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5ft 4.55in (164cm)
Yo Shawty said on 14/Aug/07
If you freeze it they both are same height. When standing Kelly and J-Lo both are taller than Regis by an inch or two.
Variant said on 14/Aug/07
Actually in that video she appears to be significantly taller than Kelly...
... said on 12/Aug/07
The New One: In this video, she is a bit taller than Kelly. But Kelly has higher heels than Jlo.
The New One said on 12/Aug/07
[]"Click Here"
she's the same height as kelly ripa.
Yo Shawty said on 10/Aug/07
I saw a clip of her on Live With Regis and Kelly recently. She is the exact height of Kelly Ripa. She may have been a half inch taller cause her heels were a little higher.
Variant said on 5/Aug/07
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JLo on the tonight show. She looks about 2 inches shorter than Jay when they greet? Hard to say.
alex72 said on 26/Jul/07
I don't think it makes a difference whether she is 5'6" or 5'4"...many people (especially famous) lie about their heights AND weights.
Variant said on 25/Jul/07
J-Lo does look quite a bit shorter than her sister.... however, in the other pic it's hard to say. She _always_ slouches when she is posing with Marc (knee bent).

In one of the few pics with him where she appears to be standing straight:

Click Here

She definitely is the one that is having to lean over. :) We don't know footwear of course, so ....
Anna said on 24/Jul/07
I found a couple recent pictures of Jen next to Leah Remini and her sister Linda. She she seems petite and very close to Leahs height as being 5f2. Linda towers over her by 3 or 4 inches and seems to be a true 5f6.
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Jill said on 23/Jun/07
um,ya that's because she wares huge platforms! She can't be more than 5'3" flat. I'm sure for a guy you don't wear heels so of course she was taller than you in her usual stilts lol
kiefer said on 21/Jun/07
She seemed a bit taller than 5ft 6 when i met her last year. I am around 5feet 4 and she completely towered on me.
Jose said on 12/Jun/07
Deb, that's true because when she is next to her husband in non-platform 4" heels she is shorter than him and he looks to be only 5f6 with shoes on.
Deb said on 11/Jun/07
Jennifer is 5f6 in average 4" heels so she's closer to 5f3. Those boots she has on in that picture with Ben had a bit of a platform and I heard that Ben is under 6f2 with shoes on.
Joey said on 11/Jun/07
Jose in your picture, the is about 6-7 inches difference. Affleck is 6`3 in shoes. minus 7 inches max , she would be 5`8 minimum in those heels, but if she was standing straight as oppose to that pic. She would be more 5`9 hence 5`5 without heels.
Alex said on 10/Jun/07
I think by looking at her lower body you would think more, but her upper body is only about medium, its not big but its not small either. Her waist is on the small side too. In the late 90's though I could have seen her at 140lbs I do agree on but no more than 130lbs or 125lbs could be right like you say at 5'4.
ice said on 10/Jun/07
Actually, at 162cm (5'3.75"), I can see her at about 125, at the MOST 130. With the camera adding 10 pounds, that looks about right. She has a big butt, but everything else is pretty small, especially her top part, and she's not muscular. In the past I would have said 140-145, but she has lost quite a bit of weight from when she first came out.
Alex said on 9/Jun/07
Jose, rarely do I see a girl with that much heels. you say 2 inch platforms with 6 inch heels and thats 8 inches. Biggest heels I ever seen someone wear then. Thats why I questioned that picture a lot because I don't think she's anything above 5'4 now. 5'4 even I'd give her and 130lbs. That 120lbs I really question.
Jose said on 9/Jun/07
When Jennifer was dating 6f2 Ben Affleck she was seriously shorter than him in 4" heels and when she wasn't wearing huge platforms. Click Here
Jose said on 9/Jun/07
Alex, remember she doesn't wear normal heels, she most always wears 2" platforms with a 6" heel. That would make her closer to 5f3 without shoes and 5f8 with shoes.
Pete said on 5/Jun/07
If her lower body was stick thin, like most actresses she would appear taller. Shes bottom heavy.
Alex said on 5/Jun/07
Pete, interesting picture and she does look 5'8-5'9 in heels. She would look closer to 5'5 barefoot there though.

Nat, a lot of J-Lo's weight is in her ass while her waist isn't big really either. 120lbs I still don't buy either. More like 130lbs if she's 5'4.
Pete said on 4/Jun/07
Click Here

With Bill Clinton who is 6`2 in shoes. She looks about 5`9. (Scroll down)
C said on 4/Jun/07
Nat, I've met Jennifer and she's tiny in real life. She looks curvy but she has a really petite frame. I believe she's around 120 pounds, but at 5'3 rather than 5'6, like she claims.
Nat said on 4/Jun/07
I believe she's 5'5" at the most (possibly less) from all the pictures I've seen. Her claim that she is 120 pounds is HYSTERICAL. A friend of mine in highschool had the exact same build as Kate Bosworth (when she was in Blue Crush) and she weighed exactly 120 pounds and was 5'5" so there is no way J-Lo weighs that little. I weigh 105 pounds at 5'4.5" (been that way all my life can't help it)and I can guarantee if I gained 15 pounds I'd still be nowhere near J-Lo's size. Honestly I am in no way trying to insult her appearance, I simply think it is disrespectful, especially as a role model, to all the women and girls out there to be dishonest about your weight or your height. Celebrities have no shame. At least there is a website like this one that cuts them down to size.
Jose said on 2/Jun/07
I was watching a bit of Out Of Sight last night and Jennifer looked so tiny. Next to Catherine Keener at 5ft7, she looked 4" or 5" shorter! Then she was barefoot and standing next to Michael Keaton, who is 5f10, and he really towered over her too. She's 5f3 or under.
Jan said on 25/May/07
I think Jennifer is 5f2 because she said that she was 5f4 in the 80s. Celebs and most women always add one or two inches to their actual non-shoe height. Then in the 90s she became 5f5 and I think she said that because she was telling her height in shoes. I do it too because I'm really 5f2 without shoes and I always say I'm 5f4". I get away with it no problem because I am 5f5 in 4" heels and 5f7 in 2" platforms with a 5" wedge heel. I bet I would be almost 5f8 in those 2.5" platforms with the 6" heel that Jennifer wears!
Alex said on 16/May/07
Maybe under 5'4, not like its easy to tell the difference between 5'3 and 5'4 just from pictures or on TV. But I never bought the 5'6 for her even back then. She came across as a 5'4 girl to me back then too.
Viper said on 16/May/07
Alex, she looks shorter than 5-4 in so many pics.
Alex said on 16/May/07
5'4 is my estimate or maybe 5'4.5. I don't think she would be under 5'4 claiming 5'6 which she aint getting away with.
Viper said on 16/May/07
So Im pretty much right with the 5-3 1/2 estimate :)
Brad said on 15/May/07
5'3"-5'4". Wears big heels. Great posture.
christina said on 12/May/07
I had met jennifer lopez and she is 1m68 without heels,it's sure!I don't know people like say that celebrities are small?!!!!Jennafer dwas doing sport when i met her and she was in basket!I am 1m 65 and she was taller than me!!!
Viper said on 10/May/07
Yeah, it looks like shes anywhere between 5-3 and 5-4. Maybe 5-3 1/2.
Jose said on 10/May/07
Well it looks like we established that she can't be more than 5f4. Personally I think she's even less.
leonari said on 10/May/07
She is almost 5'5" people!! 5'4.5" seems accurate to me. He 5'6" claim is a koke!
gina said on 9/May/07
i just don't know why she would lie. she knew people would find out the truth anyway. now it just looks like she wishes she was taller. JLO Fan Gina
Victorian said on 9/May/07
Yeah, that is quite remarkable i must say. She's definitely not alone with that practice!
Also gotta say I that I was quite surprised to see all the results you guys have displayed here. However, heights like 5f2 and 5f3 still seem quite unlikely even though her shoes might tell us otherwise. That would require a hell job in faking, although we ARE taling about Jennifer Lopez :)

