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6ft 0.73in (184.7cm)
jake said on 22/Aug/11
We're starting to believe you rampage, you've said '6"1 is fine for Reeves' or words to that effect six times now.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Aug/11
6"1(185cm) is fine for Reeves.
James said on 19/Aug/11
186cm morning maybe?
Dmeyer said on 18/Aug/11
This Guy Will measure over 6 ft 1 morning and could mesures 6'1 10-11 am but night near strong 184cm like 6'0.5-0.75
brandom said on 16/Aug/11
interesting photo gagai couldnt ever believe that keanu ist a solid 6ft 1 but i dont think that hes 5ft11 looks taller that a 5ft11 man ill say hes 6 a solid 6
James said on 14/Aug/11
i think reeves could be 6'0 1/2 these days. Still tall but he's not quite 6'1.
Gaga said on 13/Aug/11
Rob, i have found something really interenting, and i am having troubles to fix the problem, i have found this phot of keanu and tim rothman,
Click Here
The thing is that reeves is 6'1, but rothman is also listed everywhere as 6'1. I looked for information and photos of rothman and found a photo where he was almost towered by a guy i cant remember the name, the i looked for the guy's height and it sayed 6'4, wich apperad plausible, he looked that if rothman is 6'1. So i came to the conclusion that rothman is 6'1, but i dont know why he looks that much taller than reeves, lifts are improbable on a 6'1 guy, and maybe you can spot an angle in wich can be possible that difference. What do you think rob? Maybe keanu is shorter than we expected? He also looked the same height as jude law, who is probably under 5'11. What do you think?
[Editor Rob: he does look like he could be taller than reeves from the few photos of them, and with others this tom guy looks in that 6ft 1 range, so who knows, reeves could be argued as somewhere between 6 and 6ft1]
James said on 7/Aug/11
Today i don't think reeves would measure at 6'1.
Gaga said on 30/Jul/11
Why are you so obssesed with his height, you make the same comment like everyweek during the last year
Bon_ said on 29/Jul/11
maybe a flat 6'1
Godred said on 27/Jul/11
184 or 185.
James said on 25/Jul/11
Probably 6'0.75 or 6'1. I don't think keanu is 186cm like some think he is.
Bon_ said on 23/Jul/11
6'0.75 is just fine for him
quentin said on 22/Jul/11
Which photos or vids are you guys basing this 6'1" (or taller) off of? I've had an extended period of contact with him including when he was barefoot and he seemed barely taller than people who said they were 5ft 11in or 6ft. Also remember that a skinny disposition can make people look an inch taller than they really are.
Dominic said on 21/Jul/11
sup says on 14/Jul/11
@Dominic It's actually normal to lose at least an inch by that age....

Um no it isn't. Most men don't lose significant height until 50's/60's. In any case, Reeves doesn't look like he's lost height because he discovered the fountain of youth. He still looks 35!
Bambi said on 20/Jul/11
My arse, sup! I think he is the 6 ft 1, he does have really bad posture.
I think he's 186cm because of that.

...and just 'cause I ♥ Keanu! XD
James said on 19/Jul/11
187cm out of bed possibly
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Jul/11
Probably 186.5cm first thing out of bed
James said on 17/Jul/11
6'0 max is unlikely. he must have had posture maybe?
sup said on 14/Jul/11
Then again, whenever I saw him on set he was usually walking around or in a position with knees slightly bent, which may have led to the illusion that he was 6'0" max. If he's standing straight up in the morning he might be 6'1" but I would bet on something more like 6'0.5" max most of the time.
sup said on 14/Jul/11
@Dominic It's actually normal to lose at least an inch by that age....
Dominic said on 13/Jul/11
Doubtful he's lost an inch or two at 46.
sup said on 13/Jul/11
I worked with him on set recently and he looks more like 5'11" or 6'0" max. 6'1" seems like a stretch. He's getting old so a slight reduction in height is understandable. But I'm guessing the height value listed at of an actor refers to maximum possible height throughout their life, rather than current probable height.
owen said on 11/Jul/11
Jonas says on 6/Jul/11
I'd say 6'0.5

