How tall is Jessie J

Jessie J's Height

5ft 8 ¼ (173.4 cm)

British singer-songwriter best known for songs such as Price Tag, Domino, Do it Like a Dude, Bang Bang and Burnin Up. In the Metro in 2011 she mentioned her height, claiming that "I'm 5ft 9in - I love being a giant".

How tall is Jessie J
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I don’t have a big bum, I don’t have big boobs, I’m not small or athletic looking, I’m very tall and very slim – and that’s who I am.

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Average Guess (81 Votes)
5ft 8.22in (173.3cm)
Jackie Lee said on 7/Apr/23
5'8 is likely spot on. Btw I think her facial features look a little masculine.
Pat m said on 4/Mar/23
She has longer than average legs, it gives her a very tall impression, she looks at least 6ft tall in heels
Leesheff85 said on 29/Dec/22
Maybe she means she feels like a giant in those huge heels she wears. In the do it like a dud video she looks a foot taller than the other woman but is in rather high platforms and would easily pass the six foot mark in them
Elene said on 3/Sep/21
She is not a giant she is probably 5’7.75 this isn’t a Giant height
heyyyyyyyy said on 26/Feb/21
Rem said on 23/Oct/20
Rob come on there is no way this woman is your height. You would definitely edge her out.
CSKA said on 18/Oct/20
Big bum! 😂 lol, that is a weird thing to say. Anyways, she is 173.5 cm
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 28/Mar/20
💐🎂🎁🎊 Happy Birthday Jessie 🎊🎁🎂💐

A belated Happy Birthday to tall, dark-haired singer Jessie J, who turned 32 years of age yesterday!

My Birthday Guess for her is 5ft8.25.🌞

Jancys said on 23/Feb/19
She is not that tall. She has pictures with Katy Perry, and Katty is obviously taller. I think she is strong 5ft 6 women or weak 5ft 7 but no more that.

Katty and Jessie;

Click Here
Oliver said on 16/Nov/18
Click Here
Rob,how much is Jessie J shorter than Karlie according to this photo?
Thank you.
Editor Rob
She can look in 5ft 8 range, I don't know how big Taylor's heels are though, Karlie's look not much different than Jessie's.
MAD SAM said on 10/Aug/18
5’8” at 173 cm, I don’t see her more than that !
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 29/Jun/18
She def have a big bum now. Lol..
Editor Rob
I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing.
Sean73 said on 9/Feb/18
68.25" is my guess. She reminds me of the actress from Men in Black, Debra Fiorentino.
Nona said on 18/Dec/17
Looks about 5’8” and quite a thick girl, specially the legs. Tips the scales at about 150 lbs I guess
Nik said on 13/Nov/17
I don't think she's this tall! She is nearer 5'7.75"!
MM said on 11/Nov/17
Rob, I think she is 5'8 at most... She is always edged by Tom Jones even when in heels.
lee168cm said on 29/Oct/17
Have you seen the video for do it like a dude? She looks humongous like a foot taller than everyone else in the video how high are those platforms in that video ?
Sandy Cowell said on 22/Sep/17
This outfit cuts Jessie's height alarmingly! There's a terrible clash of materials and patterns here, and the stockings look revolting and excessive. Such a shame, as this girl can look classy, tall and elegant! Not so the day she stepped out in this get-up!
But we are all entitled to a fashion mistake once in a while!
Jessie gets 5ft8.25!
Slim said on 18/Sep/17
5'7.75"-5'8" is right on the money.
oliver said on 11/Sep/17
Rob,is 5ft 7 arguable for her? Or maybe 5ft 7.5? I really can't understand why you listed her at 5ft 8.25. She never looks that tall to me.
Pls reply.
Editor Rob
not seen enough to yet make me think she would be closer to 5ft 7 than say 5ft 8...though she does wear quite big heels a fair amount of the time, which can turn many 5ft 7 women into 'giants' as she likes to call herself.
ana said on 26/Jul/17
such long legs i am watching one videoclip and she looks very tall, average weigh i don't see her thin. I would say 175 cms
Kelly said on 22/Jul/17
I would say 5'8".95 really close a 9 but not quite
Ally said on 5/Jul/17
I think she's 5,8.5
Lovatic said on 24/Jun/17
She looks a lot taller than Ariana Grande , whos 4'11 - 5'0, Nicki Minaj, whos 5'2, and Demi Lovato, whos 5'2 - 5'3. So I'd say 5'9.
Kelly said on 16/Jun/17
5,8 she's tall
Revisionist said on 16/Mar/17
@bruh, Or they're all in the strong 5'8" range and never touching 5'9" :)

