How tall is Triple H

Triple H's Height

6ft 1 ½ (186.7 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 2 (188 cm)
American wrestler and actor. Said in USAToday "When I got into wrestling I was 280 pounds (I'm 6'4")".

How tall is Triple h
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Height of John Cena
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Average Guess (302 Votes)
Peak: 6ft 1.87in (187.6cm)
Current: 6ft 1.5in (186.7cm)
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 6/Dec/19
I wouldn't be surprised at all if Triple H's a flat 6'1" these days.
FMExTREME said on 26/Nov/19
Compared to the likes of KO and Seth these days he looks barely 6’1 1/4 186cm, even the likes of the Rock and Reigns who are both somewhere in the 6’2 range look much taller than Triple H, more than an inch anyway, Cena at around 6’0 1/2 look near enough same height, Triple H has shrunk and coupled wearing dress shoes instead of lifts Triple H could pass for a 6 footer if he wasn’t larger than life character, quite a bit smaller than his late 90s days.
Kimblemur said on 23/Nov/19
6’4..?!?! Ahahahaha 6’2 flat at absolute most
TheBat said on 21/Nov/19
6'1.5" now is accurate. Often looked 6'2" flat at peak
Caldonio said on 21/Nov/19
6-4 omg hahahaha. 6-1.5 peak
Roderick said on 13/Nov/19
@Viper I'd say 6'1.75" peak and 6'1" range now
Xpac99 said on 13/Nov/19
Click Here
Caldonio said on 13/Nov/19
Not over 6-1.
viper said on 11/Nov/19
Absolute, absolute most I could buy peak is 6-1.5

Was never 6-2
Xpac99 said on 9/Nov/19
You could put both over 6ft2. Brock and triple h were very similar in height to goldberg. In every segment between goldberg-lesnar, triple h-goldberg it is really hard to say who is taller. Brock and hhh 6ft2 and goldberg 6ft2 1/2 I think there's too much gap for what we've seen
Xpac99 said on 7/Nov/19
Do you think he could measure over 6ft2 at peak?
Editor Rob
Like Brock, there could be a case for arguing a little over 6ft 2 in their 20's and early 30's.
Cedric 172 cm said on 7/Nov/19
He looked 186.5 cm with Rollins last week in backstage
Bazza said on 6/Nov/19
Back in the attitude era he was definitely a big lift wearer like the Rock so can appear like he would be a strong 6'2 at minimum barefoot and looks bigger in ring than genuine 6'2 guys like Mick Foley who is just wearing sneakers most of the time.

I would say at most 187 in his prime and probably 185 today.
Roderick said on 5/Nov/19
Triple H was never over 6'2", lol.

Max 6'2" at peak
Xpac99 said on 5/Nov/19
How tall do you think he looks in this segment with goldust?
Click Here
Editor Rob
a Big 6ft 2-2.5 there
Yuri99 said on 3/Nov/19
In your opionion there are more chance that triple h was close to 6ft2-6ft2 1/2 range or 6ft1 1/2-6ft2? (Peak height)
Xpac99 said on 2/Nov/19
Do you think he could measure over 6ft2 when he was young? Sometimes didn’t look much shorter than 6ft3 guy like edge and the rock
Mikey97 said on 27/Oct/19
5'10" for HHH means HBK is 5'6.5" and Undertaker is 6'2.5".... lol
Caldoni said on 20/Oct/19
6.1.5 peak.
Vegas' said on 17/Oct/19
@Buddy Revell, in a crowd? The guy to the direct right of HHH with long hair and beard is Josh Bredl measured 6'6 barefoot at NFL combine, HHH looks quite a bit taller than 5'10 next to him Click Here

5'10 is Mike Tyson's height. HHH has been photographed with Tyson quite a few times...
Buddy Revell said on 14/Oct/19
Absolutely no way he’s anywhere near 6’1.5”. All you have to do is look at footage of him in a crowd, he’s only About 5’10”...
Mikey97 said on 12/Oct/19
My step brother met Triple H last year at a house show and told me he was 2 inches taller than him. My step brother is currently 5'11.5" but he might have been just 5'11" last year. So that does put Triple H at 6'1".
Roderick said on 2/Oct/19
@Christian No offense taken, I know the angle doesn't do height justice, but I was trying to show that they do look eye-to-eye exactly, so they must be in the same range.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 1/Oct/19
No offense, but that's shot from a terrible angle. It would've been much better if the camera showed their faces to the side, instead of "bird's view".
edwards said on 24/Sep/19
I agree on that too
Roderick said on 23/Sep/19
Click Here

Around 12:58 I think, you can see they are both the same height, looking eye to eye.

I think they are both weak 6'1"'ers
miko said on 18/Sep/19
I haven't seen Wyatt really close up but close enough to put him somewhere around the 6'1 mark, he's an inch shorter than Reigns. I think him and Rollins would be very close, maybe Rollins would edge it.
Canson said on 12/Sep/19
@Vegas: yea at 4-5pm they should still be the same height as at 12-1 am. I typically don’t lose any more unless I’ve been on my feet literally the entire time without a break and worst case it’s up to 1/4” more

@Edwards: I agree with Vegas’s assessment on Orton too. Probably 6’3.5-6’4 which would put a current Triple HHH at about 186 tops
edwards said on 10/Sep/19
weak 6'4 is likely for randy orton and imho triple h canbe even low as 6'1.25
Vegas' said on 9/Sep/19
Yeah Orton looked shorter in person than Jack Swagger. I did meet Swagger outside but he was physically bigger dude than Orton and it was like 11 maybe 12am. Orton I believe was 4-5pm in 2004.
Vegas' said on 9/Sep/19
I met Orton. Don't think I would ever attempt to pin anyone down exactly but ~6'4 maybe take half an inch he looked in early 2004. I saw him walking around hotel in Belfast after a show in flip-flops a few years later but didn't get close enough or attempt to converse after the bad stories I had heard about him.

Speaking of HHH and Orton and HHH here is both together in 2014 in dress shoes around 17 minute mark Click Here
Johan 185 cm said on 9/Sep/19
Xpac99 said on 22/Aug/19
Click Here
How tall is bray wyatt next to triple h ? 6ft 1/2 ?


