How tall is Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande's Height

5ft ½ in (153.7 cm)

American actress and singer, known for appearing in TV show Victorious and for songs like Problem. In 2009 on twitter she first said of her height, "Is 5'' 3'!!! I grew! Yay!", although later that year said "I'm 5'2! I love being #funsized :]". Ariana changed her tune in 2011, saying both "i am 5 feet tall." and "5 feet or a little more , i'm miniature. haha".

How tall is Ariana Grande
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Petite or curvy tall or short, we've gotta work with and love what god gives us!

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Average Guess (315 Votes)
5ft 0.36in (153.3cm)
LAZI said on 14/May/23
No more than 5'0. By no means she's 5'3 or even 5'2.
oren metser said on 1/May/23
5'0 Flat no more than 1.52m.
Comentarista said on 17/Apr/23
No more than 155cm.
Britney Spears fan 2000 said on 26/Mar/23
She wears 6 inch heels whe. I want 6 inch heels my barefoot height is up to my mouth Ariana grande is still slightly shorter than believer in heels and he's like 5"7 so I'd say she's up to my shoulder which is about 5"0 flat
adan mohamud said on 23/Mar/23
wow she does look like a petite
Jewels said on 4/Feb/23
5’0.5 & 81-83 lbs currently

that girl is rail thin nowadays
Leesheff85 said on 14/Jan/23
Firstly Kylie minogue isn't below five foot flat and this woman I'd guess a similar height 4ft 10 or shorter is absolutely ridiculous
A D H Jade said on 1/Jan/23
Five foot and a half what nonsense,me would say 4 ft 8 or nine barefoot. She's tiny really, I'd say even shorter than four foot ten Kylie Minogue.
Euaio said on 9/Oct/22
Ariana Grande is at least in the 5'0-5'1 area. In her music videos, performances, Instagram photos, etc, she always looked short. Definitely not 5'3 or any average height, and in Bang Bang with Nicki Minaj, she was one inch shorter, especially in 5 inch heels. While Nicki is definitely on 5'2" (157cm).
Bradley said on 3/Sep/22
4-11/5 hard to pin, she's always in spikes etc..
Kita said on 30/Aug/22
Click Here if you guys go below the comments a little, you'll see a valid proof that she's not shorter than 5'2". Her body proportion makes her look tiny.
liaesthetic said on 6/Aug/22
I think 5 feet ½ is a pretty accurate claim, although I don't rule out 5 ¾ or a solid 5'1" since she can look a little taller than other 5'0" peer
Editor Rob
I think a 5ft and half inch claim seems fine, but I’d get hold of a tape measure and try to get a precise measurement.
m grace said on 31/Jul/22
take a look at this, Cynthia Erivo is listed at 5’0, Cynthia has got on a much taller heel than Ariana, Ariana appears taller, do you think Ariana should be upgraded to 5’1 1/2 - 5’2? Ariana has claimed 5’2 numerous times :) Click Here=
Editor Rob
There's been an argument for a while that she could be at least 5ft 1 range and I'm starting to think it's looking a good shout.
Eli Shahar said on 13/Jun/22
I think she’s 5 feet and a quarter. No more than that, maybe 5 feet and a half I’d give her if she’d fully stretch out 👍.
Hann said on 19/May/22
love her)
I think this lovely Thumbelina is 5.2
Leesheff85 said on 23/Feb/22
She looks too petite to be even 5ft 2. More like 5 foot flat.
sukihana said on 20/Feb/22
why are people saying shes 4’11… her mom looks more 4’11 than ariana.. i think shes 5’1, she looks slightly shorter than kelly clarkson whos 5’3 but i dont see a 4 inch difference. thats big
Mady said on 15/Feb/22
do you think it’s possible Ari could be 5’2 like she claims? multiple people said they are 5’2 and Ari was the same height as them
Mady said on 24/Jan/22
can you look at the photo of Ariana and Jim Carrey in his show Kidding? standing next to him, do you think she is 5’0 1/2 or 5’2-5’3? she has stated the other week that she is 5’2 but I want to know if that is absolutely true.
Jayk said on 16/Jan/22
Tops out 5ft0 1/2 nice vocal range though.
Bradley said on 9/Jan/22
Her spiked footwear could indeed cause problems down the road. At five foot zero she has to hire stage/video dancers that are basically shrimps. Paula Abdul was notorious for his. Madonna in 1985 had everybody 5' 5" or less, even the guiarist.
SnomPats said on 31/Dec/21
She is 5 tops on a good day, but actually even shorter. Evident from her body structure.
Standing next to other people, objects etc.

Often some of her dancers are even midgets so she appear tall. Which once again doesn't work in reality...

She can wear all the highest possible heels with phantom platforms on top of that, or strait up showing big platforms and head accessories so as hairstyles that increase her ghost height much as she wants she is still obviously short and should stop torturing herself over this nonsense, mentally and physically because it get get nasty over time. It's already showing for a while.

She already have health issues due to inappropriate shoes and other clothing articles and it will just get worse and worse from now on.

She have unhealthy deformations and besides naturally people get shorter the older they get.

She often said how she deals with it but her attire and attitude contradicts it all. Obviously suffers from low self esteem one of which is related to her height and just

So hope to see her healthy in the future dropping all the nonsense and that she uses her talents in a beautiful and smart manner.

