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5ft 11.8in (182.4cm)
Shamrock said on 17/Jan/15
then explain how in the same movie she had three inches over John Hurt who looks a strong 5'7 next to rob?
jtm said on 17/Jan/15
there is so many evidence swinton is not 5'10.5. not sure why she is still listed 5'10.5 here.
Shamrock said on 16/Jan/15
noticeably taller than 5'10.5 Tilda Swinton in snowpiercer. as low as 5'11 is impossible.
Mr. Mckoy said on 5/Jan/15
I would have to agree that the 6 feet mark is about band on. Even if he is slightly under 6 feet it's not noticeable. Someone who's 5'11.5" or 182cm is generally a rounded off 6 feet. 6 feet seems reasonable as he does look about 2 inches shorter than Samuel L Jackson
John82 said on 4/Jan/15
5'3 Johansson is wearing standard 2.5" heels in that pic (Rob you would agree)and is not standing straight yet Chris has only 6" on her in a 1.25" heel dress shoe, making him 5'10.5", give benefit of doubt for camera angle or some weird other reason and let's say 5'11... definitely not 6'0
Celebheights 188 CM said on 12/Dec/14
They listed him at 6'2" 240 in Captain America 2 because of the fact that Captain America is supposed to be that that height/weight, not because Chris Evans is actually 6'2" 240 (although I remember reading somewhere that he was more 6'2" 220). That being said, I think that he's a legit 6'0" (at maybe 190-195 pounds today), but no more. Most who have met him agree that he's exactly six feet tall as well.
LT said on 4/Dec/14
A soft 6ft, if you watch him in non-superhero films. They obviously boost him up a little in the marvel movies to make him seem more "super soldier". They pretty much have to boost anyone working with Chris Hemsworth anyways.
Joe said on 29/Nov/14
Evans appears to the be the same height as his Fantastic Four co-star Ioan Gruffuld who is 5'11". It is not at all outrageous for Evans to claim 6 feet even since most actors claim that height in shoes.
I am 6'0.5" in the morning but my doctor rounds off my height to 6'1", however I just say I am 6 feet tall when anyone asks. I know most men usually upgrade heights, but honestly an inch is not much.
BGee said on 28/Nov/14
He's 6'0 on the dot! Why everyone wants to downgrade him is beyond me, he's got an inch on 5'11 Sebastian Stan and slightly more on Mackie who's more towards 5'10. The makers of Cap 2 only put 6'2 at the movie exhibit as a nod to Cap's comic stats.
Concerned 181 cm said on 23/Nov/14
Captain America 2 listed him at 6'2, 240 pounds. Yeah, right... I think 6'0/200 pounds is pretty accurate. Maybe he's a fraction below 6'0, but I don't think it's really worth demoting him over a mere quarter inch or something. Especially when just telling the difference between 5'11.75 and 6'0 is extremely difficult.
Martin Hall said on 30/Oct/14
Chris Evans is 6 ft tall and my height is 5'10" and i am white man with gray eyes. Chris Evans workout incredible as he work hard with his body and posture. I am True Fan!! Regards from fjackets
Chris Lynn said on 30/Oct/14
Chris Evans is 6 ft tall and my height is 5'10" and i am white smart man with grayish eyes. Chris Evans workout absolutely incredible as he work hard with his physique and posture. True Fan!! Regards Click Here
Josh said on 29/Oct/14
A bit under 6´0 more like 5'11.25 (181cm).
Danny said on 2/Oct/14
Rob, do you think it's possible that Chris could be 5'11 barefoot?
[Editor Rob: while he might be a little shy of 6ft, I doubt he'd be only 5ft 11 ]
Jay 184cm said on 21/Sep/14
He doesn't look any taller than 179cm Topher Grace in a whole bunch of photos where he is in trainers and Topher is in flip-flops. Should be 4cm difference (nearly 2 inches) but they look the exact same height.
MILANISTA said on 20/Sep/14
Watch cellular movie. When sheriff was searching him, he said he is wearing black black bla ... And 6 ft tall! He's not less than 183.5 cm
Leung said on 7/Sep/14
Back in 2010 when it was first announced that Evans was cast to be Captain America my initial thoughts were that he was a bit short for the role because I had always got the impression that he was around 5'11". He could be 5'11.5" which is the same height as myself but I don't see a full 6' for Evans.
184.9 on a bad day said on 5/Sep/14
5ft 11.75 (182)
but he can pull of sstrong 6foot.
6'0 said on 5/Sep/14
5'11 enough said
Sean said on 4/Sep/14
Speaking of which Rob, I've been to ask you what ever happened to Mamun's pictures? I remember seeing them when I first started coming to the site. Did something happen to compromise the validity of the pics?

[Editor Rob: Folk are always free (as Big Mamun still is) to post links to their own photos hosted on something like photo-bucket, flickr or even their facebook.

It is easier, though, to deal with my own photos - hosting/talking about them - or those from somebody whose height I know and seen the photo taken.

It's a little bit harder commenting or using other people's fan photos without seeing them being taken.

Maybe the person goes on tip toes, maybe they always slouch, maybe they stand military most of the time, maybe they wear a lift, big shoe or claim a height taller/shorter than they actually are. Maybe they themselves take photos to enhance their own height.

Check a couple of thumbs with Robert Davi: Click Here.

First is a weak 5ft 7 like Big Glenn, the second is more of a 5ft 7er than G is. Me, well I am only 5ft 6 surely" I'm smaller than those guys right ;)

I'm trying to take photos with this site in mind, not as a fan or someone like G, who may have had an agenda or a worry about how tall they were perceived.]
Sam said on 30/Aug/14
Wait a minute... I thought Rob or someone else had an actual picture with Chris here? I have visited this page in the past, I could be mistaken on the picture maybe?
[Editor Rob: Big Mamun had a photo a while ago ]
cole said on 27/Aug/14
Rob didn't you have him at 5'11.75 before? If so, I think you should revisit that thought.
anothernickname said on 20/Aug/14
I changed my mind. He looks around 6 foot maybe a little less like 182.8
SaveUsY2J said on 20/Aug/14
@jtm: He's taller than 5'11 guys like Ioan Gruffudd and Sebastian Stan.
SAMMY DERRICK said on 15/Aug/14
In Captain America:Winter Solider.
Weight:95 lbs
But honestly,Chris isn't 6'2 or 240lbs
My Estimation.
I mean Chris is a whole inch taller than Sebastian Stan,who is a solid 5'11.
Chris was too tall for Johnny Storm.But at six feet tall with piercing blue eyes and 17 inch Biceps.He is a great Captain American on screen.
jtm said on 31/Jul/14
doesn't look over 5'11 to me. maybe 6'0 in shoes.
Realist said on 29/Jul/14
Rob looks a tiny bit less than Ioan Grudduffuf in "F4" and hardly 4 inches on Michael Chiklis maybe more 5'11 than 6'0.
Arch Stanton said on 15/Jul/14
Ha, at the beginning of Captain American First they make him look like 5 ft 2 and 120 pounds!
Ally said on 1/Jul/14
and yeah he doesnt look taller than Topher Grace
Ally said on 1/Jul/14
He looks 1 inch taller than Anthony Mackie, who is 5ft10
Dmeyer said on 29/Jun/14
4cm diferance is very noticable how Côme he has a hard time looking taller than 179cm tropher
Hypado said on 26/Jun/14
I Watch London (2005) today:

