How tall is Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth's Height

6ft 3 (190.5 cm)

Australian actor, best known for playing Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and for roles in Star Trek, Red Dawn, Snow White and the Huntsmen and TV series Home & Away. He was listed on casting agency as being 190cm tall, as well as (pre Thor) having Waist 87cm (34in), Neck 41cm (16in), Chest 97cm (38in) (likely error and 107cm/42in was meant) and size 12 shoes. In a Bodybuilding interview he mentioned for Rush he "went from 215 pounds, which is how much I weigh when I'm playing Thor, down to about 185 pounds" and in a video when he checked out his imdb trivia and saw 6ft 2¾ listed, he said "I think I'm about Six-Three actually".
“There are certainly things I’ve wanted to go up for which I’ve been totally wrong for, physically,” he agrees. “And I normally lie about my height [6ft 3in] and say I’m shorter,” he confesses. “But it can go two ways. The brief for the audition for Thor said: must be over 6ft 1in, which I’d never seen before!”
-- Radio Times

How tall is Chris Hemsworth
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Average Guess (571 Votes)
6ft 2.95in (190.4cm)
Slim1.74m said on 26/Apr/24
6'3 flat
berta said on 25/Nov/23
wheni think about 6´3 i see CHris.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Sep/23
Drops to 190cm flat in the evening.
Boemx said on 30/May/23
Shorter than adesanya
189.5 is proper
Max Francis said on 17/May/23
@stjonz Sometimes I do fall to 189.5 by evening, depends how active I am. My range is 191cm to 189.8cm normally.
stjonz said on 11/May/23
@maxfrancis Youve got me beat I think, Im about 189.5 in evening, definitely above 190 in morning cause i hit my head on bathroom door which is 190,but then by evening can't touch it, I do have a big head and probably bad posture so I might have quite a drastic drop throughout day.
Johan 185 cm said on 8/May/23

Yes what you're saying is very true. I lose alot of height on days where I work out and also do my manual labor job. I will keep doing it though, the benefits in strength, flexibility are too great to stop. What I changed is just doing 3x a week once I hit 40. So plenty of rest and recovery time. I dont have the energy anymore to work all day and then hit the gym for 2 hours /5 days a week.

Reduced weight and upped reps on all my compound exercises.

As for Chris I see he is doing alot of cardio nowadays and also lifting far lighter. Most likely for film roles but he is also getting older.
Vmxow said on 4/May/23
pov said on 24/Apr/23
I would say he measures a solid 6”3. 191cm would be on the cards for him mid day. Perhaps 192cm out of bed. I would even go as far to say 190cm is his lowest. Proper 6”3 man.
Max Francis said on 17/Apr/23
@SamJones, At what time of day are you 190cm, I'm of a similar height of 189.8cm by late evening. Yes Hemsworth looks 190cm at least.
Sam Jones said on 24/Mar/23
Im 190cm on the dot and I walked past him and got the impression he was slightly taller than me,
I didnt look at footwear but I had work boots on probably added 2cm, doesnt help much I know just wanted to clarify hes definitly over 6'3 at least.
I did notice the lack of girth in his muscles though, very thin from back to front hollywood muscles.
185 Tim.Will_son_T said on 14/Mar/23
barefoot 190 cm which means weak 6'3
out of bed 6'3.5
night 6'2.6
Cmpwj said on 13/Mar/23
John marks said on 4/Mar/23
How tall do you think his personal trainer like zocchi is? He claims to be 175cm but looks shorter than Luke
Editor Rob
Yeah a quick glance and I thought under 5ft 8
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Feb/23
berta, I think there’s a lot of truth in that. Lifting weights correctly actually does wonders for things like balance, posture etc. Guys who who lift heavy day-in/day-out usually manual-related work have rubbish habits, neglect just about everything else that’s supposed to go with it and seriously screw themselves up. I’m like you in that my morning to evening range is quite narrow (195cm out of bed, 193cm before bed). I work out 4-5 days a week, got super strong during COVID but was very cautious with the overload. Lifting heavy day in day out won’t make you stronger over time, youll break down. But doing it once in a while can be beneficial…
berta said on 11/Jan/23
I still think this dude is a textbook 6´3 guy. If we go by around 3 in the afternoon height. also he workout every day and that makes him little shorter on average than if he wouldnt. I have said this before on other pages but im gonna tell it here again. When i was working out very hard from ages 18-28 ( until covid) and then i mean verry hard. 140 kg in militarypress, 202,5 kg in benchpress ( just to you know i wouldnt class it as a average guy working out) I was around 197 in the afternoon. It could fall little under after a very long workout, lets say 196,7 but then it got back to 197 if i was resting infront of the computer for a while. I always claim 196-197 when people ask because i feel like im lying if i know i can be under 197 with a tiny fraction temporarly. Now the interesting thing is. I havent done a single workout since Mars 2020, because i got some problem after covid. I have measured myself a couple times because i " felt" taller and also my family have noticed it too and said stuff like " you look almost 2 meter since you stopped with powerlifting". I havent measured myself out of bed what i can remember so i dont know what that height is these days but if i measure myself around lets say 7 in the evening my height is now bang on 198 cm. Dont think my morning height is a mm over 199 ( i dont really lose mutch height from moring to evening if i dont lift heavy stuff) The weaker the spine is the more you lose during the day. I have ofcourse lost alot of muscles after almost 3 years of not working out but i am still pretty strong ( well, look strong atleast) The arms have gone from 51 cm around to just over 46 now for example. Bodyfat went from 8,6 ( checked it on a machine where they can see stuff like that on bodybuilders) and now is about 12-13,5 procent. I tell you this just to kind of show you that i expect my back to be pretty strong still. So for all you guys that will maximise your height: workout so your back will get strong but workout in a way that you dont lift heavy stuff from the ground. Maybe use the machines on the gym instead of squat and deadlift. You will ofcourse never be very big if you workout that way but i mean who cares if you dont wanna be a bodybuilder and also it is healthier. I could get pain in my shoulder, hips and joints if i psuched to hard so its better to really take care of the body than just want to be as strong as possible.Guys like Eddie Hall, Arnold, Hafthor was/ is 1 cm taller than they look if they wouldnt workout so hard.One more intersting thing: My father told me he was measured 187 in the afternoon atleast once when he was young so he claims 187. But when he have been measured later in life he always get 188 cm. He lifted alot when he was young. I think its the same there when he lifted all day he got down to 187 at his low, now when he mostly sit infront of the computer he is 188 cm in the afternoon, also he isnt that mutch taller in the morning. I know when i measured him in my teens, he was a bit over 189 in the morning, if i remember right something like 189,4 and then 188,2 in the afternoon. You dont loose that muthc height during the day if you have a good amount of muscles and dont lift heavy things like a carpenter. Would like to hear what you guys think about what i just told you.
Canson said on 9/Jan/23
@Rampage: I could class him as maybe close to a strong 190 by Rob’s definition. His definition is someone who falls maybe 1-2 mm under the mark since they will have been over the mark at lunch. I can see just that for him but maybe 189.8 at a low. 190 is also possible
Sandy Cowell said on 9/Jan/23
I never knew that Chris starred in Home and Away!
Daniel Lee 173 cm said on 8/Jan/23

