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6ft 0.77in (184.8cm)
Mr. R said on 3/Oct/08
I saw Keanu last night at The AFI salute. He walked right past me, and he was pretty close to my height. I would say maybe a bit over 6 feet, but not 6-1.
Hugh said on 13/Sep/08
I saw an inch Max between them. There is a fair chance that Hugo Weaving is a little over 6ft2.
mustard said on 4/Sep/08
legit 185cm tall guy
Hugh said on 1/Sep/08
No, He's definately legit at 6ft1. 185-186cm maybe.
Anonymous said on 28/Aug/08
Come on sdbouncer! As I posted previously, I stood right next to the guy earlier this year and he was taller than I was and I am 5'11. In fact, I saw him again at Comic Con and the same was true there. Though he is not as tall as the Rock or Hugh Jackman, he is definetly not under 6 ft. I make a living measuring heights and can spot heights accurately to within 1-2 cm (less than an inch). I think you got it way wrong here (maybe some male ego interfering with your data collection and objectivity?) but I have a solution. I am willing to measure you and your dad on a proper stadiometer so the the next time you see Mr. Reeves you'll be certain---however, it'll cost you(lol).
Lucifer said on 28/Aug/08
He has a tall neck, maybe he was looking crouch-like which would take away ~2 inch sdbouncer. Anyways, I thought he was 5.8 which makes me the dumbest person in here hahahaha. :3 I'm 5.10 and everytime I look into the mirror, I think like 'wtf' every single actor has to be shorter than me, cuz I kinda look so tall, could that be because I am thin? lol I believe Keanu goes around 6, not less not less not less. :3
Frank2 said on 28/Aug/08
Here again this is nuts. Keanu is at least 6'1". He's at least two inches taller than me and I'm 5'11" and when I saw him he wasn't wearing obvious lifts. In the film A WALK IN THE CLOUDS he was the same height as 6'1" Anthony Quinn.

Keanu with 5'9" director Richard Linklater and 5'9" actor Woody Harrelson:
Click Here

Reeves is at least four inches taller than Linklater.

Here's Reeves next to 6'2" Forest Whitaker:

Click Here

Here Keanu appears to be an inch taller than 6' Laurence Fishburne:

Click Here
sdbouncer said on 27/Aug/08
im not saying as a fact no matter what, im saying what i saw. he looked just as tall as my father who is 5'9" and he himself saw and met him at planet hollywood and he attested to keanu being as tall as him, i really dint believe him, but then i saw him and thats what i saw. i might be taller than i think or he is shorter. from what i saw he is at the most 5'10".
sdbouncer said on 26/Aug/08
there is no way in hell he is that tall, if he is 6'1" then im 6'4", i only needed about one inch, and i could have seen clearly over his head and im exactly 6'1" barefooted. i know he was wearing some rather heely shoes to this dinner i was doing security at and i was wearing security boots that are low heeled for maximum comfort during long standing periods. if he is that tall then im 6'4" at least!
flash_of_eden said on 23/Aug/08
in A Scanner Darkly, one of the police surveillance operators pulls up his stats and they state him as being 6 2. just saying
Daii said on 6/Aug/08
its strange because he looks of average height in Speed, about 5'11. He doesnt seem that tall in that film, maybe its because Jeff Daniels downgrades him. But hes probably 6'0-6'1 true
Cena fan said on 9/Jul/08
yeah that sounds about right keanu is 186 cm. meaning his 6'1 1/4..
Anonymous said on 7/Jul/08
Those are all pictures from premiers. As far as we know they could all be wearing lifts there. A picutre of a celebrity barefoot is a better way of telling their height than a premiere picture. Reeves barefot next to Theron (in Sweet November) and Swayze (in Point break) doesn't strike me as a legit 6'1''. In sneakers yeah, but barefoot no.
anonymous said on 5/Jul/08
He looks almost the same height as 6`2 whitaker: Click Here
Here he looks the same height as whitaker: Click Here
He's looking an inch taller than 6`0ish Fishbourne: Click Here
He's looking pretty close in height to 6`2 hugo weaving: Click Here
Anonymous said on 3/Jul/08
By the comments read, I came to a conclusion that Keanu is 6 ft tall, but 6'1'' with sneakers on. Jugding from the pic of him barefoot with Charlize Theron, I just can't belive he is 6'1'' barefoot.
Csigns said on 1/Jul/08
Reeves never sniffed 6' 1". I ran into him at Amoeba and actually talked to him. He was wearing running shoes and I was in flipped flops and I was taller than him. I am 6'.
anonymous said on 23/Jun/08
I stood right next to Chris Evans and Mr. Reeves for movie premiere/after party in 4/08. I am 5'11" and my cute 1 inch kitten heels made me close to 6'. Both men wore dress shoes with about 1/2 inch heel. Evans was shorter than I was (I had to tilt my head slightly down to make eye contact when I spoke with him), close to 5'10" or 5' 10.5". Reeves was taller than I was at a definite 6' 1.5" to just shy of 6' 2" and I had to tilt my head up. Hair height did not affect overall heights-Evans hair slightly buzzed with 3/4 inch on top while Reeves' was combed back, croped short and ?hair product/gel about 1 inch. Though Reeves looked thinner than I expected, he seemed happy and social the entire night and held spirited and engaging conversations. He also was very patient with the numerous fans who approached him. This is not the case with patients with Asperger's (see signs and symptoms of Asperger's syndrome). Symptoms include:

Engaging in one-sided, long-winded conversations, without noticing if the listener is listening or trying to change the subject
Displaying unusual nonverbal communication, such as lack of eye contact, few facial expressions, or awkward body postures and gestures
Showing an intense obsession with one or two specific, narrow subjects, such as baseball statistics, train schedules, weather or snakes
Appearing not to understand, empathize with, or be sensitive to others' feelings
Having a hard time "reading" other people or understanding humor
Speaking in a voice that is monotonous, rigid or unusually fast
Moving clumsily, with poor coordination
Having an odd posture or a rigid gait
Just my professional opinion
Amanda said on 20/Jun/08
Glen, keep up the outstanding effort with your photos. We love them! I cite as one of my favourite sites. It's awesome. :D

