How tall is Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron's Height

5ft 9.75in (177.2 cm)

South African actress best known for roles in movies like Monster, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Italian Job, Hancock, Prometheus,The Cider House Rules and Snow White and The Huntsmen. She says "I'm 5-10, 5-9...I have really bad posture, and my head is always down.".

Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth and Charlize
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Average Guess (57 Votes)
5ft 9.78in (177.2cm)
Joshua said on 3/Oct/17
She looks at least 5’11!!
Sarah said on 1/Oct/17
Close to 5'10
Tom said on 20/Sep/17
5'10 and a goddess
MisterManletMick said on 20/Sep/17
I think she might be 5 ft 8 because Tom Hardy (who we all know is a short guy around 173.5 cm) was standing next to her in a premiere photo shoot promoting Mad Max and despite wearing what appears to be standard 3 or 4 inch heels she was just barely taller than him and he didn't appear to be wearing extreme lifts like Vin Diesel wears.

here is the picture:

Click Here

on the otherhand you might find images that depict her as significantly taller than Him by around 4-6 inches: Click Here this could be however due to Charlize wearing larger heels as Rose Huntington-Whitley who is also rumoured to be 5 ft 10 had roughly the same height gap between Tom as Charlize in the previous picture, I think that Rosie Huntington-Whitley is closer to 5 ft 10 than Charlize Theron is and Tom Hardy was wearing flatter shoes while Charlize was wearing around 5 inch heels thus explaining the completely different height difference and also consider than Tom is bald while the two Women have long thick hair (I cannot really tell since I couldn't find images of that day of them showing what footwear or if any of them were standing on a pavement or angle that could change our perception) to be fair though she is in her 40s and people tend to shrink a little bit in the spine as they age and she admitted that she has bad posture I think at her peak she might have been around 5 ft 9 and a half, however I never met her , Rosie Huntington-Whitley or Tom Hardy so I could be wrong as this is my opinion based solely on my observation, the only way you can tell for sure if a celebrity is a particular height is if you put your ego aside and measure yourself honestly without bias to the best of your ability and somehow meet these celebrities when they are not wearing their magic shoes and figure where the top of your head would be in comparison to theirs or get a picture with them on a flat surface with no uneven pavements or pedestals that could get them a advantage, this is the only way unless you happen to be a mathematical genius who knows how tall the buildings and items around them are and can calculate based on that since very few celebrity actors would let their fans measure their height because that is a topic they tend to be very touchy about and they might lose roles if the director finds out they are taller or shorter then their character's height listed on the script.
elena said on 24/Aug/17
another proof kristen is 5'3(probably even less)charlise theron is 177 cm,yeah
Joshua said on 3/Aug/17
She looks taller than that.
Mimi said on 21/Jul/17
@Jani, that's a movie you know. They make tall actresses look short and short actors tall so.
Jani said on 17/Jul/17
I am starting to think that Charlize is more like 173-175cm range. In North Country Woody Harrelson (177cm) looks a bit taller than her and Sean Bean (179cm) in the same movie looks like he is almost towering her. Also in some promotional shots for The Italian job Charlize looks only about and inch taller than 173cm Mark Wahlberg even when she wears heels and in The Yards with 173cm Joaquin Phoenix the same thing about an inch taller with heels if even that.
Wayne62 said on 15/Jul/17
Mimi said on 30/Jun/17
Rob, do you reckon she's about 6ft2 beside Chris Hemsworth
Editor Rob: in some heels she would measure 6ft 1, in bigger ones about 6ft 2 I feel, the lowest I'd argue is 5ft 9.5 for her barefeet.
Mimi said on 4/Jun/17
She said 5ft9.5 on Letterman a few years ago but she certainly could look near 5ft10.
Pitch_Fork said on 2/May/17
She is a 10.
Lee168cm said on 28/Apr/17
Would she be 6'2" in the photo above with Chris hemsworth?
Tom said on 19/Apr/17

