How tall is Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck's Height

6ft 2 ¼ (188.6 cm)

American actor/director best known for Argo, The Town, Good will Hunting, Batman vs Superman, Gone Girl, Pearl Harbor, Changing Lanes, Mallrats, Shakespeare in Love and Armageddon. He once said "I was 6 feet 3. And People told me You're too big to be a leading man." and on another occasion "I'm 6 foot 3 ½".

How tall is Ben Affleck
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I was pretty small – I was only 5ft 4in as a teenager and then when I was 16 I suddenly grew about a foot. But I always thought of myself as a little guy and when I grew I was still incredibly gangly and awkward and unco-ordinated.
Mail on Sunday, 2008

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Average Guess (416 Votes)
6ft 2.29in (188.7cm)
Jackson said on 14/Oct/19
yet we just ignore him taller than 6’2.5” Jon Krasinski with less footwear.. or how much he towers over 6’0” Charlie Hunnam. Like look there’s times he looks easily 6’2”+ and just because you find a couple pics of Justin Timberlake and him doesn’t mean it 100% makes him under 6’2” ... a few bad angled shots of them on a boat together? And I will use your argument against you since you claim lifts when Ben looks taller then you want.. what if..... what if..... Justin Timberlake knows Ben is a tall guy and maybe Justin decided he didn’t want Ben to tower him in photos so maybe Justin worse some lifts at the red carpet. You never know?? Lol

Seriously Charlie Hunnam and many more I’ve posted before would definitely need some big downgrades if Ben was downgraded...

Click Here
Pierre said on 13/Oct/19
I personnally don't search to downgrade Ben's height i just give my opinion and try to find good proofs on his real height.This is not very important for me if Ben is listed 6"2',i just discuss about this .If Rob think his list is good this is not a sufficient reason for me to have a bad sleep the night lol
(Always a weak 6"1'for me)
Editor Rob
Nobody should lose any sleep over an estimate of Ben or anybody's height 👍
viper said on 13/Oct/19
Some people need to be upgraded If Affleck is really 6-2, like Justin Timberlake
viper said on 13/Oct/19
I would be really surprised If Affleck looked the same height as 6-2 Rock
Jackson said on 11/Oct/19
I think Ben is perfectly listed and has for the most part looked 6’2” range the majority of the time. His posture does suck sometimes. He claimed 6’3” which is a very believable height in shoes. I don’t see why so many people are hung up on trying to get him downgraded when Rob already stated the lowest he’s guess Ben at is 6’2” flat and highest 6’2.5” to put it mildly if Affleck ever got downgraded it would mean a HUGE amount of other guys would need downgraded as well. He’s not going to get downgraded. Why not worry about dudes like the rock who constantly claim on Instagram to be 6’5” like obviously that is absurd. It’s not like Ben marches around claiming to be some huge guy.
Pierre said on 11/Oct/19
@TheyTookMySon2 = Click Here = Here is Taran Killam next to Donald Trump = Click Here Click Here = their heights are looking very similar,Taram never look taller than Donald,only Taran's big wig of course sometimes but their eyes are the same height imo and Taran has not a longer head/forehead than Donald imo.Now Donald and Barack 6"0.75' from around 0:16 to 0:29 = Click Here = Donald looks always around an inch shorter than Barack (6"0.75') imo so logically Taran Killam too
TheyTookMySon2 said on 11/Oct/19
From the SNL files:

Click Here

From 2:35 Affleck is 2cm taller than 184cm-listed Taran Killam.

Click Here

From 0:55 Affleck has only 1cm on 185cm-listed Bill Hader, and again 2cm on 184cm guys Killam and Sudeikis.

186.5cm for Ben.
Dejavu said on 10/Oct/19
Does not look under 6’2 next to Jason Momoa
viper said on 9/Oct/19
Derrick Rose just measured 6-1.

His average guess is 6-2.

If you were to guess Shannon Sharpe at 6-1 you were labeled crazy.

He turned out to be a measured 6-1.

Affleck is the same. A 6-1-6-1.5 guy where so many think he's 6-2 minimum
viper said on 8/Oct/19
Ben is a 186-187cm guy
Pierre said on 8/Oct/19
I have the sensation some guys here go to moan between them each time a guy guess Ben Affleck around 6"1' range...if a guy come here and guess Ben 6"3' he will be welcome here 100% sure 🙂
K.A 188 ! said on 8/Oct/19
I agree,I used to be one of those in here confronting posters who cherry peak pictures just to prove that Affleck is 6ft1 ,when in reality he always looked 6ft2. So I just got fed up... The arguments became ridiculous.
K.A 188 ! said on 8/Oct/19
I agree,I used to be one of those in here confronting posters who cherry peak pictures just to prove than Affleck is 6ft1 ,when in reality he always looked 6ft2. So I just got fed up... The arguments became ridiculous.
Pierre said on 8/Oct/19
@Wrestling Fan= well i don't understand what is your problem, i talk about what i see and apparently you

have not arguments in your comments to counter my arguments lol.

Ben Affleck always weak 6"1' to me
Jackson said on 7/Oct/19
@wrestling fan

Exactly. It’s why I stopped with him. His arguments got too ridiculous.
TheBat said on 7/Oct/19

If you think Ben's a weak 6'2" or weak 6'1", you need to go see an eye doctor ASAP. Ben's a legit 6'2.5" and Rob's 6'2.25 listing is totally fine. Deal with it like what @Wrestling Fan told you.
Wrestling Fan said on 7/Oct/19
No matter what you say,at the end of the day Rob has listen Ben at 6'2¼" which is not not gonna change.
Yeah you heard it right
"It's not gonna change"

And also no matter what you say,at the end of the day fallacious things are never counted.

These are facts!

So either you deal with it or keep convincing yourself in your fantasy that Ben is a weak 6'2" or weak 6'1"

I know you're here with the attitude of "Let's piss people off and see what happens"
But it's gonna work out.
Pierre said on 5/Oct/19
....And both in classic shoes on the yacht Ben looks around 2 inches taller than weak 5"11' Justin Timberlake ....= Ben = weak 6"1'
TheBat said on 4/Oct/19
6'2.25" is the lowest I see Ben as, I'm totally fine with Rob's listing. Ben often looks 6'2.5" on average, his 6'3" claim is definitely his height in shoes. He's definitely not 6'4" like Google lists him as.
Importer said on 2/Oct/19
@Pierre Physically he looks similar to Liev Schreiber both around 189cm
Pierre said on 2/Oct/19
Nik Ashton said on 30/Sep/19
The average guess justifies the listing!

Imo this is average guess without considering sometimes his advantageous shoes
Nik Ashton said on 30/Sep/19
The average guess justifies the listing!
griana arande said on 29/Sep/19
how about his head size? 26cm?
Pierre said on 24/Sep/19
@Wrestling Fan 22/Sep/2019

Lol i personnaly took the time to post lot's of comments with pics to explain my point of vue here.....

You have to read or re-read some old comments here imo....
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 24/Sep/19
@Wrestling Fan I did met Hasselhoff in person from a carnival event several years back he was standing on a stage but the crowd restrict me to walk close to the Hoff, up on the stage from distance away he look between 6'4-6'5 with illusion of his hair or long inseam. But i've seeing him walk down the stage next to a 6'5 1/2 security which he look about 1.5" lower, the security was about my size (6'5 5/8) someone my wife knew and we had a chat a little while before the crowd and Hoff. If in future somebody say met Hoff and he is 6'3 it could only mean the person see a shrunk Hoff or the person did a troll.
Wrestling Fan said on 22/Sep/19
Don't waste your energy on people you can't convince with truth
Let them live in fantasy

