How tall is Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam's Height

5ft 11 (180.3 cm)

Peak height was 5ft 11 ½ (181.6 cm)
Rob Szatkowski is an American Wrestler. He once mentioned on twitter "Actually I’m 6’0".

How tall is Rob Van Dam
5ft 8 Rob and Van Dam @ LFCC 2016
I am 6′ (1.80m) tall and weigh 16st 8lb (106.5kg).

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Average Guess (103 Votes)
Peak: 5ft 11.72in (182.2cm)
Current: 5ft 11.07in (180.5cm)
FE 4 said on 9/May/23
@Editor Rob,

IMO He’s feasible enough to be in the Martial Arts Category….

He’s M.A fight scenes in movies such as Black Mask II & Wrong Side of Town, Blood Moon & Superfights as well as fight scenes in tv shows (1 episode only) such as VIP & The X-Files. Not to forget, WWE is scripted (no offence to fans), so as an actor, RVD does Martial Arts moves in there too. Plus, He’s a JCVD Gimmick 😝

What do u think Rob?
Skull crushing Final said on 4/Jun/22
Rob so you're about 5'9 5'8 right?
Editor Rob
Strong 5ft 8
Pierre said on 8/Apr/22
Masood said on 9/Aug/21
@Pierre, man it's really a mystery how Booker T looks at least 3 inches taller than RVD yet when you see Rob with Booker, the difference is same as with RVD

Look at this = Rob Van Dam difference of height between him and Katie Forbes when both are wearing poor soles = Click Here

Now Katie Forbes wearing this time massive heels /Rob Van Dam wearing (supposed) classic sneakers = Click Here and finally the difference of height still looks around the same ...I can understand a slighty difference of postures but imo that can’t explain everything. Imo he had similar type of sneakers next to Rob,that could explain why his knees and socks are looking so high in the pic.Imo with similar shoes both Rob would stand at around the same height in the pic.
mojeime said on 29/Dec/21
take a look here

Click Here

RVD in his boots which seem thick is still shorter than HBK, I doubt he was ever 5'11
Football fan said on 7/Sep/21
Peak height was def over 5'11. Imo 5'11.5 peak. He looks 5'11 flat with rob here, I trust Rob
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 30/Aug/21
Rob doesn't look old enough to have lost height, so I'm assuming that he's had some kind of strain or accident doing what he does.

Peak height - 5ft11.5
Now - 5ft11
Masood said on 9/Aug/21
@Pierre, man it's really a mystery how Booker T looks at least 3 inches taller than RVD yet when you see Rob with Booker, the difference is same as with RVD
Adan Martinez said on 2/Aug/21
I met him very recently and I’d say he’s either a strong 5’10 or a weak 5’11 because I’m 5’9 1/2 (176cm) and he wasn’t much taller than me. So I’d say he’s 179.5 cm or 180.3 cm
Edward Mullen said on 29/Jul/21
Back in 03 looked 3 inches shorter than HHH
Mikester said on 17/Feb/21
rob would be aware of rvd's height since he met him. so you folks calling him a liar?
Den G said on 9/Jan/21
He's obviously tiptoeing on the picture with Rob - just look at his socks and knees level) My estimate - 5'8
frank burjan said on 28/Dec/20
Rvd was never over even 5'10. He is shorten than shawn michaels who was 5'10. Maybe 5'9 now.
Ferris said on 2/Oct/20
Yo Rob, Could u add this guy to Martial Artists Category?
Editor Rob
I think the category could get carried away with everybody who has some experience, I was keeping it for those who also do fair amount of film/tv involving martial arts.
Ferris said on 30/Sep/20
@Editor Rob,

Yo Rob, Could u add these people to Martial Artists Category?

- Rob Van Dam
- Cung Le
- Bear Grylls
- Daniel Wu
- Tiger Shroff
- Rick Yune
- Russell Wong
- Lucy Liu
- Kathryn Winnick
- Stephen Chow
- Brian Tee
- Byron Mann
- Kelly Hu
- Ronda Rousey
- Gina Carano
- Hiroyuki Sanada
- Dustin Nguyen
- Ludi Lin
- Peter Kwong
- James Pax
- Tzi Ma
- Ziyi Zhang?
- Toshiro mifune
- Jeff Speakman
- Thomas Ian Griffith
- Adrian Paul
- Michelle Yeoh
- Steve McQueen??
- James Coburn??
- Fred Williamson
- Jeffrey Donovan
- James Caan
- Martin Kove
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 24/Jun/20
@ Rob - Re: Your reply to my comment from 10th October last:

I agree that the more things you cram into your life, the slower time seems to pass. One event that dragged time out like nothing I've known before was my painful operation from 28 months ago. I was supposed to be well on the way to being able to walk unaided after twelve weeks, but that time went by slower than it does for a kid waiting for Christmas - horrendously slow!

