How tall is Kellan Lutz

Kellan Lutz's Height

6ft ¼ in (183.5 cm)

American actor, best known for playing Emmett Cullen in the Twilight Saga and for roles in The Legend of Hercules, The Expendables 3 and Immortals. On his website he claims to be 6ft 1 tall with a weight of 187lb. In this photo Kellan had Converse Sneakers, which were about 1/4 inch less than my Adidas. He was once listed on the Ford Models website as standing only 6ft.

How tall is Kellan Lutz
5ft 8 Rob and Kellan (age 23) @ Eternal Twilight, 2009
6'1". I feel skinny right now. I like being 215 or 220 when that shit is yoke muscle like in Hercules or the Twilight movies, you know? It's fun getting big, but I haven't had any time to work out during Bullseye.
--, 2015

How tall is Kellan Lutz
5ft 8 Rob and Kellan @ Eternal Twilight, Northampton 2009

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Average Guess (106 Votes)
6ft 0.19in (183.4cm)
Darksol64 said on 25/Feb/23
Given footwear disadvantage and the fact he's tilting his head down nearly 2 inches with Rob he is easily a strong, strong 6 ft. Probably edges weak 6 ft listed guys that measure 5'11.5 at a low almost an inch.

I'll guess 6'0 and 1/2 inch to help bump up the average guess to where it belongs. He's probably a 6'0 3/8 candidate.
Savagetez said on 12/Feb/23
What about 6ft flat MAX?
Editor Rob
Feel he has a better chance of clearing 6ft a fraction than being flat 6ft.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 15/Dec/22
“Dauphine said on 22/Sep/22
Not sure why Kellan Lutz is listed as 176 lbs online, he looks at least 30-40 lbs more than that. What do you think Rob? He looks over 200 pounds for sure.

6'0.5 looks about right.

I’m pretty sure that listing is outdated. I agree that he weighs in at more than 200 pounds. I’d estimate that he’s somewhere around 210-215 nowadays.
Dauphine said on 22/Sep/22
Not sure why Kellan Lutz is listed as 176 lbs online, he looks at least 30-40 lbs more than that. What do you think Rob? He looks over 200 pounds for sure.

6'0.5 looks about right.
Progking185 said on 3/Sep/22
@Becheese yeah he's fairly tall but not 6'1, maybe is 6'0.25-6'0.5 range early afternoon and is around 6'0 night.
Becheese said on 2/Sep/22
Just 6-0. He’s not 6-1 lol.
184guy2 said on 27/Jul/22
Listed at a ridiculous 189cm at google
Savagetez said on 5/Jun/22
I would say 6'0 flat nothing more nothing less.
ChristianAnthonyPerkins said on 3/Jun/22
Doesn't look a full 4" taller than Jenny here, but then again, Jenny at the time was 5'8.25" peak. Overall, 6'0"-6'0.25" for him is ok.
Dauphine said on 9/Apr/22
Since Robert Pattinson bulked up for Batman, what do you think is the weight difference between him and Lutz?
Editor Rob
Still think Lutz could be 15-20 pounds heavier
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 7/Apr/22

How much height would you guess that Kellan Lutz is dropping up above?
Editor Rob
couple of cm I'm sure.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 28/Mar/22
He is a strong six footer in my book, factoring in his posture and footwear disadvantage up above.
Whale123 said on 1/Mar/22
I would say Lutz is 1 cm shorter than Cavill, but five pounds heavier. Do you agree Rob?
Dauphine said on 4/Feb/22
I am thinking that Kellan may be 220, Cavill 210 and Ritchson 235. Hartley may be around 210 as well? Does that sound right to you?
Editor Rob
Yeah Alan put on a few pounds from his 220 days
Dauphine said on 15/Jan/22
When I mentioned Hartley, I was asking what you think the height and weight difference is between Hartley and Lutz.
Editor Rob
With Hartley, I think he might be closer in weight to Lutz than Alan.
Dauphine said on 13/Jan/22
I meant to say that do you think Justin Hartley and Kellan Lutz would weigh the same amount?
Editor Rob
I think Kellan in his Hercules film isn't far off Alan...but today, maybe with Alan as jack Reacher, he weighs a few pounds more than Kellan.
Dauphine said on 12/Jan/22
Okay. So would say that Hartley would may be 2.25 inches taller, but would weigh the same as Lutz?
Editor Rob
I think near 2 inches taller but Alan probably weighs a few pounds more.
Dauphine said on 11/Jan/22
Would you say Alan Ritchson was significantly taller and heavier than Kellan Lutz?
Editor Rob
In person he certainly looked near 2 inches taller, and had a bigger physique.
Wehrmacht180 said on 29/Nov/21
183 cm
Alex 6'0 said on 7/Sep/21
Strong 6'0. Looks almost identical to how i matched up against Jenny.
Cbrady said on 7/Sep/21
Standing between Terrell Owens and Gerard Butler in back row in this little video seemed between 5-11.75 and flat 6?

Click Here
Dauphine said on 6/Sep/21
Here is a photo of Kellan Lutz with The Miz. They close in terms of both height and bulk, though Miz is leaning in.

Click Here
Vsquad said on 15/Aug/21
Hey Rob, I found a better photo angle of Kellan with Sebastian Stan -

Click Here

Doesn't seem like the original photo's skewed position made much of a difference. Do you think Kellan deserves an upgrade based on this? He looks comfortably over an inch taller than Seb, especially compared to Chris Evans next to him. And also if we rule out footwear advantage/disadvantage as I originally suggested.
Editor Rob
In person 6ft 1/4 or 1/2 is possible range, more than just 6ft flat or as tall as 6ft 1.
He can look a good 184 with Stan, though maybe footwear or position could effect it a fraction.
Dauphine said on 11/Aug/21
I say Kellan Lutz is 6 1/2 of an inch and 215 lbs.
Elene said on 7/Aug/21
6 feet
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Jun/21
Can give a taller impression but you got to him before he properly broke out on the scene...surprised he hasn't been bumped up to 6ft2 by now since his profile elevated
Dauphine said on 12/Jun/21
I think Kellan Lutz is maybe a half an inch over 6ft and a little over 200 lbs. I think he is slightly shorter than Cavill, but weighs a few pounds more.
Megrace said on 8/Apr/21
6 foot he has awful posture though
Hyper said on 5/Feb/21
Rob, I think this listing is fine.