@lol, average Dutch woman is 5'6.5" (conservatively). Jessie would be considered fairly tall even there, but she's not there. She's in the UK, where women are barely 5'5.
bruh said on 7/Nov/16
@mini-mini yeah she looks about the same as kendall and khloe so 5'9'' seems more likely
lol said on 18/May/16
Giant xD She is average height in the Netherlands.
adeyp said on 19/Jan/16
oliver said on 26/Nov/15
How can she be 5' 9? She isn't much taller than 5' 1 Ari and Nicki in Bang Bang vid (considering high heels) so she is around 5' 7-5' 7.5 max. Sorry rob, you're wrong.
You're joking aren't you? She's quite a bit taller than them.
Fray said on 28/Dec/15
@Oliver & Sophie, she is definitely 5' 8.5" to 5'9". Those Tom Ford boots are 80cm (31.5") long (heel to top, not toe to top). Karuche Tran (however her name is spelled) wore them and they went to her crotch
oliver said on 26/Nov/15
How can she be 5' 9? She isn't much taller than 5' 1 Ari and Nicki in Bang Bang vid (considering high heels) so she is around 5' 7-5' 7.5 max. Sorry rob, you're wrong.
Kourosh said on 15/Aug/15
Rob please tell me what type of shoes she is wearing in this pic and how much would add to her height? Because I am 5'10 in my regular shoes and she was slightly shorter than me or maybe even same height when i met her there.

Click Here
Editor Rob
Kourosh, I can't really see them properly, but they appear somewhere in 1.5-2 inch type of boots.
Fray said on 1/Aug/15
She's 5'9". In the photos w/ she is hunched. When I saw her I thought we were the same height, but when I saw a photo of us together - she was clearly taller. Can't always trust your own perception.
mini-mini said on 27/Jul/15
She is of the same height as kendall j
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Jack said on 12/May/15
She is looks 5,9, not under
Melissa Azoreana said on 1/May/15
She definitely looks around 5'8 or so even in flats (I'm watching her now and I can tell she has a pretty long silhouette and long legs).
Skye said on 8/Apr/15
I'd say she's just under 5'9, but not exactly 5'8. So I'd more or less agree with this listing. I must say though, she does have some long legs or at least gives me the impression of it. Like in her Do It Like A Dude video, though heels may have helped.
George said on 30/Oct/14
Just met her at work she was shooting a music video. I was one foot away from her. I am 173.8 in the morning and shrink to 172.3 at night. I was in 1 inch shoes and had shrunk to my low by that point. She was bare foot. I was taller than her by at least an inch accounting footwear. It's not impossible she was 173 but I doubt it. Looked more 172cm and that might be generous. Hope that clearsound it up.
Lolly said on 26/Oct/14
Seems about 5'7 or 5'8 to me- she didn't look that much taller than dermot o'leary on X factor, and she had big heels on.
lusy3 said on 16/Jul/14
she is exactly 173 cm
arie said on 6/Mar/14
However tall she is...she is a lot of leg so there you go!!!
zevon said on 23/Feb/14
how was she rude?
Girly_girl55 said on 21/Feb/14
i met jessie j once and she was rude to me but she was taller than me and im exactly 5'8
Rhonda said on 18/Jan/14
Kayy says on 30/May/13
No way 5'9 look --
You need to factor in footwear, you're photo shows no footwear, she is wearing platformed heeled boots. He is the full photo. Tom Jones is 5ft10, so she is about 5ft7-8.
Click Here
izza said on 11/Jan/14
she is 5ft 9 excatly
cheeseballz said on 13/Dec/13
I knew that she was about 5"81/2 ��
tweeny said on 30/Jun/13
Height:5ft 8.5in

true said on 28/May/13
if you watch her music video for wild , she looks 5'9
Teddie20013 said on 13/Apr/13
Jessie J is 5ft 9in
Arch Stanton said on 30/Mar/13
As I guessed though she's a good looking girl underneath that helmet hair and makeup, albeit it a little rough. The shaved head look actually looks great on her and she should keep her hair short.
Arch Stanton said on 30/Mar/13
Click Here

