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5ft 11.8in (182.4cm)
Clay said on 20/Aug/08
Chris isn't very photgenic, lol.

Mamun, you should try to get the Great Khali man. If you thought Kane looked gigantic imagine getting a photo with that guy!
Mamun said on 19/Aug/08
Yeah It's amazing Mike how all these celebs look so big and tall on the big
screen and then when you get to meet them in person they are all cut down to
size !How ever there are some exception to this rule !Kane is truely gigantic
and so was Kareem a super tall tower .


Mike said on 19/Aug/08
Wow you're a celeb Supermun! Your powers brought him to size. Chris looks more like 5'11" barefoot with this pic for sure! Haha, finally caught on film.

Don't count yourself down mamun! Lol Evans can't get away with no more than 6'0 max now!
Mamun said on 18/Aug/08
Thanks Brad !


Brad said on 18/Aug/08
Without question: THE best Mamun picture.
Mamun said on 17/Aug/08
Thanks every one for your kind remarks ! He looked six foot barefeet to me !


OutBenchThis said on 16/Aug/08
Mamun, How tall did he seem to you?
dutchguy1988 said on 16/Aug/08
Mamum, this is your greatest picture!
Clay said on 16/Aug/08
Mamun does look like the celebrity here look at Evans stare right into the camera. :D:D
Mamun said on 16/Aug/08
Actually Brad he was like looking for a challange ! remember he is the Human
tourch and It was going to be superman VS> Human tourch !


Brad said on 15/Aug/08
Chris wants Super's autograph. Mamun looks more of the celeb here.
Mamun said on 15/Aug/08
I am buying all you guys dinner ! what will you have ?

kind regards

D. Ray Morton said on 15/Aug/08
Wow. "The Mamum wax statue - now on display at Madam Tussauds."

Seriously though, Lynn is right. You look like the celebrity; he looks like the fan.
Mamun said on 15/Aug/08
Thank you LYNN !!!!


Lynn said on 15/Aug/08
Mamun, great pic.

YOU seem the Actor and the other guy seems a your fan!
Lisa said on 12/Aug/08
Come on y'all 5'11 isn't short, and seems right on for Chris [barefoot measure as others pointed out]. I agree 6ft with shoes, mystery solved lol.
Eric said on 11/Aug/08
dude I think there talking about barefoot measurement. Manson's vid for Tainted Love is bad evidence cause Chris looks shorter back then (filmed in 2001). He is probably right at 5'10.5 to 5'11 barefoot.

With regular footwear would put him at the 6ft-ish range.
dude said on 9/Aug/08
nah, he's 6ft. he'd look shorter in Manson's video Tainted love, Manson is 6'3'' no doubt
reality_sage said on 8/Aug/08
Yes son, 5-11 does sound about right for Evans, now back to your studies.
reality said on 2/Aug/08
he looks around 5-10 to 5-11 standing next to jason statham (5-8, 5-9) at Taurus World Stunt Awards, May 2004
M. said on 16/Jul/08
Lol Mr Money is your vision failing?! Putting Chris at 5"10 is rediculous. I have to agree with most of the others, he is likely in the 5'11 to 6 ft range. If 'the wonderer' truly did meet Mr Evans then the argument should be settled.
Jay said on 14/Jul/08
Watched Street Kings last night, other than the first scene when Keanu and Chris are walking together, Chris looks about 3 inches shorter through out the movie. The first scene when they're walking Chris looks the same height if not taller for some reason. None the less he was 3 inches shorter the rest of the movie. BY the way great movie if anyone hasn't seen it!
Mr Money said on 9/Jul/08
TV just look back at the pic with 6"1 Steve Nash, Chris barely looks 5"10. Even the street kings premiere he looks 3-4 inches shorter then Keanu and Forrest.
TV said on 24/Jun/08
got any proof to back that up "JMV"? Evans is no shorter than 5'11, take a look at the other claims and evidence.
JMV said on 19/Jun/08
He's 5'10, no taller.
guy said on 20/May/08
Proof Evans is 5.11 if not 5.10.5.

