How tall is Jason Bateman

Jason Bateman's Height

5ft 10 ¾ (179.7 cm)

American Actor best known for roles in TV series Arrested Development, Ozark and movies like Horrible Bosses and Paul.

How tall is Jason Bateman
Jason and Amanda Anka
Photo by kathclick/

How tall is Jason Bateman
Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler
Photo by s_bukley/

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Average Guess (125 Votes)
5ft 10.37in (178.7cm)
Realist said on 19/Sep/23
He's atleast 5'10.5 I know I am shorter than he is πŸ˜‚.
Crypto139 said on 22/Apr/23
A character in the movie he played said that he is average height. I am a legit 5'10.75" is a little above average in many places, but I suppose is still in said average range. Sort of similar to how NYC averages 29.5C/85F as a high in July, but a 88F/31C day is still within an average range for a July day there. Also, looks to be a smidge taller than John Cho, but couldn't see the footwear.
Alanna said on 26/Nov/22
Rob, how tall is Amanda Anka?
Editor Rob
WOuld have guessed within 5ft 3 range
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m said on 12/Aug/22
Mendelsohn and him could be similar. I'd give both 5ft 10.75, maybe 179 for Bateman.
Tall Sam said on 13/Apr/22
Would be interesting to see him near someone like Ethan Hawke. Bateman can look surprisingly variable in height at times on screen, His average guess is notably under his listing so I’m sure most would say Hawke would seem taller. I think how short he looked in the AD revival with Michael Cera is an anomaly and he can hold casual loose posture quite a lot.

Jason with Taika Waititi: Click Here
w/ Dax Shepard: Click Here
w/ an older Jeffrey Tambor: Click Here
w/ Will Smith: Click Here
w/ Justin Theroux: Click Here
w/ Joel Edgerton (also listed 5’10.75” & who looked nearly 2 inches over Tom Hardy): Click Here
Wehrmacht180 said on 14/Mar/22
Rowan182.5cm said on 28/Dec/21
179cm I think him and Owen Wilson are the same height
Tall Sam said on 4/Jul/21
On a recent episode of their Smartless podcast, he, Will Arnett and Sean Hayes stated their heights. All three men seemed to be fairly honest, Bateman first stated he was 5'11", Arnett said he was over 6'2" (adding something to the effect that he was a little shy of 6'3") and Hayes said he was 5'11" too.
Editor Rob
Good to see Will implying a bit under 6ft 3
Alexy1 said on 11/Apr/21
Around 5.10ft seems about right
JohnnyBravo said on 6/Feb/21
Maybe 5’10” flat.
MaskDeMasque said on 26/Jan/21
Id go with 5'10.5 rather than 5'10.75.
slim 6'1 said on 19/Jan/21
Solid 179cm
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 15/Jan/21
πŸŽ‚πŸŽ A belated 52nd Birthday Wish to Jason Bateman. I will always remember him as the orphan boy from 'Little House on the Prairie', who with his younger sister, went to live with the Ingalls family, where the children found much happiness. πŸŽπŸŽ‚

5ft10.75. πŸ€— XX
Nathan Hatton said on 14/Jan/21
Any Idea on Marc Menchaca off Ozark ?
Editor Rob
could be a bit taller than Jason
berta said on 12/Jan/21
he didnt lookea mm taller than 179 beside 188,5-189 ryan reynolds.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 18/Dec/20
Ryan Reynolds had a full 4" in real on Bateman.
Jkiller said on 15/Dec/20
He gave off a 5'10.25 (178.5cm) impression on Ozark.
Aj06 said on 14/Dec/20
jason batman is not short but he is not majorly tall at all he has a nice height above average next to renyolds and amanda he looks around 5'10.5 179 cm max for bateman no more.
Danny batba said on 8/Dec/20
Hey Rob , so I’m guessing he’s probably waking up at 5 ft 11.5 then?
Editor Rob
yeah I'd expect about that
Nik Ashton said on 14/Sep/20
@ Joeodx - He is above average and Amanda Anka is average!
CDS said on 13/Sep/20
See the 1992 (actually filmed in 1989) little seen film from Neal Israel (police academy, bachelor party, etc..), "sketches", AKA "breaking the rules", and the height situation with 3 listings on this site get adjusted. Jonathan Silverman, listed here at 6', which I think is correct, a rare solid, honest 6 footer for a change vs the norm: a guy who's probably 5'10" at best, claiming 6' (see Billy Bob Thornton πŸ˜‚). But if you watch the film, this adjusts the heights for costars, Jason Bateman to about 5'10"-5'10.5", which I previously estimated, and c. Thomas Howell, about 5'9.5", which if you check out the pic of him next to 5'8" sitemaster , Rob, that seems about spot on...
JH said on 10/Aug/20
This is a good listing for Bateman, because he looks around 1.5 inches shorter than Sudeikis.
Tall Sam said on 23/Apr/20
I would say Jason can look taller in some roles. On the original seasons of AD, he could look surprisingly close to Will Arnett much of the time perhaps due a combination of favorable camera angles and Arnett's posture. Also he looked a little taller relative to big Vince Vaughn than someone like Owen Wilson IMO. Jason also looked fairly tall near Jennifer Garner in Juno. Then he can look weirdly short at times like the Netflix AD episodes where he suddenly looks to be struggling with reaching even 5'10" near Michael Cera.
Joeodx said on 19/Apr/20
It’s weird I always thought he was a short guy his proportions suggest that but he is average height

I’d say 5ft10.5
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 14/Jan/20
πŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽŠ Happy Birthday Jason! πŸŽŠπŸŽˆπŸŽ‚πŸŽ

Wishing Jason Bateman, who I will never forget as a little boy in 'The Little House on the Prairie', a very Happy 51st Birthday. I think that was a beautiful way to start his career, and he starred in one of my favourite ever (two-part) episodes, entitled 'He Was Only Twelve'.

