How tall is Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix's Height

5ft 8in (172.7 cm)

American actor, best known for starring in films such as Gladiator, Signs, Walk The Line and The Master. In a handbag interview Joaquin talks about the Man in Black, Johnny Cash and revealed his own height: "Cash was a big man, around 6ft 1in, and I'm five inches shorter."

How tall is
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Average Guess (24 Votes)
5ft 8.02in (172.8cm)
Jake said on 15/Sep/17
I met Joaquin once, nice guy. Definitely a 5'8 guy.
Mister said on 12/Sep/17
Joaquin is indeed 173cm tall for 100%
deal173 said on 20/Aug/17
How can all 5.8 actors haves now 172,7 cm??!!
Thats nonsence! Are you ok rob?
Editor Rob: the decimal point was recently added. In the past it was always rounded to the closest whole cm, so 5ft 8 being 172.72cm meant it was always rounded up to 173.
Jani said on 20/Aug/17
I think around 173cm is pretty fair. Always looks the height. Great that he is so honest about it.
Cameron said on 17/Aug/17
I'd say he's every bit of 173, easily 174 in the morning. He's just a very honest 5'8"
Slim 181 cm said on 13/Jul/17
Weak 5'8
Adamz said on 3/May/17
good guess. not below 173cm
Sarah said on 23/Apr/17
Where did you meet them? Both are great actors.
Sandy Cowell said on 17/Feb/17
@ Nick1.76 - I read your comment with great interest! It must have been wonderful for you to meet Joaquin and Johnny! I'd still be buzzing from it to this day if I'd met them!
How true to remark upon Joaquin's honesty about his height being worthy of applause! It is extremely unusual in the business he's in and I have that much more respect for him now as I had no idea he had admitted to being all of 5 inches shorter than Johnny Cash until I read it on celebheights!
He could so easily pass for 5ft9! I stick with that viewpoint; maybe it's his build, maybe his posture, but probably a combination of the two!
(The above photo is taken at an unflattering angle, as it emphasizes his less-than-long legs! I've seen better ones of him!)
Nick1.76 said on 15/Feb/17
Strange how tall he appears, Met him along with Johnny Depp. Depp was maybe a cm taller and both had similar footwear. I'm 176cm in the morning and had no more than an inch on either of them. So by this example, I'd say Depp is 174cm (5'8.5") and Joaquin is 5'8" probably 5'8.5" in the morning. I applaud his willingness to be truthful about his height!
i wish i can be 6ft said on 7/Jan/17
One of my favorite actor. He looks like a strong 5'8.
173-177 said on 4/Dec/16
Crowe is obviously taller ok but not that much taller not 4" not even 3" not as he looked in gladiator
Aza said on 10/Nov/16
Brilliant actor. He looks a bit over 5'8.
jtm said on 10/Nov/16
I wouldn't compare him to crowe. jerry bruckheimer was surprised how much shorter crowe looked without his shoes on then bruckheimer told him to put it back on. I would bet crowe wore lifts in gladiator.
josh jeffords said on 9/Nov/16
First of great actor unfortunately a lot of his talent is spent selling other stars like cage or crowe.
The few movies ive seen him star in he does excellent acting and seems to turn down no part.
As a strong 5 8 guy I think he is close to this mark much closer than penn who is often towered onscreen.
I have seen him look short a few times but he has loose posture giving a smaller appearance as he is a bit small built.
Average looks 140 to 155lbs never seen him look much over that, which was my weight at a ripped 14 :>.
Feniz said on 8/Nov/16
173-177 said on 22/Oct/16
they made him look too short gladiator right ? ,for example he looked four inches shorter than russel crowe if he really is then that makes him 5'6 but he looks average in other movies

Why? That doesn't make no sense. There's pictures showing Crowe much taller than him if surface is even.
Sandy Cowell said on 23/Oct/16
I have seen Joaquin Phoenix in many impressive movies, including Signs, Quills, 8mm and Inventing the Abbotts, in which he starred with his one-time girlfriend, 5ft10 Liv Tyler. I definitely thought he would have scraped in at 5ft9; I have never thought of him as below average.
173-177 said on 22/Oct/16
they made him look too short gladiator right ? ,for example he looked four inches shorter than russel crowe if he really is then that makes him 5'6 but he looks average in other movies
Fenix said on 17/Oct/16
I just can't see him over 5'7.5. I could bet he is closer to 5'7".

