How tall is Jennette McCurdy

Jennette McCurdy's Height

5ft 1 (154.9 cm)

American Actress and Singer from tv show ICarly. On a video chat she said "I'm 5'3" so I do like heels like when I go to events I always wear heels. But in real life I am a big advocate of flats because I'm all about the comfort." She also mention in 2013 "my height of 5'2"".

How tall is Jennette McCurdy
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Average Guess (21 Votes)
5ft 0.87in (154.6cm)
Toby Barrett said on 15/Mar/23
Looked tiny next to Big Show lol
Miss Bea said on 21/Aug/22
In her book, "I'm Glad My Mom Died," McCurdy says that, at one point, she weighed a mere 89 pounds. She also writes that her mother was 4ft11.
5ft1 seems a good guess to me for Jennette McCurdy.
Infalible said on 6/Jun/21
155 cm
Aj06 said on 19/May/21
she seemed quite a bit taller then arinia grande im som ephoto however I just noticed she was wearing short heels withouth them Im still saying 5'1.
heyyyyyyyy said on 8/Mar/21
the highest she could be is 5 ft and 3/4 inches
Hacker said on 12/Sep/20
Ariana Grande is taller than Jennette Mccurdy, but is only listed at 154cm.
R3D T1G3R (185 cm) said on 19/Oct/19
She does sometimes wear heels on Sam and Cat but she's still slightly taller than Ari. Click Here here, they're wearing similar heels and Jennette looks slightly taller. I'd give her somewhere in the 154-156 range 5' is just as ridiculous as 5'3 IMO.
Nik said on 11/Mar/18
This seems a fair listing for Jennette!
Sandy Cowell said on 9/Mar/18
@ Laughing Jam - Now that's an absolute classic name!

Instantly catchy, it's a name that's going to stick in people's heads! In fact it would make a bloody good and attractive name for an up-and-coming band, wouldn't it?

Definitely 10 out of 10 for originality! 👍

Now as for Jennette, first she says she's 5ft3, then she admits to 5ft2. Having never seen her acting in anything as yet, I will go with the lower option, but I might revise my ideas once I've 'seen' her, as it were!

(I do understand though, when you're not too sure as to your exact height, and how tempting it is to take the highest 'petite' option!)
Laughing Jam said on 8/Mar/18
She is shorter than that. Around a 150cm.
Judy said on 8/Jan/18
Ariana Grande is actually taller than Jennette Mccurdy. Ariana always wore flat pumps, while Jennette had height boosters in her boots.
Oanh said on 5/Jan/18
thick12 said on 4/Sep/13
Jennette is now dating NBA player Andre Drummond- he's 7 feet tall! He's also a little younger than Jennette.

