How tall is Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson's Height

5ft 3 (160 cm)

American Actress best known for roles in Ghost World, Lost in Translation, Lucy, The Prestige, Marriage Story, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, The Black Dahlia, Match Point and the Marvel Universe playing Natasha Romanoff/The Black Widow. She has a twin brother and mentioned in the Scotland on Sunday, "I'm 5ft 4in and he's 6ft 3in", although in Style Magazine mentioned that "I'd like to be taller. I'm 5-foot-4 on a good day, and a couple extra inches would be nice". More recently she has now described herself as 5ft 3, in The Huffington Post: "my 5'3" frame" and Pittsburgh Post Gazette: "when you're 5-3"

How tall is Scarlett Johansson
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Claims have been made that I've been on a strict workout routine regulated by co-stars, whipped into shape by trainers I've never met, eating sprouted grains I can't pronounce and ultimately losing 14 pounds off my 5ft 3ins frame.
I'm a petite person to begin with, so the idea of my losing this amount of weight is utter lunacy. If I were to lose 14 pounds, I'd have to part with both arms. And a foot.
-- 2009

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Average Guess (193 Votes)
5ft 2.95in (159.9cm)
Elene said on 12/Jan/23
I see 159 cm for her.but no less.
Mmr said on 10/Dec/22
How tall is her brother? Every source says 6'3". He doesn't look 12 inches taller than her in any photo I have seen.
Wehrmacht180 said on 6/Mar/22
157.2 cm
(Billythetreesurgeon) said on 15/Feb/22
Iโ€™ll give her 5ft 3 inches

Absolutely stunning woman, would love to meet her one day
Jayk said on 5/Feb/22
160cm fair square considering 182.5 cm chris evans.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 3/Dec/21
When the little lady is on the phone to her Mum in 'Lucy', crying her eyes out, I feel like giving her a great big comforting hug!

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 3/Dec/21
๐Ÿ’๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽˆ Belated Birthday Wishes to the lovely Scarlett, who celebrated her 37th on 22nd November. ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽ‚๐Ÿ’

5ft3.5 ๐Ÿค—๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ’ XXX
Wehrmacht180 said on 28/Nov/21
157 cm
Abby said on 20/Oct/21
Would you say around 53 kg a good hguess for her weight?
em166 said on 28/Sep/21
Rob, has she ever been listed as 5-4, previously (before her more recent claim)? I agree, 5-3 is spot on
Editor Rob
3.5 I think at one point in the distant past, she's held the 5ft 3 for a good few years now.
Elene said on 7/Aug/21
5โ€™4 is impossible
Elene said on 5/Aug/21
Looks 159 cm to me.what do you think,Rob?
Jameson said on 1/Aug/21
Love Scarlett, but have never understood why anyone thinks a petite 5โ€™3โ€โ€™gal is the right choice to play (in the comics) tall, athletic Natasha Romanoff/the Black Widow.

Scarlettโ€™s certainly pretty, and underrated as an actress, but seeing her as a woman who can kick mucho ass has always been a stretch.

They couldโ€™ve at least put in her in lifts and made her put on a bit of muscle mass (a la Linda Hamilton).
ChaosControl 6'2.50 said on 13/Jul/21
Wouldnโ€™t have said 5โ€™3 is short for a woman, itโ€™s more like 5โ€™1-2 where short starts
Ethan Larsen said on 11/Jul/21
5ft 3. On the shorter side, but at least she doesn't lie.
MaskDeMasque said on 3/Jul/21
Yea she looked around 6 inches shorter than 5'9 JGL. 5'3. Gorgeous woman.
Hey555 said on 17/Jun/21
The French Dude that makes no sense but ok
Infalible said on 12/May/21
161 cm
Aj06 said on 8/Apr/21
she is an example of a perfect 5'3
Magnus 6'4" said on 23/Mar/21
Rob you should add Marriage Story to the list of things sheโ€™s been in.
heyyyyyyyy said on 8/Mar/21
barely 5'3"
Damara said on 25/Feb/21
I'll go with 5'3 or 160cm. She is honest enough about her height.
Genau said on 6/Feb/21
5ft3 100 lbs
ChaosControl 6'2 1/2 said on 1/Feb/21
I think 5โ€™3 but Iโ€™m gonna vote a bit higher to make the average guess line up with the listing
Aj06 said on 14/Dec/20
solid 5'3 but not taller shes pretty and pretty honest about her height.
Genau said on 8/Dec/20
5ft2.75 - 5ft3
ALEXIZ/180cm said on 22/Nov/20
157 cm max.
Arko Mallick said on 29/Aug/20
5'3" (160 cms). Many tall women are stick figures. Scarlett has that right sized feminine frame which makes her look beautiful. For me she's ideally tall.
JustJohnny said on 15/Aug/20
5โ€™3โ€ does seem right for her.
The French Dude said on 7/Aug/20
5ft3.5 sounds right to me, she has the face of tall woman so the first time i looked at her face i through she would be 5'6 at least, i got surprised at how short she was.
Tall Sam said on 1/Jun/20
I think she must be very comfortable in heels, she rarely seems to appear without them. I believe she was wearing some as a working class 1950s character when I saw her in a Broadway play.
Jam Cherry said on 1/May/20
She has to be 5โ€™3โ€ at 161 cm at least she doesnโ€™t look too short in avengers always gave a 5 foot 4 kinda impression in movies
Lakheswar Saikia said on 13/Apr/20
I don't believe she is short ๐Ÿ˜ณ
Julia 169 cm said on 1/Apr/20
How tall is she with these Click Here
Editor Rob
Not sure if over 5ft 7, but they should be near that 4 inch range
e flat said on 8/Mar/20
She has the same build nd height aa my sister! I would say 5'1 1/2 to 5'2". Very pretty actress
Unfair said on 3/Feb/20
Her height is totally 1,57 like me and she is my friend I know it, she knows it and this is totally unfair.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 22/Nov/19
๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽ€๐ŸŽ‚ Happy Birthday Scarlett! ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ€๐ŸŽŠ

Wishing Scarlett a very Happy 35th Birthday today!

5ft3. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’

I almost thought I'd forgotten Scarlett's Birthday. I think I would have been heartbroken! XXX ๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’•

