How tall is Adam Copeland

Adam Copeland's Height

6ft 2 (188 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 3 (190.5 cm)
Canadian wrestler 'Edge' and actor from TV series Haven. On twitter he gave his height/weight: "I'm only 6'4, 250, that's average in my world" and also when someone asked his real height, he said "6'5 same as the "billed" height". In this convention photo I had 1/3rd of an inch more sneaker than Edge.

How tall is Adam Copeland
5ft 8 Rob and Adam @ LFCC 2016
[Height Comparison]
I’m 6-foot-4 and 240 pounds, which is average size in WWE, but in the world of television and movies, it’s huge. The first thing I had to wrap my head around when I walked on a set is everyone telling me how big I was. When I was on “Haven,” my nickname was “Sasquatch.” I had to put myself in the mindset that in the TV and film world, I am as big as Kane, who really is huge. My character Dwight on “Haven” was a big guy, but had some soft spots. Atom Smasher has none. He’s just a goliath., 2015

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Average Guess (259 Votes)
Peak: 6ft 3.15in (190.9cm)
Current: 6ft 2.11in (188.2cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/May/23
Editor Rob: I wouldn't have guessed that tall, but strong 6ft 3? like 6ft 3-3.25 might be argued.

I'd place reasonable odds on him and Rock in mint condition landing in 6ft3 and change country more so than almost 6ft3.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Mar/23
Not a guy who fell below the 6ft3 mark at his low peak, just like Rock
Ray (174 cm) said on 18/Mar/23
He was at least 0.5 cm taller than the rock when he was younger So my guess would be

Peak: 6’3 (191.3 cm) Current: 6’2 (188.2 cm)
5'7 and a fraction said on 16/Feb/23
Looks like a strong 6'2 here.
Luke Guarda said on 14/Dec/22
He was very tall in his prime he made Matt Hardy who is a legit 6' tall seem short. I`d say 6'3 1/2" prime and 6'2" now.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Aug/22
6ft3 and change peak
Most Legit 6'3 said on 3/Aug/22
I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Edge a few years back when he was still retired, and he looked about an inch shorter than me. Very solid 6’2 now, strong 6’3 peak maybe even 6’31/2
Space said on 13/Jul/22
Edge looks to be 6’1.75” at the most in the picture with 5’8” Rob in 2016. I can’t speak for edges peak height because I never really followed him in early wrestling.

Edge may be even shorter than 6’1.75” today.
Rsingh said on 9/Jul/22
I don't think at peak he would be any taller than someone like Chris Hemsworth.
flyingnimbus101 said on 7/Jul/22
if edge is 6'2 then u should downgrade guys like brock,batista,triple h to 6'0. edge is cleary taller than all the guys i mention. u can even check out the match between them.
Space said on 29/Jun/22
He looks 6’2.75” at the most in the picture with Rob.
Sepanta said on 23/Jun/22
Rob, any chance Edge was 6'3.5 at his prime?
Editor Rob
I wouldn't have guessed that tall, but strong 6ft 3? like 6ft 3-3.25 might be argued.
Linke said on 26/May/22
I have edge at 6'2 and Priest at 6'4.5.

Peak Edge was strong 6'3, he lost way too much height too young. Watching WWF as a kid, he used to tower over Christian who was atleast 6'0 peak (and I don't think he has lost more than 1/4 of an inch).
ChristianPerkins said on 24/May/22
Rob has already added Rhea a while ago.
Click Here
As for Edge and Priest, I think 6'1.75" and 6'4" respectively is fair. Mind you that Edge's meeting with Rob was 6 years ago, so who knows how much height he could've lost since then.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/May/22
Looking at him when he was younger, better odds of a nickel over 6ft3 than under w/h 6ft4 first thing...same applies for Rock and arguably Batista

All three have claimed 6ft4 and 6ft5
Ali said on 23/May/22
I'd say 6'3 at his peak and these days is over 6'2 depending on his posture.

Looking at him with his new stable; I'd say Damian Priest is at least 6'4 as he tends to have at least 2 inches max on Edge.

Click Here

Click Here

I think in the recent times they've been in the ring, Edge may be wearing thicker footwear that gets him closer Damians eye level.

And as for Rhea Ripley, the problem with her is she tends to wear monster boots a lot.

Click Here

Click Here

But I'll say she's 5'7 to 5'8 and maybe closer 5'9 her regular boots and around 5'11 in her monster boots she wears. Her frame can make her look even more amazonian too.

You should really look into adding Damian and Rhea to this site too Rob, they'd be great additions.

Also, it is great to be able to add comments again!!!
Chaos's Other Throwaway said on 23/May/22
Looking through comments from the last couple of years I have made so many terrible Edge puns that I’m on the Edge of my sanity right now
Rsingh said on 17/May/22
He never looked as same as Randy Orton at peak atleast an inch less than him.i don't know why he claimed 6'5" on twitter.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/May/22
Rob, is a fraction over 6ft3 arguable peak?
Editor Rob
That's pushing it for me...of course I am not convinced on 6ft 3.5-4 range peak.
ChristianPerkins said on 12/May/22
@Philip Z
I initially thought Priest was a strong 6'4" and change before his interaction with Edge, but it's clear now that he may not have more than 2" on him. Probably Priest's proportion and body shape makes him seem a bit taller. 6'3.75" isn't impossible for Priest now TBH.
ChristianPerkins said on 11/May/22
Why list Rhea as 5'8" being that she looked 5'7.5" with Edge, whom you have a clearer understanding of how tall he is because you met him in person?
Editor Rob
5ft 7.5 was lowest I could see with Edge, but also 5ft 8 wasn't impossible.
Philip Z said on 11/May/22
Held up surprisingly well fully straightened next to Damien Priest. If Edge is 6ft 2, then Priest can't be much taller than 6ft 4.
Daniel Lee said on 9/May/22
@Rob Rhea Ripley is the teamate of Edge. Could you add her? She deserves it. Next to Edge there Click Here
Editor Rob
Billed at 5ft 7, she held up fairly well with Edge there, I'd have thought taller than that, they might underbill, 5ft 7.5 looked likely there.
Robbe said on 15/Mar/22
Same guy with Edge and Joonas Suotamo Click Here
ChristianPerkins said on 14/Mar/22
@John Moss
That's way too broad of a guess range, lol.
Public Enemy said on 24/Feb/22
Can’t see Edge being more than 6’2 these days. Peak 6’3. One inch height loss.
mojeime said on 5/Jan/22
@Bob fred
Randy is wearing normal shoes and Edge has boots with big heels on. That's why he looks taller there.
John moss said on 24/Dec/21
Edge could be somewhere between 6'1-6'4 imo. He's a tall guy though. Rob can you see our guesses we put in?
Editor Rob
Chaoscontrol. said on 6/Dec/21
Nah he’s not dropped 2 inches
Michael187BarefootInTheMorning said on 3/Dec/21
He's lost major height.