After twelve weeks, I couldn't walk unaided either! 😝😭😂

Rob gets 5ft11.5 for his peak and half-an-inch less today.
Pierre said on 11/May/20
His knee here is something like 3 inches higher than Rob's knees here.To me this is not logical,only a giant guy around 6"7' could have his knee so high.

Click Here =here since 3:32 he looks no less than 4 inches shorter than Booker T = Click Here .In fact by Booker T,to me Rob and Rob Van Dam are looking around the same height by this comparison.
Xpac99 said on 27/Nov/19
Maybe cena is over an inch taller than rvd
Click Here
Pierre said on 18/Oct/19
Imo he's a weak 5"11' next to Rob
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 10/Oct/19
Well, Rob's faired well with only half an inch loss! He gets from me 5ft11.5 peak and 5ft11 now. 😃

@ Big Rob - Is this a new picture? I haven't taken it in before....

Ah, I see! It's from 2016! 😆
Editor Rob
I was speaking to Jenny about the passage of time and was talking about an event we were at that was 1 year ago...we were both surprised it was only 1 year as it felt longer. Maybe it shows sometimes, that the more things you do, sometimes time can slow a bit. As for Bigger Rob, I think he is somewhere around 5ft 11 in recent years but 14 years ago he could look a bit taller in person.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 10/Oct/19
@ Littlelee - Hi there! I am just about to watch the Eli Roth film 'The Green Inferno'. Have you seen it? It's extremely gory and scary, as you might expect from Eli Roth. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it!

You got me well and truly hooked on 'American Horror Story', and if I can find anything that I think might appeal to you, I'll let you know.

Cheers mate!

Sandy 😁👍 XXX
Littlelee5ft6 said on 9/Oct/19
Jeff and Matt might even be as low as 5ft 11. They look at best 5 inches taller than bayley in a photo together
Littlelee5ft6 said on 7/Oct/19
Rob how tall are Matt and jeff hardy? They are listed 6ft 2 and 6ft 1 but this sounds too high to me
Editor Rob
More 6ft
Kavi Singh Gill said on 17/Aug/19
@185 guy,
I don't know what you're seeing, but in the above pic 5'8" Rob clearly would be looking at around the mouth level of RVD, making 5'11" the correct height for RVD.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 26/Jul/19
Those MUSCLES! Arghhhh! I wouldn't be able to get my hand round them!

Peak height - 5ft11.75 and half-an-inch less for today.
The Ben said on 29/Apr/19
Bren at 6'2.5 and RVD Click Here
The Ben said on 29/Apr/19
Me at 6'025 and RVD. 3rd time ive met him. Met him 98, 2012 and here. I'd say 5'11 to 6ft depending on footwear.
Click Here
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 12/Feb/19

He looks nothing over 180cm with Rob.
Peter 180cm said on 9/Feb/19
Could pass for 181cm as well.
roofie said on 18/Nov/18
How is RVD listed as 5'11 & Tyson 5'10 but the height difference between you and RVD looks the same as with Tyson despite him having poorer posture than RVD?

Click Here
Editor Rob
Tyson is at least an inch shorter than RVD in person.
tree said on 5/Jul/18
Didn't looked taller than 181 with Triple H Click Here
hahaha said on 7/Apr/18
there is no way the diffrence between your knees in the photo would be logical in the world, hes standing on something rob nice deceiving photo and height claim
185 guy said on 3/Apr/18
Come one Rob, Dam towers you in the same way Edge,6'2'' towered you, well he might be wearing shoes but a shoe's sole are only about half an inch, how about 6'0''
Editor Rob
Van Dam is an inch shorter than six foot men in person.
Mishima said on 23/Feb/18
I always thought he was around 5'10 or even 5'9 on screen, probably had a lot to do with his posture and stances he would be in during matches, lol.
MAD SAM said on 15/Dec/17
180 cm for sure
Boba Fett said on 15/Nov/17
Always thought he was 5'9" or 5'10" for some reason, the dude's taller than he looks, lol.
Jared said on 24/Oct/17
I agree with Marcus Shawn Michaels when feuding with Rob looked much taller. What's the new height then rob ? Maybe 177.5 or a solid 5'10 and a half but than Shawn has to be 5'11 and half who's knows.
Markus said on 5/Sep/17
Shawn Michaels was clearly taller than Van Dam, but Rob has Michaels with a lower
peak height (5-11,25) - that doesn´t work!
Anon2 said on 29/Aug/17
Big Rob and Big Rob
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Aug/17
Rob, how likely is 6ft peak?
Editor Rob
I'm not sure of a full six feet, though on a good day maybe he was!
errybodyshutup said on 4/Aug/17
i give this rating a "two thumbs down"