Who do you think would be taller, him or Pilou Asbaek?
Editor Rob
It is hard to pick those guys apart...both I can believe measure a bit over 6ft.
Vsquad said on 19/Jan/21
Rob, do you think Kellan's shoes in this photo have a hidden heel or thick sole? (zoom in) -

Click Here

It seems that they give the illusion of being flats when you look down at them, but they actually give an inch+ of height. It would explain why he looks so noticeably taller in this photo with Sebastian Stan, aside from the camera angle -

Click Here
Editor Rob
nothing obvious to me with his shoes.
Jam Cherry said on 17/May/20
183 cm seems just about right
OriginalAnon said on 25/Mar/20
5'11.75'' for this guy. I have never seen him look 6'.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 15/Dec/19
Yowza! I can see 6ft0.25 for Mr Lutz! A real Mr Lutz - who isn't related to the family who moved into the Amityville House, the book of which was being passed round to my classmates in the Lower Fifth when we were 14 and 15! 🏚️
Alex1 said on 30/Sep/19
He's 220 pounds and just over 6ft
Spec said on 28/Sep/19
Kellan has the proportions of a 6'1 - 6'2 guy. Long legs/torso, it throws me off just looking at his instagram photos. But yeah next to most other people, he doesn't look above 6'0. However he did edge out Steve Harvey in one photo, which is weird.

Also, he's been wearing a lot of massively-heeled boots lately. Maybe he's become more height-conscious?
Jesica said on 6/Sep/19
Definitely not 6'1, but looks 6'0.
Littlelee168cm said on 26/Nov/18
If kellan is 6 foot how tall would that make victor ortiz Rob? Has listed as 5ft 9 but looks at least 6 inches shorter than kellan in photos and only 2 inches shorter than Ronda rousey could he be 5ft 7 range rob
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 11/Nov/18
@Mikil Ildriy If he isn't even 6'0 and is 5'10 1/2 then Bradley Cooper would roughly be the same. That is insane.
Legal midge said on 21/Oct/18
No way he’s 6’ or over, if you’re 5’8 like you say, and compare Ashley Greene to you, and you to him doesn’t make sense. Doesn’t look like that huge of a different if you take all that into account..:
berta said on 28/Jul/18
look 185 in moives and 183-84 in reality
Nik said on 10/Jul/18
@ Rob

That's a very interesting response!
Mikil Ildriy said on 8/Jul/18
He is 5'10.5 that is a fact! My friend is a tailor and measured him head to toe.
Editor Rob
Your tailor must be giving his customers half-mast trousers, because his tape is missing 2 inches ;)
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 26/Jun/18
I think this listing was very accurate. Kellan overall look exactly an inch taller than 181cm Wu Chun.
Click Here
Westworlder said on 11/Jun/18
I don't know how, but Lutz always has the privilege of being photographed with guys under 5'9. Even co-starring with people shorter than that. It seems like its a policy in his contracts haha. But yeah I don't know how he gets that lucky, unlike Henry Cavill who consistently gets paired with only the tallest people in Hollywood.
MAD SAM said on 31/May/18
He’s a sexy guy, I se him at 183 cm
Chase said on 24/May/18
6 1/8 rob? I feel like that’s the best listing here.
Editor Rob
I think I'm still ok with a solid fraction over six foot for Kellan, but I suppose anywhere in 6ft to 6ft 0.5 range could be possible.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 7/May/18
Lutz is 1" taller than 5'11 Wu Chun.
Sandy Cowell said on 17/Mar/18
@ Nik - I agree Kellan's average overall vote is a weeny bit on the low side, but having been drawn to his page by the friendly photos of him with Rob and Jenny, I have never seen him act yet, and as I have mentioned before, he is inclined at an angle which gives him an unfair advantage!

You talk about annoying adverts! Oh, I couldn't agree more about that and some of them get so much on my nerves that I press the 'mute' button! Adverts are such big business, being powerful enough to get old records re-released and revive an interest in actors with flagging careers! I have noticed say, at least two actors star in mundane adverts, and then pop up in truly great programmes. One of them I shall cite, who was in an old 'Twix' ad and very tall, went on to play Robbie Coltrane's long-haired son in the excellent 'Cracker'; the other, called Christopher, and though I can't be more specific this very moment, I believe he's listed with one of the many not so well-known names on the 'EastEnders' page! Now this average-heighted youngster played someone related to the 'Cotton' family, possibly Nick's son. I believe he was killed off!

Well, such is the power of adverts! They have a way of staying with us, whether we want them to or not! One thing I DID take in about these two budding young actors though even before they became cast members of two prime-quality TV series, was roughly how tall they were, thus proving that height is a deep-rooted way our minds choose to think of and remember someone!

Enjoy your weekend, Nik! 👍😊
Sandy Cowell said on 16/Mar/18
@ Nik - Thanks for the lovely reply! I really enjoyed it! I'll get back to this page later, but in the meantime I'll leave you with the little fact that Lorraine Kelly is 5ft4!

Cheers Nik! 😁
Nik said on 15/Mar/18
@ Sandy Cowell

Yes, the commercials can be entertaining and sometimes funny too, some of them also feature a lot over a long period of time! It is great to see actors and actresses in our adverts too but..., adverts can sometimes be irritating when they are shown during the break in an interesting programme!

There are also a lot of models shown advertising products in catalogues, they generally seem to be tall and good looking! However that doesn't have to be a necessity as far as I am concerned!

It's great that such a nice person like Lorraine Kellly is on our televisions every week day morning presenting her own show, I am now left wondering about her height, I think she is average range!

Having studied the picture of Kellan and Jenny above I would say he appears to be about 6'0.25", however he could easily be 6'0.5", so I don't know! I could simply play safe, sit on the fence and say he is 6'0.375"! Either way the average vote is too low!

Sandy Cowell said on 15/Mar/18
@ Nik - Yes, commercials are all about 'raking it in' and offering us a bit of entertainment as well!

As for Lorraine Kelly, I think she is so darn nice that she'd invite anybody on her show to do the modelling!
Nik said on 14/Mar/18
@ Sandy Cowell - absolutely!

It is important for commercial models to be diverse in height like the general public and I believe thst the models you see on Lorraine Kelly's show are commercial models, I have seen models, modelling clothes I think, of different heights on her show and not all of them are tall by any means!
Yes, I have noticed that a lot of actors are featured in commercials, and this is a shrewd ploy by the company selling the product to rake in money, like you said!

Sandy Cowell said on 12/Mar/18
@ Nik - Yes, models do have to be tall, especially for the catwalk, but there are other types of models, including commercial models, who come in as many sizes as everyday people, for otherwise commercials wouldn't appeal to the masses, would they?

Often enough though, proper actors are used to make commercials, as it rakes in far more money and gives the product instant recognition!

Enjoy your week, Nik! 😉
Nik said on 11/Mar/18
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

I wonder why so many models take up acting as a career to fall back on?

A lot of people don't bother about eigths of inches and quarters of inches when they are talking about a persons height, I can't imagine not piddling about with these fractions of an inch as they are so important! I will tell you something it would be nice if modelling agencies started saying, "He's 5'6""or he's "5'7", or "She's 5'1"" or "She's 5'2""! It won't happen though, will it?

