How tall is Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt's Height

6ft 1 ¾ (187.3 cm)

American actor best known for roles in films such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World, The Lego Movie, Her, Wanted, Moneyball and TV series like Everwood and Parks & Recreation. He once claimed "I’m about 6’3”.

How tall is Chris Pratt
Chris with Anna Faris
Photo by PR Photos

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Average Guess (388 Votes)
6ft 1.7in (187.2cm)
5'11james said on 26/Apr/24
Weak 6'2 without a doubt
Harris Ahmed said on 28/Aug/23
Hey Rob to determine someone’s morning height is it accurate to add 1.5 cm to their listings here ?
Editor Rob
It's generally what I would do.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/May/23
Hemsworth: 190cm
Pratt: 187.5cm
Pine: 184.5cm
Evans: 182.5cm
Halb said on 20/May/23
Yeah, this bloke looks well shorter than Hemsworth.
wingwalker said on 15/May/23
To me it looks like there is more than 3.2 cm's between him and Hemsworth
Bmoeud said on 4/May/23
Pratt 187.5
Hemsworth 190.0
5'7 and a fraction said on 10/Apr/23
I really can't see Chris Pratt being 6'2. He just doesn't look it.
185 Tim.Will_son_T said on 26/Mar/23
Looks more like 6'1.5 than 6'2. Chris Hemsworth looked 3.5 cm taller than him ,and Hemsworth is a weak 6'3.
Mipha said on 25/Mar/23
I keep seeing people discount his height. No way is he shorter than 6'2". Maybe even slightly taller.
berta said on 3/Jan/23
At worst 187 cm flat, at best legit 188. 187,5 is my guess.
5'10 1/4 Asian guy said on 1/Jan/23
Never under 186 at the absolute lowest, 187 seems about perfect height claim, 188 a lil bit pushing claim eventhough that is his morning height range
Realist said on 20/Dec/22
He has a very large head maybe 10 inches. Definitely close to 6'2.
Abdul-177DK said on 1/Oct/22
186.7 cm
chrispratt said on 23/Sep/22
6'1(185cm) for sure
5'7 and a fraction said on 28/Aug/22
Rob, are you thinking of adding Colin Trevorrow? He was billed at 6'0 and more recently 6'2 which is ridiculous as he's nothing less than 2 inches shorter than Pratt. I think he looks 5'11 max.
Editor Rob
With someone like Chris Pratt, the most I could see is over 5ft 11 a bit, but yeah I could imagine roughly 5ft 11 for him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Jun/22
Weak 6ft2 is spot on...looks right between the other Chrises (Evans and Hemsworth, aren't any of him with Pine)
5'7 and a bit said on 22/Jun/22
Actually looking at the stuff from behind the scenes Jurassic, I would say it's more believable he's 6'1.75.
ThanosSlayer said on 19/Jun/22
He might be about 6’2” actually
Linke said on 28/May/22
Gives 6'2 vibes. Won't be surprised if he is 6'2.
5'7 and a bit said on 18/May/22
@DDDDDuane interesting ... maybe you could link this 'photo' of him and Arnie?

I have personally never been able to find one of the two pictured together.
DDDDDuane said on 17/May/22
His bow legs make him look short...Why would a 6' plus guy wear high heels all the time?
Probably 6'.5" I saw a photo where Arnold (his father in law) looked taller than him...
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 13/May/22
With Kevin Costner:

Click Here
5'7 and a bit said on 12/May/22
Couldn't agree more!
Malcolm Oliver said on 12/May/22
@5’7 and a bit
Yeah for some reason his proportions don’t add up to typical 6’1, 6’2ers. He doesn’t have the typical long legs and even wingspan look to account for his tallish height, but is still in the range regardless. Height is an illusion more times than we think.
Yanis said on 9/May/22
He is 6'2 max
5'7 and a bit said on 4/May/22
He LOOKs 5'10 or 5'11, not a guy over 6'0 . When I saw him billed at 6'2, I thought at first just how ridiculous it was as I generally thought tall people looked tall.
Anyway rewatched Jurassic Woirld and realized maybe he was 6'1. I see how his build and bigger than average head is what makes him look shorter but I still think 6'2 is over the edge. Really just doesn't look it. Agree with the current listing for now.
IceCold said on 13/Apr/22
He can look close to 6'2
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 12/Apr/22
With Tiger Woods:

Click Here
Alex 6'0 said on 11/Apr/22
Looks as listed 6'1.75-6'2.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 4/Apr/22
He looks 6’2” standing next to Denzel Washington, but he does have a clear footwear advantage:

Click Here
Rhys 6'1" said on 30/Mar/22
Just rewatched that scene, I was mistaken, 6'2" flat seems right for him. Potentially 6'1.75" but I wouldn't bet on it.
Rhys 6'1" said on 25/Mar/22
If he is sub 6'2" then Chris Hemsworth is 6'2.5" TOPS. Usually looks about .5"-.75" shorter than hemsworth in pictures and in film. Hemsworth looks a solid 6'3" to me though so I will put Pratt at 6'2.25"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Mar/22
This mark is spot on. Generally looks like a guy closed to 6ft2
Bluefish said on 15/Mar/22
He has the proportions of a 6'2" to 6'3" guy. I can't picture him less than 6'2". In many photos with Chris Hemsworth, where they have about equal footwear, Chris Pratt isn't more than an inch shorter than Chris Hemsworth.

Kxhsi said on 6/Mar/22
6'1 7/8
Jawilder said on 11/Feb/22
Average guess I could see him measuring at a low
breaker00 said on 10/Feb/22
He can get 6-1. Average guess seems a bit too high.
Slim 6'0.25 said on 6/Feb/22
abby123 said on 22/Jan/22
Looks 6'1.5 with Chris Hemsworth
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 1/Jan/22
I think this guy could be 6'2 on a very good day, like with jeff Goldblum Click Here

Although he often seems the weaker range of it
Tall Sam said on 8/Dec/21
If he was near someone like Sacha Baron Cohen, it’d put Pratt’s 6’3” out the window.
Aliana said on 7/Dec/21
Nearer 6'2 in my opinion as Pratt is shorter than (Chris) Hemsworth, who's 6'3 but I won't rule out 6'1 for Pratt. So maybe somewhere inbetween 186-187cm range for Chris. I don't blame him for claiming 6'3 as he does have the proportions of a 6'3 guy.
Wehrmacht180 said on 28/Nov/21
185 cm in my opinion.
Film Fan said on 21/Nov/21
I think Chris Pratt could measure a little over 6’ 2” if he stood really straight for a measurement. Him claiming 6’ 3” is to be expected because everyone seems to think people are tall than they are. I am about 6’ 1” and so many people think I’m 6’ 3.”
RickHavoc said on 8/Nov/21
I find it nearly impossible to differentiate between Chrises Pratt, Evans and Pine lol
Stefff said on 20/Oct/21
He is the same height that Arnold was at his peak (6'1.5 max). Arnold shrank a lot, that's why he claims Chris is taller than him, but in truth he is just as tall as a young Arnold was.
Johno said on 20/Sep/21
Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 27/Feb/21
Yeah I was thinking he was about the same height as Andy Murray

