How tall is Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves Height

6ft ¾ in (184.8 cm)

Canadian/American Actor best known for roles in The Matrix Trilogy, Speed, Point Break, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, John Wick, My Own Private Idaho, Dangerous Laisons and River's Edge. In an E!online interview in 2000 he mentioned his height and weight in regards to the film The Replacements: "I gained about 23 pounds through changing my diet and lifting weights. I'm six-foot-one, and I ended up weighing about 192 pounds"

Keanu Reeves is tall
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Average Guess (152 Votes)
6ft 0.77in (184.8cm)
James Ortiz said on 14/Oct/19
Who do you think would have the edge, Keanu Reeves or David Schwimmer?
Editor Rob
Both guys can seem roughly same range, at times I've thought David could seem taller...
F97 said on 30/Sep/19
Rob have you seen a picture of keanu and gary busey when they met for a point break reunion? Dont you think they are quite similar? If busey is 6'0" I wouldnt have guessed keanu over 6'0" 1/4.
Editor Rob
I think I'd still expect Keanu to look near an inch taller than Busey, although In 2017 it might seem they are close enough...Gary could be slightly nearer. Keanu at times can look nearer 6ft than 1
Truthsayer said on 25/Sep/19
Just saw some pics with Lance Reddick and it's clear he is struggling to even be less than 5cm shorter and might even be wearing some lifts.
Truthsayer said on 25/Sep/19
Rob, I really don't understand this listing. Don't you remember the picture with Robert Downey Junior where Keanu seemed to be in bigger footwear which made RDJ look a pretty decent height? This must have been before his lift wearing as there was no way he could put much in those shoes. I really struggle to think he is over 6foot and looks very similar to Val Kilmer in height when RDJ was in a pic in sandals next to him. Kilmer is below 6foot and I don't think Keanu is above it. I also note he often seems to wear footwear that can easily fit lifts in.
Editor Rob
Has Keanu lost a 1/4 inch through wear & tear and physical roles? Possible, I can see how at times he has looked 6ft 1/4 to 1/2 range, though if you go back to bill and ted or Matrix I think he could seem nearer 185cm than 183-4 range.
Sorjonen said on 8/Sep/19
6'1.25" peak and 6'075" now.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 2/Sep/19
πŸŽ‚πŸ•―οΈπŸ˜„ Happy Birthday Keanu! πŸ˜„πŸ•―οΈπŸŽ‚

Keanu Reeves turns 55 today - and with the illustrious career he's carved out for himself, he has plenty to show for it!

6ft0.75. πŸ˜‰πŸŽˆ

Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 27/Aug/19
6 footer is my guessed height for Keanu as of 2019. 6ft 3/4 can be his peak height during 1990s when he did filming for Matrix.... The one cool thing about keanu is that he is one of famous LEFT HANDED ACTORS, PEOPLE like Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, Justin Bieber, Jim Carrey and Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama etc.....
MeMeme said on 17/Aug/19
Are you kidding me? He isn't taller 6 ft
Importer said on 9/Aug/19
Personally I think that he was close to 185cm(184.5cm) at peak and currently is closer to 183cm(183.5cm).
6footTom said on 8/Aug/19
@Undertaker Frank

He's nearly 55 years old. Height loss can begin during the late 40's depending on the individual.
Nik Ashton said on 7/Aug/19
The average guess is 6’0.79” (141 votes!) and there are 979 comments!
Hijoputamus said on 6/Aug/19
@yunus, Benzema is not taller than 183 (6ft) Ramos.
I see Keanu closer to the camera and I could bet all my money that Keanu is wearing a thicker sole shoe than Benzema.
yunus said on 3/Aug/19
he's taller than benzema who is listed here as 1,84 m Click Here:
mancini said on 26/Jul/19
in much ado about nothing he is very close in height with denzel washington who is 184cm. also in point break he is a tad shorter than John McGinley who is 185. i think he is in between of them. 184.5
berta said on 23/Jul/19
he is clearly taller than most 184 cm guys on this site like channing tatum and Harrison ford. i think he was/ is really close to 6 foot 1. he really dont seem like a guy that lies.6 foot 1 at lunchtime and a fraction under in the evening. i think the height a person is around 2 in the afternoon is there " true height" in the middle of the day
K.A 188 said on 20/Jul/19
Probably similar to Cavill 184cm ,although he has better proportions than Cavill. Overall cool guy and humble definitely he is not the height awared type.
K.A 188 said on 20/Jul/19
Probably similar to Cavill 184cm ,although he has better proportions than Cavill. Overall cool guy and humble definitely he is not the height awared type.
Peter175 said on 13/Jul/19
Doubt he was 6ft1.