Still it's tricky, which is why I can imagine that Rob is reluctant to downgrade her.
Jlos 6"ers w/2"Platforms said on 6/May/07
"the peep-toe mary jane platforms with the six inch heels. These shoes are the current “it” shoes, the hottest of the hottest, worn by the celebrities such as the J-Lo, the Becks, the Gwen Stefani, the Christina Aguilera and other hot young chickies who are in the eye of the public (often like the persistent sty). Last night, I walked in the hallowed heels of Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani, risking vertigo and personal injury for the sake of high fashion. And “high” is the key word here. Having survived the experience, girls, I doff my cap to you." Notice all the petite stars are wearing these really high shoes!

Click Here
Lynn said on 5/May/07
Jennifer in 4" heels is shorter than 5f6 Marc Anthony and in 2" platforms with 5" heels she is only 1" taller than him. She has to be 5f3 and no more. I'm 5f2 and in 4" heels I'm almost 5f5 and in those 2" platforms I'm 5f7, just 1" less than J-Lo! Leah Remimi was on Ellen and she was wearing 4" heels, she was only an inch shorter than Ellen and Leah is 5f2 as well. When Jennifer was on Ellen in 2" platforms she was only 1" taller than Ellen.
Martin said on 4/May/07
No way, she may be 5'4 at best. We were in the Selena crew and she was wearing 3 inch heels and looked about 5'6 becuase that is my height. I will find the picture.
Brad said on 3/May/07
Friend of mine swears she is an intense Scientologist much so she's dropped most of her friends, employees, etc.. You heard it here first.
Deb said on 2/May/07
Well the idol thing proved to me that Jennifer is no where near 5f6. Gwen Stefani is 5f6 without shoes and 5f10 with her really big shoes with the two inch platforms. Jennifer is at least 3" shorter than her so she should be downgraded to 5f3 at least.
Liv said on 1/May/07
Jennifer was wearing really high heeled boots when she was on Idol next to Ryan. I don't think she is as tall as 5f4.
Anonymous said on 23/Apr/07
She was shorter next to Ryan Seacrest than 5'4.5" Diana Ross was. Also, 5'6" Gwen Stefani looked like she would have had 3" on her in comparison to Seacrest, granted Gwen's heels had an added inch platform that I don't know if J Lo's had. 5'4" and I am sticking to it.
sportsVSshowbiz said on 21/Apr/07
No way she's 5'6"!!!. I met her when she wasn't that famous. She was shorter than my then girlfriend (5'4") standing next to each other in flat shoes!
Peter said on 21/Apr/07
When Ryan Seacrest was next to 5f6 Teri Hatcher they were the same height and she was wearing flats. Jennifer had on huge heels next to Ryan and she was still shorter. Jennifer is no where near Teri's height of 5f6, she's only 5f2.
Variant said on 16/Apr/07
The assumption seems to always be made that those in pictures with JLo are there copmletely flat-footed as well. I have no doubt Seacrest (being fairly short himself) would be wearing shoes to give him some height. He'd easily be around 5'9 with them and J-Lo looks to be about his height or a bit taller in the Getty Images pics. 5'5 still appears to be about right on.
giantHeels said on 12/Apr/07
She has her shoes custom made to gain at least 4 or 5 inches
Kathryn said on 12/Apr/07
i met her on a party and it´s a shame i took no photos. she is 5'5.5'' (166 cm). she had high heels on (4 inches) and she was 5'9.5'' (176 cm) and i had high heelson, too and i am 5'7'' with my 5 inch heels i was 5'11'' (180 cm) and she was 2 inches smaller than me because she came up to the top of my forehead. so she is 5'5.5'' definately, maybe 5'5''.
Priscila said on 11/Apr/07
I don't think she's short, she doesn't look short... I think she is 5.5 but there is no way she is 120 pounds with that butt!
Julie said on 7/Apr/07
Jennifer was recently on MTV with tiny 5f Hillary Duff. Jen was wearing super huge 6" heels with 2" platforms giving her 5" of height and Hillary was wearing regular 4" heels that probably only gave her 2.5" of height. Hillary at 5f2.5 in shoes next to Jennifer 5f8 in huge shoes was about 4 or 5" taller than Hillary. This shows me that the 5f3 or less for Jennifer is accurate.
Anonymous said on 2/Apr/07
lately she has been dressing really gross and she wears too much makeup, it's been described that she looks like a drag queen! she's at least 140 lbs and 5f3 at the highest.

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kiki said on 1/Apr/07
jennifer looks great all the time, because she takes the time and effort, to do so for herself and fans.
She looks about 5ft 5inch tall and it's about 125 lbs. 130. her legs are very muscular and that weights more than fat .
Jose said on 26/Mar/07
Hey Ice, go to Getty Images because they are all there. Click Here
Anonymous said on 25/Mar/07
Editor Rob: Once again, the name box is missing. Anyway, it's me, ice. For some reason I can't see Jose's pics. Is there something special you have to do to see them?
Jose said on 23/Mar/07
Looks like she is wearing platforms exclusively now. I think her nasty fur with that red checkered dress looks ridiculous too. Peta is going to have a field day with these pictures.
Click Here
Even Marc is giving her the what the hell are you wearing look!
Click Here
Click Here
Deb said on 22/Mar/07
Jose, those are some really big shoes! They are 6" heels with 2" platforms, I found a picture of the shoes that she is wearing. Click Here

I'm surprised that she isn't towering over her tiny husband in those shoes. She only looks to be one or two inches taller. He seems only 5f6 in shoes and if she is 5f7 or 5f8 with those huge platforms, then there is no way she is over 5f3!
Jose said on 17/Mar/07
She is wearing 5" or 6" heels with a 2.5" or 3" platform at this recent event and she doesn't seem that much taller than little-slowching Marc. She can't be more than 5f2 or 5f3.
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Click Here
Click Here
She looks like her feet are killing her in this next shot...
Click Here
Brad said on 14/Mar/07
When I saw Jennifer on Oprah she looked shorter by at least an inch and she was wearing very high heels.
Deb said on 14/Mar/07
Jennifer always wears at least 4" heels and I have seen Oprah in flats. Do you have a picture of them together with footwear showing? I found an interesting recent picture of Oprah. Mary J Blige is 5f4.5 and she is taller than her by at least and inch and a half. Perhaps Oprah is under 5f4 too. Click Here
pete said on 13/Mar/07
She is the same height as oprah in regular heels, plus oprahs wig gives her extra height as it is.
kaye said on 13/Mar/07
she looks a lot shorter than 165 cm... i thought she maybe 161...
cioco said on 9/Mar/07
saw jenny next to oprah and had the same height.
Deb said on 26/Feb/07
Marc barely looks 5f6 with shoes on and she doesn't look 2 inches taller, she's max one in those huge platforms.
Suzy said on 25/Feb/07
Jennifer with 4 inchers on clearly 2 inches taller, here she is not posing hence shes not leaning down to marcs height.

