How tall is Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel's Height

5ft 6 ¾ (169.5 cm)

American actress known for roles in movies like Blade Trinity, Next, Total Recall, The A-Team, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) and The Illusionist. At age 16 she said in Parade Magazine: "I'm 5 feet 8...My dad's 6 feet. And my brother? He's huge! Just huge!", although said in The Sun newspaper: "I am 5ft 7in and don't go along with the Hollywood obsession with weight".

How tall is Jessica Biel
Photo by s_bukley/
If I could change one thing about myself: I'd be taller. I'm 5 foot 7, and I'd like to be 5 foot 10.
-- Chicago Tribune, Feb 1998

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Average Guess (67 Votes)
5ft 6.34in (168.5cm)
JohnnyBravo said on 20/Feb/21
Only 5’6” flat. But gorgeous
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 29/Jan/21
Rob, do you intend to give Barry Watson a page? It feels like a long due that he worth it.
Aj06 said on 14/Dec/20
great looking woman far far to old for me I think 5'8 is a little big would have to say 5'6.5 maybe max. Cool woman though.
Nik Ashton said on 16/Sep/20
5’8” is a bit of a push! Great pic BTW.
Arch Stanton said on 29/Jul/20
I see she has some Hungarian, Germany and Scandinavian ancestry. I'd always thought she had an Eastern European look about her, Polish, Czech, Hungary I'd have guessed. A genuine beauty, without makeup still stunning! Click Here
Jam Cherry said on 14/May/20
I always thought she’s 5’7” girl but accurate guessing would be 169 cm
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 20/Apr/20
Rob, i just wonder did you met Jessica Biel in real? If not was it a slim chance you could see her and a get photo on a comic con?
Editor Rob
I've never seen her and don't know if she ever did an event or would in the future. At the moment there are no cons happening and in the UK, but next year I'm sure they will get back into the swing of things. You had also commented on Kate Beckinsale - now she is likely to do one in UK in the future since she already has appeared at a few in America.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 3/Mar/20
💐🎉🎁🎂 Happy Birthday Jessie 🎂🎁🎉💐

A Very Happy Birthday to sweet Jessica Biel who celebrates her 38th today!

5ft6.75. 😆👍🎈

Johan123 said on 5/Jan/20
5’6” flat.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 15/Sep/19
@ Nik - A surprising amount of websites and magazines round up to at LEAST the nearest half-inch. I have never once come across a magazine article which has listed a star as something which includes a quarter-inch either over or under the person's 'basic' height, let alone an eighth. It's daft really, but there you go!

Jessica can have 5ft6.5 plus a quarter of an inch! 😝
Nik Ashton said on 5/Sep/19
@ Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) - Well, it does! Seeing her smile can make someone’s day! I like her name!

If she was pictured with me we would know, you know!
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 28/Aug/19
5ft 6 range women for sure!!! PS. I just laughed 😂😂😂 at what Nik Ashton said below that her smile lights up celebheight...
Chuk said on 18/Aug/19
She's a tiny bit over 5' 5", maybe 5' 5-1/4"
Nik Ashton said on 29/Jul/19
Her smile lights up celebheights!
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 24/Jun/19
I don't think she was ever over 5'6 1/2 a low.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 18/Feb/19
I recall it in 7th Heaven one episode she was described as 5'5.
jriggs said on 11/Feb/19
Close to 5'7
secondrowback said on 21/Dec/18
Watching her in a series - The Sinner - at the moment and she looks 5'5 at most.
Michael, 5'10" 178 cm said on 27/Nov/18
I saw the movie, Shock and Awe recently with her in it. She looked 5’7” or near that range in the movie with Woody Harrelson who looked to be only like 2 inches taller. Jessica is definitely around 5’7” or so, she is a beautiful girl too along with being somewhat tall. She looked every bit of 5’7” to me, I could tell she was a taller woman for sure.
Nancy D. said on 7/Nov/18
Jessica, you're NOT 5' 8", and neither am I, perhaps in or gym shoes, but shoes don't count, barefoot counts.
I am 5 ft. 7 in. tall, and I admit it, In my senior year in high school, my physics teacher had a ruler, I measured myself at five-eight
with shoes but insisted that I was 5' 7". Shoes add an inch.
Nik said on 14/Oct/18
I love her comment "I'm 5 feet 8...My dad's 6 feet. And my brother? He's huge! Just huge!"!
khaled taban said on 17/Aug/18
She looks around the 169cm mark
Agent Orange said on 13/Feb/18
She’s so lovely! 5’6.5 she is:
Veronica said on 5/Jan/18
Jessica and Eva Mendes looks almost the same. And Eva looks like she has almost same height that Scarlett Johansson.
Tallish89 said on 14/Nov/17
She's a strong 5'6 closer to 5'7
Junior said on 31/Oct/17
Biel look a proper 5'6. Maybe 5'6.75" too high for her.
Xavier said on 28/Oct/17
She looks 5 foot 6 in Blade Trinity.
Tallish89 said on 8/Sep/17
Looked 5'7 with Chris Evans (5'11) & looks 5'7 with JT (5'11)

Least I would go is 169, I still say 170cm
S.J.H said on 12/Jul/17
Call me stubborn but i don't see her above 166cm. I did generously give her 5'5.75 max let alone 5'6
Marquis said on 28/Jun/17
She consistently looks 5'6", even though she insists she's taller.