Pierre said on 29/Jul/17
5"10.5' with the same posture as Rob
Mj said on 18/Jul/17
Compare his arms with Rob' He may weigh 220 pouds..right Rob?
Editor Rob
yeah somewhere in that range is likely.
Attitude said on 16/Jul/17
Rob actually measures up to RVD really well. Doesn't looked dwarfed by him. Great example of a sub-six footer getting a hugely inflated height. He's in the same height range as HBK, Lance Storm, Ric Flair...

Considering this, if Shawn Michaels was 5'10-5'11, then Rob looks the exact same height as Marty Jannetty. I would love if you could get him on the site.
Mj said on 15/Jul/17
Rob..about footwear? Is 179 cm possible?
Editor Rob
inch sneakers, so similar that day.
Azuya said on 2/Jul/17
So Rob has finally met him, well he does look 181 minimum so he could be 5'11.75" peak.
Editor Rob
he's what I'd call right on 5ft 11
heightchecker34 said on 18/Jan/17
RVD always looked like a 5'11 guy, even in his prime. He does carry himself very short... even though he doesn't slouch. He always does measure up to other 180-182 cm wrestlers such as Shawn Michaels and CM Punk. So the most I could see is 5'11.25''. Very chill guy haha.
yoda said on 26/Dec/16
This guy used to be billed at 6'3, a decade ago. But Kurt Angle was also billed at 6'2 and Test was billed at 7'0, so I'm not surprised.
Attitude said on 18/Nov/16

Rob Van Dam is at a footwear disadvantage. He wore flat soled shoes. HBK nearly never ever has in-ring or out the ring.
manny said on 22/Sep/16
Good estimate I'd say this is on the money I mean with boots on he's gotta be a strong 6 ft but my friend showed me a pic when he's seen him in. Amsterdam and he was only a little shorter shorter and my friend was wearing airmax and he's definateky 6foot so
Nobody said on 21/Aug/16
Interesting Rob, why is it that he doesn't look near 5'11 in those segments with Shawn Michaels though? I don't doubt your assessment at all but he looks like the shortest looking 5'11 guy I've seen in wrestling
Editor Rob
I think he can carry himself shorter than he might actually measure.
Nobody said on 16/Aug/16
He looks nowhere near this height in segments with Shawn Michaels:

