How tall is Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman's Height

5ft 10 ½ (179.1 cm)

Australian actress best known for roles in films such as Moulin Rouge, Days of Thunder and The Others. After her split with Tom Cruise she remarked, 'I can wear heels again!'. She has claimed between 5ft 10 and 11 during her career.
I'm 5ft 10 and a quarter, so is Nicole and so is Mum. When we're together we're all stooping, trying to be the smallest.
- Antonia Kidman
Most tall women stoop to look smaller. I learned early on to be totally self-assured about my height...I'm five foot ten. When I see a guy going out with a taller girl, I immediately like him.

How tall is Nicole Kidman
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I have this thing about liking to be small onscreen cause I hate being tall and I'm Five Ten and it's the one thing I've always hated my whole life is being really tall and taller than people.
I'm five ten and a half, but I think now maybe I've grown a half an inch and I'm five eleven. I was this height when I was 13 years old!
I'm five foot 10Β½ - I'm very proud of the half because I don't want to be five foot 11 - so structurally there are certain things that suit my frame.

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Average Guess (139 Votes)
5ft 10.65in (179.5cm)
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 14/Nov/19
@kate123 Out of bed shes more. 179cm before bed.
Iman Ahmad said on 11/Sep/19
I Guess She Is 179,7 cm Barefoot , She Is 179,7 cm Barefoot , A Lovely Woman , Nicole Kidman Is Left Handed Woman , She was born in Hawaii In 1967 ,
Spencer said on 2/Sep/19
5'10.75" weak 5'11"
kate123 said on 29/Jul/19
1.80 maybe more
Lazar99 said on 27/Jul/19
I think she was 5ft10 at 13 and has grown only half an inch after that.
I would choose 5ft10 1/2
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 11/Jul/19
Ah, nice! Nicole is on the Ellen Show and she has been talking about her two super-fluffy cats, named Ginger and Snow. Ginger is a tabby and Snow is... WHITE! They are sisters from the same litter, and Ellen seized upon the opportunity of showing her audience videos of them. They are gorgeous!

As Nicole walked onto Ellen's stage, I thought she looked really tall, slim and girlish. She looks like a woman of 30, and I'm going to give her 5ft10.75.

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 20/Jun/19
πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸ•―οΈ Happy Birthday Nicole! πŸ•―οΈπŸŽπŸŽ‚

Many happy returns to Nicole! XX

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 20/Jun/19
πŸŽ‚πŸ˜πŸŽˆ Happy Birthday Nicole! πŸŽˆπŸ˜πŸŽ‚

Here's wishing you a lovely Birthday! So you are a Gemini; I love the complexities of the Gemini and some of my best friends have been born under that sign.

khaled taban said on 6/Jun/19
I agree with Rob, 5'10.5"
Unbewohnt said on 5/Jun/19
Rob, have you ever thought about adding the actor Sky Du Mont to this site? I've seen him listed at 6ft5. Would you say he looks that height?
Click Here
Editor Rob
In the 70's and 80's I think he looked quite tall, 6ft 5 might be ok for him...his agency had him down as 196cm, obviously in recent years he looks at most 6ft 4 as he's lost height.
Mimi said on 14/May/19
Thank you Rob for answering anyway. I may have gotten my question across unclearly. I think what I was trying ask was if Nicole was in sneakers (let's say Converse) and someone as tall as Joe is in similar sneakers how would she appear next to that person?
Editor Rob
If in sneakers then she will look anywhere around his nose area, close to the end if both posing similar.
Mimi said on 13/May/19
No Rob I mean how would she appear if beside someone as tall as Joe wearing similar footwear? The top of her head is at the mouth level? Just below the nose?
Editor Rob
For the heel she's wearing on this page, she'd be probably 6ft 1 in them, and joe in shoes 6ft 6 maybe or near it, so her hair would be around his eyes.
Mimi said on 12/May/19
Rob how would she appear beside someone as tall as Joe Manganiello in about same footwear?
Editor Rob
No, she'd need massive heels to match him, like big stripper heels.
Nik said on 11/May/19
Some of the comments on this page are mega interesting!
TrulyYours said on 7/May/19
NatashaAugustin said on 5/May/19
Nicole Kidman is 5'7

Yes if she's standing in a 3 inch deep ditch
NatashaAugustin said on 5/May/19
Nicole Kidman is 5'7
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 30/Apr/19
Having just sat through 'The Killing of a Sacred Deer' twice, I must say that I did see Nicole at nearer 5ft11 than 5ft10. To think - I knocked of a quarter-inch from Colin Farrell's 5ft10 because I was thinking, "Half-an-inch can't be THAT much... can it?"

There are many opportunities to compare Colin and Nicole, who only wears heels, and hardly sky-high ones either, on one occasion. I can see Nicole being nearer 5ft11, so she's a-getting 5ft10.75.

Miss Kidman is no stranger to the weird and wonderful, having led the superbly creepy 'The Others', and being the central character in Lars Von Trier's 'Dogville'. Did she excel in this film? Well, of course she did! She worked well with Colin Farrell and was perfect for the part. Yes, a performance not to be missed....
mohammad said on 16/Apr/19
1 second after waking up = 180.0 cm
Benjamin Fritz said on 17/Mar/19
She doesn't look as tall as I do in pictures. I have to go with 5'10". Or 178.
Lara said on 7/Mar/19
She seems to be 1.79 m.
Jancys said on 25/Feb/19
5ft 11
Rose Gibbs said on 3/Feb/19
I am 5 ft 11 1/2, but I am pretty and always have people ask me if I am an actress. I have been told I look like Nicole Kidman when my hair is red, and Daryl Hannah when it is blonde. When I was in high school my nickname was "Splash". But my point is, being tall has not hindered me, it has been a blessing in so many ways. I am accomplished dedicated professional, I just do not wear heels lol but that's okay, I have pretty flats 😁 and I have never had a problem finding dates. I been with my man for 12 years and still going strong. Everyone has something they wish was different, but I am grateful to be who I am, and I love every inch of me and so should you. Love you and be your best friend and see how high you can fly.
Yang (5ft 8 Chinese men) said on 24/Dec/18
5ft 10 and half IMO. Tallest Ginger hair actresses plus one of the tallest left handed actress so far.
Gab said on 19/Dec/18
She is a strong 5 ft 10. There is a picture of her with Charlize Theron and they are about the same height.She needs a downgrade.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 22/Oct/18
Hopefully we can see Guy Pearce and Kidman standing side by side with same footwear someday to match a comparison.
Mimi said on 13/Oct/18
Rob would Nicole reach 6ft2 in these?
Click Here
Editor Rob
Yes, I think she'd measure very close...given she has a longish foot and those are very high angled to push her over 3.25 easily enough.
Bobby said on 13/Sep/18
Rob, if you had to compare both Signourney Weaver and Nicole Kidman at peak height, would they be similar? Would you be able to tell who is taller? I think they're the same height.
Editor Rob
I'd still guess Sigourney looks taller than Nicole
James McMichael said on 16/Jul/18
If Nicole Kidman is 5’10.5” in her bare feet then Elle Fanning is 5’9.5” in her bare feet.
MAD SAM said on 22/Jun/18
Gigi comes close to almost 180 cm Nicole Kidman, Rob Gigi deserves an upgrade to 178 cm
Mimi said on 10/Jun/18
Nicole looks identical in height to Charlize. Could she have been 5ft10 1/4 all along?
Editor Rob
I'd still give Nicole the taller listing from all I've seen of them both.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 7/Jun/18
She claim 5'10 on the quote Rob posting above and one time 5'10 1/4 plus one time 5'10 1/2. She maybe just a strong 5'10 or standing at 178.5cm at her lowest.
Khaled Taban said on 16/May/18
180cm no less
Jane Murphy said on 13/May/18
I'm 85 yrs. old I'm 5'1/4". From an early age I was 5'10". I didn't like college they called me stretch! It amused me because by then I'd grown up(no pun
Intended). I'm sorry that I lost those inches. But most of all I'm sorry that I didn't appreciated the gift that they were. I now have a5'10 " daughter, she's
Beautiful, a son and another daughter are also tall! Always play the hand you've been dealt, with pride and gratitude!
Matt Guesser said on 22/Mar/18
Hey Rob, I read earlier that you decompress your spine. Do you recommend this every 8 hour spent sitting down or? Also how do you decompress your spine, whats the best way? Thanks and love your site!
Editor Rob
Since I spend a fair whack of time on a computer chair, I feel it helps me to do a couple of minutes of spine decompression, just to loosen the back off.
Gracian said on 10/Mar/18
Rob, or Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, Henry Ian Cusick and Sean Bean, being younger, could have entered the 5'10.75 "(weak 5'11") range. Everyone is not young anymore and I would not be surprised by the slight loss of each of them. I think that at least one of them could receive a new peak height list 5'10.75" and the current height 5'10.25". What is your opinion Rob?
Editor Rob
Someone like Jenny has obvious height loss with upper Thoracic and lower Cervical (C7 and Th1) curvature due to being bent over for 5 years crafting - this is why I also decompress my spine for 2 minutes per day, because 8 hours at a computer for 25 years is also not great for your back or neck.