I guess her being buff could make her seem shorter than she really is, but she's very lean, so those two things seem to cancel out. She's very fit.
Marquis said on 28/Mar/17
Can't really give her more than 5'6.5", and 5'6" flat is very possible.
S.J.H said on 16/Mar/17
Filming 7th Heaven when she was 16 , she was listed at 164cm in a teens magazine i can still recall it when i was only ten at the time :p I think at most she is 5'5.75 as she stop growing
Sandy Cowell said on 10/Feb/17
The film 'The Tall Man' is not what it seems at the onset!
Sandy Cowell said on 10/Feb/17
I have just started watching a film called 'The Tall Man', which I thought very appropriate for this website! It has an excellent write-up and stars actress Jessica Biel as the Mum of a little boy who gets taken by this mysterious character 'The Tall Man'.
The above kidnapping has just taken place, following a drinking session Jessica has with her mate. She wakes up slightly worse for wear and there are some weird religious rantings coming from a newly tuned-in radio! Then she discovers her friend's been beaten and tied up and her little son stolen.
From what I have seen of the other mothers and women in the film, Jessica is well above average, but I haven't seen any short women yet! The only short females are kids! Jessica's friend is almost as tall as she is (I don't know who she is yet), but Jessica does look tall judging from how she's built. Her legs still look long, despite not having high heels to give them a boost. I'd be surprised if Jessica is under the 5ft7 she says she is. She could even pass for taller!
It looks as though this Mum's going to be in for a long and arduous adventure now; she's running down a country lane after a van which seems to contain the kids!
There should be some well-known actors later in the film to compare her to, but from what I've seen so far - 5ft7 and no less!
Josh jeffords said on 11/Oct/16
Easy 5 7 and great body nothing wrong with a long set b of n legs.
Could be claiming 5 8 in shoes not barefoot.
kbhart said on 9/Sep/16
5'5" could be Texas Chainsaw.... Erica Leerhsen who is listed at 5'9" is considerably taller than Biel and Biel is in 4"+ boots and Erica is wear regular cowboy boots. They should be closer in height if Biel is a true 5'7".
truth said on 20/Jun/16
She is 5'7.
Alex said on 24/Feb/16
5'6 max. 5'10 Timberlake is towering over her.
Len said on 5/Feb/16
Biel's a 5'6" gal. And Beckinsale's just a hair taller, 5'6.5".
jake said on 4/Jul/15
Always looks about 5'6".

Seems to have a tiny bit of a complex about her height, like she fervently wishes she was taller, even though she's far from short and is obviously considered quite beautiful.
Hypado said on 9/May/15
Jessica Biel height: 5ft 6.75in (170 cm)

Kate beckinsale is 5ft 6in
Silent D said on 26/Oct/14
I think kate beckinsale is slightly taller. 169cm.
Alex 6'0 said on 10/Oct/14
She looks 5'6.5 with 5'6 Jessica Alba
Xyz said on 5/Jul/14
Search her with eva mendes. There are a lot of pics they have together. I'd say 167cm.168 at max!
5'5.5girl said on 27/Jun/14
i dont normally downgrade celebs, but i really think she is not 5'6.75 though i noticed you lowered her a bit. I still think she is 5'6. The pictures are too telling as I tend to believe that kate bekinsale is a true 5'7. As for the pic of jessica alba, well then i guess jessica alba is prob a hair under 5'6. This is just my opinion.
IR said on 17/Jun/14
yet back in 2000 when Jessica and I were 18, we both claimed 5' 8" as our height, well ma'am, that's in our gym shoes. We're both the same height, yes, and around the same age too but we're 5' 7" tall. barefoot is what counts, no footwear, no padding.
Alex 6'0 said on 14/Jun/14
5'6.5 may be spot on but 5'6.5-5'6.75 range looks right since Alba I have at 5'6. Far as her weight yea def around 140lbs id say but a solid 140 with some muscle. She's in nice shape and one of the better bodies in Hollywood.
Sean73 said on 5/Jun/14
Looks a solid 5'7" and 135 to 140lbs.
jtm said on 28/May/14
there is one picture that biel looks taller than beckinsale but that's because she is closer to the camera and better posture. beckinsale is taller than biel and i don't think beckinsale is 5'7 and this listing for biel is still generous.
cole said on 26/May/14
I think 168-169 cm range is more fitting, but the weak 5'7 is a start.
Jeannie said on 17/Mar/14
Biel is absolutely not shorter than Kate Beckinsale. Kate always wears monster platforms to try pulling off taller, but Biel is actually taller than Beckinsale. Biel always wears more modest and tasteful shoes (IMO) than Kate. Take a look at them with similar platforms.
Click Here

If Biel got downgraded, Kate needs to be downgraded at least 1/2" - 1" less than Biel.
J.Lee said on 6/Mar/14
Rob, should we change Jessica's height? What is the difference between a strong 5 ft 6 and a weak 5 ft 7 if both heights are ultimately both 5 ft 6.5?
J.Lee said on 6/Mar/14
Rob can you look at these pics.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

My questions to you are, how much higher are Kate's footwear and how much taller is Kate than Jessica in the pics? Also, if Cranston is 5 ft 10 and a half, how tall would that make Kate in these pics?
[Editor Rob: they could give at least 4cm more height, although there is some distortion in that last shot, I think with colin in the movie jessica did look what you'd say was a weak 5ft 7, 169 range]
Lorne said on 24/Feb/14
She's a fraction under this, never looked a true 5'7 to me...
Mike said on 22/Feb/14
Beautiful body proportions but photo comparisons don't lie. Compared to Farrell and Timberlake, she can't be more than 5'6" at absolute max. Definitely should be downgraded.
bluema said on 21/Feb/14
Next to 5'6.5" Connelly and Ciara.
Click Here
Alex 6ft 0 said on 17/Feb/14
With Jessica Alba who is listed 5'6.5 here she looks 5'7. Both are in sneakers but Alba's posture is a bit more relaxed. Looks 1/2 inch to maybe 3/4 inch. If Alba is more 5'6 flat then Biel is more 5'6.5

Click Here
Alex 6ft 0 said on 16/Feb/14
Here is a pretty good pic of Alba and Biel together. Both standing side by side in the same type of sneakers. Alba's posture seems a bit more relaxed though if you look at her right leg not straight. Not sure if that's even an inch between the 2. Looks more 1/2-3/4 inch which puts Rob's listings of these 2 to be accurate.

Click Here
Alex 6ft 0 said on 16/Feb/14
5'7 is possible for her. I wouldn't rule it out. Not sure if I see her as low as 5'6 though. Maybe 5'6.5-5'6.75
Hannah said on 2/Feb/14
5'6" is more like it.
Ted said on 26/Nov/13
@jess - In the pic in your link, looks like you're getting faked out by Biel's tall hair.

5-6 is about right for her.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 said on 7/Oct/13
5'8 for her is out the window since she has claimed 5'7 too. She can def look 5'7 but if she's not 5'7 shes not much less. 5'6.5 I could agree with
jess said on 10/Sep/13
There are also many pics of them at events where they're the same height, and in a couple of them, Jessica Biel is slightly taller. In one photo, you can tell Kate Beckinsale's shoes are slightly bigger than Biel's shoes:
Click Here
Lee said on 29/Jun/13
Probably should be downgraded to 5'6".

