How tall is Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars Height

5ft 4in (162.6 cm)

American singer, best known for songs such as "Grenade", "Uptown Funk" and "24K Magic". He commented on his height in the NY Daily News, saying "In my mind, I'm 6-3. But I'm 5-5. Do me a favor: Say I'm 5-6" and on twitter mentioned he was bored with the question of how tall he is: "I'm tired of answering this question. For the last time, I'm 6'2". #nextquestion".
Tall people give me the creeps.. #EverybodyIsTallerThanMe :( ... I am not a Leprechaun!!! I SWEAR !!!!..... Or am I? LOL

How tall is Bruno Mars
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I’m a short guy, and that’s aways something I have to think about. I’ve always done the hat thing. Now I’m doing ones with bigger brims to make myself look taller.

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Average Guess (86 Votes)
5ft 3.76in (162cm)
KH said on 20/Sep/17
5'4 seems a bit of a stretch. He is not about as tall as most women. Closer to 5'3 imo. Talented guy but really really short.
Lovatic said on 19/Aug/17
Woah. 5'3?! That's the same as my mom! And that's how tall I'll be when I'm a grown up!
Beau said on 8/Jul/17
"My very good friend is exactly 5ft 3.5in and he looks noticeable taller than Mars."

I'm 5'5" and give off a tallish appearance - my head is only 55cm, slightly long inseam at 28.5" w/ a 27" waist, small bone structure ectomorph. People who are 6'+ tend to guess I'm around 5'7". Conversely, I had a half brother who was nearly an inch taller but built Mars - 27.5" inseam, large head, heavier bone structure. People who didn't see us together often would sometimes guess I was the taller one.

That's the problem being in this height range - if any of your features lack symmetry it can amplify the lack of height. But w/ Bruno we have enough reference to other people and such that I feel he's a solid 5'4" guy. He appears to wear regular footwear without lifts, I just don't see how he would hold his own in the world. But he does have a rather large head and somewhat short legs for his size.
ronald said on 29/Jun/17
he looks short
Mar3k said on 14/Jun/17
My very good friend is exactly 5ft 3.5in and he looks noticeable taller than Mars. Sometimes Bruno is listed as 5ft 5in but it is ridiculous. His body shape and general appearance shows he is about somewhere between 5ft 2in to 5ft 3in (max with shoes I guess). I won't be surprise if he is shorter than 5ft 2in. Generally he have great talent and awesome voice but very petite guy.
Warren said on 11/Jun/17
Well Idc he is short legs
Chris said on 7/Jun/17
Must be all torso - next to James Corden in Carpool they look similar sitting down. Click Here
Peter175 said on 23/May/17
He's a solid 5'4. I think he clears it imo but not by much
5'7" 15 year old boi said on 21/May/17
Is 5 foot 2 157.5cm
hey said on 9/May/17
He looks like 161 cm
Bee123 said on 7/May/17
I don't why I always saw him around like kevin hart height at 5'2 but seeing him on Ellen he looks 5'5
Aliyah said on 6/May/17
It really don't mater how short he is because he is my Awesome singer and he love girls and he is so sweet i even got his picture on my unlock screen on my iphone so thats how much he means alot to me I Love You Bruno Mars.
Ashley said on 24/Apr/17
When I first saw him years ago, I was surprised that he's short. But he's awesome either way. I say that he's 5'4.
Ll said on 22/Apr/17
Not accurate, he's 5 2-3 max
Nikki said on 20/Apr/17
Height is only a number. To me, he is a giant among men with more talent in his "pinkie finger" than any other current artist
Warren said on 14/Apr/17
Me too, bro :)
Lover said on 11/Apr/17
To me, he's always 6 foot something 💘
smack said on 28/Mar/17
if the dude looks that tiny in his videos, he has to be prince type short
Lastik said on 25/Mar/17
He appears very short imho
Realist said on 21/Mar/17
He deserves 5'4 wow Rob is taking a cm from him like every year in a few years he will be 5'2 on here.
Michael Jackson said on 21/Mar/17
Well it just shows that you do not have to be tall as a man to be popular.
Nik said on 20/Mar/17

Yes he is an example that male atrractiveness is not just linked to height. He is good looking and you only have to read some of the comments on this page to realise how attractive/ popular he is, this is refreshing to see.
Parker said on 19/Mar/17
With Kevin Hart

Click Here
Peter175 said on 18/Mar/17
@Nik he's incredibly good looking facially and has a good singing voice and can dance. I was say lots women (and men lol) would still find him attractive even without the fame
Warren said on 17/Mar/17
Who's questions freaker, who r u?
Actually, cannot match your name with your looking such an unlikely dat u r handsome btw
Peter175 said on 15/Mar/17
Rob is this the lowest you'd go for him?