Are you being sarcastic? If she's your height or taller, than you're not 6'1". If Theron is 6'1"-6'2" then imagine how tall Chris Hemsworth would have to be.
Allie said on 18/Apr/17
Mike there is no way Charlize is 6'1-6'2. She has never claimed to be that tall and is around 5'9-10 at least.
Mike said on 17/Apr/17
I'm 6'1" and I bet she's at least my size or 1/2 inch to an inch taller. She is GIGANTIC for sure I think 5'1 1/2-5'2" is a nice size for a woman no kidding!
SS said on 16/Apr/17
Her height is exaggerated
BilboBaggins said on 20/Mar/17
I estimate Charlize to be hovering around 5' 10" for sure. If you've ever seen her in the (pretty funny) movie 'Young Adult' alongside 5' 11" Patrick Wilson, she appears noticeably taller than him when wearing high heels. In one scene (the home 'baby-naming party' scene), she's wearing very low heels there and she looks about the same height as Patrick Wilson. In the movie 'The Huntsman: Winter's War', she positively dwarfed 5' 7" Emily Blunt. Same thing in 'Mad Max: Fury Road' alongside 5' 9" Tom Hardy. Charlize is a very tall lady.
Alexa said on 3/Mar/17
5'10. Charlize is a glamarous amazona
Sandy Cowell said on 16/Feb/17
I agree with Jp - I can't see Charlize being any less than 5ft10! It's very sporting of her to admit she has a 'really bad posture'! Personally, I cannot see it! She has a perfect one in the perfume ads she does!
Wasn't she fantastic in 'Monster'? She was so deserving of her awards; it is difficult to believe she is the same woman as the one in the usual, glamorous roles she has! She even had the mannerisms of a trucker-type 'bird', which I construe as rather funny when you consider how beautiful she is without that extra weight, messed-up hair and geezery outfits! Oh yes, and the beer she has a liking for!
I think she's great to take such diverse parts. I have at least 7 of her films, just for the record! πŸ‘ΈπŸ’πŸ’„βœ” πŸ‘ΉπŸ’ͺπŸΊβœ–
Jp said on 15/Feb/17
I think she is 5 ft 10.
ana said on 11/Jan/17
Click Here
BilboBaggins said on 12/Nov/16
Lmao @ 'charlie's' comment below:'It is very possible Kristen Stewart is 4' 11"' Yeah, in another dimension maybe!
miko said on 27/Oct/16
She would edge out Taylor Swift.
Andre said on 14/Sep/16
I measure at exactly at exactly 1.77.9 at the end of the day minimum and I could see I was little bit taller , so hope that helps.
heelshealheight said on 13/Aug/16
Theron could easily support a 5ft10-5ft11 height claim. If the average height individuals (5ft4-5ft6) claim to be circa 5ft9-5ft10, at least upgrade this truly tall Amazon beauty to circa 6ft. As for that photo of her next to Hemsworth and Stewart, it's as if Theron and Hemsworth are taking the 'toddler' for a walk in the park.
MC said on 9/Aug/16
Rob how tall do you think Charlize is in those black heels in the photo above?
Editor Rob: even though the front isn't that thick, probably at most 1/3rd or so inch, they look a high enough angle to push her around 3 inches range in them, so I would say 6ft 0.5-1, somewhere between that.
Christopher said on 3/Aug/16
She looked the same with 5'10 tilda swinton.
T said on 15/Jul/16
I live in Cape Town , I was once at the movie theatre during the day only a handful of people , I was getting popcorn and such and i looked back and saw a women with a black child and she seemed very familiar and I thought it could be her but she looked different so I didn't approach,only a few days ago when I was in a taxi with a driver who told me her and sean penn were there at that time , anyway she seemed more 1.75 than 1.77, I think she was wearing sandals .
Johan said on 1/Jul/16
So Chris Hemsworth is 5ft 11 with shoes?? please stop man.

He is only 2inches taller in that pic there and to me he is 190cm so 6'2.75".

6ft 3.75 in shoes to Theron who is maybe around 6ft 1.75 there with heels. So lets guess her heel height then. Most are 3-4.5 inches tops. I haven't seen her in really huge platforms before. So I will just assume 4 inches which puts her at ....5ft crazy.

Stewart is listed at 5 ft 4 so about average and is 8 in abouts shorter than Hemsworth. So 6'3.75-8 in = 5ft 7.75. So roughly estimating she is getting almost 4 inches from her heels.

This is just to prove to you charlie that Charlize is nowhere near 5ft 5 or 5ft 7 or anything else under a solid 5ft 9.
truth said on 29/Jun/16
@charlie Gary Sinise is a legit 5'8 and a big chance that he was 5'9 in his youth.
truth said on 29/Jun/16
@Charlie LOL that is a funny post. Most females in the west are actually around 5'5 give or take 2 inches (5'3-5'7) and most males around 5'10 give or take 2 inches (5'8-6'0).
charlie said on 26/Jun/16