Looking at someone like Nicole and her back, there's no obvious curvature yet.
Mimi said on 26/Feb/18
Rob in this photo how much is Gwen taller than Nic? It seems they are all wearing pretty similar heels around 2.5-3 inch range.

Click Here
Editor Rob
Could be close to 5 inches
vam said on 21/Feb/18
Rob, what do you think about tall women who feel sad, uncomfortable and insecure about their height?
jeja said on 18/Feb/18
Rob, same height as Jude Law barefoot ?
Editor Rob
It's arguable she might measure (at least 10 years ago) that mark.
MAD SAM said on 15/Dec/17
She’s got a lovely height I’m sure she might be 5’11” on a good day
Mimi said on 1/Dec/17
Click Here

@Anonymous Nicole is in flats and Sharapova in a heel
Anonymous said on 28/Nov/17
Nicole with Sharapova
Click Here
MaryAnne said on 25/Nov/17
Her leg length is 1,05 cm. Leggy blonde.
Bob said on 22/Nov/17
Together with Uma Thurman in Pirelli Calendar She is taller than Uma 2/3 cm: She is 6 fh .05 and Uma is 5fh 11,25
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MaryAnne said on 14/Nov/17
Nicole is the epitome of tall,blonde,leggy and beautiful.
Johno said on 2/Nov/17
Hmmm, i believe she is shorter than Sigourney Weaver and that 5'10.25 estimate for herself is roughtly accurate although i would classify her as a strong 5'9
Gladstone Screwer said on 25/Oct/17
I feel Nicole is a six footer. I do understand women being uncomfortable at such a height, but they should be proud of it.
hardguy said on 11/Oct/17
5'15 in heels
Joshua said on 3/Oct/17
5’11 for sure
Willes188 said on 23/Sep/17
Good estimate Slim, she is the same height as Pitt or slightly taller 181cm
Slim said on 19/Sep/17
Matched up to brad pitt, I predict a 180(5'11)" upgrade.
Richardspain said on 9/Aug/17
178cm barefoot

With her heels or shoes 185cm.
James said on 29/Jul/17
Just watched days of thunder .shes 5'10 alright
Kal-El said on 29/Jul/17

With those heels, her height is the exact same height as Ben Affleck.
ana said on 24/Jul/17
1.77 same to charlize theron
helena said on 24/Jul/17
how tall Nicole in these heels?
Click Here
Editor Rob: since Nicole's foot is long, she has a chance of a little over 3 inches in them.
Aaron said on 19/Jul/17
Barely 180
Jani said on 17/Jul/17
I would say more like 178cm/5'10" maybe even in the 176-177cm range.
Wayne62 said on 15/Jul/17
even said on 12/Jul/17
5'10.5" exactly
even said on 5/Jul/17
she is right shes 5'10.5"
Mimi said on 1/Jul/17
@Charlie lol both women are in heels and Nicole's head is at Gwen's eyelevel. You're the most relentless height troll ever
Charlie said on 30/Jun/17
Looking at the photo's of Nicole with Gwendoline Christie I don't think Nicole is 5'10. Both females are in heels. Nicole's head comes the tip of her nose.I honestly feel her 5'10 claim is with high heels. This would make perfect sense.I myself am i true 5'10 without shoes. My head would come to Gwendoline's eyes if she is in deed 6'3. This meaning that Nicole's true height has got to be around the 5'7 range. In heels she can look 5'10.I just don't see her true height being 5'10. There's way to many photo's that contradicts her 5'10 claim.
Matthew said on 30/Jun/17
I worked on the production team for one of Nicole's films a few years back. I'm a solid 5'9, and she had-roughly an inch on me. I'd say she's 5"10.
Danimal said on 27/Jun/17
She's 50 years old now. The average 50 year old woman will have lost 1" of height by 50, 1.5" by 60, 2" by 70 and 3.25" by 80.
Mimi said on 24/Jun/17
@S.J.H. at 50, she maybe just that.
S.J.H said on 23/Jun/17
She might just be 5 foot 10 not 10.5
Mimi said on 1/Jun/17
Rob do you think Nicole's head would reach Gwendoline's eyelevel?