Click Here

Pls study this pic rob
anonymous said on 3/May/08
keanu looks taller than forrest whitaker hear Click Here And chris evans looks about an inch shorter than him as well.
derek said on 22/Apr/08
in street kings (evan's lastest movie), him and keanu are standing face to face at one point. keanu is definitely taller by about 1-2 inches. keanu is 6 foot 1, for a fact. chris evans is probably in the 5'11 to 6 foot range.
Anonymous said on 7/Apr/08
nge 6ft lang it shud be 6'4 thats taller than 6ft drink more milk and sleep
Tom said on 25/Mar/08
Wow "wonderer" that's cool that you met him. What was he like?
the wonderer said on 22/Mar/08
stood eyeball-to-eyeball shaking hands with evans at an espn party last week. we were wearing similar shoes. i'm 5'10" right on the money barefoot. that is a legit height for him. with typical male shoes on we stood 5'11" to 5'11.5".
Amber said on 5/Feb/08
lol it looks like "boxing fighter" has it in for Mr Evans. Chris is prolly 6'1" with shoes & barely 6ft without.
J.M. said on 1/Feb/08
Good points Matt. Maybe Chris is 5'11.5" w/o shoes?
Esme said on 27/Jan/08
All the evidence and such point to Chris being at 6ft tall. He's not 6'2" but he's at least 5'11" minimum ppl.
Matt said on 21/Jan/08
Boxing fighter, it looks like Marsden was likely wearing lifts or higher shoes since he is about 5'10". 6ft is about right in Chris' height defense.
Boxing Fighter said on 11/Dec/07
Click Here

Just a little bit taller than James Marsden.
5ft10.5 max!
He is definitely not 6ft tall!
Boxing Fighter said on 11/Dec/07
I think that Evans looks 5ft10.5 max!!!
Ioan and Justin are both clearly taller than Evans.
I think that Ioan Gruffud is 5ft11.5, Justin Timberlake 6ft and Jessica Biel 5ft7.

Good post Shay. Huge difference.
dmeyer said on 9/Dec/07
in thats pic timberlake looks 6'1.5
shay said on 9/Dec/07
this def wrong! i cant believe he's listed as taller than Justin!!!

Check this: Click Here


Click Here

HUGE difference!
Bad Radio said on 7/Dec/07
I always thought he was 6'1.
Boxing Fighter said on 1/Dec/07
Is there at least on picture that proves that this is guy is really 6ft tall?
Because I only saw a bunch of photos showing him being shorter than Ioan, like those two:
Click Here
Click Here
I think is time to downgrade this guy (or change Ioan to 6ft1).
amazing grace said on 29/Nov/07
If you are 6ft healthy range is considered 80-85kgs if you are under or over its an average what works for some wont for others.
MAIN ADVICE eat more providing its healthy and you exercise you will be fine.
Boxing Fighter said on 28/Nov/07
Another picture that show Evans shorter than Ioan Gruffudd.
Click Here
No way he is 6ft tall! If Ioan is 5ft11, Evans is 5ft10 max!
JMurdock said on 12/Oct/07
Yea, Ioan def looks taller. He looks to be at least 6 foot, unless he's wearing lift in all of his pics. Perhaps he just has better postured combined with is hair.

As for the 6 footer weight. I'm 5'9 myself and I weight 165~ lb/75 kg. I decently built, but I'm def not huge for my height. So if you're under 80 kg and you're 6 foot, you might need to get some meat on your body. Of course it's not to say you're unhealthy, but you wouldn't have much flesh to survive off of in a stranded situation. I.E. Desert island/Cold mountain type of disaster that will probably never happen to you.
dmeyer said on 26/Sep/07
ioan can look 1 to 3 cm under chris so ioan can look 5'11.5 at times
Diaz said on 15/Sep/07
hi there i have checked out all the comments on this page and it seems a bit confusing! i am 6'5 and i only weigh 12 stone (75kg) is this gd or bad? if bad wot should i be? i also do alot of extreme activitys and forget to eat alot! usually miss both breakfast and lunch :( can anyone help out?
MOF said on 2/Sep/07
I think he's closer to 5'11".
PC said on 23/Jul/07
Click Here

I'd def. say that Ioan is a bit taller (if not equal) to Chris' height.
Either Chris' or Ioan's height is a little off on this website.
It's me said on 10/Jul/07
I noticed previously that there was some debate over Chris’s weight. My question is if you are 6ft and weigh 74kg are you under weight? How much shoe the average 6fter weight?
max said on 8/Jul/07
he didn't seem that much taller than 5'7 jessica biel.