It is very possible Kristen Stewart is 4'11.Most females are about that height. In Canada i see females who are 4'5 upon average ill say 5' for most females. The outrageous thought of the average female being 5'4 inches has me at a loss.To Bruce's comment i live on Earth ha and a 5'4 female with a very tall high heel will look extremely tall given the fact everyone in crowd in this photo including females are wearing flat shoes.Most celebrities lie about their height and most female celebrities will say they are either 5'10 or 5'9 like Charlize but when you stand them beside actors like Gary Senise who is 5'7 inches and she stand the same height and Charlize was wearing heeled boots too simply tells me that's her height in heeled shoes. You will be surprised how many so called 5'10 female celebrities i have debunked. Females Claiming to be 5'10 but when you see them in movies with high heels and they are standing beside their male costars strange as it appears they are the same height. So what do i o? I google the males height and in most case i find the male to be the same height as Nicole but the thing is he is not wearing heels she is. How is that possible.The Average male in Canada and the USA is 5'7. Simply ask Cortana (Windows 10 how tall is the Average man in the USA and she gives the answer 5'7.Many lie about their height. Many shorter guys will lie. They will include 1 inch for shoe height and 1 inch extra because most males add 1 inch to their height, proven fact. So a 5'9 male can magically become 5'11 ha.I myself am 5'10 (flat feet) and i tower over most Canadian guys by a mile. I can see their heads literally but they will claim to be close to my height. Littlesue's comment about Kristen Stewart would be about 4'11. You say that like 4'11 is a rare height for a female when in fact is is close to average.My opinion is Kristen Stewart still looks very tiny to me and she is in heels.Anyhow in flat feet i don't see Charlize as 5'9 at most 5'5.5.(without heels)
Edd said on 16/May/16
She looked an inch shorter than 5'11 Famke Janssen. 5'10 can be accuarate.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Apr/16
She's definitely close to 5ft10
Bruce 5'11.5 said on 20/Apr/16
Hahaha on what planet do you live Charlie one can clearly see that Charlize is definitely not 5'4 as you state
littlesue said on 13/Mar/16
If that's the case then Kirsten Stewart the girl she with in the above picture would be about 4ft 11!!! plus how many times do you have to be told 5 inch heels won't give 5 inches of height, Charlize one of the taller of the current Hollywood ladies, think you need some new glasses> lol
charlie said on 9/Mar/16
Most actresses measure their height with the highest high heels on. This way movie producers can expect her height to be that and nothing less. Its easier for casting. Now Charlize Theron is listed at 5 foot 9 inches in height. In heels yes she is 5 foot 9 inches. Without heels given that he is wearing a 5 inch heel she is 5 foot 4 inches in height (Flat foot) Charlize is 5 foot 4 inches in height.
Mark said on 16/Feb/16
Why are the indisputably tall women downgraded and the average (and often petite) women upgraded to bogus height claims? For example, Kristen Stewart is listed as 5ft4 (some sites have got her as tall as 5ft7), and this beautiful Amazon-Charlize Theron-is listed as low as 5ft9-5ft10? The irony is that we all have here in full view the photo of these two women and Charlize is a skyscraper in stark contrast to the diminutive Kristen. Let's get some facts straight: either Kristen is 4ft8 or Charlize is 6ft2. Their height difference is massive.
blahblah said on 9/Feb/16
From a casting call for stand-ins in American Express
David Oyelowo, Male, African American, 5’8” and 160lbs, Cropped Black Hair, Dark Complexion
Joel Edgerton, Male, Caucasian, 5’11” and 160lbs, Wavy Short Ash Blonde Hair
Charlize Theron, Female, Caucasian, 5’9” and 145lbs, Blonde Hair
Amanda Seyfried, Female, Caucasian, 5’3” and 110lbs, Long Blonde Hair
Thandie Newton, Female, African American, 5’3” and 110lbs, Long Black Hair
charlie said on 23/Dec/15
People tend to shrink with age. Most people get measured with shoes on at the doctors so in her case she may of been 5 foot 9 and a half through the years shrink to 5 8 and a half but in the afternoon we all shrink so she would be 5 foot 8 or 5 foot 7 and a half.
Willes190 said on 5/Dec/15
She's a legit 5'10, and that shows that Chris Hemsworth is a legit 6'3
Allie said on 10/Oct/15
Thanks Rob! Also, I just realized as well that a lot of the pages now have comments from back to 2005-2007! Then skip to around 2012? What happened? Also, some pages have comments that only go back to 2012-2014ish.
[Editor Rob: I can't find a backup I can use yet from 2009-2012, but there is a limit to how many comments get shown anyway on pages.]
Allie said on 2/Oct/15
Rob, this is about three inches right of a difference right?