Looks a similar height to Henry Cavill imo
Film Fan said on 7/Jul/19
He could very well be a 6’ 1” guy.
Undertaker Frank said on 3/Jul/19
Why would he have lost height ?? Hes not old
Canson said on 1/Jul/19
Maybe peak he was 6’0.5 today 6’0”
viper said on 30/Jun/19
6-0 max
Spencer Dobkin said on 29/Jun/19
Weak 6'1"
mini golf kid said on 26/Jun/19
He's 6 foot 1 flat imo.
TheBat said on 24/Jun/19
6'1" peak, 6'0.5 currently.
Zack. said on 22/Jun/19
a solid 185cm guy
Importer said on 16/Jun/19
@Viper Do you think he's similar to Robert Patterson heightwise? 183.5?
The Jokester said on 15/Jun/19
@Rob is 6'1" flat possible for Reeves?
Editor Rob
The more I've seen, I am not convinced he was a solid 6ft 1 guy, but then he didn't look flat 6ft guy either...
viper said on 14/Jun/19
He's a 6-0 guy that can look taller at times. Not surprising
Importer said on 13/Jun/19
In the beginning of the movie "Sweet November" he looked to have a 176cm eyelevel in shoes next to actress Lauren Graham (5ft9) who played Angelica (was barefoot at the time) and he did look a comfortable 3inch taller than Charlize Theron. There were 2male actors of 5'11 height in that movie, he was comfortably and noticeably taller give or take 2inches.
In the movie "Street Kings" he had 2-3 different footwear in the entire film. Black Cowboy boots: (of which I have seen him wear in another movie "devil's advocate") he wore these boots in a scene with Terry Crews and did edge him out with some high ground advantage. Tan Work boots: He wore these boots on scenes next to Hugh Laurie and Forest Whitaker. Next to Forest Whitaker he did seem to be closer in height than he was with Hugh Laurie. In scenes with Chris Evans he looked identical in height at the very least. Further on into the movie he edged out Chris Evans in some scenes due to footwear advantage (3cm work boots). Overall I guessed 182-183 for Evans and 183-184 (pushing 185 max) for Reeves just by sidebyside comparisons. At the end of the movie I thought Reeves to be an inch shorter than he was at the start of the film, not kidding.
If he was a perpetual lift wearer then he sure fooled everyone and remained successful till this day at doing so. At the very least he could of been a solid 6ft guy that would of pulled off 6'1 easily in some hidden lifts, slim body helps. Also in the photo above footwear looks a bit suspicious and not to mention that is exactly how my body proportions look like when I'm in my hidden lifts which do give 2.5-3cm (I measure 182cm at a low barefoot), so would look like flat 184.5-185cm to you if I hidden my lifts properly.
My conclusion is that either Keanu Reeves was a flat 185.5cm person (nowadays flat 184.5cm) OR he was a solid 6ft guy (possibly 182cm flat nowadays) who is always in hidden lifts at photo conventions and movies to look the 6'1".
I'm open to opinions :)
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 11/Jun/19
Recent years Keanu trying his best to look old like his age of 50s folks with his beard and long hair but still fail by his young looking face. He only struggle to look like near 50 from keeping his beard on and without it he maybe look as young as struggle looking into 40s.
DPH1995 said on 11/Jun/19
I dunno he looks pretty tall most of the time, skinny guy. How much does he weigh rn?
Walle said on 11/Jun/19
Do you guys really thing Keanu lies about his height ? If he said 6'1, then it was 6'1, i trust this man !
Hijoputamus said on 9/Jun/19
Rob, don’t you spot some lifts on that pic? Have a look at his right shoe. All signs there imho
viper said on 4/Jun/19
He was never taller than 6-0
Oneiroi said on 2/Jun/19
Easily a full 6'1" in his prime, now he is more 6'0.25.
Dpnysi said on 31/May/19
He looks taller than common and common claims to be 6ft tall but I can tell you from personal experience, common is may be 5 foot 10, because I'm six foot one in my socks and I stood behind common online at a physical therapy place in Manhattan and I was staring down at the top of his bald head so there's no way he was only one inch shorter than me
Rory said on 29/May/19
In his prime I wouldn't argue less than 6ft0.75. 6ft0.75-1 I think was his range and maybe 6ft0.5-0.75 today.
Sean said on 28/May/19
Interesting how photos can fail to provide definitive answers.
6'0" Common looks a little taller in a couple, but shorter in most pics.
Good chance they are both barefoot here, with Keanu looking taller than Common.
6' 0 3/4" looks spot on.

Click Here
Frost said on 25/May/19
Looks closer to 6'1" than 6'0"
viper said on 23/May/19
You can always look "tall" at 6-0
viper said on 23/May/19
J-Dog said on 21/May/19
Always looks no lower than a very solid 6'1". He always looks "tall"

People said the same thing about 6-0 Freddie Prinze
grizz said on 22/May/19
He seemed considerably shorter than Lance Reddick in John Wick 3. He had me fooled all these years. He's nowadays a strong 6 footer, but certainly 6'0.5 at his prime.
J-Dog said on 21/May/19
Always looks no lower than a very solid 6'1". He always looks "tall".
viper said on 20/May/19
You can easily cut the figure of a tall man at 6-0.

He's similar to Freddie Prinze. Many thinking he's 6-1 when he's actually 6-0
viper said on 20/May/19
6-1 is a fantasy.

With 6-2 pro day measured Shawne Merriman.
Click Here

6-0 max.

Remember he was always listed at 6-0 early in his career.
Man in Black said on 18/May/19
Easily 6'1" minimum. He cuts the figure of a tall man in John Wick and he's only wearing dress shoes in most of those movies.
long time fan of celebheights said on 16/May/19
Got an autograph from him at a London museum back in 1995. He's definitely over six foot. Thought he was at least 6'1", maybe 6'2"
Justme said on 3/May/19
Looked taller than Chad Stahelski at John Wick 3: Parabellum special screening. Both had similar footwear, but Keanus shoulders were around an inch higher. Chads around 185cm according to imdb. What do you think, Rob? There are photos of the event on Dailymail
Editor Rob
They look close in height, but I haven't looked at Chad so am not sure if he's 6ft 1 or not.
billionaireslayer said on 24/Mar/19
Weak 6ft
6 Joe said on 8/Mar/19
How is he even 6 foot, when with his "high heels" in the matrix, giving him 2" or more, he is still 2" shorter than Hugo Weaving wearing normal shoes????
John Smithsonian said on 13/Feb/19
He needs to shave. Patchy facial hair.
SacredhearT said on 25/Jan/19
6 foot with shoes.
willwife said on 13/Jan/19
he's of same height as the chinese actor Daniel Wu who is listed as 182cm and looks no taller than his 178cm wife.
RichardSpain said on 13/Jan/19
Classic and typical guy of 185cm
Sandy Cowell said on 24/Nov/18
I have just started the film 'John Wick' and so far it has been ever so moving. Keanu is playing the title role and the film is about a man, a former assassin by trade, whose beloved wife has just died after an illness. Her last present to him is a gorgeous little puppy, who comes delivered to his door in an animal carrier together with a note describing that he needs someone to devote his love to and stop him feeling lonely. What a thoughtful idea of this woman's, arranging something like that for her loved one, to have a dear little animal to keep his spirits up on her passing. It had me close to tears.