I really do think he was all of 6'4" when he started with WWE....but multiple surgeries and wear from wrestling have brought him down to around 6'2" flat.
Chaoscontrol. said on 1/Nov/21
Look at Rated-RKO segments, Orton at 193cm and Edge at 191cm is feasible. Nowadays he looks 188-189. He hunches his head forwards a lot cause of neck injuries which gives the impression he’s 186-187 but he’s at least as tall as guys like Reigns when straightened out
Bob fred said on 29/Oct/21
Watch this video: Click Here Edge was taller than Randy Orton
Bob fred said on 29/Oct/21
Edge was a legit 6’4 in his prime. Same height as Orton. Towers over triple H and Batista.
John Hunkstad said on 4/Oct/21
Edge is much taller than Batista. How is it that Batista is 6" 2 and 3/4 while Edge is only 6"2'?😂😂😂😂
Robbie piper said on 29/Sep/21
Click Here 1.42 edge with Sheamus and sheamus is barefoot and edge in trainers to which he says I’m taller than you insinuating that he’s actually smaller than him barefoot any thoughts rob ?
Editor Rob

With videos, height varies with movement and changes in posture and in person it might look different. I thought Sheamus when standing tall could edge out Adam...however it could be close barefoot in 2019....
Football fan said on 6/Sep/21
Edge looked significantly taller from 1992-2001. He broke his neck multiple times and had many other injuries, the WWE forced him to retire in 2011 because of spinal stenosis, he could a died. Edge towered over Christian whom Rob has met when he was 43. In some clips looks 4 inches taller. Imo, edge's peak heights in his early twenties was 6'3-6'3.5, most likely 6'3.25-6'3.5"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Aug/21
No more than 1in below Orton, at times could look pretty much the same!
ChaosControl said on 23/Aug/21
Edge was way too close in height with Orton at his peak to be anything sub-191
ChaosControl said on 8/Aug/21
My man really got screwed over by posture and footwear disadvantage in this photo. Most of his old matches he looks a bit past 6’3 and in the recent ones he still looks a solid 6!2
Elene said on 8/Aug/21
187 cm based on this photo
Rounak Singh said on 5/Aug/21
Peak definitely around 6'3" but he always looked a quarter inch less than Batista and an inch less than Orton.
Linni said on 27/Jul/21
I'd give him 6'3. Seen him next to 6'0.5 John Cena and Edge does seem to have a 2-2.5 inch gap.

Love this guy. Still remember him telling his story about finally able to buy a house for his mother back in 2011 when announced retirement.

Also, noticed Rob doesn't look REALLY short next to Edge. Guess us 5'8-5'9 guys aren't really short next to a 6'2-6'3 dude from the perspective of a third person.
Chaos 6'2.5 said on 6/Jun/21
@Alex he has footwear disadvantage and worse posture compared to Rob he’s easily over 6’2
Alex 6'0 said on 6/Jun/21
Weird how edge can look 6'1.5 range with Rob but we know he's over 6'2
noelgally said on 26/May/21
Before he had his neck surgery in 2003 he was an easy 6'3 to 6'3.5. After he was pushing 6'3. Nowadays probably 6'2.5.
ChaosControl 6'2.5/189.2cm said on 10/May/21
He looks more than 2 inches taller than 6’0 Kelsey Grammer in Money Plane and there’s no way Randy Orton is 2 full inches taller than him. 6’2.25-6’2.5. He looked nearly as tall as Cesaro at the Royal Rumble. Peak was 6’3.25-6’3.5
Hyper said on 9/May/21
Poor Bo and Wlad.

Seeing 6’3” guys claim 6’5”.
viper said on 21/Apr/21
Hounsou has claimed 6-5
James B 171.5cm said on 19/Apr/21
Alex 6’0- Djimon Hounsou claimed to be “6ft4” and he’s listed here at 6’1.5
Alex 6'0 said on 16/Apr/21
Christian yea its too much of a stretch guys 6'2-6'2.5 claiming 6'5. In general guys between 6'2-6'3 will claim 6'4! I have a friend whos tall guy. Claims 6'4 but went to dr and was measured 6'2.5. Still occasionally claims 6'4. I see no problem rounding up from .5-.75 but 1-2 inch inflations is dumb
Public Enemy said on 13/Apr/21
Thought Edge should be wee champ as he ( and not Roman) actually pinned Daniel Bryan’s shoulder to the mat! In Wrestlemania!

Peak 6’3- 6’3.25
Current 6’2.25
Mickie said on 7/Apr/21
I'd say 190 cm at peak and 188 cm now seems reasonable. At that sort of height you can probably get away with claiming 6'4" to non-celebheights type people and many will accept it. Even non height-aware people might not swallow 6'5", though.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 2/Apr/21
Edge even claimed 6'5" once, as mentioned in the description above. Only other 6'2" range celebs I can think of, that have claimed 6'5" are the Rock, Shawne Merriman and Kane Hodder.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 1/Apr/21
I'd say 6'3" peak max. Same goes for The Rock. Edge is the slightly shorter of the two today though, at 6'1.75" IMO.
Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 31/Mar/21
Minimum 6’3.25 peak and there’s a very strong argument for 6’3.5
Alex 6'0 said on 28/Mar/21
Rampage you think he's lost a full inch? I think maybe 6'2.5 peak. Today 6'2. Funny legit guys 6'2 claiming 6'4
Broussard077 said on 28/Mar/21
He looks between 6'2 and 6'3 these days
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Mar/21
I think if measured you wouldn't get him below 6ft2...peak was a solid 6ft3, could look close enough to 6ft4 guys. He's in the same boat as Rock though, claiming need.
Jkiller said on 2/Mar/21
Guy is 6'2.25 these days, was definitely close to 6'3 in his prime.
Broussard077 said on 24/Feb/21
He looks taller than Roman reigns..I'll give him close to 6'3
Glady said on 21/Feb/21
It seems edge is definitely taller than reigns he was looking a smidge taller than reigns this past episode on smack down.
berta said on 20/Feb/21
this guy always seemed to be " atleast" 6´3 back in the day. my guess is a fraction over 6´3 at peak. really close to 191 and today can walk and stand like a 188 man because of all the injuries but measure a little over that. This guy was falling down from ladders on regular basis.
Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 18/Feb/21
@Vincent Rob said he had footwear advantage plus he’s standing straighter than Adam
Vincent Caleb said on 17/Feb/21
Just with Rob he really looks shorter than what I think he would measure. 6’2.5” isn’t impossible either, but my bet is 6’2.25”
Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 17/Feb/21
@Vincent I’d say he’s got a chance of 6’2.5, okay maybe 6’2.75 was too high, but currently being 6’2.25-6’2.5 wouldn’t surprise me neither would 6’3.25-6!3.5 for his peak
juggernaut said on 16/Feb/21
Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 10/Feb/21
he edged Reigns out,

