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6ft 3in (190.5cm)
Joe said on 23/Apr/14
perdedor says on 31/Mar/14
"Definitely a legit 6'3. Lucky guy. I can't help but feel jealous of tall people like him. I was hoping to be at least 6'2, but instead I'm a measly 6'0.5."

Erm... you are tall. 6'0.5 is tall!
aditya raj said on 3/Apr/14
definitly a luky guy you ar very attraction your body and height very luky boy in the word
Sam said on 1/Apr/14
I guess he does look around 6'3" in a lot of photos...maybe director Drew Goddard (of The Cabin in the Woods) is more of a 6'5.5" guy since he looked at least 2.5 inches taller than Hemsworth. Also, Seahawksfan, you've chosen photos where Hemsworth is further away from the camera, so they favor Hiddleston, Tatum and Manganiello. 6'0.5" is not measly, BTW, perdedor, you could have been dealt a much lousier hand in genetics.
perdedor said on 31/Mar/14
Definitely a legit 6'3. Lucky guy. I can't help but feel jealous of tall people like him. I was hoping to be at least 6'2, but instead I'm a measly 6'0.5.
someone said on 22/Mar/14
Seahawksfan...thats Mark Ruffalo! Plus Chris is leaning in alot and there are other pictures of him with Joe and there is not that much diference. Depends on the camera angle. I say 192-3cm
Elizabeth Renant said on 19/Mar/14
Since Hiddleston really looks like a solid 6'2" in other films, through the 3 Thor films he did with Hemsworth, he looks just about 1" shorter when they stand together, so 6'3" for Hemsworth seems right. Hiddleston is also much less built up than Hemsworth in the Thor films, so the difference is slightly exaggerated, but if you really look, they're fairly close. So 6'3" seems right for Hemsworth.
Peter said on 10/Mar/14
Also by Luke: shoulders level, eyelevel, head top, everything combines in showing Liam is now clearly (perhaps 1") taller than Chris.
Interestingly the shoe size of the three brothers looks very much the same. Perhaps Luke is wearing too big shoes.
Peter said on 10/Mar/14
Liam is also almost as tall as Josh Duhamel, if you consider their shoulders, not their head tops. I think it's Liam's head position that misguides you, and also the position of the lettering behind them.
Peter said on 10/Mar/14
Clearly Liam is the tallest of the three brothers. Look at their shoulders. In think Liam's shoulders are persistently about almost 1" above his brother Chris's. And look at the blinds behind them. The difference is very clear. May he be still growing? I don't know how old he is but that difference has increased in the last years.
viapto said on 8/Mar/14
tommo maybe you are right the diference can be 1/4 inch.I saw some good pictures and liam always looked a little higher that chris. remember that a good picture to compare, is a picture when people are together with good posture and in the same shoes. Click Here maybe a photo like this Click Here according to the position of the camera sometimes favors or disfavors.
viapto said on 5/Mar/14
6' 2.5'' is slighty shorter than his brother liam in a good photo. Click Here and liam is shorter than josh duhamel 6' 3.5''. Click Here then liam is 6' 3'' tall.
jasperwasup said on 4/Mar/14
at Oscars on stage next to Charlize Theron he had 2.5'' on her. She was wearing heels maybe 3-4'' not sure though. if he's 191.5cm-192cm in dress shoes than Charlize was at list 184-185cm. again I can't say if she wore big heels 3-4'' or just 2-2.5'' ones.
ajcf1995 said on 1/Mar/14
Wow he has a smaller chest than I do but his waist is much larger.
Jaywha said on 20/Feb/14
I'd say 195cm, because he's slightly taller than Conan, who stands 193cm.
Sarah said on 19/Feb/14
Close to 6'3". Possibly 190 cm, but close enough.
HeightMan said on 18/Feb/14
Daniel Brühl is 176cm...
Arch Stanton said on 1/Feb/14
Rob that Becker photo Click Here
is bugging me!! I remember back last year I asked about Becker and we agreed that he looked near 190 next to people like Tim Henman etc. I swear there's some sort of curse been put on tennis players who look almost 6'3" but are barely 6'2!! Anybody who seriously disputes Hemsworth is under 6'3" really needs to look at this one...
[Editor Rob: Hemsworth might have slight camera advantage, but I would say from the photos of them, Hemsworth looks more the 6ft 3 compared to Becker.]
Arch Stanton said on 17/Jan/14
Finally a decent film in Rush. He was quite good in that. Bruhl looks 5'10.5-5'11 to me.
Peter said on 9/Jan/14
I'd say sth around 5'11 for Daniel Brühl.
Emily said on 3/Jan/14
How tall does Daniel Brühl look next to him in this pic?Click Here
shrapnel said on 31/Dec/13
I think this is around his height, he looks it. Hell, he even wears a Fabergé Agathon Chronograph watch so he must be a great man. One day I hope I can wear one and be a great man.
Arch Stanton said on 29/Dec/13
Every film I've seen of his I've really viewed it as "cinematic mush", the sort of modern day film which earns very highly but in terms of quality of acting and plot is really awful. I can't blame the Hollywood bosses for using him and making him a big movie star, but sadly his films do represent film purely as a business rather than an art. It would good if he could accept a pay cut and star in a film which concentrates more on acting and prove himself more as an actor. Perhaps he will in a few years once the hype over him dies down..
Arch Stanton said on 10/Dec/13
There was a news article recently on his Kimmel interview and in the clip he was standing next to Kimmel and they had to hit something with a hammer like Thor and I thought Hemsworth looked easily 4 inches taller than Kimmel who is 5'11" range I think.
Realist said on 2/Dec/13
Liam and Chris 190-192, Luke is not more than 175-177, but they r all decent looking guys. The younger two are huge. The oldest is average height. No big deal.
Silent d said on 23/Nov/13
190cm and liam is 192cm. John I don't think liam is 6 foot 4. Just under.
John said on 7/Nov/13
I've just met Chris Hemsworth. He looks really 6ft 3in. He gets a little above my eyelevel and I am now 6ft 6in. I was impressed because I've always considered him very tall from his times on Home and Away and now I could see him live and he is almost 10cm shorter than me.
He is said to wear size 12 shoes, which makes sense as I wear a 13.
I think he is now one inch shorter than his brother Liam, who outgrew him. He looks really good and is very very nice, just like his brother I met about two years ago, when I was 6'4", just like him.
Orrico said on 5/Nov/13
He had 3 good inches on kimmel on the thor 2 interview , maybe a little more
vtec said on 5/Nov/13
time for downgrade. looked shorter than zachary levi at Thor premiere.
Arch Stanton said on 1/Nov/13
He looks good, but a great actor he aint. Thor is on my list of worst films ever. Annoying CGI and his forced voice! Just awful!!
penny said on 28/Oct/13
190 cm = 191 cm hummm must be the "New Math"
Dejavu said on 27/Oct/13
Looks an inch taller than hiddleston
191 guy said on 22/Oct/13
chris hemsworth is 6'2, 188 cm. check out his photo with questionable 6 foot channing tatum, chris has 2" on tatum MAX, both having the same footwear.
Silent d said on 21/Oct/13
190cm seems more likely but he is a huge guy.
Arch Stanton said on 19/Oct/13
@Lurk. He looked 6'4" in Home and Away yeah. Made even guys around 6 ft look average.
Ud191cm said on 30/Sep/13
There's absolutly no difference between him and liam, he has a habit of posing with his neck sidways and losing half inch.
cassieQ said on 27/Sep/13
Is Chris taller than Stellan Skarsgard?
Nenninn said on 19/Sep/13
Does anyone know Luke Hemsworth´s height? 5 ft 9-10 in. maybe?
Lurk said on 22/Aug/13
He actually appeared taller at times in Home and Away. Though I suppose Hemsworth was the only tall guy in the series at that time, making him seem taller.
Ud191cm said on 18/Aug/13
As if 5mm is sooo noticiable.Btw 6'2.75 is still in the 189cm range.Once you're 190 or a tad above, you'll be classified as a 6'3
dan said on 13/Aug/13
He looked like 193cm in Thor but o well 191 will do I guess. Like helloo, 191cm of total yumminess. He's 100% perfection and the epitome of male attractiveness. The fact that he wears a Fabergé Agathon Chronograph watch is just the cherry on top of a very tall, delicious looking sweet treat.
Balrog said on 12/Aug/13
I think Chris is 190cm or just under 6ft 3ins and Liam is a tad over a solid 191cm.
Sam said on 6/Aug/13
I think 190 cm is a better shout for me he seems to come in just below the listing. I think it's generous considering the way he looks next to 6'5" Drew Goddard and Hemsworth may sink to 189 cm by the afternoon.
Rey said on 5/Aug/13
Yes, a very weak 6'3"--I am leaning to 6'2 1/4" to be more accurate.
cole said on 26/Jul/13
He's obviously shorter than his brother Liam. 188-190 cm range for Chris.
man said on 26/Jul/13
weak 6'3 (190)
Alex said on 24/Jul/13
Look at this video, its russian talk-show Click Here , last 2 minutes The host is atleast 192cm, no less! So i think Chris is close to 190.
Tommo said on 18/Jul/13
Here's something, in this video Click Here with CM Punk Chris looks about an inch taller. Either CM Punk is the 6'2 he was listed in wrestling and needs a big upgrade or Chris needs a big downgrade, and I'm a guy who's always thought Chris looks consistently 6'3.
Arch Stanton said on 18/Jul/13
Yeah 38 chest for a guy with your frame , you're what around 150 pounds at the moment? seems about right, but I'd guess you have a 31-32 waist. If Chris was 38 chest and 34 waist on his frame, 38 chest is really very small for a guy who is 6'3". I'd guess that he is nearer 44 nowadays, although he still looks pretty skinny in the above photo.
[Editor Rob: yes I try to hold 150-151 range, in fact I've managed it for over a year.]
Arch Stanton said on 16/Jul/13
When I say "measured up for a suit" I mean I went and bought a suit, not literally! I can't afford "bespoke" tailoring hehe!
Arch Stanton said on 16/Jul/13
Rob, what size suit do you wear? I tried the 48 long initially and although the chest and shoulders were OK the arms were like Peter Crouch length LOL. The jacket was quite massive and would probably fit a big framed guy in 6'4"-6'6" range judging by the length of the arms. The 46 long was OK in the body but the arms again a tad too long to be ideal, so I went for the 46 medium which is slightly on the shorter side in length and arms but a more comfortable fit. I measured my chest and its a little over 46 currently but as I say I've not lifting heavy at the moment, but I've begun doing more cardio again.
[Editor Rob: I wear 38]
Arch Stanton said on 10/Jul/13
Surprised to see he was a 34 waist even in his skinny days. I'd expected 30-32 based on how he used to look. That is some reassurance at least that 34 waist is slim for a taller guy. I was a 34 waist for ages until this year. I got measured up for a suit for a wedding next month and I'm afraid to say I'm now in 36 waist 33 leg trousers and a 46 medium jacket and Size 10.5 (UK) shoes. And my 34 waist camo shorts are rather tight on me this year but thankfully I can still just get them on! I generally think of anything over 34 waist as fat given that I've always been into keeping fit, especially as I was a skinny minny 30 waist at 18 with a six pack! 36 waist is fat man territory, well, not exactly, but it's hardly slim... But I'm not going running in this hot weather to burn it off!!
Lee said on 7/Jul/13
He looks 6'2" or 6'2.5" in most films.
BEASTMAN said on 4/Jul/13
Got described as 6'2.
Click Here
AirBender said on 23/Jun/13
Clear picture, BEASTMAN! Gives a great overview, the height of Renner, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and of course Hemsworth and Hiddleston. I agree that Chris is taller than Tom, yet, according to all these pictures, they do seem to differ less than a full inch.. What do you think, Rob?
Tommo said on 23/Jun/13
In this picture: Click Here I can probably see Chris having 3.5 inches on 5.11 and a half Jimmy Kimmel if he stands up straight, Kimmel's posture is very good in comparison. Of course it's hard to know what shoes they have etc.
BEASTMAN said on 22/Jun/13
@Jimmy: You want 90 degrees? Here. There's nothing to hide in this picture. If you don't believe this, you're just another troll. BTW, take a look at 4:18 in that video which you reposted for no reason. Seems to me that you chose 4:08 to give Chris an advantage.
Click Here
Jimmy said on 21/Jun/13
@BEASTMAN Please don't act stupid, you can distinguish between the right angle and the badly made on, as well as the differences and true pictures so it's up to you.

