How tall is Zac Efron

Zac Efron's Height

5ft 8 (172.7 cm)

American actor best known for roles in High School Musical, Hairspray, The Greatest Showman, 17 Again and The Lucky One. He has claimed to be 5ft 8 and taller.

How tall is Zac Efron
Zac with Lucky One co-star Taylor Schilling
Photo by PR Photos

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Average Guess (259 Votes)
5ft 7.89in (172.4cm)
pov said on 13/Sep/19
5”7 max, he’s not even upto dwayne’s nose.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 16/Aug/19
Hey, his Waxwork has just been brought onto the stage. Zac is annoyed that it is taller than his actual height. He tells everyone to be their own size! Sound advice, or what?

He is ripped with muscles! 💪
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 16/Aug/19
Zac is going to be playing evil killer Bundy. Isn't that a part that's usually played by someone a bit taller?
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 16/Aug/19
I have just seen Zac Efron, heartthrob, walk onto Ellen's stage and he is barely taller than she is. I had no idea!

Johan 185 cm said on 9/Aug/19
Click Here

5'8" is fair but he can look small fraction under.

6'4" Hoff looks easy 8" inches taller and 6'2.5" Rock even looks and easy 6.5" inches. At worst 5'7.75".
Alex scho said on 8/Aug/19
I met him I was shocked he’s probs 5 8.5 -5 9 I’m 5 11.25 and he’s was def taller then 5 8
FiveEightJake said on 1/Aug/19
He looked roughly the same height as Alex daddario in his latest video with her in the gym on his YouTube although she had a .5 inch footwear advantage. If she is around 5’7, then I could see Zac being closer to 5’7.5-.75. I don’t know but Zac always gives me the impression of being a strong 5’7 than a decent 5’8, could just be his stockyish build.
TheBat said on 31/Jul/19
Honestly Zac can look 5'7.5" at several times, but he really does look 5'8" even usually.
Aaron Rosales said on 30/Jul/19
Watch his interview with Matthew Broderick on Graham Norton Matthew looks a bit taller. My guess is 172 cm.
cmillzz said on 30/Jul/19
why do you post under multiple different names on here?
Jenny said on 17/Jul/19
I'm going to go with 5'8. My friend is a paparazzi and use to photograph him back in 2008, 2009, 2010 and ended up quitting in 2011. He said Zac is 5'8. My friend is 6'1. Another two friends of mine have met him, and one has personally been up close with him because he's friends with her, I cannot share the evidence for privacy purposes, so you're free to take what I'm saying with a grain of salt, but I'd like to mention, they've also vouched he's 5'8.

This is a rare photo of him and Swift from 2012. Click Here he's standing tall with proper posture but Taylor has her constant bad case of forward head posture and she's wearing a short heel while Zac is wearing regular shoes.

His footwear: Click Here

Taylor's footwear: Click Here

Taylor is listed as 5 ft 9 on here, if Zac is truly 5'7, then that would make Taylor 5'8. Even with a short heel, she only edges out Zac barely by an inch.

He's 5'8. Taller than Ed Sheeran by 1-2 inches who is listed as 5'7 and was wearing a flat shoe. I don't know why you guys like downgrading his height, he's 5'8, which would also explain his 5'10 listing in the past, celebrities have a rule to upgrade their heights by 2 inches, take away 2 inches and you got their real height, his is 5'8. Even during the Australian Sydney premiere back in 2009, Taylor was wearing a higher heel and only edged out Zac because she's one inch taller, and because of the additional heel height.
Me2019 said on 13/Jul/19
5'8 is his shoe height, he´s 5'7 flat.
MD said on 12/Jul/19
You don't "dwarf" someone by an inch.
Denise said on 10/Jul/19
I'm a little over 5'8" and dwarfed him when I met him, by what seemed like a solid inch.
James E said on 19/Jun/19
Nah he def doesn’t look 5’8 in the Victoria secret video. I’d honestly give him BARELY 5’7 even. People probably upgrade his height so much cuz they have similar proportions as him and claim taller.... he’s a short looking guy, not close to average.
Gofis said on 17/Jun/19
@cmillzz - That makes no sense, all of those models are 5'9 and he's right at 5'8. If he's 5'7 then why was Taylor Swift only an inch taller than Zac with her flats on? he's 5'8.
cmillzz said on 5/Jun/19
The most he can be is 172cm in my honest opinion. I really don’t get why some people on here like to upgrade his height so much.
cmillzz said on 5/Jun/19
clueless people, he looks 5’7 range in that video, no taller.
Tayze said on 3/Jun/19
5'8+ Height. Proof is him in his YouTube video with the Victoria Secret Models.
D10S said on 29/May/19
In the last video with Victoria´s Secret Girls looks at least 5´8.5
Beqa said on 28/May/19
Rob, How Tall do you think Zac Looks in his new video with victoria's Secret Angels
Click Here
jungkook said on 17/May/19
Rob, do you think Zac looks taller before getting jacked?

I think too much muscle actually makes a person look shorter.
Editor Rob
I am not sure if he did seem taller before bulking up.
Nex said on 16/May/19
The 5'7 guessed height for him is actually ridiculous. Ellen is 5'7 and he's an inch taller than her. He's 5'8. Seriously, Taylor Swift is a strong 5'9 and she barely was taller than him in her flats. The 5'7 estimate isn't accurate by any means, he's 5'8. His brother is 6 ft.
Zac said on 16/May/19
In the new Ted Bundy movie under the description his girlfriend gave the cops it was 5’7-5’8 🤷🏼‍♀️
cmillzz said on 14/May/19
there’s quite a few photos where Zac either rises up on one foot, or goes on his tiptoes.
abcde said on 10/May/19
with Hugh Jackman (187 cm weak) Click Here
abcde said on 10/May/19
and with Jim Parson (185 cm) Click Here
abcde said on 10/May/19
Click Here with James Hetfield (weak 186 cm) James looks short here. Zac Efron is 173 cm weak
JD 5'9" said on 1/May/19
5'7.5" IMO. He gives off a shortish but not super short impression.
Duhon said on 1/May/19
How tall did they make his wax statue? Click Here
Editor Rob
They would have taken his height in that pose, which is going to be a bit taller (fraction more sneaker and slightly foot rise).
cmillzz said on 26/Apr/19
He does a lot of tricks to make himself look taller in photos, and also wears obvious lifts/platform shoes at times. You measure him barefoot under a stadiometer in the afternoon and I doubt he’d measure over 172cm.
khaled taban said on 11/Apr/19
Mj7 said on 10/Apr/19

Here he is with Nina Dobrev (5'5.5) on his youtube channel wearing converse.

Click Here
Editor Rob
I think somewhere in 5ft 8 range for Zack is believable.

His quote of 5ft 9 to 10 IN SHOES would make sense if he measured 5ft 8.5...
cmillzz said on 16/Mar/19
he’s a weak 5’8 at best barefoot.
5ft7SithLord said on 2/Mar/19
I'll be generous and give him 5'8, but his true height is probably 5'7.75. Either way, 5'7 minimum and 5'8.25 max for Zac.
Littlelee168cm said on 27/Feb/19
The greatest showman should be added to his credits. Fantastic film
DanoneBrando178 said on 13/Feb/19
Looks 5'8/5'8.5, doesn't wear lifts or boots often
Johnny calvin said on 11/Feb/19
5'7" is joke i don't think zac is 5'7 u !
jriggs said on 31/Jan/19

How can he be just 5'7 if he is almost identical in height to Zendaya?
HungaMunga said on 16/Jan/19
5'7 max
Abs2come said on 11/Jan/19
Hey Rob!!! Why don't you take a picture with zac Efron for us. It'll clear the doubts well.
Editor Rob
That would be great to do, but it's time and money I don't have.
Banaanas said on 2/Jan/19
He’s taller than robert de niro
Trevor Long said on 25/Dec/18
Michael 5'10", 178 cm

