How tall is Chris Pine

Chris Pine's Height

6ft ½ in (184.2 cm)

American actor best known for playing Kirk in Star Trek and Star Trek: Into Darkness. He has also appeared in Unstoppable, Hell or High Water, This Means War and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. In Entertainment Weekly he remarked on his height and weight, saying: "I'm six-foot, I weigh about a buck sixty-five" and also on SNL sang "I'm 6 Feet Tall and Chris Evans....Chris Evans is 6 Feet as well."

How tall is Chris Pine
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Average Guess (316 Votes)
6ft 0.4in (183.9cm)
Emil said on 28/Sep/23
He could fall close to 6 foot in the dot after a marathon, I think, but the listing is fine.

6'0.5 is what he'd measure 3-4 hours after bed, and he's usually 6'0.25 before bed, is my guess. Would you agree?
Realist said on 19/Sep/23
6'0.5 and 170
Rory said on 4/Sep/23
6ft1.25 out of bed,6ft0.5 evening,6ft0.25 extreme low. For a typical measurement five hours out of bed, id fancy him to get 6ft.0.5-0.75 range. Identical to Cavill.
Cbrady said on 30/May/23
Just a guess for Pine's heights throughout a day.

Out of bed- 185.4- 185.6
Normal Low- 183.6- 183.8
Extreme Low- 183.1- 183.3
Maqmoud said on 28/May/23
Hey Rob, what do you recon he hits in the morning? and at an extreme low would he fall below 6' 0"
Editor Rob
Would be surprised if Pine wasn't at least 6ft 1 out of bed.
Sh0ckeh said on 5/Apr/23
We can pretty much safely say hes' 6'0.5 (184cm).
Slim1.75m said on 1/Apr/23
Rob who would be taller Bradley Copper or Pine and 2nd question does Pine have a elongated head.
Editor Rob
Click Here. Without hair I wouldn't have said that noticeably, but with hair I always thought his eyelevel was nearer 5 inch range.
Slim1.75m said on 1/Apr/23
Rob is who would be taller Bradley Copper or Pine.
Editor Rob
Can't really pick between them. Ask me today and I might say Cooper has a chance of a little bit more on the stadiometer.
sreesmith said on 13/Jan/23
Rob, He looks 6ft 1 with Callum blue.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Dec/22
Jawilder, I reckon he’s got a shot at measuring that. Can really pull off 6ft1 range at times. The current listing is the lowest. Like Cena, another dude that rounds down
Jawilder said on 23/Dec/22
@Rob Yes… I am commenting this after seeing your YouTube short video, but point still stands!
Jawilder said on 23/Dec/22
@Rob any chance for an upgrade to 6’0.75? He looks super close to 6’1 most the time and in pictures. Anything below 6’0.5 just isn’t possible.
Editor Rob
I'm still fine with 184 for Pine as an afternoon height.
Can't believe what's on the internet ? said on 6/Sep/22
Guys , this is hilarious . My height changes by inches depending on how I stand. Add to this footwear and hair- there is a massive variation in how tall a person may look even without perspective and time of day . What does it matter if someone looks 5 10’ in one photo and 6 1’ in another ??
I do think it’s stupid though when people pretend to be taller ! It’s like make up , wigs , and padding in underwear - you will get found out , just be happy with reality or go home!
Jawilder said on 26/Aug/22
@berta I agree completely. Tho worst case is 6’0 3/8 imo
berta said on 16/Aug/22
at worst 6 foot 1/8 and at best maybe 6 foot 3/4 i think he could be very legit 184 guy. This dude is probably fraction taller than a peak harrison ford. maybe pins 184,3 ish and ford 183,8 ish
Abdul-DK said on 14/Aug/22
183 cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Jun/22
@Vdquad: Yeah, Pine really doesn't look much shorter than Momoa in that clip....but I don't know if I'd give him the edge on Cavill coz he's also faired similarly with 6ft4 guys

I really think both arguably fall into 6ft0¾ zone...Cooper as well
Vsquad said on 10/May/22
Here's a vid of Pine with Jason Momoa at the Oscars. He holds up extremely well, wow.

Click Here

Holds up better than Henry Cavill does with Momoa.
Cbrady said on 9/May/22
@ Celebheights 6'1.5" The way I see it is that Sudeikis has always been 5-11.75. Foxx could be 1/8 or 1/4 over 5-9.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 8/May/22
With Jason Sudeikis and Jamie Foxx:

Click Here

If Chris Pine is actually 6’0 1/2”, then Jason Sudeikis is over listed. Jamie Foxx also makes Jason look shy of his listing as well.
Dmeyer said on 2/May/22
With kimel hé looks solid 1 in taller , one Time more but had boots in thé 1.6 type , so defenetly not 6-1 but 6-0,5
Jawilder said on 25/Apr/22
He’s got at least 1.25 on Kimmel. Nothing under this listing
Vsquad said on 25/Apr/22
Pine looked a solid inch taller than Jimmy Kimmel when he went on his show a couple weeks ago
IceCold said on 14/Apr/22
He is an honest. Not necessarily changing listing
(Billythetreesurgeon) said on 7/Apr/22
He look like a 185 guy, which i guess Is it still 6ft anyways almost 6ft 1
Leighton Tang said on 7/Apr/22
@Slim I doubt there is that much of a difference in the proportions of a strong 6'0 guy and 6'1 guy though.
Sishs said on 6/Mar/22
Just 6ft dwarf guy
Slim 6'0.25 said on 14/Feb/22
He a strong 6footer with the proportions of a 6’1 guy

He could claim 6’1 and get away with it
Jawilder said on 13/Feb/22
@rampage fact. Don’t think he drops under this listing besides a potential extreme low.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Feb/22
Doesn't drop under 184cm.
Slim 6'0.25 said on 10/Feb/22
He wakes up at 185 or even 186cm

185cm is too much but I can see 184 guesses

Good looking guy

Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 9/Feb/22
@viper most likely it's his evening measurement or low point
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 9/Feb/22
@Rampage i agree, tho he could be stronger than Cooper, since at times we could see him wearing thicker shoes than other celebs
Jawilder said on 8/Feb/22
I really wouldn’t argue with this listing, but if Quinto is listed a fraction inch taller (they look the exact same height in nearly every photo together) then I could easily see 6’0.75”. He usually looks at least this listing if not a fraction taller. I mean just look at 6’0.25 listed Jason Sudeikis with Pine. He makes Pine look like a legit 6’1.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Feb/22
Slim, I think he's gotta be over a flat times can definitely appear 6ft1

184-185cm is my guess...same neighborhood as Urban, Cooper and Cavill
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 8/Feb/22
@Jawilder i see that's the real case here

@Slim 6'0,25 cause he is really over 6'0, weak 6'0 or flat 6'0'ers won't gave the same impression as him
viper said on 7/Feb/22
I think he's 6-0.25.