With Triple H listing he looks 6'1", thats a 1/2 inch difference.
Canson said on 8/Sep/19
Vegas' said on 7/Sep/19
I never met Strowman, just saw him leaving a hotel from across the street

You’ve seen Orton though, right? and said he looked a weaker 6’4” compared to someone else?
Canson said on 8/Sep/19
Riccardo 5'7" said on 1/Sep/19
With 6'3.75 Randy Orton he looks no less than 6'1".25 honestly, but no more than 6'1".5.Click Here

With in my opinion no more than 6'2.5 batista. Click Here

With 6'2" /6'2.25 peak the rock, in my opinion, looking shorter. Click Here

I doubt Triple H is under 6’1” but not over 6’1.5”. Likely 6’1-6’1.25” as Orton, at least to me, doesn’t look 6’4” flat. Weak 6’4” imho. I consistently see 2.5” there
Vegas' said on 7/Sep/19
I never met Strowman, just saw him leaving a hotel from across the street
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 5/Sep/19
If I'm not mistaken, didn't you once say you met Strowman and estimated him at 6'6", or was that a different poster?
Riccardo 5'7" said on 1/Sep/19
With 6'3.75 Randy Orton he looks no less than 6'1".25 honestly, but no more than 6'1".5.Click Here

With in my opinion no more than 6'2.5 batista. Click Here

With 6'2" /6'2.25 peak the rock, in my opinion, looking shorter. Click Here
Vegas' said on 26/Aug/19
Bray Wyatt looked ~6'1 in person out of gear.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 24/Aug/19
Somewhere around that makes sense.
Xpac99 said on 22/Aug/19
Click Here
How tall is bray wyatt next to triple h ? 6ft 1/2 ?
Nik Ashton said on 7/Aug/19
284 voters have given him an average guess of 6’1.85” for his peak height and an average guess of 6’1.51” for his current height! He has 3151 comments but that will soon be 3152!
Canson said on 7/Aug/19
@Rampage: it’s possible he’s lower than this. He can look 6’1 at times
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Aug/19
Dayumm Rob

I suppose it’s not impossible he’s at that now but no less I’d say. Still think a bit over 6ft2 peak is likely
Roderick said on 5/Aug/19
I still think he's more like 6'1.25" than 6'1.5" but it's still much better than 6'2" :)
Johan 185 cm said on 4/Aug/19
I would say this is bang on, he can look at times near 6'2" still with big footwear and forced posture but also sometimes nearer a flat 6'1" with his curved neck. Didn't do too badly compared to alot of stuntmen/pro wrestlers.
edwards said on 4/Aug/19
@canson and roderick
Rob has downgraded triple h to 6’1.5 now which is quite good start now.
Hopping hopper said on 3/Aug/19
Looks 6-1 guy. Was shorter that reynolds in blade 3
Canson said on 2/Aug/19
@Junior: the most I could see for him is 186. Rock is 188. Also it’s about a 2.5” difference with Randy Orton who is more 192.5 (6’3.75) as opposed to 193.
Canson said on 2/Aug/19
Peak height 187.5
Today 185.5-186
edwards said on 2/Aug/19
@johan and roderick
Yes agreed,rob would have a great start if he is downgraded to 6’1.5 since he is edged by legit 6’2 wrestlers
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 30/Jul/19
6'2 peak and 6'1 1/2 now. The Rock is more 6'2.25" had 2cm on HHH.
tree said on 27/Jul/19
Click Here Click Here
Difference about the same as in 2002 but both shrunk a bit Click Here
Roderick said on 27/Jul/19
I think adding a 6'1.5" current listing would definitely be a good move on Rob's part. He is edged out by every 6'2" range wrestler he wrestles, to the point where it's now become obvious he isn't 6'2" anymore.

My personal estimatation is 6'1.75" peak, and 6'1"-6'1.25" today. I think he's a bit taller when he unhinges his neck in staredowns, like someone on here said.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 26/Jul/19
Johan's right about Triple H needing a downgrade to his current height.
Monkey knees said on 25/Jul/19
Tad over 6ft 1in nowadays.
Johan 185 cm said on 24/Jul/19
6'1.5" today Rob? He was 4cm shorter than a 6'3" Hulk Hogan few days ago. Looks consistently a bit shorter than say 10 years ago.
Editor Rob
I might give him that mark soon
Canson said on 23/Jul/19
@Roderick: agreed
John barrett said on 22/Jul/19
H has dropped a bit of Height no more then 6'1 to day and that's in his foot ware.
Vegas' said on 22/Jul/19
With Big Dave Click Here
Riccardo 5'7" said on 20/Jul/19
Barely 185 cm today, no more then 187 peak, no more then 6'3 in his attire
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Jul/19
Peak similar to Reigns
Public Enemy said on 15/Jul/19
Peak 188 cm
Current 186 cm
Roderick said on 12/Jul/19
@Canson Completely agree. I just was saying that a 6'2" listing for HHH wasn't insane or out of reality like 6'2.5" or 6'3" would be. (I've seen listing on other height forums for HHH at 6'3", lol)

I think HHH is 6'1" today, 6'1.75" peak
juggernaut said on 11/Jul/19
Took a pic with Batista on the Espys, they looked the same height..
Canson said on 10/Jul/19
@Roderick: i would lean more toward a 6’1.5-.75 peak and 6’1 or 6’1.25 (max) today
Roderick said on 9/Jul/19
Honestly 6'2" isn't unrealistic for his peak but today I would say absolutely not. You should downgrade him to at least 6'1.5" for a current height.
Mimi said on 9/Jul/19
So Rob she's 5ft7ish?
Editor Rob
|More towards that range yeah, she's shorter than someone like maryse
miko said on 7/Jul/19
When he does unhinge his neck in staredowns he can still look very close to 6'2.
tree said on 7/Jul/19
Thats his wife Stephanie Mcmahon
Mimi said on 5/Jul/19
How tall is the woman beside him in the above photo? 5ft9ish?
Editor Rob
I have her a couple of inches less than that.
Alex 6'3.25 said on 3/Jul/19
Maybe he's more 186 cm. Maybe?
Editor Rob
6ft 1.5 today might be arguable, a half inch loss.
Roderick said on 1/Jul/19
He is only 6'1" max today. 6'1.75 peak height
Vegas' said on 30/Jun/19
HHH is taller than Cena. His shoulder height does suggest height loss probably neck area Click Here

HHH and Mark Henry Click Here

HHH and RVD in 2002 Click Here RVD and Editor Rob Click Here
Jimbo hopper said on 29/Jun/19
Problem is he looks same as cena
tree said on 26/Jun/19
6ft1 is very off and crazy,u saw hhh with 5ft10 tyson?
Blahhh said on 20/Jun/19
Yo, it’s really not that off to think that the triple h’s, the lesnar’s, and the goldbergs, guys that height range were 6’1.5”-6’1” in their primes. I’m sure they cleared 6’1” easy in the morning, probably reached like 6’1.75”, but then probably dropped to 6’1” in the evening with the 265lbs of muscle compacting the spine slightly more than an average 200lb man. Ultimately, think everyone’s height judgement is off, everyone thinks everyone is taller then they actually are. A 6’1” or 6’1.75” 265lb man is going to look 6’3” or 6’4” to the average eye. But the 6’2”+ for guys their height range is just BS...
tree said on 19/Jun/19
Jimbo hopper said on 11/Jun/19
6-1 max. 6-0 today

what??what??Lowest estimate ever on this site 6ft
John barrett said on 19/Jun/19
He is no way 6'2. Today he stands about 6'1 if his lucky.
Jimbo hopper said on 11/Jun/19
6-1 max. 6-0 today
Dham99 said on 8/Jun/19
Click Here Here's a photo of Hunter with Ryan Giggs , Wayne Rooney and Darren Fletcher(who's 6ft btw) , from this pic I would say he is 6ft 1 at best
tree said on 8/Jun/19
On Raw and on Super showdown he looked 186-187 with randy Click Here
edwards said on 8/Jun/19
i personally highly doubt that hhh is even 6'1 today,he looked more than 3 inch shorter than randy orton,imho triple h is 6'0.5
Warpedtour said on 20/May/19
Hhh looks 6’0.75” max today. There’s a video of him and the rock recently and he looks 2 inches shorter. If the rock is even 6’2” still, there’s no way hhh is over 6’0.75” today.