My Birthday guess for Jason is 5ft10.75. πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ°

FE said on 3/Jan/20
@Editor Rob,

I still feel 179cm would b a better listing?
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Skylar Gaertner (Listed 5’4”), Amanda Anka (Listed 5’3”), Christopher Nelson (Listed 1.9m) and Don Lake (Listed 5’10”)
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John Lasseter (Listed 5’7”)
Click Here

I think near 180cm is a stretch, Honestly think 5’10.25-10.5” is a Best fit for him.

Do u agree Rob?
Editor Rob
10.5 could well be a figure he measures. 5ft 10 and a full 11 I would rule out, somewhere in between seems likely
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 20/Oct/19
I guess my older estimate is right at 179cm but i wouldn't go below that.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 20/Sep/19
@c-mo I use to think it too but looking at him with a strong 189cm guy like Will Arnett, more chance he is close to what Rob have him not under 179.5cm at a low with Arnett.
c-mo said on 3/Aug/19
178cm seems more realistic to me
179cm guy said on 4/May/19
Jason Bateman, Joel Edgerton, Ethan Hawke (5'10.5)
Viggo Mortensen, Michael Fassbender, Matt Dillon (5'10.75)
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 3/Apr/19
He would have measure at 179.5cm that leaves impression to Rob he is closer to 180cm so given 5'10.75". Just my thoughts although i still think he look more like 5'10.5".
179cm guy said on 18/Mar/19
Which one is the greatest possibility Rob, him being 5’10.5 or 5’11?
Editor Rob
Today there could be an edge towards 10.5.
FE said on 16/Mar/19
@Editor Rob,

Why Not give him the 179cm then?

Charlie McDowell (5’9” Range), Don Lake (Listed 5’10”) and Brent Bolthouse (Listed 5’11”)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Can’t See him taller than someone like Seth Macfarlane, I even struggle to imagine him being as tall as someone like Sam Witwer, Viggo Mortensen or Matt Dillon etc. (These guys give Taller vibes). He’s just a Legit 179cm Guy nothing More.

What do u say, Rob?
Editor Rob
10.5 to 10.75 might be a reasonable range for him.
FE said on 15/Mar/19
@Editor Rob,

I think 5’10.5” would be the Very Best Listing for Him?
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Paul Anka (Listed 167cm), Mike Judge (Listed 5’10”), Faison Love (Listed 5’10”) and Jason Reitman (Listed 5’10”-5’11”)
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Scott Stuber (Listed 6’4”), Ricky Van Veen (Listed 5’11”), Ben Silverman (6’1” ish), Greg Mottola (Listed 5’9” on his site)
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Barry Watson (Listed 182cm), Paul Scheer (Listed 5’10”), Bobcat (Listed 5’7”), Tucker Cawley (Listed 171cm)
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Charlie McDowell (5’9” Range), Don Lake (Listed 5’10”) and Brent Bolthouse (Listed 5’11”)
Editor Rob
5ft 11 generally over the years has seemed like it was the top end...5ft 10 absolute lowest I'd ever argue, so it may turn out 179 could be a decent shout.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 17/Jan/19
6'2 1/2 Will Arnett standing straight look to be 4" taller than Bateman.
Michael 5'10", 178 cm said on 9/Jan/19
I don't think he is much over 5'10" honestly. In the Gift, he didn't look more than an inch taller than Rebecca Hall and he was about the same height as Joel Edgerton. He also looked about 5'10" to me in Game Night. Jason also looked average in Central Intelligence. Many people are agreeing with me that he is not closer to 5'11", I think it's time to downgrade him.
Monkey knees said on 17/Nov/18
Have never seen Bateman as more than 5ft 10in. Don't think he's lost much, if any, height. But 5ft 10in for him is spot on.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 13/Oct/18
There is a movie Bateman doesn't look taller than 5'10 1/2 Nicole Kidman, i'm thinking both might end up the same height at 5'10 1/2.
John Haralampopoulos said on 28/Sep/18
179-180cm peak height
178-179cm nowadays
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 24/Jun/18
Taking more look at Bateman i strong feel he came down a low at 179.5cm and could look 180ish maybe matters of early of the day.
Frank R said on 30/May/18
Jason Bateman was short compared to most of his male cast members in β€˜Necessary Roughness’ (1991).
Bego said on 16/May/18
Legit 178 cm
viper said on 3/Mar/18
He only looked 5-10 in game compared to 6-0 Kyle Chandler
Tall Sam said on 28/Feb/18
Depending on stance, Jason and Nicole can look close in height and she does look taller in some photos but I still think on even ground he'd be maybe a smidge (cm or so) taller.
berta said on 17/Dec/17
always looked 179 to me
Junior said on 10/Nov/17

