How tall is Dave Franco

Dave Franco's Height

5ft 5 ¾ (167 cm)

American actor known for roles in 21 Jump Street, Nerve, Now You See Me, Neighbors, Fright Night and Superbad. He once said "I'm Five Foot Seven and a Half".

How tall is Dave Franco
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How tall is Dave Franco

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Average Guess (192 Votes)
5ft 5.72in (166.9cm)
Moneymaker! said on 23/Sep/23
I think the 5'5.5" listing may have been correct. He still gives me a 5'5.5" impression in photos. Legit Short in every film.
nasna said on 4/Sep/23
Dave franco is near 5'9 or 10 because I am 5'7 and i saw him and he was 3 inches taller than me and his wife was wearing 6 inch heels and she was like 6'1 no cap
Slim1.75m said on 19/Feb/23
D*** Rob even Tom Cruise would edge this guy out and I'd nearly tower him at 5'9 he gets 5'6
Moneymaker! said on 4/Dec/22
Saw him at a Starbucks in LA .... dude is SHORT.
Sandy Cowell said on 27/Nov/22
I must have seen Dave - I MUST have done! Unfortunately, I haven’t taken in his height, but a handful of his films are familiar, as is the name.

5ft5.75. 😁
Tanny Garfinkel said on 29/Sep/22
Is 5 foot 5.25 possible? I think that’s the best estimate
Editor Rob
Nowadays I can't see him that low.
Logical_LB said on 12/Aug/22
5'5 tops
Yoni said on 18/Jul/22
Hi Rob. There’s a picture online with Dave and Christopher mantz plasse. He looks 3 inches shorter in dress shoes. Guess is 5 foot 5. Or 5 foot 4.75
Editor Rob
3 is about the most I've seen in a photo between them, but about 2 seems likelier overall.
Valentino B said on 7/Jul/22
Rob, do you know if he wears shoe lifts? Sometimes he can look taller.
Editor Rob
I haven't seen anything obvious with his shoes to suggest it.
Tanny said on 20/May/22
My point making is he looked 5 foot 5.5-walking in shoes. So has to be 5 foot 4.75 barefoot
Tanny said on 20/May/22
Hi rob. I can see Dave as 5 foot 4 3/4-Barefoot
5 foot 5-5 foot 5.5-5 foot 5.75-in different shoe wear. Maybe 5 foot 6-walking around. What do you think. There’s photos with him and Zak Efron and he looks 3-4 inches shorter. In neighbors.
Tanny said on 14/May/22
Hi Rob. Is 5 foot 5.5- a possibility barefoot?
Editor Rob
That is the lowest I could see him, but I think overall he isn't that far off measuring 5ft 6.
viper said on 1/May/22
I'd give him the full 5-6.
George G said on 28/Apr/22
Yup 5’5 3/4 sounds spot on.
Tanny said on 26/Apr/22
Rob. You are off. There are pics that indicate he’s 5 foot 4 barefoot
Gavin Jones said on 24/Apr/22
5’5 3/4? Are you sure? This guy looks the exact same height next to Jesse eisenberg he is 5’7. He’s the same height as 5’7 Ellen degeneres from 8 years ago. And he looks well enough 2 inches taller than Daniel Radcliffe. He’s got to be atleast 5’6 3/4 I can’t see anything lower then that.. 5’7 for him sounds accurate.
Editor Rob
From what I've seen, I don't think he looks as tall as Jesse...maybe when he has better posture they are closer of course.
Tanny said on 22/Apr/22
Hi rob. I found a pic of Dave Franco wearing boots and him wearing regular shoes. I do think your wrong on this. Certain photos he can pull of the 5 foot 7 look and also keep in mind at these premiers he wears lifts as well. But these photos indicate he is 5 foot 4 barefoot Forsure. I have the photos I do think your previous one of 5 foot 4 was perfect
Tanny g said on 10/Apr/22
Hey Rob. What about 5 foot 5 flat? Barefoot?
Editor Rob
I don't think I could argue that short for him.
DONJUAN said on 9/Apr/22
Hey Rob i’m 168.5 the morning and 166.5 cm at night am I the same height as dave?
Editor Rob
Very close...I think in terms of proportions, Franco has the ability to look taller in single photos than other guys near 5ft 6 can manage.
dobie said on 4/Jan/22
allison bree is actually 2-3 inches taller than dave franco in heels shes rob 5'3 but with heels like 5'9 those towering heels her long legs are sexy tambien
Greg Sanders said on 18/Aug/21
Click Here

5'3 allison Brie walking with dave. She is wearing Asics here which give her about 1 inch while Dave has on flat shoes. They both look very similar in height here. Also consider the fact he is wearing a hoodie without his hair getting in the way of his height. Thoughts rob ?
Editor Rob
If he is a little further behind (which looked possible) then maybe the slope is making them look closer in height there.
man 1 said on 11/Jul/21
Rob, let's say Dave Franco is almost 5'6 then do you think height is important at all because I don't see the point at all why are everyone so crazy about it putting each other down, they say our salary is directly proportional to our height but they forgot the research was about sales and sales men not every profession and now a days maximum jobs including sales is done mostly sitting on a chair and the smartest people are the richest not the tallest, the smartest man is the leader not the tallest, so why do we care so much, but I don't understand why do I even care.
Thank You
Editor Rob
Height does play a role with actors and roles they play...and people have a curiosity about how tall others are, in particularly famous.
mande2013 said on 22/Jun/21
FWIW, I routinely can look 5'5.5 to weak 5'6 in photos, because my posture when I'm out and about could admittedly use some improvement.
mande2013 said on 22/Jun/21
Rob: My eye level at night time is 156.5 with good but somewhat relaxed posture and a millimetre or two below 157 if I "stand tall"(perhaps 157 on the nose busting a gut), and there seems to be a good eleven cms between my eye level and the top of my head. How would you imagine I'd compare to Dave Franco?
Editor Rob
I think in photos you are going to (with good posture like Dave has) look very similar, enough that most might view you both the same kind of height 'about 5ft 6'
recapa said on 9/May/21
167-167.5cm range for did he ended up being this much shorter tho than tom and james.
Ateli said on 4/Apr/21
It’s weird how he’s only 5’5.5-5’6 but doesn’t have the short look that men around his height usually have.
viper said on 29/Mar/21
The funny thing is his claim isn't bad because he can pass for 5-7 or so in movies.