Peak hhh 6’1.75”
Hhh today 6’0.75”
Sotiris Gravas said on 19/May/19
Triple H and Killer Kowalski (1993)... Click Here

Kowalski and 6'8" Scott L. Schwartz... Click Here

HHH and Shaq... Click Here

HHH and Arnie... Click Here , Click Here

Arnie and Shaq... Click Here
Canson said on 17/May/19
@Iroman: a peak Triple H was probably a stronger 6’1 6’1.25-6’1.5 or a weak 6’2 6’1.5-6’1.75. I doubt only 6’1 flat at his peak
Ironman092289 said on 14/May/19
Triple H wasn't ever any taller than 6'1" in my opinion. If I'm wrong then he was maybe 6'1.5". Ric Flair is probably 5'8.5" today, and Triple H looked 4 inches taller than him last year.
Crane said on 29/Apr/19
@Space You got it there, buddy!
Space said on 24/Apr/19
@ crane
I completely agree with you. These 6’2” claims for hhh today are crazy. That would mean lesnar reigns and those guys would need an upgrade to around 6’3” if hhh is still 6’2”.
edwards said on 19/Apr/19
he looked 4.5 inch shorter than undertaker at super showdown and crown jewels and 5 inch shorter than corbin and maybe inch shorter than 6'1 is safe bet considering today.
Crane said on 19/Apr/19
HHH was 6'1.75 / 6'2 in his prime, 6'1 flat at max now a days.

He looked the exact same height as Lesnar in their face to face photo in 2002.
Nyjuan said on 11/Apr/19
He's always been half an inch shorter than Lesnar so peak maybe 6'2.25 now a strong 6'1
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 9/Apr/19
Maybe around 9.75" but not more than that IMO.
Exile said on 9/Apr/19
A weak 6'2'' today, possibly could have been 6'3'' in WWF.
Johan 185 cm said on 8/Apr/19
6'2" for sure in attitude era. Not sure if its just bad posture at times or because of injuries but he does look 6'1.5" alot nowadays. That clip with Dwayne cements it, he is an inch shorter than 6'2.5" listed Dwayne.
tree said on 2/Apr/19
Rob whats his head size?looks way bigger then charlottes Click Here Click Here
Editor Rob
It will be close to 10 inches long
Bloodareaper said on 30/Mar/19
HHH shorter than 6'2 Dwayne johnson But the rock could be wearing lifts or wrestling boots but heres the link. Click Here
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 26/Mar/19
Triple H is his wrestling stage name. His real name's Paul Levesque.
Vegas' said on 26/Mar/19
RVD and Rob Click Here
RVD and HHH circa 2002 Click Here
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 24/Mar/19
Ha ha! LOVE the name so simply had to stop on my way to finding Tom Hanks's page!

I will give the guy with the thoroughly original name 6ft2.
Scarla said on 23/Mar/19
188cm in shoes yeah. Not flat though. Would say he’s more 186cm flat.
Space said on 22/Mar/19
HHH used to be 6’2” (Lesnar and Reigns height). He’s now a 6’1” guy, closer to Rollins/Ambrose height range of 6’0.75” or so.
Jimhopper said on 20/Mar/19
6-1 range.
Trevor gaucamole said on 11/Mar/19
Hhh shorter than the rock so must be 6'1" or less
Gravity said on 10/Mar/19
Hhh is not still 6’2”. He’s obviously shrunk. He’s 6’1” today. He’s alittle shorter than 6’2” Lesnar & reigns.
tree said on 8/Mar/19
Goldberg and hhh Click Here
tree said on 7/Mar/19
Edge peak was 6ft3 for sure,1 inch back then Click Here
Edge has 1.5 inch boots there thats why it looks more then 1 inch at 7:10
Click Here thicker shoes again 6:20
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 7/Mar/19
Edge and Triple H both dropped some height since then. Maybe Edge over an inch and Triple H about 1cm IMO.

Look at Ric's shoes throughout the video. He's wearing thin moccasin style loafers, while Triple H's wearing what it appears to be boots. Click Here
81Tim said on 6/Mar/19
If Edge’s average guessed height is 186-187cm how can triple h be 188cm? He was always visibly shorter than Edge
tree said on 6/Mar/19
there is more then 4 worst hhh is 187cm nowadays
Loolkey said on 4/Mar/19
6’1.5”” slightly taller than Batista
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 4/Mar/19
But Flair wasn't standing as straight as Triple H, plus he wore loafers so he had a footwear disadvantage. I see more a 4 inch difference than 5.
rawdshaq said on 2/Mar/19
Triple H actually might still be 6'2"
tree said on 1/Mar/19
If flair is 5ft9:hhh 6ft2.Randy 6ft4 Click Here
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 1/Mar/19
Looking strong 6'1" next to Drew Mcintyre. Click Here
tree said on 26/Feb/19
Here is also no angle tilt Click Here
tree said on 26/Feb/19
With 6ft2 Regal Click Here
miko said on 19/Feb/19
Nash was taller than 6'10 listed Nathan Jones a few weeks back, personally I think Jones is more 6'9 range given he wasn't much taller than 6'8.5 Matt Morgan, but Nash was standing straight and looking huge.

Click Here

Not so long ago Nash had a knee replacement which may have actually regained him some height due to his previous knee joint being a mess.
Sotiris Gravas said on 19/Feb/19
@Christian I agree in that one typically doesn't see a guy on his tiptoes like that, but if I were to play devil's advocate, I'd venture to say that the lovely young lady in question has her arms around both men for support... and that it is within the realm of possibility that Lou (a very strong man) could have simply tiptoed a bit moments before the photo was taken as a joke. Granted, it might just be attributed to the camera angle, perhaps w/ a footwear advantage "to boot."
Canson said on 18/Feb/19
@Christian: we can’t see footwear either and very possible Lou looks taller/Nash shorter due to the camera angle
Canson said on 18/Feb/19
@Sotiris: Nash is over 6’8” even today. Not sure if he’s 6’9” but 6’8 range is the lowest he would measure barefoot standing straight
Editor Rob
The last time I seen Nash, was last year and yeah I would say now he might be 6ft 8.5, but still looked taller than Amazon Eve up close I felt.
viper said on 17/Feb/19
Nash only looks 6-7 with 7-4-7-5 Tako Fall.

Tako is not 7-6
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 16/Feb/19
Why would Lou be on his tip toes when he's carrying a person? He would lose his balance and fall down if he would've done that, lol.
Sotiris Gravas said on 16/Feb/19
Here's Nash looking very 6'6" next to a 6'2" Lou Ferrigno... Click Here

I'm guessing there's a little tiptoe action on the part of Lou going on...

