How tall was River Phoenix

River Phoenix's Height

5ft 10in (177.8 cm)

American actor best remembered for roles in films such as Stand By Me, Sneakers, My Own Private Idaho, Running On Empty, Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade and Dark Blood. On his driver's license he was listed 5ft 11.

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Average Guess (21 Votes)
5ft 9.83in (177.4cm)
Willes188 said on 23/Sep/17
Slim ?????

Watch Idaho clearly taller than 5'9
Slim said on 18/Sep/17
I'm fine with 5'9"-9.75" for river, his classic film sucked.
Willes188 said on 22/Aug/17
Anything from 5'9.5-5'10.5 is fine
176cm guy said on 28/Jul/17
It is possible he could've measured around the 5'11" mark first thing after a good night sleep. Inch claims are not so bad, unless he says something like 5'11" before bed.
James said on 26/Jul/17
If Richard Harris was six foot there is no way Phoenix can have been 5'10".
even said on 19/Jul/17
around 5 10
Willes188 said on 14/Jul/17
Can give a impression from 5'9 to 5'11
Arch Stanton said on 16/May/17
Richard Harris was wearing lifts in that film James :-)
James said on 16/May/17
He can't have been anywhere near six foot because he was so much shorter than Richard Harris in "Silent Tongue".
Willes188 said on 11/Apr/17
He looked his tallest 89-91 i think, his posture got worse after that
Strong 5ft9 said on 8/Apr/17
Hey Rob, would you add his Driver's license. It says "5-11" on it. Click Here:
Editor Rob: yes it's worth mentioning.
Willes188 said on 21/Mar/17
He probably reached 6ft+ in the morning with shoes on
Willes188 said on 16/Mar/17
River was around 5'10-5'10.5.
Canson said on 8/Mar/17
@Willes188/189/190 &Pucko: stop attacking me and James then. You don't like it when someone does it to you but you are the first one to sit here and attack someone else and call them a troll. Or to sit here and say people downplay their height etc. it's okay to be different and even opinionated but when you start down the road you have and saying others should be banned when you are even worse then that's where the issues start. If you want to go and critique someone else's house, make sure yours is clean and spotless and free of mess first!
Canson said on 8/Mar/17
@Willes188/189/190 &Pucko: stop attacking me and James then. You don't like it when someone does it to you but you are the first one to sit here and attack someone else and call them a troll. Or to sit here and say people downplay their height etc. it's okay to be different and even opinionated but when you start down the road you have and saying others should be banned when you are even worse then that's where the issues start. If you want to go and critique someone else's house, make sure yours is clean and spotless and free of mess first!
Willes188 said on 7/Mar/17
Stop attacking me all the time... For 3 years now this has been one of the few places where i can feel peace, and get away from all the things happening in my life, and i would like to keep it that way
Canson said on 6/Mar/17
@Joe: one thing to do that but then to inflate and claim others downplay and go out of their way to insult is even worse
joe### said on 5/Mar/17
It's sad to know that a person does this.
Canson said on 3/Mar/17
@Joe: yes He was Willes190 then Pucko then Willes189 now Willes188, he has an identity crisis and is a troll. Maybe why he inflates people's heights because he isn't as tall as he claims he is
Megan Wilson said on 27/Feb/17
There is a picture of his driver's license which says he is 5'11", so that's what I'd go with.
Willes189 said on 22/Feb/17
Rob, The average guess is way off on the late River Phoenix. This page is the first to come up if you Google "River Phoenix Height" and that's actually a common question fans are asking. But the average person will get tricked into thinking that he was 5'9 range, when clearly he wasn't that low
Editor Rob: I don't think anybody gets tricked.

There's the celebheights estimate and then a visitor average guess, which you have to scroll down the page to see...

it's simply a quick summary of the opinion of visitors.

In the past if you scrolled through all comments on a page you might see a lot of variable guesses. Those comments and estimates will always be there in comment sections, but now there is a running total or average guess.
Willes189 said on 16/Feb/17
Btw Depp is 5'9
Willes189 said on 16/Feb/17
That picture with Depp is photoshopped.. He has never had a picture taken with Depp.