Good joke. Probably in Netherlands
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jan/23
192-193cm straight out is probable. Never drops below 190cm so a dependable 6ft3, easily can be used to weed out the fakers who try to claim it.
184guy2 said on 7/Jan/23
190cm guy
Perfect height for an adult male ANYWHERE in the world, unless you wanna be a jockey or a basketball player
Canson said on 30/Dec/22
@Berta: by robs definition, he may be. He could be 6’2 7/8 at lunch and 6’2.75 at his low or add 1/8” to each. Now, he’s shorter than his brother by about 1 cm. So Liam is probably close to what Rob lists him give or take 1/8” (likely take).
berta said on 28/Dec/22
textbook 6´3 person. Not over but i really dont think anything under. Ofcourse helps his narrow shoulders to make him look taller but i would expect him to be 192,5 out of bed, maybe 1 mm or two under it. 191 at lucnh ( if he havent been workoing out), 190,5 at around 4-5 in the afternoon and just before bed 190,2 ish
QM6'1.5"QM said on 24/Dec/22
He's 6'2.75" at least. I just can't imagine him under 6'2.5" extreme low.
Chris is between 6'2.75- 6'3" and Liam is 6'3- 6'3.25"!

Hemsworth: textbook of a 190, lol :)
Sandy Cowell said on 22/Dec/22
I inadvertently landed on Chris’s page and my jaw dropped, thinking “Isn’t he TALL?”

He’s wearing all one colour as well, which isn’t only good fashion sense, it makes the most of a person’s height. He looks so suave and confident.

Chris gets six foot three and a Christmas tree: 😁🎄
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 21/Dec/22
He appears to be the same height as Prince William in their photos together. Chris might have the edge on him though, given the posture.
Andrey200 said on 19/Dec/22
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Dec/22
Average guess is one point, that sweet spot between 190-190.5cm.

Maybe the average guess is too close to 190.5. He could very well be closer to 190, such as 190.2.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Dec/22
Average guess is one point, that sweet spot between 190-190.5cm.
Canson said on 15/Dec/22
@Andrey: for a lunchtime height I think Liam is as listed and Chris maybe 6’2 7/8” which is a hair over 190. For their afternoon lows I’d say 6’2.75 and 6’3 1/8”
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 14/Dec/22
Liam Hemsworth actually appeared to be no more than 6’3” next to Vince Vaughn:

Click Here

The difference between their eye levels suggests that Vince isn’t much taller, but it’s a different story when you compare where their hairlines measure up against each other. Vince has an unusually low eye level for a man who is over 6’4”.
Andrey200 said on 14/Dec/22
@Canson: I think Liam looks his listing. Chris I could see at 190 flat because there does seem to be roughly 1 cm between them (though difficult to tell precisely of course given how close they are in height).
Canson said on 13/Dec/22
@Andrey: Liam isn’t verifiably in it but 6’2.75 is possible for his brother. Liam May dip below 191. But really this listing is safe and his brother should get 6’2 7/8. Both are lunchtime
Abdulrahman said on 13/Dec/22
190.00 cm.
Andrey200 said on 11/Dec/22
Seems to me to be a solid 190.5, no more no less, based on photos with others. Who knows if the 190 listing was based on a measurement, or an estimate by Chris or someone else.
Andrey200 said on 10/Dec/22
Liam Hemsworth is verifiably in the 191 range, so Chris Hemsworth can’t be under 190.
Andrey200 said on 10/Dec/22
stiggles said on 8/Dec/22
6ft 2 max

The absolute lowest he could conceivably be is 189 range, 6’2 ½, but even that is too low. Realistically he is not under 190, 6’2 ¾.
stiggles said on 8/Dec/22
6ft 2 max
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 2/Dec/22
anything over*
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 1/Dec/22
“QM6'1.5"QM said on 27/Sep/22
He's taller than Rock!
Even on his prime too.
Chris always-always seems like a huge and massive guy, but i really don't like him as an actor, lol :)

On 2-4cms taller than Hiddleston on every single shot and Tom just doesn't look under 6'1.5".

6'2.75- 6'3"– 65%
6'3- 6'3.25"– 30%

6'2.5- 6'2.75"– 5%!

6’3” is the most viable option for Chris, with there being an off-chance that he’s 6’2 3/4”. Liam Hemsworth has the edge on Chris, and Liam is a strong 6’3” which to me eliminates anything 6’3” for Chris.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 1/Dec/22
He’s around 6’3”. Sorry, but there’s no way he’s a flat 6’2” since that would make Tom no taller than 6’1”.
Abdul-DK said on 9/Nov/22
Canson said on 4/Oct/22
@Abdul: 188 is too low. He’s at minimum 189.5-190 where he would
Measure 6’2.75 at his afternoon/evening low. Likely 6’2 7/8 at lunchtime which is why Rob gave him a 6’3 listing. His brother is probably 1/4-1/2” taller and is probably what he’s listed at lunch and 6’3 1/8 perhaps at a low

I have my opinion
Abdul-DK said on 9/Nov/22
That’s your opinion.
IceCold1 said on 11/Oct/22
188 is laughable. He isn't under 190
Canson said on 4/Oct/22
@Abdul: 188 is too low. He’s at minimum 189.5-190 where he would
Measure 6’2.75 at his afternoon/evening low. Likely 6’2 7/8 at lunchtime which is why Rob gave him a 6’3 listing. His brother is probably 1/4-1/2” taller and is probably what he’s listed at lunch and 6’3 1/8 perhaps at a low
Abdul-177DK said on 2/Oct/22
Pranav Gaikwad said on 1/Oct/22
U have levi at 190.5 and everytime he edges out Chris,do u think it's high time to put chris atleast on 190 flat?
Wehrmacht180 said on 30/Sep/22
189 cm
QM6'1.5"QM said on 27/Sep/22
He's taller than Rock!
Even on his prime too.
Chris always-always seems like a huge and massive guy, but i really don't like him as an actor, lol :)

On 2-4cms taller than Hiddleston on every single shot and Tom just doesn't look under 6'1.5".

6'2.75- 6'3"– 65%
6'3- 6'3.25"– 30%

6'2.5- 6'2.75"– 5%!
Black Noir said on 24/Sep/22
Hey rob given chris workout regime and his active life by the time he’s 80 how much height do u think he’d lose?
Editor Rob
Depends if the weights he does will have long-term Arnie like effects.
Pranav Gaikwad said on 14/Sep/22
Do u think he could edge rock's prime too?
Canson said on 13/Sep/22
@Rampage: I can see him get to about 189.8 but no lower. That’s prob an afternoon low though and Liam maybe 190.8 so in reality the 6’3.25 is probably lunchtime for him and 6’2 7/8 May be Chris’s lunchtime and they may come down to 6’2 3/4” and 6’3 1/8.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Sep/22
I think Chris has to at least hold 190cm flat in the evening, doesn’t fall into 189cm territory. He’s as close as they come to a clean 6ft3, neither “weak” nor “strong”. Liam on the other hand is still nearer 191cm by that point in the day.