There's just too many pics of 5'7" Kate Beckinsale and her together, and Beckinsale is just a little bit taller every time.

Not to mention that Timberlake almost towers over her in any pic where she doesn't have high heels on, and he's not that tall (he claims 6'0", but isn't).
Silent d said on 22/Jun/13
She is always shorter than kate beckinsale.5 foot 6 might be more accurate.
IR said on 23/May/13
we're both 31 and 5' 7", and graduated high school in 2000. Well, we've got those things in common, originally we both listed ourselves at 5' 8". but that's head to sole, not head to toe.
Len said on 11/May/13
Probably a 5'6" girl doing the standard Hollywood 'claim to be 1-2 inches taller than you really are' -thing.

Not sure why the gals do this. Men are judged a lot on their height, the ladies not so much.
Morck said on 12/Mar/13
Strong candidate to be downgraded to 5'6.5"
Anon said on 10/Mar/13
I don't think so. There are many photos of her on line standing next to other celebrities who are short (i.e. Scarlett J. for one) and she looks the aproximately the same height or just a tad taller. I give her 5.4 ft and up to 5.5 ft max. No taller than that.
Leyna said on 8/Mar/13
Alongside Scarlett Johansson in Hitchcock and on the red carpet with her I don't see a 4" difference - if Scarlett is 5'3". She also seems at least an inch shorter than Kate Beckinsale in most photos. I would say Jessica is 5'5.5" - maybe 5'6".
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 said on 2/Mar/13
A legit 5'7 girl can def pull off looking 5'8 or more.
Silent d said on 5/Dec/12
She was a little taller than ellen in 3.5 inch heels. I have to downgrade her to 167cm.
lol93 said on 30/Sep/12
5'6 she looks shorter than 5'7 Kate Bekinsale
Elizabeth said on 20/Sep/12
She can't be more than 5'5. There was a pic of her and Paltrow at the Stand up to Cancer and Paltrow was at least 4-5 inches taller than her, both in heels. Also this pic of her and Beckinsale shows that she is clearly shorter:

Click Here
johnnyfive said on 4/Sep/12
@Bluema. Timberlake is 5'10, Biel is 5'5. I see 5 inches between both. Her 5'7 claim is probably to match Justin's ridiculous and laughable 6'1 claim (even though that would be 6 inches but whatever)
bluema said on 16/Aug/12
Next to 5'5" (?) Mendez.
Click Here

Click Here
bluema said on 16/Aug/12
Let's say that we believe Justin Timberlake's 5'11" claim, see the height difference with Biel here. Definitely not just 4". Click Here
bluema said on 16/Aug/12
No more than 5'5", just around the same height as Kate Beckinsale. Kate always wears higher platform heels, and she clearly poses to enhance her height in many pictures while Biel usually slouches. You can even see Kate tip-toeing on her platforms on deppfan's picture below of them together. 5'5", both posing as 5'7".
kail said on 30/Jul/12
I always thought jessica looked tall in pictures and on screen. But all the photos of her with kate Bekinsale, who is also listed as 5'7" appears like there's always clearly a 2 inch difference. Rob, do you notice this too?
[Editor Rob: maybe a little footwear difference? But Jessica certainly can look weak 5ft 7er at times.]
Jamie said on 30/Jan/12
Next to 5'1 Beverley Mitchell ... not sure that there are 6 inches between them ...

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
leonari said on 20/Jan/12
Clint: You are delusiuonal
clint said on 19/Jan/12
Not 5'8", Alex? Well she is, or close to it!
J.lee said on 18/Jan/12
rob do you think 5 foot 7 girl is almost 5 foot 10? I am five ten and a half or so and some girl that is 5 foot 7 says were almost the same height because it's only a few inches. Is 3 inches really that close? Do you think 5 foot 7 is close to 5 foot 10? I don't.
Alex said on 11/Nov/11
Rob, think she could be as low as 5'6 range? Pics can be decieving but her height looks to vary a bit. I think the 5'7 listing for her may be a push. Shes def not 5'8 either
[Editor Rob: I think 5ft 6 might be a low guess, a fraction shy 5ft 7 isn't improbable but I always thought she looks near enough 5ft 7 to leave the guess as it is.]
Silent d said on 30/Oct/11
I can live with 5 foot 7.
Silent d said on 25/Oct/11
Nicki how could you stand 6 foot in heels when your only 168cm. You must have crazy heels. In all her movies she looks tall. In chuck and larry, she looks 5 foot 7. Kate beckinsale is tall. I remember this movie much ado about nothing and she looked tall next to 186cm keanu reeves. In that deppfan photo beckinsale is standing on her tip toes to get taller. She is like out of her heels. They would be about the same height if they were both just standing normally. Someone in this forum hayhay said she was 5 foot 1. No way, she has proportions of an athletic 5 foot 7 or 5 foot 6 at least. She never looked that short. Maybe 165cm sometimes but she is like alba, they don't that tall but they are 5 foot 6 and 5 foot 7.
LAN Jiao said on 14/Oct/11
during 7th heaven when she already looking mature and was age16-17 always get listed 5-4.5(164cm) , how could she grow 5-6cm tller after 17? i put my guess she is only 5'5 , she never look tall for 5'6-5'7 range without heels help.
mrleft3t said on 17/Sep/11
@rob,i understand that you cant check every comment,but @bob and @smartie(especially him) should be banned,we are not a group therapy here,let them face their problems alone
Alex said on 31/Jul/11
Shes claiming both 5'7 and 5'8. Could be claiming her barefoot and shoe height. I always thought she came off as 5'7. Could be wrong but I couldn't go under 5'6-5'6 1/2 for her though.
Gordon said on 29/Jul/11
She's not taller than 5'6". Fact.
Steve said on 24/Jul/11
Deppfan beat me to the punch. I was going to upload those pics to prove that Biel is nowhere near the 5'7 she claims. If you consider that AT WORST Kate Beckinsale is 5'6.5", how is Biel so much shorter than her?