Same as Freddie Prinze
Slim 6'0.25 said on 6/Feb/22
Proof that 6ft is tall these days

He can look 6’0.5-6’1 but he’s not


Evan’s on the other hand is 182 range
Jawilder said on 23/Jan/22
I’d be shocked if Chris Pine wasn’t at least 6’0.5” at a low. I think he’s closer to 6’1 than 6 feet. I doubt he cares much about height and just says 6 feet because it’s easy.
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 22/Jan/22
Wehrmacht180 said on 17/Nov/21
Chris Pine
Hayden Christensen
Freddie Prinze Jr
Keanu Reeves
Heath ledger
183 cm guys

way too low for Pine and Keanu

Lawrence099 said on 30/Nov/21
@Wehrmacht180 I’d say
Hayden Christensen 183-183.5
Freddie Prinze Jr 183-183.5
Chris Pine 183.5-184
Heath ledger 184-184.5
Keanu Reeves 184.5

i can see this to be the closer to the truth, but keanu could scrape 185 cm in his youth, and Pine tend to be above 184 than under it, so i would gave him several mm below keanu
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 22/Jan/22
@Mridul Kumar because he IS taller than evans
Mridul Kumar said on 17/Jan/22
Click Here Chris pine looks taller than Chris Evans why is that?
181.6cm guy said on 15/Jan/22
1 inch above Benedict Cumberbatch sometimes feels like 1.25 inches above.
I don't rule out a shy 6'0.75
Ashton crane said on 14/Jan/22
I saw a video were Chris Evans is commenting on Chris Pratt's eyes and they have to squeeze by each other and he is at least an inch taller.
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 1/Jan/22
had a bit over 1 inch with Benedict Cumberbatch, overall a very strong 6-footer

he's on 184-185 area
Jawilder said on 3/Dec/21
@Lawrence099 Agree with all except Pine. I’d be completely shocked if Pine measured anything below 6’0.5”. He usually looks closer to 6’1 than 6 feet.
Lawrence099 said on 30/Nov/21
@Wehrmacht180 I’d say
Hayden Christensen 183-183.5
Freddie Prinze Jr 183-183.5
Chris Pine 183.5-184
Heath ledger 184-184.5
Keanu Reeves 184.5
Wehrmacht180 said on 17/Nov/21
Chris Pine
Hayden Christensen
Freddie Prinze Jr
Keanu Reeves
Heath ledger
183 cm guys
Throway said on 7/Oct/21
Rob, you need to upgrade Pine. To 6ft 3/4. There is just absolutely no way he is under that mark. I would even buy 6ft 7/8. He looks taller than every other 6ft 1/2 guy on this site, easily!
Slim 6'1.75 said on 4/Oct/21
Skinny guy

At least 186 out of bed

I hope he joins the mcu so all 4 Chris’ are in marvel movies
Slim 6'1.75 said on 29/Sep/21
184.5 is possible

Just a bit shorter than bana

Same height as quinto
ammy said on 2/Sep/21
if he says he is 6' he is 6'
Andrea said on 23/Aug/21
Since it's not a typical CelebHeights poster we're talking about, I doubt there's such a convoluted reasoning behind his claim LOL.
Hyper said on 10/Aug/21
Rob, do you think he claims 6'0" because he measures over that range and he just thinks "Oh. I am over this mark. I can claim it and no one would bats an eye!"
Editor Rob
Any major actor who claims they don't know their height, I think most major actors will have had physical or health checks that include height/weight measurement, because when you hire a major actor for a role and are paying them 7 figures, insurance requirements will necessitate having a physical or health report.

Pine I believe got over r6ft and isn't bothered about the fraction. Question is whether it's a little or BIG fraction
Progking184 said on 6/Aug/21
@VSquad idk he could be just 6'0 and appear around 6'0.5 depending on the footwear. Anyways I think he still looks tall in general.
Cbrady said on 2/Aug/21
If Pines eye level is 5-7.5 then why are his eyes higher than Karl urban or level with him in many photos? In robs picture with urban it seemed like Karl's eyes looking ahead would around 5-8. Very odd. Rob did say that Urban was similar to the height challenger that checked in at 183.8 cm. Maybe in reality Karl is more like 6.25? Remember that Ben ( one of the commenters on this site) got a picture with Karl and seemed as tall or taller than him.
Jawilder said on 2/Aug/21
6'0.75" Pine
6'0.75" Quinto
6'0.5" Urban

Pine edges Urban, by a fraction, in about every photo I have seen them in together. Pine and Quinto are basically identical in height.
Vsquad said on 2/Aug/21
Look at this gif of Pine and Evans at the MTV awards -

Click Here

This was their footwear that day -

Click Here

Click Here

Pine edges him out way better than I thought... there's those D23 pictures of him with Evans that I disregard, because Pine had major footwear advantage over him that day. But here he still holds up extremely well even with similar or slightly less footwear. Hmm.

Pine is extremely adamant on his 6'0 claim to this day (and frankly I don't think he's a secret 6'1 like many people here say), so I think Evans is the one in question here.
Jake said on 26/Jul/21
Rob, what do you think his eye level height is? Around 5’7.5? Seems to have a large forehead.
Editor Rob
yeah he could have close to 5 inch level
highly suspect said on 8/Jul/21
Well I’m near his height and 175 but don’t look any bigger. Not like he’s got an extremely small frame
viper said on 22/Jun/21
Definitely believe his weight claim.

I looked bigger than him when I was
6-0-6-1 160
highly suspect said on 21/Jun/21
Looks to be nearly 6’1 just doesn’t claim it. Clearly taller than every 6 foot actor he’s ever been in movies with or photographed next to.