Standing together it’d impossible to tell them apart though
Pranav Gaikwad said on 8/Sep/22
Which range would u go for him
For him I'm more comfortable with second one(189-190)
Editor Rob
1) seems really hard to imagine, right between 2 and 3 for me.
Pranav Gaikwad said on 25/Aug/22
@186guy solid 6'3? Lol,hell no he's a strong 6'2 for sure or weak 6'3 like 189 or 190 max...i believe liam is more solid 6'3
berta said on 25/Aug/22
Arch. If you read my post again then you see i meant that i took at best 450 poubds in benchpress and it took me many years to put on 15-20 pounds of lean mass. He did it in a couple months. If he was natural then he would have had mutch greater genetics than me and be able to take 500-600 pounds in benchpress If he wanted and that is just not possible. Do you understundom what i mean. So i think he is a guy that maybe took 250 ish pounds natural and took stuff for his last movie and maybe with steroids got up to 290-310 pounds in bench.
186guy said on 25/Aug/22
His brother Is pretty much 192 and hes a weak 191, hes 190.7 or 190.5 just like hes listed, less than that its funny, u can tell by his presence that hes a solid 6 3
stiggles said on 23/Aug/22
6ft 3 in shoes.
Pranav Gaikwad said on 13/Aug/22
More like 189.5-190 and 190.5 would be morning height,188.5-189 at his absolute low
Canson said on 8/Aug/22
@Hyper and Chilldog: I don’t rule out 6’2 7/8 but that’s as high as I can see. In reality, I’d say that’s his lunchtime height and he dips to 6’2.75 at his normal low. I would say half inch with his brother or very near it.
Chilldog said on 7/Aug/22
He is closer to 6ft3, then 6ft2.75
stickyicky0 said on 7/Aug/22
Hyper said on 5/Aug/22
He’s six foot thor in Asgard.
onspurt said on 4/Aug/22
Chris is 6'2 5/8 like Lamonica Garret, and Liam is 6'3 1/4
Arch Stanton said on 3/Aug/22
berta said on 31/Jul/22

"500-600 pounds in benchpress"

You think Chris would lift near 600 lbs in the benchpress?? PMSL!! Even Brian Shaw struggles to do more than a few reps of a 500 lb press. I doubt he can lift much more than 300 lbs, and that's even after years of training.
berta said on 31/Jul/22
its interesting that he look like a small bodybuilder in the new thor movie and now just month after shooting he have narrow shoulders and does look like a normal gym guy with decent genetics. i know i said before that i dont think he take steroids or growth hormone but after seing him in the new thor movie i have changed my mind. he goes up and down to fast i weight. i personally can put on macimum 4-4,5 kg pure muscles in one year ( have taken 450 pounds in benchpress) he seems to have put on maybe 15-20 pure pounds in the last year. 3 times more than i can. that means he have 3 times better genetics than me and should be able to take 500-600 pounds in benchpress in a few years if he wanted. that is just ridicolous. I wonder if he will be like dwayne johnson in a few years that he will take ALOT of steroids and go up to maybe 245 pounds. His height is really 6´3. In the last 10 years steroids have been very popular in hollywood because of all superhero movies. the guy in black panther took them for sure. the indian guy kamal take them ans so one. The guys that have good genetics and probalby doenst take any is chris evans ( he just have broad shoulders that make him seem bigger to the normal eye but he is 100 procent steroid free. I also think jason mamoa have been able to build his body without because he always look the same size just difference in bodyfat. Henry avill is also probably natural. He have good genetics and little higher bodyfat than most of the other guys and that makes it easy to build muscle. The rest of them is pretty mutch all on steroids. Mark wahlberg for example. But when i say steroids i dont think they take anavar or stuff like that but have a doctor that ut their testosterone and human growth hormone 2 times higher than normal and they then see themself as natural.
Hyper said on 27/Jul/22
I wouldn’t go under 6’2 7/8”, even at night. Looks too tall with Armie Hammer to be 6’2.5”.

I think 6’3” flat is perfect.
Bzkzm said on 10/Jul/22
6'2 75
Canson said on 9/Jul/22
@Ice: agreed. I can’t see Liam much under that. Rob said the same that it looks 1/4-1/2”. So prob best case 1/2 worst 1 cm. Liam looks as tall as Conan on occasion and I have Conan at 6’3.5”. I’d give Liam 6’3.25
Ice (Original) said on 8/Jul/22

We're in agreement. I always saw him as weak 6'3" and Liam as strong 6'3". There is roughly half an inch between them, yet they both could arguably claim 6'3". 6'2.75" and 6'3.25" are the only heights that make sense for them once you compare them to each other and other people.
Ice (Original) said on 7/Jul/22
@Max Francis

I have him at 6'2.75" and Liam at 6'3.25" they consistently look at least 1/4 and often 1/2. If it was truly 1/4, there would be instances where they look the same height.
Max Francis said on 6/Jul/22
@Ice (Original) There's hardly any difference between him and Liam, maybe a 1/4in in Liams favour yes. Chris seems the same height as the Rock and Idris Elba, 189-190cm for sure.
Ice (Original) said on 4/Jul/22
I really don't get this listing. He always appears to be about 1/2 inch shorter than his brother, and Liam is not over 6'3.25". If there was really only 1/4 inch between them, they would appear the same height at least some of the time, no? Most people are not that good to see 1/4 height difference unless the pictures are taken with that goal in mind. Even then it is hard. If you can see height difference consistently from pictures, you can guess it's roughly 1/2 inch.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Jun/22
He's sort of like the Brad of 6ft3 men...really hard to decipher whether or not he's on the "weak" or "strong" side of it. Overall, I rate Liam as the stronger 6ft3 but they often times vary in photos due to angles or footwear.

Peak John Schneider is another guy
Black Noir said on 23/Jun/22
Do you think Hemsworth edged big Lewis by a few mm? Hemsworth being 190.3 cm?
Editor Rob
Going to look quite close in person, but I think Lewis natural 'chatting in a room' posture isn't as good as actor's like Chris.

On a side note, Big Lewis Mum was visiting yesterday and mentioned Lewis claimed the 'Almost 6ft 3' figure and was delighted to be measured and officially taller than his Father.
Andrea said on 20/Jun/22
This guy guesses him 6'6! Click Here 😅
Fumes said on 6/Jun/22
@ Vincent
You can’t really use movies as a reference for an actors weight, size, even for height. Camera angles and pumping the weights before a scene make someone who’s already big look way bigger.

Hemsworth ideally walks around at 6’2.75”-6’3” 215 in real life. He’s shredded and very tall, but he doesn’t have the widest frame.
Vincent Caleb said on 4/Jun/22
He’s definitely a good 220 lbs in the trailer for Love and thunder. 215 honestly a bit low imo. What do u think Rob?
Space said on 25/May/22
He looks somewhere between 6’3”-6’2.5” and around 215lbs. Very good and unique build.
5'7 and a bit said on 21/May/22
@Andrey200 that was a typo, meant to say 6'3 5/8.
Andrey200 said on 18/May/22
@5’7 and a bit

I doubt he only drops ⅝. Unlikely for someone of this height to only drop 1.5 cm.
Harshit Pandey said on 17/May/22
Solid 188 cm compare to tom hiddleston
Tall Sam said on 11/May/22
I agree with 6’3”. I think Hemsworth holds up well enough to not get a 6’2.75” even if he likely does hit that at some point later on in the day.
5'7 and a bit said on 2/May/22
6'3 flat is fair. Most likely 6'2.75 later on in the day. 6'3 3/8 out of bied.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 1/May/22
Another factor which can make the difference in height between Chris and Tom seem greater than it actually is: Tom has long legs, and he normally stands with his them bent in photos. He probably drops a little more height on average compared to Chris with his wide-legged stance since the latter’s inseam is likely proportionate for someone who is 6’3”.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 28/Apr/22
I’ve noticed other celebrities who are eye to eye with Tom tend to appear shorter than him when you compared the top of their heads, which is how I came to the conclusion.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 28/Apr/22
If Tom Hiddleston is only a weak 6’2”, then I don’t think Chris Hemsworth is over 6’3”. I’ve noticed some people overestimate the difference in height between the two based off of the difference in eye level, when Tom has a lower than average eye level for someone who stands at his height. Chris seems to have a proportionate skull for someone of his height.