''height isn't everything as you have good looks or personality''

I agree for looks, but personality ? you're talking about an A-LIST celebrity actor. Try STATUS.
Michael 5'10", 178 cm said on 12/Dec/18
He's either 5'8" or a little bit less, Zac looked around the same height as Zendaya in the Greatest Showman. He looked no taller than 5'8" next to Dwayne Johnson who is no taller than 6'3" these days. It's funny how a guy who is not very tall is loved by so many women, it goes to show you that height isn't everything as you have good looks or personality, it doesn't really matter to girls. He's 5'8" imo.
Yang (5ft 8 Chinese men) said on 14/Nov/18
Yeah, Ive met him years ago somewhere in shoppimg mall while I was enjoying my shopping with my 6ft 4 male roommate white men whom I will be getting married soon next May a month after my birthday April(Currently engaged).. We all had nice conversation with him for about 30 mins or so and then took picture with all three together. All I can say regarding his height is that he was nearly as same as my height 5ft 8 plus he never lied about his height just like Amber Heard. He is one of my favoritr 5ft 8 actors out there and yet hes down to earth and coolest person ive met other than Harry Potter star Tom Felton. Even though not exactly same as my height but very similar range I can say. So happy to go with 5ft 8 173cm.
Jamie said on 12/Nov/18
Rob, I think you should give him a 1/4 inch upgrade. He’s taller than now 5ft8 Robert DeNiro and he edges Corbin Bleu who’s the same height listing as Zac
Lolno said on 9/Oct/18
@ Legit 6'2 - He's 5'8 but nice try.
Legit 6'2 said on 6/Oct/18
5.7 for him
Nothing more
johnnytest said on 18/Sep/18

Please link the blog if it's allowed because i'm curious to read this myself and was wondering if he has any info on other celebrities.
Tifi said on 11/Sep/18
Morning 5'8 1/2
Evening 5'8 1/4
Omgigottea said on 6/Sep/18
A paparazzi who use to take photos of Zac since 09 who is 6'4 stated Zac is 5'8 and never seemed short to him, he is shorter though, obviously because the pap is 6'4 but he said he's 5'8-5'9. If anyone is curious I can link the paps blog, he has his profolio of all the celebs he has taken photos of and his stories with each of them and anwers all questions.

I never understood how anyone could ever think he was ever under 5'8.
heyitsme said on 3/Sep/18
OK is correct, I looked into it.

He's in the 5'8 range, nothing lower.

Here is him next to Taylor Swift, while they were entering on Ellen: The camera is pointing upwards though. But here is the screenshots I took (I apologize for the bad quality, it's from the only interview video and unfortunately it's in 420p):

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Taylor is wearing flats, and she has her usual hunch.

Here is a gif of Taylor walking with the camera pointing normally at them:
Click Here

Strong 5'9 Taylor isn't towering Zac and she's in flats.

Here is Zac and Taylor posing for a photo with an ABC host. Taylor is in the flats again, Zac isn't wearing any large heel shoe, just a normal shoe.

Click Here

Here is Taylor and Zac on the red carpet for their past film (6 yrs ago). Taylor was wearing low heels not flats, and Zac was wearing his classic YSL Sneaker. Taylor doesn't tower him, despite wearing high heels:

His shoes:
Click Here

Her shoes: Click Here

Zac & Taylor standing with Danny on the Carpet who pulled them together: Click Here
- Starts at 1:59.

Now here is a rare clip of Zac and Taylor talking:
Click Here

She still has her usual hunch, but she is barely taller than Zac, and that's because she has her low-cut heel on.

The heel she is wearing is called; O Jour Beige Kitten Heel Slingbacks. They're about 2-3 inches.
For someone who is 5'9+ she should be towering him esp, since she's wearing 2-3 inch heels. But she is barely taller than him with heels on.

He is no where under 5'8 he is for sure in the 5'8+ range. It's his bulky body giving the wrong illusion. When he had his skinny lean figure back in the day, he was able to pull off looking 5'10. (See here for example:) Click Here
Click Here

He looks much better skinnier, and much taller skinner. Not under 5'8. Just his body making him look shorter than 5'8 since he's so bulky. He might even be 5'9 like Men's Health said. The journalist was shocked and said Zac was taller than he ever expected..
Peter175 said on 22/Aug/18
agree with ok.

Zac is 5'8 flat at his worst and probably 5'8.25
cmillzz said on 14/Aug/18
And I never said Efron was 5’7. I’m just saying that a 172 cm measurement isn’t out of the question.

There were some people saying he’s 5’9 range which is just as delusional as saying he’s flat 5’7 imo.
ok said on 13/Aug/18
@ Cmillzz - Nobody is "wanting him to be taller." He is 5'8. Explain to me how if he was below 5'8, how he was taller than Tom Cruise, who is a lift-wearer? Is Tom is 5'7 actually, and he is a lift-wearer, then why was Zac taller than Cruise on The Graham Norton show? Ed Sheeran is 5'7 & 3/4 according to CelebHeights and Zac was taller than Ed who was wearing his high-top sneakers while Zac was wearing a very flat shoe.

Then you have Amanda Crew who is listed as a strong 5'9 on CelebHeights and Zac wearing flip flops around here, yet he is the exact same height as her, check out the airport photos candids.

Taylor Schilling is 5'8 according to celebheights - Their airport candids, she is barely taller than Zac and that's because she is wearing a thick heeled boot giving her extra inches on him.

Explain Justin Bieber the photos of him and Zac together and Zac was taller than Justin, who is 5/7 and a half who was also wearing boots while Zac wasn't.

There are photos of Kanye and Zac Efron out there together standing up with Kim with them, and Zac is taller than Kanye and Kim, Kanye is listed at 5'8 on CelebHeights.

Explain Hugh Jackman's wife being 5'7 and Zac was way taller than her, despite wearing a thick heeled shoe?

Every picture of Priyanka together she is wearing a 2-3 inch heel, even bigger and she still wasn't taller than him unless she was wearing a super big heel.

Explain strong 5'9 Taylor not being able to pass Zac in height and she was wearing flats, explain the photos of them together the behind the scenes shot of Taylor and Zac and Zac is taller than Taylor. While Taylor and him were holding hands, Taylor wasn't taller than him, maybe by a tiny bit? Since she is a solid 5'9+

He is 5'8, people lying and saying he's 5'7 are hilarious. Zendaya is a solid 5'8 and there is proof of Zac being the exact same height as her and they're both wearing flat footwear, he is also taller than James Corden who was wearing a thick heel while Zac wasn't, are you going to explain that? Most of the time Zac bends his knees in photos also.

His best friend is 6'2 - Ryan (which he claims), maybe 5'11 Zac was wearing flip-flops right next to him, and wasn't looking 5'7 at all. TCA's 2018 Zac was looking 5'8.

Sorry but people who are saying he's 5'7 are saying so out of spite. Even his brother is a 6 fter, and Zac does not look anything below 5'8 right next to him.

Zac was also in flat converse on the red carpet of the Lorax and Taylor was wearing a shorter heel, and she was BARELY taller than Zac who is in converse and is 5'8. When she met Zac in 2009 she was barely taller than him also for someone who is 5'9 it was her heels which made her taller.

It's safe to say he's 5'8. Don't lie.
Matt99 said on 11/Aug/18
Rob would you consider zac to squeeze 5’8 flat at night?
Editor Rob
I wouldn't think Zac drops under 5ft 8 really, arguably he could be 5ft 8 and a fraction during the day.
Ebi said on 10/Aug/18
5'7.25 flat
cmillzz said on 9/Aug/18
Lol all these people wanting him to be taller... going as far as saying he’s 5’9 when he probably isn’t even the full 5’8.
Kayla said on 9/Aug/18
In the 5'8-5'9 range. People are always downgrading him which is ridiculous. It's his upper chest and muscles that give the illusion that he's lower than 5'8 but when he's skinnier he doesn't look below 5'8.

