How tall is Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez's Height

5ft 4 ½ (163.8 cm)

American Singer and actress known for roles in Out of Sight, Maid in Manhattan, Monster in Law and Parker. She is quoted in the Sunday Mirror as saying: "I'm 5' 6" and I weigh 120 pounds so I'm not thin, but I think that's why women identify with me and I'm liked by men. I'm just a normal person."

How tall is Jennifer Lopez
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Average Guess (118 Votes)
5ft 4.51in (163.8cm)
Henrietta said on 15/Oct/20
My guess would be 5'3 1/2 ...just check a photo of her with Owen Wilson (179cm) and Maluma(1,77cm).
Alanna said on 6/Oct/20
164cm seems correct. I don’t think she’s under 5’4”
Jtm said on 15/Aug/20
There's no way she's over 5'4. Sticking with 5'3 range at the most.
The French Dude said on 12/Aug/20
5'4 1/2 fits her right, there's no way she is only 1,62-1,63 but also there's no way she is 1,66 or more, 5'5 at most, gets 164 for me
Alanna said on 30/Jul/20
Fair listing
Davidjr said on 13/Jul/20
She is 164 cm beautiful woman, singer and actress
Hanov said on 11/Jun/20
63 kg at worst nowadayd
5.9 legit guy said on 4/May/20
5ft 4 for J.Lopez,always the Hollywood rule of +2 inches increase !
Legit 5ft 6 as Angelina Jolie are much taller than her
susief said on 27/Apr/20
there's no way she's 5'6, Beyonce is 5'6 and she towers jlo in their pictures together.
The hamburger said on 22/Feb/20
How tall is she in those Click Here
Editor Rob
Almost 5ft 10
Person111 said on 22/Feb/20
Here is JLo next to 5'6 ex-husband Marc Anthony, both wearing flat shoes. She's an inch shorter than him in every picture, so that makes her about 5'5.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Panchsfhool said on 16/Feb/20
1.63cm thats right
THE MAVERICK said on 13/Feb/20
164 cm and 55 kg for her in her prime : )
Jtm said on 6/Feb/20
I somewhat agree with CPA. she was much shorter than 5'7 max Catherine keener in out of sight. keener might been wearing higher heels but the difference wouldn't be that noticeable if she was 5'5 or close to it. she was also no taller than luis guzman despite her heels.
Littlelee5ft6 said on 4/Feb/20
Shes not 5ft 3 she looked alot taller than shakira on stage recently shakira in flats jlo in 3 inch heels I can believe 5ft 4.5
Latr said on 4/Feb/20
Who cares what she weighs or how tall she is!!! She LOOKS FABULOUS..... and if you don’t thinks so... you are just hating on her!!!! She killed it at the Super Bowl!!! People were ‘offended’. Stop... people just WISH they could move like THAT!!! Get it Girl!!! She’s a BOSS!!!!!
CPA said on 3/Feb/20
Saw her in a casino walking next to me... she's about 5.3 at the tallest. DEF not 5.6.
William Burke, Jr. said on 2/Feb/20
I think Jennifer is beautiful at 125 or 130 lbs. A woman with curves is much sexier than these barbie doll models and actresses who starve themselves to death to be super thin.
SAK said on 4/Jan/20
She looks a good 15 years than her age.
Kikilove16 said on 3/Oct/19
Saw her in person, she is 5’5” 1/2 her wait is about 125. She’s also quite beautiful in person.
someonetorunwith said on 29/Sep/19
Looks a bit taller than Victoria Beckham. This listing seems accurate
Peter175 said on 5/Sep/19
Well it depends on bone structure, some people carry weight differently. She has a large frame and has a large amount of muscle for a woman.

My guess is that she fluctuated from 130-140 throughout her career. I doubt she was ever 120lbs, infact I'd bet even if she was 5'3" she wouldn't weigh that amount.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 19/Aug/19
Perhaps 130 of quality muscle! 10 stone? Never!
viper said on 18/Aug/19
140? No way.

130 at most. She's still leanish
Peter175 said on 16/Aug/19
She weighs far more than 120lbs and is well shorter than 5'6".

5'4" and 140lbs
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 24/Jul/19
🎁🎂🕯️ Happy Big 5️⃣0️⃣ Jennifer! 🕯️🎂🎁

Still looking like a girl, J-Lo turns 50 years old today! She had me in tears in 'Jersey Girl', but many of her films have been far more uplifting and some downright terrifying, ie 'The Cell'. Yes, a real mixture of movies and a TV personality and singer as well. What a talented lady!

Have a great day, honey! 😁🎈💝

5ft4.5, but I always thought she was taller because of her excellent shape.

khaled taban said on 16/Jun/19
5'4.5" is reasonable for her.
melisentia said on 25/Mar/19
She is 160cm. There is not much of a height difference between her and Vanessa Hudgens in the movie "Second Act". Two inches taller tha Vanessa.
Lara said on 18/Mar/19
She seems to be 1.64 m.
Kelly Germany said on 23/Feb/19
Jennifer has average height. Solid 5ft 4.
Joerg Smith said on 20/Jan/19
Rob, 120 pounds doesn't really sound believable for someone like JLo who's known for her voluptuous build. Are 130 pounds or more possible like some users already suggested?
Michael 5'10", 178 cm said on 10/Jan/19
She claims that she is 5'6", she is obviously no more than 5'5". As a matter of fact, she is not even 5'5", so I don't get she claims to be more than inch taller than she is. I don't get it, why do celebrities, even celebrity women want to inflate their height by 1-2 inches. 5'4" or 5'4 1/2" is a good height for a woman, she must have a short Latina complex. Jennifer Lopez is 5'4 1/2", Ben Affleck towers over her by nearly a foot. No way is she even close to being 5'6", more than an inch shorter than Beyonce.
Men said on 7/Dec/18
She's built heavily giving her a taller appearance. 120 lbs fer sure. She could be 120 lbs if she were 5'2". She's at least 130 lbs.
Emma5seven said on 28/Nov/18
Jennifer looks 5'2 next to Shakira who is listed 5'1. I think 5'3 for Jennifer is more accurate.
Johnnyfive said on 20/Sep/18
Wow! It's been five years or more I havent made a comment on this website but I'm back. I saw J-Lo back in '99 in NYC, I was a crowd member for MTV's TRL and Lopez did not look an centimeter taller than 5'3 next to Carson Daly. She was dressed casual and wearing sneakers. Carson and I (184cm) are close to the same height, him being slighly taller (185, 186cms maybe?). I know because I shook his hand and we were eye to eye. J-Lo needs a serious downgrade.
Silvia said on 8/Sep/18
No way she is 5’4... this is a picture of her next to 5’7 Ryan Seacrest , she is wearing heels and he still has a few inches on her..

