How tall is Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake's Height

5ft 11 ½ (181.6 cm)

American Singer, formerly in N Sync and actor from films such as The Social Network, In Time and Bad Teacher. On a Channelv webchat, the singer said that "my shoe size is 11/12 ... I am 6'1 and I weigh 168 pounds" and once commented he was 'almost 6ft 2'!

Justin with Cameron Diaz
Photo by PR Photos
I like to say I'm 6ft 2, but I'm probably only 6ft 1.
I don't get it - it's hilarious. [Timberlake is] a little boy. I'm 5 foot 9 inches and in heels I tower over him. Plus his legs are probably even skinnier than David Hasselhoff.
-- Gena Nolin

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Average Guess (309 Votes)
5ft 11.36in (181.2cm)
Tod said on 11/Jun/23
Grey haired JK 2023 said on 2/Jun/23
Ha ha I reckon this guy is really, possibly FIVE TEN! Wears lifts claims six one which is a joke.I don't like his music, Bieber sounds better probably more successful is Bieber. Bier doesn't wear lifts which is wise.Timberlake is looking quite chubby these days and was probable ten and a half stone twenty years ago. Now with muscle and gym going possibly close to 14 stone.Insecure guy is Timberlake wearing lifts as all men are.For Timberlake I'd say FIVE TEN maybe just maybe pushing a five eleven nothing over height.
Johan 185 cm said on 10/May/23
Scroll down to my post 19th may, 2019. How can he be 6'0" when he is 3 inches shorter than The Rock? He is max 9 inches taller than Kevin hart.

He got called out by Leno when he claimed 6'1". He is a 5'11" range guy and no more.
pov said on 7/May/23
What is it with 5”11.5 guys claiming 6”1. 5”8.5 guys claiming 5”10. And 5”7.5 guys claiming 5”9. I’ve started to notice most people lie about their height by 1.5 inches.

… In that case I’m officially 6”2!
Warren said on 8/Apr/23
I've noticed that the man from boy bands tend to lie about their height. Like Timberlake, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Luke Hemmings etc. I think they never got measured exact their height as they were busy
5'7 and a fraction said on 21/Mar/23
How insecure does one have to be to lie about their height like this?
I want 1997 back! said on 16/Mar/23
Where is weak 6ft coming from Tim? Kathy tediously always gets things wrong yawn! For Robbie like Robbie really knows five foot nine barefoot at best defo!
185 Tim.Will_son_T said on 12/Mar/23
Not 5'11 but weak 6'0 182 cm
morning 183.5 and night 181 or 180.5 in hard day
So his noon height is barefoot 182 cm
5'7 and a fraction said on 6/Feb/23
christopher.mooney said on 19/Jan/23
You have Cameron Diaz listed at 5’8. And, in this picture Justin Timberlake is 2-3 inches taller than her, even when she’s wearing 4 inch heels. So, how can he possibly be 5’11? That would suggest he’s at least 6’1

No. Timberlake looks 2 inches max taller than Diaz and has a slight camera advantage in the picture. There are thousands of examples that i could you to show you he's 5'11 range, but for now, here he is with a strong 5'11 Jimmy fallon. Click Here If you look at them in anything, they are the exact same height, making Timberlake a strong 5'11. His 6'1 claim is a joke.
Strong 181 said on 26/Jan/23
Textbook 181-182 guy. Usual low 181,5. Most of the time 181,6-182. 181-181,4 is extreme low territory for him. Basically the same height as me.The very beginning of tallish. Perfectly listed
christopher.mooney said on 19/Jan/23
You have Cameron Diaz listed at 5’8. And, in this picture Justin Timberlake is 2-3 inches taller than her, even when she’s wearing 4 inch heels. So, how can he possibly be 5’11? That would suggest he’s at least 6’1
QM6'1.5"QM said on 26/Dec/22
Honestly, he is looks shorter than CM Punk, but maybe no less than 5'11".
Emil said on 23/Nov/22
5'11 flat. Looks half an inch taller than Andrew Garfield
Gian 181cm said on 10/Nov/22
I agree with Rob, I think 5'11.5-75 is reasonable, but I consider 6'0 highly unlikely and anything above that I doubt.

A measurement of 6'0.5/184,2cm out of bed I would give a solid 182cm/6'0 weak guy, I think he's 6'0 1/4 - 1/8 out of bed.
(Billythetreesurgeon) said on 4/Sep/22
Don’t know why he didn’t just claim 6ft tbh, 6.1 pushing it
5'7 and a fraction said on 3/Sep/22
To raise the height of a guy who's blatantly in the 5'11 range and near 6'0 to suddenly being actually in the 6'0 range (182-182.5cm minimum, full 183cm) just because they can be considered a weak one isn't particularly realistic.
Also, there's no way Timberlake physically reaches as high as 184.5cm barefoot.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Aug/22
I'm going for 182-182.5cm minimum if not the full 183cm. Out of bed clears 184.5cm

6ft1 range in shoes
Slim1.75m said on 30/Jul/22
This guy would pop his top if he saw himself listed under 6'
5'7 and a bit said on 12/Jul/22
5'11.25 - 5'11.5
Jawilder said on 8/Jul/22
@viper to be fair he looks 5’11 flat at times so I understand. My chiropractor who is a legit 6’1 has a picture with him and there was just a little more than an inch between them.
Leighton Tang said on 5/Jul/22
"I don't think anybody would class Timberlake as short"

In the quote above, Gena Nolin classifies Timberlake as short though, so some people do.
viper said on 29/Jun/22

At the very most 5-11.25
Jawilder said on 28/Jun/22
For sure closer to 6 feet than 5’11.
viper said on 27/Jun/22
Yeah he's 5-11 at most
CuriousPeachie said on 22/Jun/22
Click Here With 5'11 Jim Belushi
So yeah, I don't get his 6'1 claim. Belushi claims to be 5'11 and he is. Go ahead, and say he's not 5'11, but the man knows his height. Timberlake looks to be the same height as him. If anything, he is 5'11 flat.
5'7 and a bit said on 7/Jun/22
Justin really isn't 6'0. That's his maximum height.
Joe Ponce said on 5/Jun/22
Do you think maybe he could be a 6 ft, Rob?
Editor Rob
I can understand 11.75, but 6ft is really I think the highest I could attempt to argue.
Joe Ponce said on 4/Jun/22
Do you think he could be a 6 foot, Rob? I mean, I don't think it's entirely possible but maybe could have had a chance at a younger age.
Editor Rob
I doubt he's lost any height yet
5'7 and a bit said on 16/Apr/22
I don't understand why a guy at a perfectly good height (5'11.5), would still be insecure enough to claim nearly 2 inches over his actual height, it's ridiculous. 6'1 is a joke. Nowhere near that tall.
(Billythetreesurgeon) said on 18/Mar/22
Rob I know you go by lunchtime height with celebs, but what would you think timberlakes extreme low would be if he were to endure some serious hard graft?
Editor Rob
After a night-time concert he could well fall to 181cm flat.
viper said on 27/Feb/22
A real 6-0 guy like John Mulaney would have an inch on 5-11 Timberlake
viper said on 27/Feb/22
5-11 max

Can appear tallish at times
Classic 5'10er said on 25/Feb/22
Justin Timberlake is clearly a tall guy, easily wakes up at 5'11 1/2, maybe a fraction more. I don't buy the 6'1 claim without shoes but close enough for this legend
Heightist9999 said on 22/Feb/22
182 cm next to Eisenberg is very possible...
Daniel Lee said on 21/Feb/22
Almost 6'2 in high heels
Jawilder said on 21/Jan/22
Weak 6 footer. Wakes up at 6’0.5” easily.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 17/Nov/21
He’s 5’11 1/2”-5’11 3/4”. I’ve seen him in person again, and I brought someone along who was 6’1”. Justin appeared to be about 3-4 centimeters shorter.