5ft3! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘

Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 27/Aug/19
Between 5ft 2 half and 5ft 2 3/4.. I do know Johansson and Natalie Portman are best friends but Scarlett seems bit taller than Natalie Portman 5ft 2 for sure...
Nik said on 20/Jul/19
She has 350 comments, 100 votes, and an average guess of 5'2.95"!
Rod Carlson said on 18/Jul/19
Probably taller than Tom Cruise, but infinitely more attractive
Sharanya said on 17/Jul/19
Hi Rob. Would you consider her to be like 1/4 inch taller than your current listing, like say in the morning? When her height is at its peak? I feel she can be a little bit taller at peak.
Editor Rob
I think her claim seems more like a genuine measurement, so in the morning 1/4 taller at least.
Dom5'11.5 said on 9/Jul/19
I googled the her twin Brother, he does not look 6โ€™3 to me. Looks like 6โ€™1 tops, even Ryan Reynolds has a bigger height difference with her
Jancys said on 22/Feb/19
5ft 3. Good listing.
Sharkey said on 18/Feb/19
5'2" or 5'3". Wouldn't be shocked at either.
Michael 5'10", 178 cm said on 9/Jan/19
She is the definitive example of a 5'3" woman. Good listing.
TheBat said on 10/Nov/18
Very accurate listing, she's a true 5'3" woman.
Blondie said on 22/Oct/18
How much do you think she weighed around Iron Man 2 Rob?
Editor Rob
She might have been 125-128 range
Nik said on 14/Oct/18
@ Sandy Cowell - It is fascinating to find out from you that Scarlett has a twin brother who is over a foot taller than she is!
denisse said on 12/Oct/18
Sheโ€™s 155 cm
Legit 6'2 said on 4/Oct/18
5.3 for her
When they say "I'm X tall on a good day" it means that they are actually X-1 inches tall
Short women
Sandy Cowell said on 20/Aug/18
I have found Scarlett to be very matter-of-fact about finding that she is an inch shorter than she was once pegged at, even rubbing in that she has a 6ft4 TWIN brother. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ She accepts herself for the way she was made, which couldn't be more perfect anyway!

5ft3 for the lovely Scarlett.
Editor Rob
I think for a Hollywood actress, she seems reasonably frank about height...some might be tempted to round upwards towards 5ft 5.
Isaac Bakhturidze said on 1/Jun/18
Nothing over 5"2
MAD SAM said on 3/May/18
161 cm, she was super hot in iron man 2
181 said on 19/Feb/18
Sheโ€™s avarage like 1,61cm
XXX said on 17/Feb/18
she was a guest of an Italian TV show, when the announcer told her that she seemed taller in movies, she replied: I am 1, 55 cm tall
I do not know how high is Eva Longoria, but there seems to be little difference:

Click Here
JJStyles said on 3/Jan/18
nah she look taller than 5'3 she looks 5'4
Anonymous said on 23/Nov/17
She's listed in pretty much every website as 125 lbs, which I think is quite weird, don't you think Rob?
Editor Rob
Scarlet Johannson has probably weighed 125 at some stages, but she has also weighed 130-135 pound range I'd estimate.
Sandy Cowell said on 22/Nov/17
๐ŸŽ‚Happy Birthday Scarlett!๐ŸŽ‚

Have an absolutely wonderful day, you pretty lady with the gorgeous voice, which I just can't get enough of!
Also, here's wishing you an extra special and thoroughly successful new year!

MisterManletMick said on 28/Sep/17
Allie said on 16/Aug/17
Rob during the filming of Avengers Infinity War, the directors are looking for a stand in for Scarlett and one of the specifictions was to be 5'10-6'0!

reminds me of how they got a huge bodybuilder as Tom Hardy's Stunt Double in Dark Knight Rises when Tom himself had a relatively average build while playing Bane a beefy character, in the cannon Marvel Comics Black Widow is slightly taller than 5 ft 3 Scarlett at 5 ft 7.
Allie said on 16/Aug/17
Rob during the filming of Avengers Infinity War, the directors are looking for a stand in for Scarlett and one of the specifictions was to be 5'10-6'0!
Editor Rob
sounds like the guy writing it down was drunk!
Lanaka said on 19/Jul/17
5'3 on the dot! To maybe even at the lowest 5'2.75!
even said on 5/Jul/17
this girl stands 1600 mm tall .
Bammer said on 23/Jun/17
@ Kelly. *Skinny* Legs!? Have you seen 'Under The Skin' ? - She's totally naked and her legs is absolutely not *skinny* and they fit her build perfectly.

Regarding how tall she is, I'd say 5'2,5 to 5'2,75.
Kelly said on 19/Jun/17
Her legs are skinny most skinny legs are long but there not and her toursue not long so 5'2
debabrata said on 18/May/17
shes 6 inch shorter than robert downey jr
Megrace said on 14/Apr/17
5"3 exactly
Tom said on 4/Apr/17
Looked pretty tiny at times in Ghost in the Shell. I'd say 5'3" at the very most.
Chris said on 26/Feb/17
Her brother is not 6"3 more like 6 foot range
Hijopotamus said on 18/Feb/17
@Matko looooool
Sandy Cowell said on 20/Jan/17
I have 5 of the films mentioned above and others besides!
The first I saw was 'Lost in Translation', and I must admit that I found her every bit as delightful as I'd been given to believe! Then I saw 'The Other Boleyn Girl', playing Mary Boleyn. I favoured her over Natalie Portman's Anne, who came over as too calculating. Mary seemed kind of innocent and pliable, though those days trusting girls like that received bad reputations, which was so unfair!
Anyway, I'm getting quite carried away here because it's a film from the Tudor era, which I find fascinating! Both girls in that film are petite, and as they are both listed as 5ft3, it would be a dynamite way of finding out for sure! I wholeheartedly go for Scarlett's 5ft3, but not Natalie's, who I deam is a good inch shorter!
Now I'm going to have to watch it. I haven't seen it for ages anyway!
It's amazing to think that Scarlett has a twin brother who is a foot taller than her!
It might be worth mentioning that this young lady is the ideal example of an actress who acts with all three 'major' hair colours, blonde, brunette and redhead, and I really don't think it makes any difference to how tall she comes over as. I thought I should slip that in because it had been a recent subject of debate for us on this website!
PotatoMcCain said on 11/Jan/17
Then women aren't humans Matko? Wtf was that supposed to mean??
leonari said on 1/Jan/17
Below 160 but not by much. I say 159...
Justine said on 25/Dec/16
She gives Eva Mendes (5'5) a run for her money- sometimes looks legitimately taller. 5'4 for Scarlett; 5'3.75 for Eva Mendes.
Chuck said on 21/Dec/16
Weak 5'4". She had about 3 inches on me when I met her and I'm 5'1"
Editor Rob
I remember reading a journalist call her a tiny bit under 5ft 3.
Matko said on 12/Dec/16
For a woman, she's average height. For a human, she's short.
Tom said on 18/Nov/16
I think you're very generous with your use of the words "very tall" here. I thought she looked average height at best in that film as she was absolutely dwarfed by Gwyneth Paltrow and Jon Favreau. Also 5'7" is only moderately tall for a woman, I live in Chicago and there are quite a few women who are only 2-3 inches shorter than me, and I'm speaking as someone who is close to 6ft.
Bobby said on 7/Nov/16
@Llama, I highly disagree, 5'7 is very tall for a woman, especially if you ignore the extremes where a woman can be 6ft or taller. Also, 5'11 for a man is not short. You probably think it is because 5'9 guys claim they are, and thus you don't view 5'11 as being tall, but it's taller than you think. At 5'11, a man is only 2 inches shorter than his 6'1 peer. You still think it's short? I don't think it is. I speak as a man who was 5'11.5 in high school, and I was taller than a majority of people there, even the 6'5 guy (He really was 6'5) viewed me as being tall, and he was 5.5 inches taller. I'm 6'1 now, as I grew 2 inches thereabouts after graduating. So 5'11 is anything but average, most women and even men, will say that's tall.
Bobby said on 7/Nov/16
I don't know... I always thought she was taller, like 5'8. Why? Because Tom Holland is 5'8 and he wasn't taller than her. She also looked very tall in Iron Man 2. Maybe it's just camera angles.
Sarah said on 7/Nov/16
I think she is close to 5'3". Do you think that she is noticeably short in the Avengers, even against male costars who are somewhat below-average in height?
John said on 28/Oct/16
Rob, how tall is her husband, Romain Dauriac?
Editor Rob
from a glance, somewhere in the average range.
173-177 said on 22/Oct/16
can't see her above 5'1 she's clearly short to me not too short though but... she's small for sure
realheight said on 5/Jun/16
I guess 5'1.5". She is tiny but not ugly. 156cm or under counted short for a woman.