5'11 is more of a possibility than 5'9
joe### said on 15/Feb/17
Wiles Pucko
Peter said on 15/Feb/17
River was not 5'10... Here he is with 5'7.5 Johnny Depp: Click Here
Looks like max a 0.5 inch taller which would put him at 5'8.
James said on 13/Feb/17
He never looked anywhere near 5'10".
Wiles189 said on 8/Feb/17
This listing is off by 1cm, River was 179
James said on 1/Feb/17
Wiles189 should be banned for trolling.
Canson said on 30/Jan/17
@Rob: can we ban Willes189? He is rude opinionated and provides little insight or detail to any discussion only wanting to make everyone taller. James does not deserve to be attacked the way he is.
Wiles189 said on 30/Jan/17
You are useless James, you can't even provide pictures and evidence, or even have a decent argument. "He is 5'8" "She is 5'5" "He is not 6ft" "He wears lifts"

Go back to kindergarten
James said on 29/Jan/17
He looked 5'8" in some films.
Willes189 said on 26/Jan/17
I'm well aware of his boots in Idaho, as you can get a clear view from in this clip Click Here

He wore those exact boots during the whole film, but still considered the boots he held up very well next to a young 6'1 Keanu Reeves. No one who is 5'9.5-5'10 could be that close to someone who's 6'1. Keanu wore a pair of thick sneakers in the film so River probably had 0.75-1 inch advantage in his "cowboy" boots

But yes Sam i completely agree with 5'10-5'10.5 for Phoenix
Sam said on 24/Jan/17

Those MOPI-pictures are tricky because River had like 2-inch boots while filming. I can't see him being around the same height as Keanu. 5'10-5'10.5 range for River Phoenix.
Willes189 said on 18/Jan/17
Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Willes189 said on 7/Jan/17
5'10 range
Strong 5ft9 said on 27/Dec/16
On his California drivers license before he was turning 16 at the time. They put his height at 5'8" (but most likely he probably claimed he was 5'8" at the time or they measured him.) Click Here
Then in his Florida's drivers license, before turning 18. It's probably proof that he did claim 5'11" at the time. Click Here
But overall, he definitely looked around the 5'10" area when he finished growing.
James said on 18/Dec/16
He was hardly a great actor. He killed himself before he could move on. He was 5'9".
Sandy Cowell said on 13/Dec/16
Poor boy passing so young.
RIP River
Aza said on 10/Nov/16
Total dude! Yep he was 5'10.
Sarah said on 26/Oct/16
Over 5'10", but not by much. Probably 5'10.25" or so. Great actor.
Canson said on 9/Sep/16
If that is James's opinion on River's height, then that is his opinion. He's very well entitled to have one as is everyone else who visits this site. But let's stop sharing and expressing how tall we think someone is. Let's start using Willes189's upgrade everyone else model how about that.
Anon said on 3/Sep/16
A little over 5'10".
Arch Stanton said on 2/Sep/16
He did look 5 ft 10 range when fully grown, though in some of the 80s films not easy to know if he was fully grown or not and exact age of filming so could seem smaller. Talented actor and a good looking kid. Had he lived longer I think he could have really become one of the acting greats.
Willes189 said on 31/Aug/16
He was easily 178cm
Willes189 said on 29/Aug/16
James, you need to find a new hobby, this is getting sad, how long have you been doing all this nonsense?
James said on 23/Aug/16
5'10 for River is laughable. He was 5'7 or 5'8 at most.
Pucko said on 9/Jul/16
Are there any scenes in Dark Blood where River is standing next to Jonathan Pryce? It would be interesting to see them next to each other. It's the only movie that i haven't seen by River. He was in a very dark place during that time, and it's not so fun to watch knowing that
Editor Rob: I haven't seen the movie, but it looks like They do have an indoor scene.
Sam said on 8/Jul/16
I thought the picture with Depp was photoshopped..
jtm said on 2/Jul/16
if he was really 5'9 then Sandra bullock is 5'5 max.
Sam said on 11/May/16
I read an interview on the net earlier where he states he's no longer 5'10. He says he is 5'11. Something like that, i'm not quite sure.
He was being interviewed at his home in Florida, in 1990 if i remember correctly.

I would say 5'10 to 5'10.25 is about right.

Any thoughts, Rob?
Editor Rob: if we can find the interview it is at least worth mentioning at the top...I'm not sure he really was a 5ft 11 guy though, but you could argue 5ft 10 and change.
Willes189 said on 9/May/16
My uncle is 179cm, i think River would measure the same. No less then this listing, i think 5'10.25(178,4cm) would be bang on, 177,7cm is a little to low for River. He was closer to 179, if not 179,
River Phoenix's height 5'10.25 (178,4cm)

He always looked 179cm with 185cm Keanu Reeves
120 said on 7/Feb/16
I believe this was around the time when River was 17-18, or older.
120 said on 7/Feb/16
@230 That's a pretty hard photo to judge over, considering since River and Kevin are not exactly both side by side together and the angles are kind of a pain in the ass to judge over. While River still towered over Martha. After looking through many pics of them, i'd say Kevin Bacon and River Phoenix are both roughly the same height. Maybe River could be slightly smaller. The shoe differences are currently unknown. But an inch difference, i can not see. If those are not the photos you are talking about, then would you mind sharing it. Rob, any thoughts about this?