Click Here
I say she is 5’3 at the most.
Deb said on 31/Aug/18
Next to Jen's bf ARod who is about 6f1-6f2 and she looks small. I think Alex is about a foot taller than Jlo so still think 5f3 is Jennifer's max height. Click Here
Talisa said on 16/Aug/18
Another famous person lying about her height and weight. She is pretty slim but 120 lbs and 5'6" is absurd. She may have very light bones or lack muscle mass, whuch would make her weigh less, but basic observation would suggest she's made of denser stuff. She looks fit and healthy. I'd say 5'4" and 135 lbs
Nik said on 21/Jun/18
One fair listing!
GrimmFan said on 30/Mar/18
5'4 but she has short legs so make her look shorter.
heightgirl said on 22/Mar/18
Jennifer next to 5f1 Venessa Hudgens doesn't seem much taller and both are in flats. Click Here
MAD SAM said on 15/Dec/17
I don’t see her past 162 cm
Height Girl said on 14/Dec/17
Elizabeth, Isn't Leah really around 5f1 and those heels wouldn't even give her 2 inches of height. Leah seemed the same height as Kimmy K who said on her myspace that she was only 5f1? I still think Jen is only 5f3 at the most.
Elizabeth said on 25/Nov/17
Click Here
Jlo in flats leah in 3 inch heels. JLO taller. Shes 5`7
Anonymous said on 6/Nov/17
She is in the range of 1.65 - 1.68 cms for SURE.
Height guy said on 23/Sep/17
Five feet four and one half...She's a tall order. A tall gorgeous SEXY order
Deb said on 14/Sep/17
That video of Britney and Ellen are gone so here is a picture: Click Here
Deb said on 1/Sep/17
5f4 Britney Spears in high heels without platforms next to Ellen looks much taller than Jennifer to me so I still don't think she is past 5f3? Click Here
Slim 182 cm said on 20/Jul/17
With around 11.5 cm of heels, she's looking 175,
163.5 barefoot.
even said on 18/Jul/17
5'4.5" and a minimum 120 pounds
Kelly said on 10/Jul/17
She is 5,4 130 pounds a good 😊 height and weight
Height guy said on 8/Jul/17
Did she mean five feet six with her high heels on when she said that in the Sunday Mirror? But I don't know, maybe she is five feet six but...
Ally said on 5/Jul/17
A solid 5,4
Kelly said on 3/Jul/17
she said 5'5 and the internet says 5'5
Height Girl said on 23/Jun/17
Jennifer looks about 2 inches smaller than 5f7.5 Wilmer Valderrama even with her heels Click Here and she is wearing super mega platform high heels to boot lol Click Here
Kelly said on 19/Jun/17
Meh 5,5 tbh taller than Spears
Height Girl said on 23/May/17
Variant, Ellen is 5f6 and only wears flat sneakers and Jlo with really high heels is about the same height as her so I still think she's no more than 5f3.
Variant said on 19/May/17
Click Here

About the same in heels as Derek Hough who is, what, 5'9 or 5'10?

JLo's heels don't seem real massive here.
sina jamyari said on 9/May/17
Hi. My mom is 164 like as jeny . And I think its so good hight for a woman . But in fact I think Jennifer Lopez hight is more than this .
Peter175 said on 20/Apr/17
I love how celebs try to open up with an honest statement, all why lying about their actual height and weight.

She's 5'4 and weighs upwards of 130 lbs. Reminds me of Johnny Depp "I'm not the tallest guy by anymeans; I'm 5'11"." or Mark Walhberg/Zac efron "Only 5'10"
Megrace said on 14/Apr/17
Yup 5,4 she is average and weighs 121 pounds average weight
Boraz said on 13/Apr/17
08 April 2008
Height: 5ft5in (165 cm)
Weight: 120 lbs (54,4 kg)

Source: British newspaper "Daily Mail"
Click Here // Click Here // Click Here
justine said on 20/Mar/17
Click Here

Jlo with 5`2 jenna dewan. Jlo is clearly 5`7
Sandy Cowell said on 7/Mar/17
Well, well, well! From the picture here alone, I can see that, if she took those shoes off, Jen in all likelihood, is smaller than I ever imagined! I have at least 5 of her films (I recommend 'The Cell' for its uniqueness!), and I always expected she was a good 5ft6 or a bit more! Now I'm going to have to lower my estimate to 5ft5.
Oh, and she has a lovely feminine figure!
grizz said on 5/Mar/17
IF Fallon is 5'11.5 -but he isn't
Kd said on 2/Mar/17
If jimmy Fallon is 5'11.5, I think she's got to be a 5'5er. Did not look a ton smaller than him, even including heels the difference was only a few inches. Textbook 5'5 even.
Ramualdo said on 19/Feb/17
Com'n folks, she's 158 cm no more
5'7 said on 17/Feb/17
sounds right, possibly 5'4, but height listed here looks accurate to me.
Arthur said on 4/Feb/17
Lol at her claim. 5'6 and 120 pounds would be on the thin side for a woman. And she has quite a big ass and not the thinnest legs out there (not saying she isn't hot for her age). Near 5'5 seems right for height, certainly nowhere near 5'6, but I would say she is also 5 or 10 pounds heavier.
Dom said on 27/Jan/17
I have no idea where those 5'3 claims come from, I've never seen a pic where she looks under 5'5'. She's 5'5" on the dot.
Heightgirl said on 23/Jan/17
Jen does not seem that much taller than Shakira who is only listed on here as being 5f1.25? Click Here Jennifer still seems max 5f3 to me.
kbhart said on 20/Jan/17
The concert they performed together in Taylor Swift is wearing 1" shoes and JLo is wearing 3" wedge high tops made to look like sneakers. That puts her at 5'6" ish then add an inch for the cap she's wearing...she should stand closer in height to Taylor than she appears on stage if she was a true 5'6"....I think she is 5'3" tops.
Wendy said on 7/Jan/17
Click Here