Ooh, by the way what was Keanu like in person? Was he nice?
Hugh said on 7/Jun/08
Looks tall there. 6ft1/6ft2 and listed as 223lbs.
RICHARD said on 5/Jun/08
Just watched Parenthood today and he looks huge there. 6'2 ? I wonder if he wore lifts or not.
Ian said on 4/Jun/08
6ft to 6ft1 sounds about right. He never looks 6ft2. I'd go for 6ft0.5"
Brah said on 27/May/08
Hmm true, it looks like Keanu's mugshot says:

Height 6'00 - Weight 170 - Birthday 09/02/64 - Age 24
Ed Kline said on 19/May/08
James, some of those diagnosies are not offical by any means. Robert Fischer for instance was never diagnosed with anything, it is just that some people overview his behavior and then diagnose without ever having met the subject. It is sad that people are so reckless and stupid as to diagnose people they have never met based on what they see a celebrity doing or not doing. Robert Fischer had an I.Q. of 184, and those people are almost impossible to diagnose with a personality disorder as that they are so far from normal, that they are nearly impossible to understand in the first place. I myself have had people tell me they think I might have Aspergers syndrome because I have a blunt personality. But they are mistaken if they think I dont understand or recognize social cues, I just dont give a **** some times. When it is in my best interest I understand every subtlety or every facial tick and vocal inflection. I have to, I play poker for a living. Nevertheless I have met at least 3 people who were so arrogant, that they thought themselves qualified to diagnose me after knowing me for a very short period of time.
thekiddd said on 13/May/08
Well that could be correct. But then again, sometimes mugshots can be wrong like with Jeffrey Jones. His first one says 6'3" and the other says 6'4" but looks more like 6'4". He is old so it is possible that he is 6'3 1/2".
Viper said on 13/May/08
I think it says 6-0 for his height. The last digit looks to be a zero.
thekiddd said on 11/May/08
Well here is his mugshot
Click Here

I can't see what his height is, if somebody can photoshop it for me, it would be great help thanks.
anonymous said on 3/May/08
aspergers syndrome is a form of behavioral autism.
It has a tendency to make those who suffer from it lack the proper understandings of a basic social conduct. It also is characterized by limited interests, such as the desire to only think and discuss one particular subject, and they will feel the need to keep discussing it, even if it means repeating themselves several times. In addition, they will typically have some sort of physical action that they will repeat to provide comfort for themselves, such as opening and closing their hand endlessly, or rocking their body back and forth. There are different levels of how much one suffers from aspergers. There are those who have it to such a limited degree, that it is completely unnoticable, and then there are those who suffer from it in such a way that they began to behave similarly to Dustin Hoffman's character in Rain Man. I know this purely because i used to suffer from it myself.

on Keanu Reeves height, i am going to agree with glenn, 6`0-6`1 easy.
glenn said on 2/May/08
more on the miss for me.he is legendary for being a bad actor.i liked him in the watcher.i think that was the name.
RobertJ said on 1/May/08
Keanu has never said he's been diagnosed with any disorder.
Viper said on 1/May/08
Keanu is hit or miss.
glenn said on 1/May/08
forgive me,but what is that syndrome?.im usually a little well versed in that subject.not an expert at all.but an expert on other subjects.he was good as rivers edge and that movie where he played a killer.those are my 2 favorites.
glenn said on 30/Apr/08
i agree nate.i only saw that movie 3,4 years ago.i tend to ignore least one i have no interest in.from a bad actor.he is good playing villans though.
nate said on 29/Apr/08
he looked at least 6 ft 2 in "Speed"
glenn said on 29/Apr/08
i understand that.yes,those illusions happen.but he is a legit have a right to believe otherswise.
Viper said on 29/Apr/08
I wasnt alluding to Keanu being less than 5-11, lol. I meant he gave off that inpression in the movie with the scenes involving Chris Evans. You would have to be blind to think Keanu was below 5-11 in height.
Viper said on 29/Apr/08
And I do think Keanu is bare minimum 6-0. I just found that strange.
glenn said on 29/Apr/08
height is interesting like fluctuates.hence debate.
Leung said on 28/Apr/08
Stop contradicting yourself, you were obviously alluding to the possibility of Keanu Reeves being less than 5
Viper said on 28/Apr/08
I dont think hes shorter than 5-11. I just found it interesting how he looked shorter than Chris Evans in most scenes.
glenn said on 28/Apr/08
it is ridiculous.keenu is 6-1.rob has it down as that and sees it too.
Leung said on 28/Apr/08
So Viper basically what your saying is that you think Keanu looks shorter than 5
jay said on 27/Apr/08
yeah... but for another reason he looked only an inch shorter than hugh laurie whos 6ft 3 or sth...he also looked as tall as whittaker...(streetkings)
i think he's 6'2
Ed(1) said on 27/Apr/08
I agree Viper, shorter if not the same height! Did you check out the shoes they were wearing by the way?
Viper said on 26/Apr/08
For some reason he looked shorter than 5-11 Chris Evans in Street Kings in most scenes.
Anonymous said on 26/Apr/08
downgrading a person who you know in fact is taller than you is stupid. i dont know what keanu height is but just by looking i know that he is taller than the average.
Ed said on 20/Apr/08
Keanu looked virtually the same height maybe a bit shorter than Forest Whitaker(6ft2) in Street Kings. He also looked about an inch shorter then Hugh Laurie(6ft2.5) in the film, and the same height as Chris Evans(6ft). Both Evans and Reeves wore some suspicious shoes though in the film, Reeves with thick heeled cop specials, and Evans with the weird thick soled white tennis shoes as well as boots.

John Corbett(6ft5) was also in the film, and he looked to have a good 3-4 inches on Reeves and Whitaker.