I don't know about that, Murray along the likes of Jamie Foxx seem to be like height destroyers. It would have been interesting to see Murray stand closeup with Chris Hemsworth though, it might end up surprising quite alot of people ...
Johno said on 20/Sep/21
Over 6'1, yes. Hmmmm, could hit 6'1.75 depending on timing. I'll hedge it at 6'1.5.
MichaelMyers said on 16/Sep/21
6'2". He has a taller head than many people his height, and it makes him look shorter than he is.
Daniel Hammad said on 11/Sep/21
Rob can you see Chris Pratt at 6’2?
Editor Rob
It would be about the upper limit of what I'd guess him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Sep/21
If Pratt is 6ft3, the Hemsworths are 6ft4+
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Sep/21
any, at worst that
ammy said on 2/Sep/21
6'1.5 at most
LWA123 said on 19/Aug/21
6’3” in what world. Nice one, Chris. Leave that to the Hemsworths.
MrTBlack said on 14/Aug/21
He’s described as 6’1” here, not sure if he’s that small but I wouldn’t rule out 6’1.5”.

Click Here
Slim 6'1.5" said on 9/Aug/21
Similar height to Affleck and walker

I can see Matthew fox and Reynolds taller than him tho
highly suspect said on 16/Jun/21

Tad taller than Cavill? He’s got like 1.5 inches on him and much larger frame. Henry has been called out for having small hands while Chris has almost comically large hands. I doubt Pratt has been under 200lbs in years and walks around 215+ most of the time

Hemsworth is clearly taller than Pratt yet he doesn’t really look like the bigger guy in terms of frame. Pratt has body of an athlete and is functionally strong. He trains at unbreakable with guys like Uriah hall (MW) and Randy Couture (LHW and HW). He looks bigger than them in height and mass
highly suspect said on 16/Jun/21

Tad taller than Cavill? He’s got like 1.5 inches on him and much larger frame. Henry has been called out for having small hands while Chris has almost comically large hands. I doubt Pratt has been under 200lbs in years and walks around 215+ most of the time

Hemsworth is clearly taller than Pratt yet he doesn’t really look like the bigger guy in terms of frame. Pratt has body of an athlete and is functionally strong. He trains at unbreakable with guys like Uriah hall (MW) and Randy Couture (LHW and HW). He looks bigger than them in height and mass
Vsquad said on 16/Jun/21
Here's the best photo yet of Pratt next to Hemsworth (also shared this on his page) -

Click Here

Looks around 2 cm difference there, but I think in reality its closer to 3 cm like Eusebiu said.
Editor Rob
ground looks slightly uneven click here
Braeden said on 13/Jun/21
Hey, Rob. On Twitter the last day, James Gunn said that Chris Pratt is 6’3 and disavowed actors who lie about their heights. Do you think Chris could actually be 6’3 or close to it or is James Gunn being a bit of a hypocrite here giving Chris an extra inch and some change?
Editor Rob
Just can't see Chris as tall as 6ft 3 barefoot...however in shoes yeah
Hyper said on 3/Jun/21
Rob, not height related, but I think he looks like Bo Burnham, but mini-sized. Their gazes are very similar.

Click Here
Click Here

What do you think? LOL!
Editor Rob
maybe a little
eng6'3 said on 4/May/21
He looks 6'2 but I believe"just under 6'1.75" suits him better.(compared to hemsworth)
Eusebiu - 6'1" (185 cm) said on 29/Apr/21
If he would have claimed 6'2" (188 cm) than he might have been more credible but claiming almost 6'3" (190 cm) is not credible at all because Chris Hemswroth (listed 190 cm) is ~3 cm taller than him.

I think he might be identical in height with Tom Hiddleston (listed 187 cm) since both linger around the 187-188 cm spot.

So, I agree with his current listing of 6'1.75" (187,3 cm).
Dmitrii said on 29/Apr/21
Don't think he is under 6ft2. Visually his build makes him look under but he is actually not. 6ft2 minimum. My guess id 6ft2.25
ALEXIZ/180cm said on 22/Apr/21
185 cm max in my opinion
Sammy 6'5" said on 9/Apr/21
Average height guess is way too low, he is no shorter than 6'2", probably closer to 6'2.5", he held up very well to 6'3" Chris Hemsworth in infinity war.
Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 27/Feb/21
Yeah I was thinking he was about the same height as Andy Murray
Slim 6'1.5 said on 25/Feb/21
Solid 6’2” is a bit too high but 187.5 like Jackman peak and Murray is possible
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Feb/21
188cm is still a possibility
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Feb/21
187cm is the lowest he’d measure.
berta said on 15/Feb/21
i think 187,5 - 188. tall guy that can look shorter because he is very well built with big bones.
Movie Buff said on 2/Feb/21
I think Chris Pratt really does look a legit 6’ 2.” He certainly never looks as low as 6’ 1.”
Juby said on 29/Jan/21
I don't know from where You get Your info, but it's not correct. Henry Cavill (6-6'1") during principal photography for "Man of Steel" was in 186-190 pounds range (or even 193 lbs according to Kinobody), with 7-8% bodyfat in shirtless scenes. He bulked up to 200-202 lbs in BvS. Read articles below.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Chris Pratt is tad taller than Cavill, but IMHO he's never looked as big as Henry. He might have been around 200 lbs because of his height, but no way he was over 210 lbs in his shirtless scene. Arnold was 210-215 lbs in most of his films and looked much, much bigger than Pratt (but if Arnold was really 6'1.75"? I doubt that).