Click Here
Editor Rob: Gwendoline in that series of photos certainly could look a solid 5 inches taller, making Kidman look 5ft 10 at most.
Sunny said on 26/May/17
Gwendoline is so tall. Nicole Kidman looks short in front of her
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Lenny said on 24/May/17
In heels how tall, 6'3?
Editor Rob: Lenny, I'm not sure I've seen Nicole wearing platform heels as often as the normal 3-3.5 inch type, which takes her to 6ft 1-2 range.
Namor said on 15/May/17
Amazing height lol I literally just watched dead calm one of her hits. So is there a possibility that she was peak 1.8?
Mimi said on 4/May/17
Nicole is like 3 inches taller than ex-hubby Tom barefoot. No wonder she can't wear heels while they were together
Sandy Cowell said on 2/May/17
A few years back now, I was having a conversation in the video rental shop, and an oldish lady asked me whether I'd seen 'Eyes Wide Shut', and was it any good and doesn't it have that real-life couple in it, where the woman is much, much taller than the man?
I said that it does have that couple, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, the film is excellent, mysterious and creepy, but the couple are no longer together. Then I added they broke up shortly after making this film, and now Nicole is married and has a little daughter, Sundae Rose! The woman replied, with a curious look on her face, "Sunday Roast? That's not very fair on the child, is it?"
I tried to convince myself that it was her hearing that caused the mistake, rather than my pronunciation, but if ever I say the name again, I'm going to be extra vigilant to word it CLEARLY!
Today I'm going to give Nicole 5ft10.5, though I reckon she was at least 5ft10.75 at one time!
berta said on 19/Apr/17
i think depending on if she hava a bad or good day she is just over 179 on bad days and on good days just under 180
Mike said on 17/Apr/17
"I have this thing about liking to be small onscreen cause I hate being tall and I'm Five Ten and it's the one thing I've always hated my whole life is being really tall and taller than people." I don't blame her. 5'1 1/2-5'2 would have been nice for her. I hear it's a really nice height for a woman. That's how tall I would want to be if I was a woman!
Jp said on 2/Apr/17
Solid 5 ft 11
Adijos said on 21/Mar/17
Nicole Kidman is 5'11" tall!
RainbowBlaster5 said on 8/Mar/17
I think she's 1.77 m. I can understand why being taller than what like? 60% of men and 90% of woman can make you feel like you stick out but she's pretty damn close to perfection in my book.
az said on 15/Jan/17
Met her at a party. Tall. 5'9.75. So gorgeous.
Dmeyer said on 12/Jan/17
She does look aleast 179 near 177 ejiofor
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 12/Jan/17
5'10.25" sounds pretty specific. Probably was measured as such.
5'2 said on 12/Jan/17
Her peak height is 5'10" and her present height is 5'9"
S.J.H said on 12/Jan/17
She might loss 0.25 now
Sandy Cowell said on 11/Jan/17
That is interesting! Nicole Kidman NOT liking her lovely height? With her figure?
It just goes to show how easy it is to assume that tall equals better with greater success!
Though this has been proven to be the case many times over, wouldn't it be nicer for them if they felt comfortable with themselves first?
I thought Nicole was 5ft11. She certainly looks it!
Csimpson 6ft said on 6/Jan/17
Rob is 178cm possible for Nicole today? women shrink in their 40s right?
Editor Rob: Connor, I think she has held her height well, I'm not seeing any signs really of a half inch lost..although if you are talking 2-3mm at her age, that is very possible.
Mimi said on 28/Dec/16
If Nicole wears this kind of heeled sandals would she be 6ft3? Click Here
Editor Rob: Mimi, although the platform looks an inch range, it is still a rather high angle so she will be nearly 6ft 3 and standing beside a 6ft 2 man in a normal shoe will look very similar.
J.Lee said on 11/Dec/16
Rob could she be 5 ft 10.5 at 11 am?
Editor Rob: J.Lee, when she's having afternoon brunch of Caviar sur Merde d'herbe, I'm sure she's still standing 5ft 10.5
Arch Stanton said on 4/Dec/16
Well, whatever shared height gene she got, she looks absolutely nothing like her sister Antonia!!
Dmeyer said on 2/Dec/16
Rob i agree 179 fits her at peak And near it now but its defenetly her low height And wakes at 5 ft 11,25-11 3/8 at peak
Dmeyer said on 1/Dec/16
Is 5 ft 10,75 possible she realy can look 180cm to me
Editor Rob: dmeyer, at times she might look almost 5ft 11, but for me I'm happy with a solid 179cm for her...maybe at 11am though she is over that and nearer almost 5ft 11.
Just said on 19/Nov/16
@Stormy T Nicole 6'1??? You are funny! She's shorter than 5'11 Uma Thurman you know.
Stormy T. said on 18/Nov/16
There's a photo out there of Nicole standing next to 5'10" Charlize Theron and she's definitely more than an inch taller than Theron. She's a good three inches taller, which would put her at 6'1". That's how tall she said she was on 'The View.'
Dmeyer said on 11/Nov/16
Rob she is still near 179 if not then chiwetel is nearer 5 ft 9 than 10
Bobby said on 8/Nov/16
5'11 looks right, even in her older age. She's in my height range, I'm a solid 6ft tall guy, but can get around 6'1.5 with my dress shoes. Wouldn't want to date woman that tall though, I'd have to wear 2 inch heel shoes.
Jonah flint said on 9/Oct/16
She herself said she was 5 foot 10 and she is 49 now so u can minus .5 or an inch from her height might be 5 foot 9.5 today out of bed.
roman Mccarthy said on 27/Sep/16
Is 5foot 9.75 inches possible now for is Rob?
Editor Rob: I think I'd be surprised if she was under 5ft 10 today.
Dmeyer said on 5/Sep/16
Type ejiofor Kidman , ejiofor is at worst 177cm wearing Γ  3,5cm heels he is near 181cm Kidman is still taller wearing Γ  1cm shoe , she has to be 179-80cm
Dmeyer said on 5/Sep/16
Peak 5 ft 10,5-10,75 wouldnt shock me 179-179,5cm
MC said on 16/Aug/16
Rob how tall is she in her shoes in the photo above
Editor Rob: at least 6ft 1, possibly as much as nearly 6ft 1.5
MC said on 25/Jul/16
What type of heel should Nicole wear to be like 6ft3?
Editor Rob: needs about 2-2.25 inch platform heel to get that high.
truth said on 23/Jul/16
@Pucko Um yes and if anything slightly shorter than those guys and looks closer to 5'10 flat at times.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Jul/16
Looks 179/180cm
littlesue said on 11/Jul/16
Smaller bone structure and actress's mainly very slender so look taller, plus the heels of course
Pucko said on 9/Jul/16
Why does women look so much taller then guys?, even when they are supposed to be the same the same height?. I would never imagine someone like Sean Bean or Russel Crowe to be the same height as Nicole Kidman. If you'r asking me she's downgrading herself a bit, i wouldn't be surprised if she got measured at 180-182cm, but went with 5'10 range instead

Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here

I'm 188.5-190.5cm, but i don't even look as tall as her in photos.. She seriously looks to be around 191cm in those photos. And you'r telling me that solid 5'10 range guys like Sean Bean, Orlando Bloom and Russel Crowe are the same height as her ?Click Here
charlie said on 22/Jun/16
You are correct Allie. but I believe Nicole is much shorter than her 5 ft 10 claim. Now there is this actress from the movie Clown. Elizabeth Whitmere is her the begging of the movie Clown she has her back to the camera and i can see she is very tall. She didn;t have heels and without question i said to myself that girl is a solid 5 ft 10 and sure enough IMDB has her at 5 ft 10. She had flat boots on and she looked like a tower.but Nicole looked the same height as she did when Nicole has heels on.I am 5 ft 10 out of bed and when i look in the mirror i look extremely tall. Nicole Kidman would look my height the way she appears now in this photo with heels on.I am going to say she is between 5 ft 6 to 5 ft 7 tops.
Allie said on 13/Jun/16
Also, Kidman comes from Australia and has worked in a lot of USA productions if I'm not mistaken. It was ignorant of me to make a claim that not every model or actress measures with heels on but at least in the States from what I've gathered from visiting The Fashion Spot in some measuring forum, is that at most, most models (this person claimed to work in both USA and some major european fashion weeks) are measured maybe with shoes on as agencies might get lazy when a model walks in but measuring in high heels are very doubtful and even then, most agencies know if a model is too short or too tall so they can just lie.