Honestly I'm surprise of the downgrade, he looks at least 5'4 and can look a bit above at times. I still stand that no way is he below this listing. A 5'3 range guy on stage next to other men would look absolutely comical and he doesn't really. Models with big heels? yes, but not most men in the 5'6"-5'10 range. He is 163 minimum
Editor Rob: that would be the death on it
Nik said on 14/Mar/17

What do you mean?
Warren said on 13/Mar/17
Sorry, both are already I have and It is my treasure
Michael Jackson said on 12/Mar/17
haha, ugly men said that who's care that lol
Nik said on 11/Mar/17
Well it just shows that you do not have to be tall as a man to be popular.
Warren said on 10/Mar/17
Even he looks much younger than his age, he looks super young :)
Kristin said on 3/Mar/17
He's perfect!😍
omar said on 2/Mar/17
he's 5'3 but his personality and his talent and his attutide 7'2 i respect that guy so much and i dont give a damn how tall he is .
Jake said on 19/Feb/17
No more than 5'4" barefoot, might be 5'5" in boots.
AJ said on 13/Feb/17
Really don't see how he can be 5'4.5" unless he just has really bizarre proportions. I'm guessing a good inch shorter.
Warren said on 13/Feb/17
@Grace Paholak
LOL I'm the same in your opinion btw he's a super handsome Idc his proportions
Grace Paholak said on 12/Feb/17
What a great performer, your 6 foot in my book
Mckenna said on 12/Feb/17
Alex said on 3/Feb/17
5' Easily shorter than the smallest guess option. Looked more than a foot shorter than Taylor Swift. Yh she may have been wearing heels, but unless they made her taller than 6'4 I highly doubt he is that tall. Also saw him accept an award and looked about a foot shorter than the majority of the crowd, and no way would they have all been 6'4+
Arthur said on 1/Feb/17
5'4 and not being famous is a tragedy though. He is practically a midget. He has a big head and the shortest legs in the world.
Amber said on 31/Jan/17
Lol, do those of you calling his height "sad" even realize that he has more talent in those 164 cm than you ever will? Do you even realize that the concept of what is desirable/attractive is extremely subjective? I know girls (and guys) who find Bruno super hot. The most important thing is that he seems to be comfortable with what he's got and God knows he's working IT. I'm cognizant of the fact that everyone has the right to write here whatever the f they want, but if there's something sad - it's only your comments. It gets really tiring when you see the same old bagooglety comments on the profiles of men under 5'8 with people repeatedly treating them as if they were physically disabled, with their condition somehow evoking the need for pity and sympathy. 5'4 is NOT a tragedy.
poppanug said on 12/Jan/17
He looks around Kevin hearts height tbh
Mitryriul said on 8/Jan/17
I do not think he has 1.65 for a reason: I play volleyball and I'm 1.65 and most of my friends are tall and from what I noticed at the time of Taylor Swift by his side, even with his high heels I think she Comes close to 1.85. As I said I have 1.65 and I get to the shoulders of my teammates, and from what I see in the photos that he was shown he does not even come close! I think he was always what I apparently thought he was 1.60 / 1.62.
blink said on 5/Jan/17
LOL!!! i just imagine him next to 5ft3 prince both incredible atists but really tiny.
I would say for him 5ft4
Ice said on 2/Jan/17
Average height estimation : 5'3 . How sad .
Dionisio Rojas said on 21/Dec/16
I remember that on MTV there was a show where they played a video and they showed some information of it and in the Billionaire videoclip said that there is a difference of 30cm of height between 1.63 Bruno Mars and 1.93 Travie McCoy.
Shredder said on 14/Dec/16
I agree , he looks 5'4
Bard said on 8/Dec/16
He's not over 5'4.
Peter175 said on 6/Dec/16
He's 5ft4 minimum.

You guys have no idea how a sub5ft4 guy would look on stage next to other men
TJ said on 24/Nov/16
Bruno is great. This height seems too much though.
Leonardo 1.73m said on 21/Nov/16
"In my mind, I'm 6-2. But I'm 5-4. Do me a favor: Say I'm 5-5".
Peter175 said on 15/Nov/16
He's at least 5ft4, 5ft3 and below arguments are ridiculous
Leonardo 1.73m said on 7/Nov/16
Hi Rob. The average guess is under 5'4 and he looks that.
Pique Peak said on 30/Oct/16
I can't see really 164cm for this boy, 5'3.5-5'4 max
tt said on 29/Oct/16
Looks like 5 feet 3 to me.
Civman said on 17/Oct/16
Easily 5'4 and he added an inch
mashamocha said on 16/Oct/16
He isn't 5'4. He is 5'2. Regularly wears lifts or a concealed heal. You can see him standing on rather generous apple boxes during photoshoots w/models.
Dinny said on 9/Oct/16
Max 5'4
Addison said on 3/Oct/16
1.60-1.62 range
mande2013 said on 23/Aug/16
Looks 5'4-5'5 range next to Marc Anthony.
Alex said on 10/Aug/16
Sometimes even struggles to look 5'. I'd say at tallest 5'3. Definitely not the 5'4.5 listed here or 5'5-5'6 that I've seen listed online! Looks a good foot shorter than Taylor Swift here who (unless she's wearing 8 inch heels) Isn't going to be more than 6'3. She's most likely wearing 2-4 Inch heels which aren't going to make her much over 6'. In this photo he could easily be about 4'6! But I realise that's a ridiculous listing. 5'2 I'd say
MD said on 1/Aug/16
Here he is with Jack Antonoff, previously of fun. who is no more than 5'8":

Click Here

Click Here

Even this current listing is out of the question as far as I'm concerned.
nilkn said on 28/Jul/16
Click Here