Chris might be around 6'2, but in Endgame he looked much shorter than Thor. I wonder what shoes do the had.
johnnysidgursson said on 23/Jan/21
Big fan of shoes heels, also has a big head, perfect 185 barefoot
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Jan/21
Him and Hiddleston both look around the same beside Hemsworth
Aj06 said on 12/Jan/21
he looks about a quarter inco or so off of chris hemsworth who is about 6'3 I would go with a 6'1 3/4 quarter inch under 6'2 not 6'3 nice height.
bird in box said on 9/Jan/21
he deserves 6'2 rob. looks roughly an inch shorter than chris hemsworth.
Slim 6'1" said on 31/Dec/20
6’2” is too high he’s in that 186-187 range
FriedChicken said on 19/Dec/20
Actually looking at him more he might be worse case scenario 6'1 1/2 best case 6'2. So in the middle is pretty good
Slim 6'1" said on 18/Dec/20
187-187.5 at his low
189.5-190cm straight out of bed
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 17/Dec/20
Pratt look 2.25" lower than Lee Pace whom should get 6'4 upgrade but denied by Rob.
OriginalAnon said on 12/Dec/20
Debating weight is utterly pointless. For example, a thin man with little hypertrophic development could be 90kg. Take another man of the same height, who is also 90kg, but he could look muscular. Some men are naturally heavy and some are naturally light. Look at boxing for a good example. Some men look big and muscular at the weight, and some look thin. It is actually the thin man that is the natural at the weight and in other words, the "bigger man". Strip the weight training and anabolic diet from the muscular man and he would most certainly find himself in a lower weight division. Therefore, saying John weights X amount because Jim weighed in at X amount and John looks similar to Jim is a baseless foundation. You're on a hiding to nothing. Height is height and doesn't take into consideration bone density, water weight, fat mass, muscle mass and all of these other things nobody can see.
grizz said on 21/Nov/20
@J2Frenzy, he was 203 lbs for regular scenes, but for that shirtless scene, he had to be absolutely ripped and dehydrated to look his best. He was 190 lbs range for that scene.
J2Frenzy said on 20/Nov/20
Oh by the way Cavill was 203 when he built muscle up for Man of Steel and the Witcher
J2Frenzy said on 20/Nov/20
@Yharnamman Pratt looks like a guy who’s carry decent muscle under his fat, closer to 250-260 is much more believable, and 30% is a lot more than Arnie carried off season
J2Frenzy said on 20/Nov/20
@Yharnamman Pratt looks like a guy who’s carry decent muscle under his fat, closer to 250-260 is much more believable, and 30% is a lot more than Arnie carried off season
Yharnamman said on 19/Nov/20
@Animus You are back-tracking. No one says 20% is a low body fat, the average for men is 15-22% so 20% is the upper average. Also even at 20% body fat Chris isn't gonna be 230 lbs with a lean body mass of 184 lbs. You said the same thing that everyone is saying online, Chris was 230 lbs lean and 290 lbs as a fat man. Chris has never been 290 lbs in his life. I know you now say he was 205 lbs which is much more realistic but still too high. Here are good estimates of Chris' stats.

Chris as a lean man(14% body fat): 194 lbs

Chris as a fat man(30% body fat): 240 lbs

Just be a good sport and admit I debunked the myths. Look at the picture of Henry Cavill who has a very similar physique yet weighs 188 lbs.

I mentioned Arnold to say that Chris isn't gonna have stats anywhere close to a Mr. Olympia. Lets say Chris was 230 lbs, 14% body fat, you know how many pounds of fat he'd have to lose to be 8% body fat? 12-16 pounds. So only 14 lbs lighter than Arnold, theres absolutely no way this is the case.

Also Rob I noticed a ton of comments have disappeared, was it getting too off-topic?
Animus said on 18/Nov/20

That sounds like an accurate off-season figure for most of his bodybuilding career. He was supposedly around 240-245lbs on stage in 1971-1974 - I'm not sure of this, though. But yeah, generally, I'd say 230-235lbs on stage (a bit heavier early in his career, I'd say, and then 10-15lbs less later in his career when he got into movies) and then 245-250lbs, maybe, in the off-season.
J2Frenzy said on 18/Nov/20
@Animus wasn’t Arnold off-season like 250 or something?
J2Frenzy said on 18/Nov/20
@Yharnamman yeah I think he’s a weak or flat 6’2
Animus said on 17/Nov/20

No one here says that Pratt was 220-230lbs in “Guardians of The Galaxy”. He was most certainly not that weight in that shirtless picture of him you posted. Right around 200lbs is probably fair for him in that picture — he’s also got a fairly heavy-looking lower body, so ~205lbs might be more right. As for his body fat percentage, I like you think 14-15 % sounds right (considering he’s in good lighting, wet, tanned and probably dehydrated).

I was addressing and commenting on his normal walk-around-weight. I realize I might have obfuscated the issue by saying “... at low body fat levels...” By low body fat levels I meant around 20%, which is not exactly low but not really overweight either. I do think a guy like Pratt weighs 220-230lbs at +-20% body fat (closer to 230lbs, I think).

Parenthetically, do you have stats on IFBB pros? I think a 6’2 IFBB pro would weigh considerably more than 223 lbs at 14% body fat. I’d say more like 240-245lbs at that body fat %.

As for your comment on Arnold vs. Pratt, you gotta be joking! You’re right that Arnold was about 230lbs early in his bodybuilding career. However, he was sub-10% body fat at that weight - that was his stage weight. No one’s claimed Pratt is anywhere near that percentage weighing 230lbs.
Yharnamman said on 17/Nov/20
Although height and weight is closely related, I will finally comment on Chris' height.

Looking at him next to his wives he definitely looks like a 6'2" guy. Even if he is 6'1.75", thats still true. So hes not a 186cm 6'1.5" guy, hes around 6'2". So either hes 6'1.75", 6'1 7/8", or 6'2", I think he could claim 6'2".
Yharnamman said on 17/Nov/20
First off, you guys are partly right. At 11% body fat you aren't gonna have veins over your entire body. However you will definitely see veins in shoulders, upper arm and forearm. Heres Igor Opeshansky at 12.5% body fat. You see veins in his upper arm and forearm. Click Here

Again a lot of you guys might be underestimating how lean 11% body fat is. If a female is 11% body fat, she would be dead, however for a male its very lean, not normal lean like 12-14% body fat.

@J2Frenzy Ok you got a 50" chest and 26" quads, that is pretty big. Can we get arm and calve measurements?

Also heres Leon Goretzka at 6'2.5", 186 lbs, 10% body fat: Click Here

He looks moderately big even at those stats.

@Jdubbz Look at Henry's face, hes got that typical face fat you see at 15%+ body fat. Hes not lean, just has really developed abs.

@Christian 6'5 3/8" Yes it doesn't make a lot of sense. 6'2.5", 210 lbs, 11% body fat are advanced bodybuilder stats yet he says he barely works out.
Yharnamman said on 14/Nov/20
@Jdubbz Yes I'm not gonna do that typical thing where you say "you think you are 11% body fat when in reality you are 16-19% body fat". If he is an advanced bodybuilder whos been lifting for 8+ years, gaining 40 lbs of muscle is possible.

Also I will bring some pictures into the discussion.