156cm woman= 168cm man. 168cm counted "dwarf" for a man, but 156cm counted "below average" for a woman? is that so? lol. 156cm is below than 7cm usa average and she is definitely tiny. furthermore she is danish origin and denmark average 167cm.
grizz said on 27/Apr/16
@Alex, no, that would mean she's below average. By your chart, a girl who's 162 cm (in a country where 163 cm is average), you'd scream immediately SHORT?
Realistically 5'2 or below is the start of short for American standards.
Umila said on 23/Apr/16
I disagree that she isn't short. After reevaluating my own height....still think Thomas Jane is taller than listed....I'm a weak 5'6'' and can measure just over 5'5'' at the end of the day. Recently saw her at a WB event...Girl is TINY. I mean that in several ways. First, I had always assumed she was super curvy. She isn't. She's a lot skinnier than I ever would have thought. Secondly, she's extremely petite. There is no way that she is 5'3''. She's utterly gorgeous, whatever her height, but needs a downgrade. If anyone put my in Hollywood, I feel like I would be a beast in size (and I'm only 120 lbs)...Mind blown.
Alex said on 13/Mar/16
Yes, she is short. She's a couple of cm under the average height for a woman
Skye said on 5/Jun/15
@crypto139 - Black Widow suppose to be 5'7. So yeah. There's that.
Jacques said on 23/May/15
5'2.75 for her. She is weak 5'3. She is considerably shorter than the Hulk (Banner).
Crypto139 said on 14/May/15
And she is supposed to be playing a character that is based on a 5 feet 6 japanese woman in the movie Ghost in the Shell! Though height of anime characters maybe stated as something but they really look a lot different than the writer states like the so called 187 or 6 feet 1.75 inch character in that manga is really giangantic, compared to all the other characters. I just hope that Ghost in the Shell is a good movie.
Huntie said on 27/Apr/15
@Brenda nobody cares how tall you are sis. Stay in school.
CASPER said on 7/Apr/15
I guess heels really make up for them.She looked little shorter than Robert Downey Jr in avengers.
Erica said on 13/Mar/15
Celebrity makeup artist Bobbi Brown describes Scarlett as 5'2" in her book "Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules." I'm sure they've met.
grizz said on 5/Mar/15
@Brenda, easy now with name-calling. Would you feel comfortable if someone called you an ogre?
She's 1-2 inches shorter than the American average for women.
Arch Stanton said on 4/Dec/14
Rob can you add Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Scoop, The Black Dahlia and Match Point. Do you have a better photo? - looks a bit washed out here.
Captain America said on 6/Nov/14
5'1" the most
Emmett said on 15/Oct/14
Wierd that her brother is a foot taller than her, but he does actually look like he could be a legit 6'3 man when you see the two of them together. And they're twins too! He must have stolen all her tall genes when they were in the womb together. Anyone know how tall their parents are?
SAMMY DERRICK said on 5/Oct/14
In the movie LUCY,she is described as 25 blonde and medium height.5'3 in Far East Asia is average for a woman.
Sam said on 17/Sep/14
I'd say the rate that people are getting taller if any is slowing down compared to how it was since the 1950s. We have much more than they did and more or less what we need so can only go so far..
Jones said on 6/Sep/14
@ Sean 6' isn't average but it is still a very normal height.
Amaze said on 16/Jun/14
lol at 6' being average, 5'9 is lower average, 5'10 being higher average. 6' for a man is tall, sean your friend and my brother are same height yeah it's a good height

5'3 is average for a woman too but like 5'9 for a man, lower average. scarletts at a good height for a woman, not quite petite. her bro is like a foot taller than her lol. Adriano you been living in giant land? 6' is 3 inches over average.
Sean said on 28/May/14
6' definitely isn't average. I measured one of my friends at 6'0.5 and he's consistently one of the tallest people in the room wherever he goes, if not the tallest period.
Realist said on 10/May/14
@Adiaino You are living in a dream world if you think average in America is 6'0. Average is between 5'9-5'11. Scarlet is about 5'3 maybe a bit under 159. She looks about 2 inches shorter than legit 5'8 Joaquin Phoenix in Her premiers with 3-4 inches heels. He was in flats. Also her brother ain't 6'3 he is about 6'1.5 (186 cm).
Adiaino said on 6/Apr/14
Elijah you're wrong,Cillian was right.6' is the average height for an american male.It's not 5'9 or 5'10.
Sean said on 11/Mar/14
This is late to the conversation, but I agree with Lorne down there. Teenage guys especially can look taller than they are because they're usually pretty thin. I'm 17, and a lot of my friends are 5'10 range and claim six foot (one is 5'10 1/2 and claims 6'1, haha), and people believe them because they give off a tall impression. Btw, I know they're 5'10 range because I've measured them.
Sarah said on 16/Feb/14
5'3" is pretty close. She looks about this height on the Avengers.
kani said on 7/Feb/14
I think she is so beautiful, no matter how tall she is. I actually thought she was taller. She must have long legs! I'm only 5ft.2in. and I look shorter-short legs!
JeanE said on 13/Jan/14
Don't forget the other sex-bomb, Jean Harlow at 5'1". Watching her in the old movies, she commanded respect and owned the screen. Whatever your height, play up your strengths and carry yourself like "you have oil wells pumping in your backyard.". Scarlett is awesome.
sweetie said on 13/Jan/14
she is no taller than 5'
gavy said on 6/Jan/14
Scarlett is short 5'1 or 5'2 max. But she is d sexiest gal in Hollywood. Being shorter, she has a fantastic body.
liftwearer said on 20/Oct/13
I think this listing is pretty accurate. She usually looks a bit on the petite side in photos with other celebs. I also find her to be just very average in every way too. Height, weight, looks...well it's just my personal opinion. Kudos to her for making a name for herself in Hollywood.
Len said on 17/Sep/13
5'2" or 5'3".

Like her in most movies, but thought she was miscast as The Black Widow in the Marvel films.

The Black Widow is a tall, athletic, strong-looking Russian redhead. Scarlett's great, but she's none of those things.

