How tall is Casey Affleck

Casey Affleck's Height

5ft 9 (175.3 cm)

American actor best known for roles in films such as Gone Baby Gone, Manchester by the Sea, Interstellar, Triple 9, Out of the Furnace, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and The Killer Inside Me.

How tall is Casey Affleck
Casey and Teresa Palmer
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Average Guess (93 Votes)
5ft 9.43in (176.3cm)
Jtm said on 28/Feb/23
no taller than joaquin phoenix.
Caner y?lmaz said on 23/Feb/23
What are the highest and lowest for Casey?
Editor Rob
Don't think I would go above 9.25 for him, but neither would I go under 5ft 9.
MaskDeMasque 5'9.5 said on 29/Jan/22
Looks 5'9 in gone baby gone. I think average guess is too high.
Alan Alan said on 1/Jan/22
Rob why Ben Affleck grow so much (1,89cm), and Casey dont?
Editor Rob
Maybe more of the taller genes from parent's.
Mohammed-170cm said on 27/Nov/21
@Rob- Doesn't he look like Dybala, both stature and look wise?
Editor Rob
A little...but I wouldn't have immediately thought of them as a bit similar lookswise.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Feb/21
Strong 5ft9 wouldn’t surprise me. Looks pretty close to Damon in Good Will Hunting, less than inch maybe
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 12/Oct/20
I notice that Casey's average has slowly been creeping up over the years.

I'm going half away between his popular vote and Rob's 5ft9, so that means 5ft9.25 is going in his box - yet again!

Aaron Rosales said on 12/Oct/20
Rob he looks 174 with damon I'm 176 and my dads 178.5 or something like that and we have slightly less difference than he and Damon.
Yuval said on 19/Nov/19
Thats a big difference between brothers. I wonder what height are the other family members
Jay617 said on 23/Oct/19
My brother is 6 feet and I'm 5'4. Looks like we both suffer from the same syndrome. :(
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 12/Aug/19
πŸŽπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚ Happy Birthday Casey! πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽ

Wishing Casey Affleck a very happy, present-laden 44th Birthday!

5ft9.25. πŸ˜πŸ‘

Yang (5ft 8 Chinese men) said on 28/Jan/19
Solid 5footer 9, definitely much shorter than his handsime old brother Ben Affleck with 6 footer 2 range despite they do have same gene and DNA from their parent. You know, human height is determined by Genetics and sometimes Environmental factors like nutritional facts, diets and good sleeps, good weather conditions. 75 percent is Genetic factors while rest of them are environmental factors do determine childrens adult height. But brothers turned our to be in different height liks examples of James Franco and his brothers Tom and Dave, Emma Thompson and her sister Sophie Thompson. Kinds of funny to see some brothers and sisters with huge different height despite with same parents and same genes.
Sandy Cowell said on 8/Aug/18
@ DaveyO - Go and pick your nose or something instead of hurling insults at people!

I saw Casey on TV the other night, albeit fleetingly, as I have the film. (The Killer Inside Me) Casey comes over as decidedly average, a fact that is also borne out in the Steve Buscemi-penned film 'Lonesome Jim', where he stars with a flat-shoe wearing nurse, played by Liv Tyler, who still edges him out a bit!