Heres Henry Cavill in Man of Steel at 6'1", 188 lbs, 15% body fat. Hes holding about 20 lbs of muscle: Click Here

Heres Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy at 6'2", estimated 194 lbs, 14% body fat. Hes holding about 25 lbs of muscle: Click Here

Heres Arnold at 1974 Mr. Olympia. At 6'1.4", 235 lbs, 8% body fat. Hes holding a grand total of 70 lbs of muscle: Click Here

Now obviously humans aren't capable of holding 70 lbs of muscle naturally. Arnold admitted to using testosterone and dianabol.
Slim 6'1" said on 25/Oct/20
Robs listing is good he generally looks 186-187cm
Animus said on 17/Oct/20

Chris Pratt is naturally a much bigger guy than Chris Hemsworth, though the latter is taller. At low body fat levels I'm quite certain Pratt weighs around 230lbs, whereas Hemsworth weighs 215lbs only when he's buffed up for his role as Thor. Pratt used to weigh 290-300lbs, where he was obviously fat but still a big guy carrying a lot of muscle. Hemsworth apparently used to be 185lbs as a younger man and he probably weighs about 200lbs now walking around in his daily life.

Maybe Pratt has less tall-guy-presence because he's a bigger, thicker dude. To take an extreme example look at Eddie Hall, former World's Strongest Man. He's around 6'2, but many people guess him much shorter; the lowest guess I've read was 5'10 but many guess him at around 6' flat. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that he weighs like 365lbs? I think something similar is the case with the Pratt-Hemsworth comparison. Pratt is simply a guy who's an inch shorter but about 30lbs of lean mass heavier than Hemsworth.
houss said on 3/Oct/20
He's taller than dave Bautista
slim 6'1 said on 26/Sep/20
186-187.5 like paul walker
Matt6'5" said on 22/Sep/20
It's weird, he doesn't have the presence of a tall guy. I mean Chris Hemsworth is gruff, with a deep voice. Pratt doesn't have that about him. However, looking at him with John Krasinski, I'd have to say right about 6'2 for Chis Pratt.
Slim 6'1" said on 17/Sep/20
FriedChicken said on 10/Sep/20
Zero chance he's below this i say. He edged out Tom Hiddleston, looks a good 2 inches taller than Chris Evans and held up too well with Dave Bautista, John Krasinski, and Vincent D'Onofrio to be just a flat 6'1".
Dejavi said on 4/Sep/20
He looked similar to John Krasinski. There is 0 chance that Krasinski is 6’3.
TheBat said on 7/Aug/20
Chris is more likely 6'1.5", Rob's listing is the highest I can see him measure in the afternoon.
Slim 6'1" said on 31/Jul/20
Turtle master said on 30/Jul/20
No he’s 6’2
Turtle master said on 30/Jul/20
No he’s 6’2
OriginalAnon said on 23/Jul/20
186/187 seems fair.
Ian555 said on 22/Jul/20
@Tall Sam - I would say the difference between him and Hemsworth is a solid inch, with Pratt being a flat 6' 2" and Hemsworth being a flat 6' 3" Click Here. He also looks close to 4 inches taller than Jake Gyllenhaal Click Here.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 21/Jul/20
@ Ian555 - You have been to work and backed up your claims, haven't you?

Tall Sam said on 20/Jul/20
I will admit I changed my tune on Pratt's height. I once thought he was a pretty good candidate for 6'1.5" tops but I think casual posture and weight fluctuations could make him look shorter. After seeing his tailored clothes for Guardians, I could believe a weak 6'2" but the listing is the best fit. The pictures with Neeson were a little bit disadvantaged to the later, I think Liam could still straighten up to about 1.5 inches taller. Chris Hemsworth looks about an inch and change taller than Pratt.
Ian555 said on 18/Jul/20
Rob, Pratt needs an upgrade to 6’ 2”, it just seems a better figure for him. Here is a picture of him with 6’ 1 3/4” Tom Hiddleston Click Here. He looks about a fraction taller than Hiddleston. Now let’s take a look at their footwear Click Here. Both are wearing similar footwear and now here we have Hiddleston staring eye to eye with 6’ 3” Chris Hemsworth Click Here. Hiddleston looks about 1-1.25 inch shorter than Hemsworth and here is a picture of their footwear Click Here. Now, taking all of this into account, if Hiddleston is a legit 6’ 1 3/4”, then that would make Pratt a legit 6’ 2”. Now here is Pratt with 6’ 1 1/4” formerly 6’ 2” Benicio Del Toro and 6 foot James Gunn Click Here, Click Here, Click Here. He looks about 3/4 of an inch, maybe even a full inch taller than Del Toro and about 2 inches taller than Gunn. Now here he is with Dave Bautista who is 6’ 2 3/4” Click Here, Click Here, Click Here. If Bautista is still 6’ 2 3/4”, then Pratt looks at least 6’ 2” in all of those pictures. Here is another one with Pratt and Bautista Click Here. Look pretty close to the same height right? And just in case you’re doubtful, here is a picture of their footwear and as you can see, it is pretty similar Click Here. Going back to James Gunn, here some photos of Pratt and him together where we get a clear shot of both of their footwear Click Here, Click Here, Click Here, Click Here. If Gunn is a legit 6 footer, then Pratt looks to be at least 6’ 2” range. Looking at some other non-Marvel actors now, here he is with 6’ 4 1/2” formerly 6’ 5” Vince Vaughn Click Here, Click Here, Click Here, Click Here. If Vaughn is 6’ 4 1/2”, then Pratt again looks to be a solid 6’ 2” guy whenever he is pictured with him. Here is Pratt now with 6’ 3 1/2” formerly 6’ 4” Liam Neeson Click Here, Click Here, Click Here, Click Here. Footwear is relatively the same and while Neeson does have a stooped posture in these photos, I’m sure if he stood straight Pratt would look about 6’ 2”. Here is Pratt now with 6 foot Chris Evans Click Here, Click Here. In both of these, I would there is a solid 2 inches between the two guys. So what do you think Rob? Would you consider upgrading Pratt to 6’ 2” or maybe 6’ 1 7/8”?
Ethan99 said on 7/Jul/20
can look a legit 6'2 most of the time. i'll give him a 6'1.75 which is likely his low.
Sohail said on 3/Jul/20
His definitely a strong 6 foot 1
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 21/Jun/20
🎁🎂🎈🎊 Happy Birthday Chris! 🎊🎂🎈🎁

Many Happy Returns to Chris Pratt, who celebrates his 41st Birthday today.