At her funeral, you see Keanu standing with a friend of his, played by Willem Defoe. I think Willem is around the 5ft7 mark, and in order to talk to the bereaved man, he has to look right up. I would definitely say that it constitutes a towering, even though I had previously said it was, in my opinion, round about 8". Willem will have had neck strain sooner or later, the difference was so marked!

This movie is recent - from 2015 - and Keanu doesn't look any shorter than I have always known him to be. I haven't had many comparison opportunities yet, but I feel quite confident that he is still 6ft and three-quarters of an inch. I know that this film is going to get messy, with Keanu's character using his assassin's skills to get even with some thugs, so I thought I'd get this out of the way in case I'm too upset later. I think the thugs kill his pup, you see, so I will be with John Wick all the way! Just as well it's only a film....

6ft and three-quarters of an inch at his day's shortest. This guy is TALL!

Edimar184 said on 13/Oct/18
Peak 6ft1.
Now just a 6ft 0.5 guy
Sacred said on 3/Oct/18
186 cm
SHANTANU SANJAY said on 30/Sep/18
peak 6'1. would have los fraction today.
AV said on 29/Sep/18
may have lost a bit. said on graham norton show that he was in a motorcycle accident and had some cervical vertebrae fused together
Editor Rob
It might account for a fraction.
Redwing said on 29/Aug/18
Hey rob was his peak 185.5 cm?
Editor Rob
I don't know if he really has lost anything noticeable. He still seems to look in good shape.
Angel Howell said on 28/Aug/18
I'd only ever read he was 6'0 even...πŸ€”
viper said on 27/Aug/18
6-0 max
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 24/Aug/18
I think Keanu Reeves look more on 6'0 1/2 than closer to 6'1.
CDS said on 30/Jul/18
Should be pointed out, if it hasn't already, Reeves was listed as 6' often, early in his career. The 6'1" listings didn't start showing up until he achieved a certain level of stardom, ie "speed", "the matrix", etc.. See the 2008 film , "street kings", where he is dead even with 6' (barely) Chris Evans...
6footTom said on 27/Jul/18
@Jtm Not everyone, but generally late 40's is when you begin the path to losing height. Even then, whatever Keanu's peak height may have been, he doesn't look the full 6'1" today, especially not next to Common.
Jtm said on 21/Jul/18
not everyone starts losing height in the their 50s and most people that are in good shape like keanu are still their peak height.
6footTom said on 13/Jul/18
If Common is indeed 6ft flat, then Keanu definitely can't be taller than this listing today. In fact, I might even argue that he is shorter than this listing since they pretty much look identical most of the time and in some cases with better posture, Common can edge him out.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

However, I could see him as a full 6'1" in his prime, after all, the man is in his mid 50's right now.
MAD SAM said on 3/Jul/18
Tall guy definitely 6’1” maybe 6’1.375” at 186.5 cm
Darkpower72 said on 24/Jun/18
Solid 6’1” guy to me
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 3/May/18
Fishburne had to be 5'11.5" now and Keanu Reeves could be 184-184.5cm range now. Fishburne should have lost more than Reeves.
Dejavu said on 25/Apr/18
I think he has always been a weak 6’1 even at his peak. Today he looks more 6’0 range.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Apr/18
I think he could have been 6ft1 in the 90's

183cm range is definitely short changing him. That puts Fishburne at 180cm tops
berta said on 10/Apr/18
i think weak 185 strong 184 is a good listing. he is skinny that can make him seem the full 6 foot 1 sometimes.i think the possible heights for him lies from 183,5-185,5
Rance said on 9/Apr/18
It's the smaller guys like Daniel Craig and statham that claim to be 2inches taller than they really are, I don't think keanu would like as he's very naturally down to earth with no bravado
Rance said on 9/Apr/18
I normally downgrade most celebs cos most are made out to be taller than they actually are,
But I personally think keanu is 6ft1
Dejavu said on 2/Apr/18
He looks 2 inches shorter than Lance Reddick and Morgan Freeman. There is no way that he is 6’1.
Rory said on 30/Mar/18
I don't really think he looks much more than 5 inches taller than Alex Winter in Bill and Ted, certainly in those films he'd look 6ft1 range at most.
Dejavu said on 22/Mar/18
He looked the same height as Common and at times Common seems to have an edge. 184cm max today
SHASHIKa said on 19/Mar/18
185.4 cm he looks like
Jafars said on 17/Mar/18
Keanu looked like he had 2 fair inches on Matt Mcconnaughey and Hugh Grant...
Alex 6'3 at night said on 7/Mar/18
185 cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Mar/18
Maybe he was 6ft1 on the nose 20 years ago Rob?
viper said on 4/Mar/18
Heightist, he's one of the most down to earth nicest guys in Hollywood
shant185.4 said on 4/Mar/18
he really is 6 ft 1.You seriously need to upgrade. 186.1 CM peak height , current 185.4 cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Feb/18
Keanu at a weak 6ft1 could put Fishburne at a weak 6ft, at least today anyway
Heightist said on 22/Feb/18
Keanu Reeves is, oddly enough, one of the most well-liked guys on the Internet. Is he really all that, or do people just think he's so good/kind/chill because of his good looks, tall, lanky build, and easygoing vibe? He's always seemed "tall" to me, and that's one reason why he's so beloved, A-list, People's 50 Most Beautiful People, etc. He's not much taller than his English mom in heels. He's quite a bit taller than his sister Kim Reeves, who's maybe 5'4.5"-5'5": Click Here
She takes after their Chinese/Hawaiian, etc. dad. He takes after his mom in facial structure, though he has his dad's mixed Asian looks, too. I'm surprised he has so little actual Asian in him - only 1/8-1/16 Chinese? He looks like a 50/50 hapa to me - like half Chinese, half white.