However his weight claim is definitely too low. Don’t see him being less than 180
Jawilder said on 6/May/21
I can’t tell the difference between Pine and Quinto. I’ll give Pine 6’0.75”!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Apr/21
Rob, maybe Sudeikis could be like 183-183.5cm (Not under 6ft) while Pine more 184.5cm?
Sree Smith said on 27/Mar/21
Rob you listed Chris pine 6ft 1/2 and Jason sudeikis as 6ft 1/4 inch. Which makes absolutely no sense, that is the biggest 1/4 inch I've ever seen in my life.
Editor Rob
they of course could be greater apart
Eusebiu (185 cm) said on 20/Mar/21
I believe that he measures somewhere between 6ft and 6ft 1 - similar to John Cena and Henry Cavill - 184,2 cm suits him perfectly.
Slim 6'1.5 said on 12/Mar/21
I agree with rampage on an approximate 2cm difference
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Feb/21
Not sure I’d give him 6ft1 even though he pulls it off quite often...easily has 2cm on the other Chris (a bit under 6ft)
Lancaster said on 22/Jan/21
He is 184cm
Mikester said on 8/Jan/21
184.2 is his EXACT height... baby...
Slim 6'1" said on 31/Dec/20
Tall In The Saddle said on 30/Dec/20
Clearly not obsessed with his height. He knows he is sufficiently tall. IMO 6 feet claim is a round down from at least 6’ 1/2”. Could claim 6’1” but that would leave it open for the contention that he isn’t quite that tall. Good actor btw with a flare for comedy as in Horrible Bosses 2. His Dad used to star in the old TV series CHIPS along with Eric Estrada. He seems very close to his Dad. Nice.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Dec/20
182cm is ridiculous
6ft6 said on 30/Dec/20
He is 182.2cm
Go down to 5'11 75
bernno said on 18/Dec/20
He basically looks taller than every guy that claims 6ft 1. Comfortably taller than Urban, and looks dead on with Quinto and if I had to bet I would even give him the edge.
Sree Smith said on 8/Nov/20
Rob are you sure he is 6ft 1/2.
He look 4inch taller than Simon pegg and in most of pic look 1/4inch taller than karl urban and same height as quinto.
I think he is 6ft3/4 and claim 6ft like Hugh Jackman who once claim
Sree Smith said on 4/Nov/20
Rob why 6ft 1/2in he always look at least 6ft 3/4
Slim 6'1" said on 25/Oct/20
184cm range like Christensen
Kebapsever said on 19/Oct/20
He’s definitely not a flat 6 footer I think 6’0,5 is perfect and he can easily get away with claiming 6’1 because every 5’11 person claims their 6’0.
TheBat said on 14/Oct/20
Has looked at least 6’0.5” quite a few times. But this is most likely his afternoon height, similar to Henry Cavill.
QM6'1QM said on 23/Sep/20
6ft of tall height ;)
SD172 said on 12/Sep/20
Here is the SNL VIDEO:Click Here at 2:43-2:49 is where he sings,"I'm 6 Feet Tall and Chris Evans....Chris Evans is 6 Feet as well." and in the same video at 1:23-1:40 he stands next to Leslie Jones a 6'0 tall lady and holds up pretty well.He could easily claim 6'1 and get away with it.
Nooo said on 15/Aug/20
He look only 5'11
QM6'1QM said on 25/Jul/20
Animus said on 23/Jul/20

Sure. On average, any person is weighed more often than a height measurement, I think :)
Animus said on 23/Jul/20

I don't see it as a question of trust. 165lbs could be an early weight listing. He's almost 40 years old; he probably doesn't weigh the same as when he was in his late twenties and broke into the business.
Lawrence099 said on 23/Jun/20
He can look anywhere from 2.5 to 3.5 inches on 5’9 Tom Hardy who might be 176 cm himself.Id go for 6’0 1/4 for Chris low height.
Jam Cherry said on 18/Jun/20
There’s a chance Pine could be 184.5 cm too he just seems so tall with other celebs always !
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 8/Jun/20
To be honest i still felt Quinto and Pine to be rule out as a 184.5-184.8cm guy, they're literally the same height both edging Karl Urban a tiny bit.
berta said on 8/May/20
how is this guy able to pull of looking 6´1 in almost every photo with other people. i think he si 184-184,5 but he have a perfect posture that i think can fool people that meeting him in person believe he is strong 6´1 guy
5.9 legit guy said on 4/May/20
Very honest guy,congrats for not claiming 6ft1 or worse 6ft 2 which most males at that height do
QM6'1QM said on 1/May/20
Animus said on 1/May/20

165-70 pounds range probably can be his weight at 6ft tall. I trust him.
Animus said on 1/May/20

I find it hard to believe Pine is 165lbs in this photo: Click Here
He looks 175-180lbs to me, considering he is 6'0½. Weight can be exceedingly tricky to guess, though.
Vsquad said on 12/Apr/20
@Vexacus @Progking

Nah, like I've said before, Pine's a solid 6 footer and nothing more really (I don't mean that as a negative - he's just truly a solid 6 foot tall guy). I seriously think people's perception on this site of 6'0 is just as skewed as other people's these days, that it's easy for Pine to seem taller than he is.

But honestly, he doesn't look over 6'0.5" guys.

- He looks 3 inches taller max than self-claiming 5'9 Tom Hardy
- He looks 2 inches taller max than self-claiming 5'10 Chiwitel Ejiofor
- He looks 2 inches taller max than 5'10 Aaron Taylor-Johnson
- He was edged out by self-claiming 6'1 Kevin Costner
- He looked a big 4 inches shorter than 6'4 Armie Hammer
- He was easily edged out by 5'10 Dominique Piek in 3-4 inch heels

Also; I know a lot of people bring up that photo where he edged out Chris Evans at D23, but they don't realise that Pine was wearing a big platform heel that day compared to Evans in flats. Just look up D23 2016.
Vexacus said on 26/Mar/20
When you're a six footer , fractions doesn't bother you so much . So there's a good chance he's a weak 6'1.
Progking said on 21/Mar/20
Its kind hard to pin down his exact height but he could be my height of 6'0.5 in the afternoon. I wouldnt rule out 6'0.75, but really he could be anywhere in the 6'0-6'1 range.
Jkiller said on 24/Feb/20
184cm is right
Mikester said on 16/Feb/20
Ed norton is about 6ft and has claimed 150lbs recently.
I tihnk you're actually considered a bit "overweight" in the bmi thingy at 195lbs being 6ft.
It has a lot to do with people's frames. You could probably get down to 165 if you really wanted to. My guess is you're underestimating your fat and muscle or you're just a wide dude.
Visitor said on 29/Jan/20
Saw him in a movie with Reese Witherspoon. Definitely looked under 6 foot.

Also his weight! Man, 165 lbs is REALLY low and not really believable considering he probably works out, being an actor and so forth. I'm 5'11.5-6'0", and I currently weigh 1 hundred and NINETY-five lbs. When I was at 180 lbs, I was already looking slim. I'm not especially muscular either, just a run of the mill guy.

So, 180 lbs is a slim to medium weight for a 5'11 range guy. I don't see how Pine could possibly be OVER 6 foot tall.
Vsquad said on 5/Jan/20
Guys... Pine is only 6ft. He's said so himself time and again, and that is frankly all he looks time and again. He's not secretly 6'1 or anything like that.