Click Here
KylieBaby said on 22/Jun/07
stop with this steve nash bullsh*t...the only pics you've shown of them together were only shown from the chest up. you have no idea what shoes they were wearing, how they were standing, what the floors were like (if maybe one was on a step or something) etc. show some pics of the 2 that are actually LEGITIMATE (since thats clearly a word you like to throw around) and maybe ill buy it. but as is ive seen pic after pic that "proves" theyre the same height, but for every one of those theres another showing chris is taller. ITS ALL ABOUT THE ANGLE.
Leung said on 20/Jun/07
At my heaviest a couple of years ago I had BMI of 30.5 which is in the obese category in accordance to BMI measurement, I felt ok at the time but my doctor was adamant that I needed to lose weight and prescribed me a stimulant for weight reduction.
At home I got those electronic scales that also measures both weight and bodyfat %. In 8 weeks I lost 25lb, however here’s the thing, my bodyfat percentage only dropped 1% from 17% down to 16%, so even though I dropped a lot of weight most of it wasn’t fat loss.
MD said on 20/Jun/07
Rob, you could raise Ioan a quarter inch and Chris still isn't 6'0". Steve Nash is given 6'1", and he's clearly more than an inch taller than Chris, put that with him looking as tall as Ioan, and I think it's pretty clear that Chris isn't a full 6'0".
bebe-one said on 20/Jun/07
actually viper most health clubs skip the body mass index portion as it is only a height to weight ratio. the healthy range for someone who is 5'4 would be around 20 - 21...but thats not taking into consideration anything other than weight to height. one woman with a healthy muscle to fat ratio (which is 3:1) would likely be shown to be over weight because like i said muscle weighs much more than fat....and a woman who has very little muscle but much more fat would be shown to be healthy - er. bmi is an old and extremely general science that health clinics are gradually removing from their body composition tests bcuz it is far from accurate.
MD said on 19/Jun/07
I've just been shocked how in picture after picture, 5'10.75" Ioan appears as tall, if not taller, than Chris, and Ioan has a constant slouch/lean. I used to think that Chris was clearly the taller one, but that doesn't seem to be the case, unless Ioan is wearing lifts in all of his recent appearances. How can Chris be a full 6'0"?

Click Here

Click Here

[Editor Rob: maybe I'll put iaon back up, its true he doesn't look slack 180cm, more 181 in those if evans is 6 flat.]
Viper said on 19/Jun/07
I agree with Jason that BMI works well for most. The majority of the population do not have heavy bones or a lot of muscle mass. Evans has some muscle but I wouldnt call him heavily built or anything.
Jason said on 18/Jun/07
Well, that's your opinion of course, mate lol. Nothing wrong w/being slim in mine...
Leung said on 18/Jun/07
We have seen Chris Evans without his shirt and he looks athletic and good shape, so 170lb is good weight for him.
I have got 6’ friends who have different weights that range from 140lb to 220lb, and they are all healthy and fit, I agree with bebe-one that BMI is not always a good way to judge whether someone is healthy weight.
tom said on 18/Jun/07
im 6'1 and 84kg....which is like 184.6 lbs, NO MAN AROUND 6 FEET TALL SHOULD BE UNDER 170...they wuld look lanky and gross
alba said on 16/Jun/07
stand beside Ioan Gruffudd he looks the same tall as him.. 5ft11 for most..
MD said on 9/Jun/07
With 5'10.75" Ioan Gruffudd, for reference. Not the best angle, for sure.

