How tall is Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj's Height

5ft 2 (157.5 cm)

American singer best known for songs such as "Super Bass", "Starships", "Anaconda" and "Pound the Alarm". In one song she sings "I'm like 5"2" and on twitter added an inch, claiming "Im 5'3". She also mentioned her shoe size was "5 1/2 - 6".

How tall is Nicki Minaj
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Average Guess (96 Votes)
5ft 1.88in (157.2cm)
Jodie said on 24/Nov/22
the 5’3 claims are crazy

5’1.75 minimum and 5’2 flat at most
Halle said on 28/Jul/22
I think she’s 159 cm. Strong 5’2”, don’t see her anywhere lower than that.
Your fan said on 14/Jul/22
Not 5'2" she is 5'3"
Popl said on 4/May/22
Solid 5’2”. She could possibly reach 5’3” as well.
Leesheff85 said on 26/Nov/21
5ft 1 at best looks pretty tiny. In the same way at 5ft 6 I look pretty tiny for a guy
177cm said on 12/Sep/21
Weak 5’2” IMO
heyyyyyyyy said on 23/Feb/21
I think she's 5'3" tbh
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 26/Dec/20
Please explain more clearly.
Mbong said on 24/Dec/20
Perfect listing, and she is a rapper not a singer.
stumpclub said on 8/Oct/20
@christian she went straight from 5'1 to 5'3...and thats possible... she's been 5'3 for the last decade!!!!
onika said on 7/Oct/20
@ christian she said she went straight from 5’1 to 5’3 . she’s been 5’3 for the last decade.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 21/Sep/20
That didn't make sense. If you grow from 5'1" to 5'3", then you had to be 5'2" at some point.
stumpclub said on 18/Sep/20
she is 5'3 she said it herself. she said she went from 5'1 to 5'3 she was never 5'2!!!!!
Leesheff85 said on 8/Sep/20
I bet her and lady gaga would be exactly the same height barefoot. Both 5ft 1. Cant believe gaga claims she's 5ft 4. To see her barefoot she clearly isn't that tall
Nik Ashton said on 24/Jun/20
I’d love to hear her sing “I’m like 5’2””! Maybe Rob wrote the song!
5.9 legit guy said on 4/May/20
Strong 5ft 1,nothing more she is obviously a short girl with short legs,always wearing massive platforms
Very good singer
Andy5'9 1/2 said on 28/Apr/20
After looking at a few angles im convinced ariana grande edges her out a bit she could. 5’0-5’0 1/4 if i was being exact to the mm id probably guess her as 5’0.1 but i think 5’0 is a fair guess
Shanon said on 16/Feb/20
I think she is shorter than 5'2 she looks like she is struggling to look 5'1 in alot of photos.
Stranger things fan said on 11/May/19
probably a strong 5’2
Tjrk said on 11/Apr/19
I think she is 5'3.5"
Tjrk said on 11/Apr/19
I think her big hips make her look short. I think she is 5'2.5" - 5'3.5"
Michael Christman said on 25/Feb/19
Nicki is 5’2”, she always looked like a short girl. She is 5’2” and no taller.
HauteCouture97 said on 16/Feb/19
Nik said on 8/Nov/18
I love her comment "I'm like 5"2"!
Arch Stanton said on 1/Nov/18
Her dress reminds me of one of those hotels in Las Vegas LOL!
Sandy Cowell said on 30/Oct/18
I bet the guys like Nicki in that little gold number! Take a look at this, Gladstone!