Whoever that poster guy was who met Ben
That guy never showed up here with some evidence or anything,all he did was said and people believed him.
I'm still ready to believe that guy but guess what?
He didn't bother to show up here to discuss something about Ben's height.
So I can't just trust "Talk and Run" thing.
Other than that,I already said that Ben is already tall enough for his profession so wearing lifts is an outlandish claim.
I know one day some people here will say that David Hasselhoff is only 6'3" and he wears elevator shoes to look 6'4" because to tell you the truth,some people comment here just for fun and don't take things seriously
Pierre said on 17/Sep/19
Yes i know @Jackson ,elevator shoes don't really exist ,celebrities never wear elevator shoes and

particularly never in events....Only in my dreams
Jackson said on 16/Sep/19

There’s no point in me going back and fourth with you if your just going to say “lifts!” Anytime someone doesn’t fit your narrative for how tall they are. Ben has looked to be a 6’2” range guy to me all his career. His 6’3” claim is a shoe claim and it’s not unusual at all for celebs to claim height in shoes. The lifts argument is getting really silly. There’s no proof of that. Ive seen you ridiculously downgrading lots of people too far on this site like recently you said John Cena is 5’11” haha like c’mon.....I’m not some fanboy who thinks Ben is 6’4” but truly what I’ve seen for the most part points to a 6’2.25” listing which I think Rob has him at perfectly.
Pierre said on 16/Sep/19
In my memory Jeremy Renner was wearing very big shoes in the pic next to Rob with very probably some internal helps = shoes a little bit like this = Click Here Click Here
Click Here
Canson said on 15/Sep/19
@Jackson and Viper: actually one poster S.J.H said he looked 186-187. That’s closer to 6’2 but is a weak 6’2
Pierre said on 15/Sep/19
6"3' guess ? then he was wearing lifts like i said....
Jackson said on 14/Sep/19
Rob you met Jeremy Renner and list him at 5’8 1/4” and you two look extremely similar in height almost identical. This is what Ben looks like next to him. So this is essentially what Ben would look like next to you.

Click Here
Editor Rob
Another possible photo of how he might look.
Jackson said on 14/Sep/19

Guess what? I can say same thing. Nobody can explain why a poster on here said he met Ben at comic con and said he looked 6’3” lots of he said she said. Doesn’t mean it’s 100% true.
viper said on 14/Sep/19
None of you guys can explain why he looks 6-1 with Timberlake consistently.

The one poster who met him said he looked 6-1.
Pierre said on 13/Sep/19
@Jackson =To speak with your compliments, i think your arguments are more "silly" and "stupid" than mine

in fact....because first = these are not real arguments in fact....

Ben Affleck always max 6"1' to me
Jackson said on 12/Sep/19
@Pierre I remember you said something ridiculous like bens laces looked higher than normal. Nonsense look at all the dress shoes of all the guys in pics I posted with Hunnam and Hedlund. All the same. All laces same height. Your argument is absolutely silly about Ben wearing lifts
Jackson said on 12/Sep/19
Hahaha anytime @Pierre sees Ben looking taller than he’d like he just says “yeah that’s because he wears lifts” come up with something better... literally 0 proof of lifts except your silly explanations.
Jackson said on 12/Sep/19
Ben and Henry Cavill

Click Here

Click Here

Ben and Will Smith

Click Here

Ben and Matt Damon

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Ben and John Krasinski

Click Here

Ben and Charlie Hunnam and Garret Hedlund

Click Here

Click Here

Ben and Jason Momoa

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Ben and Jennifer Garner

Click Here

Click Here

Ben doesn’t always stand straight. His posture is really loose sometimes but when he stands straight he doesn’t look anything under 6’2.25”
Pierre said on 11/Sep/19
Of course he wear sometimes lifts in events (i have demonstrate this in comments this year here ),he's 6"1' max on the yacht next to Justin Timberlake (weak 5"11')both wearing about the same heels.
Canson said on 10/Sep/19
@Wrestling Fan: lol it’s pretty easy to copy and paste. No energy
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 10/Sep/19
@Wrestling Fan,

A lot of people who use the imperial system generally don’t understand the metric system, partially due to how much of a foreign concept it is in some people’s eyes. I agree with a lot of what you said, but I’m not under the impression that it’s solely weak math skills that cause for someone to give someone misleading information about their own height. A lot of people often overestimate how much they’ve grown after hitting a growth spurt, or they try to use other people’s claims as measuring sticks; when you have people who are 5’9” claiming to be 6’0” though (lmfao), you can only imagine how precise the numbers will be.
Wrestling Fan said on 7/Sep/19
People standing at 6'2" claiming 6'3" doesn't necessarily have to be lie.
It happens around 70% of times because of their weak math.

Yes Sir!
Because of weak math.
I can bet my money that most of the celebs think that 6ft means 180cm because 1ft is equal to 30cm(as they saw it on the geometry scale that they used during their school days)
But most of the people don't know that 1ft has more than 30cms.

That's why 6'2" guy claims 6'3".
Ben might be thinking that he's around 189cm so he said he's 6'3½" when in reality its 6'2½".

Other than than that the people who come in the remaining 30% are the ones who always believe in exaggerating an inch and the guys like me and you and other honest geeks who claim their precise real height.

I hope you would have had observed this around yourself.

The picture I shared said pretty much clear that Ben and Ray are around the same height.
The camera angle is straight,you can their shoes,you can see their posture.
But still I am convinced by you that their maybe a chance that Ben is under 6'2" mark.
Where can I find the pictures if that poster guy meeting Ben?
Did he post here or do I have to search it somewhere else?

Pal,save your energy lol!
You would have had simply replied to me just by referencing my name instead of putting down my whole comment and then replying to me.
Canson said on 7/Sep/19
Wrestling Fan said on 6/Sep/19
That's how a mess occurs when you guess someone's height just by looking at the photos instead of meeting them in person or seeing them from close.

Ben is being said here to be under 6'2" because in one picture he looked shorter than Ray Fisher
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

In the above pictures Ben is in loafers and Fisher is wearing the shoes I guess which are thicker at the bottom than Ben's loafers.

But here they are at the same height. Here both are wearing loafers.

Click Here
Click Here

That's why I never trust the photos until I see the straight camera angle with full body including shoes.

I have also seen people here accusing Ben for wearing lifts to look taller.I saw that and I wondered that why a guy who's an actor/director and is already over 6'1"(already tall enough for his profession) would wear lifts to look taller than others?

If you ask my personal opinion I'll say that Ben is nowhere under 6'2".

There actually was a poster who met Ben. His name is S.J.H. He said that Ben didn’t look more than 186-187 in person. Not saying he can’t be 6’2” but a claim of 6’3” in shoes is not far fetched for a weak 6’2” guy. It’s commonplace for a guy who claims that. Even a 6’3.5” claim isn’t since so many people add 2” to their heights. It’s also possible he only measured 6’3” in shoes in the morning. Meaning 6’1.75 is not out of the question. As far as what Jackson said, I agree with parts of it but nothing is ever said to the people who inflate other celebs just to make a certain celeb a certain height. Example Charles Barkley
Jackson said on 6/Sep/19
@Wrestlting Fan

Exactly. Totally agree.
Wrestling Fan said on 6/Sep/19
That's how a mess occurs when you guess someone's height just by looking at the photos instead of meeting them in person or seeing them from close.

Ben is being said here to be under 6'2" because in one picture he looked shorter than Ray Fisher
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

In the above pictures Ben is in loafers and Fisher is wearing the shoes I guess which are thicker at the bottom than Ben's loafers.

But here they are at the same height. Here both are wearing loafers.

Click Here
Click Here

That's why I never trust the photos until I see the straight camera angle with full body including shoes.

I have also seen people here accusing Ben for wearing lifts to look taller.I saw that and I wondered that why a guy who's an actor/director and is already over 6'1"(already tall enough for his profession) would wear lifts to look taller than others?