This picture alone makes me think it's plausible to argue that he's under 5'3". Taylor Swift is 5'10" and she might be wearing, say, 3-4" heels. That would place her height in this image at 6'1" or 6'2". She's clearly about a full foot taller than him, and he's wearing flat shoes, so that puts his height at 5'1" or 5'2".
james said on 13/Jul/16
He doesn't look 5'5", nor 5'4.5". He looks 5'3" tbh. Maybe it's just his proportions that make him appear really short. Short legs, short arms.
Jacob said on 28/Jun/16
Hi. Are the listed heights on this site based on with or without footwear?
Editor Rob: we try to think of heights as being without footwear.
Linx said on 30/May/16
christina o way on earth bruno mars is above 1,70 lol, taylor swift is 1,77 and...
Click Here
MJKoP said on 29/May/16
I'd say 5'4" minimum 5'5" maximum.
John Cena said on 17/May/16
He is 5'5
Joe said on 1/May/16
5'3" tops.
Phil said on 23/Apr/16
well, not the worlds most masculine man. he is 5 foot 4 or 5 foot 5. i am not sure.
shl said on 2/Apr/16
christina no hes not lol
christina olivia said on 29/Feb/16
bruno mars real height is 5 ft 8 or 172 i meet him in LA last year we was the same footwear i'm 5ft 7 and he was taller a little bit than me
MD said on 19/Feb/16

Yes, under 5'4" is too much, but so is the half-inch you have currently tacked on. Taking into account the angles, here he is with 5'8"(ish) - half-an-inch taller at the most - Jack Antonoff:

Click Here

Though Jack is closer to the camera, he's also not even standing at full height. It's probably time to shave off this half-inch for Bruno. A better angle, but Jack still losing height:

Click Here

BTW, the Grammys should have also shown Lionel Richie is listed too tall.
Editor Rob: 5ft 4 flat is definitely an arguable figure for him.
Jason said on 17/Feb/16
@Rob, do you think he's probably 5'4 tops or even less? Without his shoes heel, his hair and hat, I guess a very solid 5'3 maybe around 5'3¾ for him.
Editor Rob: he may be only 5ft 4 but under it I wouldn't have guessed.
Boofer said on 15/Feb/16
He's tall enough, apparently.
Micho said on 1/Jan/16
Let's do him a favour...Let's say he is 5"6 :D
oliver said on 2/Oct/15
Maybe he's 5' 4 or shorter.
oliver said on 29/Sep/15
I bet he's 5' 4.
Rojina said on 2/Aug/15
I guessed he d be 5"8
Amy said on 14/Jul/15
161.5 Cm's or 5 ft 3.
I'm 168 cm's and met him in person, even gave him a hug. I was towering him in over 2 inches. I was wearing normal Vans with so no heels.
Bryan (Queenslander) said on 16/Jun/15
@an anonymous peach

His filipino genes played a large factor in ensuring he didn't hit 5'11.5 ;)
an anonymous peach said on 13/Jun/15
Bruno Mars would be a legit 10/10 if he were 7 inches taller
Boris said on 24/Apr/15
I can't see him being over 5'4 tops. He looks short even for a 5'4.5"/5'5" guy.
Beau said on 16/Apr/15
"Out of all the potential partners women could swoon for nothing makes Bruno stand out."

I'm not a big Bruno fan... I like Uptown Funk and just started paying attention to him because of that. But seriously, check out any performance of his, interview, etc. The guy has incredible presence. I pulled up the performance of him on The Voice and showed my gf (who never paid attention to him) and she was transfixed and blurted out "he's somewhere between Prince and Lenny Kravitz".
MD said on 16/Apr/15
I really don't want to get into this, but since I see one person practically hyperventilating...

When you are at a rather unusual height at either end of the spectrum you're going to get teasing and jokes. Not every tease or joke is mean-spirited bullying. Nor is simply remarking on someone's height even necessarily teasing. This idea that no one is ever supposed to remark on anyone's height is a completely unrealistic expectations. So, yeah, when people are being mean-spirited and bullying, it should be called out. But, the other extreme is pretending that height isn't a defining characteristic in humans and we're not to speak of it. Is no one ever supposed to point out that I have black hair?
doc said on 14/Apr/15
Jesus christ you know society is sh!t when you have people making fun of someone's height to hide their own cowardness and insecurities. Looked at the Facebook link with Taylor Swift and him performing toegther. The comments are just pathetic and sad. People are brainwashed my media and societal bias.
Sammy Derrick said on 9/Apr/15
In the parody by Bart Baker of hit single "Up-town Funk" he says Bruno Mars is 5'5 but is portrayed by a 6'1 guy!!!
Caraboo said on 3/Mar/15
pretty sure he's 5foot4
James said on 10/Feb/15
MD: Springsteen is not 5'9.5". I've run into him a few times. Five eight, max. And that's charitable. Without the motorcycle/engineer male high heels. Bruno, like Springsteen, is a gigantic talent. But I'd give him five foot three. Charitably.
asd said on 10/Feb/15
Mitch 185.8cm said on 9/Feb/15
solid 5'4 guy
K said on 8/Feb/15
tooshort said on 30/Jan/15
Rob, between Radcliffe, Hutcherson, and Mars who do you expect would edge who out at a midday event?
[Editor Rob: Possibly Josh > Radcliffe > Mars]
the shredder said on 19/Jan/15
This guy is 5'4 or less.
MD said on 19/Jan/15
With 5'9.5" Bruce Springsteen:

Click Here
Dingle Dange said on 17/Jan/15
Chip said on 5/Oct/14
He stands tall though
None said on 4/Oct/14
He's the same height as a 5'4.5 Katt Williams.
Chris said on 22/Sep/14
He's short, but he's so ridiculously charming and attractive (and talented of course). With guys like him, i wish i was like 8 inches smaller. lol
Angelblack said on 17/Aug/14
Is he still a child or something
little me said on 22/Jul/14
I love bruno. In regards to his height though I think he is NOT 5 ft 4.5 NO WAY. He looks way smaller than that 5ft 2 at the most he looks as small as prince. But he is still HOT
TinaLouise said on 20/Jul/14
5'4.5" of pure sex appeal!
Tina said on 4/Jul/14
Bruno Mars and Kevin Hart are the same height and that is 5'2
tj said on 22/Jun/14
No he isn't a kid Georgios. He's a short man. Lack of height doesn't give you the mental age of a child :-)
Georgios 6'3'' (191cm) said on 19/Jun/14
5'3 Max. Is a kid
Joe said on 12/Jun/14
5'3 for the little man.
Me said on 5/May/14
Dude is no taller than 5'3"
Ron said on 19/Apr/14
5'3.5 or 5'4 maybe
MD said on 20/Mar/14
That photo, BTW, is not shopped, at all. All of the pictures from that event look like that save for the ones taken lower in the theater because it has very steep seating. It's just the angle. There are other shots from that event showing him standing next to her...and he's tiny next to her in her heels.
Brad said on 20/Mar/14
"Say I am 5-6". Hahahaha, sorry Brun' 5-four bro.
TJ said on 20/Mar/14
The image with Taylor Swift is bizarre and some kind of optical illusion. Yes, he is a short guy, but that pic shows him below her shoulders even though he is in the foreground. Makes no sense at all.

This pic of the pair together seems more realistic:
Click Here
[Editor Rob: I think that other shot the camera is simply higher up so it is going to make the nearer object (which is below the camera) look smaller.]
MD said on 19/Mar/14
I don't think he'd be much under 5'4", but he's definitely not a full 5'4.5". I'd argue 5'4" flat.

BTW, the angles in that shot are far, far too much to judge much of anything from it even though I agree with you, lelman. I do believe there are pictures of them at the same event standing right by each other that would be far better reference shots. Try Getty Images.
Mr. R said on 19/Mar/14
@ lelman That pic is photoshopped. He is short but not an elf.
lelman said on 18/Mar/14
Click Here

Here's Bruno looking a full foot or more shorter than Taylor Swift in heels. Taylor in 4-5 inch heels would get her to like, 6'1.5 tops. I think Bruno is under 5'4".
leonari said on 16/Mar/14
I agree. Flat 5'4" seems more accurate. Have you considered shaving that half inch off Rob?
[Editor Rob: I think 5ft 4-4.5 range...4.5 could be what you'd say is the top of the range.]
Chris 182 cm said on 8/Feb/14
Maybe he's short, but guess what: He's a superior bromandude with the PIPES! Jealous haters to the left!
TJ said on 3/Feb/14
He was on the Graham Norton Show with Ricky Gervais and when the two were stood and shaking hands he looked around 5 inches shorter than Gervais. Rob, you have Ricky at 5'7.5, so having Mars at 5'4.5 seems to be really pushing it.
Ashley said on 3/Feb/14
He's got to be 5'4" on the money.
MD said on 31/Jan/14
The half-inch tacked onto this listing seems ridiculous, at least.
Short said on 29/Jan/14
He is shorter that 5 4.5.

I'm 5'5 and I come up to my 6 foot dad's ear. I dated a 6'4 guy and my head still wasn't below his shoulder. She said she is 6'2 in heels ans he is well below Taylor's shoulders. Not even his hat passes them and he is standing closer to the camera.
Shobha said on 28/Jan/14
Taylor Swift is 5'9.5 (Click Here)

Bruno is 5'4.5", as they are saying here too.

Even if we assume that Taylor is wearing 4-6inches of heels in this picture with Bruno wearing loafers, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE???

Emily said on 3/Jan/14
In case you haven't noticed, i'm just making fun of certain posts/comments on this site. You just can't help but troll (join in the stupidity) after reading some of the reekingly-stupid stuff on here.
Sam said on 1/Jan/14
Emily, what about for those say 6ft guys that lack it? Should they be downgraded to 5'6 while Bruno is 5'11/6ft all the while they still tower over him? LOL how ridiculous is that.
MD said on 30/Dec/13
Emily, this is a site for a heights. Honestly, you are getting annoying. If you want a fantasy site, then you go create one yourself.
Emily said on 29/Dec/13
His talent and charisma makes him at least 6 inches taller. So this listing should be changed to around 5ft 11 or 6 ft.
Wazel said on 28/Dec/13
People may be short but their personality TOWERS over their stature...To the point that height doesn't seem like a factor.
johoro said on 6/Dec/13
I personally have known the world's shortest star, Angus Young, for years and have seen both he and Bruno on stage. Bruno may be short, but he's perfect
Sarah said on 28/Nov/13
He's about 5'4"
Silent d said on 6/Nov/13
162cm. He is tiny but really talented.
Caz said on 10/Oct/13
He carnt be that tall on his vidio she's much bigger than that
Viper said on 19/Sep/13
Hes the shortest looking 5'4.5 dude Ive ever seen. Looks closer to 5'2.