Chris Evans - 182/183cm
Jessica Biel - 169/170cm

No Doubt.
(S)aint 6'1 said on 22/Jun/14
I saw the Winter soldier before the first Captain America and to be honest I thought he was 6'2" in the winter soilder. He looked quite tall but Now that I've seen the first I can see him at 6' even.
184.9 on a bad day said on 16/Jun/14
I can see this guy at 1.81-1.82, he is about 2 inches shorter than Gerard Butler.
SAMMY DERRICK said on 13/Jun/14
Anon993393 said on 14/May/14
I agree with what "The Horse of FUNK" said earlier, I also happen to be the same height range as you. I am a solid 5'11 at 181-182 cm and I (surprisingly enough) frequently get mistaken for being over 6 feet tall because of footwear, and the good posture I got through lifting weights. I'm just going to say Chris Evans is 6'0, he barely looks shorter than Sam Jackson in the Winter Soldier and doesn't look much taller than people who are in the 5'10-5'11 range; I wanted to say that this height range seems to be the most difficult to tell whether or not someone is as tall as they may claim, but that could be just people being people and claiming to be taller than they actually are...
Alex 6'0 said on 12/May/14
With Sam Jackson. Evans I think is 5'11.5-6'0 range. Jackson looks no more than 6'1

Click Here
Click Here
Alex 6'0 said on 9/May/14
5'11-6'0 range can be tough to say by just looking at someone. Chris is certainly in between there somewhere. I think he looks nearer 6'0 than 5'11.
Realist said on 4/May/14
Yeah 181 is a better shout.
Alex 6'0 said on 1/May/14
He can look 6'0 but maybe a bit less. 5'11.5 at worst he'd measure I think
Hypado said on 23/Apr/14
In Captain America 2:

Scarlett Johannson - 160cm
Cobie Smulders - 170cm
Robert Redford - 177cm
Anthony Mackie - 179cm
Sebastian Stan - 180cm
Chris Evans - 182cm
Samuel L. Jackson - 184cm
The Horse of FUNK said on 22/Apr/14
Evans is barely taller than 5.10.5" Topher Grace and 5'11" Stan. He's 6'0' at most, and even that might be a stretch. He's probably 181-182cm. That's my exact height range and I can easily fool people into thinking I'm taller like 6'1" or 6'2" with posture and footwear. You wouldn't believe how many people overestimate me.
MD said on 18/Apr/14
Those seem more like they'd be help on Jake's page than Chris's page, since it's Jake whose height seems more debatable. We've pretty closely narrow down Chris' height.
Sean said on 14/Apr/14
Got "listed" as 6'2 in the new Captain America, but I think that's just because the character was actually that height in the comics. Wouldn't it be interesting to see a short super hero? Wolverine was 5'3 in the comics, but they got an actor that's nearly a foot taller to play him, haha.
The Horse of FUNK said on 13/Apr/14
The pics of Evans with Sebastian Stan seals it for me. I always suspected Evans was just below 6'0" in older posts of mine. If Stan is 5'11", then Evans looks 181-182cm, just a smidgen over 5'11". Of course, that's all assuming Stan is 5'11" on the nose. What if Stan is slightly below or slightly above?

Hah, how about that? I'm the same height as Captain America, 181-182cm.
Connor 184.5-185cm said on 12/Apr/14
Chris actually does look 6ft in the pic, rob in cm which would you think is most likely 182.9 or 183cm? to me he looks a solid 183cm.
[Editor Rob: getting down to the mm's is tough ;) I think you could argue 182 or 3 for him]
chrisssss said on 12/Apr/14
Chris evans is a typical 183cm guy, and vert built one at that 183cm no more, no less
Sam said on 10/Apr/14
Garrett Hedlund is dropping a bit but looks scarcely taller as well.
EG said on 9/Apr/14
@Seahawksfan, Samuel L Jackson was wearing very big boots in that film. Possibly larger boots than Chris Evans. Chris Evans is also further back in the picture. 183cm is probably fair
MD said on 7/Apr/14
Topher is not 5'11", BTW.
Chuckie Cheese 2 said on 6/Apr/14
This is a 5'11-1/2 to 6 foot tall guy (182 cm), his natural build is 170 pounds, yet he has put on 20 pounds of muscle for the movies.

Based on photos of him standing next to 5'11" Topher Grace, he looks 1/2 to 1 inch taller than Topher.
Spike said on 6/Apr/14
He looks 5'11, maybe 5'11.5 standing next to Chris Hemsworth (weak 6'3) and Sebastian Stan (5'11). Wide shoulders and thick shoes make him seem larger on film, especially considering his character in Captain America is supposed to be 6'2. He didn't look much larger than 5'10.5 Georges St. Pierre, either. Rob, I'd go with 5'11.75 or 5'11.5 as his official listing. 6 ft flat is seeming unlikely.
ajcf1995 said on 5/Apr/14
I still think 182 cm would be bang on. MD's post only strengthened my belief because it really doesn't seem like a full inch between them. But like they both said, the angles could be better honestly.
sss said on 5/Apr/14
Click Here

Rob, look at this. I think he deserves a downgrade. He is 2 cm max taller than strong 5'10 Grace.
cole said on 5/Apr/14
They look more or less equal in stature. Stan is the one that tends to not stand straight, while Evans nearly always holds a solid posture for photos. Unless Stan's a lift wearer I can't see 3 cm between them.

