How tall is Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler's Height

5ft 9 ½ (176.5 cm)

American actress, best known for roles in Armageddon, The Incredible Hulk and Lord of the Rings. In her own words she says of her height: "I'm 5ft 10, wear size 8, have size 10 feet and big bones, but that doesn't make me a big girl".

How tall is Liv Tyler
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If you look back at Helena Christensen or Christy Turlington, they were probably a 4 or a 6 – they had beautiful bodies, very lean, obviously, and gorgeous.
The girls walking the catwalk [now] are very, very thin and very tall.
Samples are a size zero – they’re so tiny. I’m 5’10”, a giant, and I wear a size 10 shoe. Sometimes I just have to settle for what fits. But if I were 5’2″ and really petite [like a lot of actresses] I could wear those things.
I was very tall growing up and it always made me feel awkward about myself. I was embarrassed by my height and I felt very self- conscious about standing out in a crowd, which is exactly the opposite of what a model is trained to do.
-- Daily Record, 23rd July 1998

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5ft 9.58in (176.7cm)
Sandy Cowell said on 16/Sep/23
Comments were down on Liv’s birthday, but I didn’t forget her. Here’s hoping she had a lovely day and enjoys a happy and healthy year ahead with her three children and her other half.

5ft9.5 is more realistic for her evening height. 💐💕
Sandy Cowell said on 9/Jun/23
I’ve just come from Edward Norton’s page and Liv, despite wearing fairly high shoes, is shorter than Ed.

I’m beginning to believe Rob’s 5ft9.5, though I do think Liv is 5ft10 in the morning. She is one of the sweetest celebrities EVER and I can’t see her lying. She doesn’t even like being tall!

I remember how huge she stood in ‘One Night at McCools’ in which she really did wear enormous heels! She looked so tall that I think she was even taller than Matt Dylan. Dad Steve accompanied her to the premier and I bet he was very proud of his talented actress daughter. Steve also saw her in ‘Lord of the Rings’, in which she spoke in an English accent and also spoke Elvish, a language created by JRR Tolkien. Anyway, Dad asked her, “Is that really YOU speaking?” “Of COURSE!” replied Liv. “I’m an ACTRESS!”

People still ask Liv to speak it to this day - and she willingly obliges! I love her!
Sandy Cowell said on 8/Apr/23
Happy Easter to Liv and her three children. I recall when Milo was little. Now he’s well in access of 6ft!

I’m giving Liv 5ft9.75. 🐇🥚🐣
Dmeyer said on 19/Mar/23
In some heels with Brad she should bé noté less than 184-185 6.0,75 Brad looks similar so minimum 182-3cm shoes on while his shoes IS a Lidl under 1in so near 5-11 2019 even counting posture
Naeem Thompson said on 10/Mar/23
Liv Tyler is 177CM or 5’9 and Quarter or 5’10 strong height she is a good Actress range 5’9.5 and half wear 6ft1 in the heels taller Rob
Sandy Cowell said on 5/Feb/23
I’ve seen - and read - many of Liv’s interviews and indeed she is a lovely person, Arch. I’ve been a fan of hers for 16 years.
Mimi said on 5/Feb/23
Rob you think she's a solid 6ft1 in the heels she's wearing in the photo above?
Editor Rob
Yeah she could be scraping that 6ft 1 mark with those heels.

On a related note, her sister Mia Tyler claimed 20 years ago "I'm 5ft 7in tall, weigh 11st and am a size 16".
Arch Stanton said on 4/Feb/23
Liv also seems like a lovely person from clips I've seen of her Sandy. I did think she looked 5 ft 10, unusual for the daughter to be taller than the father as in her's and Ireland Baldwin's case. People often want what they can't have, and it's often people who have the most enviable assets who aren't happy with them! There's women with her's and Famke Jansen heights and looks who wish they looked like Reese Witherspoon LOL.
Sandy Cowell said on 2/Feb/23
I bet Liv wakes up in the morning measuring a strong 5ft10. I feel quite adamant about this because I’ve been a fan of hers for ages and have read all about her, including many interviews.

She has said that she’d like to be petite. I think if she lived like this for a fortnight, she’d go back to being tall. Anyway, she has petite facial features and a model-girl figure. In my opinion, she’s quite perfect!

5ft9.75. 🥀💐🌹
Sandy Cowell said on 23/Sep/22
@ Andrea - Interesting picture, Andrea!

I do remember Liv isn’t massively fond of her height. I read it in an interview, after which she was criticised in the Daily Express. I thought, “How dare you be nasty to Liv-Liv! 👅 She’s never been horrid to anybody!”

Liv Tyler is one of the nicest celebrities I’ve ever read about. It’s quite normal for a woman to crave the desire to be short if she’s tall and vice versa, or blonde if she’s dark; the human race is a curious species!

Arlo said on 27/Aug/22
She looked shorter than Justin Theroux in the leftovers
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Jul/22
🎂🎁🎈 Happy Birthday Liv! 🎈🎁🎂

Many Happy Returns to Liv Tyler!

5ft10. XXXXX 👏😀🐈🐈‍⬛
Andrea said on 13/Aug/21
I remember I saw a pic with a guy that Rob said is 5'5.5 in person... Here it is: Click Here
I don't know what she's wearing, but even assuming she's in flats, she looks a lot closer to 5'8 than 5'10. Now, I doubt she's as low as that, but I doubt she's much over 5'9 either. 5'9.25 would at least be closer. The only way she can hit 5'10 is right out of bed... Maybe.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 12/Aug/21
❣️ Not by any means for the first time, Liv Tyler popped up on a quiz - this time 'The Chase' - as to which rock group her father sings in. Of course it's Aerosmith 🎶 and the player answered correctly. Then Bradley asked the contestant whether she knew his name and she said, "Steve."

Well done to her on both counts! 👏😁

5ft10. 👩💐
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Jul/21
💐🎂💝🎊 Happy Birthday Liv! 🎊💝🎂💐

Here's wishing the gorgeous Liv Tyler a VERY Happy Birthday today. She celebrates turning all the fours, 4️⃣4️⃣, today!

5ft10 🥀🥂🌹XXXXX

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 9/Jun/21
I dreamt of Liv-Liv last night and she was gorgeous and friendly and gave me a hug! She was also appropriately tall, AND wore high heels.

Not that the stars in my dreams are always the heights they should be; when I dreamt of Russell Brand, he was only about 5ft7!

Lovely Liv gets 5ft10. 🍰🤗🌹
Acmd11 said on 21/Mar/21
177 cm my guess
Kirkerj said on 28/Feb/21
I met her years ago and she’s at most the same height as me-175cm. What I was surprised about was the size of her feet which were a 12! I met her in a shoe store
Renato1 said on 19/Feb/21
She said , her oldest child is around 6ft2 at 16
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 5/Feb/21
While I'm feeling sentimental about how precious our parents are to us, this sweet lady has always said how lucky she is in having two Dads. Yes, musician Todd Rundgren brought Liv up as his own and then she met her natural father, Steve Tyler, at a rock concert as a kid and knew instinctively....

The beautiful hearted Liv loves them both, of course. Her Mum, Bebe Buell, says Liv is her 'greatest achievement'. I know I've said this before, but it's worth mentioning again. I've read so many interviews of Liv's and she is one of the warmest, sweetest celebrities ever.

She said that she'd like to be petite in one of her interviews from English Bazaar Magazine, Autumn 2008, if I remember rightly. The Daily Express printed a daft, stupid article saying she was 'ungrateful for the very assets that made her famous'. What utter poppycock! Liv would be a star regardless of her height, and was just wondering what it would be like to be shorter, in the same way that the short wonder what it's like to be tall. She's one of the most appreciative stars in existence, and I liked her before I knew her height. It makes no difference!

5ft10. 👩💐💕
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 7/Jan/21
I wish Liv, Mum of two sons and a daughter, a splendid, safe and very happy 2021.

I'll be fascinated to find out whether Liv has any films coming out this year. In fact, I'm going to check that out today. The last time I went to the pictures was to see a Liv Tyler movie. It was 'The Strangers', and it was quite a long bus ride away, but well worth the effort!

Liv gets 5ft10. 👩💐💕
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 24/Nov/20
In the same weekend dream where I met - and hugged - Steve Tyler, Liv suddenly came into the café. I was so overwhelmed to see her that I hugged her and years' worth of tears came flooding out.