I've shown you the vid and here I will post it again. At exactly 4:06.
Click Here
Razgul said on 21/Jun/13
Click Here

What do you think Rob? Chris Hemsworth doesn't seem to dwarf Jimmy Kimmel. Clearly taller though, I don't think this is almost 10 cm.. ?
[Editor Rob: he can appear under 6ft 3 with Jimmy, is he maybe got a bit poorer posture though?]
Xior said on 21/Jun/13
Chris IS taller, not sure whether it's a full inch though.. Also, Hemsworth has a pretty great posture most of the time, better than Hiddleston in many pictures.

Click Here
Xior said on 21/Jun/13
I do think Chris is taller than Tom Hiddleston. I'm just doubting whether it's a full inch. Also I think Hiddleston is closer to 187 than a full 188cm. This would make or make Chris seem 189-190 max, rather than a full 191cm.
Xior said on 20/Jun/13
@Jimmy; might be, but they are standing in front of each other. So tricks of the camera should play for both of them.
BEASTMAN said on 19/Jun/13
@Jimmy: So you think your badly angled picture was better just because it was at night? I think you don't want to be proven wrong.
Jimmy said on 12/Jun/13
@Xior That picture is very steep lol, not even in 90o.
Xior said on 11/Jun/13
What do we think of this picture? Click Here

Chris seems only 'bout a hair taller than Hiddleston here. And look at the soles of the shoes: most definitely seems like Chris has the bigger ones. Dear God, we need these two actors barefooted back-to-back!
Ud190.5cm said on 8/Jun/13
At 190cm a person will be listed as 6'3 if he is bang on 190.Actually 190cm is 6'2.8 rather than 6'2.75 which is bang on 189.865.So since a person is more than a 3/4th he tends to be a legit 6'3.for example Usain Bolt is 195cm tall but here he is listed at 6'5 which is 195.6.So I believe this guy must have been measured at 190cm bang on and hence 6'3 sound right rob isn't it?
Jimmy said on 8/Jun/13
@BEASTMAN Chris and Tom..Lol I have seen a lot of people trying to downgrade him, I am not trying to make Chris the tallest but I am just with the right side, just trying to be fair.
BEASTMAN said on 8/Jun/13
@Jimmy: Who are you addressing? No one said they were the same.
Jimmy said on 7/Jun/13
Start the video at exactly 4:07, Chris is OBVIOUSLY TALLER THAN HIM! STOP DOWNGRADING HIM.
Click Here
WAT said on 6/Jun/13
how can you tell a 1cm difference, outrageous Rob. For all we know your probably 5'7 flat
[Editor Rob: my job is running a height site for 9 years, so hopefully I can spot half inches...but don't worry, one height everybody can bank on is mine, I am still 5ft 8 :)]
BEASTMAN said on 5/Jun/13
@Jimmy: If or when they do, you'll be surprised that maybe Chris is the liftwearer, not Tom.
Jimmy said on 4/Jun/13
@BEASTMAN Well, if Tom Hiddelston is 187 BAREFOOT then I would believe he could be 190-189 with his boots. Or maybe he could wear some 3 inches heels that would make him be close to Hemsworth's height, seriously those two should stand next to each others barefoot with the right angle and the right posture in order to truly make honest repercussions.
Travz said on 2/Jun/13
he 6'4 now
BEASTMAN said on 2/Jun/13
@Jimmy: I don't know if you're being serious or sarcastic with that picture, but what it appears to show is undoubtedly a load of ****, and you know that. My pictures from the 25th of March could hardly be any more revealing and accurate, yet they are a small percentage of all the pictures/footage there is to show that the difference between Hemsworth and Hiddleston is barely a solid inch. It doesn't matter if that picture is at day or night, it's misleading and useless. The angle isn't that great, and Hiddleston (who looks to have a massive disadvantage with the slouch and where he is standing) isn't even showing his feet. That doesn't stop me from believing that Hemsworth might be 192 during the day, but if that were definitely the case, Hiddleston would have to be 189/190.
Jimmy said on 1/Jun/13
A picture of Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston at NIGHT. So obvious, isn't?
Click Here
Jimmy said on 1/Jun/13
@BEASTMAN Around 4 or 5 o'clock.

Note for people who want to measure a correct height, the camera angle should be 90o, the celebriy should be barefoot and standing up with a full back posture. Camera angles can be tricky and you could make a 195 cm guy look as tall as a 190cm guy, yeah it happens and I personally experienced it.
BEASTMAN said on 31/May/13
@Jimmy: What time of the day did you measure at 192?
Jimmy said on 30/May/13
@BEASTMAN I get your point, all my friends TOLD me that I was no taller him and no shorter than him, we were also kind of infront of a mirror and we were exactly the same height so yeah, people who said he could be 188-187 cm were and are COMPLETELY false.
Rikashiku said on 28/May/13
At least some people here are noticing he isn't 6'3". I said 6'1.5" but I might just go with 6'2" instead. assuming Hiddleston IS indeed 6'2" himself.
John said on 28/May/13
I think that if Drew Goddard is 6'6" Chris is about 6'3, perhaps 6'2"1/2.
The funny problem with the gloves on the Spanish TV programme is very realistic indeed, I can tell you...
BEASTMAN said on 28/May/13
@Jimmy: If there were other people around that noticed and said you were the same, I would believe you. But if it's just yourself estimating that he was the same as you, then I'm not really convinced, because a person can't really tell if someone is the same as them on their own.
Momo said on 27/May/13
Who cares if hes 6.3 or 6.2 Its stated on internet hes 6.3 and I agree... tallest people in world are not Dutch but people from region called Dinaric alps... average man is 6.1 and woman 5.7 ... am myself born there and am 6.2 compleatly average there and my sister is 5.8 slightly above average... its not uncomon to see people over 200 cm there... very strong people too... I am not saying that cuz am from around there I dont care about height so much ,just decided to tell you that cuz I learnd that in school and you can check that on internet... tall people are also scandinavian people and offcourse dutch. Americans are not small also but are smaler on average than above mentioned people and cant realy classify them cuz they are mixture of all cultures and nationalities most of the time so cant get classified as rest. Thats a fact, like it or not I dont care.
Xevan said on 26/May/13

