How tall is Chris Evans

Chris Evans Height

6ft 0in (182.9 cm)

American actor best known for films such as Captain America, Cellular, Fantastic Four, Sunshine, Snowpiercer, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Not Another Teen Movie.

How tall is Chris Evans
Scarlett Johansson with Chris
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Average Guess (149 Votes)
5ft 11.77in (182.3cm)
Edimar1.84 said on 21/Oct/17
a bit under 6ft mark. 5ft11.75 is good for him!
Slim 6' said on 21/Oct/17
Sorry @Junior. I think everyone except for Rob believes Chris Evans is 5'11".5 give or take a quarter inch.

The only way he'll reach 182.5-183.1 is with his big shoes.
Dreampuffe(5'9.5") said on 20/Oct/17
Shorter than Henry Cavill.
Peter181cm said on 15/Oct/17
5'11.25 - 5'11.75 this is his height!!
I don't see him like 6' - 6'1 -_-
A lot of celebrities lie!! .-.-.
5'11.25 - 5'11.75 sounds good for him!
6' I think he is close to 6ft, but not 6' ;-)
I think this 5'11.5 (181-182cm)
Junior said on 14/Oct/17
Captain america is at least 1 m 82.5cm
Slim said on 2/Oct/17
5'11.25"-5'11.75", sorry rob, but Evans would've struggled to reach 6' in his 20's wether as nick cage would've done so easily.
Tom said on 30/Sep/17

He and Henry Cavill look nearly identical in that picture, I don't see nearly a full inch height difference there.
Slim said on 27/Sep/17
Guys, I'm a fan of his work, but he's 181(5'11.5") tops like Jensen Ackles. And his extreme low would be the flat 5'11"(180). They're 183(6') at breakfast after a proper sleep but they shrink to 5'11.5"(181) very quickly. Just examining his proportions, there's no way Evans is 182/183(6') at his normal low.
Ar2mA2 said on 18/Sep/17
chris evans:5ft11.5 sebstian stan:5ft11 anthony mackie:5ft10.25
Edimar1.84 said on 15/Sep/17
Rob, 5ft11.75 is perfect from him, solid 1.82 guy, correct?
Tonyx said on 13/Sep/17
His shoes are always very thin soled. Whether they are dress shoes or sneakers.
Genuine 6 footer and doesn't really try to look taller with any tricks. Most other celebrities will have footwear advantage over him.
Mark(5'9.5") said on 10/Sep/17
Cavill looks 6'1" with Evans.

Rob mentioned that Evans had more footwear and was still shorter than Cavill.
Peter181cm said on 9/Sep/17
Ooh.. I found this:
Click Here:

He look 1.81m next to Chris ;-)
Peter181cm said on 9/Sep/17
Click Here

Look 1.82m next to Henry 1.84m ;)

A Think 1.82 is best for him ;-)
Leandro said on 8/Sep/17
183 in the morning. 182 average
Slim said on 8/Sep/17
Tallish89 said on 8/Sep/17

Exactly my point! 5'11.5 at most

Guy is no different from Timberlake, just added that inch to list himself at 6 foot.
Assuming where your from the imperial system is outdated. You're close to 181 cm, what do you claim to others?
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 8/Sep/17
Weight lifting can enhance one's natural posture sometimes (not always, and just use Channing Tatum, Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson as examples of weight lifters who typically have abysmal posture), which can help one measure up at their maximum more often. However, it doesn't actually increase their height. If it increase height, then more men would be showing up to the gym, and our average for men in the USA would be at least 5'11" (and not 5'9 1/2").

I'd be very surprised if most people's posture subtracted 3 full CM, however. Maybe 1 CM at the absolute most (despite the fact that mine does subtract a lot more than this).
Tallish89 said on 8/Sep/17

Exactly my point! 5'11.5 at most

Guy is no different from Timberlake, just added that inch to list himself at 6 foot.
Ed Kline said on 5/Sep/17
" It's possible to add a 'few cms' by working out, which can slightly increase intervertebral disc cartilage (or at least posture)."|
A few cms???!!! That's over and inch. from lifting weights?
Slim said on 4/Sep/17
G'day big editor rob, what do Yu think is most likely?
A: 181
B: 181.5
C: 182
D: 182.5
E: 183
F: 183.5
Editor Rob: I feel anywhere in C-E range is likely
Slim said on 3/Sep/17
TBH he looks nothing above 5'11.5" next to Scott Eastwood: Click Here
Slim said on 29/Aug/17
grizz said on 29/Aug/17
@Tallish89, I see nothing weird there- this is exactly how a 182-183 cm would look like next to 170 cm person.

How much does Chris weigh in Captain America movies? The internet lists him at 88 kg, but that seems a bit too much. Stephen Amell is similarly build, ,1 inch taller, and he isn't heavier than 88 kgs (in Season 5), yet looks more massive than Evans.


I'd say Stephens bigger than chris for sure, even to the point where people accuse him of drug use, I think that's bs, he's just on supplements, HGH at worst. I've noticed that from s1 to s4 he gets bigger and bigger, metabolism slowing down with age and gaining weight easier could explain it all, it's why I'm happy being tall and skinny cause rather than being short and fat....
grizz said on 29/Aug/17
@Tallish89, I see nothing weird there- this is exactly how a 182-183 cm would look like next to 170 cm person.

How much does Chris weigh in Captain America movies? The internet lists him at 88 kg, but that seems a bit too much. Stephen Amell is similarly build, ,1 inch taller, and he isn't heavier than 88 kgs (in Season 5), yet looks more massive than Evans.
Tallish89 said on 23/Aug/17
@Josh possible but Timberlake looks same as Chris did with Jessica.

I think he just added that inch 5'11.5 same as Timberlake
Realist said on 20/Aug/17
He grew I seen him in a movie at 19 or 20 and he looked 179-180 cms max now he's183 cms lol thats good growth. I was like 174 cms at 20 and now I am 177cms at 23.9 years old
Josh said on 18/Aug/17
I'd say he's 182 now. The Biel pictures are him younger, before bulking. It's possible to add a few cms by working out, which can slightly increase intervertebral disc cartilage (or at least posture). The pic with him next to Sebastian is misleading, he's inadvertently using the "arm on the shoulder" technique Rob wrote about to appear taller. There is barely a difference between Chris and Jimmy. 5'11.75" seems spot on.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 16/Aug/17
Rob, how long would you estimate Chris Evan's head is (along with Tom Hiddleston's)? Chris's has always struck me as being extremely average for his height, while Tom's seems to be at least 10" inches.
Editor Rob: 9.5 range, but a full 10? Well I'd think Tom has better chance than Chris
Anon2 said on 14/Aug/17
6ft for sure, taller than strong 5'11'' Sebastian stan and taller than 5'11.5'' jimmy fallon Click Here Click Here
Slim 182 cm said on 13/Aug/17
Tallish, let's start off with the bad news. first of all I wouldent argue beneath 5'11.5 because he edged out boseman, and second of all Evans is standing further from the camera in the second picture, and third of all referring to your first picture, photos taken while walking in mid stride don't mean much as your body raises when you do so, as another user posted a picture of norton looking much taller than pitt while they were walking.