Casey can have 5ft9.
fed5'9 said on 6/Aug/18
Solid 5’9” for me. He is the kind of person that wakes up at 175.5cm and goes to sleep at 174.6-175. Average guy.
Jtm said on 21/Jul/18
lol at the average guess. he isn't over 5'8.
Zineddine said on 9/May/18
Rob why don't you downgrade caisy he's clearly between 174 175 but not full 5 ft9
Editor Rob
I can see how 5ft 8.5 is a possibility, I've kept an eye on him, maybe ultimately just under 5ft 9 is possible.
Isaac Hamilton said on 21/Apr/18
No Shorter than 174cm and no taller than 175cm.
Casey can look taller at times but he has a good body and posture so you could be fooled at times. For the people saying 177cm, that's just way off, next to Ben he looks 175cm Max!
DaveyO said on 29/Mar/18
Horse of funk is spot on. People on here commenting on siblings height, and constantly mentioning Ben’s height must have very little knowledge or awareness of reality. Or just be ignorant. No surprise to see Sandy Cowell on another page trying to attach an insecurity on someone else's behalf. Height isn’t as important to everyone as you. To most people it’s a curiosity or a point of interest. To you it’s an obsession. Why should anyone have to feel bad for being shorter than YOU expect them to be.
Eyewitness said on 21/Mar/18
I just ran into him at the MIT Media Lab, and I'd guess 5'9" tops.
Anonymous said on 10/Nov/17
how come the brothers vary so much in height
Junior said on 7/Nov/17
Casey 5'8.5", Ben 6'1.75-6'2", Jennifer Garner 5'7.
Grit said on 18/Oct/17
174-175 range
Blake said on 20/Aug/17
Rob, maybe you should drop him to 5 ft 8.75?
Dejavu said on 19/Aug/17
He managed to look 5'10 next to Chris Pine
Slim 181 cm said on 20/Jun/17
Doubt he's anything other than 174.5(weak 5 9) but he's still a great underrated actor.
RisingForce said on 27/May/17
I bet Casey is 5'8.5" and Damon is 5'9.5", but oddly, they do look about the same in this photo with both in boots: Click Here Maybe it was the lense? 5'8" James Corden looked taller with Damon than Casey typically does. Looks very similar to Joaquin Phoenix in this video: Click Here Casey seems taller to me, but not much between them, 174 cm for him and near 173 for Phoenix.
Alex said on 25/May/17
Why does Matt Damon always look substantially taller than him Rob?
Editor Rob
I wouldn't think he was more than around an inch smaller, you could always say Casey might be 174-5 range himself.
CindieJ said on 9/Apr/17
Rob, what do you think is the height difference between Casey and Kenneth?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

I'm curious because in many pictures Kenneth looks exactly the same height as "5'7.5" Matthew Broderick. It is hard to guess Casey's height because in many group pictures he isn't standing directly next to someone, he is either closer to the camera or further away.
Beah said on 31/Mar/17
Great actor. Next to 5'7.5 Jennifer Garner (her in flats) he is barely taller. He is a little shorter than 5'9.5(?) Matt Damon. 5'11 Alec Baldwin and 6' Chris Pine are noticeably taller than him. Sometimes camera angles can make him appear taller, and he wears heels. I think that 5'9 is being generous, he is more likely a weak to mid 5'8.
Kayle said on 14/Mar/17
I saw Casey standing next to Matt Damon at a MBTS event. Both were wearing similar heeled shoes. Casey looked about an inch shorter. My guess is on the high end of 5'8.
AJ said on 12/Mar/17
I can buy a weak 5'9"listing as the lowest for this guy
Revisionist said on 6/Mar/17
@ Johnny
Dustin Hoffman (barely 5'5) TWO best actor Oscars
Pacino (5'6)

Anyway, Affleck deserved his Oscar, which is and should be awarded for acting performance, not personal integrity. An Oscar shouldn't be a political statement and isn't endorsement of a person's character. It's not a humanitarian award.

Great actor, far superior to his brother, but I'm unsure that I believe he's a solid 5'9. He looks closer to 174 cm flat. I bet that Ben would trade half a foot of height for that Oscar.
Joshua said on 2/Mar/17
Casey Affleck and Ben Froster look the same height therefore,I think he's 5 8.5
DirectorKrennic said on 1/Mar/17
Rob I think it is time for a downgrade. Look at this photo. He honestly looks 5'8" max in here. 5'7.5" is probably his true height and he's been fooling everyone for years! Click Here
Ig said on 1/Mar/17
5ft9 of course in the oscars, good actor
Johnny said on 1/Mar/17
@Shiva I know that talent matters but this site is for height obsessed people only.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Feb/17
Rob, could a strong 5ft8 be closer or is there not quite as much as a full 6in between him and Ben?
Editor Rob
I suppose 174cm is a possibility.
shiva 181 cms said on 28/Feb/17
@ Johnny said on 27/Feb/17
If a 5'9" guy can win the Best Actor Oscar......I should definitely try out acting!