Very surprised he's this short
Jackie Lee said on 27/Mar/21
He is very well proportioned, doesn't look short at all. He can pass as 5'9 in a photo
heyyyyyyyy said on 26/Mar/21
5'5.75" he has excellent proportions but it was very easy to guess him. 167 cm max
Dark said on 19/Mar/21
Hey Rob do you have any idea how we can get a good posture like Dave?
Editor Rob
wear a corset 🤓

but more realistically, posture can be worked on with regular stretch/exercise, working on both core muscle and back to help hold a good stance without forcing it.
Sagi said on 13/Mar/21
I would give him 1.70 exactly
Jakey said on 21/Feb/21
Good hight for a handsome man
Harry Tom said on 23/Jan/21
Dave looks the listed height to me. He might edge me out ever so slightly considering I am a hair under 166cm at night.
Donatello said on 16/Dec/20
Hey Rob I’m 166cm at night am I Franco’s height? And what would you consider me short or very short? I appreciate thanks
Editor Rob
The more I've seen of Franco I think he could hold 167cm range most of the day, so he might edge you a bit.
Blanc (1.69 m) said on 10/Nov/20
Y'all getting haloed by his face
Tephir said on 1/Nov/20
He’s 167 cm but I had a hard time believing it at first. Dude has excellent proportions that make him look average height.
Heightist999 said on 24/Oct/20
This is probably the easiest celebrity height guess I've seen on this site. Dave is clearly and easily 167 or 166 cm. Rob's photo with Jesse Eisenberg totally helped a lot and solved the mystery!
folgers999 said on 23/Sep/20
He looks 5'5'' when he is with Alison Brie who is 5'3''.
Hayden said on 2/Sep/20
He has good proportions that can make him look 5'9 standing alone in a photo
Zach (171-172 guy) said on 27/Jul/20
I like Rob’s listing for 5’5 3/4.
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 4/Jul/20
5'7 1/2 my arse
5.9 legit guy said on 4/May/20
I would go with 165 cm for him
Great actor,I like him more than his brother
JohnMoore-162cm said on 6/Apr/20
167 looks about right , he looks it in Fright Night & ‎6 Underground.
Peter175 said on 30/Dec/19
Efron typically looks a strong 5'8 to me, similar to Rob but with Dave he doesn't really look above 171-172. Strange, he even remarked about them being similar in height iirc. It looks MAYBE 2 inches between them, not over that.
Eddy E said on 29/Dec/19
Click Here
Memo said on 26/Aug/19
5ft 5 or 5ft 5 and half looks about right for him
Jammes said on 27/Jan/19
Just about 5'6 then. Zac Efron looks a tad bit taller
Anonymous921 said on 26/Jan/19
Rob, 144 lbs possible for him?
Editor Rob
He might be near that 140-145 zone, he does have a bit of muscle these last few years.
Lai kiat Yuen said on 31/Dec/18
Hi,My Height is 167 cm almost 170cm ,so now can I taller until 170cm?
carrtman said on 23/Dec/18
He's def 166-167 cm, no more no less
Anonynon said on 25/Sep/18
Looks like a legit 5'6"... I'm sure he is way over 5'6" in the morning. Evening dips a hair below 5'6", I'd give him 5'6".
Nimma said on 17/Sep/18
He is clearly 167 cm
Hans said on 30/Aug/18
He Looks barely 2 Inches taller than Allison Brie in that Photo, with the same shoes, so he is for sure not over this listing, what do you think Rob?

Click Here
Editor Rob
I think he is a good 2 inches taller at least.
lee168cm said on 2/Jun/18
He's 5ft 6. Maybe 5ft 7.5 in thick footwear
Nik said on 22/May/18
5'5.5" - 5'6"!
RichardRich said on 20/May/18
Hey Rob how tall Dave looks in these photos with his brother?
165-167 cm or more 166-168 cm?
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob
Franco generally looks over 5ft 5, but not over 5ft 6...well, rarely he might manage it, but mostly 5ft 5.5-6 is more likely.
Zerom said on 19/May/18
I don't think alison brie would date a short guy that is why I think he is around 5'7.Haha
Zak effrone said on 17/May/18
So many people want this guy to be tall is funny. He’s good looking and has good proportions! But he’s 5’3”-5’4” tops.
Zucka said on 27/Apr/18
Rod please answer my previos question!
Editor Rob
I think at times he might manage to look a solid 5ft 6 range, with good posture and position in photos...but overall I'm not that convinced he'd measure 168-9 zone now.
Zucka said on 26/Apr/18
Rob I think he is a solid 5'6 or slightly above because I am 167 cm and do't look as tall as him.
if my height when I wake up is 168 cm and at night reachs 166.5 cm , what is my height?
isn't it 167 cm ?
Isaac Hamilton said on 21/Apr/18
Rob you should either upgrade Daves height or downgrade Zac Efrons height because they are too close for that much of a difference.
Vek said on 17/Apr/18
Why is not tall like his brothers did he do something to stunt his growth to not be able to get a big growth spurt in his 20s james Franco is a weak 5ft7 why he didn't get a growth spurt like his brothers just asking I think he's a good actor that gets a lot of girls
Hny said on 20/Mar/18
Exactly Dave is 1.67
Lullaby said on 18/Feb/18
Seems you upgrade his height from the last time I saw it 164 cm :O
Editor Rob
Well 5ft 5.5 to 5ft 5.75, I think he deserved a 1/4 inch.
Junior Hernandez said on 13/Feb/18
Click Here Dave look more like 5'5.5" with 6'9 3/4 DeAndre Jordan.
Hans said on 31/Jan/18
Hey Rob how tall he looks here in this recent picture next to Christopher Mintz Plasse? I see about 4-5 cm difference so the current listing seems right, but i doubt any taller since dave has always perfect posture. What do you think?