Lastly, the funny thing is Jay Mohr(5ft9) only looked 2 inches shorter then Reeves when they were standing side by side at the cop funeral!

Reeves looked a solid 6ft1 for the most part, but the other heights don't add up at all!?
Anonymous KinG said on 14/Apr/08
He barefooted with 177 Charlize Theron(also barefoot) in Sweet November look only 4,5cm topped her.. His no way more than 182.. Accept the fact Keanu Fan's..
Kingston said on 10/Apr/08
Reeves was once listed as 5'11 1/2" but he is surely taller than that. He looks 186cm tall.
RobertJ said on 27/Mar/08
I just saw that video alex, really cool of keanu to interact with so many people with photos and autographs. I'm betting that guy in the vid is 6 feet..
Snowbot said on 21/Mar/08
Reeves is 6'1 1/4" (186 cm) tall.
alex said on 15/Mar/08
6'1" about right. maybe btwn. 6'1" and 6'2" though, if you see tmz's latest video of him keanu's LAXellent adventure some guy who says he's 6'1" is shorter than keanu, but keanu says he's 6'1" himself..
Ibelieveitmm said on 8/Mar/08
Keanu is my dream man, his fathom, his personality, his sexyness, did I say his personality, yeah I did. I love to look him up on aol, aol has so many links to link to. Keanu, my dream man!
nik said on 4/Mar/08
for those of you saying he's barely taller than laurence fishburne: Click Here

he's clearly taller than him. Keanu's just over 6'1".
ally said on 4/Mar/08
he's definitely at least 6'1". he's a good amount taller than charlize theron in their movies together. and he's still taller than her when she's wearing heels. so 6'1" is pretty accurate, I'd say.
jamie said on 4/Mar/08
he's at least 6'1". From people who have actually worked with him and met him, such as directors, magazine article writers describe him as being just over 6'1".
Richie said on 17/Feb/08
183 minimum!

184, mayb!

185, possible, doesent look probable!
DejaVu said on 15/Feb/08
He looks like a legit 6 footer for me
Height Detective said on 5/Feb/08
In This Article Click Here

He is described as a "reedy 6-footer" and using "Timberland Boots" its an American newspaper or magazine ,so no weird height translations here.
Anonymous said on 5/Feb/08
In this magazine Click Here

he is stated at 1.82 cm (5.11 1/2 ). I wonder why they are gonna put him shorter than he really is.Specially when the magazines usually try to promote these guys , so usually they iflate heights ,never downgrade.
So I dont know, just to complement all the rest of your commentaries guys , plus , i dont know if I im right but did he use cowboy boots a lot in some parts of Point Break? I think he did.

[Editor Rob: 'foreign' magazines are, in my experience, useless half the time in converting heights.]
Neos said on 3/Feb/08
With 6'1" He should be towering over Sandra Bullock in Lake House, but he wasnt
Vegas said on 31/Dec/07
just after watching point break again yday and Reeves doesn't look 3" taller than Swayze in the scene where they are walking back to the car after the fight on the beach, both are barefooted, though Reeves does look almost the exact same height as John C. McGinley in that movie in their scenes together
J.J.F said on 21/Dec/07
As Joe's link seems to show - 6' is on the money. And don't come back saying that Weaving is in lifts - 6'2" guys just don't wear lifts. Unless they're John Wayne...
J.J.F said on 20/Dec/07
Nah, still not convinced. Fishy-bourne is 1.81, and Reeves never looked more than an inch taller...
Joe said on 2/Dec/07
Click Here - next 6'2 hugo weaving. I'd say Keanu is more like 6'.
ray said on 2/Dec/07
Normally I would believe the 6'1", but I was watching Constantine on DvD and there was a deleted scene where the cop brought up his mug shot and he was barely 72 inches (6 feet) and thats with his puffy hair. I don't know why they would make him an inch shorter for the movie. I truly believe he needs a 1 inch downgrade, but take a look and see for yourself.
Mattiew_- said on 29/Oct/07
He looks every bit of 185 if you ask me .
bleneer said on 26/Oct/07
i dont think he is 6'1 he look a bit short in "Speed"
dmeyer said on 23/Oct/07
i think he could be 6'0.5 to 6'0.75 184 185 cm like a shade under 6'1 but frank2 says 6'1 so 6'1
dmeyer said on 23/Oct/07
does look 6'1 in the pics
Starfish said on 14/Oct/07
He's 6'0 maybe 6'0.5 at most
asakacacadookie said on 21/Sep/07
Well, I took a photo of me standing side by side with a cardboard cutout of Keanu, and it was about an inch taller than me (I'm 6ft), so I guess that makes him 6ft1. I lost this photo by the way :(
dmeyer said on 19/Sep/07
apears 6'1 on many accasion but he sure didnt have 3 in on theron so either he is 6'0.25 and she is a bit over 5'10 but realy dont seem a full 6'1 by her also he can look 6'0.75 by hugo he could be 6'0.5 and wears big shoes
RobertJ said on 18/Sep/07
5'6''!!?? That's a good one. Your friend was mistaken. Anything below 6 feet for Keanu is absurd. And limb lengthening only gets your 2-3 inches.
Andy said on 13/Sep/07
I thought the same,but like I said my friend auditioned him for a part.I&ve never met the guy myself so I can't say !Have you?
TJ said on 11/Sep/07
Andy, Reeves was already very well known in the early 90s. Bill and Ted came out in 1989, as did Parenthood. He was in the very popular Point Break in 1991. His height in all three is well established, so talk of 5'6 in the early 90s is absurd.
Helen said on 10/Sep/07
Jeez, andy, do you even know who Keanu Reeves is?
Andy said on 10/Sep/07
This is definitely going to get me flamed but.... My friend is a film producer and auditioned Reeves for a part back in the early 90's before he became better known. He swears to me at that time Reeves was the same height as him. My friend is 5'6.I said to him that he must be mistaking him for another actor, but he was adamant. Limb lengthening surgery??
Patrick said on 25/Aug/07
You all talk nonsense. Jesus christ, he is a legitimate 6'1". Fishburne is bang on 6'0" and Keanu is 6'1". 183 cm = 6'0" / 185 cm = 6'1". Keanu is one of those guys who has an Ectomorphic body, meaning he has long limbs. Fishburne is a solid 6 footer with a more Mesomorphic body (average height with muscle).
glenn said on 8/Aug/07
thanks robertj.forgot about those.
Brakno said on 7/Aug/07
yeah,closer to 184 sound right
James said on 4/Aug/07
I think 6ft1 could be rounded up a bit I think 184cm is closer. Do you agree Editor Rob. I mean Keanue has never really looked quite a full 6ft1 in his films esspecially in Point Break where he looks simialr in height to Gary Busey who is 182cm to 183cm.