Here is him next to Zendaya. Taller than James Corden and James is wearing a thick converse style shoe while Zac isn't wearing anything thick the bottom of Zac's shoe is paper thin that gives him no height.

Click Here

Here is Zac next to Hugh Jackman's wife who is 5'7.
Click Here - He's not wearing lifts and his shoe has no heel and he has a lot of height over her.

He is no where close under 5'8. It's just he's too bulky!!!!
Sacred said on 30/Jul/18
173 cm
khaled taban said on 26/Jul/18
He is 5'8" on dot .
Leno179 said on 20/Jul/18
173 cm
cmillzz said on 18/Jul/18
I bet Rob would edge him out by potentially half an inch.
cmillzz said on 18/Jul/18
doesn’t look the full 5’8 to me.
Ellena said on 12/Jul/18
Whatever height he is, he’s hella fine!
Emil said on 5/Jul/18
I'll have your looks over Efron's at any day of the week. You look 100 times more badass than him
Editor Rob
Jenny agrees with you 😎
Warren said on 5/Jul/18
Handsome Zac is easily 5'7.75-5'8"
YL07 said on 4/Jul/18
@Justin P Well 1" difference is not really that big of a difference. It is noticeable, but you will still feel that "he/she is almost as tall as me" kind of thing. Depending on the head size, and eye range. Anything less than an inch difference will start to become pretty tricky if you're not careful enough to analyze.
Justin P said on 3/Jul/18
I recently met him when he was filming his Ted Bundy film. I was an extra for the set, this was the first time I've got to work with him (I've been in Riverdale commercials next to Cole Sprouse) and have worked with One Direction and many other people. He is for sure taller in person, it's his proportions that give him an illusion that he's smaller. I'm 5'9 1/4 and Zac was almost my height, smaller, but almost at my height not far off at all.

If you ever meet him in person you will see for yourselves. I was shocked, I was expecting him to be 5'6, but no he's about 5'9ish, or a strong 5'8.
heightwizard said on 1/Jul/18
ur sexier than him, rob
Editor Rob
I'll happily trade bodies with him 😄
khaled taban said on 24/Jun/18
Pierre said on 24/Jun/18
Zac Efron is an example of a guy who can look 5"10' or even 5"11' in pictures with his proportions
Tiemo said on 11/Jun/18
Isaac Bakhturidze said on 1/Jun/18
Biggest height liar in Hollywood. Literally not an inch over 5ft7. Just look at him next to Dave Franco, barely taller, about an inch, making him 5ft7. So yeah Rob, either downgrade Efron or upgrade dave. You did this with Neymar and Bieber. Bieber has an inch on Neymar and you have Neymar down as "taller". You need more info on your claims Rob.
Vijayan said on 26/May/18
Rob is it possible you and Efron could be height twins?
Editor Rob
Well, a far greater probablity of height twins than looks or muscle twins 👍
Peter175 said on 20/May/18
Taylor looks 5'9.25 and zac looks 5'8.25 imo

Easily rob's least generous listing
Perri said on 13/May/18
He isn't taller than James Corden. The picture you gave shows Corden with his head down and Zac looking up. It's the illusion dude and they're not even wearing the same footwear.
The problem is with all the pics you've given to us with Taylor and Zac, none of them shows Zac is wearing a flat shoes. He might be wearing inserts for all we know.
Taylor Swift is most probably between 5'8 and 5'9. I will give Zac the same height for the benefit of doubt.
Biggy said on 4/May/18
Taller than 5'8 James Corden and he's bending his knee. There is more clips/videos of him taller than Corden. Corden's van type shoes also have a way thicker bottom than Zac's giving him extra height, yet Zac is still taller. Click Here at the start of their skit for their crosswalk musical, Zac is taller than James, again who is in the same footwear giving him extra height.

If he wasn't leaning/bending you can see easily how much taller Zac is.

I think a lot of people like to downgrade Zac's height for absolutely no reason, I think the fact that he stood next to Taylor Swift and was the same height as her while she was in flats not heels proves he is taller than what people assume and for sure in the 5'8-5'9 range. He did an ABC promo commercial with Taylor Swift as well and while holding her hand (she wore flats again) he was the same height as her they took pictures with the interviewer he was taller than the interview and the same height as Taylor interviewer: Click Here

Here is a back angle of Zac and Taylor walking together and she is in flats: Click Here

If Zac was truly "5'6/5'7" like some of these claims, that would mean Taylor is 5'8 which she is not.

I think the reason why people assume he's 5'6/5'7 because of his figure, he has a wide torso but very short torso and he's only 5'8-5'9 and extremely buff which gives off an illusion his 09 photos of him skinny always gave the impression he was 5'9-5'10 ... It was until he started buffing he looked tiny.

No way he's under 5'8.
Mark182 said on 2/May/18
He Always looks 5'7 the most 5'7.25 171cm.
Ze said on 27/Apr/18
5'8+ Here is him next to 5'7 Katy Perry who WAS wearing strong heels that night and Zac was still taller.
Click Here
1.71.5cm guy :( said on 23/Apr/18
Click Here @rob and everybody, check this video out of a film scene with listed 5ft 5 josh hutcherson he seems about 1.71cm
Quoter86 said on 23/Apr/18
Looks a solid 5" shorter than Jackman in The Greatest Showman. I would say 5'8.25".
Isaac Hamilton said on 21/Apr/18
171cm maximum, and thats prob his morning height. Looked like a legit dwarf with The Rock, and looked near the same height next to Dave Franco in Neighbours.
Emil said on 8/Apr/18
he decided to increase his claim, modestly saying: "I'm only 5ft 10in"

Oh, your sarcasm, señor Rob 😅
Jonathon said on 26/Mar/18
Looked at least a 1/2 inch taller than Ryan Seacrest, legit 5'8 - 5'8.25 guy.
What said on 12/Mar/18
@Peter175 - There is a lot of proof of people saying Zac is 5'8. A lot. Many people who have met him, even stated (fans and reporters) that he is taller than they expected. Men's Fitness magazine did an interview with him, and the journalist who sat down with him stated Zac is 5'9 and "taller than he was expecting"

There are many photos of him proving he is 5'8+ - The fact that him and Taylor come to the same height, when she is not wearing heels, is safe to say he is 5'8+
Peter175 said on 8/Mar/18
There is never any proof from the people saying Zac is sub5ft8.

Never. Zac has looked 5'7 range maybe in a few distorted pics but for the most part he looks every bit of 5 8
SD(171CM) said on 3/Mar/18
Zac Efron is a good actor and I think he should be cast in a superhero film in order to completely shed off his Disney pretty boy image ...maybe as NIGHTWING Click Here
...Hey Dwayne'The Rock'Johnson is Black Adam!!!
I don't know about the various steroid accusations but he did have a physique proportional to his height(around 5'8)
HERE WITH ED SHEERAN 5'7.5 :Click Here
HERE WITH HUGH JACKMAN 6'2: Click Here he's also better looking facial compared to Hugh Jackman.
Effie said on 27/Feb/18
After seeing him in boots, lifts, and tip toeing next to zendaya, I’m afraid he might be closer to 5’6” than 5’7”.
_G4.174cm said on 21/Feb/18
Heyya! Is Zac 172.7 cm in the morning evening or night?
maxper said on 16/Feb/18
that 172 cm that people give him is for morning or night? if its night then he is 174 in morning?
Junior Hernandez said on 13/Feb/18
Doesn't look over 172cm and not quite under it.
maxper said on 7/Feb/18
So rob would you say im 170 or 169 ? according to the last coment in zac efron page.
maxper said on 5/Feb/18
Hello Rob, when you say an height, do you mean the very morning height, evening or afternoon height? im 171.5 cm in the very morning, 170cm in the afternoon and 169 cm in the night, perfectly measured for more than 20 consecutive days, what height would you say i am ?
DksDude said on 2/Feb/18
Do you add the shoe height with the celebrity height?
Editor Rob
No, shoes aren't part of human height.