Jamie is more like 5'9.5" guy and there is 3cm between Bateman and him not the same height.
Ted said on 9/Nov/17
Never anything over 179cm.
Faza said on 10/Oct/17
I wouldnt gp under 179cm could be 5 10.5- 5.11 next to ryan reynolds in the changeup looked few inches shorter reynolds is a legit 6.2 guy
Anonymous said on 8/Sep/17
Nothing over 5ft9 no way is that guy anywhere near 5.11.sometimes I just can't see how some of these height listings are estimated...
John said on 26/Aug/17
same height as jamie foxx...5'9
Matt said on 21/Aug/17
Weak 5'11"
Junior said on 18/Aug/17
Bateman might hit just right on 180cm before bed. He give an impression taller than other few 5'10.75" actors like Aaron Ackhart, Joel Edgerton and Michael Fassbendor.
Richard B said on 31/Jul/17
That guy is max 5-9
mark clowes said on 27/Jul/17
Your an amazing actor..loved the Netflix episodes Ozark.keep it going πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ™‚
6'1.5 said on 24/Jul/17
Hey Rob would you ever consider downgrading him to 5'10.5"
Editor Rob
I can see that argument at times.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 30/Jun/17
Ryan Reynolds is a very legit 6'2" and looked 4" taller than Bateman, so he must be around 5'10"
Dean said on 30/Jun/17
A bit over 5ft11
Michael Doan said on 30/Jun/17
Looks 4 inches shorter than 6'2" Reynolds in The Change Up. 5'10 for this guy anyone?
Alex said on 13/Jun/17
I honestly think that 1.78 is right for him , but absolutely not shorter than that.
Dejavu said on 25/Mar/17
He looks at least 2 inches shorter than Chris Pine. If he is a solid 5'11, Chris Pine will be a solid 6'1.
MrTBlack said on 14/Jan/17
I think Strong 5'10" is possible.
Keithg said on 8/Jan/17
5ft11 tops
Sandy Cowell said on 2/Jan/17
The film I was on about on New Year's Eve, which stars Jason in a non-comedy role, is called 'The Gift'.
I was attracted to it because it is made by the same people as 'Insidious' and 'The Purge' etc., though there is no supernatural content. It is a psychological thriller and a very good one! I saw it twice in one day!
It also stars Joel Edgerton and Rebecca Hall.
Sandy Cowell said on 31/Dec/16
When, earlier this year, I was watching 'Little House on the Prairie - A New Beginning', I noticed the name 'Jason Bateman' come up! I thought, "I know that name!" and shortly afterwards, I realised Jason had indeed gone on to make a name for himself in Hollywood!
Usually, he's in comedies, like 'Paul' and 'Juno', but I have also seen him play an incredibly unstable piece of work, though I cannot for the life of me remember what the film's called! (I'll get back on that, pinkie promise!)
Who'd have known that the Prairie's tiny orphaned boy would grow up to be nearly 5ft11? He was a beautiful boy with big green eyes and he grew, unsurprisingly, into a handsome fellow! One of my favourite ever double-episodes, 'He Was Only Twelve', centres round the boy's misfortune of walking in on a bank robbery and getting shot. Everyone tells Charles, who so kindly adopted him and his little sister Cassandra, that there is absolutely no hope for the boy, so Charles takes him away from the concerned family, builds an altar to God as suggested in the Bible, and prays for a miracle!
The outcome puts everyone who thinks Charles is 'losing it' to shame!
What a lovely start to Jason's career!
BT said on 16/Dec/16
Agree with S.J.H, 5'11 was a good listing for Bateman.
S.J.H said on 18/Oct/16
Atually i think bateman 0.25 downgrade is unnecessary. He generally look 5'11 with ryan reynolds, chris pine, jamie foxx, charlie day and jason sudeikis although previously i thought of 5'10 but i think back the old listing fits him better @ 5'11
Jake said on 20/Sep/16
I've actually had the pleasure of meeting this guy before being one of my favourite actors. I stand at exactly six feet tall, and i'd say Jason was no less than an inch shorter than me. I'd give him exactly 5'11", no shorter, no taller.
Paleman said on 14/Sep/16
On Arrested Development he doesn't seem to stand much shorter than Jeffrey Tambor or Tony Hale. He even holds his own against the 6'2" Will Arnett. Yet at times, he can only look a teeny bit taller than Michael Cera. This guy's a height chameleon alright, but comparing him to the tall cast members of AD, I can't see him standing shorter than 5'11". I think he's exactly 180cm, no more, no less.
Eric said on 8/Sep/16
I thought he was like 5'8-9 in arrested development LOL
NX said on 30/Aug/16
In the movie 'the gift' he looked 5'9
Who Cares said on 25/Jul/16
I think 180 is overstretch. Either Bateman is no taller than 177 or Nicole Kidman is 181 based on what I see in The Fang Family.
Rob, take a look at the jogging in the park scene. Bateman is clearly shorter
CS said on 16/Jul/16
@Charizard I agree. He seems to be a bit of a height chameleon.
Charizard said on 15/Jul/16
Rob is it some bring with his hair and legs and build that makes his height go all over the place? He is taller than 5'9 dudes but camera angels make him look way shorter than he is??
Editor Rob
he does vary a bit, I think anywhere from 5ft 10-11 range he can typically look.
shiva 181 cms said on 14/Jul/16
He is 5'10.5 at best standing next to jason sudekis chris pine and ryan reynolds
Sal said on 16/Jun/16
I think there is something about his body type that makes people think he is shorter than he is. He looked almost the same height as Tony Hall on Arrested Development and 3" shorter than Will Arnett and almost the same height as the Dad. Is it maybe he legs or something else carrying a different proportion? I'd say he is 5'10.75" to 5'11.25"
Anonymous38535 said on 13/Jun/16
Does anyone else think that Jason somehow looked rather short in Juno(2007)? Watching it, I thought he was around 5 feet 9 or something like that. Not saying that he is that height but it's funny and kind of strange. Anyone else?
Mat said on 16/May/16
@Editor Rob: it depends on just what point 6ft would be, right in the middle of the line or the top/bottom?