Now the good news,
thankyou for taking my advice to include footwear pictures, now you will have a better chance to convince others of your claims.
haha said on 12/Aug/17
HI ROB,Do you honestly think he is 182 cm like what everybody says?
Editor Rob: I think he is anywhere in 182-3 zone, under 182 though? I'm not sure about that!
Tallish89 said on 11/Aug/17
Chris Evans with Jessica Biel who is somewhere around 168-170cm (sneakers)
Click Here

with Jessica Biel (heels)
Click Here

No more than 5'11
Canson said on 9/Aug/17
@SJH: I also have a friend who upgrades himself usually that said he measures 6'3 3/4 on a laser and asked him when he said that afternoon and that was when he text someone else telling them. Of course when my friend who is a legit 6'3" measures him without fail he's 6'3.25 max and they're back to back it's barely noticeable difference so either the other guy lied which I believe or he wasn't measured right which I can also believe.
Slim 182 cm said on 9/Aug/17
shiva183cms, nice, I'm still growing too, I measure around the 182.9 cms mark, But I'm hoping to grow to 187 at lunchtime.

Doctors are full of **** btw, I got my hand xrayed a few years ago, they said I'd stop growing at close to 175.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 9/Aug/17
Rob, do you think that it's more likely that Chris Evans would measure up at 5'11 3/4" or 6'0 1/4"? He doesn't appear to be under 6'0" to me, so I'd go with the latter. He makes Seth Rogen appear as if he's 5'10"-5'10 1/2" at most in the photos of the two together, and doesn't appear to more than two full inches shorter than Chris Pratt or Tom Huddleston (arguably a bit less even). This listing is good though.
Mark(5'9.5 said on 9/Aug/17

Henry Cavill has pulled off looking 6'1" often or even over it at times. He's nearer 6'1" like 6'0.65" or 6'0.75".

Evans can look a full 6'0" or just a mm under it. Cavill could be 'slightly' underlisted nowadays.
shiva183cms said on 8/Aug/17
@slim182 actually im growing and also im using different devices but as of now im 183 cms
S.J.H said on 7/Aug/17
@shiva182cms said on 4/Aug/17

I had a similar case same experience as you, it happen last year i go to my routine check up in the morning i was measure by a digital device by the doctor it shows 197.4cm and i'm pretty sure i'm not under 201cm anytime in the morning. I denied the measurement told the doctor i say i'm not under 6'7 and 197cm is under 6'6 so she put me in the tradition method to stand back face the wall it shows the correct measurement at 201.4cm, i gain back fully 4cm. LOL. Those device may not be exceptional accurate most of time.
Slim 182 cm said on 7/Aug/17
@shiva182cms, why'd you downgrade your height? did you measure yourself incorrectly Or are you visiting this site on different devices?
shiva182cms said on 4/Aug/17
Heck, I was measured 178.5 cms while I'm 183 in real by a doctor, the measuring device isn't even calibrated, I denied the measurement and told I've measured in a stadiometer and it's 183. She rechecked and again it showed 178.5cms, and told that you did a wrong measurement. I was lmfao , goes to show the neligency of doctors
John said on 3/Aug/17
Damn. Just looked at his pics with Cavill. Evans has got lifts going on when you zoom in, they're hard to notice. Don't think anyone else caught it or brought it up. Either we're back to downgrading Evans or upgrading Cavill. I am so confused.
Slim 182 cm said on 3/Aug/17
182 is too low for him, he edged out Chadwick Boseman. Did I forget to mention 6.35 mm is more than just complicated to notice?
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 3/Aug/17
He can sometimes appear as if he is only 182 CM, but generally if he has some sort of a disadvantage by somebody else. I'm convinced that he's the full 6'0".
Slim 182 cm said on 2/Aug/17
Thankyou @Mark177, I'm glad we resolved our beef that started on the Harry Styles page. As for Evans, He will measure inbetween 5'11.5-6', No more, no less. And @shiva183, robs estimate is fine, not excessively optimistic at all, 6' flat is the highest he could measure. He does look a 182-183 guy in fantastic 4 and the marvel movies.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 1/Aug/17
A typical person who is 5'11 1/2" will wake up at around 6'0 1/2" (or near it). Average the two numbers, and you will get 6'0" (which they'll definitely measure up at some point during the day). I tend to claim to be 6'1 1/2"/186.7 CM, however since that's my normal low (despite the fact that I typically do wake up at 189.4-5 CM)
Capheus said on 1/Aug/17
5'11.5 no more
Mark(5'9.5 said on 31/Jul/17
@Slim 182 cm You're Forgiven. You can consider yourself a 6 footer since you're only rounding up by 1 cm.

Heck, many people who are 182 cm. can say 6 foot if they want! In fact, 182.88 cm or 182.9 is considered 6'0" flat exactly in centimeters!
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 31/Jul/17
3 CM/1.25 inches shorter than Chris Hemsworth*
Slim 182 cm said on 29/Jul/17
If anyone reads my "6' isn't tall comment" ignore it, it was spur of the moment rant, that I realised was not true. πŸ† πŸ’¦ ✌🏻 πŸ˜‰ 😊. Coming from a weak to flat 6 footer btw.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 28/Jul/17
Tom Hiddleston appears to be about 4-5 CM taller than Chris Evans whenever they are in even posture. Tom Hiddleston is roughly 3 CM/1"-1.25" (despite Tom having a lower eye level for his hand, and often a disadvantaged posture by Chris Hemsworth). Therefore, the difference between Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth is roughly 2 3/4" of an an inch.
Tom said on 28/Jul/17
EDIT: @John Davis Exactly! I'm a weak 6ft, and I've often been called 6'1" to 6'2" by others and even 6'3" on two occasions.
Tom said on 28/Jul/17
@Slim 182 cm Exactly! I'm a weak 6ft, and I've often been called 6'1" to 6'2" by others and even 6'3" on two occasions.
Tom said on 28/Jul/17
@Slim 182 cm Dude, you're talking about a half inch difference here, that's a 1.27cm difference which most people can't even distinguish! Adding an extra centimeter or so isn't going to suddenly make you tall if you're just shy of 6ft.
Dmeyer said on 27/Jul/17
Rampage i like your preciseness
KH said on 27/Jul/17
Come on people the difference between 5'11.5 and 6'0 isn't even really noticeable to the naked eye. Its basically the same. At worst he is weak 6'0 where he starts the day at the mark or slightly above it and shrinks a little below it. Of course he looks significantly shorter then Hemsworth who is a strong 6'3. A three inch height difference is very noticeable.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Jul/17
184.8cm out of bed
Mark(5'9.5") said on 24/Jul/17
I think the half an inch isn't that much of a big deal compared to 2 inches.