yeah!! sounds correct
Legend said on 10/Jul/11
He's not over 6 feet.
SpaceInvaduhs said on 10/Jul/11
6'0" even.
Jonas said on 6/Jul/11
I'd say 6'0.5
Shaun said on 4/Jul/11
Weak 6'1". 184cm is more accurate, agreed.
Mohammed said on 28/Jun/11
I can't comprehend how he can be a solid 6'1. He looks shorter than 6'2 actors by a good 1.5-2 inches and looks like a 184 guy.
James said on 27/Jun/11
well demeyer keanu's tall but he's not super tall like 6'5 so i don't see how he would loose 3cm from morning till night?
Bon_ said on 26/Jun/11
looses a full inch throughout the day? that's unlikely. I'd say 186-187 cm out of bed and legit 185 cm at night.
kiril said on 26/Jun/11
is it possible that keanu can be a solid 6ft????
Dmeyer said on 26/Jun/11
Hé had a hard looking taller than 6 ft evans and looks abit smaller than theron in big heels this Guy is strong 184 cm 6 ft 0.5 in i doubt hé mesures 185.4 cm at night hé might wake 6 ft 1.5
James said on 25/Jun/11
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 23/Jun/11
187cm out of bed
186cm morning
185cm afternoon
184.5cm evening

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Jun/11
187cm out of bed
186cm morning
185cm afternoon
184.5cm evening
James said on 21/Jun/11
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 20/Jun/11
If he's 185cm at night, it's more a case of him being a strong 6ft1 like 186cm. I think at night he'd be nearer 184cm but not bang on 6ft0.5. Probably 184.5cm or 6ft0.75.

186cm in the morning
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jun/11
If he's 185cm at night, it's more a case of him being a strong 6ft1 like 186cm. I think at night he'd be nearer 184cm but not bang on 6ft0.5. Probably 184.5cm or 6ft0.75.
Bon_ said on 19/Jun/11
Reeves is 184 cm at absolute lowest, more likely 185 cm at night
James said on 18/Jun/11
reeves is taller than 182cm
Bon_ said on 17/Jun/11
Hugo Weaving is 188 more likely

Reeves looking strong 6'1 next to 6'3 Daniels

how tall does he look next to Busey, if we take that he was a strong 6' ?
Chameleon said on 17/Jun/11
On Weaving Page there is a guy who posted many comments as he had seen him in real life all the time, and he gave 6'1 estimate for him. If so, 182 range for Reeves. I can buy that for sure.
James said on 16/Jun/11
Reeves i think Reeves is a weakish 6'1 like 6'0.75, it makes sense when you see him next to 187cm Hugo Weaving.

Maybe 6'0 1/2 before bed?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Jun/11
I think Reeves is 6ft1 and looks shorter because he's up against shorter guys that wear lifts i.e Patrick Swayze
James said on 14/Jun/11
I don't think Forest Whitaker is quite 6'2
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Jun/11
I think 185cm is spot on...exactly 2 inches below Jeff Daniels in Speed
Mohammed said on 12/Jun/11
He's probably and most possibly 184 cm tall, quite sure he's not a full 6'1.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Jun/11
I think 6ft1 on the dot...exactly an inch below 6ft2(188cm) Forest Whitaker
Lenad said on 11/Jun/11
I'd give him a weak 6'1. Floating between 184 and 185cm
James said on 11/Jun/11
he might be 185cm but 184cm is not impossible either
Chameleon said on 11/Jun/11
James I remember a comment where someone wrote in the movie Sweet November with Theron both barefoot he appeared 2 in taller. He doesnt look 6'1 to me either
James said on 10/Jun/11
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 9/Jun/11
James, in 1985 Keanu Reeves would have 21 so maybe he hadn't reached full height?

To be fair rampage in photos keanu can look 6'1. maybe i was a bit over the top in downgrading him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Jun/11
James, in 1985 Keanu Reeves would have 21 so maybe he hadn't reached full height?
James said on 9/Jun/11
Chameleon says on 7/Jun/11
James maybe because he actully is 182cm..

Not sure?
Bon_ said on 9/Jun/11
strong 6'0.75
Chameleon said on 7/Jun/11
James maybe because he actully is 182cm..
Lone said on 5/Jun/11
Met hima few times, i am 6'5 and i would say he is 6 or so
James said on 3/Jun/11
Bon_ says on 2/Jun/11
that's because he's scrawny.

i thought scrawny people looked taller?
Bon_ said on 2/Jun/11
that's because he's scrawny.
James said on 2/Jun/11
In an interview from 1985 he looked 5'11. keanu can look 182cm a lot.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Jun/11
And your opinions are respected, James. I admit he can look as low as 6ft.
James said on 1/Jun/11
To me he does not look 6'1. Just my opinion.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/May/11
He's probably a solid 186cm out of bed, maybe even scraping 187cm
Bon_ said on 25/May/11
he's exactly 185 cm in my opinion.Never quite looked 186 to me, and 184 is probably too low.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/May/11
Reeves at 6"1 is Speed next to Jeff Daniels he looks 186-187cm
Bon_ said on 20/May/11
6'0.5 bare minimum but he's probably a good 6'0.75
James said on 16/May/11
I find 6'1 hard to belive for Reeves. YES i can buy 6'0 but 6'1 looks too much for Keanu.
dmeyer said on 15/May/11
6 ft 0.5 to 6 ft 0.75 is possible
James said on 14/May/11
Yeah he might just be 6'0
Bon_ said on 14/May/11
@ James

because Swayze was most likely way under 5'10, one of countless Hollywood stars who fudged their heights to insane or almost insane levels.
Lobbyster said on 14/May/11
I am with chameleon, reeves is nothing over 6, he might be 185 when he wakes up
James said on 13/May/11
Bon_ says on 12/May/11
Comparing him to Swayze has a very bad reliability.