Oh yeah on a side note Editor Rob how do you create links under the comments you submit on this site to show a photo of a celebritie compared to other stars in terms on how tall they look?
Jen said on 1/Aug/07
Keanu is working on a film called The Night Watchman with Forest Whitaker.
RobertJ said on 1/Aug/07
Glenn - Keanu is still doing well. His two films Constantine and lake house did fairly well at the box office.
JanJ said on 31/Jul/07
He is Point Break he's defenitely 1.5 inches taller than 5'11.5-6ft gary busey
glenn said on 23/Jul/07
anxiety and depression from parents deaths.natural deaths,but losing my mother at 15 doesnt help.and another over it is great :-) keanu had it worst in the situatins,but i never heard of him having anxiety disorder and hiding in from the public.then again,where did his career go? is he working?
Jos said on 23/Jul/07
in which way better?
what happened to you,if it's not too private
glenn said on 22/Jul/07
i heard.i know pain too.maybe not his pain.but i dont think he snapped as bad as i did.his body handled it better.
Jos said on 20/Jul/07
he lost his best friend,wife and unborn child in a pretty short period of time.that's a good reason for depression.
glenn said on 18/Jul/07
true james.
James said on 17/Jul/07
Glenn that would explain why he harldy ever smiles at premier of in his film
glenn said on 15/Jul/07
not too friendly.didnt speak a word.i heard he suffers from i cant put him down.
mofo said on 14/Jul/07
Glenn is he a nice person to meet or is he moody because in that pic above he looks miserable as sin!
Would'nt hurt the guy to smile!
ryan said on 6/Jul/07
Glenn is gold!
Josh said on 23/Jun/07
He looks a solid 6'0 probably a bit over that but 6'1 not sure.
Anonymous said on 30/May/07
Yeah I know jos, but I want to know YOUR proportions (shoe size/pant length/waste size/hand size/shirt size) because I am interested in how they relate to height
Jos said on 27/May/07
no i mean he's like me in build,he reminds me a lot at this pic especially when i stand in front of the mirror
Anonymous said on 26/May/07
Jos, can you please tell me your shoe size/pant length/waste size/hand size/shirt size. Im interested to know the proportions and how they relate to height
Jos said on 23/May/07
He's prettmy much like me in build,and it seems to me me in proportions and height,when i go in foront of the 185 would be right,but not more,maybe at night downgrades to 184
TheJerk said on 15/May/07
I thought JL that you said you were 5-6. Did you grow recently or were you wearing lifts?
Perry said on 10/May/07
it's 185 flat i think,but 185(184,5)i think is put at 6-1,if not then 184,7-184,8
Cinzane said on 9/May/07
how much exactly is 6ft1 in cm?i think i saw on the meter 185,2
Anonymous said on 29/Apr/07
JL where were you when you saw him?
JL said on 24/Apr/07
stood right next to him a couple days ago ... im 6'1" and so is he. end of discussion ... next.
Mace said on 22/Apr/07
I agree,he's a six footer,with shoes probably 6-1
Stino said on 21/Apr/07
I saw him once at HBoulevard i was leaving the store while he was passing by,and he was at his full height-i am 6-1.25,so i guess he's 183-184.
Jada said on 10/Apr/07
I stood beside Keanu I was only on his shoulder length and my Height is 5'1 he's 1 foot taller than me. We were both wearing flat shoes about half inch in height so that made Keanu look 6'1 1/2 and I look 5'1 1/2
Ralph said on 8/Apr/07
Hey,take it easy.He is a great person,it's widely known,but here we are discussing heights.Probably Bernie is offended because some messages here may contain some negatice context about Keanu,and he's the last to deserve it.
My pin-a solid six footer
Berni said on 8/Apr/07
Well leonari if my comment disturbs you that much, next time I have the pleasure of speaking to him, I'll ask him how tall he is and report back to you so you can have it straight from the horses's mouth. Would that make you feel better? I hope so because God knows the last thing I want to do is ruin anyone's day.
leonari said on 8/Apr/07
Berni: Are you aware what you are writing? This is a HEIGHTS page!! Not a f********* Keanu forum. Sure he may be a very decent guy and I'm sure there are hunderds of sites where you can discuss this. But we on this site are here to discuss the heights of celebrities and not if they are good or bad people. Why is that so hard to grasp man!!????? anoying to say the least.
Berni said on 7/Apr/07
Does it really matter how tall he is? What matters is how great he is as a human being. I've met him and spoken to him when he was with the band Becky and he is a great person through and through. That is all that matters to me.
grandmakod said on 7/Apr/07
yeah, he was certainly taller than Dennis Hopper in Speed, after "howard" lost his head!
Robbiatti said on 31/Mar/07
No,i would say 184 then.And Keanu may exactly be that height.
crisanto said on 30/Mar/07
you always make a lot of fuss over 1/2 of an inch. if somebody asked how tall you are, would you say, "im six feet and a half inches" isn't that a bit pathetic? pardon my english.
G-unit said on 17/Mar/07
he looks tall, I'd say at least 6'1
Viper said on 10/Mar/07
He can look either height at times. Who knows, he might be 6-0 1/2.
Perry said on 9/Mar/07
i think he's a solid six footer.and it makes ME laugh to see someone say he might be even 186.
Johnny Mnemonic said on 2/Mar/07
here he looks a very trong 6-1,i can't dispuite that
Click Here
eva said on 2/Mar/07
He is exactly 6'1'' and wearing shoes might look 6'1'' 1/2
He hunches. And I know it ;-)
Evanna said on 28/Feb/07
That was not Nick Nolte but Gary Busey (yes, they are lookalikes and around the same height, 6ft). Anyway, Keanu did have an inch on Busey and at least four inches on Swayze, so Rob's got his height right, as always.
morris said on 26/Feb/07
This makes me laugh reading these comments.I watched Point Break last night where he stars opposite Nick Nolte who is 6ft and no one disputes that here on celeb heights. Keanu definetely looks one inch taller than Nolte he's 185 no doubt.
Johnny Mnemonic said on 18/Feb/07
I think he's 100% not 6-1,or 185.thing is,he has a good posture,at least in film it seems like that,and he's well,strong built.i have the same 'problem'-i have similar build to keanu reeves,and when people are asked,they give me 185,but i'm 'just'6,maybe 6 and half inch,but due to good posture ang good build...i seem taller maybe.although,i'm just gonna turn 18,so i epect to be real 6'1" at friend also-he's 183-184,but people don't wonder if said he's 187-188.
so,i think keanu is 'just' 6.i can buy 184 also.
people forget-six foot is the 'limit' of tallness,not 6-1 or 185,but real 6-1,the thing is everybody lies a little about his their height.and keanu definitively looks tall.but i wouldn't say,he's 6-1 flat barefooted,for sure.
Flavio said on 12/Feb/07
He's six footer,maybe 6 and 0.5
6'2.5'' JK said on 6/Feb/07
He always looked pretty Tall to me, I'd give him a very strong 6'1'' and the picture with 5'8'' Glenn proves it..
Ralph said on 5/Feb/07
with shoes,definitely...i think we could believe himself as he says he's 6'
Thomas said on 5/Feb/07
He is 6'1 for sure, if not more. Look at his build, and this guy has always looked tall. I think he is probably 185 on the dot, perhaps even 186
Ralph said on 4/Feb/07
btw franco,this 2cm+,you mean for shoes?
then it's ok
Jimbo said on 2/Feb/07
No way he's taller.I looked at some pictures of his and based on that he's 183-184,on some of them looks maybe 185...don't know,in walk in the clouds he does appear somewhat 185,but then,in 'private idaho' and 'sweet november',he appears as just a solid 6 footer.and he also said himself he's just 6'.And maybe that's the truth,though i can buy 185 barefooted in the morning.
Gonzalo said on 2/Feb/07
He looks 6`1. But I think he looked taller than Kevin Kline and William Hurt in I love you to death, or maybe I don`t remember properly. Could he be taller than 6`1?
Ralph said on 1/Feb/07
I think we can all agree that he is about 184 cm.I can't see him as strong 6'1" and also 183 is maybe a bit short for him
Shelley said on 17/Jan/07
I stood behind him in line and he's atleast 6'1 if not 6'2. I was surprised at how lanky he was.
Jemes said on 29/Dec/06
Keanu is definitively not over 6,i assure you.i think he's 180,my mother told me he's no way taller than 178.
tllgrrl said on 26/Dec/06
I stood behind him in a line at an event. I'm about6'2" in running shoes.
His shoulder height was just above mine about a 1/4-1/2".
He's 6'1" - 6'2".
RobertJ said on 20/Dec/06
Interesting GHK but there's no way he's less than 6 feet.
GHK said on 12/Dec/06
I saw Reeves in the Silver Sun a convenience liquor store in Silver Lake earlier this year. I'm exactly 6'5"--I'd guess he is no more than 5'10"
irshgrl500 said on 5/Dec/06
I always thought Reeves was under 6' but in the photo with Bratt, he does appear to be only about an inch shorter than 6'2" Bratt.
Anthony said on 29/Nov/06
Keanu always looke 6'1 to me. I can buy 6' flat without shoes, though.
Glenn said on 19/Nov/06
Seemed 6-1 to me.
Viper652 said on 17/Nov/06
6-0 is probably more realistic for him.
Brad said on 16/Nov/06
6' with his band a few years ago.
Franco said on 16/Nov/06
Keanu looks like a bankrupcy man waiting to die WTF, weird face in the pic.