The sooner the better.
TheMouse said on 16/Dec/21
Looking at her arms and legs,especially when she wears any of those five inch heels,Ariana seems five foot nothing at the very most to me. I don't think at all the high heels make her look taller; on the contrary.
Malcolm Oliver said on 12/Dec/21
As someone mentioned below, I did not know her husband Dalton was 6’2. Always estimated him around 5’10, 5’11 at the most. Thanks for that picture for reference @Madyson Abruscato .

Ariana obviously makes the 5 ft mark, but judging from that picture mentioned, is well over a foot shorter than her husband. 5ft 0.5 at the most.
Tiffany said on 26/Oct/21
I saw her in person today on set and I swear she's maybe shorter than me. And guess what height I am? I'm 4'11.

I was an audience member on a talk show and she was a guest star. She wore 5-inch heels and still looked about 5 feet so imagine her without the heels. I wouldn't say she's past 5 feet.
Elene said on 10/Aug/21
Between 153 and 154 cm,no way taller no way shorter
Madyson Abruscato said on 12/Jul/21
how tall is she next to Dalton who is 6’2?

Click Here
Editor Rob
can look about 3 inches under his chin there
Nik Ashton said on 3/Jul/21
@ 177cm - Her attitude is too!
177cm said on 15/Jun/21
Solid 5 footer. She may be small but that voice of hers is well over 6 feet tall.
Infalible said on 26/May/21
154 cm
ALEXIZ/180cm said on 8/Apr/21
153 cm max
justlikemagic said on 29/Mar/21
she looks as short as my sister who is 5'2! :)
justlikemagic said on 29/Mar/21
@shara she is like 5'8 with 6 inch heels....
heyyyyyyyy said on 12/Mar/21
153.6 cm (5 foot and a half)
Shara said on 9/Mar/21
@justlikemagic she wears six inch heels everywhere and a ponytail that adds another 1-2 inches to her height. She’s 5 foot.
Nik Ashton said on 5/Mar/21
Ariana is short but she ain’t that short.
justlikemagic said on 4/Mar/21
she is 5'2 or 5'3 cuz she was almost the same height as big sean who is 5'8and she had 4 inch heels......
Nik Ashton said on 3/Mar/21
@ lilikoi - I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T-I-N-G!
aisha said on 2/Mar/21
Ariana is 5ft 2 or 3 because she is a 6 in shoes and that’s pretty big to be below 5ft 2
aisha said on 2/Mar/21
she looks a lot taller than someone who is 5ft.....
Nik Ashton said on 15/Feb/21
@ Kim Jennie - How tall are you?
Kim Jennie said on 19/Jan/21
@leesheff yes she is taller than ms onika .... ariana is over 5’2. her old 2010 profile says that and no women shrinks at 18
Leesheff85 said on 17/Jan/21
No shes not kim 5ft 0 1/2 at the very most. Though personally I think nicki is about 5ft 1 over 5ft 2
Nik Ashton said on 16/Jan/21
Look at this:

Click Here
Kim Jennie said on 11/Jan/21
she's taller than nicki minaj tho...... wtf she's definitely taller than 5'2
Tiddies said on 23/Dec/20
Yeah that 3 inch is probably from wearing heals everyday
lilikoi said on 22/Dec/20
hmm, i’m gonna say she’s 5’5”
Kim Jennie said on 14/Dec/20
she's 5'3....but how is that considered tall???? thats still below average wtf
Kim Jennie said on 11/Dec/20
she's not 5ft............ lil kim and snooki look like 3 inches shorter than her....
Leonari said on 4/Dec/20
All these fangirls claiming she is 5‘3“. Listen: she is tiny. Miniature. Diminutive. A bit above 5 feet. So what? She is the best singer of the new generation. Being short doesn’t change that one bit
justlikemagic said on 29/Nov/20
Ariana is definitely not 5'0. She's 5'2-5'3 When she was on Sam and cat she looks the same height as Jeanette mccurdy. When she was on
Stage with Madonna she was a similar height (they were both wearing big heels) and Madonna is 5'3-5'4. To people saying she's 5'0 or 4'11 because she has a small build or short legs is incorrect. I'm 5'1 with a short torso and long limbs so everyone thinks I'm a bit taller depending on my clothing. Ariana has short limbs with a long torso which is why people think she's 5'0 but really she's around the 5'2-3 point
Lara Luk said on 18/Nov/20
more like 5 0. 5 to me
onika said on 7/Oct/20
@yg chris that logic makes no sense. she’s 5’2 that’s still short .. bozo!!!!
HankHill25 said on 28/Sep/20
@Yg Chris
You can have relatively short limbs for your height or relatively long, it isn't a good way of telling
Yg chris said on 27/Sep/20
You can tell someones height just by the length of their arms or legs she has short limbs so its hard to believe she's anything close to 5"3 which isn't that tall either she 5" 1/2 barefoot.
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 20/Sep/20
Editor Rob
The majority of visitors are Men and are maybe more inclined to comment on Males.
Which gender tend to get the most visits on here (not necessarily comments), women or men?
Editor Rob
It would be men, however the exact percentage I don't know.

For Youtube they do give you an idea for your channel, and provide a Percentage.