She was wearing a pink bobbed wig and had a very soothing voice, which I know to be true in real life.

5ft10 💗
J2Frenzy said on 4/Nov/20
She would be the female equivalent of my height I presume (I’m 189). Interesting she’s so tall when her dad is average.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 23/Oct/20
⭐ That should have read 2007/8 rather than 207!

That's supposed to have passed for a 'Correction Time'....😛😆
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 22/Oct/20
I read years back in a Liv Tyler interview, (207/8 I think) that the actress enjoys Reece's chocolate and peanut butter products. Ironically, they've become my favourite indulgence food of late, having found them for sale on Amazon - en masse! 😋

Liv gets 5ft10, but I don't doubt that she sometimes goes below it after a hectic day.

🌟 I did read that Liv is 5ft11 in a far more recent magazine interview. It made me wonder if she sometimes measures over 5ft10 first thing, but I dismissed the 5ft11 possibility. Liv isn't crazy about being tall, so I don't see why she would ever dream of lying. She's a very down-to-Earth lady, and accepts herself the way she was made, which is PERFECT!

👩👍🥜🍫💕 "Yum yum YUM! Yes please!"
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 11/Sep/20
✴️ On this day, when we look back to the terror and tragedy that struck America and the rest of the world with the 9/11 attacks, some of us may be looking for ways in which to reminisce.

No doubt many of us have seen movies of the event itself, but there is one out there which I thoroughly recommend, from 2007, called 'Reign Over Me', in which Liv plays the therapist to Adam Sandler's shattered character, who has lost his entire family in the 9/11 attacks and, understandably, is suffering from PTSD. 😢🕎


You see Liv looking not-so-tall when she stands with Saffron Burrows, but next to Don Cheadle especially, she continues to look her normal statuesque self.

Lovely Liv T gets 5ft10. 😁💐😘🌹
The French Dude said on 16/Aug/20
I believe those who are saying things under 5’8 are clearly trolling!, this drop gorgeous woman gets 5’9.5 for me, good listing Rob!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 14/Jul/20
💐🎂🎁💕 Happy Birthday Bebe! 💕🎁🎂💐

Today is the 67th Birthday of model and singer, but most importantly of all, the Mum of Liv Tyler. Bebe talks about Liv as her 'greatest achievement', and I'm in full agreement with her about that!

Have a wonderful day, Bebe and your lovely family! XXX

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 7/Jul/20
@ Rob - Doesn't time just FLY BY? It's quite frightening, especially as the older you get, the faster it flies. I remember chatting to my Stepmum one evening in Safeway's while I was doing my shopping, and yet another Christmas was upon us. I was all excited to see that the Christmas decorations were going up, and I couldn't resist phoning her up for a chat. At 31 going on 32, I felt time was passing me by, but I was still young and hadn't lost any height yet. No, I still had well over 20 years before that happened! Although only 16 years older than me, some of the best no-nonsense advice I ever received was from her, and she told me that the older you get, the quicker time passes. How right she was!

I noticed recently that I wasn't automatically writing the celebrity ages down last year, but I feel that it's a relevant factor when it comes to height loss, so I do try to include the Stars' ages now. I couldn't help but notice reading that Jenny has lost height in her 40s, because of her desk job. Life can be unfair, can't it? Jenny, for a girl of her height, has dainty little feet at just size 5! That's much prized in some parts of the World, and I think it's lovely to have small feet for a woman. I take size 3-and-a-half, and considering there's over half a foot of difference between Jenny and myself, I'd say she has comparatively smaller feet than I do.

I started losing height in my 50s, helped along by my restrictive lifelong eating habits and my faulty hip. But whatever the reason for the onset of height loss, it's part of life - and best not to brood about it, if at all possible. 😀👍

Take care, Rob and Jenny,

All the very best,

Sandy XX 😉👍 XX 💐

Liv gets 5ft10 again.
Editor Rob
In 40's, some women can succumb to loss...I don't know if Liv is quite at the age yet where she's lost anything!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 2/Jul/20
Oh dear, Rob! Have you seen my birthday greetings on Liv and Debbie Harry?
Editor Rob
Yes, Liv can not only say 'I'm taller than Rob Paul', she can even say 'I'm younger than Rob a few months'

I haven't paid that much attention to celebrity birthdays, though it's an interesting topic for many and sometimes seeing the ages of celebs makes you realise how fast life can go by.
Nik Ashton said on 1/Jul/20
Look at this:

Click Here

It’s great to see a photograph of Liv Tyler with her siblings and I hope she has a great birthday, she’s my age!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Jul/20
💐🎉💝🎂 Happy Birthday Liv! 🎂💝🎉💐

Many Happy Returns of the Day to Liv Tyler on her 43rd Birthday! Have a great family day with all your kids and Dave. XXX 😘🎶

5ft10 🌹😁👍💕💎

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 15/Jun/20
Yum yum yow! I was just chatting about my celebrity crushes on Andrew Scarborough's page and Liv is certainly one of them. 😍

I pointed my boyfriend to my Liv Tyler/Arwen doll and said, "Well, don't you recognize her?"

He replied "...but she's MUCH taller than that!"

Indeed she is, by nearly 5 foot!

Lovely Liv gets 5ft10.
Jam Cherry said on 21/May/20
177 cm at 5’9.75”
khaled taban 175.3cm said on 19/May/20
I see her as 176cm
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Apr/20
I've just heard that Liv's eldest son, Milo, was 6ft1 at 14, so how tall is he now?

Liv gets 5ft10. 😘
Nik said on 28/Mar/20
@ Rob - Was she ever listed as 5'9.75" and/or 5'10"?
Editor Rob
Yes she was listed higher a while ago.
Mimi said on 25/Mar/20
Rob do you see her as being 176cm tall?
Editor Rob
178 I don't see her at now, but as low as 176, I'm not sure I would go that low.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 27/Jan/20
⭐ I should have mentioned in my last comment that the girl was called Liv. I hope it was a foregone conclusion anyway!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 25/Jan/20
There's an extremely pretty girl on Rylan's 'Supermarket Sweep' and she and her boyfriend have just won the competition! Her hair is the colour of pearls and she is around a head smaller than Rylan, so she is above average in height. 👱‍♀️

Are all girls called Liv as pretty as pictures? My hairdresser is another one!

Stunning Liv Tyler gets 5ft10 today.

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 6/Dec/19
Liv discovered that Steve was her Dad when she was 8 or 9 and at a concert. When she split up with Royston Langdon, she devoted her time to bringing up Milo. She said, "The only man in my life at the moment is my son!"

Then she met Dave Gardner.

She has 3 children in total.

Cheers Vitto! XX 😁👍
Vitto said on 5/Dec/19
@Sandy I've read her story. When did she discover who was her Dad? Did she leave her first husband and she is engaged with David Gardner now? So, she has three children in total?

It's great that she knew David and his wife.
Cheers Sandy 😄
Vitto said on 5/Dec/19
@Sandy I am replying to your previous message from the 4 December, I haven't read it before!
I guessed a bit shorter because she looks just a bit taller than Agyness in some pictures I've seen from the past, I didn't mean to offend anyone 😉
So, Liv doesn't like being tall? I am the opposite, I wish I was taller even though I am an inch taller than her if she's really 5'10 as she says. I am also taller than both my parents but they are average. I am not sure how tall is Steven maybe he is as tall as my Dad but my Mum is shorter than Bebe.

That's a nice thing that Bebe said referring to her daughter. Are they both models?
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 5/Dec/19
@ Vitto - Liv knows a great many rock stars because her Dad is one. Until she met her Dad properly at 8 or 9, she was brought up by Todd Rundgren, another rock star, and her Mum, Bebe Buell. Liv has a close personal relationship with Stella McCartney and Julian Lennon. We all know which group their Dads used to be in! 😉

She did indeed know David and Iman.

She has a son, Sailor, and daughter, Lula, with fiancé David Gardner.