Anybody giving height in shoes should be one for the watching 😑 .
Jaron said on 29/Jan/18
I can't believe some of you think Zac is 5'9" - 5'10". His brother is about six foot and has at least 4-5 inches
on Zac in these two pictures:

Click Here
Click Here

He's short. I know it ruins the fantasy for a lot of you.

@Peter175 - Half an inch isn't "noticeably taller".
jeja said on 25/Jan/18
Rob what do you think ? Click Here This is really strange to me, 5"8 Zac Efron looking roughly same height as 5"11 Seth Rogen ?? Is he on elevators or something ? His shoes seem a bit bulky....
Editor Rob
More shoes and maybe the higher camera helping zac?
If you watch Neighbours, towards the end Zac and Seth are together and there's 3 inches between them easily.
Dercos said on 21/Jan/18
173 cm
Jens said on 13/Jan/18
Shorter than 5'8", in my eyes.
5'7.5" is my guess
Anonymous said on 9/Jan/18
A verrry flat/weak 5'8 is the most I can see for Efron. I mean look at him next to 5'7.5 Joe Jonas...
Doesn't need a downgrade but no way does he need an upgrade either.
Height said on 9/Jan/18
173 cm for me
Boris Casoy said on 7/Jan/18
Guys please lets think straight and be logical. It’s simple impossiblr for him be 173cm. Hes at least 177 (5 10). Be honest.
berta said on 7/Jan/18
i think average vote is little low. he was a guy that grew the last cm very late. i would actuelly give him 173-74 today. 172 is to low.
Darius said on 6/Jan/18
Seems at least 5'8" with Tom Cruise
Letorgi said on 4/Jan/18
173 cm for me
andre said on 1/Jan/18
his height from 168cm to 170 cm max barefoot
Pope said on 30/Dec/17
173 cm
Shawn said on 26/Dec/17
I got a kick out of ALEXANDRE ALVES BR's comment asking why Zac "suffers." He's a famous, good-looking, multi-million dollar earning actor that's a tad bit below average height. He's hardly suffering!

Anyhow, I think this is a good listing Rob. I think Zac would be taller than a guy like say, G, but still just a smidge shorter than you. Spot on.
Big kevin29 said on 22/Dec/17
My gf met him. She is 5.6. They were the same height. He's a short small guy
Warren said on 19/Dec/17
Legit a week to strong 5'8", might be 172 more likely than 172.7
Anonymous said on 19/Dec/17
He is 5’9/ 5’10, because Zendaya is 5’10 and they are in the same range!!
Will A said on 18/Dec/17
Hey Rob, have you ever noticed that some of these more lucrative height proposals are clearly from the celeb’s team or something considering most followers of this site are hypercritical not generous.
Editor Rob: it would be foolish not to think that some friends or compatriots of some celebs do put out positive comments around the web.
But Efron really can look a decent 5ft 8 range, I wouldn't go any lower than that, and can appreciate how sometimes he looks 5ft 8.5 range too.
Bbb said on 17/Dec/17
There is a clip of him dancing with Zendaya recently for their live commercial rehearsal, she has bit of a heel on, Zac is not shorter than her.
Bbb said on 17/Dec/17
@Alex, he is taller than Corden at the very start and end, the spot you picked is a bad spot.
Alex said on 15/Dec/17
Honestly, I see him shorter than Corden in the all video : Click Here

172 for him.
Bbb said on 13/Dec/17
He does do the whole rising on his feet thing sometimes, but here is taller than Corden and he isn't doing that, and he is wearing a flat shoe.
He wasn't doing the rising thing with Ed either, as there is a video of him, with Zac in a flat shoe and was naturally taller than Ed.
Click Here
Bbb said on 9/Dec/17
Was taller than Corden and Sheeran. Wasn't wearing lifts or any shoe with a sort of heel. 100% 5'8.
Yorob said on 9/Dec/17
See his latest picture with ed sheeran he is clearly 2.5 inches taller than him atleast
Editor Rob: you got to be careful with Efron, he's A guy who at times will rise up on his feet...
John said on 8/Dec/17
Looks 2 inches taller than weak 5’8 Ed Sheeran in his recent insta pic, maybe he’s wearing lifts or tip toed a bit.
Peace said on 6/Dec/17
Nothing less than 5'8
Kourosh said on 29/Nov/17
again the word "only" proves the person is 2 inches below the height he claims.
same case with mark and johnny
Bebe said on 27/Nov/17
5'8 he was bare foot next to Zendaya and was taller then here. Zendaya is 100% 5'8 too. He is nothing below 5'7 it's just when he's bulky it gives him the illusion that he's shorter. He's super skinny now and was next to his brother and friend who are 6 ft and he wasn't that tiny near them. If he was 5'7 and below he would've been by far towered over but wasn't.
Realtalk said on 27/Nov/17
Anonymous said on 26/Nov/17
Remove his shoes lifts and he is just 169cm barefoot
ALEXANDRE ALVES BR said on 23/Nov/17
Hey Rob why do some actors like Sean Penn (5'8) do not get many comments about the height and others like Zac (same height) suffer ?????
Editor Rob: Zac is young and there is more interest in his height, although I think with Sean about 3 years is missing from 07 to 2010 were comments would have been submitted.

But if anybody is interested in stats, over last 10 years someone like Efron has had nearly 6 times as many visits to his page as Sean penn: 600,000 for Efron, 100,000 for Penn.
Jay said on 19/Nov/17
He's 100% in the 5'8 range he is taller than zendaya especially when bare foot
HonestSlovene said on 17/Nov/17
weak 5'8"
Anonymous said on 17/Nov/17
Zac Efron is about 5'6"-I compared his ht to my wife's ht of 5'8" -seen at LAX wearing a goody, skinny jeans, and pink sneakers. He seemed like a nice guy.
Peter175 said on 8/Nov/17
Certainly Geeus, and Matt Damon is what I suspect to be a strong 5'9.5-75 like Rob has him at, and efron doesn't even look more than an inch shorter. How you can see him below this listing is beyond me.

He's in the same range as Jeremy Renner, Kanye West and Joaquin Phoenix, strong 5'8ers that never even come close to dipping below it
Anonymous said on 8/Nov/17
Awful actor , 172.8 CM
Sacred said on 6/Nov/17
173 cm for Zac I am sure
Geeus said on 5/Nov/17
@ Peter -

Thank you! Someone gets it.

There is literally videos of him next to 6 ft Channing Tatum, and Zac isn't even far from Channing, despite him being 6 ft. No way Zac is below 5'8. So many photos of him with Matt Damon who is 5'9 and Zac is literally not below Matt, but the same.
Peter175 said on 3/Nov/17
I seriously can't understand how you can think he's below this listing. He's between 5'8-5'8.5. Rob's listing here is kinda not as generous as his other listings. For example he was noticeably taller than Tom Cruise, nearer half an inch at least. I can't possibly see him as 5'7 or even 5'7.5. With the Rock- looks nearer 5'8.5

After a long look at him in the last 3 films he's released, he gets a well educated and considered 5'8.25 from me.
DirectorKrennic said on 2/Nov/17
172 cm morning, 171 cm at night.
Geeus said on 1/Nov/17
Hopefully this link properly works.

Zac Efron next to 5'9+ Matt Damon
Click Here

He wasn't wearing lifts either, or a shoe with a heel.