Which considering the videos I do are height/sneaker/celebrity males (mostly), that is the ratio I'd have expected.
stumpclub said on 18/Sep/20
she's 5'2 or 5'3. she said she was 5'2 ariana in the zach song show.also her friend alexa claims to be 5'3 and next to ariana, they look about the same height.. ariana is probably an inch shorter but she's definitely not 5 ft. this is wrong information
6'3 Julian said on 13/Sep/20
Hey Rob, 5’1 for her, is that likely? Or is she definitely 5’0.5
Editor Rob
Look at what she claimed age 18, a bit over 5ft...however, I wouldn't rule out 5ft 1, sometimes she could seem around that.
vastlybetter566 said on 22/Aug/20
"Petite or curvy tall or short, we've gotta work with and love what god gives us!"

Yes, because if god gives you, what he gave to Ariana Grande, it's easy to work with and love what god gave us.
Seren said on 19/Aug/20
she’s definitely like 5’2. she does not look anywhere near 5’0 on Victorious compared to Liz Gillies and Victoria Justice (5’7 and 5’5) and you can see she’s wearing flats. she even said she was 5’2 herself in an interview, not sure why she fluctuated it so much
The French Dude said on 10/Aug/20
A really weak 5'1, 5'0 wouldn't surprise me
Allie said on 3/Aug/20
I'm kind of surprised. Her page seems to be popular and usually in the top 50 heights, but there's not that much discussion.

I'm guessing people usually just look but don't comment?
Editor Rob
The majority of visitors are Men and are maybe more inclined to comment on Males.
jjjjjjj said on 10/Jul/20
5'2-5'3 and intentionallly tries to look shorter
chris saran said on 7/Jul/20
Ariana Grande may be small, but she is extremely hot. She has such a beautiful face, including her dark brown eyes. Love her hair and the clothes she wears.
Mr height said on 5/Jul/20
Shes clearly 5Ft9In i want to be able to choose what i guess current selection is a few inches it could be from like 5’0-6’0
Laura99 said on 4/Jul/20
She seems to be a bit taller than me. I guess she is around 1.53 m.
Nik said on 28/Jun/20
I like it that she said "5 feet or a little more , i'm miniature. haha"! It's clear by her above comments that she has love in her heart for all fellow humans just the way they are and God loves us the way we are too. This is how I feel too.
Alanna said on 26/Jun/20
She's literally my favorite singer.
I'd guess she's around 5'1" or maybe a bit under.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 26/Jun/20
💐🎂🎶🎈 Happy Birthday Ariana!🎈🎶🎂💐

Many Happy Returns to Ariana on her 27th Birthday!

5ft0.5 😃👍

Lily dee said on 11/Jun/20
I think she is 5' or under. I think when someone is 5'1 or shorter is when they actually start to look short in photos if that makes sense. She looks very short even with heels. Lady Gaga is 5'1 to
-5'2 and Ariana next to her looks super tiny.
Boba tea said on 1/Jun/20
I’ve met her before and she was way shorter than me like 6 inches I would think she was 4’9.5 or 4’10 in real life or as a teen
Onions said on 22/May/20
She is close to the same height as 5’4 Normani and she is taller than Demi in some photos. I think she is at least 5’3 and a half. Maybe 5’2 when she is purposefully making herself shorter by bending her legs and back and neck. If you look closely you will notices her height shrinking poses.
Davidjr said on 14/May/20
She is les like 150cm 4foot 11inches
Andy 5'91/2 said on 9/May/20
Rob do we have any idea why some people say shes 5’3 1/2-5’4 and others say shes 4’10-4’11 or even shorter
Editor Rob
At times I can see how she seems to have a wider height range, looking in some photos (with help of big heels) to pull off the idea of being 5ft 3 or near it. Though overall, I cannot see her anywhere near that.

There may also be an element of occasional idol-inflation.
moonlight22224 said on 8/May/20
She made a video with her boyfriend - Dalton Gomez - confirmed! Click Here @Rob can you estimate Dalton Gomez's height from this clip of them together? Ariana is barefoot so I'm sure she's standing at her natural ~5'0.5" inch stature!
Editor Rob
Maybe near 5ft 9-10
5.9 legit guy said on 2/May/20
5ft girl,nothing more.Tricky because she is never barefoot so she can mislead even some height experts
Leslie said on 18/Apr/20
Rob, how tall do you think she is here with these?

Click Here
coco said on 1/Apr/20
Rob, how tall do you think Ariana is in her Sweetener World Tour boots? Click Here

Do you think she can reach 5'6 in heels?
Editor Rob
Yes, she could get 6 inches from those heels, or very near it.
Melisentia pheiffer said on 9/Mar/20
She is much shorter than Reese Witherspoon, who is a legit 5'1. She looks like a 4'10 person, maybe even a little shorter.
Panchsfhool said on 4/Mar/20
1.53cm i think
Free Hk said on 3/Mar/20
At most 4ft11
e flat said on 17/Jan/20
She's about the same as jennette Mcurdy. She's average female height for an American. She's has a smaller bone structure which give her the illusion of looking smaller. It doesnt make sense why she would keep lowering her height as years progressed, unless she lied at first or, truly does not know. Theres also no way shes only 90 some pounds. She has a fairly normal bust and bigger bottom than that. Id say shes atleast 116 lbs. I guess if we want reliable information about celebs, we might have to hack their medical records lol.
Mike benson said on 5/Jan/20
5'0 in the morning 4'11.5 at the end of the day
Missmia said on 28/Dec/19
Really short.... 4'11 max
Naoufel sammoud said on 16/Dec/19
È bassina ma molto bella.
È poco più bassa di Laura Marano che è alta 158/159 cm
Ariana è 157 cm
moonlight said on 10/Nov/19
an angel!!!! so short and adorable and flawless in every way, 5'1" is a good estimate. love her so muchhhhhh
Marbleshine said on 23/Oct/19
Just a tiny little singer of 4'10 her body proportions seems are just like that my friend met her and she is like 5 feet and Ari was shorter than her

But I just love her voice
Nik Ashton said on 19/Oct/19
4’11” and 5’0” are not really really tiny heights.