Cheers Vitto! 😄 XXX
Vitto said on 4/Dec/19
@Sandy Really? I didn't know that. So, did she know David personally? How lucky!
Is her son an only child? I wish him a happy birthday! 😁
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 4/Dec/19
@ Vitto - David Bowie and a whole host of other huge stars attended Liv Tyler's wedding to Royston Langdon in 2003. They had one son, Milo, who celebrates his 15th Birthday this month. 😁
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 4/Dec/19
@ Vitto - I believe that picture with Liv and Agyness Deyn is from 2008. I was a fan as from November 2007 and have written to her on her Website. She stipulates being 5ft10, but she doesn't like it very much and would like to be petite. I think it's probably a case of the grass always being greener....

I think if she could try out being short, she'd soon want to be tall again! She's taller than both her Mum and Dad, and both her sisters. I don't know about her brother though. He'll be grown up now.

Liv's Mum Bebe Buell, 175cm, proudly says that Liv is the best 'achievement' of her whole life. The Kate Hudson movie 'Almost Famous' is loosely based on Bebe's life story.

Cheers Vitto! XX 😄👍🌹
Nik Ashton said on 4/Dec/19
It’s interesting that she is taller than her Dad ever was!
Dmeyer said on 3/Dec/19
brad easily as tall even when she got near 2in more shoes , brad has to be 4cm taller
Nearly 180cm guy said on 3/Dec/19
Liv is a woman of my type, she is beautiful in my opinion😍.
Although, she is only a little shortet than me, I probably wouldn't have a chance to be with her😂.
I think anywhere in the 177 cm range looks believable to her, so either 5'9.5" or 5'9.75" is in my opinion her range.
Vitto said on 2/Dec/19
I am not sure she is the full 5'9.5 in a lot of pictures I saw with model Agyness Deyn who is 5'8. I can't find them on Google unfortunately.
I only found this one, here she is taller but in other pictures I saw they are almost the same height.
Click Here
Anyway, I think she is beautiful especially when she was younger and starring in Armageddon and in her father's music video for 'I don't want to miss a thing'.
I guess 5'9.
Paul Feasal said on 25/Nov/19
The thing is a person can very in height threwout the day. The average person is an inch taller in the morning than later on in the day. Last people do very on height based on how there body is doing that day. Depending on how tensed up a person's body is. People also shrink as they get older and loose height do to injuries or other health issues.
Dana said on 9/Nov/19
5ft9 at max, she looked about the same height as legit 5ft8 Joaquin Phoenix when they were dating back in the 90s.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 24/Sep/19
While I was waiting for my hospital appointment today, I saw a picture of Liv-Liv on the back of an already messed up Sunday supplement, which I boldly ripped out! 😝😂😂😂👍
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 21/Sep/19
What are the chances of one's hairdresser giving you a copy of a magazine with your favourite girl on the cover? Well, I was given three magazines upon asking, and the third one I looked at had LIV TYLER on the front! I will, of course, be buying my own copy and reading every word of the interview. Liv went to Glastonbury this year! If only I had gone.....🎸🎧🎵🎶🎹

I think I'd have passed clean out! 😍

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 16/Aug/19
Having been a fan of Liv's for 12 years, I dreamt of the lovely Liv last night, and not for the first time either!

Last night I had 'the chance' (😂) to tell her all about Celebheights. She thought I was much taller than I actually am and I felt as though I was walking on air! Perhaps she was just being her normal, kind self but it still felt good! Her Aerosmith Dad Steve was also in my dream....
Nik Ashton said on 7/Aug/19
A lot of people think she is 5’10”!
Slick said on 3/Aug/19
i would say easily 5'10
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 3/Aug/19
Liv even produces the film 'Wildling', a fact that I found worth mentioning on her page.

So now we have Liv Tyler, the Producer. She plays a Sheriff in the movie - a very nice, helpful one - and she certainly has the height to pull it off! 👮
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 2/Aug/19
⭐ Liv's new movie is actually called 'Wildling' - with an 'l' between the 'd' and the 'i'. ⭐
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Aug/19
I have just discovered that Liv has a new film out called 'Wilding'. It's a-coming later today and it's a horror film. It even stars Brad Dourif!

5ft10. 📀😋👍
emmbee said on 11/Jul/19
saw her once in the east village, I am close to 5'8" and she was noticeably taller. Full 5'10"
emmbee said on 11/Jul/19
saw her once in the east village, I am close to 5'8" and she was noticeably taller. Full 5'10"
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Jul/19
💝🎂🎁 Happy Birthday Liv-Liv! 🎁🎂💝

To the most beautiful girl in the world. I love you and all the positivity you have installed into me!

Have a wonderful day angel-face! XXX


Miss Sandy Cowell said on 13/Apr/19
Aha! Liv-Liv is the tallest of the LOTR girls! I know she'd love to be petite, so today I will give her 5ft9.75, but I know she stretches to 5ft10. She's a lovely, honest girl, and there's no way she would lie.

She's got to be my all-time favourite, and I have told her so on her website!
P.W. said on 8/Feb/19
Easy 5'10" with those long legs. Nice personality and ultra sexy.
Sandy Cowell said on 23/Aug/18
@ Mimi - Being the beautiful person she is, she is busy bringing up her children!

I have just watched 'The Strangers' as part of the 'Horror Channel's 'Fright Fest' season. I remember seeing it at the pictures, and thinking. "What chance does a girl like her, regardless of her height, stand against a bunch of masked maniacs like that?"

Let me tell you folks. this film really upset me. I know Liv experienced real panic attacks while making it, as would I have, masks being one thing that terrify me.

Liv has embraced all genres of film, but. having just been scared mercilessly myself, I wouldn't blame her if she sticks to the more historical side, as she showed us last October.

LOVE this girl! 5ft10, of course!
TJE said on 23/Jul/18
This is a better listing from before
Mimi said on 10/Jul/18
@Sandy Cowell
Yes you got that right. She has a smart and charming personality, a saint like beauty and legs that go for miles. Too bad we don't see her to often in mainstream films nowadays.
Nik said on 10/Jul/18
@ Mimi - Hi! many thanks for that!

Sandy Cowell said on 9/Jul/18
@ Mimi - Ironic that you should say that because I liked Liv as a person before I started buying her films! I love the way she thinks and her love for her family, friends and life itself.

She is one of the most charming celebrities ever and the fact that she is beautiful is simply by the way! She is the sort of woman who is bound to get better as time goes on because there is so much good and positivity in her.

Oh, and I do enjoy her films too - some more than others, but I have never considered any a waste of money!
Mimi said on 8/Jul/18
Sandy Cowell
I must admit I'm not a big fan of Liv's work other than LOTR and Armageddon but watching her interviews recently, I've come to adore her soft spokenness, beauty and especially her height. Although for me she gets a 5ft9.5 or a 5ft9.25

Hello to you too 👐
Nik said on 5/Jul/18
@ Sandy Cowell & Mimi


The average vote is telling!
Sandy Cowell said on 4/Jul/18
Nice one Mimi! 😁👍💕
Mimi said on 2/Jul/18
Happy 41st birthday to Liv Tyler too! Such a beautiful and soft spoken woman.
Sandy Cowell said on 1/Jul/18

I'd like to wish the adorable Liv Tyler a very Happy Birthday!

One of the brightest and most inspirational shining stars, I've admired her for nearly twelve years. She accepts herself the way she is and contributed a lot in helping me do the same. I have also written to her on her website.