Why is it so hard for people to believe that a 6ft guy like Pine looks tall?
highly suspect said on 4/Jan/20
Barefoot, Pine closer to 6’1” than cooper. He just doesn’t wear clunky heels all the time like cooper
Kaan said on 1/Jan/20
@Rob does he have a close to 5 inch eye level?
His head looks pretty big to me.I just measured My eye level of 172.7
Do you think he would edge me out?
Editor Rob
Might be almost 5 inches
berta said on 16/Dec/19
Bradley Cooper vs Chris pine is is very hard to guess the Winner. Bradley Cooper have pulled of legit 6 foot 1 in many Movies but i sometimes get the feeling it has to do with the shoes. pine Always looks in the barely 6 foot 1 range with low shoes and legit 6 foot 1 with high shoes. I Think they can be identical.
Vsquad said on 8/Dec/19

Bradley had footwear advantage over Leo in that photo. It was taken at the 2014 Golden Globes. Bradley was wearing his usual custom dress shoe with the block-ier heel (zoom in) -

Click Here

They don't give him a crazy amount of height, but definitely an extra 1.5 - 2 cm over the usual dress shoe for sure.
Ian555 said on 6/Dec/19
Rob if Chris Pine and Bradley Cooper both stood on a stadiometer, who do you think might have the best chance at measuring taller? For me I would actually bet more on Cooper than Pine due to the fact he looked this tall next to Leo DiCaprio who’s about 5’ 11-11 1/2 Click Here.
Editor Rob

I can see the argument for cooper winning the battle though I think if he does, it’s by a small fraction
Importer said on 31/Oct/19
Click Here
Here is the funny video with Idris Elba..skip to the end for the height related joke?...
Editor Rob
Elba definitely is not the best at standing tall and I'm sure many folk probably underestimate his height as a result.

However when he does, I think over 6ft 2 is likely
Importer said on 23/Oct/19
Chris Pine taller than Quinto 🤷‍♂️
Click Here
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 21/Oct/19
Quinto and Urban just listed 1/4 too high. Pine is legit low 184cm like Quinto.
Nik said on 29/Sep/19
He's up on height!
Dmeyer said on 15/Sep/19
pine is near 2cm taller than evans or 1,5cm aleast , but consider himself the same , when people are 2cm or less apart its similar range like rob with 5'8,75 guys
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 14/Sep/19
@Gyro In other logical way to say almost all actors were listed 0.5-0.75" inch too high here if he was only an honest 6'0 actor.
Gyro said on 6/Sep/19
I gotta say that I've never understood why people think Chris Pine is being modest about his height, and that he might actually be 6'1.

Pine has always looked a simple, solid 6'0 guy to me. Nothing more or less. I think people are probably just in awe of the fact that he's actually 6ft and not lying about it or trying to inflate lol.
Pierre said on 27/Aug/19
Click Here = Chris Pine an James Corden at around 0:51

James Corden and 5"8' Michael Douglas= Click Here

Chris pine = 5"11' range to me
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 26/Aug/19
🕯️🎂🎉🎁 Happy Birthday Chris! 🎁🎉🎂🕯️

Ooh ah, waddya say?
Today it's Chris's Birthday
The Chris concerned is thirty-nine
And his family goes by the name of Pine!

Silly poems apart, this guess isn't quite so embarrassing:

Six foot and half-an-inch.😉🎈🍰

James G. said on 26/Aug/19
seems like a perfect 6’ and 3/8”, no Rob??
Editor Rob
Might be the lowest I'd guess for him.
James G. said on 26/Aug/19
184 if your round most likely.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 23/Jul/19
Zachary Quinto may not be measure taller than Pine. Shortest is Karl Urban maybe 6'0 1/4. Quinto and Pine often look closer to each other can't tell much.
viper said on 8/Jul/19
They all want 6-0 Freddie Prinze taller.

6-1 Paul Walker taller.
Importer said on 7/Jul/19
183.5-184cm minimum.
cmillzz said on 7/Jul/19
I doubt a 6’0.75” guy would claim 6’0. He’s just an honest 6 footer like Cena. Maybe he’d measure something like 6’0.25”, but that’s really the highest I’d go.

Seems like a lot of people on here want to upgrade his height. The man himself claimed to be 6 feet tall, come on guys.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Jul/19
6ft0⅝ I think is fair
Ian555 said on 5/Jul/19
Rob I really think Pine deserves an upgrade to 6’ 0 3/4” In a lot of pictures such as these ones, he looks so interchangeable with Zachary Quinto and I can find almost no difference in height at all Click Here, Click Here, Click Here. In this photo Pine here Click Here, Pine actually looks taller than Quinto and looks about 1.25 inches taller than Benedict Cumberbatch who you have at 5’ 11 1/2”. Here is Pine with Chris Evans now Click Here. In all of the pictures and footage of them together, there is no doubt Pine is definitely taller and it looks more than a half inch. Here is are some photos of Pine with Karl Urban, who you have at 6’ 0 1/2” Click Here, Click Here, Click Here. In most photos with Urban, Pine looks like he is a little taller than him. One last photo to show you Rob with Colin Farrell who is about 5’ 10” Click Here. Pine looks like he could be 3 inches taller Farrell. So what do you think Rob? Is 6’ 0 3/4” a range Pine could measure?
Editor Rob
I am still ok with the 6ft 1/2 mark, though I can see how at times 6ft 3/4 isn't impossible. For me the 1/2 mark still seems a good fit.
WatchYourBack said on 3/Jul/19
That's a good height. Good sized legs and torso in the suit. Over 6ft dudes just look so much better in suits 👌
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 18/Jun/19
Around 183.5 and 184 ish... He does have such a gorgeous bright blue eyes like Julianne Hough's handsome brother Derek Hough.....
Ian555 said on 13/Jun/19
Hey Rob do you think Pine could actually be closer to 6’ 0 3/4”? In these photos with Zachary Quinta who you have at 6’ 0 3/4” he looks pretty similar to him Click Here, Click Here, Click Here, Click Here. Now in these photos with Karl Urban who you have at 6’ 0 1/2”, Pine I actually think looks a little taller than him Click Here, Click Here, Click Here, Click Here, Click Here. So what do you think Rob? Is 6’ 0 3/4” for Pine plausible? One of the very few guys in Hollywood who is taller than he says he is.
Sonnecker said on 11/Jun/19
He's one of the few that don't care too much about about his height quote and the appearence of that. 184 cm or 6'0.5" in the second part of day is an honest claim for Chris.
Big Rob, do you think his father Robert was about 6' in his youth (CHiPs period)? He still looks a good 5'11" today.
Sonnecker said on 11/Jun/19
He's one of the few that don't care too much about about his height quote and the appearence of that. 184 cm or 6'0.5" in the second part of day is an honest claim for Chris.
Big Rob, do you think his father Robert was about 6' in his youth (CHiPs period)? He still looks a good 5'11" today.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 2/Jun/19
If people wanted to bring down Pine by 6'0.25" then Jeff Bridges is no way over 6'0. Think about that it is a fact to go. 6'0.5" is legit low for him not less.
Delvin chung said on 31/May/19
Could chris pines be 183cm at the very lowest
TheBat said on 25/May/19
Honest 6'0.5". Chris and Karl Urban both look like they're 6'1" a lot.
179cm guy said on 10/May/19
Rob what would you guess Chris' range at? You recently said that 6'0.25 might be the low end of a range that you might try to argue for him...
A) 183
B) 183.5
C) 184
D) 184.5
E) 185
Emil said on 9/Mar/19
@Junior Hernandez 1990