Click Here
Editor Rob
In that photo he is 2 inches shorter than Mintz, although for once he may not be as immaculate in his stance as he usually is.
Jas said on 19/Jan/18
Both listings seems accurate though, compared with 156cm Emma Roberts in Nerve movie, he doesnt even look 5 inches taller than her and they we're using around same footwear in all scenes. 5'5 3/4 is right, although he can look a 5'6 guy.
berta said on 28/Dec/17
do really think this could be little lto low. maybe give him the full 5 foot 6? ore 1/4 upgrade
Editor Rob
5ft 5.75 is very possible.
Terry said on 17/Dec/17
He looks around 1.5 inches shorter than Jesse Eisenberg in Now You See Me. Rob has a pic with Jesse Eisenberg proving that he is 5ft 7. Therefore I think the listing is accurate,
and that Dave Franco is probably 5ft 5.5 range.
u\Kwq said on 13/Dec/17
He is solid 5ft 6. In the morning like little under 5ft 7, but with shoes and hair. Definitely 5ft 7.5 for at least the first couple hours of the day
Some Guy said on 9/Dec/17
It's funny how he and James portray Greg Sestero and Tommy Wiseau respectively, even though in real life Wiseau is the short one and Sestero is closer to 6'2.
STF said on 6/Dec/17
Rob, does he wear lifts in this picture ? Click Here

He seems pretty similar in height to 5ft 7.5in Mark Ruffalo...
Editor Rob
with great posture and maybe a little camera advantage, at times Franco might pull off looking 5ft 6-7 range, but I can't see him above 5ft 6, that would be my limit for him.
Bard said on 6/Nov/17
We don't believe he is 171 cm because he obviously isn't.
Anonymous said on 19/Oct/17
Rob, Why don't you believe him he is 171cm ?
Editor Rob
if you watch him in second Now You See Me I cannot see him as tall as jesse eisenberg.
CD said on 9/Oct/17
5.75 was probably the better listing.
Mark said on 9/Oct/17
Here is a Full body Shot with 5‘9 Justin Theroux... how tall he looks here Rob? He doesnt Look 5‘6, 5‘7 here to me!

Click Here
Click Here
Cool dude said on 8/Oct/17
Rob I've been taking a good look at him with loads of other celebs on late night talk shows and interviews and I've kind of changed my opinion about his height, before I agreed with your listing but now I think he's either 168-170 cm,due to the fact that guys like kumail nanjiani, and other celebs who are 5'8-5'9 don't seem to tower him enough for him to be only 5'5, anyway rob take another look at him and see if he deserves an upgrade
Editor Rob
5ft 6 isn't an impossibility, but 5ft 5.5 may be the lowest possible estimate.
Anonymous said on 29/Sep/17
5'7.5"... What ? No, it's too much, Dave. Most likely, 5'7.5 "is his height in the morning in shoes with excellent posture.
My opinion: 5'5.5"/ 166-167 cm.
yo rob said on 16/Sep/17
hey rob he looks around 3 inches shorter than cara delevigne with her having around 2.5 half foot wear advantage in the james corden show so i guess he is actually around 5'7" mark atleast and also if u look at his pictures with jesse eisenberg he doesnt look at all shorter than him. he looks short in the movie but in the press conferences and other events no difference at all. please reply @rob
Johnny said on 11/Sep/17
How long is head you guess it could be? He seems to have a very small head!
Editor Rob
wouldn't say that small, less than average yes, maybe 8.8-9 range
Aman said on 7/Sep/17
he is clearly 171 cm , I am 166.5 cm and looks dwarf in comparison with him
Peter175 said on 20/Aug/17
KH, well he wasn't shortest in NYSM. Was clearly dwarfing Radcliffe at times.

I give him 5'5.75-6(previous listing)
KH said on 1/Aug/17
5'7.5 lol. Sorry Dave. He is almost always the shortest adult male in anything he is in thats a sure sign of a very short man. His sleight frame doesn't help either. Hilarious actor, and handsome, but 5'5.5 at most.
James Kamekowsk said on 28/Jul/17
Guys, I was watching Neighboors 2. Don't think that the guy is 166. I think 170... what do u think?
5'11.25 at noon. said on 23/Jul/17
Yes you are 5' shoes that is....
Dan said on 23/Jul/17
I thought at least 5'6"
dave said on 14/Jul/17
I think the half inch might even be generous. I'd say about 5'5" around mid day
5''11.25 at noon said on 25/Jun/17
5'6 on his best day
Pane said on 19/Jun/17
170/5'7". His 172 claim is a no.
Fred said on 16/Jun/17
Rob , whats Dave eyelevel height?
Morris said on 11/Jun/17
@bruce 182: your height is not representative the humanity (fortunately)
Bruce 182cm said on 29/May/17
I'm not considered tall but where does all these short actors come from......
Chris said on 27/May/17
It is funny how he claims a height taller then Jesse Eisenberg. He also seems to wear lifts at times. Sometimes he's only slightly shorter then Eisenberg and in other pictures it looks like a 1.5" to 2" difference.
Chris said on 27/May/17
I would say 5'6" for Dave. 5'8" for Zac Efron and 5'4.25" for Daniel Radcliffe.
Kick901 said on 23/May/17
Lol he does not tower Daniel Radcliffe @andre

Dave like 2.5 inch taller Click Here
frankie said on 12/May/17
he look 3.5 inches taller than emma robert in nerve so dave he is 5'5 for sure i thinks but he doesn't look short anyway =)
andre said on 24/Apr/17
why dave franco towers over harry potter rob ?

you sould see their picture together in google

for sure dave is using lifts or harry is just 160cm
Editor Rob
I believe Franco could look 1.5 inches taller than Radcliffe, I'd say Daniel was at most 5ft 4.5 in NYSM2...but Franco was shorter than Eisenberg.