LOL at him saying hes 5'5 or 5'6. 5'5 and 5'6 guys would own him bad standing next to him.
Silent d said on 17/Sep/13
Next to taylor swift at the vmas, she had heels on and he looked more than 20cm shorter. I saw a photo with him and mark wahlberg. There was about ten cm between them. I think 163cm is about right. He is really talented but a little short.
J said on 16/Sep/13
No way is this listing correct. He's really short
5'5.5 said on 12/Sep/13
I'm 5'5.5 and I regularly look 5'3-5'5 due to slouching and general bad posture, I'd say Mars is a solid 5'5 from his proportions.
Ian said on 11/Sep/13
Bruno Mars is by far the most talented artist of recent years. He is very short, though. I'd say a little bit less than 5ft 4.
Brenda said on 11/Sep/13
His height has nothing to do with how talented he is ! Let's go over the list , singer ,song writer, choreographer , guyitarist ,pianist, drummer, etc. Oh , and did I forget to mention .... He's freakin gorgeous !! I'm 5'10" and I would have no problem with his height . From what I've seen in certain photoshave ,BRUNO is packin !
Brenda said on 11/Sep/13
His height has nothing to do with how talented he is ! Let's go over the list , singer ,song writer, choreographer , guyitarist ,pianist, drummer, etc. Oh , and did I forget to mention .... He's freakin gorgeous !! I'm 5'10" and I would have no problem with his height . From what I've seen in certain photoshave ,BRUNO is packin !
janie said on 11/Sep/13
He's very small, i'd guess his height to be around 5'3-5'4 max.
Brad said on 9/Sep/13
5-4 is all he is.
Skar said on 7/Sep/13
This guy is well under the 160cm way 5.4 maybe 5.2
leela said on 29/Aug/13
Taylor swift is actually 5'11". So if she's wearing fairly standard 4" heels...she would tower over most people..especially a slightly below average height guy
Lo sgozzatore said on 28/Aug/13
Rob, why he looks that short in that pic? Taylor Swift is not over 5'9, i doubt she's max 6'2 in that photo (considering a very big heel) and he looks like a child! Ok, the pic favours her but there's still a huge difference
[Editor Rob: he's at a camera disadvantage...those cameras are higher up, if she moved forward to stand beside him there'd be less difference.]
Ally said on 26/Aug/13
I think he may need a downgrade: Click Here
Bruno's Wife said on 8/Jul/13
Bruno Mars is perfectly fin being 5'5 i love him so much and will still love him at any height. Im going to his concert in 3 days and i don't care that he's 5'5 because im 5'2 so he's still taller than me.
sasa said on 5/Jul/13
I think it's cute he is 5-5. i wouldn't mind going out with some who is 5-5 cos i myself is 5-5
leonari said on 12/May/13
Rob was so right to downgrade him. He is what is generally seen as a tiny man and he looks it. But he never wears shoes to give him a little lift. I think he is contempt with his height. Cool and talented guy. No doubt.
Kevin said on 11/Apr/13
Whoa, Rob. What made you downgrade him .5in?
[Editor Rob: it fits closer I think the more we see of him.]
suparna said on 26/Mar/13
peoples are just very foolish & senseless...
Bruno's height is much enough....& wat is more betr dat is he stands on some position in the wrld bt dis silly persons even I myself are in nowhere of dis wrld...
And ur perfect as u are...
Me said on 6/Mar/13
He looks really short.
TonyD said on 28/Feb/13
He's 5 ft 2. I'm 5 ft 7, I met him and we were both wearing Converse flats, I towered over him a good 4 inches at least. Definitely 5 ft 2, needs a downgrade!
Ben said on 12/Feb/13
Ha! I feel tall now, I'm just over 5'7" and it's nice when a guy is 5'5" to make me feel tall every once in a while!
uncle pual said on 11/Feb/13
He plays a little guitar to look bigger
Golden Hamsterr said on 10/Feb/13
amazing he look tall lol
leonari said on 17/Dec/12
He looks really short. A tad below 5'5" in my humble opinion. Like 164
173 said on 16/Dec/12
He looks 5'4"
Silent D said on 13/Dec/12
I would say 164cm. Awesome singer!
SAK said on 11/Dec/12
I use to think he was 5f5. But after appearances on UK X factor and Graham Norton show, he looks shorter then I thought. He is 5f4, looks pint-sized.
Melissa said on 11/Dec/12
He's a little under 5'4".
fullmetalnipple said on 5/Dec/12
Guy looks shorter than 5'5 imo.
Abtin said on 30/Nov/12
I'm Iranian and my height is 168 cm
So , that's hopeful for me !!!!!
Because I think the avrage of my school is 180 cm !!!!!!!!!!
What about yours ?!
truth said on 29/Nov/12
Im not trying to hate him, but he looks to me 5ft4 at most, probably 5ft3.5 midday. Still a pretty good artist, kinda cheesy, but ok (listenable).
Parker said on 25/Nov/12
Great entertainer but no way 5'5 - looked at least 4-5 inches shorter than Dermot O'Leary on UK X factor tonight.
Peach said on 21/Oct/12