hmmm id say 1.83cm too from personal experience since i saw him 4 years ago in Italy.
kenneth said on 13/Sep/06
no way hes 185.. saw a pic of 180 brad pitt standing next to him looks 2,3cm diffrent.. and remember a pic of him stand beside 171tom criuse looks 12cm taller..(eye level)while tom stand next to him.. i'll gave keanu reeve just a good 183(6ft)..
ralph said on 12/Sep/06
near to charlize theron he looks a strong 6'1"

Click Here
Lmeister said on 23/Aug/06
Keanu looks more like 6 ft. than 6'1''...
dmeyer said on 10/Aug/06
for exemple keanu looked closer to freeman height than pitt or bale so he must be over 6 foot like 185
dmeyer said on 2/Jul/06
i met his stand in who stands a strong 6'2" and told me keanu is 6'1"
Mr. R said on 25/Jun/06
I saw Keanu last week at the theater. Unfirtunately he sat down before I had a chance to pull out my tape measure. It is still strange however to see someone in a suit and motorcycle boots!
Anonymous said on 4/May/06
Keanu with 6'2" Benjamin Bratt
Click Here(I)
Frank2 said on 29/Apr/06
Back in 1999 Keanu was arrested in Los Angeles for driving under the influence. I doubt it was the influence of anyone who attended the Actor's Studio.