Still not impossible Radcliffe was 5ft 4-4.5 zone.
mande2013 said on 21/Apr/17
I know a pair of brothers (one a weak 5'7, the other like 6'2) with a barely 5'0 mother and an over 5'10 father.
Omar said on 7/Apr/17
Caballo, can't you see the guess? He's 5'5.5 no more no less. Efron must be in the 5'8 range.
Caballo said on 5/Apr/17
Guys, do you think hat this guy is 5'7"? Because if he is, Zac Efron must be 5'9" right?
KH said on 31/Mar/17
5'5.5 and 5'6 doesn't look any different really to the eye I don't know why so many people are hell bent on upgrading him half an inch. The guy is short not exceedingly so but he is definitely in that range and there is nothing wrong with it. He is nowhere near 5'7.5. He looks short in everything. At 5'7.5 which is still shortish you can hold your own much better with your average 5'9-5'10 man then Franco does.
Wow said on 26/Mar/17
@rob : so true , what's interesting in their case is I think a 7 cm differences between Dave and James, then another 7 cm difference is my assumption between James and Tom, but if you see the hemseworth brothers it's amazing that their all very similar in height

Come to think of it, the meds the example of Scarlett Johansson that comes to mind; I THINK her twin brother is a full FOOT taller than her...of course male vs female isn't a fair comparison... but what the hell a full 30cm between twins?
Wow said on 22/Mar/17
Was shocked to see a third Franco brother who seems taller that James...

@Rob: Do you have a ballpark guess for Tom Franco? And from your experience do you have any idea how siblings can be so far apart in height ?!?
Editor Rob
a short Mother barely even 5ft and Father near 6ft might mean one sibling ended up with more taller genes than the other did...sometimes big differences in parents heights might mean you have a bigger chance of sibling variation?
Zoka said on 20/Mar/17
Nooooo way he is 5'5 he is 5'7 for sure !
Josh said on 6/Mar/17
Hey Rob, do you think his height is Short or very Short? I dont know if its just me, but i think he looks taller, maybe his proportions are Good? What do you think are the chances of him being 5'6? Thanks
Editor Rob
Josh, I'd class it as short...if Franco was 5ft 2-3 I'd say he was very short in stature.

He has proportions which mean he can even look 5ft 7 on his own.
Rdjshoelift said on 15/Feb/17
Good looking dude. But hate break it to ya. Zak effron 5'7" Dave is 5'4" 5'5" TOPS. It's no big deal.
Morris said on 11/Feb/17
between 164-166cm It's a normal height.
Giorgi said on 14/Jan/17
@Abey P.

There is no need to be rude. I hope you do understand that I meant there looks. And I guess I'm entitled to share my personal opinion.
Abey P said on 13/Jan/17
Giorgi said on 13/Jan/17
So, some would say all the blessings have gone to his brother ;))
No, not really. More blessed than you are me. Handsome talented actor.
Giorgi said on 13/Jan/17
So, some would say all the blessings have gone to his brother ;))
Nova176 said on 1/Jan/17
I think he's taller than this. Looks only 2 inches shorter than Efron who I think is a bit above 5ft8. I think closer to 5ft6 is more appropriate with Jonah hill being around 169
Alex said on 30/Dec/16
I'm not even 16 and I'm the same exact height as him. Whoo
gian92 said on 25/Dec/16
Rob he is more 168-169 cm , there aren't 13 cm of difference between him and his brother, max 9-10 cm. I say 169 cm Dave and 178 cm James.
Jackie said on 14/Dec/16
He's shorter than Jonah Hill in 21 Jump Street. No way he is 5'7". He doesn't even look tall. I give him 5'5".
Ivo said on 8/Dec/16
Man, the guy is not 170. It's minimum 173.
ADEL said on 26/Nov/16
No way he is 166cm , I am sure that he is in 168 to 170 cm range.
Maybe 169cm
Peter175 said on 26/Nov/16
He doesn't look 7cm shorter than efron imo. Maybe 5 at most.

Rob what do you think of this Clip with him and Conan O'brien (confirmed 6ft4 range guy) Skip to around the 7 minute mark

Click Here

Looks around 5ft6ish maybe even above
andre said on 20/Nov/16
Why he towers over harry potter ? lifts ?
Josh Jeffords said on 30/Oct/16
Obviously tiny eyeball looks 5 4 5 with weak 5 7 guys Kimmel leans way in and towers him.
Seems a decent actor would make a good hobbit..
Also very thin doubt he's 130 lbs made Ruffalo look big.
eew said on 19/Oct/16
but if he took a photo with you during the afternoon like most of the photos on the site, wouldn't he be 167cm?
ayoube said on 16/Oct/16
h'es 165 cm no more but he doesn't look short anyway height doesn't matter good actor !
Jonny Boy said on 2/Oct/16
Think he's 165 or 5 5
Josh said on 26/Sep/16
Hey rob, So what do you think his range probably is from morning to night?
166cm - 168cm? or more?
Editor Rob
168 down to an absolute low 166 might be a reasonable guess for Dave's barefeet height.
curly said on 24/Sep/16
Do you report lowest height or an average of highest and lowest
Editor Rob
pretty much nearer your low than your morning.
mande2013 said on 23/Sep/16
Looks taller than 5'5 flat next to Kimmel. Also, even though he's clearly around Rob's listing, he doesn't seem to have that 'short guy' aura about him, similar to someone like Marco Verratti.
mande2013 said on 23/Sep/16
Looks taller than 5'5 flat next to Kimmel.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 5/Sep/16
Another typical short guy wanting everyone to think he's 2 inches taller than he really is.
MD said on 4/Sep/16
With roughly 5'11"ish Jimmy Kimmel.

