How tall is Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale's Height

5ft 7in (170.2 cm)

British actress best known for her role as Selene in Underworld. Other notable roles included Pearl Harbour, Click, The Aviator and 2012's Total Recall.
I was quite fat as a small child. I suddenly had hips and I was about 4ft 11in at 14. Then I grew in height, massively. I am 5ft 7in now.

How tall is Kate Beckinsale
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5ft 6.54in (169cm)
Sam said on 29/Sep/17
5.5" for sure. People are too generous here and we all know Hollywood add 2" for all celebs.
Bob said on 6/Sep/17
She has short legs for her height, which may make her look a bit shorter than she really is. But 5'7" sounds pretty solid for her.
Richard said on 12/Aug/17
But Rob if she is 5'6" with 6.25" heels she reaches 6'0.5". She is very close to Farrell so 5'11"-5'11.5", she really can't be over 5'5.5".
Editor Rob: the heels might be called 6 inches, but they won't give that much, more like 4-5 range, 5 at most if you have a 2-inch platform.
Richard said on 11/Aug/17
Hi Rob, Kate Beckinsale is probably around 5'4"-5'5.5" (163-166 cm).
If Colin Farrell is 5'10", but I'll see because he can be in the 5'9.25"-5'10" (176-178 cm) range, with shoes he is a 5'11" and if he wears lifts he reach the 5'11.5" (182 cm) mark, but I doubt he is so tall or taller in this photos.
Click Here
Click Here
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Click Here
Beckinsale wears Louboutin with 6.25" heels and she's very close to Farrell so she also reach the 5'11"-5'11.5" mark.
Click Here
Click Here
(shoes' link)
Without heels she is in the 5'4"-5'5.5" range.
Editor Rob: she does wear quite big heels at times, but I don't think she would be under 5ft 6.
S.J.H said on 12/Jul/17

True. But look at her torso it doesn't look long but her head a little long if shes only 5'5 i say. I take more look at her i think she is somewhere 5'6 in the morning and 5'5.5 would be just a guess for lowest. 5'6.5 out of bed
Jay said on 10/Jun/17
SHJ, the length of someone's limbs shouldn't matter when it comes to height. A person can be tall with a long torso and short legs, or short with long legs. I'm going with 5'6.5 for Kate.
S.J.H said on 28/May/17
Click Here her legs were way too short for a 5'7 women and check out those heels. Precisely, it doesn't fit right for a 5'6 women as well.. 5'5 for my thoughts
Lanaka said on 16/Apr/17
I'd even say she might be even as low her true height as 5'5.75! But not over 5'6.5! Even That looks too high for Kate. 5'5.75-5'6 seems right!
Milanaka_Maliio said on 4/Apr/17
Oops! Typ error below I meant 5'6-5'6.5 for Kate.
Milanaka_Maliio said on 3/Apr/17
5'7" looks a little bit too high for Kate. I think 5'6.5 is right. 5'6 to 5'5.5 at the tallest for Kate
Milanaka_Maliio said on 3/Apr/17
5'7" looks a little bit too high for Kate. I think 5'6.5 is right. 5'6 to 5'5.5 at the tallest for Kate
Importer said on 23/Jan/17
Perfect height for female imo.
anonymous said on 15/Jan/17
how can she grow at 14+? she's gourgeous
Heightcritique said on 6/Jan/17
5'7" or slightly taller, she looks that tall next to ex-husbands (Wiseman and Sheen) who are about 6'00.
Alfred said on 8/Dec/16
Solid 5'7"
heightcritique said on 7/Dec/16
A 5'7" well-proportioned and sculptured body! An eye candy to see all around!
Sandy Cowell said on 24/Nov/16
...but maybe she lit up when she arrived home!
Sandy Cowell said on 15/Nov/16
@ Arch Stanton - Hello again! Are films misleading or what? I've seen Kate out jogging in the film 'Laurel Canyon', not smoking!
Arch Stanton said on 14/Nov/16
Kate's heavily into fitness too I think. Uma Thurman is another. I suppose they think if you work out wnough and eat well you can excuse yourself for smoking. Most people who get into fitness quit smoking as they can feel the damage when they run hard in terms of oxygen/lungs.
Arch Stanton said on 14/Nov/16
Rob can you add Serendipity?169 might be nearer..