Hmm I would believe that, finaly somebody who saw him in person ;). 192cm is almost 6'4!!!, pretty tall guy he is.
BRUTAL said on 26/May/13
The pictures of RDJ beside Glover VS RDJ beside Chris are highly misleading. With Glover were in RDJ's no lifts period, he now wears monsters 100% of the time he's out promoting his films etc. You simply cannot take those comparisons seriously. Anyone suggesting for one moment that Hemsworth is any less than 6ft 3 is off their nut.
Jimmy said on 21/May/13
Guys, I am a SOLID 192 and when I stood next to Chris, he was no taller than me, no shorter than me (Both of us were barefoot and he had a full posture, normally stretched and not bending and stuff like that so yeah, I believe he's a 192 cm.
BEASTMAN said on 19/May/13
@Nils. I had a similar experience when a mate of mine claimed he was taller than 5'11 at age 14 and about 180 at age 15. I measured him 2 years later (age 17) and he was 174. I couldn't help laughing.
Nils said on 18/May/13
I would guess netherlands is like sweden
average height supposed to be 181~cm but its not
178cm would be closer but then ofcourse every 178 person i meet claim 180+ =)
i am solid 6'1 i never go below 185 some days back i met a guy who claimed he was 187 cm while in reality he was about 180 :D people are always gonna lie about their heights, not everyone but alot of people also measure wrong or go with their morning height. There's always gonna be those 6'7 guys or more and you will feel short wether you are 5'4 or 6'2
Arch Stanton said on 9/May/13
Click Here

Scroll down a bit. Strangely he looks 6'1" range here. Even though Liam is a bit closer to the camera he still looks taller than Chris.
Xevan said on 16/Apr/13

Haha, feeling above average with 6'1 in the Netherlands... that's funny ;p
jamz said on 14/Apr/13
He's at least an inch taller than Hiddleston who's currently listed as 6'2" (although I actually believe Hiddleston to be 6'1"
penguinboy25 said on 12/Apr/13
From the photo's I've seen there's a chance he is under 6'3 maybe 6'2.5 to be exact. But the 6'3 listing doesn't bother me either. There probably is a moment during the morning he's touching 6'3.
Balrog said on 10/Apr/13
I actually visited the Netherlands and in my perception the average is a little under 6 feet. I felt above average and I'm a shy over 6'1''.
Xevan said on 8/Apr/13
nahh ok, then don't believe me guys. if some of you guys have plans to visit the Netherlands then you will see it for yourself.
Ras said on 7/Apr/13
You know I said Timberlake was 6'0.5 but now after seeing him in dress soes next to a barefeet 5'7 Olivia Wilde in the movie In Time I now think he is 5'11 TOPS, 5'10 wouldn't sound farfetched to me. I don't have a problem with him being 6'0.5 I'm just telling you guys what I saw.
Ras said on 7/Apr/13
Alex says on 5/Apr/13
@Xevan. I'm sorry but that's a load of BS. I don't know what is with the dutch always bragging about their height average. Yeah,you're by far the tallest people in Europe but that's it. 6'2'' is tall everywhere and saying that you feel like a dwarf at that height is either an extreme exaggeration or flat out lying.

Indeed, if the average is 6'0 in the Netherlands, 6'2 would be the equivalent of 6'0 in the US. Saying you are a dwarf is ridiculous, you're the shorter end of tall in your country but you certainly are not a "dwarf" unless you lived in a basket ball court.
Xevan said on 7/Apr/13
@alex im sorry men but its true! Im not saying everybody here is 6'3 or taller but from my perception my height (6'2) its really average and everyday i see a dozen of people who dwarfs me.
xevan said on 5/Apr/13

Alex said on 5/Apr/13
@Xevan. I'm sorry but that's a load of BS. I don't know what is with the dutch always bragging about their height average. Yeah,you're by far the tallest people in Europe but that's it. 6'2'' is tall everywhere and saying that you feel like a dwarf at that height is either an extreme exaggeration or flat out lying. This guy is clearly a legit 6'3'', maybe even a strong 192cm but that's it.
BEASTMAN said on 5/Apr/13
@Xevan: Actually, you were serious about your picture. You wanted to imitate me the opposite way, but failed. You're just making excuses now. Otherwise, your comment is pointless. No one needs to know that you think that people like to downgrade and value height over personality. And if you feel meeting this guy is the only useful method, go and meet him then, because it's no use on here saying that people are jealous.
xevan said on 4/Apr/13
@beastman... U know i wasn't serious right about that picture i send, and I was like "BUT LOOK THE HEIGHT DIFFERENCE IS LIKE 4 INCHES! SO THIS IS MY PROOF THAT HEMSWORTH IS 6'4 OR OVER!!!!!"?? Because in the picture I send you could cleary see that Evans was a little bit bending over, and chris stood right up. I'm just trying to say that on every page i go, people like to downgrade celebs. And I think people do that to feel better about themself because face it, we live in a society where tall = better which is basically not so(because in my opinion personality is much more important). But as I say before, we will never know his true height unless we see him in real life. And you can say what you want, but I think he is 6'4 or over. That's my opinion. Because chris is always know for his tall height. And 6'3 isn't really tall. But maybe it's me, i live in the netherlands and even i feel regularly a dwarf at 6'2.
BEASTMAN said on 3/Apr/13
6'3 is fine but 6'4+ is a heavy load of ****.
Tommo said on 3/Apr/13
Can't see any way this guy is less than 6'3. Seen plenty of journalists etc who've met him and described him as very tall, and he easily looks it next to 6'4 listed Momoa Click Here
Can't accept this guy is any less than 6'3 to be honest, 6'2 is tall but not enough to be raved about like people do with Chris.
avengers said on 2/Apr/13
Hey guys, I met this fella. He's very tall. Very much a 6'3". Neither of us had shoes on. He was also very pleasant and polite to the girl I was with who wanted his picture with her. Hiddleston has said on radio he's 6'2" (DJs remarked on his impressive height). Pretty darn close then! I hadn't seen CH's movie yet, was ready to believe he was another short guy cast to play a tall guy, but he just wasn't. He was tall. Looking back now, since the Avengers came out, it makes sense they cast two tall guys to play gods, since they had to stand amongst "humans' like Evans, Downey, etc. Harder to hide height discrepancies the more actors you throw in there. On a side note, I have met and/or seen a few UFC fighters in civilian wear, Randy Couture looks like a monster, whereas Junior Dos Santos looked much smaller than I thought. So did Cain Velasquez (but he has a huge head!). So I do have some frame of reference here. And again, all taller than me at a slight bit over 6'. Hope this helps the discussion.
BEASTMAN said on 2/Apr/13
@Xevan: What about this picture? Did Hemsworth take off his shoes? I don't think so.
Click Here

Or maybe this picture. Is Evans possibly 6'2+? I don't think so.
Click Here

You clearly want this guy to be as big as you say, but he just isn't. Hiddleston's page is pretty much undisputed (almost everyone agrees exactly with the listing), so his 6'2 listing is legit/accurate. If you go to Chris Evans' page however, VERY FEW people agree with his 6' listing, and say he is shorter. You only say that it's lame to talk about 'legit' heights because you're being proved wrong. You want to think that everyone is lame but you. Well, I think it's lame to come on here like you did and talk like you know the truth, calling people crazy and jealous. And then all you could provide was 1 biased picture with Hemsworth next to a celeb that has a disputed height listing. What an absolute failure.
Xevan said on 31/Mar/13
What really is so funny on this website is that people ALWAYS like to 'legit' heights of the somewhat shorter celebrities which they compare to, and take false advantage of it. Why is Tom Hiddleston's height suddenly 'LEGIT'? Why is his height suddenly LEGIT at6'2? maybe it's Chris Hemsworth's height that is legit and the true fact is that Tom is 6'3 or even taller. U know? I can do the same to you now... Look at this picture Click Here
In this picture Hemsworth is standing with LEGIT 6'0 Chris Evans! BUT LOOK THE HEIGHT DIFFERENCE IS LIKE 4 INCHES! SO THIS IS MY PROOF THAT HEMSWORTH IS 6'4 OR OVER!!!!! c'mon men dont i look like a fool now? so please dont use the LEGIT-HEIGT-OF-OTHER-CELEBRITY trick anymore, it's really lame. I do still think that Chris is 6'4 or taller.. But the fact is.. we will all never know his true height till we see the guy in person and take a picture so we can real compare.
BEASTMAN said on 25/Mar/13
@Xevan: Okay, genius. Since you're somehow not crazy like all the visitors you say are shorter and obsessed/jealous with Hemsworth, give us your evidence that he's "like 6'4, or even taller". Cause I don't believe for a second that there is a pic or video where he genuinely looks over 6'3 compared to someone else whose listed height is not in dispute, where both are standing next to each other with accurate posture and visible footwear, and the camera angle isn't unreliable. If you can't do so, then it's obvious that you are a troll.
You want to be realistic? This is my realistic evidence (with legit 6'2 Tom Hiddleston), and the difference doesn't look anywhere near 2+ inches:
Click Here (Same footwear + Tom has to lean to be an inch under)
Click Here (Tom has slight shoe disadvantage)
Click Here (Same as previous + slight lean makes both look same)
Click Here (Shoe disadvantage for Tom + Chris is closer)
avengers said on 25/Mar/13
I met this guy at the Hollywood Roosevelt post-Thor, he is every bit 6'3" or more. We were all barefoot and poolside, I am 6'0.25", and he was a monster, still had the long hair and looked like a Norse god. He's proportional, meaning, not built like an NBA lanky guy (that tends to give away above average height). Because he's got the wingspan and bulk he looks shorter on film. Based on the Thor previews I had thought they cast some 5'9" guy. I was wrong. First person account has him at 6 foot 3 easy.
Xevan said on 15/Mar/13
It's so funny that people ALWAYS downgrade celebs.. I don't want to be a troll or something.. But to be honest I think most of the visitors are somewhat shorter people who are little bit obsessed with heights, especially Tall heights with means tall people which i gues, most shorter people are little bit jealous about... I mean c'mon lets be realistic, this guy is huge.. He is like 6'4, or even taller. People here claim him to be 6'2, are crazy. I can tell you that i'm around 6'2 and never tower people like this guy do(but must say I live in the netherlands..) in most of the movies and pictures I see.
Ras said on 21/Feb/13
In this video:
Click Here