6ft2 for this handsome hunk on his big day! 😆👌

Jam Cherry said on 18/Jun/20
@Dumb 5 foot 11 out of bed yea sure if I inch was 2.64 cm and not 2.54 cm
Littlelee5ft6 said on 9/Jun/20
Realist he isnt just 6 foot 1 I'd say near enough 6ft 2 this listing is spot on only looked an inch shorter than chris Hemsworth
HeightRealist said on 1/Jun/20
Taller than 6ft and definitely shorter than 6'2. Closer to 6ft than 6'2. Looking at the picture on this page he wears very thick soled shoes. Look at the length of his lower legs.

6'1 and nothing more.
Jam Cherry said on 23/May/20
Chris Pratt is 188 cm at 6’2”
mark thompson said on 21/May/20
@Dumb could u provide any photos if ur so sure?
Tall Sam said on 11/May/20
I assume the last post by "Dumb " was meant to be fatuous.
Dumbfuck said on 10/May/20
He's 5'11 out of bed. Celebrities are ing lying about their height. It just doesn't sound good that the great starlord himself is below 6ft, so he lies. Countless photos prove this.
berta said on 8/May/20
at best 188 cm at worst 187. i think he is about 187,5
Monkey knees said on 12/Apr/20
For me, 6ft 2in morning flat
Halb said on 8/Apr/20
Prat does look broader than Hemsworth naturally. Hemsworth is quite thin.
viper said on 8/Apr/20
He's looking shorter than 6-0 Reggie Wayne. Interesting
Olympian said on 7/Apr/20
I think he needs to be upgraded back to the 6'2 listing. I don't think that he's a weak 6'2.
toad said on 5/Mar/20
With NFL measured 6ft Reggie Wayne

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Feb/20
No I think he can measure close to 6ft2. At worst 6ft1⅝ but not 6ft1 flat
Jkiller said on 14/Feb/20
Yeah 187cm seems about right
highly suspect said on 1/Jan/20
Looks the listing. Very large frame and carries more weight than most of his costars because of it. Grew up wrestling and trains mma with pros, they say he’s very strong and quite skilled.
Tall Sam said on 3/Dec/19
When they had the Marvel exhibit with the actors costumes occupied by dummies, I was surprised how bulky and broad the Star-Lord costume was in person and looked to be for a quite tall guy (roughly as Rob lists him). His clothes actually looked to be a]for a more solidly built frame than those that Hemsworth wore (in Rangarok) or that Chris Evans wore in person.

He certainly isn't quite as tall Hemsworth though and, honestly, Hemsworth looks to keep himself in somewhat better shape than Pratt not that he's a slouch since he got his Marvel role.
Mon said on 30/Nov/19
Over six foot and unusually large framed. But he is not OVER 6'1'' beside Bautista especially in the early photos and screen test of them. I think you have to realise that Pratt was a comedic thick waisted redhead who transformed his appearance as he became a star. The man is rightly very concerned with his image and kills himself in the gym. A little extra height helps him in getting that perfect physique to height proportion and avoiding looking stocky/overweight. He boosts his height with footwear a little, but has the build to still look brawny with it.
Big dave said on 24/Nov/19
Weak 6'2" , probably in the 210-220 lbs range , bigger than your average Hollywood type
Importer said on 4/Nov/19
@Alma Barnes
Click Here
Alma Barnes said on 29/Aug/19
Looks the same at Hemsworth Rob looks like you got this one wrong
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 22/Aug/19
189cm out of bed and 187cm before bed for Pratt.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 29/Jul/19
I am watching him on the Ellen show and he looks huge next to her.

What a nice, genuine guy, not showing a single iota of jealousy being voted the second sexiest Chris to Chris Hemsworth's first.

Easily 6ft1.75.
Tall Sam said on 9/Jul/19
He's closer to 6'2" than 6'1" IMO but never really look 6'3" to me.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Jul/19
Weak 6ft2 guy will often times look 6ft3 to many...
185 said on 6/Jul/19
This guy look tall in the picture, often 6’2 and more. But in movie. This listing is really spot on, not to say a bit generous. He look 4 inches shorter than vince vaugh and about 2 inches shorter than jason segel in movie.
Importer said on 5/Jul/19
@Alex M.
You're the 🃏 of this page mate. If Chris Pratt was 5'10 then I'd be 5'8. On one occasion a bunch of girls asked me if I was 6'2-6'3 (I wish) and laughed as hard as I'm laughing at your comment right now. Bhahahahaha..:)
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 21/Jun/19
🎂🎁😁🎈 Happy Birthday Chris! 🎈😁🎁🎂

Wishing Chris a very Happy Birthday! It's a milestone one too as he turns the big 4-0.

Celebrate in style, Chris! 😉👍

My Birthday guess? 6ft1.75.

Gaspergoo said on 16/Jun/19
He is between 6'1" and 6'1.5".....regular boots and some regular shoes can give you a 1-1/2 to 2" increase in height and a lot of guys give their height with shoes on....hence Chris saying he is 6'3"....regardless he is not a short actor and doesn't need lifts unless he just wants to look really tall....
viper said on 11/Jun/19
Chris is listed at 6-1 in magazines
Jose187cm said on 11/Jun/19
I think he is 187 cm tall and wears one inch lifts that make him look 190cm or slightly over 6'3 with shoes on duuh he's an actor if regular people do it he obviously would do that too.
Sonnecker said on 25/May/19
Mmmhhh...he looks more 188 cm than 187 most of time, like Tom Hiddleston. A comparison between them should be curious!
Ian555 said on 11/May/19
Rob I think Pratt deserves an upgrade to 6’ 2”. A lot of the time he looks he could be at least a weak 6’ 2”. Here are some photos with Vince Vaughn Click Here, Click Here, Click Here. Vaughn at this point of his life is probably 6’ 4 1/2”, peak height 6’ 5”, and Pratt looks 2 inches shorter at the most so if Vaughn is 6’ 4 1/2” now Pratt is looks 6’ 2 1/2” and if Vaughn is still 6’ 5” Pratt looks like he could be 6’ 3”. Here is with James Gunn, who you have at a bit over 6 feet Click Here, Click Here. Sure the first photo he’s standing pretty straight but even so, Pratt looks 2 or 3 inches taller. With Royce Gracie Click Here. Gracie claims to be 6’ 1” (I don’t think he is) and Pratt looks pretty big there, 6’ 2” or 6’ 3”. Here he is with Dave Bautista Click Here, Click Here, Click Here. Bautista is at most 6’ 2 1/2” now, probably 6’ 2 3/4” peak and Pratt never looks that much shorter than him and sometimes can look taller. Now with Chris Evans who I think is 6 foot Click Here, Click Here. Pratt I think looks more of a weak 6’ 2” there but still looks like he could be around that tall. Now with Lee Pace who is 6’ 4-4 1/2” Click Here. Pace looks the same amount taller as Vaughn does next to Pratt so he is looking 6’ 2 1/2” again. So Rob do you think Pratt could be more like 6’ 2” range?
Editor Rob
I know folk who saw guardians would have said he seemed barely even the same as John Reilly who claimed 6ft 1.5...overall I still feel a weak 6ft 2 fits for pratt from all I've seen.
Johnson said on 3/May/19
Rubius is taller than Risto Mejide by the way
thi said on 30/Apr/19
@Rubius this youtuber is 181cm at max
grizz said on 22/Apr/19
@Rubius, there's no way a legit 6'2 guy (I'm talking about ElRubius) would look barely one inch taller than a 5'7.5 woman with platform heels.
Rubius said on 15/Apr/19
Here is a video with ElRubius, one of the most famous spanish youtubers. Rubius claims 190cm, also I've seen him and he is pretty tall, if not 190, minium 188 - 189cm.