Click Here
Click Here

Just wondering, how tall would those heels make her? Cause in both pictures, Charlize is about 3 inches taller than Tom but in the first pic Tom's wearing dress shoes but in the second he's wearing thick runners.
[Editor Rob: in both photos it maybe is 2-2.5, but in the dress shoe one Tom has slightly better camera position and I think a bit better stance, so that's another half would be about 3 inches difference, or near it, then 2 inches footwear difference I think makes sense for her being 177 and him 5ft 9]
Allie said on 2/Oct/15
Anything under 5'9 is silly. Charlize looked 3 inches taller in heels with no platform against Tom Hardy who was either in thick sneakers or dress shoes. She'd have to be at least his height range to pull off that.
SK said on 5/Jul/15
I saw her in person when she was wearing flat sandals and not dressed up. She looked at least 5'9". Maybe not quite 5'10", but definitely at least 5'9".
Arch Stanton said on 25/May/15
Still smoking hot even with a "buzzcut" in Mad Max!!
Just said on 20/May/15
Very close in height with Nicole, so 5'10 for Charlize is not unreasonble.
tilda said on 19/May/15
not 177cm. i guess she is five nine.

at least 3cm shoter than kidman.
justin said on 7/May/15
Tall women are attractive and sexy but they are "EXPENSIVE":(
Men Cant afford being around one if they re not loaded.
Jason said on 5/May/15
I agree with J.Lee Rob charlize needs an upgrade to 5ft 10in (178cm)
J.Lee said on 23/Apr/15
Rob, you said Charlize Theron is 5 ft 10.5 out of bed. Does that mean she should get listed at 5 ft 10 since, 5 ft 9.75 is her lowest height? 5 ft 10 would be her average height.
J.Lee said on 23/Apr/15
Rob, how tall is Charlize in these? Click Here
[Editor Rob: 6ft 1-1.25 range. I think her listing is ok, almost but not 5ft 10.]
Bishop said on 26/Mar/15
Rob, I have no doubt that she is legit as listed. But next to Seth Macfarlane in "A Million Ways to Die in the West", it's kind of hard to see her over 5'9". Do you think Seth could be a fraction over 5'10"? He looks a strong 5'10 guy to me.
[Editor Rob: not impossible at 10.25]
Arch Stanton said on 25/Feb/15
She's one of the very few women who can still look super hot with very short hair!
Bishop said on 19/Feb/15
Most accurate a listing could get. Beautiful actress.
Mike said on 10/Jan/15
Not under 5ft 9.5.
MasterX said on 9/Jan/15
Rob is 5' 9.75'' almost close to 5'10.
So charlize has good chances of being 5' 10 in morning right??
[Editor Rob: she could be 5ft 10.5 out of bed.]
Ras said on 15/Dec/14
M.P. says on 20/Sep/14
I'm 5'11" and an Asian friend of mine is 5'9.5", and I am always taller than her, to where my eyes are slightly above her eyebrows. Charlize Theron was only about a tiny, tiny bit taller than her, so 5'9.75" to 5'10" makes the most sense for Theron. However, I couldn't tell you if she was in heels or not, as it was a long dress.