Click Here

5'7"? Not in this life or the next.
CC said on 2/Sep/16
Dave franco is 5'7, but hes got the presence of a 6....
Josh said on 29/Aug/16
Here is the Video with James and cara, what do you think Rob? How tall he looks?
Click Here
Josh said on 25/Aug/16
Hey rob, how tall he Looks Next to 5'8 James Cordon??
Click Here
Editor Rob
tricky as I think Corden might be slightly in front...beside Cara (I think in heels) he holds up not too badly.
mande2013 said on 20/Aug/16
Rob, is it just me, because I feel every time a male celebrity is patently sub-5'7, whether it be Dave Franco, Hoffman, Pacino or whoever everyone is out to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they're in fact not even 5'5, even when it's clearly not the case...
Editor Rob
I can't explain it, but I think there is sometimes a vocal few who may be going with the real low end of possible guessing.

At times, some guys like Pacino or Franco might look sub 5ft 5, but it may be more isolated cases. If you looked at photos from anybody, you could probably pick and choose a set to argue one height, then choose a set to argue another.

That's why I'm trying to take in a lot of information about actors, over time maybe I start to see the average shift lower/higher on some people and I end up changing a listing.
Lawrence said on 7/Aug/16
You should add nerve to his credits rob, he was very good in that film
Aaron Zamora said on 1/Aug/16
If Dave is this height how tall do you think Casey is?
Robb said on 27/Jul/16
Hey Editor Rob,
I'd like to ask a question concerning Dave Franco's height- he sometimes seems to be in the 5 6- 5 7 range and sometimes in the 5 4 - 5 5 range. Do you think this could be because of his shoe wear. Because there is hard evidence that seems to suggest he is 163, 164 ,165 cm max., maybe when he does look taller than this, its because of his shoes, maybe he wears lifts inside. For example:
Click Here I know this has been posted before but he looks about 5 cm taller than Alison Brie here. Plus it looks like he has a heel on his footwear about 1- 2 cm while Alison is wearing flats. So if Alison really is 160 cm (as listed) wouldn't that actually make him 163-164 cm.
Click Here The difference is about 8 cm while Franco seems to have a bit more footwear. This is the footwear he is wearing in the scene: Click Here So he would be, once again 163-165 range.
As for the times he does look 5 7 range I would say that its because of the lifts he wears inside his shoe along with the heel on his shoe.
Editor Rob
overall I'd say sometimes in films he might have worn a thicker shoe, but I haven't seen all of what he's appeared in. I got an impression somewhere between 5ft 5 and 6 was possible.
Ron said on 25/Jul/16
'I have a feeling that if he was the same height as James Franco STRONG 5'10 he wouldn't be typecast as the typical high school senior/frat boy."

That not entirely true. It has a little to do with his height but more to do with his look. Dave has that face also as your typical guy next door/frat boy look. James has an unconventional face meaning he can play more characters. Thats why he has played a villain,hero, and other characters. Look at Dustin Hoffman. He isnt the tallest guy in the world either but he was never typecast as a frat guy. He played many different roles also
Sammy Derrick said on 14/Jul/16
Click Here
He looks 5'7 next to his big brother James Franco in this photo. Click Here And in this photo.
Click Here He looks 5'5 in this photo.
Click Here He's the best looking facially but the shortest in the family.
I have a feeling that if he was the same height as James Franco STRONG 5'10 he wouldn't be typecast as the typical high school senior/frat boy.
@Editor Rob How tall would you say Tom Franco(far left) is?
Chris said on 11/Jul/16
Hey Rob, this youtuber, Casey Neistat has claimed 5'10 in a previous Q and A video (. Yet in this video, if Franco is 5'5.5" - Casey doesn't really look too much over 5'8". What do you think? Click Here
Editor Rob
I would have said that Casey does look more than 5ft 8, a full 5ft 10? Maybe not.
lol said on 8/Jul/16
he should change it to
"I'm five foot five and a half"
Shredder said on 6/Jul/16
He makes Jonah Hill look 5'7 , 5'5.5 is spot on for him. Hill is at least an inch taller.
ND said on 4/Jul/16
@ayo the thing is looks can be deceiving next to Jesse Eisenberg he looks clearly nothing over 5'5 1/2 and we know Jesse eisenberg is 5'7 maxed , so 5'6 would be ridiculous
heightguy said on 4/Jul/16
wait rob, wasnt he listed at 167cm, why the downgrade by 1cm, just wondering
Editor Rob
well a 1/4 inch, it's not much, but generally I think between 5ft 5 and 6 is a guess that fits
Josh said on 4/Jul/16
Click Here
What do you think about this picture Rob?
How tall does he looks? And if Franco is 166cm i doubt radcliffe is near 165cm...
Editor Rob
he might have a bit of camera advantage being on the left side, where the cameraman looks to be standing.
ayo said on 4/Jul/16
i think he can look 5'6 ish but never 5'5ish... hes the tallest 166cm man ive ever seen then...
Josh said on 1/Jul/16
Hey rob, do you think Dave could dip to 166cm flat at Night or is he probably more 166,5cm at night? So more 167cm?
Editor Rob
I think probably the 5.5 mark on the balance is ok, he can vary from 5ft 5 to nearly 5ft 6 from all I've seen of him.
Shredder said on 1/Jul/16
Rob , weight range for him? He looks small.
Editor Rob
he has put on a bit of muscle over the last few years I thought, maybe high 130 range is possible.
Shredder said on 30/Jun/16
5'5.5 looks the honest truth,
ayo said on 26/Jun/16
would he share the same fate as billy boyd and be brought down to 166 once he taKes a pic with rob? idk only time will tell
Leo said on 25/Jun/16
His real height is 5'5.5, he looks this many times, sometimes less.
Mat said on 25/Jun/16
Rob, if Jesse is at most 5'7.25, then Dave is at most 5'5.5 Click Here
ShortRussianDude said on 25/Jun/16
Click Here