Chris seems a lot taller than him in this video.

Click Here
TheBat said on 26/Mar/19
I'll give Chris Pratt 6'1.5". Rob's listing would be the tallest I'd give him.
GRIT said on 6/Mar/19
Click Here

Tbh next to billy eichner he looks 186 max.....

I think he is 187 max
Littlelee168cm said on 1/Mar/19
He's nowhere near 5ft 10 if so he's the tallest looking 5ft 10 I've ever seen
Alex M. said on 28/Feb/19
The exposing links keep getting redirected or removed.


The first set the GOTGalaxy cast wears casual clothes. Pratt in gray tee shirt and gray Adidas. Pratt sits front and center then stands next to Kurt Russell and Bautista. Pratt seems about 1 1/2" to 2" tops taller than Kurt Russell and about the same as Bautista if you minus Pratt's lifts.


Seek and ye shall find. Especially the tokyo premier, Pratt in blue suit. Seem Pratt and Bautista both forgot their lifts and appear the same height as James Gunn, 5' 10" bare foot.
Anything said on 25/Feb/19
6’2”-6’1” 205lbs for Chris Pratt. He’s bigger than people think. He’s only an inch shorter than Hemsworth.
Sandy Cowell said on 21/Feb/19
Chris came ninth in the rundown of the ten stars who are the greatest fun to work with.

But can someone really be one-and-a-quarter inches out without realising that people are going to notice? I mean, being tall in the first place, can his height genuinely vary that much from morning to night? It does make sense when a person has a bigger spine.

The only film of the above listed ones that I own is 'Wanted', which has a stellar cast, including Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy. I have a lot of watching to do, and 'Wanted' has gone on my list as of now!

I think I will go for 6ft1.75, which isn't a male height to be sniffed at!
Alex M. said on 4/Feb/19
Incline Advantage: The featured red carpet shot, gives Pratt an additional 1 1/2" to 2 1/2" advantage as he stands on the incline of the crowned, red carpeted show road - in addition to his platform boots and internal lifts as well.
Alex M. said on 4/Feb/19
Paul NS: is it me or just that we who stand bare foot actually over 6 feet (I am 6' 2 1/2" bare foot and about 6' 4" in Nikes) - have the literal and figurative perspective to call a 5' 10" spade... 5' 10"!!
Alex M. said on 4/Feb/19
Heightees, you can bet big money on Pratt wearing MAJOR LIFTS in "red carpet," dressy affairs. Over 6 feet with thick soled boots and lifts plus hair, agreed. Barefoot, 5' 11" barely closer to 5' 10" flat.
Littlelee168cm said on 3/Feb/19
Hes not 5ft 10 by any means he looks almost 6ft 2 look at him next to 5ft 4 Anna faris in 3 inch heels a five ten guy doesn't look that tall next to someone five seven and doubt those shoes give him more than 1.5"
Paul NS (6ft 0.5) said on 1/Feb/19
You're so right, Alex. Just look at Pratt in these huge lifts, clearly only a few inches taller than Schwarzenegger. Click Here

berta said on 21/Jan/19
i dont relly think he is shorter than this. He good proportion and big bones that makes him look shorter but standing beside others he is tall.187,5 would be my guess. could be full 188 but not a mm more
Monkey knees said on 15/Jan/19
6ft 1.5in. Dead on.
Bryan Stamp said on 14/Jan/19
In 2013... I was doing background acting work for movies and television. I was booked on Parks and Recreation. The scene in which I was took place in a pub. I was behind the bar as the server. I stand around 6'1" [legit] with impeccable posture, and was wearing my Vans sneakers. Chris Pratt was on set, around 10 feet from me. I had also read that he was listed at around 6'3". Whilst I got a brief glimpse of his footwear, which appeared to be work boots, he did not seem 6'3", but was at least as tall as myself. I suppose his boots also had more heel than my Vans. Considering all factors, I'd estimate Mr Pratt to stand around 6'2". Though... that is merely my thought.
Bryan Stamp said on 14/Jan/19
In 2013... I was doing background acting work for movies and television. I was booked on Parks and Recreation. The scene in which I was took place in a pub. I was behind the bar as the server. I stand around 6'1" [legit] with impeccable posture, and was wearing my Vans sneakers. Chris Pratt was on set, around 10 feet from me. I had also read that he was listed at around 6'3". Whilst I got a brief glimpse of his footwear, which appeared to be work boots, he did not seem 6'3", but was at least as tall as myself. I suppose his boots also had more heel than my Vans. Considering all factors, I'd estimate Mr Pratt to stand around 6'2". Though... that is merely my thought.
Michael 5'10", 178 cm said on 9/Jan/19
I just reached Guardians of the Galaxy and yeah, he's not the full 6'2". So I agree with this listing, still a tall guy though. He is edged out by Dave Bautista by a whole inch and Chris Hemsworth edges them both out. Chris Pratt is 6'1 1/2"-6'1 3/4".
GRIT said on 5/Jan/19
Here is my opinion on the chriss

Chris pratt: his height guesses have varied from 184 to 189. I honestly believe that 187cm flat is the truth for him

Chris Evans: easily a 182-183cm, 5'11.5"-5'11.75" is a good shout for him

Chris Hemsworth: he is a solid 6'3" when he doesnt slouch. Can even look 6'3.5: at times