If you pause exactly at 2:07 you'll see Chris Hemsworth is no more than 2 inches taller than the goofy guy with glasses called Marron. The shows host is Pablo Motos (the shorter guy in the video) and he claims being 165cm tall but I actually think he's a bit shorter, like 163-164cm tall. If we take that into account then Marron is 6'0" even (he's constantly looked that height with every other celebrity that's met him, like 5'11.5" Vin Diesel or 6'1.25" Ryan Reynolds. Based on this I'd say Chris Hemsworth is more like 6'2", do notice that he's also wearing dress shoes while Marron seems to be wearing what look like a pair of vans so Chris's got at least some advantage right here. That guy's a good height reference, that's how I've come to estimate the heights of many celebrities like Ryan Reynolds (6'1.25), Charlize Theron (5'10), Adriana Sklenarikova (6'0.25), Denzel Washington (5'11), Orlando Bloom (5'9.5), Daniel Radcliffe (5'4.5), Dwight Howard (6'8.75), Chayanne (6'0.5), Benicio del Toro (6'1.25), Jennifer Lawrence (5'7.5), Andrew Garfield (5'10), Justin Timberlake (6'0.5) and so on and so forth.
Anon said on 18/Feb/13
As Alex was saying on the page of Tome Hiddleston: Chris Hemsworth did NOT have much on him. And Hiddleston is supposed to be 188; I think his range is 188-190max(!) or on a good day.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Feb/13
Rika, its the way you talk to people and your attitude., not to mention showing seriously disturbing delusional behaviour that you value yourself enough to think that any could care less what you do and follow you around. Both Alex and I are fair minded contributors here and often point out listings which we think are little generous and both of us, Steve and several other users think you come across as a troll in the way you treat other editors and are so arrogant about your claims. None of us really care how tall the Hemsworth brothers are, we think they look 6'3" ish, but it is your arrogant "I'm proved they're 6'1"" type posts which keep me coming back here to respond to you. He's two inches shorter than Joe Manganiello, who Rob has met and said is pretty much 6'5", and looks 6'3" in practically every comparison I've seen..
Rikashiku said on 2/Feb/13
You haven't given any pics and I have seen no sources showing that he is a solid 6'3". He is in a pic with a man who is 6'5" and he is no where near close in height.

Again, you still have yet to given any pics at all, but I have given several backing up my claims. You're obsessing over this, Arch.

Why should I have an agenda just because I know them? Why do you consider it hate just because I say they are not 6'3"? So do you think everyone who says Justin Bieber is only 5'5" is just saying that because he hates him even though he says he is 5'9"?
What about David Haye who is constantly stated to be 6'3", yet he looks no more than 6'1" at best. So do you think everyone who says he is not 6'3", but only 6'1" are just saying that because they hate him?

Is this why you stalk my activity on this site? Because you only hate me for having a different opinion. In the real world, we call that, 'ignorant'.
Arch Stanton said on 30/Jan/13
I think 6'1 is laughable, I've slated you for that because I think you have an agenda with the brothers having been to school with them. But that's your opinion so fair enough.
Arch Stanton said on 30/Jan/13
Yes, you posted pics showing that they looked close in height. But you've also ignored 95% of all comparisons which show he is pretty much a legit 6'3" guy... I wouldn't place too much weight on a limited set of phots, I'd base my estimate on how somebody seems to look overall. I think he looks a genuine 6'3" and I can't see him under 190. Its not obsessive, that's my opinion. You think he's 6'1.5", that's your opinion, but please don't come here and slate me and others for thinking he looks 6'3". Its just a height after all.
Paul said on 29/Jan/13
Pretty sure Idris Elba is around 6ft3. He is listed as 190 cm here. Very tall guy either way.
Rikashiku said on 29/Jan/13
The scans you keep complaining about. OH, and who is with? I've posted pics of him with a 6'1-6'2" Hiddleston and they're practically the same height.

With 5'10" Joss Whedon, he only looked under 4" taller. Def not 6'3". Don't be so obsessive just because other people have different opinions. Don't be so ignorant Arch/Alex and whatever other names you want to use.
Arch Stanton said on 28/Jan/13
Not sure what "scans" you're talking about but Click Here to me he looks like a legit 6'3" guy.
Rikashiku said on 25/Jan/13
Isn't Edris Elba 6'2" or something?

Its laughable to say he is 6'3" or over. 6'1"-6'2" is more believable. Especially after the scans that have been given. I still haven't seen Arch Stantons scans yet, and that guy visits this forum every day... with many names.
Paul said on 15/Jan/13
Well,he did look around the same height as Edris Elba so I'd say this listing is pretty accurate
BEASTMAN said on 14/Jan/13
6'1 might be laughable, but hardly any more laughable than those 192 claims. 188-190 is his range.
Arch Stanton said on 14/Jan/13
6'1" is laughable. 6'3" is actually a fair listing for Chris and he's a good example of a legit 190-191cm guy.
Josh said on 9/Jan/13
I agree with Rikashiku Chris is a legit 6'1 guy
Rikashiku said on 28/Dec/12
@Koteku the height difference between Downy and Glover is nearly 6". If you're going by the top of his hair, then there is only 2" between RDJ and Hemsworth and 4" between RDJ and Glover.

Look at the pics again. It looks closer to 4" with Hemsworth and 6" with Glover.
kotetu said on 28/Dec/12
5'9" Downey with Glover 6'3"
Click Here

about the same as the difference with Hemsworth
Click Here
kotetu said on 28/Dec/12
Downey Mug shot in 99:
5'9" or 5'10" with hair. :)
Click Here

Downey and Hemsworth at the D23 Expo in 2011:
Click Here

Easily a 6 inch difference between the two of them. Look at the eye to eye position. The photo looks straight on as well, comparing the lettering in the background on the left and right extremes of the photo.
J said on 24/Dec/12
If this helps at all, in a recent Empire interview they stated that unlike most Hollywood actors, Hemsworth is as big as he's made out to be. People who meet him say he's big, interviewers say he's big, etc etc. If he wasn't as tall as his agency claimed, it would have come out by now.
SAMMY DERRICK said on 22/Dec/12
Arch Stanton said on 4/Dec/12
I'm guessing Rikashiku that they were popular/full of themselves in school?
Joey said on 3/Dec/12
I think he is closer to 6'2 (188cm ).. he likely rounded up that since 6'3 sounds better ^^
Rikashiku said on 22/Nov/12
...yeah, I know how tall he really is and I know about his boots. Thats why I said he isn't 5'10", but there is still 4" between him and Hemsworth despite him wearing thicker shoes.

Maybe I should have been more clear or you should have read closer.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Nov/12
Rikashiku says on 12/Nov/12
RDJ is wearing some thick soles, probably 1" thickness or so, still looks 4" shorter.
Click Here

and RDJ is not 5'10".

Never use Downey for comparisons!! How knows what's inside his shoes!! If Downey is looking 5 ft 10 there's an obvious reason, the man is barely 5 ft 8!
Rikashiku said on 12/Nov/12
RDJ is wearing some thick soles, probably 1" thickness or so, still looks 4" shorter.
Click Here

and RDJ is not 5'10".
Rikashiku said on 11/Nov/12
I haven't just met them, but known them. Well for a year.

Beastman so far is the only one who actaully took the time to look at my pictures proving Hemsworth isn't 6'3". Ana has only stated she met him, but no pictures to show that he is 6'3" as she claims assuming it is a she that is.

I'm still going on 187cm. Not out of envy or whatever you keep saying, but because that is what I see. I always thought Tom Hiddleston was 187cm too.
Arch Stanton said on 11/Nov/12
Click Here

Recent photograph, scroll down, I'm not looking too well...
Ana Madrid said on 11/Nov/12
I said he was a inch SHORTER than my brother who is a legit 6"4 READ my post again, rikashu, you seriously need to know the difference between SHORTER and TALLER, they obviously are not the same or spelled the same, read them again, I stand by my posts, Chris is 6"3 nothing shorter than that, move on.
BEASTMAN said on 11/Nov/12
I'm back. Seriously, what's all the hassle about "You are envious of Chris by stating that he's shorter"? How the hell would you know if they're jealous or not? Accusations like that cannot be backed up and are just rude. Whoever's met the guy might have an advantage, but it doesn't mean they know everything. Sometimes I feel as tall as my dad and other times I feel up to an inch shorter. Have you ever heard of "posture" or "footwear"? Based on most pics, Chris is hardly any taller than Hiddleston. Whenever there's a noticeable difference, he has better posture or a footwear advantage like the ones Rikashiku posted a month ago. So therefore if Hiddleston is exactly 188, I pin Chris at 189. 190 to me is likely a roundup, although it's still possible. At the same time, I doubt he's any lower than 188. I would suggest a 6'2.75 listing for now.
Rikashiku said on 11/Nov/12
Ana, how can he be 6'3" if you say he is an inch or more taller than your 6'4" brother. So to you, people who downgrade a persons height has to be someone who hates them? Thats some pretty backwards logic.