Marc is 5`7 in shoes, clearly 5`5 with 4 inchers

Click Here

Click Here
Anonymous said on 25/Feb/07
So let's give Marc the benefit of the doubt and say he really is 5f6 without shoes on and 5f7 with shoes on. Then next to him is Jennifer in those 5" shoes with 2" platform that would give her 5" and she is only 1" taller so that would make her 5f8 with shoes on and 5f3 without.
Suzy said on 25/Feb/07
Hose she still looks taller than him by 2 inches, and even if she is wearing 5 inchers- 5 inch heels dont give 5 inches in added height. Well known fact!
Jose said on 25/Feb/07
He was walking and lowered in step in that shot you linked. I found the full shot of them with the full picture and another of them at pretty much normal height. Oh one more thing, Jennifer is wearing the same black 5" heels with the faux platform again in those shots. It's obvious to me that she does not wear little sandles, especially under those long dresses (platforms). From the shot of her in that cream dress she is wearing 2" platforms with 5inchers.
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Click Here
Suzy said on 25/Feb/07
What angle jose?? Jennifer is behind him! Jennifer was presenting an award in this picture, she had changed her shoes-cos she changed her outfit, wearing her normal 4 inchers!.

Normally she wears small heels or slouches down to marcs height.
Jose said on 24/Feb/07
I can't see her feet and the angle of the shot seems to be in her favor.
Suzy said on 24/Feb/07
Click Here

Scrolll down to the back stage picture, jennifer is in black. She has at least 2 inches on Marc.
Suzy said on 23/Feb/07
look at he legs marc is standing straight she is not
Liv said on 23/Feb/07
Here is a shot of her very high 5" heels with a faux 1" platform at that event with Antonio. She wasn't wearing average 4" heels.
Click Here
Jose said on 23/Feb/07
It's the angle because in the 2nd she is the same height.
Anonymous said on 22/Feb/07
It all depends on shoes. The picture of her in the cream dress, those shoes have a 2" platform on them, probably with an additional 4" heel. In total those shoes would give her close to 5" in height and she is only an inch taller.
Suzy said on 21/Feb/07
Bandaras was wearing cow boy heeled style shoes on. He looked just under 5`11, so id say 5`8.5is about right for him (with the 2 inch heels and hair slicked-hgave extra height 2 cms maybe).
Suzy said on 21/Feb/07
Ive met marc and jennifer, next to marc jennifer can look shorter. Its all about angles. I saw them and berlin film festival and she had 2 inchs on him.
Cris said on 20/Feb/07
Jennifer is 5`5 i saw her at the olypus fashion show in 2005. Shes 5`9 in 4 inchers.
Joane said on 20/Feb/07
I was at the berlinale festival and saw marc and jlo. If im not mistaken marc is 5`7 wiht shoes on. Jennifer is about an inch taller, she had 3 inchers on also. 5`5 is about right.
Liv said on 19/Feb/07
If she was actually 5f5 she would have been the same hight as Antonio when she was standing next to him wearing her high heels. Those shoes at 5f5 would have given her at least 3" of height and should have made her 5f8 but she is clearly at least 3" shorter.
Paul said on 19/Feb/07
I have met jennifer, 5`5 seems about right.
cluedin said on 19/Feb/07
Click Here
she looks smaller than this compared to the ladies here. I've seen Drew several times in NYC and she's at most 5'3, maybe 5'2...
Karen said on 17/Feb/07
I checked out Antonio's height on here and he is 5f8.5. There is even a picture of him next to 5f8 Glen. Those shoes that Jennifer is wearing next to him look to even have a bit of a platform too.
Jazzy said on 16/Feb/07
Near the end of the following clip she is standing beside Antonio Banderes who is 5f8.5 and she is around 3 inches shorter in 4" heels. She's caught! She can't be more than 5f2.5 - 5f3 Click Here
Liv said on 15/Feb/07
Jennifer always wears heels or platforms Click Here
Grace said on 15/Feb/07
No, jennifer is supposed to be a gansta rapper- she was wearing sneakser. A gansta rapper in heels? please!
Karen said on 15/Feb/07
They are all in heels.
Grace said on 14/Feb/07
Maya is in heels, jennifer is not.
Liv said on 14/Feb/07
She looks really tiny next to Maya and Ana
Jose said on 14/Feb/07
Maya Rudoph is 5f7 and she is at 4 or 5 inches taller Click Here
Karen said on 13/Feb/07
No one is standing completely straight in that shot, Grace. Note even Drew or Mary J are. Actually, Jada looks to be the only one standing tall ;)

I saw 5f1 Nelly on Ellen yesterday with regular 4inchers on and she was the same height as Ellen. I will post the picture or video clipwhen I find it.
Grace said on 12/Feb/07
Nice pic karen, jennifer looks lovely. But if you notice jenniers legs she is not standing straight, her leg is bent. Jennifers 5`5 i have met her at her fashion company in NY,
Jose said on 12/Feb/07
She does seem very similar in height to Drew Barrymore. Drew has admitted to only being 5f2 so she is small but not as tiny as Jada or Eva.
Karen said on 11/Feb/07
I found a recent picture of Jennifer who looks to be the same size as Drew Barrymore at 5f3. Click Here Mary J Blige is the tallest of that tiny bunch at 5f4-5f5. Look at the tiniest, 4f11 Jada! She is so very darling, just like a little doll. Eva doesn't seem that much taller than her either, she must only be 5f even!
Santito said on 8/Feb/07
These are full length shots hose, jennifers ankles dont looks raised as though shes wearing lifts.
Jose said on 8/Feb/07
Santito, who is crazy lol You must be if you think that what you see in a movie is actual. Directors can make anyone appear to be anything with camera angles and soap boxes. Jennifer in her high heels (high possibility that they were platforms too) isn't even 2" taller than Bob. A lot of people that have seen her in person and always mention that she is way shorter than she APPEARS in movies and tv. If she was 5f5 or 5f6 barefoot she wouldn't be so much shorter than actual people that are that height with shoes on. I know body types and hers is of a petite woman around 5f3 or less.
Santito said on 7/Feb/07
Jose are you crazy in maid in manhattant both bob and jen in flats-these are wide shots, jen was an inch or so taller!!
Deb said on 7/Feb/07
She is clearly 5f6 with shoes on (4" heels). Her height should be downgraded to max 5f4. I think she used to round up before because she may be 5f3 something, like Ice said. I guess now it's common for celebs to add two or three inches on top of their round up height but why would someone keep increasing their height even though they are quoted as being less and their very own website states they are less too. Also she is currently listed as being 5f4 on other sites.
Jose said on 7/Feb/07
Bob Hoskins's height is listed at 5f4 but he doesn't even look 5f3 and he is 2" shorter than Jen.
Santito said on 7/Feb/07
She is wearing 3-4 inch heels, its clear with shantay picture.
Santito said on 7/Feb/07
Jeff, the picture with watts -look at the bigger picture!!!! Watts is closer to the camera, plus jennifer is bending/leaning towards watts- she is not standing straight!!whereas watts is.

Pictures with shakira and clarkson are void. Heels can be seen. Look at what shantay posted with nataha richardson who is almost 5`8!! jen is a similar height to her!