It makes you wonder whether your phone was getting his own back on both of us, he also seems to have a chip on his shoulder!

Sandy Cowell said on 9/Mar/18
@ Nik - Hi! Have you noticed how many models take up acting as a career to fall back on?
I didn't know Kellan was a model, but it does make sense! I feel that quite possibly, when an agency is offering up a model for a job, it's simpler to say, "He's 6ft!" or "He's 6ft1!" rather than piddling about with three eighths of an inch or perhaps a quarter!

They 'sell' their models and want to make them about as attractive a package as possible and silly little quirky details matter!

This is my second attempt to reply to this comment, and it isn't quite the same, no! When I couldn't send the last one, I swore my head off, but kept calm considering! Trust this phone to play up just when I come across one of your comments which requires a reply that criticises it! 📱😝
Nik said on 8/Mar/18
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

Yes, Kellan is another interesting r-a-n-d-o-m c-e-l-e-b! I also like the photographs above and, like you, I think the average vote is too low! I think that Kellan is at least the listed height but I have a hunch that he is 6'0.5", I would say that his website have his height at a rounded up level of 6'1" though to be truthful, but I feel that the Ford Models website have his height at a rounded down level! They may both be right for different parts of the day so I am not criticising anyone! Kellan can have 6'0.5" from me!

I have a comment for you on the page of James Mcavoy! I didn't start commenting until tea time and I started by commenting on James McAvoy and Amanda Seyfried, two jolly interesting celebrities! This evening I then made a few postings on Rob's page before navigating the new "Comments page" where I have found this comment from you on the page of Kellan Lutz, another interesting celebrity!

Funnily enough I mentioned about your Mr Man on James Mcavoy's page, he's rearing his ugly head again! He's very stubborn and just wants to come out with *w*** at all costs, despite your knuckle rapping and the general consensus amongst us all that this word can be insulting!

Sandy Cowell said on 7/Mar/18
Hey, this is such a lovely, friendly photo that I almost forgot I'm meant to be making height observations! Well, I found it via the 'Random Celeb' route, and it was simply too joyful a picture to bypass!

I feel that, in the cases of both his pictures with Rob AND with Jenny, his warmth of personality and gratitude that you fellas have shown eargerness to meet him have taken precidence over the fact that he's 'supposed' to be sitting with a straightened spine* (🐷!) so that he can make the most of his six-foot plus frame!

I notice that he has officially been written up as 6ft1, both on his own website and also in an interview in 'Elle' magazine, which I must somehow have missed!

I don't doubt for one single moment that Kellan has been measured in at the full 6ft1, or possibly a tiny fraction below that height. I, wrongly, never even entertained the idea of assuming I was less than the very uppermost height that I'd ever, EVER been measured at! That is until I came to celebheights and discovered just how much a person can vary, and that one must go on the average, not even fresh-out-of-bed height, (oh no!), but the height we present to the world during the best part of our active day.

On those ground, I'd say that Kellan could well be 6ft and a quarter inch, and I'm not taking off any more because I feel the photographs are giving him a disadvantage.

6ft and a quarter inch it'll be then without further ado!

* Nik - And here we have another example of the use of the word 'spine'!

My little piggy is disappointed once more, but try as I might, he cannot accept that the word s*ine can often be used as a term of abuse! 🐷
Kevin said on 7/Mar/18

Agreed. If he was really 184cm then Ford models would list him at 6'0.5 or 6'1, not 6'0.
Anonymous said on 29/Sep/17
Legit 6 feet guy, nothing more.
Mark(5'9.5 said on 26/Sep/17
Oh crap! Wrong video

Sorry Rob! I meant to post this video!

Click Here

At 38:46 in ‘this’ video!
Editor Rob
whether they had identical posture, it is hard to tell.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 9/Aug/17
Kellan Lutz is definitely a legit 184 CM, and can look 6'1" as often as he looks 6'0". His eye level (with it being tilted down, with 1/4" of an inch less footwear) is near the top of Rob's head, so 6'0 1/2" is definitely not out of the question.
Rising - 174 cm said on 27/Jul/17
This guy can give a tall 6'1" impression, but for some reason, he's become height conscious. He now holds very good posture, wears boots quite a bit and most surprisingly, I caught him at multiple events going up on his toes! And he was even doing this when he was only pictured with 5'8.5"-5'8.75" guys like Stallone, Snipes and Statham and a 5'8" Banderas! I'd say 6'0.25" is right barefoot(and flat-footed!)
even said on 17/Jul/17
this guy is a legit 6 footer
Mark(5'9.5") said on 13/Jul/17
A few mm's over 184 cm for Cavill isn't impossible since he has often looked 6'1" or over with mark strong, Jason Momoa, Michael Shannon, Armie Hammer, Will Smith, Ben Affleck and even Shaq O'Neal. I wouldn't go as high as the 'full' 185 cm nor under 184 cm.

For Kellan, I wouldn't give him less than 6'0.25", but he is edged out by Cavill and Cena.
Mark(5'9.5 said on 11/Jul/17
If you don't mind answering my last question from my comment below, Rob.
Editor Rob
Cavill could seem a bit taller from the clip...but whether his posture makes him seem taller than 184 is another matter.
Mark(5'9.5") said on 10/Jul/17

Here's the problem. Even when with equal eye level, The near top of Cavill's head is higher than Kellan's hair.

Also, in immortals comic con video.

Click Here

Also Rob, just to confirm it again, could Cavill be taller than Kellan Lutz at 38:46 in the video along with these pictures by your perspective?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
even said on 3/Jul/17
6 feet is the correct height .
Dmeyer said on 29/Jun/17
I do not agree to me cavill dosnt look taller , Mark to me even in your pics cavill isnt taller
Mickey said on 28/May/17
probably 184 if he had less footwear... he could be standing straighter in those photos
Mark(5'9.25") said on 24/Apr/17
I would rule out a weak 185. He was edged out by Henry Cavill and John Cena.
berta said on 24/Mar/17
i think he is a barely 184 guy that always stand as tall as possible and can look weak 185 guy because of that
Mark(5'9.25 said on 12/Jan/17

Click Here
Click Here

Kellan is a solid six-footer no problem, but when Cavill decides to straighten his chin and his posture, he is taller than Kellan.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Jan/17
Rob, who looked taller in person Gathegi or Lutz?
Editor Rob
both those guys I think are solid 183-4 range, hard to really tell apart.
MD said on 3/Jan/17