You guys are too much concentrating only on height
I dont know why you're too much crazy about height

What does that mean? a 5'9 guy can't win Oscar because of height lmao Oscars are given for acting skill not for height dude
Johnny said on 27/Feb/17
If a 5'9" guy can win the Best Actor Oscar......I should definitely try out acting!
delancey said on 27/Feb/17
More of a high range 5'8/174cm I reckon.
Flyin said on 27/Feb/17
Good one on genetics. Is it correct that the mothers height +4 inches is a good working rule.
Jeff said on 27/Feb/17
Congrats to him for winning Best Actor award at the Oscars!
gian92 said on 14/Jan/17
Rob how is it possible 6 inches of difference between brothers ??
Editor Rob
it's a bit more rarer than say within 2-3 inches, but certainly is just an example of nature, genetics, one child getting more of the tall genes.
SAK said on 23/Dec/16
jd said : Casey is a multi-millionaire successful actor, don't think that the fact that Ben is much taller than him causes him to lose much sleep

For some, it doesn't matter how rich or successful they get. Something like a lack of height can still get to them. Because no amount money can change it. They can buy everything else, but not that. I'm not saying that is the case for Casey. But I wouldn't be surprised if other famous people are still insecure about their height. Especially if they are much shorter then a brother/sibling.

Listing is spot on. 5'9 for Casey. 6'2.5 for Ben. A towering 6.5" difference.
Sandy Cowell said on 20/Dec/16
@ The Horse of FUNK - Hi Horse! You wrote an interesting comment above mine and all very true! I do tend to expect siblings to be fairly similar in height, guilty as charged!
I knew two brothers, who were the spitting image of each other, and one was 6ft with a huge mop of curly brown hair; he was an actor and appeared on TV at least twice that I saw! The other was 6ft4, older by a couple of years, with an identical face and the same mop of hair, only his was nearly black! He was easy to get on with and comical! Throughout my life I have held a fascination for genetics, but the brothers of whom you spoke sounded incredibly diverse and the thought of their 5ft4 Mum having a 6ft4 son is surely unusual, but not unheard of!
And for a Dad to have a son taller than him by 5 inches - fantastic!
My own father is one of a family of 5 boys and 3 girls. The tallest boy was 6ft2 and the smallest - 5ft8! My Dad was 5ft11.5 in his prime. As he is in America at the moment visiting 2 of my 3 5ft10 half-brothers, I cannot ask him how tall his Dad was. I never met him because he died long before I was born, but he had a brood of sons of varying sizes just like the family local to you and also reflective of the size difference between the Affleck brothers!
I enjoyed reading your comment and it gave me a great deal of food for thought! It certainly got me thinking!
The Horse of FUNK said on 19/Dec/16
I don't know why there are so many comments about the height difference between the two Affleck brothers, as if it's some anomaly for siblings to have different heights. It's entirely normal. My nextdoor neighbors have 3 sons, all in their late teens and 20s. The oldest (mid-late 20s) looks about 5'9" - 5'10", the middle (20) is 6'4" (asked him and looks it), and the youngest (18) is about 5'11". So two averages and one tall brother. Parents look about 5'4" for mother and 5'11" for father, nothing extraordinary.