@juggernaut was that pun intended? Or does knowing it’s a pun keep you On Edge?

Nah, I am serious I think Edge did edge out Reigns there..maybe I am wrong but Adam looked at least half an inch taller than Roman there
Vincent Caleb said on 15/Feb/21
6’2.75” is too much now, even 6’2.5”. 6’2.25” is very possible though. Strong 6’3” peak too.
Johnny Paker 123 said on 11/Feb/21
I just watched the Segment between Edge and Roman and they looked pretty even to me I don't think either man is taller than the other , and I also remember Egde stacking up pretty well to Randy Orton so I believe 6'2 Range is fine for both of them , Reigns would also defiantly Egde out Lesner there was a panel in the staredowm in 2015 where the camera zoomed out and it was clear Reigns was taller , would post the pics if I Knew how
Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 10/Feb/21
he edged Reigns out,

@juggernaut was that pun intended? Or does knowing it’s a pun keep you On Edge?
juggernaut said on 7/Feb/21
I absolutely agree with Adam 'Edge' Copeland being 6'3' in his prime, but in a recent SD live episode he looked a little taller than 6'2' Roman Reigns..not sure about his footwear but he edged Reigns out, he also has a long neck.. 6'2'1/4 should be his height now and Reigns a flat 6'2', I feel Lesnar too might edge Reigns out barefeet
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Feb/21
Today might still clear 6ft2 by a fraction. A guy looking barely 6ft2 doesn’t necessarily equate to him measuring less than it
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Feb/21
I think Edge and Rock are candidates for strong 6ft3 range peak
ChaosControl 6'2 1/2 said on 1/Feb/21
Having watched last night’s Royal Rumble I’m inclined to believe he could even be 6’2.5-75 nowadays. Cesaro wasn’t much taller than him
Vincent Caleb said on 16/Jan/21
Maybe some small upgrades would be good.
Public Enemy said on 15/Jan/21
He’s definitely lost an inch from his peak. Peak 6’3.25. Today 6’2.25. He looked taller than Sheamus in a recent video at his home but Sheamus was barefoot and Edge was In trainers.
ChaosControl 6'2.5 said on 13/Jan/21
This is the only photo where he looks 6’2. Add 1/3 cause Rob said he had footwear advantage and add another quarter cause Rob has better posture. You get 6’2 7/12
ChaosControl 6'2.5 said on 9/Jan/21
I’m sticking with 6’3.5 peak and 6’2.5 current
Roccck said on 1/Jan/21
I am 6'1/3" tall when I stand next to 5'8" tall guy I found the same difference as in this picture 😃 it's funny to see that WWE billed him at 6'5" as he is actually 6'1" for sure and 6'1.5" at peak
Ben Bell said on 27/Dec/20
I always thought 6’4-ish.
Supposed to see the 6’2 listing.
I have no real reason to disagree.
ChaosControl 6'2.5 said on 19/Dec/20
Definitely looks to have 2.5” on Kelsey Grammar in Money Plane, on that WWE Network show he has with Christian he looked solidly taller than Foley (although I do think Foley is over listed) and he’s almost an inch over Reigns in January and maybe 1.25 shorter than Orton (who was slightly taller in their primes)
ChaosControl 6'2.5 said on 19/Dec/20
I really think he was solid/strong 6’3 peak and solid 6’2 now, Rob said he had footwear advantage and Adam’s torso is tilted a bit too so he looks 187.5 when he’s probably 188.5. 191-191.5 peak
Dan Trojan said on 12/Dec/20
I believe he was 6'3" at one point he looks it in haven I don't know about his weight but he makes the other actors in haven look small
heightchecker34 said on 28/Nov/20
Not seeing the 6'3 + comments.. he is 6'2.75 absolute peak, same as Rock. Batista is 6'2.25-6'2.5 max Foley is 6'2, Triple H 6'1.75 in his prime, William Regal is 6'2.25, same as peak Lex Luger. Edge has lost an inch due to surgery. Evidently he took WWE's billed height to Hollywood as well. Joke, I love Edge.
Soda machine said on 28/Nov/20
6-3 peak. 6-5 or 6-4 peak is absolutely bs. Now 6-2 weak.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 26/Nov/20
You gotta take into consideration that Cena doesn't have a history of neck issues like Edge does, though. And the fact that Cena's younger.
QM6'1QM said on 26/Nov/20
Chinedu said on 26/Nov/20

Nope, it isn't miracle.
He's man of great posture.
I mean his strong body and genetics is a way and answer to be young and healthy man through the years :)
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 26/Nov/20
But if Edge's taller than Reigns, and Rob met Edge and guessed him at max 6'2", what does that say about Reigns' height?
Chinedu said on 26/Nov/20
He's just 47 and he's already lost at least an inch. It pains me to see wrestlers loose height so quickly.