Sandy Cowell said on 13/Oct/16
Kate must work really hard to keep such a lovely, trim figure!

It's called smoking. Kate smokes like a chimney sadly. She does keep fit though but there's no point is there is you smoke a lot?
Sarah said on 12/Nov/16
Weak 5'7"
Marquis said on 23/Oct/16
Consistently looks around 5'6".
jtm said on 15/Oct/16
haven't seen love and friendship but she looked clearly shorter than sevigny in last days of disco to me.
Sandy Cowell said on 13/Oct/16
Kate must work really hard to keep such a lovely, trim figure! I have read that she is 5ft6, 5ft7 and even 5ft5, which I didn't believe! My favourite film role of hers was the part she played in a film called 'Haunted.' The film has an incredible shock ending and it has to be said that she is hauntingly beautiful in it!
Alex said on 9/Jul/16
168 cm for her
5'5 gal said on 24/Nov/15
She looks a full 3 inches shorter than Liv Tyler, so if Liv is 5'9.5, Kate is 5'6.5. Didn't see pics of their shoes, but Liv almost never wears platforms while Kate almost always does. If you factor in platform advantage, then Kate may be exactly 5'6 and no more. She does love puffing her hair on top too, is that for added height illusion? It makes her head look really big when she does that though. She looks better with big loose curls and unpuffed top of hair.
jake said on 19/Sep/15
Likely 5'6". Well-proportioned, so looks slightly taller than she is.
james said on 8/Sep/15
Soe has huge hands and size 10 shoes (Europeanen size41).
M said on 10/Aug/15
I doubt that anybody can grow so much like 20 cm after age of 14 (only with HGH hormons and special streching exercises could do it at this age) .She lied so much, that it hurts.
mike said on 29/May/15
5'6, she's at least 4 inches shorter than adam sandler
Hypado said on 27/Jan/15
I watch right now Brokedow Palace of 1999

If Claire Danes is 165cm, Kate Beckinsale is 168cm

No doubt here.
Chris said on 27/Jan/15
Would you people agree that she has a long face? Not saying this in a negative way. 9 inches?
anonymous said on 10/Jan/15
she is definitely at least an inch, maybe two, shorter than cara delevingne, who is listed as 5'7 but most likely shorter. i'd say 5'5
BGee said on 25/Dec/14
She has ill-proportioned limbs. I think she's 5'7.
Silent_D said on 27/Oct/14
She is tall and sexy. I've watched click, much ado about nothing, vacancy, van helsing and etc. She looks 5 foot 7 in those movies. I don't think she is low as 165cm.
Sal said on 13/Oct/14
I was actually surprised. She looks much smaller in all her movies. I thought she was 160-165 tops.
Laura said on 31/Jul/14
I have never met her, though I will say this: When I looked up her height I was surprised because to me she actually doesn't look 5"7, I always thought about 5"5. I think its pretty obvious that Lee Wiseman isn't over 5"9 when you see him next to a 6"1 Chris Klein. That does make Kate not over 5"5 since she's the same height as her husband in 5" heels, AND her stylist would need to have her correct measurements and height to do her job properly. I could be wrong but she just doesn't look 5"7 to me.
Sean73 said on 5/Jun/14
Always looked 5'7.5" - 5'8" to me.
Hypado said on 9/Apr/14
Kate is 168cm
Joe said on 30/Mar/14
"Kate next to her husband at Whiteout (2009) premiere. Click Here
Kate next to Gabriel Machet (6' tall) at the same premiere Click Here

Kate 6' tall in platforms? - I think not. Even with her tallest platforms, she's not taller than her husband Len Wiseman, who is not 6' tall. He's about the same height as 5'10" max Colin Farrell in all photos you can easily search for. "

Len Wiseman is 5'11" tall, which is about average. You can't judge those heights when Kate is standing in pumps that are at least 5-6" tall. Not to mention they're not even standing up straight.