Looks pretty short with Russel Crowe and everyone else in Gladiator for example.
Powerhouse said on 29/Sep/16
He is a stronger 5'8 than many 5'8 listed people on the site, I believe he is probably 5'8.25 -5'8.5.
truth said on 20/Jun/16
A textbook 5'8 / 173 cm.
Pitch_Fork said on 24/Feb/16
one man, yeah you are 5'8.5''
MessagerX said on 14/Feb/16
Solid 1,73 m. And a honest actor about height information.
172.4cm guy said on 15/Oct/15
@ One man, in my opinion, 5'8 1/2" to 5'8 1/4" or a "strong 5'8" sounds right to me.
one man said on 26/Sep/15
Hey Rob, if an 20 year old guy sleeps at 173-172.8 and when he wake up 175-174.7.
really, how tall is this guy?
[Editor Rob: a comfortable 5ft 8.]
an anonymous peach said on 7/Jun/15
An honest 5' 8" man, don't see that very often. Most guys around that height will try to claim 5' 9" or even 5' 10"
Silent_D said on 19/Mar/15
5 foot 8. Her was a weird movie but i liked it.
Heylo said on 4/Mar/15
Funny how I just saw some of his movies and wondered about his height. I thought he looked average or slightly under most of the time so I guessed 5'9, a little surprised that he's "only" 5'8 (to me, 2cm can do a lot of difference)
MsKitty said on 28/Feb/15
Watching Her - great film, btw, and brilliant acting from JP - anyway he looks relly tall next to Amy Adams. I would've guessed 5'10.
Yahoo said on 22/Feb/15
He looks pretty short in his movies. I wouldn't give no more than 5'7.5"
Adamz said on 4/Feb/15
yeah, jeff hes probably 174cm (68.5")
Jeff said on 19/Jan/15
The tallest 5'8 I've seen so far (with Sean Penn maybe). A quarter or half an inch over the mark isn't out of the question.
Adamz said on 30/Nov/14
dude does not care at all about his height. looks average rather than short in films. a genuine 5'8" guy can swing an average-ish look. He proves it.
Realist said on 14/Oct/14
@InLA i take my opinion back. Forgot about his posture and usually decent footwear. 5'8 is ok not .25 though. He has got terrible posture. I had the same opinion about John Cassavetes. But u won't get a bigger admirer of Phoenix than me. And i am so glad he did'nt do Boogie Nights, it would'nt have suited him. Diccaprio or Wahlberg were right for it. The Master was just plain brilliance.
InLA said on 9/Oct/14
I am 5'7.5" on the dot. I was wearing ballet flats and he was wearing tennis shoes. He has abysmal posture, but was at least half an inch taller than I. The dude's got a commanding on-screen presence, and seems a lot bigger, which I guess is what really matters in his line of work.
Realist said on 23/Sep/14
Rob until a month back i would have said 174 strong 5'8 but now i think i wont peg him above 172 cm with Emma Stone who is max 5'6 and she has humble footwear compared to him. I think his posture has become worse and worse over the months since The Master.In 2002 after pics with Mel Gibson i would have given him 174 but with Emma Stone no more than 5'7.75. But the angles may be tricky so no more than flat 5'8 172.72.
Realist said on 7/Jun/14
Hey Rob, what height do you think he sleeps at ? Is he 5'8.25 ? Rob if an 18 year old guy sleeps at 171.3-171.8. What height can he claim ? He wakes up at 6:30 A.M. and sleeps at around 11:30-12 A.M. . Is this guy a legit 5'8 or 5'7.75.
[Editor Rob: I think an honest 5ft 8, he might not dip below it]
Realist said on 29/May/14
@Drew are you a man or a woman, it depends. I am about the same range as Rob, but i am 18, broad shouldered and weigh 74 kgs, little overweight not much. I dont look overweight at all, depends on your structure, very lean people with a lot of weight can look much fatter than a broader a person with the same weight.
Drew said on 26/May/14
@Realist, 145 pounds is far from sickly thin, it is well within the average range for his height. I am 174cm and 59kgs and even then I am still borderline of average weight.
Realist said on 21/May/14
In The Master he is probably about 65-66 kgs, he looks sickly thin. Another reason is because unlike Rob who is also quite thin (god only knows how he maintains it, thumbs up Rob), he is not slender, he (Joaquin) has a wide body , so his thinness appears to be more compared to Rob whose body suits a naturally lean figure. I am comparing him to Rob because i thought its the best example to explain his thinness in The Master. If you notice him in Her, The Immigrant, We Own The Night, Reservation Road etc. he looks quite stocky (not fat but healthy overweight within a good BMI).
Realist said on 4/May/14
Rob i think he is gonna be the youngest actor on your website to have a current height and peak height. I think he is gonna lose an inch within 5 years. So peak:174 estimation at 45:171-172 and very old(70s-80s):169-170.
Lipton said on 18/Mar/14
Some places say 174 cm, but i doubt it a little bit because he's listed as 173 cm here.
He can look shorter though. Is 171-172 cm possible for Mr. Joaquin? Strong 5'7" ...
Realist said on 18/Mar/14
MASsacre He is 100 % taller than walberg. Definite 5'8.Rob i am 172.6 at 10 pm and 174 exact when i wake up. Can i be called a legit 5'8 guy. Could you mistake 172 cm guy with 173 ones ?
tony said on 17/Mar/14
No way. I can't see 5'8 in him. 171.5 will be right.
MASsacre said on 10/Mar/14
In We Own The Night Phoenix looks a bit shorter than "same height" Wahlberg, so i don't know if he's really 5'8... what do u think?
Arch Stanton said on 19/Feb/14
Rob can you add The Master?