If you ask my personal opinion I'll say that Ben is nowhere under 6'2".
Dejavu said on 5/Sep/19
He is not less than 6’2. He looks taller than Garrett Hedlund who is estimated to be taller than what he is listed.
Jackson said on 5/Sep/19
Oh my goodness stop the nonsense. You guys are just downgrading other guys to justify downgrading Ben. Lol. Just ridiculous. He’s not getting downgraded he’s looked 6’2” + 90% of his career to me. Doesn’t even have great posture because he’s usually the biggest guy on screen until lately where he’s been around guys like Jason momoa. Hugh Jackman clearly has been 6’1.5” - 6’2” range all his career. Downgrading Ben means downgrading tons and tons of other celebs. Not gona happen.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 5/Sep/19
It varies from person to person though. Some lose more quickly than others.
Canson said on 5/Sep/19
Wrestling Fan said on 4/Sep/19
But how will you justify him being 1/2 inches taller than Hugh Jackman?
That means you think that Hugh Jackman is only 6'1" at present right?
That doesn't seems to be true from any angle.
I'm not accusing for anything,don't take it as a disrespect

None taken. And I respect your opinion too! I agree with Viper. Max 186 for Hugh. Ben imho is around 186-187. Maybe top of that range is possible
Pierre said on 5/Sep/19
Watch again my recent comparisons here Hugh Jackman looks in the best case the same heigth as 6"0.75' Barack
viper said on 4/Sep/19
I think Jackman is 186cm
Wrestling Fan said on 4/Sep/19
But how will you justify him being 1/2 inches taller than Hugh Jackman?
That means you think that Hugh Jackman is only 6'1" at present right?
That doesn't seems to be true from any angle.
I'm not accusing for anything,don't take it as a disrespect
Pierre said on 2/Sep/19
Ben Affleck 188 means Justin Timberlake about 6"0' and Justin is probably more a weak 5"11' than a full 5"11'....
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 31/Aug/19
People don't keep losing height in a day. Majority is 2cm lost and 2.5cm for those 7 footer out of bed. If Rob comfirm Ray Fisher to be 6'2.25" when see him in the late morning it isn't much different from a afternoon/evening/night height. Between afternoon, evening and night height most people only lost to the max 1/8 inch some hold only 1 mm lost. I do believe Fisher is like a 188.5cm guy and Affleck 188cm on the nose but probably could hold 6'2.25" awhile before 10-11am.
Pierre said on 26/Aug/19
@Canson = Ray Fisher is probably a little bit under 6"2' he does not look really 6"2' next to Rob and i think Rob lose a little bit height in the pic.Generally when the celebrities are in pics next to Josh i guess them shorter than when they are in pics with Rob.
Jordan87 said on 26/Aug/19
@ Canson, A Weak 6'2" Fits Ben IMO. I bet by around 6:00pm He is something like 6'1.5"-6'1.75".
Canson said on 25/Aug/19
Affleck looks slightly shorter than Ray Fisher who is listed 6’2.25 and may just be a flat 6’2 with Rob. Affleck May be only a weak 6’2”
Pierre said on 24/Aug/19
My comment on 22/August =Sorry the video Barack /Stephen = Click Here
Pierre said on 23/Aug/19
Comparisons Ben /Matt = Click Here =James Corden and 5"8' Michael Douglas James Corden and Matt Click Here
Mister lennon said on 23/Aug/19
Aflleck has always looked 6'2 and IS 6'2.
Public Enemy said on 23/Aug/19
Click Here
Canson said on 22/Aug/19
@Viper: probably 6’1.5 at worst or 6’1.75
Pierre said on 22/Aug/19
Importer said on 21/Aug/19
@viper Click Here Affleck is taller than peak 6’2” Jackman by a bit. Both are most likely wearing same footwear here. On side note, I’d have thought they are brothers lmao

Ben wear very probably sometimes lifts in event like i have demonstrate in a recent comment this comparisons Hugh Jackman/Stephen Colbert/6"0.75' Barack = Click Here Click Here = at around 0:32 = Hugh Jackman for me is never 6"2' range
K.A 188 ! said on 22/Aug/19
You did not notice that both were slouching in all the picture you guys posted no decent picture of both of them standing close face to face or side by side ,common... . Stop cherry picking.
dan nay said on 22/Aug/19
viper said on 22/Aug/19
His height varies more than usual.

It's not out of the question he gets a little lift. People on Dwayne Johnson's page have thought that about him.
viper said on 22/Aug/19
Affleck looks 6-1 range at best with
6-3.5 max Snoop Dogg in multiple pics.

Why does Affleck look consistently 6-1 with 5-9 max Matt Damon. Explain that.
Jackson said on 21/Aug/19
@K.A 188!

Don’t even bother. @viper will just find the pictures that favors his claims. And anytime Ben looks 6’2” + which is 90% of the time he just claims Ben wears lifts. Which is so ridiculous. Lol. Ben is 6’2 minimum.
Pierre said on 21/Aug/19
K.A 188 ! said on 20/Aug/19
@VIPER dude Affleck is NOT 6ft1.
He is 6ft2 google out is pictures with Henry Cavill and also with Will Smith, then come back and tell me what makes you think he is 6ft1??!.
Stop relying on a picture in which you can not see footwear .

Click Here = here you can see footwears and you can see both have around the same heel...that give = Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here = difference around two inches never three
Importer said on 21/Aug/19
@viper Click Here Affleck is taller than peak 6’2” Jackman by a bit. Both are most likely wearing same footwear here. On side note, I’d have thought they are brothers lmao
K.A 188 ! said on 20/Aug/19
@VIPER dude Affleck is NOT 6ft1.
He is 6ft2 google out is pictures with Henry Cavill and also with Will Smith, then come back and tell me what makes you think he is 6ft1??!.
Stop relying on a picture in which you can not see footwear .
viper said on 17/Aug/19
Ben does not look any taller than 6-1 with 5-11 Timberlake and 5-9 Max Matt Damon
Importer said on 16/Aug/19
@Pierre I swear there was a clip somewhere online from his movie Argo. He alongside his crew were walking in the crowd and he pretty much stood out due to his height. Point is that he’s got to be closer to 190cm than 185cm.
Pierre said on 16/Aug/19
@Greg = Ben 6"2' range means Justin 6"0'....Watch recent comments/pics i posted here Justin/Jesse Eisenberg(Rob has a pic with him)...Justin is max 5"11'.....
6footTom said on 16/Aug/19
Probably 6'2" flat at the lowest, I doubt he'd go under it.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 15/Aug/19
The Affleck brothers have almost exactly the same Birthday! Today Ben celebrates turning 47 and just two days ago, his younger brother was 44. But that's where the similarities end, for they are like chalk and cheese in the height department!

🎈🎁🕯️🎂 Happy Birthday Ben! 🎂🕯️🎁🎈

His Birthday guess from me is 6ft2.25.

Greg said on 14/Aug/19
@Jackson@Pierre I wouldn’t say Affleck is 6’1, I doubt even a 6’1-6’2 guy would wear lifts for the most part. Colbert is the same height as Jake Gylenhaal so however tall Jake is that’s how tall Stephen is but I’m assuming Affleck is at least 6’2 minimum 6’2.5 Max and 6’2.25 isn’t a bad shout.
Pierre said on 12/Aug/19
@Jackson=Sorry but you will not convince me with your answers = first = i choose moments in the videos inwhich they are standing in around the same posture and so we can compare them .Second = in the pics Ben and Justin on the yacht we can see their shoes.Always argue celebrities never wear elevator shoes is false.i've already demonstrated in comments Ben was probably wearing lifts sometimes.
Where is the nonsense?Hugh Jackman is listed 6"1.5' and?What were their shoes?Is Hugh really 6"1.5'?And Garret?Ben is standing as straight as a I in your pic with Garret, and both are very distant one to the other this is not the best pic to compare them.And the pics with Matt Damon?Matt damon is around the same heigh as James Corden = Click Here Click Here Click Here and James Corden tiptoeing next to Samuel Anderson slouching looks max the same height as 5"8' Rob next to Samuel straight ...Click Here Click Here
....Click Here Click Here Even if Matt"s soles are a little bit more advantageous this never means Ben is 6"2' here....6"1' max
Jackson said on 11/Aug/19

I guess I’ll use your logic. Anytime Ben looks taller than you like you just randomly claim he wears lifts. It’s ridiculous. Let’s talk about how Ben wears slippers in the film with Justin. Or how about this I’ll just do what you do. Justin Timberlake has way more evidence of lift wearing then Affleck ever had.

You also just want people to pause a video at an Exact moment that Ben could possibly not look as tall as you want. If anything seeing Ben come and great Stephen Colbert made me more sure he’s 6’2” + and then The very first thing Stephen mentions is how tall he is.
Jackson said on 11/Aug/19
Enough with the nonsense. Hugh Jackman is listed on here at 6’1.5” and here is Garret Hedlund looking taller than Hugh.

Click Here

Now......... Ben is taller than Garret. And after watching Garret and Ben in their recent movie together I see Ben is taller. Ben doesn’t always have great posture. But a downgrade is silly.

Click Here

Also.... Charlie Hunnam is listed on here at 6’0” by Rob. And yet Ben is easily... and I mean EASILY taller by more than an inch... so that 6’1” argument is silly.