She's 5'5 at best. Could dip to 5'4.25. Gives off a taller vibe because she's slim.
deppfan said on 24/Jul/11
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Both Kate Beckinsale and Jessica claimed 5'7". Kate's heels are a little higher. But Jessica seems to lie or mismeasured herself.
MrRood said on 21/Jul/11
in texas chainsaw massacre she look 1.68 next to 1.74 erica ( dont remember the las name) the girl from blair witch 2
Nicki said on 18/Jul/11
"Short women are more relationship material" As opposed to tall women not being relationship material?. That is absurd! I am 5' 6" as is my husband. I stand 6ft in heels and I have long legs; my best feature IMO. My husband is very secure in who he is and in his sexuality and masculinity. There is no way he would be threatened by a tall woman who is also secure in her sexuality and femininity as some men might be. There are masculine, short women too you know?
Mr. Ballong said on 6/Jul/11
I would say she is 5'6" (1.68m), I think that makes more sense..
I have never viewed her as tall, everytime she is around 5'9" guys there is a visable large height gap in between them.
ComeOn! said on 16/Jun/11
Come on; now way is she 5'7". How could you fall for that?
Elena said on 14/Jun/11
Bob shut up and stop trying to talk for all of the male population. Men prefer tall and short women alike, not one over the other. My mom is 5'10'' and my dad's 6'2'' So speak for yourself when you make the statement that all most men like short women, and when you make up the guidlines that define the height of women as being feminie or manly.
Marc L said on 4/Jun/11
After looking at pics with timberlake. she looks around 5'5
hayhay said on 31/May/11
shes like 5'1. I saw her in a club and walk right next to her and she is really really short. she is NOT TALL. let's all remember in hollywood they like short actors and actresses because the shorter you are the easier for the camera people to film you.
Preslee said on 10/May/11
smartie i am 15 years old and i am 5'8" and growing still. i am very proud of my height. my legs are super long and i have had many good comments on how tall i am. so dont go dissing us tall ones just because your jealous of us.
tallwoman said on 19/Apr/11
smartie-you have tiny man syndrome, don't you? aww, poor guy. i am 5'10" and my husband is 6'2". i have dated taller and shorter men than me. my husband prefers tall women. why would you want to strain your neck down a whole foot just to kiss the woman you love? but i guess you don't have to, since you're already at eye level with them.
I LOVE HEELS! said on 19/Apr/11
smartie, so what you're trying to say is you have tiny man syndrome? i am 5'10", and i have dated short and tall men alike. my husband is 6'2", and he prefers tall woman. sorry you don't have to strain your neck down to kiss a girl who is 5'6" since you're already at eye level with them.
Magickster said on 28/Mar/11
In the promo shot for Stealth, Josh Lucas (5'11) is 2 inches taller then Jamie Foxx (5'9'). It looks the same distance between Foxx and Biel. So she has to be around 5'7. Any taller and she's be almost eye to eye with Foxx and she's not.
DEEPER said on 28/Feb/11
Jessica Biel is 5'5 1/2 or 166 CM for SURE !!!
someone said on 9/Feb/11
i like a lot of men like short women is because they are short themselves and insecure about their height, it takes a real men to date a tall woman
Jackie said on 6/Feb/11
If she's 5'7 or even 5'8 than 6' Justin Timberlake shouldn't of been so much taller than her while they were dating..

Click Here
Anonymous said on 1/Feb/11
Saw Jessica Biel in person, she is about 5'5
HourlyGod said on 31/Jan/11
5'5" - Next to Jamie Fox in that Pilot Fighter movie and next to Wesley Snipes in Blade Trinity... she's def. not 5'7" when guys that are 5'8"-5'9" are a lot taller than her when she doesn't wear heels...
Brandon said on 10/Jan/11
Smartie, that is one the most ignorant things I've ever heard anyone say. You're not really living up to that username are you? My wife happens to be 5'9 and she's beautiful and has the perfect body. Fantastic legs and all. Next time try not to speak for most males. Speak for yourself because I doubt there's a study out there claiming what you're claiming about 80% percent of men. And even if there is one, they didn't test every man on the planet. They more than likely only tested 50-100 men like they do in most of those studies/surveys. So that still isn't speaking for the majority of us. There are a lot of men out there who love tall women. Hey, Leo DiCaprio was with Gisele and Bar. Both are tall and Bar is stunning. David Bowie and Iman, etc. Anyhow, I originally came in here because I recently met Jessica Biel. I would say she's around 5'6-ish. She looked about 3 inches shorter than my wife when they were talking to each other.
Tara Vinton said on 30/Dec/10
my mom is 5'7" I'm 5'9". some daughters outgrow their moms, it's the opposite on Gilmore Girls.
somebody new said on 17/Dec/10
both JT and JB have a height complex. She could be less than 5'7'' and claims 5'8''... JT claims 6'1'' and 'almost 6'2'' when he's less than 6 feet...
Buzz said on 10/Dec/10
169cm - 5'6¾
Jimmy said on 3/Dec/10
Does anyone seriously believe she's 5'7?

In every single picture with Timberlake she's dwarfed by him. She's wearing a good 3' heels and yet still appears 3 or 4' shorter than him - Click Here