Silent d says on 6/Nov/13
5 foot 8. He looks so cool. He has got this i'm cool look. Underrated actor. He is one of the best. Should have an oscar by now.

Great actor, yes, but I don't like the look of him, he looks smug and arrogant and looks like he'd be an obnoxious douche. Looks 5'8" in The Master.
Samuel said on 2/Feb/14
What about 174 cm?

Looks 5'8, if not more like 5ft 7.75.
Blaze said on 1/Feb/14
I've always thought he was like 6'1. lol I'm wrong
Adamz said on 26/Jan/14
could have claimed 5'8" because he is 5'7" or something and close enough to fool us...
Len said on 23/Jan/14
He's honest about his 5'8" height, which is somewhat rare among actors, particularly shorter ones.

But his most memorable moment may be that disastrous Letterman interview, for better or worse. Too bad, as his acting has improved considerably from earlier in his career.
Realist said on 6/Jan/14
Solid 5'8 terrible posture, the guy has not maintained himself well.He looked hot in 2000-2003 period, though his acting has improved a lot.
Samuel said on 16/Dec/13
Looks more like 5'7 in Clay Pigeons, but I might be wrong also!
KLtdf said on 14/Nov/13
No more than 5'7.5"
Yves said on 7/Nov/13
He could be strong 5'8, he may be the tallest of 5'8 just reached it's maximum, but I would say he's 5'9.5, he has a very strong body structure.
john said on 28/Sep/13
He looked really tall in Walk the Line, I'm surprised to find out he's this short.
Samuel said on 24/Sep/13
I read 174 cm on a Swedish site once. 5'8.5.
JB said on 15/Sep/13
He looks taller than Mark Walberg who is also supposed to be 5'8". Joaquin could probably pass for 5'9" if he wanted to. He's probably 5'8.5" and being modest and rounding down.
Powerhouse said on 22/Jul/13
Strong 5'8
Gregg said on 20/Jul/13
he is 5 feet 7 inches,just like most of Hollywood
cole said on 25/Jun/13
If he's a legit 5'8, Mark Ruffalo can't be more than 5'7.5.
mugwort said on 18/Jun/13
What ever height Joaquin Phoenix is he can sure act convincingly. Loved him in the Master.
jtm said on 31/May/13
looks the height he claims. most people his height claim 5'10.
Meg said on 31/May/13
Barely 5'8. Everyone who has seen him in person comments on how short he is.Guys also lie about their height so if he says he is 5'8,it's more like 5'7 but 5'8 in boots
Late 187cm said on 9/Apr/13
Wow, I would have imagined he wasn't far off Cash's height. Obviously not.
doc said on 22/Feb/13
anon, it was probably because he was preparing for his role in The Master that he was so thin. Awesome story though I hope it's true!
hd said on 2/Dec/12
He looks about average.
kevin said on 7/Oct/12
i would add 0.25 inches cause hes more like a solid 5ft8in.
Johnnyfive said on 17/Sep/12
I thought he was at least 5'10 for some reason. Love the honesty on this guy.
true said on 12/Sep/12
the only actor in hollwood that has been honest about his height. to me, he looks like a legit 5'8 bloke without shoes.
C.G.Livingstone said on 7/Feb/12
Worked on TV series /films in Aussie and NZ....early to mid 80s. Neither bloke very big, probably 5'8" to 5'10" max...but both blokes strongly built.
Silent d said on 3/Dec/11
5 foot 8. Looked 5 foot 8 next to nicholas cage in 8mm. He is a great actor with a tragic past.
Mythie said on 17/Nov/11
I think he must be 5'7". Looks a strong 3 inces shorter than 5'10" Russel Crowe. And if Mel Gibson is 5'8" Joaquin looks atleast an inch shorter than him.
anon said on 26/Sep/11
i met him 4 months ago
and the funny thing is
when i was young i looked
a lot like river pheonix
so when he saw me he just
kept on staring at me
like as if he saw a younger river
i was 20 when i met him and
i am 5 foot 8 flat and i believe
he was 5 foot 8 flat to

he was in boots and i was in nikes so i guess he had
max a 1 inch footwear on me 1 inch max

was really really skinny looks a lot bigger
on the tv but in person he was a stick
like myself but he looked tall

i mean i am 5 foot 8 and i feel tall
but sometimes i feel short

but looking at him the word SHORT
did not come to mind but was nothing
past 175 in the morning

ohh and by the way remember i said
i looked a lot like river
the dude was so so so so cool
he gave me 100 dollars just for saying

defineetly one of the nicest celebs
i have ever met
Parker said on 16/Sep/11
How can this guy have played Johnny Cash... i really dont know
man said on 9/Jun/11
he's 5'8 and not shorter.
truth said on 27/May/11
5ft7 max
Heightmeister said on 8/May/11
When he's not wearing sneakers, Joaquin often wears a tie shoe that has a heel. I suspect there are lifts inside the shoes. Okay with me. Short men are sexy.
mugwort said on 1/May/11
He sure looked small on that video with him going to the Prince concert. OTOH I don't know the height of the men next to him.
lgomez said on 23/Mar/11
Just saw him today, he's only 5'7.
fan said on 24/Feb/11
Joaquin is 5,8" and mel gibson is around 5,9-10" tall.I watched signs the other day and you can clearly see that mel is about 2 inches taller than him.
Master Of Rolls said on 1/Jan/11
well i think he is 5'9 coz he seems to b 2inches taller than Mark Walhberg,who stands at a solid 5'7, in the film of We Own The Night, thts just my opinion
Adamz said on 3/Dec/10
Everyone does round up, maybe not everyone adds 1.5 inches, but even most girls round up a little bit it seems.
Adamz said on 3/Dec/10
Mr. R says on 23/Nov/10
Adamz, I think that Rob is close, but I think Joaquin is a little less. rarely do folks give their exact height. They always round up.