M.P. was your asian friend using heels? Are you male or female (I ask this just in case you were using heels as well).
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Nov/14
Just under 5ft10.
Judd said on 18/Oct/14
5'9.75" at her lowest, with a good chance to be 5'10"...
she really seems tall to me, with a normal pair of heels she easily reach people like keanu reeves (6'1) and will smith (6'1-1.5") and barefeet she had almost 0,75-1" on johnny deep, so nothing below rob's listing...
vfpswiftie said on 16/Oct/14
Rob is there a visible difference between 5ft9.5 and 5ft9.75? I'm just curious
[Editor Rob: if you had 2 people barefoot together with flat hair you could probably tell if there was a 1/4 inch difference if you looked hard, but generally I think many would find it hard to tell people just slightly apart.]
Silent_D said on 15/Oct/14
She always looks 177cm.
Arch Stanton said on 6/Oct/14
Monster's become like one of my favourite post 2000 films, as Roger Ebert says "one of the greatest performances in the history of cinema". Looked 5'10 in it.
Arch Stanton said on 27/Sep/14
Rob can you add Monster and The Cider House Rules? She won the Oscar for Monster!! She's amazing!!
Jones said on 24/Sep/14
@ super Mario
Yes it is, 5'10 is very tall for a woman.
M.P. said on 20/Sep/14
I'm 5'11" and an Asian friend of mine is 5'9.5", and I am always taller than her, to where my eyes are slightly above her eyebrows. Charlize Theron was only about a tiny, tiny bit taller than her, so 5'9.75" to 5'10" makes the most sense for Theron. However, I couldn't tell you if she was in heels or not, as it was a long dress.
super Mario said on 6/Sep/14
No,it isn't...
user said on 10/Aug/14
5'10 isn't much at all? It is for a woman.
Lewis said on 31/Jul/14
I thought she was a giant, like easily over 6 feet, but 5-10 isn't much at all.
J.Lee said on 21/May/14
Is charlize 6 ft 2 next to chris?
Smithd97 said on 13/May/14
I relish, cause I discovered just what I used to be taking a look for. You've ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye kbdddfbdeeeagdcb
Arch Stanton said on 9/May/14
She had an inch on Rudd in Cider House, more 5'10 than 5'9".
Arch Stanton said on 9/May/14
Agreed Sam, she is a goddess, a really cool person too, and a good actress. She looked great even back in The Cider House Rules. What I wouldn't give to spend a night at a drive in cinema with her hehe!! I prefer her with shorter hair, makes her look more elegant and it shows off her amazing face.
Ricardo said on 8/May/14
Rob, why sometimes you list to someone as 5 ft 9.5 and other ones as 5 ft 9.75? what is the difference? To be 5 ft 9.75, the person must wake up at least 5'10?
J.Lee said on 15/Apr/14
Rob, how tall is Charlize next to Chris? He is 6 ft 3 and 6 ft 4 in shoes, she only looks a little shorter
[Editor Rob: she can look about 2, sometimes at other event with not quite as big heels about 3]
Sam said on 24/Mar/14
She is one of the most gorgeous actresses I can think of today and, unlike many model turned actress, she is actually a pretty solid actor. She gives definitely more of a 5'10" than a 5'9" impression usually.
Arch Stanton said on 28/Feb/14
I'm not looking at Leo in that pic. God she's so gorgeous, one of the few women who look great with hair that short.
Banshee said on 27/Feb/14
Yet another proof DiCaprio is nothing beyond 180 cm - Charlize wearing flat 'balerina' shoes.

Click Here
Gaby said on 6/Feb/14
5ft 9.75 is right she is tall and beautifull. In the picture with Nicole Kidman we can see tha Nicole is 5 ft 10 and no moore. She needs a downgrade.
Brad said on 4/Feb/14
She'll be in flats with her new boyfriend Sean Penn. Rockin' in 4"ers by Sean would irk him.
shy said on 23/Jan/14
Hey Rob on the weight celebrity page its written that she was 135lbs(for 5ft10)(from a quote) do you think that its also valid for this photo?Click Here ;or otherwise can you tell me a range:)thanks. And Happy new year... late
[Editor Rob: one username please! ;)

she is close to 135 in a lot of films, maybe even at times several pounds above or below that mark.
Realist said on 11/Jan/14
Same height as Woody Harrelson 176-177 range not over 5'10
light said on 31/Dec/13
Happy new year! Hey rob a 135lbs range its 60-61-62kg isn't it?
[Editor Rob: yeah 61 plus or minus 1kg range]
little sue said on 29/Dec/13
I'd say so Eric, a bloke of 5ft 6 would look noticibly short but a woman the same height can look quite tall especially if she has short body long leg proportions
Emily said on 25/Nov/13
This listing still surprises me, because to me she looks a strong 5ft 10.
Pedro said on 2/Nov/13
Here is a recent picture of Nicole Kidman next to Charlize Theron: Click Here .
Despite having less footwear and no standing straight, Charlize doesn't look much shorter than Nicole. Maybe a downgrade for Nicole or an upgrade for Charlize?
Chris said on 8/Oct/13
What do you mean with 1/4-1/3? 0,25 and 0,33? So the deviation with my example would be 9,25-9,5 inches with the 5'11 man and 9,15-9,4 inches with the 5'11 woman?
[Editor Rob: a 5ft 8 girl and 5ft 8'd find typically 9.25 inch is common and just under 9 inch common for women, if that makes sense.