He also appears to be this mark next to Aaron Rodgers.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Oct/21
Rob, between Fallon and Timberlake who do you think is taller?

My money's on Justin by a hair
Editor Rob
These guys are very close. It can sometimes look like Justin has the better chance of measuring 5ft 11.5 and a tad.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Oct/21
I think he's a chance of almost 6ft zone. Throw on a pair of moderately heeled sneakers and boom! he's 6ft1. Obviously, first thing he wouldn't be far off it for real
Hong said on 15/Oct/21
Click Here This pic is a bit confusing,Timberlake looks around 5ft10 next to 5ft11.5 listed Dylan Mcdermott.
recapa said on 10/Oct/21
181.5-182 before bed and 183.5-184 out of bed.
Hong said on 7/Oct/21
Click Here The footwear Justiin is wearing here looks a bit dodgy too me?
Editor Rob
Just a decent Nike sneaker, I doubt Timberlake's packing anything like lifts.
Saf said on 23/Sep/21
181 cm max
Jawilder said on 22/Sep/21
5’11.75” for JT 👍
Johno said on 11/Sep/21
5'11 minimum, 5'11.5 as Rob has him listed as, not a bad shout either.
Philip550 said on 3/Sep/21
His body proportions give an impression of a 6'1 guy, but he's really not over 6'0. His posture is always really good. His listing is alright. Various footwear also plays a role. All in all, he's a tall guy.
Stinky 186 cm said on 29/Aug/21
I’d say a strong 5’ 11”
Jawilder said on 28/Aug/21
@Slim 6’1.5” I’ve got him at 182. You are right. Zero percent chance he is below 181.
Slim 6'1.5" said on 24/Aug/21
He’s nothing below 181 and he could actually be 182

Strong 5’11”,

5’10 and 5’11 is above average
Elene said on 9/Aug/21
If Cameron Diaz is really 5’8 which I can’t see based on this picture,then Timberlake can’t be under 6 foot.
Canson said on 14/Jul/21
@Bobby: that would be more a weak 6’0” if he’s that high. But that’s about right for him. 5’11 and a half
Bobbyh3342 said on 13/Jul/21
to figure out Celebrities heights just take their height claim and subtract a 1.25 to 1.5 and then you will be closer to their barefoot height,,, justin is a strong 5'11,, my guess is 5'11.5 to 11.75 most stars claim shoe height
viper said on 28/Jun/21
Claiming 6-1 at 5-11 is one thing, but 6-2 at 5-11 is really crazy
MaskDeMasque said on 28/Jun/21
He looks like a solid 5'11 guy in films, I'd say 5'11.25. Claiming to be almost 6'2 is laughable.
177cm said on 23/Jun/21
Imagine being 5’11” and saying you’re 6’2” lol. 5’11” is a great height, why do you need to add extra inches to claim a height that anyone with eyes can clearly see you aren’t even close to
ChaosControl 6'2.5/189.2cm said on 22/May/21
I'm absolutely not a fan of his music, but I wanna meet him just to prove his 6'2 claims wrong. Why do so many people who clearly aren't 6'2 claim it? Probably because it's the benchmark for very tall to most people. I'm a real 6'2 (over it if we're being exact) and I'm assumed to be anywhere from 6'3 to 6'6 by people. "Aren't you like 6'5?" "No, Julian's (my real name) 6'4" "Are you 2 metres tall?" "Maybe you're 6'4?" These are all separate comments people have made in discussion of my height. I get that having broad shoulders and long thick legs makes you look taller, but I'm guessed as 6'4 more often than 6'2, and the highest I claimed ever is 6'3
viper said on 9/May/21
If anything he should be downgraded to
5-11 1/4

He really doesn't look taller than 5-11
Jawilder said on 9/May/21
My 6’1 chiropractor has a picture with him, and he looks about an inch shorter. I’ll say 5’11.75”
Slim 6'1.5 said on 8/May/21
Like Patrick j Adams’s, i propose a 182 upgrade 👍
Jamie 1998 said on 6/May/21
A US shoe size 11.5 is a very typical shoe size for someone in the 5' 11" - 6' 0" range.
Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 23/Mar/21
Maybe he was lying about shoe size given he claimed 6’1 in the same sentence
viper said on 13/Mar/21
Shoe size doesn't correlate with height that much.

Kanye West is a size 12 at 5-8. Rasheed Wallace is a size 13 at 6-10
Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 11/Mar/21
No way are his shoes size 11.5. I don’t know US shoe sizes that well but it seems suspiciously large for 5’11 (coming from a 6’2.5 guy with UK size 13 feet, may be a bit hypocritical)
Leif said on 4/Mar/21
@Funruffian out of bed he's probably 6'1" or close as some others have said maybe?
slim 6'1 said on 15/Feb/21
184 out of bed
182 before bed
Funruffian said on 12/Feb/21
He is nowhere near 6'1". so many sub 6 foot dudes lie about their height.
Pat m said on 11/Feb/21
Between 5ft11.5 and 5ft11.75 so 5ft11 5/8, appeared shorter when he was younger because of the 2000s baggy clothes
CDS said on 1/Feb/21
See the film, "Edison",and you'll see 5'11" brad Pitt (listed on this site anyways lol) in the film "se7en" actually looks closer height wise to Morgan Freeman than Timberlake does . him claiming 6'1", almost 6'2"?? Ooookaaayyy lol
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 31/Jan/21
🎁🎂 Happy 4️⃣0️⃣th Birthday Justin 🎂🎁

Many Happy Returns to Justin Timberlake on his 4️⃣0️⃣th Birthday! All the best to him for a prosperous and healthy new decade in his life. 😉