My 15-year-old son is 5'5" and wants to be an actor so I'm trying to find performers who are his size (and he admires) to boost his confidence. Bruno Mars is a powerhouse entertainer!!
Angie said on 13/Feb/12
@Random Person hahahaha that is so true :)
Ikhilrick said on 13/Feb/12
The entertainment news said "The pint-sized pop star looked dapper on the Grammy stage in a glowing, gold blazer that practically matched his skin tone". What the hell are they talking about. I'm 5'5" and I'm not pint sized. I'm normal height. Everybody else is just taller than I am.
MD said on 30/Jan/12
There are few other pages that attract such fervent fangirls and fanboys. If you don't care about his height, don't bother posting on a site named "" okay? Thanks.
John said on 30/Jan/12
@Kri and Jonas. You are extremely tall for your age
Lindsay said on 29/Jan/12
Bruno Mars is actually much taller standing on his wallet currently! Got to give it to this HUGELY SUCCESSFUL singer! And a very confident person. This makes him HUGELY ATTRACTIVE!
Raileigh said on 24/Jan/12
I'mm 15 and i'm 5 ft 5 :p i can imagine seeing him and my cousin Kale together and they look sooooo much alike and he's the same height.
Jaylene said on 24/Jan/12
He is such an awesome, talented artist! He is and WILL BE THE BIGGEST THING...height, doesnt matter, if i ever had a chance lol id love to cuddle with him "Im aware itll never happen, but we can dream right?" lol on a serious not, he is trully amazing , i have been following his career and he has NEVER DISSAPOINTED....and i have i feeling he never will. You are blessed Peter <3
Steph x said on 16/Jan/12
So that's why he's always wearing hats... :P x
james mark said on 4/Jan/12
@Kri You may be 14 and 6'1 but your not famous and you don't make music at all and no one really cares. just like me i'm 6'8 but no one cares most of the girls would want to date bruno mars then me
amy said on 30/Dec/11
well here he is next to hayley williams whom according to this site is 1,55, so this would make him about 1,60?? Click Here he's bending a little and she's got boots but no way he's 1,65!
Kri said on 30/Dec/11
Wow I'm 14 and i'm already 6'1.The average for my school is like 6'0 - 6'1
Jonas said on 28/Dec/11
Bruno Mars's height is 165 cm. my height is 172 cm, and I am 12 years
Amanda said on 11/Dec/11
I thought he was 5'8 or sumthin... Oh well:) he's still the bestsest singer i've ever heard and the sexiest man i've ever seen!!!!! I luv u bruno!!!!
Silent d said on 10/Dec/11
I always thought he was 162cm but 165cm is about right. He has big hair so it makes him look taller. Shorter than ellen by a bit. 165cm.
heather said on 9/Dec/11
now i get why he has such a high pitched voice, beautiful voice tho
stephen said on 9/Dec/11
ohh yeah bruno ur my hero bud... quality songs probably best male vocalist around at the moment plus ur short just like me... and remmeber lionel messi is short too and hes the best footballer in the world... us short dudes are the shizzle....
leonari said on 8/Dec/11
I love this guy. A real artist. But he looks so darn short on TV that I start to doubt his 5'5" claim. More 5'4"
Chris said on 6/Dec/11
@bru 5.5 = 5' 5 1/2" not 5' 5" . Not sure which you mean.
Godred said on 4/Dec/11
@MD +1
Alexandra said on 26/Nov/11
Bruno Mars has the most amazing voice ive ever heard and personally I love short guys. I think tall=clumsy. Hes perfect just the way he is
RDH said on 24/Nov/11
Are you all saying you'd rather be tall with no talent? Coz that's what I'm hearing.
bru said on 24/Nov/11
if mars is 5.5 it is including his shoe heel, and hair. I think he is 5.3 at the most.
MD said on 13/Nov/11
I honestly don't get why people are coming complaining about us focusing on his height on a site called "" It's not "hating" on him, it the freakin' subject of the site for goodness sake. Fansboys and fangirls can find somewhere else to feel persecuted.
Alice said on 12/Nov/11
Honestly, I loke tall guys... but he is just so amazing as a singer/artist/person that height and nothing else matters... i love him just the way he is! :)
Bieber said on 12/Nov/11
Bruno is short but I'm 100% sure he is better than all the haters posting in here. Geez, height doesn't matter if you have a talent like his.
Jade said on 25/Oct/11
Height doesn't matter, what's important is his personality..he's a good person, got an amazing talent most especially he makes a lot of people happy because of his talent..
maisy best said on 23/Oct/11
I cant belive that you are only 5ft
oregon said on 18/Oct/11
Rob, I honestly thing he needs a downgrade. There in the picture posted by "dan" on 10/Aug/11 where bruno stands next to Eminem and Royce 5'9 and in MANY other pictures he looks from 5-2 to 5-4. 5 ft 4 in IS ABSOLUTE MAX!
rockdude said on 5/Sep/11
he is indeed 5'4 las year i stand right beside him and was just a bit taller than him and i'm 5'5...we were both wearing converse
MD said on 1/Sep/11

