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5ft 3in (160cm)
val said on 27/May/07
that's really strange that her brother is very tall and she's short, especially since they are twins.
TheJerk said on 22/May/07
Interesting. Scarlett has a complex about "being short". Dont know if its been said here. Article: Click Here
I've seen this elsewhere on the net about her. But, who cares? Shed be hot at 4-10.
Bad Radio said on 18/May/07
i'd say 5'3 for scarlett.
emely said on 28/Apr/07
I think she is 5 ft 2 mabey less, she said by herself she's short once, and why would she call 5 ft 4 short if it is the average height in usa? She looks like 5 ft 2 to me next other people
Anonymous said on 19/Apr/07
I saw her in Soho last summer. My guess is 5'2 or so; she's shorter than average.
Allie said on 11/Apr/07
I really didn't think this girl would be 5ft2!
saying that, i did think the olsen twins were about this height,
what dress size would you say SJ is?
Scarlet said on 11/Apr/07
ScarJo is 5'2 next to her twin brother who is much taller
Random Person said on 10/Apr/07
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Here is Scarlett looking four inches shorter then 5'10 Don Henley in MASSIVE heels (well if he was standig perfectly straight anyway). This picture the footwear is completly visibile and for the most part the two are standing straight. MAybe she's not as short as 5'1 but she is definetly not 5'4.
anonymous said on 1/Apr/07
i completely agree with random person. she looks about 2-3 inches shorter than woody allen (5'4.5 at best) and in scoop she is standing next to hugh jackman at a pool seen and they are both barefoot and he simply TOWERS over her. my best friend is 5'4 and her boyfriend is 6'2 and they don't look nearly as far apart. she is also a lot smaller than johnathan rhys meyers in matchpoint, and he is about 5'7 and she was wearing 3 inch heels and she only came up to his eyes. and she admitted it herself that she's 5'1! what proof more do you need?
Random Person said on 1/Apr/07
Normally, this site is extremly accurate with heights but in this case, I really think her listing is off. In the movie Scoop, there is a scene in which Hugh Jackman, Woody Allen, and Scarlett are all barefoot and Hugh simply looks like a giant. In that scene Woody hits him just about his chin, and Scarlett, Scarlett barely comes past his shoulders. Also came up to about Woody's eyebrows. She has to be about 5'1, maybe 5'2 on a really good day. A downgrade is in order here.
Toby said on 24/Mar/07
What the hell! "child", "Alexa" do you even know who Scarlet Johansson is. She's pretty short by today's standards. This girl is 5'3" maybe a half inch more at best. Check out this pic of her and Natalie Portman. 5'6" , 5'9" that's just ridiculous!!!!!
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child said on 12/Mar/07
scarlette the one from thee black dahlia isn't she 5'9?
Alexa said on 2/Mar/07
I'v stood next to her many times and I am 5'3 1/2 right on the dot and she was half a head over me and I was wearing 4 inche heels that would have brought me up to at least 5'6. She was wearing 2 inch heels. I'd say she's closer to 5'6 if not taller.
Antron said on 5/Feb/07
I doubt she feels that ripped off Jesse, what is her twin's name? ... exactly
Dunken said on 21/Jan/07
5' or 5'1?

nah, she's easily above 5'2. i'll give her 5'3.
patrizia said on 20/Jan/07
In Match Point she reaches exactly the eyes of Jonathan Rhys-Myers, that means 4" shorter than him with huge heels (at least 4" themselves), that makes her 5' or 5'1
jesse said on 31/Dec/06
she muct feel ripped off being almost a foot shorter than her twin ideally she would be like 5-8 to 5-11
Qiana said on 29/Dec/06
In instyle they said she was 5 ft 3, but to me shes always looked around 5ft4 or 5ft5. I think she just looks shorter because she has VERY short legs. I don't know shes a hard person to judge, but I don't think theres any way she's below 5ft3 honestly. Plus shes dating Josh Hartnet and hes 6ft3 and if you look at candid pictures of them togther she dosen't look short compared to him. She comes up to his chin. Now if hes really 6ft3 then I would say shes around 5ft4 or 5ft5. So finishing off I think she's either 5ft4 ot 5ft5. No taller no smaller.
Anonymous said on 9/Dec/06
She looked almost a head shorter than 6'2 Hugh Jackman in The Prestige.
Anthony said on 12/Nov/06
5'1? Wow. That seems a bit too low, even for her. Have a link to the interview?
Random Person said on 11/Nov/06
I'm watching 'The Prestige Special' at the moment and just saw an interview with Michael Caine. He revealed that he had a conversation with Scarlett Johansson asking her height. She replied 5'1.
Anthony said on 11/Nov/06
Some reports on Scarlett sightings:

"At around 7pm on saturday I saw Scarlett Johansson walking east on Houston, right past Lafayette. She's tiny & gorgeous."

"I am an Australian journalist and I work for Fairfax and write for the Sydney Morning Herald and the Sun Herald. I had the pleasure of interviewing Scarlett Johansson in London when she was doing promotional work for Match Point.
May I just say that she is indeed gorgeous in the flesh- no doubt about it. I did not find her to be as 'voluptuous' as many claim- she is quite small boned, actually, and no more than 5'3. But as to her face- in one word, stunning."

I think Scarlett is marginally over 5'3 on a good day but is otherwise somewhere between 5'2 and 5'3.
talker said on 7/Nov/06
I believe those who say 5'2".I just saw her in the movie "a good woman" she looks soooooo short.Might even be shorter than 5'2".I've seen girls who are 5'4" they dont look that short.
Anthony said on 30/Oct/06
Yes, great article.
J. said on 29/Oct/06
She's described as 5'3" in this article, where she's quoted as saying "I'm curvy – I'm never going to be 5' 11" and 120 pounds": Click Here
pamela said on 18/Oct/06
i think she´s 5´3 or 5´2 cuz there´s several pics of her posing next to woody allen and he´s short he´s 5´5 and she is almost exactly his height wearing tall high heels.
Anonymous said on 15/Oct/06
since scarlett is getting lots of attention, people are focusing more on her and in this article, they say shes 5'3 and i think she approved it.
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Anthony said on 3/Oct/06
In the new issue of "Esquire" where they reveal Scarlett being the Sexiest Woman Alive, they ask her if she's taller than 5'4, and she replies, "Depends on how high my heels are".
Anthony said on 28/Sep/06
Scarlett and Natalie almost side by side.

Click Here

Click Here

As you can see, both girls are very close in height. There's no way Nat can be above her listed 5'3 IMO, so I'd say her and Scarlett are both 5'3.
Anthony said on 26/Sep/06
Scarlett side by side with Eric Bana and Natalie Portman.

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mask said on 26/Sep/06
Scarlett Johansson is 155 cm tall cause when she came to Venezia last month to present her last movie all italian tvies said she is that tall several times and if I get no wrong I believe that she herself has told she is 5'1" and I heard this is for sure
Anthony said on 24/Sep/06
Scarlett with 6'1.25 (6'2 peak) Michael Caine:

Click Here

With 5'4-5'5 Woody Allen

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Anthony said on 21/Sep/06
This piece from InStyle describes her as 5'3:

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Jenny said on 18/Sep/06
I saw her a couple months ago while she was in NYC filming the Nanny Diaries on the Upper East Side. I think she looked about 5'3", because my friend is 5'4" and she was JUST taller than her by about an inch.
Anthony said on 14/Sep/06
Couldn't agree more, Ashley. I think 5'3 is about right. In most pics, she's just under Josh's chin.
ashley said on 14/Sep/06
she is 5'3".DOWNGRADE HER.
Anthony said on 10/Sep/06
That second pic is not of Scarlett, Jane. And if Scarlett is indeed really 5'4 in flat shoes, that would possibly make Mia shorter. Hmmm...
Jane said on 9/Sep/06
I think 5'4, too. But.
In this pics Scarlett hasn't heel and she is still taller than Mia(5'3) in heels.
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Anthony said on 5/Sep/06
Agreed, Anonymous.
Anonymous said on 4/Sep/06
she's about 5'4 in heels --- id put her at 5'2 absolute tops. but she is gorgeous so her height doesnt really matter
Anthony said on 1/Aug/06
"My gut tells me 5'2 and Woody's closer to 5'4 just from seeing them both standing next to 6'1 Jackman."