I just reckoned that Pine would measure that height after a day full of physical activity or strain on his spine.
Of course he wouldn't measure that for the majority of a day or for the most part.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 21/Feb/19
6'0.25"? There is no way if he is this low. Pine edge out Jeff Bridges whose listed 6'0.5" but look more like 6'0.25" than Pine. 6'0.5" listing is fine while he can look 6'0.75".
Emil said on 19/Feb/19
What do you reckon would be his absolute low? 6'0.25? I concur with the current listing
Editor Rob
6ft 0.25 might be the low end of a range I'd try to argue for him.
Greg99 said on 26/Jan/19
Rob said: He doesn't seem to want to do them yet...
They are not that bad for actors. Imagine - for an A-lister - earning £250,000 for a couple of days just talking and interacting with fans - people who are willing to pay daft money for autographs or photo ops.

His Dad Robert does do these shows and has one coming up near me Click Here
It's somewhat unusual to find up and coming A listers doing these shows - plus Chris Pine never seems to stop working (and good for him!)
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 5/Jan/19
Rob, But thinking about Jason Momoa was a rare kind of a A-Lister famous than Pine and willing to show his face occassionally on comic con so that doesn't make Pine any special for that "A-list titled" its like up to himself if he wanted to show up to his fans and get more interaction to show some friendliness to his supporters. I still think Chris Pine downplay some height to get more "A" lead roles chance in hollywood. I wouldn't hesitate not to give a 185cm as he can pull off 6'1 in some of his work.
Editor Rob
Momoa was used to events from doing them over 10 years ago, he seems to like the atmosphere and the fan worship.

I'd hope one day Pine might do some.
Miguel Calado said on 1/Jan/19
very honest and even slightly conservative about his height. seems like a down to earth, humble dude...
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 21/Dec/18

He's a very honest 6 footer who may be rounding down a fraction.
viper said on 18/Dec/18
He says he's 6-0 and looks it.

The average guess is good.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 17/Dec/18
I'm not surprise if Rob happen to met Pine at a comic con and took a picture with him and most likely will upgraded him to 6'0.75".
Editor Rob
He doesn't seem to want to do them yet...

They are not that bad for actors. Imagine - for an A-lister - earning £250,000 for a couple of days just talking and interacting with fans - people who are willing to pay daft money for autographs or photo ops.

It's all positivity too - very few people are coming up saying negative stuff to actors at events, it's all gushing and hero-worshipping.
TB said on 27/Nov/18
I think he is 183.6 cm tall.
highly.suspect said on 2/Nov/18
Looks every bit of 185cm in horrible bosses
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 3/Sep/18
More i look at Pine and Quinto i felt that Quinto were not visibly taller than Pine except for a better posture. Pine sometimes could edge out both Karl Urban and Quinto easily.
JerryN said on 26/Aug/18
Film Fan said on 23/Jul/18
I’m not sure why there are so many skeptics about Chris Pine’s height. He really does look a strong 6’ on film and on television. I am about 6’ 0.5” myself and I feel we would be almost identical in height. Chris Pine probably frequently gets guessed by people he meets in real life that he’s 6’ 2” or something. I know I do, sometimes people even guess I’m 6’ 3.”

Lol, that makes no sense dude. I'm 5'11.5 and wear orthotics, so I'm around 6' and have never been guessed at 6'2, let alone 6'3. More 6'-6'1. People who are commenting that need to get their eyes checked.
CDS said on 23/Aug/18
@filmfan, that is true! And I've found that all the 5'10" people claiming 6' has sorta given license to the 5'11"-ers to claim 6'1"!😂
Film Fan said on 19/Aug/18
@CDS, To be fair, if you are a legit six footer, you will constantly be guessed as being 6’ 2”-6’ 3.” That’s just the way it is. Chris Pine could just be 6’ flat, but in his day to day life I am certain everyone thinks he is taller than that. Everyone who is 5’ 10” says they’re 6’ tall so it makes 6’ seem average while in reality 6’ is about 3 inches above the average height of an American adult male.
CDS said on 9/Aug/18
If he himself is claiming 6', I can't imagine he's over that? I did really think he was taller since he edged out Kevin Costner in the jack Ryan flick a few yrs ago. Maybe I was looking at the angle wrong, since I can't imagine Kevin being no more than 6' flat?
Film Fan said on 23/Jul/18
I’m not sure why there are so many skeptics about Chris Pine’s height. He really does look a strong 6’ on film and on television. I am about 6’ 0.5” myself and I feel we would be almost identical in height. Chris Pine probably frequently gets guessed by people he meets in real life that he’s 6’ 2” or something. I know I do, sometimes people even guess I’m 6’ 3.”
Westworlder said on 22/Jul/18
Pine was suspiciously taller than Gal Gadot at SDCC 2018. He was wearing flats... or rather what looked like flats, while she was in heels yet the usual distance between them remained as if he was wearing dress shoes.