She can act, though. Her interrogation scene with Loki in The Avengers was pretty good.
Lucy said on 31/Aug/13
I saw Scarlett J. at a Starbucks in Canmore, Alberta with Ryan Reynolds before they were married. I am 5'3 and Scarlett was 2-3 inches shorter than me and she was wearing flat shoes. I think she may be exaggerating her height by a couple of inches. Based on what I saw she is probably 5'1 or 5'2. Because she is most often seen in high heels she may seem taller.
SK said on 26/Aug/13
Lorne, I agree with what you wrote. I think so many people overestimate their height that we have a distorted idea of what's tall now. It's funny when people say 6' or 5'11" for a man isn't tall. Of course, it depends on the person's body type and proportions, but 5'11"-6' is still tall or above average height for a man in the U.S. and in most parts of the world. The reason why it doesn't seem that tall anymore is that (1) so many guys who are really 5'8"-5'10" inflate their height and claim to be 5'11"-6'; (2) people have gotten heavier over the years, which makes them look shorter; and (3) we're used to seeing more extremes now and tall people have just gotten taller. Plus, there's a difference between the true average height in a society vs. what you see out there in the streets. Just because you're surrounded by tall people doesn't mean those people are the average height. Where I work, I see plenty of very tall women who are at least 5'10" even in flat shoes, but I know those women are not the norm.
Sam said on 1/Jul/13
I saw her on-stage in A View From a Bridge. Although she can look really quite short, on stage she looked 5'4" range to me next to Liev Schreiber and the rest of the cast. However, she was wearing quite large-heeled shoes based on some of these photos, where Schreiber looks a solid head taller.
Click Here
Lorne said on 30/Jun/13
Well Europe is a different story, Truth177. Some parts average really is 5'11, should've thought of that! But they specifically said us. Average for women in us is 5'4-5'5, as you said. Average for men is NOT over 5'9.5 though, unless you talk about younger white men, where average really is around 179cm. In any case, 6ft in US is still tall, and anywhere 6ft is strong average, though in very few places is average 5'11+. For example, UK, all countries, average is less than 5'10. Sorry, but peoPle living us saying 5'10 is short are crazy. And I very rarely see women taller than me, which says something...
truth177cm said on 28/Jun/13
people who claim 6ft-6ft1 is average are just as deluded as people who claim 5ft8-9 is average.
truth177cm said on 28/Jun/13
nah Lorne, realistically speaking (where I am from though, Europe) about 30% of guys are 6ft and over, it is not around LOL. and average height for a male is 5ft10-11, female 5ft4-5ft5.
Lorne said on 28/Jun/13
Lol jf and cillian. Like most people, you overestimate height. Remember, most people claim to be an inch or 2 taller than they are, for various reasons. Some ppl really think they are that tall, others measure themselves in shoes, and some just lie. In reality, most people that claim to be 5'10 are really 5'8-5'9, and I have even seen a few 5'7-5'7.5 guys claim 5'10. And a lot of guys who are legitametly 6ft, claim to be 6'1-6'2. Point is, 6ft is tall, 88th percentile, I believe, so taller than 88% of the population. Just telling you, your ideas about height are warped. If you really think that over 70% of kids in your school are 6ft+, when statistictly well under 20% are, you are either delusional, or have no idea what a true 6 footer looks like.( Let alone a legit 6ft2, which is VERY tall, despite 6ft flat guys regularly claiming it)
Kate said on 30/May/13
She is beautiful, period. Who cares how tall she is...5'3 is perfect.
Mooplefoo said on 8/May/13
I am an high school Elijah and i do agree with Cillian. A vast majority of kids in my school are 6ft and above id say 70% of males are in my school. I'm 5'6 in public I dont feel too short but at school I'm one of the shorter kids. My dads 5'10 and in public he always seems perfectly average though.
JF said on 31/Mar/13
i am a guy and i am 5 feet why is it the guy has to be taller then the girl who cares as long as you love each other it should not matter who is tall or short. i get girl looking at me weird just being i am shorter then them who cares ppl come in all sizes it what is the inside that matter not the outside
JF said on 31/Mar/13
i am a guy and i am 5 feet why is it the guy has to be taller then the girl who cares as long as you love each other it should not matter who is tell her i get girl looking at me weird just being i am shorter then them who cares ppl come in all sizes it what in the in side that matter not the outside
JP said on 13/Mar/13
I thought she was taller. Very attractive though
Elijah said on 11/Mar/13
No it isn't Cillian. Average height is still a solid/strong 5'9" even for young people.
Cillian said on 17/Feb/13
Is 5'10" really average height for American men? Isn't that kinda short? Most kids these days are already at 6ft barely out of high school.
Cliff said on 14/Feb/13
I agree with Llama.

It is indeed rare to see a girl taller than 5'7" - even in los Angeels where I live. For example, the tallest girl in the office in which I work (we have about 60 employees) is around 5'7." Teh shortest around 5'0." The average is definitely between 5'4" - 5'5." It's actually rarer than most think to see a girl taller than 5'8."
Llama said on 27/Jan/13
@Joey "and btw 5'7 isnt tall for a woman...its like one would call a 5'11 man tall since men are about 4-5 inches taller than women in average..a 5'7 woman is slightly above average just like a 5'11 man is... weak 5'9 and above for women and weak 6'1 & above for men can be considered as tall"

The difference between 5'4" and 5'7" in practise is a lot. I'm a 5'8" girl and it is definitely tall out in the wild. If I wear heels, I'm bigger than most guys.

Also, for guys, anything even scraping 6' is tall. 6'2"+ is very tall. 6'4"+ is huge. Two inches may not seem like a lot, but when it comes to a person's height relative to average, it really makes a big difference. Try wearing four inch platforms, you'll see what I mean.
Ali said on 21/Jan/13
@Helen381 thats really good to hear that! Since Im 5'3"/5'4" :)
Balrog said on 11/Jan/13
For an average guy at 5'9''-5'10'' sure 5'3'' is perfect. But I prefer women 5'6'' or taller although that's not the most important thing.
Helen381 said on 11/Jan/13
I'm 5'3" & I was told by a male friend that its the perfect height for women, not too tall & not too short.
Helen381 said on 11/Jan/13
I'm 5'3" and I was told 5'3" is a perfect height for women, not too short & not too tall. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Alexandra said on 29/Dec/12
I'm 5'3'' too and never lied about my height, even though in my country most women are taller than me. Men seem to look at overall features, I've always had very tall boyfriends that didn't care about me being short, but that's not the point. Yes, 1.60 is short, but I love being able to dress in anything and not look manly, or put on 6 inch heels shoes and feel amazing, hehe. Look at Scarlett, she's simply gorgeous!
Joey said on 19/Dec/12
5'3 sounds about right