Click Here
Click Here
cole said on 5/Apr/14
@MD: Those shots are from the same event as the picture I posted! ;)
I think the last one has a reasonably fair angle to it, not optimal of course, but you can see that they could be very similar in height. Evans might have the edge, but I doubt there would be a whole inch between them. I did think Stan could pull off a strong 5'11 (181-182 cm range) next to 189 cm Ashton Kutcher in the movie 'Spread', although he did wear boots in that one at times. He's got a slim build that could make him appear taller as well. 5'11 is a fair shout for Stan, and I do think 181 cm is possible, so I wouldn't imagine Evans being any taller than 5'11.75.
MD said on 3/Apr/14
The link wasn't working with Cole's post, so here he is with 5'11" Sebastian Stan:

Click Here

Click Here

It's really too bad we don't have better angles in these.
chrisssss said on 1/Apr/14
183cm max
cole said on 1/Apr/14
@Sam: Yeah, like with 5'11 Sebastian Stan: Click Here
In pure stature it doesn't look like there'd be a lot between them, not a full inch anyway.
Sam said on 1/Apr/14
I think 182 cm might be a better shout...he's a guy who can seem close with good posture with over six foot guys but at other times is scarcely taller than 5'11" range people.
Sarah said on 30/Mar/14
Possibly a weak 6'0, Rob? Maybe 182 cm?
[Editor Rob: a chance, but near enough 6ft I've thought is fair for him, at times he can look a bit shy of it yeah]
SAK said on 14/Mar/14
Next to 179cm Topher Grace Click Here He is not 4cm taller.
Balrog said on 5/Mar/14
Rob, who you think would be taller: Chris Evans or Christian Bale? Evans has better posture for sure but I've got the feeling that standing straight both of them would measure the same, weak 6footers. Evans was vissibly shorter than Eric Olsen in Cellular, I don't Olsen is over 6'1".
[Editor Rob: so close that I think you'd need to measure them to find the real difference as it could be several mm only]
ajcf1995 said on 14/Feb/14
182 would be more accurate.
sss said on 10/Feb/14
Classic 181 guy
Balrog said on 19/Jan/14
After Captain America the Winter Soldier I think there is gonna be enough evidence to bring him down to a 182cm listing.
NJP said on 27/Dec/13
Have met him. 182cm would be dead on is say.
Emily said on 26/Dec/13
He must be a weak 6ft. He doesn't strike me as one to be 6ft throught the whole day
Ralph said on 3/Dec/13
No more than 181 cm, topher is just a little bit smaller than him, only like 2 cm
cole said on 19/Nov/13
I agree with you FA. After looking at those pics with Topher a bit more, they are no good for comparing height. Still I'd go with 182 cm for Evans at most, as he's not a full inch taller than Sebastian Stan, who's in no way taller than 5'11.
123kid said on 17/Nov/13
That pic with topher grace proves Evans is no more than 5'10-5'11 because he is wearing shoes while grace is wearing sandals.
Hypado said on 14/Nov/13
181/182 cm

checkmate said on 17/Oct/13
for sure in the solid 5-11 range (more or less) but he has flawless posture so he can pull off a straight 6 foot also
Hawk said on 18/Sep/13
@Rob, Is it possible he's a very weak 6 feet guy ? Probably just a flat 5'11" ?
@HollywoodFan That's an accurate assumption
Click Here
On here he and Sebastian vary by 0.5 Inch.
Click Here
Here with Topher Grace, it just makes me believe that Topher's 5'10" and Evans' might not be more than an inch more.
cole said on 5/Sep/13
@HollywoodFan: Dude, the top of his head starts well over his hairline, you know that right? So Chris looks more than 1" over Mackie in the shot MD posted.

Mackie is more 176 cm range in my opinion, Chris could look around 182 cm on a good day, and Sebastian Stan should be right at 180 cm range (eventhough he looks shorter than that in that particular shot if Chris is 182-183 cm range).

I've posted a video on Mackie's page (good that you are agreeing with me on this, MD), where those three guys are standing together on stage, check it out. I think that's a pretty good piece of evidence, firstly that Mackie is nowhere near 5'10.5 (he can look a flat 5'9 even), and secondly that Evans and Stan is in fact close in height. Stan being a legit 5'11 rules out a flat 6' for Evans imo.
cole said on 31/Aug/13
He has a tendency to wear boots and other types of big footwear, and it's only when he does he can pull off looking 6ft range or more. When in more normal footwear, he looks like a solid 5'11 guy to me (180-182 cm range). I don't want to give him the benefit of the doubt when it comes to him being a legit 6 footer (going with the highes estimation), because he's more often then not seen in boots etc. That and the fact that he can look within 1-2 cm's of 179-180 cm guys like Sebastian Stan and Topher Grace. I'll estimate him at 181 cm for now, 5'11.5, with a chance of 182. Not 6ft flat.
Mike said on 22/Aug/13
My son (just under 6' 2" ) stood next to Evans and had picture taken with him at Captain America movie premiere (July 2011) and said he was 6 feet tall.
Balrog said on 22/Aug/13
5'11.5". Mackie I think is shorter and possibly lift wearer.
cole said on 18/Aug/13
I still don't think he's a 6' flat guy, as in recent pics he looks close in height with 180 cm range Sebastian Stan. I can maybe agree on 181,5~182 cm for Chris Evans, but nothing over that. And that would be a clean 5'11.5 at most, and not 5'11.75.
Balrog said on 12/Aug/13
He can look 181 and 182 a lot so he's not a full 6'0". 5'11.5" is my guess, a hair taller than 180-181 Gruffudd
cole said on 30/Jul/13
TheSmileyFacedBalloon says on 23/Jul/13
Bro c'mon...I've been reading your comments on DiCaprio, Clooney, and Damon's seem very hell bent on downgrading everyone from the 6' mark. Insecure much?

Dude... I have absolutely no deep desire to see them downgraded, just for the heck of it. Yes, I think Rob has listed some of these celebs a bit too generously. And if you have read some of my other comments, you would see that I think he has listed some of the lesser known actors a bit too low.

I do not downgrade out of insecurity about my own height or jelousy, or anything like that. When I see pictures of Leo, for example, looking 5'11, I will say that he looks 5'11. And if I thought he looked 5'11.5, I would say that he looked 5'11.5.

If I see a listing that I disagree with in some way, either that they are listed too high, or too low, I will share my opinion, which are allways based on evidence. But hey, they are my opinions, just like you have yours. And if you want to believe that Damon is a legit 5'10, Clooney is a legit 5'10.75 and DiCaprio is a legit 5'11.5, you have every right to think so. But to me, they all seem a bit generously listed - not outrageously overlisted, but a bit generous.

And it's not like I want them all to be 5'8-9 range, because I certainly don't see it that way. DiCaprio mostly looks 5'11 to me. I say that because whenever I see him around 5'9 guys like Jamie Foxx, 5'7 guys like Christoph Waltz, and other 5'11 guys like Chris Nolan, he looks 5'11. I know what 5'11 looks like next to those heights, because I am 5'11 myself, and therefore have absolutely no insecureties regarding other peoples heights, celebs or not. Clooney I can see in the 5'10-5'10.5 range, and Damon I can see at 5'9.5 or 5'9.75. Hardly a bunch of radical downgrades is it?

I am convinced they are all 1-2 cm shorter than their listed heights, because the evidence I have seen tells me so... So please, go ahead and convince me otherwise...

Rant over.
cole said on 22/Jul/13
@Rashid: 180-182 cm range is just my opinion, I don't have all the answers. He might be 6', but generally I think he looks closer to 5'11 than 6'. Why some sites would list him 184 cm I can't say, but obviously he's not that tall..
Cole said on 16/Jun/13
He looks nothing more than 5'11 with Topher Grace. 6ft can't be right.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Jun/13
182-183cm if Gruffudd is 181cm/5ft11.25in.
There was barely anything between them.