Zac Efron and co-star Amanda Crew who is listed as 5'9 on CelebH.
Click Here
Geeus said on 1/Nov/17
Zac Efron with 5'9 Matt Damon.
Click Here
jjj said on 31/Oct/17
Flat 5'8 does seem fair for him, although i imagine he drops below that at night.
MD said on 24/Oct/17
With 5'7.5" Ryan Seacrest:

Click Here

With Tom Cruise:

Click Here
petunia said on 24/Oct/17
Lol 5'10. He is 5'8.5 max.
randomuser said on 24/Oct/17
@Johan I highly doubt his generation is 5'10 barefoot. Maybe in Finland but not America. According to the CDC, avg 20-29 year old is 5'9.4. Keep in mind those measurements were taken in the morning while this listing is afternoon height. Zac is solidly average for his generation at 5'9
Geeus said on 23/Oct/17
@Jay. Nah, not above 5'9. He's most likely in the 5'8 zone. Nothing lower.
Jay said on 21/Oct/17
Big man for sure at 5’10. No ifs no buts. Zac is the same height as Justin Bieber i.e. 5’10
Geeus said on 16/Oct/17
He is not below... 5'8 for sure in the 5'8 zone (could slightly be higjer) no lower. Check out the pictures of him and Rottman and Nina Dobrev at a basketball game, Zac isn't wearing lifts, and he is isn't that far from a 5-10/5'11 Rottman.
If he was 5'7 there would be a bigger difference.

Here is Zac with 5'9 (listed by Amanda Crew by CelebHeights..) Who is 5.8-5'9 next to Efron who isn't wearing lifts.
Click Here -- Which is proof, it's impossible he is 5'7 and under.

Zac next to 5'8 Schilling.
Click Here - Keep in mind Taylor Schilling has huge heeled boots on, yet Zac isn't far off, despite the boots and she is 5'8.

He's not below 5'8. I'm not sure why people desperately want him downgraded, no way.

The only reason he looks below 5'8 is because of how big he is now, his chest is extremely large and wide.. With big arms, at only 5'8. So, of course he looks 5'6/5'7 but he is no where near. Back in the day, people thought he was 5'10, but never below 5'8, because he isn't below 5'8.

There is also a clip of Taylor Swift holding Zac's hand and being led into a lounge, Taylor doesn't tower Zac.. Zac was towering her, and he wasn't wearing lifts.

No way he's below 5'8. Proof of that is because of Taylor Swift Schilling and Crews which are all pretty tall women and Zac holds up. Even with numerous of photos of Taylor Swifr wearing heels, she wasn't towering over Zac in numerous photos and videos, especially during their "dance dares."

Also, Joe Jonas / Taylor Swift should be looked into, because it's odd how there is a video of them together, Taylor wearing boots yet Jonas wearing flat shoes and is the same height as Taylor.
McLovin said on 15/Oct/17
Tallish89 said on 12/Oct/17
I think Joe is probably a inch shorter than Taylor Swift.

But that still puts both Zac Efron and Joe Jonas under 5'9 max 171-172cm

Zac appears to go for shoes with a bit of an advantage most of the times, plus in photos with Joe he was on his tip toes to appear taller

Again 171-172cm nothing lower than that for both
andre said on 11/Oct/17
zac is from minimum 172cm to 174cm with shoes in the morning
@Pascoal said on 11/Oct/17
There are videos of Joe next to Taylor and Joe is in flat shoes and is the exact same height as 5'9 Taylor.
I'm not saying Joe is 5'9. But, then please explain why Joe is exactly the same height as a 5'9 Taylor, IN his flat shoes, and her in cowboy boots?
Marquis said on 10/Oct/17
This does seem right for him. And he does claim 5'8" officially elsewhere... maybe he should change that if he wants ppl to buy his current '5-10' claims, lol.
andre said on 4/Oct/17
5ft8 with shoes
Jack The Smackhead said on 3/Oct/17
@Geeus: You're looking into it way too much. I could believe Zac being 5'9 in shoes, but a weak 5'8/strong 5'7 seems right.
Im 171CM said on 2/Oct/17
Most likely a 68in guy lol wants to be taller though...
Pascoal said on 28/Sep/17
Bro, look Zac with Adam DeVine (170).
Click Here
Pascoal said on 28/Sep/17
So Joe Jonas is 5'9 also.
Geeus said on 25/Sep/17
I'm not Zac. My co-worker has met him when he was a PA for film. My co-worker is 5'8. Zac was taller than he expected, and taller then him. He said Zac is pretty tall too despite 5'8-5'9 being an average. He was expecting to be 5'6. I'll link the photo of him and my co-worker if he still has it. Zac wasn't wearing lifts with him either.

I wasn't cherry picking photos either, I went through hundreds, I used those ones as they were the best. Taylor is well-known for being 5'9 something. If Zac was 5'6 - 5'7 he would be way below Taylor like Josh Hutcherson / Bruno Mars and Madonna... Have you seen them next to Taylor? They look like dwarfs, because their BELOW 5'6. Even Gaga is a midget next to Taylor and I have MET Gaga and been to show front row. I was hoping to find photos of Taylor next to Niall who is 5'7 but there is none. Also, I even used Mahone as another reference who is 5'9, and he has the same height on Taylor as Zac does.

Here is Zac and his best friend Ryan Rottman, lol Rottman is NOT 5'7-5'8 which Google has him listed at because they know nothing about Rottman.
Click Here

Click Here

Zac is somewhere in the 5'8 range, but, I believe he is RIGHT at 5'9. But just BARELY.

Here is Zac with Kellan Lutz and Rottman plus Zac.
Click Here

Keep in mind Kellan is around 6 ft.

Here is Kellan with Rottaman again to give you an idea:
Click Here & Click Here

He's not that tiny. Back in the day everyone believed Zac was 5'10... Click Here

It's because he overloads himself with muscle when his figure compliments a lean figure so, the more muscle he has on him the more tiny he looks. He has an interesting body, so really matters IF he is lean or not.

I seriously cannot believe that people actually tried to say Zac was 5'6 / 5'7. LOL yes... That's why when he was next to Taylor he was the same height as her... Yet, Josh Hutcherson is 5'6 or something and gets DWARFED by Swift. Mahone has the same height as Zac on Taylor too.

But if you wanna go with the Joe photos, ok take this in account with Joe and Taylor
Click Here

He's not wearing lifts next to 5'9 Taylor either.

Also finally.. Here is a bare foot Zac or Zac with flip flops next to Seth Rogen Click Here

No way he is below 5'8... He's in the 5'8 range, and possibly 5'9 at LEAST.
Also, people can still grow even after the "end of growth" age. I am passed my age to where I cannot grow, but I grew randomly a few inches this year taller than my friend. So, yes, it IS possible.
Frost said on 21/Sep/17
From what I can gather there is no conclusive evidence of exact age ranges of human growth plates fusing. The studies seem to be mostly self reported in nature and I haven't found one with a large enough sample size and testing period to validate its authenticity.

So it might be best to not make claims on how much of the population stops growing at certain times. Doesn't seem to be fully corroborated but enough data yet.
Quoter86 said on 21/Sep/17
Geeus must be Zac himself. Talk about cherry picking photos.

Oh and Kevin Hart is like 5'3 not 5'7 so he wouldn't tower over Zac like he does Kevin even if Zac were 5'7. Very odd thing to say.

5'8.25" at most for Zac. I would agree he's likely not 5'7 range though.
Johan said on 21/Sep/17
BeeJay said on 10/Jun/17
I've met him... exact same height as me and I'm 5"10. He's right on 178cm in shoes, identical to me as we stood toe to toe. Probably around 177 without - we don't wear high heels ffs - get rid of these 2 inch heel ridiculousness losses. I'd assume the 5"8 comment was purely because he figured as such and hadn't accurately measured at the time. It's common knowledge Tom Cruise uses pump shoes which is what brings him up to others (not them down to him).
Even more ironic as I have found out myself that "only" 5"10 is actually accurate even though it is average height - most women call Zac short, expecting average to be 6ft4, especially someone who has the roguish good looks of an expectedly taller masculine man.