Kate is every bit of 5'7" tall, because I took a picture with her once, and I'm 6'3".
Sam said on 26/Feb/14
Len Wiseman isn't near 6' tall. Look at the couple near 6'1" Chris Klein. Click Here
Looks like bluema has been right all along, but Kate always looks gorgeous nevertheless.
Mike said on 24/Feb/14
It's obvious the doll can't be more than 5'5"
Hannah said on 2/Feb/14
She's 5'5". Doesn't look 5'7" at all.
Hannah said on 2/Feb/14
George said on 25/Jan/14
@Bluema, you are really creepy, you have comments dating over 2 years and some less than a month. You are probably a 4 foot girl, that is jealous of Kate Beckinsale. Well I came here in the first place to see what her height is, since I met her today in low-top Converse Chucks, she was 5'8" (consider half an inch from the shoes, the rest is all her, and she was rocking some pretty flat hairstyle adding up to 5'9"). The conclusion, in comparison to me (5'8), she is eye-to-eye height, so get it out of your system: she is not shorter than 5'7", possibly 5'6" in the evening.
bluema said on 30/Dec/13
Kate next to her husband at Whiteout (2009) premiere. Click Here
Kate next to Gabriel Machet (6' tall) at the same premiere Click Here

Kate 6' tall in platforms? - I think not. Even with her tallest platforms, she's not taller than her husband Len Wiseman, who is not 6' tall. He's about the same height as 5'10" max Colin Farrell in all photos you can easily search for.
bluema said on 30/Dec/13
In addition, Colin Farrell at best is 5'10" in claimed stats while most people suspect around 5'9" and under. Even with her massive platform heels, she's still shorter than Colin on many pictures on the Internet. Click Here
bluema said on 30/Dec/13
Most actors (even people) lie about their heights, but her body proportions and short limbs are dead giveaways. You can choose to believe all you want, but from what I can see clearly and from her stylist Kithe Brewster's confirmation, she's 5'5".
GREENBERET37 said on 29/Dec/13
It's easily open for debate. Here's what I think: Her actual height is around five feet and 10 inches tall. (No more, no less). P.S. GET THE FACTS PEOPLE!!! P.S.S. DO THE MATH
Jack said on 30/Aug/13
She looks the same height as Taylor Swift, 5'7.5" is about right
Joe said on 15/Jul/13
"Completely agreed with Ms Platform Shoes. Kate is 5'5""

Kate is not 5'5". She is 5'7" standing flat flat-footed. Her husband Len Wiseman is 5'11" or 6', and when they wears heels like that she's a bit taller than he is. If she was 5'5", she wouldn't even be as tall as him, even with platform or stilettos.
Heightcritique said on 2/Jul/13
I've seen he walk close by me in sandals and she is definitely 5'7". Above average height for a woman or should I say for a gorgeous doll.
Linebacker28 said on 20/Apr/13
Beautiful woman; anything between 5'6" and 5'8" is fair.
J.Lee said on 9/Apr/13
She's really tall in the heels I posted below. Rob says around 6 feet. Wow.
Balrog said on 8/Apr/13
She always has looked around 5'7''. 5'6'' is possible too.
Green Beret37 said on 6/Apr/13
If you think shes 5'3 Then explain why her platform shoes give her about a six-inch boost. Personally i think she would be about six feet in platform heels. Either that or i'm just paranoid.
J.Lee said on 5/Apr/13
Rob how tall do u think she'd be in these heels Click Here
[Editor Rob: those beasts will probably take her very near the six foot mark]
bluema said on 3/Apr/13
Completely agreed with Ms Platform Shoes. Kate is 5'5"
I'm amazed that so many are fooled so easily.
Silent d said on 22/Oct/12
5 foot 7.
lol93 said on 27/Sep/12
she is lets say maximum 5'11 in heels Colin is or 5'11.25 or 5'11.5 in his boots Click Here 5'7 or 169 is her height, 5'6 and under now way for Kate,but jessica appears a little shorter than 5'7 she might be 5'6
Rob didnt you notice that Jessica appears 2 cm shorter than kate in the pictures she has with her?
theblacklab said on 17/Sep/12
bluema, I agree. She has very short proportions. For me, 5'7" is out of the question. Between 5'5" and 5'6" seems most likely.
bluema said on 30/Aug/12
Beckham is probably one of the most unreliable for comparisons though. She had even claimed 5'7" and many who have seen her say she's very tiny and can't be more than 5'2"-5'3" max, constantly on platform pumps as well. However, I agree that Kate is about 5'5" and you can see that easily with her standing next to stars tall enough (nor vain enough) to not exaggerate their heights. The average distance from the eyes to the top of the head is 5" for males, and Kate barely reaches up to the eye level of 6'2" stars in shoes. Even with 6'3" reference point minus 5", Kate isn't more than 5'8" in 4" heels in the absence of platforms. 5'5".
little sue said on 29/Aug/12
Google her with Victoria Beckham, she looks a good 2 or 3 inches taller than Victoria in similar shoes. I would say about 5ft 5 to 6
bluema said on 28/Aug/12
A better horizontal perspective next to Hartnett.
Click Here
Click Here