Don't know where people get this idea that all siblings should be clones of each other. Genes literally are like a lottery. Hair loss is a lot like this, it can "skip" generations and be sporadic.
Sandy Cowell said on 18/Dec/16
It looks like Casey drew the short straw on the height front! Being around 6 inches shorter than his brother must sometimes get to him but then maybe he's just pleased to be Ben's brother and enjoy an acting career of his own! I think I would be the latter!
Casey is the central character in the film 'Lonesome Jim' and he plays alongside Liv Tyler, just like Ben does in 'Armageddon' and 'Jersey Girl', and when you see him with Liv you think "Can that really be Ben Affleck's brother? He's MUCH smaller than Ben!"
I actually can see the facial resemblance, especially in the photos above, which is extremely useful as I've never seen them in close proximity of each other!
PS. @ Rob - I like your nickname for Casey's brother! I bet 'Big Ben' would like to shake you by the hand!
Mr. R said on 16/Dec/16
Looks like we are gonna see a LOT of Casey in these next few months. I think that he is 5-8.5 on a regular day. I have seen Ben several times in Hollywood, and Rob has him perfectly. Right over 6-2.
Editor Rob
Mr.R, I can see a 5ft 8.5 range for Casey, I'm not surprised you seen big Ben at a solid 6ft 2.
jd said on 11/Dec/16
yea genetics are unpredictable. My wife is 5'1", her dad is 5'6"/5'7", her mom is 5'5" and her brother is like 6'/6'1"...Casey is a multi-millionaire successful actor, don't think that the fact that Ben is much taller than him causes him to lose much sleep
RainbowBlaster5 said on 10/Dec/16
A guy I knew when I was in highschool , I was 1.79/1.78 in back then and he was 6 OR so cm shorter so about 1.73, his brother was 3 years younger , was atleast 1.85 and up minimum , he's probably grown even more , My half brothers ( both from different moms) are above 1.85 . So yeah got the short end so to speak but my mom is like 1.60cm and my dad is like 1.68(lost a bit of height I think) so I ended up decently .
xaoxio said on 17/Nov/16
hi Rob, can you take a look at Casey Affleck with Lucas Hedges. This Lucas is kinda a mystery to me. There are tons of photos with these two on different sites. How tall do you think Hedges is in comparison to Casey Affleck???
Editor Rob
xao, Lucas can look 3-4cm taller than Casey so he might be 5ft 10.5 range.
Steve said on 25/Oct/16
Click Here
5ft9 seems accurate when you see him next to 189cm Ben Affleck.
Shredder said on 10/Sep/16
Renner is the same as him . This guy needs a downgrade
Jef said on 31/Jul/16
Rob, is there a chance that he is 5'8.5" instead of a full 5'9"? He looks VERY similar in height to Joaquin Phoenix. If anything, Casey edges Joaquin out by 1 cm at most. That would put him right around the 5'8.5" mark.
Editor Rob
yes the 174 is possible
truth said on 20/Jun/16
Also Affleck is overrated in terms of height, he is 187cm minimum but 188cm maximum.
truth said on 20/Jun/16
174 cm / 5'8.5 to 175 cm / 5'9 range for him imho.
jajamen said on 31/May/16
weird...He's 5'9 meanwhile ben is 6'2.25
Jones said on 19/Aug/15
Would suck to be so much shorter than your brother.
an anonymous peach said on 15/Jul/15
Arch Stanton says on 26/Nov/14
Genetics do work in curious ways. Casey looks facially more like the mother than Ben, his mother is blond and blue eyed, but she's also tall and it seems he got the height from the father who is very average. Not much similarity except for the chin. Ben on the other hand probably looks more like his father did in his youth but got his height from the mother's side!! Yeah Lelman I always think that about Luke, Scott, Brolin and Kiefer. It really must feel weird having a father or brother 6 inches taller. I'm sure neither of them are really complaining all the time about it, Scott in particular already looks overjoyed to be who he is and I don't blame him! Perhaps it feels good having a really tall father figure.

Guess I'm the same as Casey then, I'm a spitting image of my mother's brother in physical appearance (facial structure, small wrists/ancles and long limbs) but nowhere near as tall as he is. I got my height from my dad who is more average height and an endomorph. Sucks
Sam said on 24/Jun/15
Its not that unusual. My dad is 5ft10, but his non-identical twin brother grew to be 6ft4. Funnily enough their parents were 5ft5 (mum) and 5ft10 (dad) so if anything my uncles height was the least expected coming from a relatively average height family. We think he must have gotten the tall gene from my great grand-father who was 6ft3 and fought during the first World War.
mike said on 2/Feb/15
He's a solid 175cm, just shocked his brother is so much taller. 175cm is spot on.
Dmeyer said on 31/Dec/14
Solid 5-6cm over 170cm monaghan in gbg so no lΓ©ss than 175cm
Arch Stanton said on 26/Nov/14
Genetics do work in curious ways. Casey looks facially more like the mother than Ben, his mother is blond and blue eyed, but she's also tall and it seems he got the height from the father who is very average. Not much similarity except for the chin. Ben on the other hand probably looks more like his father did in his youth but got his height from the mother's side!! Yeah Lelman I always think that about Luke, Scott, Brolin and Kiefer. It really must feel weird having a father or brother 6 inches taller. I'm sure neither of them are really complaining all the time about it, Scott in particular already looks overjoyed to be who he is and I don't blame him! Perhaps it feels good having a really tall father figure.

@Lucy. How does Ben Affleck suck? Good Willing Hunting, Argo and Gone Girl especially are right up there with the best films in their given years. He had an unfortunate stint during the J-Lo years when nearly every film was panned but I think he's very good.
lelman said on 12/Sep/14
A bit like Luke Hemsworth, or Scott Eastwood. Must be a pain in the ass being considerably shorter than your close male relatives - particularly your brothers or parents.