As for Kidman, while I think she's more 177-178 cm I'm very doubtful she'd measure in her highest heels considering how she did claim to be 5'10 since she was 13 and Idk if she was wearing and measuring with 6 inch heels by then.
Allie said on 13/Jun/16
Well Bollywood is not Hollywood and in USA most models aren't measured in heels. Maybe in sneaker but not 6 inch heels.
Of course though, Agencies around the world lie.
Carlos Tdad said on 11/Jun/16
5' 10.5" seems legit..... She certainly should not be downgraded based on a height comparison with L'Wren Scott...... Scott towered over EVERYBODY..... BOTH men and women. Scott was something like 6'4" so being 5 or 6 inches shorter than her doesn't make Nicole short.....
truth said on 5/Jun/16
charlie said on 16/May/16
To Allie's comment about my claim that models heights are measured with heels on is not an ignorant claim. I happen to come across a video og Bollywood Models being measured for height.Now i am a white person but while researching heights i do come across different cultural websites. A model was measured at 5 ft 10 inches and it showed the guy measuring her from the bottom of her heels to her head. Yes she was wearing high heels when she was measured and the comments below are people who can't get over her height not taking into consideration that she was wearing platform heels. So yes many models and actresses are measured while in heels.Most of the females that claim to be 5 ft 9 or 6 ft 1 are that height while in heels. It would make sense while in heels that their height would be such. Another example Brooke Shields same height as Michael Jackson but she had heels on as well and she is listed as 6 ft. Allie don't believe everything you see on the internet. An actress went on the Conan O' Brien show and stated that most actors and actresses she worked with were actually smaller than the height they are listed.
Bruce 5'11.5 said on 20/Apr/16
Legit 5'10
Allie said on 13/Apr/16
Charlie, that's a pretty ignorant claim to think every actress and model measures themselves self in high heels and claims that height as they're barefoot estimate. Maybe 1 inch sneakers, but high heels? Come on now.
Allie said on 3/Apr/16
Nice try Charlie but those heels aren't or don't look 6 inches. If Alexander is 6'5 in shoes and she looks 6'1 near him? Those shoes can't give over 3 inches honestly. There's no platform for starters.
Mimi said on 29/Mar/16
Rob If Nicole was to wear a pair of CL Exagonas would she be almost 6ft4?
Editor Rob: absolutely, they are very big heels...ones you need to be careful when walking in!
aaron loree said on 25/Mar/16
She as inspired me and I am the same height.
charlie said on 25/Mar/16
In heels she looks 5 foot 10 inches. Her true physical height is no where near 5 foot 10 inches. Perhaps 5 foot 6 is more suited for her. There's a photo of her with 6 foot 4 Alexander Skarsgard. She is wearing her 6 inch heels and stand6 inches shorter than Alexander. Just Google it. Alexander Skarsgard and Nicole Kidman. Why can't people accept their real height? if a woman is 5 foot 6 but in heels she is 5 foot 10 her physical height is 5 foot 6.
MC said on 13/Mar/16
Hi rob how tall nicole would be in a pair of CL lady peeps?
Editor Rob: it's very possible she will come in around 6ft 2 on the button.
charlie said on 9/Mar/16
Many actresses measure their height with heels on same as models. Now my previous comment I said she was 5 foot 10. I should stated that she is 5 foot 10 in heels. Without heels she is 5 foot 5 inches. Now I am a tall man 5 foot 10 inches. I look at Nicole in this photo and I see her looking the same height as me with her heels on. Without the heels she is very short. well not very short. Very short would be 4 foot 10 female. I would say she's still tall but not the height she claims to be.
charlie said on 4/Feb/16
Stormy T comment Nicole is no where near 6 foot 1 inches lol shes 5 foot 10 inches which is still extremely tall when you see her next to Kelly from Regis and Kelly. Kelly looks tiny and petite and Nicole as pretty as she looked was very Amazonian next to her. And Jane Lynch is a Giant but she is no wear near 6 foot 3 inches. Jane is 6 feet tall or 5 foot 11 inches.
Alex said on 27/Jan/16
Why wear big heels? To be taller, not only the short ones want be taller but also the tall ones want that. It's weird? Maybe, but believe me, averyone want to be a bit taller if they can. I'm 191 cm barefoot, and I like wear big boots :)
charlie said on 28/Dec/15
i just saw a photo of Nicole Kidman in high heels standing beside Keith Urban. She looks like an amazon woman beside him. I can never understand why tall women especially Nicole's height would wear high heels?.
Jerome said on 13/Dec/15
For some reason she doesn't look that tall at all. I'd never have guessed she and someone like Karolina kurkova are of similar height. Karolina looks way taller.
Big C said on 9/Nov/15
Rob how tall did you think Val Kilmer looked with Nicole in batman forever? 182cm-5ft 11.75? I don't think he was ever a solid or legit six footer.
Editor Rob: almost 6ft range probably, to be fair it's been a long while since seeing that movie
Big C said on 6/Nov/15
Rob is 180.0cm possible for Nicole? Or do you think she's more like 179cm? She is a strong 5ft 10 anyway very tall woman, could be near 6ft 2 in heels right? Or 6ft 1.75?
Editor Rob: I would say she is 179 and probably didn't drop much under that mark at worst, in other words, at times she may well have looked over 5ft 10.5 range.
Janet said on 4/Nov/15
Another spot on listing
Allie said on 4/Nov/15
Prove it Charlie.
Charlie said on 29/Oct/15
Nicole Kidman in heels 5 foot 10 without heels shes about 5 foot 7
Allie said on 29/Sep/15
178-179 seems right. About 3 inches taller than Jennifer Lawrence 170-171 max.
Charlie said on 7/Sep/15
wow so many people have an issue with a tall female ha. a taller woman than a male is making more headlines than the 9/11 attack.most tall women have long necks which is nice to see on a woman so their bodys match a shorter mans body. Sure she towered over Tom Cruise and it seems everyone is always comparing her giantism height next to shrimp Tom Cruise at 5 foot 4 inches. a lot of women in heels are taller than Tom Cruise.And you can/t really go by the IMDB height search of actors and actresses because most males measure with shoes on so they are recorded as 1 to 2 inches taller than their true height.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Aug/15
Yeah like Jolie her skin looks too shiny.
Sam said on 19/Aug/15
Kidman was much sexier IMO with more natural looks back in Dead Calm...she often looks too fake and botox-y these days.
MasterX said on 5/Mar/15
Hey rob do you think she lost height?? Recent pics with charlize showed she wasnt any taller than her. Both looked the same height. How about you upgrade Charlize and downgrade Nicole?
Dmeyer said on 31/Dec/14
Might have lost 0.5cm by now but peak more chance of 179-179.5cm than 178.5-179cm
Mike said on 11/Dec/14
Solid 179.
Judd said on 18/Oct/14
strong 5'10" in the afternoon...i would put her at 5'10.25"!
Arch Stanton said on 3/Oct/14
Don't know how tall her father was who just died but facially she is absolutely identical to him, I've never seen a stronger father-daughter resemblance. She gets the red hair and height form her mother who she otherwise looks nothing like. Click Here
Just said on 7/Jul/14
I've once read that Nicole, her sister and her mother are all exact the same height: 5'10"25. So I don't think she's 5'11 or taller...
Dmeyer said on 19/Jun/14
5'11.25 morning 10.5 night i cant see her shorter
valiant said on 16/Jun/14
rob, she could be 5'10 in the late afternoon?
[Editor Rob: not sure if she'd drop much below the 179 mark]
gabriel said on 13/Jun/14
yeah, sure you met her, Chris. Meh, you're probably 5'2 ft
Joe said on 12/Jun/14
She cannot be 5'11! I'm precisely 5'11(180cm) plus 1-2cm of hair and another 2-3cm of shoes, which adds up to a maximum of 185cm (6'1).