I’ve even read comments elsewhere about Tom having a longer head.
Canson said on 27/Apr/22
@Andrey and Vincent: I’d say 6’2 7/8” lunchtime and 6’2.75 afternoon
Andrey200 said on 26/Apr/22
Vincent Caleb said on 24/Apr/22
My estimation for Chris’s height range at afternoon time would be anywhere from 6’2 3/4”, to 6’3 1/8”

I don't think he's that strong of a 6'3" to be over it in the afternoon. Probably 6'2 7/8" evening.
Vincent Caleb said on 24/Apr/22
My estimation for Chris’s height range at afternoon time would be anywhere from 6’2 3/4”, to 6’3 1/8”
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 23/Apr/22
I’m beginning to think Chris is a full 6’3”, but his agency listing throws me off completely. 6’2 3/4” seems to be quite precise. Did they measure him at that mark, or was it the agency writing down a number to help him land more roles?

Anyways, he certainly can appear to be 6’3”, even though he usually doesn’t have the best posture.
IceCold said on 16/Apr/22
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 15/Apr/22
Chris Hemsworth appears to be no more than an inch shorter than Armie Hammer, so he could definitely pass for a full 6’3” next to him.

Armie is not even taller than Chris. But Chris is a bit closer to the camera
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 15/Apr/22
Chris Hemsworth appears to be no more than an inch shorter than Armie Hammer, so he could definitely pass for a full 6’3” next to him.
Tall Sam said on 13/Apr/22
Trying again with that Hemsworth-Bolt shot. Click Here
Canson said on 13/Apr/22
@Ice Cold: at his afternoon low, I could see 6’2.75” which is within a couple mm of 190 but no lower. I feel his lunchtime would be 6’2 7/8”
Arch Stanton said on 13/Apr/22
Scott looking barely over 5 ft 10 in that photo. Chris has a long neck which accentuates his height, people with long necks look taller.
IceCold said on 13/Apr/22
Can't see him under 190 cm flat
Tall Sam said on 12/Apr/22
Here’s another of Hemsworth with Bolt, I think Chris looks pretty near the 6’3” mark near Usain.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 12/Apr/22
With Scott Eastwood:

Click Here
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 12/Apr/22
With Usain Bolt:

Click Here

Both appear to be leaning.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 10/Apr/22
Chris Hemsworth-He’s either a weak or a solid 6’3”. He doesn’t always stand up with great posture.

Chris Evans-A weak 6’0”. He consistently appears 3” inches shorter than Hemsworth.

Tom Hiddleston-He’s deceptively tall. I’d give him a weak 6’2”, given how he’s normally 1”-1.5” inches shorter than Chris Hemsworth, and about 2” inches taller than Chris Evans.

Chris Pratt-Weak 6’2”. He did appear south of the 6’2” mark when he stood next to Vince Vaughn, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth, but I have no reason to believe that he wouldn’t measure similar to Tom. It was difficult to tell his height apart from John Kransinski.

Robert Downey Jr.-Weak 5’8”. He wasn’t shorter than Tom Cruise.

Paul Rudd-A solid 5’9”. Paul and Steve Carrell are height twins.

Anthony Mackie-A solid 5’10”. He’s almost two full inches shorter than Chris Evans.

Paul Bettany-A weak 6’4”.

Jeremy Renner-A solid 5’8”. He’s nearly Rob’s height.

Mark Ruffalo-A weak 5’8.”
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 8/Apr/22
With Armie Hammer:

Click Here

Chris Hemsworth actually doesn’t appear to be much smaller.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 8/Apr/22
6’2 3/4” isn’t impossible, but I’d be surprised if he measured any less during the afternoon. He isn’t too much shorter compared to Joe Manganiello. There’s no denying that he can appear a bit under 6’3” sometimes.
DaGuess said on 30/Mar/22
6ft3 a fraction of an inch under liam
Canson said on 29/Mar/22
@Ice Cold: since Rob mentioned lunchtime below, I’d say he can hit 6’2 7/8” at lunch and 6’2.75 at his afternoon height like you said. 6’3.5 out of bed perhaps. His brother could be a 6’4 guy out of bed and 6’3.25 afternoon or 1/8” lower at 6’3 7/8 and 6’3 1/8”
IceCold said on 29/Mar/22
190 cm or 6'2.75 would be better. He is at least 1cm shorter than his brother
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 20/Mar/22
Here’s the photo of Liam Hemsworth standing next to Vince Vaughn that I’m referring to:

Click Here

Chris Hemsworth would be at least two inches shorter than Vince.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 20/Mar/22
Liam Hemsworth appears to be around 6’3” next to Vince Vaughn, and Chris Hemsworth regularly appears to be a quarter of an inch shorter. Therefore, I do believe 6’2 3/4” could be a better shout for him.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 20/Mar/22
With Prince William:

Click Here
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 20/Mar/22
With Matt Damon:

Click Here

Here’s a photo of their footwear:

Click Here
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 20/Mar/22
With Dwight Howard:

Click Here

Dwight Howard isn’t even standing up straight, and Chris Hemsworth has a notable footwear advantage. Chris Hemsworth looks small next to him still.
Yanis said on 20/Mar/22
He looks like a solid 190cm to me
Canson said on 18/Mar/22
Closer meaning 6’2 7/8 at lunch and 6’2.75 afternoon
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Mar/22
Rob, have you considered 6ft2¾?