Bon_ said on 12/May/11
Comparing him to Swayze has a very bad reliability.
James said on 12/May/11
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 11/May/11
185cm(6"1) is fine...

James, I think is possible that Patrick Swayze was maybe fractionally taller than 178cm(5"10). In Dirty Dancing he looked 5"11

Looked minimum 5'10 in 'Ghost' like a legit 179cm. I think though in later years not long before his death he might have been 177cm since in 1997 he broke both his legs in a accident.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/May/11
185cm(6"1) is fine...

James, I think is possible that Patrick Swayze was maybe fractionally taller than 178cm(5"10). In Dirty Dancing he looked 5"11
James said on 10/May/11
Chameleon says on 8/May/11
Yea James I think hes around the 6 mark, maybe 182cm, but 185cm barefoot? nono!

Who knows?


Keanu Reeves 6'0 (183cm)
Lawrence Fishburne 5'11.25 (181cm)
Patrick Swayze 5'10 (178cm)
John C Mcginley 6'0.5 (184cm)
Gary Busey 5'11.5 (182cm)
marc said on 10/May/11

I was wondering about what was the boots brand and model wore by Keanu Reeves in Speed movie.

Thanks for your answer

James said on 9/May/11
Yeah Swayze could have been a little over 178cm?
Chameleon said on 8/May/11
Yea James I think hes around the 6 mark, maybe 182cm, but 185cm barefoot? nono!
the shredder said on 7/May/11
Patrick Swayze was 5'10 minimum , He claimed 5'11
Bon_ said on 6/May/11
Swayze was much shorter than they wanted to promote him to. Great actor and all, but in reality short.
guyfrommars said on 4/May/11
He wore 1.5-inch boots in The Matrix.
James said on 3/May/11
Chameleon says on 2/May/11
Yea I can buy 6'0 max for this guy.

Did look it next to patrick swayze 20 years ago
Chameleon said on 2/May/11
Yea I can buy 6'0 max for this guy.
James said on 2/May/11
Fishburne is defenintly under the 6ft mark.

so maybe????

Keanu Reeves 6'0
Lawrence Fishburne 5'11
mike said on 1/May/11
not so tall next to steve martin. i think he never touched 6ft1 barefoot. 6ft is more suitable for him.
Bon_ said on 1/May/11
yeah 6'1 is fine, although he's probably closer to 6'0.75
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Apr/11
Laurence Fishbourne looks 182cm to me...certainly not the 6"1 he's been reported as for years

I think 185cm(6"1) is fine for Reeves
James said on 26/Apr/11
Mr.R saw Fishburne at 5'11.
Oysterblaster said on 25/Apr/11
Well, lets say he is 6-6'1 range
Bon_ said on 25/Apr/11
but he anyway seems like a guy who doesn't bother about those things. I think he's like 185-185.5 cm and he may have measured himself to about 6'1.25 midday and gave that figure.
James said on 24/Apr/11
Well of course he's a tall guy and above average in height so i don't see why he would be bothered about his stature?
Bon_ said on 21/Apr/11
Reeves doesn't seem like someone who's very bothered by height. Maybe he really measured himself at approx. 6'1.25 and gave that figure?
Tempest said on 17/Apr/11
I've noticed nearly no difference in height from morning to evening.
ulrich said on 15/Apr/11
with charlize theron he lloks just a few inches taller i think this guy is 6ft may be 6'0.5
Bon_ said on 11/Apr/11
maybe he was that tall at 17?
James said on 9/Apr/11
How come this guys been listed at 182 and 183cm?
Bon_ said on 9/Apr/11
marshall you posted the same comment as motorcycleboy. are you really a legit 6'1 in the evening? at least 6'0.75 or something?
Marshall said on 8/Apr/11
Met him a few times. I'm 6'1" and he was a hair taller than me.
Aqualung said on 5/Apr/11
your morning height is easily dropped after an hour, if he's 6'1 then he wakes a 6'2, is 6'1.25 by midday and 6'1 the rest of the day until late night, unless he had an exhausting routine wich would make him a couple mm shorter troughout the day
Chuck said on 2/Apr/11
The boots Keanu Reeve's wore when he was in a scene with Hugo Weaving were about 1.5". How did you come up with such a large estimate of 4-5 inches? That would make Keanu 5'9", which is not possible. I'd believe 6'1" for sure. Hugo Weaving is a very tall guy too.
James said on 1/Apr/11
describe him as 183cm here
Click Here
Bon_ said on 28/Mar/11
I think no more than 6'1 flat but might be 186 cm like 185.5
jake said on 24/Mar/11
Looks tall, perhaps 6' 1¼" (1.86 m).
songoku211 said on 17/Mar/11
Looks about 6"1 flat to me.
ulrich said on 16/Mar/11
to me he looks like 6ft in matrix film he used to high boots with at least 4 inches may be 5 he was almost close to hugo weaving whos 6ft 2 and Hugo was wearing normal shoes
Bon_ said on 11/Mar/11
6'0.5 may be it, but I think a strong 185 cm is closer still.
James said on 6/Mar/11
I think 6ft 1/2 is closer.
Chameleon said on 2/Mar/11
No way did he shrink I know people in their 60s who havent shrunk, at least not noticeably.