You'd be surprised how many of Hollywood's rich and famous have to attend meetings of Alcoholic's Anonymous. I have a friend who had a serious cocaine addiction and was forced to go to rehab and then attend AA meetings. I decided to accompany him to a meeting since at the time he didn't have a driver's license and needed a ride. At that meeting were at least five big name celebrities. And lots and lots of incredible looking women! If I was only single.......
D. Ray Morton said on 29/Apr/06
"For what it's worth, Keanu's mug shot lists his height as being 6' even along with his weight being 170 lbs."

What was he arrested for? (His acting, I hope.)
Viper652 said on 28/Apr/06
Its possible that Keanu might be 6-0, and 6-1 in his shoes. Just calls his in shoe height as the official listed height.
Frank2 said on 26/Apr/06
For what it's worth, Keanu's mug shot lists his height as being 6' even along with his weight being 170 lbs.: Click Here
Ujane, Moscow said on 23/Apr/06
Have you ever noticed his "dress-shoes" in Matrix?)))) Guess it has about 5cm heels, - true 6ft 1in cowboy...with shoes!))))))))
Clyde said on 18/Apr/06
I'm not too sure about this one...In Point Break,Keanu & Swayze were both barefooted in the scene where they were walking back to the car....they were
also on pavement...Keanu did'nt look more then an inch taller than swayze,& people say Swayze is 5'10...Also in the same scene,if you notice how the ground level is,Keanu is walking on the higher side of the pavement...I would say Keanu is around 6'0 barefooted...
Janice said on 2/Apr/06
I've met him close up, and in person. I am a girl, and am 5'9" stocking feet. I was wearing a 2inch heel at least, and was still looking up. He's 6'1 at LEAST.
sgt. pepper said on 30/Mar/06
A friend and I were in a bar in Los Feliz after the Matrix came out, and Keanu walked in wearing a grey suit and knit cap. My friend's a solid 6'2", and Keanu was at least that, if not taller. One of my best friends in the world is 6'4" and awkward, so I know what that looks like.
Frank2 said on 3/Mar/06
Keanu is six-one. He and Tony Quinn were about the same height in A Walk in the Clouds. Quinn was a solid six-one and for some reason never got much shorter as he got older.
kenshin said on 1/Mar/06
If u look at that deleted scene in constantine the 5'8 line mark is by his eyeline so i guess his forehead is a little bigger than some other people.
Xhavier said on 25/Feb/06
The difference between Glenn and Keanu in that picture is 3" for a fact, and no more than 4". I would say 3" exactly. the middle of Glenn's eye is at the middle of Mr. Reeves mouth. From the mouth to the middle of the eye, is usually 3" on almost everyone. Therefore Keanu Reeves, is 5'11".

[Editor Rob: there is, I think, a tilt in the picture - look at the line behind glenn and his stance, so the camera is maybe tilting slightly in glenn's favour?]
Sarah said on 30/Jan/06
Keanu has always looked 6'1'' to me, maybe a bit more.
J-Dog said on 26/Jan/06

Yeah 316, just from what is commonly known about Reeves' personality he wouldn't feel pressured or lie about his height, most men 5'11" and up probably never think much about their height.

The picture above is Reeves by solid 6'2" Matrix co-star, Hugo Weaving. I see why Keanu get's listed at 6'2" at times.
316 said on 23/Jan/06
Cannot agree more with J-Dog. Herz a celebrity like Keanu Reeves who looks tall in nearly every movie and paparazzi photos of his, and he gets accused of wearing magic boots. Guys, common, this elevator shoes thing is getting very repetitive, save it for ppl who actually use it.
J-Dog said on 19/Jan/06
Glenn, I not only agree with you, I thank you for posting true photographs with you and the celebrities. I have too noticed that there is a huge envious and naturalistic tendency for people here to try to downgrade celebrities. I think that is just as worst as trying to boost someone's height. I often hear claims that everyone must be wearing secret footwear, even guys who clearly don't need it.

So Keanu a guy who by his own attested personality couldn't care about lying about his height, is really only 5'11" and wears 2" heals at all times? Hahahaha! You have someone take 10,000 plus photos and some you will look bigger and smaller. Keanu has never looked 5'11".

Glenn your contributiions kick ass man, keep it up.
dmeyer said on 15/Jan/06
6'1" looks corect
Mario said on 13/Jan/06
5 ft 11?!?!? The guys who still think that live in Wonderland.
Brett said on 9/Jan/06
its quite obvious Keanu is atleast 6'1", when he goes on Letterman hes basically as tall as Dave, and Glenns pic definitely backs this up
Kenshin said on 7/Jan/06
i'm preety sure their not shoter than wat they say cuz all of us had our heights checked by the doctor. Proabably ur right my head could be shorter than the avg.
Buster said on 7/Jan/06
I suggest that either your mother and sister stand higher on you than you think (e.g your sister comes up to the bottom of your nose and your mother comes up to the top of your nose) OR that they're shorter than the 'heights' they say (or you think) they are.

Perhaps a little from column a) and a little from column b) ... and maybe your head is an inch smaller than the average?
kenshin said on 6/Jan/06
i'm really confused cuz my sis is 6 1'2 inch shorter than me she comes up to my chin and my mom is exactly 5 inches shorter than me and she comes below my nose.
elio said on 5/Jan/06
typically, from the top of the head downwards :

6" is usually mid-way on someone's nose.
7" is usually around the bottom of the nose.
8" is usually around the mouth
the bottom of the chin is around 9 1/2" inches.

A lot of it really depends on the person. However only very small children have a 5" inch gap from the top of their head to below the nose. Get a tapemeasure and a mirror and you'll see what I mean.

Another way to look at it is that an average 6 foot man is about '7 1/2' heads tall.

72 inches / 9 1/2 inches = 7.58 heads tall.
kenshin said on 4/Jan/06
where would a person be if he's 6 inch shorter than him? cuz i thought 5 inch diff would be below the nose.
CoolJ said on 2/Jan/06
I think he's about 6' - 6'0.5.. The police sheet I linked before had him at 6'... although Keanu does have a long head.

I can buy 184cm.

I think the average hairline to eye-level measurement is about 4" or so.
elio said on 1/Jan/06
Looks a definate 6'1" to me.