Besides, Evans is taller than Jimmy Fallon. I can't see under 5'11.75". He doesn't usually wear lifts by any means.

How about this @Shiva183cms, what if I called you out on over 2 cm on you, how would you feel now? Tell me, what if you get called out on a quarter of an 'inch' and you know it's barely 0.25 of an inch, does that make them special?
Guest66 said on 24/Jul/17
On most pictures of him and Chris Hemsworth he is busting a gut and trying to look as tall as possible, while Hemsworth is normally relaxed and even leaning down to look shorter. But when Hemsworth is straightening up, the gap between them is looking pretty close to 10cm, I'm starting to see Evans more of a 181-2cm guy.
shiva183cms said on 23/Jul/17
He's a bang on 182 cms guy or 5'115/8, 6' is a bit optimistic guess for him,

Rob, you downgraded bale likewise downgrade him to 5'11.75 or 5'11.5 he doesn't look a legit 6' at all
BSW said on 22/Jul/17
John Davis said on 22/Jul/17
@Slim 182 Half an inch difference isn't going to make people think 6ft isn't tall anymore lmao, the only reason people think 6ft isn't tall anymore is because their idiots and they don't understand height. I'm 5ft 10 on the dot legit and I've been called 6ft to 6ft 1 and I'm not lieing that's how mistaken people are about height.
Balrog said on 21/Jul/17
Next to 6'0.5'' listed Chris Pine: Click Here

Footwear: Click Here
Click Here
Mark(5'9.5") said on 18/Jul/17
It's fair for someone who is 5'11.5" to round up to 6'0" flat. Now someone like Timberlake's claim would confuse me.

Evans is 6'0" flat. Not the most legit 6'0", but not the shortest 6'0"er.
Slim 182 cm said on 17/Jul/17
5'11.5 guys who claim 6' are irritating , they're the reason why a lot of men think 6' isn't tall anymore.

It makes more sense Evans being 181.6 as compared to Downey and Hemsworth.
Shannon said on 16/Jul/17
Strong 6', looks 6'1"
Slim 181 cm said on 14/Jul/17
5'11-5 or 5'11.75 then.
S.J.H said on 13/Jul/17
Not legit at all. He is 5'11.6
Slim 181 cm said on 12/Jul/17
Legit 6 foot.
Stephen said on 10/Jul/17
I met him last year. solid 5'11 Maybe 6' When I met him is was surprised he was a lot thinner than 190lbs... More like 175.
I'm 5'10 185lbs and we were basically the same size. he was just thinner.
S.J.H said on 7/Jul/17
Not 5cm not 4.5cm taller than 5'10 Anthony Mackie. Chris Evan is really not higher than 5'11.5
Matt said on 1/Jul/17
I think he's a solid 6ft. He can even appear 1 or 2 cm shorter than 6'1 guys in pictures. Sometimes it's difficult to pinpoint the exact number, but he's certainly a more solid 6ft than others who to be claim so.
lol said on 29/Jun/17
Anthony Mackie must be 5'10 1/2 while Evans is 5'11 1/2.
S.J.H said on 19/Jun/17
Looking at 5'10 Anothony Mackie with Chris Evans i would say 5'11.5 tops for Evans and Sebestian Stan is more like 5'10.75
Dublin guy said on 10/Jun/17
Wow seriously I wouldn't be losing sleep over this guy's height. People arguing over a 1cm difference here or there, and claiming we need to expose this guy as a fake six footer lol! People just need to calm down. He looks genuinely about 183cm give or take so I would say 6 foot honestly imho
Sanny said on 9/Jun/17
He is clearly shorter in famous appearance next to Chris Pine, who claims 6'0. I'd say he is at least 2-3 cm shorter than Pine, who may in fact be more like 184-185 cm, making Evans 182-183, so a bit under 6'.
grizz said on 8/Jun/17
@Ram 192.5cm, I don't know how you perceive height, but that's not how 5-6 cm difference looks like Click Here
Ram 192.5cm said on 8/Jun/17
If evans is 183cm, hemsworth has to be 189cm, no more.

I say evans measures 184cm and hemsworth 190cm. I do not see more than 6cm of difference between them two,
in fact in most of the photos i see 5cm, but i will be generous.
@edimar_1.85 said on 5/Jun/17
Revisionist said on 3/Jun/17
@ James, LoL, "fake 6 footer." He looks about half an inch shorter than Cavill, so a flat 6' seems fine for Evans if you use Superman as his reference. Cavill usually has the strongest, most admirable posture possible too (this guy won't lose height as he ages), yet he isn't clearly more than 1.5cm or so taller.

I do agree with most that Evans is probably a hair under full 6' at his lowest though, probably upwards of 5mm under it.
Balrog said on 1/Jun/17
He looks 181cm range quite often even with his good posture. I think a downgrade to 5'11.75" is neccesary.
phil said on 21/May/17
he 6'0
berta said on 18/May/17
i dont thinkhe is a guy like christain bales current height where its clear that he is not 6 foot. This guy is more in that range where the absolute max what he is is 6 foot but its a very big chanse that he is under it. if you understand what i mean. Bale = no way he is 6 foot, more like 1,2 cm under. Chris evans = hm he could be this height but really is he this tall, maybe 0,6 cm under? that how i think
Bee123 said on 17/May/17

Before Captain america he looked more 5'11 than 6 foot
shiva 181 cms said on 4/May/17
Rob, which Mark would be best for him 5'11.5. 5'11.75 or 6'
Editor Rob: 5ft 11.75 is arguable for him, as is six foot.

He may be a guy who could dip a little shy of 6ft.
Tanner said on 2/May/17
I think Chris needs a down grade.. if Anthony mackie is 5'10 then Chris is at least 5'11 range. Most of the time they look about the same height. What do u think?
Mark(5'9.25 said on 30/Apr/17
Actually, Chris Brown can look over 6'0" flat at times.