That can certainly fall under the 'about 6ft3' banner
Editor Rob
He might fall to that later in the day but if I measured him near lunch I think he's close to 6ft 3 exactly.
Canson said on 15/Mar/22
@Berta: he was listed at 6’2.75 previously on Google and other places. Also he looks at least a cm shorter than his brother. If his brother is 6’3.25 6’2 7/8 is the best case for Chris. Really it can look 1/2” at times
ChristianPerkins said on 13/Mar/22
You must have a naturally bigger frame and body type than me (I'm what would be a cross between ecto and mesomorph). I can't seem to maintain my 100-102kg weight unless if I work out, or else I'll easily lose weight. But a big reason why could be due to the fact that I intake around 2,500 calories a day and practice intermittent fasting, typically eating 2 meals a day max. 2,500 might not seem a lot for a guy my size, but the foods I eat are whole foods (no junk or processed sugar and snacks) and high in quality and organic. I can bulk up if I want to by just increasing carb calories and lifting heavier though, but I'm content with my weight and build ATM. I prefer the the tone and lean look.
berta said on 13/Mar/22
i dont get why everyone thinks he is only 190 cm he really look a legit 6´3 most of the time. If he is 190 flat then chris pratt have trouble with 187 nd could be just 186,5 and chris evans 182. His brother almost everytime looks closer to 6´3 1/2 The thing i would like to now from you other on the site is: do you think he take steroids? I know most people think he does. but i mean 17,5 -18 inch arms and about 95 kg when he is at his biggest isnt really hard to get to if you workout hard. I havent doing a single workout in 2 years since covid. And checked my body stats recently to check how mutch i lost. i went from 118kg 8,6 procent bodyfat on dexascan and 50 cm arms at a weak 197 cm. Now 2 years later without no trainging at all i weight 121 kg with 13 procent bodyfat and funny enough my height was almost198 in the afternoon. My biceps had gone down to 47 cm ( i guess i am fraction taller now when i dont do any heavy lifts and will push it down 1 cm when i start again). I really think hemsworth could be natural the only thing that speaks agains it is the last year when he rally have put on maybe 3-4 kg more muscles than he ever been before and i think that is hard to do at age 39. He probably is natural half the year or more and take a small dose testosterone 3-4 month before shooting thor. The guy had extremelly narrow shoulders efore woring out. This doesnt have mutch to do with height but interesting to see what regular kids at the gym thinka bout his build.
Slim 6'0.25 said on 6/Feb/22

191-192 out of bed
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Feb/22
I’d doubt he’d fall below 190cm flat at his low
Andrea said on 24/Jan/22
If I had to pick an "exact" mark, 6'2.75 would be my choice. A bit under, but certainly near enough 6'3 to easily pass for it, to the point that if Rob ever met him I'm sure he'd just keep him at the full 6'3.
Canson said on 16/Jan/22
@Ian: that’s a good way to put it. He may measure 6’2.75 afternoon/evening or even 6’2 7/8. At lunch he has a chance at 6’3 though or 6’2 7/8
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 14/Jan/22
not the most solid 6'3, but he would still measured that mark
Canson said on 13/Jan/22
@Editor Rob: his brother would but not sure if he would exceed. Maybe but It’s debatable whether or not he’s a full 6’3 at his afternoon height. I could see 6’3.5 out of bed and 6’2.75 at a low or at most 6’3 5/8 and 6’2 7/8” meaning he would
Andrey200 said on 13/Jan/22
192.1 out of bed
Hadi said on 12/Jan/22
Is this morning height
Editor Rob
Out of bed, I think he'd clear 6ft 3.5
Talk Sam said on 30/Dec/21
A quarter inch shy of 6’3” is believable for him, maybe more of an evening height. He holds pretty well near Idris Elba, David Harbour and Michael Shannon, right around an inch on Tom Hiddleston and Chris Pratt (which supports the 6’2.75”) he’s edged out a little by his brother and Zachary Levi.
RJT said on 28/Dec/21
Roughly 8 and a half inch taller than Tom Holland in that picture making him 6'2.75" ish...
Realityking said on 26/Dec/21
Monsterdong thanks I will try using the word thinner next time.
Cold Water said on 24/Dec/21
189.6-190.0 cm
monsterdong said on 21/Dec/21
@Realityking just say thinner
Aliana said on 5/Dec/21
Looks nearer 6'3 than 6'2 imo because his brother, Liam is listed on here as 6'3.25 and there is literally a centimeter difference between them.If Liam Hemsworth is 191-191.5 thrb en Chris is 190cm
Wehrmacht180 said on 26/Nov/21
189 cm
Robbe said on 18/Nov/21
Same couple with Chris and Joonas Suotamo Click Here
berta said on 17/Nov/21
yeag i agrre Tall Sam. Chris Pratt is naturally a wide guy that easily build muscles and have thick bones. Hemsworth have a tiny waist and very small shoulders i guess his shoulders are around 2 cm less than average for his height, but his gym training makes up for that. He are able to maintain his psysicue with a average dose trt is my guess. Around 250 mg testosterone a week with about 2,5 UI Human growth hormone. I am no expert but thats my guess ( i know alot of guys taking steroids and the ones with that low dose look similar to him) Hm this post isnt really about height :P.
Tall Sam said on 14/Nov/21
I think that’s the biggest surprise with Chris Hemsworth, he’s a tall and well muscled guy but surprisingly slender of build, Chris Pratt is naturally a more broadly built dude. I’ve not meet them but have seen their tailored clothes for the Marvel movies.
Realityking said on 13/Nov/21
Below in this pic, you cant see levis shoes clearly but it less thicker than chris shoes. How do i know?

I have seen other pic of levi in this event wearing shoes less thicker than chris. I am unable to find it now.

Despite having less thicker shoes Levi is looking taller than Chris.

Click Here
Mike O. said on 12/Nov/21
I passed by him briefly in LA on the street a few years ago and I'm between 6'2.5" and 6'3" and he was pretty much exactly my height. A bit thinner than I expected.
Realityking said on 9/Nov/21
Final Conclusion- Chris is atleast 3/4 inch shorter than Levi so Chris is most likely 6 feet 2 incheas and a quarter. Also there are another pic i am unable to find where there is clearly 3/4 th inch between chris and liam, the pic is so perfect, both are standing so close next to each other with same shoes. Chris is 6.2 and a quarter guys.
Realityking said on 9/Nov/21
Chris has similar shoes to levi but still is one inch shorter

Click Here
Realityking said on 9/Nov/21
Kindly see the videos of chris hemsworth and zachary levi, there is atleast half a inch deifference. Simple logic is difference between levi and tom hiddleston is more than betwwen tom and chris. Chris is 6 feet 2 inches and a quarter. In the recent pics between chris and levi, chris wears thicker shoes but still shorter than levi. Common on guys google and go in depth, chris is closer to 6.2 than 6.3.
Sulu2021 said on 7/Nov/21
Hey Rob, are the number of 6ft 3 listed males on this site a larger number or percentage than 5ft 4 listed males, but a smaller number or percentage than 6ft 2 or 6ft 1 listed males?
Editor Rob
There's probably triple the amount of 6ft 3 (plus or minus a fraction) listed stars compared to 5ft 4 range males.

Like I say, there are more sports stars who are taller, wrestlers and I think a greater proportion in tv/film compared to 5ft 4.
Sid Singh said on 24/Oct/21
Hey Rob you've mentioned his inseam length as ~34", is it measured from his crotch till the floor or till his ankle. I'm 180 cm and my inseam length till floor is 34" around 32" till my ankle, is that average, or do I have long legs and short torso or vice versa. Where would the top of my head be with respect to Chris Hemsworth's face if we stood together.
Editor Rob
With inseam I'm always talking about from inside crotch to touching floor.
6'10 said on 21/Oct/21
Johno said on 4/Oct/21
@recapa, that sounds a bit more reasonable.
recapa said on 4/Oct/21
he is at least 1cm shorter than his younger brother liam , 189.5-190 for chris and 191-191.5 for liam.
Vincent Caleb said on 30/Sep/21
Yeah 6’3” or a hair under, listing looks pretty good
Johan 185 cm said on 27/Sep/21
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Sep/21
6ft2 is ridiculous. That puts Pratt and Hiddleston nearer 6ft!