I took a picture next to her in Madame Tussaud's (freakishly realistic) and we're the same size, my eye level is even a bit higher. With hairdo and heels on, she'd have been at least 2-3 inches taller than me.

Trust me, if I lied my height, I'd round it up.
Chris said on 6/Jun/14
I am 6'4 ft (194 cm) and I towered over her, case closed.
Elias said on 23/May/14
In the movie trespass she is about the same height as 5ft 11.5in Cam Gigandet.
nikos said on 23/Mar/14
on the picture that just posted on feb19 nicole is 2 cm shorter than 5"9"75 latifa and is almost certain that her heels are much higher than the queens who never wears very high heels in opposition with nicole who ALWAYS wears 12-14 cm heels especially when she split up with tom rob 5ft9 is correct 5ft10.5 is a joke.also check out batman forever next to 182 [listed by you]val kilmer on every scene she is about 3-4 cm shorter than him with high heels,dont you agree?
Just said on 19/Feb/14
Pretty much the same height as 5'9"75 Queen Latifa. Click Here
Just said on 19/Feb/14
This height seems right for her. She was about the same height as 5'9"75 Queen Latifa in "My Life", there wasn't much height difference between them.
Natasha said on 6/Feb/14
179 is right.
J.Lee said on 30/Jan/14
Rob, Nicole 5 ft 11.5 by any chance? Also, you said that afternoon wasn't much of a height difference, but I noticed that today around 2 PM I was 5 ft 10.6. I was 5 ft 11 in the morning. But late at night I was only about 5 ft 10 and 1/8. So sometimes my height can drop more than other days. Do I just go with the height in the afternoon even though it dropped more?
[Editor Rob: I go with the average rate of loss which is a several mm from being up 6 hours to up 12 can get a bigger loss but it's not as common]
Mr. R said on 28/Jan/14
Nicole is closer to 5-11.5. She came over to us the night she won her Oscar and she towered over me in heels.
J.Lee said on 26/Jan/14
Thanks for covering that up. But here is one more question Rob, that I can't seem to understand. You said that you go by people's height at about 3 hours after they wake up, but not necessarily their lowest height. But it seems like Nicole, you put at her lowest height, where as other people like ''Brooklyn Decker'' you put at 5 ft 9, even though you said she probably goes below 5 ft 9 at times. So why for some you put at their lowest, and others you put in between? If you put Nicole's average height, she could be 5 ft 10 3/4 or 5 ft 11.
[Editor Rob: I'm thinking of afternoon - for most people the difference isn't much compared to evening.]
J.Lee said on 26/Jan/14
Rob, how do you come up with how much height one loses for each particular person? For instance if 2 people are the same height, what make you assume one is the taller person in the morning?
[Editor Rob: the average is just under 2cm, the longer someone's spine, the more chance they might shrink a bit more. 6ft 3-4 people have more chance of full inch (or even a bit more) than a 5ft 6 man.]
J.Lee said on 24/Jan/14
Rob, is any girl that is 5 ft 10.5 on here, 5 ft 11 1/4 or 1/3 in the mornings? I'm 5 ft 11 in the mornings, but usually maintain a height of 5 ft 10 1/2 most of the time and usually the whole day.
[Editor Rob: anwyhere from 1/2 to nearly an inch people can vary - some even less than 1/2 inch, but that's a bit rarer than all those who shrink between 1/2 and nearly 1 inch range.

yeah there will be some over 5ft 11 and some around 5ft 11.]
J.Lee said on 23/Jan/14
Does a fraction mean a quarter inch?
[Editor Rob: 1/4 or 1/3rd inch]
J.Lee said on 20/Jan/14
Rob what do you think her morning height is?
[Editor Rob: probably a fraction over 5ft 11]
Just said on 9/Jan/14
@Stormy T. First of all, Jane Lynch is 6' tall and NOT 6'3.
Jane Lynch always wears sneakers and Nicole usually wears two inches heels. Nicole is between 5'10 and 5'10"5. There is no way that Nicole is 6'1. She has a great posture, but she's about Charlize Theron's height and shorter than Uma Thurman.
Stormy T. said on 30/Dec/13
Nicole said on "The View" not long after she had her daughter Sunday, that she was 6'1" She's taller than all the other actresses that are 5'11" and she towers over 5'7" Sandra Bullock and 5'8" Catherine Zeta-Jones in photos and on television. She has admitted that she always lied about her height on paper starting when she was a teen actress and was told that she was too tall to be a lead actress. So the 5'11" height we usually read about goes back to her teen years when she said she knocked a few inches off her height on paper. Jane Lynch is 6'3" and Nicole stood next to her at some event and looked as tall as Jane, they weren't wearing heels.
Just said on 8/Dec/13
I agree with Pedro: an upgrade for Charlize.
Pedro said on 2/Nov/13
Here is a recent picture of Nicole Kidman next to Charlize Theron: Click Here .
Despite having less footwear and no standing straight, Charlize doesn't look much shorter than Nicole. Maybe a downgrade for Nicole or an upgrade for Charlize?
Brad said on 30/Sep/13
She is 5'11." Wrap it up and put a bow on it. You can bet she's grown since age 13. She is noticeably tall for a woman. When she has heels on she can make big guys like Jackman look short. Her husband Keith Urban wears serious lifts to stay in camera shot with her.
tiny said on 16/Sep/13
@Emily: Completely agree with you. There are tons of German girls/women taller than 180 cms and all of them are very well built, not freakishly skinny like Nicole Kidman. I guess Nicole weighs just about 60 kgs whereas a girl that height should eb atleast 80 kgs
Emily said on 6/Sep/13
@Ahboh Freakishly tall? Not really. Here in Germany you'd find a ton of women this height. (and taller) I think her build can make her look freakishly tall, and of course she likes to wear heels.
truth179cm said on 29/Aug/13
Th said on 8/Aug/13
Well the movie just go with it when she was barefoot by Dan Patrick who's like 6 3 she was almost as tall as him and he was wearing footwear and she was barefoot I think she is actually 6 ft but she seems like a woman who downgrades her height don't u think rob?
hurricane brat said on 30/Jul/13
She really does have a thing for men shorter than her though! She was married to Tom Cruise, is married to Keith Urban now (5-8.5') and dated Lenny Kravitz (5-9)
MaskDeMasque said on 26/Jul/13

I wouldn't say freakishly tall but certainly very tall. I think she's 5'10 though and not 5'10.5.
Ahboh said on 10/Jul/13
Freakishly tall (for a woman) and she wanted to wear 4/5 inches heels?
Shelly said on 1/Jul/13
Legit 5' 11.
Chris said on 26/Jun/13
5ft 11.
Silent d said on 23/Jun/13
Jax said on 5/May/13
exactly 5'10 (178cm) seems right
Masanori said on 3/May/13
You seem kind of immature for someone my age...
I cared a lot more about height before. Now I wouldn't be afraid of being with a woman my height or more. If I like her, I'll want to be with her and I won't even notice it.
Plus I'm lucky enough to be slightly over 6'1", so I don't run into that problem much anyway.
I hope you get over your obsession with height like I did :3
Peyman - 6ft said on 30/Apr/13
Awesomimous says on 12/Apr/13

Also, your post reads like someone who's trying to mask their jealousy of Cruise's love life with a forced mocking tone ridiculing his height.