[Editor Rob: there is a few other pics, i.e.:

here and

there's a pic on front page natasha/glenn, I've no idea what glenn estimated natasha in person...]

Santito said on 7/Feb/07
Actually Jennifer`s listed height seems about right, theres too muc evidence to suggest she 5`5 and not enough to suggest shes a rediculous 5`3,
Jeff said on 7/Feb/07
She is shorter than 5f4 Naomi Watts and 5f4 Kelly Clarkson and 1" taller than 5f1 Shakira. I don't think she is more than 5f3.
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Shantay said on 7/Feb/07
Click Here

Natasha is 5`7.5, noway anyone who is 5`4 can come up that high.
Shantay said on 6/Feb/07
How is she the sam height as hewitt? First of all , footwear can not be seen, angles need to be taken to account. PLUS THERE IS NO PICTURE OF THEM TOGETHER.

JLO is 1 inch shorter than beyonce making her 5`5 and a bit. There is a clip of the making of the pepsi ad with jen and beyonce in thew blue komonos barefoot, i must say beyonces weavve makes her seem taller no real difference.
Karen said on 6/Feb/07
She does looks the same height as Hewitt all right. I always felt she was around 5f2-5f3!
Jose said on 5/Feb/07
Jennifer shoe shot didn't show up so here it is again Click Here

5f1 Shakira on Ellen in flats was only 3 inches shorter than Ellen Click Here
Jose said on 5/Feb/07
Jennifer was wearing platforms on her most recent appearance of Ellen you can see them when she crossed her legs.

When she was on Ellen before she was the same height as her or a bit shorter than her. You could see her shoes then and they were normal silver 4" heels without any platforms.
Click Here
Click Here

Jennifer Love Hewitt who is 5f2 was on Ellen before and she was the same size as Ellen or a bit shorter Ellen with her 4" heels on, just like Jennifer. I found a clip of her on Ellen Click Here

Here is another clip of Jennifer on yet another appearance of Ellen and she was wearing 4" boots and she looked to be the same size or shorter yet again
Click Here
Shantay said on 4/Feb/07
If ellen is 5`6- 5`7 in the trainers she wears. And jennifer is 2 inches taller than her it makes jennifer 5`5.5 range, as previously discusses a 4 inch heel wont give you an extra 4 inche sin height, its mor ein the 3 inch range. Look at the other clips of jennifer from that interview you can cleary see its a 4 inch heel!!
Karen said on 3/Feb/07
I think that Ellen is 5f6 because Anne Heche claims to be 5f5 and Ellen is only an inch taller than her. I found a picture of them in flat shoes together
Click Here

In that youtube clip of Ellen and Jennifer, we all know that Ellen was in her signature flats but Jennifer was wearing high heels. Most likely her shoes were those huge ben platforms or boots with lifts giving her at least 5" of added height.
Shantay said on 3/Feb/07
Ellen is 5`8 in her sneakers she always wears!!! She is 5`7 bare foot, thats a well known act. Which makes jennifer in the clip at least 5`9.5 in heels (as she is 1.5-2 inches taller. Jennifer is wearing regular 4 inches as can be seen in part 2 of the interview on youtube.

^Are those facts so hard to fathom??

Jennifer would never come up that high if she was even 5`5, she needs to be upgraded.
Jose said on 3/Feb/07
Ellen is not 5f8 lol! She looks only 5f6 max with her flat shoes. She doesn't wear heels at all.
Shantay said on 2/Feb/07
On the ellen show jennifer is 2 inches taller than 5`8 ellen (in shoes)
watch her on ellen on-
Click Here
shes in 4 inches btw
Karen said on 1/Feb/07
I don't buy that she is 5f5 without her shoes at all. Confirmed petite celebs that are similar in height prove that they are fudging their true heights. On American Idol there was a 6f4 contestant and she stated that her shoe height was 6f7. I think everyone is starting to catch on to the celeb shoe height scam lol!
Jill said on 24/Jan/07
I think she's between 5f2-5f3 max WITHOUT SHOES! I'm 5f2 without shoes and in average 4" heels I'm 5f5. With platforms on I can get even higher to 5f6-5f7. If I use lifts I can get another inch and a half, but I don't think that I would ever go that far. 5f2 really isn't that short with shoes on! Eva Longoria, Paula Abdule and other under 5f stars only look 5f2 with HIGH HEEL SHOES ON.
Brad said on 17/Jan/07
Sean Hayes is 5f11 and with her 3" dancing boots she is still 5" shorter so 5f3 looks right.
Celestina said on 17/Jan/07
Yep, jennifer is 1 inch taller so shes 5`5 if megan 5`4
Celestina said on 16/Jan/07
Megan mulally is 5`4 slighty taller than madonna when she wa son will and grace.

In jlos 1st appearance in her 3 inch dancing shoes she was about a good inch taller than megan.

In her 2nd appearance jennifer towered over megan (when she was signing karens bra)-granted she must have been wearing bigger heels but still, she looked 5`7 in the second appearqnce.
Georgina said on 16/Jan/07
Thats rediculous Alexandra Jennfier is far from a rediculous 5"3. Shes the same height as ellen pompeo -from the Golden globes yesterday
Deb said on 15/Jan/07
I say she's not even a 1/2 inch taller than 5f2 - 5f3 Leah.
Tina said on 15/Jan/07
Click Here

5`3 Leah remini in huge heels, with jennifer, who looks to be about 3 inches taller.

Alexandra, Sharon stone is listed as 5`8 on /THIS site, jennifer is listed as 5`5 on this site. Decided by the editor of this site.
Tina said on 14/Jan/07
Silly Jose, look at the hair and the macys background!!!! Its the same event, she changed her outfit.
sarah said on 14/Jan/07
Jesus,she looks 160 cm to me,and about 70kilos
Tina said on 13/Jan/07
If sharon stone is 5`8 jennifer next to her looks to be 2-3 inches shorter.

Click Here

No way could someon at 5`4 come up to be that tall next to sharon stone.
Jose said on 10/Jan/07
Tina, when things are closer to the camera at that slant they are smaller.
X-User said on 10/Jan/07
Tina, you're stupid. j.lo can NOT be 5'6, on her own website, it's said 5'5, i don't think celebrities want to be short.
Tina said on 9/Jan/07
Anonymous you fail to mention that marc is closer to the camera, thats the biggest advantage anyone could have. To be honest that slant you talk about doesnt not bare a huge effect with the height.
Anonymous said on 9/Jan/07
Tina, someone already posted that pic and I already said this. The pic is taken slightly slanted in J Lo's favor and on a hill. Look how the tree is almost upritght and yet mark's feet are so much lower than Jen's. Also, the sidewalk is very slanted compared to the tree. Straighten everything out, she is probably an inch taller in her heels and he is leaning forward midstride.
Kaddi said on 8/Jan/07
She looks really short in the pics Deb posted. I really can't see her being more than 5'3.
Tina said on 7/Jan/07
Linda was on E! a few times with guliana depandi, although both ladies were in heels. linda was the same height as guliana. Guliana looks ot be 5`8 ish- shes the same height as ryan seacrest (without heels) who always wears lifts in his shoes.
theheightguru said on 7/Jan/07
Gotta' say,
Unless Lynda Lopez is 5'10, there's no way Jennifer is 5'6.
Tina said on 6/Jan/07
Deborah she is taller than mark in that pic i posted!!! draw a line across or something.