for the equivalent height women compared to 5ft 8 man, like a 5ft 3 women, the difference might be a bit more, nearer 0.5 inch]
Emily said on 27/Sep/13
What's the average deviation in head length with a women and man the same height? Like for example a 5'11 man and woman. Would it be like 0,25 inches? The man 9,25-9,5 inches and the woman 9-9,25 inches?
I just feel like it's generally lower than i estimated.
[Editor Rob: a 1/4-1/3 possibly]
Emily said on 20/Sep/13
How long is her head Rob? 9-9,25 inches? That isn't big though for her height, is it?
[Editor Rob: for her height it doesn't look oversized]
Len said on 19/Sep/13
@Paul - Michael Fassbender is definitely not six feet tall. More like 5'10".
Taklaci said on 15/Sep/13
I saw her while runnin. So she were wearin flat shoe im 6 feet and she's certainly same that my tall
Pedro said on 12/Sep/13
@COOLGUY I think that being tall is actually an attractive feature for beautiful women like Charlize Theron and Taylor Swift. It only becomes negative for women who are not so pretty.
That's probably why a lot of those tall and beatiful celebrities don't mind to tower over so many men when they are wearing heels. As long as it is not their own partner.
COOLGUY said on 11/Sep/13
Can someone explain to me why tall women still wear 3+ inch heels? I saw Taylor Swift wearing that at awards show she was taller than most men there!
Leland said on 6/Jul/13
I believe her claimed 5'9 1/2". That seems right.

She looks even taller than that sometimes, but remember that she really digs wearing big high heels.
J.Lee said on 2/Jul/13
5 ft 10 even or 5 ft 10 1/4?
J.Lee said on 1/Jul/13
Rob does this sound accurate? 5 ft 10 in the morning and 5 ft 9.5 at night?
[Editor Rob: she could clear 5ft 10 out of bed]
Len said on 29/Jun/13
One of the few stars who doesn't seem to lie about their height. Gotta luv it when an actor/actress is actually secure enough to tell it like it is.

She claims 5'9.5", and by gum, she sure looks it.

She also wears some pretty high heels, so she routinely ls standing at or over six feet tall in those.
J.Lee said on 18/May/13
ON David Letterman, she said 5 ft 9 and a half. Any chance she is 5 foot 9 and a half at night, but 5 ft 9 3/4 afternoon? Do you usually give them their lowest height or their height in between?
[Editor Rob: she is somewhere in 5ft 9.5-10 range, I think this listing is ok.]
J.Lee said on 18/Jan/13
rob how do you tell the difference between 5'10 and 5 9 3/4
[Editor Rob: measure them]
Arch Stanton said on 14/Jan/13
Still hot even with shorter hair than me...
Bakura said on 8/Jan/13

Maybe because he's currently listed at 5'11 and doesn't look a cm under it next to 5'7 James McAvoy and 6'3 Nicholas Hoult in X-Men: First Class, or any of his other movies for that matter? Or will you just flat-out ignore these facts/conveniently invent a lifts story to handwave it away like you do with all evidence that proves you wrong?
Conti said on 17/Dec/12
I would say 5'8 barefoot and in heels 5'9.Chris Hemsworth is 6'3 barefoot,so they're 7 inches difference.
Joey said on 16/Dec/12
solid 5'9
MaskDeMasque said on 17/Nov/12
5'9.5 and looks it.
Arch Stanton said on 11/Nov/12
5'8 tops, Hemsworth is 6'1" didn't you know? LOL. She claimed 5'9.5" on Letterman but has also said 5'10".
Silent d said on 23/Sep/12
Danny 5 foot 2 is 157cm. Charlize is 177cm and she is my fave actress. Very talented and beautiful! No arguments here. Nicole kidman is 179cm.
Danny. said on 8/Sep/12
Oh my god she is so very tall. But she is pretty and nice looking and stunning. She is even a lot more taller than me. Even i am a tiny bit smaller to her. I am only 5'2 -167 or 168 cms i think. But she is my favorite 100th favorite actress and i like her. I went to see her in the movie snow white and the huntsman. And she was very good in it. And she was also good at playing the queen reveanna i thought she was very good when i had seen it at the cinema last year.
Just said on 25/Jul/12
She's as tall as Nicole Kidman. In this picture you can see she really has a bad posture and that her head is down.
Look at her shoulders and Nicole's shoulders, same height. She is at least 5'10 and needs an upgrade. Click Here
Chameleon said on 13/Jun/12
And what the heck makes u think Fassbender is over 5'10?
Paul said on 12/Jun/12
She looked the same height standing next to six foot Michael Fassbender in Prometheus.
Shaun said on 6/Jun/12
She claimed "Five nine and a half" on Letterman.
USYD said on 14/Jan/12
She looks tall next to Will Smith, so I have no qualms about thinking she's almost 5'10". She looks to be about my sister's height. Very tall, beautiful and youthful.
Silent d said on 10/Jan/12
I think she is the modern day marilyn monroe mixed with grace kelly.
Mike O said on 24/Dec/11
She's a strong 5'10", maybe even a little more when she stands up straight. A long, tall classically and timelessly beautiful woman. She could fit into any era of movies or art.
Silent d said on 15/Dec/11
177cm. End of story. On ellen she looked really tall. Hot and tall!
Pat Garlinghouse said on 15/Dec/11
I always hated being tall, but finally, with new, stunningly beautiful women who are tall (according to the norm) showing up, I enjoy my height (5'10").
WARDOG said on 14/Dec/11
I am 5'9 3/4" tall, I'd luv to stand up with you ! ( HER????)
Silent d said on 13/Nov/11
Bateman doesn't want to look like a shirmp next to a tall hot actress. Camera effects. She is 177cm. In all her movies she stands her own ground and is pretty much tall as her male costars. She rarely gets dwarfed.
nice guy said on 9/Nov/11
strong 5'9 next to bateman
Silent d said on 28/Oct/11
I believe 177cm. In trapped next to Kevin bacon a couple of centimetres shorter. She always looked tall. In monster easy 20+cm over christina ricci who i think is 5 foot 1. Rob you think she is tall as nicole kidman?
Genesis said on 22/Sep/11
Is she really 5Β΄9.75", I think she looks closer to 5Β΄8" or 5Β΄9".
r3v001 said on 10/Sep/11
Rob Im curious is their a female movie star taller and equally as famous in hollywood as Sigouney Weaver?
[Editor Rob: I suppose geena davis had a run in the 90's and is taller than weaver I think.]
Jay said on 21/Aug/11
It's funny how much she dwarfs Mark Whalberg
udre said on 11/Jul/11
5ft 10 with heels shes 6ft0.5
Joe Bloggs said on 9/Jul/11
At 5ft9/1m76, she's still a ****load taller that Aileen Wuornos, who was about 5ft5, and yet did not appear to be a much larger woman.
rasheed said on 8/Jun/11
shes got to be at least 5ft 10
Debbie said on 10/May/11
Just under 6foot
Johan Cruyff said on 16/Apr/11
Charlize's heights are:

Morning (ou of bed)= 5'10" (1.78 m)
After 1,5-3 hrs= 5'9.6" (1.77 m)
After 5-10 hrs= 5'9.25" (1.76 m)

She's tall but not taller as somebody thinks!
zaya said on 29/Dec/10
she is 177 at the most. she looks slightly shorter (1cm) with her 8-9cm heals on than Asashoryu who is 184 bare feet(186cm with slippers). so 186-1-8 = 177 = 5'9.7''. she is quite tall for women. damn I am only 5'8'' and 19 yrs old guy. any chance to grow taller? what you guys think???
Robert said on 14/Dec/10
She`s taller than Liv Tyler.
khan87 said on 12/Dec/10
Has Charlize been downgraded, because i swear she was list as 5ft10 b4. I personally think there are many celebs before Charlize who deserve to be downgraded.
khan87 said on 12/Dec/10
statsdontlie says on 3/Oct/10
On the topic of where tall starts: 5'7 is about the equivalent of 6'3 for men. See for your self Click Here
U read it wrong 6ft3 male is equivalent to 5ft9 wfemale according to the link you provided.

But really the difference between a man and woman who are equivalent to each other is about 5.5inches.
jik said on 11/Dec/10
Its a disadvantage to be tall in Hollywood. She probably says 5-9 to get jobs, maybe closer to 5-10/11 real.
Bon said on 8/Dec/10
@ Anonymous, 5'7 woman equates 5'11 - 5'11.5 guy.
It's not just about national averages, since women tend naturally to be shorter.
Susan said on 14/Oct/07
Hello, Tall,to tall...whatever your opinion..she was just named the sexiest woman for being tall is wonderful and she is beautiful....
Amelia said on 21/Sep/07
Seriously Markus? You think that over 5ft 9 isn't tall for a girl? The average in the UK is 5ft 6 I believe so it's around three inches more than average. Over 6" is rare, but there are lots of 5 10, 5 11 women we consider tall.
JEWEL said on 18/Sep/07
Never looked at it like that before. Kind of makes sense.
Robert Spell said on 1/Sep/07
When you talk about average height in the USA what are you actually saying? The average height of those with European ancestory? There are a bunch of Americans living in the USA that are of Mexican & south American heritage and they aren't very tall. Do you factor them into the over all equation of average USA height? To say that the USA has an average height is very misleading. Here in the states the Blacks & the Whites are easily the tallest people. Don't forget that the US is full of Asians & Hispanics as well, people that on average are not very tall. So to compare US height averages with countries like Switzerland and Norway, where most of the people are of the same ethic origin is not a very accurate comparison of peoples.
Crissy said on 3/Aug/07
to me her legs are really long, and she also has a long waist. I think she may be 5'10
Markus said on 29/Jul/07
Height sounds about right, I don't think 5'9.75 is that tall. Over 6' is tall for a woman.
Isabel said on 5/Jul/07
I like how everyone saying she can't be taller than 5'8" is a guy. Probably angry, short little manlets who feel emasculated by a tall woman towering over them.
dmeyer said on 18/May/07
thank you rob i even think she is 5'10
Anonymous said on 17/May/07
You know I actually think shes 5'11" because in a movie with Keanu Reeves who is 6'1" she only look like 2 or 3 inches shorter. I think she is like 5'10 3/4"(1.80cm)
kikichanelconspiracy said on 15/May/07
I think she definitely at least 5'10, if not 5'11. Look at this picture with Penelope Cruz. Even with her knees bent, she's much taller. Click Here
dmeyer said on 16/Apr/07
4 in heels for a woman might not had 4 in but it adds a lot a girl i know is 5'9.5 to 5'9.75 when she waers 3.5 to 4 in heels she looks 6 ft so she get 1.5 in over 1 in men heels
Sharon said on 12/Apr/07
After watching Thw Astronaut's Wife, Carlize seemed much taller than Johnny Depp. You give his height as 5'9". How can she be only 5'9.5"? I really want Johnny to be 5'9" because I am 5'8" and like my star crushes to be taller than I am!!!
glamazon said on 31/Mar/07
Big deal.. off an inch or not. She is hot and tall and can hold her own. So tired of teeny tiny women being viewed as delicate-sweet ladies and if you are tall you are "too tall" or a "big oof". Tall is good.. shortstacks.. deal with it!:)
Linn said on 21/Mar/07
She looks like the same height as Keanu who is 6.1 (thats what we read everywhere) on the still from Sweet she must be at least 5.11 . Her (gorgeous) boyfriend Stuart Townsend is 5.11 and she always loks a tiny bit taller (both flat shoes)...maybe she is 6 .....whatever she is TALL!! A bit too tall....but sweet anyway
Astrid said on 15/Mar/07
Great actress. At least she admits to having bad posture unlike fellow tallie Ms Mischa (:
dmeyer said on 6/Mar/07
178 is possible for her
Viper said on 6/Mar/07
If you are at least 6-0 in the United States you are tall.
gemmie said on 6/Mar/07
thanks for the replies :) when i come to the states ill leave my heels at home before i tower over all the men ;)
jess said on 6/Mar/07
im from sweden and 177cm is really tall for me, im only 162-163cm. i always feel short, but isnt that average in usa?
timber said on 5/Mar/07
gemmie, I'd say men 6-1 and over and women 5-8 and over are considered tall. the average height for a man is close to 5-10.
Carel said on 4/Mar/07
I agree with Gemmie. In Holland 177 cm is not considered tall at all for a woman. Average female height is 171 cm and for men that's 184 cm.
gemmie said on 2/Mar/07
wow, im from Holland and am surprised how everyone thinks a 177 woman is sooooo tall. Here in Holland many women have that height and the men are mostly at least 180 and that is really not at all considered tall. Im 176 myself and considered kinda tall but really not enormous the way ive heard ppl talk about some of the taller actresses in Hollywood. I guess ppl in the States are pretty short or something. Im glad i live here where a man who is my height is considered short! I like tall men! Is a 6foot man really considerd tall over there?? I just wanna know. greetz gem
Charlene said on 10/Jan/07
In North Country when she was having a discussion with her father she had to bend her head down to enter the basement of the house. And she is not ashamed of her height. She flaunts and struts her stuff.
Charlene said on 10/Jan/07
I think maybe that Nicole Kidman is like an inch taller that Charlize Theron.
yeh said on 14/Dec/06
saw her once at some premiere - well i think it was her! definitely just a tad under 5'11" (my brother who is 6' was with me, and she was about an inch or two shorter), and stunningly beautiful, probably one of the most beautiful women in the world
anonymous2 said on 4/Dec/06
177 cm seems just right for her.
Brad said on 2/Dec/06
Easily 6' in heels.
Lane said on 27/Oct/06
I know her from South Africa she taller than my 5'9" - She's defintely somewhere between 5'10" and 5'11"
djeeg said on 3/Oct/06
Saw her in Southey, Saskatchewan, Canada on Friday, Sept 29. Right about her ducking her head a lot, but we got together and agreed, she's at least 5'9", but more likely a tad taller.
dmeyer said on 5/Sep/06
whi dont you give her 5'9.75 since i think she is 5 10 because 5 9.5 is not a full 177

[Editor Rob: maybe a 177cm, accurately is closer to the truth...]
glow said on 5/Sep/06
Grace - I agree, that pic does seem a little odd at first glance but I think there are several justifications for it: 1) as per her quote above: "I have really bad posture" (check out how much she's leaning in on Nicole, she's practically hunching. 2) Nicole's hair has a bit of height. If you see where her hair line actually starts, there only seems to be an inch or so of difference between the top of their foreheads. 3) A little suspicious about the footwear... judging from the jeans Charlize is wearing, for all we know she could have worn casual flats, whilst the more formally attired Nicole looks at though she might be wearing heels, as she more than often does now since the breakup from Cruise.
A good point you raised there with the pic though. In reality I think they're both extremely close in height. Those full length shots of Charlize in the opening scenes of Aeon Flux as she walks down the steps pretty much speaks for themselves...she looked like a giant, AND she was standing up straight for once!
Glenn said on 30/Aug/06
Signed not wanting to,turned me down for photo with.
D. Ray Morton said on 29/Aug/06
She wasn't nice?
Glenn said on 28/Aug/06
Yes,shocked me at how tall she was.not to nice.5-10,5-11.6ft in these small heels.
DMeyer said on 27/Aug/06
most people that met her told me she looks 5'11 i think she is close like 5 10.25 aleast 5 10
Brad said on 7/Aug/06
5' 10". Loves heels. Really pretty in person.
adam said on 9/Jul/06
she is def. 5-9.5 not taller
dingdong said on 9/Jul/06
she looks 5"10, she might be trying to hide her height.
Sky said on 1/Jul/06
A friend of mine who is 5'10 and a bit interveiwed her when she came to Oz.
And she was wearing heals (they both were) and they roughly the same height so i'd def say she is 5'10.
dmeyer said on 12/May/06
i think she is 5'10 or aleast 5'9.75" she looks very close to norton height in the italian job even when she is nt wearing heels
Coffeecakes said on 17/Apr/06
She is at least 5'11 in my eyes. You have Marton Csokas at 6'3. Look at the link of them at some promotional event for Aeon Flux, she towers over everyone and she is not even standing straight.