I am 174cm most of the day and about 173.5 at my lowest and I SWEAR every guy exactly my height, whether it be in the gym, in a conversation with a friend etc will say "I'm about 5'10"."
Adamz said on 3/Dec/10
Mr. R says on 23/Nov/10
Adamz, I think that Rob is close, but I think Joaquin is a little less. rarely do folks give their exact height. They always round up.

I am 174cm most of the day and about 173.5 at my lowest and I SWEAR every guy exactly my height, whether it be in the gym, in a conversation with a friend etc will say "I'm about 5'10"."
Mr. R said on 23/Nov/10
Adamz, I think that Rob is close, but I think Joaquin is a little less. rarely do folks give their exact height. They always round up.
Adamz said on 22/Nov/10
Mr. R, do you have an opinion on Joaquin's height?
Rachel said on 2/Aug/07
When he was going out with Liv Tyler, who is 5'10, she was blatantly taller than him by at least a couple of inches. I'd say 5'8 is totally accurate.
Glenn said on 30/Jul/07
True dmeyer.
dmeyer said on 29/Jul/07
he might wear elevator sometimes since friend of mine saw him 5'10
dmeyer said on 29/Jul/07
i dont know about lifts but mel was moticably taller than pheonix
glenn said on 22/Jul/07
there is always confusion.thats why this site exists.i met joaqiin 10 years ago and nearly fought him not knowing who he was.he was 5-10.saw him 6 months ago.he was 5-8.celebs heights fluctuate.lifts?
Carrie said on 21/Jul/07
Why the confusion? He is 5'8. No taller, no shorter. He has said he was 5'8, people who have met him claim he was reasonably short but not a munchkin. 5'8 is around average but ont he short side and that fits his description.
18,181 said on 20/Jul/07
is this an old version of the site?

[Editor Rob: what you see is a Pheonix shot down, but still festering in the bowels of the internet, tricking visitors its the real Phoenix.]
Joseph said on 18/Jul/07
On the contrary to what jay said, I believe that Mel still is taller by an inch or so in the movie Signs for sure. If anything, they looked the same height in some scenes, but Gibson is taller throughout the movie.
Jay said on 21/Jun/07
Interesting, after watching Signs again, I thought Gibson was shorter than him the whole movie, then I check this site and Gibson is suppose to be 1.5" taller?? I think Mel isnt as tall as he says he is.
anonymous said on 26/May/07
leonari, could you please lighten up a bit. and what is up with you bleeping out the word f*****, and then just saying "why the **** should phoenix...". there is no need to curse. on the main page, it asks that this site should remain light-hearted in tone.
Jack Bean said on 20/May/07
He seems like 5'6" in that fireman movie. Maybe it's because he was quite fat in it.
In We Own The Nights, he stands eye to eye with Mark Walhberg.
Tmoney said on 22/Apr/07
This is crazy, I always thought Waukeen was taller than this. I think because he has a substantial head, he appears larger than he is. He's got the head of a 71" man.

Out, Tmoney
glenn said on 3/Apr/07
i dont think thats being crazy leanari with all due respect.its cool to cast any height,but id prefer as close as possible.
leonari said on 2/Apr/07
man whats going on in the heads of people? why does Phoenix have to look 6'2" to play cash? are your brains f**** ?? Since Cash himself won't be in the movie (cause he was Johnny Cash and...he is dead!) why tha fuck should Phoenix have to look as tall as him to portray the man? you take smaller women (Reese Whiterspoon) and smaller actors and make him look big if this would have been an issue with producers: but apparently it wasn't and as far as I know the movie was a critical sucess...please some folks here have to realize what Hollywood is all about: illusions, fake,magic YOU NAME IT! So stop these stupid : how can he play this guy , when he is only 5'8"!!
Vince Papale was also 6'2". He was a football player for those who don't know. He recently was played by Mark 5'8" in the movie Invincible...any comments on that??
Bob said on 23/Mar/07
In Return to Paradise Vince Vaughn does positively tower over Phoenix.
Leung said on 25/Feb/07
Jim, it was Joaquin Phoenix, there was a question about one of his movies "Buffalo Soldiers", and there was also a question about following in the footsteps of River Phoenix in becoming an actor. The reason I remember it so vividly is because I couldn't believe that Joaquin was claiming 5'11".
Jim said on 15/Feb/07
Leung..... That was probably Russell Crowe. Joaquin stated above that he is 5"8.
Leung said on 29/Jan/07
I agree with 5’8”. When he goes to Oscars and other red carpet events he puts on the lifts to appear taller.