I would keep Chris Evans at 6'0". 182 cm absolute minimum.
Sandy Cowell said on 29/Apr/17
So this is what the 'other' Chris Evans looks like then, the film actor Chris Evans! It's hardly a unique name, is it? There must be numerous Chris Evanses out there, but not many of them can say they've copped hold of Scarlett Johansson! This one's a very lucky Chris Evans, isn't he, and let's face it, the English one got to marry Billie Piper! So lads, if you want to have more luck with the ladies, change your name to Chris Evans!
This one can have 5ft11.25. Scarlett's shoes are hardly very high, so I think 6ft is stretching it a bit!
Wrs567 said on 29/Apr/17
just because there are few bad pictures of Evans with bad angles doesn't mean he is under 6ft

I have seen this guy on TV standing next to a solid 5'11.5''. Evans was clearly taller.

Jimmy Fallon can even look 6ft at times. So Evans is obviously at least a flat 6ft.

I think he just about touches the 6ft mark. Not the strongest 6fter around, but still 6'0''

This is why Rob won't downgrade him.
shiva 181 cms said on 29/Apr/17
@wrs Jimmy Fallon Is 1.8m Flat and Evans is 1.81m flat
James said on 28/Apr/17
Evans looking 1.81 with 1.78 Anthony MacKee:
Click Here
Click Here

Evans looking 1.81 with 1.85 Steve Nash:

Click Here

Evans looks 1.81 with 1.84 Henry Cavill:

Click Here
Click Here

Time to downgrade this fake 6 footer as soon as possible. Look at the pool! Almost 100 votes and people list him as 1.82 flat.

Rob, I don't understand anything. First, you upgrade both Gareth Bale and now Chris Brown. And you let this guy in the 6 ft zone! With listings like these, people will underestimate how real 6 footers look like.
Wrs567 said on 28/Apr/17
He is 6ft tall! nothing below that

He is clearly taller than a 5'11.5'' Jimmy Fallon and almost Henry Cavills height!

Click Here

Click Here

I mean, what more proof is needed?
Original said on 28/Apr/17
Solid 5'11.
James said on 27/Apr/17
Rob please look at the poll. He is 1.82 flat, time for a downgrade.
Chris said on 25/Apr/17
Is a person who is 182.5 right before bed a legit 6 footer? Someone who never drops more than 182.5cm? Anyways he looks like he is a 6 footer...
6'1.5 said on 19/Apr/17
shiva 181 cms said on 18/Apr/17
Rob ,this guy looks 5'11.5 too often to list him at 6' he didn't even look over 6' any time, he was same or a fraction taller than ioan gruffud, 3-3.5 inch below Chris hemsworth ,2"shorter than Chris Pratt ,barely taller than Sebastian Stan
Josh said on 17/Apr/17
Lowest is 5'11.75. People saying he's less than 5'11 are crazy. He's looks a solid 6'0 most of the time.
anon2099 said on 16/Apr/17
Strikes me as someone who occasionally wears thicker footwear to look taller. At a convention with Hiddleston there is a pic with him wearing boots, and looking nearly Hiddlestons height. On the set of the Avengers, however, Evans looked noticeably shorter than Hiddleston. I feel Evans is closer to my height (5'10.5-5'11 range)
shiva 181 cms said on 14/Apr/17
@Cameron I'd agree with every word you said
Cameron said on 7/Apr/17
Weak 6 footer. 6ft flat in the morning. Likely 5'11.5" by night.
berta said on 4/Apr/17
i think him like bale should get 1/4 taken away from the listing. could be this height but i think its like 65 % chanse that he is litel under eric is 3 cm taller and could be 185 flat guy that makes this guy 182
S.J.H said on 1/Apr/17
Max 5'11.5 and low 5'11.25
shiva 181 cms said on 29/Mar/17
He's Not an mm over 182 cms always he's looked 5'11-6'
S.J.H said on 19/Mar/17
More i look at evans i don't buy over 181cm. Christian bale also look it or even lower like 5'11
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 13/Mar/17
Rob, how much taller would you estimate Tom Hiddleston is compared to Chris Evans? I see about 4 CM between them, even if they can appear similar in some photos (usually with Chris Evans having some advantages). I don't see it as being two full inches though.
Editor Rob: when standing tall, he never looks less than a good 4cm taller.
Balrog said on 11/Mar/17
I've seen enough of him to say he is under 6 feet. 5'11.5'' is my best guess, he has good posture and great proportions, he can pull off looking 6'0'' or more easily.
berta said on 10/Mar/17
i think the range he could be is from 181,5-183 anywhere in that range but i go with the one in the middle and that is 182,2 guy
S.J.H said on 10/Mar/17
Evan could be rounding up his morning height to 6'0 and dip in low at 181cm same as christian bale
shiva182cms said on 23/Feb/17
He's definitely not a legit 6' I dont know if he ever looked that he's a 5'11.5-75 guy can't see him over it
berta said on 22/Feb/17
i think 6 foot may be littel to high for this guy. its like 0 % chanse that he is taller than 6t foot but 95 % that he may be little shorter. i think he is a 182 guy that could be 183 on good days. but really dont know have not looked at him that mutch
S.J.H said on 8/Feb/17
No obligation. 5'8 mamun have met both Evans and Ioan Gruffudd they both look 5'11 range as he says
Realist said on 2/Feb/17
He's just under 6' because Chadwick Boseman is his same height.
S.J.H said on 1/Feb/17
@Alkr said on 28/Jan/17

6'1 that will be over just 1-2" over average in netherland, sweden, germany but still in tall range in asia, america, canada, british and all middle-east country etc. I've visit sweden few years back and shock how tall teens to young adults there and easily spot 178-182cm guy everywhere and the 182-185cm guys is huge in numbers when i went to netherland and germany and lots of 5'8-5'9 women can be seem on street
Yes yes said on 1/Feb/17
Alkrm since when is 6'1" "just a little over average"? 5'8"-5'9" is the average man in most countries.
Worldwide the average male is 5'6".
Alkr said on 28/Jan/17
@Bobby You claim you're a tall guy at 6'1"? That's just a little over average...
Kurtz said on 23/Jan/17
@ ice
no, by no means.
Forget that build natty @ 6'3"
On topic, legit 6.
James said on 22/Jan/17
In comparison with 5' 10" Anthony McKee, Evans doesn't look a legit 6 ft. He looks more in the 1.81/1.82 range.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Chris is 6 feet calm down said on 26/Dec/16
He's a legit 6 footer, he holds his own with the likes of Sebastian Stan and Chadwick Boseman, he clearly does not have military posture, but still manages to edge them out.
Vibram said on 23/Dec/16
I'd say 180cm > 181cm , no more no less.
nathan said on 22/Dec/16
Rubbish he is 5'10...
The Horse of FUNK said on 18/Dec/16
lol, just saw this on imgur.