Look at the 5 feet line. 4'11 is closer to the black line of 5' than the 5'1 line. Measure it with a ruler if you want. If you download the picture and zoom it, measure with a ruler the difference between 4'11 to the bottom of 5 feet and the top of 5 feet to the 5'1 mark. It's closer to 4'11.
So I will say that the 6 foot mark is at the top of the black line.

Do you understand what I'm saying?
Editor Rob
I still don't think he's as low as a flat 5ft 10, the lowest I would argue is 179cm, but anywhere in 5ft 10.5-11 range he can look, sometimes on a good day he'll beat it, other times he'll look less.
Mat said on 14/May/16
Look what I've found editor: Click Here

How tall does he look in this? The height chart seems real, there are some more pics out there of that photoshoot.
Editor Rob
it depends on just what point 6ft would be, right in the middle of the line or the top/bottom?
Mat said on 9/May/16
Rob, maybe it's to give him then 5'10.5 or 5'10.75. Do you see only 3 cm difference in this pic? Click Here I know Bateman has worse posture, but still...
Editor Rob
he can certainly look about 5ft 10 at times, the almost 5ft 11 zone might be overall a safer mark.
Civman said on 7/May/16
Hey Rob. Would you absolutely rule out 5'10 for bateman?
Editor Rob
I think he looked a bit taller than a guy like john cho in the last film I remember him in, but 179 at times is arguable.
Fez said on 2/Apr/16
[Editor Rob: he can look a weak 5ft 11 guy, that might be the best overall fit for him.]

and maybe it is! Rob, look at him standing next to 5'11.5" listed Ioan Gruffudd Click Here
it was a scene in Horrble Bosses, Ioan clearly has a Solid inch (or maybe pushing 2 inches) on Bateman.
i used to think Bateman was 5'11 but i now think he looks more 5'10-10.5 range at most.

what do u think Rob?
Mat said on 24/Mar/16
Click Here
Rob, how do you explain the difference with Simon Pegg here? That's quite less than 2 inches
Editor Rob
he can look a weak 5ft 11 guy, that might be the best overall fit for him.
Aaron Zamora said on 23/Mar/16
It's seriously time for a downgrade Rob.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Mar/16
Sudeikis can actually look 6ft1 if Bateman is 5ft11.
MAO said on 20/Mar/16
he is 177 next to ryan reynolds
chris said on 18/Mar/16
Also if Jason Suedekis is 184cm, then no way in hell Bateman is 180cm, he looks 6cm shorter.
chris said on 18/Mar/16
178cm Rob, no taller than that
MD said on 11/Mar/16
@Aaron, looks like I missed your post. lol Great minds think alike.
MD said on 9/Mar/16
With 5'11.25" Jimmy Kimmel:

Click Here
Aaron zamora said on 7/Mar/16
It's time for a downgrade Rob. This is a picture of Jimmy kimmel and Jason Bateman. He's 5'10 1/2 at best. Click Here
P6'0.5 said on 31/Dec/15
5'10 for Bateman(178-179)
Dan said on 3/Dec/15
I saw him in person at the Egyptian theater when Jennifer aniston did a q&a for a film last year. He's definitely about 5-10. He's definitely over 5-9 but not 5-11. He's got a wide head and a ton of hair.
Aaron zamora said on 4/Oct/15
Rob this man is 100% not 5'11 he's 5'9-5'10 at most! I have a unique way of estimating heights. This man was under the 3rd door hinge and barely hit the 3rd block design of a door in the movie the change up. He was barefoot as well I believe it was towards the end when he changed back to himself and he was putting his baby to sleep. He is not short but he is not 5'11 I can assure you of that Rob. Please comment back to this! or get in touch with me I know how to tell heights in a different but unique eight I've personally measured doors and know almost exactly how tall someone is by just seeing them next to a door.
maroo12 said on 17/Sep/15
i think he's 179cm
nothing more
James said on 25/Aug/15
I've been watching through Arrested Development and he gives me a 5'10" impression. Nothing more.
Sam said on 19/Aug/15
Looks comfortably taller than Jennifer Garner and a solid inch over Rebecca Hall and Charlize Theron...with these beautiful ladies, I don't question 5'11" for him.
Sam said on 5/Aug/15
He and Joel Edgerton look fairly similar height in photos from The Gift. Both strike me as weakish 5'11"ers.
youssef 5'8 said on 17/May/15
He always looks average 5'9.5 or near that but doesn't look much shorter than 6'2 star looks 5'11 then ,he's probably 5'10 specially that the 6'2 stars are probably shorter they listed
Jim said on 28/Apr/15
Definitely 5'11". I bought a couple of his donated suits from an LA consignment store. I'm 5'10" and the suit was consistent with someone an inch taller than I. Also, he has really long arms. I to reel those sleeves up more than an entire inch.
Hypado said on 23/Feb/15
Jason Bateman's height is 5ft 10.75in (180 cm)
CDS said on 17/Feb/15
5'11" is probably right on the money, especially since he can look in the 6'0" range (on TV's "Arrested Development" next to Jeffrey Tambor), and sometimes as low as 5'10" (next to Ryan Reynolds in "The Change-up"). I wouldn't be surprised if he's 5'11 1/2" in shoes (5'10 1/2" barefoot)- end of day height.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Feb/15
5ft11 on the nose is right. No more or less.
Sam said on 5/Jan/15
W/ Alexander Skarsgard and Paula Patton, he can look 5'11" maybe a smidge under but I think he's close enough to claim 5'11". Click Here
Mike Brazil 1.82 said on 2/Dec/14
i agree with Dan. 1.80cm with shows or boots its real. a lot of heights here its cleary with shoes or boots, like that Sudeikis guy listed 1.84cm , Sudeikis is 1.83cm max. 1.86 or 1.87 with shoes
Dan said on 20/Nov/14
Saw him yesterday at the egyptian theater in hollywood. He was a surprise moderator for jennifer anistons Q&A after screening of Cake. NO WAY 5-11! NEVER. POISITIVELY NO more than 5-9. He has a huge head.
Sam said on 31/Jul/14
He does look about 5'11" here with 5'8" Billy Crudup:
Click Here
MaskDeMasque said on 5/Jul/14
Looks 5'10 in stuff i've seen him in.
SAK said on 25/Apr/14
divincodino92 says : In "Identity Thief" he says about him "average-height" and he seems 7-7.25 inches taller than Melissa McCarthy! So i think he is between 175-177!
Being described as average height means anyone between 5f9-5f11.5. So at 180cm he still is well with average range.
divincodino92 said on 4/Mar/14
In "Identity Thief" he says about him "average-height" and he seems 7-7.25 inches taller than Melissa McCarthy! So i think he is between 175-177! What do you think about Rob?
Lorne said on 2/Feb/14
A solid 180cm guy. He doesn't dip under the 180cm mark, and could be 180.5. Will Arnett is at worst, 6ft2.25, worst I can see for Bateman would be 5ft10.75 evening, 5'11 is a good shout.
Realist said on 29/Dec/13
Looks 5'10 ish
Hypado said on 20/Nov/13

5 foot 11
cole said on 3/Oct/13
Penguinboy says on 18/Aug/13
Looks a full inch shorter than Patrick Wilson in "the switch". No more than 5'10.

I just watched that movie and I think that in a lot of the shots with Patrick and Jason, the camera-angles favoured Patrick a lot, so naturally he came off looking taller. But when they talked in straight shots they looked similar in height to me. And although there wasn't any full body-shots of them together to make it a bit clearer, I'd say they are similar height.
roy said on 29/Sep/13
5' more, no less
cole said on 26/Sep/13
Watch this also: Click Here

Will Arnett always comes off as a legit 189 cm guy to me, and Jason looks a solid 180 cm with him as well I'd say.
cole said on 26/Sep/13
@Chameleon: I think he looks close to the 180 mark when they are peeing in the fountain, and you can see them in full stature, more or less on even ground and in similar footwear. That being said he can also look the full 4 inches shorter at times, and he could also come off as maybe 179 cm a lot. He's one of those 5'10 minimum - 5'11 maximum guys for sure. But mostly when I see him and Reynolds in pics together he looks near enough the 180 mark if we think Reynolds is a legit 6'2 flat.
Chameleon said on 24/Sep/13
Click Here watch this whole clip
Penguinboy said on 18/Aug/13
Looks a full inch shorter than Patrick Wilson in "the switch". No more than 5'10.
Adam said on 4/Aug/13
Cant believe he is this tall. I always thought he was a 5'9 guy
gee said on 31/Jul/13
he has to be at least 5-10 after watching identity thief...the fat lady in it even had a mug shot revealing her height...I would say 5-10 to 5-11 after these day side by side
cole said on 29/Jul/13
Click Here