Click Here
Glenn said on 28/Mar/06
Walhberg could be 5-7.
Glenn said on 27/Mar/06
She looked a shocking 5-11,6ft when I saw her.obviously the footwear helped.
Frank2 said on 26/Mar/06
Charlize is a moose in person. So are many of today's female stars. And they all have huge feet! Wahlberg is short, no more than 5'8".
bikagyura said on 26/Mar/06
I just saw Italian Job, she looked a good bit taller than Wahlberg... but I guess estimating heights through movies isn't recommended if you really want to know... she's probably an even better bit taller :)
nick said on 22/Feb/06
I saw her last year in LA . she's about 5'8 or maybe 5'9, not taller, believe me!!
elio said on 13/Feb/06
I've noticed with Aeon Flux, that although her shoes are flat soled, are incredibly elevated. Probably increases her to around 6'1"!!!

One tall mama! With or without help.
nina said on 11/Feb/06
i saw her on the set aeon flux and i am 5Β΄7-5Β΄8. i walked right beside her and i wondered how small she is. max 5Β΄8. never taller.but great actress!
tarryn said on 3/Feb/06
it said somewhere that she had to quit ballet because she hurt her knee, as she was too tall
Anonymous said on 31/Jan/06
Charlize Theron is about 2 inch shorter than Keanu Reeves with big heels on 4inch at the 17th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Gala so Keanu Reeves must be 6ft2 Charlize is 5ft8. check get images
Sarah said on 30/Jan/06
I just saw Aeon Flux, and i think if she was 5'8.5'' she wouldn't look as tall as she does in the movie. Granted that she is wearing high heels and everything, I'd say she's at least 5'9.5. Maybe 5'10.
Anonymous said on 17/Jan/06
Paltrow is 5'7 1/2" and she is 5'9" 1/2. That is really tall, you know. But she is not quite 5'10".
dmeyer said on 8/Jan/06
she is 178 cm minimum
LAAnonyme said on 22/Dec/05
Without a doubt 5'9" max. Looking at pictures is too tricky--a person's shoes, posture and even the angle of the camera can really throw off a height estimate.
stAs said on 19/Dec/05
ooo, my friend is about 197cm and pretends to be only 194 - 193. i think you'll bitterly dissapoint him because his sure she has 183cm couse he like tall girlls.
so let it be 180cm for her
Anonymous said on 18/Dec/05
She appears 2 inches taller than Paltrow (looking at them next to Affleck). Doesn't that make her 5'10"?
LAAnonyme said on 5/Dec/05
I am 5'11" exactly, and I literally stood right beside Charlize at the recent U2 concert in L.A. I was surprised to find she is much smaller in person - she was standing up straight and wearing flat sneakers, and I'd say she was just barely 5'9", possibly only 5'8.5" Very cute, down-to-earth gal.
WTF??? said on 20/Nov/05
shivess , 5ft10!! , thats very tall for a woman.
Sabella said on 19/Nov/05
Maybe she wore high heels
Robinz. said on 14/Nov/05
You can't practice Ballet at the level she did if you are over 5'9". I have always heard of her as 5'9" and that is how it looks too. Hollywood is short. She is tall. She therefore looks even taller.
Bychance said on 7/Oct/05
Charlize is about 5'10. I am a member of BAFTLA and I go to a lot of private industry screening, I have seen a lot of actors and she is tall. About 5'9 or 5'10.
Anonymous said on 23/Sep/05
in the trailer for her new movie she is standing next to sofie okeyendo who is listed as 5'8...the difference between the two actresses are as such which would put charlize at 5'9.5. theres only an inch and a half i would say!
pinky said on 17/Sep/05
i believe she is 5'11"
itziar said on 14/Sep/05
she definitely looks taller than that..... I remember that when she won the oscar she was wearing like 1.5 inches heels (what surprised me) and she was still slightly taller than her boyfriend
Mr. Klaus said on 14/Aug/05
I think that she is taller than 5 ft 9.5
Because of her bad posture she look 5 ft 9.5 but when she is full straight she really looks 5 ft 11 in my eyes. She looks 2.5/ 3 inches taller Robert De Niro.
Coffeecakes said on 13/Jul/05
I forgot to add that after checking you having Jimmy Fallon at 6 feet, I remember an episode she did of Saturday Night Live. She was playing Marilyn Monroe, and she was wearing tops, 2 inch heels. Jimmy on the other hand, was wearing Frankenstein shoes. It was clear that if he had not worn those shoes, she would have towered over him. I remember when she did The Devil's Advocate with Keanu(whom you have listed as 6'1), she wore high heels during an elevator scene, and she was taller than he by at least 3 inches. That was the first time I saw her. So ever since then, I always have scoffed at her height being listed as 5'9 to be honest.
Coffeecakes said on 12/Jul/05
I agree with j.d. She always struck me as being taller than what she says. To me, the lowering her head constantly would say to me that she is more ashamed about her height.

[Editor Rob: I think she's for sure 177cm...178cm...maybe]
j.d. said on 6/Jun/05
Is she really only between 5'9'' and 5'10'' tall? I've seen her in Sweet November standing beside 6'1'' keanu reeves and she looked only about 2 inches shorter than him, like around 5'11''.

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