Hmm, Rob see the picture with Tom Jones. He's 5'10" ish tops and she's in big heels and still shorter.
hbkforeever said on 26/Mar/13
174 bare foot ?????
no way
she ware heels and standing with tom joens tom is 178 cm and they are the same highet ???
so 174 bare foot i dont think so, i gave her from 165 to 170 cm
she always ware High Heels
theblacklab said on 20/Feb/13
Rob, look at this photo of Jessie standing with Jessica Ennis. According to this site, Jessica is 5'5" (which is believable, right?). Well by the looks of the photo, Jessie only appears to be 1 - 1.5 inches taller. There's always a possibility that Jessica is wearing heels, ofcourse (but they both seem to be in casual attire, so she's most likely in flats).

Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 23/Jan/13
I think she's a lot like Kat Von D, both can look pretty at times but both can look real scary and rank. I thought she looked stunning at the Olympics, not a fan of the fringe and strange clothes and makeup though. Both look close to 5'9".
X said on 10/Nov/12
Sorry for sending 2 equal comments =/
And there's a mistake, i wrote:
" So, if we presume that Will.I.Am is 5"8 or 5"9 or even 6 "

But i mean:
" So, if we presume that Will.I.Am is 5"8 or 5"9 or even 5"10 "
X said on 9/Nov/12
On her website says she is 5"9, on Elle november 2012 the writer says "In the flesh, with genetics and boots combined, there is around 6ft lin of her".
So i think that's possible to presume that she is 5"9 - 6 with boots(high heels).
And look the size of high heels that she usually uses(photo from Elle magazine): Click Here

Now look at this video: Click Here
She is a little bit(1 inch?) taller than Will.I.Iam, and as we can see nearly at the end of the video and in this image Click Here she is wearing a 3 to 4 inchs (8 to 10 cms) boots, and he is wearing a normal shoes (1 inch?) as we can see here Click Here
So, if we presume that Will.I.Am is 5"8 or 5"9 or even 6, Jessie J is at least 2 to 3 inchs lower.

So 5"7 is my guess.
Ejel Khan said on 3/Nov/12
JJ's tall for a woman and gorgeous with it. She likes her men tall too, like 6' Tyson Beckford. She's quoted as saying "I wouldn't kick him out of bed". Love her honesty, she's so sassy!
me said on 30/Oct/12
shes 5ft 9 it says in her 2013 annual
EllieCookexxx said on 5/Oct/12
I reckon shes pretty tall but I wouldnt say quite 5 ft 9. 5"7 - 5"8?
meme said on 28/Sep/12
there is no way she is 5ft9 alan carr is 5ft9 she was no more than an inch taller than him on chatty man and was wearing 6" heels so I would say she is 5ft4 -5ft5
Shaun said on 27/Sep/12
Looking gorgeous here:

Click Here

but here urgh

Click Here

She seems to mostly look scary but I think underneath all the heavy makeup, weird clothes and lego hair she is an attractive girl like the above..
Shaun said on 27/Sep/12
Her appearance seems to change an awful lot. Sometimes I think she looks super hot and gorgeous, other times I think i doubt she's under 5 ft 7 John. She looks 5'8" ish I think.
John said on 6/Sep/12
@theblacklab..that is a very good point that you make, you can't argue with the observed statistics of standing beside large samples of the female population. I've always argued that Jessie J is 5'7" at most.
Shaun said on 20/Aug/12
She had on big heels and was still a few inches shorter than Brian May.
theblacklab said on 20/Aug/12
On Jessie's fan page there are loads of photos of her posing with her fans. I live in the UK, and unless I just live in a city full of short people, then the average for a women is between 5'4" and 5'5". So how come the majority of her fans are only 1" or 2" shorter than her? This would make the average 5'7" - and that's not realistic. Unless almost every girl Jessie meets is above average (which seems unlikely because there are over 200 photos), I would clock her in at 5'7".
Seal said on 4/Aug/12
She's 5ft 9in- it says on her website in the "Biography" section.
Nastya said on 3/Aug/12
Click Here
Click Here
Look at these photos. is 5'9"
Jessie is wearing 5" heels
At the first photo has a worst posture so he seems a couple inches shorter.And Jessie is about 2"-3" taller the n him
At the second picture they seem the same height.But she has a bad posture
that makes her 5'7"max
what do think?
marla singer said on 1/Aug/12
I think she's 5'7"
renée said on 28/Jul/12
she is 5.9.
I met her @ a concert. LOL :) she's tall
John said on 23/Jul/12
SG....she's standing in heels on her own with low camera could make Kylie Minogue look like a giant by doing that.
SG said on 13/Jun/12
Click Here

She looks incredibly tall in those heels, maybe like 6'4/6'5. The heels look like they are about 7 inches, making her about 5'9
MD said on 22/Jan/12
Honestly, you come to a site called "" and you're going to ask why we are debating her height in the first place? Really?