What do you think Rob? It's kind of hard to tell with all the hair that is going on, but 5'11 range for Jason and 6'2 for Ryan seems about right.
Editor Rob
I think about 5ft 11 is probably a fair guess for him
Juicey said on 22/Jul/13
5'10 1/2 looked the same hieght at times or a half inch taller than cho in identity thief
gian92 said on 20/Jul/13
he is 5'11 because in identity thief he is taller than Jon cho about 2 o 3 cm
Len said on 19/Jul/13
He looks 5'10" in most everything I've seen him in.
Sam said on 3/Jun/13
I used to think he was close to six feet...he can look strong 5'11"+ next to Jennifer Garner, Charlie Day, Thomas Jane, etc. However, on the recent Arrested Development episode, he looks barely over 5'10", especially compared to Michael Cera.
flguy said on 27/May/13
I just finished watching the movie identity thief, and bateman looks the same as john cho who is listing here at 5'10..i say bateman is 5'10 max
penguinboy25 said on 13/May/13
I'd say he's between 5'10 and 5'11. Looks more than 3 inches shorter than Will Arnett.
Luther6ft said on 13/May/13
179-180 cm is about right if Reynolds is 187-188 cm.
HellBoundPower said on 13/May/13
It looks like he's almost exactly 3 inches shorter than 6'2" Ryan Reynolds. 5'11" seems perfect.
Hew said on 21/Jan/13
After watching him in AD he looks too short next to 6'1 Tony Hale and 6'2ish Will Arnett to be a flat out 180 cm man, might be 178 but nothing over that.
Jhc said on 12/Jan/13
U kidding me he looks 5'11 to Ryan reynolds if he was 5'8 he would be at Reynolds lips but if you have proof then show it
Trey said on 7/Jan/13
This looks right, might be a fraction lower.
mike 181cm said on 27/Dec/12
Batemans 5"11 you idiots watch movie change-up bathroom scene with Ryan Reynolds both have slippers on. Possible 181
Joey said on 16/Dec/12
5'8 is too much of a downgrade but so is 5'11 too much of an upgrade...I go with a 5'10 in barefeet
Miki90 said on 15/Nov/12
but here are all measured without shoes? eg I have 1.80 without shoes shoes touch the 1.82-183
AD said on 5/Nov/12
He seems to be in films with much taller people like Will Smith and Ryan Reynolds which make him appear smaller because they're in the 6'2" region.... but once he's next to people like 5'9.5" Kevin Stacey you see that he's about an inch taller than him ... he did seem to be around the same height as 5'11" John Astin in Teen Wolf Too.
rick said on 27/Oct/12
5"11? 5"10? Really?? What's wrong with folks here?
Haven't y'all seen him in movies/talk shows etc next to other movie/tv stars??
It's hard to even believe that barefoot he is over 5"8 (172.5 cm), at the most another half an inch or an inch if you're a huge fan an very generous!
But 5"10 or 5"11?? Not on this planet!
Sabre said on 26/Oct/12
No way he is 5'11, Will Arnett and Ryan Reynolds both tower over him.
Aragorn 5'11 said on 22/Oct/12
I've seen him a couple of times in Los Angeles at the premieres of Horrible Bosses and The Change up. He looked 5'11 but he was wearing a good 1 to 2 inch of footwear. He's probably close to 5'10 but he's definitely not 5'11 barefoot. However, anything less than 5'9 for him is absolutely wrong.
Achepain said on 14/Aug/12
Rob, please watch the change up gag reel.....he looks so short next to Ryan Reynolds. 5ft 8 at on earth have you labelled him as 5ft 11.....
bodwaya said on 10/Aug/12
in teen wolf too (good movie by the way) he had an inch on 5 foot 11 john astin. He is six foot in shoes
achello said on 8/Aug/12
he doesn't look that shorter than will smith in hancock
Dmeyer said on 13/Feb/12
I Γ­Β’gree solid 5'11 for this Guy 180-1cm hΓ© dosnt dipp under 180cm night
jake, 1.82 m- 1.83 m- 1.84 m said on 10/Feb/12
He's 5ft10.75/1.80 m
Mr D said on 1/Feb/12
you be the judge, image from the movie the change up with ryan reynolds who is a solid 6'2.
Click Here
steven said on 19/Jan/12
he atually claim 6'0. not even over 5'11 in normal footwear. 5'10 on a good day and 5'9.5 spoted.
D said on 15/Dec/11
looks short next to 5'9" Simon Pegg in "Paul" who in turn looks short next to 5'7" Nick Frost and 5'5" Kristen Wiig.