📣 Have a great day gorgeous Liv and love to you, your beau David and the children Milo, Sailor and Lula.📢XXXXXXX


Liv's Birthday guess is 5ft10, of course!
MAD SAM said on 22/Jun/18
She’s 178 cm she always looked 5’10” maybe quarter inch more
Sandy Cowell said on 11/Mar/18
@ Emily Lemonly - I'm going to like you! 😉👍

Madame Tyler gets the same as usual from me: 5ft10!
Emily Lemonly said on 10/Mar/18
She's probably 5'10. I see a comment here that Edward Norton is shorter than 6 foot and can't be used to measure by. I've never met Liv Tyler (I wish!), but I've met Norton at a club. I'm 5'9" and I was wearing 4 inch heels and we stood at about eye level. I didn't take note of Liv and Ed's heights standing together in the hulk, but if she was only a little shorter than him, that would make sense.
Sandy Cowell said on 15/Nov/17
Liv was brilliant in her recent BBC drama debut, 'Gunpowder'! I said to my boyfriend, "Her family will be proud of her acting in such a great, historical drama - and a British one at that!"
It was a real transition for her to take on a serious part like that, and one for which she won't have been required to dress up and look glamorous for! Quite the contrary! Yet she still looked statuesque and there's no way they wore high heels in the 17th century, which was the setting for this drama.
Based on this recent appearance, Liv shall still have 5ft10. I was going to take off a quarter of an inch, but I have changed my mind!
Nik said on 5/Aug/17
@ Sandy Cowell

Thanks Sandy!
KH said on 25/Jul/17
Probably closer to 5'9. Flat footed 5'10 is where women start seeming gigantic considering they all like to wear heeled shoes. Plus she says 5'10 and we all know most celebs, and to be fair a lot of people in general, inflate there height by at least an inch.
Adijos said on 13/Jul/17
Hello Rob! I think 5'10" could actually be too high for her... But I think 5'9½" is not quite right either. I came to the conclusion that 5'9¾" fit her perfectly, I think you can not exclude this option." What do you think about this?
Sandy Cowell said on 7/Jul/17
@ Nik - Nice one Nik!
Liv Tyler is great! My cat Livielia is named after her - well, the 'Liv' part! 👍😸🎂
Hole said on 7/Jul/17
In heels not much taller than 5ft 9 Justin Theroux
Nik said on 1/Jul/17
@ Sandy Cowell

Liv and Nicole Scherzinger shared being 39 together for one whole day!
Nik said on 1/Jul/17
@ Sandy Cowell

That is a.lovely message and I would like to wish Liv a happy birthday too!

Happy birthday!
Sandy Cowell said on 1/Jul/17
🎈🎂 Birthday Wishes Liv! 🎂🎈

Many Happy Returns to the delightful Liv Tyler, proud Mum of THREE, 👲👨👧, on this 1st day of July, 2017! 💐

FORTY TODAY! 🎆 🙆😸😋😃😁😊😆😅☺😀😇 🎆 🍸🍺🍹🍻🍷🌹🌻🌼🌸🌃🌆🌎🗽🏪💄🐕🐱🐈🐇🐹🐶🐁🐀🐦
Sandy Cowell said on 12/Jan/17
@ idk - 🍻👍
idk said on 8/Dec/16
Norton is not under 6 feet and i think she's closer to 5'10 than listed
Sandy Cowell said on 4/Dec/16
I am watching 'The Incredible Hulk' and, as usual, Liv's heartfelt performance has me in tears!
I love it when she and Ed Norton hug in a torrential downpour; you can see that there is at least 2 inches between them. I am of the opinion that Norton could be 6ft1 because I do remember it from a film and also I maintain my belief that Liv's 5ft10 because I have read a great many interviews and trivia from her website. Furthermore, she has wished herself petite before in an interview from Bazaar magazine, so why would she fabricate being taller?
Sandy Cowell said on 8/Oct/16
I thought Liv Tyler was 5ft10 and I even read in a magazine that she was 5ft11! I never took in the fact that she was tall until I saw her in the film 'One Night at McCool's' standing next to Matt Dillon and towering over him! Before that I was too busy admiring her incredible ethereal beauty! How tall she stands never even crossed my mind!
Johno said on 2/Aug/16
I think she is more 5'8.5 and Paltrow is a weak-5'8.
John said on 29/Jul/16
no more than 5ft 8 with norton whos under 6ft
truth said on 22/Jun/16
5'9.5 is spot on. Also Gwyneth is no less than 5'9.
Cacau said on 20/Feb/16
She looks 10 cm shorter than Viggo Mortensen (1,80m)

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Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 16/Feb/16
If Liv gets downgraded to 5'9.5", then Gwyneth Paltrow should be downgraded to 5'8.5" or even 5'8" flat. Gwyneth is always at least an inch shorter than Liv.
Jason said on 17/Jan/16
Finally Rob. Was awaiting a downgrade for years!! She was never a full 5' 10". She was always in 5'9 - 5'9.5" range.
Fray said on 28/Dec/15
She is right around the 5'10" mark (maybe a centimeter short), but not as short as 5'9". She was 5'9" at 14, and almost 5'10" at 16 (during the "Crazy" video). I can't remember Steven's height exactly, but he was around the same height as her - maybe 1/2" shorter (he had boots on).
Original said on 8/Sep/15
5'8.5" - 5'9".
Michael said on 31/Aug/15
5'7 barefoot
5'11 with heels
mariam1 said on 16/Aug/15
Liv is over 5'9" def, but not solid 5'10", somwhere between. Maybe like 176.5cm or 175.5. But she hasn't well balanced proportions and bones that makes us think she's at 5'8" range. But strong 5'9" or 5'9" 1/2 is right for her.
Az said on 6/Aug/15
Elija wood and Liv. I can't see her being over 5'8". I'm 5'7" ish and I hung out with Elijah at a show both of us in converse and he's 5'6".
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Az said on 6/Aug/15
Elija wood and Liv. I can't see her being over 5'8". I'm 5'7" ish and I hung out with Elijah at a show both of us in converse and he's 5'6".
Az said on 21/Jul/15
No matter the angle, same height as Deyn. Liv is 5'9" at most. But I'm pretty sure 5'8".
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She used to say she was 5'8" back in the day. So no, not 5'10".
Y2A said on 27/Jun/15
Deyn has a camera advantage there and still looks shorter than her.
Az said on 24/Jun/15
Posted this for Kate Hudson too, but Agyness Deyn is famously 5'8", Kate is 5'4"ish and Liv Tyler is 5'8"

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MaryAnne said on 22/Apr/15
will you downgrade her?
Editor Rob
the lowest I think I'd argue would be 5ft 9.5, but at times I think she is close enough to pass as 5ft 10.
Jason said on 19/Apr/15
Yes rob a downgrade does makes sense.
ERIC said on 15/Apr/15
yes rob she is but only by half an inch. She is not edging gwyneth by full 1 inch. so shes not a full 5' 10. Little below than that. More like 176-177cm range
ERIC said on 13/Apr/15
Rob to be honest she looks 5' 9" at times. She looked exact the same height as charlize theron. She was not half inch taller than her not edging her by half an inch.Liv is more like a solid 5' 9"-5' 9.5". She needs a downgrade atleast
ERIC said on 12/Apr/15
Rob which mark has been possible for liv? 5' 9.5" o 5' 10"?
Editor Rob
5ft 9.5 is just as possible I think.
MasterX said on 13/Mar/15
Rob downgrade her height to 5' 9.5". Dont you think she kinda lost height?
Editor Rob
that mark has always been possible for her.
Bishop said on 16/Jan/15
The difference between her and Sarah Jessica Parker is definitely not 7.5 inches:
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They're wearing similar sized heels. 177 cm max.
Elizabeth Renant said on 14/Nov/14
Mortensen is no more than 5'10" and they managed shots between him and Tyler in LOTR so that he looked as tall or taller, but it was clear she was at least as tall as he is. She has the look of a true 5'10" girl.
Magic said on 31/May/14
I don't believe she is 5'10 ,maybe second me she is 5'7-5'8.
If Elijah Wood is 5'5-5'6 and she doesn't wear high hells,if you search photos on web writing "liv tyler elijan wood" she would seem 5'7,5
Sam said on 30/May/14
Charlize is a little closer to the camera, so has an advantage on top of which her heels might be a little bigger than Liv's. No doubt though that there isn't much between them barefoot, both could anyway between 5'9" and 5'10".
Ax said on 28/May/14
Shorter than charlize. More like 5'8.5
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Just said on 21/Apr/14
Liv is 5'10. She's taller than 5'9 Gwyneth Paltrow.
James B said on 5/Apr/14
Thought she was 5'7
rdgf said on 16/Jan/14
Are these measurements taking into account shoe height or is it an approximation of their natural height? Just curious.
Arch Stanton said on 14/Jan/14
@Sasha I agree, Viggo had 1.5-2 inches on her in the film, but did you see the tricks they did to alter heights in the film? I would never trust a comparison in LOR as a height guide!!
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 30/Aug/13
As listed, 177-178cm.
cole said on 11/Jul/13
Closer to 5'9
Peyman-6ft said on 18/Jan/13
viggo mortensen : 181.5 out of bed & 179.5 when going to sleep
Liv tyler : 178 out of bed & 176_176.5 at her lowest
thats all
Silent d said on 27/Sep/12
I watched jersey girl and she was towered by 6 foot 2 affleck. She looked 5 foot 9 but 5 foot 10 is about right. Super tall and sexy!
Sasha said on 5/Feb/12
I watched the first part of "The Lord of the Rings" today again. :) There is at least 1.5-2" between Liv and Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn). If Viggo is 5'11", Liv is 5'9-5'9.5".
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 8/Jan/12
Extremely attractive woman, especially when she was young. I think she's a fraction under 5'10". She's taller than Gwyneth Paltrow, but despite wearing heels she wasn't taller than Edward Norton who is 5'11" MAX. 176 or 177cm is my guess for her. If you would ask me what the perfect woman looks like, I'd answer Liv Tyler.
Jack said on 2/Jan/12
not under 5'10" for sure...
LAN Jiao said on 16/Nov/11
Lol shuan posted picture affleck looks like a 6'0 guy.. liv is 5'9
Shaun said on 13/Aug/11
@ Melinda. I'll take an attractive 5'10" woman any day. I like tall women admittedly, although I think anything over 5'11" is excessive as they'd start to look taller than me in heels!!
Shaun said on 13/Aug/11
Click Here