I'm sorry buddy. But he's still a talented, good looking, A-list film star who gets with the hottest ladies in Hollywood, despite his increasingly creepy obsession with scientology.

"most of the 6ft+ guys love women who are that tall"
Sadly, it doesn't seem like this girl would be interested in you. Good luck with the rest of your life though.
1st : LOL
2nd : nice try
3rd : you can get any idea about my post , I really don't care .
but who are you? a Tom Cruise fan ?!!
4thd : I'm a special kind of guy who cares too much about ladies height , no chance for 5'10"+ & under 5'4" & if I were 5ft 7.5in like Cruise I would look for ( 5ft - 5ft 6in ). so to me a solid 5ft 10in would sound ridiculous doesn't it ?!
5th : also I've just recently reached 20 which means I'm too young for her ,I don't wanna waste my time with somebody who is not that much younger than my GRANDMA.
so there is NO CHANCE for Nicole Kidman to be with me !!!!
6th : LOLS again.
ChUcKLeS said on 23/Apr/13
I met nicole.. at least 5'10.
Awesomimous said on 12/Apr/13

Also, your post reads like someone who's trying to mask their jealousy of Cruise's love life with a forced mocking tone ridiculing his height.

I'm sorry buddy. But he's still a talented, good looking, A-list film star who gets with the hottest ladies in Hollywood, despite his increasingly creepy obsession with scientology.

"most of the 6ft+ guys love women who are that tall"
Sadly, it doesn't seem like this girl would be interested in you. Good luck with the rest of your life though.
Awesomimous said on 12/Apr/13
Your sense of "ridiculous" is irrelevant.
Peyman-6ft said on 18/Jan/13
I actually meant 5'9''+ is ridiculous for somebody like tom cruise.
kidman on heels makes him like a little kid.
She's not a giant , she is a super hot actress , most of the 6ft+ guys love women who are that tall .
Peyman-6ft said on 9/Jan/13
kidman : 5'10'' _ 5'10.5''
cruise : 5'7.5''_ 5'8''
lol at choosing anything over 5'9'' for a woman
Joey said on 18/Dec/12
exactly 5'10 Id say
Alysson said on 10/Sep/12
she's 178-180cm tall
I'm also as tall as she is and i'd wish i could take it in stride like she does..
Shaun said on 26/Aug/12
Mmm in thinking about it though a 5'11-6' woman in 4 inch heels though might worry me LOL. I can't be stood next to a woman who is near 6'4" in heels! Nicole Kidman has looked near Prince William's height in heels at 5'10.5".
Shaun said on 26/Aug/12
I often find tall women attractive, more so than shorter women I think. Obviously there are some 5'1" stunners and 6'0 stunners which exist. 5'5"-5'8" I think is an ideal range for women but I can recall 5'10-6' blondes I've seen which look amazing, sort of like Vic Reeves's wife Nancy Sorell types. I'd happily date a 5'11-6' woman but no taller but to date a woman around my height if she's wearing heels, hmmm, don't know about that!!
bill said on 30/Jul/12
She's 177cm and her husband is 172cm
super mario said on 5/Jun/12
@rob some of the comments here are against the rules
@don and @zarina for example(actually 95% of zarina's comments are against the side's rules)
Silent d said on 26/Jan/12
179cm easy.
nice guy said on 7/Jan/12
Caitlyn said on 4/Jan/12
@Zarina "PETITE WOMEN RULE. Tall women, eat yout hearts out! Wallow in your self pity with your flamingo legs."

Here you go again. This isn't the first rude and ridiculous generalization you've written. Long legs are considered beautiful by most, yet you choose to make yourself feel good by insulting a huge category of women. My 5'8 boyfriend think I'm the perfect height for him (at 5'3), but he still think Nicole Kidman (who frequently asserts she is 5'11) is super hot!

My guess is that Issuetall has some serious self esteem problems as well.

Curviness and body type ARE NOT determined by height. If they were, we wouldn't need this site to discuss the heights of celebrities. We would see curvy girls and know they were short, and see waifish girls and know they were tall. That is not how it works.
Spanish man said on 1/Jan/12
Nicole Kidman has the MorrisΒ΄s Sindrom. He is a MAN (he is XY) with the appearance of a Woman. Look more i Google ;)
Lol! said on 27/Nov/11
Has anyone seen her in Just Go With It? Id say five ELEVEN.
you guys don't look at the difference between who she stands next too
If she looks at their forehead SHE'S NOTHING under five ten. And if you look at her body and observe not ONE PART of her body,she's CLEEARLLY over five nine,eight. OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE!!!!!!
Physics Enemy said on 26/Nov/11
She's taller than Pitt, she's as listed or even 5' 10.75".
mofo said on 12/Nov/11
@qqq With high heels she is over 6ft.
Without high heels shes 5ft9.5-5ft10.
LAN Jiao said on 2/Nov/11
old picture with china actress 5'3 zhang zhiyi kidman bizarrely look 5'9. but i think shes a fair 5'10 not over. maybe 5'10.5 came morning
Silent d said on 28/Oct/11
She is naturally tall. Next to 5 foot 8 keith urban, the height difference is obvious. 179cm. No argument.
qqq said on 26/Oct/11
She is 180cm bcoz jackman n nicole not much different in height.
mofo said on 12/Oct/11

Nicole isn't 5ft11 no way is she!
She is more like 5ft9.5-5ft10!
LAN Jiao said on 6/Oct/11
would't be surprise brad pitt is under kidman height by barefoot. nicole kidman is all 178ish women.
Anon said on 17/Sep/11
She has been tall since the early 90's... the Illizarovs procedure was introduced only in the mid nineties for height increase... In the early day's it used to be quite primitive and would leave permanent scars so was never used to increase height of a normal person...she has none on her limbs..

Nicole Kidman is naturally tall ..
Martin said on 25/Aug/11
Chris says on 10/Jul/11
@ Dondari - They put her in a whole and him on a box.

@ Stormy Tiger - I'm pretty sure Hugh Jackman has never said that, he's tall. but not that tall.

I heard that Nicole Kidman got surgery to make her taller, but I'm still not quite sure this is true. Can someone verify this for me with a reliable source? I'm sure that if she did get this, she'd have been 5'8 at least before the surgery.