Click Here

Shaq's chin is already over the top of Chris' head and Shaq's not even standing straight. Still though, goes to show how huge Shaq is.
The Horse of FUNK said on 18/Dec/16
I'm not sure what's going on in that picture posted by Jordan87 on 8/Dec/16. Evans barely looks 5'11" flat there with Hemsworth. Then again, it's all about the angles...
Ice said on 17/Dec/16
Would be Alpha as hell if he were 6'3 range. Then he would be the perfect Captain American .
Noah said on 13/Dec/16
Rob, do you think he could be 5'11.5 or 5'11.75? He always has perfect posture and his shape to make him look taller than he is.
Editor Rob: Noah, I think at times I can understand a 5ft 11.5 estimate for him.

Overall, from what I've seen over 10 years, I think close to six foot is still possible.
Mark(5'9.25") said on 9/Dec/16
6'0", but I wouldn't go super above it.
Jordan87 said on 8/Dec/16
There's 5'8.5 Jeremy Renner ( Look at his picture with Rob he isn't taller then 5'8.5") and the 5'10.5"-5'11" Chris Evans. Evans is not a 6 footer, not even past 5'11.

Click Here
Importer said on 29/Nov/16
Rob please check this picture. Is Chris Evans wearing lifts or elevators here? Cuz 5'8 Downey with his big shoes look about 4 inches shorter!
Click Here
Editor Rob: Importer, it could simply be the manner in which the photograph is taken that has aided Evans side and made him look taller.
jtm said on 19/Nov/16
I don't get it. he is over inch shorter than Steve Nash despite being closer to the camera and Nash might even be losing more height. still think he isn't over 5'11 flat.
Josh Jeffords said on 17/Nov/16
Good point tall guy well kinda he looked shorter than ever in push.
He was absolutely towered by djimon who is listed 6 1.
He actually looks at least 6 2 rarely has hair often seen barefoot dude is tall and lanky.
Doing the math he couldn't have been over 5 10 there that is the smallest he looked.
Must be something fishy in danish land..
sa344 said on 17/Nov/16
He looked 2cms taller than Jimmy Fallon, standing right next to him

No way he is under 6'0''
Redwing said on 9/Nov/16
Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan are about the same height. A camera trick (not CGI) made Captain America look much taller than Bucky Barnes, says that on IMDb
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 5/Nov/16
With NBA player Steve Nash, who was measured at 6'1":

Click Here
Josh said on 2/Nov/16
@Rob -Just a couple of days ago I saw his Captain America wax statue in London-I'm 6'1 barefoot, was about 6'2 in footwear that day(nike airforce snickers) and his statue was as tall as me.If his wax statue is legit then my guess for him is a strong 6'1,but Rob do you really think his statue height is accurate?
Editor Rob: some actors agree to go along and have their dimensions taken, but many won't and so they would have to do guessing too.
6ft 1 certainly seems too high.
Steve said on 13/Oct/16
@Bobby To call Evans 'way taller than 6ft' is a bit much. In my opinion it's not accurate to judge them based on how they look in the avengers when they're not wearing regular footwear etc.
Click Here Photos like that show it best - clear 3.5/4 inches difference, and if Evans was standing straight it would still be 2.5/3inches... which if Evans was 6ft 2 like you say, it would make Hemsworth 6ft 5...
As I said before, I'm 5'11 and I've met the guy, no more than an inch taller than me. My dad's 6ft 2 dead on and Evans just ain't that tall
grizz said on 13/Oct/16
Lol Bobby, funny chap
Sohil qureshi said on 13/Oct/16
Jay 184cm said on 12/Oct/16
@Bobby You have Chris Evans at 6'2" and you think others can't gauge height...? You don't think they made him look taller in Captain America? Seriously, look around at some photos of Evans with guys like Topher Grace who are under 5'11". Look at photos of him with 182cm Ioan Gruffud where they look the exact same height. He's nowhere near 6'2".
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 12/Oct/16
He's 183 CM, but definitely not 6'2".
Bobby said on 11/Oct/16
Hasn't Evans always been 6'2? If you see him standing next to Thor as Captain America, there is virtually no height difference. Do you guys even know how to gauge height? I am 6'1 barefoot in the morning, in the evenings, I am 6'0 since us tall guys tend to shrink more throughout the day than the shorter guys, for some reason. So yeah, he's 6'2. I had a teache in high school who was 6ft, I was 5'11.5 at the time, and I had this classmate who was 6'2.25, he was a good half a head taller than I was, which he pointed out when I rounded up and told him I was 6ft. Evans has a tall stature, way taller than 6ft. I've seen genuine 6'0 guys, they're tall but not super tall.
Tiago said on 11/Oct/16
He looks have 1,81 CM to me
Tiago said on 11/Oct/16
He looks have 1,81 CM to me
Jay 184cm said on 11/Oct/16
He looks the exact same height as self-proclaimed 5'11.5" Ioan Gruffudd in all the Fantastic Four photos and premiere shots.

When I look at the photos of him with Henry Cavill on the red carpet, there is something that looks funny about Evans' shoes. Cavill has very flat-looking dress shoes on while Evans' look to have a chunky block heel buying him at least an inch.
Steve said on 9/Oct/16
A few things,
Firstly I've met Chris Evans. I'm 5'11 dead on and he had absolutely no less than an inch on me, he's at least 6ft and I would say that's exactly what he is.
For people saying he is '4 inches shorter than Hemsworth'... Just look at this. Click Here if you look at other photos from that same event, there's no footwear difference, and clearly Hemsworth is 2-3 inches taller, not 4.
In my opinion, Hemsworth is a pretty solid 6'3. Big guy.
josh jeffords said on 9/Oct/16
Seen this guy since his b movies he always looked 6 ft never super tall but never average either.
Doubt he wore lifts back then he did for Captain America as the character is supposed to be a 6 2 specimen.
He didnt look short next to the tall cast of Street Kings but was shorter than some in Fantastic.
Miksi said on 1/Oct/16
Looks 6' in general. Also holds his own against 6'2-6'3 Chris Hemsworth. On unrelated note, I've been browsing this site and looking at guys listed as 6' and then looking at the average guess. According to the posters in here, there is no such thing as a legit 6' guy in Hollywood. Everyone must be at least half an inch shorter than they claim to be. This average guess is a cool thing without a doubt, but I hope Rob will stick to trusting his own instincts regarding someone's height instead of these polls.
Editor Rob: it is separate, but it lets the users have their own collective estimate. It might help me identify listings to have another look at.
Josh said on 30/Sep/16
@Sammy Derrick I agree with you there. He doesn't seem insecure with his height and does look a solid 6 footer next to everyone. Even Chris Hemsworth doesn't really tower him and neither does Paul Bettany. Solid 6 footer, nothing more, nothing less.
Jordan87 said on 30/Sep/16
Sammy Derrick,,

He is 4" Shorter than Hemsworth who is actually closer to 6'2 than 6'3. Hemsworth would have to be 6'4 to have Evans as a 6 footer and that is not the case. Why are you Referencing the Size that they list him at in the Captain America Movie when you know they inflate it to the size the actual character was listed in the comics? Chris Hemsworth is 6'2-6'3, 230ish Tops. Evans, 5'10-5'11 and self reported his weight as 195 pounds during the filming of Cap 2.