Here’s something interesting; around the time when Gladiator was popular I read an article on Joaquin, one of the questions they asked was about his fitness routines, Joaquin answered something along the lines of he only exercised occasionally and that it was easy for him to stay slim because he was 5’11”. That made me laugh.
P. Smith said on 29/Jan/07
When Joaquin said 5-8 he probably meant without shoes, because he looks 5-10 standing beside (barely over six-foot) John Travolta. Im sure for his films he's had to wear lifts in the past. I mean he's starred alongside Vince Vaughn, and portrayed the nearly six-two Johnny Cash.
Glenn said on 21/Nov/06
Im sorry,but I did say this story twice on this site.I guess not on this goes. Id say 1996,I approached Mira Sorvino while she was inside a limo.on the other side of the limo,Leaf,which is also his name,not too mention early career name,shouted"leave her alone man".me not knowing who he was,shot back"I aint talking to you,mind your business".he proceeds to get in my face and we friend gets in between us.nothing happens.couldve sworn he was friend then tells me that was River Phoenixes brother.
Steven said on 20/Nov/06
Yes I would like to know also Glenn! :)
John Doe said on 26/Oct/06
Glenn...Please if you would, tell us about how you almost got into a fight with Phoenix.
Leung said on 12/Sep/06
Joaquin co-starred with Mark Wahlberg in The Yards, these two are pretty much identical in height.
dmeyer said on 12/Sep/06
gibson did look taller so 5 10
dmeyer said on 12/Sep/06
even taugh i think he is 5'8 some friend of mine saw him at 5'10 maybe elevators
Flossie said on 10/Sep/06
I met Joaquin at a benefit this last June. I am between 5'7 and 5'8 and was wearing 1" heels putting me over 5'8". When we spoke we were eye to eye (which is a great place to be by the way). No way I can say for sure who was taller unless we did the little kid thing and stood back to back to measure (which while fun would have been a strange thing to do). We did hug and again, I would have to say that we were very, very close in height. No way the man is shorter than 5'8".
15and5'8'' said on 11/Aug/06
yeah he could b 5'8'' but in the movie Gladiator he looked like a midget!
megan said on 21/Jul/06
he looked a little taller in walk the line, but i'm not sure.
TNTinCA said on 30/Jun/06
Happened to see U-turn the other night. Joaquin seemed taller than Sean Penn who gets listed here at 5'8.5". Not sure about footwear though.
Danny said on 31/May/06
I'm not saying this makes a major difference to his "medical" height, but Joaquin does sometimes slouch. He hunches over a bit at points, so to some people meeting him in person, he might seem shorter than he really is. And then if he stands straight, he looks taller than you would expect.