I reckon Nicki looks the full 5ft2!
James Keffer said on 27/Oct/18
She's a good bit shorter than 6ix9ine (5'5) when wearing 3 inch heals but I can't agree that she's shorter than Ari. Nicki seems to be edging Ari by .5 in this photo Click Here . I'll give her 5'1.25.
4'11 girl said on 20/Jul/18
Shes shorter then ari who is listed at 5ft
Wowemily said on 14/Mar/18
She is shorter than ariana grande.
Billy nator said on 28/Feb/18
Nicki is 5f 3.5 inches in heels
Ariana Grande is 5f 4/ 4.5 in heels
Ariana Grande is slightly taller than Nicki Minaj on live stages
Upgrade Ariana height bare foot - 5f 2.5 - high heels - 5f 4.5
Degrade Nicki Minaj height bare foot - 5f 2/ 1.5 - high heels - 5f 3.5
MAD SAM said on 15/Dec/17
She’s more like 156 cm
Ben said on 15/Oct/17
Man she gotta put on some clothes
Sally said on 4/Oct/17
I guess she is this height
Person said on 23/Sep/17
5"3 maybe?
Slim 182 cm said on 20/Jul/17
A stab in the dark, since we can't see her shoes.
even said on 18/Jul/17
5'2" and probably around 110 pounds
Ally said on 5/Jul/17
I think she is 5,2.5
Crystal said on 5/Jul/17
maybe 5'3
Kelly said on 16/Jun/17
Hmmm 5,2 with bearded feet
Megrace said on 14/Apr/17
Idk 😐 maybe 5ft1 3/4
andy said on 25/Feb/17
I think she needs a downgrade. Ariana is an inch or so taller than her. And Ariana is listed as 5'0. Either Nicki needs a downgrade or Ariana an upgrade.
Ben said on 29/Nov/16
5ft 1 is better
Chr said on 15/Oct/16
Can you change this photo of her? It's almost insulting. She has many better photos, and you have used decent photos of nearly every other celebrity.
Editor Rob
I will give her a better photo, at the time on prphotos (the main service I use) there was a rather limited choice.
me said on 12/Oct/16
she could use a better photo
M.A.R.S. said on 1/Nov/15
On her instagram there is a pic of her and Beyonce in the same shoes. Beyonce must be really small because they are not that much difference in height. Go look!
s said on 15/Jun/15
she postet a new video on instagram and wrote that she's 5'3. Which i would think is more realistic if you look at pics of her and kim k.
Lensah said on 23/May/15
No she looks tall because she always be wearing killer heels that's why but trust she is really tall
Jasmine said on 8/May/15
Tall or short she really doesn't looks bad this way.. She's just the perfect type!
crazy702 said on 18/Apr/15
idfk i think shes 5´1
Tania said on 3/Mar/15
The picture you've chosen is scary as hell.
Anyway, she's only 5'2"? I thought she'd be taller tbh, like 5'5" ish.
Ally said on 23/Feb/15
Is it just me or does she look somewhat tinier here? Like 4'11 or 5'
Brad said on 7/Jan/15
New Rolling Stone says 5' 3"....they never get heights right in any feature article. Nice dynamite/package quote.
White Chocolate said on 19/Dec/14
Dynamite comes in small packages and can cause major damage. Well, she blow me away any day or time. Stay hot!!!!!
hastag7 said on 16/Dec/14
yonika mineki said on 18/Sep/14
she is so pretty thought 5'6 or more she looks so tall and real life barbie
killa mike said on 21/Mar/14
I she was a heck of a lot taller than that how do they make her look so tall in the videos
Editor Rob
big heels and small dancers?
hi said on 14/Feb/14
I thought she was like 5'7, she looks a lot taller.
richkid123 said on 27/Oct/13
Why do people keep saying she looks tall, she is very small
wendz said on 4/Oct/13
she look like tall because her legs are longest than her body ! thats the perfect one :))
Billy said on 9/Sep/13
In a picture of her and Britney Spears, Britney seemed to be about 5" taller, considering how this website lists Britney at 5'4" I would say she was 5' (and Britney 5'5").
Chris said on 9/Aug/13
Shes 5'0 if u type nick minaj kim kardashian , kim is taller by 2 inches and nick is the same height asbkim sister whose 5'0 ft tall
Chainsaw said on 12/Jun/13
Never mind! I just found out that the song exsists!!! I feel embarrassed because I'm a huge fan of Nicki Minaj... :(
Brad said on 22/Apr/13
Paula wears massive built up footwear as a 24/7 365 thang. NM would take her by 1.5 barefoot to barefoot.
Heightgirl said on 19/Apr/13
I found the video of Nicki next to Paula Abdul who is imo 4f10 or under. I found the entire show video on a page but you have to go to the 13:47 mark where Paula approaches Nicki and at 13:52 is when they look the same height. Click Here What do you guys think?
Heightgirl said on 18/Apr/13
I watched American Idol tonight and Nicki was next to "teeny tiny peanut" Paula Abdul and they looked the same height. I am starting to think that maybe she is under 5f. Now Paula was wearing mad platforms but Nicki usually does too. I tried to find pics and video but nothing up yet but if I see any then I will surely post them.
Heightgirl said on 28/Mar/13
Two words. Stripper shoes lol Kim was not wearing them in the most recent photo. She was wearing modest heels without a platform. Nicki was in boots with a one inch heel in their first photo and Kim was probably in high heels with platforms. She's not as small as I thought but she isn't more than 5f1. Click Here Click Here Click Here
Chainsaw said on 14/Mar/13
I didn't know she sang "I'm like 5"2". She looks taller.
Me said on 1/Mar/13
I think her height is 5'4 because in this pic she seems taller than Kim Kardashian, who is 5'2: Click Here
Accurate Guy said on 25/Dec/12
She's not 5'2, nowhere near it.
I'd say 4'10 - 5'0 max.
She's always wearing some high shoes to make her look tall, but she's NOWHERE NEAR 5'5 lol.