Actually, I believe Jackman is 6'3.
Paul said on 30/Jul/06
I saw Scoop also (great film) and agree with Zak's comments. She wore heeleed shoes and still looked shorter than Woody.

D. Ray Morton said on 30/Jul/06
Poor Scarlett my ass!
Zak said on 29/Jul/06
I just saw Scoop - if Scarlett Johansson is 5' 4 that would make her an inch shorter than Woody Allen, but she appeared to be a little more, perhaps two inches shorter, so 5'2 or 5'3 makes sense. My gut tells me 5'2 and Woody's closer to 5'4 just from seeing them both standing next to 6'1 Jackman.
Anthony said on 17/Jul/06
Thanks, Haylie.
Haylie said on 17/Jul/06
Anthony totally agree with everything you just said! I'm convinced she is 5'2, I also love the dress she is wearing in that pic:-)
Anthony said on 16/Jul/06
Scarlett is 5'2 tops.

Click Here(I)

If Murray is truly 6'1, there's no way Scarlett is 5'4. She barely makes it to his chin. 5'2 tops, and she's probably in heels in that pic.

I personally couldn't care how short or tall she is, because she is by far the most beautiful actress in Hollywood today. But yes, she is short.
Regus said on 1/Jul/06
I've seen her listed as being 5-1. I would believe that way before 5-4.
pm said on 16/Jun/06
saw her at newark airport waiting for my daughter. I was really surprised at how short she was. no more than 5'2.
Anonymous said on 11/Jun/06
here is scarlett next to alicia keys Click Here
ForensicNYC said on 18/May/06
Scarlett Johansson 5'4" with John Travolta 6'0"
Scarlett had Converse Chuck Taylor low cut, Travolta had slippers on.
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Anonymous said on 17/May/06
there is barely a diffrence between her and kim besinger
stagecrew said on 8/May/06
i was talking to this girl who was an extra in a production with scarlet and she said that she was "no more than 5'2" which i was surprised at b/c i am 5'2 and i've always felt short while scarlet just seems a lot taller in pictures.
talker said on 30/Apr/06
I agree with the people who say she cant be listed this when Woody Allen is presently listed 5'5".She is clearly wearing 3" heels in that photo,so if Allen doesnt get taller she has to lose 3",Allen still looks about half an inch taller there.This is a good photo because one can see their feet.
Bryant said on 26/Apr/06
I saw her today on filming Nanny Diaries on the Columbia University campus and she looks about 5'3" maybe 5'4" judging from about 5 feet away. She was wearing some flat Chuck Taylor's so the shoes would not be a factor. I was surprised by how short she looked. Still looked amazingly hot.
hollywood insider said on 15/Mar/06
You must have seen her in "FANTASYLAND" because she had a rehearsal that very afternoon for the presentations of the Scientific/Technical awards portion of
the OSCARS (she was hostess/presenter for this portion which was actually taped the day before the official OSCAR ceremony). At this ceremony/award presentation, things like Best special effects in a motion picture would be awarded/presented...she was there between 11 and 5 p.m. Besides, she already went to Disneyland back in August, and got into a fender bender with some woman with 2 kids (Scarlett claims the paparazzi were following/chasing her which caused her to panic and flee, thus hitting the other womans car in the parking lot of the Magic Kingdom) so like she would really go there on a Saturday afternoon to stand around in line -- you are taking portions of tabloid gossip, tabloid photo's (hence the baseball cap, sunglasses and grey hooded sweater) sounds way too familiar to me -- but it is good to dream! I fantasize about her all the time too! I just keep it real....By the way, she is 5'4"
Allison said on 11/Mar/06
How could Scarlett be 5'4" if in this photo she is the same height as Woody Allen (5'5") Click Here

