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6ft 0.73in (184.7cm)
rick said on 19/Dec/05
It's not difficult to send some photos ! Scan and send as a normal mail and include your photos. Meaby the scan didn't work very well ?
Glenn said on 18/Dec/05
I sent 7 photos! great,glad I wasted my time.dont ahev a computer at home.that cost me 7$.you sure you dont see them?
Glenn said on 13/Dec/05
did anyone see my pics?

[Editor Rob: I still waiting ;) ... any pic of you and a star. Or even - you could upload one there and add the link here ;-)]
Glenn said on 10/Dec/05
ask my man,and you shall recieve.thats all I was waiting for.someone who wasd interested in what I say.and the editor no less! thanks for giving me the time and space! oh and let me know if you got pics!

[Editor Rob: do, please email any pic if you can...]
Glenn said on 10/Dec/05
you know whats amazing about all you people,is that most of you are full of it,cause most of you havnt met these people.I HAVE.keanu can look 6-2.what is inside his shoes,I cant tell you.and when I reply none of you full of it or jealous.
Viper652 said on 8/Dec/05
The mugshot link CoolJ posted is interesting. Very interesting evidence that would point to 5-11 barefoot. With that said, Ive always thought this guy was a solid 6-1 myself.
MD said on 8/Dec/05
This is confusing. Here he is next to what this site calls a 6'0.5" Gavin Rossdale.


I'm beginning to wonder if both of these heights listed for these two are shoed or unshoed. And judging by this photo (not the best angle) Keanu does indeed look under 6' if Gavin is really over 6'.

[Editor Rob: sometimes the most unlikeliest of people might wear lifts...but Rossdale in tennis shoes beside guys like James Blake/Agassi does look in the 184cm range...but is he 6ft 1, and is Keanu?]
J-Dog said on 8/Dec/05
Has always looked at least a solid 6'1" to me.
Xhavier said on 1/Dec/05
In Sweet November in the scene where neither him or Thereon are wearing shoes. He is a maximum of 1.5" taller. I would say exactly that number. She's 5.9.5", so I concede to him being 5'11".
Xhavier said on 1/Dec/05
My brother is 6'4", he is 3/4" taller than I am (I stand normally at 6'3 1/4", when he stands straight.
Xhavier said on 1/Dec/05
From what I can see generally, from centre of eye to top of head is 4.5". From bottom of eye to top of head is 5". From bottom of nose to top of head it 6.5".
Sabella said on 19/Nov/05
Maybe your brother was wrong.:-) I think Keanu is about or more than 6 feet. he was taller than me, no high heels. And I'm just a little bit under 6 feet.
CoolJ said on 7/Nov/05
I always thought it was about 4" from top of head to center of eye.

Someone at 6'4" probably has a big head.. which leads me to believe if your brother could clearly see over Keanu's head, Keanu is under 6'
A guy said on 7/Nov/05
Xhavier: If ur brother is 6'4" and Keanu reached his nose, then hes surely 6'1 or 6 feet, since the distance from nose to the top of head is 3-4 inch aprox.
Xhavier said on 6/Nov/05
To me this fellow always looked short. My brother who is 6ft 4in was beside him on a plane and they were walking beside one another. My brother said to me, that he could not believe how short he was. He figured he was 5'9" since he was at my brother's nose in height. Note: My brother is no taller than 6ft 4in, since he is an a little more than half of an inch taller than I am, and I am 6ft 3.375in.
CelebHeights Editor said on 24/Oct/05
Dina Meyer (Johnny Mnemonic actress) said: "Keanu is about 6'1"
heh said on 16/Oct/05
my uncle's brother's friend's pet's owner's dog walker who is 4 feet met him and he said they stood chin to chin.
SQ said on 12/Oct/05
Keanu doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who would bs about his height. Of course I haven't met him - just going off of his interviews. The guy seems very humble and genuine.

Besides go get your own height measured in a dozen different places (by different people and instruments) and at different times of the day - I'm pretty sure you'll see a variance upto 1" too. Most people can accurately quote the tall side of that variance, and still be truthful.

