How tall is Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea's Height

5ft 9 ½ (176.5 cm)

Australian Rapper best known for songs such as "Black Widow", "Fancy", "Work for It" and collabarations with Ariana Grande on "Problem" and Jennifer Lopez on "Booty". In a 2012 VibeVixen interview she said: "I'm 5'10"! Designer shoes run small and a size 10 in those shoes is still tight on me."
Her modelling agency though (Wilhelmina) described her height as being 5ft 9.5 with vital stats of Bra size 34 inches, waist 28 inches and Hips 38 inches and shoe size 9.5US. On twitter she has typically claimed 5ft 10 when mentioning her height, although in 2015 she upped her claim, saying "Im 5' 11" and in 2021 "I’m 6 3 - 6 4 in heels."

How tall is Iggy Azalea
Photo by PR Photos

How tall is Iggy Azalea
Liz Cambage & Iggy
Photo © / MJT/AdMedia

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Average Guess (131 Votes)
5ft 9.54in (176.6cm)
Naeem Thompson said on 31/Aug/23
Iggy Azalea is 5’10 178CM Tall in Rap Music Range as listed 5’9.5 in high heels in platform boots simple height like Taylor Swift Megan Thee Stallion Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Gal Gadot
oren metser said on 1/May/23
How come around her 20s grew from 5'9.5 (176cm-177cm) to about 5'11(1.80m).

From what I've heard , the majority of human beings' chances are pretty much almost virtually non-existent to grow 3-4cm or 1.5 inches by the 20s , let alone a female(usually growth spurt starts and diffuses earlier than males).

Unless She's an outlier , it seems quite unlikely, albeit not impossible for a lady in her 20s to grow an inch and a half in stature.

I'm not going misogynistic or something, don't get me wrong, but that was my perspective from a physiological standpoint.

I was wondering if it would seem reliable.

Anyway, she gets a legit 1.78m (5'10 from me). Thanks Rob, keep walking tall.
Naeem Thompson said on 10/Mar/23
Rob she measure Iggy Azalea is 5’9.5 176CM or 177CM tall she claim 5’11 She rapping tallest Taylor Swift, Gal Gadot, and Gigi Hadid. Kendall Jenner
James (178.3cm) Jones said on 20/Jan/23
I'd say she's 177cm
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 1/Jan/22
Rob who do you think would edged the most between Iggy, Taylor Swift, Gal Gadot, and Gigi Hadid?
Editor Rob
I have Iggy or Gigi as possibly tallest, but really it's not set in stone. I can see plus or minus a fraction on all 4 of them.
CuriousPeachie said on 4/Apr/21
No more than a weak 5'10"
heyyyyyyyy said on 26/Feb/21
rob could she edge out styles?
Editor Rob
chance she might not...
wiseiq said on 2/Feb/21
She looks close to 5'10 I wonder if Megan Thee Stallion is really 5'10 I don't see her on this site
Bradley said on 17/Sep/20
Vin needed his ramped up heeled customs with her.
GTB173cm said on 10/Sep/20
No more than 5’10
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 13/Aug/20
She look struggle with 5'9.25" with 6'5 Nick Young.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 7/Jun/20
💐🎂 Happy 3️⃣0️⃣th Birthday Iggy! 🎂💐

Iggy Azalea turns the Big 3️⃣-0️⃣ today; have a splendid day, Iggy!

I still remember watching her perform on Ellen's show. She was most impressive, and definitely a case of "Once seen, never forgotten!" 🎧🎶😁👍🎸