I'm like that. I lose about 2-3 inches when I'm not worrying about my posture.
toniKO said on 16/May/06
Last week I did meet Joaquin Phoenix in person. I am 5'3" and was standing face to face with him. He was dressed for a funeral scene in his latest movie "We Own the Night." He wore a black suit, tie and black overcoat. I am assuming the dress shoes he wore had at least 1" heels. He couldn.t have been more than one or two inches taller than I. So, I believe 5'8" might be a little bit of an exaggeration. Toni KO
Viper652 said on 26/Apr/06
I thought he looked real short in Walk the line, about 5-6 at best. weird
Dominic said on 25/Apr/06
He's probably 5'9, I'm also suprised he is listed at 5'7 sometimes.
Frank2 said on 24/Mar/06
Joaquin is about 5'9". At least he was when I saw him, but I must admit I didn't notice his shoes. I was at least two inches taller. Weird guy.
Em said on 23/Mar/06
He looks about the same height as Liv tyler his ex.. and shes supposedly 5'10"..
Glenn said on 23/Mar/06
I told you he looked 5-10 to me.and he towers over 5-8 Sean penn in a movie with cowboy boots I friends find phoenix at 5-9.but in that fireman movie he did look like a midget.
Glenn said on 15/Mar/06
He doesnt look 6 feet to me here.looks the 5-10 I I was always shocked he is listed as 5-7 sometimes!
andrea said on 14/Mar/06
hey in this photo you can see he is at least 6 ft.he is next heath ledger at the oscars..they are wearing the same shoes at he doesnt seen too short as you guys said..
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Leslie said on 9/Mar/06
I met him while I was working at the AFI Fest premiere of Walk The Line. I'm 5'8" and had on flats. While I was talking to him, he was at least and 1 1/2" taller than me. I would say without his shoes, 5'8" sounds spot on.
DudeX said on 7/Mar/06
5'7 is on the short side
sebastian said on 6/Mar/06
i would just like to point out that 5 foot 7 aint short
Frank P said on 6/Mar/06
Just saw Walk the Line and he really didn't stand close to anybody shoulder to shoulder very long except Reese W. and she's a like a dwarf anyways. he was either in a single shot, a bit of distance between others, sitting down or on stage. I was surprised when I frist read this from you guys that he's only 5"8. But then ANYTHING is possible in movieland as far as I'm concerned. I think the majority fudge their height anyways. Hell, if everyday people I know in my personal life exaggerate their height, imagine celebrities?