Bateman - 5'9.5"
Pegg - 5'8"
Frost - 5'7"
Wiig - 5'6"
Paul - 4'1"
avi said on 21/Nov/11
yes weak 5'11. next to 6'4.5 Vince Vaughn looks in 5'11 range could be 5'10.5 maybe less
Silent d said on 19/Nov/11
I always thought he was 5 foot 9. He always looked short in movies. Did you the height difference with him and 188cm reynolds. At least 10cm. Has he claimed to be 5 foot 11 rob? I don't believe it. I would say 179cm but i'm being generous.
linke said on 8/Nov/11
Bateman is 179 imo.
MR.HEIGHT said on 7/Nov/11
average sized actor 5'9" barefoot. footwear makes him look 5'10" to 5'11" now a days because of the better roles he plays.
Dmeyer said on 3/Nov/11
You had him 181cm wath happened
Editor Rob
I think a 5ft 11 on the nose is nearer
LAN Jiao said on 1/Nov/11
He look as tall as 5'9.5 kevin spacey in horrible bosses.
AD said on 11/Oct/11
Really hard to pinpoint Jason's height but most definately between 178cm and 180cm. Stuart Fratkin who plays Stiles in Teen Wolf Too was in an episode of Friends stood with 5'11" - 5'11.5" Matthew Perry and was 2 inches shorter making him 5'9" - 5'9.5", the film Jason Bateman was about an inch or so taller than him. He seemed marginally smaller than 5'11" John Astin. Also, this picture next to 6'1" Jason Sudeikis, ...2 and a half inches smaller? all in all 179cm/5'10.5" might be the nearest. Click Here
Dmeyer said on 11/Oct/11
You had him 181 wath happened
Editor Rob
I think 5ft 11 on the nose could be on the money, between 180-1
WadeW said on 22/Sep/11
His hair makes him look taller, but he's about 5'10"(178-179cm)
Genesis said on 22/Sep/11
5Β΄11" is very generous, hardly looked 5Β΄10" with Charlize Theron in Hancock. 5Β΄9.5" is my guess.
Robbie said on 20/Sep/11
Rob, if you watched horrible bosses you'll find that Ioan gruffudd is at least an inch taller than Bateman. I would say Bateman is 5 ft 10.
Chameleon said on 16/Sep/11
5'10 is closer indeed, I saw it in a movie trailer with him and Ryan Reynolds, he looks way shorter.
L said on 11/Sep/11
strong 5'11" 6' might be pushing it a little
JacksonRT said on 4/Sep/11
5Β΄10 looks closer to be honest.
Tipjar said on 26/Aug/11
Looks like a solid 5'11"
Hansen said on 25/Aug/11
5ft11 is pretty accurate :)
guy said on 18/Aug/11
he looks like a legit 5'11 maybe a tad more and even 6'0 is possible with 1 inch dress shoes
Chuck said on 2/Aug/11
Looks 5'10" or 5'11" compared to 6'2" Ryan Reynolds. He looked a solid chunk shorter than him, so I would assume he is around the range of 5'10" to 5'11". I'm 5'11" and my younger brother is 6'3". There is around the same height distance presented between me and my brother as there is between Reynolds and Bateman, approximately 4".
skang357 said on 30/Jul/11
5'10" max. Max
jtm said on 29/Jul/11
nowadays? he is only 42.
5'8.56784 said on 28/Jul/11
I think he does look 5'11 flat nowadays, he also looks skinnier and weaker for some reason. In Horrible Bosses, solid 6'1 Jason Sudeikis has 2" over Bateman.
Philip said on 27/Jul/11
Not TALLER than 5'11, most likely 5'10.5".
Voiceless dental fricative said on 14/Jul/11
Was he just downgraded? I seem to remember him at 5'11.25
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/May/11
At best he's 5"11(180cm)
he's 5'11 said on 5/May/11
i saw him at dodgers game today we both had box seats. i stood right by him he is 5'11, im legit 6'1 and i had roughly 2 inches on him we both had one the same shoes all-star chuck taylors.
SAK said on 28/Mar/11
lazlo says on 1/Mar/11
he's 5'8-5'9 6'1 butler has at leas a full 3 inches at least over him (even with them standing not entirely straight you can tell). DOWNGRADE big time needed.
Click Here
The different @ most is that pic is 2 inches, that makes him 5ft11.
gowest11 said on 21/Mar/11
thought he was a solid 6 foot. looks tall even compared to vince vaughn in couples retreat.
TED H said on 20/Mar/11
I thought about 5'9 1/2
the carl said on 11/Mar/11
bateman looks 5-10 1/2. one of those guys at the top end of average height who can really confuse people (you might think he's 5-10, you might guess 5-11, you might even think 5-11 1/2 if he is wearing dress shoes).