Looks 2-3 inches shorter than 6'2.5" Ben Affleck. Can't see her heels but they look like regular boots which probably give about 2 inches. Definitely around 5'10" I think. Lowest I can possibly see is 5'9.5"
Shaun said on 13/Aug/11
Does look this height next to 5'9" Gwyneth Paltrow, sure Rob has seen that one. Looked this height next to 6'2.5" Ben Affleck too.
scg said on 29/Jun/11
she is definitely around 5'9" or 5'10". i saw her in april--stood right next to her in the bathroom at a concert at NYC. i'm 5'9", and she was the same height or just a bit taller than me (she was wearing flats). she's SO pretty, i wish i would have said hi or something.
yh said on 19/May/11
Anjen said on 14/Apr/11
Shes taller than her daddy!!!

And btw it's STEVEN!!!XD
Laura said on 30/Mar/11
She is totally 5'10. You can tell by how long her arms and legs are. In the picture with David Bowie she is clearly bending her right leg at the knee to not be towering over Bowie. Iman is doing the same thing. Only us tall girls know to do that trick, being 5'8 I have done the same thing in many photos.
Melinda said on 25/Mar/11
Liv is 5' 10" and gorgeous. Why would she lie about her height? And tall women ARE attractive, Sil. Sorry if you're not man enough to handle a tall, beautiful woman. I'm the same height as Liv and I've had many men tell me how attractive my height is. So, bugger off.
big d said on 25/Mar/11
Just watched incredible hulk. With 3 inch(approx.) Heels she looks about an inch shorter than Ty Burrell who's probably wearing shoes with approx. a 3/4" to an inch heel. I'd say she's a strong 5'9" but no way is she even a weak 5'10"

I wouldve compared he height to Nortons but he ranges from 5'10" to 6'1" Brad Pitt style. Unreliable height source
TheVerve180 said on 14/Mar/11
bowie might be close to 5ft10, 5ft10 at his peak nonetheless, which means 5ft11 morning.
Mark said on 12/Mar/11
More like 5ft8.5..
eva said on 9/Jan/11
next to david bowie she's 5'8 max. with her heels
Peruna said on 15/Dec/10
I know Agyness Deyn and she is not 175cm, she is 5ft8 exactly
Well said on 21/Nov/10
Liv Tyler is 176/177cm almost the same height of Agyness Deyn( 175cm-top model)
Kate said on 12/Nov/10
she looks about 5in taller than ellen page, but two inches taller than stella mccartney
ann said on 7/Nov/10
She taller than Gwyneth Paltrow: Gwyneth is 1-72/73 and Liv is 1-76/77.
Lucas said on 27/May/09
I agree. thinking that guy being 12 inches taller is attractive is very odd. it seems slightly twisted as a stipulation. i always find it quite disturbing when from a distance a couple look like a dad and their small child. anyway. i never realized liv tyler was so tall. however, she is hardly a giantess. i think in person it would certainly not be something one would notice; with most average size men being the same height or taller than her. Also i imagine being quite beautiful helps. I'm sure with our 1 inch height difference we'd look great. um. maybe. the 10 year age gap might be more of a problem. oh and her being massively famous.
RICHARD said on 26/May/09
Just watched The Strangers and in her scenes with Scott Speedman(5'11) she looks at least 5'9.5-5'10 next to him. The only time she's looked short was in Armageddon but that's because Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck are taller than her. I'd give her 5'10 as she looks like a tall,slim girl
Brad said on 19/May/09
Dennis Rodman would beg to differ with Madonna.
Anonymous said on 17/May/09