Yes 6'2" flat is a joke. I still think he is the 190 cm his agency listed but thats a weak 6'3" at worst.
Slim 6'1.75 said on 24/Sep/21
Liam has exactly 1cm on Chris

He’s gotten even bigger to play hulk hogan

One of my friends lives in Byron bay and has seen him
Tommo said on 21/Sep/21
Haven't seen a photo where Levi looks more than half an inch taller than Chris, more like 0.25.
MichaelMyers said on 16/Sep/21
6'3" easily. I think he's a good example of an actor who tells the truth about their height.
Zachy said on 12/Sep/21
Weak 6'3". Definitely is under it before he goes to bed.
Tall Sam said on 11/Sep/21
I did not see a context where Hemsworth was an inch shorter, let alone an inch and a quarter, than Levi in a fair shot, maybe a 0.25-0.5 inch taller at most.
Johno said on 10/Sep/21
Yeah so Rampage, Rob has Tom at 6'1.75, I say he might be around the 6'1 mark, he can look a little over and a little under it too at times. 6'3 Zachary Levi, has 2.5-inches on him, Tom is nowhere close to 6'2 compared in respect to Levi. Now compare Tom to Benedict Cumberbatch ....

Rob also has Tom Hiddleston listed at 1.25-inches shorter than Hemsworth. If I take this away from the figure of 6'2 flat for Hemsworth, Tom does appear to me to pivot around the 6'1 mark, nowhere "nearer" the 6'0 mark as you say.

6'2.25 is also another possibility, I see alot of 6'2-range estimates, they not far off my estimate of 6'2 eitherway, that would not make Tom Hiddleston near 6'0.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Sep/21
6ft2 is ridiculous. That puts Pratt and Hiddleston nearer 6ft!
Johno said on 6/Sep/21
The 6'3.25 Levi, really does push Hemsworth in the lower quarters of the 6'2 range. Levi looks near enough the height Rob saw him as and that we can derive from the photos. Hemsworth looks pretty far off 6'3 as a result, a 6'2 flat as stated.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Sep/21
Chris may close the day at 190cm flat but I doubt less. That makes him a regular 6ft3, not strong or weak
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Sep/21
Levi could be similar to Liam
Johno said on 3/Sep/21
Yes he is shorter than 6'3 Liam Hemsworth, he might be a flat 6'2.
ammy said on 2/Sep/21
shorter than 6'3 liam
Rounak Singh said on 21/Aug/21
Rob,how much do you think his eye level is?
Editor Rob
4.75 at least
Aryan Sachdeva said on 7/Aug/21
@rob do youn think he is not a 6'3 guy cayse he is shorter than zachery levi?? I think there is a chance he can be 6'2.5 or 6'2.75
Editor Rob
I'm not sure there really is much between Levi/hemsworth, but I'm thinking if anything levi is more solid 6ft 3.
177cm said on 20/Jul/21
Looks like a textbook 6’3” flat guy to me
Anonnymous said on 2/Jul/21
A weak 6'3", I'd say. Most probably 6'2.5"
Canson said on 21/Jun/21
@Junior: I’d say

Liam Hemsworth 6'3.25”
Zachary Levi 6'3” tops
Chris Hemsworth 6'2.75”
Michael Shannon 6'3 (maybe)

I do agree with you and Tall in the Saddle that he appears as tall as Conan though. Conan definitely needs a downgrade to 6’3.5”. There’s is no way Conan has an inch on Levi
Chris Junior Hernandez said on 18/Jun/21
Liam Hemsworth 6'3.5"
Zachary Levi 6'3.25"
Chris Hemsworth 6'3
Michael Shannon 6'3

Fact checked.
jawcel said on 15/Jun/21
6'2.75, noticeably shorter than 6'3 Zachary Levi.
Matthew Quinn said on 8/Jun/21
Rob, being almost 38 and having been training and playing Thor for over 10 years now, would you think Hemsworth is still at his peak? I heard he had an unidentified “severe back injury” in February which requires hospitalization.
Editor Rob
I don't see anything to suggest he's lost height yet.
viper said on 31/May/21
I'm in between these 2 it seems
Canson said on 30/May/21
@RJT: yea I’ve been saying 6’2.75 for the longest. 6’3.25 may be ok for Liam
RJT said on 23/May/21
If Levi is listed at 6'3 and visibly taller than Chris, then Chris should be downgraded to 6'2.75"or 6'2 7/8".
Canson said on 18/May/21
189 is too low. 6’2.5 is arguable but I’d go 6’2.75
BB9 said on 4/May/21
Chris is 6’3”, if say he is 6’2.75”, then tom hiddleston must be 6’1.5”? He has always been a 6’1.75” guy next to samuel l jackson (now 6’1”). Chris Evans (around 5’11.75”-6’0”), has to tip toe when hugging hemsworth and still appears shorter in doing so. His brother Liam is at least 6’3.25” but we can make a case for an upgrade. 6’3.5” for Liam is also believable.
Ghhgg said on 28/Apr/21
6'2 3/4 190.0cm
Ben Calimer said on 21/Apr/21
189 cm, no more.
Spooner said on 14/Apr/21
190cm MINIMUM in my opinion
Canson said on 13/Apr/21
Agree wit Lava.

Afternoon height 6’2.75

Lunch time height 6’2 7/8” maybe. Rob should downgrade him being he’s more than 1/4” less than his brother
Lava said on 11/Apr/21
189,8 cm
Canson said on 8/Apr/21
@Editor Rob: I’d say 6’2.75 for an afternoon height. He can look over an inch shorter than Padalecki at times
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Apr/21

Click Here
Editor Rob
One of those photoshop manipulations.
Ioi said on 23/Mar/21
Rob what could his inseam be?
Editor Rob
might wear 34 length trousers...I think actually he has a longer torso than average.
Eusebiu (185 cm) said on 20/Mar/21
He always appears to be very tall and has around 3 cm on Tom Hiddleston (187 cm) in all of their photos together.

I believe 190,5 cm would be the best guess for him.
QM6'1.5"QM said on 16/Mar/21
Hemsworth - 190.5 cm (The man, the portrait of legit look 6'3);
Evans - 182.5 cm;
Hiddleston - 187 cm (sometimes bit under, sometimes over this mark);
RD Jr - 172 cm (high heels lover);
Pratt - ~ 187 cm;
Mackie - ~ 178 cm (around 2in. shorter than Cap);
Rudd - ~ 175 cm (self-claimed 5'10er but at least 3in. shorter than Evans);
Bettany - ~ 192 cm (Vision even bigger Thor);
Renner - ~ 173 cm;
Ruffalo - ~ 171 cm.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 8/Mar/21
Flat 190cm would make Michael Shannon the same in fact Chris with good posture look taller than a bit loose posture Michael.
Slim 6'1.5 said on 6/Mar/21
Liam is clearly nearer 6’3 than 6’4, he’s 191cm tops
Chris is a flat 190cm max
1 cm between the Hemsworths 👍
Nik Ashton said on 5/Mar/21
@ slim 6'1 - It might be a bit less than that!
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 1/Mar/21
If not argue things like 1/8th inch i did say Chris is 6'3 and Liam is 6'3 1/2.
recapa said on 1/Mar/21
weak 6ft3 (190-190.5cm rang)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Feb/21
I suppose in leaving Chris at 6ft3 we could make the case for Liam being 6ft3½...
abdou. said on 26/Feb/21
what about his father ؟
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Feb/21
Rob, are you happy to leave him at 6ft3 or have you given 6ft2¾ any thought?