But in this photo she is wearing 2 or 3-inch heels
Click Here

That would make her 5'5" in 2/3 inch heels, making her 5'2" or 5'3" barefoot.
tasha said on 1/Mar/06
On Saturday February 25, 2006 I spotted Scarlett Johansson at Disneyland. I was in line for Space Mountain and the fastpass was shut down. The wait was 1 hr and 30 mins but my boyfriend and I decided to tough it out. About 30 minutes later my boyfriend tells me the girl behind us has really pretty perfect lips like that one actress from The Horse Whisperer. So I looked and the girl looked like her, she was very short I am 5'6 almost 5'7 and she had to be 5'3 at the most. I couldn't belieev it was her. She had on sunglasses that hid her face a great deal and a gray sweater hood on, with a base ball cap underneath covering all her hair. Once the sun sat she took off her glasses and then I could see her distincitve mole and it was her. She appeared to be there with her mom and dad and maybe a friend. She was so normal. She was signing songs with her family and literally right behind us in line. It was really crowded so I decided not to apprach her to get an autograph or picture although my boyfriend and I really wanted to. It was weird being close to someone famous like that in an everyday setting. She seemed really down to earth though.
kendra said on 15/Feb/06
I'd just like to say I always thought she was about 5'7 or 5'8 because she always seems rather tall, but now that I know she isn't it makes me realise that many famous women in hollywood are below average height. If that is the case I can't see why Scarlett would feel like she is too short when many other hollywood stars are also petite. IMO her complaining about her "average" height just makes all the other women around that height feel self-concious about themselves. I mean this girl has got beauty, fortune and fame and yet she hates that she is not tall, I think she should be proud of where she has got without being tall. The fact is 5'4 is the average height for women and yet people go around saying that 5'4 is short and it is something to be ashamed of. And as if Scarlett looks bad in jeans, any girl with a great slim figure looks good in jeans, you don't need to be tall, if you wanna be just add heels, they make everyone look better no matter what your height is.
ice said on 9/Feb/06
I think Scarlet is 5'3, and Thora birch is 5'2 to 5'2.5. Thora's shoes were bigger in Ghost World.
Kate said on 5/Feb/06
I think Scarlett is 5'3.5"-5'4". Here she is with Erika Christensen (5'4"). There doesn't seem to be really any difference in height b/w them. Maybe 1/2".
Liz said on 4/Feb/06
I think I remember reading the same thing in Teen Vogue but I remember reading I'm 5'3 and he's 6'3 (because she said they were a whole foot different)
Kat said on 30/Jan/06
I agree that she is probably a little shorter than 5'4. 5'4 females tend to add more so they can appear above average. Below 5'4 females will say 5'4 so they can appear average.

But I don't agree that people only complain about their height if they are short. Some average people wish they were taller.
Anonymous said on 29/Jan/06
Ms. Johansson is 5'3". Here is a really good picture of her standing next to Saturday Night Live's Amy Poehler (5'2"). She looks a solid inch taller than Amy.
ice said on 25/Jan/06
I knew I was right. People are questioning her claimed 5'4, because she's not 5'4. She's the same height as thora birch who also lies and says 5'4 (I will not believe thora to be 5'4 unless I saw her get measured myself! LOL)
Aero said on 23/Jan/06
She may well think she is short because of her siblings, her twin brother is supposedly 6'3" and here is her sister:
Anonymous said on 19/Jan/06
i agree with rose and Lol, people only complain about their height if they really are short. I'd bet she's between 5'2"-5'3" and says she's 5'4". People believe her because so many women who are between 5'2"-5'3" say they're 5'4", distorting what one thinks is a certain height, and so, we grow accustomed to seeing women who are 5'2"-5'3" as 5'4" and women who are actually below this as 5'2" to 5'3". Johansson has a complex about her height which can only mean she's at least an inch smaller than 5'4".
rose said on 19/Jan/06
I read Elle too and she is talking about not looking good in jeans because she is short but if she really is 5'4" then in the 3-4 inch heels she loves to wear with jeans then she would be 5'7" or 5'8"- very tall for a woman so I think she let that slip because she is really 1-2 inches shorter than she claims. She also has admitted she has a complex about her height and goes on about it a lot. Someone with a complex is obviously going to add on an inch or two also 5'4" is average and you can be really tall in heels so why would she have a complex???
Lol said on 18/Jan/06
In Elle (UK Edition) - February 2006