Gotta say, I'm surprised that Ali Baba thought Nash was as low as 6'6". Maybe Ali recuperated some morning height thanks to a good nap prior to seeing him, hence the lowball estimate.
Canson said on 16/Feb/19
@Vegas: I don’t recall Ali Baba ever guessing Nash as low as 6’6”. And he’s clearly not that low. A peak Nash was easily 6’9 and still probably upper 6’8” range today. I can understand Ali guessing Taker 6’5” just from seeing him from a distance but when he stood close to him he knew Taker was taller. I’ve had people I’ve seen from a distance not standing next to them that I assumed were taller than me and when I’m near them they’re shorter or the same and the opposite I’ve seen people from a distance that I would assume I’m taller than when I’m not. Proportions come into play
rawdshaq said on 14/Feb/19
Bro 6'6" for Kevin Nash is a joke. He's AT LEAST 6'8".
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 13/Feb/19

I can kind of understand Undertaker getting guessed at 6'5" due to his poor posture, but 6'6" is way too low for Nash.
Vegas' said on 12/Feb/19
Ali originally estimated 6'5 for Undertaker (ringside at houseshow before he met him a few years later at autograph signing) and 6'6 for Kevin Nash, I believe he said Nash passed by him in hotel maybe.

Regardless there is no perfect estimate really unless you measure someone.
Vegas' said on 12/Feb/19
Another HHH and Henry shot from 2018 Click Here
tree said on 10/Feb/19
Henry is not lower then 6ft1.5 didnt u see him with rob??
Canson said on 9/Feb/19
@Viper: go back a few pages and Ali Baba met him and said he’s 6’1” when he met him years ago. Ali has been on point with Tyler Mane etc as Mane came out and admitted he’s 6’7” not 6’8”. Also Ferrigno in the pic looked 6’2 with Ali
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Feb/19
Can’t see him as low as 6ft1
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Feb/19
Peak: 188.6cm
Today: 187.3cm
viper said on 8/Feb/19
The pic with Henry is just more evidence he's 6-1
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 8/Feb/19

Henry's more 6'1.5" today. Some say flat 6'1" but I wouldn't put him that low.
Public Enemy said on 8/Feb/19
Current 188 cm
Beathan said on 7/Feb/19
6’3” 260+
John amptom said on 6/Feb/19
HHH was 6’3 height 20 years ago. If you compare pictures to now and then he has lost about 1.5-2 inches. Normal people don’t lose height until they get old but HHH has put a lot of wear and tear on his body.
tree said on 6/Feb/19
6ft2 is really the lowest he could have been peak.
Looked 6ft2.25 with the 6ft3 Rock Click Here
tree said on 6/Feb/19
He still looks 6ft2 with Henry Click Here
PaulLevesque said on 6/Feb/19
I think he and Goldberg were pretty much the same height and weight they were 6’2.5” 265lbs back then, and 6’1.25” 240ish today.
edwards said on 3/Feb/19
hhh can be 6'1 now
S A said on 1/Feb/19
Hi all,

Triple is clearly 6'4. The guy is huge. Maybe that an make his height look a bit regular. Whenever he had reduced weight or built his physique like a lean and capable he could easily be spotted looking tall.

How about drawing comparison from the top ring rope when he is about to Sssshhhhhhooooooooo ........!!!
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 31/Jan/19

I don't believe Triple H weighed any heavier than Goldberg when the two squared off in that video you linked. You can see that Goldberg's legs were bigger. Triple H's upper body and arms were SLIGHTLY bigger, but he was less cut.
Space said on 29/Jan/19
i bet you wouldn’t have guessed that Alastair overeem was 260-265lbs in 2010-2012. When he fought lesnar, he was skinnier than lesnar, and weighed 263 and lesnar was 266. They were basically the same height lesnar at 6’2” overseem 6’2.5”. Yet I believe you’d underguess a guy overeems size and physique on tv and say he’s 250-255max as well as you did for Hhh . Hhh was about overeem and Lesnars height back then, and weighed 260+ alot of times. That video I showed you of hhh and Goldberg squaring off hhh was at his heaviest ever, 265lbs likely.
Phenom89 said on 29/Jan/19
Stephanie on this site is 168 cm, for me more 170cm. Btw With heels , like in the picture, she is minimum 179cm.
Triple H 1,85..1,86 max?
He is not over 6'1...i arrive to 6'1.5
Robert_4443 said on 26/Jan/19
Regardless of the debate. I personally believe triple h is a good example of a 6’1-6’1.5 out of bed guy. Tall, broad shoulders, traps, biceps and chest!!!! He’s HUGEE.
rawdshaq said on 26/Jan/19
I think inflation would have made since in the 80s and stuff but nowadays the current WWE champion himself is barely like 5'7". Most people don't know the statistics of the wrestlers anyway because they don't bother to check. However I always heard Undertaker described as 6'10" so I thought he was until I found this cool website to see him listed as 6'61/2" and later thought he was barely 6'5" (which didn't bother me).

I'm pretty sure everybody knows what the WWE is and their legends. I'm sure in 1990 nobody would have said "Wow what? This dude is barely 6'7"? wow I thought he was much taller nevermind he sucks!". Exaggerated heights and weights do nothing.
Space said on 25/Jan/19
Hhh didn’t have notoriously skinny legs. You act like the guy isn’t big at all. He was bigger than a decent amount of wrestlers at 6’2”-6’3” 260+. The 250-255lb guys were like Scott Steiner and Steve Austin, not HHH.
Canson said on 25/Jan/19
@Rawdshaq: I wholeheartedly agree with that statement that the idea of inflating anything is silly. I do understand what #Natty #Natural 928 is saying that they need to make them larger than life but I still see it as unnecessary especially in real life. As a result of athletes and entertainers doing it, common people have also begun. Like my “almost 6’3” coworker that is no more than a weak 6’2” barefoot. He told me about a month or so ago that he was almost 6’3” when talking about his weight and this is after asking me how tall I was and probably expecting me to say higher. Every time I see him now I’m like you make the almost 6’3” claim look like especially since he wears flats and likely isn’t more than 1/4” over 6’2” if even over 6’2” in them. I don’t say anything about it To him but those are my thoughts when I see him
Canson said on 24/Jan/19
@# Natty #Natural 928: I do agree with some of what you’re saying. Buff I could see as a compliment because you must work your tail off to obtain that. However, being tall is something that you inherit usually through genetics. You don’t do anything to earn it. It’s a disposition. If someone says I have a nice body or am muscular to me then I could take that to a compliment. I do get that a lot. As far as tall I don’t see that as a compliment. It’s just an observation. I definitely see what you’re saying as far bodybuilders but that’s more being buff not tall. I don’t see how telling someone they’re tall is a compliment. And I say that at 6’4” and having taller friends that get it more frequently than I do. They stand out even more than me
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 24/Jan/19