Westbrook was measured at exactly 6'2.25" before the draft.
Giorgi said on 1/Jan/17
I think the first one was fine but I'm not really a Twilight fan either. :))
Giorgi said on 27/Dec/16
Rob, you're not really Twilight fan, are you? ;)))
Editor Rob
Giorgi, Jenny likes the films...I would say I enjoyed something like The Lost Boys far more than any of the Twilight Films.
Importer said on 21/Dec/16
@Judd ISR
I am 185 the very moment I come out of bed, would saying 184 be a fair and honest value for my height? Cause I just want to say one value and most times I say "183/184 barefoot" to people. Or Rob respond if you can :)
Jackson said on 18/Dec/16
Click Here

This is the best picture you will find
Lutz with a legit 6'3" Russell Westbrook both wearing very similar footwear. Looks like a 2.5 inch difference to me
berta said on 24/Nov/16
i can se him and peak harrison ford be the same height
jason said on 11/Nov/16
henry is not taller than kellan henry was wearing huge footwear in the premierlook at the photos
Mark said on 2/Nov/16
Keep in mind Kellan Lutz had less footwear as Rob mentioned and he wasn't standing straight.
Dmeyer said on 29/Oct/16
Relooking at the Guy near Stallone And snipes he can look anywere 6 ft 0-0,5in but not 6'1
Peter 179cm said on 29/Oct/16
If he stood straight with Rob he would look about 183cm,at worst maybe 182 range.6ft flat is probably his low and near 184cm maybe at midday.
Mark said on 30/Sep/16
@Oliver Xia I think Kellan Lutz can be more 185.5 cm/183.5 cm. He did edge out Robert Pattinson and at worst looked the same with him.
Oliver Xia said on 30/Sep/16
I think he should be 183.5 in the morning, evening 181.5.
Mark said on 30/Sep/16
@S.J.H I respect your opinion, but keep in mind that Pattinson has an awful posture which makes him look shorter than he is.

Though Kellan Lutz was edged out by Henry Cavill in several pictures, including the immortals premiere and the immortals comic con video.
S.J.H said on 20/Sep/16
Seriously i had a hard time believe robert pattinson same height as kellan. I think kellan a solid 6'0 like the agency give it correctly and pattinson a quite weak 6'0 guy

Kellen 183cm solid
Pattinson 182cm solid
Mark said on 13/Jun/16
Johno doesn't matter. Both of them weren't looking down and Henry was slightly taller than Kellan.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 1/Jun/16
How long would you estimate his face is, and what about his eye level to the top of his head? A lot of people say that it's small, but it really doesn't look that small to me as it seems to be a similar size to Henry Cavill's. I would guess that his head is 9 1/2"-9 3/4" inches long, with his eye level being close to 4 3/4" inches.
Editor Rob
his head looks average size to me, close to 9.5 for his height is in average zone.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/May/16
Cavill I think could have 1cm on Lutz...
Johno said on 18/May/16
Yeh Rob, i do not see Cavil as taller but them being the same height may hold true although i got my own assumptions.

Mark, the picture you posted is the same one before and the one i posted is a zoomed in shot of them two at the same event. with your one, Cavil's eyeline is the same as Lutz's but his chin is up and do not believe Lutz has a small forehead.

I don't think anyone had Lutz at 5'11; more rather wakes up at 6'0.5 and goes to sleep at 5'11.75 thus, averages around Rob 's listed height of him.
Mark said on 17/May/16
@Johno, again, Henry is tilting his head in the picture.

Click Here

Here, Cavill and Lutz both are standing straight as possible in this equal camera position. No insane distortion of the image. Cavill is at the back, yet he appears slightly taller than Kellan.

5'11" is ridiculous and much too low for Kellan. I think Kellan does need a good upgrade.
Mark said on 17/May/16
Rob, I know Everyone has debated about this, but could Kellan Edge out Henry or does Henry slightly edge out Kellan?
Editor Rob
I think it would be unlikely that Kellan is taller...although I certainly wouldn't rule out the chance both were the same.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 14/May/16
Or maybe they are both 6'0 1/2"-6'0 3/4"? There's no way that they are 5'11 3/4".
Mark said on 13/May/16
@Johno Here is the problem. A lot of the pictures Kellan edges out Henry was when the Camera lens are slightly distorted from a completely different angle. When it's distorted, you never really see the actual measurement.

The reason why I chose a photo like the one I used is because it's less distorted, both are standing straight without the camera having to distort the image with a different angle.
Johno said on 12/May/16
Click Here

Again; not the best of shots but probably accurate then the other's in the catelogue, Cavil's eyeline is just about the same as Lutz's but out of the two, i believe Lutz has the longer eyeline therefore, there is more skull thickness under his hair then Cavil's and Lutz probably would be the taller the two if i had the hazard a guess but even if he hasn't got the longer eyeline, i cannot see Cavil being taller then him. There are probably alot of underlying factors that we cannot see but based on the above picture; Cavil is not taller then Lutz and Certainly not by 0.5-inches or 0.75-inches.

Lutz was listed as 6'0 on his model agency, it seems that maybe he his taller end judging by Rob's comparison. Perhaps Rob can give his opinion. I certainly can't see height between them.
Johno said on 12/May/16
No Mark; the pictures are limited and the ones you supplied have Cavil always looking up and trying to stand as a erect as possible. The pictures you have supplied are partial; half shots, the top half but even then i cannot see Cavil taller then Lutz; you have measure below Hair and Lut's.

The picture i have supplier; is not perfect but it is a full bodyshot and out of the two; Cavil and Lutz, Cavil is standing the better as he always does and his formals look about 1.25-inches in thickness and they seem to be thicker then Lutz's. I do see Lutz having the edge if all the factors were to be corrected and at best ----- Cavil the same height as Lutz.

Now, in terms of the two snapshots above; luckily they are both of with Rob and Jenny. 0.25-inches is the smallest factor realistically that Rob categorically states and is equal to the thickness of Rob's hair i.e. it is miniscule and even comparing him with Jenny [Rob usually stands taller then Jenny], even compared to her; his height does not go above 6'0 and does appear to be less. It might be a good idea for Rob to superimpose a scale on those shots to guide; i am consident Lutz would not go above 6'0 even factoring in 0.25-inches for shoes.

Lutz has head tilted; his left eye seesaws down but conversely, his right raises and even using the higher eyeline, i can see him going above 6'0 at his lowest, he seems comfortably lower.

That top end estimate of 6'1.25 seems way out for me; i cannot see Lutz going 6'1.25 or above based on the comparisons. Lutz in all reason probably wakes up at 6'0.5 in the morning and goes to sleep at 5'11.75

Lutz was listed at 6'0 afterall and this seems like his average height; i can't see Cavil averaging more then this, he does not seem like a strong 6-footer let alone a weak 6'1 as your implying.

Once again, a superimposed scale on the above pictures would help. Perhaps Rob can add it. For now ...