Rob how tall does he look in this video ?
Editor Rob
anywhere in 5ft 5-6 zone, 5ft 5.5 might ultimately be a safe bet.
truth said on 24/Jun/16
Looks 165 cm to 166.5 cm next to 171cm Eisenberg. Maybe 167 cm tops.
Aaron Zamora said on 7/Jun/16
Should be downgraded to 5'5.25-5'5.5 in neighbors 2 Zack Efron is barefoot and Dave isnt and Zack beat him by a couple inches.
Josh said on 9/May/16
Hey Rob, if Eisenberg is 171cm, how tall Looks Dave with him in the Photo? Dont you Think he Looks more 166cm?
Click Here
Editor Rob
he can look between 5ft 5 and 6 range there.
Mat said on 22/Mar/16
Rob, won't you add his ''5'7 and a half '' claim?
Editor Rob
I've put it at the top now.
The Dutch Guy said on 5/Mar/16
If Franco is 5ft 5.75in then Efron should be listed here as 5ft 7 instead of 5ft 8.
Ron said on 1/Mar/16
Rob, what would you guess his weight to be? I don't think he crosses 140 lb at that height and frame. What do you think?
Editor Rob
yeah it's doubtful he'd be over that, given his 5ft 6ish height
Josh said on 20/Jan/16
Yeah 5'4 no way, i think he is 166,5-167 cm at Night so the listing is good...
ShortRussianDude said on 19/Jan/16
5'4" is quite harsh IMO Looking at him with will poulter Zac Efron & Others I would say a Solid 5 ft 5 flat is the lowest he could be.

I would put him at around 166cm (5'5.5")
David said on 16/Jan/16
He looks about 5'4" ... at an awards show, he looked about a foot shorter than 6'2" Will Poulter
Dan said on 17/Dec/15
This is a generous listing. He looks 5'6 at most.
eb7 said on 15/Nov/15
he's 5'6.5 at the most, but he looks taller because of his slim build
Zak said on 20/Sep/15
He's 5'7" in my opinion. Look at him next to Zac Efron 5'8".
Balrog said on 15/Sep/15
Yeah Rob I think he is more a strong 5'5'' rather than a weak 5'6''. Jonah Hill was vissibly taller than him, not just half inch.
liam7-8 said on 8/Sep/15
Wow, the picture that @Taylor linked in the last post made me seriously revalute this guy's height. He really looks nothing more than 5'5" there.
Rob, would you rule out 166cm for this guy? In my honest opinion it would fit him better since he can often look shorter than 167cm.
Editor Rob
I wouldn't rule out 166, you could argue at times he looks it, at the moment I've given 167 as last time I checked him I thought he could pass for that zone.
Taylor said on 24/Jul/15
Click Here

He looks 5'5 here...

it looks like harrelson and Eisenberg have a Little bit more footwear but even with that Dave cant be more than 166 cm, also jonah Hill is listed at 168 but looks 2 cm taller. So what do you think about that picture rob?
Josh said on 22/Jun/15
Rob would you completely rule out that he can might be measured at 166,5 cm after a really hard day? Dont get me wrong the listing is 100% perfect but i think he can look anywhere between 5'5.5 and 5'6 especially next to jonah hill and Dave wears Boots a lot, is Dave someone you would call a weak 5'6?
Editor Rob
you couldn't rule out 5.5, but generally I think he has more chance of measuring a bit more than that.
Diffido dj said on 18/May/15
I think it could be 5'6
Josh said on 20/Apr/15
Hey rob! Take a Look at this Video of Dave and mintz-plasse. I think mintz-plasse looks about 2 Inches taller or what do you think? Go to 2:02 minutes flat floor and Same footwear, could be 5'5.5 possibly for Dave based in this Video?