As far as "elevator" shoes, they are called prada. Standard high heels no different to any other female star/
Deb said on 6/Jan/07
Tina, in that picture they look the same height with her huge elevator shoes. I say she can't be more than 5f2 or 5f3.
Leah said on 5/Jan/07
I don't think someone who's 5'6" and 120 pounds would be considered "not thin" in my opinion.
Tina said on 3/Jan/07
Ive met jennifer recently in aspen, im 5`5 and had 4 inch wedges on, whereas she was wearing what seemed to be 4 inch black boots. She was at least an inch taller than me.
Btw jennifer is tiny when it comes to her upper body. Bur she does have chunky thighs and and bum.

5`6 seems about right.
Lmeister said on 3/Jan/07
She is in a really good shape and she can weight around 135 pounds even if she'd be "only" 5'4''. I see a lot of sporty chicks daily at the gym and I know that a girl who is 5'4''/135 pounds can look great and have a sixpack, but without training can also look a bit "plumpy".

[Editor Rob: every woman in hollywood is 125 pounds...or so it seems, a nice figure to use in interviews]
Anonymous said on 3/Jan/07
GC - I agree she is in great shape and certainly doesn't need to be any thinner especially in wasting away hollywood. However, in that pic, if she were 5'4 (which I agree with) she would be about 135 lbs - no lie. Women lie about their weight to the point men think women weigh a lot less than they actually do.
Viper said on 31/Dec/06
Anything over 5-4 for her is out of the question now.
George said on 13/Dec/06
Jennifers heights means nothing when you cant see her heels. Its rediculous to says shes in the 5`2-5`4 range. Beyonce who is closer to 5`6.5, in the pic posted above by rob- we can she both lopez and knowles` heels. Which are about the same. Yet jennifer is slightly shorter than beyonce, not to mention beyonces waves hads a cm or so-where as jennifers is slicked back.

No way in the world would someone who is 5`2 or even 5`4 could come THAT close to beyonces height in those heels. Jennifer is 5`5 minimum.

Btw in that pic below, tomis known for wearing heels, and thats a dodgy angle, ive seen pics from the same event where jen is the sam height as cruise.
Kaddi said on 12/Dec/06
In that one picture of her in the red dress it appears she's taller than Marc, but what about every other picture in which she's shorter than him, even with 3 inch heels?
Anonymous said on 11/Dec/06
The picture of J Lo in the red dress looking much taller than Marc is deceiving because it is slanted in her favor.
Furonda said on 11/Dec/06
Even if Marc is slouching, the height difference is too significant, plus marc is closer to the camera. In those pics you posted jennifers foot wear can not be seen.

Slouching can constitute for an inch in difference, not a 4 inch difference!!, the pic i posted shows a clear 4 inch height difference aswell as marc being closer to the cam.

Lets not forget jennifer has huge hips and buttocks, which make sher look shorter than the average 5`6 size 0 actress in hllywood.
leonari said on 11/Dec/06
Well one thing is sure: Tom Cruise looks tall next to AMrc Anthony and we all know that doesn't happen often... I agree with Jeff: 5'6" is an absolute max for marc Anthony...
leonari said on 9/Dec/06
Jennifer is never 5'6"" not even the 5'5" stated above!! this girl is 5'4" with a big butt.Period.
ice said on 7/Dec/06
OMG, she looks so tiny in that vid Jose provided. Did you see those shoes?! How could she even walk? J-lo is MAX 162cm. No more, likely less.
Liz said on 5/Dec/06
Jennifer looks to be at least 2" shorter than Naomi so I would say that she must be 5f2"
romeo said on 2/Dec/06
few days ago I saw Jennifer lopez and I was shocked.Because she wears very high heels(4 or 5 inches).I'm 6ft but I can't tower her.I think she is at least 5'5
AgEnT767 said on 1/Dec/06
Marc is 168cm, and the normal elevator shoes is about 7 or 6 cm. According to some pictures with marc, she's about 160-162 no more than that.
Brad said on 24/Nov/06
5' 4". Wears girdles to hide her weight in the wrong spots though she lost a lot for a Texas shoot this year. I think she wears major make-up to cover her dark skin. She was much darker skinned as a dancer years ago. Her hair is gorgeous. I've never figured out why a lot of hispanic gals don't lighten their hair to her color. It beats the boring dark color.
Anonymous said on 23/Nov/06
At madame taussauds, my friends and I were all shocked at how j-lo has on reasonably high heels and was hardly 5'6. I think without shoes she's about 5'3 1/2 or 5'4 max. Anything over 5'4 1/2 is pushing it.
ice said on 18/Nov/06
Looking at the pics of her and kelly clarkson, they appear to be totally equal in height. Kelly has claimed 5'3.5", so I say the same thing for lopez. I don't think she 5'2, or anything under 5'3 for that matter. I mean that's jessica simpson range, and she doesn't look that short.
Anonymous said on 17/Nov/06
A lesson in shoes... People seem to think 4" heels give you 4" of height. They don't, my 4" heels give me about 2 3/4" extra and a 4" heel plus a 2" platform gives you the 2 3/4" plus the 2" platform extra height. In 4" heels J Lo should be almost 5'8". Her and her husband pictures are odd, some she is taller than him in heels and others she is way shorter, doesn't make sense. Usually a shoes gives you the extra height of from the ground to just under the ankle not the heel.
Anon said on 17/Nov/06
She was seen yesterday by a fan who reported she was 'tall' - around 170cm! How strange.
Jay said on 17/Nov/06
I always thought she looked quite tall at about 5'8...with all the evidence it seems she's only about 5'2"
Alex said on 16/Nov/06
5'2-5'3 seems a little too short. 5'4 minimum for her, 5'4.5 is possible too.
Viper652 said on 15/Nov/06
Oh man, I never would have guessed J-LO could have been 5-3 or 5-2, but its a definite possibility now looking at all the evidence.
UserX said on 14/Nov/06
j.lo can't be 5'5. search for pics of her with kelly clarkson (5'3 1/2) on wireimage. they are the same height, maybe kelly's a bit taller.
Jose said on 12/Nov/06
So Shakira must have been wearing heels, JLO ALWAYS wears big heels and they both look around the same height... so therefore, they are. Shakira is 5f2 barefoot, so Jlo must be around that too barefoot and WITH HEELS Jlo is 5ft5 or 5ft6.
Lou said on 11/Nov/06
That picture with Shakira is very odd, because they do appear to be the same height. I've seen Shakira in person, she didn't look as short as 4'11, I'd give her 5'1. She was barefoot, also. I don't think there's any way that Jennifer is as short as 5'1. I guess maybe Shakira was wearing bigger heels.
Denosha said on 3/Nov/06
At the Oscars back in 2004(she wore that green dress), theres a pic of her and kate hudson standing head to head, they look about the same height.

What people dont notice is that the way jennifer poses, she makes herself look shorter.