He can appear 5'9" at times I can believe that sighting. Being 5'10" in shoes though does not make anyone 5'10". Most shoes are an inch so 5'9" tops for this guy. Under average for his generation who are 5'10" barefoot. Thats 5'11" in shoes incase you were curious.
Pascoal said on 19/Sep/17

Sorry but If he is 5'9", so is Joe Jonas.
Click Here
Tallish89 said on 19/Sep/17

He's same as Joe Jonas I posted enough pictures to prove it!
Addd said on 18/Sep/17
Rob, how tall do you think his brother Dylan is, judging from these pictures?
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob: might be a six footer
Geeus said on 17/Sep/17
Zac is 5'9. Lol at the people trying to downgrade him because of jealously issues. Men's Fitness author (like someone here said), stated Zac is 5'9. He is much taller in person than he imagined.

The rock is 6'4 lists himself at 6'4 but he's not, because David H from Baywatch is 6'3 ... Yet he's by far taller than the Rock, so clearly, that's wrong.

Zac stands pretty nicely compared to the Rock. Click Here -- Lmao, IF he was 5'6-5'7 which you people are trying to say, he'd be waaaaay smaller than that compared to a "6'4" Dwayne Johnson.

Here is 5'9.5 Austin Mahone next to Taylor Swift
Click Here

Now compare it with Zac next to Taylor
Click Here

She was wearing huge heels in those photos (Taylor.) With Mahone yet he still holds up, now check the Efron and Taylor photo again, he holds up to Taylor who is IN heels, same like Mahone who is 5'9.

Here is Zac next to a 5'8 De Niro
Click Here

In the video (clip is on YouTube), Zac's co-star is a little taller than Zac (BAREFOOT). Proving that Zac is 5'9.. No taller.

Another photo of Zac and Taylor
Click Here

Keep in mind she has HEELS on.

Zac and Taylor AGAIN with Taylor's heels on.
Click Here

Taylor again with heels on Click Here
Click Here

^ Keep in mind those do not have a huge heel, especially like the boots he wore with Taylor.

Bent knees and on an angle:
Still holds up to Taylor who is IN heels: Click Here

He's 5'9 max. Nothing higher. BARELY 5'9. Taylor is 5'9+ and even with the no big heel shoes, he still holds up to Taylor who is IN HEELS, btw.
Even at the '17 Again premiere I linked a photo of him not on his toes next to Taylor in HEELS. He is still close to her.

He is 5'9. The only reason he looks 5'7 is because of how muscular he is. Zac has a really small frame, and his body compliments a lean only figure.. As soon as he started packing on the muscles, that's when he started looking short, as his frame doesn't suit it.

Here's Zac walking around in 2009: Click Here
Here you would've thought he is 5'9 and above.

In 2017.. He looks short as hell because of his current muscular frame.

Here is a less bulky Zefron walking around:
Click Here

Lol he's not below 5'7. He's in the 5'8-5'9 range, but I am positive he is in the 5'9 range, due to him not being far from Taylor who is in HEELS in multiple photos, and he holds the same height with Taylor who is also next to a 5'9 Austin Mahone.

Even the Fitness author was like, Zac's 5'9 and assumed he'd be a tiny manlet, but isn't.
Btw, this isn't coming from a "Zac fan" I actually am not a fan I was curious of his height, but was laughing when I saw that people listed him as 5'6-5'7 yet he holds up close to Taylor and isn't that tiny compared to an apparent 6'4 Dwayne .. If Dwayne was 6'4 and Zac was 5'6'5-7 Zac would be WAAAAAY towered over like Kevin Hart isn, but ain't.

Click Here

5'9 Max. Nothing higher. Just BARELY 5'9. If not 5'9 then the end of 5'8.. Almost at 5'9.
Too much muscle on him.

Oh and here's Efron with his 5'11 - 6 ft brother who is BY far taller than Swift, and their shoe less.
Click Here +

Another one with his brother Click Here

Another one: Click Here

He's barely 5'9.. OR almost 5'9.
Anonymous said on 17/Sep/17
zac 5ft8 its possibilty he could to 6ft by age 21
Bl4nk_Space said on 16/Sep/17
Peter175 this might surprise you but I grew 3 inches at 20-21. still short tho (5'7) and it wasn't naturally I had to stretch, sleep more and keep a healthy nutrition.
Peter175 said on 13/Sep/17
I grew height at 18. Not rare at all. Growing after 19 - that is quite rare. In your 20s is probably 2% of the population
KH said on 12/Sep/17
Pete its extremely rare to grow past 18. Its just the Science takes a minute on google to find it. I mean we are talking about the vast majority of people's growth plates closing by 16 or 17 let alone 18.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 12/Sep/17

You can't really be surprised though. Not uncommon for a person to add a couple inches.
Peter181cm said on 10/Sep/17
He claim 1.78m or 5'10 ?!
It's this a joke ?! :DD

He is 1.73m or 5'8

5'8 is not 5'10 :)
DaRealTruthBruh said on 9/Sep/17
@Truth: So what you're trying to say is you've been looking at other dudes testicles?

Have you felt them too? I am not judging you by the way, I am just asking.

Sounds like you also have the body of an Adonis, so you can't be a skinny pencil-neck or a fatboy just mouthing off on the internet.
Bee123 said on 8/Sep/17

Nice post!

Those confirmed he wears lifts
Truth said on 7/Sep/17
Looks 5'7". Took balls of steel to shoot roids up his ying yang and pump it up a notch. Ironically, it's the very fact that he had big cojones in the 1st place that's going to make him lose them in the 2nd if he doesn't stop juicing. He's already starting to get back acne. Next comes the ballz 2 the wall shrinkage!!! yaiiiks

and datz the sad Truth

ps. not speaking from experience here lol / Just saw too many less genetically gifted dudes in the gym desperate to look a little bit more like me. I keep telling them not to do it but they just won't listen.
Dan__1 said on 6/Sep/17
@Rob, What about the difference with Seth Rogen(180cm)?
They looks pretty close here....

Click Here
Click Here

But then here the difference is at least around 4 inches still with Seth ....

Click Here

You can see another pic with also Dave Franco that even looks 4 inches shorter?? Could zac wear lifts?

Click Here

So what do you think rob??
Pascoal said on 5/Sep/17
Click Here

What do u say abou this?
Anon2 said on 4/Sep/17
I don't think he's on roids at all. he is just very lean, and you can tell the guy puts in the hard work and it pays off for him. He is very polite and calm in interviews too, there is no roid like behavior. you can tell. Zac isn't aggressive in any way. Like Matt said, his body is attainable. and he doesn't look 'that' big to me.
Pete said on 3/Sep/17
Im 5ft11.5 hopefully i can a big growth spurt guys can get a growth spurts in 20s its not that rare guys can grow til 21 when you grow have no control zac afron could grow some its possible
Matt said on 31/Aug/17
@MyNameIsMattToo here's another idiot thinking he knows how steroids work, jesus. He looks completely natural compared to contesting body builders, Athlean X even did a video on him not taking steroids and he knows what he's talking about. I have full faith in him that he's being truthful.
MyNameIsMattToo said on 27/Aug/17
@Matt Please don't comment on things you know nothing about. He clearly took steroids, it is obvious to anybody who has knowledge about bodybuilding and the fitness industry in general. Steroids DON'T AUTOMATICALLY make you "BIG", there are many different ones and it depends on the dosage and many different factors too. They especially give you this dry and hard look while being very low in bodyfat and still make your muscles look big and full. This look is not attainable without juice, sorry to say that.