Next to 6'2" Ben Affleck
Click Here

and next to 5'10" max Michael Sheen
Click Here

This is all before Kate discovered the power of the platform and hidden insole lifts.
bluema said on 27/Aug/12
I mean dwarfed by 6'2" Josh Hartnett!
Click Here

Click Here
bluema said on 27/Aug/12
Dwarfed by 6'3" Josh Duhamel
Click Here

Click Here
bluema said on 27/Aug/12
Another set of pictures for a perspective.
Click Here
Click Here

Kate's shoes
Click Here

All evidence points to 5'5"
Besides, I think none of us would know better than Kate's celeb stylist Kithe Brewster when he says she's 5'5." He'd know her exact measurements to hem and taylor her dresses properly.
tom said on 26/Aug/12
more 5-6' imo.
bluema said on 22/Aug/12
We're not talking about 6" heels here with no front lift. If you look closely at Kate's pumps, you can see the start of toe peeking at the top of the shoe with the hidden inner platform of several inches in the front. Thus her feet are not significantly angled in result, which is why she's getting the most of the rear heel height. Even if she loses about 1/2 to an inch at the most, that still puts Kate at 5'5" + 5" = 5'10", just as she looks next to Colin Farrell on the photo (even with her puffy hair). Stop and give up the delusion.
bluema said on 22/Aug/12
You must have a horrible posture with heels little sue. Why is it that my platform heels give me the full lift while yours don't? Give me a break.
little sue said on 22/Aug/12
6 inch heels do not give 6 inches in height, its only the back of the foot which is raised not the whole level, I have just measured myself with and without shoes, without I was 4ft 10 3/4 with 5 inch heels with an inch platform I was 5ft 1 3/4 so the 5 inches gave me 3 inches of actual height
bluema said on 21/Aug/12
No matter how hard Kate tries to reach a higher height in her platform heels, there's just no way she can disguise the short limbs even though she's very skinny. That's besides the point of the following reveal - "The gorgeous petite celebrity 5'5″ Kate Beckinsale (height confirmed by Kithe Brewster) hit the red carpet..." Click Here
bluema said on 21/Aug/12
Please ~ that's like saying 4 inches high heels add only 2 inches of height.
When you're standing straight up and depending on the design of the heels + platform, 6 inch heels do add 6 inches of height especially when posing. Look again - that's way more than 4" in the picture and it still doesn't change the fact that Kate only looks to be about 5'10" in the picture next to Colin in his shoes. Click Here
little sue said on 21/Aug/12
6 inch heels don't give 6 inches of height, only about 4
bluema said on 21/Aug/12
Beehive hairdo, closer. Click Here
bluema said on 21/Aug/12
Brian Atwood 'Hamper" platform, 6" heel height.
Click Here
If 5'7" + 6", then Kate should be 6'1" towering over Colin who recently told Leno that he's 5'10". Kate is about an inch shorter than Farrell even with her puffy beehive hairdo and platform heels.
Time for a downgrade?
bluema said on 17/Aug/12
Biel, 5'10" max Colin Farrell, and Beckinsale. Note the heels.
Click Here
bluema said on 14/Aug/12
Can be explained - Jessica Biel is wearing a pair of Brian Atwood Starlet pink pumps with no front platforms, and Kate is wearing Christian Louboutin Daf Suede Boots with 2.5 platform with 6" heels. Kate is posing to enhance the height leaning forward while Jessica is slouching sideways. Anyone who has worn platform knows that it give much more height boost than flat heels, both in walking and posing.
ssportess said on 30/Jul/12
5'7 exactly
J.Lee said on 25/Jul/12