I remember Shaun. Arch Stanton is a better name? It is not recognizable and yes, I have been saying that since day one I posted here.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Nov/12
I've been using the name Shaun since the G days Rikashiku, it was never my real name and is quite a bland name anyway.. Are you saying you were in school with the Hemsworth brothers?
Ana Madrid said on 10/Nov/12
I have no idea what you are talking about changing myu name, first time here and this caught my attention due to the fact that you are stuck in your envy party of this man and his brother, I have the evidence I need in person, not your pics, I met the man in Spain and he was a inch or slightly more to my 6"4 brother who is a strong 6"4, and I am 5"11 in three in heels, and he was not wearing any big boots, he was wearing normal dress shoes, so get over it and move on, envy is a bad thing.
Rikashiku said on 10/Nov/12
I don't trust you Ana Madrid because I have no reason to. I have stated several times already. I know what Chris and his brother were like in school. Both are no taller than I am, 187cm. There is no envy, only truth that they are nowhere near 6'3". I have actually given a TON of evidence showing that Chris and Liam are NOT 6'3" and closer to 6'1.5".

Drew Goddard has to be around 6'5", maybe a strong 6'5". He has an easy 7" over Joss Whedon.

How often do you change your name Shaun? Not saying its a bad thing. So are you seeing what I have been seeing on this site for a year now?
Ana Madrid said on 9/Nov/12
I guess guys worry about height or at least have height envy of other men as I can clearly see in the posts by Rikashiku, so precise and stating that Chris is not even 6"2, trust me he is 6"3, I am from Madrid and met him up close en el Hormiguero, a celebrity program in Spain, I a woman, 5"8 without heels, I was wearing 3 inch boots that night and he towered over me and was at least an inch shorter than my brother who is 6"4, he was wearing a suit and dress shoes, he is a big guy not to mention gorgeous and a gentlemen.
Rikashiku said on 8/Nov/12
I've posted pics of Goddard and Hemsworth together before. There is always 4" between them.
NExt to 5'10" Joss Whedon, Hemsworth still only looks 3" to 3.5" taller. So still, between 6'1" and 6'2".
Arch Stanton said on 8/Nov/12
Rikashiku says on 7/Nov/12
Is that you Shaun, pretending to be Arch Stanton?

I told Rob on numerous pages I'd changed my user name. Actually in Sam's photo he does actually look 6'1.5" range if he's 6'5". He doesn't look 6'3" there, granted. And proportionally this Drew Goddard bloke does look like a legit 6'5.
Sam said on 8/Nov/12
The director of "Cabin in the Woods", Drew Goddard, is commonly listed as 6'5" and looks to be a minimum of 3 inches taller than Chris Hemsworth. I would say either Goddard is actually 6'6", or if he's really 6'5", then Hemsworth would be closer to the 6'2" range:
Click Here
Dave said on 7/Nov/12
Has any of you guys seen Chris Hemsworth on Conan Obrien? I watched carefully as he walked in when he was called in by Conan and he didn't look much shorter than Conan who is 193cm. And as he came in a stood next to Andy Richter(188cm) and was clearly and inch or more taller. So maybe 191/2cm? He is stacked with muscle so he doesn't have the lanky complex? Anyone agree?
Rikashiku said on 7/Nov/12
Is that you Shaun, pretending to be Arch Stanton?

You're aware that you just contradicted your own logic, right? I just visited both BP and WS pages. People are pegging BP at 5'9-5'10", I personally put him down as 5'10". WS has never been listed under 5'11".

Yeah, Chris Evans height is listed at 6'0" because that is Robs guess. I have given countless evidence proving Chris Evans is 5'10" and Hemsworth is 6'1.5".

If you bothered to scroll down, you'd see it, its not far down.
JohnTK said on 5/Nov/12
188-189cm reach
James said on 4/Nov/12
I think 189-190cm range
Arch Stanton said on 4/Nov/12
People on here claim Brad Pitt is 5'8.5" and Will Smith 5'11". A downgrade of 1.5-2 inches by people is very common on here, yourself included.
Arch Stanton said on 4/Nov/12
Where is your proof he's 6'1.5" because I haven't seen it.
Arch Stanton said on 4/Nov/12
Rikashiku says on 4/Nov/12
You think Chris evans is 6'0"? Lol.

Rob has him listed at 6'0", so your LOL is directed at him not me. He can look nearer 5'10" in some photos like the Hemsworth one, I haven't really looked much into it but 5'11" range might be nearer what he is. 6'5" Manganiello has 2 inches on Chris, how is that towering?
Rikashiku said on 4/Nov/12
Jealousy? nope, just not silly enough to let bias get in the way of how I view people. Will Smith 5'11? Brad Pitt 5'8.5? where did you get that tripe? He is definitly 6'1.5" as I have said since the day I met him, since the day I started using Celebheight 6 years ago and I have given REAL proof that he isn't over 6'3", closer to a weak 6'2". Rob has let heights pass before and still does.
If you say he is 6'2.5" then why hasn't it changed?

I've provided REAL evidence that show he is not 6'3", more like 6'1.5".

He looks 6'3", but looks can be deceiving, as I have proven SEVERAL times before. I've shown you what a 6'3" guy looks like next to Hemsworth and that still sin't enough for you. A 6'5" TOWERS over him.
On Home and Away, everyone is short. The tallest person on that show was Sironen.

You think Chris evans is 6'0"? Lol.
Chameleon said on 2/Nov/12
Chris Evans 6'0? Not a chance.
PLB said on 2/Nov/12
He looks 6'3" to me. I'm a bit surprised at how small his feet are. As I've gotten older my feet have gotten bigger. I wear a size 16 now.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Nov/12
Click Here

With 6'0 Chris Evans. 6'1.5", sure he is.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Nov/12
Rikashiku, sorry to say this but you are thwarted by personal jealousy of this guy. It is pretty obvious to everybody here, but this is very common on pages on here, with 5'11" Will Smith and5'8.5" Brad Pitt. There is a small chance he could be 6'2.5" but anything lower really is laughing gas. Do you honestly think Rob, our resident height expert could be that far out? He consistently looks a solid 6'3" in at least 95% of comparisons, in fact he was recently cited a a good example of a legit 6'3" guy by somebody listing on Rob's page. I watched this guy in Home and Away a good ten years ago and he always gave a very tall impression and towered above everybody else.
Rikashiku said on 2/Nov/12
He never looked 6'3"-6'4" on Home&Away. Alf is at most 5'10" and there was at least 3-4" between him and Hemsworth. but when Sironen, a 6'4" Rugby player came onto the program, he towered over Alf and the rest of the cast. You'd be surprised at how small everyone is on that show. Even 6'1" Jay Laga'aia had a towering appearance.
Arch Stanton (Shaun) said on 1/Nov/12
Cranberries says on 31/Oct/12
@Silent D: A 38 inch chest is below average in size, dude... Lol, I'm 19, 6'4", 190 lbs and my ribs stick out and I'm a 42. I would say Hemsworth and Manganiello are both in the 44 range when they're in tip-top shape. Hemsworth probably wears a 42 most of the time.

38 is small frame yeah. I think you'd be surprised with Manganiello that he might be nearer a 48 chest when he is heavier and not cut down. He does give a lean muscle impression I agree but if you actually look at his chest and shoulders you'd expect him to wear XXL clothes. Hemsworth yeah about a 44 currently and I'd agree that he is naturally not big framed and really has to work hard to maintain his muscle. If you look at older pics he is naturally small framed. He was in Home and Away not Neighbours and he always looked 6'3"-6'4" in it and was fully grown when he started in it, it was his brother Liam who was in Neighbours. I was a 48 chest a while back and its real bulky looking. I'm a 46 nowadays at around 200 pounds and its still big and I still wear XL clothing. The "As I have said since day one a year ago, Hemsworth is 6'1.5". He really isn't a big guy." comments really make me laugh. Nobody in Hollywood would look at Hemsworth and I'm sure in the real world and consider him to be anything less than big.
Rikashiku said on 1/Nov/12
Canning Tatum isn't even 6'1". Closer to 5'11.5" or a weak 6'0". As I have said since day one a year ago, Hemsworth is 6'1.5". He really isn't a big guy. He's only been cast next to small people. I've seen pictures of him with normal people and he doesn't look any bigger than they are. Probably a lean 95kg.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Oct/12
He could be 190cm, but nothing less. Really can pull off looking near 6ft4.
When he was on Neighbours a few years ago he was growing and looked 6ft1-6ft2
Rikashiku said on 26/Oct/12
1.25" is still pretty thick, but they are nice dress shoes. 3" isn't a minimal difference.