That John Cena is still holding 6ft+ is a miracle.
J2Frenzy said on 25/Nov/20
Plus at the Royal Rumble this year Edge and listed 6’2.25 Reigns had a staredown and Edge was definitely a bit taller
J2Frenzy said on 24/Nov/20
@Christian in the Backlash match Orton looks taller, but by maybe an inch. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and say it’s more likely 1.25” difference than 0.75”, but I wouldn’t go more than that
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 24/Nov/20
In what pic? Orton had 2" on him easily.
J2Frenzy said on 23/Nov/20
@Christian then why is Edge barely shorter than 6’4 Orton?
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 22/Nov/20
I'd say:
J2Frenzy said on 20/Nov/20
@Rampage I’ve watched a couple of matches featuring Edge and the Rock, and Adam Copeland seems to have the edge (see what I did there?)
Here’s my list for the ones you’re comparing
Edge 6’3.5 (barely shorter than 6’4 Orton at times in Rated-RKO)
Rock 6’2.75 peak like what Canson and Vincent say, 6’2 now
Regal I don’t know, haven’t seen much of him
Foley 6’2 max. It’s what he was billed as and it’s what he looks
Batista 6’3 peak, edges Chris Pratt in MCU movies so now 6’2.25
HHH 6’2 peak, 6’1.25 now. Edged Rollins when the Shield broke up
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Nov/20
Rob, who you think would measure tallest peak out of Edge, Rock, Regal, Foley, Batista and Triple H?
Editor Rob
I'd have said Rock might have had chance, I can't see Triple H as tall as Edge/Rock.
J2Frenzy said on 10/Nov/20
@OriginalAnon would love to hear your guesses for other wrestlers
OriginalAnon said on 9/Nov/20
You have to laugh at the 6'5'' claim. He is clearly a 188cm guy. I doubt he was over 189cm.
J2Frenzy said on 25/Oct/20
What’s the highest you’d guess for peak Edge? I can see 6’3.5
Editor Rob
6ft 3 and change
Chase Cantwell said on 9/Oct/20
I think Edge is exactly 6'3
6'3 Julian said on 2/Oct/20
@Christian sorry if you’re on Edge trying to Copeland with his puns
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 1/Oct/20
Editor Rob
Today I'd expect you'd edge him out.
Was that an intended pun? Lol
Editor Rob
6'3 Julian said on 28/Aug/20
Rob in his book he claims to be 6’5 225 pounds, could you add that (not that I think he was 6’5)
viper said on 21/Aug/20
He wasn't taller than 6-2 Batista I don't think
6'3 Julian said on 21/Aug/20
Yeah, he was NO LESS THAN 6’3 peak. Could’ve been a little over it. I’m not seeing sub 6’3 for Edge now
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Aug/20
Taller than legit 6ft2 guys in the back in the day no ess than 6ft3 peak
6'3 Julian said on 20/Aug/20
Edge is not 6’2 today. There was an inch AT BEST between him and Randy Orton at Backlash in June and I struggle to believe Randy is only 6’3. Definitely over 6’3 peak and 6’3 now
berta said on 4/Aug/20
i think peak 191 and now 188,5 1/4 taller then the listed height
Gobgghbfffcnkj said on 23/Jul/20
I think he’s a bit taller than you list him, he’s probably 1.5-2 inches taller than Mick Foley on the Edge and Christian Show
Gobgghbfffcnkj said on 23/Jul/20
So Rob, as I’m 6’2.5ish if I met Edge which of us would be taller
Editor Rob
Today I'd expect you'd edge him out.
Eagleeye said on 22/Jul/20
In 10 years 1 inch of loss height is so much for someone like him.
Eagleeye said on 22/Jul/20
He looked a weak 6'3 everytime with Randy at 32...
Linke said on 2/Jul/20
Rob is 6'3.5 peak possible? He has lost a lot of height at a very young age.
Editor Rob
I wouldn't go that high for him.
Estim8r said on 2/Jul/20
When he accepted Randys challenge he was wearing flatter shoes. They were the same at Backlash
berta said on 15/Jun/20
this guy have had some extreme back injuries i think he really could have lost atleast 1 inch. i remmeber back in the day he really pulled of 191-191,5 cm range. today he looks 188-188,5
Jam Cherry said on 10/Jun/20
190.5 cm peak now 188 cm just as Rob listed
Nik Ashton said on 29/May/20
142 voters think he is 6’2” and none of them are daft!
Public Enemy said on 28/May/20
Solid 6’3 peak
Now 6’2

One of my top 5 favourite wrestlers.
Michael186 said on 1/May/20
Peak 192cm
Now 188cm
belugasrule said on 6/Apr/20
Edge looked about 1 inch shorter than Orton, but much slimmer. He must weigh a lot less than Randy.
Tarinator 6'3.5" said on 13/Feb/20
Looked 6’2.5” with Randy Orton. I doubt he lost much height now from let’s say 2004-2008. May have regained height from his previous current height of 6’2”. He used to be 6’3.25-3.5”. Batista was probably 6’3.25” and Sheamus was maybe 6’3”. Edge is only an inch or 2 cm shorter than Randy Orton but now is around 6’2.5”. I doubt he would be any shorter than 6’2.25” now. But his peak height was definitely not under 6’3”. Christian was and probably still is 6’0-.5”. I doubt Christian lost any height either.
Nik Ashton said on 9/Feb/20
@ zKam - He’s clearly more than this, don’t forget Rob has more sneak 2!
Ali said on 8/Feb/20
@hs2020 From that angle Edge looks 1 inch shorter than Randy, also take into account have relatively the same lift in their footwear but I will say Edge's Air Jordan Dunks usually add .75 - 1 inch max depending on how often he's worn them (inner sole and bottom sole).

That said I'd still say Edge is 6'2 barefoot and probably hits 6'2.75 max in footwear and Randy can stand comfortably at 6'4 and possibly hit 6'4.5 max in thicker footwear, not like the one in that photo.

I'd still like to know how much Edge is weighing at these days, he has claimed 250lbs in the past which I can see back then but today I cannot see him under 220lbs. Take into account he really trained hard last year and is more ripped than how we last saw him in the ring back in 2011.
hs2020 said on 6/Feb/20
Edge and Randy Orton on Raw this week (Edge in sneakers, Orton in wrestling boots): Click Here
Ali said on 2/Feb/20
He looked in the 6'1 - 6'2 range in the Royal Rumble and on RAW looked at least 2 inches shorter than 6'4 Randy Orton. I'd say he is most likely an inch shorter than his peak 6'3.5, I doubt he'd make 6'4/6'5 claims if he was ever under 6'3 in his prime/peak.

What I'm wondering is how much he is weighing now?
He certainly dropped some weight since we last saw him and he is looking more ripped than before. At his height, I can't see him below 220lbs right now. What would you say Rob? Anyone.
Rockstar Mephisto said on 28/Jan/20
Royal rumble he looked the same height as Orton. I can’t imagine he had 2.5 inches of footwear over Orton - o think he has to be talker than listed here. Or Orton is way shorter - which I find unlikely.
SeanR said on 28/Jan/20
Saw Edge last night on Raw and Royal Rumble the night before. You can tell current Edge is shorter than his peak. Looked 2 inches shorter than Randy Orton.