Click Here
Benny Storm said on 9/Jun/07
Well he stated in Star Magazine that he was a legit 6ft and weighed 170 lbs!
bebe-one said on 6/Jun/07
again, drew you're completely off...i have several guy friends and most of them are 6' and the least any of them way is 175, the rest are all 180+ and there is NO way they are over weight. it's a little thing we like to call muscle. it weighs a hell of a lot more than fat, and chris evans has one of the most built bodies in hollywood right now. I'm 5'11, 155 lbs, and people consider me marginally UNDER weight. fact is fact, if he is as bulked up as he clearly his, there is no way in hell he weighs as little as 157...unless hes like 5'7 or something, which he isnt. Most BMI's are off, or just a general reading because everyone has different muscle to fat ratios ( i think i should know, i work in a health club ).
Crissy said on 1/Jun/07
I think 6'0 or 6'1 is accurate, but he is definantly HOT
bebe-one said on 1/Jun/07
so ive seen a lot of back and forth as to the changing height difference between ioan and chris.
Click Here
i dont care what kind of shoes either of them are wearing, there is clearly a 3 inch difference between them, and even if ioan is wearing flats, and chris is in lifts, there is still at least a barefoot inch between the two, if not closer to 2. i rest my case.
isabella said on 1/Jun/07
Drew - Now you're the one spewing bull****. I just watched Cellular also, and I own it so I was able to reference it. No where in the movie does anyone describe him as 5'11. The only time his height is mentioned, is near the end when Mooney is describing him to the cop while they're looking for him on the pier. He says and I quote "6 feet tall, caucasion, light brown hair..." etc.
john said on 1/Jun/07
BMI does not account for people who are gaining muscle mass. It is a general outline for people to live a normal lifestyle with. You are refering to an actor who has to play roles in movies, and has to look a certain role, and this happens to be a role in which he is not a normal person. As for his weight, the link lested below is from '02. He weighed 157 lbs in '02, not '07 after being a superhero. 157 lbs could be his normal weight with a very low bfp butin the photos that you see him in after movies are not his typical body size. He gets paid to gain wieght and look a certain way. That would be like saying that Brad Pitt weighs the same in Seven as he did when he was in Troy.
Ed said on 31/May/07
MD, I agree. Evans looked exactly the same height as Ioan Gruffudd the other night on the Taurus World Stuntman Awards when they presented an award on stage. They stood side by side, neither slouching and there was barely any difference. Evans might have had a slight advantage.
MD said on 30/May/07
Recently, he hasn't been looking taller than Ioan Grufford (given 5'10.75", here), at least no more than .25-.5"
Viper said on 30/May/07
Evans looks 5-11 to me. And 157 pounds looks right for him.
Jason said on 30/May/07
Drew, you're right. Though 6'5'' 157lbs, though not underweight by BMI, would actually be because BMI becomes less accurate the taller you get. Because it doesn't take into account people grow o-u-t, as well as up. The same thing happens for short people, but the effect is vice versa.
Drew said on 29/May/07
Just watched "Cellular". He's described as 5'11".
Drew said on 29/May/07
"He looks to be carrying some muscle, and should be at least 180lbs at 6'0" or more."


That would put him close to being overweight...

Seriously, get your facts right already.
Drew said on 29/May/07
Elio says on 4/Apr/06
I must say, 157 is pretty underweight for someone over 6 foot, even with a low bodyfat %.


Very old post but I must comment. 157lbs for a 6ft guy is FAR from unverweight. His BMI would be 21.3 (underweight is 18.5 and overweight is 25). Before you spew bull****, please do some research.

Even if he was 6'5" at 157lbs, he still wouldn't be underweight!

No wonder a lot of people think Tom Cruise is 200lbs... when is more like 135lbs.
isabella said on 7/May/07
MD - why is your photographic proof anymore legit than mine? Jessica Alba's height is above average, and is always in 3 - 4 heels, and theres still atleast 4 (sometimes 5) inches between them. That "legitimately" puts him at atleast 6'...and you can only see them from like the waist up in your pics, you dont know what footwear either of them are wearing.
antron said on 25/Apr/07
you mean Phoenix Suns Point Guard Steve Nash, Kevin Nash was a wrestler I'm pretty sure
MD said on 17/Apr/07
Again, look at the picture of him and legitimately 6'1" basketball star Kevin Nash:

Click Here

Click Here
janet said on 16/Apr/07
Click Here

jessica alba is what? 5'6 maybe 5'7? shes wearing heels in this picture so shes probably at the 5'8 maaaaaybe 5'9 mark. shes reaches about an inch or so above his eye level. 5'8 (or 5'9) + 4 inches (its give or take a bit 5 inches from eye level to top of head) makes him about 6'0 - 6'1.
Viper said on 5/Apr/07
Cant see it, though Mcmahon is more 6-1 1/2.
AAAA said on 4/Apr/07
here he is with 6'2-6'3 Jullian Mcmahon what do you guys think