My guess is 6'0". Tall, but not THAT tall. His nice lanky build makes him seem a bit taller.
Dejavu said on 17/Feb/18
Google him with Lance Reddick, Morgan Freeman and Hugo Weaving. He looks more than an inch shorter than these guys mentioned above. I think he is a weak 6’1.
El Capitan America said on 16/Feb/18
Keanu Reeves looks 6 ft flat. When I Google pictures of him I can see it with my own eyes that he is wearing thick heels. Some posters talked about Chain reaction and I see his height against Freeman. I think reeves is a cool guy but I dont believe he is so honest he wont lie about his height. The average person lies twice a day. People lie about their height all the time and upgrade themself. Why wouldn't he do it? If a guy meets a hot girl he is not going to say he is 6 ft 1 and a quarter he is going to say I am 6 ft 2 baby. I heard it a million times. Since I'm pretty honest I would say I'm about 6 ft 2.
popo said on 10/Jan/18
LoL you guys reeves is a solid 6 ft 1 .....anyone suggesting he's less than that or wear lifts is retarded rob I think you need to upgrade dudes tall bruh
Cynthia said on 9/Jan/18
I thought he was 186 cm. But anyway.. it's not a big difference
Rance said on 5/Jan/18
I think keanu is quite easily 6ft1.he doesn't wear thick heals as some people here seems to suggest, as he's an honest straight guy, even if he was 5ft 8 he wouldn't lie about it, I believe he is 6ft 1.
Anonymous said on 2/Jan/18
3 inches on Patrick in that pic.
Dejavu said on 1/Jan/18
He only looked 6’0 next to Freeman in Chainreaction
Jeremy said on 25/Dec/17
Upgrade time Rob, he looks 6’1” not 6’0 3/4”
F97 said on 21/Dec/17
I am just watching chain reaction and There is a scene where keanu and morgan freeman stand side by side. Now I believe freeman was around 188 cm There but he had at least 5cm on keanu. I would say keanu is 183cm no way he is 185 cm if freeman is 188cm. Freeman is way more than 3cm taller.
Real Cavill said on 14/Dec/17
@meson.....Nice work with those boot pics Detective! Agree Mr. Anderson is not over 6'0". Not sure what some of the other posters don't get about boots and that it's a technique people use to appear significantly taller. Mr. Anderson is lucky he has a tall person's torso so he can get away with saying he's 6'1" and people believe it. He's got the Michael Cera long upper body thing going on. Whenever I see someone wear "boots with a suit" (hahaha you should copyright that one) it leads me to believe they are capable of lifting too. Agree that boots in the summer is not.....standard summer wear and is suspect.

No offense against these action star guys. They may be forced to do this because of their contracts and position. If you think that's too far fetched, check out the things Harvey Weinstein was putting into contracts and into those NDAs. I mean, I'm not all wise and everything, but I can see the reality that Hollywood is crazy when it comes to making money or public appearances. If you don't think so just check out bad plastic surgeries. What in the world are some of these stars thinking? They go from human beings and sometimes good looking to characters from a Tim Burton movie.
Dejavu said on 12/Dec/17
He looked more than an inch shorter than Hugo Weaving back in the matrix premiere. He never looks above 6’1.
F97 said on 9/Dec/17
Rob could it be possible that reeves is 186 cm or a true 6'1" 185.4 cm guy as he claims? He does look quite tall
Editor Rob: the more I've seen of Keanu over the years, the greater chance I thought he was just shy rather than a solid 6ft 1, but of course it is just my estimate, I can understand others who would guess him as a decent 6ft 1er.
meson777 said on 8/Dec/17
@thetruth Okay iam going to explain you . I had a friend in high school about my height. (i was 0.5 cm taller) He was wearing boots all the time even sunny days too. I was wearing flat shoes. Everyone was thinking he is taller than me . So in the movie galas normal celebs are not wearing boots with suits. Some celebs are wearing evelator shoes . If you look my first picture he is wearing boots with suits in premiere . Did you understand son?
meson777 said on 8/Dec/17
@thetruth wow thanks man . I dΔ±dn't know you and your mighty father are waering boots with suits . Hey listen to me iam not saying he is wearing boots he is trying to boost his height. Is it normal wearing boots with suits or wearing boots in summer . Yeah maybe your family tradition is this you can wear boots in all suny days.
thetruth said on 6/Dec/17
@meson777 so anyone who wears normal boots us doing it to boost height?

Lols they're normal boots not thick boots, all boots have a heel son
King said on 4/Dec/17
@meson777..."thick boots" have you lost your mind? The dude is tall!!
Colberto said on 3/Dec/17
Hey rob
A 187.5 185.5
B 187 185
C 186.5 184.5
D 186 184
meson777 said on 26/Nov/17
rob i saw your comment about sometimes he is looking 183-184 . And probably i found the reason look at theese pictures
1- Click Here
2- Click Here
3- Click Here

As you can see his shoes are thick for suits . He is slim guy he looks taller but i dont know maybe he is 6ft 0.25 its not impossible.
Editor Rob: they're not too bad, I've seen celebs with a lot thicker boots/shoes than Keanu wears.
Luker said on 22/Nov/17
Keanu pulls off a strong 6 ft/weak 6'1 next to peak and current Laurence Fishburne, however next to Chris Evans, he suddenly drops to 183. Majority of the pictures online with him and Evans have terrible camera angles... I haven't seen Street Kings yet, but in some images yeah, they look eye to eye or a 1 cm difference at most.
Johnson said on 20/Nov/17
Taller than Benzema
Slim 185 said on 20/Nov/17
@rob, ocd maybe but is it possible Laurence is 182-184, Keaunu is 185-186 and Hugo is 187-189?
Editor Rob: wouldn't put Keanu near 186, but Hugo Weaving at 187 range isn't unbelievable, Laurence today is maybe due a half inch 'loss' as he can seem under six foot now...
Slim 185 said on 16/Nov/17
Honestly he’s only 1-2 Cm taller than Laurence Fishburne, who can appear shorter due to being bald.
Jeremy said on 11/Nov/17
184 is too low even today. He’s 185-186
Real Cavill said on 11/Nov/17
Agree with Dejavu. More than an inch. Check him out against Chris Evans who the consensus seems is really 5'11". @ GRIT, I agree he doesn't seem like the lying type because he's good looking but not too bright. His publicists however lie. He's an action star and most of them are told to lie to sell the illusion. Except for martial arts guys (people like to see the little guy win in martial arts films) people want to see tall, dark and handsome. I think he's tall, but he's not that tall. Six Foot max.