This is a pet peeve of mine, that is, that people come to a height all about discussing heights and then wonder why we are discussing heights. If you aren't interested in her height, don't come to a site named "" okay? Thanks.
JessieJLover(: said on 21/Jan/12
I think she's 5'9". If she says so, she is. But what's the point of debating her height in the first place?
LlamaGirl said on 20/Jan/12
Nahh, she is 5'9" I met her and she was taller than my sis who is 5'82ish
Anyways, who cares? She is HAWT ;)
steven said on 14/Jan/12
5'7-5'7.5 max
marie said on 4/Jan/12
@tt-tobi James Morison is 5'9"!
how about this:
Click Here B.o.B is 5'10"-5'11".
look at her hips level is totally higher than B.o.B has.
and look at this :
Click Here
looks like she was not wearing heels. even B.o.B is 5'11"(take the maximum height) she still not taller than 5'7", the first picture taken when they were shooting for JessieJ's Video "Price Tag" she wearing huge yellow heels(5"-6"tall)it show us that she is little smaller than B.o.B. 5'8" girl will reach 6'0" if she wearing 6"high heels. So the perfect calculation is 5'6"-5'7"

she is NOT 5'9"
tt-tobi07 said on 28/Dec/11
@marie James Morrison is 5'11'' and not 5'9''!! And the postet video below chows, that she is 5'9''!
Yo said on 28/Dec/11
@marie: BoB is not 5ft10. He is around 6ft. Look at the price tag live; She wears big heels (around 10cm)and BoB is the same height.
someone said on 22/Dec/11
@Beck (27/Nov/2011)
She is taller than Demot i'm sure.
marie said on 7/Dec/11
Please look again her pics or video(price tag) with B.o.B, when she was wearing big yellow heels which like 6" tall. She looks have similiar height with B.o.B who listed at 5'10". So Jessie with 5'7" tall sounds right.
Bakura said on 3/Dec/11
Not even close to 5'9". She's barely level with 5'8.5" James Morrison in her titanic heels. 5'7" at the absolute maximum.
annon said on 28/Nov/11
In the photo with Justin Beiber on the Graham Norton Show she admitted she had bent down to fit his height as she felt awkward!:L
And on the X-factor she was taller than Dermot, she was barefoot and the camera angle would of made here look smaller. As it is said on her website I quote "I love being a giant at 5ft 9")
Beck said on 27/Nov/11
No way is she 5'9. She was a lot shorter than Demot on the X factor.
marie said on 16/Nov/11
how about her photo wiith Justin Bieber? she is not look much taller than him, even tough with 6" heels on (fact says on 29/Aug/11)
annnon said on 13/Nov/11
in any film/music video they always shorten the woman compare to then men as it looks "odd" as they say. It would of also been the camera angle that made her look shorter
marie said on 10/Nov/11
Click Here
in that video she looks 2" shorter than 5'9" James Morisson
annon said on 8/Nov/11
I would just like to correct you all, Jessie J is 5ft 9" as she claimed on Metro and on her own Bio on her website. I have also meet her at one of her gigs and I am 5f 9" we both had heels on and we were both the same height.
Just for proof i have added a link to her website bio - Click Here
Also when she performed at the ema's at Belfast she sang next to David 5ft 9" she had Dr Martens on and was the same heigh.
Elly said on 2/Nov/11
Oh and about James Morrison and Jessie j they also performed together and i was at the front they were the same height and she had dr martens on no heels
Elly said on 2/Nov/11
I met her today I'm 20 and 5'8 5'9 Jessie j isn't 5'9 she's about 5'7 5'8
Max I had uggs on which gave me a little more
Height I guess but she was a little shorter than me minimum height I'd say would be 5'6