Not 6'3". He's been seen with 6'3" people and he is under them. With 6'5" people he is obviously under 6'3". With 6'3" Mamoa, chris is clearly not 6'3".
Silent D said on 26/Oct/12
He is huge. 38inch chest. Animalistic. Easy 6 foot 3. Aussie guys are to most ripped in hollywood muscle wise. Hugh jackman, chris hemsworth and a few others.
Shaun said on 23/Oct/12
The difference between Chris's and Joe's shoes the height difference would be minimal.
Shaun said on 23/Oct/12
I have a pair of dress shoes with a low heel on like Chris's and they give about 1.25 inches.
Rikashiku said on 22/Oct/12
Tatum is closer to 6'0" than 6'1". There is about 2" between him and Hemsworth. All three pics posted by John and Shaun are on angles that favor Manganiello and Hemsworth.

If you got a pic of all three on an even angle instead of one sided angles, then we can tell their real heights. Here's something intresting to contemplate on. Look at the shoes they're wearing. They're heeled except for Manganiello's.
Shaun said on 22/Oct/12
Click Here

That ones even better can see their whole length and shoes. If anything you could argue 6'3.5" more there than 6'1.5". The guy in the middle is supposed to be 6 ft 1... Yeah, half an inch taller!
Shaun said on 22/Oct/12
Click Here

This is better and lo and be hold Hemsworth again looks nothing less than a solid 6'3", in fact he looks 6'3.5" range more than 6'2.5", difference looks 1.5-2 inches tops between Chris and Joe. Easily 2 inches taller than the other guy. Rob has met Joe Manganiello Rikashiku and lists him at a legit 6'5" and wouldn't put him under 6'4.5". That immediately makes 6'1.5" impossible as if you look at his footwear in the other pic they are clearly flattish shoes and not great big boots.Its pretty obvious Rikash that he's 6 ft 3 range, looks it in virtually every comparison and picture.
Shaun said on 22/Oct/12
Manganiello looks huge there, looks 6'6" but is helped a lot by the camera angle.
John said on 21/Oct/12
Click Here standing next to 6 ft 1 channing Tatum & 6 ft 5 joe manganiello.
Rikashiku said on 19/Oct/12
Yeah, I'm aware RDJ is a notorious lift wearer... I kinda pointed that out several times before. Did you miss the part where I said they both look like they're wearing 1.5" footwear? So there isn't much difference in their natural heights between them.

I wouldn't even say Hiddleston is 6'2", and he does look the same height as Hemsworth. Like I said several times, Hemsworth is no taller than I am.
Shaun said on 18/Oct/12
Hemsworth is taller than 6'2" Hiddleston.
Shaun said on 18/Oct/12
Hemsworth looks 5" taller than 5'8" RDJ, both men look like they're wearing 3-4cm soled shoes, maybe RDJ has 1 or 2cm more in his shoes but i can't see it being more than 3cm.

Downey is one of the most notorious lift wearers in Hollywood!!! If Hemsworth only looked 5 inches taller its because he is getting a 2 inch boost which for him is like normal folks wearing converse.
Rikashiku said on 16/Oct/12
If he were taller than Hiddleston, then you wouldn't have minded in any way.

Can you explain why he looks 3" taller than hiddleston in that first pic of them together?
In the pic after, they are both level and Hemsworth isn't slouching.
The pic after, he is closer to the camera.
The next pic they are both level.
The red carpet pic has Hiddleston being an inch closer, looking bigger.
In the Thor group pic, they are leveled.
Last pic, Hiddleston is obviously closer, but standing next to RDJ, Hemsworth looks 5" taller than 5'8" RDJ, both men look like they're wearing 3-4cm soled shoes, maybe RDJ has 1 or 2cm more in his shoes but i can't see it being more than 3cm.

Click Here
Heeled shoes but in previous pics there isn't that much of a difference. Maybe 1cm or so.
Click Here
Hiddleston is obviously leaning in front.
Click Here
Those are some thick boots.
Click Here
Is that 5'10" Joss Wheadon?
Click Here
Oh no! We're both wrong, he's actually 6'5"!
Click Here
Or maybe he's 7'0"? I do believe our fanboyism is getting the best of us, hoping he is taller than he really is, hmmm? :)
Shaun said on 15/Oct/12
Its posture/angle! In some of the pics his posture is poor or he's further away from the camera. In most of the ones I've seen of them side by side from the front Hemsworth edges him out by a cm or two.
Rikashiku said on 9/Oct/12
I see you took a great deal of time avoiding the boot pictures.

Ok, so instead of those stalker photos where they are usually alone, can you get the ones at premieres instead. You should probably use the ZOOM more often. Those pics show shoes with an inch elevations. I have the same trainers and they give up at least 4cm for me, making me 191cm. Not that im saying he wears them for height but just that they do give an extrea push upwards. They are also extremely comfortable :D.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Hmm, maybe I should have saved the boot pictures. Before there were tons of them, but now I have to load more pics just to find very few.
Still, it doesn't change anything.

He looks taller with Hiddleston here.
Click Here

and boom, he isn't.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Shaun said on 9/Oct/12
Chris in his usual huge boots:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Liam in his usual huge boots:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

LOL virtually every photograph on the internet of them they're wearing low cut trainers. Quite the opposite of what you claim they're almost always in flat Converse/sneakers. Neither of them are height conscious its pretty obvious...
Rikashiku said on 8/Oct/12
They're not actually that big. There are pics of Chris with fans and he's not that much bigger than they are. Its been a few days since I last saw these pics, so I'll have to get them some time later.

6'1.5" is very believable. They can look between 6'1" and 6'3" because of footware. Both brothers ALWAYS wear thich boots, especially Chris who has mostly been seen wearing thick boots as opposed to dress shoes. They "look" bigger than they really are because they are always with smaller people.

Go to the Chris Evans page, I posted pics with Chris being the same height as 6'2" listed Tom Hiddleston(Who I also believe is 6'1.5") and sometimes he is taller due to thicker footware.

In that pic where you say Theron... she is tilting away but there is still only 2" between them. You should use the zoom feature of that page so you can actually see where the top of her head reaches next to Hemsworth. It is only 2".

Again, they "look" big because they are surrounded by small people. How many actors has either of them been casted with who were over 6'4"? I can name Ray Stevenson but Thor had to wear thicker boots and there are no pics of Stevenson and Hemsworth together at all.
Shaun said on 5/Oct/12
Click Here

I'd say nearer 3 inches. Based on her being 5'9.5" and 6'-6'0.5" range in those heels I don't think you could argue anything under 6 ft 3.
Shaun said on 5/Oct/12
He looks more than 2 inches taller than Theron in those photos, nearer 3 inches.
Shaun said on 5/Oct/12
Click Here

Again Chris looks taller here. Can't explain it, most people say Liam edges Chris out. You could argue that Liam is 6 ft 2 based on some photos but most people seem to say Liam is a tad taller than Chris.
Shaun said on 5/Oct/12
Click Here

Liam can often give a 6'1-6'2" impression I agree. I said this on his talk page that he doesn't look 6'3" next to Miley Cyrus. And he "looks" shorter than Chris here. It doesn't mean he "actually" is only 6 ft 1, in the same way George Clooney often looking 5 ft 9 doesn't mean he actually is.
Shaun said on 5/Oct/12
Both Chris and Liam are big, good looking guys, few would dispute that. They're not massive no but they're without a shadow of a doubt not as short as you think they are.
Shaun said on 5/Oct/12
Rikashiku says on 4/Oct/12
@Shaun, I see you like to talk big in a conversation with yourself. Those are 3" heels, Hemsworth is wearing an inch or slight more thicker heeled shoes. Look at the height difference in those pictures. Use the zoom, there is only 2" between them. Thats a 6'0.25" Theron to a 6'2.5" Hemsworth.

I'm not talking to myself, none of us are, this is a celeb height website and such posts are constructive towards discussing heights. Yes, you are more accurate with that statement and Theron would likely be 6'-6'.0.5 in those heels. i think Hemsworth doesn't look anything under 1.90m. The lowest you could possibly argue for him is 6'2.5" and even that is unlikely. 6'1.5" tops as you say is utter rubbish. As Rob says a legit 6 ft 3 is pretty fair for him. I think he's actually a very good example of how a legit 6 ft 3 guy looks, somebody agreed with this on Rob's page with their guesses.
Rikashiku said on 4/Oct/12
@Shaun, I see you like to talk big in a conversation with yourself. Those are 3" heels, Hemsworth is wearing an inch or slight more thicker heeled shoes. Look at the height difference in those pictures. Use the zoom, there is only 2" between them. Thats a 6'0.25" Theron to a 6'2.5" Hemsworth.

You should watch the Expendables. Liam definitly isn't 6'3". Closer to 6'1" on the movie and in real life, and a bit a butt kisser.

I've posted pics of him with a 6'3" man and there was a big difference between them. There is also the scene with stellan Skarsgard who is clearly taller, when Chris isn't wearing his big boy boots. If he is 6'3" then why does he look taller than 6'4" Ray Stevens on that same movie? also the fact that he always wears elevated footware.