Scarlett Johansson "I'm quite short - about 5'4" "

[Editor Rob: oh-oh...she's using the dreaded word Rob fears the most...'ABOUT']
Lol said on 17/Jan/06

Sorry, Editor Rob for posting two posts at the almost same time; wasting valuable space :/. I found a picture of Scarlett and Maria Menounos 5' 8" from the Golden Globe after party. I might be wrong but they're the same height in this picture. But again as I said Scarlett looks in some pictures 5'3"-5'4" and in others 5'5"-5'6", but here something 5'7"-5'8". But I do admit that I don't know how high her heels nor Maria's are:
Lol said on 17/Jan/06
I agree with Editor Rob there's some pictures where she really got bad posture / laid back. You'll notice that whenever she has her hair pulled up and you can the neck and upper-body is visible you'll see her back slouches. Of course that's not visible when her hair covers it. She admitted that she didn't do training at all and I know myself when your back and shoulders gets weakened it starts to slouch, a common phenomenon.

I guess she becomes conscientious about her look especially in occasions as Golden Globe and straightens her back up as high as possible.

From SNL

in my opinion when both Amy and Scarlett is standing next to each other Amy's ankle appears to be higher than Scarlett's even though Scarlett is closer (1-5 inches) to the camera. Plus this angles is quite good one to show that Scarlett is taller perhaps 5-6 taller than Amy. Watch how she looks downward plus where Amy's shoulders are at Scarlett's. I know Amy said in the beginning of her joke she would have the exact same outfit as her guests in case she needed to kick-in. But I guess that this scene wouldn’t be as much fun if Amy had wore heels that been as tall as Scarlett’s. hence become shorter than her. It’ would lost the comedy-beat drastically.

Here Scarlett is next to Tina Fey, although I admit I don't know what kind of footwear Scarlett and Tina is wearing beneath their dresses. But they got the same body frame if that counts as an evidence. :S

These pictures are from the end of SNL I talked about. Scarlett is in the golden t-shirt and Amy in the dark-grey shirt.
Yes, Scarlett is closer the camera than Amy but Scarlett has her legs wider position than Amy. Hence she becomes shorter than her and still she looks 5-6+ cm taller than her.

What amazes me is in some pictures she appears to be 5'5"- 5''6 and in some 5'3"-5'4" :S it's really confusing. The only answer I got to that is as Editor Rob hinted she has random postures since she’s not exercising and her posture suffers of it.

I qualified guess is that her height is 5'4" (162.5 cm) however 1.63 cm (5'4") is still not that tall in my opinion.
Anonymous said on 17/Jan/06
I'm with Chris on this. An absolute necessary downgrade if you ask me, or anyone else in the world who's not obsessed with her being taller. Even if she were an inch taller than Amy Poeher, which I highly disagree with, she would be 5'2.5".
Lol said on 17/Jan/06

Some pics from the Golden Globes, check out when she's next to Rosario Dawson and Kevin Spacey. I guess she's 5'4 in those pictures at least....
Lol said on 17/Jan/06
I saw and re-saw the SNL to actually compare Scarlett to Amy. My conclusions are at the end of the SNL you see Scarlett wear flat shoes and Amy is wearing sneakers. When they hug each other you see that Scarlett is taller than Amy Poehler. Another I observed was that in the end of Scarlett's opening she turns to Amy before they cut to Taco Town-scene, Scarlett is taller than Amy. BUT, it's very, very hard to actually see whether Amy's and Scarlett's high heels are the same height. It's almost impossible to see that since they cut so fast to the Taco Town-scene before you actually get a glimpse of their shoes. And if you notice her body-frame is bigger than Amy's especially Scarlett's shoulders are higher and wider than Amy's throughout the whole first singing act.