I am so delighted to give this smashing lady her 200th comment!
Roderick said on 10/Oct/19
5'0.5" seems about right.
rosa said on 24/Sep/19
I really think that she's around 5' - 5'1/2 because next to Nicki Minaj in the side to side clip she looks the same height but as bigger heels with a 2inches platform while nicki has regular heels so there are around 2 inches of difference between them. and she finally admitted being 5 foot nothing, so There's no reason for her to be claiming to be shorter than she is. I'm 5'0 and I don't see myself telling others I'm smaller than I am ahah, but adding 1 or 2 cm is easy especially when you're skinny like ariana 'cause you look taller.
Lara Luk said on 11/Sep/19
5 foot without heels, with heels is 5 in half like me
Lordgothic said on 6/Sep/19
Don't care just know she's sexy and her legs reach the floor so it's all good
Jean Luc said on 5/Sep/19
I honestly believe she's 5'1 or 5'2.
Lara Luk said on 2/Sep/19
5 1 it’s her height
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 28/Aug/19
5footer American Singer!!!!
Arianafan said on 22/Aug/19
Over time, Ariana has claimed being 5”2 in countless interviews and magazines. Plus she also can’t be any shorter because ari doesn’t look to be below 5ft2 in her music videos. There you go
Jackr said on 17/Aug/19
She’s so hot! I absolutely love her, she’s short. But she works with it well and has an amazing body.
kate123 said on 29/Jul/19
1.52 too short
Nik said on 24/Jul/19
It's interesting that she claimed to be 5 feet tall!
Bradley said on 22/Jul/19
Even in her monster heels (even Mariah would pass on) this past week next to Katy Perry she's getting owned huge. 4-11.
Dolores said on 18/Jul/19
Rob You must change that she said on the latest Interview with Zach Sang that she is 5'2, i would thought that too because she and Jennette have the same height without heels and Lady Gaga is 5'1 and she is a little bit taller than her (witout heels too)
Arianator said on 5/Jul/19
I'm pretty sure Ariana Grande is 5'1 or 5'2
kate123 said on 25/Jun/19
1.50 very short
kate123 said on 25/Jun/19
1.50 very short
Son Goku said on 11/Jun/19
That was so oddball, she is like 5'1 though.
Nik said on 17/May/19
I like it that she said of her height, "Is 5'' 3'!!! I grew! Yay!"!
iamoneofme said on 15/May/19
how does she get such high heels that make a 4'10 woman of 5'5 or so.
icon said on 11/May/19
one of her dancers is 5'8, Ariana has to be 5'1-5'3. Kristin Chenoweth is also 4'10 and compared to Ariana on Hairspray, has to be 5'1-5'3. In heels, 5'3-5'8
Stranger things fan said on 11/May/19
she’s really really tiny and so cute! probably 4’11 or 5’0
mollymay said on 9/May/19
look up "Ariana Grande Kristin Chenoweth hairspray live press conference" and then tell me how Ariana is 5'0 or shorter. there is no way she is shorter than the height listed. i think she is taller 5'1 - 5'3

if Ariana is towering over Kristin Chenoweth by that much how can you say she is under 5'. Kristin Chenoweth is 4'10 and so it's impossible for Ariana to be as short as some claim. They are wear really high heels so don't say is the shoes.
Bradley said on 30/Apr/19
Her dancers are typical of the shorties: all near her height or just above it. She is ridiculous short at 4' 11".
Chris bennington said on 6/Apr/19
Met her in real life I’m 6ft 1 and she was way below my shoulders
icon said on 26/Mar/19
Ariana barefoot : 5’2 - 5’2.85

Ariana in heels : 5’4 - 5’8
Leah said on 18/Mar/19
I honestly think she’s 5’0, I wouldn’t give her 4’9 as I’m a 4’9 and she’s definitely somewhat taller but I think 5’0 would be the best guess for her.
Bradley said on 11/Mar/19
They have her at 5' 3" on site after site and the people just eat it up. She loves it. She's 4" shorter.
Oliver said on 11/Mar/19
Rob,what is more likely for Ariana?
5ft 0.25 or 0.75? Would you be surprised if she managed to measure near 155cm range?
Thank you.
Editor Rob
Not huge surprise, but a bit over 5ft might be more likely than full 5ft 1.
Jancys said on 25/Feb/19
4ft 11. She is very short and Obsessed With Height. She did claim like 5ft 3. I think she is 148-149 cm.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 16/Feb/19
Why boost her an inch just because you feel that giving her 4'9" is "cruel"? People should estimate someone's height based on how they think and not emotions.
HauteCouture97 said on 16/Feb/19
Actually I guess 4'9ish but i don't want to be cruel and I'm sure less than 5ft (4'11.99 or 4'8.75, does not matter)