Lutz 6'0.5 morning, 5'11.75 evening
Cavil ~ 6'0.5 morning, ~ 5'11.75 evening
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 11/May/16
A lot of the ones who think that he appears to be in the 5'11" range in the above photo aren't considering the fact that his head is tilted in a way that makes him appear shorter than he actually is, and the headwear also does the same thing. Just from going by the shoulder level (and the footwear disadvantage, with the facial sizes being considered), Kellan Lutz appears to be approximately 4 1/2" inches taller than Rob. 6'0 1/2" might make more sense than 6'0 1/4".
Mark said on 8/May/16
Oh and there are alot of pictures of Cavill and Lutz, Johno. You just have to pick which one has the less distortion image and more the equal picture of both standing straight at the camera without going to different sides.

Oh and if you didn't EVEN READ WHAT ROB SAID ABOUT THE PICTURE ABOVE, you should again. ROB ACTUALLY HAD THE FOOTWEAR ADVANTAGE on Kellan for the picture above. I hope you have a pair of eyes to read because you clearly don't seem to have one.

I could see Kellan at 185.5/183.5 cm. Nothing less of that.
Mark said on 8/May/16
Click Here

Oh look, Johno. A more equal position of Cavill and Kellan standing straight. Henry is still behind Kellan yet Cavill is still taller than Lutz.
Mark said on 8/May/16
Johno, those footwear aren't as thick you think they are. There is a light where it makes look thick but in reality it's not.

Click Here

Here, Henry is on the back of the camera, yet he's still taller than Kellan Lutz. Cavill's shoulder level is still higher than Kellan's shoulder level.
Johno said on 6/May/16
Click Here

Mark, there isn't many pictures of those two but from i can see from the above is, Cavil is the same height as Lutz at best.

Cavil obviously has the thicker footwear out of the two and also the posture. You correct these factors and Cavil is the same height as Lutz at best.

I can clearly see, Lutz goes below 6'0 at his lowest but can probably average 6'0 or at least near there.
Mark said on 5/May/16
Johno, I already posted a picture where Henry was on the back of the camera and the crowd, yet Cavill is still taller than Kellan.
Johno said on 1/May/16
S.J.H, he looks around 5'11.5-6'0 with Rob and Jenny and is listed 6'0 on his resume.

He is taller than Bradley Cooper and with Henry Cavil, i believe Lutz is taller than himself. Cavil is usually always in thicker formal wear when standing next to Lutz and Lutz is usually in thinner, with a casual pose to.
S.J.H said on 30/Apr/16
I strongly doubted that Lutz is 6'0 and robert pattinson a weak 6'0 like 5'11-3/4
paulkersey32 said on 28/Apr/16
. He does not "destroy" Marsden. Hes around 2inchs above. Also 140 for 6' is bone skinny. And I read yrs ago he was 6 3" and bought it cuz his crazy unique proportions. Whoever said hes Ifs hes this height hes not over 200. He even stated 187. Muscular 6" above 185 is buff
Peterson188cm said on 16/Apr/16
Rob, if Kellan Lutz is a guy 184 cm. What would be the height of the guy next to him in this picture??

Look: Click Here
Editor Rob
he could have a bit less footwear so near 6ft 4 possibly
Johno said on 12/Apr/16
He can look under 6'0 at his lowest and probably is over 6'0 earlier on and thus that 6'0 listed height on that model agency is probably the best estimate.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Apr/16
6ft0½ is still debatable.
Celebheights 6'1.75"/187 CM said on 9/Apr/16
He's no more than two inches shorter than Terrell Owens (who was measured at 6'2 7/8") in the photos of the two together.
Johno said on 4/Apr/16
Knappstern what are my own rules? That Rob is not around 5'8 and 1/8th in the afternoon like stated in Rob's biography? That Rob and Jenny both easily clear Lutz's eyelevel? That Lutz does not look any taller than 6'0 there?

Lutz 5'11.75 - 6'0
Knappstern said on 31/Mar/16
Johno, you're just following your own rules, not Rob ones.
Johno said on 29/Mar/16
Knappstern, when the comparisons are right in front of you, most people have the luxury of calling out the height of the celebrity with reasonable accuracy.

I see Kellan around 5'11.75; 6'0, if Rob is 5'8 and 1/8ths ---- how can you call these estimates, "absurd", when alot of readers have said the samething?

Why don't you go ask Rob to add 2/3 cms to his own height of 5'8 and 1/8ths if you want to add height to your celebrities; i am just following the rules.
Knappstern said on 23/Mar/16
Johno, when you're tall with precision?
Cut off 2/3 cm to your stature and you'll find your own judgement. You're a bit absurd.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Mar/16
I'm sure he isn't far off his claim but it does look like he wears bigger shoes a lot when he's with taller guys. . That's why he might not look much shorter than Dolph Lundgren and Terry Crews in photos.
Johno said on 9/Mar/16
5'11.75 might be a more secure bet.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Feb/16
Rob, you got him before he became a big movie star...what are the chances of you crossing paths with him again?
Editor Rob
I wouldn't call him a big star, I'm sure he was going to do another convention but pulled idea if he'll be back.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 26/Nov/15
By Zac Efron:

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Nov/15
"Kellan Lutz's height is 6ft 0½in (184cm)"

No more or less...
Andrea said on 2/Nov/15
Rob himself said that in person is no different than a guy like Big Alex, so 6' flat isn't impossible but the listing is fair...
S.J.H said on 2/Nov/15
He is only 6 foot. I wouldnt be surprise he is this mark.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 1/Nov/15
I could actually buy 186 CM for an out of bed measurement. Just look at how tall he stands by actors who are 5'8"-5'10". There's no way that somebody who is under 6'0" (or 6'0") would be able to stand that tall by them.
Judd ISR said on 26/Sep/15
Yeah I'd agree too
Judd ISR said on 23/Sep/15
Rob among those four choice?

A) 186,0cms/184,0cms
B) 185,5cms/183,5cms
C) 185,0cms/183,0cms
D) 184,5cms/182,5cms
Editor Rob
I'd stick with no less than B
Robbin said on 1/Sep/15
I think hes more likely to be 5'11.75 , solid 182cm though
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Aug/15
230lbs is a joke. Near 220lbs in Hercules I could believe though.
6ft1 out of bed for sure.

"Kellan Lutz's height is 6ft 0½in (184cm)"
SportsHeight said on 21/Aug/15
@Rob do you think Kellan hits 6-1 early in the morning or does he come up short?
Editor Rob
I believe he would hit that mark, I doubt any less than it.
Josh1 said on 8/Aug/15
5'11.5 - 6'0 range.
James Edward Crowley said on 27/Jul/15
Rob how much did Kellan Lutz weigh in the twilight films i would say at
least 230 pounds he looked huge in the twilight films.
Editor Rob
not sure he'd be quite that much. Maybe 220 is possible.
k2 said on 11/Jul/15
Rob, how many cm do you drop form the moment you wake up until late in night?
Editor Rob
can be 1.5-1.9 range, anywhere in there.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 15/Jun/15
How come he looks 6'2" by 6'6" Ramses Barden?