Let's put it this way. I'm 5"10 barefoot. Just got measured last August and the doctors scale don't lie. I even measured myself again when he left the room, it came back the same.:) Anyways, my son plays sports. One of the coaches wives was talking about her husband in the stands to me at game. I don't know how it came up, but then she says, "and my husband Dan is like a "hair" under 6"0." I know her husband personally. I found a way of asking him him and says, "6"0 is what it says on my liscense." Which means nothing I thought. He and I are the same height exactly. I've even seen us next to each other at our local gym's wall mirrors. We both had sneaker's on and we're about the same. If anything he may even be half inch shorter, but it may be his posture. I think I would notice a 2 inch gap!! My point is, he's just an every day Joe imagine the big time?
Nikki said on 6/Mar/06
I know time has passed but I have to ask, what was this about you almost getting into a fight with him??!! What happened?!
MHouillon said on 2/Mar/06
Isn't it weird, that a 173cm guy (Phoenix) plays a 187cm guy (Johnny Cash) ? He must have enormous lifts. But at some point, you can't wear too big lifts, the belt-line would be way too high, your legs would looke too long. I think 3-4 inches (7.5-10 cm) would be the limit. Joaquin would need 14cms, that's almost 6 inches !!!
I'd like to see, how they did it in "Walk the line".
elio said on 1/Mar/06
Are you sure it's not just that he is an inch shorter than Mel... and that Mel was wearing big shoes? This could give Gibson a +3" advantage over this guy.
Mr. R said on 28/Feb/06
Insanity Man, I believe you about Joaquin. It was clear that he was no more than 5-7, because he was several inches shorter than Mel Gibson in Signs. This is why he was cast - he would make Mel look tall!
Dominic said on 28/Feb/06
We gotta believe you? Your an actor and have worked with him so why dont you post a picture to prove that?
insanity man said on 28/Feb/06
I am a 5ft9 actor and have worked side by side with Joaquin. I can tell you for a fact after working a whole day with him he is no taller than 5ft7. We were wearing the same shoes and I was clearly 2 inches taller than him. He lied about that comment being 5'8, you people gotta believe me.
AD said on 20/Feb/06
I just saw the movie Clay Pigeons which stars Phoenix and Vince Vaughn (great movie, by the way). Something weird was going on in this movie -- plenty of scenes in which the two actors were standing close to each other and every time, Vaughn appeared to have only about 3 inches on Phoenix. I suspect lifts were involved, because it's clear that Vaughn is a very tall man (6-5) and there's no way Phoenix is around 6-2, he just doesn't look it. I don't even think he looks 6-0. Bottom line, however, is that in this movie there is NO WAY the two actors look 9 inches apart (as listed on this site)
Steven said on 15/Feb/06
How can you tower over someone by 2 inches. A friend of mine is 6 inches taller than me, now that's towering!
tphabzanyc said on 17/Jan/06
Once we can be sure of Mel Gibson's height, we can confirm Pheonix. In "Signs" Gibson towers over Pheonix by at least 2 inches
someone said on 9/Jan/06
I'd say he's about 5'6". Glenn why'd you almost get in a fight with him?