A page for Chris Evans the TV presenter is long overdue. Height: 6ft1.5in(187cm)?
The Horse of FUNK said on 12/Jun/13
Wow, the photos of him next to Topher Grace say a lot. I've always said I didn't feel Evans was a full 6' and Topher Grace confirms it.
Whatever said on 30/May/13
He was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno recently. He wasn't taller than Jay Leno who is listed here at 5' 10.5...
Balrog said on 22/May/13
I think Evans is 5'11.5'' just like Christian Bale and Jensen Ackles. Reeves is solid 184 cm.
Balrog said on 13/May/13
Reeves is taller than him by a solid inch.
joak said on 10/May/13
he looks taller than Keanu Reeves in Street Kings. i was looking at the pictures with Topher Grace and most of them were taken from the front. Evans doesn't look like he's standing up as straight as Grace. i don't know about you guys, but i lose a few inches when i slouch :P so either both Evans and Grace needs an upgrade or Reeves needs a downgrade. i'm leaning more towards the latter.
Linebacker28 said on 20/Apr/13
A strong 5'11"er that can look 6'1". He's in the same range as Christian Bale and Jensen Ackles.
Hop said on 13/Apr/13
He looks a weak 6'0. Nothing More, Nothing less.
lenad is sexy said on 5/Apr/13
Probably not a full 6'0. Not under 5ft11 though
Nenninn said on 27/Mar/13
182 cm , seems a bit shorter in movies though.
Charles Delacroix said on 6/Mar/13
Tohper Grace and Evans are both 5.10.5
Charles Delacroix said on 4/Mar/13
5.10.5 and even that is pushing it. Check this dude out in the 2012 film "Pucture." He is one the shortest male actors in it. His huge shoulders and narrow waist make him looker taller, but 6.0 is absurdly over shooting it.
Bam said on 22/Feb/13
Having met him, and being 6'5" myself, I can confirm he is at least 6' tall. He didn't seem that shorter than me, I'd say 6' easy.
Balrog said on 18/Feb/13
Gruffudd 180-181 cm. Evans 182-183 cm. They're pretty close in height but I think Chris is a smidge taller.
Hew said on 10/Feb/13
I think Chris Evans looks more or less the same height as 179-180 cm Topher Grace, even with that slight footwear advantage.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
kevin said on 4/Feb/13
no topher is perfect at 179cm evans needs a slide downgrade. like 181-182cm. i heard rumors that he was a lift wearer and watched a movie called london and he really did wear big suspicious footwear in that.
zac12 said on 2/Feb/13
topher needs an upgrade
Click Here
Trey said on 26/Dec/12
Oh I want to believe Chris is 6ft, but he doesn't really strike me as above 5'11.25.
balrog said on 26/Dec/12
Evans with Djimon Honsou who is listed here at 6'1.5'':

Click Here

Spike hair might confuse but you can see Honsou edging him out by a good 2 in.
balrog said on 25/Dec/12
Evans is in the 5'11'' range and probably 190-200 pounds but with the magic of cinema he looked 6'2'' 220 pounds in Captain America. 181-182 cms for Chris.
mike 181cm said on 21/Dec/12
Rob if you had to put money on who's taller dicaprio or scans who would you go with dispite having him listed higher than dicaprio?
[Editor Rob: evans might be a weak 6ft, so they could be pretty close]
mike 181cm said on 21/Dec/12
Are you kidding 6 foot is right for Chris you guys are sick if u think hes 5"9. Lowest 182 highest 184
Sam said on 20/Nov/12
On equal footing, he and Sebastian Stan (usually listed as 5'11") are around the same height, though Evans is often given camera and footing advantage due to his "Captain America transformation".
Connor 184cm said on 18/Nov/12
@The Horse of FUNK Im not arguing with you or anything but everyone is entitled to their own opinion, Im just saying he can look 5ft 9 sometimes which is only a guess not a fact, it could be because of low camera angles that can make him appear shorter than how tall he really is, although in reality he could be in the 179-180cm range not sure about 181 though, all im saying is in some films he can look 5ft 9 (only in films depending on the camera angles) however Robert could have been wearing shoes that gave him a 2 inch advantage.
The Horse of FUNK said on 18/Nov/12
Oh hush up Connor. 5'9" is laughable for Evans. He's not 6'0", you've got that right. But definitely not 5'9". I still say 181cm.
Connor 184cm said on 18/Nov/12
Rob, would you consider downgrading his height?, he does not look 6ft with Robert Downey Jr, my guess would be either 5ft 9-10.
[Editor Rob: you need to watch when comparing with downey as that guy's footwear is half the time suspicious!]
leonari said on 17/Nov/12
Rob: I understand. Thanks for clearing that up.
leonari said on 16/Nov/12
Rob: What happened to Mamun? Did you ban him??
[Editor Rob: I no longer host photos directly on the site (although linking to them isn't as much of an issue as physically hosting them) unless either myself/jenny have paid for it and are in the photo or I have a license to show it. Of course naturally that meant he left.

The site is now the only site I'm operating and sometimes decisions are done to protect the site long term.]
Chameleon said on 16/Nov/12
No effing way over 180cm if even that watch the movie Cellular, and look at him with Ioan down below. 180cm max
The Horse of FUNK said on 16/Nov/12
Wasn't there a photo here by a poster called mamun? The photo was him standing next to Evans with Evans wearing a ball cap. I recall mamun was measured by Rob to be a strong 5'8". Evans only looked about 3 inches maximum taller than mamun.

I haven't posted on this site over the years, so I don't exactly know the latest developments. I know that the last time I mentioned Rob in a post I inexplicably received a temporary IP ban. No clue what that was about.
[Editor Rob: I never measured mamun, he said himself he measured a little over 5ft 8 and he met visitors like Alex and Frank and looked what he claimed.

People only get banned if they break rules, some get banned on a software level (even I've been banned myself from the site more than a few occasions!)]
Rikashiku said on 14/Nov/12
A weak 5'11" then? 180cm can be bought. I suspected 179cm myself, but everyone can agree on 180 right? He never looked like a very tall guy to begin with.
The Horse of FUNK said on 13/Nov/12
For the longest time I suspected Chris Evans was not a full 6'0" and now I think it is confirmed. I never fully supported him being below 6'0" because, to be honest, sometimes he does look 6'0" in his movies.

However, after seeing him next to Ioan Gruffudd in so much content, I think it's safe to say he's not 6'0". In fact, the funny thing is Ioan Gruffudd isn't even 6'0" and yet he consistently beats or matches Evans. Take note of that: CONSISTENTLY.