I agree with you 100%.
#Natty #Natural 928 said on 23/Jan/19
Rawdshaq . It’s not about Real stats. Especially wwe, they want their stars to appear LARGER THAN LIFE. sure taker is 6’7 shoot but billed at 6’10 to make him seem like this unstoppable force. It’s about show business and they want to promote these gladiators then they sure have good reason to do so. They don’t want their wrestlers to seem like the norm population. Even if they are. If a wrestler (such as triple h) is 6’1, 6’1.5 (whatever) flat and 6’3 in wrestling boots. Go figure, they aren’t gonna be like “oh hey it’s the game triple H standing at 6’1”. Yet probably looks taller due to lean muscle mass, boots, camera angles and ring presence...
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 23/Jan/19
@Robert_4443 Exactly it's the way the wrestling business works and you can understand the logic behind it.
VinDayzel said on 23/Jan/19
hhh was 265 at times. I always saw him as slightly shorter than 6’4” orton 6’3.25” Bautista. But considerably larger than 235 Orton and slightly smaller than Batista who was 275. Hhh was generally in the 259-265lb range at 6’2”.
rawdshaq said on 23/Jan/19
I understand, height increase means weight increase, I get it. I think exaggerating anything is unnecessary if the wrestler isn't those statistics. I mean 90% of the wrestlers are actually in normal sized human range, (5' 10" - 6' 3") but are constantly over-exaggerated to ridiculous heights like 6'6", 6'7", and sometimes 6'8". Most 180 pound men are billed at 210-220 pounds, legit 230 pound men and billed at 265 pounds, and 265 pound men are billed at near 300 pounds.

I wrestled in high school, I understand mass = strength.
rawdshaq said on 22/Jan/19
I think the whole idea of inflating anything is stupid. If Undertaker was billed at 6' 7" it wouldn't had any different effect to his career than him being billed at 6' 10".
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 22/Jan/19

Depends on your defintion of "scrawny" though. I wouldn't say that you'll look like a skeleton at 6'4"-6'5" 210, but you'll look quite slim. I used to be 210 even at my height and I looked slim, but not like a stick.
Robert_4443 said on 22/Jan/19
Bottom line is- If most wrestlers are billed heavier and taller then the next guy will also be billed taller and heavier than what they are. They aren’t gonna bill someone as their true height and weight when every wrestler around them are exaggerated. It’s show business. They’re on TV so lying about height is to create a larger persona. Why wouldn’t they take advantage of camera angles and muscularity to exaggerate their height? It makes sense to be honest.
Robert_4443 said on 22/Jan/19
Rawdshaq it’s not scrawny but it is in wwe standards unfortunately.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 21/Jan/19

No offense but you've got to be one naive individual if you think WWE doesn't exaggerate weight, let alone decrease it. The purpose is to make wrestlers seem physically larger than life, so if they exaggerate height, then common sense should say that they exaggerate weight as well.
rawdshaq said on 21/Jan/19
6'4" - 6'5" and 210 pounds is NOT scrawny.
Canson 194 said on 20/Jan/19
@Robert_4443: people unfortunately view being taller and bigger as compliments when neither of them is. On the same token neither is a negative thing either. They’re just characteristics.
Robert_4443 said on 19/Jan/19
Rawdshaq you are absolutely incorrect with your theory of weight. Being billed more heavy whilst looking lean and muscular gives off a larger than life persona. Why would wwe bill people taller than what they are but keep the weight the same? If someone is 6’2 210lbs in real life and were signed to wwe back in 2002 They would’ve been billed 6’4-6’5 at 230lbs. They wouldn’t bill the guy at 6’4-6’5 and keep the weight as low as 210. It would sound “scrawny” since he’ll need to be heavier for his billed height. As I said, Being more heavy is a Compliment, it makes wrestlers seem larger than life. It’s got nothing to do with sounding overweight. Just because someone is heavy doesn’t mean they are fat. In fact, in the bodybuilding world, being heavy and looking lean and muscular is desired, and if wrestlers are billed this heavy like bodybuilders and are seen doing athletic stuff it just lives up to larger than life personas. Triple H is most likely anywhere from 15-25lbs lighter than what he is billed as. Which follows the general concept of billing wwe superstars. Weight is hard to predict since some people carry it in different ways, end of the day Triple H is a huge guy, and the help of TV and the fact he is lean makes it look like it adds more pounds to his weight (IN THE FORM OF MUSCLE).
rawdshaq said on 17/Jan/19
I weigh 235-240 pounds, I'm 5' 10". Triple H may be thinner than me but he has much bigger arms and bigger chest for sure, he could be 255 pounds. I don't think WWE exaggerates weights, I mean why would they want their superstars to appear overweight? If anything they would decrease their weights to make them appear more athletic.
Canson said on 17/Jan/19
Looking at more pics I’d say best case is 6’1.25. Maybe just 6’1 1/8 Aaron Rodgers height. Rodgers obviously isn’t 6’1 5/8 at a low that’s morning. Favre has an inch on him
Canson said on 17/Jan/19
Looking at more pics I’d say best case is 6’1.25. Maybe just 6’1 1/8 Aaron Rodgers height.
Spencer said on 17/Jan/19
He looked 6'2.5" 10 years ago. Probably 6'1.75" these days.
HarveyFinkelmatter said on 17/Jan/19
Lou Ferrigno had a 58 inch chest and was absolutely huge at 268 pounds. Triple H was nowhere near that so maybe his weight was really exaggerated .
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 11/Jan/19

They looked pretty much the same height. Triple H just had hair and camera advantage. Btw he didn't look 265-270 there. He may have had a slightly bigger upper body than Goldberg, but his lower body's noticeably smaller than Goldberg's. Triple H always had disproportionately skinny legs.
rawdshaq said on 10/Jan/19
I put this on Undertakers page and I'll say the same thing and that's that we shouldn't argue over a quarter difference in height over one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. We can all agree he is around 6' 1" now and whether that's a little under or a little over, it doesn't matter. Like on Undertakers page some people kept going back and forth on if he was 6' 5" or 6' 7" but it's important to realize that these guys are all legends and it's clear that whatever their height is it doesn't matter because they were very successful.

It's safe to say that he's around 6' 1". Seriously nobody bouncing around the street is gonna ask someone random dude how tall they are and if they say "6' 2" and they are really 6' 1 1/4" they aren't going to be checking. Just close the discussion, just say he is 6' 1". He claimed 6' 4"? Call him 6' 4". Do whatever you want but come on he's a legend and doesn't deserve to have people ranting on about how tall he is in some height forums.