Looks 6'1 for sure in Street Kings....
Bon_ said on 27/Feb/11
I don't know, he looks youthful, such persons usually grow late and hardly shrink even when they are old...if anything, I think he could be few mm taller than when he was 25
James said on 27/Feb/11
Bon_ says on 26/Feb/11
'nowadays'? you mean because of the accident?
clearly he hasn't shrunk by now

Well he's 46 now so could fluctuate between 184-185cm but in his 20's he may have been bang on 185cm. its only a few mmm i am talking about.
Bon_ said on 26/Feb/11
'nowadays'? you mean because of the accident?
clearly he hasn't shrunk by now
James said on 26/Feb/11
Bon_ says on 24/Feb/11
Daniels is 189-190 cm, meaning Reeves is probably a strong 185 cm, maybe a full 6'1

Yeah possibly but i think nowadays Reeves is 184-185cm range.
Bon_ said on 24/Feb/11
Daniels is 189-190 cm, meaning Reeves is probably a strong 185 cm, maybe a full 6'1
James said on 24/Feb/11
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 24/Feb/11
in comparison to 6"3(191cm) Jeff Daniels he looks 186-187cm....

Was Jeff Daniels really a full 6'3? With 6'2 (188cm) Hugo Weaving Keanu looks 184-185cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Feb/11
in comparison to 6"3(191cm) Jeff Daniels he looks 186-187cm....
James said on 22/Feb/11
I wonder if he could be 185cm?

With 6'1.75 (187cm) Benjimin Bratt
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

I really think 6ft.75 is closer for reeves.
Bon_ said on 22/Feb/11
Macy, that would make him 5'11, which he clearly isn't. But Emma Thompson is closer to 5'8.
Macy said on 18/Feb/11
Yeah, that sounds about right. He's in MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING with Emma Thompson, looks about four inches taller than her, and she's 5'7''.
Bon_ said on 12/Feb/11
@motorcycle man

are you really a full 6'1 evening?
motorcycle man said on 9/Feb/11
Met him a couple of times, I'm 6'1" and he was a hair taller.
Bon_ said on 6/Feb/11
Yes, it is probably another James, I apologize then.
James said on 5/Feb/11
when did i say paul newman was 5'5? Must be another james?
Bon_ said on 4/Feb/11
James, you lost a lot of credibility in my eyes by saying Paul Newman was 5'5.
Bon_ said on 4/Feb/11
well, sometimes downplaying height is an option because of being 'too tall'.
it's not neccessary to give 'peak height'...
James said on 3/Feb/11
Bon_ says on 1/Feb/11
@ James

Freeman was more like 189 cm still then.

On the morgan freeman page he is given 188cm with no peak height of 189cm.........
Bon_ said on 2/Feb/11
Jeff Daniels is 189 cm in my book, Reeves looks strong 185 cm next to him
Bon_ said on 1/Feb/11
@ James

Freeman was more like 189 cm still then.
Bon_ said on 1/Feb/11
In Matrix looks a pefect 185 cm(6'0.75 - 6'1)
James said on 31/Jan/11
184cm next to 188cm Morgan Freeman in Chain Reaction.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Jan/11
Has claimed both 6"0 and 6"1. Chances are he's somewhere in between.

