller than Josh no more


You claimed on another page that you're 5'11" and over 120 kg so you should know better. The guy is a bodybuilder ofc he doesn't look like he has long limbs, he has biceps as big as average guys legs. The guy is around 240 pounds thats 30 pounds more than me and I already look big .

The fact is = he looks just a fraction more than Josh next to Mark Henry.Then = yes i'm 5"11.25'and i know how looks a very weak 5"11' bodybuilder and a real strong 6"0' bodybuilder ...

Click Here =John Cena when same posture as Dwayne looks at least two inches shorter than him.
Click Here Click Here =6"0.75' Barack breaking his neck looks only a fraction or two shorter than Dwayne...Now you can do the maths ....Bye bye 6"0' and probably bye bye full 5"11'....
Roderick said on 26/Jul/19
John Cena does hover around 240 pounds. He is a big, strong dude. Can't deny that one.

Wouldn't surprise me if a 42-year old John Cena can still do the attitude adjustment to a 400+ pound man. Doesn't look like he got weaker, if he did it wasn't by much.

Anybody know his weight lifting statistics? My money is that he can bench around 450 pounds. Squat around 600, and deadlift 500 pounds.
Arslan 6'10 210 CM said on 26/Jul/19
His frame makes him look taller IMO

Also why does he look the same as the Rock?
Roderick said on 25/Jul/19
He probably still measures 6'0" honestly but he isn't like 6'0.5" or 6'0.75" like you guys say. He's an honest guy.
Johan 185 cm said on 25/Jul/19
Pierre said on 22/Jul/19
Nah he has not the body of a 6"0' or 6"1' guy you can see in pics his arms bust and legs are ont vey long he's probably a good fraction taller than Josh no more


You claimed on another page that you're 5'11" and over 120 kg so you should know better. The guy is a bodybuilder ofc he doesn't look like he has long limbs, he has biceps as big as average guys legs. The guy is around 240 pounds thats 30 pounds more than me and I already look big .
Canson said on 23/Jul/19
@Roderick: I’m thinking 6’2.5-.75 peak for Rock 6’2 today
Pierre said on 22/Jul/19
Nah he has not the body of a 6"0' or 6"1' guy you can see in pics his arms bust and legs are ont vey long he's probably a good fraction taller than Josh no more Click Here Click Here
Big dave said on 21/Jul/19
Looks almost 6'1", he can claim and get away with it
miko said on 21/Jul/19
From personal experience he is easily over 6 foot, I know my own height and he is at least as tall as me, I'm 6'0.25. Not a chance in hell is he 5'11.5.
K.A 188 said on 20/Jul/19
Still 6ft till now he was not much shorter than Sheamus.
Nik Ashton said on 18/Jul/19
I like his comment about cool shoes! (Big Shows!) 😎 👞
Roderick said on 18/Jul/19
Maybe he still measures 6'0" but he's definitely not as listed. And I don't think he's lost anymore than half an inch at age 42.
Johan 185 cm said on 18/Jul/19
Click Here

Still an easy 6 footer
Canson said on 15/Jul/19
@Roderick: I still think he’s close enough to 6’0” today. If he’s lost height it isn’t that much. He looked an honest 6’0” peak and usually still does
Roderick said on 15/Jul/19
@Chris I think the Rock was 6'3" peak, 6'2" now.
Pierre said on 15/Jul/19
Official heights are just official heights....6"0.25'...yes=in the morning in one inch shoes...
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 14/Jul/19
@Roderick He can be 6'0, but lets think maybe about 6'1 1/2 is The Rock real height?
Importer said on 14/Jul/19
A flat 183cm person is definitely 6'1 in shoes, idk why he said "maybe".
Roderick said on 12/Jul/19
John Cena being a former body builder and a professional wrestler for 20 years, I think he could be a victim of some early height-loss.

He was never taller than 6'0". Maybe 6'0.25" but that's his tallest height possible no question.

