How tall is Justin Theroux

Justin Theroux's Height

5ft 9 (175.3 cm)

American actor, best known for roles in movies like American Psycho, Mulholland Drive and TV show The Leftovers. He claimed in a video "I'm five-ten".

How tall is Justin Theroux
Justin with Jennifer Aniston
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How tall is Justin Theroux
Dave Franco & Justin
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Average Guess (26 Votes)
5ft 8.8in (174.7cm)
Philip Z said on 2/Apr/23
With weak 5ft 5 Jennifer Aniston at the beach:
Click Here
Click Here

Walking pictures are always iffy, but I'm not seeing 4+ inches between the two. At best, Theroux has 3 inches on Aniston, which would put him around 5ft 7.5.
Nik Ashton said on 19/May/21
He is shorter than Liv Tyler!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 17/May/21
His dog is called Kuma and she is a Pit Bull mix. πŸ˜‹πŸ‘
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 17/May/21
I enjoyed Justin's interview on the Ellen show just now. He has adopted a gorgeous rescue dog and the love in her eyes for her master is adorable to see.

5ft9. πŸΆπŸ’•πŸ‘Œ
al001 said on 27/Jan/20
It's crazy to me that he was only 28 in American Psycho. For some reason he looked much older to me.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 10/Aug/19
Justin's in some very good films, but I can't see more than around 5ft9 for him. Having said that, his wife Jennifer is bound to be wearing high-heels, so although we can't see her footwear, I think it's pretty much a guarantee!

I have 'The Leftovers' in Blu-ray form. He doesn't look taller than Liv, quite the opposite!

Now it's time to wish Justin...

πŸŽ‚πŸ•―οΈ A Very Happy 48th Birthday! πŸ•―οΈπŸŽ‚

Have a bumper time! 😁🎈
DPH1995 said on 16/Jun/19
Yeah he has a lean build and is in great shape, I thought he was between 175 and 177 maybe.
Bels said on 13/Apr/19
Theroux is known to wear some serious lifts and built up shoes. Barefoot on the beach with Aniston he’s maybe 2.5 to 3 inches taller than her. She is about 5’4” max in real life. I worked on a movie set with her. No way this guy is more than 5’7” barefoot. I place him more in the 5’6” range. His thick heels with lift inserts tower him over Aniston in some photos.
Y07 said on 8/Apr/19
Hey Rob, in a wired interview. Justin claims to be 5'10" Click Here.
Mind adding the quote?
Editor Rob
yeah thanks I forgot about his claim, 5ft 10 is what I would have thought he might have claimed.
Yang (5ft 8 Chinese men) said on 3/Jan/19
Ive met him somewhere in NYC sometime in mid 2014 for visiting one of my older female cousins wedding ceremony... I was just hanging around streets in NYC to buy gifts for her wedding but happened to meet him by coincidence. I was bit nervous to call him may be because I was afraid he might think I am paparazzi or he doesnt seem nice or friendly as a face but way different than I imagined.. Yes, I did have some brief conversation with him regarding Muholland drive and some other random stuffs etc and then took a picture with him and got autograph as well. Yes, he does seem much taller than exwife Aniston but when I met him he actual height was like similar to Tom Felton not even closer to Solid 5ft 9... 5ft 8 half is the best one that I can say regarding his height. We are almost like eye to eye but he was slightly taller than me but less than a inch... In the picture, he does seem taller just like some may be because of his body proportion or so.. Like I said, some celebrties aren't necesaarily much taller than me despite the tall looking as a way they dressed up in the picture. PS. I must admit. I am NOT skinny guy like him nor Tom Felton. I am chubby/ bulky men with little more than 200lbs but not as fat as Gabriel Iglesias, Kevin James, Miriam Margolyes and Rebel Wilson etc. Anyways, I will go with 5ft 8 half instead of 5ft 9...
Monkey knees said on 3/Oct/18
5ft 9in or thereabouts is spot on. Obviously wears lifts in some shows/scenes, but in "Maniac" on Netflix, he doesn't appear to wear any huge lifts/heels. 5ft 9in, bang on US average male height.
SD(172cm) said on 2/Aug/18
In this video, Click Here from 4:39-4:53: He jokes quite a bit about his height...6'7 6'8 but then he later says 5'10...
It weird cause 5'9 isn't that bad it's kinda average.
Lit said on 2/Aug/18
In the recent WIRED interview he said that he is 5ft 10.
Lello said on 22/Jul/18
Looks 176-177, he's very slim and has lean muscles.
LOGAN said on 30/Dec/17
@ Rob he looked almost 3 inches shorter than Joan Adepo in the leftovers who is listed a little below 5'10" and a half on here. Phillip Seymore Hoffman who I believe you had listed at 5'8" and a half looked a good two inches taller than Justin. Something doesn't add up. I know Justin favors thick boots. He might favor lifts as well. I'm not sure I'm buying 5'9". Seems more 5'7" maybe 5'7" and a half barefoot. 5'8" flat at most and that would be right out of bed.
Jan said on 13/Jul/17
There is no way on this planet that this man is 5'9". Sure he may look that way at red carpet events and when he wears his boots with lifts in them. Massive lifts btw, hence why he's almost always in boots or big shoes. However google pics of him with Jennifer Aniston when they're both in flats or barefoot or on the beach and it's quite obvious he's only maybe 2 inches taller than her. This listing of 5'9 is totally incorrect. I'd give him 5'7" on a good day. More like 5'6.5 though.
Josh Peterson said on 11/Jul/17
Rob, don't you think this guy is 173? Around your height? Maybe he is 175 with shoes on.
Editor Rob
he always seems to look too tall beside his wife Aniston, to be as short as me.
Chad said on 17/Oct/16
Dude looks at least 5'9", maybe even 5'9.5" or a tittle more.
Marcinho said on 28/Sep/16
I dont give anything about his height, he got jennifer aniston and that alone makes him huge to me!
Arch Stanton said on 15/Jun/16
Arch Stanton said on 15/Jun/16
Rob, there's some comparisons here with Aniston barefoot Click Here He lookes taller than 5 ft 8, but I still think there's a chance of 174? He's near what you listed him at I think, but I reckon he's more high 5'8 range.
Editor Rob: he can look anywhere in that 5ft 8-9 zone.