5ft11.5. XXX 🎈🍻🎊😁👍

slim 6'1 said on 21/Jan/21
Nearer 6’ than 5’11”
slim 6'1 said on 11/Jan/21
184-184.5 straight out of bed
slim 6'1 said on 9/Jan/21
I reckon same height as Luke Hemings rock solid 182cm
Slim 6'1" said on 19/Dec/20
Identical proportions to Christian bale so he’s a weak six footer
Aj06 said on 14/Dec/20
A high 6'2 defently seems a little big for him 5'11.5 max proabaly a more 5'11.3.
Slim 6'1" said on 14/Dec/20
Thanks rampage, with the right photos you could get him a 182 5’11.75” upgrade
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Dec/20
I think you could brand him as a weak 6ft more so than a strong 5ft11. I’m sure if he’s a solid 182cm evening he’d wake up 184-185cm I the 6ft1 claims wouldn’t gain too much’s definitely possible in shoes
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Dec/20
Agree Slim...looks closer to 6ft
Annonymous said on 17/Nov/20
Under 5'11 (at a low) doesn't seem possible for JT.
Precise said on 17/Oct/20
5.10 and a half max
Slim 6'1" said on 9/Oct/20
I think he’s 182-182.5cm
Slim 6'1" said on 3/Oct/20
Celeb heights 6’1.5”
I didn’t make u quit this site, other people don’t have that much control over you
Sorry if I said anything offensive about you
Slim 6'1" said on 3/Oct/20
5’11.75” is possible
Alanna said on 2/Oct/20
@slim 6’1 He’s not 6’0” he probably is closer to 5’11.25”
Slim 6'1 said on 2/Oct/20
@Rob, is 182cm arguable for his low?

I personally think it is
Editor Rob
I think it is possible, I can see many would give him 11.75 or 6ft, very few 6ft 1 though! Even fewer 5ft 11...
slim 6'1 said on 26/Sep/20
probaly closer to 6' than 5'11" like eddie redmayne. upgrade to 182cm pls
6'4'' Guy! said on 23/Sep/20
Rob, At 2:39 of the video he says: '' I'M 6'1 I'M NOT SHORT '' Click Here
Editor Rob
I don't think anybody would class Timberlake as short, but his 6ft 1 claims still look a bit high. In shoes though?
Slim 6'1" said on 20/Sep/20
5’11.5”-5’11.75” 182cm area
Slim 6'1" said on 20/Sep/20
@Rob, who’d be taller between Luke Hemings and this guy?
Pierre said on 7/Sep/20
If Barack still is a full 185 this days then imo Tom Hanks looks max 181 next to him and Justin looks very similar to Tom.
Kebapsever said on 6/Sep/20
Mr. Rob he edges out Fallon I think he’s like 6’0.
Slim 6'1" said on 4/Sep/20
I would give the 182 upgrade
Pierre said on 2/Sep/20
Click Here Justin and Tom (listed 5"11.5') Click Here Click Here

Click Here Tom /Barack listed 6"1' Click Here Click Here
cmillz said on 21/Aug/20
5’11 at most. His “almost 6’2 claim” is pure lol
PaulthedudeinDC said on 15/Aug/20
After seeing the pic of him with Steve Nash who I'm sure was asked to puff up his height in the NBA I am surprised he is a good 2 inches shorter than Nash. Nash is 6'1", it doesn't pay to lie about your height.
PaulthedudeinDC said on 15/Aug/20
I think I understand how he thinks he is over 6 feet.I'm about 6feet and a half inch out of bed. I have friends in the 5'10 to 5'11 range tell me all the time I'm 6'1. They all say they are 6 feet. The same might be happening to him. He is probably 6 feet out of bed. My sister tells me all guys on dating websites 5'9 say 5'11 etc.
YoLyon1M80 said on 8/Aug/20
Ici Justin est a cote de M pokora un chanteur francais petit ami de Chistina Milan! M pokora est repertorié sur plusieurs site a 1M80, Justin en fait au moins 5 de plus sur la photo! Pr contre on ne vois pas leurs chaussures. Click Here
Slim 6'1" said on 8/Aug/20
a quarter inch upgrade to 5 11 75 182 would do the trick hed be eye to eye with luke hemmings
Kebapsever said on 14/Jul/20
Flat 6 footer.
GTB172cm said on 5/Jul/20
Can’t see him anymore than 6ft unless he wears elevator creps to boost him up to that but he’s defo not 6ft1 or 2
Mark Allan said on 3/Jul/20
Perfect estimate for Timberlake Rob looks a tad shorter than Jimmy Fallon who is 182cm So 181.6cm I think is correct, do you remember his ridiculous 188cm claims? I thought that was funny
Lukas Riedl said on 15/Jun/20
182cm is fair
Gaspergoo said on 6/Jun/20
Dwayne Johnson is approximate 6'2" to 6'3" at the most......there is around a 4" difference so 5'11" is most likely accurate.
Jam Cherry said on 1/Jun/20
@Nik how tall are you ?
Animus said on 30/May/20
David Fincher looks generally as tall as this man. Rob, perhaps Fincher is worth adding in that 181-182cm range?
Mj7 said on 27/May/20
Looks a good 4-5cm taller than Jason Derulo

Click Here
Editor Rob
I think he may well be losing 2cm in posture
Detox said on 25/May/20
JT has never been above 178cm. Look at the Like I Love You video. He's dancing outside that 7/11 and he looks 5'10".
Nik said on 17/May/20
@ Jam Cherry - Well spotted and well done!

How tall are you?7
Jam Cherry said on 14/May/20
Yea 2000th comment !
Comparing to his band mates in nsync u can say Justin is no more than 179 cm
Fezz123 said on 29/Mar/20
JT should give up on the the 6-1 plus claims. He’s in the 5-11 range, maybe 5-11.5 at absolute max.

He’s got a skinny frame and a small head, so he can PASS for taller than he is, but he does not tower his wife (5-6 3/4 Jess Biel) by enough to justify his claims.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Mar/20
He can pull off 6ft
Melissa said on 25/Feb/20
I went to one of his concerts. My first reaction was, "oh my God, he's huge!" In movies he comes off as a small-build, slim nerdy guy in chinos. But no, he looked like a fit, medium-build-ish guy about 6'1" to 6'2".
James B 172c, said on 11/Feb/20
His 6’2 claim is ridiculous.
Hijoputamus said on 15/Jan/20
Another Mario Lopez case “Oh I’m ONLY...” and adds 2-3 inches to his real height. Mark Wahlberg is 5ft11 and so is Lopez and now Justin is 6ft1 lol
pov said on 3/Jan/20
This guy is worse than Vin Diesel. My educated guess is he’s 177cm. “Nearly 6”2” wow 😂😂😂
Beej said on 24/Nov/19
Always looks 6'1 taller in tacked trainers.
JamboD said on 20/Nov/19
In friends with benefits he claims to be a little over 6 feet
Aswin Kini MK said on 18/Nov/19
@Johan: "Here is the close up, again Dwayne is dropping height and still looks 3 inches taller. He is max 8.5 inches taller than 5'2" Kevin hart. Dwayne is max 6'2.5" today. So he is 5'11.5" if you don't account for the lean."