I think Evans is a classic 5'11", 180cm guy, maybe 181cm on a good day. Maybe Ioan Gruffudd is 181 - 182cm. All I know is the more I look at the two together, it becomes painfully obvious he's below 6'0". He's definitely not short. In fact, I think he's like the perfect average or above average male height with his near-perfect physique as a testament.

180 - 181cm for Chris and 181 - 182 for Ioan.
Rikashiku said on 10/Nov/12
Is Ana Madrid another alias of Shauns? I have only mentioned THAT Chris' boots once here. I have proven several times that he is not 6'3".

6'3" is not "very" tall IMO, nor is the actor very big. Are you stalking me now?
Ana Madrid said on 9/Nov/12
Rikashiku, Chris does not have to wear his thick boots as you state often, he tall 6"3 without a doubt in his normal dress shoes, for you to imply always that he is only 6"1.5 and has to wear high heel boots is ludicrous, it shows how much height envy you have for Thor, he was chosen to play him for a reason, he is very tall, and looks like a Norse god as well.
Chameleon said on 29/Oct/12
Omg he looks 5'10 in those pics. Reminds me of how short he also looked in the movie Cellular. interesting.
Rikashiku said on 28/Oct/12
Doesn't seem so tall here.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Dmeyer said on 28/Oct/12
Hé does edge gruffud by 2cm indeed 183cm hé also looked 1cm under Reeves 185cm the Guy is aleast 5'11.75 Max 6'0.25 in the the 6' zone
Rikashiku said on 26/Oct/12
I highly doubt he isn't under 5'11" at night. He really isn't that tall.
Aragorn 5'11 said on 25/Oct/12
Rikashiku, I highly doubt he's under 5'11 at night.
balrog said on 22/Oct/12
I think anything in the range of 5'11.25''-5'11.75'' for Evans is okay.
Rikashiku said on 22/Oct/12
I'd say.
5'11.5" in morning
5'11" during the day
5'10.75" at night.
Aragon 5'11 said on 21/Oct/12
6'0 in the morning
5'11.5 in the day
5'11 before bed
And 6'1/6'2 as Captain America. :)

But, anything below 5'11 for him is definitely insane!
logan noll 1996 said on 21/Oct/12
He looked two inches under Hugo Weaving in Captain America.
Rikashiku said on 21/Oct/12
Def a weak 5'11".
Chuck said on 20/Oct/12
Not a whole lot taller than Anna Farris in What's Your Number. I could maybe buy a weak 5'11" but 6'0" seems almost laughable.
Balrog said on 15/Oct/12
Click Here

Downey Jr in a good set of elevator shoes and Evans is looking more than 3 in shorter than Hemsworth.

I agree with Chris, he looks 181-182 cms next to Gruffudd too.
Rikashiku said on 2/Oct/12
Normally, I'm right Tammy, because I actually provide support for my listings. On Yaspaas picture, he would have been over 6'4" or more which contradicts all other listings saying 6'2"-6'3" for him and his brother.
Rikashiku said on 30/Sep/12
Why yes Yaspaa, Hemsworth sure does enjoy wearing his thick boots.

Here he is 2" on hiddleston
Click Here

And here, despite having some pretty thick soles, he is just barely taller.
Click Here

And here, they are practically the exact same height.
Click Here
Click Here

Here they are wearing the same style of shoes.
Click Here

Woops, still the same.
Click Here
Click Here

Funny thing, huh?
Tammy said on 30/Sep/12
To Rikashiku, there is no way, whatsoever, that Hemsworth is shorter than 6'3", and there is no way Chris Evans is shorter than 6". Anybody who says otherwise are just being trolls.
Yaspaa said on 27/Sep/12
No taller than Hiddleston?
Click Here
Rikashiku said on 26/Sep/12
Robert Downey Jr 5'8", kinda obvious. (On Captain Americas deleted scene, it shows a dossier on Tony Stark listing his height as 5'8").

Chris Evans 5'10.5". Doesn't really seem like a very tall guy.

Mark Ruffalo 5'7".

Chris Hemsworth 6'1.5" No taller than I am or Hiddleston.

Scarlett Johansson 5'3"

Jeremy Renner 5'8"

Tom Hiddleston 6'1.5"

Samuel Jackson 6'1"-6'2"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Sep/12
I know this question should be asked on Height Request but could the British TV/radio presenter Chris Evans be added Rob? I think he's around 6ft2
SAMMY DERRICK said on 2/Sep/12
zero said on 27/Aug/12
181-182 cms. A strong 5'11 guy.
Andrew said on 16/Aug/12
Glad comments are back so I can clarify my 5'9.5 claim for Evans. When I made that comment, I forgot to say 5'9.5 barefoot, meaning that I think he's 1 to 1 1/4" taller in shoes. Therefore, I don't think he's any taller than 5'10.5 or 5'10.75 depending on the shoes. There's no way he's 6ft since Eric Christian Olsen seemed 2.5 to 3" taller than him in Cellular.
WalkingTall 6ft 3.25in said on 15/Aug/12
Although i was pretty sure he is a six footer,i'm not anymore :D, 182 cm could be bang on for him,but he does have a frame of a taller man
SAMMY DERRICK said on 15/Aug/12
HollywoodFan said on 10/Aug/12
There was a stand-in casting/audition notice just prior to Captain America seeking a male with dirty blonde hair who should be no more than 5'10" in height. The same stand-in qualifications were being sought for The Avengers. It's gotta be for either Renner or Evans.
Yitzhak said on 5/Aug/12
Based on the pics with Hemsworth I would guess 184 cm morning, 182 cmish night. Very strong 5'11", close to six flat. Great proportions.

Rob I have a question - when people shrink do they typically lose most of their "extra" height from morning to evening within a few hours of waking up or they they typically lose height throughout the whole day? People seem to always quote "evening height" as being less than "afternoon height" but measuring myself I am seemingly exactly the same height say, four hours after waking up as I am at night.
[Editor Rob: there's a fast loss in the first few hours from waking up.

I've said it before on here many times, by lunchtime I'm pretty much near my low, maybe another 1-2mm loss...and from people I've measured it's very common for most height to be lost in the 5-6 hours after waking, and only a much smaller amount from afternoon to evening, sometimes you might already be at your low at lunch time.

Chameleon said on 2/Aug/12
6'0 flat? I dont think he's over 180cm.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Jake said on 1/Aug/12
He is 6'0" flat. If anything based off recent pictures, he looks slightly taller than 6. Not shorter than 6 feet though
theblacklab said on 1/Aug/12
Rob, didn't you once have him at 5'11"? I think he looks about 179-181cm, most likely 5'11". He doesn't look that much taller than 5'8" to 5'9" Robert Downey Jr.
[Editor Rob: no he wasn't just 5ft 11, he's hovered around 6ft for a few years, possibly a fraction above or below for a while before.]
Rikashiku said on 31/Jul/12
In Chris' pics he actually looks shorter than Ioan by an inch. Even in the last to pics he looks shorter even when he is closer to the camera which makes him look bigger than he really is. 179cm-180cm.
Chris said on 7/Feb/12
Josh B.