Bradley said on 11/Feb/19
Her 5-2 height claim is laughable. Hard to pin due to the huge heeled things she wears.4-11 is most likely.
Sawyer said on 10/Feb/19
In a recent interview with Zach Sang (the interview is on YouTube) she said she was 5’2”. I don’t know why she constantly goes back and forth with her height lol, one moment she’s 5’0” next she’s 5’2”, like if you’re gonna lie about your height then be consistent.
Angela C said on 9/Feb/19
Ariana just confirmed in an interview that she’s 5’2, and she did look to be the same height as her co star Jennette Mccurdy who is 5’2. My guess is Ariana is slightly below that though, like 5’1 1/2. But now when I look back, she was taller than Lady Gaga in heels and Lady Gaga is 5’1.
Emmarose said on 20/Dec/18
Not more than 4'10.just look how little she is but still beautifuland good singer.
Michael 5'10", 178 cm said on 16/Dec/18
She tried claiming 5'2"-5'3" lol, that would make Jennette McCurdy 5'3"-5'4" as she is at least an inch taller than Ariana and since Jennette is listed as 5'1" on this site, then Ariana is no taller than 5'0" because she is 1 inch shorter. What is it with short girls lying about their height? If anybody should be insecure about being short, it is a short guy. She's 5'0".
Jackson said on 16/Dec/18
Sharie Zuluaga said on 22/Nov/18
To be honest she looks really young because she’s short. I mean the shorter you are the younger you are.
Nik said on 12/Nov/18
I like it that Ariana said "Petite or curvy tall*or short, we've gotta*work with and love what god gives us!"! This message should be heartwarming to all of us!

* autocorrect tried to change tall to talk and gotta to got a!
Milly said on 9/Nov/18
I think she is more like 4'10.not more then that and she is not more than 5'2 in heels .but I love her voice
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 7/Nov/18

Nice try trolling.
Bradley said on 12/Sep/18
Abdul versus Grande. I'd give Paula the 1/2". Ariana will eat her up in footwear, she wears those spiked things all the time.
Allie said on 7/Sep/18
I'm not blaming her but I wonder if her announcing her engagement and messy breakup with Mac helped pushed him to being depressed. She can have 5'0-1.
Rose Black said on 15/Aug/18
She's my height and build :) I'm 5'1 and petite build like her. I also look super young- I'm 32 and look half my age!! I love wearing heals too :)
Tbh I'm totally not insecure about being short/petite, on the contrary most people tell me they're jealous I have such a neat, compact figure. Guys love it too, especially tall guys :)
Yup Ariana is cute and beautiful!
Cheers to cute-looking petite girls with baby faces!!!!!
4'11 girl said on 10/Aug/18
even if her heels are thicker than Nickies there is no way shes 2 inches shorter so i say atleast 5.1.5
Warren said on 21/Jul/18
Her heels are chicker than Nicki's when they performed on stage but I don't think that much shorter than her except the advantage, I'd go Ariana is a 5'1"-5'2" range if Nicki Minaj actually is a 5'2"
I even think they are about the same height
lee168cm said on 19/Jul/18
She's certainly not 5ft 3. Not unless in heels
4'11 girl said on 19/Jul/18
Why would she claim 5'3 then years later confirm 5ft I don't think she's shrunk so 5'3 is my guess
Malita said on 17/Jul/18
I think she is really not more than 4'10 but her heels are so high that she appears to be tall

And yeah Abdul has also same height as Ariana in the pictures.
Bradley said on 13/Jul/18
4' 11". Always in huge stiletto heels for a reason. I wonder if Abdul is the same height.
Warren said on 11/Jul/18
First time she claimed to her fan "I'm 5'3"!!! I grew! Yay!".
Second time she claimed to fan "I'm 5'2! I love being #funsized :]".
Third time or so she claimed "I'm 5 feet tall." and "5 feet or a little more".

What an insecure!
agb said on 20/Jun/18
I think her feet is bigger than a 6 lol, in pics they are pretty big if she is so small lol. And no I don’t think she is 5’0, at least 5’2 or 5’3 not smaker sorry. But I do believe she will be that small even if she isn’t
Warren said on 18/Jun/18
Height and feet size has some variety
Carolina said on 15/Jun/18
I know this has nothing to do with height but am I the only one who feels she’s lying about her shoe size? Her feet look really big an she claims to be a 6 which is pretty small . Also Colleen is an 8 an there’s a video of her trying on Ariana’s heels an they fit her perfectly . So I’m confused
Carolina said on 15/Jun/18
I doubt she shrank , sounds like she wanted to appear smaller than she really is because of her wanting to look all cute image . She actually seems pretty average to me given the fact that technically 5’2 an down is considered short an 5’0 down is extremely short .
Jenn kim said on 14/Jun/18
She's 5'0 ft. no question about it. I know because I'm 5'0 as well
minni said on 1/Jun/18
she is really no more than 4'11 at her most on her recent pic with her beau pete
Mark06 said on 13/May/18
Ariana is a sexy singer but she is not more than 4‌'10.i saw her in person.i am 6'2
Oliver said on 23/Apr/18
Click Here
Rob,don't you think Ariana should be upgraded to at least 5ft 1? Whenever she's on the stage, she looks pretty much the same height as Nicki Minaj. There is no way 1.5 inches between them.
Ariana even gets listed at 5ft 3 on some websites.
Editor Rob
Ariane has at least an extra inch of footwear, I think Minaj at times can look anywhere in 5ft 1-2 zone.
Wowemily said on 23/Apr/18
She is just 4'10
Anonym said on 22/Apr/18
There is a pic w her & scooter now and she is having heels not higher than 10-11 cm. She isn’t even that small and scooter is tall from what I know. So around 5’2 5’3. Stop making her smaller tho lol
ChrisT said on 16/Apr/18
She barely makes the 4ft11 mark..
Ariana fan said on 14/Apr/18
Ariana is 5ft 2 or 3 because she is a 6 in shoes and that’s pretty big to be below 5ft 2
Ariana fan said on 12/Apr/18
Ariana is around 5ft2 1/2 or 5ft3 this person I know met her is 5ft 3 and she is the same height as Ariana!
Oliver said on 8/Apr/18
Click Here
Rob,don't you think you should upgrade Ariana to 5ft 1? I've seen in some magazines and websites where she is listed at 5ft 1 and 2.
Grande fan said on 25/Mar/18
she must be around 5’2-5’3. Not smaller than that.
molly said on 23/Mar/18
there is no way she is shorter than 5 ft 0. i think she is a good couple inches taller than 5 ft 0 actually. i would say she is 5 ft 2 - 5 ft 3 and i have some evidence to back it up.