5ft9.5 😉🎈🎊

Mimi said on 19/Apr/20
Rob I think having her at 176cm is the best estimate.
Mimi said on 17/Apr/20
Rob how much likely is 176cm over close to 177cm for iggy?
Mimi said on 17/Feb/20
Rob you think 176cm is the best fit for her? Most of the time she doesn't look near 5ft10.
Panchsfhool said on 16/Feb/20
1.76 no more
Malik said on 24/Nov/19
5'10.5 out of bed? She cuts height alot on pictures
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 28/Aug/19
Very similar range with Melania Trump... I would imagine her with Melania is like twin sister with 5ft 9 range height!!!!
khaled taban said on 27/Jun/19
5ft9 1/2 no more.
tony t. said on 14/Jun/19
Uh, Taylor is a smidge taller if going by those pics where they're in the same size heels about 4-5 years ago.
Mimi said on 18/Mar/19
Is her claiming 5ft10 reasonable for someone who's really a strong 5ft9?
Editor Rob
It's not far away, imagine she was 5ft 9.5 at 10am, many would round up their height to 10, but some would not even care about the fraction.
Liten said on 7/Mar/19
Rob, what do you think? a 5'9 3/4 possible for her?
Editor Rob
That is probably upper range of what I'd guess.
Michael Christman said on 25/Feb/19
I knew she was tall, I heard she was around 5’10”, like my height. She looks about 5’10” here to me, I’ll give her 5’10” for now.
Canson said on 9/Jul/18
Nick Young supposedly measured in the morning at 6’5” which looks high. He really looks like he’s more 193cm range next to Kobe. And Lorne and Bishop were right below he can barely look 6’4” again because he measured in the AM. Maybe the difference with Kobe isn’t as much as it appears but I wouldn’t believe that Young is more than maybe 194cm (6’4 3/8). If you look at him with Draymond Green he’s an inch shorter than he is and he was measured 6’5.75 AM which comes out at about 6’5.25 max in the afternoon considering Steve Kerr Alvin Gentry and Carmelo all called him 6’5” and he’s half inch taller than Kobe.

That Said Iggy looks a strong 5’9” max. Not “almost 5’10”. 5’9.25 is feasible but more is hard to believe. Her claiming 5’11” also cams when she was still dating Young who is listed at 6’7” when he’s closer to 6’4” at a low. That’s why she lies to answer Corey’s question below
Mimi said on 12/May/18
Rob could you add her to a category? Maybe rappers or female models cause she used to model or still is.
Editor Rob
Well, I'm not sure about changing the american rapper category, if so I'd lump in the british so maybe it's worth just changing it to Rappers...
Gracian said on 10/May/18
Rob, please add her to the American Rappers category.
MAD SAM said on 15/Dec/17
177 cm definitely
Oanh said on 16/Nov/17
The-Nemian-Lion said on 14/Jun/17
I'm 5 11, she dwarfed me when I met her in real life, she's 6 ft - 6 1 with heels, about 5 11.5 with no shows.

2"taller is not dwarfing lol
Slim 184 said on 6/Nov/17
ADD to American rappers. I’ve read up on her personal life, she doesn’t even identify as Australian and left the country as a teenager. Lol.
Subwoof said on 30/Oct/17
178cm tall!
Slim said on 18/Sep/17
A predict a 5'9.75" upgrade.
hannah said on 10/Sep/17
how tall is Maluma Rob?He is one of the most popular singer right now,I think he deserves a page.Here is a picture of him and Iggy
Click Here
Editor Rob
not been able to look at him yet.
Kelly said on 22/Jul/17
Iggy is REALLY TALL tbh 5'10" exactly the weakest I could give her is a 5'9".75 although I bet she is 5'10 and most celebs can't reach 5'10 not kendall Jenner Taylor swift Gigi hadid
even said on 18/Jul/17
5'9.5" is her height . i guess she weighs around 130 pounds .
Kelly said on 11/Jul/17
Yes 5,9 very tall!
Beau said on 8/Jul/17
"Editor Rob: on paper 135, on the scales nearer 150."

