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5ft 4.55in (164cm)
jalab said on 5/Jan/06
jenifer lopez i say is around 5ft 5.5 and with hills shes about 5ft 8.5, im 5ft 8.5 and i meet jenifer lopez in person and she was the same height as me. ja rule is listed at 5ft 9 i think thats right because a couple years back jenifer lopez and ja rule performed on a mtv show and ja rule was abit taller
lia said on 10/Dec/05
gyllenhaalic823 said on 2/Dec/05
"I'm 120 pounds and 5'6" so I'm not thin . . . " what is she talking about that is quite thin! Not annorexic or anything but it IS thin!!

[Editor Rob: yes, in my book, I'd say 8.5 stone at '5ft 6' is thin...but I'd say she was rounding down a few pounds there ;)]
Lindsay said on 30/Nov/05
Don't you think on the link at the top of Beyonce and Lopez- Beyonce definately looks at least an inch -maybe more- taller!!!
phillyflash said on 21/Nov/05
I recall reading (when she was a rising star) that she was 5'4. Then all of a sudden, all these 5'6" references became commonplace. Oh well, dat's showbiz!
eman said on 20/Nov/05
the height is 5 ft 5.5 in sounds about right. she is not taller then me and Iam 5'7
Lindsay said on 19/Nov/05
Her official site lists her at 5"5 and since PR companies tend to add an inch I can believe she is 5"4 as she really does look it sometimes!
ice said on 13/Nov/05
I don't know what pic you were looking at. Beyonce is at least an inch taller. I would say 1.5 maybe even 2
ds said on 11/Nov/05
No way she's 5'4, Beyonce isn't evn like an inch taller than her. 5.5-5.5 1/2, seems right.
eva said on 6/Nov/05
Beyoce's hair i much bigger than Jennifers on that pic!Notice the sholders and the forehead.I'd give her 5.5 and 5.6 to Beyonce.
ice said on 9/Oct/05
then explain that pic with beyonce? it is common knowledge that beyponce is 5'6. they can't both be that height.
angel said on 7/Oct/05
she IS 5'6'' ... why do you wanna short ppl height?? I'm 5'5'' and when I saw her, she was REALLY taller than me...of course she was wearing heels, but no, I dont think she's shorter than me.
ice said on 2/Oct/05
ROFL! What's funny is that before she became a big name, she was listed at 5'4. Then she made Selena, and magically became 5'5. Now, she's trying to claim 5'6. I can't believe so many people are falling for it. Next she's going to be saying she's 5'7!
CoolJ said on 4/Aug/05
She looks to be about 5'4 - 5'4.5 in that pic with Beyonce.. considering their footwear is similar.

[Editor Rob: lol, I keep going back to Kelly Ripa... Kelly and Britney both in very similar heels. Now I do have a quote on Ripa's page where somebody noted her saying "I'm 5ft 2.5" at a beauty contest. If this is true then Britney is in the 5ft 4 range...but then Madonna claims to be '5ft 4.5' yet Britney has an inch on her... but here is the other evidence worth regurgitating:

Britney and Alexandra Stevenson - Britney near 18 there, so likelihood of further growth IS very minimal. I know Alexandra gets listed in a lot of places as 6ft 1, but here is a good shot of her beside 3 people of known height: 188cm Roddick, Fuentes (does not look 5ft 10, more 5ft 9 as seen with her beside Brenda 188cm Schultz) and 185cm Jimmy Blake.

Who thinks Britney should be downgraded again? Or are the fansites correct with 5ft 5 (and a few with 5ft 6 now)?]
Z2 said on 17/Jul/05
Back in the day, when Jennifer Lopez was a Fly Girl, she definately looked around 5'4". She has not grown from those days and looks to be dead on 5'4" these days.
leonari said on 1/Jul/05
Oh my god ROB!!! You upgraded he half an inch?? Come on man!! Look at the pic besides Beckham you provided!! He ain't standing straight and is almost a head taller while she is wearing high heels! How tall would Beyoncé be?? 5'7? 5'8"?? I'm shocked!
leonari said on 1/Jul/05
J. I absolutely agree with you! Jennifer Lopez ain't 5'5"!!!! 5'4" should be on the mark. That would also explain why she is only 2 inches shorter than Marc Anthony who ain't 5'7" like ROB assumes but more 5'6"!!! In the Denzel flick "Men on Fire" that is so obvious!!
J. said on 1/Jul/05
You know I never noticed this but I was watching one of those cheesy Hollywood tabloid series - Entertainment Tonight, I believe it was- last night and they were talking about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's wedding and they started talking about the whole 'Bennifer' phenomenon and they showed archive footage of the two. I must say that either I'm crazy or Lopez looks MUCH smaller than the 5'5" that she usually gets listed as. If Affleck is on the verge of 6'3" (which seems kinda right), then I doubt Lopez is truly 5'5" barefoot. With heels on, she came past his shoulder which is odd for someone who's supposed to be her alleged height (she'd be 5'7"- 5'8" with heels). So yeah, either I'm sniffin' somethin', but J.Lo is for sure shorter than her listed height. For now, I'd knock her down to 5'4".

Here's a photo to help visualize what I was trying to say from the last post:
Viper452 said on 23/Jun/05
There are some listings of her at 5-4 on the Net
ChickKick said on 23/Jun/05
She's definately not 5'5. I'm 5'6 and she was about two inches shorter than me when I saw her.
Gigy said on 20/Jun/05
She is around 5'5! But what I like about her the most, is that she doesn
Anonymous said on 1/May/05
She is more than 10 cm taller than marc anthony when she is on 6 cm heels.are you sure she is just 166? she is taller than him even without heels. if she is 166 than marc is 163.

[Editor Rob: I can't see these pics showing 10cm most of the pics I see of them there doesn't seem to be that much of a difference. I would say though, in support of Anthony being shorter, in Man on Fire there's one good scene towards the end of the movie that show Marc beside Rhada Mitchell looking shorter. When you compare Lopez in full length shots to 182cm David Beckham I think in my own humble view, 166-167 is reasonable.]
msorange said on 26/Mar/05
She looks about 5'5 to me, but she for damn sure don't weigh no 120 lbs. Her ass and right thigh weigh 120 lbs.
EJ said on 9/Mar/05
Jennifer Lopez says she is 5'5" in "Enough".
CelebHeights Editor said on 4/Mar/05
Crash, on regis/kelly promoting shall we dance??? She didn't say her height, but beside Kelly she didn't look very big indeed.
Crash said on 3/Mar/05
She said on Regis and Kelly she was 5'5", and looked about an inch shorter than Ripa who is about 5'4"(Kelly joked once that she was 4'9") and a little bit shorter than Regis who looks pretty small. Rege is probably no more than 5'6" nowadays, but did stand 5'7" or 5'8" at his peak. It seams that Regis is dwarfed by just about any guest that comes on the show nowadays.
Anonymous said on 26/Feb/05
hmm ... looks shorter than beyonce to me. i think she's close to 5'5" or just a tad over that height without heels.

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