Click Here

I'm not saying that he is (he isn't), but it's weird that he appears that tall by him.
Mark said on 13/Jun/15
In pictures with Henry Cavill who is listed at 6'0.5", Lutz appears slightly taller. I think he is more like 6'1" unless Cavill is 5'11" which I doubt.
GP said on 8/May/15
Rob, how come he doesn't look 184 in the above photos? Is it the posture, which I doubt because in every photo I have seen him, he usually has great posture?And the beanie that he has on makes it very difficult to know where his head stops. I think 183 that you had him before fits him better, though I wouldn't be surprised if he dropped little under 6" in the evening.
Editor Rob
generally I think he can look in the stronger 6ft range.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 20/Apr/15
He destroys James Marsden:

Click Here

The footwear (which is identical):

Click Here

There is no way that there's only 2.75" inches between them.
Judd said on 2/Apr/15
5'11?????? I would be surprised if he would be measured a flat 6'...
I think he's a strong 6'0.25" guy
MD said on 31/Mar/15
With a measured 6'1" Drew Butler, a punter with the NFL Arizona Cardinals:

Click Here
Hypado said on 29/Mar/15
Kellan Lutz's height is 6ft 0.25in (183,6 cm)

183,6 or maybe 184,0 cm for Lutz.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" said on 22/Mar/15
He was about the same as Samuel L. Jackson in Arena. Would these listings work better?

Samuel L. Jackson-6'1.25" (today)
Kellan Lutz-6'0.5" (I don't see a full inch between them).
Ryan Mason 185.0 cm said on 9/Mar/15
Looks no more than 5'11.75 ( 182 cm )
newguy said on 17/Feb/15
Rob at 6,0-6.25 is weighing 140 exact skinny you think? I look skinny
Editor Rob
you would look skinny at that weight for 6ft range
Patrick O'Connel said on 14/Feb/15
Rob, would 5'11 range be a possibillity?
Editor Rob
pretty much zero chance.
Dmeyer said on 10/Feb/15
Does look a weaker 184cm than cavill Who looks a haïr taller
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Feb/15
Nah, Cavill would be taller than this guy and totally disagree that he'd be a better Chris Evans. Lutz can't act at all and that comment he made about how he'll win an oscar some down the drain
Joe said on 1/Feb/15
No, he is definitely a 6 footer, might be 6-1, he is taller than Henry Cavill, his co-star from the Immortals. Cavill is under 6-1, about 6'0.5", and Lutz looked taller. Lutz has large broad shoulders and classic blonde all American looks, he was strongly considered for Captain America, considering his looks and his physique I have no idea how they passed him up for Chris Evans, he would have made a far superior Captain America. Evans already was in a Marvel film as the Human Torch.
Dmeyer said on 18/Jan/15
If he is just 183.5cm then sly banderas and statham are just 173-4cm max
Judd said on 7/Oct/14
does look 6' with rob, but you need to consider his shoes...6'0.25" on the nose!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Sep/14
I think right between 6ft and 6ft1 is on the money for Lutz
Clay said on 26/Sep/14
He was owning Sly, Wesley Snipes, Jason Statham and other Expendables cast mates. His posture with Rob isn't good and a tooque makes you look MM's shorter I know from experience. I believe 6'0.25-6'0.5.
Real said on 18/Sep/14
he looks like 5'11(180cm) in the pic Rob
Danny said on 16/Sep/14
In all reality he could be 5'10-5'11 without shoes on, and 6'0 with lifts. Most 5'10 guys can pull off a 6'0 look when wearing most shoes with a standard heel.
184.9 on a bad day said on 29/Aug/14
Rob, when you listed someone at 6 ft 0.25 it is 184 on the dot or under 184 ?
Editor Rob
it's not quite 184, several mm under, but it's more to say the person can look more than just 6ft flat
MrTBlack said on 18/Aug/14
They don't measure Ford Models so he probably did claim 6'0" and said 6'1" when he went to Hollywood. That's what actors do, they grown an inch when they get big!
andrew said on 14/Aug/14
he's more than 184 cm !
he's at the same height as Ryan Lochte ! looks 186 cm
Sxuza said on 13/Aug/14
I think he's taller than what's listed here. Check out his candids on any gossip site. He's usually towering over everyone in a way that doesn't happen at 184cm.
Dmeyer said on 8/Aug/14
6'0.5 in listing would be Nice defenetly not à 183cm flat guy
Rhonda (Snowy) said on 5/Aug/14
Looks a flat 6ft to me.
Dmeyer said on 31/Jul/14
He destroys all expendables 3 mêmebers height
184.9 on a bad day said on 3/Jul/14
Kellan Lutz 183.5-1.84.
Liam McIntyre 185.5-186.

To be fair Lutz Can look taller than this listing,
if Rob don't meeting him i buy 185 too
Look taller than Cavill and Pattinson.
Tommo said on 20/Jun/14
I gotta ask Rob, do you think he looks as big as 'BIG ROB' in this elevator shoes? You say you were 6.25 in them.
Editor Rob
I think he could be
DMEYER said on 18/Jun/14
rob this guy can realy look 6 ft 1 with snipes lundgren and many others if he didnt look about 6 ft with you i would have thaught 6 ft 1 was possible
Editor Rob
he ain't no 6ft 1 in person, but yeah with good posture he can pull off looking 184 range I feel, even at times near 6ft 1.
sabot said on 12/May/14
Rob, Kellan Lutz and Liam Mcintyre (listed 6ft 1.25) are both the same height more or less, what do you think?
Click Here
Click Here
Alex 6ft 0 said on 29/Mar/14
Looks a solid 6'0. He looks pretty much same as me I think
dmeyer said on 28/Jan/14
I met David Moore twice in both times looked 189cm
MD said on 27/Jan/14

Sharp eye. I had noticed that. From that picture, we can tell at the very least that he was on the toes of his left foot.
Anon183 said on 26/Jan/14
doesn't it look like he is on tip toes / increasing his height with that Wendy lady below? Explains a lot
CallMeMAI said on 18/Jan/14
Click Here hers the shoes she had on
CallMeMAI said on 18/Jan/14
Click Here Kellan wih 5'10 5'11 Wendy Williams. She has on 4 inch heels and he has on maybe an inch/inch and a half footwear .. thats if he doesnt have on hidden lifts as the boots are high tops.
MD said on 9/Jan/14
Nah, she's just a strange woman all the way around. Unsettlingly so. She has a creepy head-size fetish. lol
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Jan/14
You've got dreadful taste in men :)
Emily said on 28/Dec/13
I just noticed he has long legs AND a small head. These are kind of the perfect proportions
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Dec/13
He's definitely sporting heels with JDM (who claims 6ft2, but might be a fraction more). But I think he's at least 6ft0.5 if not a weak 6ft1. That would make Pattinson 6ft-6ft0.25 tops, which is fair.
MD said on 11/Dec/13
He obviously can't be that tall, Seahawksfan. So, there is another explanation, obviously. I hate you took that photo I posted on Joel's page to bring it over here since there is obviously something going on in it that can't be explained without seeing footwear and where they are standing.
Editor Rob
sometimes differences do get hidden, look at Ronaldo and Terrell...we know Ronaldo is measured 6ft 1 and Terrell near 6ft 3...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Dec/13
"Kellan Lutz's height is 6ft 0.75in (185cm)"