Click Here
The Height Wizzard said on 2/Apr/07
MD, that photo proves that Chris Evans may be a little over 5' 11" at his "minimum" height, and possibly JUST shy of 6 ft at his maximum.
MD said on 30/Mar/07
Again, look at his with the legitimate 6'1" Steve Nash I posted below.
The Height Wizzard said on 29/Mar/07
Although many women would consider this man to be a minimum of 6' 1" due to his freakishly flawless appearance as a whole, he remains at the tall height of approximately 6 ft on the dot, perhaps dipping a bit below this at the end of the day. With a basic shoe, (as seen in public) he is indeed 6' 1".
Bert said on 26/Mar/07
Funny how Ioan Gruffudd is listed as 5ft 10.75, and Chris at roughly 6 ft, when in many premier photos, Ioan appears to be taller than Chris. This problem must be solved!
MD said on 18/Mar/07
Editor Rob, what do you think of the most recent picture I posted? Steve Nash is a legitimate and maximum 6'1".
MD said on 4/Mar/07
With 6'1" NBA star Steve Nash, who looks even to be leaning forward a little:

Click Here
janet said on 4/Mar/07
and to 'xaoxio', are you kidding me? that picture has been edited to s**t. there's no way you can use that picture as evidence that chris is shorter. and even if he is using foot lifts (which i doubt), i've seen pictures of them at premiers, chris is definately taller.
janet said on 4/Mar/07
i saw a picture of chris and his ex jessica biel walking together. biel was the one closer to the lense, and chris had AT LEAST a good five inches on her. so if she's 5'7 than he's an easy 6' but i still wanna say he's closer to 6'1".
AA said on 11/Nov/06
He sure looks tall. 6-0.5 seems about right, Rob!
Kine said on 16/Jun/06
Just watched the Perfect Score and when he is standing next to the 6'3" Matt Lillard he looks very diminuitive (sic?) in height and general size. I dont think hes any more than a solid 5'11" with good posture, either that or M L is taller
ForensicNYC said on 6/Jun/06
Chris Evans looks the tallest of the F4...
Click Here
Posters and Ads make 5'8" Michael Chiklis (The Thing)look towering...
Click Here
Off screen, Chris stands as a legit 6'0"...with The Thing and Mr. Fantastic...
Click Here
Anonymous said on 18/Apr/06
I got to meet this guy who is, in my opinion the hottest guy in the whole world. At an after party for dane cooks standup. And I am about 5' 5" and he was REALLY tall. From my point of view he looked like a foot taller, but I know he wasn't. But he was like 6'1" at least. He took pictures with dane cook and his girlfriend jessica biel. And he was like an inch taller than dane. And dane is supposedly 6'0" so there ya go.
xaoxio said on 14/Apr/06
Rob, I've forgotten to say that you are right about this guy, he's 184 cms tall. My mistake.
Jason said on 8/Apr/06
Maybe he has stick legs. That can make you look bigger and heavier than your weight - at least in your upper body lol!
Brett said on 8/Apr/06
Yeh, before I started doing weights ( at about 18 years old), I was a winger and had like 8-9 percent body fat, and at 185-186cm I was about 78-79kg, and I looked really lean, with a little bit of lean muscle. Thats like 176lbs odd, so to think someone whoes slightly shorter then me ( say 3cm) who looks like he does is 157lbs, makes no sense at all, because he is carrying noticable muscle mass, more so then i did at 17 years old prior to my weight training, yet he ways 20lbs less. He looks to be carrying some muscle, and should be at least 180lbs at 6'0" or more. Nowadays I weigh 94kg ( like 210lbs), and have more or less the same body fat, and thats with alot of working out, granted I do lots of leg work for rugby( so maybe if i didnt Id way in the high 80s), but still, someone whoes built like that at 6'0-6'1" should weigh 30lbs more then he does, so it leads me to think theres something fishy about the dudes height. what you think rob?

[Editor Rob: there is a little possibility of a a misprint...]
Elio said on 4/Apr/06
I must say, 157 is pretty underweight for someone over 6 foot, even with a low bodyfat %.