DIdn't you once have him at 176 or am I confusing him with Matt de Blanc? I think 174 would be on the money but I can see it's unlikely he'll get that on here! Somebody said he looked 5'.9.5 with Beckham but he usually wears big boots so I'd guess had footwear advantage.
Editor Rob
I don't know if he was 176, been a while on 5ft 9 in any case...I think at events he pulls off 5ft 9 range, more often than 5ft 8.5....but at times he has indeed looked 174 range!
Arch Stanton said on 15/Jun/16
Rob, there's some comparisons here with Aniston barefoot Click Here He lookes taller than 5 ft 8, but I still think there's a chance of 174? He's near what you listed him at I think, but I reckon he's more high 5'8 range.
Editor Rob
he can look anywhere in that 5ft 8-9 zone.
Sam said on 27/Nov/15
Could you add The Leftovers to his credited roles?
Pea Sea said on 23/Sep/15
Saw a photo of him in the Sunday paper with David Beckham. He looked no less than 5' 9.5" with Becks. Couldn't see footwear though.
5'11 Stud said on 27/Aug/15
Either Justin (5'9) need's an upgrade or Jason Bateman needs (5'11) a downgrade

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Click Here

Article source: Click Here
Sam said on 23/Dec/14
In The Leftovers, in height, size, build and his cop uniform, he reminds me of Roy Scheider in Jaws, even though his face is quite different.
Realist said on 5/Oct/14
Yeah 5'8 range.
Arch Stanton said on 4/Oct/14
Yeah he's one of those guys who do seem to make a particular effort, the dyed black hair and style is a bit of a give away as to my knowledge he's already pretty dark. I think you can tell in images like Click Here he's pretty image conscious, just everything, even the watch, wrist bands and necklace looks like it had thought put into it to look his best. In fairness though if you were dating Brad Pitt's ex you'd be more concerned to look your very best though wouldn't you!! I believe Chris Martin once said a similar thing.