ANother thing also you notice is that when both is standing in same posture in the first act you notice that Scarlett is taller than her by 1½-2 inches. I do not however think Scarlett is taller than 5'4 but definately not 5'2 as some people try to claim. Because she was the same height as Tina Fey in the last act, with the Pride and Prejudice-parody.
Chris said on 16/Jan/06
I'm not so sure about a full 2 inch difference between Amy Poehler and Scarlett. Check these caps:
amelie said on 16/Jan/06

Ive met her in person and she is small - super small, like 5'2 or 5'3.
Anonymous said on 15/Jan/06
Amy Poehler "says" she's 5'2". She is probably 5'1" and Johansson is really 5'3" as she complained about in the German magazine.
Anonymous said on 15/Jan/06
How can you have her at 5'4" when in heels she is taller than Woody Allen, 5'5". It's a contradictory or oversight. Clearly, downgrade to 5'3" at least.
philly said on 14/Jan/06
Just saw Scarlett on SNL with (allegedly 5'2) Amy Poehler. They were wearing identical outfits for the opening monologue, same shoes, and Scarlett looked about 2" taller than Amy, IMO.
Ellie said on 9/Jan/06
scarlett is 5 foot 7 inches. fact.

[Editor Rob: say that with a straight face please]
gyllenhaalic823 said on 31/Dec/05
Wow in that photo she looks TINY!
absent said on 20/Dec/05
In a German magazine she complains that she's only 160 cm and that people always say "Oh my god she's so tiny". Again maybe a problem with translation, but why should people react that way if she was 5ft 4 in if it's the average height for women in USA?
Aero said on 17/Dec/05
I think this :

And the other photos from the set show that she is indeed around 5'3,5'4...
Stephenie said on 15/Dec/05
She's 5' 4" people.
Britpop said on 13/Dec/05
Wow, This is some serious inflation. Scarlett is only 5'2". Ask her yourself if yu get the chance. This is a very short but beautiful actress.
Britpop said on 13/Dec/05
LOL, she is 5'2".
Anonymous said on 5/Nov/05
Her and Ellen
Anonymous said on 5/Nov/05
Rob, can you explain why she looks tall as Ewan?
Anonymous said on 4/Nov/05
She is almost tall as Ewan she is 5'7
Lol said on 3/Nov/05
@ 5 '2". Gawker isn't really a realiable source I think the most stuff from Gawker is just speculation.

Naomi Watts and Scarlett is pretty much the same height as her. Even though you don't see her heels they got pretty much the same upper bodyshape.

Her next to Woody Allen (5'5"-5'
Lindsay said on 2/Nov/05
Are you REALLY sure she's 5"4 as look at her next to Murray in Lost in Translation and also in photos fron premiers she looks v. small indeed this deserves investigating at least!
What said on 1/Nov/05
Sighting: almost tripped into Scarlett Johansson as were leaving. She is shorter than expected (maybe 5’ 2”) but very beautiful and voluptuous in person.
Kate said on 28/Oct/05
I have to laugh at all of you guys who say over 5"4 NO WAY!!!
TheMan said on 23/Sep/05
Yeah shes deffently 5,4 i was surprised how tiny she looked at an awards show i saw and that was with heals. From the movies she looked about 5,7 or something. But shes about 5,4 IMO.
HK said on 21/Sep/05
I've read somewhere that her brother is an entire foot taller than her and that he's 6'2"
mcfan said on 19/Sep/05
Same height as Thora Birch...5'4.
Anonymous said on 15/Sep/05
she is 1-2 inches shorter than emily moritmer who is 5' is no way she is just 5'4
Anonymous said on 15/Sep/05
She is 5'6 or 5'7.On the Brit awards 2004 she was about 1-2 inches taller than the 5'9 Nick Rhodes
Anonymous said on 14/Sep/05
She is 5-ft-8, my friend met her and he is 5-ft-6 and he said she was a good 2 inches taller than him without heels.
CelebHeights Editor said on 23/Aug/05
From Gawker, "almost tripped into Scarlett Johansson as were leaving. She is shorter than expected (maybe 5’ 2”)"

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