It’d be the absolute shortest I’d give him though
Editor Rob
I am ok with right on 6ft 3 just now....
berta said on 15/Feb/21
i think he look the 6´3 that he claims. he always is atleast 1 icnh taller than tom hiddlestone and chris pratt and those guys are weak 6´2 guys. His brother always looks taller because he is closer to 6´3 1/2
slim 6'1 said on 13/Feb/21
I disagree, I think one would edge the other by millimeters
slim 6'1 said on 13/Feb/21
The average for young and middle aged males is 178.5cm
slim 6'1 said on 13/Feb/21
How did u know I’m Australian?
Yes 6’2”-6’3 is tall
cmillz said on 10/Feb/21
There would be nearly an inch between peak Rock and Chris Hemsworth.
Canson said on 10/Feb/21
@Editor rob: he may have been joking. 6’2.75 as his afternoon could be very possible
RJT said on 9/Feb/21
@Slim 6'1

Is 6'2-6'3 range guys considered tall in Australia? Curious about average height there.
LatinMix said on 9/Feb/21
Calculating the height of someone in a fight scene of a movie with an actor who lies a lot about his height (David Harbour) is completely absurd, adding that as Chris is the hero and main actor the angles are to his benefit.

Chris is 6'2 3/4 max, theres a lot of evidence
even if he´s not 6'2 1/2 like Sheamus
Vsquad said on 8/Feb/21
@Sashank IYER

Its hard to say for me with Hemsworth. He looks a solid 6'3 with everyone SHORTER than him, but he under it with everyone TALLER than him.

Liam always noticeably edges Chris out which makes no sense. Joe Mangianello looked kinda towering next to Chris as well.
slim 6'1 said on 8/Feb/21
If only rob could give him a 6’2 & 7/8 listing it would probably be right on the money 💰
Sashank IYER said on 7/Feb/21
I would put him at 6 3.5 actually, he absolutely towers over Chris Evans and even David harbour actually
Canson said on 6/Feb/21
@Editor Rob: 6’2.75 is about 6’3. And if it was earlier in the day it would make his afternoon 6’2.75 or less
Editor Rob
yeah but he looked at the 6ft 2.75 is the link again click here...they even put the joke about changing it to 6ft 3 'it's official'
Canson said on 3/Feb/21
@Editor Rob: why not list him at 6’2 3/4” since he has that listing elsewhere and also claimed about 6’3” before?
Editor Rob
I think he could measure right about 6ft 3, sure he might drop a fraction under it.

but as mentioned he said after looking at 6ft 2.75 he was about 6ft 3 actually.
slim 6'1 said on 2/Feb/21
Peak rock: 189.5
Chris Hemsworth: 190

Definitely Chris Hemsworth over the rock 👍
johnnysidgursson said on 31/Jan/21
I see him more like 191cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Jan/21
Rob, who do you think would measure taller between Hemsworth and peak Rock?

my money is actually on the latter if we're talking WWF days
Editor Rob
I can see why you went for Rock...though I think really it's touch and go, I might put a bet on 90's Rock with barely any wrestling wear & tear possibly edging a stadiometer battle.
Luci paura said on 18/Jan/21
Perfect listing. He's 190-191.
slim 6'1 said on 16/Jan/21
He’d edge out Brandon Routh and the rock 👍

Rampage I reckon he’s 190 on the nose like 1/8th below 6’3”
FriedChicken said on 16/Jan/21
In the scene with David Harbour, Harbour was barefoot and chris was in shoes.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Jan/21
The average guess hasn't really nudged above or below the 6ft3 mark by a lot, now at over 400 votes. That's very telling... classic 6ft3 dude, not weak or strong IMO
bird in box said on 9/Jan/21
191cm guy
Arko Mallick said on 8/Jan/21
He clearly has a cm over David Harbour in Extraction (2020) so this listing is spot on. What's funny is that people generally inflate their height to appear taller but Chris wants to be known as shorter than he actually is.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 7/Jan/21
It will be interesting to see any chance if Josh Harnett get to stand next to Chris Hemsworth which both of them consistently claiming 6'3.
slim 6'1 said on 4/Jan/21
Same as Dave Bautista 190 on the nose
Slim 6'1" said on 31/Dec/20
190.0 6 ‘ 2 and seven eighths
Genau said on 30/Dec/20
i think he is 6ft2 3/4 - 6ft2 7/8
ChaosControl 6'2.5 said on 23/Dec/20
6’3 is 190.5cm so it’s possible he measured it, many online listings don’t have fractions of centimetres
Canson said on 21/Dec/20
@Fried Chicken: the inch is more for a 6’7 range guy plus. Granted some 6’6 guys may but most 6’5 guys Ive seen such as Christian 6’5 3/8 or Vincent (who’s a weak 6’5) who dont lose a full inch. They’re right around what I lose (although Vincent is only about 1/2” taller than me). Then others who are close to 6’6 such as Junior and Jdubbz. Ali Baba didn’t either and he was a true peak 6’6” afternoon who didn’t go under in his prime. I have 3 taller friends who don’t either. One 6’5.25 and he wakes up 6’6 according to him. Another 6’6 flat who wakes up 6’6.75- 7/8 and another at 6’7 who didn’t quite lose an inch. He wakes up 6’7.8 or so and gets down to 6’7” flat or just a tiny hair under- maybe 6’6.9 (was a tiny hair over in his prime though) maybe 6’7-6’7.1 range
winkler91 said on 21/Dec/20
In Google it says 1,90. Rob said he could be 6'4 out of bed (193) which I personally think is too high. This would be mean 190,5 is more his evening/before bed. Then He would claim 1,91 easily IMO.

I think he is 6'3 5/8 to 6'3.75 (max!) ouf of bed.
But he low before bed can be 6'2.75 - 6'2 7/8

Though its strange that everywhere it says 190cm (which is 6'2.75). He says he is about 6'3 actually.
I think he was measured 190,5-191 midday.
ChaosControl 6'2.5 said on 21/Dec/20
Could he possibly be 6’2.5 or is that too low
Canson said on 19/Dec/20
Progking said on 19/Dec/20
@Winkler91 i would think a 6'3 guy is like 6'2.75-6'2 7/8 in evening/at low. But Chris looks like he doesnt drop below 6'3 so hes a solid/strong 6'3 i think

A 6’3 guy could also be a guy who doesn’t dip below 6’3”. That’s the typical definition of 6’3 meaning you measure it bang on. In Chris’s case however I see him as a guy you described as one who dips below 6’3” in the afternoon. Evening and afternoon don’t vary.
FriedChicken said on 19/Dec/20
I usually don't go for the inch shrinkage unless we're talking 6'5" guys but then again it varies on the individual.
FriedChicken said on 19/Dec/20
6'2 3/4, 6'2 7/8, 6'3 flat are all possible but i wouldn't go below or above it.
Progking said on 19/Dec/20
@Winkler91 i would think a 6'3 guy is like 6'2.75-6'2 7/8 in evening/at low. But Chris looks like he doesnt drop below 6'3 so hes a solid/strong 6'3 i think
Asif Kazmi said on 18/Dec/20

I appreciate your explanation and narrative to my comment. From that perspective you're absolutely right. The reason for such a site is to have those quantative discussions at a analytical level that delve deeper to pinpoint and ultimately reveal what a celebrity's true and exact height is. Let the debates continue! :)
Canson said on 18/Dec/20
A guy that size wouldn’t lose a full inch. Maybe 2cm or more like .75”. 6’3.5/6’2.75 is more like it
winkler91 said on 17/Dec/20
For Chris yy afternoon 190,5 max (not more !) 190 flat is possible.