He's not really a big guy in real life. Nearly my height in fact. I've actrually poisted a lot more pics clearly showing that he isn't 6'3" on other Discussions.
Shaun said on 3/Oct/12
Hehe Rikashiku, the one thing I always notice about the Hemsworth brothers is that they are not in the slightest bit height conscious, virtually always in flat converse type footwear, especially Liam. Liam can give the illusion of 6 ft 1 from what I've seen, 6 ft 5 is definitely a joke for him but I think 6 ft 3 is about right.
Shaun said on 3/Oct/12
Ajax says on 28/Sep/12
Rob, would you agree that younger siblings generally grow up to be taller than their
elder brothers/sisters? It's often the case that I've seen.
[Editor Rob: not paid as much attention to this to notice]

I know three brothers, mother 5 ft 9, father 5 ft 11. Oldest brother is 6 ft 6 range, second brother 6 ft 4 ish, they take after their mother's side, their maternal grandad was 6 ft 4, and the youngest who I was in school with barely taller than his mother 5'9.5" tops...
Shaun said on 3/Oct/12
Rob what do you think is the lowest you could possibly argue for him? He seems to look a solid 6 ft 3 in practically every comparison and was barely shorter than Mamoa. I'm not buying anything under 189cm. What do you think?
[Editor Rob: I don't think he'd drop to 189, around 6ft 3 mark is pretty fair for him.]
Shaun said on 3/Oct/12
Oh and please don't start claiming Theron is 5'7-5'8", she was markedly taller than Mark Wahlberg who himself is nothing under 5 ft 7 and close to 5 ft 8. She can pass for 5 ft 10 a lot.
Shaun said on 3/Oct/12
LOL what it is about this guy and the jealousy. OK note Charlize Theron's footwear. She's a legit 5 ft 9 and a half, Click Here Highly unlikely she measures under 6 ft in those heels. Now for a side by side comparison see Click Here The man is very clearly 6 ft 3 range and would very unlikely measure anything under 190cm.
Rikashiku said on 3/Oct/12
Its very possible. On a deleted scene of Thor, he is noticably shorter than 6'3" Stellan Skarsgard. In most of the movie, Thor is always seen as being 5 or so inches taller than him and even taller than 6'4" Ray Stevens. For him and Idris who played the GAte Keeper, they had worn elevated boots and stood on platforms, like that wrestlers do in backstage interviews.

The only reason Hemsworth looks so tall is because he is always cast next to shorter people. 187cm is being nice. He and his brother wear some pretty thick boots.
Witchdoctor said on 2/Oct/12
1.87m is "IMPOSSIBLE" for Chris hemsworth even at midnight! the shortest he could be is 1.88m,he is 1.89-90m range!
Rikashiku said on 2/Oct/12
I didn't say they were full of themselves. The Media says a lot of things, like Justin Bieber having talent.

They're both under 6'2". Click Here

Same height as brother.
Click Here

Despite wearing thicker heels, still same height.
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Sep/12
Eric Bana! I knew there was someone missing from that list. how could I be so foolish in leaving out the towering heartthrob who made Troy such a compelling masterpiece. Hands down...he stole the show from Brad Pitt and not just by making him look 5ft10 tops.Thanks Jake...

Anyway, I thought at first this guy might be 192cm but his brother Liam Hemsworth whose listed at 6ft5 but looks a strong 6ft4 has more than 1in over him. Rob, maybe Hemsworth is 190cm since his agency has him at that?
Rikashiku said on 30/Sep/12
C.Hemsworth 6'1.5"
McMahon 6'2"
Jackman 6'1"
Ledger 6'1"
Purcell 6'1"
L.Hemsworth 6'1.5"

Both Hemsworths are the exact same height, never over 6'2", both almost always wear boots. Chris is the same height as Hiddleston and Liam was def under 6'3" on the Expendables 2.

I wouldn't say Australia Produces the most tallest or good looking actors, but its just that those are the kinds they only hire for major roles. Look at Home and Away. All models, no actors.
Kat in AZ said on 29/Sep/12
In my Nordic family, I am the runt in my family, at 5' 8", my mom is 6', Dad is 6'3", Brother is 6'4", and my son is 6'3". It takes NO stretch of the imagination to see that Chris Hemsworth is easily within the height range of any of the men in my family.

Interesting to see all of the banter over his height though.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Sep/12
Can look near 6ft4 at times. But my god Australia is persistent when it comes to producing tall, good looking , and talented actors. Julian McMahon, Hugh Jackman, Heath Ledger, Dominic Purcell and now this guy.
Ajax said on 28/Sep/12
Rob, would you agree that younger siblings generally grow up to be taller than their
elder brothers/sisters? It's often the case that I've seen.
[Editor Rob: not paid as much attention to this to notice]
Rikashiku said on 28/Sep/12
I've met and knew him in Australia. His brother is a bit of a jerk but he really isn't 6'3". I've shown pics of him with 6'3" guys and he is shorter than them. Pics with CM Punk who is 5'11" and he doesn't have 4" over Punk.

He's barely taller than me.
Shaun said on 27/Sep/12
Odd Iseenit as in my opinion Chris gives a bigger impression than Liam in photographs.
Shaun said on 27/Sep/12
I think 5'11" range looks about right for his dad. His parents look above average but neither of them are very tall, Chris and Liam are a lot taller than their parents. I suppose his mother would qualify as a solid tall woman and they likely get the 6'3" height from her side.
IseenIt said on 26/Sep/12
He's dead on 6'3" and Liam is taller. Partied with them both and Liam absolutely has 2 inches on Chris.
Rikashiku said on 26/Sep/12
Watch a deleted scene on Thor. He's shorter than Stellan Skarsgard who is 190cm.
pataan19 said on 17/Sep/12
Hey Rob how tall would you roughly place his dads height from the photo posted by Shaun, and his older brother too thanks!
[Editor Rob: his older brother claims 180cm but could be near 5ft 9 range, his dad maybe near to 6ft]
avi said on 15/Sep/12
gives a weak 6'3 impression. probably not even 6'3 maybe 6'2.5
Shaun said on 12/Sep/12
His brother reminds me of Billie from Green Day, might be the red tie and spiky hair. He looks nothing over 5 ft 9 does he.
Shaun said on 12/Sep/12
He must get his height from his mother's side.

His dad looks taller in that pic as he's nearer the camera I think.
Shaun said on 12/Sep/12
He must get his height from his mother's side.

Click Here

She's in heels but looks close to 6 ft in them. His dad looks 5'11" range to me but looks about 6' in that photo. Rob how tall do you think his older brother looks?. The height difference is staggering, not to mention he looks nothing like Chris or Liam who clearly look like brothers and are the same height roughly.
[Editor Rob: his brother claims 180cm, although he looks shorter than that.]
paulfromchicago said on 11/Sep/12
A lot of the younger "famous" crowd have private parties at my place of business Japonias and he was a solid 2inches taller than me (185cm)
Shaun said on 11/Sep/12
Well I always thought he looked more like a 6'3"-6'4" guy like Sacha Baron than a 6'2"-6'3" guy like Affleck or Kutcher or somebody. I doubt he's as high as 192cm at lowest but probably is in the morning. He was about an inch shorter than Jason Momoa. I wouldn't bet on him being under 190cm put it that way. Looks a solid 6'3" next to Charlize Theron in heels.
sam said on 11/Sep/12
If you look at the red dawn cast photograph he towers everyone. Even josh peck who is listed as 6ft. I think he would be about 193 in morning then shrink down to 191/2 during daytime. Flat 192 before bed.
Shaun said on 10/Sep/12
Another 6'3" guy that Dan o' Connor in Neighbours always looked 6'4" ish too and looked huge in Neighbours, but his hair gave the illusion of 6'5!
Shaun said on 10/Sep/12
He looked 6'4" in Home and Away. I remembered he towered his screen dad in it who I think looked pretty tall next to most and had a good two inches on the Rhys bloke who was the second tallest in it, I thought he was 6'2" ish but turns out he is 6'1", Chris had two inches on him to 6'3" figures. But he defo looked at least 6'3" in Home and Away as people over 6'2" on soaps like those tend to look super tall as a lot of the cast tend to be average-short. Like 5'11" in Home and Away Harold Bishop/Karl Kennedy/Dan Paris was always amongst the tallest.
tomo said on 9/Sep/12
Ray Stevenson is 193cm and there is hardly any difference in Thor. I clock hemsworth at 191/2. If you see him in episodes of home and away he towers everyone. I think that because he is ripped it makes him look thicker and shorter. He's hard to predict but I feel that 191 flat is fair maybe more.
Rikashiku said on 24/Aug/12
I had other pictures with Goddard and the rest of the cast but tinyurl wouldn't play nice with me. It sitll showed Goddard towering over Hemsworth. If you don't believe my pic then look at the CM Punk pic, he still looks barely 6'2".
Shaun said on 22/Aug/12
Rob how tall would you estimate his parents in those pics? 5'11" and 5'8" ish? They produced 2 6'3" sons, although the oldest brother though is quite a bit shorter, doubt he's even 6'.
[Editor Rob: maybe 5ft 10 and 8, hard to say on ground that's not totally flat.]
Shaun said on 22/Aug/12
Click Here

If you browse some of these pics you'll neither of his parents are "very" tall. But both his mother and father look above average height his dad looks 5'11" ish and his mother does look quite tall for a woman at 5'8" ish.
Yaspaa said on 17/Aug/12
38" chest? Surely not. Drew Goddard is closer to the camera in that pic, it's pretty obvious he isn't 6'1.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 17/Aug/12
He looks 6'3 to me in that pic, Goddard is clearly closer to the camera! Always looked a legit 6'3, not like those actors who claim 6'3, get listed 6'3 but look nowhere near that mark! He always looks very tall!
Rikashiku said on 16/Aug/12
.... There is no angle Andrea. How can he look 6'3" next to 6'5" Goddard if he only comes up to his eyes. I have more pics where he has 3-4 inches on Hemsworth.