Jlo with leah remini in 6 inch heels. Jlo is 5'6
Sonia said on 30/Dec/16
Look at her with Drake.
anyonmious said on 29/Dec/16
J lo is no more then a weak 5'4"
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 27/Dec/16
Rob, which of the Jennifers do you think is the taller one: Lopez or Aniston? Both of them are guessed on average at 5ft4.46 on this site.
Editor Rob: both are incredible looking women in their late 40's, I think it is tough to say who is barefoot taller!
Melisentia pheiffer said on 11/Nov/16
Type your comment here...She is not short. She was performing with Taylor Swift on stage at the MVAs, wearing sneakers. Check it on YouTube. Taylor Swift dwarfs a lot of celebrities but not Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer is 1.64 cm. Nicole is just a cm taller than her. Nicole scherzinger is 1.65cm. I would call Ariana Grande, who is 1.53cm, frail.
Sonia said on 25/Oct/16
5-5, one hundred thirty pounds.
Wind said on 22/Oct/16
Also, her claim on being 5'6'' and weighing 120lbs is absurd. That would put her at a BMI of barely 19.4. How is that not thin?? Are other celebs all underweight? Mila Kunis BMI is 19.5 and she is in NO WAY as slim as Mila, let alone slimmer. I love JLo, but she is simply lying here. And she shouldn't! She should make women believe they are sexy even with curves. But no, she wants to make them believe you have to be close to underweight to be considered curvy. If you want a slim figure, then you need to aim for anorexic smh
Wind said on 22/Oct/16
There's no way she weighs 120 pounds. She is about my height and her measurements are 34-26-38. Mine are 37-26-37 and I weigh slightly over 130lbs. Also, from what I've seen form pics of her at the beach, I have a more toned belly and defined waistline (obviously, I'm 26). I look slimmer than her from bust down so she can't be 10lbs lighter and be 5'5''. She either weighs over 130, or she is considerably shorter.
Radiotech said on 30/Sep/16
Saw her close at a film convention and she is petite... And that famous butt is only famous because it's attached to a super small body. Anyone famous is usually frail in person.... Except the Rock Dwayne Johnson, no lie
Clay said on 7/Sep/16
Ryan Guzman is most likely 6ft 0 standing next to her.
Heightgirl said on 4/Sep/16
barbiegirl, I figured as much. So what..about 6 inches shorter than you in flats while the figure was in high heels? Did you make out if they her high heeled shoes were 4",5" or 6" heels with or without those 2" chunk platforms?
barbiegirl said on 31/Aug/16
i always thought that she was around 5'6 tall but i went to a wax museum and was shocked at how short she was. I am 5'9.5 in flats and she was like half a head shorter than me in heels
Heightgirl said on 14/Jul/16
Well Jennifer Lopez is smaller than other celebs that are truly 5f5 and 5f6 so that shows me that Aniston seems to me not to be as tall either. Leah Remini claimes 5f3 but she looked the same height as 5f2 Kelly Osborne and next to Jennifer she looks about the same height. Click Here Click Here Click Here Jenny McCarthy is 5f6 and Holly Robinson Pete is 5f6 on here by the way. I still think Jennifer is max 5f3.
Tina said on 20/Jun/16
Click Here
With jennifer aniston, jlo is leaning and legs crossed and aniston is standing straight. Clearly JLO is taller, yet you list Aniston as being taller?
Editor Rob: you could certainly argue from that she was 5ft 5 range, but I don't know if they are exact same heel sizes.
Tina said on 10/Jun/16
Click Here
Jlo with 5'8 terri seymour. Jlo is def 5'6.
Deb said on 31/May/16
Tina, Maria is scrunched down and she is still much taller than jennifer who has mega heels on. Jlo looks only 5'3 max at the most to me.
Tina said on 26/May/16
Click Here

With 5'8 maria manounous, jlo is 5'6
jtm said on 16/Apr/16
look at hudson next to vivica fox. hudson looks much shorter than fox and rob is not even sure fox is 5'7. I'm sticking with 5'3 for lopez and 5'4 for hudson .
Jo said on 14/Apr/16
Jtm her proportions are similar to way would someone who is 5"3 come up to the same level as someone who is 5'6. Jlo is taller..she is 5'6
jtm said on 14/Apr/16
stop playing around Tina. this listing is still at least inch too high. she wouldn't look a sub 5'3 at times even with bad posture if she was really nearly 5'5. BTW Hudson's listing is also way too high.
Tina said on 13/Apr/16
Click Here

With 5'6 kate hudson. Upgrade!
Arch Stanton said on 29/Mar/16
Is she seated down slightly on the bumper? She's definitely dropping height there but still looks shorter than you'd think if he is 5 ft 8!
Editor Rob: it's hard to say how much she might be losing beside the car.
Arch Stanton said on 29/Mar/16
@Rob, check out the heels in the bottom photos Click Here Is it just her posture in that picture because she should really be almost Corden's height in those!! They should surely give 3.5-4 inches? In comparison he doesn't look too far off 6 ft there! I know she's not quite standing straight but still...
Ron said on 18/Mar/16
Rob, how tall do you think her current boyfriend casper smart is? A lot of websites say 5'8, what do you think?
Editor Rob: might be not that far off it
murt said on 3/Mar/16
In this video with Ellen, she looks around the same height as Ellen or very slightly taller, but she's wearing at least 5 inch heels (huge platforms), and Ellen's in flats. So I think she must be around 5'3. Click Here
Deb said on 24/Feb/16
5f5 Viola Davis was in a movie with Jen recently and Jen was in those high heeled running shoes while Viola was in one inch shoes and Viola was still taller then Jennifer. When Viola was in 4 inch heels and Jennifer was in 5 inch heels with a bit of a platform and maybe lifts too but Viola was 3 inches taller. Jen still looks 5f3 to me at the most. Click Here Click Here Leah might only be around 5f1 like Reese.
Tina said on 21/Feb/16
Jlo with leah remini who is 5`3. She is 5`6
Click Here
Click Here
M said on 7/Jan/16
She is shorter 3" from her ex-husband Marc Antonio who is only 5'6" - so that means she is only 5'3".
Fray said on 28/Dec/15
During filming of Selena and Mi Familia, she was a strong 5'5" (a little over 165cm morning) and weighed 130lbs with 38.5-39" hips (size 6) and a VERY tiny 25.5" waist (size 2). Her upper body is a size 4/S She has small calves/ankles - very fit and quite beautiful in person. She does not photograph tall because she's curvy and not long limbed. She may just round up on her 5'6" claim (don't know about her weight now).
Anon said on 14/Dec/15
J-lo looks taller than 54 Jen Anniston in this picture. Jlos heels look bigger but she has bad posture. I would say 164 cm is good height for her.