A girl dating someone 12 inches taller than her would not look like an attractive couple at all and it would make sex very awkward.
Anonymous said on 17/May/09
Dee, your logic is hilarious. 12 inches taller, that would look really weird. Tall girls would have to find giants. Also being tall has very little to do with being tough.
Brad said on 11/May/09
I met her mother 33 years ago. That's where she got the height. I wanna meet her like Crawford and tease her shortness.
birdgirl said on 9/May/09
I'm 5'9 and when I saw her on the Metro North train in NYC she was a bit taller than me in Converse sneakers. Definitely 5'10!
Anonymous said on 6/May/09
same height as 5'8" agyness deyn. she's 5'8"
violette said on 28/Apr/09
OMG! i underestimated her! i thought she is 5.7! by the look of her face!
Anonymous said on 25/Apr/09
I'd say she's just a fraction under 5-9, like 5-8.75.
Akshay said on 4/Mar/09
Liv is a confirmed the movie Hulk she looked less than 2 inches shorter than Norton and she was wearing keds or something...Norton's 6 feet so she is atleast 5-10 no way she could be lesser than this
Doug said on 28/Feb/09
Mortensen had two inches on Liv. If Liv is 5'10" Viggo is 6ft. I think shes more like 5.9.5 and Viggo is more like 5'11.5".
Doug said on 20/Feb/09
Obviously a tall beautiful woman, at least 5'9", her daddy isn't tall, Steve was certainly never 5'10" I doubt even 5'9" he was listed at but Liv's mother was tall at 5'9". I would have to be honest estimated a little over 5'9" barefoot for Liv, she looks around 6 foot in heels. I think 5'9.25"-5'9.5" is more accurate but if she is the full 5 ft 10 barefoot thats a very tall woman.
Amanda2000 said on 1/Feb/09
I don't understand why tall girls are often called big. I mean, I'm 5'4", and my brother is 6 foot. He's on the slim side, and I definitely don't call him big. I call him tall or taller than me. Big and tall are two different things. Big to me is someone who is overweight, and takes up a lot of space. You can still be tall and be little.
Phil said on 17/Jan/09
Anonymous, the reason we're discussing our respective estimates of the lady's height is because this is the "" web site. The whole point of this web site is to discuss celebrity heights! As unbelievable as it may seem, celebrities exagerate their reported heights -- invariably claiming to be taller (not shorter) than they really are. Our concluding that Liv is shorter, the same, or taller than the height she and her publicist claim her to be doesn't detract in any way from the fact that she's a beautiful young woman and a fine actor.
Anonymous said on 31/Dec/08
what a tall woman, and I dont know why others wanna lower her height.
if she says shes 5'10 shes 5'10. She would know.
i bet the ones who are saying shes shorter dont even know her so how can they say what she is.
Chlawk said on 29/Dec/08
Looked about 5ft9 in The Lord of the Rings.. just saw the movie.. Aragon looks 2in taller.. :)
leonari said on 26/Dec/08
Phil: 5'8" for LIV is a joke. where does shoe look 5'8"?? where? 5'9" is minimum for her
Phil said on 24/Dec/08
Anonymous, that's great, but personal height self-measurements are notoriously inexact, and so too are "eye-to-eye" height estimates of someone else...if for no other reason than typical variation in footware for the two individuals concerned. Further, I'd be amazed if both you and the lady were both wearing shoes that adjusted your respective heights exactly the same amount. And what a coincidence that you were able to confirm that she is "exactly" the height her publicist claims her to be! In short, I doubt that you could reliably determine that Liv was "exactly" 5'10". Honestly, these kinds of attempts to estimate celebrity heights are a waste of time. If you have the opportunity to meet the lady, simply take her picture clearly showing her footware when she's standing next to something (not someone) whose height can be independently determined, and we can easily and objectively determine how tall she really is. Bingo, debate over. All the objective evidence I've seen to date supports Liv being about 5'8", not 5'10". How about some real evidence so we can end the unverifiable personal testimonials.
Anonymous said on 18/Dec/08
um I stood next to Liv Tyler and she was exactly my height and I am 100% 5"10 I measured the other day. So she is 5 " 10
anonymous said on 4/Dec/08
I knew she was tall but I din't know she was that tall. I would say 5 foot 9 because she seems shorter than 177cm charlize theron.
Josh said on 23/Nov/08
She looks 5'9.25 (176cm) but definetly not 5'10.
Phil said on 3/Nov/08
Matrix, rounding an estimate up/down to an integer doesn't make it any more appropriate, or more of an estimate than a "wanting." A significant fraction of celebrity height estimates on this web page are expressed as non-whole numbers (e.g., 5'10 1/2", 6' 2 1/2", etc.). That said, comparatively few heights are estimated to the 1/4". If I conclude Liv is probably not more than 5'8 1/2", but also probably not less than 5'8", then expressing her estimated height as 5'8"-5'8 1/2" is entirely appropriate. More to my earlier point -- I didn't argue for using either Liv or Scott Speedman as "height meters." Instead, I argued for all of us to use objective references such as cars, etc., or other celebrities whose height has been well-established, as an objective "yardstick" to accurately estimate another celebrity's height. Liv's and Scott Speedman's heights are too much in question to be used as references. The entertainment value of this whole exercise is in trying to determine the real heights of celebrities in contrast to what their publicists claim. We apparently agree that Liv isn't close to 5'10". So the question is, what's her real the nearest 1/2" :) Happy estimating, dude!
Matrix said on 3/Nov/08
Phil, dude, sorry, but this is a slice of wisdom! I know that you want her to be 5'8" - 5'8 1/2", but in the future try to leave the 1/2" estimates off, because then it will clearly seem that you are indeed estimating and not just wanting. Try rounding your estimations to say something like 5'8" - 5'9" so that this will be seen as though she is not shorter than 5'8", but she is not taller than 5'9"; it only means she is somewhere in between!
Matrix said on 3/Nov/08
Phil, if you look at your post from Aug 07, I was using the correct actor that you forgot to add an inch to.
Phil said on 29/Oct/08
Matrix, mea culpa! You're absolutely correct...well, almost. My eatimate you refer to actually involved Orlando Bloom, not Scott Speedman, back in Nov 07. Nevertheless, you're criticism of my failing to add Orlando's footware in that instance is valid. The methodology -- or logic -- was correct, it was simply an oversight in not considering the footware of both Liv and Orlando on that occaision. However, my basis for questioning Liv's reputed 5'10" height stands. Let's use your example with Speedman instead of Bloom. If Speedman is actually 5'11" (which many question), then you yourself arrive at a revised height for Liv of 5'9", not 5'10". If Speedman is less than 5'11" (which many believe), then Liv's height also decreases to around 5'8"-5'81/2." Many examples exist with Liv side-by-side with objective height references such as cars, and with other celebrities whose height we are far more confident in than Speedman's (or at least whose height we know is less than Liv's reported height of 5'10"). When we consider those examples, she's invariably shown to be around 5'8"-5'8/12".
kampioen said on 23/Oct/08
I agree with the downgrading to 5'9. These photos add more proof: compare her with Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow; and on the other one with Karolina Kurova (5'11). Kurkova has, with the same heels) at least 2 inches more. Also look at the same height photo with Cameron Diaz.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Matrix said on 21/Oct/08
Phil, dude, I was not going to do this, but you left me no choice. I am going to have to correct your logic when it comes to the way you add and subtract heights. Remember a while back when you used Liv and Scott Speedman's heights as a height meter? I know that Scott's height is 5'11", but you forgot one minor detail when you were subtracting heights, you forgot to add 1" onto Scott's height; because when Scott is in regular shoes, he is approx 6', not the same height as though he was barefooted. So, it would be 6' minus 3", therefore Liv's height would be around 5'9" barefooted, and not 5'8" as you claim her to be! Sorry that I had to do this to you, but it had to be done. Sorry again, dude!
jax said on 21/Oct/08
More proof that Liv might need a downgrade. Here she is with Kate Hudson.

Click Here

Click Here

Both Liv & Kate are wearing platform heels of similar height and Liv is not that much taller than Kate who, according to this site, is 5'5" - 5'6".
raison said on 30/Sep/08
in my eyes, she looks 5'10" barefoot
Cindy said on 27/Aug/08
i have known Liv for a very long time, she became very good friends with my three boys while growing up, and she has always been a tall girl she is the same age as my oldest son yet she always was taller than him, from the time both were six to the time she moved out from our neighborhood when she was about 14, my son at the time was about 5'4 and she still looked taller than him; at 5'8, i'm a tall woman myself and when she was about 14 she was just about my own height, so i wouldn't be surprised if by now she could very easily be about 5'10 or 5'11
Sadeq from iraq said on 12/Aug/08
Liv tyler is the most beautiful girl on earth
Gago said on 30/Jul/08
I met her couple weeks ago in LA, she was in flats and she looked about 5'9.5, 177, slight possiblity 176.
Phil said on 30/Jul/08
I agree with jax. (And I'm pleased that even Anonymous has finally come around.) As I've noted many times before, Liv is 5'8"-5'8.5". When you have the opportunity to see her side-by-side with someone of something whose height you have confidence in, considering footware, etc., it's clear the lady is about 5'8". That's a little on the tall side, but not much, and certainly not the more distinctive 5'10" her publicist would like people to believe. Personal guesstimates of another person's height are notoriously inaccurate, even when the other person is standing immediately in front of you. That's why convenience stores (e.g., 7-11) have height measuring tapes along their front doors so employees can more accurately report individual heights to police. You have to use some objective "yardstick" to accurately estimate height. For example, there are recent photos of Liv next to identifiable automobiles that also clearly show she's about 5'8". It's time for a downgrade in her height.
jax said on 29/Jul/08
Liv might need a downgrade. Here are recent pics of Liv with Ed Norton at the Japanese premier of The Incredible Hulk:

Click Here

Click Here

Her heels look to be at least 3" and she's just about matching Ed's height, which according to this site is at or below 6'
Bj25492008 said on 28/Jul/08
5'10" is her morning height, as she can not be taller than this. She is a solid 5'9.5" in the evening.
Anonymous said on 23/Jul/08
Viggo Mortensen with liv tyler
Click Here
Viggo Mortensen is around 5'11 thats supost to be 1 inch taller then liv tyler and in the piture she looks more then an inch shorter then him. i'd say shes 5'8 to 5'8.5 tops. and she always wheres heels at events so i'm guessing she is in the picture.
Anne said on 22/Jul/08
I know Liv. We are both 5-8. Just look at her next toMAry Alice-Liv is trying to stand up on her toes just to reach Mary's height of 6 foot.
Click Here
Dave said on 9/Jul/08
Elle, American size 8 = UK size 12? Are you nuts? UK size units are smaller than American usually by about 1.
This plus said on 5/Jul/08
She is solid 5'10" not 5'8" - 5'9"
Anonymous said on 30/Jun/08
I think we can end the question regarding Liv Tyler's height. In an interview with Conan O'Brein in April 1999, she says she's 5'10 (which is 178 cm) and when she is wearing heels "she's like 7 feet tall". She also says that her father is like about half an inch shorter than her. Click Here
Realme2008 said on 23/Jun/08
I really don't understand this pic. lol Isn't Jada listed as 4'11.5". Click Here I wonder what was done to make them look equal? Obviously poor posture on Tyler's part, but what else
JD said on 10/Jun/08
Liv Tyler has not size 10 she has bigger Feet
she wears US size 12, european size 44
coming one time on TV
Mik said on 30/May/08
Liv also has very large hands for a girl...would love to see her match them up with fellow big-handed celebrity Kate Beckinsale....
PJ said on 24/May/08
She just walked on Letterman in what looked like a 4-inch stileto, and appeared an inch or so shorter then Dave, who was wearing a loafer with a very small heel. I'd say she's at least 5'9, but she didn't stand tall enough to get a real solid comparison.
Anonymous said on 8/May/08
Phil: Good your gone. Get over it. Once and for all. The woman is tall and she IS 5'10". In heels she towers basically everybody of average height!!!! How can a woman do that at 5'8" with 3 inch heels? She can't! so get your act together big L
glenn said on 9/Apr/08
steven is close to 5-10,if not that.i have 15 photos with the guy spanning 20 i would know.liv said stevens height was 5-9.5 anyway.but is he 5-10 in the morning?
andrea said on 8/Apr/08
i guess she's taller than both her parents, who are 5'9.
talk talk said on 6/Apr/08
It seems like people are jealous when someone is tall if Liv is 5'10 she is and that's all , why are You always trying to make people shorter than they are !!! she's 5 '10 !!!
sweetchari said on 1/Apr/08
Wow she is tall but I guess I always knew she was tall just not that tall lol
Elle said on 11/Dec/07
American size 8? So english size 12? That's amazing. She's so gorgeous. I'm 5"8 (not quite as tall as her) and uk size 12. I feel so thin! Haha. god she's so lush x
Dee said on 17/Nov/07
Phil: Your estimate for that photo ignores the fact that Orlando Bloom is wearing shoes too, he's not barefoot. If his heels are standard 1" men's shoes, and her heels are 3" then you should only subtract 2 inches for her heels. So that would be six feet minus two inches, or 5'10".