i really don't think he is over 5-11. he just doesn't look it. put him next to legit 6 footers, for example jon favreau, and he is definitely a bit shorter.
lazlo said on 1/Mar/11
he's 5'8-5'9 6'1 butler has at leas a full 3 inches at least over him (even with them standing not entirely straight you can tell). DOWNGRADE big time needed. Click Here
5'7.37 said on 21/Jan/11
he's defiitely 6', he has 2" on 5'10 Chris Cooper in The kingdom.
5'7.37 said on 10/Jan/11
He is never dwarfed by legit 6'2 Will Arnett in AD, maybe his size is downplayed in some films to make him more average looking, like in The Swap. I'd say 6' flat. Maybe 5'11.93 lol.
linke said on 21/Dec/10
5'10.75 tops.
clown said on 20/Dec/10
Alan Tudyk (5'11 listed) has at least an inch on him in AD. I would call Bateman closer to 5'10 and Tudyk closer to 6'
kevin said on 6/Nov/10
guys just watch the end of the 6th episode (1st season) called charity drive where he stands against a height chart. he hits the 6ft line but he has shoes on and puffy hair. 180cm flat is more like it.
Vanish said on 1/May/09
I saw state of play yesterday and he seemed as tall as Crowe
glenn said on 21/Apr/09
do i have one? i have no clue if i do.i might.
Josh.J said on 17/Feb/09
i think he has around 2 inches on charlize theron in arrested development. not a full 6ft thought i think. 181~182cm seems right
OliTheMan said on 10/Feb/09
dude this guy is definitely around 6ft. In Arrested Development, he frequently looks around the same height, even taller (though through footwear advantage), than 6"1" Jeffrey Tambor
OutBenchThis said on 30/Nov/08
5'10.5"-5'10.75" without footwear for Bateman
Tony said on 30/Nov/08
priceless in handcock and does seem this height not to far off from will
acidburn said on 26/Sep/08
Think he's between 5'11-6ft., next to 6'2 will smith in hancock..
JB said on 19/Sep/08
Just saw Jason today shopping at Target in Woodland Hills, CA. He looked spot on 5'11".
debutante said on 21/Jul/08
Maybe 6 feet or a shade shorter. HOT HOT HOT no matter what his height is !
damo said on 17/Jul/08
He's a little shorter than his male co-stars from Arrested Development, but still a fairly decent height.
Realme2008 said on 14/Jul/08
He is very close to the 6 foot mark. Click Here This is his height in shoes though?
dmeyer said on 9/Jul/08
he can look close in height with will smith but with sidewalk advantage he must be solid 181
Ron said on 26/Jun/08
On the Today Show this morning, he towered over everyone, including the alleged 5'11 Matt Lauer. He must be at least 6'1, unless he had large lifts in his sneakers!!!
Chris said on 27/Jan/08
Next to Jennifer Garner 5'8'', in Juno, Bateman looks almost 6ft.
Ed said on 28/Dec/07
Amazing Grace, I agree...he looked a good 6ft in The Kingdom.
amazing grace said on 7/Dec/07
watch The kingdom he looks a surprising 6ft easy.
glenn said on 24/May/07
yes,ill post them soon.thanks.
Cæsar said on 23/May/07
Glenn, did you manage to snap any pictures with Bateman or Braff?
glenn said on 22/May/07
i attended the event zach and jason were at.
Cæsar said on 22/May/07
He's no more than 5'11 there with Braff.
MD said on 21/May/07
With a slouching 6'0" Zach Braff:

Click Here

Un (or less) slouched, but odd angle:

Click Here
dmeyer said on 21/May/07
after looking at pics he might just be 5'11
Cæsar said on 21/May/07
Did you get a picture with him or just happen to see him and place his height? Maybe it's just on the TV camera that he appears to have a "short man's body". Bradley Whitford was another guy I doubted being 5'11 based on the West Wing but his posture is terrible and he also has a "short body", but in pictures one can discern 5'11 next to other actors.
Cæsar said on 21/May/07
This guy must have the exact same physique I do, because he looks 5'9 to 5'10 at most on his own and on AD but in pictures next to other celebrities it is clear he is 5'11ish. I have been told "there is no way you're 5'11 or anywhere close" and "you look 5'9, maybe 5'9 1/2", so I pulled out the measuring tape and was measured at 5'11 or maybe a hair under, like 180 cm metric. I don't know what it is about physiques like Bateman's but it is unfortunate to have one. Richard Ashcroft is the total opposite; he's 5'10 and looks 6'1-6'2.
MD said on 18/Sep/06
With 5'11" Jim Belushi:

1. Click Here

With 5'10.5" David Arquette:

2. Click Here

With 6'2.5" David Arnett, and 6'1" Jeffrey Tambor:

3. Click Here

4. Click Here

Something's just not adding up...

mr mister said on 16/Sep/06
That picture with Kiefer is confusing as roughly his page stated him about (lets face it) 5’9”, so with say 3” lifts he would be about 5’11”. With a difference of about 2” or 3” with Bateman; it adds up that he is about 5ft 9”????????
Anonymous said on 2/Apr/06
He always looks alot smaller on AD, because everyone else on the show is pretty tall as well.
mac1 said on 13/Dec/05

This picture shows him a little over 6foot with shoes... so about 6foot without.
Jimmy Webb said on 14/Oct/05
Kiefer I think has on lifts a lot. I mean the poor man is from a family of 6'4" giants and came out only average size.
Mate said on 15/Sep/05
Photo with kiefer sutherland - one of these guys posted heights must be wrong? Which one?
Mate said on 14/Sep/05
Photo with kiefer sutherland - one of these guys posted heights must be wrong? Which one?
Mr. R said on 26/May/05
When he did The Hogan Family, he was at least 2 inches taller than Josh what's his name from Days of Our Lives who played his father. Josh was always listed at 5-10, but this was clearly untrue. I think this height is right.
sam said on 24/May/05
He never seemed like a tall guy, but he often stands surprisingly tall next to other actors. Even next to Vince Vaughn, who usually dwarves all other actors, Bateman didn't look all that small standing next to him.
MD said on 23/May/05
I'm not convinced that he's even 5'11" I really always thought he looked more around 5'10" really or maybe even and inch less but no shorter.

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