I'll settle on 184-185cm. Most likely 186cm when he wakes...
James said on 28/Jan/11
Yeah I think like the late actor Heath Ledger Reeves is more of a between 6'0-6'1 guy and 186cm morning.
Bon_ said on 28/Jan/11
maybe they measured him to 186 in mid-morning.
Bon_ said on 26/Jan/11
6'0.75, that's it. My exact height probably.
James said on 24/Jan/11
Bon i know some people think he might be 186cm and also I M D B has him at 186 as well.
Bon said on 24/Jan/11
did he ever claim 186? I think he's a weak 6'1, like 6' and 5/8 ths at his lowest, 184-185 cm, can get away with 6'1 claim without problems.
James said on 22/Jan/11
i agree Bon the 186cm claims as well are inaccurate.
Bon said on 21/Jan/11
Well, I've watched some films with him recently and now he does look closer to 6'1. Maybe we can explain the 6' mugshot by the fact he was standing in a relaxed posture, and Swayze sidewalk is maybe not the mos reliable source, because we can't see their feet. There are some accounts of Swayze being short, and then surely he couldn't be just 2 inches under Keanu.
I think then he's definitively in the 6'0.5-6'0.75 area, 6'1 flat at his lowest is out of the question in my book.
James said on 21/Jan/11
Well then if that injury made him loose height then he could be 183cm today?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jan/11
Maybe he is 6"0.75(185cm)
harris43 said on 18/Jan/11
Yes,if you Google the injury he had there's reference to the plate in his neck and replacement of cervical vertebrae/discs. The surgery was done just before filming of The Matrix, he talks about it in a few interviews.
Extract from one interview:

By the way, how was your first meeting with the master of kung-fu, Yuen Wo-Ping?

I had just had a surgery. Three months before, I had three cervical vertebras replaced and a disc removed, hence this scar [he shows a big dark spot on his throat]. So I had a collar the day we first met! Later, I sent my neck X-rays to the W. brothers so as to show them the plate screwed in my neck. Wo-Ping still wanted to start training me to kick. It goes without saying that that doctors followed me closely! We ended up postponing the fight scenes till the end of the shoot. We had to wait till the plate in my neck was correctly knit in my bones.
James said on 13/Jan/11
rob in this video here towards the end it mentions he had a motorcycle accident in 1988.

Click Here

Do you think that would made him loose a fraction of height?
Bon said on 3/Jan/11
OK, I can buy 6' - 6'0.25
Persnickety said on 3/Jan/11

No he doesn't have US citizenship. Reeves grew up mostly in Toronto.
GUY said on 2/Jan/11
He's actually Canadian you know. It should be changed.
James said on 1/Jan/11
strong 6'0.
tell-em said on 31/Dec/10
he edges busey because busey has worse posture than reeves. they are the same height. 6'0".
Anonymous said on 30/Dec/10
But in the movie he edges Busey by 1/2 inch absolute tops.
James said on 30/Dec/10
he really is not much taller than gary busey
mumu said on 30/Dec/10
Keanu 183cm! :)
fuzzblaster said on 30/Dec/10
I think he's 6'1". Seems the edge out Gary Busey by 2" in the pics.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Dec/10
He was born in Beirut but I'm fairly certain he's a US citizen though...

Looks anywhere from 6"0.5 to 6"1.25
James said on 27/Dec/10
Yeah he's not american.

I think he could be a fraction over 6'.
Persnickety said on 26/Dec/10
Hate to break it to you Rob, but Keanu doesn't have US citizenship. He is actually a Canadian citizen, although his dad is from the US.
Legend said on 26/Dec/10
there is no way in hell he's over a flat 6 feet barefoot
James said on 20/Dec/10
I would not put Keanu over 184cm judging by the fact he was slightly shorter than John C Mcginley who is no more than a flat 6'1. Maybe Keanu could be 6ft.75 at best BUT THATS IT.

Just to give you an idea here is Mcginley with 6'4.5 (194cm) Tim Robbins in Nothing to Loose. I think McGinley is one of those 6'1 guys who even at his peak could have been a few mmm under 6'1 at nightime.

Click Here

Keanu Reeves would look shorter than McGinley in comparison to Robbins in that pic.

Today before bed Keanu might measure at 6ft.25 (184cm).
Shaun said on 20/Dec/10
184-85cm range. I'd bet Reeves and David Schwimmer are exactly the same height.
Bon said on 19/Dec/10
I currently think he's 5'11.75
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Dec/10
He's 6"1

Probably measures at 186cm-187cm first thing out of bed
Lenad said on 19/Dec/10
nothing more than this listing
James said on 9/Dec/10
In Point Break honestly he really did look no more than 6ft (183cm). Looked smaller than 6'1 John c Mcginley and only a fraction taller than gary busey.

with Patrick Swayze.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

182cm near 185cm Mcginley
Click Here
Click Here

Maybe Gary is not standing as straight but does look 184cm in comparison here
Click Here
Click Here
James said on 8/Dec/10
i think he should be downgraded to 6'0.75.