1. take a look at this photo of her and Kristin Chenoweth. Kristin is 4 ft 11 and Ariana towers over her
Click Here
i can't tell how much heel Ariana has on but Kristen likes to wear very high heels. Kristen is one of the smallest lady's I've seen.

2. take a look at this photo of her and Jennette McCurdy. Jennette is 5 ft 1 to 5 ft 2 and Ariana is slightly taller. they both have the same pose and they both have flats on, so this picture is really good at showing Ariana's true height

Click Here
Wowemily said on 12/Mar/18
No,she is not more than 4'10. Pretty and petite singer
Nicholaa said on 10/Mar/18
No....she is exactly 5 ft because I'm related to singer Link Strummer and Link is 5'2" and he got a pic with her and he towers over her at least a couple inches so yea Strummer is 5 ft 2 and Grande is 5'0"
Laughing Jam said on 8/Mar/18
She definitely is a 4'11" and nothing more. Really short girl.
Wowemily said on 3/Mar/18
I think she is 4'11 at her most
Billy nator said on 28/Feb/18
She is a tiny bit taller than Nicki Minaj
Bare foot ari - 5f 2.5 high heels 5f 4/ 4.5 / 5 / 6
Bare foot Nicki- 5f 1.5 / 2 high heels - 5f 3 / 3.5
Lola said on 26/Jan/18
Her name will always be funny to me since 'Grande' in French means 'tall' lol
Ninasmily said on 18/Jan/18
Hey!Rob what do you think how tall is ariana in comparison to kristen. What is height of ariana's heels in the goggle photo?
Misa09 said on 14/Jan/18
My cousin met her and she is 5'1 and she towered over her ;-)
Tiffany said on 9/Jan/18
She is like 4'10.she is too short but cute
Oanh said on 8/Jan/18
Looks about 5'0...maybe 5'0.5. A lot of people think she's taller, but that's because she frequently wears high heels.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 3/Jan/18

No, she's listed at 5'1" Click Here
Angel said on 2/Jan/18
Ariana is actually taller than Jennette Mccurdy who is listed here as 5'2.
huxley said on 1/Jan/18
Ariana is like 4'11"
Leo justice said on 30/Dec/17
friend of mine met her in london she’s on 5’2 and she said she towered over her
Ferdinand said on 24/Dec/17
No frickin' way is she 5'3". 5'0.5" is almost over egging it
MAD SAM said on 15/Dec/17
150 cm nothing more she’s tiny
lmao said on 26/Nov/17
She's 5'3 and like around 105-110 pounds. At least I hope she's 5'3. 5'0 and 105 isn't super thin.
Oanh said on 7/Nov/17
Ryan said on 16/Oct/17
She's small but she's definitely 5'3+