Glenn seems to be around his eyeline.

5'8" + ~5" = ~6'1"
nj said on 1/Jan/06
He's almost a head taller than Sandra Bullock (5'7.5') in Speed. Just over 6 feet sounds right.
Stiffelio said on 1/Jan/06
In the picture the heights difference seem about 5in (12.5cm), so if Glenn is 5ft 8" Keanu Reeves is 6ft 1", if "shoes paribus"
TheMan said on 1/Jan/06
He's 6,0 i belivie 6,1 is a bit to tall for him i think.
175cm16andgrowing said on 1/Jan/06
I don't think Keanu is 5'11'' and I don't think he's 6'2'', I think he's like Christian BAle. Both are sometimes listed at 6'2'' - but both have said they are "just" 6'. And Keanu is said to weigh 175lbs (less in Matrix, more in bhis football movie... I think 192 or something in the football movie and 169 in Matrix) and that looks about correct for him. He said he's 6' but he can also be 6'1''.
Glenn said on 1/Jan/06
why dont you look at the other photos I put up before making a statement of photoshop.who am I? one of the top 10 autograph dealers in the world.I started out as a photographer in 1990.then went to the more lucrative(as least for me,cause Im not aggresive in taking photos and harrasing people)autograph far as sunburn,no.summer,yes.colors varying on computer,yes.I was getting disgusted at at peoples comments when thet never even met a celebrity before.especially keanu,who can look 6-2 at times.NOT 5-11.
Anonymous said on 31/Dec/05
Is it me or does glenn's head look photoshopped. Either that or you have had bad sun burn man.
Mr. R said on 30/Dec/05
So who is this "Glenn" guy, and why does he have access to so many celebs?

[Editor Rob: in one of his first posts he said he collects auto's and I think photographer? Maybe he can answer that himself ;-)]
FASULO said on 30/Dec/05
i would say he's in 183-185 range for sure
Glenn said on 20/Dec/05
yes,it is when your doing it from a public computer place.Ill try again in 24 will be pleased.even if you have to wait a little longer.I sent them originally to your email Rob.
rick said on 19/Dec/05
It's not difficult to send some photos ! Scan and send as a normal mail and include your photos. Meaby the scan didn't work very well ?
Glenn said on 18/Dec/05
I sent 7 photos! great,glad I wasted my time.dont ahev a computer at home.that cost me 7$.you sure you dont see them?
Glenn said on 13/Dec/05
did anyone see my pics?

[Editor Rob: I still waiting ;) ... any pic of you and a star. Or even - you could upload one there and add the link here ;-)]
Glenn said on 10/Dec/05
ask my man,and you shall recieve.thats all I was waiting for.someone who wasd interested in what I say.and the editor no less! thanks for giving me the time and space! oh and let me know if you got pics!

[Editor Rob: do, please email any pic if you can...]
Glenn said on 10/Dec/05
you know whats amazing about all you people,is that most of you are full of it,cause most of you havnt met these people.I HAVE.keanu can look 6-2.what is inside his shoes,I cant tell you.and when I reply none of you full of it or jealous.
Viper652 said on 8/Dec/05
The mugshot link CoolJ posted is interesting. Very interesting evidence that would point to 5-11 barefoot. With that said, Ive always thought this guy was a solid 6-1 myself.
MD said on 8/Dec/05
This is confusing. Here he is next to what this site calls a 6'0.5" Gavin Rossdale.


I'm beginning to wonder if both of these heights listed for these two are shoed or unshoed. And judging by this photo (not the best angle) Keanu does indeed look under 6' if Gavin is really over 6'.

[Editor Rob: sometimes the most unlikeliest of people might wear lifts...but Rossdale in tennis shoes beside guys like James Blake/Agassi does look in the 184cm range...but is he 6ft 1, and is Keanu?]
J-Dog said on 8/Dec/05
Has always looked at least a solid 6'1" to me.
Xhavier said on 1/Dec/05
In Sweet November in the scene where neither him or Thereon are wearing shoes. He is a maximum of 1.5" taller. I would say exactly that number. She's 5.9.5", so I concede to him being 5'11".
Xhavier said on 1/Dec/05
My brother is 6'4", he is 3/4" taller than I am (I stand normally at 6'3 1/4", when he stands straight.
Xhavier said on 1/Dec/05
From what I can see generally, from centre of eye to top of head is 4.5". From bottom of eye to top of head is 5". From bottom of nose to top of head it 6.5".
Sabella said on 19/Nov/05
Maybe your brother was wrong.:-) I think Keanu is about or more than 6 feet. he was taller than me, no high heels. And I'm just a little bit under 6 feet.
CoolJ said on 7/Nov/05
I always thought it was about 4" from top of head to center of eye.

Someone at 6'4" probably has a big head.. which leads me to believe if your brother could clearly see over Keanu's head, Keanu is under 6'
A guy said on 7/Nov/05
Xhavier: If ur brother is 6'4" and Keanu reached his nose, then hes surely 6'1 or 6 feet, since the distance from nose to the top of head is 3-4 inch aprox.
Xhavier said on 6/Nov/05
To me this fellow always looked short. My brother who is 6ft 4in was beside him on a plane and they were walking beside one another. My brother said to me, that he could not believe how short he was. He figured he was 5'9" since he was at my brother's nose in height. Note: My brother is no taller than 6ft 4in, since he is an a little more than half of an inch taller than I am, and I am 6ft 3.375in.
CelebHeights Editor said on 24/Oct/05
Dina Meyer (Johnny Mnemonic actress) said: "Keanu is about 6'1"
heh said on 16/Oct/05
my uncle's brother's friend's pet's owner's dog walker who is 4 feet met him and he said they stood chin to chin.
SQ said on 12/Oct/05
Keanu doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who would bs about his height. Of course I haven't met him - just going off of his interviews. The guy seems very humble and genuine.