He can have 6' 1" now, geesh guys. Some obsessing over it. He's a legend. Also for the clip with Conan, I guess you are right @Christian
Space said on 9/Jan/19
Click Here

This link shows Goldberg and HHH squaring off in 2003. Goldberg has to be at least 250lbs in this video and honestly hhh looks a good 10+ lbs bigger and maybe slightly taller. I do believe hhh was around 6’2.5” 265-270lbs back then. He looks massive in this video link.
Canson said on 8/Jan/19
@Edwards: maybe by 1/4” tops but you could be right about the solid
edwards said on 7/Jan/19
i dont think he is over 6"1 now
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 6/Jan/19

He had a big camera advantage over Conan in that clip.
Canson said on 6/Jan/19
Only problem is Triple H isn’t as tall as Conan and Conan isn’t 6’4”. He’s 6’4 in shoes and a strong 6’3 barefoot. Being a 6’4 guy myself a 6’4 range guy would not be edged out as often as he is currently. At 6’4.25 many guys who claim 6’4 are my height to the letter or shorter never taller. Only a guy who is 6’3 and 6’4 in shoes looks like that
Robert_4443 said on 6/Jan/19
Look up pictures of Triple H next to 6’0 kellan Lutz. I’ll go for 6’1 for Triple H. 6’1.5 at most
rawdshaq said on 6/Jan/19
Okay hold on now we have Triple H looking the same height if not taller than 6' 4" Conan O'Brien? I have Triple H at 6' 2 1/2" peak but maybe he was even higher? Click Here

At the 0:25 mark they stand up shake hands and you can see they are very similar in height and if one is taller its Triple H.
Canson said on 3/Jan/19
Actually Ali Baba met him and said he looked 6’1” in person as well
miko said on 2/Jan/19
He looked easily around the 6'2 mark with legit 6'1 Seth Rollins on RAW. When he stood with good posture he actually looked more than an inch taller, and when he hunched down he still had height on him.
The Ben said on 31/Dec/18
Agree with Rawdshaq exactly on this one and all the height listings he gives.
Saraat67_2019 said on 30/Dec/18
and also, in wrestling boots back in his prime he would’ve easily been 6’2.5 and is now 6’2 in them. Since I own a pair of similar wrestling boots as Triple H does, the boots add 1.1 inches to height.
Saraat67_2019 said on 30/Dec/18
Rawdshaq lol, broooooooo but Jbarysh’s actually stood next to him so you can’t say he’s far off from being right. Triple H fluctuated from 6’1.5-6’1.25 prime and fluctuates at 6’1.25 - 6’1 now I believe. This is flat measurement, and by fluctuate I mean height increase/decrease during the day.
rawdshaq said on 29/Dec/18
I think I got a good idea of how tall he was and is

This is a photo w/ 6' 1" Stone Cold, I am not too sure on his height but he claimed 6' 1" and I believe he's not the kind to lie, so I'll buy it. Click Here
Triple H looks 1.5 inches taller, looking 6' 2 1/2" there. Stone Colds stance however lowers his height more than Triple H, so maybe just 6' 2".

This photo is with John Cena who is 6 feet tall, and Triple H looks about 6' 1". Click Here

This next photo sucks because none of them are standing up straight and they are just posing for a picture. It's with the G.O.A.T Shawn Michaels who is 5' 10", and I believe Triple H again looks around 6' 1". Click Here

Here he is with Big Show. Big Show is about 6' 10". Big Show definitely not standing up straight and he still looks 9 inches taller. That can mean Triple H is barely 6' 1" or even a tiny bit under. Click Here
Now when Big Show stands up straight. His eyes are under his head. Big Show boots probably get him at 6' 11", I'd say he looks 6' 0 3/4" or 6' 1" there. Click Here

Here he is with the Rock. I think the Rock is about 6' 3", and lets be honest, Triple H would be lucky to be 6' 1" there. He looks 6' 0 1/2" there. Click Here
However, in a different and probably more accurate meet, he looks in the normal 6' 1" or maybe even 6' 2" region. Click Here

Last, here he is with Randy Orton who is 6' 4", and again, looks 6' 1" or maybe a shade under. Click Here

My conclusion is that when Triple H was very young, and still perfectly free of any past injuries, he was easily a legit 6' 2" and maybe even 6' 2 1/2". WWE (WWF at the time) did its normal thing and add 2 inches, thus giving him the 6' 4" listing. Now that he is 49 years old, been wrestling for 30 years, and definitely has been on the hard side of receiving a countless amount of injuries, he is probably measured at around 6' 1". Maybe under or even a little over, but he is around 6' 1" now.

Peak height: 6' 2 1/2"
Current: 6' 1"
rawdshaq said on 28/Dec/18
Hahahaha brooo Jbarysh so what is triple H 6' 1"????
J barysh said on 26/Dec/18
Met him in 2011 when I was doing security work for the parking lot at a small venue down where I live. Was told Triple H from WWE was scheduled a meeting. I’m no extreme wrestling fan by any means but I do bodybuilding so I always follows up on Triple H. See, I’m 6’2 on the mark at my highest and he stood by me for half a minute and didn’t realise I was actually a clear taller than him. He was standing straight while I was slightly slouched. I didn’t study his footwear at the time but I know I had quite flat soled shoes. I have no idea how tall he claims but I’ve heard guys tell me he’s 6’5 or so. I’m confident enough to say he was a solid inch lower than my height and I’m 187cm.
rawdshaq said on 26/Dec/18
Personally I think since WWE always likes to say people are taller than they are I think Triple H is only like 6' 2" or 6' 3" but idk really I havent looked but i dont think hes any lower than that
edwards said on 26/Dec/18
today he is max 185 cm
Michael Allen said on 25/Dec/18
Also, in regards to his weight, it has fluctuated A LOT over his career.

I remember when he debuted for WWE in '95.. Back then, if he was an ounce over 225, I would be in shock.

He's definitely packed on the muscle over the years. I would give him a solid 240-245 for his "prime run" from 1999-2001, and then probably up to 255 from 2002-2004 (when he was at his biggest). He then most likely dropped back to 240 from 2004 onward.
Michael Allen said on 25/Dec/18
To me this guy never looked over 6'2 even in his prime.

I'm guessing 6' now. Anyone see the HOF ceremony this year when he stood with 6' Kid Rock. They looked about the same to me.
edwards said on 24/Dec/18
hhh at 6'1 or 6'1.5 is arguable for him today.6'2 is too high for him now.
Riccardo89 said on 19/Dec/18
185 cm max
Christian said on 19/Dec/18
He looked a solid 5 inches shorter than 6'6" Corbin. Click Here
Canson said on 18/Dec/18
I see about half inch difference with He and Lesnar. I’d say 186 for him max and 187-187.5 for Lesnar. 186 fits with what Ali Baba claimed he was in person 6’1”.
michael loughrie said on 17/Dec/18
I went over the match between BOD vs DX and it really made me think that Triple H can be as low as 6' 0.75" today. He was towered by Kane in their first staredown (Kane looking 6' 7" range like normal) and was towered by Undertaker who I presume is as low as 6' 4.5" today.
Canson said on 17/Dec/18
He wouldn’t even get to 6’3” in those thick dress shoes he’s wearing
Canson said on 15/Dec/18
@Michael Loughrie: that’s a good estimate and response!