That is because Dwayne always hunches. And this always proves what I thought it to be, Dwayne was a strong 6 foot 3 and is still lingering around the 6 foot 2.5- near 6 foot 3 range. And as for Justin Timberlake, I would quote his height to be hovering around 5 foot 11ish nearing 5 foot 11.5. A half inch give or take is always there for celebrities because they keep posing for photos on all type of platforms and keep wearing shoes that generally increase their height anywhere from 0.5 to 2 inches.

My guess for Justin is between 5 foot 11 to 5 foot 11.25. But I guess 5 foot 11.5 is fair enough. Looking at his SNL sketches, he was clearly an inch shorter than 6 foot 1 Bill Hader and Hader isn't even a full foot 6 foot 1.
TheBat said on 16/Nov/19
6'1" in his dreams. Justin is easily 5'11.5".
Ethyn said on 9/Oct/19
I’ll give him 6 foot.
j19 said on 23/Sep/19
Can't seem him at 5'10
Importer said on 21/Aug/19
@Johan 185 cm 3 guys that at some point thought were 2-3inch taller. So to them JT ~ 6’2”, KH ~ 5’5”, DJ ~ 6’5” lmao
cmillzz said on 10/Aug/19
I’d say 6’0 at a low may be the start of tall.
viper said on 8/Aug/19
You must not live in America then, because the average height is 5-9.1 exactly.

It's nowhere near 5-10 because many large cities like New York of all places the average seems more 5-8
viper said on 8/Aug/19
6-0 guys routinely get guessed at

It's easily tall
Dhrew Ghelani said on 7/Aug/19
@andrew jones, 6'0 isn't small, but in my opinion it's not tall either. It was in the olden days I think they classified 6'0 as 'tall' because it's a nice round number. But average is around 5'10 now in most developed countries, apart from North Europe it's around 6'0. and over 6'1 in the Netherlands. 6 foot isn't tall in this day and age, I'm slightly over 6 foot myself and I don't feel tall standing next to 5'10 guys 5'9 guys with good posture, just slightly above average thats all
andrew jones said on 8/Jul/19
What I’m wondering after looking at some of these claims is when did 6’0 become small?
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 24/Jun/19
Rob, given Timberlake a lowest range which one do you think?

A. 182cm

B. 181.5cm

C. 181cm

D. 180.5cm
Editor Rob
B-C at a lowest I'd argue...but I still think he could hit 5ft 11.5 range if measured.
Delvin chung said on 18/Jun/19
How tall was he in his nsync days would you say ?
Editor Rob
I think he was near his full height
Johan 185 cm said on 12/Jun/19
@Adrian 184cm

Here is the close up, again Dwayne is dropping height and still looks 3 inches taller. He is max 8.5 inches taller than 5'2" Kevin hart. Dwayne is max 6'2.5" today. So he is 5'11.5" if you don't account for the lean.

Click Here

Kevin reaches his mouth and other pics when straight he reaches Dwaynes shoulder.

Click Here

Just nuts that this guy thinks he is almost 6'2" when Dwayne is a strong 6'2" guy and is easily 3.5 inches taller. No wonder people are shocked when they see him in person.
Adrian 184cm said on 20/May/19
@Johan 185 cm I think Dwayne is slightly closer to camera than Justin. You can see that Dwayne’s head looks a solid size in that pic whereas normally it looks small for his frame. Hard to judge how much height he is gaining
Johan 185 cm said on 19/May/19
Click Here

Try this one avi, he is standing next to 5'2" Kevin Hart and getting towered by 6'2.5" max Dwayne Johnson who is leaning. Try arguing 6' or even 5'11.5" for him there. He looks 5'10.5" tops.
avi said on 12/May/19
@Editor Rob

Why does he look that short next Peyton Manning in Johan 185 cm's photo?

He looks no more than 5'10

Now I'm not like these posters here who are looking at one or two pictures and crying "look he's under 5'11!"

Maybe he wears lifts at times?

Judging by other pics he seems to clear 5'11 and can look 6'0 at times...

I would think he'd be similar to me
Ricardo Jota said on 3/May/19
He's nowhere close to 6ft1. I'm currently watching a movie of his and I'd have guessed 5ft10, 5ft11 MAX.
jriggs said on 2/May/19
Timberlake is nothing less than 5'11 not 6'2 but close to 6ft.
Johan 185 cm said on 2/May/19
Click Here

This guy has always irritated me with his 6'1" claim. I am the guardian of 6'1" ness:)

How can a guy who is anywhere near 6' even look this short next to a 6'5" guy ( on the right). My brother is 6'5" and I hold up way better than this next to him. He doesn't look over 5'11" flat if even that. Nice comb over though for extra height.
berta said on 5/Apr/19
i wonder if he just lies totally or if he is lets say 181,5 and with 3 cm shoes got measured 184,5 ore was measured in shoes out of bed at 186 and round that up. His cliam is a little extreme.
jriggs said on 8/Feb/19
@TW8 ss

Clearly you're not good at math!

5'9 is the most obscured guess, people are arguing for 5'9 on Justin Bieber page!

Maybe this might help you!
Click Here
TW8 ss said on 6/Feb/19
Click Here

I'm going with 5'9". Peyton Manning is a legit 6'5" and has more than 4" over Justin. Looks to be well over 7" in height over him...and JT has been known to wear lifts.
jriggs said on 28/Jan/19
5'11 to low
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 24/Dec/18
181cm JT claim 6'1 and "almost 6'2". 6'1 guy will just claim 6'3 in hollywood.
Gracian said on 15/Dec/18
I do not understand his 6'2" claim, but if he has a chance of 5'11.75", he may have once measured 6'1" in shoes. Rob, is it possible that he could measure 6'1" in shoes?
Spencer said on 13/Dec/18
Looks 5'11.25"
Animus said on 15/Nov/18
He might be 6'2 in the morning with Timberland boots on, but even that is questionable, if he is a weak 182cm as listed.
BT said on 14/Nov/18
If he is close to 6ft I could understand the 6'1 claim, he probably measures around that first thing in the morning with shoes on, but 6'2 is an outrageous claim... Anywhere between 5'11 1/4 and 5'11 3/4 is arguable I think, so 5'11 1/2 is a fair guess.
Nils2 said on 11/Nov/18
Thought he looked 5'11 range but not seen that much of him. Surprised to see a 6'2 claim though.
184cm or 6'0.25" said on 3/Nov/18
You guys might like to think that this song producer is skinny and small, but he’s 6 foot 5, he’s huge!
Legit 6'2 said on 4/Oct/18
His claim is hilarious
5.11 guy
No way he is 6ft barefoot,only in lifts
180 cm for Timberlake
viper said on 22/Sep/18
Flat 5-11 max
Tifi said on 20/Sep/18
Weak 6ft depending on his hair.
Strong 5'11 other than that.