Here's where i found it
Click Here
230Wh said on 4/Feb/16
when someone is dead his body discompress about 1 inch , 5'9 for River Phoenix , pics with Flea (~166 cm) and Kevin Bacon show that.
120 said on 28/Jan/16
Rob, you think 177 cm is possible for River or does that seem a little low? it could be his night height.
Editor Rob: haven't looked at River in a while, last film I remember watching was Sneakers and I thought he did look around 5ft 10, but then a bit under isn't impossible.
120 said on 26/Jan/16
River may look small next to guys who seem to be over Six foot. But overall he does seem to be a fair or weak 5'10" guy. 5'8" seems to be a little underestimative.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Jan/16
charlie said on 17/Jan/16
River was 5 foot 8 inches when he died

He was 23 when he died. Are you implying that he lost height?
charlie said on 17/Jan/16
River was 5 foot 8 inches when he died
dci said on 6/May/15
Autopsy programme on now states 5t10
Byron T. said on 6/Jan/15
In ''The Thing Called Love,'' he had a couple of inches on Dermot Mulroney (both of them were wearing cowboy boots). I'd say River Phoenix was 5'10.5.''

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Sam said on 9/Dec/14
Rob, how tall do you think he was while filming Indiana Jones?
He looked shorter, maybe like 5'8?
He was like 18-19 at the moment.
Sam said on 8/Nov/14
He looks a little taller in movies like My Own Private Idaho & The Thing Called Love .. like 5'11 at least. But in MOPI he wears boots which gives him about 2 inches in height.
There's a pic of River and Keanu walking (probably from the movie shoot) together, and River looks around 3 inches shorter.

After watching Dark Blood i find it hard to believe he's above 5'10.
I can buy 5'10.5, but that's it.
Jo said on 1/Nov/14
That license is an interesting little piece of actor ephemera.

Anyway, I think that he was 5'10, maybe a bit above that, Rob?
Realist said on 22/May/14
If he was still alive this would have been one talented family. His brother is probably the best actor in Hollywood currently.
guest said on 14/Mar/14
I wanted to add that the coroner stated he was "70 inches". There wouldn't be any reason to lie on an official autopsy report.
[Editor Rob: there are going to be some reports which can be off, I know this isn't set in stone, but generally I think around that range was fair for River.]
Sam said on 6/Mar/14
Dude, that sounds then more likely.
guest said on 4/Mar/14
Sam, I don't think it's a real license. Real ones usually list weight and hair & eye color. This is probably just a photo one for fans, I have a fake Elvis one given to me by someone that had visited Graceland a few years back.
Sam said on 6/Dec/13
Take a look at this, Click Here
Is it real?

River was 18-19 years old in '88 and he didn't really look 5'11 back then.
He was probably measured with shoes or boots on, if it's not fake.
Sarah said on 3/Dec/13
Good listing. River with 5'2" Lili Taylor(in heels): Click Here
He was 5'10, possibly 5'10.5".
Henri_Plonk said on 27/Jul/13
Watching my own private idaho at the moment, River seems to be wearing 1 and a half, maybe 2" heels and looks to be just under 6ft. So i would say 5ft 10 seems spot on really. Great site Rob. It always makes an interesting read & much more accurate than the other height sites
Sam said on 23/Jun/13
His official height seems to be 5'10 (178 cm), and also it says 70 inches on his autospy. He might have been 180 cm in 93, but i stick with 179 cm. 5'10.5.
Anonymous said on 24/Mar/13
River did NOT have a different father than his siblings. There is a half-sister named Jodean, who was the oldest (b. 1964), and was from a previous relationship of the father.
Jeff said on 7/Feb/13
His autopsy stated he was 70 inches (5' 10") 159 lbs and muscular
Lisa said on 22/Sep/12
River was so talented. *sigh* I think that he was. 5'10.5". Also, he had a different father than his siblings.
daryl said on 3/Aug/12
I would say more 5ft11. As much as i would love to believe we were the same hight, he looks like he would have an inch on me in the least
Carol said on 12/Feb/12
Why was river phoenix so different from his siblings? I can't find any similaridade and I'm not talking about the way they are, just about the face and hair...
Some people say that is just diffent genes, but I don't believe it because all of them (4 of them) look alike and he is totally diferent!
Lee said on 11/Feb/12
You need to change your heading of 5 ft 10 inches, which is wrong. River Pheonix was just under 6ft tall, and taller than Keanu Reeves when neither was wearing shoes with a heel. This is a fact.
RICHARD said on 29/Jan/12
River Phoenix is more in the 5'11 range for sure.Watch him in 'I Love You To Death',and he stands next to William Hurt,Keanu Reeves,and Kevin Kline and isn't dwarfed by them at all,though they all had 2-3 inches on him,so 1.80 cm seems fair for him.
kevin said on 6/Jan/12
jep, in my own private Idaho he was max 2inches shorter than keanu reeves. maybe keanu at 184cm and river 179cm.
vita said on 1/May/11
I think river has a really good height and that he is soo cute
Karolina said on 16/Jan/11
In 'My own private Idaho' he played opposite Keanu Reeves who is 185 cm. I think he was 180 cm at least.
jtm said on 19/Nov/10
well that's interesting if the autopsy had him at 5'9 but they also had tupac at 6ft and steve mcqueen at 5'7.
jtm said on 18/Nov/10
rob are you talking about doug's comment below?