Dont talk to me about justice. Keanu's stiff acting was an injustice. My ex-girlfriend made me watch some stupid movie he was in about a grape vineyard I don't even remember the name. His acting was so bad I had that dumb smile on my face when you feel embarrassed for someone. She thought I liked the film and I'm like oh yeah it's good. I'm smiling.
Grit said on 11/Nov/17
A strong 6'1" does him justice. He doesn't seem like the type of guy to lie about his height.
Dejavu said on 5/Nov/17
Next to legit 6’2 like Lance Red**** and Hugo Weaving, he always looks more than an inch shorter
Slim 6' said on 2/Nov/17
5’11.5” is injustice.
Real Cavill said on 1/Nov/17
5'11.5"-6'0". With a few exceptions like Ryan Reynolds who is probably a little taller than 6'2", subtract one inch.
Meson777 said on 1/Nov/17
He wears very thick shoes thats why he sometimes looks 186cm. When he wears thick shoes he walks like 6ft1-1.5
Slim 6' said on 29/Oct/17
The full 6’1” is fine actually, he looks too tall to be 6’0” range.
Sam said on 28/Oct/17
In Matrix (peak height): 6'1.25"
In John Wick (actual height): 6'0.75"
Slim 6' said on 27/Oct/17
He’s definitely underlisted a tad bit.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Oct/17
Looks more 186cm in Speed
F97 said on 19/Oct/17
I am starting to suspect that keanu is only a little bit over 6'0" around 183.5 cm. I was just watching point break and after bodhi got away from johnny on the chase seen papas wants to talk to johnny in his Office. Entering the scene gary busey turns first towards the wall and then towards keanu and he stood tall and looked to have even edged out keanu. Gary does not have the best posture while Keanu always walks tall. I think if they were both to stand tall gary might edge him out or they be the exact same height. So I think 183 for keanu and gary or 183.5 for gary and 183 for keanu. What do you Think Rob?
Ted said on 10/Oct/17
6' 1'' in the morning.
Jani said on 8/Oct/17
I don't buy the 185cm height but I think he is pretty close to it. Around 184cm.
Slim said on 29/Sep/17
185 area.
Zsiti said on 20/Sep/17
Hello Rob, just wondering if Keanu is 6'0.75, how tall is NJPW wrestler Kenny Omega? From this pic, he appears 5'10 but the angle may not be the best. What do you say Rob? Anybody?

Click Here
Editor Rob: it's a quite close-shot photo and maybe Keanu has a slight benefit, but then there is a chance of nearly 3 inches difference in the photo.
Dejavu said on 16/Sep/17
I don't think Fishburne is a legit 6 foot in his prime. Keanu reeves looks over an inch shorter than Hugo Weaving. If Keanu is 6'1, that would make Hugo Weaving a 6'2.5.
Slim said on 12/Sep/17
I'd also request a "matrix page" please.
F97 said on 6/Sep/17
I Think he is the full 6'1" looks it pretty much in all the Photos always been taller than legit 6 footers like lawrence fishbourne and gary busey he had a solid inch if not a fraction more on gary busey in point break
Slim said on 4/Sep/17
And this would make Patrick swayze 179 which he damn well deserves.
Slim said on 4/Sep/17
He reached the 6'1" mark at least once in the 80's and 90's,

6'1" glory days
6'0.75" today at age 53 I believe.
musicgeek said on 23/Aug/17
I think he deserves the full 6'1" especially considering he's in his 50s and has probably dropped 1/4 inch
Ca said on 1/Aug/17
Strong 6'1"
Slim 182 cm said on 30/Jul/17
Held his own against Hugo Weaving in "the matrix", I'd give the full 6'1 upgrade.
Aaron said on 24/Jul/17
At his peak (keeping in mind that he is 52) i'd say 186, maybe even 186.5. But nowadays I'd say this 185 listing if perfect.
Tom said on 22/Jul/17
Honestly kinda looked 6'0.5" in John Wick 2. He looked pretty identical to 6'0" Common in that film.
Jacob said on 17/Jul/17
How tall do you think the Indian guy was he talked to in the last matrix film I'm thinking he was a legit 5'10-6' footer
Editor Rob:Bernard White, the guy in the train station? If so, average range I'd have thought.
Moss said on 16/Jul/17
Very strong 6'1", I'd say 6'1.25"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Jul/17
184/185cm zone
justin said on 8/Jul/17
Always figured 6' max
Tucker said on 7/Jul/17
SOLID 186, can even look 187 at times
Joe said on 5/Jul/17
He looks 5'11 in The Devil's Advocate (1997) next to craig nielsen
Leilani said on 29/Jun/17
He does look really tall in his movies. I would have guessed like 6 foot 3. I havent seen very many but in John Wick he looks super tall
John Avenger said on 19/Jun/17
I would say a legit height between 184-186cm.
Paul said on 16/Jun/17
In John Wick and John Wick II he appears taller.
Dejavu said on 10/Jun/17
He could be a legit 6'0.5 guy. He doesn't look only an inch shorter than Hugo Weaving in the premiere photos.
Average height and slim said on 30/May/17
Looks 1-2 cm taller than 183 cm Laurence Fishburne, considering Laurence is bald and Keanu has a head full of hair.
Teddy said on 30/May/17
I didn't want to think it was true. But it seems like just about every male over reports their height by an inch.