Click Here
sar said on 22/Nov/15
she is at least 164cm LOL at the people saying she's only like 5'2
johnnyfive said on 16/Nov/15
I saw her in person back in 2000. I'm 6'0.5 and she looked no taller than 5'3 for sure.
Deb said on 7/Nov/15
No worries, Piotr. I like celeb height gauging and guestimating. lol What do you think about Jen's height at 2009 Golden Globes next to 5f6 Kate Winslet and 5f6 Rumer Willis? Click Here
Editor Rob: I don't know if the stage slopes or if the camera is quite high, can be hard to tell on that clip how much difference there really is.
The Exorcist said on 4/Nov/15
@Piotr and Deb:

Similar thing with the newest pic. The road is sloping, and they're not standing next to each other. They're both walking when the picture was taken, and Jennifer walking behind her. It's hard enough to estimate the majority of womens height as it is because of the variety of different heels. So that makes it extra important to make sure you've got a good picture for judging height. Preferably one on flat ground, not on a road or pavement.

Sorry if I'm coming across as too critical.
Deb said on 3/Nov/15
Piotr, Drea is much taller in that picture too and her heels are a lot smaller.
Piotr said on 2/Nov/15
I agree, terrible photo Deb.
Click Here
Better picture
The Exorcist said on 22/Oct/15
@Deb: They're standing on a sloping road in that picture, Drea is standing on a higher part of the slope, and they're not standing side-by-side. An awful photo for judging height.
Deb said on 20/Oct/15
Okay so here Jen and Drea are again but this time you see them side by side with shoes on. Drea who is said to be 5f5 has boots on with what seems to be a one inch heel, to bring her to maybe 5f6 max, and Jennifer has massive heels and platforms and still looks shorter even with those monsters on! Click Here
Deb said on 14/Oct/15
Isn't Beyonce only 5f4? Also in the Pepsi commercial Jlo looks shorter than her.
Piotr said on 27/Aug/15
There is another picture with heels showing same height. In the pictures with beyonce shes the same height... although beyonce is wearing a wig and gives her a extra inch in height, jennifers hair is slicked down.

Click Here

Further proof she 5'6
Den said on 24/Aug/15
Piotro, Looks like Jen's boots are bigger there and she still seems about 2 inches shorter than Drea to me. I still think she is only around 5f3 or under. Sorry.
Piotr said on 21/Aug/15
Click Here

You can see boots here deb, definately 5'6
Armandy said on 20/Aug/15
Looks 5'3-5'4
Sheena said on 20/Aug/15
Click Here

Same height as dream and you can see same height heels. Upgrade 5"6
Deb said on 18/Aug/15
Piotr, I can't see Drea's shoes and she usually wears flats anyways. Jennifer was most likely wearing lifts too imo. Remember Jlo's beauty team uses beauty tricks and it takes a lot of time for her to get ready like she said on Ellen and other interviews. Plus Drea is only said to be 5'5" so it wouldn't take much.
Piotr said on 7/Aug/15
Same height as Drea, but drea is in 2 inch heels which compensates for jlo being a bit closer to camera.
Click Here
Deb said on 22/Jul/15
Piotr, I don't agree. I just saw some more pics of Jen's footwear from that day and they are really monsterous so I just don't' believe that she more than 5f3 or a bit less. Click Here and Click Here
Deb said on 20/Jul/15
Empori, she seems 5'5 or 5'6 to me with those huge honking heel platforms. lol If Drea is only really 5'5 or 5'6 and wearing flats and similar in height to Jen in those monster shoes what does that tell you. It's simple math here. She does not look to be much taller than actresses who are around 5'1 or 5'2.
Piotr said on 18/Jul/15
I have looked at both debs and emporis links, sorry deb jennifer is 5'5 at least.
Deb said on 15/Jul/15
Empori, you posted this side by side of Jlo and Drea: Click Here I posted the pics of their shoes they were wearing that day from that shoot. Clearly to me Jennifer is no where near 5f6 or even 5f5. I think she may even be a bit under 5f3 at this point.
Empori said on 10/Jul/15
Deb in the video you posted it doesnt show drea in a side by side showing her heels. In your last post, thee camera angle is off, they are not standing side by side, jlo is closer. 5'6"
Deb said on 9/Jul/15
I just wanted to add a better view of Jennifer's massive platform heals and Drea's boots so check out these 2 pics Click Here and Click Here Some say Drea is only 5f5 and not 5f6?! So It takes those massive shoes for Jennifer to be around same height judging from Empori's picture. She can't be taller than 5f3 imo.
Deb said on 9/Jul/15
No way. Shoe trickery. Jennifer is wearing the biggest platforms and highest heels while Drea is in flat boots. Click Here
Empori said on 9/Jul/15
With Drea demateo
Click Here
Upgrade to 5'6
Leng said on 5/Jul/15
look at her and Olivia culpo who is 165 cm. she's at least 5 cm to 7 cm shorter

Click Here
SK said on 14/May/15
There's no way that she's 5'6" and 120 lbs. That would make her very thin, and she's never been thin. She's obviously lying about her height, weight, or both. First, she can't be 5'6" because she's always in massive 5-6 inch heels. If she were truly 5'6", she would easily look almost 6 feet tall in the extremely high heels that she wears, but she doesn't. Second, she can't be 120 lbs. with that butt of hers. She looks about 5'3" and 130-140 lbs.
Iggy said on 7/May/15
Jlo and kim Kardashian both in 6 inch heels.
Click Here

Jennifer is 4 inches taller!
Erica said on 24/Apr/15
@Ari She's gone on the record as saying she wears shape wear so I wouldn't be surprised about if your estimates about her clothing size are spot on.
stoned3331 said on 23/Apr/15
I believe she is 5ft 2
Bishop said on 29/Mar/15
5'4" max. Check out her recent premiere pics with Rihanna.
EaglesLegendz said on 4/Mar/15
She doesnt look taller than 5'3
Hypado said on 3/Mar/15
Jennifer Lopez height: 5ft 4.75in (164 cm)