I think you're being charitable here. I shared a house w/ 2 members of my college girl's basketball team... the skinniest one was 5'10" and 155 and she gave off a rather thin appearance. The center was 5'11" and 175 lbs, was athletic and not an ounce of fat. I'd peg Iggy an easy 160+.
Ally said on 5/Jul/17
She is 5,10 she is huge
Nik said on 28/Jun/17
I would say this is about right!
Mimi said on 28/Jun/17
Rob what diyou think is most likely for Iggy: 5ft9.25-5ft.5 or 5ft9.5-5ft9.75?
5''11.25 at noon said on 25/Jun/17
I don't see her as being under 5'9 my best guess is 5'9.25 and hottt
Lovatic said on 24/Jun/17
Iggy appears to be very tall. Definitely NOT 6'0, but probably 5'10.
Kelly said on 16/Jun/17
5,10 bear feet 5,9 1/2
The-Nemian-Lion said on 14/Jun/17
I'm 5 11, she dwarfed me when I met her in real life, she's 6 ft - 6 1 with heels, about 5 11.5 with no shows.
so said on 29/May/17
I think it's a possibility celebrities meet/date other celebrities who say their taller than they are so then they start thinking their taller.
Nik said on 9/May/17
@ Sandy Cowell

Yes and so he should be as well! He often comes up with health tips when he is a guest on "Countdown" and he certainly has a sense of humour too! As for his height, I have never seen him stood up to be truthful, but you probably have unless you have seen or heard different quotes on his height somewhere. I had a feeling he would be ordinary in height though, although if he is 5'7.5" he would be very ordinary, although not that small!

Sandy Cowell said on 8/May/17
@ Nik - Yes, Nik! I know of Phil Hammond and I know he's in full favour of laughter being an excellent medicine!
I estimate him to be anything from 5ft7.5 to 5ft9! I would be interested to know the real truth though!
Nik said on 7/May/17
@Sandy Cowell

Yes this page has certainly cheered me up! Doctor Philip Hammond, who as you know is a regular guest on "Countdown", vouches for this too! I am now wondering how tall he is!
Sandy Cowell said on 6/May/17
@ Nik - It certainly is VERY good for us as human beings to laugh, releasing feel-good endorphins and strengthening the immune system! I can't get enough myself!
Nik said on 5/May/17
@Sandy Cowell

Yes they are probably at home in her knicker drawer!

It's good to laugh a lot because the feel good factor is good for you!
Sandy Cowell said on 5/May/17
@ Nik - Probably at home in her underwear drawer!
I agree that there is no beating a good healthy laugh!
Nik said on 4/May/17
@Sandy Cowell

No problem, there is nothing like a good laugh. I am wondering where her underpants are having seen the picture!

Sandy Cowell said on 4/May/17
@ Nik - You're most welcome! 👍👙👗❓
Nik said on 3/May/17
@Sandy Cowell @Rob

You are both funny!

Thanks for cheering me up both of you!
Sandy Cowell said on 3/May/17
Cripes! Where are her underpants?
Sandy Cowell said on 2/May/17
@ You're funny Rob! Nothing gets past you does it? "On paper!" - well said!
She's still a fine weight at 10 stone 10 for a girl so tall, and she does look the business!
Allie said on 1/May/17
Rob how much do you think she weighs? 150/68 kg?
Editor Rob
on paper 135, on the scales nearer 150.
Sandy Cowell said on 15/Apr/17
I've seen Iggy singing on the 'Ellen' show and she's a lovely girl! She's also considerably taller than Ellen, but I had no idea by how much until I found this page! She gets 5ft9.5 from me today.
Peter175 said on 15/Apr/17
kant, I'm not sure if you're looking at the picture carefully. Iggy is at least 2 inches taller than that girl, maybe even closer to 3
Megrace said on 14/Apr/17
she looks shorter on this pitcutre other pictures
5"9 she looks like in the fancy video
Mimi said on 15/Mar/17
Rob, how tall Iggy would be in these pair of platforms? Click Here
Editor Rob
Mimi, between 6ft 1 and 2 I'm sure.
Jessa said on 30/Nov/16
Rob, how tall is she in these? Click Here
MC said on 12/Nov/16
Is she 6ft or a little taller on those heels in the picture above Rob?
Editor Rob
yes MC, Iggy should comfortably measure 6ft and a bit.
truly said on 8/Nov/16
are you thinking 5ft9.25 too for iggy Rob?
Editor Rob
at times she gives a taller impression than Taylor does.
Jay said on 8/Oct/16
She was nearly as tall as chip back in the hustle gang days.
Pikachu said on 30/Sep/16
5'8.5in (174 cm)
miko said on 8/Sep/16
She's at the start of the height range where a 6 foot guy like myself would make sure my posture was decent haha.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 1/Sep/16
Iggy I believe, is closer to what a legitimate 5ft10 woman would look like, unlike Taylor Swift. But still, Iggy isn't quite 178cm.
truth said on 3/Jul/16
She is 176 cm range and rounds up to 5'10.
Brad said on 7/Jun/16
5-10. Makes Demi Lovato look like a shrimp.
Mat said on 27/May/16
Rob, she claimed again 5'10 on twitter on february 12th this year, maybe you should add it to the top.'' i dont think im short because iam a woman and most are not 5' 10'' ''