I read on the internet that pigs can fly aswell...ffs Chris, do not believe in everything you read.
reza pouran said on 11/Aug/11
i am too much unlucky in the world because i am a man with 5'5"(165)cm .
i think when i stand beside nicole It seems that I am her child.
Lee Townley said on 9/Aug/11
She is 5ft 10 ins. Period. I have met her.
Lee Townley said on 9/Aug/11
Nicole Kidman is 5ft 10 ins. Or 1m 79cms. I know this cause she told me.
Matt said on 18/Jul/11
@issuetall, bitter much? you're comments are wrong in so many ways i'm not even going to break it down, but you have some serious issues.
Chris said on 10/Jul/11
@ Dondari - They put her in a whole and him on a box.

@ Stormy Tiger - I'm pretty sure Hugh Jackman has never said that, he's tall. but not that tall.

I heard that Nicole Kidman got surgery to make her taller, but I'm still not quite sure this is true. Can someone verify this for me with a reliable source? I'm sure that if she did get this, she'd have been 5'8 at least before the surgery.
Shaun said on 10/Jul/11
Click Here

How the hell does Pitt do it? He looks 6'1" next to Kidman. Kidman must be in flats and Pitt in lifts as she's about 6'2" in heels
Shaun said on 10/Jul/11
Sorry Rob there is no way Brad Pitt is taller than Nicole Kidman barefoot.
Shaun said on 10/Jul/11
She's damn tall for a woman, looks like she'd measure 5'11" baarefoot at some point in the day.

Click Here

She has to be 6'2"-6'2.5" in those heels as she's almost the same height as Prince William in them.
Dondari said on 3/Jul/11
is she really 180?? I don't believe. in the movie "far and away" tom and she has a same heights. I thinks her height is 175-77, no more.
Stormy Tiger said on 3/Jul/11
Nicole is 6'1". She said it on The View. Where do you people come up with 5'10" and 5'11"? She's extremely tall and you can tell that by looking at her. She's taller than Charlize Theron, Faith Hill and Cameron Diaz who are all 5'10". Nicole has also admitted in past interviews that she would lie and knock a few inches off her height. Tom Cruise is 5'7" without shoes or lifts. Hugh Jackman said he was 6'7". I could tell that 'cause he was a foot taller than 5'7" Ashley Judd in Someone Like You. How come when celebrities are really quite tall, everyone tries to say that they are shorter? If you're short they try to add an inch or two.
[Editor Rob: I take it you've not seen hugh jackman standing beside an actual 6ft 7 guy like daniel cudmore ;)]
im5'8 said on 15/Jun/11
damn shes taller than me, but then shes hot yo !!
other greek guy said on 22/May/11
what is this greek guy talking about? skase re malaka... girls in greece are not short but they aren't very tall either. they are normal size i would probably say between 5'2 and 5'6 I am 5'11 myself and i wouldn't mind dating a girl who is 5'4 or a girl 5'10 it's all the same. and who ever said greek people are very short that isn't the case at all. They are normal heights.
Johan Cruyff said on 9/Apr/11
Nicole Kidman's heights are:

Morning (out of bed)= 5'10.85" (1.80 m)
After 1,5-3 hrs= 5'10.5" (1.79 m)
After 5-10 hrs= 5'10" (1.78 m)

She's a solid 1.80 m in the morning and a solid 1.78 m in the afternoon! I think she cannot be over and also under these measurements!
tallteen said on 4/Apr/11
Im 14 and 5'11!! since I was about 9 people have been asking when im gonna start my modeling career!! I had a rough time being bullied about my height through middle school but now im so proud of it!! most of the guys in my class are aroung 5'9 to 5'11 already so I dont mind!! People just have to except that everyone is made diferently for different reasons!!! Its whats on the inside that counts.
zarina said on 26/Mar/11
to emina: He is using that name to you as a term of endearment, so he is using the word amazon in a kind, nice, lovable way.Midget can also be used in a cute way.
bill said on 19/Mar/11
Barefoot she's 5"9=175 cm tops!!
People just tend to exaggerate when it comes to celebrities heights.
emina said on 19/Mar/11
@zarina amazon is good.i am 5 11 and my husband calls me amazon,is like calling a petite girl tiny and cute,or something.
issuetall said on 27/Feb/11
Tall and Proud says on 7/Dec/09
For those people who do not like tall women or call tall women freacks. You are the most idiot people in the WORLD. Why don't you go and get married to a miget and have miget kids....yeah short women look so sexy especially when they get old and shrink all the way to the floor. The reason we do not have more tall females is because idoit men that are 5'11'', marry child look a like. How many times we have seen tall men with short ugly women and the women look like their children. If I was a short woman (thank God that I am not) I would marry somebody close to my own height. The only country that thinks tall women are ugly are USA and CANADA....and that is because you have Philippinos, Asians and Hespanic popluation dominate the ugly shortness. So go on men get married to short females that is why you see men with humps on their backs because they had to bend so much to reach their child .....opps their wife. lololololololol.

Yeah. Tall is good. I think west people must keep the advantage of the highest group in the world. And I want to ask some people who said to do not care the boyfriend/girlfriend's height. Do you like your children will be called dwarf by their peers? Do you like your children will complain you when he grow up a short men/women? Do you like the foreigner scorn your country is "a country of midget"? I don't think so.
SolidSnake said on 26/Feb/11
Cant be 5'10.5 because I saw a pic where nicole kidman comes about an inch below hugh jackman's eye. Meaning she is 5.5 inches shorter. So that makes Jackman 6'4 lol which he clearly isn't....
Guy Who Normally Comments with Anonymous said on 19/Feb/11
why is it so surprising that she has to state that she was 5'10ish at 13? Girls are done growing by 14. thats when boys start catching up.
K4 said on 19/Feb/11
Blyn says on 18/Jan/11
I am 6 ' 2" and my wife is 6" 7" and beautiful