Though, I think it's fair since gravity shrinks us down from our true height.
Dejavu said on 18/May/17
I think he is a 184cm guy today
Mark(5'9.25") said on 12/May/17
Rob, I'm not surprised Reeves Claimed 6'1".

Is there a chance you could give him a peak of 6'1". He does look an honest 185 cm person.
Richardspain said on 26/Apr/17
I see a solid 185cm as President Obama.

Also he said that his height is 6'1 (185cm)
Arthur said on 20/Apr/17
Editor Rob please answer my post...

Editor Rob: there may be 1.5-2 inches between those models, somewhere in that range, just from those photos.
Arthur said on 20/Apr/17
Rob, I won't post another thing after this about Divaio on Keanu's page, but look what I've found.
Click Here
This is Andre Hamann, a model who is listed by his agency as 6'0.5 (184 cm). How tall would you say Divaio is based on this?? Is he under 5'11??
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Arthur said on 18/Apr/17
Rob, how much shorter do you think di vaio is from this photo? Click Here
Editor Rob: Arthur, at least 3cm smaller.
trumpslave said on 18/Apr/17
Keanu's peak height maybe was 6ft1.25 = 186 cm nowadays probably: 184.5 or 185 cm.
Dejavu said on 4/Apr/17
He could look the same height as 6'0 common.
Judd said on 2/Apr/17
Rob you actually think he may lost a small fraction from his peak height????
Editor Rob: a chance of 1/4 inch.
Correg said on 2/Apr/17
He is no less than 1.84-1.85
S.J.H said on 31/Mar/17

Not all 6'2 claim actors were 6'2. Majority almost all were under their claim. Keanu reeves is possible just 6'0 and 6'1 with shoes like kevin costner
Dejavu said on 28/Mar/17
I think close to 6'1 peak. He always look at least an inch shorter than 6'2 guys.
S.J.H said on 28/Mar/17
Click Here Forest whitaker had solid 3cm on keanu reeves. Whitaker is 6'1.25
S.J.H said on 27/Mar/17
Click Here 6'2 Lance reddick make reeves look 6'0 even. I always knew reeves is 6 foot and Noah Wyle is also another 6'0 claim 6'1
mister_lennon said on 15/Mar/17
About 185-186 peak.
now, he has lost some fraction.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Mar/17
2Β½in on Swayze in Point Break
Danimal said on 13/Mar/17
6'1" guy.
Victor Surratt said on 12/Mar/17
6'1.25 peak, 6'0.75 now.
Dejavu said on 12/Mar/17
He looked identical to Common in some photos.
Tom said on 6/Mar/17
Can look identical to 6ft Common at times in John Wick 2.
Sonnecker said on 22/Feb/17
6'1", I always looked at him like a good 185/86 cm...He hasn't lost height so far. Just a little shorter thank 188 cm tall Hugo Weaving.
Mike said on 20/Feb/17
A little bit taller than Laurence in John Wick.
Laurence: 182
Keanu: 184
Tom said on 19/Feb/17
6ftJoe He isn't... He looks consistently taller than Fishburne.
6ftJoe said on 14/Feb/17
why is he an inch shorter than Laurence on matrix.......
berta said on 8/Feb/17
he have a body like a 20 year old. DOnt think he have lost. even his face looks like 30 years :P
travis said on 8/Feb/17
he look 6'1 to me I see some of his movies
Teddy said on 7/Feb/17
Watch this video: Click Here

They have equal footwear and you could draw a straight line across their heads, 5'11".

Use a horizontal window to compare.
grizz said on 5/Feb/17
@Teddy, look at his listing on this site-Garfield's 5'10.5 and he looks it. Jimmy is 5'11.25 minimum. Show me a picture where they look the same height
Wiles189 said on 5/Feb/17
Fallon is a strong 5'11 guy with over the top posture and thick heeled shoes. His big head also helps him to look taller.

Keanu Reeves was easily 6'1 back in the days
Teddy said on 2/Feb/17

Jimmy Fallon is the exact same height as Andrew Garfield, whose 5'11", so rather Reeves would be 6' flat today.
grizz said on 2/Feb/17
I still think he was a full 6'1 at his peak. However...
Next to Jimmy Fallon in Kid Theater skit, Keanu barely had an inch over him.
So, 6'1 peak, 6'0.5 now
berta said on 21/Jan/17
i think the listing is good 185, puscinh 186 is to mutch and 184 i think is to little. looking at his old movies from late 80 early 90s i actually think he looked shorter. gave 184 impression and from 1995 and later he looked 185. i think thats when hollywod mad theri leading men look taller
Bon_ said on 20/Jan/17
I think he was a good 185 cm in his prime, now maybe lost a few mms
6'1 peak should be fair
123 said on 20/Jan/17
Nowadays in his mid 50s a few mms under 185cm is to be expected

he's not in his mid fifties, he turned 52 last September, & he don't look to off lost height in which the average would be 1/5th - 1/4 inch for his age, he always looked 6'1" with Laurence fish Bourne noticeably taller always
Willes189 said on 18/Jan/17
I don't agree with this downgrade personally. I think that a young Keanu Reeves would measure 185.5cm under a stadiometer quite easily. Nowadays in his mid 50s a few mms under 185cm is to be expected
S.J.H said on 15/Jan/17
@Dan said on 8/Jan/17