Glenn said on 30/Dec/05
first time and only timeI saw joaquin,which almost lead into a fight in 1996,(didnt realise who he was)he appeared 5-10.of course I didnt notice his footwear.
UNK said on 29/Dec/05
I bet he is another 5'7.5" guy. People, at least in the US, hate to use halfs so they either round up or down.
CelebHeights Editor said on 29/Dec/05
In 2003, EWeekly said, "Phoenix might have trouble measuring up to the country legend. At 5' 7'', Phoenix is seven inches shorter". A few canadian newspapers used that figure aswell, "Even at 71, Cash is an impressive 6-ft.-1. On a good day, Phoenix is 5-ft.-7".
Glenn said on 3/Dec/05
no way 4 inches.I in fact thought they looked the same in height.I must be blind.most people I know agree.look at the poster for ladder 49.he is the shortest by far,though one time I did almost get inti a fight with him in 1996 or 97 and he did appear to be taller than me.Im 5-8.another weird one is he's taller than sean penn in u turn by a few inches.cowboy boots? penn is 5-8.I met him too.
Viper652 said on 1/Dec/05
He looked 5-6 in Walk the Line.
Mr. R said on 30/Nov/05
I saw Walk the Line Saturday night. This looks to be about right - maybe just a tad below this.
McFan said on 20/Jul/05
I watched "Signs" and Joaquin did not appear to be Gibson's height at all. Mel looked about 2 inches taller than Phoenix.
UNK said on 16/Jun/05
Anonymous, your joking right? Mark Wahlberg is 5'7". That's why Pheonix is as tall as him.
anonymous said on 15/Jun/05
He has to be atleast 5'8". Joaquin Phoenix is not short. He looks like average height in Buffalo Soldies and in Ladder 49.
Big Dave: He is just as tall as Gibson in signs. Saying Gibson had 4 inches on him is way off and totally throws away the credability of your comment.
J. said on 8/Apr/05
Well, I know that quite recently, John Travolta, who does look the 6 feet even he says he is, was on Oprah. Joaquin also appeared. Since everyone calls him a midget, I expected Travolta to absolutely tower over Joaquin but in reality, he was only a couple inches taller. In fact, Joaquin and Oprah were the same size so I think 5'7" is correct.
Lmeister said on 8/Apr/05
I don't believe that he is 5'5'' no way. It happens quite often to the shorter guys that are stocky and don't have really long legs that people think that they are "midgets", Mr. Phonix might be 5'7'', but not shorter unless he is constantly wearing lifts. I honestly think that he is just rounding up. It is kinda funny that Big Dave mentions Russell Crowe who is "known" of his shoelifts and just to add that Russell was supposed to look a lot taller than Joaquin in Gladiator...

[Editor Rob: nah, Joaquin isn't really that much shorter than Gibson.]
Big Dave said on 8/Apr/05
I would agree with him being about 5'5. He's not even close to Russel Crowe in Gladiator. Mel Gibson also looks a lot taller than him in Signs; around 4 inches in fact.
CelebHeights Editor said on 9/Mar/05
Saw this fan writing about meeting Joaquin on This Site where they say:
"He's not very tall. About 5'5", I'd say, but I'm not sure. I'm 5'6" and he seemed a bit shorter than me. His build is very nice, a bit stocky but not thick."

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