If he's 5'11.5 and about 6'0.5 with shoes on, how the hell is she still a good 3 inches shorter than him? She's 5'5
washethatall said on 17/Jun/09
She looks more than 4 inches shorter than fallon...either he's taller or shes shorter than actually listed
RB said on 6/Jun/09
Jessica standing next to Jimmy Fallon (listed here at 5'11")Click Here
Realme2008 said on 5/Jun/09
Here she is next to 5'11" Jimmy Fallon with similar footwear. At least a four inch difference there, so yeah she is not 5'8". She's 5'6" or 5'7" max.
Click Here
James said on 4/Jun/09
Glenn is right 5'6 is accurate
James said on 27/May/09
In movies she looks 5'6ish no more
Akshay said on 20/Mar/09
Funny thing abt her height is that after watching this so-so movie called stealth..i could figure that she could be a weak 5-7..maybe early morning she's 5-7..In the last scene of the movie where she is talking to josh lucas she did not look short..infact she looked 5-8+..but there was a another scene somewhere in the movie where she stands between foxx and lucas and believe me she loooked 5-5 there..In my opinion she could be in the 5-6 land
Anonymous said on 8/Mar/09
people do know how tall they are better than anyone else! if she said she was 5ft 8 then she's 5ft8!! there's no reason for her to lie. if she was 5ft or something then she might try and add an inch but if she was shorter than 5ft 8 she would say!!
Alex said on 23/Feb/09
She doesn't look 5'8 but 5'7 is still possible. I wouldn't go any lower than 5'6-5'6 1/2 for her and thats the bare minimum.
Jim said on 4/Feb/09
She's definitely not 5'7 OR 5'8. Timberlake towers her and Timberlake barely towers anyone. She's just got an athletic, well-proportioned body so she looks taller
yoyo said on 18/Dec/08
Jessica Biel can't be 170cm. Shes far lower! Watch STEALTH at 182cm Josh Lucas had a solid 20cm(8in) on her! Jessica Biel could only be 5ft4 at fact.
Anonymous said on 13/Dec/08
In chuck and larry, jessica is wearing 3-4inch heels,which if she is 5'7 would make her 5'10/5'11,but standing next to sandler she still looks an inch or two shorter,taking into account him wearing shoes as well making him 5'11ish to.So i rekon 5'6 for her.
Alex said on 2/Dec/08
Biel has an athletic body, not very muscular but she does have some muscle you can see. That build may make her appear a bit taller sometimes.
Heightfan said on 19/Nov/08
IMO, Rob is right on with 5'7". A little off topic but this girls body is AMAZING! She must work out like crazy.
Alex said on 6/Nov/08
Thing is Jamie Fox is more 5'9, maybe less and he looked a couple inches taller than Biel. I think it was the angle or something. I wouldn't say Biel is under 5'7.
Anonymous said on 24/Oct/08
she looks 5'6 to me
anonymous2 said on 21/Oct/08
In I now pronounce you chuck and larry she's about an inch shorter than 178cm adam sandler in heels. I would say 170cm at most. In stealth she was 10 cm shorter than 180cm jamie fox. Good actor though.
anna said on 18/Oct/08
I thought she was taller. All in all, why lie about your height?
Alex said on 12/Oct/08
Maybe looked closer to 6'0 in heels or something. Shes at least 5'7 and could be pushing 5'8. I think Rob had her more right at 5'7 1/2 before.
Akira said on 10/Oct/08
Didn't you folks read what I wrote. I have seen her up close in sneakers. She's NOT over 5'7" and FYI that is much taller than average for a woman. She's not "really tall". That's TV. Let me repeat this, she's 5'7" tops, probably 5'6" in actuality.
megan said on 18/Sep/08
its strange cause I'm a girl -5"10 and I'd be looking down at a lot of these celebrities. Idk I just never thought about their heights before.
Lisa said on 13/Sep/08
There is no way in hell she is 6'0!
Maybe it was just a scene of the show. The Lucy character looked short so perhaps thats why Mary appeared to be a big scary girl and they made that a story line.

She looks no taller than 5'7 in my opinion.
A Person said on 7/Sep/08
5'7?! She doesn't look very tall. Also, in Chuck and Larry, in the scene where she's stripping in front of Chuck (woo!) she's in heels and she looks around 2 inches taller than 5'10 Adam Sandler. Possibly wearing lifts in order not to be dwarfed? idk
Anna said on 17/Aug/08
These cliams are riduculous.On 7th heaven i heard lucy say that mary was 6'0 and mary was always complaining about how people thought she was the "big scary tall girl".Sure,5'7 to 5'8 is tall but i dont think its THAT tall that people would think of her as the "big scary tall girl".I think Jessica is 6'0 or maybe a little under that.Shes really tall.
Jlee said on 5/Aug/08
Yah, saw her on that adam sandler movie. 5 foot 7 or 5 8 girl as rob says. Not a very tall girl unfortunately. but she is cute. If she could be 2 inches taller, she would be a knockout!
AY said on 10/Jul/08
I ran into her when I was at Tufts (and she was too). I didn't know who she was and I stand 5'7". I thought she was my height and that generally means the person is an inch shorter. She was not wearing any heals or anything. She was dressed down. I might have had on shoes that gave me an inch or two (Dr. Martens) so she may be 5'7" but I would be shocked if she was 5'8". BTW, she was MORE attractive in person. She just exuded charisma. I couldn't help staring at her even though I had no clue who she was. I heard from my friend who TA'd for her that she was super nice, intelligent, and a hard worker.
Yaspaa said on 24/Jun/08
Jamie Foxx looked more than 2" taller.
Alex said on 21/Jun/08
I saw her in Stealth today again and she does look at least 5'7ish.
Davey said on 2/Jun/08
She is 5'7 and easy on the eyes.
diana said on 1/Jun/08
she looks spot on 5'7
that's an accurate height FINALLY
it's so funny. i agree that 5'7 is slightly above average, not amazingly tall, but my friend is so self conscious. she refuses, at 5'7, to wear heels anymore which is stupid. i mean i could understand if she was 6 feet tall. she is hardly tall...
Dude said on 1/Jun/08
Guest are you a man or woman? Regardless Jessica Biel is rather hot not sure how you can say she is not pretty?? She looks a good size for a woman not short at all and not very tall. Why she would date Justin Timberlake is the question. Not a good looking couple. But Justin gets some hot babes due to his dancing.
jay said on 30/May/08
here's a pic of them both from '98 - Click Here
jay said on 30/May/08
quote guest "I read that quote about her father and brother, so I looked for a picture. Her brother doesn't seem to be huge like she is saying. She makes it sound like her brother is the tallest, but it looks like her father is taller.""

she said that when she was 16, her brother is 3 years younger than her so he would have been 13. I've seen pics of him at an event with Jessica in 1998 and he appeared to be very tall for a 13 year old. I think that's what she meant.
Guest said on 29/May/08
She was wearing heels on Ellen.
J.Lee said on 28/May/08
How tall is ellen degeneres? go to you tube and type in jessica biel on ellen degeneres in 2004. She appears the same height as ellen, maybe half an inch taller.
J.Lee said on 28/May/08
Yes! Emilie! Finally someone agrees with me that five seven is not tall for a girl! Jessica Biel is not tall, average.
Zee said on 18/May/08
In the Rules of Attraction she looked really tiny and short. Maybe thats because her costar shannyn sossamon is so tall? I don't know, sometimes she looks tall sometimes she looks really small. In parts of London I thought she looked small.
Guest said on 15/May/08
I read that quote about her father and brother, so I looked for a picture. Her brother doesn't seem to be huge like she is saying. She makes it sound like her brother is the tallest, but it looks like her father is taller.