Click Here
Pierre said on 8/Aug/19
Click Here = Stephen Colbert and Ben Aflleck = make a pause/low speed at around 1:30 when they hug each other and when they're standing very close to each other and both around the same distance to the camera(Ben stands always a little bit closer) .Now Stephen Colbert and 6"0.75' Barack = Click Here =make a pause /speed low at around 0:32 ........Ben is not taller than Barack here
Matthew 6'0.3 15.3 yrs said on 5/Aug/19
Google says 6'4, im going with 6'2 1/2
K.A 188 ! said on 5/Aug/19
stop being ridiculous just look at the pictures of Affleck with Cavill and and also Will Smith and Affleck .
He is 6ft2! And no less he had cavil by 4 cm just google out their picture and stop with your ridiculous 6ft1 claims.
Pierre said on 2/Aug/19
With 5"11' Justin Timberlake when around the same heels = Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
viper said on 2/Aug/19
If 6-1 is a joke why does he always look 6-1 with 5-11 Justin Timberlake and 5-8.5-5-9 Matt Damon
Importer said on 2/Aug/19
@Pierre Affleck had 3inch on Uma Thurman on paycheck. Below 6'2" is impossible.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 1/Aug/19
6'2.5" is indeed a joke. Ben is decent 6'2.
Jackson said on 30/Jul/19
Click Here
Pierre said on 30/Jul/19
Because people don't understand he wear sometimes advantageous shoes.Next to Justin Timberlake (pics yacht etc )he wear classic shoes Justin too he's never over 6"1'
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Jul/19
6ft1 is a big joke...
Jackson said on 28/Jul/19
Here’s Ben and Oscar Isaac in a video together.

Click Here
Canson said on 24/Jul/19
6’2.5 is too much for him. He’s likely tops 6’2” flat and 6’1.5-6’2 is not impossible for him.
Jackson said on 24/Jul/19

Totally agree! Definitely not a 6’1” guy. 6’2.5” seems perfect for Ben.
K.A 188 said on 23/Jul/19
@Importer maybe
TheBat said on 22/Jul/19
@K.A 188

I agree. Ben's not in the 6'1" range. Looks an inch taller than 6'1.5" Will Smith. I personally put Ben at 6'2.5".
Importer said on 20/Jul/19
6'3" 1/2 in shoes?
K.A 188 said on 18/Jul/19
He is 6ft2 and a change!what is it with everyone on this site is so desperate to downgrade?
He lookes constantly 4 cm taller than 184 Henry cavill who always stands at his tallest.Really don't understand all this 6ft1 comments.. When he easily edged strong 6ft1 186.7lWill smith by 2-3 cm. Folks should look at pictures before writing first thing that comes into their minds.
Jackson said on 14/Jul/19
Definitely taller than Garret Hedlund .

Click Here
David_6000 said on 13/Jul/19
I saw him in line at a store in his hometown a few years ago. I'm 6'.5" barefoot and he was considerably taller. 6'2 at the very least but I'd go with 6'3.
Dejavu said on 13/Jul/19
If he is 6’1, Garret Hedlund and Hugh Jackman should be downgrades to 6’0 range.
Pierre said on 12/Jul/19
Watch another time the pics Ben /Justin Timberlake /Jesse Eisenberg in both posts on 3/April/2019,he's maybe 6"1' not 6"2'
Importer said on 7/Jul/19
188.5cm minimum.
Hijoputamus said on 7/Jul/19
6ft1 barefoot and without the wig
viper said on 4/Jul/19
He consistently looks 6-1 with
5-8.5-5-9 Damon
Dejavu said on 30/Jun/19
A bit above 6’2 is what he always look with good posture. He looked more than an inch taller than 6’1 Bill Hader in the snl sketch.
viper said on 27/Jun/19
Matt Damon is maybe, maybe a full 5-9. But probably more 5-8.5 seeing him with 6-4 measured Tom Brady on video.

Affleck looks 6-1 with Damon consistently
viper said on 27/Jun/19
Affleck barely looks taller than Houser all through the movie.

Affleck had no more than 2 inches on
5-11 max Justin Timberlake in the movie they did.

Absolute, absolute most I could give Affleck is 6-1.5. I doubt even that.

He doesn't even physically look as tall as a 6-1.5 guy like Matthew Fox.

6-1ish Ryan Reynolds also seems to give a taller look
Jackson said on 26/Jun/19
Not true at all. Affleck normally looks to have 2 inches on Cole Hauser who Rob has at 6’0.5”

Click Here
viper said on 25/Jun/19
Affleck looks 6-1 with Cole Houser in Dazed and Confused
Callum Parry said on 23/Jun/19
If you took him and Krasinski and stood them back to back with equal footwear I think John would edge him out. Ben is 6ft2.25 and I think John is more in the region of 6ft2.5-.75. I think Rob has got their listings pretty spot on.
Pierre said on 22/Jun/19
In all this pics Ben Affleck is standing very straight like in a military posture and probably wear lifts next to Jason Momoa .Jon Krasinski make the split here one foot behind the other foot and her front knee bented,the proof he lost lots of height is = he looks only 3.5 inches taller than Matt Damon in this pic(Matt Damon/James Corden = Click Here ).And Matt is not even standing straight here !he's in the same posture or even in a poorer posture than Jon ....
cmillzz said on 21/Jun/19
weak 6’2
Jackson said on 21/Jun/19
So I that makes Jon Krasinski 6’0” then?

Click Here

And how about Jason Momoa? What’s he 6’2”?

Click Here

Ben is obviously not a 6’1” guy. He’s 6’2” range easy.
TheBat said on 20/Jun/19
No way I can see Ben Affleck below 6’2.25” at all. He’s definitely 6’2.5” currently and probably 6’2 7/8” at peak.
viper said on 18/Jun/19
Michael Christman said on 17/Jun/19
And Google lists him as 6’4” lol when he is nowhere close.
Pierre said on 2/Jun/19
If you take in consideration Justin Timberlake is maybe more a weak 5"11' than a full 5"11' then Ben Affleck weak 6"1' is very possible.Sophisticated shoes in events make the rest.
Canson said on 13/May/19
@Viper: I think he could be the full 6’6 out of bed and come down to 6’5.25 or 5 or 6’5.75 and 6’5 at a low. The more I saw of him on the court with Kawhi and others the more evident it is he’s around 6’5 not almost 6’6”. He doesn’t look as tall as Tobias Harris either who is 6’6” at a low
Canson said on 13/May/19
@Rob: I agree with Viper about perhaps under 6’2” as he looked it with other actors and athletes. But I don’t think he is only 6’1” flat. Weak 6’2” is worst case. He’s not as tall as Michael Phelps
viper said on 12/May/19
Jimmy Butler almost straight out of bed hits 6-6, but in reality he's nowhere close to it.
viper said on 12/May/19
Damon is most definitely 5-8.5.

Look at him with 6-4 measured Tom Brady on the Jimmy Kimmel show
Jackson said on 12/May/19
5’10 3/4” listed George Clooney and Ben.

Click Here
Canson said on 11/May/19
@Viper: 6’1.5 maybe but not 6’1 flat. I think a weak 6’2 is really what he would be 6’1.5-.75
Editor Rob
With great posture for the life of me I couldn't see ben under 6ft 2...I still feel 6ft 2 and change is what he would measure.
Jackson said on 10/May/19
Damon is not 5’8.5” rob has him at 5’9 3/4” which is far more accurate.
viper said on 9/May/19
Affleck is just a 6-1 guy, and it shows with 5-8.5 Damon.

He looked 6-1 throughout the whole movie he did with 5-11 Justin Timberlake
Pierre said on 7/May/19
here on the same step the difference is smaller between Jennifer and Ben = Click Here Click Here Click Here = here with a little bit more heels (around 1.25/1.5 inches more imo) . Click Here = here the ground seems to be a little bit more advantageous for him and maybe his shoes a little bit more advantageous too
Jackson said on 6/May/19
Ben and 5’7.5” listed Jennifer Garner

Click Here
Aus said on 5/May/19
He is listed as 6'4" on Google, in my opinión there is cero chance he is over 6'3"
Pierre said on 5/May/19
he wears lifts in the pics next to Ray Fisher,his shoes are looking clearly bigger than Ray's shoes,with vertical angle of the laces etc
Jackson said on 4/May/19
Ben and 5’11” Jason Bateman.