Click Here
Editor Rob
on first glance I'd have said around 1.5 inch range.
Ryan said on 15/Apr/15
Lol google has him and Josh Hutcherson at 5'7
Josh said on 25/Mar/15
He's edged out by Jonah Hill (who i think is 5'7 barefoot, but is listed just over 5'6 here) by an 1 to 1.5 inches. Dave often wears those boots that probably get him to 5'7 which is what he claims. 5'5.75 is a good listing for him. said on 23/Mar/15
he proves that its not being 5'6 that makes a man look short, its more about body propotions (head size, arm length) and he has perfect ones.
Alex said on 17/Mar/15
5'6 seems fair
Josh said on 16/Mar/15
166-167 cm i think, what do you think Is his morning height Rob? Between 168cm and 169cm?
Editor Rob
I think he'd probably be in the 169cm range from out of bed.
S.J.H said on 7/Mar/15
Dave claim 5'7 neil at 5'5.75 and his brother James Franco claim 5'11.5 neil at 5'10.5 , they just claim with shoe
CD said on 25/Jan/15
almost 5ft 6 is a good listing
FlameBoy said on 27/Dec/14
i always thought he was about my height ( 5 ft 6) 168cm but yeah looking at that pic with that plasse dude it looks kinda how me and my 5 ft 8.5 dad look together so 5'5" Is Possible looking at that picture.
MD said on 26/Dec/14
I said this back in March, but if Christopher Mintz-Plasse is a legit 5'7.5", there is no way Franco can be near 5'6". This guy is a flat 5'5".
Josh said on 13/Nov/14
I think his range is 166 cm at his absolute lowest and 168 cm is the max he can be in the morning! Do you agree rob?
Editor Rob
I'm not sure he really looks closer to 5ft 5 than he does 5ft 6, that's why i think almost 5ft 6 for him.
Josh said on 18/Oct/14
Rob, what do you think is his lowest height? 5'5.5?
Editor Rob
yeah about that is possible...5ft 5 flat? Hmm, that might be too low, a decent 5ft 6 maybe a little high.
Realist said on 10/Oct/14
@JacobTt and @Rob Yeah Rob Sean Astin gave his height 5'7.75". Though it sounded like a wise estimate it was absolute crap. Jenny and You made him look even shorter than 5'6 in my opinion.
JacobTt: Yeah though usually dont hear people say 3/4 inch but u can hear them say 1/2. I am actually 172 spot on. But i say 5'7.5 because it sounds as if i am less concerned. But don't forget Robs job is to have an exact estimate. Otherwise people would be Infamous movie's database's websites.
evil said on 1/Oct/14
between 5'6-5'7 i think
Burstnet said on 13/Sep/14
I think Dave Franco might actually be taller than 5'6", maybe not a full 5'7", but a little under it like Ellen DeGeneres (6:40-6:50 is where you can why I think this, footwear and stance was taken into account too): Click Here
John86 said on 17/Aug/14
I think it's interesting to see the difference in 'presence' between Dave and James. James literally comes across as more authoritative because of his bigger head and body size. As someone who stands 5'7.25" with similar proportions to Dave Franco, I know full well how this feels. Anyway, staying on topic I think this listing is close enough.
Jimmy said on 6/Aug/14
With Alison Brie:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Realist said on 24/Jul/14
Rob, why does he look much shorter compared to Jesse Eisenber almost 2.5 inches (6 cm) whereas with Efron he looks only about 3-4 cms less. Funny thing being Eisenberg a 171 guy and Efron 173 guy. I think its high time you downgrade Efron to 171. You are awesome Rob but he is one guy you have too high.

He is in the little man league with "Me (171.5), Efron, Eisenberg, Messi, Lahm, Christoph Waltz and many more ".
Hipbull said on 12/Jul/14
I always thought he was 168cm
Cacau said on 1/Jul/14
he looks 4 - 5 inches shorter than his brother James Franco 178cm.

Click Here
Skye said on 28/Jun/14
OMG he is my height that is pretty funny
Idontknowwhattoputforanickname said on 23/Jun/14

3:41 Dave: "I'm 5 foot 7 and a half motherf-"
Brad A. said on 22/Jun/14
@EOD Height is irrelevant? Tell that to the rest of society. Whether he cares or not, I'm just saying he's not the only short younger brother of a much taller older brother
eod said on 14/Jun/14
Brad A. Height is irrelevant Dave NVR showed signs that he cares
Brad A. said on 9/Jun/14
I feel his pain of being short with a much taller brother. He's 5ft 5.75in with a 5 inch taller brother, and I'm 5ft 7in with a 7 inch taller brother.
Damon said on 17/May/14
Wow, yeah @tribbles. It was maybe 2 inches. 3-4 would be substantially noticable
Damon said on 15/May/14
@tribbles yes, he looked taller, but 3-4 inches? I think that's a bit extreme. True, Efron often looked noticeably taller, but there were also many instances where they put 5'8 Efron and made him look the same size as 5'11 Seth Rogen.
A lot of these height discrepancies can be explained by the camera angles. Notice that when Efron does look that much bigger, the camera is at a bigger angle. Plus, it's hard to assume even ground.

Click Here

Here he and (5'8) Efron are on even ground with similar footwear and he doesn't look 5'5 and especially not 5'4 here.
I don't see this guy under 5'6.
the shredder said on 14/May/14
It was not 3 or 4 , like 2 to 3 .
tribbles said on 12/May/14
He looked 3-4 inches shorter than Efron (5'8") in The Neighbors. I'd peg him at 5'5"
FUTCHER said on 6/May/14
Click Here Rob,at the end of video, he told "I'm 5 7 and a half".
Editor Rob
it's a big claim
)) said on 3/May/14
tyler oakley is the shortest 5'5 ive ever seen....looks 5'4 max and thats being generous
plus just because tyler says he was an inch shorter it has to be true? the picture tyler posted wasnt even good to judge their height difference
dave looks a strong 5'5
Damon said on 17/Apr/14
he has actually looked more like 5'6 to me. Especially in the Tyler Oakley pic, he can look 5'6.5.
Adam said on 15/Apr/14
@Hi have you seen the pic? Dave is an inch taller than mr.big hair Tyler Oakley
Hi said on 14/Apr/14
Okay, just to be clear - Tyler Oakley is 5'5 - and here he is with Dave Franco - who Tyler clearly stated to be one inch shorter than himself - which makes little Mr. Franco 5'4..
MD said on 31/Mar/14
@the shredder, surely you meant that post for leonari. lol