So defo between the 5'6-5'8 range no
Smaller or no taller
marie said on 30/Oct/11
she wearing heels in that video. but not tall i think around 3". she must be 5'7"
jessie j fan said on 21/Oct/11
In new video with James Morrison they both look same height and I believe that Jessie wore heels in the video. If Morrison is listed 5ft 8.5in (same as Jessie J) than there's something wrong. I agree with marie that Jessie is 5ft 8.5in with heels.
marie said on 30/Sep/11
okay so 5'8.5" or 5'9" is her height by wearing heels. understood !
billy said on 29/Sep/11
5'8.5" with 3" heels of course. 5'7" with flats.
marie said on 27/Sep/11
Rob, have you ever think that she is shorter than 5'7"?
Editor Rob
I don't think I thought she looks only 5ft 7, but her long legs and heels can definitely give her a quite tall appearance
fact said on 24/Sep/11
5'7" (max)
loopy said on 23/Sep/11
Click Here
look at her shoes. it might be more than 6 inch. 7 or 8 may be
makes her look so tall in that music video.
fact said on 19/Sep/11
i love you @dark debts!! we should accept the actual condition.
darks debts said on 18/Sep/11
to the comment below me; it is because it's human nature to exaggerate things about yourself, especially height which seems to be the most common. everybody can exaggerate their height by an half an inch, an inch or two, etc, because you can't make the difference at one glance. not saying she is a liar, just that she is human.
@rob said on 17/Sep/11
how come whenever a celebrity says their height you take an inch or half an inch off. if she says shes 5'9 dont you think she would be 5'9? if she was 5'8 1/2 im sure she would say 5'8 1/2
Editor Rob
I did put her 5ft 9 to begin with, but the more that's seen the more I don't think she's quite that mark.
fact said on 7/Sep/11
Click Here
i can not find the full picture that showing their shoes. but look at jessie j's and katy's knees.

i think jessie just has a same or half inch taller than katy perry.
Moscow Gurl said on 5/Sep/11
Hahaha I am so much agree with fact, No! this site's wrong. and yes i found the clip on youtube, katy perry and jessie j are standing together and they look same height.

So 5'6" to 5'6.5 at most for Jessie J
Dude said on 29/Aug/11
Interesting evidence by Fact below. It's not clear how large Rihnna's heels are but that are certainly not higher than those of Jessie J. So she is at least an inch or two shorter than Rihanna. I've seen so much video and photos to suggest that JJ is in 5'6" to 5'7" range. Amazing how she claims 5'9".
ibelieve131 said on 29/Aug/11
Click Here - watch this it's Jessie J singing in NYC you'll believe she's 5'9
barny said on 23/Aug/11
Maybe Maximus Meridius was thinking about men? About 5'9's the average for English Men.
Dude said on 6/Aug/11
I watched Jessie J closely with Graham Norton on You Tube video. They looked the same height with her wearing huge heels of 5 or 6 inches. I think Graham Norton is at most 5'10". Allowing for him with a 1inch heel in ordinary shoes then Jessie J is somewhere in the 5'6" to 5'7" range. She has a beautiful figure and gives impression of being quite tall.
pico said on 30/Jun/11
5ft7 at most
random guy said on 29/Jun/11
@ Maximus Meridius the average height for a woman in Britain is about 5'4-5'5.
therefore 5'9 is tall. I don't know what you're thinking, but average(In england) for a girl is nowhere near 5'9.
MD said on 28/Jun/11
Maximus, Jessie J is a woman. Judging by some of your other posts on this site, though, you may have known that and you're just really a little off.
Maximus Meridius said on 27/Jun/11
5ft 9in is hardly a giant it's average 5ft 8in is below average.
Red said on 25/Jun/11
@Becca- Selena ain't 5'6" she's barely 5'5" and Bieber's only slightly taller than her. Take into account also Jessie J is wearing monster heels and only has about 5 inches on him, that puts her at about 5'6"
James said on 24/Jun/11
Justin Bieber 5'7 or 5'8? Come on I know he's famous now but let's not exaggerate his height.