He is taller than Andrew Garfeild who is around 5'10.5

Nothing less than 5'11.5
Alex B said on 7/Sep/18
No way is he near 6 feet 2 inches. He is another 5.11 feet at best a short 6 feet.
Sonny Black said on 27/Aug/18
I’ve always thought he looked 5’10 range, definitely under 6ft.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 17/Aug/18
Timberlake make Jamie Foxx look 5'10 range. I would have believe Jamie Foxx is 177cm min to make Timberlake close to 5'11 1/2.
Gracian said on 15/Aug/18
I do not agree with it, Timberlake is taller than Andrew Garfield by about an one inch. Here's the evidence, in this picture Garfield and Justin have similar footwear: Click Here
And in this picture, Justin actually has an advantage of footwear over Andrew, but Garfield has an advantage of hair over Justin and you should take this into account: Click Here
For Garfield, 5'10.75" is debatable and 5'11.75" is still possible for Justin. Here are photos of Justin next to Ben Affleck: Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Rob, I think 5'11.75" can still be argued for Justin.
Dalton said on 1/Aug/18
I’d drop this listing. There is a picture of JT with Andrew Garfield that you need to see. If Andrew Garfield is only 5’10 1/2 then JT can’t be much taller.

Click Here

JT is also in boots while Garfield is pretty much barefoot.
MAD SAM said on 30/Jul/18
6’2” ? How can he claim that ?
Gracian said on 13/Jul/18
Hi Rob! You said that Justin can look anywhere from 181 cm to 183 cm and that's why you think about 182 cm is the most appropriate. Here are his pictures from 2006 alongside Hugh Jackman (the first picture shows their footwear):
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
In 2006, Jackman could still be close to 6'2", but Timberlake looks just 2 inches shorter than him. Rob, can I still argue 5'11.75" for him?
Editor Rob
11.75 is probably my upper range of estimate. I feel 6ft is just a tad too high for him, 5ft 11-11.25 too low.
Tunman said on 20/Jun/18
RobClick Here:
I think he's definitely closer to 5'11 than 6'.He looks roughly 4" perhaps 4.25"taller than Mila Kunis maybe a solid 7-7.25"when counting footwear
AlsoClick Here:
You can see from the other pics that the heels are maybe 3.25"at the very max.I see maybe 4.75-5"difference at best so solid 7"difference.Again a legit 5'11 but not much over that.
I think there is a very serious chance for him to be 180,5-81.At least I would bring him to 5'11.25"as the safest estimate.Your thoughts?
Editor Rob
At times Justin has looked 181 to 183, which is why I go with 182 range.
Leno179 said on 14/Jun/18
It is funny that he claims as high as 6'2, while being barely 6'
Gracian said on 11/Jun/18
It seems to me that many people judge Timberlake in the 179-181 cm range is a bit unfair. Range 5'10.5"-5'11.25" seems to be a little too low for him. For me, Justin looks at not less than 182 cm. Please, Rob, look how tall he looks next to 5'11" James Belushi: Click Here
Click Here
In these photos he really looks even at about 6 feet. Rob, full six feet or at least 5'11.75" is possible for him?
Editor Rob
11.75 may well be possible, it's arguable for sure.
depressed schizophrenic said on 25/May/18
''Id like to say Im 6'2'' yea sure , youd only be off by like 7 cm lmao
MAD SAM said on 21/May/18
181 cm guy, why does he have to lie his height ?
lukx said on 13/May/18
Can’t be over 5’10” very tops maybe 5’11” in shoes Kobe Bryant is 6’4.5 measured he would have to be 6’6” if Timberlake is 5’11.5
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 3/May/18
@Tallish89 Ivan doesn't look 6'0 probably 5'11-5'11.5" range. JT is more like a solid 5'11.25" guy.
Tallish89 said on 25/Apr/18
JT with Ivan Koumaev listed at 183cm

Click Here
hambubger said on 24/Apr/18
2cm height loss is normal. Heavier people lose slightly more, and lose it by sooner in the day.

Sub 6ft claiming 6'1" is a special kind of offensive.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 20/Apr/18
@Agent Orange JT most likely measure in the morning 5'11.5" (1-2hrs out of bed) 181cm low and 6'0 straight out of bed. 90% human lost 1.9cm upon out of bed in the morning untill a bed time measurement and some people claim they lost an inch that could usually because they could have Busting a Gut gain 7mm standing out of bed measurement and didn't notice that and by looking straight did a measurement is our true height. Rob had a video clip from youtube showing example how he could standing tall and busting gut gain an extra 7mm on a stadiometer measurement. Most of the listing in this site are given 1/4 more but is consider accurate.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 29/Mar/18
@Celebheights 6'1.5

How was he in person?
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 19/Mar/18
I recently encountered Justin Timberlake in New York City by Madison Square Garden, twice, and he gave me a different impression both times.

The first time that I saw him, he looked to be a solid 6'0"-6'0.25". However, he did have a slight footwear advantage, and I was down to my extreme low while this was earlier in the day since I was up for 26 hours straight by the time that I was there. Therefore, he might not have been at his low.

He appeared to be just under 6'0" the second time, but he still had a footwear advantage. So 5'11 1/2" is a good shout for him.
Tallish89 said on 23/Feb/18

Same reaction I had towards Andrew & Jesse photos but google them both in footwear & you'll notice some elevator shoes
Warren said on 21/Feb/18
I think close to a Leonard DiCaprio's height, I mean both of them are similar looking when they stood next to Obama san
so Timberlake and Leo both are 181cm
Agent Orange said on 13/Feb/18
@Junior Hernandez

I respect your opinion and your posts generally make a lot of sense however below you mention that JT’s low is 5’11.25 and that he is 5’11.5 as a morning measurement. It’s hard to believe that he would lose 0.25 cm from morning to his evening low.
Morelli said on 12/Feb/18
There was a 1.5 - 1.7 difference between Timberlake and Steve Nash (6'1 flat), and Nash had 2 solid inches on 5'11 flat David Beckham. 5'11.5" is the best listing for Timberlake period. He could also possibly drop to 5'11 flat like Beckham, because his photos with Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg still leave me in awe to this day.
Baba said on 9/Feb/18
I’m 5’9 1/2 give or take. I have several friends in the 6’1 1/2 - 6’2 range. For Timberlake to claim he is CLOSE to that in lunacy. 6’1 1/2 guy’s chin is at my eye level. How insecure does one have to be to lie to millions of people about obvious lies?
Katherine said on 9/Feb/18
No way is Timberlake 6'1," he's barely 6'. LOL He's been fudging his height forever.
Michael Voisinet said on 6/Feb/18
I say that Justin Timberlake is 6'1. 5'11 1/2 is a very inaccurate depiction of his height.
Psychedelic Earth said on 4/Feb/18
Junior, Click Here

Clint was taller 8 years ago. He was probably 183-184 during the shooting.
Junior Hernandez said on 2/Feb/18
@Agent Orange said on 2/Feb/18
Possible weak 6 ftr, ..... 5’11.75🤔

No way. Impossible. Go watch In Trouble with the Curve there is 0.75" between 6'0 Clint and Timberlake. 5'11.25" is fair.
Agent Orange said on 2/Feb/18
Possible weak 6 ftr, ..... 5’11.75🤔
Junior Hernandez said on 1/Feb/18
In Trouble with the Curve Timberlake look 2cm shorter than 6'0 Clint Eastwood. 5'11.25" at most let alone 5'11.5".
Nik said on 31/Jan/18
5'11" - 5'11.25"!
Tallish89 said on 31/Jan/18
@Psychedelic Earth 187

I guess so.
Animus said on 28/Jan/18
He can look close to 6ft to me. The average guess seems off.
Animus said on 18/Jan/18
He’s as heavy as 168lbs? I would have thought he’d be 5lbs lighter but maybe he he is claiming his mid-day weight.
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 16/Jan/18
So, does the word “only” mean they are inflating themselves 2 inches?