Evans is 5'10.5. Excellent actor, regardless you are correct about that.
Sammy Derrick said on 29/Sep/16
This is just my opinion,Chris Evans doesn't seem anything below 6'0(183cm)flat.When I think of a tall,handsome,muscular blonde American guy with remarkable acting chops,Chris Evans is high on that list.
He always looks taller than all STRONG 5'11 guys...and he doesn't seem like an insecure.
In most of his films,he seems to be a guy with remarkable screen and physical presence.
Click Here from 2:15-2:19 It says WEIGHT:95lbs HEIGHT:5'4 WEIGHT:240lbs HEIGHT:6'2
Click Here He has longer arms than Ioan Gruffudd and he's shoulder level is higher.
Brandon said on 22/Sep/16
The civil war trio that everyone likes comparing:
Chris Evans: 5'11.5"
Sebastian Stan: 5'11.25"
Chadwick Boseman: 5'11.25"
Brandon said on 22/Sep/16
Rob are you ever gonna downgrade Evans? He isn't much shorter than what you have him at. Personally i believe he is 5'11.5" and i'm a huge fan of his so i'm not just ignorantly downgrading like alot of people on here do. Logically thinking about it as hard as i can and looking at the evidence i think he is most likely 5'11.5".
Editor Rob: I could see Chris looking 5ft 11.5 range at times, but overall from all I've seen I think if he's not 6ft he's very close to it.
S.J.H said on 21/Sep/16
Evans give a fraction more impression than 5'11.5 christian bale. I"ll say 5'11.75
James said on 18/Aug/16
182 cm

Click Here
Brandon said on 15/Aug/16
I think a 5'11.5" or 5'11.75" listing would be more accurate. He looks 6'0" alot of the time but he can also look 5'11-5'11.5" alot. Could always go with a 5'11" and 5/8ths listing.
berta said on 8/Aug/16
he looks 182 to me
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Aug/16
I think one could argue 5ft11Β½(182cm) as his lowest.
The Illusionist said on 7/Aug/16
@Jobert: you got any proof on that bud? Chris Evans wears pretty standard footwear in all pictures he takes with co-stars and fans alike. Look, if you're shorter than him I understand, but don't go accusing him of trying to look tall when he already is.
Alex said on 7/Aug/16
How do you know that he wears elevator shoes?
Jobert said on 5/Aug/16
Chris Evans loves to wear elevator shoes.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 4/Aug/16
Robert Downey Jr. is at least a legit 5'8" (possibly even 5'8 1/4"-5'8 1/2"), so it would make sense that somebody who is 6'0" wouldn't tower over them. Henry Cavill is taller than Chris Evans, but not by as much as some photos suggest. In some photos, they actually look to be roughly the same height. I would still say that Henry Cavill has Chris Evans by 1.5 CM though.
Mark said on 2/Aug/16
The Illusionist

It's mainly because Henry Cavill's had an inch on him and that Robert Downey Jr wasn't towered by him.
The Illusionist said on 24/Jul/16
@James, than how tall does he look to you? The guy is clearly taller than most of his male MCU co-stars by a significant margin.
James said on 22/Jul/16
He doesn't look 6 foot in my opinion.
The Illusionist said on 22/Jul/16
Evans can pull off looking a lot taller than 6' due to his surprisingly lanky looking frame despite how muscular he is. Don't know why people always pin him as shorter than 6' when he consistently stands taller than his co-stars like Sebastian Stan and Chadwick Boseman.
Brandon said on 17/Jul/16
He can look 5'11"-6'0". That picture with topher grace makes him look 5'11.5" and with henry cavill he again looks 5'11.5" although chris has loose posture and cavill was standing straight as can be. I would say 5'11.5" at the lowest and 6'0" at the tallest. 5'11.75" would be a good listing although 6'0" is fine.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 13/Jul/16
Chris Evans looked to be at least a legit 183 CM by Tom Hiddleston.
Alex said on 9/Jul/16
Rob..same height of Jensen Akcles?
Editor Rob: 6ft or a tad under, is more probable than a fraction over.
Geff said on 26/Jun/16
Hey rob how can Chris say he is 6,0? My father has worked with Chris on set and his is 5,10.he said they were the same height, also Chris looked a legit 2,2inhalf in shorter than Chris pine.what do u think?
Editor Rob: I would be shocked if he were only 5ft 10.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Jun/16
Chris Pratt: 187.5cm
Chris Pine: 184.5cm
Chris Evans: 182.5cm
Enzo said on 4/Jun/16
@rob , Rob you have listed chadwick boseman at 5ft 11.5. Chris evans look similar size at Oscars 2016. Maybe chris is 5ft 11.75?
Editor Rob: that's the thing, if he is only a fraction smaller he can look nearly 6ft, but then he can look in some photos a little shorter than stan...but stan himself can look half inch or so shorter than evans!
Steve Greg said on 31/May/16
in "cm" please... so we can understand it properly and there would be no more misperception guys.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 27/May/16
I believe that Chris Pratt likely had more footwear than Chris Evans did.