Click Here

Click Here
Editor Rob
I seen Van Dam now 10 years ago, never got a photo though, but finally managed to meet him. Today when he stands tall I think he is about 5ft 11.
Destino said on 10/Jun/16
He's more than an inch shorter than Cena who's billed as a 184 cm guy here. 5'11 flat for RVD.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/May/16
Scott Hall was billed at 6ft7-8, Reigns 6ft5 and Rollins 6ft4
John said on 1/Feb/16
@Rampage (-_-_-) Clover
Definitely not few. There are a lot. Ex: John Cena, Big Show, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Scott Hall, Diamond Dallas Page, Steve Austin, Billy Gunn (Gunn was at times even billed shorter than his actual height)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Jan/16
One of the few guys actually close to his billed height (6ft).
anonymous said on 15/Dec/15
here's a video which can proove a lot
Click Here
rusev is 6 ft and he's barefeet and van dam is whith his lifting boots and still shorter than him. anything to say Rob ?
Editor Rob
from that clip it's not a great deal to go on. But with a guy like Cena I think Dam could look not more than 5ft 11
anonymous said on 12/Dec/15
ok im just curious many sites have him listed as 5'10 in the movie wrong side of town he doesnt look as big as 6 foot and in the wrestling is very well known that billed height is 2-4 inches more than the real one. so what makes you think rob van dam is 6 foot rob ?
Kevin said on 2/Dec/15
Love RVD, but think he should be down graded to 5'11 even, met him and he was barely an inch taller than me, fun guy to hang out with if you get the chance...
andre said on 7/Oct/15
rob is 5ft10.5 barefoot
Josh1 said on 8/Aug/15
5-11 , 6'0 with boots on.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Mar/15
This definitely puts Steve Austin no lower than 6ft1
George F said on 5/Feb/15
Rob I would be shocked if he was over 5ft 11. Any chance he is shy of 181cm, let's say 5ft 11 flat?
Editor Rob
I'd be surprised if he was just 5ft 11 flat
Rick said on 18/Jan/15
It's pretty well known that they exaggerate height by 2 or 3 inches in pro wrestling. If he is billed at 6' 0" or 6' 1", then he's probably around 5' 10" to 5' 11".
The Ben said on 27/Dec/14
I met RVD a couple of times. 98 when he looked a solid 5'11 and a very ripped 215 lbs. met him at TNA 2012 and he was 5'11 but was very heavy, I would have said 250. He had a huge gut and was very thick. Big legs and ass.
George F said on 26/Dec/14
Rob he looks 5ft 11 flat to me. What's the lowest height you see him?
Editor Rob
he can look 5ft 11 and 11.5, anywhere along there could be argued.
ZenMaster said on 15/Aug/14
Alex, I think Austin was a solid 6'1" in his prime.
Alex 6'0 said on 14/Aug/14
ZenMaster looks more 5'11ish the same as RVD. RVD was always shorter than 6'0-6'0 1/2 Steve Austin
ZenMaster said on 14/Aug/14
Click Here Here's another one for people who think I'm lying about being 6'. How am I even or even slightly taller than Shelton Benjamin who is listed at 6.0'5" on this site?!
ZenMaster said on 14/Aug/14
So, yes, my 6'1" claim is in shoes, and that day I was standing at a SOLID 6'1" in those shoes (Griffey Air Max 2's). That said, my posture is not good at all, and the angle of that picture is very strange. I actually just measured right now and I am 6'0.25". Conclusion: 6' for RVD is spot on.
ZenMaster said on 14/Aug/14
And If you wanna get technical, the shoes I was wearing that day, I was probably standing a solid 6'1.25". RVD is a solid 6' in my opinion.
ZenMaster said on 14/Aug/14
Lol @ thinking I'm lying. When I said 6'1" I meant in shoes. I'm 6' even. Does that make this picture believable now? You can see the angle is all ****ed up too. It looks like I'm leaning somewhat.
Arch Stanton said on 18/Jul/14
Rob are you sure this wasn't you around the 1991 period wearing Steven Seagal's big boots :-) It definitely sounds badass!
bot123 said on 22/Jun/14
5'11.5 max, probably hit 6'0.5 in wrestling boots.
cHUCKY said on 18/Jun/14
If Zenmaster is 6'1, RVD is 6'2. Why do people feel the need to lie bout height?
ZenMaster said on 26/Feb/14
Click Here

Well, I have a picture here with RVD. I'm 6'1" and you can see he's about the same as me. It looks like I'm leaning in a little bit though so that could bring me down some.
James said on 12/Jan/14
These days 180cm
Joe G said on 24/Dec/13
I have met Rob very cool guy he seemed about 5'10 without wrestling boots.
NNW said on 15/Jul/13
180 CM no more, no less.
vegas said on 25/Jun/13
dunnit i saw rvd and sabu standing up talking to one another couple of summers back, rob had at least 3 inches on sabu these days..maybe it was less before sabu decided to destroy his body
dunnit said on 30/May/13
Well if RVD is 5'11", then Sabu should be like an inch or two shorter, cause there was no way in hell that Sabu is really 6'0"....
Just saying.
Red said on 12/Aug/12
This height is spot on, miss the last comments.

Vegas has a great pic with RVD
Clay said on 19/May/09
Nearly 6 feet it is.
Jesiah said on 18/May/09
Sounds about right. I'm about 5'9.5-5.10 and I used to see Rob every now and then at his comic store when it was in lakewood and he was a couple inches taller than me.
Alex said on 18/May/09
Its not going to be easy to tell 5'10.5 from 5'11 in photos alone but based on most pictures RVD looks more in the 5'11 range.
Steve198 said on 18/May/09
Ok he's leaning,but I don't think he is 5'11.5,more like 5'11 flat.
Those wrestler are shorter than you expect,their big frame adds also the illusion of being taller.
Red said on 17/May/09
Alex says on 16/May/09
Anyone to say that only looks around 2 inches is wrong. Thats no less than a 3 inch difference here.

Please Remember:

MAMUN says on 13/May/09
5' 10.5 looks ok ! But he did have slight foot wear advantage over me !