How tall is he here with Mario Lopez?

Click Here

Given what he's wearing, it's almost certain he's in some pretty heeled dress shoes (Mario is almost certainly in just regular heeled dress shoes), and it's going to be hard to tell with Mar's hat on.

Anyway, this guy always looks unusually short. 5'5"-5'6" just look short to me, but he looks shorter than regular short, to me.
[Editor Rob: he looks anywhere in the 4-5 inch range smaller in the series of photos from that show.]
rasvinder18 said on 31/Aug/11
hey rob, i think u need to downgrade his height to 5'3" becoz he looks 5 inches shorter than 5'8" eminem Click Here
BrUnO's FaN said on 29/Aug/11
Wow, I didn't know Bruno Mars was that short...Awww, thought he was taller, I'm 5'10"...I guess that's why he always wears his hair like that, makes him look at least an inch or two taller...Although he's short, I still love him...very talented guy!!!!
Jim said on 29/Aug/11
next to Royce da 5'9 he looks 5'3 MAX. if he's 5'5 for real then Royce is 6 feet and em is 5'11"
Savannah said on 24/Aug/11
Wow he's really 5"5 man im only 12 and im 5"8 and a 1/2!!!!!
wow wow wow wow!!!
Angel said on 20/Aug/11
Ummm... NO! @Shorty You all ALL WRONG! and you HATERS that are saying that Bruno is way shorter then 5"5. Its a true proof of FACT that Bruno is 5"5! Eva Longoria is NOT 5"6, Eva is 5"2! Eva and Bruno got a photo together when Bruno perform @ the GRAMMY'S 2011. Eva is 5,2 and she was even wearing black satin "Brian Atwood" 3 or 4inch heels standing right next to Bruno, Bruno is taller then Eva. Search Bruno & Eva is wearing Black Satin - "Brian Atwood Heels"!
Artemis said on 20/Aug/11
How tall people look depends on their body proportions. I'm 5'5 and I look way taller than this other guy I know who's also 5'5 coz my legs are longer than his! Generally people with shorter legs looks shorter, but you can't realli judge from just looking =)
dan said on 10/Aug/11
Click Here
Heres a image of bruno mars with Eminem and Royce Da 59, eminem is said to be 5'8 or 5'9. decide, how tall is bruno mars?
enter said on 8/Aug/11
Wait, so if Bruno Mars is shortish, does that man his girlfriends are shorter?? Well I don't give a damn, I still love him :D
Aisilyn said on 28/Jul/11
People, I'm 5ft 2-3. I'm not sure but i don't care how tall he is...he's wickedly cute!
krissy said on 20/Jul/11
i hung out with him and the band the other day... i'm 5'2 and he was the EXACT same height as me (not including the hair)
krissy said on 20/Jul/11
i hung out with him and the band the other day... i'm 5'2 and he was the EXACT same height as me (not including the hair)
Maximus Meridius said on 1/Jul/11
I never knew he was only 5ft 5in he is short i thought he was taller than that.
fsdf said on 25/Jun/11
So is he 5'5 including the 1.5-2 inches he gets from his hair?
Basia Bozzao said on 19/Jun/11
I love Bruno :) he is awsome and his height siuts him :) he's a petite man and he's proporcionate :) and it dosnt take away from anything :D he's hot ;) and a million and more women would kill to be with him :D
pinoy said on 16/Jun/11
His height is inherited from her parents, her mother is a filipino all we know the filpinos are smaller.. but bruno is a good singer he can sing a high notes..
proudly filipino..
Random Person said on 16/Jun/11
Coolest guys tend to be the shortest
Lexy said on 12/Jun/11
I just saw him recently and I thought he was like 4'9 :]
Maria said on 10/Jun/11
I don't care if he is 7ft tall or 4ft tall bruno mars is still an amazing singer his height does not change the fact that he is super talented (and cute)
P.S I'm 5ft 8in tall and I'm actually short compared to my friends
Brenda said on 5/Jun/11
I'm only 11 and i'm 5 inches shorter than him. When I first saw him a couple years back, I thought he was atleast 5'9 but guess not. Even thought the dude is short, he seems like an AMAZING!! person to hang out with. I'm a big fan!
Brenda said on 5/Jun/11
I'm only 11 and i'm 5 inches shorter than him. When I first saw him a couple years back, I thought he was atleast 5'9 but guess not. Even thought the dude is short, he seems like an AMAZING!! person to hang out with. I'm a big fan!
breanna pascal said on 2/Jun/11
i cant believe bruno mars' height im taller than him i thought he was at least 6 ft. but stil he such a good singer epecialy in grtenade he is awesome but so short i think i might even have a cruhs on him lol bye peoplz
Shaun A said on 1/Jun/11
*sigh* For a tall woman like myself it is disappointing but he still is an amazing artist all the same.
diana said on 19/May/11
saying that height doesnt matter is an insult in itself. da subject is mute. he's an amazing artist. period.
Levon 2.0 said on 13/May/11
I thought he was like 5'7" - 5'8" then again I've only seen 1 video of him.
Sammyg said on 12/May/11
Mate is 5'3.5 and he stood next to Bruno Mars and he was abit taller than Bruno..
Architect said on 9/May/11
Bruno is awesome, he doesn't have to be tall, he already exudes more cool, class and charm than anyone else he's in a room with.
Jasmine said on 4/May/11
@jack haha no thats cutee.. Im 5'1.5 lmfao
Ana said on 29/Apr/11
@ SAC Taylor Swift is 5'11
Jack said on 26/Apr/11
i am in girl is 5'6 and i am 5'7, i wanna marry her but she confused with damn this a good pair?
SAK said on 26/Apr/11
sammy 332 says on 25/Apr/11
I think there is nothing wrong with being short. Cos am short to. Am 23 and i am the shortest person that i know!
Obviously there is nothing wrong with being short, but its not desirable to be short.