@Rob: Below you said he can be 6'4 out of bed, thats 193cm ! Isn't that too high? Assuming a 1 inch height loss during the day (not sure), the 190,5 would be the lowest he measure. If he was 193 out of bed he would be definitely at least 191cm at afternoon.

My exact guess would be 192,3 out of bed - 189,8 and max. 190,5 at afternoon
Editor Rob
I'm of the opinion he has a greater chance of shrinking a full inch than a 5ft 9 guy might...
Animus said on 13/Dec/20
@Asif Kazmi

From a real-world perspective you're right. However, that's not the correct perspective to look from in order to understand why people bother debating such minutiae. As I see it, it's basically a kind of game. A reasonably complex game, in the sense that it has many interconnecting parts (think of it this way: if person A is this tall, that means person B must be at least this tall but no taller than that, because then he would be as tall as...) It's this game-like quality that makes it fun to engage on a site like this.
It also speaks to the quantitatively inclined, I think. Personally, I am interested in a lot of things that can be measured and has a definite value.
Asif Kazmi said on 6/Dec/20
I just don't understand all this 0.25 and 0.75th of an inch debates on celebheights. I mean seriously who in the real world would say oh you aren't 6 foot 3, you look like 6ft 2.75?!! 😆 OK, half an inch might be noticeable but all those other fractional discussions is bordering on the ridiculous.
Canson said on 27/Nov/20
6’2.75 looks good Latin Mix
Rojas said on 26/Nov/20
Hi rob, how tall do you think Chris looks in this photo?

Click Here
Editor Rob
tall...but specifically it is much harder to pinpoint height from single photos.
LatinMix said on 25/Nov/20
Sorry in my last comment i make a mistake bc i put 6'3.75 than 6'2.75

btw ... in this video he still looking like a bit under 6'3 Click Here, he have all things to look "visual taller", small skull, small face, atletic body, slim body and monocromatic clothes color AAAAND.. it still doesn't look like a real full 6'3.

He still before 40´s so he´s on his peak height, 6'2.75 sounds right as his normal low night height!
RJT said on 24/Nov/20
@Fried Chicken

Imo, folks outside of this forum generally mean around when they said about "6'x", not just under or near it. It could be a little above too, not exclusively a little under the mark, say if some guy is 191cm, rather than say "I'm 6'3 and a quarter" regular folks who aren't height aware would just say about 6'3, don't ya think?

Anyway, Imo Chris is at least 190cm so 6'2.75" is a good start. In real world a 190cm bang on guys would just say 6'3, but since this is a celebheight, we have to be "technical" don't we...
Tall Sam said on 24/Nov/20
I could see him at 190 cm. Any kind of edge Levi and Bettany have is very slim indeed. Actually from a quick g search, I didn't see any where I would say there's a noticeable edge for Bettany over Chris H actually unless I missed a particular picture.
FriedChicken said on 23/Nov/20
Also his "about six three" claim still confuses me since the 6'2" 3/4 essentially is "about" 6'3", just a quarter inch off, or "about". So no idea why he changed it.
FriedChicken said on 23/Nov/20
He'd probably be 6'3 flat at a doctor's visit/lunchtime. 6'2.75 i see afternoon
LatinMix said on 23/Nov/20
After watch this video i could say he looks max 6'3.75 Click Here

Lee Peace, Paul Bettany, Liam Hemsworth and Zachary Levy has claimed 6'3 and they are taller than Chris.

0.5 cm height difference wigh his brother is too small for him.
Canson said on 22/Nov/20
I’d say 189.5-190 range. His brother may be 190.5-191 with a strong possibility of the latter too.
ALEXIZ/180cm said on 22/Nov/20
189 cm max.
His brother Liam is 190 cm max.
J2Frenzy said on 22/Nov/20
Archetype (noun)
A very typical example of a certain person or thing.
I have used archetype correctly, given that if Chris Hemsworth is a very typical 6’3 man, he is a typical example of that thing (the thing in question being Hemsworth’s 6’3 height)
QM6'1QM said on 21/Nov/20
J2Frenzy said on 20/Nov/20

Nope. Why do you mean "archetype" ?
My comment below was 100% correct.

He's great prototype of 6'3 man!
J2Frenzy said on 20/Nov/20
@QM6’1QM Do you mean archetype?
QM6'1QM said on 18/Nov/20
Prototype of 6'3 man!
Slim 6'1" said on 10/Nov/20
190 on the nose
Canson said on 9/Nov/20
@Tall Sam: 190 looks reasonable too as it’s not far under. It’s about 6’2.8 range whereas his brother could be 191 or closer to 191. Other possibility is 6’2.75 and 6’3 1/8 or 1/8-1/4 range. The thing with a guy that size is that it’s hard to differentiate. For example if you or Vincent Caleb stood next to me you would both look around 1/2” taller if shoeless or in similar stance and footwear. Ditto if you stood next to Christian he would edge you by about 5/8”. Then you have a guy in the 197cm range like Junior or Jdubbz where they would measure taller than Christian but it may not be noticeable. That’s kind of where we are with Hemsworth. If you put Viper, a solid 6’3” next to him the only way to tell the difference is with stacking coins on the head of the shorter guy. It actually is favorable to a guy (if you want to call it that) if he has the body proportions that Hemsworth has. He looks more 6’3 than a guy who isn’t proportionately built. Not to mention a guy like Conan O’Brien doesn’t look as tall as he’s listed and never has
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 9/Nov/20
Maybe Chris Hemsworth once measure himself about 6'3 at night. Tom Hiddleston often look 3.5-4cm lower than Chris.
Canson said on 9/Nov/20
190cm esp if he had footwear advantage in the pics with his brother
Tall Sam said on 9/Nov/20
I would say Zachary Levi can look a strong 6'3", Hemsworth a flat or even 6'3". I do still think he's that height in the afternoon not under the mark or at least not perceptibly so.
Canson said on 9/Nov/20
@Junior: or Chris can give off being 6’2.5”. Liam never looks 6’3.75
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 6/Nov/20
I'd never truly taken in that the Hemsworth brothers are Australian! There was a question on a quiz the other day....

Six foot three for Chris.

Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 6/Nov/20
@6'2 5/8ths said on 24/Oct/20
Occasionally seem 3/4 inch between them and the lowest was likely 1/4 in some old picture back in early 2010's. Liam could give off highest impression of 6'3 3/4.

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