You should see more of keanu reeves movies and photo. He look at least 6'1 with footwear if he is not a barefoot 6'1 but 5'10.75 is a little trolling and i have to admit there is few barefoot scene in 2001 Sweet November with charlize theron he atually look like a typical 182cm guy but that doesn't mean he is only this tall. I have suspect he is 6 feet claiming 6'1
6'1 cowboy said on 10/Jan/17
No way he is only 5'10 and change. If he isn't 6'1 than he isn't much below it. Peak height he was probably a little over 6'1.
Dan said on 8/Jan/17
This guy doesn't look anything taller than 5'10.75 to me!
Simon said on 19/Dec/16
Rob, do you think 6'0.05 is possible? That's what he looked in John Wick.
Editor Rob: Simon, today he can look 6ft 0.5 yes...whether he has lost a small fraction is harder to tell!
joker93 said on 8/Dec/16
Hi rob
Why did you downgrade Keanu Reeves to 6ft0.75. What is the photo the make you think that he is not the full 6ft1? And, at his peak height, how tall do you think he was at night?
Thank you for your response !
Editor Rob: joker, from rewatching a number of films in the last few years and looking at him, my feeling is he is one of those guy who is just shy of 6ft 1.
Tom said on 2/Dec/16
@Peter175 It's not uncommon for people over 45 to start losing height.
Peter175 said on 12/Oct/16
Why are you guys talking about peak height when he's only around 50 yrs?
Rob he's younger than Tom cruise is there any reason that he would lose height so early?
Editor Rob: we are talking a small amount, 1/4 inch or so.
josh jeffords said on 11/Oct/16
Keanu is a tall guy he looks huge in his latest spat of asian movies.
He often plays with other tall actors so it is likely deceiving on height.
He really has grown into a great actor though he takes plenty of action flicks he does it well.
He is over 40 that is middle aged for realist folk not many of us will live to be over 100.
May have dropped a bit say .5 inch still looking his lanky athletic self.
Dejavu said on 9/Oct/16
I think he can appear taller than he actually is. He appeared to be more 1.5 inches shorter than Terry Crews and more than an inch shorter than Forrest Whitaker and Hugo Weaving. I think he is 184-185 instead of the strong 185 many think.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Sep/16
I think similar zone to Jon Hamm or a peak Alan Rickman
Johan said on 22/Sep/16
I would even say old is 70 years + nowadays. They expect us to work to it after 2030 so yeah..
Shredder said on 20/Sep/16
52 is middle aged. Old is 65 +.
Willes189 said on 17/Sep/16
52 yo is not old? Then what is it
slime said on 16/Sep/16
hi rob ! what's your choice for Keanu Reeves peak height :
A) 187.5cm/185.5cm
B) 187cm/185cm
C) 186.5cm/184.5cm
D) 186cm/184cm
Editor Rob: the last time I looked at him I got a sense that B might be the most, near 6ft 1 but maybe not as solid a 6ft 1 as some might guess him as.
James said on 13/Sep/16
Good example of a legit 185 cm man.
Judd said on 6/Sep/16
Rob he might be a very strong 6'0.5 guy?
I've watched a lot of pictures with him, Hugo Weaving and Laurence Fishburne.
Actually I never seen 1" between Fishburne and Reeves but more a good half-inche...
Perhaps Fishburne at 6'/183cms and Reeves at 6'0.5/184cms will fits better?
I start to realise he might be same size as Bradley Cooper...
Kevin said on 1/Sep/16
He is very tall, i think 1,88-190
Mike said on 19/Aug/16
I think he was the full 6ft 1 at least in his prime.
Dan in Hwood Hills said on 17/Jul/16
I saw him on the street recently. He is DEFINETELY 6'1. He almost looked taller. He was not wearing the hiking boots, just flat casual shoes.
Johan said on 1/Jul/16
Hmm I always thought he was 6ft 1, surely hasn't lost any height as he isn't old or carrying many injuries.
Dmeyer said on 29/Jun/16
Rob since you think 185cm And today barely 184cm give him peak 6 ft 0,75 now 0,25 or 0,5 in
Editor Rob: it's hard to say if he would have lost anything by 50 or not.
Dmeyer said on 28/Jun/16
The Guy is young And thin hΓ© couldnt have lost over 0,25in so 6ft 0,75 peak 6ft 0,5 now
Yoda said on 28/Jun/16
Hey rob! Do you think 6ft1.25 was his peak height?
Elias said on 11/Jun/16
Strong 6ft 1 in his prime
Sammy Derrick said on 21/May/16
Click Here
I know it's a looooong shot,but during his arrest in 1993,under the height column it says:6'00 although it's not in HD,meaning it's up for debate.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/May/16
184/185cm is more feasible than 183/184cm even today. In the 90's he may very well have been 185.5cm or a full 6ft1...
Jakertini said on 29/Apr/16
looks 6'0.25". He is in his 50's so he was definitely a flat 6'1" or close to it in his prime.
Constantiine said on 22/Apr/16
If Denzel Washington is 183, then Keanu is a solid 185 guy.
Johno said on 15/Apr/16
6'0. Check how he looks like Hugo Weaving in the Matrix and how he looks on the Red carpet and you will notice that Reeves had some thick footwear in the movies.

Johnny said on 7/Apr/16
@Rob how tall is this guy with Reeves? Click Here
Editor Rob: somewhere in 5ft 10-10.5 range
Sam said on 4/Apr/16
Was a little surprised at this downgrade, I thought he was one of the more convincing 6'1" claiming celebrities.
Dejavu said on 3/Apr/16
I doubt he was really a strong 6'1 at his peak. I remembered that he was shorter than Hugo Weaving by at least an inch in the premiere.
James B said on 24/Mar/16
He's still tall even if he isn't quite 6'1 anymore.

