How tall is Corey Feldman

Corey Feldman's Height

5ft 5 (165.1 cm)

American actor best known for roles in The Goonies, The Lost Boys and Stand By Me. In this convention photo Corey had a 1/4 inch more shoe than me. CelebHeights noticed on Twitter he claimed to stand "only 5 8'".

How tall is Corey Feldman
5ft 8 Rob and Corey @ LFCC 2011
I’m actually 5 ‘8 though some Ass who has an IMDB PRO ACCT, goes in and changes it regularly to 5 ‘5 and on Wiki it even says 5 ‘3 LOL! They always try 2 make me diminutive & also diminish my worth by making me seem like a Midgit. Nothing wrong w midgets, but 5 ‘8 is hardly midg.
Twitter, 2021
Actually according 2 Wiki I’m only 5-5” so according 2 them I didn’t grow at all! Lol! Don’t #BELIEVE everything U read on the web! WIKI IS FULL OF SHIT!
Total BS! BOTH @IMDb & @Wikipedia hav been compromised. They tell lies.such as listing films that don’t exist on my credits, or stating I’m only 5’5 when im actually 5’8. I’m on PRO & can’t even edit it 2 tell the #TRUTH. Sorry 2 burst the bubble.

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Average Guess (89 Votes)
5ft 4.99in (165.1cm)
5'7 and a fraction said on 4/Sep/23
"Only 5'8"

Guess I'm 5'10 then.
Jtm said on 13/May/23
Johan 185 cm said on 9/May/23
Big G would love Corey ! 5'5" next to Rob and no thats not a dwarf or midget or whatever. Dwarfism starts at 4'10" I believe.

did you look at the older comments? Big G though he was 5'4!
Johan 185 cm said on 9/May/23
Big G would love Corey ! 5'5" next to Rob and no thats not a dwarf or midget or whatever. Dwarfism starts at 4'10" I believe.
Moneymaker! said on 2/Dec/22
My best friend is 5'6" and claims 5'10". He does it regularly at bars and people just shake their head. It's hard to take serious, but people do it.
Rhys 6'1 said on 2/May/22
@Okidokie And not only does he claim to be a lot taller than he really is, but he is so defensive about the "fact" that he really is 5'8" lmao. Like imagine being mad at someone for listing your actual height as opposed to your made up height lmao
Editor Rob
Last November somebody said he looked 4ft 11 at most, to which Feldman said

"Genius! I’m sure U R right! I mean Wikilies says I’m 5.5’ so who knows how short I really am?! 😂"
Okidoki said on 27/Feb/22
I can understand when you are 5'5 and trying to claim much taller, it's a bit more understandable when you are that much below average height. But still, he really does claim about 8 cm taller, which is a little funny. It's very rare that i meet or see someone claim 10 cm taller with a straight face.
Torrinator said on 27/Feb/22
Rob, what was the difference in footwear between you and Feldman? As in your video you said a third of an inch.
Editor Rob
Minimum 1/4, likely 1/3rd...
viper said on 23/Feb/22
To be fair G is 5-8 or about that in shoes.

5-5 and claiming 5-8 is really wild
Toby Barrett said on 21/Feb/22
he claimed 5'8 again on his twitter
Editor Rob
He's vying wtih Big G for the most 5ft 8 claims from a non 5ft 8 person on the Internet 😄
MaskDeMasque 5'9.5 said on 11/Feb/22

Tall girls can lie about their height. I dated a 5'11.5 girl who claimed to be 6'1.
Leesheff85 said on 6/Feb/22
He looks about 5 inches shorter than 6ft 1 robert davi there so either he is 5ft 8 or is wearing lifts rob
Editor Rob
He's far from 5ft 8...he's also shorter than Measured Big G
Okidoki said on 25/Jan/22
Rob, when you said where does Corey land and you made that face when showing the picture i laughed pretty hard.
Jackie Lee said on 17/Jan/22
@Rob do you think Corey is wearing lifts in these photos? Click Here
Editor Rob
Didn't look like it from the other event photos.
CuriousPeachie said on 30/Aug/21
I can understand 5’5 celebrities claiming either 5’6 or 5'7, but 5’5 celebrities claiming 5’8 takes it to another level.
RJT said on 20/Aug/21
Idk how this guy actually believe he's 3" taller than he actually is

Even in morning with boots on he should barely scrap 5'7 range, if he ever measured with that.