He does look quite tall though. Very strange.

[Editor Rob: a little over 11 stone for 184 is on the thin side...]
Anonymous said on 3/Apr/06
5 foot 11. Click Here

i always thought he was around 5 foot 9, but i guess he's a little taller. but look at the weight this cites.
Anonymous said on 29/Mar/06
Chris Evans' 2nd cousin is my boyfriend (shawn). I have met chris on several occasions, at family get-togethers, and he is always in just some tennis shoes and casual clothing. I am 5' 6.5". Chris is a lot taller than me, I would def say he is at least 6' 0.5". He's, in my opinion, at least 6' 1". But that's just my opinion. When I asked him how tall he was he said "to tell the truth, I'm on the fence between 6' and 6' 1", it depends on the hairstyle" he was half-way joking but was serious about the height. So in my conclusion (haha) he is def at least 6' 0.5", and that's at least.
Drew said on 27/Dec/05
He looks around 2 inches shorter than Eric Christian Olsen in Cellular, so I'd say 6 feet even.
J. said on 24/Dec/05
I was watching the film "The Perfect Score" and I will say that not only like most actors is really pretty thin but seemed to force himself to stand tall throughout the film so he really can appear to be taller than the 6'0.5" that he's usually listed as.
MD said on 27/Nov/05
A few more photos for my point...

1. Here he is with Julian McMahon (6'2" max, IMO) and 5'11" Ioan Gruffudd, with an advantage for both Chris and Ioan standing slightly closer to the camera.,%20Chris%20(V)

2. Chris and Ioan,%20Chris%20(V)

MD said on 27/Nov/05
So Rob, what is your take on all of the additional information.

[Editor Rob: this guy had been forgotten since July. I still think as said above 183-4cm for this guy, but the only question is if 184 is too high - the more I see, maybe xaoi will get the 1cm off him soon.]
MD said on 10/Oct/05
He looks like a solid 5'-11" to me, and the pics by xaoxio and Tuco really seem to support that.
Tuco said on 9/Oct/05
Check this out Rob

Now, no upcoming new movie star is going to be listed anything under than what they really are. Is 5'11 really out of the question for Evans?
xaoxio said on 14/Jul/05
well Rob, finally the truth about Chris Evans's height is coming out.
Check these three photos considering camera angles and shoe advantages:
What's your opinion? I have to say that my first estimation hasn't been correct about this guy and he's definitely in 182-183 range but 184??? Looking at these three photos I don't see him being such tall. I would say Chris is 182 cm tall, may be 183 but not 184.
What do you think?
J. said on 30/Jun/05
No, the 5'11" appears to be correct:,%20Chris%20(V)

The Kristen Stewart girl is listed as 5'6" and she's wearing flat shoes. He's not above 4-5 inches taller than her.

[Editor Rob: Much better angle. Of course posture+evans shoe advantage must be considered...183 is still very reasonable I think...]
xaoxio said on 10/Jun/05
yeah Rob, I agree with you, I can't see full-size wireimage pictures either but if you can - just look at( the picture number(5161169)- you'll see them(Ioan and Chris) both standing in full height.I'm not sure but it seems to me that they are both in sneakers(I'm really not sure cause it's too hard to see). Yeah, the camera angle is in Ioan's favor but still ...
xaoxio said on 9/Apr/05
and about recent photos with Chris and Jason - I guess that's not a prove too cause you're not reacting?

[Editor Rob: you really want that Chris height down :) Some photos can easily suggest he's shorter but I'm leaving him that height at the moment till I see more conclusive evidence ;)]
xaoxio said on 9/Apr/05
aha have found
( look at Chris Evans and Jason Statham(more 5'9" I think )-there is no great difference between them(2-4cm).Please consider camera angle which is wee bit more convenient for Chris.
P.s.This guy knows how to stay on photos.
P.p.s. I think Rob that you can downgrade him at least a little bit cause he's no near the listed mark.
xaoxio said on 28/Mar/05
Rob excuse me for writing so often about Chris Evans but I've got another interesting photo.Agree that it's not very good but still just look at photo
( Statham (5'9"-5'9&1/2")and Chris Evans. Yes Chris is leaning but you've got ot consider the camera angle(definitely in favor of Chris).And you know what it seems to me that there is no great difference beetwen them.But.....
xaoxio said on 28/Mar/05
Ok Rob - check this - here is another one( - Ioan Gruffudd(5'11") and Chris Evans(5'10&1/2" ) - look at the line of their eyes . You've got to consider that on this photo and especially on other few photos from this collection Chris has an advantage before Ioan cause he's closer to camera and cause of camera angle but the more camera angle is equal relating to Chris and Ioan the more obvious is that Chris is a little bit smaller than Ioan. Besides that what are we discussing for ? It's obvious that Chris is smaller(3-4cm) than Bryan Greenberg(6'0").