I think 5 ft 9 is OK, I do think it's the most he could be though.
Arch Stanton said on 4/Oct/14
He might be 11 stone actually (154 pounds) but I can't see him over it.
Arch Stanton said on 4/Oct/14
Rob what would you guess for his weight? He doesn't have an ounce of fat on him. I'd guess between 140 and 150. I get the impression he's really methodical with everything, just by the way he dyes his hair, the way he dresses the same all the time with the black or grey t shirt and biker jeans and obviously keeps as trim as possible. I reckon he has "ritual" which he follows to look his best LOL. I'm sure a lot of blokes would benefit from whatever he has going on!
Editor Rob
I suppose he has his own type of style he found works and maybe makes him feel more confident...his weight yeah, probably somewhere in 150's.
Adamz said on 18/Jul/14
Dr JJ, He doesnt look 5-6 at all...
Arch Stanton said on 21/Mar/14
Weak 5'9" next to Bale in American Psycho.
Spike said on 25/Feb/14
Without any prior knowledge, I estimated Theroux was 5'7.5 - 5'8 based on his guest appearance in "Parks and Recreation". All of the 5'11 listed actors (Offerman, Schneider) towered above him, while he didn't look much more than 1.5-2 inches taller than 5'6 Ansari. 5'9 is ridiculous.
Dr JJ said on 24/Jul/13
Ok. Let the doctor explain something to you all. If the foot flexes at a point (presumed to be the ankle joint - unless celebrities aren't human), then that point is 3 - 4 inches above the lateral midpoint of the heel. In flipflops, we can all see where that is. However, when you wear lifts inside you shoes, the lateral midpoint of the heel is presumed to be an inch or so above the welting of the shoe sole or foxing on a sneaker. But that is NOT where the heel actually is, because they're wearing lifts. So what you get is six inches or more distance between the ankle point of articulation and the lateral midpoint of the heel. That means at least a couple of inches of lifts inside the footwear. You can see this very clearly in the posted picture of Theroux and Hoffman walking in the street. In that picture Theroux has an inch of heel advantage plus what looks like two inches of lifts. That's three inches advantage. If Hoffman is 5' 9", then Theroux is in the 5' 6" range barefoot. And he looks it.
hurricane brat said on 10/Jun/13
i am with Rob on this one. In the movie 'Wanderlust', Paul Rudd and him were identical in height toe to toe
Arch Stanton said on 7/Jun/13
That said Rob used to have him at 5'9" and change so at least he's nearer now, I still think he's a tad shorter than this though.
Arch Stanton said on 7/Jun/13
I agree MD and everybody else. 5'8.5 seems to fit him like a glove but Rob aint gonna budge on this one...
lol93 said on 14/May/13
Lets forgett the 5'9 thing shall we? Click Here I see a 5'8 guy here dont you guys?
Arch Stanton said on 23/Mar/13
Click Here

Doesn't really look 5'9" does he, and as he says won't take his boots off even in the hot summer....
leonari said on 18/Nov/12
Flat 5'9". Not even a mm above that. 11 cm taller than Jen. She can wear heels and he will still be a bit taller.
Dr JJ said on 17/Nov/12
Shaun, that picture you posted of him with Aniston....I only got as far as looking at her legs and feet!
Shaun said on 30/Aug/12
I agree MD 5'8.5" I think more likely.
MD said on 26/Aug/12
Justin is ever-so-slightly shorter than 5'9" Paul Rudd, so 5'9" is the very top of the scale for Justin. I actually think he's 5'8.5" to 5'8.75". Rob has him ALMOST right, but he's just slightly shorter than 5'8".
Shaun said on 25/Aug/12
Yeah I'd say anything over 5'9" is highly unlikely. I think there's more chance of him being 174cm than 176cm. He seems to give off a 5'8" impression an awful lot but he has quite short legs which can make him seem shorter. I'm surprised Hoffman is only 5'9" actually, he looks bigger than that in those pics, but he's built like a tree trunk LOL.
Shaun said on 24/Aug/12
Rob. Here he is with 5'9" Philip Seymour Hoffman. Look at his footwear. Even accounting for pavement in all pics he looks a good inch shorter minimum. He looks a 5 ft 8 guy whenever I see pictures of him. Do you really think he's taller than Hoffman Rob?