Really? i like to see that.
Anonymous said on 16/Feb/11
At recent Grammy event L' Wrenn Scott towers over Nicole. Anybody has a picture of this?
Larc 6 ft 1.5 in said on 2/Feb/11
She's not quite 5'11, Will Ferrell had even more than 4inches on her.
Alycia said on 28/Jan/11
Wow some people can be mean!! I'm 5"8.5 and i wear heels when i go out and even shorter guys will buy me a drink. The fact is different people have different tastes and we should value each others differences not put each other down!!
Someone give me a sign said on 23/Jan/11
I'm lost. How did we get from Nicole Kidman to these little personal stories? Not that they aren't great (in fact they are!) but don't forget to end on topic!
Blyn said on 18/Jan/11
I am 6 ' 2" and my wife is 6" 7" and beautiful...and she wears heels and I like that... People look at us when we walk thru stores , but mostly just look at her because she is stunning and tall..
Chameleon said on 18/Jan/11
We know Nicole Kidman is 179/180 whats left to discuss?
lickmyboots said on 18/Jan/11
What the heck is going on in here? A party? This page is supposed to be about Nicole Kidman! Oh okay. Twist my arm. Pass me a beer wouldya?
Chameleon said on 15/Jan/11
@greek guy: What u mean u prefer tall girls 'cause u want to stay with your girlfriend forever'? and yeah ofcourse Im not that tall and I like taller girls too so.
@greek guy said on 14/Jan/11
@Chameleon to be honsest i am always the tallest.some times i like it sometimes not.most of the times i am happy with it,especially when i am with my girlfriend.but i dont care height is unimportant.about me dating a tall is because always i was intrested for tall girls.i am too tall to be with a 5 2 or 5 5 girl,we would be funny together,and i would be like a freak and she like a is not only that,me with my 5 11 girlfriend have chemistry,we are neighborhoods tall couple,and i think we are cute together and have fun with it.i dont have problem with small girls but i prefer taller(prefered cause i want to stay with my girlfreind forever)and i think we are as cute as a small couple.and that tall girls can also be cute and feminime
Chameleon said on 13/Jan/11
@greek guy: quite tall in Greece or very tall? :p and I think its cool ur dating a tall girl =}
Zarina said on 13/Jan/11
Greek guy, I do agree height is unimportant. This is just a fun height site where we can share oppinions. I don't always do this but I had to respond to Noisybird who badmouthed short girls.
greek guy said on 12/Jan/11 you always do that?you know we do not feel out of place because height is really gfriend best friend is 5 2
greek guy said on 12/Jan/11
@Chameleon yes we are both greek and we live in greece,at 6ft4 i am quite tall in girl is really tall at five ten and a half and greek girls are really short.this is not bad or good,this is just a size,i dont have problem with short girls,but @Zarina,.@Heights or @Paul made rude comments and i totally disagree with them.if you like tall girls you should come to Greece.Greek tall girls have not problem in dating a short guy
Zarina said on 12/Jan/11
Greek guy, You are very tall for a Greek. I have a lot of Greek friends and in general Greek men and women are shorter. A lot of Greek women are petite. Your girlfriend cannot be Greek, I would guess, otherwise she would feel out of place.
Chameleon said on 11/Jan/11
@greek guy, are both of u greek and live in greece? and do u always feel tall at 6ft4? I like tall girls aswell the only difference is Im barely 6'(barefoot) lOl.
greek guy said on 10/Jan/11
@Chameleon i am 6 ft 4 in
Chameleon said on 9/Jan/11
@greek guy how tall are u then?
greek guy said on 8/Jan/11
tall girls girlfriend is five ten and a half and when i am kissing her legs they are like they will never end
tall girl said on 7/Jan/11
@Zarina,you have a point but not all petite girls are hot,and not all tall ones are unnatractive.i am 5 11 and i have long legs,but not skinny legs,and i had never had problems in dating.all womend in my family are around 5 9-5 10 and all married(the over30s).i dont have flamingo legs believe me.some like'em short, some like'em tall ).you cant convince me that ALL men like small women.some others dont even care...5ft10 women don't look like a tranny.@Heights there is not manly height,especially if the 5 11 or 5 10 is the height of a beautyfull lady.and i am 5 11 and my soulmate is 6 3 and we love eachother,and we dont care be called giant couple behind our backs,i would say we gain respect and compliments,and i think we are as cute as a short couple.all these pple saying that men prefer short women to tall women hmmm, cant speak for every men.My man likes that m tall more than anything, he sed it was my height that captured his attention firstly (he is tall and m tall),His friends or teammates (plays basketball) ol date women generally tall women. I hav always attracted tall men (short men as well).ol my ex bf are tall.m just trying to prove those whose say that tall men go for short women only wrong.THE TRUTH IS PEOPLE GO FOR PEOPLE THAT 'DO IT' FOR THEM.COULD BE TALL OR SHORT.
so please lets not start a 'tall v short' war because god is not a fool to have made people in different heights.
tall girl said on 7/Jan/11
@Zarina,you have a point but not all petite girls are hot,and not all tall ones are unnatractive.i am 5 11 and i have long legs,but not skinny legs,and i had never had problems in dating.all womend in my family are around 5 9-5 10 and all married(the over30s).i dont have flamingo legs believe me.some like'em short, some like'em tall :).you cant convince me that ALL men like small women.some others dont even care...5ft10 women don't look like a tranny.@Heights there is not manly height,especially if the 5 11 or 5 10 is the height of a beautyfull lady.and i am 5 11 and my soulmate is 6 3 and we love eachother,and we dont care be called giant couple behind our backs,i would say we gain respect and compliments,and i think we are as cute as a short couple.all these pple saying that men prefer short women to tall women hmmm, cant speak for every men.My man likes that m tall more than anything, he sed it was my height that captured his attention firstly (he is tall and m tall),His friends or teammates (plays basketball) ol date women generally tall women. I hav always attracted tall men (short men as well).ol my ex bf are tall.m just trying to prove those whose say that tall men go for short women only wrong.THE TRUTH IS PEOPLE GO FOR PEOPLE THAT 'DO IT' FOR THEM.COULD BE TALL OR SHORT.
so please lets not start a 'tall v short' war because god is not a fool to have made people in different heights.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Jan/11
179-180cm or 5"10.75
Smiley99 said on 22/Dec/10
I don't know why standing next to a taller person than you would make anyone feel uncomfortable, to me I've always admired them wonder woman, amazonistic, modelesque people. More power to them. I wouldn't mind being tall at all. Legs wanna have long legs.
NoisyBird said on 22/Dec/10
I can't believe some of the comments here.

Put the Law in the hands of the newly elected "Midget Height-Reich" and we'll have "Height-Police" arresting anyone over 5'7". Ghetto's of TALL PEOPLE. Segregated restrooms for the marginalized Tall Girls.

Seriously. Have we humans become THAT caught up in notions of NORMALCY that if you don't fit in the band 10 values higher or lower than the mean then its - WATCH OUT - FREAK!

Humans can be so cruel for the most artificially constructed reasons. Very sad.

Anyway - its scientific fact that when a population enjoys a highly nutritious diet (particularly high in proteins) over successive generations, then the average grown height (successive generations) will rise markedly.

Models RULE. Be afraid short girls - be very afraid (giggle giggle)
Anonymous said on 11/Dec/10
Cause Tom cruise is 5'9, so he's like 2 inches shorter
Caitlyn said on 23/Nov/10
I was just watching Moulin Rouge! and in the end when she's dying, (She plays Satine) and so shes laying there dying in Christians arms, and her just laying there it looked like her legs never ended!
Legend said on 10/Nov/10
Interesting how Tom Cruise was able to hold his own next to her. How?
jasper said on 8/Nov/10
yeh definitly a tall lady, but definitly pulls it off. still hot today in her 40s.

speaking of tall women i was at the train station recently and im 6'2 and there wasnt anyone around taller than me or even close at the time. then from no where this woman came in and she was huge must of been like 6'6 or 6'7 i had to take a triple check!
LubyLu said on 6/Jul/09
Someone, you're obviously a short guy who isn't man enough to handle a taller woman. Are you saying all men above say, 6'2 are freaks of nature too?
Anonymous said on 22/Jun/09
what is a freak of nature someone?, i guess that would be you, takes one to know one.
Josefine said on 19/Jun/09
shell said on 10/Jun/09
I don't see why a woman would lie about being that tall. She is likely 5'11 as she says.
Someone said on 6/Jun/09
I think women that tall as 5'10 and above are freaks of nature. Women shouldn't be that high!
Lenad said on 27/May/09
In heels that only look like 3 inches she looks almost as tall as Hugh Jackman. Wouldnt be surprised if she was a full 5ft11

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