In all of his photos he's wearing hi-top sneakers which give an inch. There's also rumours he wears lifts. The guy is barely hitting 5'6 flat
Becca said on 21/Jun/11
In that picture w/ Biebs, he's NOT 5'4.5" anymore, he's taller than Selena, who's about 5'6" so he's more than likely 5'7"/5'8" tops, making it more than possible for Jessie J to be 5'9".
James said on 18/Jun/11

Dec isn't 5'8. Looks more 5'6
zais said on 18/Jun/11
If Dec is 5"8, Jessie j is Definitely 5"9 or more..She is down to earth..she wouldn't lie about her height. Whatever, even if she is 5" i'd still love her..She's just a talented artist!!
Red said on 13/Jun/11
I don't think I've ever seen a celebrity that claims so far off their actual height. She looks nowhere near 5'9" and only barely seems to be hitting 5'8" in the monster heels she typically wears. 5'6" at best, I'd even buy as low as 5'4"
Benj said on 10/Jun/11
Surprised she didn't dwarf justin bieber- even more than she did. It was, however quite difficult to tell exactly how far forward she was leaning. Also looked to be wearing massive heels. Am distinctly confused.
® said on 7/Jun/11
Weak 5'8 and how bad ia her music ewww
zais said on 3/Jun/11
just watched the BGT..she is undoubtedly 5'8-5'9 standing next to ant and dec
annie said on 3/Jun/11
Here is her on Britain's got Talentstanding next to ant and dec (she has got no shoes on).Click Here
James said on 2/Jun/11
Looked about 5'6.5 next to 5'8 Ant. Taking into account that he had shoes on and she was bare foot, I'd give her 5'7.5.
SJP said on 24/May/11
5'7-5'8...she's tall enough and has long enough legs to make people believe shes 5'9, and when you take into account the heels she wears which must make her 4 inces taller. looks about 6ft in heels but take them off and her height is nothing out of the ordinary and she certainly is not a "giant". Nice height and figure imo!
Red said on 23/May/11
I saw a picture of her in a newspaper yesterday where she looked barely 5'4".....
random guy said on 23/May/11
@Yayo In this picture she's about 2-3 inches shorter than b.o.b who is 5'10. here's the link Click Here I'm sorry but if he is 5'10 which he defiantly is, she ISN'T 5'9
AnonUser said on 16/May/11
well to me she looks pretty tall, she looks like shes got long legs, and in the price tag vid when shes standing next to B.o.B i think hes a pretty tall lanky guy and shes the same height as him wearing heels so yes shes definitly not short, she may not be really tall but she aint i'd say in between 5'7 to 5'9 which is tall for a girl
Eric said on 11/May/11
Why do girls have to wear high heels if they r 5'9, 5'10.
We 5'7 look complete dwarfs in front of them even when we r just 2 inches shorter than them.
rose said on 9/May/11
she's british right? do british people use feet & inches? maybe she miscalculated.. I don't know but I really don't believe she's 5'9. she looks average.
burger said on 8/May/11
I am guessing she is 5'6,5"-5'7" not short right? Little tall but not tall. And not medium height for a girl right? Average girls are 5'3"-5'5"
xyz said on 6/May/11
OK. here;s the truth: she is another product. celebrities are all products. when you have a contract with a certain studio, you become one: they decide what type of product you;re going to be. every product has to produce money, because they invest in them. they have to be perfect, because people aren't going to buy something/someone's "art" if they dont admire/want to be like/look up to that person. her image is: a sexy, tall, talented woman. that is what you buy. so that is what she acts like! she is NOT short. but she is NOT 5 ft 9.
SAK said on 5/May/11
Sophia says on 4/May/11
Well, If she is 5'9 then how do you explain this? Click Here or Justin Bieber grew in no time a few inch or she is lying about her height...
Sophia thats an interesting pic. Clearly Jessie J is not standing straight up like Bieber(5ft4.5) is, if she dis stand up straight the difference is around 4 inches, making her 5ft8.5.

But, obviously we cant see what shoes they are waering, and Bieber usually wears lifts and JessieJ high heels, so the photo does not show much.
Cranberries said on 5/May/11
My sister is over 5'10" and she is more petite than giant. 5'8" is my guess for Jessie J.
Sophia said on 4/May/11
Well, If she is 5'9 then how do you explain this? Click Here or Justin Bieber grew in no time a few inch or she is lying about her height...
C-Dawg said on 1/May/11
If you're a guy: "I'm only 5'9". I'm short."
If you're a girl: "I'm 5'9". I tower over EVERYONE!"