Click Here
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 9/Jul/18
I figure high chances that Pine might measure 6'0 5/8 (184.5) and Quinto right at 6'0 3/4 listing. Karl Urban is more like 6'0 3/8 (183.8).
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 8/Jul/18
3-5mm shorter than Quinto might be little chances. But truth is they literally look the same height not 1/4 standing side by side.
MAD SAM said on 1/Jul/18
Looks so 185 cm guy, could had easily claimed 6’1”
Nick said on 26/Jun/18
Eric Bana (188 cm) Chris Pine (184 cm) decided to be higher with the help of elevators. But we know that it is not higher Karl Urban. (184 cm)

Click Here
Westworlder said on 25/Jun/18
@Film Fan

Are you kidding me? If anything majority of people here have been trying to upgrade Chris Pine (to a full 6'1), which IMO is ridiculous. Like others have said, he simply looks 6ft and nothing more.
Film Fan said on 24/Jun/18
I’m not quit sure why a bunch of people on here are trying to downgrade Chris Pine. He has gotta be around 6’ 0.5-6’1.” He must be a little over 6’ 0” abd a little under 6’ 1.”
MAD SAM said on 25/May/18
He’s taller to Chris evens, surely 184 cm which btw is a lovely height
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 24/May/18
@Kevin If he is only 6'0 then Zachary Quinto is not even safe for a 6'0 1/8.
Kevin said on 21/May/18
He's 6'0 just like he more or less. A legit 6'0 is taller than people think.
SantaFeJack said on 12/May/18
In the movie Stretch, Chris Pine is standing face to face with Patrick Wilson who is listed at 6'1". Chris Pine is supposedly 6' and a half-inch. However, Chris Pine is at least several inches shorter Wilson as they face each other. In fact, Wilson dwarfs Pine!
Doran said on 12/May/18
I don't understand why people are so insistent on making Pine out to be the strongest-of strong 6ft guys. He doesn't look anything more than a solid 6ft tall guy, hovering around 184 at his best.

He simply looks like a legit 6fter, something nobody seems to know when they see it these days because so many 5'10-5'11 guys inflate.
Joah said on 11/May/18
Saw heck or high waters looked barely 6 foot in cowboy boots.
Clearly not seeing the loft you are try lookibg above his eyeline.
I may have been in error with 510.
but i would walk right up and bust his 6 foot claim any day.
sulu2018 said on 27/Apr/18
LOL, some height listings with the 1/4 in round up in several other sources while some height listings with the 1/2 in are rounded down in certain other sources.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 19/Apr/18
@Rampage You give it the guess all i think it too :)
berta said on 2/Apr/18
i think chris hemsworth 190,5-191 ( still believe the hemsworths are taller than people realises)
chris pratt 187-187,5
chris pine 184-184,5
chris evans 182-182,5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Mar/18
The Three Quarters Quartet or the 4 C’s

Chris Hemsworth - 6ft2¾(189.9cm) Drums
Chris Pratt - 6ft1¾(187.3cm) Bass
Chris Pine - 6ft0¾(184.8cm) Lead Guitar
Chris Evans - 5ft11¾(182.3cm) Vocalist

Canson said on 28/Mar/18
Maybe strong 6’
c-mo said on 26/Mar/18
rob he looks comfortably 185cm
HailtheKing said on 20/Mar/18
Solid 6ft.
Nik said on 15/Mar/18
@ Sandy Cowell - That's good to hear!

Yes, snout is a flippin' fantastic word!

I could honestly see Chris Pine being the 6 foot that he claims, he could be 6 foot and a quarter though, so I don't know what to go for!

Sandy Cowell said on 14/Mar/18
@ Nik re: The '🐽' emoji! - Nice one! 😂😂😂😂😂

That's afforded me a good first-thing-in-the-morning laugh, even though at 9 minutes to 9, it probably isn't first thing to the masses!

I'm definitely going to use it more often! Also, isn't 'SNOUT' a flamin' fantastic word?
Nik said on 13/Mar/18
@ Sandy Cowell - 🐽!
Sandy Cowell said on 12/Mar/18
@ Nik - 🐷!
Heightist said on 12/Mar/18
Saw him in a Wrinkle in Time. There was one scene, when he was stuck somewhere and his daughter found him, and he looked very small and fragile. I thought he was 5'7". He does look small framed. If you've ever wondered why the Chris hunks all look alike - it's because they're all getting the same plastic surgery. I read that Pine struggled to fit in at UC Berkeley, and that told me he wasn't amazing-looking back then. And of course, he was just ok-looking in his young days before plastic surgery: Click Here

Looks like he got the entire Bradley Cooper package - the nose job, chin, cheeks, jawline, etc. These perfect faces aren't natural - they're a result of extensive and expert plastic surgery. Chris Pine would've been a struggling character actor if he didn't get all that plastic surgery that turned him into a generic Chris hunk. He does look much more likable after plastic surgery, but good-looking people are just seen as more kind and likeable.

In Wrinkle In Time, I thought he looked early to mid 40s, but he's only 37, and probably 36 when the movie was filmed. The gray in his beard makes him look older. He has the all-American good looks that just make people like him, undeservedly.

Pine looks 2-3" taller than John Cho, who's supposed to be 5'10", so I'll buy the 6'.
Click Here
Click Here
Nik said on 12/Mar/18
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

Seeing Chris Pine and Keira Knightley together in the same film really will be a treat, something not to be missed! As well as having confidence he has honesty too and it's great that he is not claiming 6'1" or 6'2", like many guys his height do!
I think Chris is low 6 foot range, probably 6'0" - 6'0.25"! He definitely makes 6'0" though!

Sandy Cowell said on 10/Mar/18
@ Nik - Hi! Though I haven't yet paid enough attention to Chris, I have a copy of 'Jack Ryan...' upstairs (not its precise title, but I bought it because I find Keira Knightley such a delight to watch! Mind you, as Chris is in it, I can watch, and observe!

My boyfriend once stuck the rehash of 'Star Trek' on, and as Chris is in it too, I noticed his tallness and confidence!

Definitely clears the 6ft mark, and very likely 6ft0.5+ at his peak times!

Have a great weekend, Nik and your family and friends too!
Nik said on 9/Mar/18
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

My first comment today at 7:00 pm, here goes!

I hope your autocorrect has not played up on this page!

Chris Pine is clearly over 6'0" and it is great that he is honest about his height, he can have 6'0.25"!
Tall In The Saddle said on 9/Mar/18
To be honest, I have to make a conscious effort to judge celeb heights. Without doing so I can be well of the mark. Maybe it's his face but without thought I might've given Pine 5'9" to 5'10". Crazy I know. Open my eyes a bit more to actually compare and yeah, the dude is definitely a good 6 feet. I remember his old man Robert Pine from the old series CHIPS. Anyway, another surprise to me was that Pine can actually sing - I mean he really can sing - so much so that Barbara Streisand invited him to sing a duet on her album. Sounds a bit like Sinatra. Not one of those actors who "think" they can sing.
Sandy Cowell said on 8/Mar/18
@ Rob - Well, I gathered the Interested Eleven round the table to break the news to them that these are jobs in high demand and furthermore, their success as applicants cannot be guarenteed.

They immediately lost interest, pawing away at my phone so that I order them their own supply of Dreamies as they are growing tired of their Felix Multipacks treats.

Added to that, Scotland is a long and arduous journey for them, and though people might be getting their cats to jump through hoops for them, surely they can't be THAT wonderful?