Chris Pratt: 6'1 1/2"-6'1 3/4"
Chris Evans: 6'0"

I see 4 CM between them now.
Josh said on 26/May/16
There is a behind the scenes of the Winter Soldier with some B Roll on youtube. Mackie is a lot shorter than you would think. He barely looks 5'10 next to Chris. Just look at this photo. Way more than 2 inches between him and Mackie. He's a solid 6'0. Click Here
grizz said on 26/May/16
Taking into consideration that Pratt really isn't a legit 6'2 guy (more like 6'1.5), I think that Evans surely looks 6ft next to him.
Dude doesn't have a perfect posture so that's why people constantly tag him in the 5'11 team.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 25/May/16
There's no way that there's more than two inches between him and Chris Pratt in the photos of the two together. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the difference was more like 1 1/2" inches. If Chris Evans gets downgraded to 182 CM, then Chris Pratt would need a downgrade to 6'1 1/2" at least.
amaterasu said on 25/May/16
I just watched Civil War and I know he has to be somewhere around his current listing, buy I was struggling to see 2 solid inches between him and 5'10" flat Mackie, they were wearing same footwear and looked virtually same height to me there. Even Downey in his lifts looks suspiciously tall next to Evans.
Allie said on 24/May/16
Walking by someone may not be the best judgement of height honestly though.
carlo said on 24/May/16
5,10 ish for Chris evans? Funny stuff
He looks 6 foot flat in pretty much all photos.

Anything under 5,11 is a fantasy.
gian92 said on 23/May/16
Frank are you serious ?? Anything under 5'11 for Chris is ridicolous !
MD said on 23/May/16

Then you walked by someone you thought was Chris Evans. lol No, he is not 5'10"ish.
Jackson said on 22/May/16
@JediMaster @CS
I am 5'10.5-5'11 range and have had a lot shorter people think I am 6 foot. I feel this is the exact height where you begin to feel tallish and can pull off 6 feet pretty easily
Frank said on 21/May/16
Walked by him in Boston a few years back and he's a 5'10ish guy. I'm a former model listed at 6' or 183-4cm but the most I've ever measured in at is 5-11.75 standing as tall as possible. Long story short, he's not that tall and neither am I but I'm still taller than him.
LMAO said on 18/May/16
I'm watched Captain America Civil War last week, Evans look's 183 cm next to 180 cm Sebastian Stan and yes he is 6 ft
amaterasu said on 18/May/16
Rob, is 188cm for Hemsworth and 179-80cm for Evans possible?
Editor Rob: I'd find it hard to argue those marks.
Jedi Master 5'11 said on 17/May/16
Yeah, I agree with that CS. Some people start confusing you for 6'0'' at 5'10.5'', same with 5'11'' (in my case, 5'11.5'')
CS said on 16/May/16
Jedi Master 5'11 said on 16/May/16
So I guess 5'10.5" is where tall starts lol


I think it is. Or at least "tallish" begins at 5'10.5"
Jedi Master 5'11 said on 16/May/16
At the 5'10.5'' remarks that's more common of a response than people would think. There's something about Evan's build in Civil War that says he's a bit shorter than he is but he still manages to look like his character regardless, and the muscles defend him being tall

So I guess 5'10.5" is where tall starts lol
Jedi Master 5'11 said on 16/May/16
Eye level is a confusing one. You think you're taller than someone when your eye level is above theirs, and vice versa. My eye level is about (172 cm) 5'7.72", eyelids at 5'8.5"ish. (174cm).

Edit: so I guess that makes my eye level 5'8"?
Jedi Master 5'11 said on 16/May/16
Eye level is a confusing one. You think you're taller than someone when your eye level is above theirs, and vice versa. My eye level is about (172 cm) 5'7.72", eyelids at 5'8.5"ish. (174cm).
kick67 said on 8/May/16
hi rob
what is the eye level of chris evans for you ? 170, 171,172 cm ?
Editor Rob: probably around 171cm from the size of his head.
grizz said on 2/May/16
I think there's a clear consensus on Duchovny, Boreanaz and Macht.
Victor Polk said on 2/May/16
@Josh He's 6'0.
Celebheights 6'1.75 said on 28/Apr/16
He is not dwarfed by Chris Hemsworth. I see 2 1/2" inches between them.
183? said on 28/Apr/16
surely is there even ONE celebrity who everyone agreees on as being the magical 183cm?
183? said on 28/Apr/16
can someone pls tell me- are we talking barefoot, and at what time of the day?
eg is evans supposed to be 183 at his max straight outta bed, at his minimum before bed or his average height during the day?
and is this the same for all the celebheights?
Ayush said on 23/Apr/16
This guy could be even 5/10.5 feet tall.Claims are claims but he really is dwarfed by hemsworth.I am 5/11 and I have some frnds who are 3 inches taller but they really do not dwarf me like
j said on 22/Apr/16
Chris is shy of 6 feet. Probably 5'11 and a half while Anthony Mackie is 5'10 1/2
Josh said on 17/Apr/16
I see Chris Evans at 5ft 11.75in and Sebastian Stan at 5ft 11in.
177-178 cm guy said on 2/Apr/16
He seems to be more 5'11"-5'11.5" than 6'. 5'11.25" is probably his height.
MAO said on 29/Mar/16
1 Δ±nch shorter than Henry Cavill, Evans is 5'11
Neilsberg said on 13/Mar/16
Hello Rob!
How can you explain that Katie Holmes5ft 9in(175 cm) is taller than Chris Evans6ft 0in(183 cm) with heels, while she is smaller than Chritian Bale6ft 0in(183 cm) with heels?
Knowing that christian bale and chris evans are the same size.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob: she could be standing a bit closer to the camera and gaining some height there.
1.89 cm man said on 11/Mar/16
181-182 spot on
Johno said on 4/Mar/16
@Brian, i can actually believe your estimation.
amaterasu said on 4/Mar/16
Doesn't look more than 3 inches under Hemsworth, at worst this guy is 182cm.
Steinar said on 27/Feb/16
Captain Latin America, you do realise Hemsworth is only 3 inches taller? I am the same height as Hemsworth and I certainly do not dwarf 6 foot people at all. And Hemsworth is made to look taller than all the other avenger because Thor and the rest of his people are supposed to be a lot larger than regular humans.
Brian said on 20/Feb/16
Met him at Wizard World Los Angeles years ago before he was Captain America, he was standing- he is absolutely, 100% 5'10.5", you can take that to the bank. In the way that he would claim 5'11" and obviously claims 6' even and is able to get away with it. Check out pics with him and Downey, even disregarding Downey's monster lifts Evans is not that much taller.
Captain Latin America said on 17/Feb/16
Evans consistently looks this height, but it's always funny to see him absolutely dwarfed by Hemsworth whenever they share the screen.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Feb/16
Same range as Jensen Ackles
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Feb/16
Could be 182cm
james said on 12/Feb/16
I'd say he's 6'0 with thick sole shoes on .but not barefeet ..if you catch avengers 6'2 Sam Jackson looks 3 inches taller than him ..and 5'10.5 Anthony Mackie just looks an inch shorter than chris
neilsberg said on 12/Feb/16
hello rob
What do you think of her photos where we see chris evans (1.83m) and scott eastwood (1.80cm)?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Chris Evans does not seem to 1.83cm but 1.82cm.
Editor Rob: generally Evans can look near 6ft, whether he drops a little under is another matter. Scott with good posture does look near 5ft 11
kurtz said on 5/Feb/16
classic 5' 11"
The Last Son said on 30/Jan/16
@Jim Hopper At least try to read the past comments before you post.
Click Here