Can look his claim.
Balrog said on 2/Dec/13
I could buy 6'0.5" for him since he actually looks same height as Henry Cavill even though the last one has perfect posture. But Pattinson is rather a 6'0" flat and a sloucher
Josh said on 29/Nov/13
5'11.5 182cm the most.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Nov/13
Pattinson is a normal 6ft, IMO (184.5cm out of bed, 182.5cm before bed).
This guy can look near his claim, quite often. I'll settle on 6ft0.5-6ft0.75 range.
wiltonstilts said on 27/Nov/13
He seems a lil shorter than 6 foot even
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Sep/13
I wouldnt call him imposing.
But, he does have good muscle definition.
cole said on 27/Aug/13
He's a 6ft flat guy.
Jack said on 26/Aug/13
His muscular physique gives the impression of a larger guy. He is fairly ripped and imposing with an athletic build
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Jul/13
Rob Pattinson 6ft0.25in/184cm
Kellan Lutz 6ft0.75in/185cm


Rob Pattinson 6ft/183cm
Kellan Lutz 6ft0.5in/184cm

Choose one. Either way, Kellan looks 0.5in taller
Nate said on 19/Jul/13
Funny how nobody comments on this guy anymore since the downgrade!! : )
wiltonstilts said on 29/Jun/13
5'11.5. Does not look 6'01 .....
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 said on 13/Jun/13
Would be pretty much 6'0 taking into account the 1/4 less footwear
Balrog said on 10/Apr/13
Solid 6 footer.
gavros said on 1/Mar/13
This guy wears lifts.It's obvious.He looks a tad over 6'1" in every pic when he is only 6'.
Josh said on 14/Feb/13
5'11.5 (182cm)
Tony said on 29/Jan/13
Click Here
Look at Brad Cooper and Kellan w/ 5'11 and 5/8 Victor Cruz. What do you think?
SHAHROOZ said on 24/Dec/12
Rob,do you see Kellan Lutz with Victor Cruz who is listed 6.0 foot.please check it
Nate said on 5/Nov/12
Rob, what makes Kellan Lutz such a difficult celebrity to guess his height? he looks a lil under 184cm to me as well...but it took us time to list him correctly.
Editor Rob
a little over 6 foot is probably fairer, for every guy 6 foot there's as many 6ft 0.25 or 5ft 11.75 out there in the world.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Oct/12
I think 184cm is a good shout for Kellan. But nothing over
JohnDosen said on 18/Oct/12
Sorry to say Rob, but if you say Kellan is 6.0" you can't say Robert Pattinson is 6,0.25" It doesn't make any sense, whatsoever! Robert Pattinson is shorter than Kellan, in almost every single pic., so to claim Robert as a genuine 6,0.25" footer, and Kellan as a "mere" 6.0 footer, is kinda ridiculous.

Kellan must be higher than 6 feet, otherwise you have two downgrade Robert. As it is now, it doesn't make any sense.
173 said on 15/Oct/12
I agree, balrog.
balrog said on 14/Oct/12
Rob, but Kellan always towers over Lautner, at least 4 in, you put Lutz at 6 foot, Lautner gotta be 5'8 flat at most.
Lo sgozzatore said on 13/Oct/12
Rob, what made you change idea? He looks taller than Pattinson, who's 184 in your opinion!
Editor Rob
in person he really looks no different than guys like Big Alex or Grant Bowler do, genuine 6 footers, and the modelling agency have him at 6 foot. For this kind of work why did they not go with his claim and put him down as 6 foot - I believe it's quite possible he was measured in the 6 foot range.

you could argue then why does Pattinson's modelling agency have him at 6ft 2...maybe he told them he was that height with his hair!
balrog said on 11/Oct/12
If you downgrade Lutz you should downgrade both Lautner and Pattinson.
Jack said on 7/Oct/12
Yeah 183 is too low for him. Maybe you should give him 6'0.25"(184 cm) at least Rob.
Jack said on 4/Oct/12
He has an inch on Pattinson. So Robert is nothing taller than 180 cm.
Big T said on 29/Sep/12
Looks a little over 180 cm in the photos, my guess is 182-183 cm out of bed.
Jack said on 20/Sep/12
Rob he is clearly taller than Robert Pattinson. How could he be less than 184 cm?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Sep/12
barefoot - 184cm
in shoes - 186cm
Wind said on 7/Sep/12
@Jack I haven't seen him barefoot that often so yeah :)
Jack said on 6/Sep/12
@Wind 6'2" maybe in shoes..
Wind said on 2/Sep/12
I cant seem to understand how some of u keep saying kellan is 6'0.5''
How the hell can u be so precise just by looking at a photo?? Even if u measured him with a tape u could be wrong by half an inch. Besides Rob has a trained eye AND he met him in person. Enough talking over 1cm.
And BTW Kellan most certainly looks 6'1''. I would even buy 6'2''.
Tony said on 16/Aug/12
Yes I do think his small head makes him look taller, but hes really not standing up completely straight, so I think Rob is right with the 185 cm listing, but hes definitely not any taller than 185 cm. Good job Rob.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Aug/12
Yeah he's 6ft0.5(184cm). Probably 185cm
out of bed.
Jake: 1.82 m-- 1.83 m-- 1.84 m said on 5/Aug/12
I agree with LeBron6: 184 cm.
LeBron6 said on 31/Jul/12
Kellan Lutz's height is 6 ft 0.5 in (184.15 cm)
LeBron6 said on 31/Jul/12
Click Here