Click Here
TheBat said on 2/May/19

Great pics! I agree that Ben's 6'2.5" on average, 6'2 3/8" to 6'2.25" are the lowest I can see him being. And it's funny how much he towers over Jeremy Renner (not how a 5'10" guy should look as he claims).
'Annonymous' said on 30/Apr/19
Rob, I still think that Ben needs a 1/4 or at least 1/8 inch upgrade. A few photos of Ben next to Fisher which I sent recently may have been blurred so I send them again:
Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Please note that when Fisher has a lot of thicker shoes than Ben, they may look like a similar height, but when Fisher only has a little thicker shoes than Ben, then Affleck looks much taller than Fisher. You can see Ben next to someone like Jeremy Renner:
Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
I noticed that his posture was very often up and down like in the case of Will Smith... But in moments when his posture was not so bad, Ben really looked taller than Ray Fisher and could look over six inches taller than Jeremy Renner. Rob, from everything I've seen, I think the list of 6'2.5" or at least 6'2" and 3/8 inch would be more precise for Ben.
Pierre said on 19/Apr/19
But ben looks taller than John Krasinsky when John Krasinsky looks under one forehead higher next to Matt Damon who brake his posture....When you compare Ben and Matt in this famous pic, Ben is standing in a perfect posture and Matt bent his knees ,and break his right shoulder,but in these conditions Ben looks only one forehead taller than Matt here .Matt Damon /James Corden=make a pause at 0:18 they are standing in about the same posture = Click Here .James Corden and Matthew Horne listed 5"6' = Click Here (James in sneakers type Nike air max then both with around the same heels imo) Click Here Click Here
Pierre said on 18/Apr/19
@Jackson(14/April/19)= Yeah :)
TheBat said on 18/Apr/19
@Junior Hernandez 1990

You may think that Ben isn't in the 6'2" range, but he truly is. In BvS he was taller than Jeremy Irons who's 6'1" at best now, in Pearl Harbor he was very similar in height to 6'2.75" Josh Hartnett, and edged out 6'1.5" Garrett Hedlund by an inch in Triple Frontier. In real life he edged out 6'2" flat John Krasinski, was similar to 6'2.5" Ray Fisher, and was noticeably a little over three inches taller next to 5'11" Ezra Miller.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 17/Apr/19
Ben don't look 6'2 when watching him on screen. His physical now look like a 6'0 guy maybe also due to his long head like a person with smaller and shorter head will look lanky than him.
Dejavu said on 15/Apr/19
I don’t see any evidence that he is wearing lifts.
TheBat said on 15/Apr/19

I can see both you and Pierre's opinions. But I agree Ben's like 6'2.5" currently, 6'2.25" at the very low. He definitely edges out 6'2" John Krasinski.

As for Henry, I'll now say he's on average 6'0.5" or 6'0.75" but can look 6'1" in other times.
thi said on 15/Apr/19
Rob its true that 6'1 guys start to have the "lanky look" that 6' guys doesnt had?
Editor Rob
Every inch above 5ft 9 will increase chances of looking lanky, but leg length, weight and head size all play a role too.
Jackson said on 14/Apr/19
Fair enough. We’re all entitled to our opinions. :)
Pierre said on 13/Apr/19
@Jackson=Rob's estimation is just an estimation,i don't talk about the height chart i talk about what i see in the pic Rob/Ray Fisher.6"2.25'/6"1.75'...Who's know,we talk just about 1/2 inch here....You think Ben has no advantageous shoes,i think he wear these and i argue my guess
Jackson said on 11/Apr/19
You seem to think the height chart determines people’s height. It does not! There’s people on this site listed at 6’2.5” that don’t even hit 6’2” on the height chart created on this site. And Rob said Fisher was 6’2.5” to 6’2.25” in person. And no it doesn’t look like he’s wearing lifts at all...
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 11/Apr/19
When you're 6'0 claiming 6'3-6'4 for hollywood style. Or you can be 6'2 claiming at 16 being 5'4 growing a foot taller.
Pierre said on 10/Apr/19
Dejavu= Rob listed Ray Fisher 6"2.25',i see him a little bit shorter in the pic more like 6"1.75'. Ben Affleck can look sometimes taller than him but in this pics i think Ben's shoes are elevator shoes like here(same event) = Click Here .His shoes= Click Here =Logically if his shoes were classic horizontal shoes(i want to say without internal heel) with this pronounced angle of ankle (the right ankle) his right heel should be higher than the floor imo .When you walk with classic shoes the heel of your rear leg is higher than the ground with this pronounced angle of ankle imo like here = Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Dejavu said on 9/Apr/19
He is at least 6’2. He looks similar height to Ray Fisher and could look taller with good posture. He looked similar height to Morgan Freeman who is a bit above 6’2 in sums of all fear which was over 10 years ago. With bad posture, he can look sub 6’2 though.
Pierre said on 9/Apr/19
I don't know if John Krasinski is really 6"2.5' but lot's of time he looks under this height in pics = next to Wendell Pierce listed 5"8' he looks 6"1' = Click Here .Here he looks shorter than Rainn Wilson listed 6"1.5'peak = Click Here Click Here here next to Matt Damon who is max 5"9' imo = Click Here (Matt and James Corden = Click Here James in poor posture = Click Here ) .
Jackson said on 9/Apr/19
Lol seriously? Lifts? He's usually the guy wearing flat shoes and has Cast mates around him in boots and dress shoes. Also often leans down and has bad posture. There’s not even a slight bit of evidence that he wears lifts... and why would he? He’s already a tall dude. I’ve never once seen a photo of him with suspicious looking footwear.
German Beryozkin said on 8/Apr/19
Actually I think he wear lifts for some reason ...
Jackson said on 8/Apr/19

Ben is very clearly taller than Krasinski even with footwear disadvantage. So that puts to rest any downgrades for Ben. Especially since Krasinski is listed at 6’2.5”
Pierre said on 7/Apr/19
@Annonymous = then watch the angle of the laces of Ben's shoes = very vertical.
'Annonymous' said on 5/Apr/19
Hi Rob! I still think Affleck needs an upgrade. I found even more photos on which Affleck looks taller than Ray Fisher (even considering his hair):
Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
If you pay attention to their footwear, you can see that Fisher even had some thicker shoes than Affleck. I also found photos from another event on which Fisher has much thicker shoes than Affleck and even then they look like a similar height:
Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
In those pictures, Ben didn't have bent legs, considering their footwear, Ben just looked taller than Ray Fisher. Besides, look at him here alongside Matt Damon and John Krasinski (in these pictures Krasinski and Damon have thicker shoes than Ben):
Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
It's weird that Ben looks taller than Krasinski, but I'm sure Ben really needs an upgrade. Rob, you said Affleck is probably measuring somewhere in the zone from 6'2.25" to 6'2.5" however in my opinion 6'2.25" looks a little too low for him... Rob, could you give Ben an upgrade to 6'2.5" or at least 6'2" and 3/8 inch now?
Pierre said on 5/Apr/19
in add to my comment on 03/April/19 = Ben and Justin shoes = Click Here very similar heels here imo
German Beryozkin said on 4/Apr/19
Agree with Pierrre. 6’1 Max for Affleck
Pierre said on 3/Apr/19
In addition to my comment=Rob and Jesse Eisenberg = Click Here .Now Justin Timberlake and Jesse Eisenberg when i think they have around the same shoes = Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Pierre said on 3/Apr/19
Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck when probably around the same shoes = Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Now Justin Timberlake and Stephen Colbert(Stephen Colbert and 6"0.75' Barack = Click Here Click Here ) = so = Click Here Click Here = make a pause at 0:28 .Justin Timberlake and Barack = Click Here (i ask me for the heels) Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon = Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Now Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert in around same shoes imo = Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here =My guess = Justin Timberlake max 5"11' Ben Affleck max 6"1'
HENDOOOOO said on 3/Apr/19
G day Rob mate, Do you think a 6 ft 2.5 measurement would be possible?. And are what time of day would celebs measure the height you pin them at? Becuase some are more active than others so their height will fluctuate during the day.
Editor Rob
In the afternoon I still would say he's a strong 6ft 2 range, 6ft 2.25 or 2.5 I feel are probably more believable than 6ft 3 or flat 6ft 2.
Pierre said on 27/Mar/19
Click Here = here around 72 inches with very probably shoes
Pierre said on 27/Mar/19
the mugshot = Click Here
Pierre said on 25/Mar/19
@Jackson=i don't know how really tall is Steven Spielberg, by this mugshot,in 1993 Harrison is about 72 inches(so 6"0') and wear very probably shoes....
Pierre said on 25/Mar/19
@Jackson =.... but your pic was made in 2008 and maybe Steven lost height?And He wear converses here and seems to me not very straight here....
Dejavu said on 24/Mar/19
He edged on Garrett Hedlund who many argues to be around 6,1.5. Ben is not under 6’2.
Jackson said on 22/Mar/19

Yeah ok. Pretty easy to find pictures of Harrison towering over Steven Spielberg. Not the ones you found not showing their full bodies.