Chris Pine: 6'0.5"-6'0.75". Defs closer to 6'1" than to 6ft
Film Fan said on 12/Dec/18
Pretty sure he’s at least 6’ 1 /2.” Could be a full 6’ 2” but it’s hard to say.
berta said on 7/Dec/18
it would be interesting to know what he weight. He is big boned guy. i can believe he is around 100 kg
Film Fan said on 27/Nov/18
Dirk95, I don’t know, there really wasn’t that big of a height difference between Hemsworth and Pratt in infinity war. Maybe a little over an inch. The footwear that they are wearing is unclear though.
Tall Sam said on 26/Nov/18
Remember that Hemsworth is often in big boots while playing Thor that probably gives an advantage over whatever Pratt is wearing but even considering that the Thor boots might boost Hemsworth about an inch, he'd still be about 1.5 inches taller than Pratt there.
Dirk95 said on 23/Nov/18
If Hemsworth is 191 then he isn't taller than this. The difference was pretty big in Infinity War.
Tall Sam said on 22/Oct/18
I'm increasingly thinking that 6'1.5" would be a better listing for him but I wouldn't go any lower.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Oct/18
Remember a weak 6ft2 guy in Hollywood will get away with claiming 6ft3 most of the time.....
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Oct/18
He can pull off 6ft2 often enough so anything less than 6ft1½ is out of the question and he probably does reach 6ft3 in most shoes
Ian555 said on 12/Oct/18
Rob do you have a link to a video where he said that or a was it in a magazine
Editor Rob
It was back on Twitter, he previously joked a reply 6'11.
Pratt said on 9/Oct/18
6’1.5” 198lbs
Edimar184 said on 2/Oct/18
Rob help me Please, how tall Royce Gracie looks like next to Pratt?
Editor Rob
Pratt looked a bit nearer the camera, so I'm not sure if there is more than 2 inches between them.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 20/Sep/18
Probably not "laughable" but it's still an inaccurate claim. I'd be fine with him claiming 6'2" but not 6'3".
Wayne said on 18/Sep/18
Claiming "about 6'3" " when you're not even 6'2" is clearly laughable to me, just look at him next to Hemsworth and Andrew Luck
Littlelee168cm said on 14/Sep/18
It's hardly laughable only an inch and a quarter taller than he is and the height he would be in modest footware
viper said on 13/Sep/18
6-1.5 at most.

His 6-3 claim isnt laughable when he's close to it in shoes, or even hits it in the biggest shoes.
Wayne said on 12/Sep/18
His "about 6'3" " claim is laughable but he looks about 4 cm taller than Chris Evans
RutgerKoresh said on 6/Sep/18
Based on Infinity War, this seems right. Hemsworth looked a good bit taller than him. Hemsworth 191,Pratt 187.
Nick 5'11 said on 19/Aug/18
Hmm check this out Chris next to 5'8-5'9 guy barefoot.
Click Here
Powerhouse said on 18/Aug/18
I’ll give him the full 6’2.
Monkey knees said on 15/Jul/18
Funny guy. Good acting chops, but another Hollywood guy adding almost 2 inches to his height... 6'1.5 morning.
Jayofficial said on 3/Jul/18
How tall do you think mexican actor Manuel Garcia Rulfo is? Maybe 6’3-6’2 he looked an inch taller than Pratt and an inch taller than benecio del toro who is also 6’2.
Editor Rob
I think benicio has shrunk a bit, but I'd give Manuel somewhere in 6ft 2 range.
Spencer said on 2/Jul/18
He looks 6'1.5" in that photo with Faris.
MAD SAM said on 2/Jul/18
@Film fan
Hemsworth is easy 4 cm (or 1.5 inches) taller to Pratt, if Hemsworth is 190 cm then Pratt is 186 cm, still giving him 1 cm benifit at 187 cm, he can claim himself at 6’2” but 6’3” is just absurd
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Jun/18
I think he’s gotta clear 189cm out of bed.
Film Fan said on 21/Jun/18
Pratt has gotta be the full 6’ ft. 2.” There’s no way he’s as low as 6’ 0” like a bunch of people on here are estimating. Compared to Hemsworth and Bautista, it is clear he is nothing short of a solid 6’ 2.”
MAD SAM said on 18/Jun/18
Pratt has got a good height in the 187-188 range, why does he have to lie his height to 191 cm
Israel-6.2 said on 17/Jun/18
pratt is 1.88.2 when he gets out of bed, usually he is 1.86.8 solid, I say this because he was here in Brazil, Monkey knees you work with costumes ?, but that does not take hemsworth from 6-3, the deal we have to know is the period they stay on the brands listed
MAD SAM said on 15/Jun/18
@monkey knees
interesting, what’s your job ?
zap rowsdower said on 14/Jun/18
What about this?Travolta is listed at an inch shorter.
Click Here
MAD SAM said on 14/Jun/18
That’s the worst possible angle of camera to make him look short, it’s almost like it was done on purpose to make him look short, just genuinely check out their other photos, even with heels Pratt totally towers over Bryce
Leno179 said on 12/Jun/18
Even though it is a very small difference, I think he is too tall for 185-186 and he is more like 187-188
Paul NS (6ft 0.5) said on 11/Jun/18
Cycklops, the perspective in that image is really terrible. Howard is easily much closer to the camera, and they aren't standing side by side. It's not a good image to judge height by.
Cycklops said on 10/Jun/18
Could the 6'2" people please explain why 5'7" Bryce Dallas Howard in heels is the same height as him?

Click Here

Unless they're 7-inch heels, Pratt is looking 6'0" or even 5'11" there.
Monkey knees said on 7/Jun/18
Pratt is just over 6'1. Hemsworth just over 6'2. Can confirm these heights due to work.
Dove said on 26/May/18
Looks about right. If Chris Hemsworth is a legit 6'3", then Chris Pratt should be slightly more than 6'1". There are photos showing Hemsworth with Pratt and we can see he's taller than Pratt.
MAD SAM said on 25/May/18
Love my Starlord, he’s gotta be 187 cm surely
MAD SAM said on 25/May/18
Both Hemsworth’s are a legit 6’3” (190-191 cm) and doggard tbh looks above 200 cm (>6’7”) so yea when u have got 4 inches height above you gotta look way short
Tall Sam said on 23/May/18
A lot of people have to be shrunken if Pratt and Hemsworth are over listed by over an inch lol, or maybe Goddard is actually an over 6'5" guy and Hemsworth has looked a decent 6'3" with many people.
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 22/May/18

I don't think Chris Hemsworth's as tall as 6'3" but you sure he's only 6'1.5"? It might be possible that Drew Goddard's taller than 6'5" and just underlisted. Goddard seems to make everyone look way shorter than what they're listed at.
Canson said on 22/May/18
He has boots in the pic above. Not sure if that is his normal choice of footwear
ghost said on 22/May/18
Chris with NFL measured 6ft Reggie Wayne. Pratt is clearly not close to 6'2