Family picture
Click Here

Her heels that night
Click Here
Guest said on 15/May/08
She looks 5'6"-ish to me, under 5'7". I don't get the impression that she is tall. To me she doesn't seem to have long legs or leg height; And her torso doesn't look too long either, that's if leg and torso height/length anything to do with her overall height. I also don't get her appeal or anything. I don't find her to be pretty, talented or interesting, etc. but that is off topic.

Here are pictures of her where you can see her heels, looks like the same night that Glenn has his picture taken:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Mattiew_- said on 26/Mar/08
Her arms looks almost bigger than Sandler's in your second pic ....

I think the height difference is linked to "perpsective" ...
Jules said on 7/Mar/08
I don't understand the difference of heights in these two pictures from the same event..
Click Here


Click Here

and also that picture below with her and Justin Timberlake? Glenn/Rob I'm SO confused. How do you explain these differences?
Anonymous said on 29/Feb/08
always looked at least 5'7 at the least. maybe 5'7.5
Emilie said on 12/Feb/08
well to you two swedish girls... i'm from denmark, and i don't consider 5
joshd said on 19/Jan/08
To be honest, I always thought she was taller than 5`8...she`s beautiful..but after seeing I now pronounce you Larry and Chuck, I hope she didn`t ruin her career..worst movie in American history...
Alex said on 8/Jan/08
She can still pass for a legit 5'8 girl at times I think.
Shes my favorite Jessica though.
ACG said on 31/Dec/07
Wow, had it not been for this site, I would've still though Biel to be a legit 5'8er!!
C. said on 23/Dec/07
She looks close to 5'7". No way is she 5'5" (she must be a really tall 5'5"). And yes, she has around 2" on Eva. This height is accurate.
Alex said on 17/Dec/07
Both are in heels but who know who has the bigger heels but they are probably very close. She looks to have about 2 inches on Eva though so 5'5 to 5'7 likely.
Anonymous said on 12/Dec/07
She clearly looks two inches taller than Eva.
Keith said on 1/Dec/07
I'm sorry guys but according to this pic Biel is a 5'6 gal. Compare it with 5'5 Eva Mendez on this pic...Click Here
Alex said on 29/Nov/07
Biel gives me the impression of a 5'7 girl.
sf said on 19/Nov/07
Yes, I'd be pretty damn happy by Jessica Biel. Yum, yum, yum...
glenn said on 18/Nov/07
shes hotter mofo.i dont know about 5-5.but i dont see her past 5-6.
THE REAL ANONYMOUS said on 16/Nov/07
The don't agree with the 5'7 she is listed on here at. I spent two nights working along side a few of Justin Timberlakes bodyguards when Justin did two shows in our city. Jessica flew in for the second show. I was iaround her for about 3 hours that night and she looked 5'5 and no taller to me. She was wearing a flat type of brown suede shoes. She is a beautiful woman with flawless skin. Most importantly she was real nice and friendly to everybody that came into contact with her. A few times when she went on to the concert floor, nobody recognized her. Justin is a legit 6' ,no shorter than 5'11.5.
adelaide said on 15/Nov/07
do you know what type of shoes she was wearing?
If she's in flats, then no more then 6.5 id think
Mr Mayfair said on 13/Nov/07
I'd say 5.6 for sure, not that it matters in her case :)
mofo said on 13/Nov/07
wow shes hot ouch!
Glenn is she as hot in person has in the pic or hotter?
bruce_willis said on 13/Nov/07
great looking female, 169-170cm
Alex said on 13/Nov/07
I would too if I were next to Jessica Biel. If I told you what I'd like to do with her then my post would be removed from the page. LOL!
Daniel said on 13/Nov/07
You like WAY happy besides her, Glenn... :OP
yesenia cabrera said on 7/Nov/07
well,im glad to hear she"s 5"7 and long legs.Im 5"6 and people say im too tall.I say im average..but when you hang out with shorter people , its hard for them to understand its o.k to be my height....and whats wrong with wearing high hills at these heights?nothing ..right??????
Alex said on 5/Nov/07
Those pics aren't on the best angle plus they are both walking. Timberlake is 6'0ish putting Biel at 5'7 still I'd say but in those pics it looks more because of the angle.
svensk said on 30/Oct/07
its really hard to judge a persons height when he or she is walking. idon think shes short, 5'7 is good
lanzarote said on 28/Oct/07
Seems like something is off here. Justin Timberlake is listed on this site as 5'11.5'' and Biel at 5'7''. These pictures showing Timberlake seemingly towering over Biel would suggest that one of these two heights is off, and I would suggest that that height is Biel's:

Click Here

Click Here
svensk said on 27/Oct/07
hey swedish girl, im swedish too. but im only 5'4. oh i wish my legs were long and thin like betty boop hahah. but theyre short and chubby whit a 29.5 inch inseam. i'd say most girls i know are about my height.
i really dont like jessica biel. she seem so sporty and boring. i dont even think shes pretty, she always wear tank tops and boring jeans. bl
irshgrl500 said on 24/Oct/07
Factor in the "lean", she appears to be 5'6", tops. She's very pretty.
Alex said on 24/Oct/07
5'6 for Biel? maybe but I think she looks more 5'7ish.

Curlybob, I'm 6'0-6'0 1/2 and 5'7 is a good height for a woman for me too I think.
Anonymous said on 3/Oct/07
I think that this also depends of the nation where she lives...for in Brazil, our average man is around 5'7, whereas our average woman is 5'3-5'4...the region i live, Southeastern Brazil, where almost 45% of our GDP is produced, and also the 2nd richest by GDP Per Capita, with a strong European stock, is something like 1 or 2 inches taller than that my classroom, most girls are shorter than me(i am 5-foot-8 and 16 years old), except for 3 girls...2 of them are 5'9 or slightly above, and 1 is nearly 6 foot...she is a monster!About the boys, most of them are my height or taller...the tallest boy here is 6'2...a girl like Jessica Biel, here, surely would not be classified as short...more easily a tall, or "slightly above average" girl...