monaug5 said on 30/Apr/11
She has got to be no more than 5'8 at best.
ADG said on 28/Apr/11
what? thats not 5'11" but i'm also a model
SAK said on 27/Apr/11
@Cassie, common 5ft6 is just ridiculous.
J J JESSIE J LOVERR. said on 27/Apr/11
She is atleast 5ft.9 I watched like her interviews and when she meets her fans she towers over all them in her heels. I'm 5ft.10, i know how u feel guuurl, towering over everyone! haha
cassie said on 19/Apr/11
i met her today. she was wearing monster heels, and was only maybe 3 inches taller than me (i'm 5'4) so i'm guessing shes 5'6 max.
SAK said on 18/Apr/11
Brooke says on 17/Apr/11
If she says she's 5ft 9in... SHE'S 5FT 9INCH....
Well my friend says he is 5ft10, when in fact he is lucky to even be 5ft8, he is 5ft7,

Ok so basically ppl lie about there height, or they are not too bothered and just say a height they think they are. Thats why this forum is here, to see if what they say is right, and most of the time, its not.

To me she looks around 172cm(5ft7.5)/173cm(5ft8).
Brooke said on 17/Apr/11
If she says she's 5ft 9in... SHE'S 5FT 9INCH....
Bambi said on 16/Apr/11
Not exactly a giant being 5 ft 9 what an idiot.
Plus, I think she's 5 ft 8 max.
xyz said on 16/Apr/11
175 cm????????! that is hilarious!:))
Click Here look here, in this picture she is next to a child, a little girl and she isn;t much taller than the girl. think if she is bare foot, how would she look next to that child?
and more than that, look at her arms! not ones belonging to a 5ft9 person.
she is not more than 168, TOPS.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Apr/11
5"8(173cm) no taller
Desmond said on 9/Apr/11
You guys shud watch the MV of "Who you are", she looks monstrous with heels in that subway station.
Annoyed-rebirth said on 4/Apr/11
seen her in Glasgow a week or two ago. 5'7" TOPS. Had heels on and was not as tall as my 5'10 freind.
J.J. said on 28/Mar/11
Rob any chance she is 172cm?

Editor Rob
I've not had time yet to look and see whether she is shorter than what she claims.
SAK said on 28/Mar/11
I would say seeing quite different pics&videos of her she looks 172cm/5ft7.5. Which is still quite tall for a girl.
random guy said on 28/Mar/11
5-7 max. at the brit awards she was wearing heels (at least 3 inches) and 5'10 mark ronson was around the same size. Click Here
Angus said on 27/Mar/11
She looks more 5'7". Genuine 5'9" girls like Keri Hilson and Taylor Swift have very lanky frames. Jessie hasn't. Her broad frame gives off a tall impression.

Rob change!
Leah said on 26/Mar/11
5ft6.5,id say, 5ft7.5 max.
Tony said on 25/Mar/11
i read her height as 6'0 3/4
coolozkert said on 10/Mar/11
she is 5'8 see this pic Click Here
Detox said on 9/Mar/11
I'm sticking with 5'8" max. People seem to give women an easy pass with their heights. Taylor Swift is not 5'11" more 5'9" and Beyonce is 5'4" not 5'6"

Director's using computers to increase height? LOL such nonsense! I'd give B.O.B. 177cm tbh and very skinny.
hey said on 7/Mar/11
detox, she looked 5'10 next to b.o.b in her music video only becuase the directors do computer tricks to make them look either shorter or taller than what they actually are. you should know this by now, come on.
Rrrr said on 7/Mar/11
This height is right I met her a week ago when I was on holidays in London and I am 5"7.5 and she was taller than me for like 2 in. So she is 5"8-5"9
Detox said on 6/Mar/11
to be honest I think she is a strong 5'7". She was wearing monster heels in the "Price Tag" video and she was hitting B.O.B.'s height which is 5-10".

She looks taller because of her broad features but the shot standing next to a relaxed B.O.B. proved a lot.
caralyn said on 1/Mar/11
you can tell in her video "Do it like a dude" that she is EXTREMELY tall! Also, she wears 6 inch heels a lot. So, she looks even taller! Her height is sexy though!
memmeme said on 28/Feb/11
thanks rob for putting this on because i was very curious about her height.
Loves said on 27/Feb/11
pfff... she doesn't look that tall.. I thought she is 165 when I saw The price tag.. anyway, I'm taller than her :D
lena said on 27/Feb/11
wow cool) wish i was tall like her(
brapp said on 26/Feb/11
looks very tall so probably isnt lying about her height
SAK said on 22/Feb/11
Oh wow, I never realised she was a tall girl, go tallies, I love tall girls.

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