Evans is half inch taller than Gruffudd but not quiet a full 6'. 5'11.5 (182 cms) for the Cap would be bang on.
Josh B said on 23/Jan/12
Click Here
Click Here

Holds quite well next to these tall dudes, yet can also look close to Ioan's height as evidenced bellow, he seems like a guy that has yo yo posture.
Soviet_Rebel said on 16/Jan/12
NO WAY HE'S 6 ft. Strong 180cm. Full stop. Evidences are in the comments below.
Ras_ said on 31/Dec/11
Yeah Chris,I agree with you 181-182cm.
Chris said on 29/Dec/11
I said he's a solid 5'11 guy, means that his minimum height would be 180, but i think during the day he's over 5'11, but doesn't reach the 6'. Probably 5'11.5 (182) guy.
Bakura said on 29/Dec/11
Evans looks taller than Gruffudd in the last two pics, Chris. Always looks a solid 6ft to me.
TruebloodFan said on 28/Dec/11
@Chris says on 15/Dec/11

'Looks same height as him. Evans seems taller beacuse of his body build, but to me he's a solid 5'11 guy, just like Gruffudd'

I doubt he's 5'11. the guy is tall.
Chris said on 16/Dec/11
With legit 5'11 guy (listed here) Ioan Gruffudd:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Looks same height as him. Evans seems taller beacuse of his body build, but to me he's a solid 5'11 guy, just like Gruffudd
Chris said on 15/Dec/11
With legit 5'11 guy (listed here) Ioan Gruffudd:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

He looks the same height as him. His body build make him look a 6 footer, but to me he's a solid 5'11 guy, just like Gruffudd
jaypee said on 29/Nov/11
in filmbug, he is listed as 5-11
Godred said on 19/Nov/11
@Yuno - does seem a 6 footer to me.
Yuno said on 16/Nov/11
Average height, 5'10" - 5'11". 6'0" is out of the question.
Shortish86 said on 8/Nov/11
I think he's 182cm.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 2/Nov/11
yeah he's around 6'... i think he's like 182-183! good height!
jay said on 28/Oct/11
egnagel says on 22/Feb/11
i dont know about his 6'. Hemsworth looks like 6'5 guy if Evans is 6'.

Click Here

hemsworth is standing straight up with good posture and evans is leaning over, if evans was standing straight up too, itd prob be around a 3 inch difference
HollywoodFan said on 25/Oct/11
Same height as Joss Whedon
Godred said on 24/Oct/11
@Tempest - Yes but they shot it that way to make him look tall,looks 6ft in everything else I`ve seen him in.
Tempest said on 23/Oct/11
I thought he looked 6'2" in Captain America. He was taller than TLJ.
jaypee said on 17/Oct/11
does anyone have a better photo of Chris Evans? he looks to me like he could be between 5'11 to 6 ft but the only way to make sure is have a great photo.
L said on 14/Oct/11
honestly he looks 5'11-5'11 12
Godred said on 8/Oct/11
@Max - no chance he`s 6 ft flat.
Max said on 26/Sep/11
If you watch the marvel conference thing on youtube, chris evans stands next to chris hemsworth and he's 6'3" and chris evans and he looks about 2 maybe 2 and a half inches off him, so around 6 and half an inch to 6'1" i'd say!
MBH said on 17/Sep/11
hahaha chris evans 5'9? really?
leonari said on 12/Sep/11
Andrew:Dude... Ridiculous claim for Evans. 3 inches below his height... downgrading is fun ha?
Andrew said on 12/Sep/11
In "Cellular," next to Eric Christian Olsen -- who is listed at 6'1 -- he looked about 3.5 to 4 inches shorter in some shots. He has to be 5'9 or 5'9.5
Original said on 11/Sep/11
For me, he's 5'11.25" and 200 pounds.
HollywoodFan said on 8/Sep/11
Just saw him up close in NYC a week ago (Saturday) during filming of the Avengers...he stands just under 6 feet (between 5'10.5"-5'11"), and around 185-190 lbs. The film's definitely going to be epic!!
Godred said on 21/Aug/11
@winkle - nope, they just shot it to make him look taller, he looks 6 ft in everything else, like Sunshine.
Winkle laltlanchhunga said on 19/Aug/11
Judging from captain america i thought he would at least be 6'2" maybe??
HollywoodFan said on 16/Aug/11
Saw Chris on Jimmy Fallon's late night show here in NYC recently and he looked, dare I say, a half inch under Jimmy Fallon. Also saw a casting for a stand in for one of The Avengers actors, male with dirt blonde/light brown hair. Guessing it could've been for Jeremy Renner...or Chris Evans perhaps? Either way, hope he manages to maintain his weight/size for the role. In recent 'Avenger' pics, he looked as though he's begun to shed a few pounds.
r3v001 said on 11/Aug/11
as always makes sense thanks rob!
r3v001 said on 10/Aug/11
lol treets!I believe they said he was 5'6 and 90 lbs actually! Rob is there some way for me to be notified if someone on the site cmments on something I say or asks me a question???
[Editor Rob: I've kept it bare bones for a number of reasons. One was when I sat down to work out the 'computing power/bandwidth etc' needed to cope, it would triple the costs.

I felt at the moment I was better spending money on trying to keep getting photos for the site.]
Treets said on 9/Aug/11
He looked 5'7", 120lbs in Captain America.
brad said on 9/Aug/11
Wow! I thought he was a couple inches taller after watching Cap America. He played the role well. Idk what you guys are talking about with him being too small to play cap. Thats crazy talk. He was beefed up in that movie.
Alex said on 6/Aug/11
Looked 6'0 in Captain America but not going to be easy to tell the difference from 5'11 to 6'0 anyway. 5'11 1/2 at the lowest maybe?
perdy said on 5/Aug/11
saw the movie, this dude has put on abit of muscle since fantastic 4! id say a tall 5"11 and around 200lbs between 195-203. with the clothes on didnt look any bigger than any1 els in the movie. any1 under 200lbs in cloths dnt stand out as big till there shirt comes off and there ripped ie jason stathem, ryan renalds or christian bale all muscular but in clothes look normal and dnt strike u as big untill the loose a shirt
Richard said on 3/Aug/11
You wouldn't guess he's only 6' though just from watching that movie, he seems to tower over everyone else. Makes him on par with me, and I spent the whole movie thinking "Jeez... how huge is this guy?". Did they deliberatly cast all the cast members that would be in close contact with him deliberatly smaller or something, to make him look bigger?