Here with d&g the shorter guy is about 5`8-9
Click Here

Also in maid in manhattan she was about an inch or so taller than Bob Hoskins, when she was dressed as a maid in what seemed like flat tennis shoes.
Mirror1 said on 2/Nov/06
Look here: Click Here

she's clearly shorter than 5'4 naomi watts.
Lou said on 21/Oct/06
How tall is Marc Anthony really? Without knowing that, it's hard to tell how tall Jennifer is. They're the same height with her wearing heels, but the heights vary. Are there any pics of her with Ja Rule?
D. Ray Morton said on 19/Oct/06
She said "5'5", 115 lbs." in that wonderful piece of cinema, Enough.
Anna said on 18/Oct/06
Jennifer Lopez is 5'2". With her 4" shoes she is still a tiny bit shorter than Ja Rule, who is 5'6". Also, her hubby is a bit over 5'5" and again with JLO's signature 4" heels, she is around the same height as him. Leah Remini is or just under 5'2" and she seems around the same height as JLO without 4" heels. I usually Leah in 2.5-3" heels.
CJ said on 18/Oct/06
look we are looking at above average heght sizes. like 120 on a person who is 5'7 is skinny but 120-125 on a person of like 5'3 or 5'4 isn't actually skinny. however like i have said before it depends on genes ad that maybe 120 in her family is built like that but i read that seh is 120 because she lost a lot of weight and that hsed wears a size six(maybe 8)
Kaddi said on 11/Oct/06
It's weird because sometimes she appears of average height and other times really short. 5'5 is not short, it's average, so if she is indeed short she's gonna be less than that. She looks TINY on the pic with Geena Davis, but tall next to Leah Remini. I'd guess 5'3-5'4, max. She wears high heels all the time. Since she used to admit to being 5'4, I highly doubt she could be any taller.
Ron said on 9/Oct/06
JLo is a beautiful but compact 5'2" taller. She does not like being told by fans "you're shorter in person than on the screen". Gals notice, but guys don't care because she is so hot.
sun sun said on 3/Oct/06
thankyou 'anonymous'...i TOTALLY agree with you...Jennifer Lopez certainly doesnt have a small frame and therefore she couldnt be 120pounds because if she wre she would be totally smaller and MUCH thinner! in many magazine interviews they always ask her for her dress size in dresses and pants and she always says taht on a normal day she is an American size 8/10 and on a REALLY gud day she is just a size 8.
anonymous said on 28/Sep/06
In the movie Enough, Jennifer wants to get a look a like and the height she gives is 5'5". That could even be a bump up though from her actual height but I would say she is no way over 5'5". As for 120 lbs, that's a laugh. I have a friend who is 5'6" and 125 lbs and is a size 0 or 2. Weight and size depends a lot on frame size and J.Lo doesn't have a small frame so if she were 5'6 and 120 she'd be really skinny.
sun sun said on 18/Sep/06
i've seen her in real life and she seems around 5ft5 no shorter no 5ft4 and shes taller than me.
and about her being 120 pounds...thats bulls***!she bigger than me...i would say shes around 135-138pounds no smaller or bigger.
mysterygirl said on 15/Sep/06
5'5 is not short,that is nice height for lady.that is seems that today we have only short or tall people.whwere is average?!:)lopez has great body.i thins she is about 5'5,5'4.
maria86 said on 13/Sep/06
Actually I meet in LA quite some time ago, she is definitely about 5'4. because I am 5'9 and I still towered over even though she was those high siloutoe heels.
CJ said on 5/Sep/06
man i can agrees that J.Lo is short- about 5'5 but i am uncertain about her weight. I am like 120-125 and 5'4 and i don't look that big but I am a little thick(butt and everything). however people's body shape forms based on genetics adn J.Lo may be 120 and shaped like that but i believe she is b/w 125 and 135
Viper652 said on 5/Sep/06
Shes really 5-4 in reality.
ThisGirl said on 4/Sep/06
5'5" seems perfectly fine to me. But she's definitely more than 120 lbs... that's a big lie. They all try and make themselves taller and thinner. Right.

And she's taller than 5'3". I don't get why people feel the constant need to make celebrities seem shorter than they actually are.
cicilolo said on 4/Sep/06
I always remember reaidng in her beginign acting days like in selena and living color,Anaconda and so she was laways 5'4 then all of a sudden in the like 1999 or so boom she's 2 inches taller 5'6. Many people have seen her in real life and said she's about 5'3.5-5'4
dmeyer said on 1/Sep/06
dont forget that geena is 6 feet 3 or 4 in heels
MMK said on 28/Aug/06
Looks more like 5'3-4" to me.

Click Here(I)

If she was 5'6" as she claims, she wouldn't be that much shorter than Geena Davis, who's 6'. Look at the picture, the height difference between them is way more than 6 inches!!!

Alex said on 27/Aug/06
Viper, it depends, a girl 5'5 130lbs is a medium frame I'd say but if they're toned its different from if they're more sloppy. Thick girls are fine if they're toned like J-Lo but if they're sloppy then its not too good. And those people who say 5'4 120lbs is skinny, those are people that are normally fat and jealous they can't look good and they call people skinny who are really more medium framed and not skinny or thin.
absent said on 6/Aug/06
Click Here
Brad said on 6/Aug/06
She's not 5' 6" and I doubt 120 pounds. She's a plump Bronx girl at 5' 4" and about 136 pounds. The designed for her Versace outfits hide weight. I think she lost weight for a film she shot in south Texas this Spring.
Viper652 said on 18/Jul/06
It depends on the frame size really. Ive seen 5-5 130 girls who look chunky, while on a bigger frame it looks fine.
My Opinion said on 17/Jul/06
We lived in a very distorted culture is someon thinks 120 at 5'6 is not thin. At one time I weighed 120 pounds and I was 5'4. Everyone thought I looked too skinny, but we do not live up to the Hollywood standards I guess. Right now I weigh 148 pounds after my back injury. However, I walk alot and everyone tells me I look really in shape. I may not be rail thin, but I am healthy and I look hot.
Haylie said on 15/Jul/06
I just saw the episode of 'Will & Grace' with Jennifer making a cameo, and she looked about the same height (maybe a half inch or an inch taller) as Megan Mullally who playes Karen
Anonymous said on 13/Jul/06
here's another pic of 5'5 maria bello and jennifer lopez: Click Here
Anonymous said on 13/Jul/06
jennifer lopez is about an inch shorter than 5'5 maria bello Click Here
D. Ray Morton said on 4/Jun/06
She should've been looking for an acting double.
sun sun said on 4/Jun/06
to leonari...
i didnt say that jlo was 5ft7, i said that beyonce is 5ft7 as many magazine claim and asi have seen her in real life myself while she was promoting Tommy Hilfiger's perfume!
Jlo is 5ft6 and it is very believable that Marc is 5ft7,and as i said, he seems very short in some pics because the ppl he's pictured with are massive!
..i can't be botherd to have a pointless argument over the internet on what Jennifer's height really is.i'm just saying that from what i've seen from her when i saw her is that she's in reality around 5ft5 and a half to 5ft6!
and, i totally agree with you Adri, she is NO WAY 120pounds in hell!Halle Berry is 120pounds and they are NO WAY the same weight!and Jlo herself says that she's a size 12 europian size so how in hell is that 120pounds...120pounds is quite tiny/small and she isn't(i'm not saying there's anything wrong with the way her body is)but she is no way the weight she calims she is!
chantelle said on 3/Jun/06
Click Here