Click Here
Pierre said on 22/Mar/19
Comparisons Ben Affleck /Hugh Jackman = now Hugh Jackman and imo max 6"0.75' Barack (with very short hairs)= Click Here .Barack/Hugh/Stephen Colbert = Click Here (this one for amusement= Click Here ) Click Here
Pierre said on 22/Mar/19
Comparisons Ben Affleck/Harrison Ford in 2002 = Click Here Click Here = here in 2002 too next to Steven Spielberg(5"7.5' prime here) Harrison clearly does not look 6"0'
Jackson said on 20/Mar/19

Great photos. Thanks for sharing. Totally agree with you and Rob that the lowest Ben could be is 6’2.25”
billionaireslayer said on 20/Mar/19
Very Weak 6'2 or strong 6'1, would edge out Sam Jackson or John Cusack, but I think Freeman would edge him out prime.
'Annonymous' said on 19/Mar/19
Hi Rob! In my opinion, a 6'2.5" would be a better list for Affleck, here are 3 of his other photos alongside Hugh Jackman from 2013:
Click Here Click Here Click Here
Although it is true that in 2002, 6 feet was believeble for Harrison Ford, here are another 2 photos of Ben and Ford:
Click Here Click Here
However, there are quite a few photos on which Affleck looked taller than Ray Fisher (even considering that Ben had more hair than Fisher) and their footwear was similar on one of these events, please take a look:
Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Ben, most of the time, can look like a decent guy of 189 cm. Rob, I think it's time to upgrade.
Editor Rob
For a long time 6ft 2.5 seemed the best figure, 6ft 2.25 probably is the lowest I'd argue and it may turn out 6ft 2.25 - 2.5 is the range he measures.
TheBat said on 10/Mar/19
I'd say now, Ben's a strong 6'2.5".
Pierre said on 8/Mar/19
Comparisons Charlie Hunnam /Ben Affleck .now Charlie Hunnam with David Beckham who is imo a weak 5"11' = Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here = by considering Charlie is always standing very straight he's about the same height as David imo .
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 8/Mar/19
6'2 1/8 candidate for Ben. Lol.
Jackson said on 7/Mar/19
Interesting. Thanks for letting me know. And yeah I totally agree Bens a solid 6’2.5”
GRIT said on 6/Mar/19
Jackson, keep in mind that Rob has kinda underlisted Garret Hedlund, he is most likely in the 187-188 range so probably like 6'1.75" ish, maybe 6'1.5" at the worst. Ben gets a legit 6'2.5" from me.
Jug said on 4/Mar/19
Near 6'2.5. A very strong 6'2 at the very least.
Jackson said on 4/Mar/19
Here’s Ben again looking a lot bigger than Charlie. And also with Garret Hedlund who robs got listed at 6’1.25” and Garret’s a bit in front of the camera. But still Bens got Garret by at least a solid inch.

Click Here
Jackson said on 4/Mar/19
Ben with 6’0” Charlie Hunnam. Ben looks every bit of a strong 6’2” guy.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Feb/19
6ft2½ is arguable but 6ft3 is going out there a bit. Always looked like he was right at the halfway point between the 6ft1 and 6ft4 guys
grizz said on 22/Feb/19
@Jordan87, rumor has it that Armie Hammer might be considered for the role.
Ian555 said on 21/Feb/19
Hey Rob, this listing seems a little under listed. In these photos with Henry Cavill, who you have listed at 6’ 0.5” but I think is 6’ 1”, Affleck looks 6’ 2 1/2-3 range Click Here, Click Here, Click Here. At least two inches taller than Cavill, the last photo looked close to a three inch difference, if Cavill is 6’ 1”, Affleck looked 6’ 4” although I think that’s a bit optimistic. But in photos with John Krasinski, who you have at 6’ 2 1/2” but I think is a honest 6’ 3”, Affleck does look 6’ 4” Click Here. Plus on Stephen Colbert, he does mention Affleck is a lot taller than he thought he’d be he says this on 2:11 Click Here. Do you think Affleck could be 6’ 3” Rob?
Editor Rob
ft 2.5 was always the most I gave him, but I haven't though 6ft 3 looked possible overall.
Jordan87 said on 21/Feb/19
Since Affleck ( Still 6'1.75" in My Book) is the tallest Batman actor, lets place our bets if the Next Actor will be taller. I highly doubt it. Ben wasn't bad as the Bat, He was also 228 pounds in Dawn Of Justice, and was a little bit smaller for Justice League ( I heard 216).

Either way he is easily the most physically Imposing of the Batman Actors, very interesting who they choose next!
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 21/Feb/19
Ben is 6'2 and Damon 5'9 1/2. Krasinski is not under 6'2 1/4.
Pierre said on 14/Feb/19
@Jackson=Matt Damon's shoes for me are not suspicicious =they are just looking classic shoes with a classic comfortable heel like lots of this type of shoes,which give around one inch of heel.I don't see Matt with really variations of his height by all the pics i watch with him next to other actors.Elevator shoes are more discreet than this imo.And Matt Damon does the legs split here and lose height.
Click Here = this shoes are looking advantageous for me,very discreet with just a little external heel,but the angle of the laces is very vertical(when you compare to Henry Cavill's or Ray Fisher's shoes in this pic for example),like this shoes would give him a vertical push with an internal heel over the external heel .Here the same event = Click Here =(always in my own opinion of course)= I think if his rear foot was flat in this shoes,when he walk like this with a big step,with his right knee a lot in front of his right foot, his right shoe heel logically should take off from the carpet.For me the reason his shoe heel is always in the carpet is= his foot is not in a classic angle in this shoes.
Jackson said on 14/Feb/19
Damon’s footwear is suspicious. Hence why he may be looking taller than usual..
Pierre said on 13/Feb/19
But John Krasinski looks like 6"0' max here next to Matt Damon who slouch himself and Ben Affleck is standing as traight as he can and easily closer to the camera than John.and i'm not even sure his heels are disadvantageous
Jackson said on 10/Feb/19
Ben does slouch and wear smaller footwear than any of his DC cast mates. I can’t see the guy under 6’2” when he’s taller than 6’2.5” listed John Krasinski with smaller footwear. Johns slouching but heck at the very worst Ben is same height as John...

Click Here
Mister lennon said on 9/Feb/19
I would say 6'2 flat the most of the day and 6'2 and a half out of bed.
Pierre said on 9/Feb/19
Imo he can pass for 6"2'or a little bit more when he wear advantageous shoes.When he wear sneakers he looks shorter than Ray Fisher or Henry Cavill and then imo he take a curious posture to give the illusion he can stretch up a lot like here = Click Here Click Here
Jordan87 said on 8/Feb/19
@ German Beryozkin,

If By Strong 6'1" Guy you mean 6'1.5, maybe 6'1.75" Then I'd say that's Accurate. He may wake up at 6'2, but With Obama both in person and in Comparison to Kerry and Obama, Affleck is not over 6'2".