I put him at 5
Alex said on 16/May/09
Anyone to say that only looks around 2 inches is wrong. Thats no less than a 3 inch difference here.
James said on 15/May/09
He does look close to 6'0 in the pic. He's just not standing as straight although you could argue Mamun is further away from the camera.
fern said on 15/May/09
so im thinking 5,11.5 is a joke. He looks 179-180 tops. I think based on that picc considering rob van is closer to the cam, he is only 5,10.5: i think u need to take an inch off rob.
Alex said on 14/May/09
I wont even comment on that 5'9 estimate.
Rob met him too and said he appeared pretty close to 6'0 as well. 5'11-5'11.5 does equal to being pretty close to 6'0 anyway. Now 5'10 wouldn't be.
James said on 14/May/09
5'9 is absurd
Vegas said on 14/May/09
SoReal says on 14/May/09
LOL In that pic, Rob looks more like 175 than 182!

making mamun no more than 167-168 then, mamun is 173.5, so how can rvd look 175 in that photo??
MAMUN said on 14/May/09
Thank you the Ben!


The Ben said on 14/May/09
You cant really bsee RVD's shoes... I met him in 1998.. he seemed 5'11 max to me.. He was pretty arrogant back then.. he was an ECW heel at the time and only 26 though... I still think he rocks and i miss him being around... Great picture Mamun..
SoReal said on 14/May/09
LOL In that pic, Rob looks more like 175 than 182!
LOMJkE said on 13/May/09
rvd is around 180-181 cm he was shorter than Jeff Hardy who is at least 6'1
MAMUN said on 13/May/09
Thank you TELLEM !


TELLEM said on 13/May/09
mamun is slightly over RVD's eyebrow, meaning thats 3 inches over. cool pic mamun.
TELLEM said on 13/May/09
same height as 5'11 virgil. mamun has stated that he was measured at 5'8.25 in the afternoon...meaning that RVD here is about 5'11. guess this eliminates the ridiculous 5'10 estimate for RVD.
MAMUN said on 13/May/09
5' 10.5 looks ok ! But he did have slight foot wear advantage over me !


James said on 13/May/09
Maybe downgrade to 181cm? How tall did he look to you Mamun?
Vegas said on 13/May/09
Alex says on 12/May/09
I see 3 inches between Mamun and RVD. Anything under 5'11 I highly doubt for RVD.

i agree, RVD is scheduled for an indie show in my hometown in august, hopefully i can get a photo with him without wrestling gear after
Alex said on 12/May/09
I see 3 inches between Mamun and RVD. Anything under 5'11 I highly doubt for RVD.
Frank said on 12/May/09
I agree he looks 5ft 10ish
smithy said on 12/May/09
naahh, this guy looks like a 5'10.5"

Kinda stubby for his built.
Alex said on 12/May/09
An easy 5'11 and probably 5'11.5.
MAMUN said on 12/May/09
Thank you ROB !

Kind regards

Supermun !
miko said on 12/May/09
He is dropping posture here, but is a very solid 5"11 guy.