Rob has it right here:
Peak: 6’3”
Current: 6’2”
dream1 said on 31/Dec/19
i don't think sheamus was in footwear advantage,beacuse sheamus was barefoot in that video,while edge wore sneakers. rob,under 6ft2 today is a possibility?
Editor Rob
Today I still think Adam will measure 6ft 2
Squash said on 29/Dec/19
He looked 3 cm shorter than Orton back in the days, he has loss 2 cm not 3.
Masonsugar said on 28/Dec/19
He looks taller than Sheamus when the two stood next to each other on his YouTube channel and he had a footwear disadvantage. Maybe 6’2.5 these days? I can see him being a little over 6’3 during peak since he never seemed much shorter than 6’4 Randy Orton when they teamed together.
Ray Atikian said on 9/Dec/19
In the show Vikings there is a picture of him standing next to Gustaf Skarsgard who is 6’4 and he looks like a half inch shorter then him so I’ll go with either 6’3 of 6’4 in a half
TheBat said on 2/Dec/19
6'2" flat today I can see today. He's not standing well next to Rob.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Nov/19
I can’t see anything less than 6ft3 peak
Bazza said on 9/Nov/19
Always looked around 6'3 , possibly a touch more peak but has dropped height to around 6'2.
Tarinator said on 28/Oct/19
@Christian 6’5 3/8”

He looked taller than a 6’2” Triple H by 1.5” but now only looks 1 inch taller. He is still looks taller than Triple H by a significant amount. From 1998-2011 he looked about 6’3.5”; the same height as the Rock, Batista, and William Regal. But now he shrunk a bit and looks a strong 6’2” and weak 6’3” range.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 21/Oct/19
Rob, maybe Adam was 6'2 1/2 peak?
Editor Rob
That'd be the worst I'd estimate him.
viper said on 3/Oct/19
6-2-6-2.5 peak
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 3/Oct/19
I don't think that a peak Edge was taller than a peak Rock, as Rock was 6'2.75" peak IMO.
fred rosser said on 3/Oct/19
Rob has met Christian and said Christian is a six footer. Christian at the time was forty or nearly forty. But peak Christian may have been 6'0.25 or 6'0 3/8" ..

He did not look less than an inch taller than than peak Lesnar

1996-2001 wwf Edge looked 6'3.5". People forgot that this dude looked tall.

I saw some
fred rosser said on 3/Oct/19
Peak edge was taller than peak Lesnar. The dude didn't look less than 6'3". Looked 6'3 5" peak.
edwards said on 24/Sep/19
Agreed dude
Riccardo 5'7" said on 18/Sep/19
Click Here
Edge with batista and randy Orton
Wrestling Fan said on 18/Sep/19
Peak height was nothing under 6'3".
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 12/Sep/19
@Wrestling Fan
I think Heightchecker was talking about Edge during the Attitude Era, before he broke his neck in 2003.
Wrestling Fan said on 12/Sep/19
Edge broke his neck back in Feb/March 2003,lost some height after surgery.Don't you know that he didn't wrestle for a year and came back in April 2004?
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 5/Sep/19
How in the heck is he 6'2.5"-6'3" today? He looks 6'1.75" max with Rob, and that was back in 2016.
heightchecker34 said on 5/Sep/19
Used to believe Edge was 6'3.. but I have seen some videos to show he is actually 6'2.5 MAX. He barely looked taller than Triple H in their stare downs, and looked around the same height as prime Rock and half an inch taller than Lesnar. The only time, Edge looked 6'3.5, was when he wore those big shoes.
Tarinator said on 3/Sep/19
Looked 6’3.5” as his peak height and now is between 6’2.5” to 6’3”. Might have lost a little less than an inch in height throughout his career.
Wrestling Fan said on 31/Aug/19
I'd like to share a video
Click Here
If you scroll at 4:45 you'll see that Edge is having Orton by an inch because he is having footwear advantage.
But do you really think that those are giving him advantage of 2 inches?
I don't think so!
The way I see it,if they would have been in the same footwear,Edge would have looked only ½ inches shorter than Orton instead of full 1 inch.
Edge might have been 6'3.5" in his prime.

What do you say?
Editor Rob
I would be surprised at 6ft 3.5 for Adam, though a strong 6ft 3 peak is something he can look.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 29/Aug/19
I think Edge's 6'1.5" today and Sheamus 6'2" max, maybe a fraction under.
rikashiku said on 25/Aug/19
same height as Billy Corgan who is listed here as 6'3". Click Here
Demon87 said on 20/Aug/19
Click Here
Rob , edge looks barely taller than 6ft 2 1/4 listed sheamus but he is in footwear and sheamus is barefoot.
Do you think he lost height again in 2019? How tall do you think is in this segment?
Editor Rob
Well Sheamus is taller barefoot, but it goes to show that Copelan is looking a weak 6ft 2 at times now...
K.A 188 ! said on 9/Aug/19
Lol to my previous comment. ...
I said "who nose " instead of who knows..
@ROB am sure you laughed hard.. .
Editor Rob
I think it's an easy mistake to miss when reading fast or typing fast!
K.A 188 ! said on 4/Aug/19
Mind you Rob had a thicker footwear than Adam in this picture.
And generally a 6ft2ish person's nose is usually 172-174 range. Look at the picture again Adam's nose is slightly above Rob's head so anything below 188 is not possible at the time this picture was taken. Right now who nose if he still hold 188 at his lowest.
Roderick said on 3/Aug/19
@Rob I would say 6'2.75"-6'3" peak and yeah 6'1.5" today
Roderick said on 28/Jul/19
@K.A 188 Actually, my vision is fine. Had an exam actually only around 3 months ago, still got 20/20 vision. Wasn't tested for any better.