and btw 5'7 isnt tall for a woman...its like one would call a 5'11 man tall since men are about 4-5 inches taller than women in average..a 5'7 woman is slightly above average just like a 5'11 man is... weak 5'9 and above for women and weak 6'1 & above for men can be considered as tall
rk said on 25/Nov/12
marla singer
i feel like if she was 5'3.5 then she wouldn't call herself 5'3 people always round up... she makes short look good thanks scarjo it helps the rest of us short girls
marla singer said on 3/Nov/12
She might be 5'3.5", she looks the same height as Mila Kunis who is 5'4"
Anna said on 6/Oct/12
She's 5'3. I am 5'7 and saw her on red carpet. She was my height on heels, I wore flats that day.
little sue said on 20/Aug/12
Lee, Marilyn Monroe was never short! she was about 5ft 5 which is a good average now. The average height for a female back in 1950 was 5ft 2 so Marilyn was on the short side of tall!
Emma said on 25/Jul/12
I never usually comment but I don't like the earlier comments talking about how being shorter is a negative thing. I'm 5'0 and I don't mind being that height. In fact, I think sometimes its an advantage.
Shannon said on 26/Jan/12
Cindy: Below average IS short. Keep in mind that average height for women (5'4'') is not very big to begin with. No, 5'5'' is not tall, but it`s also only slightly above average. Below average is pretty small, 5'3'' and under. I`m 5'2'' and I feel like I'm pretty short, despite being only 2 inches below average. 2 inches is a big difference when you're in the low fives. You just have to accept it. I find it a bit off-putting that you feel the need to so vehemently protest the use of the word short. I don`t mind it; I`m not insecure about being small. It`s not a bad thing.
Cindy said on 12/Jan/12
People, whatever her height, she is NOT short. How is 1 inch below average considered short? Is 5'5 considered tall at one inch above average? No it's not, and neither is my 2inches above average height of 5'6. So quit classifying 5'3 women as short and 5'2 women as 'tiny' when they are simply below average, like 5'6 and 5'6 women. Anyway, better to be close to the average than a 6ft giant female, towering over most of the men barefoot (like one of my cousins).
PIts said on 27/Dec/11
5'3" seems to be stretching it a bit, 5'2 sounds just right.
I feel most guys prefer women with average to full curves and like 'em of short stature (5'4 and below) and most shorter girls seem to have inflated egos cause of this. Im only 5'8, lean with avg curves and would only trade in for more inches than less, but Everytime I wear heels, my guy friends tell me its intimidating to stand next to me (unless they are taller than 6.1')and honestly its quite annoying. And I agree, atleast for women, if you've got the looks, height isn't quite a factor, unless even your looks intimidates some guys.
Silent d said on 13/Dec/11
160cm and hot.
Max said on 1/Nov/11
Yes, Leslie actually you are tall for a woman, statistically speaking. The average height for a woman in the U.S. currently is about 5'4" tall. The average height for a man is about 5'9" tall.
Leslie said on 31/Oct/11
It's ridiculous to say short women have more curves... Mariah Carey's like 5,9.. Btw, I'm 5,7 is that tall?
Silent d said on 30/Oct/11
I like all girls. She always looked 5 foot 3.
Silent D said on 24/Oct/11
I like short girls to so didn't mean to offend anyone.
Silent d said on 24/Oct/11
Laura i like tall girls. I'm 178cm but i don't mind if the girl is taller. You'll find someone one day. I think you have a better shot than short girls. She was shorter than cruz. She's hot no matter what. 160cm is perfect.
Arch Rival said on 15/Oct/11
5'3 works for Scarlett .....she's got curves and sex appeal; and if she wants to be taller I'll get her a pair of Stilletos to rock! And; what is that dude Tony talking about? 5'7 would be more seductive??? "He sounds crazy"!
laura said on 25/Sep/11
height is so unimportant! i am a tall girl (btw with lots of curves!) and i have the same problems/succes getting a man as short girls! everybody is beautiful in their own way!
dude said on 20/Sep/11
well, she is a beautiful woman. personally i dont mind tall or short girls (being 5.9) as long as they have long legs:)
J said on 15/Sep/11
I love short petite girls. I'm 5'9" and a girl 5'1"-5'3" fits with me perfectly.
Gaan said on 14/Sep/11
I agree. 5ft7 limit is someting society codes to mind for women. Her being 5ft3 is nothing is what is supposed to be. And she is just fine the way she is.
Matt said on 11/Sep/11
I disagree. her being shorter/smaller is actually one of her main attractions. 5'7 is a nice height but it's not really as feminine
Tony said on 10/Aug/11
She is sweet but she would be even more prettier if she was taller, around 5'7'', she would be more seductive... But I bett shorter men would kill for her.
thesuspendeR said on 21/Jul/11
we all just met Scarlett off Rodeo dr (beverly hills) and most of the other woman shoppers who were barley tall themselves just towered over her.. PLUS that was morning when human height is greatest. A smooth 5'2.5" for Scarlet, that's it (well done, kookierx)
Button said on 13/Jul/11
She looks a bit taller than Natalie Portman who is listed at 5'3", but I can see over on Natalie's page that the vast majority of people think she's shorter than 5'3". I don't see why she can't be 5'3" though because she looks that to me, and she definitely doesn't look 5'0" like a lot of people there say. I would say the lowest Natalie can be is 5'2.5" (159cm). Anyway, if you see pictures of Scarlett with Natalie, you will see they're very nearly the same height. Scarlett looks a fraction taller though. If Natalie is 5'2.5", I can see how Scarlett may be just a flat 5'3", but if Natalie is 5'3" herself then Scarlett seems more like 5'3.5" (161cm). I personally think Scarlett is 5'3.5" rather than 5'3".
IAnR said on 29/Jun/11
I think shes 5'3. Perfection, for me, Im 6'5. Gotta agree with Jimmy.
jimmy said on 2/Jun/11
I am a tall guy, and i love small women like scarlett 5,2. is the lowest i would go even no i am 7,0 small women are great espicially if they are super curvy like scarlett or kim kardashian. They are easy to dominate in bed and look cute.
Anna said on 22/May/11
Height isnt that big a deal for women because if they are pretty then it wont matter as long as they arent too short or too tall. For guys though it might be, as most girls want taller guys. Anyway, 5'3" sounds about right for Scarlett, and thats a good height, and she's beautiful.
davi said on 8/May/11
well its just wrong
im 5'3 and im 16
well my dad is tall his 5'11 and my brother is taller than him his 6'2 im already taller than my mom.
i have been told that im going to be 5'9 to 5'11 in adult height. but i like to date a girl whos 1 or 2 inches shorter than me because sometimes she will war heels
Gigi said on 7/May/11
@Toby "all women emasculate *insecure men. Fact!"