This. Maybe 163 cm
Richard Barkley said on 22/Feb/15
looks 161 cm
Height Pro said on 26/Dec/14
Shes about few inches shorted than 5'11 wendy Williams.
Andrea said on 1/Dec/14
Rob, could she be more 5'4-5'4.5 range? 5'5 just seems a bit optimistic, let alone her 5'6 claim!
[Editor Rob: yes a weak 5ft 5 range]
amber said on 6/Nov/14
120 pounds is 54kg thats thin! I'm 17 same height 167cm and weigh 60 kg! :( man i feel fat, she's skinner than me and has had kids :(
Heightgirl said on 3/Nov/14
Jennifer seems smaller than 5f3.5 Amy Adams to me? Click Here She definitely doesn't seem 5f4 or taller at all imo.
Dom said on 30/Oct/14
She has never looked under 5'5"
Jen said on 24/Oct/14
Carmen, I noticed that too. Here is the pic of them. Click Here
Carmen said on 12/Sep/14
Jennifer Lopez was on Meredith Vieira's show recently and next to 5f2 Meredith she was not that much taller? I say she is around 5f3.
AndreaB said on 3/Sep/14
Lopez is about 2.5 inches shorter than Anthony. Anthony is a short man. What is he listed here as? My guess is he is 5f6.
jackson said on 27/Aug/14
anyone seen that poster of her next to 5'10 iggy azaela? they look...almost the same height?? obviously jlo is no where near 5'10....
Jen said on 25/Aug/14
Rita Ora is 5f5 and next to Jen looks a couple inches taller. Jen looks to have higher heels too. Click Here Jennifer looks to be around 5f3 imo.
art said on 24/Aug/14
she is probably 5'3 tops madonna is 5'2 -5'3 wears size 8 shoe
June said on 24/Aug/14
Wendy Williams only looks to be around 5f5.
ice said on 29/Jun/14
I am a weak 5'3, and my mother and sister is not too far off from there, so usually, I'm a decent judge on that range. I know what a little shorter and taller looks like around that height. It also helps that we have similar enough shapes. She comes across as a weak 5'4" to me. I'm willing to bet a few dollars that she would measure 5'3.75" or 162 cm.
Heightgirl said on 26/Jun/14
I can see her being 5f4 but no more than that. Now there is still a possibility that she is only around 5f3. Maybe she wears shoe lift inserts sometimes? Who knows?? She always seems to have major heels on all the time too so anything is possible. She once said on an interview it takes "a long time for me to get ready". and that she has a team that styles and dresses her. I bet her experts can make her appear taller and slimmer than she really is in my opinion.
the shredder said on 23/Jun/14
I can see the 5'4.5 that she claims ?
Alex 6'0 said on 22/Jun/14
Ice, she looks no more than 5'4 there. 5'3 range? anything is possible. I've always thought she looked 5'4 anyway never her 5'6 claim and not even 5'5 BUT 5'3-5'5 range I feel is hard to tell with women.
Alex 6'0 said on 22/Jun/14
No way 5'6. 5'5 I even doubt. She comes across as women 5'4 range ive always though.
selenator said on 14/Jun/14
No way! On this picture she's with Pitbull (170 cm), notice that she's wearing heels (at least 10 cm), but still she's shorter than him: Click Here
Btw David Letterman told her that he didn't expect her to be that tiny.
kk said on 10/Jun/14
hmm...i still think shes more 5'4 mainly because she wears such humongous heels and usually appears on a wee bit on the short side next to other celebs.
jj said on 9/Jun/14
thought she was around 5'4 ~ 5'3..
Dom said on 9/Jun/14
Xyz he has maximum one inch on her, she does look 5'5"
Xyz said on 30/May/14
Can't be! Rob , Can you please have a look at that gallery? Both are on flats. I see 2-2,5" difference between them according to angle. If Marc is strong 168 like you've listed here, she needs to be 5'4" - 5'3" and half.

Click Here
ice said on 23/May/14
Yeah, not only are Jennifer's heels higher, but she has platforms. I'm not seeing 5'5. AT MOST, I see 5'4".
jtm said on 22/May/14
isn't that cameron diaz standing next to lopez? lopez looks like she has higher heels so 5'5 is definitely not accurate even if diaz is 5'8.
ice said on 8/May/14
Editor Rob,

In order to have kept J-Lo at this listing for so long, you must have seen something that has convinced of this height. What is it? I'm curious, because I, and apparently a few other site visitors don't see it. I've looked up a few photos, but can never find any to make me think she's more than 5'4", so I'm really curious.
[Editor Rob: the 5ft 5 might be the top of a range for her, you could argue 5ft 4.5 is quite possible]
ice said on 6/May/14
Editor Rob, how much of a height difference do you see in those photos? I'm not sure why the second photo didn't show up, but here it is again, and some more to back it up.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

How this person below me sees only two inches is beyond me. When two people's estimate are that far apart, it's pointless to even discuss it with each other.
[Editor Rob: in the previous longer shot she could look 4 inches smaller, in these ones she looks more 5ft 5]
Mon said on 3/May/14
Considering her head is as every bit as big as Rihanna's, Jennifer Lopez would look pretty disproportionate at under 5'4''. We can see she doesn't. In ice's pic, what might look like Jennifer Lopez's front shoe heel seems to be a reflection from floor or something and it's difficult to tell where the heel is, but her back foot looks to be at a quite comfortable angle as if she has moderately high heels on. We can't tell if Rihanna's shoe is equally tall. You can't see Rihanna's heel size for her long gown, and very high heels may be more likely with a long gown. Rihanna was wearing 'barely there' but very high stilettos in the street the other day so she can manage bigger heels for an event. Back to back with similar heels there is less than 3 inches in it. (Most people exaggerate height diff when they try to quantify it from photos.)
Mon said on 2/May/14
May be 5'6'', not under 5'5'' as there was not even 3 inches diff when she posed back to back with Rihanna in similar heels
ice said on 2/May/14
I this doesn't put a nail in her 5'5+ claims, then I don't know what will. One, we can all agree that Rihanna is no taller than 5'8. Even SHE says 5'8." Well, there is not way 5'8 person would look like this next to a 5'5+ plus person. In the first picture, you can't see Rihanna's shoes, but you can most certainly see J-Lo's, and I HIGHLY doubt Rihanna has on a taller she. Honestly, I'm surprised J-Lo didn't break her ankles. If Rihanna's shoe is equally tall, I see 4-4.5 inches between them.

Click Here

In the second photo, they are back to back. You can see the back of J-Lo's foot, and if you pay close attention, you can see how high Rihanna's foot is elevated. J-Lo has the advantage. The most telling thing, however, is the shoulders. Neither lady has a particularly large head, or short/long neck, so it is comparable. Rihanna's shoulder are miles above J-Lo's, much more than two inches. With that said, J-Lo is not even 5'4". She is most definitely in the 5'3 and change range. How does she not feel like a fool while claiming 2+ inches taller in beyond me.
Peyman said on 27/Mar/14
5ft 4in min
5ft 6in max
& I think she looks 5ft 8in next to 5ft 11in Ricky martin(6ft on shoes)in their new music videio
by considering her heels she will look between 5ft 5in & 5ft 6in. but I think in real she is an inch shorter than that
Chris said on 28/Dec/13
If she thinks that she is 5'6"....she is insane! On a good day she MAY be 5'4" but more likely 5"3".
I compared her to the "stated" height of other actors in pictures and video (which by the way are already inflated) and she is consistently at around 5"3". SO WHAT?? Good things can come in small packages....
WhiskeyBum said on 25/Nov/13
From behind on all fours she was approx 2 feet tall
Len said on 21/Nov/13
Uh, Rob... Lopez now claims elsewhere that she's 5' 4 1/2".