I know this is an old posting, but Drummond is not 7 feet. He was measured at the NBA pre draft at 6'9 3/4" without shoes.
As far as Jennette, she looks about 5'1.
Verona said on 27/Aug/17
When she first said she is 5'3 an then 5'2, I think she is between 5'2 - 5'3 I would say she's 5'2,5 (1,58m)
Bobby said on 24/Mar/17
I remember way back in the day when I was still in high school, there was this website called FormSpring, I think and even celebrities were on it. So I tracked down Jeneatte McCurdy on it. She has a very love personality from what I recall, and I remember asking her how tall Nathan Kress was, I think she said like 5'7 range or something. I also remember telling her I was 5'10 (Fat chance, at that time I was probably closer to 5'7 or something) and she said that I was super tall. Anyway, just my experience with her, Miranda on the other hand I felt was a little more aggressive, but then again, she's probably had a lot of stalkers over the years, and I used to have a big crush on her back when I was 13-15 years old. Didn't pay much attention to their heights but Nathan Kress I felt gave off a 5'7 impression. Whether that's correct or not, I'll have to check.
120 said on 10/May/15
She's much shorter than i expected
Okay said on 23/Jan/15
She is not shorter than Ariana if you see pictures of them with no heels Ariana is taller the only ti e Jennette looked taller was in that show in Nickelodeon and that was because she had heels in her boots
Mickey said on 6/Oct/14
She's not shorter then Ariana Grande. In some pics if you look carefully Jennette is a inch taller so this height might be correct
Liv said on 20/Jul/14
She's shorter than ariana but on sam and cat she where's heels while ari wears flats
Boomer said on 5/Sep/13
She's 5'1". And btw, the size of the pelvic bones are related to height in general. So at 5'1" a 30" measurement would be like a 34" in a girl 5'8"
The same is true in men. A grown man of 6' is going to wear a broader chest size than one who is 5'6" which is why men's Tall suit sizes begin at 40.
thick12 said on 4/Sep/13
Jennette is now dating NBA player Andre Drummond- he's 7 feet tall! He's also a little younger than Jennette.
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Bulldog said on 30/Aug/13
Compared to Miranda, Jennette's hips are much bigger, as are her legs. Yet around other people, Jennette is still pretty tiny. It's easy to tell that Jennette has a very nice looking figure, especially legs even though she keeps them hidden in pants. On her new show though, Sam and Cat, she was wearing a short dark skirt with some dark hose with her legs crossed. She was sporting some killer legs to say the least. She can make herself look so simple yet she is actually quite gorgeous!
Jen said on 10/Aug/13
She's about the same height as Ariana
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Jax said on 3/Jul/13
yeah, the kids from that show icarly are all short....none of them even scratched 5'11 ...the kid that used to be fat claims 5'11 or 6ft I think but, he looks 5'10 at best...jennette is kinda my type though
JJ said on 1/May/13
I read that Jennette's hips are 30 inches. there is no way that's right. Most models have 34 or 32 inch hips and she is not model thin. My guess is maybe 34-36 inches. Why lie about it?
Pedro said on 30/Mar/13
On twitter she said that she is 5'2": Click Here
Hailey said on 30/Dec/12
Im 5'6, but im only 12 years old, where i live, im one of the middle height people. there are kids that are 4'5 and kids that are 7 foot. It really just depends on who you come from. My cousin is 6'9, my mom if 5,8, and my dad is 6,3, thats why im sort of taller than the average 12 year old.
Hailey said on 30/Dec/12
Im 5'6, but im only 12 years old, where i live, im one of the middle height people. there are kids that are 4'5 and kids that are 7 foot. It really just depends on who you come from.
Josh said on 27/Dec/12
i've always thought the people about her age would be taller but i guess not, right now i'm 5'7 and i'm considered tall by my friends, she would be probably below my shoulder
kohj said on 22/Nov/12
man does almost noone get the nutrition they need? she`s probably 5`1 without shoes or socks. oh and when you stand up straight as possible with feet together it makes you taller than in a regular walking distance between your feet so it matters how tall you are with your feet spread out far enough for you to run your average speed
Carmen said on 18/Oct/12
Jennette- 5'5
ariana grande-5'1
Wilson said on 11/Jun/12
If Jennetts is five even, Miranda isn't too much taller than her. I would put her about at tops 5'3". Spencer seems to be about six and he's a lot taller than the two girls.
Jesus said on 29/Jan/12
Here ya go:

Ariana Grande-5'0
Anna said on 27/Jan/12
@Jen Please, there's no way Miranda is 5'6, on the episode of Big Time Rush she eas wearing HUGE heels and she was still shortes than Carlos, who is pretty short himself

I think she lies about her height...
Ace said on 21/Jan/12
My little cousin watches iCarly all the time. I never paid any careful attention to it at all, but there is no way McCurdy is even 5'2. She is utterly dwarfed by all adult figures on the show.
Blue said on 13/Jan/12
5'.5" sounds about right. Maybe 5'1" tallest.
Jen said on 3/Jan/12
Click Here

That is her with 5'6 Miranda Cosgrove. Both in flat shoes. I would say 5'2 is accurate. Is an upgrade needed?
Editor Rob
I just looked at the girl and agreed with the first 2 who thought she was lying a few inches.
Henkka said on 1/Jan/12
@Teffy: You're right, Grande even has a slight edge on her. Jennete is 5' flat.
Editor Rob
maybe Ariana is telling her true height and this girl adding a couple of inches to her own claim.

I should put this girl at nearer the other girls height!
Teffy said on 31/Dec/11
Rob... Look pictures of her next to ariana grande, i think you listed her at 5 feet.. And they are around the same height!!!

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