Rob. This is referring to the post below. I really would like to tackle this mystery. Collin is 5 ft 10. Assuming he is wearing shoes, that makes him about 5 ft 11. So if she is 4 inches taller in her footwear that will put them the same height. Yet, she is somehow aparrantly taller than he is. How is that? Also if her heels put her 4 inches taller, how hight do you think her heels are including the platforms?
[Editor Rob: I looked at a bunch of pics and they look very close to me, so I can buy both heights being reasonable, maybe not exact but ptetty close without taking quarters]
J.Lee said on 25/Jul/12
wow rob. look at kate and jessica. Click Here if they are the same height how come kate is so much taller than jessica, even though jessica is also wearing heels? How can this be explained?
J.Lee said on 24/Jul/12
Hey Rob, you got kate beckinsale listed at 5 ft 7 and Colin ferrell listed at 5 ft 10. However in various photos such as Click Here kate beckinsale is taller than him. Assuming he is wearing shoes, she must be wearing heck of a heel to be taller than him. If so how high would you assume them to be or would you think she is taller than 5 ft 7?
[Editor Rob: I think she's a 5ft 7 like she claims, I'm sure she's got a platform on the footwear and could be getting a solid real 4-inches of height out of them.]
Koso said on 9/Jun/12
No way she's that tall. She wears at least 4 inch heels in things like Underworld and Van helsing and still only comes up to Hugh Jackman's neck area. He's supposed to be around 6'2.
Tony said on 28/Jan/12
I always thought she was tiny.. something in her body makes her look small.
Silent d said on 19/Jan/12
5 foot 7. Weirder things have happened. I grew 12inches since 14. She only grew about 7 inches. I believe it.
clint said on 19/Jan/12
She's 5'8", people! Give it up!
Silent d said on 12/Jan/12
Oprah is 5 foot 6 i think. 5 foot 7.
Angie said on 23/Dec/11
Actually she is 5?8 she was on Oprah(5?7) show & she is taller than her
Sam said on 18/Nov/11
She looks rather shorter than 5'8" Sam Rockwell in Snow Angels but the difference is accounted for by the fact that in their one side-by-side comparison shot, she is barefoot and he is wearing boots.
tommy said on 13/Nov/11
She seemed very tall when appearing with HUGH jACKMAN in Van Helsing
Silent d said on 26/Oct/11
5 foot 7.
kartmin said on 12/Oct/11
she look taller than husband in many images
bluema said on 16/Sep/11
Kate with her 5ft 9.5in ex-husbnad Michael Sheen, and yes again in her platform heels Click Here and Click Here
Lastly, next to her 6'(?-) husband in 4" heels Click Here
I don't know about you, but what seems impossible is that she is anywhere near 5'7"
bluema said on 15/Sep/11
It's possible with her 6" platform heels she regularly wears. 5'5" max + 6" = 5'11" She looks good 4" shorter than Del Toro. Click Here
and Click Here
bluema said on 15/Sep/11
It's possible with her 6" platform heels she regularly wears. 5'5" max + 6" = 5'11" She looks 4" shorter than Del Toro. Click Here
Heightcritique said on 11/Sep/11
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but facts indicates that Kate is a legit 5'7" doll. Next to 5'5" JeLo and 5'6" Marc Anthony she definitely looks a full 5'7": Click Here Click Here

Next to 5'10" (5'11" in shoes) Cuba Gooding she looks over 6' in high heels: Click Here

Next to 6'2" (6'3" in shoes) Benicio Del Toro she looks only a few inches shorter: Click Here

If she was only 5'5" or 5'6" none of the above photos will be possible. The fact of the matter is that we are looking a a dreamed and prodigious creature who delights us with her fascinating beauty and captivating enchantment: Click Here I am completely defenseless!
Mr. Ballong said on 19/Jun/11
Shes 1.64 to 1.65 max. Where is this ridiclus claim of 1.70m coming from?