He's taller than 5'11.5.
Bon said on 7/Dec/10
Dill Pickle's posts were possibly the only thing worth reading in this thread. I'm not in the mood to repeat all the evidence, just do ctrl+f on Dill Pickle.
After reviewing all the evidence, I'm starting to seriously doubt If Keanu Reeves is even 6' flat. I see him at about 5'11.5 at the moment.
Please, give me some dashing evidence to change my opinion.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Dec/10
184/185cm range most likely...
James said on 21/Nov/10
184cm before bed
Bon said on 21/Nov/10
@Taurus no more than 6'0.5 imo.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Nov/10
6"0.75 could be closer.

definitely 185-186cm out of bed though
Taurus519 said on 21/Nov/10
How tall do you guys think Keanu is before he goes to bed at night?
Anonymous said on 15/Nov/10
183cm - 184cm
James said on 15/Nov/10
yep and slightly shorter than 6'1 John C Mcginely. Keanu Reeves is tall no doubt but if he stood next to a guy like Tim Robbins he would be towered by minimum 4 inches.

Remember how much taller than robbins than mcginley in nothing too loose? he would appear even bigger next to keanu.
anonymous said on 15/Nov/10
thats not a fact, thats an opinion. he wasn't taller than 6'0" gary busey in point break
Anonymous said on 14/Nov/10
He is 6'1
that's a fact
Bon said on 5/Nov/10
Yeah, me too.
Legend said on 4/Nov/10
I think he is more like 6 feet flat.
David said on 31/Oct/10
Yah Keanu's 6'1"
Anonymous said on 21/Oct/10
if hes 6'1" flat then gary busey is 6'1" also, which thats a load of a bull
James said on 1/Jul/09
I must Keanu on screen a lot of the time does not look a proper 6'1 more like 6ft even.
Hugh 190cm said on 30/Jun/09
Yeah 6ft1.5 out of bed seems reasonable enough for Keanu.
kennith said on 28/Jun/09
Keanu looked as tall as Ebon Moss-Bachrach(a legit 185cm guy) in The Lake House,so I would say he's 6'1,probaly 187cm in the morning
Hugh 190cm said on 27/Jun/09
185cm is tall but not very tall.
alexiel said on 27/Jun/09
he is very tall.185 cm is best for him.
James said on 25/Jun/09
Yeah and he's a skinny 6'1 guy who instead of looking taller on screen has lows of looking 5'11 or 6'0. It could be because he hasn't got a big head?
Hugh 191cm said on 24/Jun/09
I have never seen reeves look 6ft3.
DMEYER said on 24/Jun/09
James said on 23/Jun/09
Well we can all look shorter and taller than we are sometimes. Although Keanu NEVER looks over 6'1 on screen accounting for the fact he is skinny as well and its funny how some 6'1ers can look 6'2 or 6'3 on screen.
Hugh 191cm said on 23/Jun/09
Did look 5ft11ish in somethings gotta give.
James said on 22/Jun/09
Does anybody here agree thatn in Speed Keanu gave a 5'11 impression? Obviously though he looked taller than that next to Jeff Daniels
Lenad said on 20/Jun/09
6ft1ish guy 184cm min 186cm max
Midget said on 19/Jun/09
I think Hugh190cm is pretty close to spot with his estimates. I dont think Fishburne is over 6' either but very close to it and Keanu looks a solid 6'1" at least in his films and pics of him that I have seen.
dmeyer said on 18/Jun/09
beside evens he looks nearer 184
James said on 18/Jun/09
Yeah I always thought Weaving was at least 6'2.
Hugh 190cm said on 18/Jun/09
Okay 188-189cm for weaving
James said on 17/Jun/09
186cm doesn't add up when you look at him next to Hugo Weaving. Laurence Fishburne is probably slightly under 6feet.
Hugh 190cm said on 17/Jun/09
Howabout this James?

Reeves 6ft1.25
Fishbounre 5ft11.75
Weaving 6ft2
Robel said on 17/Jun/09
Hey I met Mr. Reeves back in 1996 while was shooting a movie called "Feeling Minnsota". He is 6'2", the same height as me. He wasn't wearing any special shoes. So he listed shorter than he actually is.
Big King said on 17/Jun/09
Could get away with 186cm.
James said on 16/Jun/09
Hugh what do you think of this?

Laurence Fishburne 5'11.5
Keanu Reeves 6'.75
Hugo Weaving 6'2
Hugh 190cm said on 16/Jun/09
Okay Daniels looks to be 6ft2.5-6ft3 nowadays.