Jennifer is clearly 5'5, in her wedding photos with cris judd shes about an inch shorter than him and hes around 5'10 without shoes
Click Here
dmeyer said on 3/Jun/06
in the movie enaugh she is looking for a double for herself she says someone like me 5'5" 115 or 120 pounds she could be 5'6.25"
Anonymous said on 3/Jun/06
i don't think j.lo is more than an inch taller than leah:
Click Here
Adri said on 3/Jun/06
She is clearly not 120lbs at 5'5 because that's what I am, and I am skinny with no butt and a small chest. She's lying about one or the other. I think she is 120lbs but shorter. As for the pic with Leah, she looks really tall in that last one but in others she is shorter than Leah, so it just shows you how much difference the angle makes.
leonari said on 3/Jun/06
Sun SUN: another very funny Nickname I must say. I don't know my proportions...Yeah you must be right. He what tha f... let's give j.Lo 5'7" while we wre at it and MAkr anthony is the same height...SUre...why not. You DON'T KNOW NOTHING ABOUT PROPORTIONS. Marc Anthony is soooo slim. He has tiny frame that why on pics he dosen't look that short. Not because he is 5'7". He is 5'6". Watch the movie "Man on fire". Next to Denzal this guy looks almost a head shorter. But I am tired arguing with chicks like you.
meL said on 3/Jun/06
i've met j.lo in real life and she's 5' 5". so this site is correct. and about her's clearly 120 lbs.. why would she lie about it? is it something that embarasses her? i don't think so. so to vanessa, i think ur completely wrong.. she's 120 lbs. u may have smaller bones than her that's why.. or maybe none at all.. haha..
ice said on 2/Jun/06
to sun sun: beyonce doesn't even claim 5'7 for herself. Why does everyone say she's taller, when she doesn't agree with what you guessed for her? LOL
sun sun said on 2/Jun/06
hi adri...
how can you even think that jlo is 5ft2?!!!so then how tall is natalie portman or rachel bilson?!!!they muct be 4ft something in real life!!!
the reason JLo looks shorter than her dancers is because her dancers are really tall...celebrities do that all the time to make themselves 'appear' small and 'petit' it's a celebrity trick...also celebrities ALWAYS hire bodyguards that are massive to make them feel petit and small when in reality they're quite tall or just normal,but when put next to someone thats massive it gives the illusion that they tiny when theyre not...
....i went onto 'getty' images just as leonari recommened and yes,marc anthony does look small when next to queen rania of jordan who is 5ft10!!!!!Leonari,you really don't know your proportions sorry to say!obviously he's gunna look tiny when he's next to someone that tall,he's 5ft7 and shes 5ft10-11 so obvioulsy hes gunna look small, but when you put him next to normal sized ppl he will look normal...but he's not as small as you keep making him out to be!
...and oh yeah...many ppl who have interviewd jennifer owuold say that she's more around the height of 5ft5 and a half to 5ft6....ALOT of interviewers who HAVE seen her in real life without heels in magazine foto shoots say the same thing all the time(and these are ppl that see how she REALLY looks without heels or makeup), as for beyonce, i have met the woman in real life and she IS 5ft7 no shorter and NO taller, and aswell as with jlo,many magazine interviewers who have seen her in real life and taken fotos of her in magazine foto shoots have said the same thing 'she's quite a big girl'.

chantelle said on 31/May/06
Click Here

jennifer with leah remini, she towers her clearly by at least 3 inches, btw both are wearing 4 inchers
Adri said on 29/May/06
Someone upthread mentioned that J.Lo looked around 5'4 as a Fly Girl. I think even less. I have footage from several shows and she is noticeably short. She was dwarfed by the other dancers ,even dancing in heels when they were in flats. 5'4 is not tall but it is far from noticeably short. From those shows I'd say she was 5'2.5-5'3 max. However she does appear considerably taller in some recent pictures so it really depends on the angle. Still I'd say most of the time she looks short. I could not imagine her being more than 5'4.5 as an absolute maximum, she is definitely not 5'6, and has admitted as much!
Anonymous said on 25/May/06
@vanessa ves: can u plz post some pictures of urself in order to compare u with j.lo ;)
vanessa ves said on 25/May/06
Jennifer Lopez appears to be of average height, probably 5'4" or 5'5", but her claim that she weighs 120 lbs is very questionable. I myself am 5'5" and I am a curvy girl with quite a curvy ass and very small waist and rib cage, 32 c breasts- I am in pretty good shape, I wear a size 4 pants. At 120 lbs I am very lean but still have a curvy shapely firm behind, at 130 lbs I am just a little meatier so I have something to compare JLO's claim that she is a 120 lbs to. I don't believe that Jennifer Lopez is 120 lbs, I would aproximate her weight at 140 lbs and by no way am I tring to insult her looks or body by suggesting that she weighs more than she claims. The girl is rather stockier in build and has a very large behind that has made her famous. She looks really great for her build and she has made the most of what she was born with but for a woman who claims to be so free and happy with herself- why lie about your weight???
ice said on 22/May/06
I noticed that marc anthony is always slightly taller than j-lo. He's 5'6 max. In shoes (with a slight heel) he can get 5'8. minus the inch for j-lo, and she's at 5'7, in heels. I don't see how anyone can give her 5'6. The 5'5 on ths site is fine, but I still think 5'4. There is nothing that looks tall about her.
sun sun said on 17/May/06
well i havent met marc in real life so i can't judge on that point...but i have met jlo and beyonce in real life and i've seen them and the'yre not as short as you keep making out!
D. Ray Morton said on 16/May/06
Marc Anthony seemed 5'6" to me, maybe a little under. Small guy.