You probably think The Rock or Silvester Stallone, Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren are/were natural too, right?
Max said on 27/Aug/17
Yet another 5'7" guy pushing his wishful height claim as much as other peoples gullibility will accept. He's short, he should get over it and take less Steroids.
Nick M. said on 26/Aug/17

Those pictures you posted of Zac with Taylor proves to me even more than he ISN'T 5'9". Take the first photo you linked for example, she's wearing shoes with literally NO height advantage and he's wearing shoes with probably a .75" sole and still easily looks 1.5-2" shorter than her. My guess for Zac is somewhere in the 5'7" range without shoes.
Matt said on 24/Aug/17
@Johndavid you're stupid if you think Zac took steroids, his physique is easily attainable if you put hard work in. He wasn't big at all, he was just extremely lean which emphasises his body to seem bigger on screen. His body fat must of been around 5-7% as he looked shredded in baywatch.
giorgi98 said on 18/Aug/17
What does this guy wear that makes him look so big in some pictures. H eliterally looks 5cm shorter than 6 foot Miles Teller and the next minute he only looks taller than Dave franco by like 3cm.
Byron T. said on 17/Aug/17
No taller than 5'8. I predict Zac Efron will lose some height before he turns 40 if he continues his heavy weightlifting.
Pascoal said on 10/Aug/17
The guy is a solid 5'10".
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 10/Aug/17
Steroids actually can stunt growth if you take them while your growth plates are still open. While Zac Efron is more muscular than your average lifter, he doesn't look like he takes Steroids. He has just been doing a lot of of working out several years. I don't think that he was intending to be forthright with his comment, however.
Slim 182 cm said on 7/Aug/17
Johndavid, first of all, anabolic is bad for your height and health in general, rob please delete @johndavids comment from 6/august his comment in case anyone stupid reads it. Second of all he doesn't show any signs of use of such chemicals as he's still babyfaced doesn't have man boobs or bad acne or balding, he has access to the best personal trainers, and he's a shrimp next to the rock. What else!?
Johndavid said on 6/Aug/17
He clearly was 172/173 cm until 5 years ago.

But the steroids he took to gain muscle gave him 2/3 more centimetres and he's now a strong 175
Peter175 said on 1/Aug/17
Not below 5'8"
andre said on 30/Jul/17
zac is about a strong 173cm or a weak 174cm with shoes
Slim 182 cm said on 22/Jul/17
Last guess.
Unnaturally curved leg, lift wearer like pitt and Depp.
Row said on 16/Jul/17
Very Strong 5'8" I'd even say 5'8.25"
Slim 181 cm said on 12/Jul/17
172.5-173 cm. legit 5'8
Kelly said on 11/Jul/17
Nah I think the girl is taller by like 2 inches maybe 1.5 inches zac I'm so sorry 😐 but I kinda look 5,7 maybe even 5,7.5 and Taylor shilling a solid 5,9
Tallish89 said on 10/Jul/17

Zac Efron has a clear 6-7 inches with Vanessa Hudgens (5'1) wearing flip flops

Click Here
Click Here

Rob's 173cm listing couldn't be more accurate!
Kelly said on 3/Jul/17
Nope only 5,7
Tallish89 said on 3/Jul/17
Not under 5'7 but not over 5'8.5

Again he looks the same as Joe Jonas around 171-173cm.
Johnson said on 29/Jun/17
5''11.25 at noon said on 25/Jun/17
I'm not considered tall where I'm from but as far as I can see mr.Efron is 5'9 max.
RisingForce said on 15/Jun/17
Elizabeth madison, that's very rare. Most men reach their final height by about 18. Sometimes quite a bit younger like 14 or a bit older like 21, but that's why 18 is about an average age. It's like saying men CAN grow to be 7 feet tall. Sure, it happens, but it's noteworthy when it does. And keep in mind, sometimes when you hear these things, technically growing could mean another 1/4". Even unusually tall men like NBA players who have often entered the league in their late teens rarely grow much, if any, after being drafted. Most who gain any significant height after 18-20 seem to be those who look unusually young, e.g., Ralph Macchio and Leonardo DiCaprio. Zac didn't fit that description. Efron definitely didn't look any taller than 5'8" when he was 24-25 so the fact he sometimes looks taller than that now is likely due to his impeccable posture as well as possible tip-toeing and/or shoe lifts. His improved physique could also add to the illusion as well.
Max said on 14/Jun/17
I met him on a flight to L.A. a year ago. He is a weak 5'7". Anything more than that is shoes, lifts, and wishful thinking. He is very fit, must workout a lot.
Elizabeth madison said on 14/Jun/17
Men can keep growing height wise until mid twenties. Maybe he grew during that time.
Im 171CM said on 12/Jun/17
Looks about 5,8" seems like a decent height for him..
Johan said on 12/Jun/17
178 cm in shoes does not make you 5ft 10 it makes you 5ft 9 going with average shoes.
andre said on 11/Jun/17
171cm barefoot at night 175cm with shoes in the morning
Matt said on 11/Jun/17
@BeeJay you are a deluded fanboy. Next to Seth Rogen, your typical 5'10.75-5'11 guy, Zac doesn't stand a chance of being 5'10. Zacs proprtions are too small for a 5'10 man. He even looked 5'8 at best next to Tom Cruise recently. You might say Cruise wore lifts but you can't prove that. Zac is definitely low average and maybe even dips into 5'7.75 range after a long day of dehydration or intense exercise. Best way to prove he's a 5'8 man is by watching bad neighbours as there's a good 3 inches separating him and Seth.
BeeJay said on 10/Jun/17
I've met him... exact same height as me and I'm 5"10. He's right on 178cm in shoes, identical to me as we stood toe to toe. Probably around 177 without - we don't wear high heels ffs - get rid of these 2 inch heel ridiculousness losses. I'd assume the 5"8 comment was purely because he figured as such and hadn't accurately measured at the time. It's common knowledge Tom Cruise uses pump shoes which is what brings him up to others (not them down to him).
Even more ironic as I have found out myself that "only" 5"10 is actually accurate even though it is average height - most women call Zac short, expecting average to be 6ft4, especially someone who has the roguish good looks of an expectedly taller masculine man.
RisingForce said on 5/Jun/17
In the video, Cruise and Zac looked about the same to me, but I really need to see close ups of both their shoes. I'd give Cruise 5'7.5" and Zac probably the 5'8" he once claimed, but no taller.
berta said on 4/Jun/17
i think tom cruise is about 172 and zac if 173,5 about 1,5 cm beetween them but then againg zac have extremelly good posture and it can be barely 1 cm beewweet them
jeb077 said on 3/Jun/17
He has an inch on Daddario so 5'8" seems right. C'mon let's not beat up on him and try and make him 5'6" just because he's a good looking dude.
Matt said on 3/Jun/17
He's definitely 5'7.5-5'8 range after watching baywatch. I wasn't even convinced that the rock is a full 189cm next to Zac, just seems like a flat 6'2 guy. On the graham norton show Zac was barely taller than Tom cruise. Zac is definitely in 172cm range in the afternoon and dips to 5'7.5 at night, just seems realistic to me, would that be reasonable rob?
Nik said on 3/Jun/17
He is probably sub 5'8"!
RisingForce said on 1/Jun/17
Nothing over 5'8". Look at him with a 5'6" range Ellen when he was 21, you can barely tell he's taller and at the same age, he's looking like a weak 5'8" guy with legit 6'1" Barry Bonds. And at 24, he's at least 2 inches shorter than 5'8" Taylor Schilling in heels when she stands straight at both the Berlin premiere: Click Here and the London premiere: Click Here If she's about 5'11" in those heels then he's no more than 5'9" in those shoes.

As Matt says, he's nowhere near as tall as 5'11" Seth Rogen: Click Here Click Here

He can look barely taller than a guy not even 5'7" like Adam Devine: Click Here

Look at the recent Baywatch premiere in Berlin: Click Here He's passing for 174-175 cm, maybe a weak 5'9" at best, but look at Zac's back foot. Either he goes up on that foot, or he has lifts. But either way, Rock looks to have flat shoes no more than 2 cm and isn't forcing his posture as much, yet he still has near 6 inches on Zac, while Hasselhoff may or may not be a full 6'4", but also has 7 inches on Zac. Zac looks similar to how Mark Wahlberg looked with the Rock and Mark is also no more than 5'8".