Which actually seems very accurate for her.
[Editor Rob: I've not seen an interview where she claimed that.]
Dom said on 12/Nov/13
She looks 5'5 , good listing
Deb said on 17/Oct/13
danny, the Madam Tussaud's wax museum figures are 100% accurate with detailed measurements. I guess the mystery is solved lol Click Here
danny said on 10/Oct/13
I don't know how accurate her wax figure is at Madame Tussaud's wax museum, but if it is (which they usually are since the measure the people before) she is about 5'3'' max and has a tiny frame. Which makes her look curvier on TV than she really is. If she was 5'5'' 140 I don't think she would date so many small guys.
tiny said on 4/Oct/13
J'Lo is easily about 140 lbs and she is only 5'3". There is no way a girl that curvy can be only 120 lbs.
Elia said on 1/Oct/13
I saw her at concert and she was tiny : then i met her and she' 5'2 158 cm that's it, so she's not 5'5 or 5'3 or 5'4 she's under 5'3 !!
Deb said on 17/Sep/13
I saw Jen's bff Leah Remini on Dancing With The Stars last night and she looked to me to be 5 inches shorter next to 5f5.75 Brooke Burke? Next to Jlo she looks only 2 inches shorter or less? Judging by that alone I think that there is no way that Jennifer is 5f6 and Leah is max 5f1 so Jlo can't be more than 5f3. All a guestimation, of course. If stars fib then it's not too hard to spot them doing so and talking about it lol.
Heightgirl said on 14/Sep/13
lol I have lots of hobbies and one includes gauging celeb heights and since this is a site for that...
Vivi said on 10/Sep/13
She looks 5'5" to me. Between 5'5" and 5'6" maybe even. I think her being curvier can make her look shorter at times
jtm said on 10/Sep/13
if she's 5'6 then mary j blige is 3 inches taller than she claims.
lol said on 8/Sep/13
She's 5'6”. Some (short?) people cannot accept that, which is very odd...

@heightgirl, get a hobby.
Dmeyer said on 2/Sep/13
Cruise bits her in a dancing scenes she had to be 5'8.25 in her heels Cruise was 5'9.25-9.5 in high cut sneakers
jtm said on 28/Aug/13
how is she still listed at 5'5?
Heightgirl said on 27/Aug/13
Here's a way better video of Jlo and Taylor's performance showing a clear shot of their shoes too Click Here What does everyone think now?
Heightgirl said on 27/Aug/13
Jennifer Lopez performed with 5f9.5 Taylor Swift the other night. Taylor was wearing flats and Jlo was wearing those big heeled running shoe platforms and a big hat but was still shorter than her by at least 4 inches. I'm sticking with 5f3 barefoot height for Jlo. Click Here Go to the 1:56 mark in that video of Taylor performing with Jennifer and they are back to back and you can clearly see that even with the big hat, and high heels with a bit of a platform advantage, she is still much shorter.
Dr JJ said on 14/Aug/13
Bonkers listing! No more than 5' 3". This listing is helping Caspar Smart claim a ridiculous 5' 8"....
didley2013 said on 6/Aug/13
No way she is 5'6", 120.
She always brags about her big ass. No one 5' 6, 120 has an ass that big.
I've seen her in person, she is 5' 3".
Hailey said on 10/Jul/13
On fashion police she said she was the short stumpy one in her family and that she is jealous of her sister Lynda. If she was anywhere near 5'6 or 5'5 she wouldn't say she was short
keeks said on 1/Jul/13
Why would she lie about her height? She's famous and her height isn't important.She definitly looks like 5'6.
Heightgirl said on 7/Jun/13
Marla, MJB has her head down and is posing at the side in that picture. Anne, I saw her in concert too and she looked petite. I agree with both of you, she seems to be max 5f3. Plus it's more reasonable than her 5f6 claim lol I mean she is no where near that when photographed next to other celebs that are actually 5f6.
ANNE LANRON said on 6/Jun/13
Marla i've seen her on concert and she was gorgeous like a baby doll and she was tiny i only touched her ; but then i asked to her assistant and she said 5'4 , i mean she can't be 5'2 i would think 5'3 .
marla singer said on 5/Jun/13
Here it is: Click Here I think the lowest JLo could be is 162 cm, and the max 164 cm, so I'd go for 163...
Heightgirl said on 4/Jun/13
Marla, Please post a link to that pic or tell me the site it's on. I also saw the video of them performing and the height difference was apparent. Mary J is only 5f4.5, she confirmed it herself many times. Perhaps the other celebs are adding height to their 5f4ish frame? 5f4 for Jlo seems way too high imo. I would think no less than 5f2 and no more than 5f3?
marla singer said on 2/Jun/13
@Heightgirl: I was about to post the same thing but I saw another photo where they don't look so different (in height). Mary J might be taller than her claim because she looked nearly the same height as 5 ft 6ish Emma Stone so I think 5 ft 5 for her and 5 ft 4 for JLo
Heightgirl said on 1/Jun/13
Here is Jennifer with Mary J. Blige who admitted she was "not that tall" and confirmed her own height of 5f4.5. Even Rob has her listed on here as being that height too. Click Here So obviously Jlo is not as tall as her 5f6 claim which I found to be ridiculous to begin with, even before I saw this picture. I am even doubting 5f3 for her now? I think she may be closer to 5f2! Any thoughts people? Rob?
Heightgirl said on 30/Apr/13
Never mind Rob, I thought you meant she was 5f10 in normal shoes because you stood next to her lol I think she would gain 5 inches from those monster shoes so she would be around 5f8. Next to Ryan Seacrest in monster shoes she wasn't much taller and I think he's only 5f8 with shoes and lifts on. No I think in those monster shoes she would probably still have to look up to you Rob cause she wouldn't be as tall as 5f8. I think at most she would be max 5f7 in those huge platforms and heels.
Heightgirl said on 30/Apr/13
Rob, sounds like you can verify that she's 5f5?
Brad said on 30/Apr/13
As listed 48 hours ago in front of me. Ugly doo and boyfriend.
J.Lee said on 19/Apr/13
Rob I'm dying to know how tall she is in these monsters Click Here
[Editor Rob: likely 5ft 10, if I stood beside her in normal shoes I'd have to look up at her a bit!]
Jessica said on 11/Feb/13
Marla, Cameron looks taller than Jlo in that picture but Jennifer is closer to the camera so she seems taller than she really is. Ya there is no way she is as small as 5f1 and I did mention that the camera angel and Anna's platforms must have contributed to that but I do think that Jen is more like 5f3. It seems celebs that are 5f1 say they are 5f3 and those that are 5f3 say they are 5f5 or taller lol Wish they would just tell the truth already ;P
marla singer said on 6/Feb/13
@Jessica the photo angle is too bad... actually, Jennifer Lopez also looks about the same height as Cameron Diaz who is 5 ft 9 all day (it would be impossible in a good picture) so that pic is totally useless for height judging. Anyway 5 ft 1 is crazy, she's no less than 5 ft 4
Jessica said on 6/Feb/13
Anna Kendrick is 5f1 on here yet she seems so much taller than Jennifer in a picture I just saw of them together on that movie promotion. Click Here I bet Anna is wearing huge platforms and then there is the camera angel but still? Shouldn't Anna be the same size or smaller then Jen? Here Anna is with 5f1 Kristen Bell so it proves she's the same height. Click Here Can someone explain this to me cause I am thinking that Jen isn't 5f6 at all like she claims? She seems tall on her own but then with other celebs she does not.
markyoung said on 21/Jan/13
Jlo gorgeous lady , a great person , good shape and i love her stature about 159 cm so i would say tiny , but beautiful , polite , humble , to sum up she has a great personality.
Heightgirl said on 14/Jan/13
Jennifer Lopez with 5f6.5 Jessica Alba at the Golden Globes last night. Jen looked noticeably smaller to me, about 3 inches, probably cause she isn't wearing her platform shoes anymore. Click Here
JloBiglover said on 11/Jan/13
hey guys i saw her in person and her true height is 164 cm . that's it
Deb said on 9/Jan/13
Mathew, it does seem very possible. Jennifer Aniston's official height is 5f4.75 but many think she is really 5f3 - 5f4. Jennifer Lopez looks to me to really be 5f3 too.
Mathew said on 6/Jan/13
I think she'd be exactly the same height as Jen Aniston.
IdaDK said on 29/Dec/12
I'm from DK so I'm not sure about the measurements, but wouldn't that give her a BMI around 18,7...... how can she say that she's not thin??? she's 1 kg from being underweight....... if it's true anyway....
Heightgirl said on 5/Dec/12
diamondss, I would believe 5f4 for her but 5f6 is ridiculous. It's probably more like 5f3.5 because she just looks tiny next to people that are actually 5f6.
diamondss said on 25/Nov/12
it's hard to believe , but she's tiny . I saw her in person she walked beside me and she looked 5'4; then i asked to her cameraman who works for her tour and he said she's not 5'3 , her real height is 5'4. But she's gorgeous and i have to say on stage when she 's performing she looks tiny .
Heightgirl said on 22/Nov/12
5f5 and 115 lbs seems really off. I believe that she's more like 5f3 at 135 lbs.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Nov/12
Click Here