5ft 9 looks about right to me.
Lucy192 said on 24/Jun/14
Lots shorter than ben but much hotter. Ben sucks.
Casey looks 5'8ish
Ron said on 23/Jun/14
It happen often with half brothers, my 31 yr old bro is 6'4" and I'm about 6 foot and 17, probably not going to grow much more if at all. Not a surprise this is.
Len said on 23/Jan/14
He's looked 5'8" at most in most everything he's been in.

And in pics standing next to 5'8" friend Joaquin Phoenix, in some Casey looks taller, in some Joaquin does, depending on the angle and who's closer to the camera. In most, they look the same height.
John said on 24/Aug/13
Casey was probably growth hormone deficient which they didn't catch and he ended up average even though his brother and im assuming father are tall.
cole said on 30/Jul/13
5'9 is about right for him. He was great in Gone Baby Gone!
Bob said on 24/Jun/13
It's not that rare really I see it happen a lot... especially with half brothers.
John said on 12/Jun/13
Ben and Casey are similar to me and my brother. My brother - 6'0, Me- 5'6 -___-
Dommy said on 9/Jun/13
Is very different in heights with Ben Affleck. 5 feet 9 is very reasonable for him.
Jeny said on 14/Jan/13
His brother Ben is 189 cm, and in most of the pictures Casey hits Ben's nose or mouth. It's indeed quite rare that these two are brothers and Ben completely towers over him.
cheesus said on 5/Sep/12
It's quite rare for there to be a 5 or 6 inch difference between full siblings and usually there is no more than a 2 inch height difference between brothers. 0.5 - 1 inch is the normal variance. Maybe Casey's mother slept with the milkman that time round

I'm around 5'10" and my brother ( Who happens to be older ) around 6'3"

Life can be challenging with annoying brother who is older and bigger.
BigT said on 27/Jul/12
Ben is no more than 188 cm, most likely 186 cm. Casey sometimes hits his eyeline, sometimes much lower. His height looks anything from 170-177 cm nex to his brother. IΒ΄d peg him at 172-174 cm barefoot.
The Karl said on 31/Jan/12
5-9 seems right on. one thing for sure, he's a lot shorter than his bro.
Cranberries said on 13/Jan/12
@Nunzia: We don't start shrinking until much later than that. Men tend to only get taller until they're 30, then they keep that height until about 50.
Mike said on 12/Jan/12
Rob, can you explain this to me?
Click Here
Editor Rob
moore could likely be under 6ft or at least walk about looking shorter than it.
Nunzio Iacampo said on 11/Jan/12
I dont understand why afflecks height always remain at about 6 2....That was his height when he was 21 years old.... 20 years later he would have lost at least 1 inch......We all get smaller with age......
jtm said on 4/Jan/12
5'8 not 5'10.
jasperwazap said on 1/Jan/12
It's quite rare for there to be a 5 or 6 inch difference between full siblings and usually there is no more than a 2 inch height difference between brothers. 0.5 - 1 inch is the normal variance. Maybe Casey's mother slept with the milkman that time round
Martin Short the comic actor who is 5'7.5'' has a 6'2'' brother so it's possible to several inches shorter
Silent d said on 20/Dec/11
5 foot 9. Little taller than joaquin phoenix.
Paul said on 13/Nov/11
looked tall in Tower Heist , weak 5'10"
Meat on bones said on 28/Oct/11
Doesn't look 175, more like 174 like SAk said.
SAK said on 23/Oct/11
I am also surprised by the difference in height between the 2 Affleck brothers. If Ben is 6ft2.5/189cm then Casey is at least 6"/15cm shorter then him.

Click Here

In this pic there is at least a 6" difference (may b more). Therefore I would say Casey is 174cm/5ft8.5
Anon said on 13/Oct/11
It's quite rare for there to be a 5 or 6 inch difference between full siblings and usually there is no more than a 2 inch height difference between brothers. 0.5 - 1 inch is the normal variance. Maybe Casey's mother slept with the milkman that time round
Maximus Meridius said on 16/Sep/11
Rob is a big height cap very common among brothers ben and casey there is 5 inches difference between them is 5 inches a common height gap between brothers do you have a brother rob how many inches taller is he than you is it big or small
gg said on 2/Sep/11
he doesn't look a lot taller than scott caan...scott is 5-5 on here...he doesn't look 4 inches taller...more like 2 or 3
gg said on 2/Sep/11
looked only 2-3 at best than scott caan on ocean's eleven.... scott caan is 5-5 on here...casey is probably 5-7 or 5-8
Maximus Meridius said on 15/Aug/11
Rob does casey affleck look 5ft 11in due to his slim build he looks tallish next to tall guys and his brother he looks 5ft 11in in this picture next to ben affleck
Click Here
Editor Rob
I don't think he looks 5ft 11, he can look 5ft 10 in some photos, but usually ones where he has camera advantage with ben.
Dave said on 27/Apr/11
Rob what's the reason that there is such a big difference in height between Affleck brothers?