@Christian: that’s where I see him. I’m not sure if he was a solid 6’2” at his peak although maybe he was. But 187 90s and 2000s and 186 today add up for me too
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 14/Dec/18

It's alright. No hard feelings.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 13/Dec/18

My belief is that he was 187 in the 90's-2000's, and 186 from the 2010's, especially after semi-retiring from wrestling. (meaning only wrestling part time)
michael loughrie said on 12/Dec/18
I've also seen comments on Triple Hs weight. My dad is 6' 0" and weighs 240, and he is not as big as Triple H. Triple H still solid 250 - 260. Low body fat, too.
michael loughrie said on 12/Dec/18
Well, again I apologized as he did respond with a senseful response. And I thought to myself, even if he was obsessed, it's a very innocent obsession with no wrong doings. Either way, my point was that I think at this point of his career (or any wrestlers career) they really don't care about their height, Triple H may not be anywhere near 6' 4" and is probably no more than 6' 1" today, but he is still a legend and I don't think his height had anything to do with his success. He is however still taller than the average male anyway by quite a bit.
Canson said on 11/Dec/18
@Christian and Edwards: go back a few pages here (it would’ve been years back) but Ali Baba met Triple H and said he’s 6’1” max. Maybe that means the same type of estimate I gave along with Christian 6’1.25 but this was years ago so he lost height back then unless he was always that. Others here have also met him on this page and said he’s 6’1”. At his peak 187 is probably the most (188 is possible) but no higher than that.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 10/Dec/18

True. By that logic, Michael himself would be obsessed as well. What a hypocrite.
Canson said on 9/Dec/18
@Christian: that would also mean that we are all obsessed since we are spending our free time assessing heights of celebrities and commenting on them. All would include Michael as well.
edwards said on 9/Dec/18
@michael loughrie i too think a same dude.hhh was probably 6'2 or a strong 6'2 at peak but maybe he is 6'1.5 now.he often gives 6'1 impression too.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 8/Dec/18

There's a fine line between a "hobby" and an "obsession".
Canson said on 8/Dec/18
@Michael Loughrie: thanks for the response. We all must be a bit obsessed if we’re on this site debating like we are. As for Triple H, Ali Baba a regular poster here met him and said that he’s 6’1” as well. I don’t think he’s lost much height. It’s more likely he was not more than 6’2” peak perhaps 6’1.75 and that he is 6’1.25ish today. What you said is correct that some don’t lose height. However, factor in the lifestyle that these guys live. It’s easier for them to lose it than others who don’t take the beating they do
michael loughrie said on 7/Dec/18
@Canson It means that from the pages I've seen he's been there, but he did give a pretty good response back as this is a hobby of mine too, and tbh being obsessed with height is a lot better than being obsessed with other things, its an innocent obsession.

Triple H is 6' 4", and 255 pounds according to He was probably 6' 2" or 6' 3" at peak barefoot and 6' 4" in boots, maybe now he is 6' 1" or maybe still 6' 2", not everyone loses height. My dad is 53 years old and he has been 6 foot since he was 20.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 4/Dec/18

Space is fine, I'm not angry at him.
Canson said on 27/Nov/18
Tree you can’t tell specifically because body compositions vary from person to person. Christian mentioned bone density which is part of that
Jjwatt99 said on 27/Nov/18
I thought The Game was decently over 250lb at his heaviest. I mean wouldn’t guys like Scott Steiner only be 235-240 if The Game was 250lb max? I always thought Steiner to be a 250lb guy at his heaviest and The Game a good 15lb heavier. Maybe I’m wrong, but I find it hard to believe The Game was only 250lb when he was decently over 6ft and pretty massive back then.
Canson said on 27/Nov/18
@Maa: you see where the one guy says “I’ve seen you on every page you’ve been on”. That means he takes just as much interest in height as Christian yet calling him obsessed?
Canson said on 27/Nov/18
@Christian: I saw back in 2012 and in 2014 when Ali Baba posted on this particular page that Triple H is only 6’1” as he did meet him in person. Try pages 5-7 he’s commented a few times I believe
Canson said on 27/Nov/18
@Arch: that comment to Christian was likely just because that person doesn’t like his estimates. You see where it started with someone calling him a height and weight downgrader first then this guy feeding off that person. Christian just like others (myself included) absorb those types of comments when we don’t make celebs talllee and don’t agree with some of the overlisted celebs here and their listings and then when he makes a sharp one back he’s looked at as “beginning an argument” or being rude. If you ask me, that commment was a bit rude and Christian definitely isn’t going around flaunting his height when he’s said before that 6’3” is ideal for a man and acknowledged that those size guys have it better than he does. To be fair, while being tall is great, people don’t realize how tall a true 6’5” guy is until they see someone his size in person and then they realize it. A lot of people will say that 6’5” is ideal height. While it’s not bad overall, a 6’3” guy has all of the same benefits as he does or myself being an inch shorter than he is
tree said on 27/Nov/18
U can tell hhh that he was 260lbs+ comparing him with folks who are 6ft2 and same weight like mma fighters who are measured,so it is normal if someone thinks he was that heavy.
maa said on 26/Nov/18
@Christian 6'5 3/8"

Don't get angry with @Space, he is probably a little meager scrawny and gaunt guy that try to make everyone heavier and bigger. Try to understand all his weaknesses
Arch Stanton said on 25/Nov/18
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 24/Nov/18

I'm not obsessed about height. It's just a "hobby" for me. And so what if I have my height as part of my username? It's not an ego boost or anything."

Of course not, real 6'5 3/8 men don't need to go around celebrity height websites flaunting their height. Glad that you're one of them and are merely being modestly informative Christian, very chivalrous of you.

Triple H still married to Stephanie McMahon? Big crush on her.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 25/Nov/18

Explain to me how am I "wrong". There's no objective proof that Triple H was ever 265-270 peak, and there's no proof that he was 250-255 either. Guessing weight is even more speculative than height because some people can have higher bone density than others. Quit stating your opinions as if they're facts.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 24/Nov/18

I'm not obsessed about height. It's just a "hobby" for me. And so what if I have my height as part of my username? It's not an ego boost or anything.


How do you know if Goldberg was even 270lb? You're just going by their billed weights, which is almost always exaggerated. You're so naive that you believe billed weights are legit, so you're the one who needs to check yourself.
Space said on 24/Nov/18
That picture at the top of HHH’s height page is him on his decline at like 250lbs. He’s 240ish now a days. When he had the long hair he was way heavier like 265+
Space said on 24/Nov/18
Hhh was like the size as James “colossus” Thompson in mma who was like 6’2” 270lbs as well, like check yourself
Space said on 24/Nov/18
He was a strong 6’2” in his prime and massive. I don’t know why Christian thinks he was only 250, you really need to check yourself bro... he was comparable in size to 270lb Goldberg back then. If you saw the dude in ufc back then he would probably be the biggest heavyweight... like honestly check yourself
Canson said on 23/Nov/18
@michael loughrie: this is a height related site. Everyone debates heights here. There are many posters out there who comment much more than Christian does as a matter of fact and Christian doesn’t seem obsessed so much
Annonymous said on 22/Nov/18
If you ever watch YouTube shoots about wrestlers one of them has Steiner admitting he was in the shape of his life at shredded 247 lbs, that was a few years before the feud with triple h that everyone remembers. I'd say Steiner was more 260 by the time 2003 rolled around. Triple H was 265-270 in early 2000's, Christian is simply wrong. Dave Batista was 300 or more before WWE. Goldberg has said he was usually wrestling around 290 on the fighter and the kid podcast.