I'd say 4'11.
jo said on 15/Dec/12
No way she would be 5´2 thats close to 5´3 which usually looks normal height but she always looks short around 4´11-5´1 tops even though she wears extra high heels most of the time. Here´s a photo with 5´1 Kim Kardashian she is way shorter: Click Here
op said on 1/Dec/12
She's 5'5 . Get your facts straighr
Heightgirl said on 19/Oct/12
She doesn't look 5f2 at all, more like 4f11 - 5f. Next to 5f2 or 5f1 Kim Kardashian she seemed 2 inches shorter.
Crido said on 10/Oct/12
i think she is exactly 5ft2
Mimi Luvs U said on 28/Sep/12
@wizofoz wayne is 5'6-5'7 so nicki is 5'3-5'4
Dom said on 22/Sep/12
Looks at least 5'3"
Claire said on 3/Sep/12
If she said "like 5ft2" she'd probably around 5'1-5'1.5".
People always round their heights..
Lee said on 24/Aug/12
Ok AK maybe 5ft 2 - 5ft 3, but most of her pics can be deceiving (She always wears heels? Look above. LOL)
Monique said on 22/Aug/12
I'm 5'9 and when I took a picture with her she seemed really short like around 5'0- 5'2
AK said on 20/Aug/12
Remember she ALWAYS wears about 4-5 inch heels so 5'2" sounds right (someone said pushing 5'5" - wtf?)
Lee said on 18/Aug/12
5ft 4 seems accurate, could be pushing 5ft 5. Looks tall on most pics.
Mimi Luvs U said on 8/Aug/12
5'3-5'3.5 still looks taller than coco , 4 inch heels = 1 inch shorter than 5 ft 8 in big sean
jaycurry15 said on 1/Aug/12
Yea I Think She Is About 5'2" Because I Saw Her In Concert In St.Louis And She Looked Short But In Pictures She Look Way Bigger
Sion said on 10/Feb/12
Yeah, she looks about 5' 2". Shortest, 5' 1". Tallest, 5' 2". I noticed she wasn't much shorter than Madonna during the recent Super Bowl performance actually. Apparently Madonna is about 5' 3", so that makes sense.
angels said on 27/Jan/12
just as I thought.she doesn't seem so in fireball she is and willow almost have thesame height while willow is just about 152cm.
Danielle said on 14/Jan/12
She looks so much taller in pictures, I would say 5ft4. She wears a lot of heels though, it's hard to tell, but 5ft4 at max
Monica said on 29/Nov/11
Wow I thought she was like 4'11. She looks like that when she stands alone, but she looks taller next to someone else (tall or short) She must be 5'2 at least.
kiana said on 19/Nov/11
Nope.... 5'3.5
Daphne said on 12/Nov/11
sniper is right. She can be 1.60cm in any case!!! She is something like 153cm...She is nor tiny or skinny and she seems even shorter than her actual height which is 153cm... Any other height listed is bull---t!!!
sniper said on 25/Oct/11
she is shorter like 153cm
jzzz said on 14/Oct/11
she is always wearing at least 5in -6in heels that have high platforms. she does occasionally wear boots on stage where her dancers tower over her
NIA said on 4/Oct/11
my friend is 5ft2 and she is only 14 wow nicki and she is a big fan!!!!
5'8.675859601 said on 7/Sep/11
agree with what MD said
Oh Blissful said on 1/Sep/11
Oh really? That's interesting. Heels can work wonders.
superbass said on 22/Aug/11
Nicki Minaj is 5'3 because I met her @ Brit tour and we were the same height and she had on houseshoes
Legend said on 20/Aug/11
I thought she was like 5'1
wizofoz said on 19/Aug/11
Click Here she is with him with FLAT boot shoes on her performance at the Billboard AwardsClick Here
wizofoz said on 19/Aug/11
Nicki is a solid 5'2 how can she be 5'1 and Lil Wayne is only 5'5 and he doesnt tower over her 4-5 inches Click Here she had on 6 inch heels and she towers over him Click Here
A said on 19/Aug/11
I agree with Alex
Mathew said on 18/Aug/11
Alex says on 17/Aug/11 I dont see much of her enough to tell her height very well but looks in the 5'1-5'2 range. Saying "I'm like 5'2" sounds like it could be rounding up from 5'1 1/2. That whole post is about exactly what I was going to post, so I'll just say seconded on every account.
Alex said on 17/Aug/11
I dont see much of her enough to tell her height very well but looks in the 5'1-5'2 range. Saying "I'm like 5'2" sounds like it could be rounding up from 5'1 1/2.
lea said on 16/Aug/11
wow. I thought she was 5'3.I was wrong
A said on 16/Aug/11
@MD before she was added to this site, a lot of people on the height request page were saying she was 5'4". So like i've been saying, a lot of people seem to overestimate a person's height by 2 inches.
Kostas said on 15/Aug/11
lol I had no idea that she sings about her height
Raychah said on 14/Aug/11
I think she is 5'2.5 shes the same height as Justin Bieber witClick Here
h 4 inch heels heres the shoes Click Here
Shannon said on 14/Aug/11
YAY! Nicki! shes the same height as me! it does seem accurate tho
MD said on 13/Aug/11
Everybody seems to think she's so incredibly short, but she's really not that far off average. The hear people talk about her, you'd think she was under five feet. She is built pretty wide and thick, which definitely could give the appearance of her being shorter than she is, but she's not Snooki-sized, either.
the shredder said on 13/Aug/11
Is 5'2 her Booty size ? lol
Alex said on 13/Aug/11
I met Nicki Minaj, I'm 5'4 and she was wearing about 3 inch heels and she was a bit taller than me so I think around 5'2 or 5'3 is right.
Enigma said on 13/Aug/11
about time Rob! and 5'2 seems right for Nicki.

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