she has claimed numerous times actually 5'10 on twitter if you watch her old postings, like 6-7 times with this being the most recent.
Editor Rob
yes, she's said it a lot, although as I mentioned, pushed it to 5ft 11 once...
oliver said on 23/Apr/16
175-176 cm is her range.
Not shorter or taller than that
Nigel said on 10/Apr/16
Strong 5'10" barefeet. Stop downgrading her.
Tong Wan Poi said on 4/Apr/16
175 cm tops.
Lola said on 16/Mar/16
I met her and she had flat ballerina shoes on. I had flat shoes too and I am a 6'0" girl. She honestly looked exactly my height. More Beautiful in person.
Granola daze said on 22/Feb/16
I actually had to measure her for a costume. She is 5'10"!
Piotr said on 8/Feb/16
Hey Rob,
I was wondering: if a person is like 1,76 lunch time(5 hours after waking up), should this person claim 5ft9.5? Since its just 0.5cm difference i think that is the claim most people at that height do, such as iggy, alessandra ambrosio, elsa hosk and etc...
Editor Rob
they aren't rounding up much...if they say their height in feet/inches, then 9.5 is ok
Bruce 5'11 2/3 said on 25/Dec/15
At least 5'9
G said on 30/Nov/15
With 5'2.5 (as listed here) Demi Lovato. Click Here What we have here is a difference of 7 inches or around that. At 5'9 or 5'9.25 is believable to Iggy. After all, 5'3.5 for Demi is unlikely.
Allie said on 27/Nov/15
I'm actually willing to bet that Taylor can edge her out. I wouldn't guess Taylor anything over a fraction above 5'9, so I'm thinking 5'8.75-5'9 for Iggy. And Taylor Swift could be 175-176.
G said on 27/Nov/15
Rob, 5'9 or 5'9.25 is possible to Iggy?
oliver said on 26/Nov/15
About 4.5 inches shorter than 6' 1.5 Karlie Kloss so 5' 9 is for sure.
Jen said on 5/Nov/15
She's a weak 5'9". She posed with victorias secret models Elsa Hosk at 5'9 and Rachel Hilbert at 5'10 . Both Elsa and Rachel had flat footwear on and Iggy had boots with a heel and she wasn't any taller than either of them. She's barely 5'9". Her 5'11 claims are ludicrous.
Allie said on 6/Oct/15
Rob, since you said that Taylor Swift proclaims she's 5'11, maybe she should add that on Twitter Iggy said she's 5'11.. just search up: "Iggy Azalea 5'11 twitter".
She said, "I'm 5' 11 and i wear high heels on stage. The trap door lifts ppl pop out of are only 5 feet max.".
MaryAnne said on 13/Sep/15
Tall girls love to claim taller : )
Alex said on 9/Sep/15
4 days ago on Twitter Iggy said she was 5'11
Natasha said on 12/Jul/15
5.9,5 is only 1 cm shorter then 5.10. so, iggy is a tall lady with With Incredible Body
Yo said on 10/Jul/15
Nick Young is 6'7.
vfpswiftie said on 6/Jul/15
Rob, why do you think Iggy would win the staredown against T-Swift?
Editor Rob
at times Iggy can look more nearer to 5ft 10 than Swift, they may still measure quite close barefeet though, but might be a chance Iggy is a little taller.
Jada said on 14/Jun/15
Iggy is definitely 5'10" barefeet, at least. She is also taller than Swift (met the both of them). Iggy looks shorter because relative to her entire height, her legs are short, and her torso is very long.
miko said on 11/Jun/15
Rob, Azalea/Swift barefoot staredown, who wins?
Editor Rob
possibly azalea, it would make for a good challenge, the celebrity staredown, who is taller....
SillyJCool said on 1/Jun/15
She is definitely 5 Foot 10
Trust me she is tall for a lady
Which is another reason Y I luv her
Hypado said on 26/May/15
Iggy Azalea's height is 5ft 9.5in (176,5 cm)
Natasha said on 24/May/15
5.10 ideal height every girl want clime it.;) she's 176cm its only 2 cm shorten then 178
Bishop said on 21/May/15
Last piece of evidence I'm posting on this page. With 5'11.25" listed Jimmy Kimmel:

Click Here

Jimmy's dress shoes would get him to 6'-6'0.5" and Iggy is wearing 4 inch heels which give her 3 inches and they look the same height. So once again, 5'9-5'9.5".
Bishop said on 18/May/15
You know what, let's agree to disagree and move on. You can believe she's 5'10", that's your opinion, and I will respect that. But I'm just saying that there are plenty of examples of tall women lying about their height. Just because a woman is tall doesn't mean they won't lie. Also, she may have claimed 5'10" as a round up from 5'9.5" because it's easier to say, like Lily Cole.
Skye said on 17/May/15
@Cory - Because everyone lies? Especially about things like weight and height. I could say I'm 5'10 even though I'm only 5'8.
Corey said on 17/May/15
Mr/Mrs 'lmao' Bishop. I get why most men add an inch or two to their heights -- it's the most common lie amongst men to say they are taller than they truly are. However why would a lady claim to be taller than she is? If she truly was 5'9", what would be her motivation to claim 5'10"? Women have no advantage to claim they are taller than they truly are. They do say they weigh less than what's on the scales, but only very rarely do they claim to be taller than they are, and if so, it is only when they are very short. Which is not her case.
Bishop said on 17/May/15
Thank you, Lorne. Someone with common sense around here.
Lorne??? said on 17/May/15
There's now way in hell Nick young is 6 5, more than an hour out of bed.

He's like 6ft4-4.25, and can look barely 6'4 with Kobe. And he was like 25 when he joined the lakers, the person below is being so silly they are not worth responding too.
Bishop said on 14/May/15
Call me obsessed all you want, but you haven't posted any factual evidence to support your ridiculous 5'11" claim, while I have. I'm guessing you are a typical fanboy/girl. I didn't say she lied, 5'10" could have just been a round up. Her modeling agency itself lists her 5'9.5". News flash for you, celebrities lie about their height. If they didn't, would that make Timberlake near 6'2" and Bieber between 5'9-10"? lmao.

Even if Nick is 6'5", she still doesn't look over 5'9-9.5" with him. And those photos with Kobe were not taken that long ago. Nick's like 27 now so he's well past the growing stage. Try harder.
Corey said on 13/May/15
Bishop Nick hadn't done growing in the second photo next to Kobe. Why would Iggy say she is taller than she actually is? You are obsessed.
Bishop said on 12/May/15
Yep, because celebrities are always the height they claim LOL. I see every bit of 5'10" here in heels with a measured 6'5" Nick Young:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Nick Young probably isn't even 6'5". Look at him with Kobe Bryant:

Click Here

Click Here
Corey said on 10/May/15
Bishop, enough said. She said she is 5'10", she sure looks it, that's it. 5'10" for Iggy.
G said on 9/May/15
Well, Look into the arms of Taylor and Iggy. The distance is evident but it is minimal, which would not make Taylor look lower than it looks in the picture, what does Iggy 5'11. it is in the range 5'9 - 5'9.5. This photo is useful to get rid of the ridiculous claims 5'7 and 5'8 for Taylor.
abhishek said on 9/May/15
@paula do you have the link to those interviews?
Bishop said on 8/May/15
The footwear was the same, if anyone is asking:
Click Here
Click Here