In the CM Punk and Stan Lee pic, he still looks just over 6'1". Punk is at least 5'11.5" and it looks like there is 2 incehs between them. As I have stated from the start; he is 187cm and no taller. I knew him, I know he is just the same height as Hiddleston who is also 187cm tall, he is barely 2" taller than 182cm CM Punk.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 15/Aug/12
Rikashiku, in that pic Hemsworth looks a strong 6'3, he looks pretty tall even if the angle favour Goddard :)
Vegas said on 15/Aug/12
looks to be struggling with 6'3 with cm punk in this shot Click Here
Rikashiku said on 15/Aug/12
With 6'5" Drew Goddard.
Click Here

Like I said, he is not 6'3". Closer to 6'1".
ANDREA[ITA] said on 14/Aug/12
He looks all the 6'3! Legit 6'3 guy!
Hob said on 6/Aug/12
he was probably tall as josh harnett 6'2.25 and at least had a 41 inch chest and weight up 205-210pounds.
Luba said on 14/Jun/12
I'd say 6'3 is a good estimation. I made a photo of Chris with my 6'1 boyfriend, and the height difference was noticeable. As my BF has curly, messy hair, he usually looks taller than he really stands, and his 1 inch taller friend appears to be his height.
Rikashiku said on 7/Jun/12
There's a pic of him with 187cm Tom Hiddleston, both wearing dress shoes. Hemsworth looked barely taller than Hiddleston. I'd say he's 188cm. I used to say 187 because he didn't look that much taller than me in person. With another 6'1.5" actor they almost looked identical in height. Normally Hemsworth is seen wearing really thick boots.
Jon said on 6/Jun/12
Chris is 6'3 because he usually wears elavator shoes at the red carpet.
aallegre said on 4/Jun/12
Hey all-
Had a photo with Chris a the Philly Comic Con this weekend. He's 6'2 easy. Closer to 6'3 for sure. His waist IS super small, it's kind of crazy. Only know because we had our arm behind him for the pic. Nice guy.
? said on 13/Feb/12
6'2 max yall are insane. You guys want a reference go watch starwars episode 2 and 3 see how tall hayden christensen is compared to natalie portman she is between his shoulders and chin. THEN COMPARE TO THOR NEXT TO CHRIS IT CANNOT BE MORE THAN 1 to 2 INCHES DIFFERENCES AND SHE WAS IN FLATS FOR BOTH MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
? said on 13/Feb/12
Sean Bean is 5'11 not 5'9 and charlize is 5'9 to 5'10ish Momoa is not 6'4 he is 6'2ish and same as hemsworth its just everybody else next to them are migits...... Find a real 6'4 at ur local gym or lifetime fitness and stand them next to one another it will make chris look like a shrimp.......
Sam said on 30/Jan/12
He can appear closer to 6'2" but I buy Hemsworth as being in the 6'3" range
maio said on 19/Dec/11
according with rob, Chris Hemsworth is 6 ft 3 in/191 cm.
Beastman said on 30/Nov/11
No opinion, mate. And yes no evidence, cause it wasn't about stating him at something with no evidence, it was about making a point where things "can" be something else. Just relax, I ain't trying to prove anything against anyone here. If you and others say he's at least 6'2.5, maybe he is. And yes I did look at your pic, and he looks taller than 6'3, which is why i wrote he could also be an inch above this listing. Case closed for anything involving me, i'm leaving this page. No replies.
CJ said on 29/Nov/11
Beastman, you said: "I would NOT be surprised if both Momoa and Hemsworth were 6'2 or under. Maybe they just want to feel like bigger guys than they actually are by exaggerating their heights. And to think the picture with them together doesn't even provide a shot of their feet. Downgrading this guy isn't insecurity, it's feeling he doesn't deserve to be listed at something he's shorter than."

Sounds to me like you are drawing an opinion about Hemsworth's height. Then you just said in your last post that he "could" be under 6'2. Based on what evidence? He is at least 6'2.5", if not taller. Did you not look at the pic I provided? And no one is trash talking Nick...he's doing that plenty on his own.
Beastman said on 29/Nov/11
Look CJ, there's always a possibility Nick can be inaccurate with guessing, but why do people have to call him an idiot or say he has a sick obsession. That's just going too far. And if you didn't read properly, i said i have no opinion on chris' height. So hang ups or insecurity, it has nothing to do with me. As for jason momoa, i take back saying he "could" be 6'2 or under, but chris hemsworth actually "could" be under 6'2. Anyway, i'm not guessing here, i'm just saying it's all a possibility. If it makes you feel better, i won't deny both chris and momoa "could" also be above their listings by an inch. Just stop trash-talking Nick.
CJ said on 28/Nov/11
If Nick is entitled to his opinions, so are the people who disagree with him. No offense, but it seems he has a hang up about Chris Hemsworth. Quite frankly, Chris Hemsworth seems to be one of the few celebs who is at the height he claims to be. Maybe he is closer to 6'2.5", but he isn't the 6'1" or less gut Nick claims he is. Beastman, the fact that you are inclined to agree with Nick tells me you have hang ups as well.

Here is a pic of Chris at Comic Con with 5'8-5'9" Charlize Theron in heels and Sam Claflin, who is probably around 5'11": Click Here

Seems like a solid 6'3" to me.
Beastman said on 21/Nov/11
Jim and Shaun, stop trying to be the boss of Nick. The stuff you say can be very offensive. He's having just as much of a go at estimating as you and you're acting as if you know all the facts and he's plain wrong. I would NOT be surprised if both Momoa and Hemsworth were 6'2 or under. Maybe they just want to feel like bigger guys than they actually are by exaggerating their heights. And to think the picture with them together doesn't even provide a shot of their feet. Downgrading this guy isn't insecurity, it's feeling he doesn't deserve to be listed at something he's shorter than. And don't call me insecure, cause I'm not on this page to downgrade or upgrade, I'm here to justify that these are all estimates. Overall, I don't know what height Hemsworth is, he could still be 6'3 but no one here would perfectly know for sure.
Kerr said on 6/Nov/11
Hemsworth looked shorter than Elba because Elba had a ridiculously large viking helmet on the whole film. That's a weak comparison. There are plenty of pics of Chris at red carpet events and out and about to get a good scope of his height. I'd say a solid 6'3". I find it funny that so many need to debate this on this site, but not surprisingly, it's mostly men who care, lol.
LAN Jiao said on 31/Oct/11
Place hemsworth next to idris elba he did be suprise how come a weak 6'3 is taller than him near an inch.ha..
Rikashiku said on 24/Oct/11
He's a lot closer to 187cm tall. Remember, he wore thick boots in the Thor film. Its not like Idris Elba is 6'5", because he's really around 6'3".
Jim said on 23/Oct/11
@Nick you have a sick obsession and sound painfully insecure. Instead of going by the claims of the guy who met Chris in person and has the pic to prove it, you decide to agree with a guy who claimed he wore boots in Thor? Unreal.
zenarcher said on 22/Oct/11
How did Chris and our favorite girl Natalie ever kiss, she must have been standing on a bannana box.
jtm said on 20/Oct/11
lol at shaun.
Nick said on 19/Oct/11
Thanks you LAN Jiao to shed some light on C.Hemsworth height;) totally agree 187/188cm no more for him. Rest is CGI lol.
LAN Jiao said on 18/Oct/11
in THOR he wore kind of huge boots 5-6cm apear 6'4 range. in real next to 5'9 listed Penn Badgley look 6'1.5-6'2 could be his real height. did't even look 6'2.5 like idris elba range. chris is 6'2
Leo said on 13/Oct/11
@Shaun well you've met either. I never mentioned momoa to be 187. My pix claims 6ft 3 for Chris and I'm sticking to it.
Matt Von Knapp said on 7/Oct/11
I read about 192 cm about Chris-Thor, and it looks honest.
Shaun said on 6/Oct/11
Nick, Leo has met Hemsorth and Rob has met Momoa. I think they are much better equipped to estimate them than you. 187cm for Momoa LMAO
Leo said on 24/Sep/11
@Nick - I'm not really sure what sort of connotation you're getting at but if it's any help - I met Chris in 2005 when we were both around 23. I'm 5ft 11.25 barefoot in the morning rounding off to just barely over 5ft 11 at night.

Having met Chris that day and spoken to him briefly, I believe a solid 6ft 3. In out picture, he is leaning - that's granted, but when he was talking to me he definitely equalled some friends of mine whom I'm use to looking up to at the same angle. He's more no taller than 6ft 3, this was roughly (if memory serves me, around 6pm). Footwear for me were .75 inch sandles. Footwear for Chris were around .9 inch runners (trainers). There's not much more I can tell you other than I was standing upright in the photo, I always do. His posture was fine but he leaned down for the photo knocking the 3+inch gap down to around 1.5 - 2. Hope that helps everyone out ",)
Tom said on 22/Sep/11
So tell us, Nick, is it your life's work to prove that certain actors are shorter than they claim? You have yet to prove Hemsworth is anything less than 6'3". None of your evidence is compelling.
r3v001 said on 18/Sep/11
@NICK I wouldnt be suprised at all if Penn is wearing customized 3 inchers. Wouldnt you especially if you knew you were gonna be at an event with Hemsy! that makes him a respectable 6 feet which means Chris still has a considerable height adantage in standard 1 inch shoes but at least your not getting totally dominated.

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