No, dude, she's not that tall. She's 5'0'-5'0.5"
ariana said on 30/Oct/17
loves, she's bout 5'1. :)
Ryan said on 16/Oct/17
She's small but she's definitely 5'3+
Ben said on 15/Oct/17
I was 154 when I went to 6th friend on the other hand was almost 5'11" in sixth grade, now he's just under 6'2" at 17.
Slim said on 29/Sep/17
5'0.75". 154 area.
POOLO said on 23/Sep/17
She's about 5 ft 0.25 in. It says her height in the google bio when you search her name. The reason why she looks 5,2ft is because she is wearing heals.
Li said on 10/Sep/17
She hade the same height like me 😍
Keira M said on 24/Aug/17
How tall was ariana when she was 13 I'm almost 13 and I'm known to be small most people in my classes r at least 5f I'm 4feet 9inches.I've been called an 8 year old before. Haha
Keira M said on 24/Aug/17
How tall was ariana when she was 13 I'm almost 13 and I'm known to be small most people in my classes r at least 5f I'm 4feet 9inches.
BIRUKTAWIT DAWIT said on 21/Aug/17
Lisa said on 27/Jul/17
I guess she is between 5'0.5 - 5'2 (1,54m - 1,57m) so I say she is 5 feet 1,5 inches
Fiona said on 25/Jul/17
saw her live, she was in those very tall 6 inch platform heels and looked VERY tiny! even the stage that is at least 6'0 made her look no more than 5'2 instead of giving her a taller appearance, most likely 4'11 & no more than 95lbs
Kelly said on 22/Jul/17
She is 5'1" no more HER TRUE HEIGHT
even said on 20/Jul/17
at a minimum 5'0" , weighs 90 to 95 pounds
SLAYEVERYDAYY said on 20/Jul/17
5'0 with flats and 4'11 with bare feet
Rick said on 19/Jul/17
4'11 is my guess. she's tiny
Chris W said on 12/Jul/17
I reckon ariana is 4ft 10 i think it's too much the five foot listing.In reality there is reality.
Siam abedin said on 12/Jul/17
I'm guessing she's like 5'2"
Kelly said on 11/Jul/17
I think 5,1.5 not to far from 2 😉
KH said on 10/Jul/17
Very tiny girl. It seems odd to me that as her career has progressed she has tried to look more and more ethnic. Contrasted with how she looked on Victorious and Sam and Cat to the last couple of years as singer solely it is quite a different look. She has really abused the self tanner lotion lol.
ana said on 7/Jul/17
same height as Elsa Pataky
Ally said on 5/Jul/17
She is 5,1.5
Lanaka said on 28/Jun/17
Yeah Ariana is full Italian I searched it.
Lanaka said on 27/Jun/17
If Ariana is full Italian then that's not actually too unexpected, to be even this short. Italians are surely some of the shortest people in Europe by far. Well from what I have seen. At least by the loads, loads, loads I have come across.
Lanaka said on 27/Jun/17
Wow she's pint sized!
Someone said on 17/Jun/17
I measured myself in a grade 2 classroom on the height chart and I'm exactly 154cm like Ariana. I'm in grade 7 btw
Kelly said on 16/Jun/17
5 foot exactly if she was not wearing heals then 4,11
aida said on 15/Jun/17
I'm 5 foot 1 and she seems 5'1 or less i think 5'0.25 is quit right
Sarar said on 11/Jun/17
I am 17 and my sister is 13 and she is 5 foot 1 and Ariana grande looks an inch taller so she is 5 foot 2 but I am a little over 6 foot 5 I swear
sozzla1992 said on 9/Jun/17
If a door is anything to go by, level off her head and neck, suppose eminems five seven. Three spaces back and he's the new khali. Arise a pint glass mate, by nhs standards.
Kylie said on 6/Jun/17
Small person with a big voice. Love it!
XXJadChickXX said on 5/Jun/17
She wears heels all the time cuz she is so small❤Xxc
Asmar said on 5/Jun/17
Who cares she is very attractive no matter how short she is
Nev said on 30/May/17
She looks about 5'0" ...
Sonia said on 30/May/17
Four foot eleven, 5 feet sounds taller.
Phil said on 23/May/17
grande is petite. 5 foot nothing.
Flavius said on 23/May/17
She's a bit taller than Madonna... I think she's at least 5'2
PYZONFlesh said on 21/May/17
5 , 2 deffo. Height is bollox tho', door-frames eat the soul. Ask anyone who works in Starbucks about the English.

Aaron's like 6.07
berta said on 5/May/17
she have a incredible cute face this girl.have hard time guessing height on people that are under 160 cm but she looks like a toy to me so not mutch taller than 150 cm
ana said on 29/Apr/17
she is less than 5 that is for sure.
Lisa said on 20/Apr/17
She is 5'1 or 5'2 in m between 1,55m - 1,57m because in some pictures she and Jennette(5'2 in m 1,57m) are same tall or she is a little bit shorter maybe just 1 cm, I love Ari and I'm a big fan but she isn't 5'0, I would say she is 5'1,5 so 1,56m
Megrace said on 14/Apr/17
Probley 5ft or 4 "11
growtallerguru said on 13/Apr/17
I guess she's not so grande
Mike said on 21/Feb/17
She's 5'2, I could see it! She's probably taller than just 5, I guarantee!!!
Nik said on 20/Feb/17
There are some interesting comments on this page.
Justine said on 26/Jan/17
Taller than Jennette Mccurdy.
nicole kempton said on 11/Jan/17
i love ariana grande
Johnson said on 27/Dec/16
@Rob the heels don't have platform, according to your article about height they can't give you more than 5-6 cm. They can't be like maximum tip toes 6-8 and in tiny people less than 7 cm
Editor Rob
Johnson, there will still be about 0.3 inch at the front, it won't be paper thin, some insole and the hard outsole at the front. Plus a decent enough angle, I do think it would give a little bit over 3 inch.
Chuck said on 21/Dec/16
Met her once. I'm 5'1" and had about an inch and a half on her.
Barbara said on 11/Dec/16
She's 4'10", but likes to say she is 5 ft tall.
Gigi said on 4/Dec/16
POSITIVE she's 5ft 1inch
lizy said on 26/Nov/16
I met her once and I asked her about her height and she whispered she was only 4ft 11 and half inches only.
B.B. said on 24/Nov/16
I think she's 5ft like she claims.
K said on 15/Nov/16
I would not be shocked if she was 4'11. She's the size of a sixth-grader.
oliver said on 12/Nov/16
Rob,how tall is she in the above pic?
Editor Rob
oliver, her heels are a decent size, they should give her a bit more than a flat 3 inches, so I'd expect Ariane to measure around 5ft 3.5-4 range.
Usuario said on 10/Nov/16
Love her dimples.Seems 5ft 2.5in to me.
MC said on 13/Oct/16
Rob how tall is she in those heels? 5ft4 range?
Editor Rob
close to that mark
Michelle K said on 11/Oct/16
Definitely 5'0-5'1, I think 5'1 may be a more appropriate listing, next to 1.59 Kim Kardashian who was wearing 4 inch heels that made her 1.69, Grande was wearing mega high 6 inch boots with a platform (go look at the pics and her shoes!) and she looked the same height as Kim I think or just a wee bit taller. and next to 5'7/5'6 Mac Miller she was wearing once again what looked like 12 cm boots or around 5 or 6 inches and she was the same height as him I think or he was just taller by a few cm's