Still, many people, especially round here, and in the movie buisness often get misconceptions about height.
6' is massive in the real world, but no one believes than anymore. Stand next toa 6' guy and if you actually look, they are way bigger than you expect. All these movie directors do people a disservice by always angleing for the taller bloke. You get so caught up un Superman's 6'2, or Doctor Who's 6'1, that you don't realise that there really isn't much difference, especially on screen, between them and a 5'10 guy. Sure, you can tell their shorter, but being about 5'10, your still likely to tower over most of the other supporting actors around you, it's only when you get them together you notice.
This annoys me in films, actually, because directors are always drawn to the taller ones. Look at Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr. Probably, I think, the 2 best actors in Hollywood, and definatly 2 of the shortest.
leonari said on 2/Aug/11
Chris Evans is built like an unemployed uncle... Yeah sure...STOP smoking that herb HERB. You are delusional. Evans is in amazing shape and perfect for playing the Cap.
Mamun said on 2/Aug/11
AGREED % 1000 !


HERB said on 1/Aug/11
This guy is WAY too small to play the pinnacle of human perfection. Entirely too puny. They should have got Chris Hemsworth to play Cap and Tyler Mane to be Thor. Bane, Thor, Cap are all cast to be much smaller than they are supposed to be. Heroes and villains should be larger than life, not built like your unemployed uncle.
Jed said on 29/Jul/11
Brad completely agree. Great film. Caveman he looked tall enough - He was taller than the rest of the cast - the 2" on film didn't show. Physique wise I completely agree though. Needed far more shoulder / lat development. Looks under 190 tbh if he hasn't got big legs (which I don't think he'll have).
Brad said on 27/Jul/11
Just saw Captain America. Through camera trickery and big boots he looked 6'2 easily. PERFECT casting, Evans has charisma coming out his ass, probably my favorite performance in a superhero movie.
MOF said on 25/Jul/11
Tommy Lee Jones had an inch on Evans in Captain America.
CavemanRadio said on 23/Jul/11
Saw the movie last night. Amazing sets and props. Tommy Lee Jones and Hugo Weaving are great. Chris Evans walks through it and is nowhere near 220lbs (no delts, traps, lats, quads, hamstrings)...the storyline is so good that the FACT that Evans doesn't have the frame, jawline, musculature, or charisma to be Cap is minimized by the brilliance of the supporting cast and scenery. But once again, Samuel L Jackass portrays Nick Fury as an angry, ghetto, pimp...
Caveman said on 22/Jul/11
Chris Evans does not have the height or frame to be Cap USA, nor does he have the jaw-line/facial structure. Steve Rogers never had a pointy face nor such small shoulders/delts. Horrific casting...and the costume is awful. BTW, 2" inches is a big deal...the reason RDJ can be Iron man is because Iron Man is all about the SUIT, not the physical abilities of of Tony Stark...Duh!
HollywoodFan said on 20/Jul/11
I recall 6'4" Rebb Brown (he must've been around 250 lbs. at least), played Captain America on 2 CBS television movies back in '79! Physically, he was ideal for that role, although he had the silly plexiglass shield. I heard that he said Chris Evans playing Captain America is like a "little" version of himself! LOL! I'd say Chris appears to be around 6 feet tall and somewhere between 195 lbs. and 205 lbs.
Rich said on 29/May/11
I really doubt he is less than 6 feet tall and nothing more either. Captain America in the comics is 6'2" tall. Anyhow 2 inches is a marginal difference. Bale is 6 feet and portrays a 6'2" hero. For Henry Cavill this is a bigger stretch, as he is 6 feet flat but Superman is supposed to be 6'3" and broad shouldered.
Cranberries said on 13/May/11
Exactly. 6'6" is much, MUCH larger than 6'3", especially if the builds are similarly robust.

Not to mention, look at the last picture below me. Hemsworth may be 6'3", but he's a small 6'3", with a rather small head/jaw, a long neck, and fairly narrow shoulders, and chest. Yeah, he's muscular, and yeah, he's "tall", but he's not really a big guy from a genetics standpoint; he's almost like a vertically stretched Chris Evans. David Prowse is an example of a big guy from a genetics standpoint. Magnus Samuelsson too (unfortunately not an actor), even though he's not big-boned for a strongman.

Yeah, I think Thor should be truly big. Not just some tall-ish pretty boy with nice abs and cute little squinty eyes.
ThaMessenger said on 11/May/11
I met him in Boston. He is about 6'0 maybe a tad over but most likely flat on 6'0. It was said he put on 25-30 lbs for Captain America which would put him a about 200 lbs. Plus standing next to him was about the Difference between him and Hemsworth who is listed 6'3. Which is my Height.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
TruebloodFan said on 9/May/11
lmao USYD your perception of height is funny. '190 cm is not small' - gotta write that down.

Evans is 6ft with ease.
gogo said on 7/May/11
im 178cm that exactly what i look near my 189cm friend
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Apr/11
Looks a little below 6"0, probably 182cm...

Ron would you be able to add the radio presenter Chris Evans?
simon said on 20/Apr/11
chris evans is 6 foot 200 pounds for captain america no arguing about it.Look at christian bale in batman begins,chris bale is 6foot too and was great in the bruce wayne role,captain america and the batman have the same physical abilities chris evans should fit the role perfectly !
Chameleon said on 15/Apr/11
Hemsworth aint over 1.90 come on now.

Evans 180 is possible.
Nick said on 10/Apr/11
egnagel says on 22/Feb/11
i dont know about his 6'. Hemsworth looks like 6'5 guy if Evans is 6'.

Chris Evans looks around 4-5 inches shorter in this pic... i would give him a 5 foot 11 and Hemsworth a 6 foot 4 maybe even a fraction under 6 foot 5
Aaron said on 3/Apr/11
Evans is a solid 6'0" guy with a remarkable build; I wouldn't downgrade him by a hair. Hemsworth = lifts, btw. In everything that has anything to do with Thor, he's wearing lifts. He knows he's small for the part.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 24/Feb/11
i'd say the difference is like 4.5 inches... maybe he looks so shorter because he's leaning! 4 inches he would reaches at least his eyebrows and he doesnt! i think he's just a strong 180! no more!
ANDREA[ITA] said on 24/Feb/11
i'd say the difference is like 4.5 inches... maybe he looks so shorter because he's leaning! 4 inches he would reaches at least his eyebrows and he doesnt!
egnagel said on 24/Feb/11
you are right Chameleon the difference is 4 inches. But Hemsworth is listed 6'3 so Evans is shorter or Hemsworth is taller.
Chameleon said on 23/Feb/11
6'5? U must be joking. The difference is at most 4'
egnagel said on 22/Feb/11
i dont know about his 6'. Hemsworth looks like 6'5 guy if Evans is 6'.