Rob this right here is pure evidence for a downgrade. As this guy is listed at 5'11.75" and has the same posture and looks same height as kellan does next to you if not taller. Downgrade needed as this listing is clearly off by atleast 1/2".
Editor Rob
kellan's taller than llewllyn in person, although there is a chance he's more 184.
LeBron6 said on 31/Jul/12
Rob, why can't you understand that the 5'11"-5'11.5" that he looks in these pics, plus the couple of cms he loses from posture and the .25 inch less footwear does not equal a full 6'1''? I could buy 6'0.75" absolute max for this guy. I think anywhere from 6'0"-6'0.5" is fair for this guy but deffinetly not a full 6'1". Downgraded needed rob.
LeBron6 said on 30/Jul/12
Common Rob, 6'1" is rediculous. The hat makes him look taller in this shot. And his small head makes him look even taller. He has a maximum of 2.25 inches on you in that shot. So he would have to gain atleast 2.5 inches from slightly tilting his head up. I could buy 6'0.5"-6'0.75" absoulute max. Downgrade needed rob!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Jul/12
I'm not convinced he's 185cm
Hob said on 27/Jul/12
kellan lutz is 5'11.5 in picture walk on street along Peter Facinelli he don't even look over 1.5" taller than 5'10 Peter Facinelli.
BigT said on 24/Jul/12
Looks 180 cm max in the pics with Rob and Jenny. Most I ever see for this guy is between 180 and 183 cm.
MaskDeMasque said on 11/Jun/12
looks 5'11 based on the photos above. i suppose with better posture maybe 6'.
kurp said on 8/Feb/12
I'd say he's more 184 from these photos, probably wakes up at 185.5
henry said on 8/Feb/12
I he has smal head and broad shoulders.this reason he look big and musculer.I agree rob.he is 6-6'1.
RD said on 24/Jan/12
I don't think the difference between the people in the photos is 5 inches. It's hard to tell with the hat, but just eyeballing it, he looks 180cm (5'11").
J.J. said on 23/Jan/12
Looks 6'0.5" plus his 0.25 shoe disadvantage so he is definitely 6'0.75" so yeah his 6'1" claim is fair
xyz.reg(185.4cms-???cms) said on 4/Jan/12
@omg hahahah.....A big LOL to your name and then to what you said..learn to read properly..i never said he is 5ft 10.5..he looks that height after slouching..what i m saying is he is 6ft 0.25in barefoot...according to my perspective..!!
vtec said on 31/Dec/11
with 6'2" adam gregory.

Click Here
ya right. said on 30/Dec/11
vtec, do you see the soles on his shoes? their huge,kid.
omg hahahah..... said on 30/Dec/11
xyz.reg. Do you even knoww what 5'10.5 looks like? i'm EXACTLY 5'10.5 and wearing 3inch heels makes me 6'2, and i cant even slouch to make me 5'10.5, hes definetely 6'1, the tip of his head compared to the tip of robs head is a huge difference. I cant believe anyone would think hes 5'10, thats ridiculous, mandy moores 5'10( which he starred a movie with her "love,wedding,marriage")
xyz.reg(186cms-187cms) said on 23/Dec/11
Looks 5ft 10.5in slouching..if he stands above 6ft max....!!
ChiasmataX said on 21/Dec/11
With his posture in these pictures, it is hard to determine his real height, but up-straight I don't think he's taller than the guy from height challenge # 10. I ignore his picture with Rob because he had weird posture. If that was his best posture with Jenny he looked 182cm. If that wasn't then then he is around 183-184cm during the day. He might be near 185 cm in the morning which is what he claimed.
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 17/Dec/11
Come on now, it's obvious this guy is closer to 6' flat than 6'1". I even doubt he reaches 6', he looks 5'11 next to Rob. There's no way he's 9cm taller than 176cm listed Stephen Moyer:
Click Here
184cm at the absolute MAX for Lutz, 182-183 is probably a better estimate.
Not Popeye said on 11/Dec/11
If this guy is 6'1, I'm Popeye
vtec said on 5/Dec/11
lutz is shorter than 6.05 henry cavill.

Click Here

time to downgrade.
Yaspaa said on 5/Dec/11
More 6'0 than 6'1.
lolo said on 1/Dec/11
I can't judge kellan's leg posture from this picture, but his back looks quite straight in second picture. I don't think he's 6'1.. 5'11max. What do you think Rob?
Editor Rob
he can look 6ft-6ft 1 range I feel, I don't believe he looked under 6 foot.
delivery said on 27/Nov/11
Rob can you explain these photos ? He looks 5'11. I don't ubderstand.
Editor Rob
I think he does lose a couple of cm from his posture
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Nov/11
At least 6"0...
FTD said on 25/Nov/11
He is a big guy and i think his build makes him look bigger. Where are you at that 6'1 is "Huge?" I'd say "Tall" starts at 6'0 maybe 5'11.
Silent d said on 22/Nov/11
Definately 6 foot 1. He is huge. Taller than pattinson. When he went on ellen he looked 6 foot 2. If he is 180cm, does that mean pattinson is 178cm. I don't think so, he is about the same height as robert, maybe slightly taller. 185cm easy. Pattinson is pretty solid 184cm.
Maximus said on 20/Nov/11
That all depends on how tall 50cent is.....kelly is definetly taller than 50 cent and 50 cent is listed at 6' so 5'11" minimum. With that in mind 6'1" seems very likely...he has 50cent by minimum 2"
karın said on 17/Nov/11
realty he is 6'0.25 in night my height
anonim said on 15/Nov/11
I changed my mind, this man, maybe 6'0 .5 inch flat 6 feet
anonim said on 15/Nov/11
In this photo looks 5'11 .5 or less.
vtec said on 12/Nov/11
this guy is 5'11" max
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Nov/11
Actually I take that back...Ive seen recents pics of him and he looks huge
adams1818 said on 23/Oct/11
Pics that gave Moke formerly is great example how camera angle and posture can cheat us about considering height (look at difference between Efron and Lutz in both pics) ;] I reckon that Kellan is weak 6'1", maybe out bed 185, later 184.
Click Here || Click Here
jeremy said on 22/Oct/11
rob why did you go to a twilight convention it's the worst book and movie franchise of all time!
Editor Rob
Jenny wanted to go, but it's a good way to get some photos for the site, that's primarily why I go to events.
Legend said on 19/Oct/11
He's 5'11.5
Derrick said on 19/Oct/11
I think he's around six feet no more he's dont tower over Sharni his GF and she's 56 57
Tman said on 14/Oct/11
Can you beleave this guy was even considered for Conan the mother of all Babarians,I mean Jesus what the hell has hollywood come to!
Moke said on 13/Oct/11
Judging by his built, that are easily 187lbs: Click Here
5'10guy'n'still growing said on 11/Oct/11
6'0 guy solid thats it maybe less 5'11.take off the hat maybe his long hair or what is under the hat and you got a 6'0 guy
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Oct/11
Hes 183cm-184cm...not over 6"0.5.
Don't believe hes 187lbs either.
Closer to 170lbs
Alex said on 10/Oct/11
Legend, he looks more 6'0. Yes with Rob he can look shorter than that but hes leaning in which will take height away. With Jenny he can look 6'0.
Legend said on 5/Oct/11
USYD you are fooled.

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