Editor Rob
the same reason siblings can look very different. The mix of height genes can sometimes put large differences between brothers/sisters.
Ai said on 31/Jan/11
I saw him in person, he is at least 5'9. by no chance 5'8
Wyatt said on 9/Jan/11
I agree with Mejchile. No way 5ft9in, looks 5'7-5'8 to me. Remember Ben is at most 6'2.5, more likely less.

Click Here
K4 said on 8/Jan/11
I don't think he's a full 5'9 guy, more like 5'8.5 at best. Sadly he didn't inherit tall genes from his brother Ben, who's 6'3.
maximus meridius said on 4/Jan/11
he is defiantly 5ft 9in he looks taller due to his slim build if he wore nike air max trainers he would he 5ft 11in nike air max trainers make people look taller they add 2 inches.
maximus meridius said on 4/Jan/11
he is defiantly 5ft 9in he is no taller than that and no shorter than that.
Adamz said on 3/Dec/10
Mr. R, another one for you... How tall do you believe Casey Affleck is? Best guess??
Legend said on 8/Nov/10
Wasn't he listed at 5'8.5 before?
Nismofreak said on 2/Jul/09
LMAO. 5'11? I can understand 5'9-5'10 but...c'mon, 5'11!? What a joke.
Ace said on 21/Jun/09
This guy has never looked within 2 inches of his claim. Why would he try to go with 5`11?
jessica said on 28/May/09
I hope he's not ashamed of his height. If he is, maybe it's because Ben is above 6 foot and maybe Casey thinks that's not fair. He's still a good actor...and about 5' 9".
5-2.5tops said on 27/May/09
Here's a pic with him and Joaquin Phoenix who's 173cm, so Casey has 5 cms on him with the boots that looks at least one inch, maybe a little more, while Phoenix had converse. So I think Casey is close to 5-9, maybe 1.74.
Click Here
Bo said on 10/May/09
he def looks 5'8 but how can he get away with lying 3 inches about his height? 1 inch, MAYBE 2, is one thing but 3 inches? give me a break... he just hates being so much shorter than his brother
RisingForce said on 22/Mar/09
runt, Phoenix was wearing Converse and Casey had boots. So he's getting atleast an inch advantage in footwear, but probably more. So a 5'8" guy should look 5'9" with that big of a footwear advantage.
Dani said on 21/Mar/09
I ran into him one time and i'm 5'11 barefoot, and there is no freaking way he is 5'11"

I agree, this guys looks 5"7-5"8. There's no way that he's a 5"11. His 5"11 seems to be ridiculous.
Anonymous said on 17/Mar/09
Maybe Casey did not feed on a good nutrition like Ben did when he was a kid.
Rusty said on 17/Mar/09
I find it odd how Ben is a legit 6'2" and Casey is barely 5'8". His claim of 5'11" is just ridiculous.
Noman said on 11/Mar/09
well..i would say that Casey Affleck cannot be taller than 5'8". Again, being involved in a movie with casey, very nominal, but I had a chance to stand next to him. I had the flatest of flats on and Casey had boots. I am a solid 5'9" so do the math....
Anonymous said on 6/Mar/09
5-9 is the highest Casey will go and 5-8.25 is the lowest.
ivan said on 27/Feb/09
He looks 5"825 as Rob claims.
runt said on 18/Feb/09
looks ever 5-9 next to self-described 5-8 Joaquin Phoenix who is closer to the camera

Click Here
Clay said on 20/Jan/09
He's 5'8.5 to 5'9 looked it in each ''Ocean'' movie.
Josh.J said on 17/Jan/09
TNTinCA says on 16/Jan/09
It isn't diet. It is strictly genetics.