She claims 5-5 and 115 pound at 1:25 Rob.
jonnyfivestars said on 25/Oct/12
I saw her really close , i would say 164 cm is about right , considering her boy-toy isn't tall at all ; he is 168 cm .
Lo sgozzatore said on 23/Oct/12
Rob, here she's with Ben Affleck: Click Here (without his big heels she always wears)... Considering Affleck is about 6'2, it's hard to believe she's over 5'4 (she's also camera advantage!)
Silent d said on 21/Oct/12
I would say 164cm.
marla singer said on 22/Sep/12
I am as thin as she is, maybe even thinner, but I'm a 5'5.5" medium frame and weigh 129 lbs, she has to weigh more or to be shorter than this. Then, I guess 5'4"-5'4.5" and 120 lbs cause she doesn't look over 5'5".
johnnyfive said on 8/Sep/12
Heightgirl, I completely agree. 5'3 for J-Lo, I saw her in person and that's what she looked. 5'4 is generous and 5'5 is insane. Want more proof?

Click Here
jtm said on 4/Sep/12
can you downgrade her already? there are plenty of evidence that she is under 5'4. definitely not above average height.
Heightgirl said on 3/Sep/12
deppfan, Maria doesn't have platforms with 6 inch heels unlike Jlo and then there is the camera angel that makes Jennifer appear her hight. In the 2nd shot Jlo is smaller by about 3 inches. So let's factor in Jennifer's shoe advantage which seems to me is around two inches and that leads me to continue to believe that she's 5f3. What do you guys think?
deppfan said on 1/Sep/12
Click Here
Click Here
with Maria Menounos who is 172 cm
johnnyfive said on 1/Sep/12
I saw J-Lo back in early 2000 when she went to TRL. I was an audience member, and next to Carson Daly she looked 5'3, 5'4 tops, considering Carson is a solid 6'1. J-Lo is probably lucky if she even hits 5'4, I say 5'3 to 5'3.5 for J-Lo. I mean, Marc Anthony gets listed at 5'6, and J-Lo with super heels is the same height as him in regular shoes, so 5'3, or very weak 5'4 at best!
Aly said on 25/Aug/12
I've seen JLO in person and she looks tiny. She looks "curvy" compared to the rest in high school. She is my height, 164cm, and probably 120 pounds. She's a lot thinner than she was in the beginning of her career.
Sternking said on 21/Aug/12
You are right so Jessy is probably about 5' 6" or 5' 7".
Sternking said on 20/Aug/12
Can you do a page on Jessy schram as the internet has 2 or 3 very conflicting results. From 5ft or 152 cm to 5ft 7 170 cm? Thanks
[Editor Rob: I think 5ft can be safely ruled out since she was taller than ginnifer in Once Upon a Time :)]
Reader said on 16/Aug/12
I was reading US Weekly and one of the writers said they saw her in person and she was tiny, about 5'3".
ANDREA[ITA] said on 25/Jul/12
Rob, honestly, you really think she's 5'5? She looks short... You think she could be 5'4?
SK said on 23/Jul/12
She can't be both 5'6" and 120 lbs. She might be 5'6" with heels on, but she's always looked closer to 5'3". She's always wearing huge heels, and a woman who is truly 5'6" would easily look at least 5'10" in the kind of heels that she wears, but she doesn't. Also, 120 lbs. at 5'6" (or even 5'4"-5'5") would be very slim (i.e. size 2), but she's never been that thin and has said in past interviews that she's been a steady size 6. Her butt and thighs have always been large compared to the rest of the body. If she's truly 120 lbs., there's no way she can be 5'6". She looks like she's about 5'3" and 130-135 lbs.
jtm said on 10/Jun/12
that doesn't look 3 inches to me but willis is probably not 5'6 or lopez has higher heels on. still think lopez is 5'3. she always looks that height without her ridiculous heels.
Heightgirl said on 9/Jun/12
theblacklab, so true. Then you have stars like 5f4 Megan Fox and 5f2 Jennifer Love Hewitt that admit their true height and when next to other stars that don't it's so obvious of their fibs. Jlo next to 5f6 Rumer Willis at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards and she looked to me to be at least 3 inches shorter than her. Click Here
us3r said on 8/Jun/12
She's 5 ft 4.5
theblacklab said on 8/Jun/12
Heightgirl, you're possibly right, I find it hard to believe that celebs can so blatantly lie about their height (by 2 or even 3 inches!) and get away with it, sadder still is how they feel the need to lie in order to be percieved positively by the media.
Heightgirl said on 8/Jun/12
theblacklab, I think Jessica Sanchez is more like 5f1 and Steven Tyler is listed on here as being 5f9 but I think he's more like 5f8 so I think that Jennifer is around 5f3.
theblacklab said on 7/Jun/12
On American Idol, Jennifer does not look as tall as 5'10" Steven Tyler, despite having a 4-5" heel advantage. In other images, she only looks slightly taller than 5'2" to 5'3" Jessica Sanchez, both wearing similar heels. I'd guess she is 5'4", at the most a genorous 164cm. Hispanics are comparitvely short to North Americans, so Jennifer is still quite tall compared to other women of her race.
Visal said on 2/Feb/12
I love all about jennifer appearences. She's so cute, tall, and slim. But one thing that i want her 2 be more better is that her hair make up. Sometimes her hair make up is not fit 2 her face. I wish her more beautiful. Thanks,
Debbie said on 8/Jul/09
Great picture Heighgirl especially the first one even though it appears Shakira is leaning a little you can clearly see they are around the same height. Jen saying she is 5'6 is a TOTAL joke!
Heightgirl said on 8/Jul/09
Debbie, you are right. I found shoe shots of Shakira, at the 7th annual latin awards, and she is not in ridiculous platforms shoes, like I had originally thought. Looks like she is in .5 inch platforms with a 4.5 inch heel. At that time Jennifer would never wear anything lower than that so she should have towered over 5f1 Shakira! Click Here Click Here