Fixed it for ya!
Sam said on 6/May/11
Not necessarily, depending on your height (I'm 6'5" and I've always been into taller women)
Toby said on 3/May/11
No men prefer shorter women. It makes them feel taller. Tall women emasculate men. Fact!
:) said on 18/Apr/11
I've noticed people on this site are really serious about height! Okay firstly, I'm 5'7 and consider a woman to be taller than average if she is 5'6-5'9 and just generally really tall if she is 5'10 or over and a woman is below average if she is below 5'3 and generally tiny if she's 5ft or below but it doesn't matter we're all equal and it may be just me personally, but I think really tall men dating short woman is just wrong, like a 6'4 man with a 5'2 woman just looks like he wants a child. Not caling a 5'2 woman a child, but by a 6'4 man it will look like that. My dad's 6'4 and I'm tall yet I look small next to him.
rachita said on 30/Mar/11
i think because of her weight she looks short but that doesnt matter she's one of the hottest celebrities!!! i myself am 5'3'' and im a singer i look great in shorts and life's good!!!
kookierx said on 27/Feb/11
I think she is more like 5-2"
or MAXIMUM 5-2.5" tall (barefoot anyway)
Anonymous said on 10/Feb/11
Her bros definitely not 6'3 looks about 5'11.
John said on 4/Feb/11
Estol lksjn That's a bunch of crap all the words you wrote are a f****** bunch of LIES!!!
1. A girl is not tall when she's first 5'9 a taller women would be around 5'6-5'7! Shorter women are not prima donnas, just because YOU maybe have met ONE short prima donna does NOT mean all short women are prima donnas.. I'm a dude, and I personally don't have ANY trouple with height but I'd rather have a shorter woman! tall women give you that look that says ''Hey, I'm better than you''
An average woman is about 5'3-5'6!
Bob said on 9/Jan/11
Nah, I'd love to meet a female thats 6'0". I'm 6'2"
Legend said on 30/Dec/10
5'2.75 most likely
Hattie said on 16/Dec/10
its much nicer to be shorter if your a woman. i'm 5.9.5, which isnt that bad, but i still have ****ty posture, which means i dont breathe properly, i have less energy, and all sorts of other problems. the only nice thing is being able to walk far and fast, but my friend who is shorter can walk just as far and fast as me. my mums 6ft and she's really shy so she's always had a really horrible time. i think everyone wants to be what they're not but i really would like to be shorter. most men defintely prefer short women.
Cullen said on 15/Dec/10
Personally this is another area where I go with the seven rule. It's a bit of an adaptation of the age rule, but as far as relationships go I subscribe to anyone within seven inches. I'm 6'5" and I'll admit that I dated a few women in my younger days that were 5'2" or 5'3" but in the end it just felt awkward. Not meaning to belittle them but they just weren't on my level. I'm sure there are a dozen 5'2" women out there who will want to respond with a comment about their liking taller men or whatever. But from one guy to another, I've been married for almost a year now to a wonderful woman who's 5'10" and we couldn't be happier.
Shannon said on 16/Nov/10
Okay, thats just mean and not true what Esol Esek said. I'm 5'2 and not at all a "prima donna" and actually quite insecure about my height. All my friends who are short wish to be taller too. and judging women like that is just wrong, like we dont have enough to feel insecure about, and this is'nt even something we can change.And saying that tall women have good racks is just stupid, height has nothing to do with that. Women come in every shape and size and judging people based on there height is rude(for lack of a better word.)Its fine to have ur own personal preference but to generalize like that is hurtful...ever heard of the word..."stereotype?"
Chameleon said on 15/Nov/10
@Esol Esek: I agree with everything u just said, ice one. but makes me wonder, what is your height? (I like some height on woman aswell and im bareley 6ft)
Cliff said on 13/Nov/10
Found an interview for Iron Man 2 where she discusses the physicality of her role, and again mentions that she's only "five-foot three." It's good to see that she's now being pretty consistent about this. 5ft3 it is.

Click Here
CanadianBabe said on 10/Nov/10
Well we know that the absolute max is 5'3. (So Rob you should get rid of the .5 to make it accurate.) Because of that article in Huffington post she claimed 5'3, and people expecially celebs don't downgrade there height (well not in this height range) the try to get every inch. So I believe that she is between 5'2-5'3...prob 5'2.5 and 5'3 in shoes.
PetiteBombshell said on 7/Nov/10
She is 5'2.5. 5'3 in shoes.
Neha said on 4/Nov/10
Most short women have killer curves. I think that is what makes them so attractive.
Mike said on 22/Jun/09
I never understood why women are worried about their heights. I've never discussed a woman's height with my guys and they've never asked me about a woman's's totally irrelevant to most guys. I haven't met a guy yet who turned down a girl because she was short, just typing that makes me laugh.
Katia said on 7/Jun/09
All of you girls who think you're too short(comparing with models and high celebs) should notice and remember one thing: among these tall cuties there r (suppose as many) short or avarege height women, who r no less admired and desired by men!!!Nicole Kidman was Chanel's star for many years and now the company has chosen to change her for a quite petite (and beautiful!) Audrey Tatou! Seems that people who r in charge of the luxourious company don't seem to care about their models height. Just like many others. You should always remember stars like Penelpoe Cruz, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman and others - they cast a shadow over many tall celebs. Tall doesn't necessary mean lovely. You have thousands of tall models walking on runways, and do they ALL r famous and admired?? No, just few of them...
tradster said on 21/May/09
check this out - Click Here
Debbie said on 19/May/09
I think the picture w/ Natalie Portman says it all no way she is 5'4 barefoot she is probably 5'2 no more
Anonymous said on 10/May/09
she looks really short in her chair compared to the interviewer. Click Here
Joe said on 15/Apr/09
5'5 actresses tower over her. She's no more than 5'3, probably 5'2. Looks taller on screen though.
alice said on 14/Apr/09
Click Here - she says she is 5.3' herself
Natascha said on 7/Apr/09
I filmen Vicky Christina Barcelona ser det ud til at hun er nogenlunde samme h
Seniorita said on 8/Mar/09
I watched hes just not that into you, and she was shorter then drew barrymore whos listed at about 5'4 so i think scarlette is 5'3 or 5'2.75
Click Here
5 ft 3.5 said on 1/Mar/09
I see what you mean. However, I disagree that her size 5 body isn't not skinny. She's skinny, but not too skinny.
Ginny said on 8/Feb/09
I never said she is full figured (whatever that is supposed to mean). She isn't chunky is what I said...if you look at her...she has rounded body bones. Her elbows, knees, collar bone. She isn't skinny. Look at people like Megan Fox..that is skinny. When I call a woman voluptuos, it has more to do with large breasts, and nice hips (not fat, not skinny). I disagree with Scarlet being skinny. She is average weight with curvy hips and large breasts.
5 ft 3.5 said on 4/Feb/09
I don't get why people say that Scarlett is "full figure" or "not thin." Scarlett is completely skinny! She is NOT "voluptuous" (quote Ginny)she's not super skinny, but she IS thin.
Ginny said on 2/Feb/09
Scarlet is pretty short and not this. My guess would be she is 5'2 1/2"-5'3" and weighs 122lbs. She isn't chunky, but voluptuous.
Some shorter women tend to look curvier because their weight has less space to go but out. Like a ball of clay. They have hips and breasts that fill out in less space. If I was short like that, i'd want to be thinner to look less stumpy. Selma has that look too. Don't get me wrong, Scarlet is HOT!
5 ft 3.5 said on 2/Feb/09
For all you short girls our their who want to be taller, look at Scarlett: She is a bit short but completely gorgeous!
Bunny said on 10/Jan/09
In reference To previous comments, portman is obviously about 5"2, she's very skinny with long limbs though so if she's by herself she looks around 5"4-5"5, but it's obvious that
She's tiny standing next to other people. Scarlett is definately 5"3.5 even...btw The other Boleyn girl totally kicked ass, was perfectly cast, and johansen (the most beautiful woman in the world) and portman both rock my world! But I liked natalie in v for vendetta better
Nadia said on 6/Jan/09
Click Here