im afraid i have to disagree with you there. its a mixture of things, as most things are in nature. sure genetics plays a part (no one knows how big) but environment and diet also clues in.

one evidence is looking at average height of people throughout history. whenever a country/region/kingdom was in prosperous times the average height increased signifincantly enough to correlate towards the growth in economy. its evident all around the world. in places like south korea, where genetics are usually against height, has shown a very sharp increase in average height. this must, in large part, be down to the economic boom over the last 50 years after the war. in contrast the north is still bad/getting worse.

if you think about it logically it makes sense. any animal, plant, living organism will have stinted growth if not fed the right amount for the right nutrients.
The dude said on 16/Jan/09
Is 5' 8 and a 1/2 tops. Looks at least an inch and a half shorter than Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting...
TNTinCA said on 16/Jan/09
"It could be that he didn't get on a proper diet as Ben did when he was a kid"

It isn't diet. It is strictly genetics.

Eric Bana who stands 6'2" has a brother in his family that is 6'8"! So anything and everything can happen.

Look at Dubya next to Jeb. Although in that case, his shortness could be a attributed to a lack of oxygen in the womb. Which would explain other things as well. ;-)
Maribel said on 13/Jan/09
It could be that he didn't get on a proper diet as Ben did when he was a kid.
stephen said on 7/Jan/09
he must wear lifts or stand on higher ground, cos in Asassination of Jesse James, he doesn't appear 3inches shorter than Brad Pitt, and in Gone Baby Gone he doesn't appear that shorter than Morgan Freeman who is around 6'2.
It is funny how he is so much shorter than Ben, rare, but it happens.
Brad said on 18/Dec/08
5' 8" and weak at that. His official site is a joke.
RisingForce said on 17/Dec/08
Casey claiming 5-11 is one of the worst height claims of any celebrity. He's giving himself about 3 inches!
anonymous said on 21/Nov/08
I've met him a few times and on the last occasion, I paid particular attention to his height. I'm 5'8" and we were both wearing converse. He was most definitely an inch taller than me, I'd even venture to say an inch and a half. Judging from pictures and comparing him with other people doesn't really make all that much sense since people wear such different shoes and posture can really come into play. As for what some people have said, there's no way in hell he's 5'7".
teddy89 said on 19/Nov/08
in the pic next to 5'11 brad pitt, he looks absolutely shorter than him, but not 7 cm shorter, much more! he looks 5'7 i think
Antonio said on 5/Jul/08
I just rented that movie a couple weeks ago. John, I think that was said because that was how tall Jesse James and his admirer really were.
john said on 27/Jun/08
in the assassination of jesse james he says that both him and brad pitt, who plays jesse james , is 5 feet 8 inches tall. what's up with that?
anonymous said on 12/May/08
why would he try to claim 5`11? Shouldn't he try for 5`9 or at best 5`10. He is trying to stretch his height by about 3 inches.
petr80 said on 12/May/08
far from 5ft 11:

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Anon2008 said on 9/May/08
not necessarily ericj. I stopped growing when I was basically 13/14. been about 5'10 ever since. gonna kick god in the face when i see him
ericj said on 9/May/08
same thing. im around 5'10 and 20 years old. my younger brother whose in 8th grade is an inch taller already. he's going to be huge.
Paul_Pierce_4_ever said on 26/Apr/08
it definitely happens, my roommate last semester was 6' 5 and is brother looked 5 8 or 9 at 18
Kyle said on 25/Apr/08
I'm 18 and 5'11.25", my 15 year old brother is 6'2".

It happens.
AER said on 10/Mar/08
so i read somewhere that his kid was born in Amsterdam "The Netherlands" ?
Zain said on 1/Mar/08
"lol i really wonder how Ben can be so tall and Casey that small"

He's only small next to his brother 5'8.5 isn't THAT short. that's almost average. Even if he's shorter you can still tell they are brothers. he looks a bit like Ben. Height genetics aren't that predictable.
Bryan said on 27/Feb/08
"how come his brother is like what? 6 inches taller??? Are they real brothers?"

Is that a serious question? Genetics are a complicated matter.
JohnDo said on 23/Jan/08
I have seen him in "The last kiss", thought he is about 5'10-11. But on the pic with his brother he looks max. 5'9, even smaller.