Either he's straight up 🤥 or his measurement was off.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 24/Jun/21
Corey has a cheeky little face to match his cheeky little claim of some 3" more than he actually is! 😯

5ft5. 😆👌
Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 4/Mar/21
If we’re talking insane inflated claims, Beetlejuice inflates by almost 96 feet
Linke said on 9/Oct/20
In Aaron's case, he has made some really weird claims lately. His condition is really taking toll on him. I'd simply ignore that 6'1" claim because the guy is not stable.
FriedChicken said on 6/Oct/20
Then there's Aaron Carter with the 5 inch inflation
Linke said on 7/Sep/20
@berta and Sean.

Yul Breyner, Liam Payne and Saif Ali Khan are 3 celebs who have infamously added 4 inches.
Sean95 said on 5/Aug/20
@berta Jake Paul claimed 6'2 at 5'10.5
berta said on 26/Jul/20
3 inches must be the record here on celebheights? many guys claim 1,5-2 inches more than they are but 3?
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 16/Jul/20
🎁🎂🎊🍀 Happy Birthday Corey! 🍀🎊🎂🎁

Wishing Corey Feldman a suburb 49th Birthday. It's his last Birthday in his forties, so he's getting a four-leaf clover! 😆

5ft5.25 😁👍🎈

Blanc said on 11/Jul/20
Classic strong 5ft 5
Nik Ashton said on 1/Dec/19
The average guess justifies the listing!
TheBat said on 31/Oct/19
5'8" in his dreams. 5'5" flat
Nik Ashton said on 5/Oct/19
Strong 5’5”!
Dream said on 26/Jul/19
I’d still love to hear Michael call John Matuszak ‘short,’ since he mentioned the ‘whole cast.’

Hey, speak. Got any balls to call a 6’7”-6’8” guy short? I think not. Otherwise, we’d be bloody ants, if 6’7”-6’8” was ‘short.’
Dream said on 24/Jul/19

The kid actors, maybe. However, I'd be hard pressed to believe 6'7"-6'8" is short, especially Matuszak was supposedly drafted as 6'7.5". 6'7", alone, is much much taller, in person, than it is, looking at the numbers.
Daycringeothon said on 21/Jul/19

I don’t think he meant Matuszak or the 6’1” bad guy actor forgot the name. All the kid actors were pretty short probably all below 5’7”.
Jakob said on 26/Apr/19
Maybe this fellow is just being honest, Rob, and you're measurements have been a bit off all this time. Are you actually 5ft 11? :)
Editor Rob
somewhere in 5ft 5 range is still fair for him, having met him up close, and I am still 3 inches off 5ft 11 ;)
Dream said on 10/Apr/19
I’d still would love to hear, Michael, 5’10” 178 cm, say John Matuszak is short.
Danimal 5'9 3/4" said on 18/Jan/19
His I.D. in License to Drive said 5'7" (Corey Haim's said 5'6"). I think if he stood up straight (his neck is crooked in the pic with Rob) he would be right around the 5'5" mark (maybe 5'5.5"?)
James Keffer (185 cm) said on 4/Jan/19
@Chistian Michael Jackson. If he were only a head shorter than Michael Jordan, that would make him like 6'.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 2/Jan/19
@James Keffer

Which MJ, Michael Jackson or Michael Jordan?
James Keffer (185 cm) said on 31/Dec/18
@Ananynon IK it's hard being short but everyone knew that Corey was short from day one and no one gave a hoot about it. Honestly, I'd be fine if he inflated his height by like 1 or 1.5 inches but 3 is pushing it. He's a head shorter than MJ but tries to pass as a 5'8 guy. I think he's a great guy but I don't like how he thinks he can easily fool us like that.
Anonynon said on 13/Dec/18
@ Michael and James, calm down... You would probably be doing the same at 5'5" and inflating your height. It's a tough height to deal with for a man really. You're shorter than almost all men, and when girls put on heels, you are shorter than them too. It's as easy to be 5'5" as it is to be 5'10"... it's just a genetic lottery. You have it or you don't. Being taller is just more favorable than being shorter in practically everything except bodybuilding... so although he is lying and grossly over-inflating just let it be.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 5/Dec/18

So John Matuszak (6'7") was short? Dude. Just dude.