5.5 TOPS.
Jackson said on 11/Jun/11
She's about 5'5" or 5'6" MAX. I can't see her being 5'7" at all. She could be giving her height in heels since she's always wearing them....even to the beach!
The Horse of FUNK said on 2/May/11
The problem with Kate and why she can throw people off is because the woman is perpetually in heels. Just look at that beach photo. Yep, in heels! lol.
Heightcritique said on 4/Apr/11
If Kate said she grew to 5'7", the photo next to 5'8" Jennifer Gardner proves it; here is another photo of both dolls standing eye to eye: Click Here

A 5'7" delightful eye candy in two pleasant flavors: Click Here Click Here agreeable!
songoku211 said on 17/Mar/11
Looks like a fair 5"8 to me.
Giulio88 said on 11/Feb/11
I would say a solid 173 cm, however
Editor Rob said on 11/Jan/11
She recently said she was 4ft 11 at 14 and grew to be 5ft 7.
damian said on 11/Dec/10
She can't be that tall check out her short legs here
Click Here
claudia said on 30/Nov/10
mmmmm shes a tricky one to gauge...... in pearl harbour she looks quite petite although she is acting next to two male actors exceeding 6ft, standing next to len wiseman she looks nearly as tall as him and he is reportedly 6ft!!! mmm confused... she must wear very big heels to look tall and obviously in pearl harbour she wore very flat shoes,, i think she is one of the most beautiful actresses ever though, no-matter what height she is :)
Heightcritique said on 29/Oct/10
Recent photos of Kate and 6' Len Wiseman show a 3" difference between the two which means that this primo doll is above the 5'7" mark: Click Here which also explains why she is so close in height to 5'8" Jennifer Gardner.
Heightcritique said on 28/Oct/10
In the show 'Alias' Jen looks "amazon" tall with low 1.5" heels: Click Here and in most websites she is listed at 5'9": Click Here in this website she is listed at 5'8" so in all fairness I think she is between these two listed heights.

Kate looks similar in height Click Here but she may be wearing higher heels than Jen but her frame clearly looks as lanky as Jennifer's thus less than 5'7" height estimate for this doll is unlikely.
Katie said on 2/Oct/07
How tall is kate really?. I just can't find out. She says she is 173 cm. Here you say she is 170 cm. How do you know that?.I really need to know. I would like to be as tall as she is. I am 17 years old and 168 cm tall. Do you think I can grow to 173 cm?. Please answer. Thank you. Ps. I think it is cool that there is a web site that tells the height of the celebs.
Katie said on 2/Oct/07
How tall is kate really?. I just can't find out. She says she is 173 cm. Here you say she is 170 cm. How do you know that?.I really need to know. I would like to be as tall as she is. I am 17 years old and 168 cm tall. Do you think I can grow to 173 cm?. Please answer. Thank you. Ps. I think it is cool that there is a web site that tells the height of the celebs.
alyse said on 13/Sep/07
she is the most gorgeous girl i have ever seen.Seriously!She has the best of everything-her body,face
kiefer said on 17/Jul/07
I might only be 5ft 6 and she towered on me when i met her last year. She was only in sandals so maybe a bit over 5ft 8.
anna said on 2/Jun/07
AND ALSO for the people who say "oh she was a lot taller than so and so in that movie" you know they make the shorter ones stand on platforms so they even themselves out right?
anna said on 2/Jun/07
actually, she states shes 5'8 in the behind the scenes footage in pearl harbor so everyone stfu
Drew said on 2/May/07
What is this rubbish about her being short? Beckinsale is in the 5'7" range which is a good three inches taller than average (the equivalent of a 6ft male). She looks as tall as 5'10" Adam Sandler when she's in heels so 5'7" definitely.
Anonymous said on 25/Apr/07
From this site: Click Here
"Also saw Kate Beckinsale up close, she’s a very beautiful (albeit short! as all the celebs tend to be) girl and also saw David Hasslehoff up close and was basically shoulder to shoulder with me in the VIP room and on the blue carpet as I hung around observing, but I didnt have anything to say to him, so I didnt."
rachel said on 7/Apr/07
i saw her in films like pearl harbour and i think that she could height around 1,65 metres.
she cant height 1,70. Maybe with heels.
Anonymous said on 23/Feb/07
dude she is NOT 5' 7" i tell you that
Anonymous said on 8/Feb/07
The first film I noticed her in was the Pearl Harbor film, and I noticed she looked like she was one of the tallest among the female nurses. I even found this photo to prove it. Not the best of photos, but certainly give you an idea of what I was seeing. I'm not entirely sure how you're supposed to post a direct link on this site, but here's the web address.