That's just from that photo, and assuming that Orlando Bloom's height is actually 5'10"+, and that Liv Tyler's shoes don't have heels over 3 inches. From the picture they don't look like really big heels, but it's hard to say for sure. I would guess that really tall women tend not to wear really high heels, usually. And even three inch heels can make it tricky to walk; so I doubt that her heels are much higher than that. But it's only one photo among many.
Phil said on 12/Nov/07
Dee, although I agree with your method, I disagree with your estimate for Liv's height based on the photo you offer. If Liv is wearing 3" heels (a reasonable minimum guess), and you believe she appears 1"-2" taller than Orlando in the photo (I would guess about 1.5" judging by the height difference of their eyes, but let's assume the difference is 2"), that would put her at about 6' 0.25". Subtract the effect of the 3" heels, and that would put her at 5' 9.25". That's the best case. If Liv's heels are more than 3" and/or Orlando is really shorter than 5' 10.25" (which is subject to debate), then Liv could be well under 5'9". If she's wearing 4" heels in the photo, and Orlando is really under 5'10", then Liv would be around 5'8" tall. Based on the photo, her height could range from 5'8" to 5'9"+. In any case, it doesn't come close to Liv being 5'10" tall. Based on a number of photos I've seen where Liv's height can be judged in comparison to various other celebrities, I still contend her height is really around 5'8".
Dee said on 12/Nov/07
Here's a photo of Liv Tyler with Orlando Bloom:
Click Here

Orlando Bloom is listed on this website at 5'10.25" and in that photo Liv Tyer looks one or two inches taller than him. The photo shows their shoes; it's hard to see exactly what kind of heels are on her shoes, but they don't look like really huge high heels. If his heels are a standard 1" and hers are 3" then that would put her at about the same height as Orlando Bloom; or about 5'10".

On whether Liv Tyler is attractive: she has a pretty face, but I would say she's too big to be really attractive. Men are naturally bigger than women, on average; because of that, bigger men seem more masculine, and petite women seem more feminine. I think that picture is unflattering to both of them, because she looks taller than he does; so it makes her look like some kind of amazon, and it makes him look like some kind of a wimp. And neither wimps nor amazons are attractive. I will never understand why men go around with women who are just as tall (or even taller!) than they are. Personally, I prefer to be with a man who is about 12 inches taller than I am. I would say that a couple looks most attractive with a big, strong man and a petite, delicate woman.

Oh, and the 7'2" wrestler that was mentioned is Dalip Singh, also known as "the Great Khali." Liv Tyler would look just about right standing next to him, I guess.
Hugo said on 15/Oct/07
Liv Tyler, in my opinion, looks a solid 5'8". Definately did *not* tower over Alicia Silverstone in the *Crazy* music video.
Phil said on 14/Oct/07
Monica, no one is questioning Liv's physical beauty, or that there are many woman of above average height who are beautiful. What I am questioning is your ability to visually judge height. You originally stated that you were 5'9" when you met Liv, and "she very clearly had a me by at least a half head". That means you judged Liv to supposedly be about 4" taller than your 5'9" height, or that she was approaching 6'1" tall! Now you say you estimate she was a "little over 5-11". That's only about 2" taller than yourself, which isn't consistent with your recollection of her being " least a half head" taller than you. Again, whether you judge her height to be over 5'11'' or nearer 6'1," your estimate is significantly taller than that supported by either photos of Liv with other personalities or her own assertions. Her purported height of 5'10" is overly generous, let alone her being 6-ft tall (+/-). Eye witness visual judgments are notoriously inaccurate (as evidenced by your varying estimates for a single encounter). When the influence of Liv's footware is considered in side-by-side photos of her with other personalities for whom we have more solid height estimates, it's clear Liv is really 1"-2" less than 5"10". She's still a beautiful girl, just not as tall as her publicist would like us to believe.
Monica said on 13/Oct/07
All right Phil, let's get some facts straight ok? first of all the girl I saw WAS Liv, sure she was in out of her glamorous appeal but even without a drop of makeup on her face she can't pass unnoticed with that beautiful face and hair of hers and by the way she was in sneakers, so therefore a little over 5-11 must be her actual height because sneakers add half an inch and no more. The problem with you is that maybe you're one of those big, tall macho guys who are well over the 6'3 mark and can't stand someone telling them that there are people out there close to their height or even taller than them. If you ever go to a live NBA game you will find out that there are several men who cartainly dwarf and tower greatly over you, as a matter of fact I urge you to go to a live wrestling show, last year I accompanied my boys to a Raw or whatever it's called and I saw a huge, sexy man that my boys told me was an Indian wrestler and believe me he looked he was easily over the 7-foot mark, probably if you go to a WWF or NBA show you would start with excuses like: "those guys wear lifts they can't be any taller or stronger than me, I look at Shaquille O Neal and The Undertaker straight in the eyes without even raising my glance" and since you probably think all women are tiny, delicate dolls who don't even reach your shoulder I suggest you Goggle the names Maria Sharapova or Gabrielle Reece, I guarantee you'll be in for a big surprise
Phil said on 11/Oct/07
Please. According to Monica, Liv is now well over 6-ft -- supposedly being at least a "half a head" (some 4") taller than 5'9"!! Come on, let's get real. There's never been any objective photographic evidence anywhere -- not to mention Liv's own publicity -- suggesting she's close to 6-ft, let alone being taller than that. I don't know who Monica saw, or what footware Liv was wearing if in fact it was Liv, but there's no way Liv Tyler is close to 6-ft let alone pushing 6'1". It's amazing how incapable many people are of judging height -- particularly when meeting a celebrity.
Monica said on 10/Oct/07
I had the pleasure of meeting this amazingly beautiful young lady about 6 years ago in Cedar Rapids mall and my sons took some pics of me with her and she very clearly had a me by at least a half head and I'm 5'9 so my boys were amazed that someone towering over me by that much and she made my 5'7 son look small
Amelia said on 21/Sep/07
When she's next to her dad, Steven Tyler (sexy rock god) who's supposedly 5ft 9 though he looks taller, he is about an inch taller. Either, Liv is not 5 10, Steven's not 5ft 9 or steven's wearing heeled boots =)
Nasty said on 10/Sep/07