Or can they? 😻

Cheers Rob!

(I agree Chris clears 6ft. Easily! So, coupled with my festive mood and looking forward to my evening's entertainment, I am all in favour of giving him 6ft and a quarter of an inch, average day's height, though doubtless he exceeds that first thing in the morning! 👍)
Sandy Cowell said on 8/Mar/18
@ Rob - Eleven of my fifteen cats would like to join your Cat Management System as they feel the earnings, at 10 Dreamies a comment, to be very competitive.

Would you kindly forward some application forms.

The remaining four are quite content with their Felix Treats!
Editor Rob
There is a queue round the block for the Cat Management Positions!

As for Chris Pine, he's one of the few actors who isn't bothered about half inches as he looks to clear 6ft flat comfortably.
Rizzle said on 6/Mar/18

Do you add these comments manually by HTML or do you have a content management system?

I’ve always wondered.
Editor Rob
My CMS (aka Cat Management System) consists of a team of Feline friends 😾😾😾😾 who manually add each comment to every page. They are well trained, and get 10 dreamies per comment added 😸😸😸

But seriously, it is a basic content system and static page generator. Since it's written by myself, I know who to point the finger at when things don't work 😈

When I approve a comment, the html page gets automatically generated again.

To regenerate all 11,500 pages on the server, it's about 3 minutes.
Markode said on 1/Mar/18
Gadot was pretty close to him in Wonder Woman, and I'm guessing her boots from her costume give her 3 inches. Pine looked to only have an inch on her with his boots, so yeah, 6'0 barefoot.
Redwing said on 4/Feb/18
So rob, if renner was taller and was looking under pines nostril that's 5 cm?
Editor Rob
It would be closer to 5cm yes, if his eyes were under his nose a little.

If eyes were at chin or even a touch lower you are likely 5 inches smaller.
Jug said on 30/Jan/18
Pine looked as tall or taller than Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban in his first Star Trek (haven't seen the others). Karl Urban looked a strong 6'1 next to Kevin Sorbo in an episode of Hercules (Urban was quite young then, playing Cupid, I believe). I would give Pine 6'0.75". Interestingly, he gave his height as 6 feet on SNL (but that may have been scripted). Usually 6'1 guys will say they are 6'2.
Don Julio said on 13/Jan/18
184 cm is his exact height
Steve Trevor said on 9/Jan/18
Seemed 5'11.75" next to Gal Gadot
anonymous said on 4/Jan/18
probably 184 and he is not bending his knees. his legs are not straight
Klapperschlangensindgeil21 said on 23/Dec/17
It’s weird that Chris Pine said both he and Chris Evans are 6 feet tall, because Chris Pine is clearly taller than Chris Evans. Chris Pine must be pushing 6 ft. 1” and Chris Evans must be a weak 6 ft.
Dickson said on 19/Dec/17
yea 183 is the least and 184 is the most he can be
Luker said on 21/Nov/17
@Anonymous, Pine seems to wear those heels on occasion. He wore them to D23 in 2015 where he got pictured with Chris Evans-- which btw, dunno if that case was ever solved, but yeah that's why those photos and videos of him with Evans looked like he had 2 inches over the guy. He had those special Bradley Cooper-type lifts while Evans was pretty much in flats on that day.
Starlo said on 19/Nov/17
LOL @ that pic, Anon. Seriously, I thought he was tip-toeing in that picture at first... but with those boots he looks like he's 6'2+, edging out those tall women in heels nicely.
Anonymous said on 17/Nov/17
6'0.75 or 6'1 at minimum imo, I just think hes one of the very few who's either insecure about being tall or doesn't care about his height in the slightest.
Anonymous said on 10/Nov/17
Click Here

what the hell is he wearing there??
Anonymous said on 10/Nov/17
actually in the photos where he seems taller than urban he kinda has suspicious footwear
Anonymous said on 4/Nov/17
probably very similar to peak harrison ford!
Junior said on 30/Oct/17
If Pine is only 6'0.5" that has to be his height before bed and def wakes up over 6'1.
MJKoP said on 29/Oct/17
Slim 6' said on 20/Oct/17
I am really shocked at how much Pine resembles my father, who I wouldent be surprised was 6'1" sometime throughout the day in the 90's

Prove it! Post a picture!! ;)
Dreampuffe(5'9.5 said on 21/Oct/17
@Slim 6’ I wonder if your dad got all the ladies back then! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😜😜😜😜😜
Slim 6' said on 21/Oct/17
Rob, why'd you delete my comment 😭? It wasn't offensive at all.
Editor Rob
I'm not even sure what it was, there's a few hundred comments a day to read, but if something goes too much off-topic it is likelier to be deleted. Some random comments can get deleted before I see them due to some spam filters, but it is rare and you'd have to use certain phrases to trigger it.
6'1.5 said on 20/Oct/17
If only pine claimed his height on Jimmy Kimmel.
Slim 6' said on 20/Oct/17
6'0.75" is unquestionably an amazing listing for chris pine.
Slim 6' said on 20/Oct/17
I am really shocked at how much Pine resembles my father, who I wouldent be surprised was 6'1" sometime throughout the day in the 90's
Slim 6' said on 18/Oct/17
Dreampuffe(5'9.5"), they have the potential to measure extremely close, not sure who'd be taller by the mm, but I agree they're 184 maybe 185 but definitely not 186.

I'd love to see chris pine and chris Pratt stand back to back.
Dreampuffe(5'9.5") said on 16/Oct/17
Rob, out of curiosity, how would Pine compare to Cavill and Cena (since most people (including me) argue that the three of them are all weak 6’1”ers.)
Junior said on 14/Oct/17
6'0 a joke to all of us. Pine look 6'1 with all co-star. At least 185cm next to 190cm Idris Elba and sometimes can look 186cm maybe Elba had less footwear.
Slim said on 3/Oct/17
Rob, what would you say his head length is?
Editor Rob
9.75 is possible
Slim said on 1/Oct/17
Click Here

Bending his knees again, i guess pine is like Reynolds, they're insecure about being tall, I was as well a few years ago and now I kinda want to be taller, it's weird how much a person can change.
Editor Rob
in that photo, Quinto, Urban, Elba, Lin are all standing like that...but they don't seem to be exaggarting or forcing their opposite hip out much. Sometimes you can simply move one kneecap forward a bit and it makes little difference, other times you can bend it and push hip out to drop more height.
Slim said on 1/Oct/17
Click Here
Slim said on 1/Oct/17
Click Here