Reeves looks 1.5 inches shorter so 6ft1.25 maybe?
James said on 11/Jun/09
Hugh 190cm says on 10/Jun/09
Could pass for 6ft2 next to Daniels.

I agree, but Jeff Daniels could be a weak 6'3, like 189-190cm
Hugh 190cm said on 10/Jun/09
Could pass for 6ft2 next to Daniels.
James said on 8/Jun/09
I thought he looked like 5'11 in Speed, except for when he stood next to Jeff Daniels.
Lenad said on 7/Jun/09
I see a solid 6ft0 man in Dracula
Hugh 190cm said on 7/Jun/09
187cm in devil's advocate. Really did dwarf al Pacino.
Hugh 190cm said on 7/Jun/09
Private Idaho 184cm, Matrix 2 184-185cm, Speed trilogy 186-188cm, matrix 1 186cm, Feeling Minnesota 187-188cm, matrix 3 183-184cm

Really 6ft1 flat is closer to the truth. 186cm in morning most likely.
Lenad said on 7/Jun/09
I see a solid 6ft0 man in Bill and Ted
Lenad said on 6/Jun/09
The Matrix trilogy 185-186cm Constantine 185-186cm Bill and Teds excellent adventure 183-184cm Dracula 183-184cm Somethings gotta give 184-185cm The day the earth stood still 184-185cm
Hugh 190cm said on 6/Jun/09
Rika said on 6/Jun/09
He's lean. Thats why he looks so tall. 6'0 or 184 would be a hood height. Nowait, the guy who played mr smith is listed at 6' 6'1 would be an even better height.

The trainman on the 3rd matrix is listed at 6'7. He looked it when Keanu came upto his nose.
Lenad said on 5/Jun/09
I think Hugh is bang on with Keanu Reeves at 186cm max
James said on 4/Jun/09
Jake there are some celebs hugh is accurate on. and some not perahps. But hay thats just my opinion.
Jake said on 4/Jun/09
If hes shorter than Brosnan than hes 6-0 max. No, Hugh hasnt been 100 percent right yet on anyone, lol.
James said on 3/Jun/09
Your dead on this one hugh
Hugh 190cm said on 3/Jun/09
Not 6ft2. 6ft1 is bang on. maybe 186cm but that's the MAX.
James said on 1/Jun/09
glenn even said once that Keanu can look 6'2.
Hugh 190cm said on 29/May/09
Oh absolutely James. Anything taller than that is definately overdoing it. He looked shorter than Pierce Brosnan.
Hugh 190cm said on 27/May/09
A solid 6ft1 guy either way. 186cm is possible.
Lenad said on 26/May/09
60 dollars on weak 6'1 and 40 dollars on a strong 6'1. 184cm min and 186cm max. He was clearly a bit shorter than Hugo Weaving. Weaving doesnt seem taller than 6ft2 to me so Keanu obviously isnt that high
jk said on 24/May/09
Sofia Coppola is smth around 165 cm.
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I think 186 cm Mr Keanu's is ok.
rob89 said on 23/May/09
He's between 6'.05-6'1 (184-185 cm) imo. Most likely over 6 feet, but definitely not over the 6'1 mark either.
James said on 14/May/09
Maybe Laurence Fishburne needs a downgrade?
Lenad said on 14/May/09
He was shorter than Hugo Weaving and Hugo is 6'2 (At most from what I've seen). Also Mr R saw Keanu as 1 inch taller than him
James said on 13/May/09
Kevin I am not sure there are pics where Keanu looks 3cm taller than Laurence Fishburne.
Hugh 190cm said on 13/May/09
McGinley might be 187cm.
kevin said on 10/May/09
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looks a tad shorter than 185cm to me. smaller than mcginley and equal to busey. id say 184cm is perfect for him
James said on 10/May/09
Considering Keanu is closer to the camera glenn does look 5'8.
dire straits said on 5/May/09
he is around 185-187cm...hes a perfect of the best for me,,
glenn said on 4/May/09
i agree with anonymous2.and i certainly look 5-8 here.
spence said on 4/May/09
what i know Charlize Theron was peak at 5ft10 and only looks 2inch lower Keanu height in Sweet November while both were barefeet in some scene.. we could see 5cm different easily. 6ft1 for Keanu was damn no way.. pushing 184 then i could consider accept.
Anonymous 2 said on 3/May/09
Reeves always seemed taller than this. Guess he's one of the guys that looks tall.
Hugh said on 1/May/09
I might just buy 186cm but no taller than that.
Hugh 190cm said on 14/Apr/09
I'd say Brosnan would have the edge on Reeves.
RisingForce said on 13/Apr/09
I think Brosnan and Reeves are both 6-1.
Hugh 190cm said on 13/Apr/09
Keanu Reeves is 186cm if Hugo Weaving is 189cm and Laurence Fishburne stays at 183cm. RisingForce, maybe Reeves was still grwoing then. He was probably in his late teens in the late 80's. Who do you think is taller Reeves or Pierce Brosnan?
RisingForce said on 12/Apr/09
I don't doubt that Hugh, but he also claimed 6 ft in the late 80's. A lot of legit 6 footers round down.
Hugh 190cm said on 10/Apr/09
Maybe 186cm but I think then we'd have to upgrade Hugo Weaving and Pierce Brosnan.
Hugh 190cm said on 10/Apr/09
Rising Force Costner has claimed 6ft2 as his height.
RisingForce said on 9/Apr/09
I've heard him mentioned at 6 foot flat a lot, but often times 6-1 guys don't care about the extra inch. Kevin Costner and Robert Mitchum are/were atleast 6-1 each and I've heard both of them claim to be 6-0.