Lol where do you see more than 5 inches in that photo. He looks 6'1.5" max and more just 6'1". With the sneaker disadvantage, 6'1.25".
Editor Rob
Adam was definitely taller than Eric Balfour (eric in boot, adam in converse) in person a few years before I got the photo shown here...
up close that day, he did seem shorter than just the few years before when I seen him, it surprised me!
Riccardo 5'7" said on 28/Jul/19
He is no more then 1.86 cm, I agree with Roderick
K.A 188 said on 20/Jul/19
@Roderick, please start wearing your glasses....
Roderick said on 3/Jul/19
Honestly don't know his peak, but based on the picture, if you're 5'8", he only looks 6'1" at the highest.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 25/Jun/19
Incredible that Copeland lost more than The Rock who is more active on playing action movie roles and wrestling.
TheBat said on 20/Jun/19
Nowhere near 6’5”. 6’2” at most currently.
Mahesh said on 19/Jun/19
I was watching some old videos from u tube probably of the 2004-06 period...edge looked extremely dress shoes he looked close to two inches taller than triple h..again in dress shoes he was about the same height as that of orton..he towered over hbk in one segment and was taller than batista..but looking at this photo I'm surprised ..either he lost 1.5 to 2 inches due to surgeries ( which is very hard to believe) or he might have used lifts that time..he doesn't look more than 187 cm in this photo but certainly looked like a big 191 cm guy in the early and mid 2000s..
Jimbo hopper said on 15/Jun/19
6-5??? Wtf!!! 😂😂
Steveyudn77 said on 3/Jun/19
Most definitely not as low as 6ft. Possibly 185cm now and 186cm peak. Probably around 189-190cm In ring gear
Y07 said on 26/May/19
His neck took the worst beating throughout his career. He herniated 3 discs in his neck a while back. It is definitely most likely he may lost some height. Click Here
Y07 said on 26/May/19
His neck took the worst beating throughout his career. He herniated 2 discs in his neck a while back. It is definitely most likely he may lost some height. Click Here
Myself said on 18/May/19
Rob, maybe you can add that he played Ketill in Vikings?
Looked big there
Tunman said on 16/Apr/19
Already an inch lost?He was what,42 on this pic?relying on the chart I wouldn't have given him more than 6'1.5"assuming footwear.But even if he was 6'2 the loss is quite terrible.
Editor Rob
A few years before this photo Adam looked taller in person...but last few years I think wrestling wear & tear has made him lose height. He did a lot more manoeuvres in the ring that could have caused disc damage.
Lawson(Alex) said on 29/Mar/19
Rob, why is Adam leaning in like that?as though his legs are on an angle. Do you feel he was standing straight as you? Do you think there was room for 1.5" more inch had his angle been the same as your upright angle? Is edge perhaps 6'3"?
Editor Rob
I don't think he lost much more than me, but he had a bit less footwear.
K.A 188 said on 24/Mar/19
Lost an inch already ? I don't think so.He was never a weight lifting champ or a bodybuilding freak. He just looks like someone who naturally never weighs below 90kg or 200ps ,He is still in the 188-190 frange today.
rawdshaq said on 3/Mar/19
@Christian I'm 41 but I say I'm 25 to people who ask and say if they catch it when I'm in person, all for jokes though.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 23/Feb/19
How old are you? Aren't you only in your 30's if I'm not mistaken?
rawdshaq said on 20/Feb/19
@editor rob I might have lost like barley a little bit actually... I am 5'8 3/4" but I could have sworn I was near 5'10". Do you think being heavy contributes to height loss? I'm currently 230, down from near 300lb.
Editor Rob
It is possible to lose height early through injuries, excess weight and the development of curved back/neck.
rawdshaq said on 3/Feb/19
You guys over exaggerate height loss. I'm 41 and I haven't lost any height? I know I suck with body measurements and stuff but I think my EXACT height is somewhere from 5'9 1/2" to 5'10 1/4" but I always say I'm 5'10".
Editor Rob
I do think wrestling increases the risk of earlier height loss. Any repetitive impact/twisting motions over time might cause damage. You are luck as a wrestler to reach age 50 with only a small fraction like 1/4 lost.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 1/Feb/19

I've never seen a 6'6" listing for Edge anywhere. Highest was 6'5" from my observation.
Phenom89 said on 30/Jan/19
Billed at 6'6...
rawdshaq said on 29/Jan/19
When he came back to tell John Cena to beat Lesnar in 2012 he looked 6'1". Really crazy how a 6'1" guy got billed at 6'5".
#Natty #Natural 928 said on 27/Jan/19
I’ve been noticing since I’ve been watching a lot of Edge on the wwe network. From around 2006 onwards he looks a lot shorter in his ring attire until I noticed that he started wearing thin soles on his boots which brings him down closer to his real height. Whereas during his edge and Christian days in the early 2000s he may look like he passes for 6’3 because he wore actual wrestling boots with a good inch or 2 added to his height. Not to mention he had a much more slender frame which can create the illusion of being taller. But then you watch his segment with Sheamus where he was in casual clothes but was wearing thick soles on his shoes and looked taller. Then they had another segment weeks after and Sheamus looked taller. Then again there was a segment with legit 6’4 Jack Swagger who towered over Edge and both were in wrestling gear. I guess he opted for thinner soles after around 2005/6 due to comfortability since he does wear kick pads. I’ll say his real height generally looks 6’1.25. Flat. There’s too much evidence for this claim. Nevertheless he’s definitely 6’2 in shoes as shown in the image with Rob. So 186cm flat and 188.5 in wrestling gear.
Guru Guy said on 26/Jan/19
Ill give him 6'1.75, or just under 6'2. With his lean he looks 6'1.25
Peter 180cm said on 9/Jan/19
Looks 185,maybe 186cm in the picture.Give him 1cm more because of Rob's advantage,he's around 187cm so not even 6'2 and yet claims 6'4 and 6'5.WHY? :p
Stevrog334 said on 29/Dec/18
Rob is 187cm out of bed and 186cm in the late evening possible? I mean the chart looks like he could pass 188cm in shoes
Editor Rob
I doubt he's that short if measured.
5ft9 guy said on 25/Dec/18
188 is fine
Richard76_ said on 20/Dec/18
185cm flat
Guru Guy said on 13/Dec/18
He looks barely above 6'1 judging by the height chart, though he looks to be leaning in a bit. Also he's from my hometown of Orangeville Ontario! Yes!
Judith 2019 said on 12/Dec/18
Wow. That scale changed my whole mind on his height. He’s barely 6’2 here. But I give the benefit of the doubt. 186 in the morning. Nighttime I can see him down to about 185.5cm. Not lower.
michael loughrie said on 25/Nov/18
I love Edge, I mean, I love him. But this guy never seen a day when he was 6' 5", or 6' 4", he is 6' 1". I got him at 6' 1". Maybe 6' 2" or 6' 3" before neck surgeries, so I'll put 6' 2.5" at his peak.
Dago red said on 23/Nov/18
I was lucky enough to work out with him in his prime-1998. Definitely over 6'3" and a legit 234 lbs on the Dr.'s scale.
JasonStathamIsMyUncle said on 18/Oct/18
Looks 186cm to me. Although wrestlers had a habit of wearing lifts. And considering edge was a top guy you’d understand the 6’5 bill. 186cm flat and 188cm in your everyday shoes. I assume his wrestling boots with potential lifts had him up to anywhere from 190cm-192cm .
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 14/Oct/18