Similar to urban here.
Slim said on 1/Oct/17
Click Here

Same height as urban who barely edged pine.
Slim said on 1/Oct/17
Click Here

He's even hiding behind JJ ABRAMS for some reason, my assumption would be to look shorter. Stands further from the camera.
Slim said on 1/Oct/17
Click Here

He's bending his knees here. He seems to be insecure about being a tall guy.
Slim said on 1/Oct/17
Click Here

Pine is just a really tall man.
Slim said on 1/Oct/17
Click Here

Pine is in converse shoes that give 1 cm btw.
Slim said on 1/Oct/17
Looks really similar to 184 listed urban and 185 listed quinto here: Click Here
I don't know how much shoe they wore though.
Slim said on 28/Sep/17
I think he'd stad at 184.9 centimetres

6 feet 0.795 inch
6'1.5 said on 23/Sep/17
@Anonymous You're just saying that, because his average guess says that
Anonymous said on 22/Sep/17
i think he is about 6ft0.36
Leandro said on 12/Sep/17
184 cm area
Mark(5'9.5") said on 8/Sep/17
6'0.75" works better.
Slim said on 6/Sep/17
Rob, what is more promising, 6'0.25 or 6'0.75?
I'd go with the latter.
KH said on 5/Sep/17
Pine isn't 6'1. For one thing he lists himself as 6 foot. This listing is fine. Not going to be much day light between a 6'0.5 guy and a 6'1 guy anyway that kind of difference is hard to see.
Mark(5'9.5 said on 3/Sep/17
@Slim Miles Teller does deserve an upgrade to 6'0.25".
Slim said on 3/Sep/17
Mark(5'9.5") said on 20/Aug/17
Oh and Christopher Lee is underlisted too.
I'll have to see more of him, I hear he'd of measured in the 190's territory!!!!!
Slim said on 3/Sep/17
Mark, miles teller is underlisted too, I think he's 183-184.
Mickey said on 2/Sep/17
seems legit
Slim183 said on 26/Aug/17
Rob, do u agree he looks more 6'1" than 6'?
Editor Rob
I don't think he's as tall as a legit six foot oner, but then he can seem taller than some legit six footers...
Truth said on 26/Aug/17
183-183.5cm tall
Mark(5'9.5") said on 20/Aug/17
Oh and Christopher Lee is underlisted too.
Slim183 said on 20/Aug/17
6'0.75", I think Chris excludes his three quarters just not to sound goofy, example when McConaughey says his "five eleven three quarters".
Slim183 said on 20/Aug/17
Mark(5'9.5 said on 18/Aug/17
I would say Ryan Reynolds, John Cena, Chris Pine, Henry Cavill, and (maybe Mark Gatiss).


Reynolds is certainly peak Jackmans height or more, so yes. Haven't looked much into john cena, but a few visitors have seen the guy and probably think he's taller than robs listing. chris pine looks more a 6'0.75 guy I agree, Henry on the other hand is probably 6'0.75or6'1 as he wasn't much shorter than batfleck. I haven't seen any Sherlock to judge gatiss but he could be a strong 6'1 as seen next to rob.
Tim said on 19/Aug/17
Pulls of 6'0.75". Will go with that.
Mark(5'9.5 said on 18/Aug/17
I would say Ryan Reynolds, John Cena, Chris Pine, Henry Cavill, and (maybe Mark Gatiss).
Tri said on 18/Aug/17
strongest 6ft guy
Junior said on 17/Aug/17
Pine is not 6'0.5" this low as he always look as tall as Zachary Quinto. They both 6'1 folks.
Slim183 said on 17/Aug/17
Mark176.5, all the listings are guesstimates and a sometimes they're under or over the celebs actual measurements. I've found about 5 celebs who may be underlisted.
6'1.5 said on 12/Aug/17
Come on Rob you don't honestly think he's like Jack Coleman do you
Editor Rob
well I think he's rounded down, as Coleman may have done too...
Ali said on 11/Aug/17
I have looked at some more pictures of him. He does appear to be a 6ft guy.
Slim 182 cm said on 10/Aug/17
Mark, under 6' is an impossibility for pine, there's a higher chance of this guy being a weak 6'1 then a weak 6' for sure.
Slim 182 cm said on 9/Aug/17
Once again, Click Here

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Slim 182 cm said on 7/Aug/17
If recommend comparing Pine to Cavill, Courtney and all the dceu cast, not the 3 Chris's from the mcu, cmon guys, let's be real for once.

Also 6'0.75 shouldn't be ruled out of assumption.
Next to 6'0.5 listed Karl Urban: Click Here
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 31/Jul/17
If Chris Pine were actually 5'11":

Chris Evans would need to get downgraded to 5'10" flat.
Chris Hemsworth would need to get downgraded to 6'0 3/4"-6'1" (putting Liam Hemsworth at 186 CM).
Tom Hiddleston would need to get downgraded down to 5'11 1/2"-6'0".
Chris Pratt would need to get downgraded down to 5'11 3/4".

This would involve every single celebrity needing to obtain a significant downgrade, leading to people trying to downgrade them even further after that until they're all listed as being 5'4" or lower. Seriously though, he would never measure below 184 CM, unless he were hunched over during the measurement.
Mark(5'9.5 said on 27/Jul/17




We'd have to downgrade Current Kevin Costner to that Mark and poor Denzel Washington to 5'10"!
Ali said on 24/Jul/17
No way he is that tall. 5'11 max.
Aaron said on 24/Jul/17
6'0.75" is exact
Slim 181 cm said on 15/Jul/17
A strong 6' or 6'0.5 184 cm either way.
even said on 12/Jul/17
never under 6 feet
Blaine said on 5/Jul/17
6' plus is a very fair say.
blazer said on 24/Jun/17
Why does everyone guess this guy taller. He is definetly not 6'1. I believe he's maybe a quarter inch over 6 foot at the best. But this listing is accurate enough. He doesnt need an upgrade.
Matt said on 23/Jun/17
@christian he might not want to sound insecure by saying 6'0.75, wanting to be 6'1 meaning he'd just go with 6'0 as a means to accepting that he's 6'0 range. Or he could just be a modest guy. Don't forget he's not a height guru like you or many of the people on this page. I'm 5'9.25 at night and 5'9.75-10 in the morning but I just claim 5'9 because if you say anything with a half or quarter it makes you seem like you're bothered about your height and want to have as much height as possible.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 23/Jun/17
@Matt and Rampage(-_-_-)Clover

No real 6'0.75" guy would claim 6'0" unless he's insecure or hates his height. Pine's a legit 6'0" like he claimed, possibly 6'0.25" and just rounded down.
Dmeyer said on 23/Jun/17
Rob in your pic i see more near 5in on renner

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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