Timberlake is a solid 182cm.
Don Julio said on 14/Jan/18
This guy is so repetitive and stubborn on his 6'1" claim like come on dude just go down to 6 foot at least
Tallish89 said on 13/Jan/18
Honestly these 5'10 claims for Timberlake is as ridiculous as his 6'2 claims....

Timberlake wearing slippers with Olivia Wilde 5'7 in platform inch heels
Click Here
Click Here

Alpha dog & In time shows him a lot more than 3 inches taller than Olivia Widle
Editor Rob
A lot of the time TImberlake looks over 5ft 11 and not far off 6ft. Far far more often than the occasions he's looked 5ft 10-11.
Tallish89 said on 7/Jan/18

Jamie Foxx with Ryan Seacrest 5'7.5 looking same height
Click Here

Jamie Foxx with Ryan Seacrest looking two inches taller look at his shoes...
Click Here
Click Here

With Timberlake 5'11
Click Here

Why not compare Timberlake to someone whose height doesn't vary as much as Jamie Foxx? One minute guy looks same as Ryan Seacrest next he's 2 inches taller wearing high tops
Junior said on 5/Jan/18
If Jamie Foxx stay 5'9 there is no way Timberlake is over 180cm so 5'11 max would be generous.
Tonyx said on 1/Jan/18
Tallish89, no. I only post under 1 name and i do not even remotely care about Biebers height. Now Biebers reach/armspan i would like to know.
Tallish89 said on 29/Dec/17

Btw are you the same Tony arguing 5'8-5'9 for Justin Bieber?
Tallish89 said on 29/Dec/17

Which settles it he isn't 6'1 or 6'2 that he claims. Fatone is 5'11ish too... leaves him exactly at my first guess
Tonyx said on 21/Dec/17
Click Here
Tallish89 said on 21/Dec/17

I know what you mean with men dress shoes.

Take a look at Justin with

Joey Fatone he is at least 5'11

Pharrel he is 5'8

Nelly (rapper) 5'8

He edges out Joey a bit after age 19/20 but has a couple inches on Nelly & Pharrell
wrs5678 said on 18/Dec/17
He slouches alot. Bad posture when taking photos definitly not 6'1. Most is 5'11.5 can look 6'0/6'1 in shoes
Tonyx said on 15/Dec/17
Tallish89, i think you are right. I have to admit, i was wrong to believe he was only 5ft11in. Clearly he is 5ft11.5in tall, he can probably reach 6ft tall out of bed after a long 10 hour sleep. And he looks it, overall. I've figured it out: it's his frail build, lack of descent muscle mass up top and most importantly, his narrow shoulders that always throw me off when i look at him. I don't really wear dress shoes, maybe once a year, so when i see Click Here i just feel weird about it. Him and Fallon are probably the same height, but Jimmy has a bigger, wider upper body. I wonder what Timberlake's actual measurements are: his chest, neck, shoulders, reach, actual foot size(as opposed to shoe size)...
Tallish89 said on 11/Dec/17
JT with Gal Gadot (3.5-4.5 heels est.)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

JT "Normal dress shoes" if it were lifts the instep would be higher
Click Here

Gal Gadot heels & JT shoes
Click Here

Consistently looks the same height to me nothing less than 5'11.5
Allie said on 10/Dec/17
Oh and obviously JT was wearing i think some type of dress shoe.
Peace said on 9/Dec/17
Definite strong 5'11 181/182
Allie said on 8/Dec/17
Gal looks around the height as 5'11-6'0 JT in heels that would probably add 3 inches?
Danimal said on 7/Dec/17
With 6'1" former President Obama from last year:
Click Here
Click Here

With Jimmy Fallon:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

He's obviously NOT the 6'1" he claims to be. He's under 6'0" for sure.
Tallish89 said on 5/Dec/17

Jim is 63 years old and has dropped height, these days he is more a weak 5'10.

Ofcourse Timberlake will look 2 inches taller your comparing a 36 year old to a 63 year whose peak height was 180cm...
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 2/Dec/17

Goes to show you that sometimes the camera lens can enlarge/shrink a person making them look a lot taller/shorter. Either that, or Timberlake must've worn some massive lifts, but I strongly doubt it.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Dec/17
Click Here

lol looks a strong 6ft2 in this photo with 5ft11 Jim Belushi
Tallish89 said on 30/Nov/17
On (179cm) Stephen Colbert show easily over 3cm taller than him
0.44-0.48 Click Here

JT shoes 1.5cm heel... not lifts
Click Here
Anonymous said on 30/Nov/17
Diaz is 5'8 with about 3 inch lifts in this picture. On celeb heights she is 5'8 also. And there is still a 2 inch difference in height in this picture. 6'0.75 i believe. Weak 1.85cm
Driver99 said on 25/Nov/17
He's close to 6 foot for sure.
Tamberlain said on 25/Nov/17
5'11" flat. Could be a hair below that even.
Tallish89 said on 24/Nov/17
@Slim 185

My point exactly!
This site cracks me up, on the Justin Bieber page folks are going for 5'8-5'10 claims. On Cody Simpson page he is according to most a true 5'11.75

Here on Timberlake's page they are downgrading the guy to 5'10... so he isn't 6'2 or 6'1.5 but how they come up with he's 5'10 is beyond me.

Proportion wise compared to Justin Bieber & Cody Simpson there is a huge difference!
Gregorovich said on 23/Nov/17
Justin is apparently a friend of NBA player Jimmer Fredette, who was measured at the 2011 NBA draft combine as being 6.075' tall, so just a tad under 6'1". There are pics of Timberlake and Fredette, and Justin looks to be about an inch shorter, so 5', 11.5" appears to be accurate.
Slim 185 said on 21/Nov/17
Proportion wise, he appears identical to Bale and myself when I was a 6 footer. @tallish89, you could argue the full 6’ for Timberlake. He isn’t very much discussed on this site tbh.
Tallish89 said on 14/Nov/17
I don't get the need to downgrade the guy he's clearly 5'11.5 never looked 5'10 always looked around 6 foot
James B said on 12/Nov/17
My friend was 16 at the time in college.
Slim 185 said on 11/Nov/17
Not a fan of Timberlake or his lift wearing but he does look a 6 footer in the photo next to Diaz.
Tallish89 said on 10/Nov/17
To be fair to Timberlake when he measured himself he probably had that huge afro lol

Maybe that's why he claim 6'1 not 5'11.5
Slim 185 said on 10/Nov/17
James B said on 9/Nov/17
I had a friend in college who at the time was 5'11 1/2 that claimed 6'2.