Dave Franco is not anywhere near 5'7".
the shredder said on 30/Mar/14
Strong 5'5 is more 5'5 to 5'5.5.
the shredder said on 29/Mar/14
Md , I hate to post this , but you are extreme , and this is not about your opinion on heights , You talk to others like crap , you need to stop it , this is NOT your site.
leonari said on 28/Mar/14
Rob has him perfect... How anybody can see a 5'7" guy here is beyond me. Get real! This is a strong 5'5" guy. Period.
MD said on 27/Mar/14
With 5'7.5" Christopher Mintz-Plasse:

Click Here

Both had on regular dress shoes at this event. Between this and how much taller his brother and Seth Rogan are, there is no way he's even close to 5'7".
LegolasIT said on 25/Mar/14
Heei Rob, what's up? I saw your opinion about Colton Haynes height (tyler posey page)but I saw also this interesting pic about Colton and Dave:

Click Here

So or we need an Upgrade for Dave, or downgrade for colton! what do you think?
Sam said on 5/Dec/13
I think he's 5'7 (next to 5'8 Michael Trevino). Take a look to this picture : Click Here
five six. said on 23/Oct/13
Short, yes. But I Think he is a bare foot 5'6".
heightist said on 20/Oct/13
he's definitely short...he even looks short compared to people who aren't even 6 foot...he's got to be 5-4 or 5-5 at the most
heightist said on 20/Oct/13
he's definitely short...he even looks short compared to people who aren't even 6 foot
Xgurl said on 14/Oct/13
So you're telling me he's only 1cm taller than his x-girl Dianna agron? Whose listed as 166cm here?
Petes said on 8/Oct/13
Kourosh: It is not a big difference, between you and your brother. My brother is 180 cm (5'11) and I am just 165 (5'5) and I am 24, and my brother is 27.
Franco said on 22/Sep/13
He's def 5'5"
Samuel said on 15/Sep/13
This guy looks about 5'5, maybe 5'5.5 at best.
Kourosh 177cm said on 7/Sep/13
Mr. R that can happens. I'm much shorter than my brother too. He is 184 cm tall (6'0.5) while im just 177 cm tall which is about 5'10.
Closer said on 3/Sep/13
5'5 is right
Emily said on 13/Aug/13
His head looks quite small. but he is quite short. How tall Rob? 9,25 inches? around that?
Editor Rob
about 9 inches, no more
Milly said on 12/Aug/13
He doesn't look that short next to Zac Efron
Click Here
Mandy said on 11/Jul/13
He is quite short. I met him at a premiere and he was about 5'5, similar to Kevin Connolly. I'm a girl and I am 5'6 and he seems to be more than inch shorter.
leonari said on 10/Jul/13
I say a strong 166. Short guy, good actor and not as full of himself as his big taller brother James
Sam said on 8/Jul/13
This guy is really quite short. Jonah Hill has him by an inch if not more:
Click Here
Also his brother James can look nearly a head taller.
Emily said on 7/Jul/13
Ive seen him on Ellen and he was a little shorter than her.
Dreaaa said on 6/Jul/13
In funny or die he says hes 5'7 and 1/2 when hes battling jordan the basketball player
superman said on 24/Jun/13
he is listed everywher as 5'7 and 1 place at 5'6 what made you think or see that he is as tall as tom cruise? do you think he could be 170cm and no more? you have him just shy of 5'8?
Editor Rob
the listing is just shy of 5ft 6, not 5ft 8.
superman said on 23/Jun/13
he looks 170cm no more no less which actually is 5.699 inches tall so just 5"7 what do you think rob everywher else has him at 5/7 flat but your putting him .25 shy of 5'8?. Some say 5'6 im just saying 170cm what do you think rob?
Sam said on 22/Jun/13
Seems accurate. Not much taller than Teresa Palmer in Warm Bodies (standing side by side at start of movie), she was wearing a little bigger boots.
truth said on 3/Jun/13
Jack says on 18/Mar/13 Here's Dave with his girlfriend who is 160cm (5'3")Click Here

This is exactly the same height difference like between me and my girlfriend. Even this isn't the best picture I' d say he is 5'6
Mikey T said on 7/Apr/13
He makes Jonah Hill look 5'7"-5'8".
Jack said on 18/Mar/13
Here's Dave with his girlfriend who is 160cm (5'3")
Click Here
Denzel said on 22/Feb/13
I think Jonah needs an upgrade then, Rob has him listed as 168cm on this site. He is clearly taller then Dave Franco by a significant amount.
Jack said on 13/Feb/13
Okay. This is strange.
In this video Click Here

Dave actually says himself "I'm five foot seven and a half"
mike said on 10/Feb/13
I'm curious to know how tall I would be listed. My recent physical says I'm 5'6 3/4s. Yup, I'm short, can't do anything about it. Although I can understand the purpose of such a sight - people are curious, i understand, plus you make a bit of dough for every click on your site, but you know, you could actually be wrong about the heights of the people you list. Sometimes, short people might actually be the height they claim to be. And if they round up, as people are wont to do (I for instance would not go 3/4 inches down and say I'm 5'6, when I'm a quarter inch being under 5'7, I just say 5'7) big deal.
169ing said on 28/Jan/13
He seemed to be an inch shorter than 5'6 Jonah Hill. In the 21 Jump Street Commentary they refer to his small stature (calling him a miniature James Dean).
Jack said on 25/Jan/13
He looks 5'5" here Click Here
but 5'6" seems fair.
Jack said on 18/Jan/13
Joe, I've always thought he was 5'7" as well. Look at this picture here with Jonah Hill, who is also 5'7". Click Here

Look how small his head,body and overall height difference between him and Jonah. He looks 167cm max in that photo.
joee said on 14/Jan/13
Always heard he was 5'7. How was this 5'6 calculated?
Mr. R said on 5/Dec/12
It's weird that he and Casey Affleck are so much shorter than their big brothers. I don't see that happen very much.
marla singer said on 21/Nov/12
He has the face of a tall man!

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