[Editor Rob: an old comment about autopsy which isn't there anymore]
Mr. R said on 9/Nov/10
I thought that I read somewhere that his autopsy had him at 69 inches which is 5-9.
RZA said on 28/Jul/07
okay- I just read River's biography and it says that from Stand By Me to My Own Private Idaho he grew 4 inches and lost 20 pounds. To me that looks right, he was baby faced and short in Stand By Me and I would say Mary-Kay is right at 5'6" in Stand By Me. Also the difference between he and Joaquim isnt that big my brothers and I differ in height a couple inches and that's not abnormal. River's family was pretty jacked but it never says anything about them having different father's even though Rain and Joaquim look really different.
Mary-Kay said on 10/Jun/07
in stand by me i think he was about 5'6" because teddy(corey feldman) is 5'4" and corey stopped growing when he was about the time he was in stand by me or so i read in an article
alex said on 7/May/07
anyone know how tall he was when he did stand by me?
Hannah said on 24/Jan/07
I ment to say Samantha Mathis**
Hannah said on 21/Jan/07
I have actually seen River one time. Not actually talked to him or met him. I was shopping with my friends and all the sudden we see a paparazzi and we go to check it out and it was River Phoenix with his girlfriend Samantha Mavis. He looked pretty tall i would say he was some where around 5-foot-11 to 6-foot and his girlfriend was around 5-foot-5 or something. But i don't know the exact measurments.
Editor Rob said on 13/Sep/06
In 1986 article (when he is 16) mentioned "Now, he stands 5-foot-8. He said 5-foot-11 "would be cool if I get that high"
sam said on 3/Sep/06
wow. thats cool you got to meet him jess. i know this is out of subject, but still..that would of been so awsome!!
Glenn said on 26/Aug/06
I could be wrong.I never met him.just going by stories.
Gotxo said on 25/Aug/06
Glenn are you sure?
To me he looked taller than his brother, and 5'10" doesn't sound odd to me.
I could go along with 5'11" too, but a single inch is not matter for a discussion
(well maybe here :) but still terrible hard to gauge without a metric tape)
Viper652 said on 25/Aug/06
5-10 looks right for him.
Glenn said on 25/Aug/06
Autopsy said 5-10.once in a blue you here 5-9,which clearly he wasnt.I dont think he was 5-11 either.
jessica said on 23/Aug/06
i met river once and he is about 5'10 maybe 5'11 im 5'4 and i fort he was quite tall
Aleka said on 15/Mar/06
About River's Hieght, he was 5'10 1/2. And he was 149lbs at the time of his death. If anyone doesn't believe me, zoom in on the biography "Eclipsed by Death: River Phoenix" they show the REAL autopsy report. You can buy it on !
L. said on 31/Dec/05
The reason River and Joaquin do not look much alike, he that Joaquin has a different father than River. Joaquin and I have the same dad. Our father was only 5'7, and Joaquin, my other older brother and I look just like our dad.
riverfan said on 3/Jul/05
I don't think he was only 5'9. Just look at his later movies, he looks really tall and lanky. I think 5'10 at least, or aproaching 5'11. I wonder why is brother is so short???

[Editor Rob: unless they fluffed the autopsy measurement, I'm sticking to what they reported him to be measured at...5ft 10.]
JS said on 10/Jun/05
So in conjunction with my statement below. if the autopsy said 5'10.. I'd think he was closer to 5'9 in actual height when standing, etc.
riverfan said on 9/Jun/05
ok, the autopsy report is listed on,
go under river phoenix and you can see the exact print of the report.
becareful not to look at his coffin photo as it is EXREMELY disturbing

[Editor Rob: I couldn't see it - there's the death certificates, but the actual autopsy report???. In any case I find out that People Magazine published an article (January 94) about the autopsy and they mentioned the details - River was 159 lbs and measured 70 inches according to People, or 5ft 10. I couldn't find the actual report though...if anybody can find it lemme know.]
JS said on 7/Jun/05
Keep in mind the body will be roughly an inch longer when measured in such a state as the space between the vertebrae will expand.
Mr. R said on 6/Jun/05
If I am correct, I think that his autopsy report listed him closer to 5-9. Rob see if you can find his autopsy results. I know that I have seen them.

[Editor Rob: I had a look but unfortunately couldn't find it...]

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