On the same New Line Cinema site, they are selling a life-size Austin Powers standee. It's 6' foot tall. No way Mike Meyers is that tall.
Click Here
Yasmin Musavich said on 10/Sep/07
I'm 5'8" and the three times I've met her she only looked a little bigger than me (abut 2cmish), so 5'9"-5'9.5" (maybe she rounds up or is told to say she's taller), we were both wearing flats twice and in three inch heels otherwise
Bad Radio said on 23/Aug/07
i'd say 5'9 - 5'9.5
Phil said on 4/Aug/07
Thanks, Ginny. No one is trying to bash Liv. She's a very attractive young lady, and as far as I'm aware, has an equally lovely personality...and she seems to be a pretty well-grounded person, notwithstanding the unusual circumstances she faced during her childhood. But let's get real. She's not close to 5'10". Many, many photo comparisons can be made with Liv standing side-by-side with other personalities who are reported to be taller or shorter than 5'10" in height. Of those photos where there's equivalent posture, and you can clearly assess the height impact of their footware, it's obvious that either the reported heights for all but Liv are incorrect by several inches (up or down), or Liv is really around 5'8", and NOT 5'10". 5'8" (+/-) ain't bad. It's still "tallish" for a girl...just not as distinctive as her publicist and agent might wish. Way back when...her height was consistently reported as about 5'8"...but as her celebrity grew, so did her height. Let's call 'em as we see 'em. Liv should be reported as 5'8" (if you want, you could add a "+" to make the believers feel better).
Ginny said on 3/Aug/07
I agree with you Phil. That was exactly what I thought when I saw the pictures from Comic Con. About Joaquin Phoenix, below it is a picture with them, both in normal shoes, and she appears smaller than him.
Click Here
Rachel said on 2/Aug/07
Liv has got to be 5'10- if Joaquin Phoenix is 5'8 then, from photos of them when they were going out, she has at least 2 inches on him, maybe even more in heels. So, she's got to be 5'10.
Phil said on 1/Aug/07
Sorry guys...Liv is clearly 5"8", or less. Recent photo of her alongside co-star Scott Speedman at Comic.con. Liv is wearing what appear to be 3" heels, while Scott is wearing street shoes. Ene so, he's about an inch taller than she is. You have Scott listed as 5'11". 5'11" minus 3" for the heels = 5'8" for Liv -- which consistent with previous side-by-side photos liv and Karolina Kurkova. At some point consistent visual evidence should tell the tail. Liv is a beautiful girl, but she's really around 5'8" (or a little less), and not her reported height of 5'10".
Elis said on 23/Jul/07
Karolina Kurkova is clearly taller than 180 cm, I think she is 183 cm, because she is 3-4 cm taller than Gisele, who is like 179 cm!
ZZar said on 21/May/07
actually she's five 8...i dont think New Line Cinema's gonna lie...(Click Here)

Editor Rob
the person who wrote the description also said Orlando cutout was 5ft 10 and Viggo cutout was 5ft 9.
Phil said on 10/May/07
Based on a recent "side-by-side" comparison of Liv and Karolina Kurkova (Click Here), either Liv is actually about 5'8", and not 5'10", or Karolina Kurkova is closer to 6'1", and not her advertised height of 5'11". Both ladies are wearing what seem to be 3" heels, and are standing side-by-side on a level surface. Liv is standing fully erect but Karolina is less so -- which understates the disparity in their respective heights. Liv is clearly more than two inches shorter than Kurkova. Liv is a beautiful girl...but obviously about 5'8" (+/-), and not 5'10".
Brad said on 2/May/07
She's 5' 10". I met her mother in '76 and she, if I can remember, was model tall.
Drew said on 27/Apr/07
How does a girl with an average height father (175cm) get so tall? Her mother must be really tall.
Mr C said on 8/Apr/07
I think she looks shorter than 5'10
Franco said on 4/Apr/07
@site owner : dont you find it very strange 3 or 4 people in a row posted stating they are 5'10 and that liv tyler is eye to eye with them?

"Sara says on 23/Feb/07
I ran into her at an airport about 3-4 months ago. She was my height...5'10". We both had on the same Converse sneakers. We were eye to eye. There's no way she any smaller than 5'9 1/2" way.
Jenie says on 20/Feb/07
Liv is definitely 5'10", Saw her once before and I got her autograph. We also chatted for a bit. I am 5'10" and she looked no shorter than me. Eye to eye.
DC says on 13/Feb/07
She was pushing a stroller when we passed each other. She seemed a shade taller than me and I'm 5-10."

LIV is 5'10 that's 100% sure to me.
Sara said on 23/Feb/07
I ran into her at an airport about 3-4 months ago. She was my height...5'10". We both had on the same Converse sneakers. We were eye to eye. There's no way she any smaller than 5'9 1/2" way.
Jenie said on 20/Feb/07
Liv is definitely 5'10", Saw her once before and I got her autograph. We also chatted for a bit. I am 5'10" and she looked no shorter than me. Eye to eye.
DC said on 13/Feb/07
She was pushing a stroller when we passed each other. She seemed a shade taller than me and I'm 5-10.
Aisha said on 18/Jan/07
I met Liv once at the beach and we were both barefoot (I'm 5'10.5") and she was two inches shorter(she asked to borrow some sunscreen!),also my mother, sister and aunt were with me and they are all 5'10.5" as well!
Joe said on 7/Dec/06
looked about 5-6 inches bigger than me. she's about 5'11 or 6'.
Anonymous said on 13/Sep/06
i met liv tyler and im 6ft even shes closer to 5"9 but perfect is right
anonymous2 said on 11/Sep/06
It's incredibly easy for someone nearly 5'9" to pass for 5'10", so I agree she could be 5'8.5".
Anonymous said on 10/Sep/06
The pics with 5'6.5" Mia Tyler do put Live closer to 5'9" than 5'10". I do think she's 5'8.5", which is what they stated back in the day when I was her biggest teeny bopper fan! 5'8.5" and perfect!
kampioen said on 24/Aug/06
A picture of Liv with legitimate six footer Saffron Burrows. This is what 5'10 lookslike, I think
Link: Click Here
Henly said on 17/Aug/06
I'm 5'10"...we were seeing eye to eye. She's perfect!
Anonymous said on 16/Jul/06
This is a good one: Anyone who saw Celebrity Weight Challange saw that Mia Tyler is 5'7" (so, probably 5'6.5"). Live is perfect set at 5'8.5 - 5'9". Not quite a 5'10.
What says on 1/Nov/05
Liv is with her 5'6.5" (said 5'7" on Celebrity Weight Challange). She is definitley 5'81/2".
Click Here
ice said on 28/Mar/06
I'm not sure how tall she is, but I do know that she towered over Alicia Silverston in aerosmith's "crazy" video.
MTed said on 15/Feb/06
Saw Liv at Universal City walk. I'd say she is easily 5'10"
anon said on 16/Jan/06
Liv is in the 5'8 range. She looks slightly taller than GP when they are wearing the same shoes and looks slighly taller when GP is in her mega heels. After reading all the quotes of celebrities quoting their own height (like Liv saying she is 5'10) I'm starting to think that celebrities are told (by publicists, ect?) how tall they are and the celeb doesn't bother to check the accuracy. How can a 5'8-9 person go around saying "I'm 5'10? This is what happens when agencies start measuring people's bodies instead of medical practioners or physical trainers or therapists. Inflation, inflation, inflation.
NYWoman said on 16/Nov/05
You can see Liv trying to increase her height in this photo with Mary Alice Stephenson. Mary is 6 foot even and Liv is on her tippy toes.
Robinz. said on 14/Nov/05
The pics with Blanchett are perfect. And she is 5'6.5" in real life (5'7").
Z. said on 5/Nov/05
On wireimage there are some pics of her with Sandra Bullock who I believe is about 5'7 and she looks about 1.5/2 ins taller. There are also some pics of her with Kate Hudson and 5'9 Helena Christensen ( she might be shorter than this as models usually lie about their height!) on the second page. She looks EXACTLY the same height as Helena.
Here is the link to the 2. page:
What said on 1/Nov/05
Liv is with her 5'6.5" (said 5'7" on Celebrity Weight Challange). She is definitley 5'81/2".
Anonymous said on 24/Oct/05
I used to LOVE Liv Tyler, about 8 years ago now. I still love her. However, in all those old features that I would read, including the Silly Liv Trivia books, she was known as 5'8" 1/2. I don't know when she grew an inch but I doubt that she did. She is 5'8"1/2. I met her friend Gwyneth Paltrow. She is 5'7" max (I am 5'8" and I was an inch taller in flipflops).
minime said on 13/Oct/05
Often they start counting at 150cm as 5' and then 2.5cm for every inch when converting to the metric system. 1" is actually 2.54cm, but often they use 2.5cm because it's easier counting that way.
Anonymous said on 15/Sep/05
It was a euro magazine, but 5"10 could be easilly converted, which is 178.

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