Watching Point Break again Reeves is a little taller than Gary Busey and about 2 inches taller than Patrick Swayze. Although the Surfing picture posted below was taken when they were sitting.

I'd bet on 6'1", at that height he doesn't have to force his posture or wear lifts which could make him look shorter in comparison to actors who do those things.
Rusty said on 7/Apr/09
I read hes 6'1" and 175 pounds.
Hugh 190cm said on 3/Apr/09
5ft11.5 is nonsense.
yoyo said on 3/Apr/09
check out sweet november he was barefoot with 177 charlize theoron looks no more than 5cm over her. my guessing keanu is 5ft11.5 to 6ft. no doubt his bigger than 6ft. what i know is he often wear lifts that gaves 2inch.
Ali said on 1/Apr/09
I used to think this guy was 5'10 because his
body is so slim.

I can see now that he is 6 foot. 185 cm is too
much I think.
Doug said on 1/Apr/09
Granted though Seagal did look lanky in Above the Law, probably a little underweight for his height at the time.
Doug said on 1/Apr/09
Even Arnold Schwarzenegger who had gigantic biceps, some of the worlds biggest at peak "only" had 19 inch muscles and his arms were abnormally huge at peak. Can you honestly say Hugh you have 18 inch biceps? If this is true you are a world class body builder/wrestler size, your brother even more so. I'm starting to feel a little suspicious Hugh as you would be out there probably in body building competitions if that were true! So you're 6'3" and have 18 inch pythons?? Also guys remember this is a barefoot estimate so in shoes Keanu could come close to 6'2". Personally compared to Patrick Swayze walking along the road barefoot in point break he looked a weak 6' but I know he isn't far off 6'1".
Doug said on 1/Apr/09
James and Hugh. Are you kidding me? Seagal has a huge long head, one of the biggest in the business. Seagal has always had a very long face and high forehead and the length of his face and jaw is always accentuated in caricatures especially with his greased back hair which makes his head look even longer!. Hugh 18 inch biceps? Are you kidding me? Even Hulk Hogan at peak only had 21 inch biceps (not 24 pythons as he claimed). I find it a little hard to believe sorry mate, I always considered myself a muscular guy with good muscle mass but 18" is huge and would require serious pump[ing and probably roids to reach that big.
Doug said on 1/Apr/09
Lenad yeah you're right 6'0.5" is more accurate.
Lenad said on 24/Mar/09
Looks 184-185cm if you ask me.
RisingForce said on 22/Mar/09
Keanu also has a camera advantage over Glenn which is why he gives the illusion that he could stretch out to 6'2" in this picture. But if Glenn was as close to the camera as Keanu then it'd be clear that he's more like 6'1".
Rusty said on 16/Mar/09
His height is hard to guess. He looks like a 6 footer in this picture, but he is pretty slim, which can make him look taller i guess.
RisingForce said on 10/Mar/09
Reeves is taller than Busey. Van Damme is 5'9", not 5'7" and Swayze is probably 5'10".
leo76 said on 9/Mar/09
183 cm for keanu sounds pretty accurate, same height as gary busey and john malkovich, barely shorter than gene hackman and lawrence fishbourne; 173-174 cm my estimation for patrick swayze, van damme 170 cm. keanu's slim built and narrow chest make him looks definetly taller; broad shoulders and strong arms though. NOT AT ALL masculine but very smart anyway ...
Lena said on 3/Mar/09
I always read this or that person stood beside me and I was taller/smaller.....

The problem is ......people tend to think someone standing beside is same height when that person actually is 1/5 to 1 inch taller....

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