6'1" Flat is a little to short to be honest. I think he is a guy who hoveres around the 6'2" Mark during the early hrs of a day, but most of the hours in a day he is under 6'2. 6'1.5"-6'1.75".
??? said on 5/Feb/19
German Beryozkin said on 5/Feb/19
I think Ben is a strong 6’1 guy but nothing more for him honestly.
Canson said on 5/Feb/19
@Viper: that’s very possible. Maybe 187 but doubt much higher than that
Pierre said on 5/Feb/19
Comparisons= Ben Affleck /Justin Timberlake = Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here .I think there is something like two inches between them .
Now Justin Timberlake /Jimmy Fallon = Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Now Jimmy/Fallon/Stephen Colbert(listed 5"10.5'and 50 votes are giving him 5"10.3') = Click Here Click Here Click Here
viper said on 4/Feb/19
Ben is a 186cm guy, just like Phil Mickelson who is listed 6-2.25
Jackson said on 3/Feb/19
I belive Bens a 6’2” guy personally. And hits 6’3” in shoes. Claiming an inch more is just not that uncommon. Especially in Hollywood. I don’t exaggerate my height myself, but Bens claim isn’t that out there compared to a ton of other celebs. Guys like the rock are honestly very close to Ben in height yet the rock says he’s 6’5”. So it’s not like Ben is exaggerating that much. There’s much worse cases of exaggeration is all I mean.
Canson said on 2/Feb/19
@Jackson: I respectfully disagree. If you’re say 6’1.5 or 6’1.75 and say you’re 6’2 in shoes it’s one thing but claiming a full inch or claiming a shoe height deliberately is exaggeration
Ian555 said on 2/Feb/19
Rob I’m curious but I how come you haven’t you tried to editing celebrity heights that are incorrect on IMDB with the plethora of evidence you have to back up your claims and then send feedback to Google saying that the IMDB has a different height for the celebrity I’ve tried it and it has worked.
Editor Rob
People already do that a fair amount by changing imdb heights after I put them up here.

For instance just a few recent examples:

31st January Michele Tafoya on imdb at 5ft 8.5.
I added her on here at 5ft 6.5 and of course somebody changed her to 5ft 6.5.

Tracy Wolfson 5ft 6 on imdb on 31st January.
I added her on here and then it was changed also to 5ft 2.

Melissa Stark: 31st January no height. I add her on here and somebody adds the height to imdb on 1st February

So CelebHeights inadvertently helps imdb with corrections and additions, by virtue of people who visit this site every day and update imdb....there are thousands of examples like that over the years.
Jackson said on 1/Feb/19

To be fair Ben has never in his life claimed 6’4”. And he claimed 6’3” when younger and probably could easily hit that mark in shoes. Claiming your height in shoes isn’t some huge exaggeration. Lots of people do it. Just saw he’s not Batman anymore. I’m pretty bummed out but excited to see whose the new Batman. Regardless of exactly how tall Ben is, we can admit he’s one of the largest guys to ever wear the suit on screen. I enjoyed his older Batman.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
viper said on 1/Feb/19
The most Damon could be is 5-9
Pierre said on 1/Feb/19
Jackson said on 25/Jan/19
Bens slouching in that picture with John Kerry. Here’s both of them standing straight. Same height.
Click Here
= John Kerry slouch a lot here and i guess Ben closer to the camera. Click Here =here ben always a little bit closer to the camera both are looking the same posture apparently.
Click Here = here Ben always closer to the camera John tilts on his left side .
John for me is at less one inch taller than Ben by this pics.
Picture Ben/John Kerry posted by German Beryozkin on 24/Jan/19 =Ben imo is easily closer to the camera he's not straight but John Kerry is for me the one who slouch most.
Now John Kerry next to Barack Obama who is something around 6"0.75'imo= Click Here Click Here
Jordan87 said on 31/Jan/19
Click Here

Kerry is about the same amount taller than Obama as he is to Affleck.

Affleck is not much taller than Obama, who is 6'1. Affleck is 6'2 TOPS. Def is in the 6'1's most of the day.

For the man to Claim 6'3 and 6'4, he should be slapped in his face.
Rising - 174 cm said on 31/Jan/19
Yeah, John Kerry is taller than Affleck and Affleck has a camera advantage in the second pic, but comparing shoulders is not as good as comparing the top of their heads. I wouldn't guess more than an inch between them, though and it's possibly less nowadays since Kerry may not be 6'3" anymore. Ben is too far in the background in that first pic with Brady to judge and he does look roughly 2.5" shorter in the second, but that photo also looks somewhat tilted in Brady's favor. The 6'1.5" figure is too high for Obama, though 6'1" flat is likely spot on. I still see Affleck 6'2" with Obama Click Here Notice is Ben is further from the camera, slouching and still a bit taller. Ben rarely looks a full 5" taller than Damon even though some of that is posture, but Ben is standing straight here and I see more like 4.5" between them: Click Here If Damon is 5'9.5" as I think he is then Ben would be just about 6'2".

@Canson: Ben and Ray could be the same height, imo. I wouldn't have guessed Ben any shorter at this event with both in dress shoes: Click Here Click Here and Ray in boots was just slightly taller than Ben in sneakers at this one: Click Here but I'd give the edge to Ray if there is any difference because Ray looked a bit taller at this other event: Click Here Click Here
viper said on 31/Jan/19
Affleck is 6-1. Reynolds is 6-1.5 by his own admission.
viper said on 31/Jan/19
Excuse me. I was thinking of Romney.

I get Kerry and Romney you mixed up
German Beryozkin said on 31/Jan/19
Jordan,i’d Say 100 percent by an inch taller than Affleck.
Jordan87 said on 29/Jan/19

Kerry is bending his neck down in the picture you provided. Affleck is straight up. John Kerry is 100 Percent taller than Affleck.
German Beryozkin said on 29/Jan/19
Agree with Canson. But I think Reynolds would be taller than Affleck honestly..
German Beryozkin said on 29/Jan/19
Good for you,Tristan !
German Beryozkin said on 28/Jan/19
Same height,Jackson? Well,that’s it for me.
Tristan3D said on 27/Jan/19
@Jackson: No, John Kerry is taller. You need to compare the shoulder-height of both men, not the top of their heads (and Kerry's shoulder is siginificantly more elevated than that of Affleck, which means: Even if Kerry is not perfectly standing upright, he would still be visibly taller than Affleck). Comparing shoulder-heights, generally, is a good way to gauge if someone is of the same height as another person (or not, for that matter).

- Tristan
Canson said on 27/Jan/19
He doesn’t look any taller than Ryan Reynolds who is 6’1.5-6’1.75 range more than likely and only 2” taller than Denzel Washington
Jackson said on 25/Jan/19
Bens slouching in that picture with John Kerry. Here’s both of them standing straight. Same height.

Click Here
Martin G said on 25/Jan/19
Id venture to say he's a bit bitover 6'3
Jackson said on 24/Jan/19

Matt Damon is literally taller than Ben Affleck in the first picture so something is obviously off about that photo... and Ben is usually 5 inches taller than Matt...
German Beryozkin said on 24/Jan/19
Click Here
With John Kerry. 6’1.5 at most..
Mister lennon said on 24/Jan/19
The less that i can buy for afleck is 6'2 flat.
German Beryozkin said on 23/Jan/19
Agree with Jordan. In reality Affleck is 186 cm Max.
Jordan87 said on 22/Jan/19
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

OK this is not a man who is over 6'2 people, stop all that crap.

Tom Brady was measured at 6'4.25". Point is he has Mr. Affleck by nearly 3".

Yes Ben Is Behind Tom in one of the pictures and they are both leaning. In the second picture, Brady is leaning and dropping his head and is well taller than Affleck.

Ben is under 6'2 at some point in the day folks. Fisher is also taller more often than Not, and Fisher doesn't even hit 6'2 in reality. Ben is about 6'1.75".

With Obama, Obama was mentioned at 6'1.5" and 6'1 and never looks really taller than this, Ben is not taller than him by much, if any.