Today I believe he is about 5'11.5". He didn't look taller than Elias at WM who is billed at 6'0"... maybe he was around half an inch taller but that was it.

6'0" down to 5'11.5"
Canson said on 8/Jul/19
@CMillz: I think that or maybe 1/8 over. I could see that at a low but tbh I won’t even rule out 5’11 7/8 since it looks no different than 6’0”
Canson said on 8/Jul/19
@Roderick: agreed!
Roderick said on 8/Jul/19
To be honest, he is starting to look like he is struggling for 6'0". He might be 5'11.5"-5'11.75" now.
Roderick said on 7/Jul/19
@Canson I know man, and these are the same people who estimate guys like Kane and Undertaker at 6'9" peak heights and guys like the Rock at 6'4".
cmillzz said on 7/Jul/19
Yeah, I think 6’0.25” is a bit too high for Cena now that I think about it, especially if we’re going by a normal low height. Cena would probably measure 6’0 on the dot at a low.
Canson said on 6/Jul/19
@Cmillz and Roderick and Alex: maybe 6’0 1/8 is possible but if he claims 6’0” then I doubt he’s over it by much. This 6’1” or 6’0.5-.6’1 is kinda silly when he claimed 6’0
Canson said on 6/Jul/19
@Roderick: agreed. I don’t get some of the ridiculous a$$ comments like that. Very few guys especially one who is 6’0” or 6’1” and a wrestler will downplay his height
Roderick said on 6/Jul/19
Nobody who is 6'1.25" would claim 6'0", that's ridiculous. John Cena is a solid 6 footer
Pierre said on 4/Jul/19
(In add to my comment =take in consideration John is standing closer to the camera than Mark )
Pierre said on 4/Jul/19
Josh 5"10.25' next to Mark Henry Click Here .John next to Mark Henry = Click Here =around the same height as Josh.
Roderick said on 3/Jul/19
How do people estimate John at any taller than 6'0" when THOSE ARE THE WORDS THAT CAME OUT OF HIS MOUTH. And by taller than 6'0", I mean 6'1" or higher. I think he is a solid 6ft and nothing taller, ridiculous.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 2/Jul/19
@Pierre Obama is closer to the camera. If The Rock is listed 6'2 1/2 i wouldn't go under 6'1 1/4 for Cena, truth is Rock is more like strong 6'2 and Cena maybe closer to 6'0.75" rounded down 6'0.
cmillzz said on 29/Jun/19
Cena is a solid 6’0, maybe even 6’0.25”
Pierre said on 26/Jun/19
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 11/Jun/19
Strange that Cena always look between 2.5-4cm shorter than 189cm Rock. I got to vote 6'1 1/4 for John Cena although he claim to be 6'0.
Dwayne never looks 189 next to 6"0.75' Barack Click Here and Barack isn't standing even perfectly straight here Click Here
Canson said on 16/Jun/19
Solid 6’0”
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 11/Jun/19
Strange that Cena always look between 2.5-4cm shorter than 189cm Rock. I got to vote 6'1 1/4 for John Cena although he claim to be 6'0.
K.A 188 said on 3/Jun/19
Out of bed 185
Before bed 183
Canson said on 21/May/19
Honest guy. 6’0” flat
Public Enemy said on 13/May/19
Current : 184 cm
Pierre said on 9/May/19
@Sotiris = I don't know exactly for Bret's height,maybe strong 5"10' or weak 5"11'? When i compare pics John Cena /Mark Henry and Mark Henry/Josh 5"10.25',it's hard for me to see John even in 6"0' range.I even really ask me if he's a complete 5"11'
Sotiris Gravas said on 7/May/19
@Pierre I actually think Bret Hart is 5'10" now, 5'11" peak height. If he ever looks taller, it's due to help from footwear IMHO. Maybe Cena is really 5'11.5" now b/c of all the heavy lifting he does...
Editor Rob
Hart last week With Flair and Foley surely looks somewhere in 5ft 11 range.
Pierre said on 4/May/19
0Sotiris=good find.Hum maybe John had some little help in this pic with Bret or Bret slouch a lot = others pics= Click Here Click Here Click Here
Sotiris Gravas said on 3/May/19
Max 6'0" Cena and Bret Hart... Click Here