Unlike timberlake though he grew too 6'3 😁
James, how old was your mate when
He grew from 5’11” to 6’3”?
James B said on 9/Nov/17
I had a friend in college who at the time was 5'11 1/2 that claimed 6'2.

Unlike timberlake though he grew too 6'3 😁
Tallish89 said on 7/Nov/17

I think with 5'11 guys its more off a promotion thing to be listed at 6 foot, even Chris Evans, Leonardo & Jake Gallenger or whatever is name is list as 6 ft 1.

Its not as insecure as 5'7 celebrities such as Justin Bieber & Zayn Malik claiming 5'10. Especially Zayn the guy walks around in high shoes & claims to be taller than guys 5'7.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Nov/17
5ft11-6ft guys claiming 6ft2 have issues
Editor Rob
there's more value in being honest than inflating to impress others.

I suppose Justin used the 'almost' to cover himself.
Marquis said on 5/Nov/17
Can't really give him anything over 5'11". Check out a pic of him standing next to 5'2.5" Amanda Seyfried.

Click Here

Also does not look much taller than 5'7.5" Cameron Diaz at the top of this page, even with Diaz lowering her head some.

JT claiming 6'1" or 6'2" is pretty funny/optimistic. =]
Tallish89 said on 3/Nov/17
Timberlake is a strong 5'11.5 182.5cm probably drops to 181cm lowest. The guy is no less than 5'11 those pictures with Danny Masterson showed at least that!

The gap between him & Britney (5'4) does not suggest the 5'9/5'10 theories. He never looked average height.
Slim 6' said on 24/Oct/17
Stem said on 20/Oct/17
184 cm in mornings 181 minimum
I disagree, no 5'11.25"-5" guy should experience a full inch of loss throughout the day. The guy likely scrapes 182.5 after sleeping and shrinks to 181 before bed.
Stem said on 20/Oct/17
184 cm in mornings 181 minimum
Slim 6' said on 10/Oct/17
Even 5'11.25" would be closer to the truth, he's in the same neighbourhood as Javier Bardem, Cj De Moi, Leo etc.
HonestSlovene said on 9/Oct/17
5'11"-5'11.5" range.
Slim 6' said on 6/Oct/17
He was never above the flat 5'11" rob.
Tallish89 said on 27/Sep/17
Justin Timberlake around 2003 with

Danny Masterson (rob listing 5'9.25 ) claims 5'10

Click Here
Click Here

Either way proves Timberlake is no less than 5'11
Tallish89 said on 27/Sep/17

Why didn't you quote my entire post?
Why make it look as if I'm claiming JT is 6ft?

FYI. There are video footage on youtube & pictures showing him and Nick Carter (claims 6ft) looking almost same.

Also... This claim that he wears lifts when you haven't posted nothing but regular formal shoes is getting a bit ridiculous.

If you're going to accuse the guy of wearing elevator shoes don't post a link showing JT wearing regular formal shoes

1. These are elevator shoes see the difference
Click Here

2. Yes I did said looking at JT now, he has looked 6ft his whole life.
His estimated height 5'11.5 + 2cm/1cm (shoes) = (appears) 6ft

JT & Britney 2001
Click Here

No lifts there.... unless Britney Spears is 4'11/5ft thats what I meant when I said he has (looked 6ft) my guess is still 5'11.5
Don't know how much more clears I got to be.
Warren said on 24/Sep/17
180cm flat bf tbh, but where he comes from his think almost 6'2".. even his 6'1" claims
Tonyx said on 24/Sep/17
Tallish89, thank you for your answer.

1. I said:"I listen to his music from time to time but the 6ft1in, 6ft0.5in, 6ft, almost 6ft, 5ft11.5in stuff has to end." And i meant that in general. Some people still do think that.

Jimbo said on 16/May/17
Needs and upgrade. 184. He is at the least 6'

Tallish89 said on 14/Aug/17
Looking at him more now I realised he has looked constantly 6 feet his entire adult life.

strangerdnce said on 12/Aug/17
No way he is 5'10 or 5'11 he is 6'0

Johnson said on 4/Aug/17
He is 183.5 With 188 Thierry Henry

Chris said on 6/May/17
Defo close to 6 foot if not 6 foot a good bit taller than Andy samberg. Also edged out Jimmy fallon I thought. 6"1 in shoes likely and he probably knows that and is just chancing it.

2. I said:"Yes they don't give a full 2 in, but 1.5in-1.6in? Possibly." They are thin soled, but not too thin.
What Don's is offering:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Justin without the camera angle advantage, standing as straight as possible, feet closer together with a 6ft1.25in guy. How much difference is there?
Click Here
Click Here
3. Those are clearly shoes from a different scene in the video you posted, not the ones from the studio. Pay attention, Timberlake is not wearing loafers in the studio. It doesn't matter what shoes they are wearing if Justin is dancing, moving around and Jay-Z is sitting down. It matters when they are standing next to each other. 4:42-4:45 in the video.
Click Here
4.What about everything else that I've written?

What I'm a trying to articulate is that Justin Timberlake is 5ft11in with 5ft11.25in being the absolute highest. I think that 5ft11.5 is slightly too high for him and Andrew Garfield is 5ft10.5in-5ft10.75in. Again, I'm not saying Justin is a 5ft9.5in guy wearing 2.5in lifts. He can certainly reach 6ft tall in average shoes no doubt.

Look at the angle of Justin's foot
Click Here
doesn't it make you wonder?

Tallish89, do you think Justin Timberlake is exactly the same height as Jimmy Fallon, does one of them edge the other out by a bit?
Wouldn't life be easy if all the celebrities wore the same shoes Julia Roberts did
Click Here
Me:"Justin has worn lifts on several occasions..."
Justin":"Who, me? Never!" Click Here
Tallish89 said on 20/Sep/17

Rofl Dude....