To me Keanu easily looks 6'1".
kenshin said on 17/Aug/05
hey man u should look at one of the delted scene in constantine they show a pic where his height is measured and in that pic he looks 6'0 its the scene when that girl is researching info on him his hair makes him look like he's 6'1.
CoolJ said on 6/Jul/05
If I'm not mistaken, this mugshot:

Says 6'0
Big Dave said on 13/Jun/05
I think that he is 184cm tall. He looks only marginally taller than Laurence Fishburne. He was also just a bit taller than Gary Busey in Point Break. Watch it and see for yourself.
Mike said on 8/Jun/05
He is same height as lawrance fishburn. They were bare feet in the Matrix face to face. He is six feet.
CelebHeights Editor said on 28/May/05
"I gained about 23 pounds through changing my diet and lifting weights. I'm six-foot-one, and I ended up weighing about 192 pounds" - Keanu talking about Replacements in EOnline.
Mr. X said on 16/May/05
I'm not sure if saying Keanu wearing big shoes and boots in the Matrix films say much. I have the Matrix films at home and pretty much everybody has some pretty big shoes and boots there (especially in the sequels).
rick said on 2/May/05
Keanu was reported on a California driver's license to be 6 ft tall (although other reports say 6'1") and 175 pounds.(
Smoke said on 23/Apr/05
It's often quite hard to gauge heights from films, so many variables can throw off true height appearances. He really doesn't look 6'1" next to Laurence Fishburne and Carrie-Anne Moss in the Martix movies, but I'll agree that at times he also does look somewhat taller than 6'0". One thing is for sure, Shia Lebeouf is no wear near the 6'1" that he claims!!! He (Reeves) does look 6'1" next to Hounsou, but are they even on level ground? Does he look an inch taller than Gavin Rossdale?,%20Keanu,%20Keanu
cantstop25 said on 23/Apr/05
he is indeed 6'1" if you watch him in constantine he is mo more then 2 inches shorter then 6'3" djimon hounsou
dmeyer said on 6/Apr/05
i know one of is stand in 188 cm so i guess keanu is 186 cm
Smoke said on 6/Apr/05
Yes Dave, exactly what I've been trying to get across. I agree that Fishburne is really in the neighbourhood of 182 cm, and I fully agree that Keanu isn't under 6'0" also. In the pics I provided earlier Fishburne is standing barefoot and Keanu still only looks about an inch taller. Subtract .5-1 inch for heals and Keanu is 6'0.5" tops and probably only about 183 cm.
Big Dave said on 6/Apr/05
I can't see Keanu Reeves being under 6ft but I can't see him being over either. He appears to be slightly taller than Laurence Fishburne who I believe to be about 181cm tall. I certainly can't see him being 6'1. I am 6'3 myself and I would say he was 3 inches shorter than me.
Smoke said on 25/Mar/05
Okay, I've really gotta meet this guy, I just don't see him really being 6'1". He looks more like a 6 foot even guy to me. If Laurence Fishburne is indeed only a touch over 5'11", I just can't see Keanu being anything more than 6'0". The shoes he was wearing whilst standing beside a practically barefoot Fishburne just have me convinced he can't be 6'1" without shoes. Those just didn't look like 0.5 inch heals so I question whether the guy is even 6'.5".
Mr. R said on 18/Mar/05
Okay Smoke, you got me. I thought that the 1.5 inches was too much, but I thought that I could get away with it! Busted! However, I do believe that there is at least an inch between them, so Keanu is at least 6'.5".
Smoke said on 18/Mar/05
1.5 inches taller? How do you figure that Mr. R? Keanu doesn't even look 1.5 inches taller than virtually barefoot Laurence with shoes on, how can he be 1.5 inches taller without shoes then? I agree that Fishburne isn't 6'1", and taking your word for it Mr. R I will say, Fishburne 5'11.5". and Keanu 6'0" at best. Compared to a lot of guys on this site at 6'1", Keanu just doesn't look that tall.
Mr. R said on 18/Mar/05
I have been with Laurence Fishburn twice, and he is not the 6'1" that he claims.He is closer to 5'11.5, which would make Keanu about 1.5 inches taller.
Lmeister said on 18/Mar/05
I think Keanu is one inch taller than Laurence, if not then Mr. Fishburne is also 185 cm. Every Keanu movie that I have seen he has been standing taller than average person for instance in Much Ado About Nothing he is a wee bit taller than Denzel Washington(183 cm maybe 184 back then).
Smoke said on 17/Mar/05
Looks like a 6 footer to me!!! If Laurence Fishburne is a 6 footer then Keanu is definately no taller than that, at some Matrix Premieres Keanu is wearing shoes with atleast a 1 inch heal while Fishburne is at times wearing sandals with virtually no heal...Reeves looks an inch taller because Fishburne is pretty much barefoot. Still not sure on Fishburne, but I do reckon Keanu's footwear is more handsome than Laurence's.,%20Laurence,%20Laurence
JP said on 10/Mar/05
My brother (who is 5'10) stood next to him eye to eye and said he was 5'10".

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