Rob I remember this guy starred in a movie with Neil fingelton and they made fun of keanu stature to Neil lol
Jousto said on 19/Mar/16
How tall is keanu in the movie john wick in your opinion ? 184 184.5 185 or 185.5?
Editor Rob: I never thought he looked 6ft 1, but more 6ft 0.5 range
kurtz said on 5/Mar/16
a legit 185 cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Feb/16
185.5cm peak
185cm flat now
Johno said on 20/Feb/16
Did he really have this much height over Alex Winter?
Themask said on 18/Feb/16
Hello rob !
What is the eye level of Keanu ?
Thank you
Editor Rob: it could be about 4.75 inches range
Dan said on 9/Feb/16
I think he was 6' 1" at peak and now 6' 0.5"
Peterson188cm said on 5/Feb/16
Rob, there's a possibility of having 186cm most of the time?
Editor Rob: at times he could pull it off, but other times I think 185 was fine for him. Today at times he can look barely 184cm
Peterson188cm said on 5/Feb/16
He's 6ft 1 (185.5 or 186.0 cm)
Dejavu said on 25/Jan/16
I struggle to see him as a legit 6'1 even in his 30s.
Jame said on 24/Jan/16
Rob are you think he is 183-184 cm or 184-185 cm in the night? I think he is 184-185 in night
Editor Rob: I'm not sure he'd drop to 183-4 zone, but 184-5 range.
Dmeyer said on 17/Jan/16
6 ft 0.75 is perfect as he can look in that 6'0.5-1in zone at times can look just solid 184cm other times 185cm , also if he was 185.5cm/6'1 when he wears a 1.5-6in shoes he would look about 6ft 1.5-2in and he dosnt , 6'0.75 in is perfect for him he could drop to 6ft 0 5/8in after a hard workout or measure 6'1 on a lazy day , 6'0.75 decent 185cm fits him more than a 185.4-185.5cm full 6'1 , so as rob says 6'0.75 peak now 6'0.5
Andrea said on 17/Jan/16
That guy actually generally looks 5'5 range, Rob... Sometimes a bit over, like 5'5.5. But 5'6-5'7, i'd be shocked if he was that tall!
Jack said on 16/Jan/16
Can you please upgrade him back to 6'1 I don't like 6'0.75 for him
Dejavu said on 14/Jan/16
If he was 6'1, he wouldn't look that much shorter than Hugo Weaving. I think he was 184 at peak and probably a strong 6'0 nowadays. I wouldn't go anything under 6'0 today.
Andrea said on 14/Jan/16
Rob, how tall you think this italian guy look with Keanu? Click Here
Editor Rob: on his own he has the look of a 5ft 6-7 range guy
James B said on 12/Jan/16
Rob you wouldn't rule a legit 6'1 20 years ago?
Editor Rob: I think near to 6ft 1 90's and today a little less.
Aaron zamora said on 11/Jan/16
Rob, if Keanu reeves is this height how tall do you think that Alex wasabi is? He's the guy on the right he claims 6 feet but he looks more 5'10 to me. Here is the link to the picture Click Here
Editor Rob: he's likely under it, but how much I'm not sure without seeing more.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Jan/16
This is closer estimate. He looked that in The Matrix and even as far back as Point Break
Dejavu said on 9/Jan/16
He may lost a fraction today but I would say that his peak is probably under 6'1 like 6'0.5 to 6.0.75 because those photos are probably 10 years ago. Nowadays, probably at the 6'0.5 range.
Dejavu said on 8/Jan/16
Rob, do you think 184cm or a weak 6'1 is actually closer to the truth? He doesn't look like a legit 185cm next to Hugo Weaving. Hugo Weaving had him by 1.5 inches at least.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob: a weak 6ft 1 is probably a reasonable figure. I think in last few years he just hasn't looked as he could 20 years ago.
Has he lost a fraction? Not impossible, although he seems a fit guy...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Jan/16
Rob, do you think 187cm range out of bed possible for him
Editor Rob: sometimes I think he can look only 183-4 zone, other times he looked 6ft 1...if he really is 185, the 187 out of bed would have been likely.
Correg said on 3/Jan/16
He def looks taller than 6'0. So, he is flat 184-1.86m.
Dejavu said on 18/Dec/15
Hugo weaving made him look 6'0
grizz said on 15/Dec/15
Caaq said on 11/Dec/15
I am usually quite correct with my assessments. He does not look as tall captain America guy and many others listed as 6-1. I think 5-11 was what he is but yes I think he may pass for 6feet. Not more
You do know that when someone throws a "I am a fairly objective guy so every ludicrousness I throw in is 100 % true" rhetoric, your statement must be AT LEAST close to the hidden true. You should have claimed 6' instead of 5'11 and maybe one silly site visitor might have believed you.
Willes190 said on 14/Dec/15
Legit 186cm guy
Caaq said on 11/Dec/15
I am usually quite correct with my assessments. He does not look as tall captain America guy and many others listed as 6-1. I think 5-11 was what he is but yes I think he may pass for 6feet. Not more
Pierric said on 28/Nov/15
Click Here

Shoes of Monica Bellucci this day. I estimate an advantage of around 9 cms with this sort of heels
Pierric said on 26/Nov/15
Click Here

With Monica Bellucci, Γ  round 179 cms with theses shoes, he looks 6 feet 1.....with shoes. I think Keanu is about 6 feet.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Nov/15
He at least looks 200lbs today
Jordan C said on 11/Nov/15
Met him in Toronto a couple years ago, looked 6'1.25 maybe even a half so i would guess him at 186 cm. Young looking guy
Melanie said on 9/Nov/15
Keanu looks very tall due to his very slim build-long limbs etc!
Thomas6ft1 said on 27/Oct/15
Keanu is a solid 6'1" guy. He's looks tall in every movie he's been. He doesn't look shorter than Jeff Daniels or Hugo Weaving. He also has the proportions of someone who is legitimately over 6 feet. The worst and least you could argue for him is 6'0.5". Anything under is ridiculous.
Jame said on 26/Oct/15
his height is least 185 cm. I think probably 185-186
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Oct/15
I think he hovers around 185cm.
Dejavu said on 24/Oct/15
I think 185 max. He looked more than an inch shorter than Hugo Weaving at times.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

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