Btw: My brother is only 5'5 and i am 5'10, also a big difference (he is 19, i don't think he will grow), so it is just normal...
Real said on 16/Jan/08
my dad is 5'8 and my uncle is 6'1 or 6'2.. it happens.
Casey said on 9/Jan/08
lol i really wonder how Ben can be so tall and Casey that small ?
Alex said on 27/Dec/07
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chris175 said on 3/Dec/07
he is defo not 5-11, but possibly 5-9 barefoot
smbdy said on 26/Nov/07
he is shorter than brad pitt who is 1.80 in their last movie, so he can be 1.73
cuao said on 15/Nov/07
met him, yes he's 5'9"
runt said on 8/Nov/07
Gone Baby Gone he looked taller than 5-9 Ed Harris (and Monaghan looked the same height as Ed harris).
sam said on 30/Oct/07
Casey Affleck looks more like Ben Affleck than ever in Gone, Baby, Gone and also looks about 5'8"-5'9".
RobertJ said on 29/Oct/07
Of course there real brothers.
leonari said on 29/Oct/07
how come his brother is like what? 6 inches taller??? Are they real brothers?
Brah said on 28/Oct/07
He was only about 1 inch taller than 5'7" Michelle Monaghan (she did not wear heels in the movie) throughout "Gone Baby Gone". They even looked the same height in some scenes, so this listing is good.
Jess said on 10/Sep/07
I think he is taller than 4 inches to Summer,she seems much shorter than him. When she doesnt have high heels.
Anonymous said on 9/Sep/07
casey is only 4 inches taller than summer phoenix so he's 5'7-5'8
Jess said on 9/Sep/07
It says Summer phoenix is 5Β΄7 and thats 170cm and there is no way she is that tall. her sister rain is 5Β΄3 and they are the same height, anyone know?
dmeyer said on 5/Sep/07
in some pics pitt can look 4 in one him his shoes dont look suspicious so aleast 5'11 for pitt
dmeyer said on 23/Aug/07
for some reason i have a hard time to see this guy ub=nder 5'9.5 realy looks near 5'11 in drews pics 5'9 is possible for that guy
dmeyer said on 18/Jul/07
those shoes pitt have that pics have a very flat front they might be none lifted
Pete said on 6/Jun/07
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looks like someones wearing lifts
dmeyer said on 28/May/07
people that claim 5'11 are usualy 5'9 to 5'9.5
dmeyer said on 28/May/07
hey rob even thaugh he look short near damon who is barely 5'10 i have a hard time seing casey under 5'9
Drew said on 12/May/07
Casey Affleck looks a strong 5'10" (possibly 5'11") next to 5'11" Brad Pitt and 5'5" Caan. I agree dmeyer.

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I doubt his official height would be three inches more than his real height. He does look close to 5'11".
dmeyer said on 2/May/07
i thaught this guy was 5'10 he towers over 5'5 caan he didnt get the tall genes fron his brother
MD said on 30/Mar/07
Well, Rob, then you have some deciding to do. ;)
MD said on 30/Mar/07
Well, if that's the case, Casey Affleck is fibbing his height by a good 5 inches, which isn't very likely.

Editor Rob
there was one other shot showing him struggling to be 5ft 8 here but damon could be packing extra heel that shot
Viper said on 29/Mar/07
There isnt really any evidence that shows Damon is 5-10 in his barefeet.
MD said on 28/Mar/07
Yeah, 5'8" seems like the top, if you give Damon a full 5'10":

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Const said on 28/Mar/07
Id put him at 5ft 8 inches ... damon is 5'10 and he towers over him
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G-unit said on 27/Jan/07
He's described as 5'10 in ocean's twele, and he also looks 5'10.
I'd give him at least 5'9
dmeyer said on 11/Dec/06
could be 5'9
G-unit said on 9/Oct/06
i'd give him 5'9
dmeyer said on 25/Sep/06
he might not be 5'11 but can he be that small he towers over caan by more than 9 cm
TNTinCA said on 23/Sep/06
I have to agree. Poor Casey did not get the height genes of his brother. Looks more like he is around 5'8" or so.

[Editor Rob: time for me to stop being generous to this guy....]
Zack said on 2/Sep/06
No way, he's more like 5'8 at best 5'9 (175). Look at Good Will Hunting if u want proof, compare him to matt damon, casey seems to be 2inches shorter.
Joey said on 31/May/06
I ran into him one time and i'm 5'11 barefoot, and there is no freaking way he is 5'11

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