Yeah, around 187cm could be most accurate for him these days.
ElliotRatedx8987 said on 13/Oct/18
6’1 (185cm) flat!
tree said on 25/Sep/18
Now Christain is 6ft tall but Edge was 6ft3
Miiiiiiighty_- said on 10/Sep/18
I remember being shocked to learn Christian was supposedly 6'0 and Edge 6'4 when I was a teen because neither one gave me that impression.
Everything now seems to get together as neither one are, Edge being probably 6'2ish in his prime and 6'3.5 in attire and Christian 5'10" on a lucky day..
Shaun Brown said on 16/Jul/18
I saw him at a club once in downtown Toronto around 1998/99. I always thought I was 6'1 or 2 but officially measured at a dr. A few years ago, he said I was 6'3.

I had my club attire on consisting of boots with a 2' heel so I'm about 6'5 with those boots on. My friend saw Edge at the bar, he's a short guy at 5'7 so he told me to go stand next to him to see how tall he really was. I think at the time my friend who was really into wrestling said he was 6 listed as 6'6. I stood next to him for quite a while and keep in mind, we weren't back to back but he was standing straight up and my friend said I was noticeably taller by an inch or two.

Whatever height I thought I was? Was still tall even though I'm taller than I thought and I did feel taller than him. You know if your taller or shorter than someone by the feeling you get when next to them.

That being said? I think he's probably 6'3 or 6'4 at the most all though I didn't see what type of footwear he was wearing...
Shaun Brown said on 15/Jul/18
My friend and I were at a club in downtown Toronto around 1999. I'm 6'3 and with boots on I'm about 6'5...
My friend spotted Edge at the bar and told me to stand next to him which I did. Of course we weren't back to back being measured but my friend said I was noticeably an inch or two taller...
Usually a person who's close to you in height? When your next to that person you feel shorter or taller and I did feel like I was taller but who knows....
Standing next to him?
zaq said on 8/Jul/18
seemed like randy orton was about same maybe an inch taller and hes 6'4
YL07 said on 22/Jun/18
I think 6'3" for peak is definitely most likely. He had a good inch advantage over Triple H, possibly maybe a shade over 6'3" (unless if Adam has a slight footwear advantage over him) Click Here. But sadly, with all the neck surgeries he definitely could most likely be 6'2" today or slightly lower than that at worst. Definitely not 6'5".
Nik said on 1/Jun/18
I think he can clear 6'2"!
Zampo said on 11/May/18
I prefer to use the height chart to aid my guess than solely use it to basis of guessing height. I would peg Edge at 187.5 cm or thereabouts which is technically closer to 6'1.75. Not the strongest 6'2 guy but more or less 6'2.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 3/May/18
I hope that Copeland keep up well of his health and stay 6'2 for the next 20 years
Nik said on 6/Apr/18
He is probably over 6'2"!
World Citizen said on 4/Apr/18
Looks no more than 6'1 here.
zKam said on 1/Apr/18
6'0.5" barefoot.
berta said on 28/Mar/18
by the photo i woujld have thought 187-88 but i think if he really stand tall for a measurement he probably still could be legit 188. the guy is just over 40 years and pretty well built and have not done tht mutch wrestling for a long time so i have a hard time believe he lost 1 inch. 10 years back i thought this guy was legit 191 guy but i think he was never over 190 and lost 2 cm by now wich is extreme. this would make him about 6 feet tall at the age of 55-60
Danimal said on 11/Mar/18
Zizzeu said on 30/Jan/18
Could he has lost more height than most people do in their 40’s because he had countless neck and back injuries just saying it’s it like 1 cm every 10 years after 40 seems to be losing height quickly

It's 1cm every decade after 30 not 40.
Jordan87 said on 2/Feb/18

6'2.5" Today? Do you realize there is a picture of him with ROb.....Above.....SHowing him struggling with even making it 6'1.5"? ( After Footwear is put into account).

Why are you giving him an Extra inch? It doesn't help you and he clearly is 6'2.5" now so which is it?
Frederick said on 1/Feb/18
Peak - 6'3+
Now - 6'2-2.5
Zizzeu said on 30/Jan/18
Could he has lost more height than most people do in their 40’s because he had countless neck and back injuries just saying it’s it like 1 cm every 10 years after 40 seems to be losing height quickly
Razor said on 21/Jan/18
6ft3 Peak
6ft2 Today (barely)

What's interesting is that Edge was consistently taller, by 2 inches at least, than other wrestlers who are listed as 6ft3 on this site. (Batista, Rock, Lesnar).
Edwin said on 20/Jan/18
Rob. When you first met him how tall did he look? Is a bit over 6'2 possible?
Editor Rob
The first time I seen him up close was 2012, he comfortably cleared 6ft 2...then 4 years later in 2016 he seemed to be not quite as tall, as if he had lost a half inch!
Danielillo said on 18/Jan/18
By the way , how tall are you Rob?
Editor Rob
It's always listed underneath any photo I have, 5ft 8 Rob and Adam.
Jack Tyson said on 15/Dec/17
Is he taller than Alberto Del Rio when you met him, Rob?
Editor Rob
the first time I think he looked taller than 6ft 2, but the second time only a few years later he seemed shorter, as though he had lost a bit of height!
Del Rio had a solid heel on, so he was going to look a 6ft 2 range guy up close.
james said on 1/Dec/17
edge seem to look as the same height as orton
Adam said on 19/Nov/17
Hey Rob, how is he like in real life? He seems like a down to earth, funny and nice guy.
ALso, he seems so tall on tv, towering over almost everyone in WWE.
Editor Rob
from the last 2 events he seemed friendly enough although 5-6 years ago when I seen him at MCM Expo, he seemed more 'diva like' as he walked away from the photo area at the time he, Eric balfour and Lucas bryant were taking photos..., which meant I missed his photo that time...and I'd have liked to get it there as I felt he looked a bit taller than he has the last 2 times I saw him.
Ricky said on 11/Nov/17
But peak possibly could be complete 191 cm instead of 190.5 cm