Zac's posture will often give him at least 1 cm advantage over others, especially big guys who slouch, but I also suspect he's a guy who will have a bit of a lift in his shoes at times, up to an inch.
Chris said on 1/Jun/17
Zac with Tom Cruise - The question is how similar is their footwear? Click Here
Editor Rob: Zac I believe will have a little bit camera advantage, as it seems based on how they are looking, that it is more on Zac's side than Tom's.
Peter175 said on 1/Jun/17
Not seeing the strong 5'8 argument for Efron. He seems like a guy who barely makes the 5'8 cut comfortably. I can easily see 172 more than 174
Matt said on 1/Jun/17
@Drake if Zac was 5'9-10 then Seth Rogen would be 6'0-1 range. Zac is 5'8 at best. Plus he was towered by 6'0 miles teller in that awkward moment, below his eyebrow.
Drake said on 31/May/17

Yes, I think hes in 5'9~5'10 range.
andre said on 30/May/17
zac is 170 171cm barefoot at night and about 175cm in the morning with shoes
len said on 29/May/17
how tall is bob costas? if bob costas is really 5'7, wouldn't that make zac 5'10-11? or is bob probably closer to 5'5?

Click Here
Bruce 182cm said on 29/May/17
@ Pepino maybe you should measure your height again this guy is 5'9 max next time he'll be claiming 5'11
Pepino said on 26/May/17
I'm sorry but the guy is definetely above 5'8". I'm 5'8" and I say that he is 5'9" or 5"10.
KH said on 25/May/17
No more then 5'8. Could be as short a 5'7.5 because the difference between that and 5'8 is not visible to the naked eye. Definitely not 5'9. There is too much photo evidence of him looking very close in height to guys in the 5'7 range. He would clearly be visibly taller then them at 5'9.
Tallish89 said on 23/May/17

Have you seen his (Jonas) beach photos with Sophie Turner who lowest height probably 175cm?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

This is why I think he's 171-173cm the 173 with hair though...

As for Zac Efron I agree that 5'7.75 is possible considering how close he looks next to Jonas.
delancey said on 22/May/17

Do you really think Joe Jonas is 173 cm? That guy is textbook 5'7 range, he's 171 cm.

So if Jonas is 171 cm then how do you explain these photos with Efron?

I'm not suggesting a drastic downgrade, I just think he's a high range 5'7.75 at the max.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Tallish89 said on 22/May/17

If Sophie Turner is no less than 5'9 then the Joe barefoot photos just prove him to be no shorter than 171-173cm depending on his hair.

Zac does not need a downgrade here he is with Jesse McCartney 5'9
Click Here

5'8 is his height but not the 5'10 he claims
Johnson said on 20/May/17
I agree with Caballo. Zac Effron is a weak 175 and Taylor Swift textbook 5'9
andre said on 19/May/17
Rob are you real sure he is your height ?

i would guess him 4 cm shorter then you but with lifts he reach your height i would guess him 174cm with shoes in the morning
RisingForce said on 19/May/17
5'9" in shoes. Look at premiere pics with 5'8" Taylor Schilling. Shes' about 5'11" in heels and even though she's almost always bending to some extent while he is standing like a statue and has decent heels on his shoes(over 1 inch), he never looks taller than 176-177 cm in shoes and 176 cm is undoubtedly as tall as he stood in shoes with her since she has an easy 2" on him if they stand equally and she would be 181 cm max in her heels. He's not taller than her in bare feet. And this is even assuming he doesn't have a lift, which isn't that unlikely. That would mean he'd have to have grown sometime around 24-25 years old. Highly unlikely. He could easily be 172 cm as well, but he pulls off a solid enough 5'8" so this listing is fine. Slim frame, good shape and perfect posture makes him look more average as well as possibly a slightly larger shoe at times. It's easy enough to pass for 5'9".
Cavaletti said on 18/May/17
I think that the guy is 5'9".
TG said on 18/May/17
Why he and alexandra look the same height in the baywatch premiere, and she is wearing heels?
RisingForce said on 18/May/17
He was 21 during that first Ellen appearance and really struggling to even look 5'8". Could he have really grown after that? His posture reminds me of Milo Ventimiglia and shows he's gotten much more height conscious since then. Most likely, that explains the taller appearance at times. 5'8" is fair.
delancey said on 17/May/17
@JohnWayne I don't suggest a downgrade unless it's completely obvious. This is one guy that I am completely confident needs a downgrade. Check out his photos with Joe Jonas (171 cm) below, this guy is 172 cm MAX.
Tallish89 said on 17/May/17
With Alexandra Daddario

Click Here

Doesn't look 5'7
John Wayne said on 17/May/17
No way the guy is less than 173cm. Please guys....
andre said on 15/May/17
rob is possible he is only 170cm barefoot at night, he uses lifts so the 173cm might only be 170cm

i find weird when people say 185cm is short, here in portugal man are considered tall from 170cm, zac at 175cm would be 90% taller then portuguese, they have portuguese at 172cm but i think we are more like 166cm hugs
Editor Rob: I wouldn't go under 5ft 8 from all I've seen.
Balrog said on 15/May/17
Next to The Rock, barefeet he's really struggling to look over 5'8''...
DirectorKrennic said on 15/May/17
Zac is around 171-73 range. I'd give him 5'8" tops, but 5'7" suits him better.
MD said on 14/May/17
Caballo, this is just silly trolling by you, now.
Tallish89 said on 13/May/17

rob got Joe at 171cm lol
I don't know if he's 171 - 172- 173 just sure he's not under 170 but however tall he is Zac is around the same height
Wrs567 said on 13/May/17
Well I thought Zac was 173cm at first

But he was slightly shorter than James Corden

So maybe 172cm is more accurate
DirectorKrennic said on 11/May/17
No more than 5'7.5".
Caballo said on 7/May/17

Dave Franco is 5 7. 170cm
Welsely said on 6/May/17
If dave franco is 5'5.5" then this guy is no more than 5'7.25" MAX. Espc since he claimed 5'8" and then started bumping ut up and up and up. Strong 5'7" in the morning but not 5'8".
Caballo said on 6/May/17

The issue is that Joe Jonas isn't 171. He is 173 at least.
delancey said on 5/May/17
@Caballo Check out the photos with Joe Jones, posted below. No way this guy is 5'9 barefoot. As I said before I think there's a legit argument here for a downgrade to 172 cm, but for now there's no way he's over 173...
Tallish89 said on 5/May/17

What about his pictures with Joe Jonas 171cm? I think Zac is 173cm reaches 175cm with shoes. That's about it
Caballo said on 4/May/17
Please guys, I beg you. Explain me WHY and HOW you think that Zac is shorter than 175cm. There is NO way. Look these pictures with Taylor Swift.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

I really don't know what goes on your mind guys. The guy is AT LEAST 5 9 (175 cm).
Bee123 said on 30/Apr/17
Zac isn't 5'6.75 at lowest maybe 171cm.... but I doubt it
average guy said on 29/Apr/17
haha 5'8" with shoes...meaning he's about 5'7" barefoot in the morning and actually shrinks to about 5'6".5 at night barefoot....axiomatic universal gotta give it to the guy... he takes roids and is buffed out to make up for his lack of esteem or height whatever you want to call it...but yeah I guess he dreams of being average height...nothing wrong with dreaming...
Tallish89 said on 26/Apr/17

Here Bieber fangirl I guess that means if Zac and Justin Bieber is same height? Then so is Joe and Bieber lol

Zac Efron and Joe Jonas (rob listing 171cm)

Zac on his tip toes Click Here

Click Here
Bee123 said on 25/Apr/17

If Zac Efron is same height as Justin Bieber then Bieber is same height as Joe Jonas because Zac Efron is exactly Joe's height

Matt said on 22/Apr/17
Zac is 173cm out of bed then 172.5cm 5'7.913 during the day then goes down to 5'7.3-5 depending on what kind of day he's had. He's a weak 5'8 to conclude my point. Not a decent 5'8 nor strong but a weak one. Rob would easily edge Zac as he's a strong 5'8 guy during the day.
height guy said on 20/Apr/17
5'10? ha small guy wishes

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