Hart and max 5'10" Ted Cruz... Click Here

P.S. The reason I've previously asserted that Hart is now really 5'10", it's b/c I actually know what I'm talking about... much to the chagrin of simpletons who like throwing out terms like troll.
Pierre said on 30/Apr/19
Click Here = here same shoes John Cena closer to the camera ,Jimmy Fallon more space between his feet. Now Jimmy Fallon Stephen Colbert = Click Here according they are looking very similar height .And Now Stephen Colbert next to a 6"0.75' max guy(Barack)= Click Here Click Here
Pierre said on 30/Apr/19
@maa = here i can imagine they have same heels = Click Here ( Click Here ) =by considering the postures John Cena is he looking two inches taller than Josh next to Mark?Hum i doubt i ask me if even one inch over him
Pierre said on 30/Apr/19
@maa = Don't know his advantage of shoes but take in consideration Mark's posture(legs/bust...) ,he lose height here for me = Click Here . Here when both straight= Click Here = at least three good inches here
maa said on 23/Apr/19

Despite the fact that Mark Henry is not even 6 ft 2, he looks 6 ft 3 in the ring due to his footwear advantage. He has over 1 in of shoes over Cena. Cena is not a solid 184 cm, as the pic with Joeyb33 proves, he can be considered a solid 183 cm, like 183,5 in the aftenoon.

Cena 183.5
Henry 187.5
Sheamus 188
Orton 192.5
Reings 188
Lesnar 188
Rollins 184.5
Canson said on 23/Apr/19
There is really no room to call someone else a troll on this page when you don’t know how to gauge height properly or are clearly trying to upgrade someone for no reason. Respect people’s views
Pierre said on 19/Apr/19
Click Here = Mark Henry next to 5"10.25' Josh. Click Here = Mark Henry next to John Cena. John Cena = max 5"11' for me
maa said on 15/Apr/19

ok, but at least I do not have your peahead and a boyfriend named Andy
miko said on 13/Apr/19

We'd both dwarf your minuscule being, you're probably 5 foot 3 (in heels), lonely and you can barely even type English properly.

I told Andy about you, he laughed and said he feels sorry for you.
maa said on 12/Apr/19

I strongly believe that Andy can be 6 ft 2 only in the morning with Vin Diesel shoes...When he will debut on WWE he will be the same height as Ziggler maybe.
And Miko little peahead can be a weak 5 ft 10
maa said on 11/Apr/19

Maybe Andy is also a WWE wrestler and he claims 6 ft 2?
Same story as Angle, listed 6 ft 2 and Ambrose at 6 ft 4....Wrestlers like Andy probably have their height inflated. I hope to see him soon in a WWE match
miko said on 11/Apr/19

You are pathetic and a troll. I didn't want to stoop to your very low level but here we go...

6'2 Andy with 6'0.25 myself.

Click Here

Oh and by the way Cena is 6'0.5/6'0.75.
maa said on 10/Apr/19

I think that everybody on earth will agree that Andy is not 6 ft 2.... He looks a very very weak 6 ft guy with bad posture here...Towered by 6' feet Cena

Andy is 5 ft 11.5

End of the Andy story
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 9/Apr/19
John Cena looks noticeably taller by Arnie than his son, Patrick, does, if you eliminate his hair advantage.
miko said on 8/Apr/19
Christian, I've worked with & known Andy for 10 years. He's 6'2, I'm 6'0.25 and hes about 1.5/2 inches taller.

He's standing terribly there, which is a shame as if he'd have straightened up he would have had an inch on Cena and given a better perspective.

He also briefly saw The Miz and said he looked about 6 foot.

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