She's either taller or Portman is 5'1 or so.
Anonymous said on 19/Dec/08
I don't really think she's 1,58, someone wrote it in this page and I didn't agree. If you read my post I was just saying that if Scarlett is 1,58 as someone said then Josh is 1,83, but I think it's just more realistic that Scarlett is 1,63 and Josh is 1,88.
P.S. I don't really think on celebheights there's usually the minimum height, I've seen a lot of celebs listed taller than they actually are.
Moke said on 19/Dec/08
Scarlett is at least 162cm (5ft.3.75) - on celebheights there`s is usually the minimum of height, so there can get sure there`s nothing under it. Furthermore she`s marginally reaching to his chin. And if you consider the distance from his top to hers, you should notice that there`s a lot in between. At least 25cm, that would give him 187cm, but he`s taller. Ps. Why the hell you think she`s 158cm? She`s 162cm!
Anonymous said on 12/Dec/08
towering? Scarlett has the top of her head well above his chin, around mouth level. Maybe Josh's leaning a little bit (but Scarlett is leaning too), but had she been only 5-2 she must have top of her below his chin level even with Josh slouching. Moreovere, even if are there 25 cm between them 5-2 is 1,58: 1,58+25=1,83, just as I said before. I think she's 5-4 or Josh is smaller than he gets listed.
Linda said on 10/Dec/08
that's not an accurate photo - josh is leaning and slouching and scarlett looks as thought she's on her toes, although you can't see her feet. i think she's 5'3.
Moke said on 10/Dec/08
He`s towering over scarlett in the last pic. There are at least 25 cm between them.
Anonymous said on 9/Dec/08
she must be at least 5-4. If she's 5-2 as somebody says then Josh Hartnett isn't any taller than flat 6 ft
Click Here
anonymous said on 21/Oct/08
sorry typo, she's five foot 4 at most.
anonymous said on 16/Oct/08
I watched the island and she's shorter than ewan mcgregor by at least 5 inches. I would say she's 6 foot 4 at most.
tim maine said on 1/Oct/08
ditto with anon on the 'Jared' comments. just rude and having no place on this cool site.

Editor Rob
they have been deleted.
anon. said on 25/Sep/08
Rob, how can you not kick off a guy like Jared who is obviously being very disrespectful? I'm no prude, but this hardly seems like the kind of place to be discussing a woman's relative "tightness."
Anita said on 27/Aug/08
she was taller than penelope in vicky christina the looks of things...and their heights relative to Javier, Scarlett is 5'3 and penelope 5'2.5. Beautiful ladies though, both of them.
angelica.b said on 13/Jul/08
i think she is still 5"3 but just 160 cm
i don't like to use inches when measuring lol

a lot of ppl are like tall ppl this tall ppl that
seriously shorter ppl are beta and hotter
i mean i stand at 165 an d chances are im gonna be 178 (5'5 and 5"10 in inches)
and im liking my height right now
and no offense but i don't studies cab prove how height determines happiness
i think u just need to be confident about urself
Josephine said on 12/Jul/08
She looked shorter than Thora Birch in Ghost World. If Thora is about 5'4" Scarlett is about 5'2". Isn't it ironic though, that when fashion models are required to be at least 5'8", most Hollywood fashion icons are 5'4" or smaller?
Ellie said on 7/Jul/08
I'd give her more of a 5'3" frame. She's pretty short.
asifw/e said on 30/Jun/08
you must not know a lot of short grls then, cuz the ones i know have varied body types, curvy and thin. And not all taller girls go flat. i have a bigger chest than my 5'4" friend, and im thinner too.
Yaspaa said on 28/Jun/08
Monica's 5'7 and hardly heavy you nutter.
alexia said on 24/Jun/08
shorter gals tend to hav a curvy body..more woman like..
unlike taller who go flat...n Jared is rite to :P
if taller women get curvy...dey look giant n monica bellucci she may b sexy bt u cant deny dat she looks heavyyyyyy..shorter gals are like automatically curvy...n sexier..
tall is 4 males...small is 4 females...dats d way it shud b...dats hw its cute
hamawyn said on 8/May/08
@sarah, i'd love to be 5 ft 3 too, bt i'm between 5 ft 0 and 5 ft 1! You can wear something without heel like babette shoes. I really love those shoes, but I can't wear them:/ Once I wore my babette shoes at a wedding day and i look like a hobbit in photos from that day:P
Sarah said on 7/May/08
I'd love to be a bit smaller, 5 ft 3-4 sounds great! im 5 ft 6-7, and i am a giant when i wear heels, and tallest of my friends. But tall models are beautiful and elegent, but small girls are cute and dainty. All you smaller girls, just think, you can enhance your height by inches with heels, but a tall girl who hates her height is screwed! And at the end of the day, who is attracted by height? Personality and beauty are more important, and scarlett has both of those, she's a stunner! x
Jenny said on 7/May/08
she is either 5'3 or 5'3.25,imo.
jared: really, thats gross.
holsk said on 9/Apr/08
she never looks more than 160 cm. I haven't form her picture being taller than 160cm or 162 cm. Also I never observed that she tried to look taller. she doesn't loose weight too much and use the camera angles that shows herself taller. I guess she is happy with herself
bad radio said on 3/Apr/08
she looks small around just about every movie i've seen her in. I say 5'2 - 5'3.
Anonymous said on 3/Apr/08
i think 5'3. as for her weight, shes not a thick girl and shes not a twig. people hold their weight differently throughout their body.
cumulus said on 21/Mar/08
it's fine, that there is a lot of data about her height, but what do you think about her weight? (that' sure, more than 120 lbs)
eva said on 13/Mar/08
i would say she is like 5ft 3 or 4
sara said on 1/Mar/08
right Anonymous they lie all the time scarlett is not mor 5,2 or 5,1 just watch her photos with other celebs she is too short
Lebensdorf said on 28/Feb/08
She does seem pretty teeny. I would say, probably no more than 5'3'' and a half and probably no less than 5'2''. She is so beautiful and so sexy and just dripping with sensuality and I certainly would never ever love her any less, regardless of her true height.

Anonymous said on 21/Feb/08
Scarlett is 157 cm. hollywood stars lie! If she says she is 5 4 she probably is 5 3 or 5 2.
Ali said on 19/Feb/08
She just stood right in front of me tonight and signed autographs at the London premiere of Other Boleyn Girl. I'm 5'6" and she came level to me. When she walked away, she was wearing platform heels, although hard to see because she was walking fast and her dress was in the way. I would wipe off about 3-4 inches. I reckon Scarlett is 5'3"
Mike said on 18/Feb/08
I seriously doubt Portman is 5'3". 5'2" at best, just read some of the comments on her page; or hell, just use common sense.
Mimi said on 18/Feb/08
Portman is NOT 5'3"...she's around 5'1"
alex said on 17/Feb/08
Mike, Portman is about 5'3"
Mike said on 17/Feb/08
Time to downgrade her. Portman is probably 5'1" and I don't think Johansson's much taller. Note the footwear.