[Editor Rob: Yes Xaoi, that series of 3 photos are good. It helps your opinion that Chris might not be 184 but looks under this. I wouldn't go as far saying 5ft 10.5 though, as the other 2 photos show that both their stances affect their height slightly, even though Chris is slightly closer to camera. Yes, the case is definitely still open on Evans. His 184cm is on shaky ground ;)]
xaoxio said on 23/Mar/05
hey Rob check this out -( this photo you can see that Ioan Gruffudd is almost equal to Chris but Ioan's legs are spreaded much more wider than Chris's legs and if their legs are on the same level than - it's obvious - Ioan will be a little bit higher than Chris.Is it enough for you to be a prove?
xaoxio said on 23/Mar/05
and how do you think? He is in a superhero suit here. Defenitly he's using liftshoes.Have you seen small superheroes?And Ioan is described as just a simple man on the photo.Do LOOK when they are both in superhero suits. Than definitly it looks like Ioan to be higher than Chris.
xaoxio said on 22/Mar/05
so I guess it's not a prove for you Rob? Then what has it to be? Eric Christian Olsen is no more than 184-185 cm. Look at the photo(
Example)-Josh Braaten( back row in the left corner) is definitely higher than Eric Christian Olsen and Josh Braaten height is 6'2". Eric is , at least 3-4cm , smaller. MrCelebHeights Editor just comment the situation with Chris Evans if you can cause it will be nice to know your opinion about that.

[CelebHeights Rob: I'm not ruling the possibility of Evans being shorter. If Olsen is max 6ft 1 then yes Evans would then be struggling with 6ft. I promise I'll have another look at him in the future :) Remember, Statham (in Cellular with Evans) I thought was 5ft 11 in the past but the more you see of Jase the more 5ft 9 becomes reality. As I say F4 should let us see Evans true height...]
xaoxio said on 22/Mar/05
MrCelebHeights Editor check this out - a photo is situated on the following link ( - if you look at photo you'll see that Ioan is higher than Chris(they are both in identical clothes and shoes)- it's obvious . Ioan is solid 5'11" and Chris is about 5'10"-5'11". I know there is such practice in Hollywood when young actor become a little more popular than other young actors he always "grow in a magical way" and "add 1-3 inches in his height " but in real life his height remains the same it has been before fame. It's not right and you know it better than me. But everything depends on you - so I'll hope you'll reach a right decision.
Anonymous said on 17/Mar/05
so do you want to say that Chris looks higher than Ioan on this photo or you just haven't another one which can prove or not my statement?
CelebHeights Editor said on 16/Mar/05
I'm still unsure on him. Ioan Gruffudd (5ft 11) will be in Fantastic Four with Chris Evans. For the moment I'll leave him at 184 for the moment. This photo is the best pre-release I could get and is inconclusive (perspective is hard to judge) He doesn't look under 5ft 11 though. Chiklis is looking his 174cm too. Evans has been in 2 movies with 187cm Eric Olsen and 183-184 looks more likely than 180 to me...but I could be wrong :)
xaoxio said on 16/Mar/05
mr. celebrityheighteditor - are you going to check and to correct this data?
xaoxio said on 13/Mar/05
no that's not right - he's much smaller than that - about 5'10"-5'11".
Look at the photo,%20Chris%20(V)- and you'll see that Bryan, a man,who's standing right near Chris is defenitly taller than Chris(about 4-5cm)and Bryan's height is 6'0".
So Chris's height is 183cm-4,5cm=178,5cm.(It's simple math)

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