Bruno looks 5ft4.5
sammy 332 said on 25/Apr/11
I think there is nothing wrong with being short. Cos am short to. Am 23 and i am the shortest person that i know!
Karl said on 9/Apr/11
Im a big fan of bruno
BBe said on 28/Mar/11
I think he's cute that way, and he's all in proportion. If he was taller he'd look odd. I think.
B&J said on 25/Mar/11
In ours minds your 6-3 too.
Sj said on 21/Mar/11
I'm a girl from Holland and i am 178 cm, this is little above average for girls here. They are usually like 175. The most guys i know are at least above 184 cm. The tallest one i know is like 205 But hell who cares Bruno Mars is still hot, even when he's short.
cK said on 18/Mar/11
i'm 21, male from NZ and im only 165cm
nothing wrong with being short
girls still love bruno mars right?
Soph said on 13/Mar/11
Haha woah I'm 12 and 163 cm and smaller than most of my friends haha
uluquorra said on 12/Mar/11
Haha,his post in NY daily news is funny..btw,i'm 17 &174cm tall..i'm from india and i have a average height here but i think i might b a short guy in US...
Yuvaine said on 9/Mar/11
all it matters at the end of the day is that Bruno is a good artist.... besides who cares abt the height his fans love him "JUST THE WAY HE IS"
Olivia said on 5/Mar/11
F*ck how can i marry him now?!?? (LOL) i'm 5'7 and i like my man to be at least 6'1 :´´( he looks like a kid :(..........still love him <3
Legacy says on 9/Oct/10
Here's a video of Bruno Mars performing Billionaire with 6'4" Travis Maccoy and I see a foot between them. Also too bad the person who uploaded the video cut off the end where they stand next to 5'11" Jay Leno and Bruno Mars looked 5'4" next to him Click Here
Rose said on 2/Mar/11
I met & hugged him a few times and I really think he's no taller than 5'3. Ofcourse his height doesn't matter. I'm a 6 foot tall chick and I'd marry him in a heartbeat ;D
anonymous said on 20/Feb/11
if i was a star id probly be the shortest celeb out there cuz im 19 and 5 ft. those bitches from jersey shore dont count theyre famous for nothin anyways me adn bruno would make short luvvvn lol
SAK said on 18/Feb/11
SweetnessMary says on 17/Feb/11
When I say him perform live he looked liked a midget
@5ft4 for a guy, you are practically a midget, so yeah your description seems pretty accurate
Anony said on 18/Feb/11
to Anonymous says on 16/Feb/11

You don't even know the guy and you say that you would marry him in a heartbeat?
anonymous said on 17/Feb/11
Not much taller than Janelle Monáe, who I believe is 5'3", at the end of this video: Click Here
SweetnessMary said on 17/Feb/11
When I say him perform live he looked liked a midget
little sue said on 17/Feb/11
I'd agree with Annonymous, height does'nt matter, you taller men who continually put short men down are annoying. Personality and how much a man makes me laugh would win over height any day!!
brunofriend said on 17/Feb/11
i had the pleasure of meeting bruno in december, and i'm 5'4". Standing next to him, he was maybe an inch taller than me, so I agree that 5'5" is accurate.
SAK said on 16/Feb/11
Ok maybe I was exaggerating a bit that many girls are atleast 5ft6 in showbiz. But I am sure the average height will stil be higher then general female population. And many female celebs wear hooker type heels. So I was just saying it can be daunting for a 5ft4 guy like Bruno. There are quite few of girls 5ft6 and over rihanna, leona, Katy perry, Taylor swift, Anne Hathaway, Cameron Diaz, some of these girls are 5ft7 but they all regularly wear heels.
Anonymous said on 16/Feb/11
I am a six foot tall girl and I could give a rat's a** how tall this man is, I would marry him in a heartbeat.

Just sayin'. :-)

To all short boys: Your height does not matter... personality does. Be yourself.
Benjie said on 15/Feb/11
I was standing a good ten feet away from him and he seemed pretty short. I am only 5'8 and he seemed like he was 5'3 or 5'3.5 max. This was recently at the 2011 Grammy Awards.
leonari said on 15/Feb/11
SAK: most girls in showbusines are rather short. 5'6" you jokester ...
leonari said on 15/Feb/11
Derek: growth at almost 26 years old? Maybe one guy in 10 million is growing at that age.
Shorty said on 15/Feb/11
There is no way either Eva Longoria or Vanessa hudgens are 5'6". I think both of them are barely 5 feet.
Jack said on 15/Feb/11
@ SAK so...Natalie portman, Scarlett johansson, hayley Williams, nelly furtado,Kim kardashian, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Lady gaga, Eva longoria, Vanessa hudgens, and so on and so forth are 5'6? Hmm, I always thought most of these ladies were a bit above 5 feet tall. Not everyone is tall you know. Bruno, however, is indeed short. He looks 5'3 to me. My younger brother is 5'4 and he has a bigger frame than Bruno mars. But saying every woman in showbiz even comes close to 5'6 is a bit of a stretch, don't you think?
Anonymous said on 14/Feb/11
just saying how cares about his height but if he says hes 5-5 then hes 5-5
Derek said on 14/Feb/11
Bruno Mars is still young, not even 26 yet. He could grow a lot more you know. I know this guy who was 5'4" at 24 when he was in 26 he grew a whopping 7 inches!

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