Some people have no clue, or either deliberately try to make some of these wrestlers smaller.
michael loughrie said on 22/Nov/18
Jesus why are you guys so obsessed with heights, are you insecure? this website is just a cool little tool, and i enjoy looking at it. stop arguing, is he 6' 1", is he 6' 4", is he 220 pounds, is he 285 pounds? doesn't matter, hes a legend and honestly you cant even tell his height until you do real analyze. if i saw triple h on my screen wrestling for the first time and some guy said he was 6' 4" i would believe it. just post your opinion, and move on. not everyone is going to agree with you, and

@christian you are definitely obsessed with height, ive seen you on every page ive been on and you even have your height in your name
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 21/Nov/18

How have I ever objectively downgraded anyone here? You can't prove that Triple H was 265 in that pic, you can only guess based on your opinions. Just like I can only guess based on mine. If I called you an "upgrader", that would be stupid and childish. Grow up.
Brad Pac said on 21/Nov/18
U can't always tell somebody's weight just by looking at them, especially when u guys are arguing over a smaller difference like 5-10 pounds lol. I'm around 245 pounds at 5'10 and I seriously doubt i have got the body size of Triple H or Lashley at their biggest. For example, I've got 17 inch biceps and theirs must be around 20 inches. If i was 3 or 4 inches taller, I'm sure I'd weigh around 265 pounds so it's more then plausible that they would.
tree said on 20/Nov/18
He was 265lbs and ii never sad he was 6ft2..
U are a huge downgrader lol ask anyone
Canson said on 19/Nov/18
@Tree: to be fair tho They’re celebs that Christian has felt were underlisted by Rob and pointed them out. You see a whole bunch of people on Undertaker’s page saying he’s 6’4 and 6’5 but Christian maintains that he’s close to 6’6” still
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 18/Nov/18

I don't know what pic you're seeing. Lashley in the pic I provided looks identical to Triple H's size.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 18/Nov/18

Calling someone a "downgrader" because someone thinks that your favorite celeb is shorter/lighter than you think, is the lamest insult ever. Please come up with something better. Hate to break it to you, but Triple H was never the 6'2.5" 265lb god like you make him out to be.
Vegas' said on 17/Nov/18
Batista looked bigger than 270 during his power plant days in wcw late 90s for sure, he looks over 300 in those photos with the long hair.

When we met Batista in march 2004 he looked heavier and wider (but shorter) than my friend who was around 260lb at the time. Not sure a 10lb difference would be that noticeable so he probably was at least 280 then billed at 313 I believe?
tree said on 17/Nov/18
Lashely may have been 240 iin ufc but he was smaller there,Triple looks a bit bigger and taller,255 lowest for young hhh and i am sure he was 260 at his biggest.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 15/Nov/18

I don't believe Batista was 285 either. Maybe 270-275 at his peak. But back to Triple H, he looked very similar in muscle mass and BF to 245lb Bobby Lashley here Click Here and his 245lb listing Click Here but let's say he was an inch taller for argument's sake. That would put Triple H no more than 250-255 in the pic you provided. Click Here
tree said on 15/Nov/18
HHH has a low bf there with Steiner,he looks better than him,260-265lbs for the game there.
Looks like Christian is not only a height downgrader but also a weight one lol
Bronson said on 14/Nov/18
Yea triple h is like 240 today. He was much bigger back then over 260+ easy. The dude lost like 30lbs since wcw and like 2 inches shorter now
Space said on 13/Nov/18
Click Here

Here’s a refresher, mind you he’s slightly over 6’2” there.
Space said on 13/Nov/18
@ Christian 6’5 3/8

If HHH was only 250lb, then in that video @tree provided us, 5’11” Scott Steiner is only around 235lbs which is BS... I think we can all agree that Steiner was closer to 250lbs. HHH was 2.5” taller than Steiner, and a good 15lbs heavier in that video
Space said on 13/Nov/18
In the early 2000s HHH was 265+ and juiced out on roids. he was decently larger/heavier than guys like the rock and Steve Austin who were around 245 back then. He was the same size as Bill Goldberg. Yet you’ll all agree that Batista was 285? I’m done...
Canson said on 12/Nov/18
@Christian: I think 250-260 is the most I could see for him too
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 11/Nov/18



I can maybe see him at 255 in that video but not 265.
tree said on 11/Nov/18
Triple h peak was 260+ for sure Click Here
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 11/Nov/18
@Christian 6'5 3/8" Poeple always forget about body fat. Someone may look as big as another person but if they have body fat they're going to weigh less. That's the case here.
michael loughrie said on 11/Nov/18
I don't think Triple H is 6' 2", he is a lot closer to 6' 1". I would list him as 6' 1". He is around the tiny bit taller than 6' 0" John Cena, not 2 inches. I think Barefoot, Triple H is maybe 6'0.5, and in those boots, he is 6' 2". The 6' 4" listing is just WWE being WWE.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 9/Nov/18

First of all, Cormier is a lot shorter than guys like Triple H and Goldberg, plus he has pretty high body fat. And I'm not saying that peak Goldberg and peak Triple H didn't look similar based on body size. I meant that Goldberg was bigger in terms of weight because he had lower BF than Triple H, and we know that muscle weighs more than fat. I should've worded it more clear.


maa said on 9/Nov/18
@Christian 6'5 3/8

Don't tell to scrawny @viper the 303 pounds, otherwise he would comment that Reigns is now around 400 pounds just to list him heavier than the he really was.
Space said on 9/Nov/18
Early 2000s HHH had the same size as the ufc heavyweights who weigh in around 265lbs...

250lbs max???
Space said on 9/Nov/18
I’m saying if you look at videos or pictures of hhh and Goldberg squaring up back in the day, they were basically the same size (different body types) but same amount of mass. I don’t know how you guys don’t see that... If HHH was only 250lbs max back then, then Goldberg was 250lbs also. I’m like positive they were both 265ish back in the early 2000’s. There’s no doubt early 2000s HHH would have weighed in around 265lbs. If you saw earlys 2000s HHH walking around in person today you would not say that dude only looks 250lbs max..
Look at the ufc heavyweights who weigh in at 250lbs max today such as (Daniel Cormier & Cain Velasquez) you’re going to tell me an early 2000s HHH was only their size?
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 8/Nov/18

Wrestling promotions inflate wrestlers' weights. Just because Triple H may have been billed 265 back in the day, doesn't mean that he actually was.


He was actually weighed in at 303, but he was a lot fatter back then compared to now. Click Here Now he's around 250 or so.
Space said on 8/Nov/18
HHH looked very similar in size to 265lb Goldberg back then. HHH lost more than 10lbs over the years. He didn’t go from 250 to 240. More like from 265 to 240, along with loosing over an inch in height. The dude shrunk way more than 10lbs!
You really think he was only 250 back then? Jesus... HHH was significantly bigger than say Steve Austin back in the day, Steve Austin was around 245lbs back then.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 7/Nov/18

I'd put Triple H at max 250 peak too. No way he was as big as peak Goldberg, let alone bigger.

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