leonari said on 16/May/06
OK sun sun...I undertand...Si if I want to know a height of a celebrity I just go to the official site and the truth will be written there....Yeah right!! So why coming to celebheights at all?? COME ON!! of course he will be "advertised" taller than he is!! Thats show business people, show business!!!!! Ilussions it what it comes down to. Wake up damn it. I am sure if his site would state 5'10" you would believe it...RIGHT? go to getty images. Put in Marc Anthony and you will see that this man is tiny. On every single picture nand trust me: there are lots of him on there. Period.
sun sun said on 15/May/06
..and oh yeah..leonari...marc anthony is 5ft7 not 5ft6...go check out his websites!
sun sun said on 15/May/06
i'm not asking you to belive me or not...but i've seen her in real life and she's taller than me...SHE herself qoutes that she's 5ft6...the majority of her websites say the same belive what you want!
leonari said on 15/May/06
GREAT! So J.Lo 5'6" and her husband must be 5'9" ???? LOL!!
sun sun said on 14/May/06
well leonari..actually im 100% sure mof my height because i'm a model,and the modelling agency usually take your height and measurements when your NOT wearing heels and when you ARE wearing heels and IAM 5ft4 not shorter and NOT taller.and i HAVE seen Jlo and she IS 5ft6 and she says so herself,so it's pointless arguing about it
cinnamon said on 13/May/06
I seen her in a old janet jackson video, and she looks about the same height as janet so 5'3- 5'4 seems right.
Anonymous said on 12/May/06
look here: she's even shorter than leah remini:
Click Here
leonari said on 11/May/06
well Sun sun: I have seen her too and nooooooo way is this women as tall as 5'6" . NEVER. You are probably 5'2"-5'3"...
Anonymous said on 11/May/06
how can she be 5'6 or 5'5 when she looks as short as 5'3 leah rimini (or shorter?)
sun sun said on 10/May/06
i dont know what the hell is a 'add 2 inches rule'...she IS 5ft6..i've seen her in real life and she's taller than me and i'm 5ft4!
J. said on 7/May/06
A fat ass doesn't make one look shorter or taller! lol. Plus, Lopez has really slimmed down recently. Her 'ass' isn't what it once was! She's 5'4"-5'5". No taller. No shorter. When she said 5'6" she was obviously prescribing to the "add 2 inches" rule.
Flemish said on 7/May/06
Well she's got to be shorter than 5'6" because marc anthony is only 5'6" if I'm not mistaken and he's taller than her.
sun sun said on 6/May/06
i agree with you THE HORSE OF FUNK...jennifer lopez has a fat ass so that's why she may seem shorter but she is not WAY below 5ft6!!!and beyonce IS 5ft7
The Horse of FUNK said on 5/May/06
Well, Beyonce is supposedly 5'7, which would make the second Beyonce/Lopez pic feasible IF the two girls really are as tall as they say. Frankly, I think she can't be below 5'5, but maybe she really is 5'6 or close to it. She does have a fat ass and that makes her look shorter.
CJ said on 28/Apr/06
yeah i could see her between 5 ft 5 to 5 ft 6 but she is kinda thin(even if she doesn't look it) because 120 is the average size-i know other people who are her height and bigge rthan her and the average 120 height size is 5 ft 4.
sunsun said on 18/Apr/06
she is NOT 5ft4/..have you seen her at madam tussuads..shes 5ft6 without heels and as 4 beyonce she says herself that without heels shes 5ft7
Alex said on 12/Apr/06
Lopez is def in the 5'4-5'4.5 range.
ice said on 10/Apr/06
Glenn's only 5'8 barefoot, so I doubt he was a full 5'10 in that pic. At best I would say 5'9.5. So that puts Beyonce at about 5'5 (165 cm) barefoot, and J-lo at 5'4 (162cm ) barefoot.
Kats said on 9/Apr/06
Geez, just delete my old comments on a bunch of pages. If Glenn was 5'10 in the picture with Beyonce, she's more like 5'5-5'5.5. Lopez is 5'4-5'4.5.
Coffeecakes said on 9/Apr/06
They recently repeated an interview she did on Cristina(spanish language show on Univision) and she said that she was 5'4-5'5 and that she loved heels because they made her seem tall.
Alex said on 5/Apr/06
I don't see Jennifer Lopez anything under 5'4. She looks average height for a female. So 5'4-5'4.5 she is.
Kats said on 5/Apr/06
I guess I'm going to pick Lopez's page to bring up a topic that's been coming to my attention lately. What Anonymous said about her being 5'6 in heels and 5'3 without shoes: Not all heels make people 3 inches taller.

I noticed a lot of people on here will say "[so and so] was in 3 inch heels making them 3 inches taller" or "4 inch heels making them 4 inches taller." But shoes slope down, so for example, 3 inch heels often make people 2 inches taller or 2 1/2 inches taller. If Lopez is 5'6 in certain heels, they may only be giving her a 2 1/2 increase. Same can be said for all females, depending on their particular shoes. I do think she is around 5'3 though.
Anonymous said on 4/Apr/06
WHOA!! She's 5 inches shorter than Richard Gere in high heels!!!! That must mean that in heels she is 5'6" max and barefoot 5'3" max. She's a much smaller girl than 166, man. (Oh, and Susan Sarandon is only 5'4". She is a lot shorter than Billy Joe Armstrong in some getty images).
deadman said on 26/Mar/06
watch the scene in out of sight where ving rhames is looking at karen cisco's license. it says 5'4.......
ice said on 25/Mar/06
Rob, How can you have 166 cm for J-lo and 167 cm for susan sarandon?
Jen said on 24/Mar/06
She's 5'4.5". Just look at these pics.
Click Here

Click Here
A said on 24/Mar/06
Here's the Susan Sarandon and J.Lo pic again.
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[Editor Rob: yes, on getty there's another set, she can look shorter than 5ft 5 in those pics]
Nick said on 24/Mar/06
If you look at Demi Moore (5'4.5"-5'5") and Ashton Kutcher (6'2.5"), Demi doesn't seem that short when wearing 3-4" heels (6-7" shorter). J.Lo compare to Ben in heels look quite short, like 8"+ shorter.
ice said on 24/Mar/06
Looks like a nice foot to me. She looks the same in comparison as Glenn and Novoselic. Glenn is 5'8, and chris is shockingly 6'7.
Anonymous said on 23/Mar/06
Rob, look at these pictures and I'd think you will agree with me that she's not 5'5.5". Maybe 5'4"-5'4.5".
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Denise said on 23/Mar/06
No she was wearing a typical set of 4 inchers, i was inches away from her and the other models, and in comparison she was only a few inche shorter than some of the other models who looked to be about 5`8
Kats said on 22/Mar/06
Go to Beyonce's page. She's been found out! Next to Glenn and in heels she can't be more than 5'5. Since Lopez is 1 inch shorter, she's at most 5'4. Personally, I bet she's closer to 5'3, and Beyonce is 5'4ish.
Anonymous said on 21/Mar/06
Yeah, you met her while she was wearing custom made platform high heels. I know a lot of people who have met her and say she is 5'3" and not as curvy was you would think.
Denise said on 21/Mar/06
Jennifer is a good 5'5 ive met her during olympus fashion week.
Anonymous said on 20/Mar/06
Please, she is around the same height as Sheryl Crow. Those pictures are pretty obviouse. And I've seen Kate Hudson several times in Aspen, Co and she is not over 5'4". Please get used to the fact that every height you read is two inches more than reality. It is just what PR people do since people look taller on TV than they really are. J Lo is 5'3".
Shaun said on 17/Mar/06
Jenniffers def 5`5 -5`6, shes looks the same height as kate to me, its just that her body is proportionaed differently and hudson i stick thin.

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both ladies are barefoot and that looks about 1 inch if that short, but beyonce wears a weave which gives height.
theheightguru said on 16/Mar/06
Sorry, I don't buy 5'6, or even 5'5 and a half. If that's true, how can she be a few inches shorter than Beyonce in this pic? Click Here
Anonymous said on 16/Mar/06
here: Click Here
Anonymous said on 15/Mar/06
j.lo is definitely shorter than kate hudson, who is 5'6:
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Jessica said on 15/Mar/06
How do you explain the pics with sheryl crow if Jennifer is so tall?
Shaun said on 14/Mar/06
No, firstly alba is closer to the camera. Secondly, Alba has bigger hair gives the allusion of being taller. There eyes meet on point!!!
giantHeels said on 14/Mar/06
no, in this pic jessica def looks 1-2" taller than Jen - look at where the feet are
Anonymous said on 13/Mar/06
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Jessica Alba and jennifer are the same height!!! Jennifer is not less than 5'5
On ellen jennifer was one ince taller than ellen with heels.
Mr. R said on 11/Mar/06
I saw J.Lo get out of her limo at the Oscars. I didn't notice her height - something else caught my eye from behind!
Anonymous said on 10/Mar/06
j.lo's heels: Click Here

her height definitely should be changed to 5'3 or 5'4 max
Liv said on 10/Mar/06
In the pics with Cheryl Crow jennifer looks tiny! From what I can see they are all wearing similar heels and Gwen Stefani (5'6") is significantly taller than her. Could it be the camera angles cause I never though Jlo was that small
Anonymous said on 9/Mar/06
I love J.Lo as much as the next person, but sorry for her, in these shots next to sheryl crow, she and sheryl are the exact same height: 5'2" ish. Jennifer Lopez is short with a big PR campaign.
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