Click Here
Editor Rob
naybe 5ft 9 dead is closer
Brad said on 12/Aug/12
5' 8.5" tops.
Shaun said on 1/Aug/12
Definitely dies his hair black though!
Shaun said on 1/Aug/12
Dr JJ I think Aniston is 5'4.5"-5'5" range, 164cm spot on I'd say. @ Minimus Click Here Not as short as you think. I agree he can often look 5'8" tops and he wears biker boots most of the time but I'd say 5'9" range is fair actually.
Dr JJ said on 12/Jun/12
Just seen some good pics in the Daily Mail. She's in plimsolls he has big old biker boots on with thick heels. The difference is about 4" to 4.5". He has at least 1" of shoe advantage. I'm guessing this guy is 5' 8"
brett said on 29/Nov/11
rob, look at gettyimages. he is shorter than 5'8 brett ratner!
Shaun said on 15/Nov/11
About four inches taller than Aniston, 5'8.5" nearer.
Alex2 said on 14/Nov/11
Looked 3-4" shorter than Bale in American Psycho
mat said on 8/Oct/11
5'8.5'' maybe?
Orient said on 28/Sep/11
5'6 max, pics says it all...

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Click Here
rob! said on 27/Sep/11
Rob, look at the pΓ­Β­cture posted by ur highness and minimus..also look at google images. He needs a downgrade..NOW!, below 5'9 for sure!
Minimus said on 6/Aug/11
He's got between 2" and 3" over Aniston in any of their pictures showing them both bare foot. Either Aniston should be upgraded or the other way around.
Click Here
Ur Highness said on 28/Jul/11
Click Here Thats not how a 5'9 man looks in big ass boots like his?..If we're talkin genuine barefeet height, I assume 5'7 is his bare feet height. Plus those legs of his are way to short for his body, Maybe a downgrade Rob? Google his pictures, Look at him next to people like Sudeikis and Will arnet, his head barely reaches to their shoulders. A 5'9 man is not dwarfed by a 6-1 man like that.
o said on 3/Jun/11
Friend said she saw him in person and was no taller than 5'5-5'6
MD said on 3/Dec/08
I was just doing some random surfing and was surprised to find that Justin was described as 145 lbs in Mulholland Drive in 2001, and he described himself as 140 lbs back in 2003. At that weight, I'd expect him to be shorter than what he's listed because 140-145 lbs at just above 5'9" would look much thinner, I'd think.
Austrian said on 11/Jan/08
hes cool

he was in six feet under too, cant remember his height though

but i guess he wasnt much taller than Rachel Griffiths, who's boyfriend he played, and who is 5'8.5 according to your site (which i wouldnt disagree with)
AshnarLynx said on 23/Dec/07
It's funny how he both looks like and is of the same height approx as Montgomery Clift.
sam said on 14/Nov/07
he looks 5'10 in this picture
Adam Brennon said on 21/Aug/07
He is perceptibly, but not drastically shorter than Christian Bale in American Psycho and Bale is alledgedly 6 feet tall.
snap said on 14/Apr/07
haha he looks a little bit like Glenn Danzig in that pic :) that height is probebly correct
MD said on 8/Apr/07
Yeah, he's somewhere between 5'9" and 5'10", it appears.

With a listed 5'10" Cuba Gooding Jr.

Click Here

But, here he is looking than Philip Seymour Hoffman, who's never listed above 5'9"

Click Here

So, I'm really unsure. It looks that he could even be lower than I expected.
luke said on 6/Apr/07
defidently not 3 inches maybe 1.5 diff
glenn said on 6/Apr/07
correct.i see close to 5-10.and thats generous.
G-unit said on 6/Apr/07
I'd say 5'9Β½ - 5'10
glenn said on 6/Apr/07
does anybody else see 3 inches? cause i sure surprised you let that hat fool you.
Stiffelio said on 5/Apr/07
Glenn, could you please tell us what kind of shoes were you both wearing? Or else explain why this guy looks 3 inches taller than you on the picture but is only listed at 5'9.25"
Del Mar said on 5/Apr/07
Well, he's just losing height every time I look in here :p. And definitive below 5-10.
Del Mar said on 13/Feb/07
Yeah, that's 3 or 4 inches difference. 1.77 fits him well :) I was trying to post the link to pic with Dern and Lynch but couldn't make link, what's tinyurl?
Del Mar said on 12/Feb/07
Looks way shorter than both 5-11 David Lynch(?)) and 5-10 Laura Dern. (In heels of course but still...) I say he usually seems 5-9, but maybe closer to 5-10 in American Psycho, hard to remember

Editor Rob
here also is in him with 185cm Zidane
Marcus said on 20/Dec/06
He had quite bad posture (slouching all the time) on Charlie's Angels II...I actually thought he's 5'9''

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