I think Taylor appears slightly taller. So I would put Iggy at 175-176 cm and Taylor at 5'9.5".
Corey said on 8/May/15
G, this photo is entirely unreliable. Taylor is standing nearer the camera, appearing taller than Iggy. Taylor and Iggy seem to be the same height, 5'10". As to Karlie, she is a legit 6'2" bare feet (met her many times in Paris for Fashion Week).
184.3cm (Night) said on 8/May/15
Actually G we cant see the footwear there but i would say they are very similar in that pic. Strong 5'9.
G said on 6/May/15
Well, I do not think Iggy is 5'11. It is possible that she is 5'10, though there is no evidence enough that this really is your height, it is an inch lower than Taylor Swift Click Here This puts an end to the claim 5'11 to Iggy. As mentioned before, it can be 5'10 but is unlikely. It may perhaps be 5'9.
Bishop said on 5/May/15
I'm not obsessed, but I guess I was acting like my opinion was a fact. I apologize for that, Paula. Joan looks about 3.5-4 inches shorter than Karlie in photos so I don't believe she's as tall as listed here. Iggy also looks about that much shorter than Karlie. But Karlie is certainly not 6'3", she was shorter than the late L'Wrenn Scott who was about 6'3" herself. She's somewhere between 6'1-1.5".
Paula said on 4/May/15
Guess bishop is a tad obsessed. You sure can't guess Joan's height from a photo..but the fact remains.
Bishop said on 2/May/15
Karlie is not 6'3" and (judging from that photo) Joan is definitely not 5'10.5" despite being listed as that.
Corey said on 1/May/15
She is between 5'10" and 5'11" barefeet. Here, next to Joan Smalls who is 5'10" 1/2. And Karlie Kloss who is 6'3" barefeet.

Click Here
Ross said on 29/Apr/15
she is not as mutch taller then rita o, so haw she can be 5.11?
5.9"5 correct for her
Bishop said on 28/Apr/15
Not all tall women downgrade. Just look at Blake Lively, Brooke Shields, Taylor Swift etc. who are all tall women but upgrade themselves. She claims 5'10", so 5'11" is out of the question. And look at all the photos below. She clearly isn't even 5'10" as her boyfriend, Nick Young, is listed at Draft Express at 6'5" and when she's in 4 inch heel, she's still 5-6 inches shorter than him. Obviously in heels she would be 6ft+ so that's probably why she got described as that (And I would appreciate it if you posted a link to this interview). You also have to understand that many people out there are very poor judges of height. This 5'9" range guy I met thought I was 6'4" but I'm only a little over 6'1". And look at the other pics posted by TJE. Besides, she's shorter than Taylor Swift. Post a photo of her with someone else that proves she's 5'11", because you haven't posted any.
Paula said on 27/Apr/15
Bishop, she claims 5'10" because that is already tall for a woman. But she truthfully is 5'11". Watch her interviews on YouTube, she was described at 6 feet and she agreed to it. And batefeet.
Skye said on 24/Apr/15
Given the pics with Swift, I'd peg her down to 175, 176 instead. Though 177 is possible for her.
Bishop said on 24/Apr/15
No she isn't. She claims 5'10" herself, so how would she be 5'11"? Besides, look at all the evidence below.
Paula said on 23/Apr/15
She is 5'11" barefeet. Don't downgrade her.
Helga said on 13/Apr/15
175-176 right for her.
@ liza that's right! girls stop growing by age 13 or 15... I'm stopped growing 13 yearold.
liza said on 11/Apr/15
14 y old was 184cm. naw I`am 21 & still 184;) in fact, girls stop growing by age 13 or 15...( All my
family is "tall" height. My mom's 194cm and dad's ia 188cm)
@ Debbie Ryan iggy doesn't have a models appearance.. height 5.9 or 5.10 is not enought to be a model...
Ally said on 25/Mar/15
Some sources say she's 5'10 but 5'9.5 seems fair
Debbie Ryan said on 22/Mar/15
I think her height fits her perfectly and works for her modeling too! I wish I was that tall
Lana said on 18/Mar/15
She definitely looks at least 5'9. She has always seemed like a tall girl
Wow that's the first I am seeing of her measurements. I always thought she had an extremely tiny (like 24-25) waist but I guess it is just that huge contrast from her hips.