...however, in Southern Brazil, the richest region by GDP Per Capita, and heavily populated by people of German, Northern Italian, and Slavic stock, i think that she would be just average...
Curlybob said on 15/Sep/07
5ft 71/2 inches is perfect for a woman. I am 6ft tall and my wife is 5ft 71/2 inches tall and we are a perfect match.
glenn said on 5/Sep/07
hottttt!!!! and 5-6.
radio_man said on 5/Sep/07
how hot she is in person?!!!
I think she's 5'6
Ilovemyipod said on 27/Aug/07
Swedish girl; I strongly agree with you. 5"7 is tall for a girl. Just because there are taller women than her, does not mean she is short. What is this some kind of contest? There is always going to be someone taller, but tall is tall and short is short-and Jessica is definetly not short by any means! I happen to be Dutch-and there are women who are well over 6"1 where I live(Im 5"10)-but I still don't think 5"7 is short for a woman. average is 5"2-5"5/ 5"7-or taller is tall.
Swedish girl said on 26/Aug/07
To Zivile-WAIT A SECOND! YOu think Jessica is small? All american actresses are small??? Cameron Diaz is 5"9, Uma Thurman 5"11, Charlize Theron 5"10 I could go on and on! So NO not all american actresses are small. Another thing-I am 5"10 1/2- my legs are wayyyy longer than yours 45 inches from hip to toe-but I do not think 5"7 is small by any means. Another thing-Jessica Biel is built like a race horse, her shoulders are broad and her legs long. Someone can be tall, but have a horried build-Jessica happens to be TALL with a great body!BTW I did a model shoot in your region last year-the women looked pretty average in height to me.
Alex said on 25/Jul/07
Check her out in her new movie "I now pronounce Chuck and Larry". She is smokin in that movie. Unbelievable.
steve said on 25/Jul/07
wow i just saw her in a new movie, she has an amazing mighty nice heiny :) Shes a good actor too...I believe she is in the 5'6-5'7 area
sf said on 15/Jul/07
Jessica makes my motor run...
Alex said on 14/Jul/07
She's taller than 5'5. That picture's angle favors Fox or something.
With Garner she looks 5'7. To me in general she physically doesn't look under 5'7.
anonymous said on 7/Jul/07
Um Rob, I think she's more 5'5"-5'6". Celebs lie about their heights all the time.
Found a great pic with her and Jamie Foxx without heels as you can see in the pic.
Click Here
A said on 6/Jul/07
5'6"-5'7" seems right.
Here she is with Jennifer Garner (5'8").
Click Here
Alex said on 3/Jul/07
Who seen the preview for her new movie this summer "I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry"? She looks smokin in it.
Franco said on 3/Jul/07
i think 5'7 is a good height for a woman, above average, but it depends where shes from etc.

shes hot, but she looks in the 5'6.5 range to me.
Its A Punjabi Ting (UK) said on 28/Jun/07
I agree. 5'7" is tall for a girl, in many countries I would have thought.
Alex said on 27/Jun/07
5'7 is not short for a girl. Its basically like 6'0 for a guy considering the average man and woman are 5 inches or so apart.
Its A Punjabi Ting (UK) said on 16/Jun/07
So considering the 2 inch difference Zivile between you and Jessica, is 5ft 9 average for a girl in Lituania?
Zivile said on 13/Jun/07
Jessica is tall? she is small! All American actresses are so small... I live in Lithuania, (the Baltic sea region) and most Lithuanian girls ar taller than Jessica. I am 177cm (5.9 in) my legs are 3.4 in and there are many taller girls in my country. So that means you haven't seen tall girls if you consider Jessica being tall. :)
Alex said on 12/Jun/07
I did see the Movie Awards but I was comparing her to Adam Sandler who is 5'9 barefoot and with sneakers 5'10-5'10.25 and Jessica was his height or a little taller and was in 4 inch heels I think so 5'7-5'7.25 for her is correct barefoot.
BIBO said on 10/Jun/07
Have you seen the MTV Movie Awards? She is way taller than Kevin James. About 4" with shoes.
Viper said on 8/Jun/07
Yeah, 5-7. The lowest you could go for her is 5-6.
Alex said on 7/Jun/07
Viper, about her height what do you think she is? Got a bit off topic about looks again. I think the 5'7 height looks pretty accurate, she is def a tall girl. She looked 5'9-5'10 in heels at the movie awards a couple days ago and was the same height or a bit taller than Adam Sandler in sneakers.
Alex said on 7/Jun/07
Personally she's one of my top 5 favorite actresses. Very nice body but I think her face is pretty too, but thats my opinion. Everyone has their own though. I'd actually take her over Jessica Alba and Simpson. She is my favorite Jessica. Thats me though.
Viper said on 7/Jun/07
To be brutally honest I just dont see it at all with her. Might be the most overrated celeb. Great, great body but her face to me is lacking. Shes still hot though, I just wouldnt have her on the top tier of talent.
Franco said on 6/Jun/07
she's not taller than 171cm that's for sure.

also she's hot as hell, she looks like another superhot girl/model/actress....AIDA YESPICA.

this is what i really think

Minimum = 169cm ...average = 170cm ....maximum = 171cm

i pick 170cm though because she looks it.
PJ said on 24/May/07
She stood next to my ex-girlfriend, both wearing similar shoes and they were nearly identical in height : 5"6.5
dmeyer said on 6/May/07
5'7 seems right nic cage towers over her in next he can stell look 6'+
Drew said on 2/May/07
"D. Ray Morton says on 29/Mar/07
"I bet Jessica is 5'7 maybe 5'8 fresh out of bed"

Sorry, what was that? The only words that registered were "Jessica" and "bed.""


Anyway I think she's closer to 5'8" than 5'7". Maybe 172cm. Why would a tall woman upgrade her height? Doesn't make sense to me at all. I doubt she lied when she said she's 5'8".
Alex said on 1/May/07
CJ, haha yea Jessica in bed, don't let her out.
But I can see her at 5'8 out of bed and down to 5'7 by the night so 5'7.25 during midday perhaps.
CJ said on 20/Apr/07
"I bet Jessica is 5'7 maybe 5'8 fresh out of bed"

I'll never know. If I had her in my bed, I'd never let her out.
Mr Mayfair said on 10/Apr/07
Height is irrelevant when you're that beautiful!!
joz said on 6/Apr/07
i think she's 5'6 standing to adam sandler she was at least a 4 inch difference
AAAA said on 29/Mar/07
Your spine compresses during the day due to gravitity, and decompresses while you sleep. Ergo, you WILL be taller when you wake up, and are FRESH OUT OF BED, then at the end of the night. That is proven
D. Ray Morton said on 29/Mar/07
"I bet Jessica is 5'7 maybe 5'8 fresh out of bed"

Sorry, what was that? The only words that registered were "Jessica" and "bed."
The Height Wizzard said on 29/Mar/07
She said she is 5' 8". She seems like a "pretty" honest person. Therefore, it is safe to say that her official height is slightly above 5' 7".
The Horse of FUNK said on 28/Mar/07
Meh, who cares. She's hot as hell and her buns could crush diamonds.