1. What are you even arguing about? Noone saying the guy is 6'1. He's a strong 5'11 that's settled.

2. Those aren't elevator shoes in the cannes picture, infact the guy next to Timberlake has on a higher heel shoe.
You're arguing that Timberlake wears a dress shoe with a 1-1.5 inch heel? Really?
FYI That's standard for most formal men footwear Click Here
Justin Timberlake shoe at cannes 2013 are normal.. it does not even look a full inch more 0.75 Click Here

3. Jay Z also wore a identical dress shoes in the Suit & Tie video
Click Here
Timberlake's shoes in suit & tie video
Click Here

Formal men loafers
Click Here
Tonyx said on 19/Sep/17
That being said, these days, I doubt he wears anything more then a pair of thick orthopedic insoles in his sneakers(1.2in)/dress shoes(1.2in)/expensive designer boots(1.5in). Maybe 1.5in heel dress shoes for important red carpet-premiere-high-caliber award shows. I just don't think that Jessica Biel would be cool with her husband wearing lifts. We know Angelina left Brad, George had many wives and Amber Heard took 14Mil of Johnny's hard earned money(but we all know she took more then that).
Tonyx said on 19/Sep/17
Justin Timberlake with Andrew Garfield
Standing with legs/feet together, very clearly closer to the camera, stretching his neck, raising eye level, wearing glasses for no reason to make his eye level look higher then it actually is(yes it does make it look higher) and that arm tuck behind Garfield, to make it look as if they are all standing at the same distance from the camera. Overall looking like a bigger man.
Click Here
shoes from that event but a different outfit
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
again on purpose
Click Here
Click Here
See a pattern here?
Maybe you didn't notice, I'll point out again
Click Here
Clearly they are wearing different type of shoes.
Look at Justin's facial expression
Click Here
Look at how he uses body language on the big stage
Click Here
Timberlake wearing untied bulging boots while Garfield wearing espadrilles(less then 0.5in)
Click Here
Every photo taken of those 2, Timberlake always has the footwear advantage, posture advantage(most with the exception of those where Garfield is standing straight but still with less footwear), and steps closer to the camera when he can.
There is no way there is more then a half an inch difference in height between them, there is just no way.
Timberlake is 5ft11in. Garfield is 5ft10.75in. No i can't determine for sure that 0.25in, I'm not crazy... well not that crazy. I'm guessing. He's just to small to be half an inch away from 6ft tall. Under average length arms, small hands, small feet, narrow shoulders, more muscular then Garfield but also more body fat then Garfield, yet overall still low on body mass. I don't hate Justin. I listen to his music from time to time but the 6ft1in, 6ft0.5in, 6ft, almost 6ft, 5ft11.5in stuff has to end. Fallon is 5ft11.5in. Justin is half an inch shorter. After watching Timberlake and Fallon together on video for 10 years acting, singing, dancing, walking, standing you are sure Fallon edges Timberlake out.
Maybe I'm wrong on everything.
Click Here
Click Here
But I'm not.
Slim said on 17/Sep/17
5'11" flat is probably right on the money, his listing is reasonable, but not any higher.
Johan said on 15/Sep/17
To Nash-"You're not even the tallest guy on the show here tonight!"
-Points to JT- "You're 6'1 right?", assuming Nash knows his own height as 6-6'1, that would make JT around 5"11 max.

Love Leno. Burn those height boosters.
Tonyx said on 13/Sep/17
Steve Nash and Justin Timberlake Interview On Jay Leno 9/19/2012
Click Here

Jerry Seinfeld(boots), Mike Myers(boots), Justin Timberlake(bulging 1.2in AF1's), Chris Rock(1in dress shoes)
Click Here
Click Here
Jerry Seinfeld listed by Rob at 5ft11in(180.3cm). Average Guess 5ft10.59in(179.3cm).
Mike Myers listed by Rob at 5ft7in(170.2cm).
Chris Rock height listed by Rob at 5ft10in(177.8cm).

Justin Timberlake - Suit & Tie (Official) ft. JAY Z
Click Here
4:41-4:46 Rob, this website, all the commenters and especially Brad Pitt have taught me how to spot elevator shoes. He is wearing elevators while near Jay Z in that moment in the studio doing that handshake and stepping back, the angle of the foot. You can make it black and white but we can still see the overall shape. Those 2 seconds especially 4:44-4:45.
Click Here
You guys really can't see it? Really?
I'm not saying he wears giant 3in elevator shoes non stop. I am saying he has worn subtle elevator shoes with no more then 2in total boost, probably more towards 1.75in. In the past, since he started acting i mean really acting, this decade, not the boy band Timberlake, not the sexy back Timberlake of 2006-2009, but the 2010-2014 movie star Timberlake. He has worn them rarely, to several red carpet events and in the video with Jay Z. He obviously wears converse type sneakers and thin soled shoes in his own music videos and in movies that center around him, where he is the big star, where all the dancers, actors, stuntmen were handpicked to make him look taller, more masculine. Common practice.

Click Here
Those are custom elevators. Yes they don't give a full 2 in, but 1.5in-1.6in? Possibly.

His wife claims 5ft7in, listed by Rob at 5ft6.75in(169.5cm), Average Guess 5ft6.41in(168.7cm).

Click Here
with winslet
Tallish89 said on 12/Sep/17
If Jessica Biel is 5'6.75/5'7 it leaves Timberlake at 5'11/5'11.5
Cameron said on 2/Sep/17
Solid 5'11", nothing more.
Tallish89 said on 1/Sep/17

I agree Timberlake is 5'11.5 max

He will consistently look around 6 ft in footwear, I have not seen him wearing lifts. Just the usual sneaker & dress shoes.
PPPeter said on 30/Aug/17
He is 5ft 11.5in ať the top
Now he is 5ft 11.25in
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 26/Aug/17
Looks 179.5cm next to Kobe. Click Here Don't really know their footwear, but Justin can't be more than 5'11"
blazer said on 26/Aug/17
He's no where near 6'1. Probably 5'10.5
Slim183 said on 24/Aug/17
Not picking sides here as I respect both tony and tallish, but Timberlakes 5'11.5 absolutely max and he wants to look a decent 6' at events like vin diesel does.

That 6'2" claim 🤢.
Tallish89 said on 18/Aug/17

Posts pictures that prove it lol

Both Fallon & Timberlake are identical height, I would give Timberlake the edge.
Tonyx said on 18/Aug/17
Clearly shorter/smaller then Jimmy Fallon. Go to the Jimmy Fallon page on this site, look at the height.
Tallish89 said on 14/Aug/17
Justin with JLo (5'4.5) for those who claims he started wearing lifts after 02' that's just a lot of nonsense. Guy looks same only difference is his big curly hair

2000 with Jlo Click Here

2002 on trl with Jlo Click Here

2017 at charity event Click Here

Looking at him more now I realised he has looked constantly 6 feet his entire adult life.
strangerdnce said on 12/Aug/17
No way he is 5'10 or 5'11 he is 6'0
5'11.25 at noon. said on 10/Aug/17
Well guess he ain't 6' either remember we're not in the NBA so barefoot measurements only I'd say 5'11.5.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 10/Aug/17
@Tallish89 I agree. I think that 6'1" could be ruled out pretty easily as well.
Canson said on 9/Aug/17
@Johnson: I guess it means that Zidane isn't as tall as you have him listed. You make it sound like it's the end of the world because someone isn't a listed height or claimed height. When in reality it's far more likely that someone isn't as tall as they claim than being taller than they claim or are listed as. That's just the way it is in life unfortunately
Slim 182 cm said on 9/Aug/17
Hi big rob, which do Yu think is most likely
A: 5'10.75
B: 5'11
C: 5'11.25
D: 5'11.5
E: 5'11.75
Editor Rob
C through E range I feel is more likelier than A-B

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