Besides go get your own height measured in a dozen different places (by different people and instruments) and at different times of the day - I'm pretty sure you'll see a variance upto 1" too. Most people can accurately quote the tall side of that variance, and still be truthful.

To me Keanu easily looks 6'1".
kenshin said on 17/Aug/05
hey man u should look at one of the delted scene in constantine they show a pic where his height is measured and in that pic he looks 6'0 its the scene when that girl is researching info on him his hair makes him look like he's 6'1.
CoolJ said on 6/Jul/05
If I'm not mistaken, this mugshot:

Says 6'0
Big Dave said on 13/Jun/05
I think that he is 184cm tall. He looks only marginally taller than Laurence Fishburne. He was also just a bit taller than Gary Busey in Point Break. Watch it and see for yourself.
Mike said on 8/Jun/05
He is same height as lawrance fishburn. They were bare feet in the Matrix face to face. He is six feet.
CelebHeights Editor said on 28/May/05
"I gained about 23 pounds through changing my diet and lifting weights. I'm six-foot-one, and I ended up weighing about 192 pounds" - Keanu talking about Replacements in EOnline.
Mr. X said on 16/May/05
I'm not sure if saying Keanu wearing big shoes and boots in the Matrix films say much. I have the Matrix films at home and pretty much everybody has some pretty big shoes and boots there (especially in the sequels).
Smoke said on 3/May/05
It's interest because I caught some movie the other night with Laurence Fishburne and Sean Connery, to me it only looked as though 5'11" Laurence was nothing more than an inch shorter than Connery. Seeing now what kind of footwear Keanu wears, are we still so sure there is an inch between Fishburne and Reeves? I'm not so sure that there is, that latest posted picture only confirms the suspicion from the pictures I posted earlier of this guy. Keanu Reeves...a solid 6 footer.

[Editor Rob: The old standing on one foot Milkman Stance from Connery in that pic gives him another extra lil bit of height... over fishburne ;) Fish might still be 183 when I see more of his pics...]
tom said on 3/May/05
Do people realise that Keanu is wearing high heels in the Matrix?

[Editor Rob: well he is wearing some chunky boots that vin diesel would be proud to wear.]
rick said on 2/May/05
Keanu was reported on a California driver's license to be 6 ft tall (although other reports say 6'1") and 175 pounds.(
Smoke said on 23/Apr/05
It's often quite hard to gauge heights from films, so many variables can throw off true height appearances. He really doesn't look 6'1" next to Laurence Fishburne and Carrie-Anne Moss in the Martix movies, but I'll agree that at times he also does look somewhat taller than 6'0". One thing is for sure, Shia Lebeouf is no wear near the 6'1" that he claims!!! He (Reeves) does look 6'1" next to Hounsou, but are they even on level ground? Does he look an inch taller than Gavin Rossdale?,%20Keanu,%20Keanu
cantstop25 said on 23/Apr/05
he is indeed 6'1" if you watch him in constantine he is mo more then 2 inches shorter then 6'3" djimon hounsou
dmeyer said on 6/Apr/05
i know one of is stand in 188 cm so i guess keanu is 186 cm
Smoke said on 6/Apr/05
Yes Dave, exactly what I've been trying to get across. I agree that Fishburne is really in the neighbourhood of 182 cm, and I fully agree that Keanu isn't under 6'0" also. In the pics I provided earlier Fishburne is standing barefoot and Keanu still only looks about an inch taller. Subtract .5-1 inch for heals and Keanu is 6'0.5" tops and probably only about 183 cm.
Big Dave said on 6/Apr/05
I can't see Keanu Reeves being under 6ft but I can't see him being over either. He appears to be slightly taller than Laurence Fishburne who I believe to be about 181cm tall. I certainly can't see him being 6'1. I am 6'3 myself and I would say he was 3 inches shorter than me.
Smoke said on 25/Mar/05
Okay, I've really gotta meet this guy, I just don't see him really being 6'1". He looks more like a 6 foot even guy to me. If Laurence Fishburne is indeed only a touch over 5'11", I just can't see Keanu being anything more than 6'0". The shoes he was wearing whilst standing beside a practically barefoot Fishburne just have me convinced he can't be 6'1" without shoes. Those just didn't look like 0.5 inch heals so I question whether the guy is even 6'.5".
Mr. R said on 18/Mar/05
Okay Smoke, you got me. I thought that the 1.5 inches was too much, but I thought that I could get away with it! Busted! However, I do believe that there is at least an inch between them, so Keanu is at least 6'.5".
Smoke said on 18/Mar/05
1.5 inches taller? How do you figure that Mr. R? Keanu doesn't even look 1.5 inches taller than virtually barefoot Laurence with shoes on, how can he be 1.5 inches taller without shoes then? I agree that Fishburne isn't 6'1", and taking your word for it Mr. R I will say, Fishburne 5'11.5". and Keanu 6'0" at best. Compared to a lot of guys on this site at 6'1", Keanu just doesn't look that tall.
Mr. R said on 18/Mar/05
I have been with Laurence Fishburn twice, and he is not the 6'1" that he claims.He is closer to 5'11.5, which would make Keanu about 1.5 inches taller.
Lmeister said on 18/Mar/05
I think Keanu is one inch taller than Laurence, if not then Mr. Fishburne is also 185 cm. Every Keanu movie that I have seen he has been standing taller than average person for instance in Much Ado About Nothing he is a wee bit taller than Denzel Washington(183 cm maybe 184 back then).
Smoke said on 17/Mar/05
Looks like a 6 footer to me!!! If Laurence Fishburne is a 6 footer then Keanu is definately no taller than that, at some Matrix Premieres Keanu is wearing shoes with atleast a 1 inch heal while Fishburne is at times wearing sandals with virtually no heal...Reeves looks an inch taller because Fishburne is pretty much barefoot. Still not sure on Fishburne, but I do reckon Keanu's footwear is more handsome than Laurence's.,%20Laurence,%20Laurence
JP said on 10/Mar/05
My brother (who is 5'10) stood next to him eye to eye and said he was 5'10".

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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