@natalie that's nice and all but a bit of a stretch. I was already 5'8 going into high school (13 years old) and stopped growing that year lol.
Bishop said on 18/Mar/15
5'9" flat. Nick Young's 6'5" measurement was probably in the morning. He's shorter than Kobe Bryant if you search up photos. He's probably 6'4-6'4.5" range.
natalie said on 26/Feb/15
this is how tall i will probably be because im 13 and im already like 5'4 and i might be taller
Hypado said on 26/Feb/15
Iggy Azalea's height is 5ft 9.75in (177 cm)

Almost 178 cm
Bishop said on 5/Feb/15
These are the only pics I found of them (They're wearing same sized heels):
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
miko said on 4/Feb/15
An Azalea / Swift staredown would be very interesting!
Mary said on 1/Feb/15
She is 5'11" actually, barefeet. She went to my school.
Gav said on 10/Jan/15
5'9 at most! But not under.
Bishop said on 6/Jan/15
I believe she claimed 5'10" on twitter once. She doesn't look taller than this next to Jennifer Lopez.
TJE said on 14/Dec/14
I would agree with under 5'9 till I saw this:
Click Here

Obviously they're both wearing heels and Iggy's would be bigger by default, but under 5'9 seems inplausble.
Andrews said on 13/Dec/14
Click Here
She looks a bit smaller than Taylor. 5'9 or 5'8.5, I think.
tiny said on 10/Dec/14
Iggy has an unbelievable waist hip ratio. She weighs 150 lbs which is great for her 5'10" frame but her waist is tiny and her hips are huge which makes her look shorter. She is defnitely a very healthy girl.
Roy said on 28/Nov/14
Rob, what you think her height can be without heels on?
Editor Rob
I think in the 5ft 9 is ok without heels, I wouldn't guess any shorter really.
Jay said on 23/Nov/14
Got proof of your claim Rojas?
Dionicio Rojas said on 27/Oct/14
She is 175cm at max.
Dom said on 4/Sep/14
Her legs and arms are really short compared to her torso
cc said on 24/Aug/14
wow...shes tall. anyone else notice her arms look short in proportion to her body?
TJE said on 12/Aug/14
She looks shorter than 5'10 because she is shorter than 5'10.
Sarah bunny said on 9/Aug/14
Im 5'10 and I hate it ... i dont know how all these celebs wear high heels when they are already super tall
mila said on 7/Aug/14
she´s 5 ft 10!!! she looks shorter because she has bride hips
Rhonda said on 5/Aug/14
I was thinking not quite 5ft10. 5ft9 range. Rob is right to go lower than 5ft10.
TJE said on 26/Jul/14
What do you think, Rob?
Editor Rob
5ft 9.5 I think is a safe limit at the moment, she can definitely just look in 5ft 9 range more than a real 5ft 10 would.
TJE said on 22/Jul/14
With 6'5 Nick Young:
Click Here
Click Here

Proof Nick Young is only 6'5:
Click Here

With 5'0.25 Ariana Grande:
Click Here
Click Here (Better angle for footwear)

With a questionably 5'8 TI:
Click Here
Click Here (Here's footwear)

That should put an end to the 5'10 claim.
TJE said on 19/Jul/14
@Glen What are you talking about? She doesn't look anymore than 8.5 inches taller than Ariana Grande.

Also, she's more than five inches shorter than her 6'5 boyfriend while wearing four inch heels. I can't see her above 5'9.25. I'd put her at 5'8.75 just to be safe.
mitchele said on 16/Jul/14
she is tall .... but not like six ft
Glen said on 13/Jul/14
She appears to be more like 6 ft to me. She towers over Ariana Grande by at least a foot!
Hypado said on 24/Jun/14
Looks this. 178 for Iggy.

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