Click Here

In this picture Evans is wearing bigger footwear, yet he is still shorter than Cavill
Click Here
Jim Hopper said on 27/Jan/16
Taller than henry cavill
Allie said on 23/Jan/16
He was taller than Scott Eastwood so I doubt anything under 182cm for Chris Evans.
Fog5'11 said on 22/Jan/16
Just watched him in Street Kings with Keanu Reeves, and they looked very similar in height. Could be a bit over six foot.
Oscar said on 21/Jan/16
He's legit 6 feet. Why is it so hard for people to understand?
Dejavu said on 16/Jan/16
He looked a bit taller than Jimmy Fallon.
HollywoodFan said on 7/Dec/15 tall is Marvel's Kevin Feige?
John said on 5/Dec/15
Stan, I agree fully. Chris is 5'11.
Al said on 30/Nov/15
180cm max
Stan said on 10/Nov/15
This guy just doesn't look a full 6 foot. I really think he needs a downgrade to 5'11.
Dmeyer said on 6/Oct/15
I think solid. 5'11.75 dinner Time 183cm morning
james said on 28/Sep/15
Watch avengers with the scene of Evans and 6'2 Sam Jackson when he's brief'd about the cube....hes lookin up to 6'0 with SHOES on is about right for evans
Allie said on 18/Sep/15
Yeah half an inch can be visible. Especially if they're wearng the same shoes. Look at the shoudlers and the eyebrow level. Also, what probably isn't visible would be 0.07cm that Tom says Chris Evans is taller than, but who knows it could be visible if you're that Precise.
grizz said on 15/Sep/15
@johnio, 5ft11.5 is 181.6 cm, while 6ft is 182.88 cm -so that's almost 1.3 cm -clearly visible if 2 people wear identical footwear.
6ft4 dude said on 14/Sep/15
Its freaking weird compare his height with Chris Hemsworth , because in some videos he looks more than 8cm shorter than Thor, like 5ft10 range, but in some pictures by him standing next to Hemsworth and Hiddleston, he quite looks a strong 6ft. I give to him ,at best,180 cm barefoot
johnio said on 2/Sep/15
@ tom wow youre insane... hahahahaahahahahahaa there is no visible difference between 5'11.5 and 6 feet to be honest-- youre arguing about .05 CM HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
Height183 said on 31/Aug/15
Legit 6'0'' guy.
Mal said on 15/Aug/15
Tom182.95 Says:
>>My guess would be he's about 182.95, just shy of the 183 mark, but tall enough to otherwise claim 6 feet

Considering that 6ft actually equals to 182.88, then yes, 182.95 would be more than 6ft. Your laser vision however is very admirable.
Sammy Derrick said on 8/Aug/15
Chris Evans is 6'0(183cm)I think the best way to tell is if he actually met Rob?
After watching the Fantastic Four movies I think he was too tall to play human torch and a little short for Captain America but has made the most out of it.
joe said on 5/Aug/15
Hey Rob, in this pic Click Here Evans doesn't seem to be 4.5 inches taller than ruffalo....just doesn't seem like he's 6 feet, why is that?
[Editor Rob: joe, I think it could be close. Chris appears to have a fraction less heel than Ruffalo, whose eyes look at the bottom of Evans head.]
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 14/Jul/15
By Carl Edwards (who is listed as 6'1", and I don't know how accurate that is):

Click Here
Dan said on 10/Jul/15
Strong 5'11
samugo said on 4/Jul/15
gud height for me anyways, @ least he's taller than tom cruise n Robert Downey Jr
samugo said on 4/Jul/15
gud height for me anyways, @ least he's taller than tom cruise n Robert Downey Jr
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 3/Jul/15
He makes a tallish Seth Rogen look no more 5'10" (if not 5'9" range).
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Jul/15
Rob, I think Chris Evans (DJ) can look near 6ft2.

Maybe 186-187cm?
[Editor Rob: that zone is probably closer than a full 6ft 2, which he claimed.]
Hypado said on 24/Jun/15
1 cm taller than Jimmy Fallon.

183 cm for Chris Evans is the right.
John987 said on 16/Jun/15
6' on the dot. It's a great height with his kind of proportions. Taller than a majority of men but never feeling lanky.
Allie said on 16/Jun/15
5'11.75 in the very least Rob? Just doesn't strike me as full 6 foot.
Rhonda said on 12/Jun/15
A little smaller, Patrick Warburton had 4 inches ahead of him in Playing it Cool. I was thinking 5ft10.5"
Sam said on 5/Jun/15
Could you add Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Snowpiercer to his credits, Rob?
anon said on 27/May/15
used to have this guy pegged as a strong 6. these days i'm not so sure. 182 cm for Chris methinks
Judd said on 27/May/15
5'11.5-6' seems right to me!
Josh said on 26/May/15
There is a picture of him and Shaq on Instagram. He does not look any shorter than 6 ft.
mike 1.82 said on 26/May/15
Click Here take a look maybe he is 1.76cm to max people. small people next to him, take a look to the legs
al khara said on 21/May/15
Hello editor rob.
You say "chris evans 6ft 0in (183 cm) / Chadwick boseman 6ft 0in (183 cm)
What do you think of these two actors in these photos? please
it is clear from Chadwick Boseman is smaller
Click Here
Click Here
Think you
[Editor Rob: the link didn't appear to work with linking to images on collider directly, but generally I think they overall can look close in height.]
zyzz said on 20/May/15
I met him at a gym a few years back when he was working on the first captain america i believe. he's definitely tallish in person. I'd say about 5'11.5 or 5'11.75 barefoot, though i wouldn't be surprised if he is an honest 6 flat. seemed like a cool dude, was happy to take pictures with me and my girlfriend
mr.rashid said on 19/May/15
Hey commenters, Ioan Gruffudd is upgraded to 182/5'11.5"!! So it probably good news 4 Chris Evans lol.
[Editor Rob: remember one name is better than 2....]
al khara said on 18/May/15
chris evans 6ft 0in (183 cm) / Chadwick boseman 6ft 0in (183 cm)?
hi, What do you think rob?
Click Here
Click Here
john wayne said on 13/May/15
His is definitely slight shorter then six feet. I'm 6 1/2 and I had a full inch on him and I wasn't wearing shoes!!!!!

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Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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