Click Here
SolidSnake said on 17/Feb/11
Not a very good picture here because mamun is so much closer to the camera
nykk said on 8/Feb/11
So looks like most everyone was wrong. Everyone saying he wouldnt be big enough for the part should now kill yourself.
KOOL said on 31/Jan/11
Chris is 6ft height definitely. And he fitted into the role of Captain America perfectly. He's the most handsome guy.
Anonymous said on 5/Jan/11
He's far to small at 6ft to play captain america! but he has buffed up so fair game. Seem i would say a solid 6ft
Mr. R said on 30/Nov/10
I thought I read somewhere that it between 30 and 40#.
Anonymous said on 30/Nov/10
Does anyone know how much weight he put on to pay Captain America? I can't find any mention of it, anywhere.
TruebloodFan said on 29/Nov/10
actually, Evans did look 6ft in the funny naked barefoot scene in 'Not Another Teen Movie'. and he was like 20 then?
Anonymous said on 27/Nov/10
He is immense. I think he's been taking the juice. As for his height I think he is maybe 6 foot even or just shy like 5'11.75 or so because he doesnt seem That tall.

Check this out btw.

Click Here
Mr. R said on 13/Nov/10
I just saw a pic of Chris in Entertainment Weekly as Captain America. HE IS HUGE! To show him as the scrawny Steve Rogers, they are using clever camera angles, costume trickery. and digital moves where Chris'face is superimposed on a skinny actor.
Sam said on 2/Nov/10
No Eric, Chris Evans gained alot of weight for the role...he is well over 200 pounds now and looks Big enough to pull it off...he may be 220 in some of the stills i have seen he looks to be about 25 to 40 pounds heavier than he was in Fantastic Four
Viper said on 1/Nov/10
LOL 6'3
MD said on 1/Nov/10
Wrong Chris Evans you're talking about, probably.
Anonymous said on 30/Oct/10
I've seen Chris up close, he is a big guy, actually I was surprised how big 6.3 at least, I'm relatively big, but he was bigger than me.
dmeyer said on 18/Jun/09
he is as tall as keanu in the all movie so either keanu is 6 ft ns is 6 ft 1
Bob said on 13/Jun/09
it say's 6' on his site rob, have you seen
Akirum said on 3/Jun/09
Chris Evans is 5 ft 11 1/2, and he honestly doesn't look much over 160. He's probably a half inch taller than Ioan Gruffud, and 10-15 lbs lighter.
Anya said on 24/Apr/09
linebacker...erm Chris is that you? or should I say Matt? lol with good shoes Chris is 6'0, but 5'11 min.
linebacker40 said on 29/Mar/09
A sturdy 5'11" for Evans. Can look 6'1".
Yaspaa said on 1/Mar/09
Yeah,I agree no lower than 181, 182 max judging from the pics I have seen with him 6'2 Forest Whitaker.
Original said on 26/Feb/09
He's 181cm, 182cm.
5'6er said on 22/Feb/09
i met him few times at least 5'11'' no less
Anonymous said on 11/Feb/09
Chris Evans is taller Ioan Gruffudd, Ioan sometimes look taller because of their hair style

Click Here

Click Here
Anonymous said on 8/Feb/09
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CK said on 21/Jan/09
Hmm Chris seems to be about 5'11 and I've seen Ioan Gruffudd listed as 6'0 by some sources. 6'0 for Evans including shoes sounds about right.
Anonymous said on 19/Jan/09
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jj said on 19/Jan/09
Chris Evans is not 6'0 ft because next to his co-star from Fantastic Four Ioan Gruffudd who is 5'11" Chris Evans is shorter than him. Chris Evans is probably a good 5'10".
yoyo said on 3/Jan/09
he looks 5ft11. no way 6ft for this guy..
Mamun said on 25/Dec/08
No my friend she wasn't there but I sure in GOD's name wish she was . She
left without speaking to the fans unfortunately !


Shahmeer said on 14/Dec/08
was Jessica Alba there,Mamun brother?
J-Sinn said on 18/Sep/08
Hey, I just watched Street Kings and in some scenes he looks like he is taller than Keaneau Reeves. He is listed at 6'1. Some scenes he's the same height. Not sure what kind of soles though.
Mamun said on 28/Aug/08
Your welcome james !


Mamun said on 27/Aug/08
I think she would have been 5' 10" to 5' 9.5 " barefeet . She was wearing
heels and was beautiful as ever . I can never forget her brief eye to eye
contact with me .


Clay said on 27/Aug/08
Chris is standing behind Mun' there if he bridged the gap it would be a 3.5/4 inch differnce leaving him at around 6'0.
Mamun said on 27/Aug/08
Your welcome james!
Derek said on 26/Aug/08
I've seen 6'0" and 6'1" listings for Chris. I think it's safe to say Chris is a sub-6 footer.
Mamun said on 25/Aug/08
Yes I am American but please don't tell anybody that America is not where I
was born . I was born on a planet that isn't there anymore . It's sad isn't
it ?


Clay said on 22/Aug/08
PapaJohn looked the same height as 5'10'' Adam Sandler. They were both humbly dwarfed by Khali though, heh.
Mamun said on 22/Aug/08
Well my good friends you have a college baseball listing of 5' 11" and then
you have a my picture with him ! It is all up to you to see the real estimate
of his height based upon these evidence .

Answering my good friend ROB's question , the answer is " YES " he is around
my height and we both wore almost the same level soled shoes . You can see
the shoes I was wearing that day because it was the same time I met Tommy
12th july 2008 !

Kind regards

Clay said on 21/Aug/08
Thats cool Mamun I know the actor you're reffering to. Come on Rob make it happen!

[Editor Rob: I just viewed the pic of papa/mamun then khali having not downloaded it from my email. Mamun, is this Papa around your height, he looks it but got 5ft 11 listing in college baseball!!

I shall add him but better Mamun estimates what he appeared.]
Mamun said on 21/Aug/08
My friend Clay I am more excited to get Khali, Shaq and show then you are !
I even pray to GOD that I do get a good picture with these men . But guess
what my friends ? There is a way you can put Khali next to all these other
giants that I have a picture with ! I have also got a very good standing
picture with this actor called Micheal Papa Johns ( The man who killed
spider man's uncle in spider man 1 & 3 ), who also stared with Khali in the
movie " Longest Yard " . This gentle man gave me an excellent signed photo
of him and Khali ( full body standing ) . I have already sent both of these
pictures to my good friend ROB . All you good people have to do is " Ask
the ROB " ! I can promise you these pictures would be an excellent comparison
pictures and you could also get a perfect height of Khali when you see them !

Kind regards

Clay said on 21/Aug/08
Also Mamun, could use describe what it was like next to 7'8-8'0 Naseer Ahmad Soomro?? You've been next to a lot of large men Mamun!
The Guy said on 20/Aug/08
Even in the picture beside Mamun, he only looks, MAX 3" taller. 5'11.25
Jake said on 20/Aug/08
That picture above is ridiculous. It makes Chris look almost as short as Mamun. How are we supposed to buy his claim of 6 feet by looking at that picture?

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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