Click Here

They all seem to be wearing same size heels and Kate's the tallest. On the left of Beckinsale is Jennifer Garner, and on the right is Jaime King.
G-unit said on 28/Jan/07
Seriously, is there anyone more beautiful than her?

She looks kinda tall because she's so skinny, and if I'm not wrong she had anorexia way back in her life.
She looks 5'8 to me, but she's probably a bit shorter.
leonari said on 25/Dec/06
she is 5'6" maybe 169 cm...near 5'8" is out of the question.never looks that tall!

[Editor Rob: I may look at this having seen brokedown palace, there is a possibility. Actually, I could see 169 argument, for moment I think 170 is getting closer, I give her that now]
Franco said on 25/Dec/06
i have been studying this super-beautiful actress which i love, saw her naked, saw her in shoes, saw her in flat shoes and saw her personally (got an autograph).

after all of this and about 1 year of full examination through websites and past experiences, i can finally say Beckinsale is 5'6 no more no less.

time to downgrade and put her ghost to rest.


[Editor Rob: there is...some scope to a little more for this girl. I'm sure you enjoyed your year long analysis!]
samantha said on 12/Oct/06
she ia 5'4" saw her .she even jogs in fat soled shoes which have least 2 inch heels!!
Ally said on 27/Sep/06
I saw Adam Sandler and that talentless friend of his who was in "Deuce Bigelow" at the Hotel Roosevelt. I am 5', and they seemed only a bit taller. I recently saw a photo of Kate IN HIGH HEELS, no less, standing next to Sandler for some "Click" premiere or something and she looked the same height. I put her at 5'2".
Editor Rob said on 7/Sep/06
Honolulu star, 2001 article had a journalist writing:
"in person Beckinsale is tiny, at 5-foot-2 and less than 100 pounds"
van helsing said on 8/Jul/06
I remember seeing van helsing and kate was in SUPER high heels, like 5'inches and standing next to josie maran who is 5'7 she was like the same height as her or less and josie was barefoot or something. If anyone can find a pic of them in that movie plz post it.
serge said on 16/Jun/06
she has short shins and long torso she is 5'5. Tops 5'6 she is always wearing high heels next to leno 5'11 she was at least 2 inches or more shorter.
Anonymous said on 14/Jun/06
At the MTV movie awards, she was wearing 4 inch heels next to Adam Sandler (5'10). While Sandler was wearing flat sneakers, Beckinsale was about 1 inch taller than him. I think she is around 5'6.5" to 5'7".
Alex said on 9/Jun/06
Looks 5'8 to me.
Dan said on 29/Jan/06
Interesting pics on getty. So, she stands as tall as Wahlberg, if not slightly shorter, and the pictures of her at the same event show she is wearing a 2-3 inch heal. 5'6" maybe?

[Editor Rob: but she might be hip swaying and kind of forcing herself down...hard to say exactly, but of course she really doesn't look tall]
Marc said on 2/Jan/06
Christian Ble is 6'3", so if she's in flats that means she is 5'10". I think she is around 5'7".
mcfan said on 21/Sep/05
"Last Days of Disco" both actresses were wearing similar shoes. I honestly didn't know Sevigny's height but I can tell you Beckinsale isn't taller than her. In fact, Sevigny might have been a hair taller.
PJ said on 5/Apr/05
Mr. Nice Guy is right, I was standing right next to Kate at LAX in the magazine booth and she was definitely about an inch taller than me (I am 5'7). And she wasn't wearing high heals either.
Mr. Nice Guy said on 16/Mar/05
I think they're both perfect height (Kate+Keira)! But I think Kate is closer to 5'8" than 5'7", there's other angles of her with Keira and she does look about an inch taller. It could also depend on heals and what not. There's also pics of Kate with Gwen Stefani in which she looks 2 inches taller than the 5'6" Gwen, I would give her 173 cm.

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