Would be great to see a RVD and HBK staredown.
Anonymous said on 27/May/08
Albi, there is no consistent pattern of heights here being exactly 1 cm shorter. You can probably point of dozens of examples to support your case, but there are so many celebrities here that I can probably point out dozens of counter-examples.
Albi said on 1/Jun/07
Its a little frustrating seeing that a lot of the celebrities on this site are put at exactly 1cm shorter than what they claim. 1cm is a very small difference, certainly not noticeable by someone who is 10+cm shorter than them. I say if you have no strong proof of that 1cm just put their billed height. This way you're hurting your credibility. The phrase "...because I can" is coming to my mind.
Ben said on 25/Apr/07
the reason van dams boots look so big is because of the padding on the top! not because of huge lifts, i met him 10yrs ago and id say 5'11. and he doesnt look to have shrunk.
Derek said on 16/Dec/06
RVD is a tad taller than Jonny, so 5'11 1/4"-5'11 1/2" makes sense for RVD.
Jordan said on 14/Dec/06
Well taking jonny's advice about the boots i think RVD is 5'11.25 to 6'0 IMO
Jonny said on 4/Aug/06
RVD wasn't wearing big shoes, I remember noticing him wearing normal trainers which I doubt had any lifts in them and if they did they can't have been much. I was probably wearing bigger shoes than him! But you are right, it's never easy to tell the exact height of someone because everyone wears different shoes.
JK said on 1/Aug/06
yep, and his official site has his correct height listing..
hamtaro said on 31/Jul/06
that myspace says cena is 6 foot, but its not his official site. His official site is this: Click Here
TheMan said on 30/Jul/06
Ok i see that but we havent seen he's footwear and pictures can do funny things sometimes. Im not saying im right but it's just from what ive seen. Ive seen Cena seem alot taller than him now if he's saying he's 6 foot and RVDS boots are huge he can look that low. It's possible he is 5,11 as i said before im not sure. But ive seen plenty of pictures where people look the same height and their not. Ive seen pics were stallone looks the same height as arnold schwazzenger. If he's 5,11 he's 180cm but it's also possible he's like 178. I think 5,9 is maybe too low of a rating lol. I guess you don't remember he's shoes jhonny. I could imagine he wears chunky shoes becuase he deffently wears lifts with he's wrestling boots and he still doesnt look that tall. Thats really the only reason i am so sceptical.
ralph said on 30/Jul/06
Excuse me, TheMan, but are you blind? Dont you see the pic beside johnny? And he said he looked 6 foot, so what are you saying about five foot ten?
TheMan said on 29/Jul/06
RVD IMO is about 5,10 max. The reasons i say this is he wears huge huge boots in the ring. And he still alot shorter than guys like Cena who he should be the same height as. Im not sure if he is 5,11 it's possible but if he is he's not a very strong 5,11 about 180cm that IMO is being very generous id say he could be as low as 5,9.
JK said on 29/Jul/06
hamtaro you are right man,, thats the thing most of these people don't get, I have actually met Cena in person and i swear he was ATLEAST 6'1'' if not taller, i wish these people could meet him in real life so then they will find out if he's 6'1'' or not...
hamtaro said on 28/Jul/06
If RVD is 5"11.5" , john cena is a solid 6"1"

Click Here
Joe said on 7/Jul/06
This guy is just under 6'0 from what ive gathered. This estimate is spot on. He might as well be billed as 6'0 as some wrestlers really overdo the fake height thing, e.g. 6'8 hulk hogan.
Anshelm said on 23/Jun/06
Looked a little shorter (one inch?) than John Cena.
Alex said on 1/Apr/06
He looks 5'11 at least, maybe 5'11.5. Going by most pics he looks 5'11 flat.

Editor Rob
yes, knock a little off him now
Jonny said on 31/Mar/06
Yeah it's hard to tell, there isn't much difference between us if any at all, but I reckon he is probably 5'11.5".
Jason said on 30/Mar/06
He appears the exact same height as Jonny there. Maybe Jonny thought he was slightly taller because his eyes are situated a little higher.

Editor Rob
it depends...always remember that if you've got a guy closer to camera this can play with actual heights, especially depending on how close the cameraguy is. But I could see 5ft 11.5 for him, my own estimate was he appeared close to 6ft, so...
Jonny said on 29/Mar/06
I am a legitimate 5'11", I have my pic with RVD showing him to be that or slightly over, I'll send it.

Editor Rob
yes, send please and I'll add it
Alex said on 21/Mar/06
I can't see anyway RVD as low as 5'10. 5'11 is the most accurate even though he MIGHT be as low as 5'10.5 as Jason says he may be.
Liz said on 12/Mar/06
I once saw him at the mall because there was an event for his video game store and he looked like 5'10".
Alex said on 3/Feb/06
I see the pic with Van Dam and Jim, don't think its 7 inches of height between them so it puts Van Dam at 5'11 exactly. Its more like 6 inches apart.
Jason said on 11/Jan/06
Pic 21 of gallery 2 of - 6'5'' Jim with Rob Van Dam. Hmmm ... Van Dam looks more like 5'10 1/2''. Maybe his wrestling boots were giving him more when you met him, Rob?

Editor Rob
my impression was 182cm, although he does have good posture. Without a picture though an estimate might be off...his trainers didn't appear that suspicious though, although I don't remember him using the old 'ultimate warrior' raised eyeline trick...
obsessedwithwwe said on 12/Nov/05
hes 5'11" flat not quite 6' as he says he is ... maybe with those big boots of his ...
TheMan said on 27/Aug/05
I agree he's a solid 5,11 doesnt touch 6,0 though mid 5,11 thats all IMO. Also wrestlers wear huge boots Van damme wears huge ones so don't be so sure he's actually that tall. In the ring he's about 6,1 2 inches taller atleast. In reality he's 5,11.
cantstop25 said on 1/Jul/05
wow if he is really 6' wrestlers do not lie about there own height
Lex said on 24/May/05
I met Rob after a wrestlig show, he did look about 5'11.

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