Click Here
Lyndsay said on 16/Feb/08
Scarlett is in flats in those pics with Natalie - and Nat is in 3 inch heels. I think Scarlett is about 5'3-5'3.5 and Natlie is 5'2.
Anonymous said on 15/Feb/08
She is shorter than natalie portman in slightly taller heels - So for Scarlet I would say 5'2 - 5'3". There are five pics and you can see their shoes in some at the 08' Berlin Film festival in Page Six. Click Here Also has a picture of them where Natalie looks 1-2" taller but you can't see shoes.
melissa said on 15/Feb/08
just seeing the pictures of Scarlett and Natalie and the premier of their new film I say she's no more than 5'2! maybe even 5'1 there's no way she's taller. she also looks really small in all the candids with her boyfriend Ryan.
Anonymous said on 29/Jan/08
thanks for answering... :)
actually i'm beginning to notice that men find small girls attractive too.. just as much as they find tall girls attractive, but i also think men have different opinions about girls and height, weight.. etc..
It's not like i don't get attention.. so thats great.. but also i have a friend who is about 5'3-5'4.. she italian but she has long blonde hair.. :) anyways she gets a lot of attention from men!!! and my other 2 friends - who are 1,80 (5'11) and 173 (5,8) don't get as much attention as me and her.. :)so i think you'll might be right.. but again it is about taste... some men prefer one thing and others prefer another thing.. :)
thank you beren!! i'm sure you'll find a tall boyfriend, just travel to Denmark, they'll love here.. with your exotic look... :)
Emilie said on 5/Dec/07
really christy.. i'm from denmark too..
I'm 5'4-5'5..and sometimes i feel so short.. girls are so tall in denmark.. at most point i see tall girls get attention instead of small girls.. but glad to hear your story christy.. i think it's great!!!
Vero said on 17/Nov/07
I might just fall in love with Alex! Good for you! You are so right! I think Scarlett is shorter than 5'4" in comparison to Natalie Portman.
Anonymous said on 9/Nov/07
You're right Anonymous, just look up to Danny De Vito ( The Penguin Guy in Batman ) or Micheal J Fox to see how they overcame their not-so-tall height and became who they are now... I'm one guy from Vietnam and I am only 165 tall !
Anonymous said on 6/Nov/07
Scarlett Johansson paranoid about height
Friday, December 16 2005, 12:43 GMT

By Miriam Zendle, Music Reporter

Scarlett Johansson has revealed she is developing a complex about her height.

The New York Post says the 5ft 4ins actress began to become paranoid after overhearing comments about her stature.

Johansson explained: "One time I was in a ladies room, in the stall. And two women were talking at the sink. One said: 'Is that Scarlett Johansson? Oh my God, she's so short!' I began to get a complex, because I was also in a restaurant in New York and a waiter said how short I was. I told him: 'Good things come in small packages'."
She's probably shorter than 5'4" because 5'4" is not that short in stature for a woman.
Zahra said on 30/Oct/07
Anyway, no matter what heihgt you are you can still enjoy life. Just let yourself. Seriously, height isn't an issue to people who likes you; it isn't the issue to people who dislikes you and it isn't something serious to strangers who wouldn't care - so why bother. Only those who may be jealous or has a low self-esteem may be that way. Besides once your finished growing you can't do anything about it so why bother. I personally find Scarlett is attractive as any woman - or man! - tall or short, or in between. From Kristin Chenoweth to Sigourney Weaver!
Zahra said on 30/Oct/07
Scarlell's: From 5'O to 5'8, who cares? I do. Where I'm from, the average height is 5'0! Well... about. I am 5'6.5 and I feel like a six footer to some girls and a model to most. Most of the men here are around my height more or less. There are still some really tall guys and gals though. But I personally prefer short height in females and whatever height in males - which is why I'd like to be at mleast three inches taller. And my cousin needs to shave two inches of height to paralell myine! I live in a migit country...
Anshelm said on 26/Oct/07
You can see her next to Jessica Alba and Kate Bosworth here Click Here
Christy said on 26/Sep/07
I think Lauren might be ugly. Otherwise she wouldnยดt feel the need to comment on herself that way. And I can tell you that not all tall blue eyed blond girls are pretty. Far from it! In Denmark where I live I see hundreds of ugly tall blonde girls. And by the way: I have a really beautiful - and short! -eurasian female friend who gets far more attention than my blued eyed blonde female friend. And it is certainly not in a negative way!
Lol said on 25/Sep/07
I bet Lauren is ugly and height is the only thing she can use. Honey, it's called proportion. You can be 6'0" and look like a stump, or you can be 5'4" and still look tall.
melissa said on 19/Sep/07
that picture with Ryan makes her look positively tiny, you have to remember that the hat gives her a bit more height cause it's not fitted tightly on her head, I say at the very most she's 5'2 no more than that.
sasa23 said on 18/Sep/07
Click Here
look at that pick..i guess scarlett is more around 5'3 or 5'2
about u lauren..go find a shrek..u'r sick abt ur self..i won't be shoked if u don't have a bf cz who can handle the selfishness...'s all abt mind..
laila said on 9/Sep/07
she ran past me at live 8 a few years ago. . she looked about 5-3.
Huh??? said on 9/Sep/07
Lauren are you really that superficial and self involved? Lacking self esteem? Thanks for telling us how awesome you are and how much better you are than all the short girls out there. I hope some day you grow up and realize how immature you sound. I (among other guys) love short girls and don't need them to have "ultra high heels, big hair, [or] loud voices" to notice them. I find them more attractive than tall, passive-aggressive , haughty, self-aggrandizing B@%$%^s who need to make others feel bad in order to feed their ego.

As far as Scarlett is concerned I think she's more around 5'3" maybe 5'2" Click Here
o said on 6/Sep/07
For god's sake Lauren what was your post all about? Thanks for sharing your stats, is the rest of you as perfect as your height and your hair? Your post screams insecurity and I have no idea how any of it relates to how tall Scarlett is. Set up your own blog page to praise yourself this is not the place for it.
Lauren G. said on 4/Sep/07
Height is authentic power. Studies have shown that naturally tall women (those not wearing heels) and men earn more money and are happier throughout life. Not that there is anything wrong with being short. I'm 5' 8.5" barefoot even without the enhancement of heels I always get noticed in a positive way. Short girls have compensatory displacement and need ultra high heels, big hair and loud voices to get attention, negative attention at that. I wouldn't trade my natural blonde hair, blue eyes and height for anything. There's alot that can be changed, albeit temporarily, height isn't on of them.
Bad Radio said on 17/Aug/07
she looks 5'3 to me..very pretty too.
anonymous said on 17/Aug/07
Know what you mean tasha, I am 5'5 and when I put on hot these days 4" platforms to go out I look taller than most people at a bar. Not until I started wearing high heals I realized most men are under 5'10 ;~(
tasha said on 16/Aug/07
when you are small, you are seen as "cute". Lots of guys love short girls, so embrace in it! Scarletts been voted as "Sexiest woman alive" in so many polls, and she isn't tall, she's small. Just goes to show... Im about 5 ft 6, but i actually want to be shorter. I feel to tall among my smaller friends, and im rather slim, and im afraid of looking lanky!
not tall not short said on 29/Jul/07
Now, all you not tall/not short girls out there: Scarlett is the perfect representative of our height! She is the 'bombshell' and is not tall, and doesn't try to be! Who said you had to be tall to attract the masses? 5'3" or 5'4 (who really cares) she is a great size. Scarlett has no problem with wearing flats doesn't try to 'mask' her size. So all of you out there who fall in between short and tall - embrace your girlish size and know that it IS desirable!
glenn said on 20/Jul/07
you know,shorter than 5-3 is very,very possible.saw her in way is she 5-4.

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