But yeah, I agree she's probably easily 5'8" in the morning and sinks down to her lowest point of 171cm (5'7.25") by day's end.
Astrid said on 28/Mar/07
Lol. She SAID she's 5'8". Why would she be 5'7"? She looks 5'8" in the picture.
AAAA said on 27/Mar/07
Horse, glenn said on time that he is 5'9-5'9.5 in shoes or boots, whatever h wears and, 5'8 barefoot.
I bet Jessica is 5'7 maybe 5'8 fresh out of bed
Alex said on 26/Mar/07
The 5'6 for her seems a little too short. She is a tall girl, more than a little above average height for a girl. I don't think she's under 5'7.
The Horse of FUNK said on 7/Mar/07
Yeah but problem with that radio_man is that James van der Beek is 6', which would put Biel at her own stated height of 5'7.5".
radio_man said on 7/Mar/07
she's 5'6, van der beek was like 4 or 5 inches taller in attraction, so I think she's 5'6
glenn said on 6/Mar/07
i dont run this site anonymous.
The Horse of FUNK said on 6/Mar/07
First assumption when I thought of her was like Scarlett's, 5'6.5", maybe as cm less. But then, you have to watch that lame Texas Chainsaw movie and you kinda second-guess the 5'6 because she easily appears 5'7", maybe even a cm more, in the movie.

Dunno what's up with Glenn's pic though. If she was wearing small heels then 169cm is possible with 170cm still somewhere on the radar. Unless Glenn enjoys sporting 2" boots.
Anonymous said on 5/Mar/07
I don't get if someone claims they're 5'8" they're always downgraded an inch unless they're buddy buddy with Glenn.
PJ said on 5/Mar/07
I've seen her in SoHo on a few occasions, 5'6 ... perhaps 5'6.5 on a good day.
glenn said on 5/Mar/07
i agree scarlet.i always felt 5-7 was a bit high.
Scarlet said on 4/Mar/07
I would put her at 5'6 to 5'6.5 if you were both in flats and standing straight.
glenn said on 3/Mar/07
its ok footballed.its normal to not want to scroll down.scarlet-she had small heels.
footballed28 said on 2/Mar/07
you people stop asking Glenn about her footwear he answered twice already and this page isnt impossibly long to scroll down and read from the very bottom
Scarlet said on 1/Mar/07
5'7 next to you Glenn but what kinda shoes is she wearing?
Boxing Fighter said on 28/Feb/07
Damn, this girl is hot!
And she looked very tall in Chainsaw massacre remake. I would say at least 5ft7.
Maybe 5ft7.5.
TNTinCA said on 8/Feb/07
I always thought she looked around 5'7". Next to her co-stars in Stealth, she didn't strike me as an amazon.
Alex said on 8/Feb/07
Ellie, youre probably right. I'm tall so sometimes I'll look at girls 5'2-5'3 and short while really they're only a little under average for a female.
Ellie said on 28/Jan/07
yeah that makes sence. except i'd say 5'1-5'3 is a little below average, 5' short, and anything under very short
Alex said on 30/Dec/06
The average for a female is 5'4 so 5'5-5'6 would be a little above average, 5'7-5'9 tall, 5'10 up very tall. 5-1-5'3 short, 5'0 and under very short. Something like that
Glenn said on 30/Dec/06
She isnt short,thats for sure.
Alex said on 29/Dec/06
Glenn, for some years she always appeared to me as a 5'8 girl, but then with some photos I then believed her to be more 5'7 legit. I think she can give the impression of being taller than she really is. I'd stick to 5'7 for her right now,she is a tall girl, but not that tall.
Glenn said on 24/Dec/06
I still feel 5-6ish.
Alex said on 23/Dec/06
Yea so 5'7 looks to be the most accurate then. 5'6.5 maybe like someone said but I'd lean toward 5'7 more. She is a tall girl. It looks like if you both stood up more straight she'd actually be slightly taller which would make sense with small heels.

[Editor Rob: I saw a mention in 2005 that casting agents wanted a "5-foot-6, 110-pound body double" for Jessica...]
Glenn said on 22/Dec/06
Small heels.
Alex said on 21/Dec/06
Glen, not sure if this was asked but did you see her footwear? Was she in shoes, sneakers or heels?
Glenn said on 15/Dec/06
Believe me,I ALWAYS do!
Alex said on 14/Dec/06
She said she was a 34C in Stealth which I believe but Glenn you should make sure and take a look at her bra! LOL
Glenn said on 13/Dec/06
Yeah,she isnt short.but 5-8 is a little high.
Alex said on 13/Dec/06
Jessica is leaning a bit in too but if they both stood straight Glenn would have around an inch on her. 5'6.5 maybe but 5'7 seems most accurate.
Tim said on 12/Dec/06
It looks like 5'6.5 is a possibility. Glenn is leaning in quite a bit.
Alex said on 3/Dec/06
Jessica is actually only 2 years older than me. She's one of my top 3 favorite actresses too. She has a great body and she's pretty too.
Glenn said on 3/Dec/06
Yes,indeed Rob.
Alex said on 2/Dec/06
They do seem to have a slight lean against each other but if Jessica had small heels on it may give her a bit advantage over Glenn. I'd say she's 5'7 and probably just rounding up to 5'8 or saying her height in sneakers as some do, or she is 5'8 out of bed.
D. Ray Morton said on 2/Dec/06
Yessiree Bob. Now that's what I'm talkin' about. (Actually, she looks a trifle Hilary Swankish here.)

"nice ASSets in person?"

Oh Rob, get your mind out of the gutter! (Welcome back, btw!)
Glenn said on 2/Dec/06
She had small heels.I have another from 2000.5-7 is my best guess.

[Editor Rob: nice ASSets in person?]

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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