She's very tiny lots of fans who met her said she's way smaller in person!! In a YouTube vid a fan met her and said she (the fan) was 5'0 and that Ariana was really tiny and small so anywhere between 1.52-1.55 is an appropriate listing for Grande. Although she said in an early 2015 Magazine article she was 5'2.
Johno said on 14/Sep/16
Does not look that Grande to me.
gladrunn said on 7/Sep/16
on the stage beside Madonna in heels (who is listed as 5'3/5'4) Ariana looked definitely a bit taller.
I think she's 5'3 for sure, barefoot, she can be 5'7 in heels.
In another picture she's taller than kim kardashian both in heels, and in an other one she's taller than Jane Fonda in flats.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 1/Sep/16
Elle said on 22/Aug/16
She's 5'2. She's the same height as Jennette McCurdy. This calls for an upgrade Rob. They're both wearing flats in this photo. Click Here


Well no doubt they are the same height, because Jennette is actually 5ft0.5 as well, despite her 5ft2 claim. Look at her page on Celebheights.
Elle said on 22/Aug/16
She's 5'2. She's the same height as Jennette McCurdy. This calls for an upgrade Rob. They're both wearing flats in this photo. Click Here
Coloursofthewind said on 20/Jul/16
Ariana is definitely not 5'0. She's 5'2-5'3 When she was on Sam and cat she looks the same height as Jeanette mccurdy. When she was on
Stage with Madonna she was a similar height (they were both wearing big heels) and Madonna is 5'3-5'4. To people saying she's 5'0 or 4'11 because she has a small build or short legs is incorrect. I'm 5'1 with a short torso and long limbs so everyone thinks I'm a bit taller depending on my clothing. Ariana has short limbs with a long torso which is why people think she's 5'0 but really she's around the 5'2-3 point
JacksGap said on 9/Jun/16
Editor Rob
she appears 5ft 1 in the picture, with what footwear or posture I'm not quite sure.
realheight said on 4/Jun/16
min: 4'11"/150cm
max: 5'0"/152cm

she is so tiny but not ugly and she has good proportion.
JacksGap said on 4/Jun/16
GUYS SHE IS DEFINITELY OVER 5'1! She is closer to 5'3
Click Here
el said on 27/May/16
she's a cutie
Usuario said on 8/May/16
Rob, could she edge a barefeet Bieber with some kind of shoes?
Editor Rob
if she shopped in Lady Gaga's wardrobe, then yes!
Ant said on 9/Apr/16
She definetely looks about 157-160 cm though. 155 cm at the very minimum. Next to Jennet, who is 160 cm, she looks like she is about 2-3 cm shorter.
BirchGirl said on 19/Mar/16
Ariana Grande is short and has a petite frame (definitely not over 5'0" since she looks small next to almost everyone and even looks small when standing alone). HOWEVER, she is absolutely beautiful (perfect facial features) and has an awesome voice. I don't understand why people make fun of her because of how small she is and her youthful baby face. I am tired of comments saying that she "looks like a 12 year old who is trying on her mother's clothes" or what not. These same people who make fun of her for looking young for her age will then whine about how they "wish they looked younger" when they turn 40. Geez.
Mouse22 said on 17/Mar/16
I think to assume Ariana is insecure about her height and has to lie about it is like saying Taylor Swift is insecure because of her chest size. If she was the short girl next door she might but stardom like Ariana's does something to how you feel mentally. The only thing I noticed is she wears sky high heels on red carpets but that's because she'd only come to everybody's shoulders if she didn't, otherwise I don't think she wastes a thought on her height. Somewhere around 5'0" to 5'1" but not taller seems the right estimate to me seeing her with some others but considering her heels are up to 2" higher.
Anika98 said on 7/Mar/16
Thumbelina:) I like her
Hello7777 said on 6/Mar/16
5'3 will be pushing it but she looks slightly over 5'2! Click Here
She's not too short I think, slightly shorter than average I guess...
yo said on 24/Dec/15
@181cm LW, it's only .5...
qqq said on 9/Nov/15
I wouldnt consider anything below 160cm VERY short. It's not tall by means, but very short goes below the 155cm mark. Around 158cm can still be average height, nothing that would catch attention. I also don't think Ariana looks short at all. She just has the build to be short. Ever watched Sam&Cat or what that shows name was? Who would have guessed both the protagonists were short? I certainly did not.
Melisentia said on 6/Nov/15
Anything below 16ocm is very short. Children in highschool are taller than her. She has to wear heels to give her height. She is beautiful, though. She is young. I stopped growing when I was 32. Everybody tells me that I'm tall, now. My bones didn't fuse until I was in my thirties.
Cat Lover said on 31/Oct/15
Ariana Grande looks 5'0" and some people say she looks 5'2", but it's just because of her large heels. I mean, her legs and torso look super short, you can tell she is 5'0'
sar said on 25/Sep/15
looks quite tall for 5 feet on scream queens i would say 5'2

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