Click Here
Kevin said on 21/May/18

He looks that height in the pictures of him with legit 6'5" Drew Goddard. I mean there's no way a real 6'3 guy would ever look that short. Pratt and Hemsworth are tall guys at 6'0.5 and 6'1.5 but they're not 6'2/6'3 tall like many people think.
Dejavu said on 21/May/18
He looked visibly shorter than Chris Hemsworth but we can’t see the footwear.
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 20/May/18

What makes you think Hemsworth's only 6'1.5"?
Kevin said on 18/May/18

He can look as low as 6'0" with 6'1.5" Hemsworth.
Coconut said on 14/May/18
I think he can pull off a weak 188, 6'1" guesses are too low
Davey said on 5/May/18
He looks a full 6'2 to me.
mattgyr said on 3/May/18
in infinity war he looked 187.5-188 cm range next to hemsworth who is 6'3. 6'2 is my bet
Pharoah said on 2/May/18
Yep as people have been saying, its about 1.25 - 1.5 inch difference between Pratt and Hemsworth. In Infinity War the shots between them (in the same scene) would fluctuate so much though, sometimes Pratt's eye level would come up higher on Hemsworth's face in one then lower the next.
185.4cm- 6'1 said on 2/May/18
After watching infinity war seeing him next to Hemsy I think 1.89 is reasonable
Mark182 said on 2/May/18
I agree with Kevin 6'0.5
Conan said on 2/May/18
I'm 5 ft 9 7/8 in (177.5 cm) in the morning. He is taller than me 3.7 in (9.5 cm), I will give him at 6 ft 1 3/4 in (187.3 cm)
ManKo said on 1/May/18
After watching Infinity wars, where we can see him next to Chris Hemsworth, 187cm barefoot and 190cm with boots.
Tall Sam said on 27/Apr/18
I think a difference of 1.5 inches looks more accurate between Hemsworth and Pratt. There's no way Pratt could legit claim 6'3" standing near Hemsworth.
Click Here
Val. said on 26/Apr/18
He is near 6'2 easily, in Infinity War he stands facing Hemsworth, and looks no more than the 1.25 inch difference between them, also behind the scenes video of them standing side by side,both have backs straight,similar footwear, also the infinity war premiere showed them all on even floor,fully body shots, many actors, black panther who is 5'11.5, was every bit the 2.25 inches under Chris Pratt right next to him, go check all thi stuff out, Paul Bettany wasn't much taller than him either. And Hemsworth next to Hiddleston,same difference as Pratt and Hemsworth. I thought he was 6'1 flat, but he is definitely near 6'2 yes.
Kevin said on 16/Apr/18
He's not over 184cm
Micky said on 8/Apr/18
Next to Andrew Luck there's not a chance he's 6'2", let alone 6'3". 6'1" and change at most.
John Bode said on 4/Apr/18
Around 6’2”
Berta said on 16/Mar/18
His claim is a little shocking. Þhis guy seems like a honest ģuy. But cleårly not. Still think veŕy very close to 188 is his true height but néver ever over 190
Jw2 mercenary said on 8/Feb/18
I’ve been on set next to him working, I’m 6’5 and he was a solid 6’3 with boots on so I think 6’2 is is a safe bet. I was surprised as he seemed much shorter on the screen but nope.
Junior Hernandez said on 2/Feb/18
It's still sad that Pratt file divorce to Anna Faris. They have make a good couple but a lost now :c

Click Here
MrTBlack said on 21/Jan/18

6’2” is definitely the most he is. Not saying it’s impossible but I think under 6’2” is more likely than over it from the shots and movies I’ve seen him in.
MrTBlack said on 21/Jan/18

Bautista is listed as just under 6’3” on this site.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jan/18
Surprising quote...most def a shoe claim
blazer said on 20/Jan/18
Seeing Pratt next to Vince Vaughn in "delivery man" I find it hard to believe he's anything over 6 foot. Also looked under 6 foot with Andrew luck. I think he may wear boots or small lifts in his action roles to look bigger. Some of the guesses at 6'3 are incredible..he's not close to that.
kash said on 20/Jan/18
Chris Pratt seems to be really close in height to Dave Bautista. If Dave is a strong 6'2", approaching 6'3" as Rob listed, I could buy Chris Pratt at 6'2" Click Here
Bobby said on 12/Jan/18
Would prefer to see the upgrade back to 6'2 for Chris Pratt. I believe he is the full 6'2. See no reason to discount that he is next to other actors in the same height range.
Tarinator 6'1.75 said on 10/Jan/18
I would still go with the previous listing of 6’2”. He would probably edge me out at 6’1.75”. But I would hazard that I might dip to 6’1.25” to 6’1.5” at night so he’d definitely edge me out. I wouldn’t mind if he said he was 6’2”, however. He looks every bit of it with a 6’3.25” (yes, I upgraded him a half an inch from your listing) Batista. I only saw 3 cm between Dave and Chris in Guardians of the Galaxy. Lee Pace had maybe 2 cm on Batista as he is 6’4”
5'11 will be peak height said on 5/Jan/18
i'd say 186-188cm.
Jeremy said on 1/Jan/18
Anything from 183-187 seems too low. I see 188 even and his 190 claim would be a shoe height
Josh b said on 28/Dec/17
Rob, he claims about 6'3 on twitter:) another Hollywood height claim.
Editor Rob
🤝 👍 let's say he could be claiming a basketball sneaker is a bit hard to believe.
Jake said on 13/Dec/17
Taller than 6'1. Shorter than 6'2.
Anonymous said on 11/Dec/17
Look's to be a strong 6'2" in 'Parks and Recreation' imo.
Canson said on 4/Dec/17
Doesn’t look more than 186-186.5
THE TRUTH said on 2/Dec/17
Israel/1.87 said on 19/Nov/17
strong 6.1 to see in his photos with evans which is 1.81 taking into consideration that he seems 2 centimeters smaller than cavill, which seems 3-4 centimeters smaller than ray fisher, / pratt is 1.85 in the least
Peterson188cm said on 4/Nov/17
Hi Rob, In your opinion. What is his height when he gets out of bed ??

A) 188.0cm
B) 188.5cm
C) 189.0cm
D) 189.5cm
E) 190.0cm
Editor Rob
C-D may be possible
John said on 1/Nov/17
He looks like about the same height as 6' Chris Evans Click Here
John said on 1/Nov/17
Always thought that he is 6' or 6'1" tops doesnt really look like more than that
Junior said on 30/Oct/17
Pratt make Chris Evans look nothing over 5'11.75".

Click Here:

Click Here:
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Oct/17
agree, Berta
Edimar1.84 said on 21/Oct/17
1.86/1.87 is good for him.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

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