Rob,what do you think about it?
Editor Rob
sometimes in the 90's he could seem a big 6ft 3 range guy, but in person, he isn't quite as imposing or tall as you'd expect, though he seems to have lost some height.
Ricky said on 1/Nov/17

In my opinion his 250 lbs claim also doesn't seems true,he never seemed more than 240 lbs.
Canson said on 21/Oct/17
And this is why the circle of lying continues and why 6’5” can look ordinary when it’s not
Ricky said on 21/Oct/17
Peak height was about 6'3" but never 6'5".
Jordan87 said on 19/Oct/17

You think this man Shrunk 3" by his early 40's? If I were that Ignorant I wouldn't sign a name either.
Anonymous said on 13/Oct/17
edge height

peak- 6,3.5 to 6,4

career end- 6,2 to 6,2.75 (he had to get a part of his spine replaced)

now- 6,1 to 6,1.5
Bobby said on 12/Oct/17
Why does the height chart show he is under 6'2? It's clear he's over 6'1 by the chart.
Nelo said on 9/Oct/17
187 - 190 cm
Canson said on 25/Sep/17
As listed today
Peak 6'3"
Anonymous said on 25/Sep/17
Yes he was never 6'5" but he was 6'4" in his prime.
We all remember in 2003,he broke his neck and didn't wrestle for one year!!!

Hence maybe there was little change in his height but when he returned in 2004,he was 6'3.75" and a bit short than legit 6'4" Randy Orton!!!

After the injury he was never 6'4" anymore but in his prime he was.

Now he's 6'2" and I agree from the fact but please see his photos with Orton of older days and tell me does he looks an inch shorter,a sober 2.54 cm shorter.

Think about it.
Anonymous said on 25/Sep/17
Yes he was never 6'5" but he was 6'4" in his prime.
We all remember in 2003,he broke his neck and didn't wrestle for one year!!!

Hence maybe there is little change im his height but when he returned in 2004,he was 6'3.75" and a bit short than legit 6'4" Randy Orton!!!

After the injury he was never 6'4" anymore but in his prime he was.

Now he's 6'2" and I agree from the fact but please see his photos with Orton and tell me does he looks an inch shorter,a sober 2.54 cm shorter.

Think about it.
Canson said on 18/Jul/17
@Christian he's still the same as the Rock prob 6'2"
even said on 18/Jul/17
don't blame him perhaps this dude doesn't know how to count because there is a huge difference between 6 foot 1 and 6 foot 5 ( compare barack obama with michael jorden )
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 4/Jul/17

6'4" is a joke. He was the same height, if not a tad shorter than peak 6'2.75" Rock.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Jun/17
A bit over 6ft3 peak. Looked 6ft4 20 years ago
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Jun/17
Looking at old photos of him w/h Christian he could pass for 6ft4. Nowadays he looks barely 2in taller. I think it could support Christian being a fraction over 6ft
Csimpson 6ft said on 24/Jun/17
Looks a weak 6'2 with Rob but yeah 6'1.5 is a bit low, 6'1.75 is quite possible though.
Wrs567 said on 10/May/17
Every bit of 6'3'' back in the day

Look at him with Hogan

Click Here
berta said on 6/May/17
i used to think 190 cm guy about him. so my guess is 190 peak i guess full 6 foot 3 could be right to and today he looks 188.
Strong 5ft9 said on 28/Mar/17
I think his 6'5" claim was supposed to be "kayfabe". Just to keep in character like what WWE tells them to do sometimes when interacting with fans for some dumb reason.
Sam said on 16/Mar/17
Christian (6'0) doesn't even look much shorter than Edge today.
Ronaldo said on 14/Mar/17
Today: 187/188
Peak: 190
Oliver said on 4/Mar/17
Looked taller during his WWE career. I think he lost height. Prob was 6'3 at his peak
Tarinator said on 18/Feb/17
Rob, can you do a page for Christian? He looks to be around 6'0.5" with his best friend Edge.
Cameron said on 4/Feb/17
He defiantly looks like he lost height or wore lifts in WWE he was a longer limbed man
dunkrules86 said on 2/Feb/17
Never looked taller than Orton during their tag team run although within an inch in height at most. His peak height has to be somewhere between 6'3 - 6'3,5.
Joey said on 3/Jan/17
220 pounds isn't "quite far from normal" for a 6'2/6'3 guy.
I'm 6'0 and my weight in the last 2 years has ranged from 220 to 237 pounds. I think Edge would have been 220-230 pounds in the late 90's and 250 at most when he was at his biggest
anyonmious said on 31/Dec/16
His present height is around 6'1", peak height is 6'3"
James B said on 30/Dec/16
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Dec/16
He's a pretty normal-framed guy, probably about 220lbs max today.

220 is very bulky for a 6'2 guy i think and quit far from normal.

Okay maybe in WWE world compared to monster like Brock lesner and big show its normal
Jordan87 said on 30/Dec/16
Doesn't even Make 6'2". He is only 43, and some of you people think he Shrank 2" already? He was 6'3 at his absolute tallest.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Dec/16
He's a pretty normal-framed guy, probably about 220lbs max today.
Unknown said on 4/Dec/16
No way was he anything under 6'3 at his peak. He was taller than multiple guys including Vader, Batista, Sheamus and Triple H.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 4/Dec/16
Bard said on 19/Sep/16
Lol at the 6'5 claim. C'mon man.


The main reason he claimed to be 6ft4 and 6ft5, was to keep Kayfabe (stay in character). I truly believe he's aware of his real height, but exaggerates it to stay in character.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Nov/16
Did look a very solid 6ft3 guy 15-20 years ago, sometimes could even pass for 6ft4...
Adam said on 19/Nov/16
he seems more 6 ft 1.75 than 6' two.
Vegas said on 17/Nov/16
Danimal said on 7/Aug/16
YET, Adam with his single neck fusion HAS lost height? WOW...

Edge has had multiple neck fusions actually and was forced to retire in early 2011 due to the condition of his neck
Anonymous said on 2/Nov/16
He was around 6'4" but, with all the neck surgeries I think maybe 6'2" noe
Robert Senecal said on 27/Oct/16
He's definitely at least 6'4. I met him.
Editor Rob
me too and there's a very high chance he is under 6ft 4.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

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