Except the reality that Mr. Affleck reported 6'3.5" and in reality is nearly 2" shorter than his claim.
Canson said on 21/Jan/19
@Junior: Ben is difficult to accurately gauge. A previous poster SJH pegged him as 186-187 in person and he looks shorter than Ray Fisher
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 19/Jan/19
Ben is 6'2, Damon is 5'9 1/2 and 3rd buddy Krasinski 6'2 1/4.
Rising - 174 cm said on 17/Jan/19
@Jackson: Ben is a lot closer to the camera than Cavill in the 2nd, 3rd and 7th photos. Ben does have at least a good 2" on Cavill in that first Comic Con photo(more on that later). There's only an inch difference in the fourth pic, but Cavill is probably favored a bit, though Affleck looks more like 2.5" taller in the 5th pic, albeit with a possible camera advantage himself, but what's most notable is Cavill only looking 4" max taller than 5'7" Jesse Eisenberg in the 2nd and 3rd pics and maybe 4.5" in the 7th, which would still make Cavill just 182 range if Eisenberg is 171 cm. I don't actually think Cavill is 182 range, but I have to admit he looks it there. Here's 2 decent full pics from that same Comic Con: Click Here Click Here First pic shows an inch to 1.5" difference, maybe 3 cm and the 2nd shows 2.5" minimum. Affleck may be closer to the camera, especially in the 2nd, but he might be dropping a bit more height, especially in the first. Either way, you can see Cavill has about half an inch footwear advantage. This is just about the best photo I've seen of Affleck and Cavill: Click Here I see just about an inch difference, but again, Affleck has about 0.7" sneakers while Cavill has chelsea boots so about half an inch difference has there and Affleck's posture seems more casual so maybe another 1 cm difference there, but at least 1.5" between them here at the same event, though Affleck might have a small camera advantage: Click Here Imo, the smallest difference that can be argued between them is 1.5" and a 2" difference as Jackson guesses is definitely possible. Posture and footwear can make it look smaller.
Canson said on 11/Jan/19
I doubt he would ever measure over 6’3 during the day. If Rob’s listing is correct maybe right at 6’3 out of bed then 6’2.25 afternoon but he doesn’t seem that tall to be honest
Jackson said on 10/Jan/19

Well I’d say usually Ben and Henry have about 2 inches of height difference. I’m a believer that Henry and Ben are listed as they should be.


Yeah I agree about Cavill.
184guy2 said on 10/Jan/19

My bad . He actually claimed 6'3 and 6'3.5 , not 6'4
I can easily see him measuring near 6'3 or a little over out of bed

I particularly don't think Cavill is under 6'0 . He at times look just 6' , other 6'1 but he can't really measure under my height .
Jordan87 said on 9/Jan/19
@ Jackson,

Ben Looks around 3" taller than Cavill in your pictures. Good for Ben, Not good for the Sub 6'0 Cavill.
Jackson said on 9/Jan/19
Ben with Henry and Gal.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 8/Jan/19
@GRIT He is lucky if he is 6'2. Let alone 6'2 1/2.
Canson said on 8/Jan/19
@184guy: I could buy around 6’2” as well but 6’4 is way too much as is 6’3”
Jackson said on 8/Jan/19

He’s actually never himself said he’s 6’4” lots of other costars and directors describe him that size but he never does.
184guy2 said on 7/Jan/19
6'4 is in fact too much
If he just claimed 6'3 , he could get away with it
He can look under 6'2 at times but others , definitely over . The listing is good tho
Jackson said on 6/Jan/19
Here’s Ben towering over Dale Earnhardt Jr who is listed mainly at 6’0” and occasionally some have him down as 6’1”

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Dale is wearing boots and Ben is wearing flat shoes.
GRIT said on 5/Jan/19
Ben is a legit 6ft2.5 guy who rounds up to 6ft3 and is 6ft3.5 in shoes.

Canson said on 28/Dec/18
@Celebheights 6’1.5: I wonder that too lol. He never looks over 6’2”
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 26/Dec/18
Do you believe that he grew a foot after turning 16? Very few celebrities can even spurt up 6 inches within that timephrame, Rob.
Jordan87 said on 26/Dec/18
@ Jackson,

"The Ray Fisher comparison is dumb to me because Ray looks same height as Jason Momoa in some pics. I belive ray wears lifts around cast mates to boost his height to 6’4” rang"

That Would be unfortunate for Ray as he is near 6'2". FOr Someone that height To wear Lifts would signal major insecurity.
berta said on 26/Dec/18
hm it really seems like ben think he is 6 foot 3-3,5 feom all his claims. And matt damon always round him up to 6 foot 4. Maybe he is 6 foot 3 1/4 right out from bed and claim his absolute morning height? You never now. We cant always be sure that people lie in there cliam som people just goes with the time in there life they been measured at there tallest. I think he often looked 189 in his old movies but in recent years he could look closer to 188 many times. 188,5 is the best listing for him. He have not lost height yet.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 25/Dec/18
@Jackson While I may not always agree with Jackson and Canson, they don’t strike me as being people who are jealous downgraders since there’s generally logic behind their estimates at least. And hey, I’ve seen quite a few of them on these sites who’m shall not be named, but then you’ll encounter the fanboys and fangirls whose heads are stuck too far up the clouds made of Angel Crackshipzepine Midget Lust Dust blown straight out of an Axial Headcannon, transcending above the alien probes, that certainly measure bigger in the realms of the Southern Reach by the First Cave People with not even a meterstick measuring them back to reality; whereas the jealous downgraders are stuck imprisoned below a wooden roof in a deep complex, sharing a room with shortcomings that still stand taller than they can dream of being. The fanboys likely wear a plastic Ritani French-Set Diamonds, with a taste of lip therapy getting applied in pink, autographing their name with a skinned photo on their sheets. In reality, however, neither is better than the other.
Editor Rob
On another note, I added a quote from Affleck - he claimed to be 5ft 4 at 16 and grew about a foot.
Jackson said on 21/Dec/18
I wish it wasn’t true but I have 100% seem some absolutely ridiculous comments on this site before. It’s not often but I’ve seen people downgrade heights to the point of trolling.
Canson said on 19/Dec/18
Those are silly and childish statements to say people “downgrade out of jealousy”
Jackson said on 19/Dec/18
Ben and Will Smith. Yeah smith is slouching but Ben has some significant height on him. He’s obviously the taller man.

Click Here
Jackson said on 18/Dec/18
There is definitely some people on this site that downgrade peoples height way to much. Some jealousy is definitely possible lol.
Jackson said on 18/Dec/18
The Ray Fisher comparison is dumb to me because Ray looks same height as Jason Momoa in some pics. I belive ray wears lifts around cast mates to boost his height to 6’4” range
Canson said on 18/Dec/18
@Viper: he wasn’t much taller than 6’1” Will Smith and Smith was slouched in their photo. Smith is overlisted seeing him with James Avery or Jeff Goldblum. Not to mention 6’7” Lebron had close to half a foot on Ben. 6’2” is the absolute most with 6’1.5 being a possibility. That’s what S.J.H claimed he was in person when he met him 6’1.5
viper said on 18/Dec/18
He looked 6-1 in Dazed and Confused I'd say. He was barely any taller than Cole Hauser.
Canson said on 17/Dec/18
I don’t think he was ever more than 6’2. In fact weak 6’2 possible next to Lebron or Ray Fisher
Jackson said on 17/Dec/18
Krasinski was absolutely not taller than Affleck in anything I’ve ever seen and even if he was he literally has an obvious footwear advantage over Ben.
Blpak said on 17/Dec/18
You all stupid and wrong, I just bumped into Ben Affleck last Saturday, Ben is a solid 6’3 at least. You all jealous. Let’s face it, the man is tall and handsome.
184guy2 said on 16/Dec/18
The pic is not that good for Krasinski but there are others in the internet ( just google it ) and Affleck is within a similar range as Krasinski
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 16/Dec/18
@Pierre Krasinski drop height from upper body and slouch and standing position was odd for disadvantage. In real side he was always fraction or 1cm taller than Ben and half a head topped Damon.
Wayne62 said on 16/Dec/18
Being honest and 100% unbiased I would say in his younger days Affleck was minimum 6'2.5"-6'2.75", however not a legit 6'3". I do however admit at times can look a big 6'2". Keep in mind he is very broad shouldered.
Rising - 174 cm said on 12/Dec/18
The Krasinski comparison never made sense to me. I always assumed he must be at some sort of disadvantage. With that said, I don't see Damon slouching at all there. His head seems to be up and his back seems straight. Despite this, Ben looks nearly 4" taller than Damon with considerably less footwear. Krasinski does seem to have the worst posture of the 3 and is standing the farthest from the camera, but it doesn't appear to be enough to account for him looking 1.5" shorter than Affleck and just 2.5" taller than Damon. Krasinski could be somewhat shorter than listed too, but I doubt THAT much so something is off there and I don't know exactly what because Damon and Affleck's heights make sense with each other.
Pierre said on 9/Dec/18
But John Krasinsky looks something like 5"11' next to Matt Damon and Matt is not standing straight ! Click Here =Matt and John are slouching here!Matt does the splits here and John too a little bit!

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