Anna, you are right about Kate and Vic. Jennifer should be the same height as Kate when in pics of Vic, but clearly she is not.

5f2 is more accurate for Jennifer.
Mathew said on 7/Jul/09
I'd say 5'4" for J-Lo.
Anna said on 6/Jul/09
Kate Beckinsale is 5f6 or 5f7 barefoot and next to Victoria it shows that Posh is max 5f3. Jennifer, who is supposed to be Kates height, is actually the same height as Vic in higher heels and bigger platforms. I agree with 5f3 or a bit lower Click Here
Debbie said on 5/Jul/09
Look at this pic w/ Shakira no way Jen Lopez is 5'5 you can't see the footwear but Jen usually wears large heels so this really proves it and she should be downgraded Click Here
Riley said on 5/Jul/09
she looks more like 5'3/5'4 to me.
Heightgirl said on 4/Jul/09
And Victoria was posing, by leaning back and sticking out her leg, so really she would be taller because of that too. I would deduct 1.5" from her stance alone. Jennifer's shoes also had a bigger platform and higher heel, as well, so that must have given Jen an inch more. Victoria is said to be only 5f3 barefoot but she claims 5f4ish. I doubt Jennifer is below 5f2, but I can't see her higher than 5f3.
Debbie said on 2/Jul/09
Click Here w/ Jen Lopez they appear the same height but Jen has on MAJOR platforms
littlesue said on 2/Jul/09
There is a pic of her in a British Mag this week standing next to Victoria Beckham, they have identical shoes and are exactly the same height
Heightgirl said on 1/Jul/09
She is obviously not being truthful about her height because if she was she would be taller than that 5f3.5" Rolls Royce car and even with her big platform flip flops on she is the same height as the car or 1" over. So if you do the math she is 5f2 or 5f3 at the most! I also found a shot of her with an apple box near by! Click Here She only looks a bit tall in huge platforms with 6" heels next to short men lol Click Here And she's shorter than tall women, or the same size of approx 5f6 women in flats while she is in huge platforms Click Here
Anna said on 27/Jun/09
Hi everyone,
Jens height changes so much, but look.. We all know SHAKIRA is tiny, right? no way if Jen is 5-5 would ever look the same as SHakira, well they do!!
so impossible that Jen is 5'5.
I'm 5'2 and never look the same with girls who are 5'5 in height, unless they are wearing flats.
teddy89 said on 26/Jun/09
she lies about her height!! In"wedding planners" she's close to matthew mc conaughey (5'10,75) and justin chambers (5'11) several times and they tower over her even if she always wears 3 inches heels!!! When she dances with matthe(that wears 2 cm shoes), he's 4-5 inches taller than her (that wears heels). So jen with that shoes is about 5'6,75 and definitly 5'3,5 barefoot!!
Heightgirl said on 26/Jun/09
It is a Rolls Royce, which is in fact 5f3.5". Jen also gained at least 2" of height in those 3" flip flops with the 1" platform. Click Here Click Here Click Here
Heightgirl said on 26/Jun/09
Pete, you are so far off it's not even funny! A van height is not even 6ft, it's only 5f9.5". The average height of a car today is around 4f9. That car featured in the picture with Jennifer looks to be a Rolls-Royce and the typical height of that is only 5f3.5!
Pete said on 25/Jun/09
Heightgal those vintage cars are about 6 feet high.
Heightgirl said on 23/Jun/09
Here's a better picture of her and the car Click Here
Heightgirl said on 23/Jun/09
Picture of Jennifer in 3" flip flops with a 1" platform and she is behind a car that looks to be taller than her, even with those shoes Click Here Maybe someone knows the height of that car. Not sure what make it is?
Pete said on 23/Jun/09
Jennifer Lopez TOWERING 5`5 Leanne Rimes by an inch-
Click Here
Kate said on 17/Jun/09
Rach had the same shoes that she wore with Jennifer today and they were not platforms and only 4inchers. You can see them clearly in near the beginning of the following clip. Near the end of the clip, at the 3:11 mark, she is standing next to 5f1, or shorter, little Gretta and she seems about the same height... maybe an inch taller. Click Here

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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