Maybe the rest of the main cast, but John is short to you?
James Keffer said on 28/Nov/18
@Michael, 5'10 I agree it's ridiculous how he claims 5'8.If he was really 5'8, Michael Jackson would have to be 6'1 and Scrillex would have to be 5'7. Does he think we're dumb? I would believe him if he said he was 5'6 but I would call anything over that complete bull crap.
Michael, 5'10" 178 cm said on 27/Nov/18
Corey Feldman was never over 5’5” and yet he tries to claim he’s 5’8”. That’s like me trying to claim 6’1”, nobody would believe me. Google lists him as 5’9”, lol! He looked really short next to actors in every movie he was in (The Goonies, The Lost Boys). Pretty much every child actor is short, the whole Goonies cast were no taller than 5’9”, that’s a short cast. Every short guy try to claim 5’7”-5’8” even when they’re nowhere near that tall because some girls already think 5’7”-5’8” is really short. He has one of the most ridiculous height claims on the whole website, 3 inches is a big lie. Shame on you Corey, 5’5” max!
Sandy Cowell said on 17/Sep/18
Poor Corey - out by three whole inches! It's kind of funny really; I'd have believed 5ft6, but he went a little bit too far with his 5ft8! The evidence is here!!!!

5ft5 for Corey.
James Keffer said on 11/Sep/18
@Jtm this website says Mchael was 5,9, Not 5,8 but the point is that Michael definetly wasn't over a flat 5'9.5 and still towers over Corey and how is that picture useless?
Jtm said on 6/Sep/18
michael jackson was 5'8 and that picture is useless.
James Keffer said on 5/Sep/18
Click Here Corey Feldman with 5'9.5 Michael Jackson
Super Dave said on 5/Sep/18
If the are any married with children fans on here, he was in a episode and stood right next to David Faustino at the endof the episode. We all know David Faustino will never be a good basketball player lol. David is 5'3 and Corey is barely taller than him. 5'5 is definitely right, and that's me being generous.
MAD SAM said on 21/Jul/18
At least claim 5’6”, 5’8” claim wtf ?
Anyway he’s 5’5” at 165 cm
khaled taban said on 5/Jul/18
5'5" but he claims 5'8" !
Canson said on 14/Feb/18
@Rose: not so sure that’s always the case. Maria Taylor claims 6’2” and she doesn’t look anything close. Lisa Leslie also claims 6’5” my dad was peak 6’4” (still not far under that mark today really) but when he met her he was taller than she was. Not saying that taller women don’t claim honestly but some don’t
Rose said on 13/Feb/18
@Sally, I am a 5'10" female and people constantly argue with me that I am much taller. I am TOLD I an 6' tall. Nope. I am 5'10" on the nose. I think one of the reasons people think I am taller is because men who are my height lie and say they are 6 feet tall, thus screwing up people's idea of what 6 foot looks like. I also think men who are 5'7" will say they are 5'9" etc. At the end of the day, tall women are perhaps the only group of people who are actually completely honest about their true height. If you want a "control group" for height, then ask a tall woman how tall she is. You will get the exact number.
MJKoP said on 22/Dec/17
I almost feel embarrassed for him with what he says here....who's he speaking of, Verne Troyer?? But seriously, does anybody have a clue? Can't be that many famous men who would fit such a narrow description; he says earlier that anyone who has been following him or who has read his book 'Coreyography' would know.

Click Here

Another amusing quote, if taken out of context:
Click Here
Editor Rob
I was half-expecting him to then finish it with "PS: I'm 5 foot 8 and that Editor of CelebHeights stood on his tip-toes!"
MJKoP said on 22/Dec/17
Brad said on 11/Dec/17
As listed at a North Hollywood show. His 5-8 claim is right up there with the height whopper liars. G's 5-4 claim was expected.

Uh, why? G was mostly known for upgrading celebs to make himself seem taller, especially when he had a picture with them(as he did with Feldman).
Brad said on 11/Dec/17
As listed at a North Hollywood show. His 5-8 claim is right up there with the height whopper liars. G's 5-4 claim was expected.
Ian C. said on 11/Dec/17
Ahah. Another guy who overstates his height, and slips in the word "only." This is a particularly annoying ploy as the only is meant to imply candour, when its user means to deceive.
Tunman said on 11/Nov/17
Looks more 5'5.5"in the pic considering shoes,Rob you must be dropping a little height here?3"boost is a serious celebheights offense,lol.
Editor Rob
he looked a solid 5ft 5 and change type guy, but had a thicker shoe, so I have him 5ft 5...of course there is a chance of 5ft 5.25.
Dreampuffe(5'9.5") said on 11/Nov/17
It doesn’t really matter how tall or short he is. He’s helping good, and that’s what matters.
Dreampuffe(5'9.5 said on 10/Nov/17
Rob, I just hope his so-called 5’8” claim isn’t included in his ‘true campaign’ (Although the campaign is more about protecting victims than height.)
Editor Rob
if he went with 5ft 6 it wouldn't be an outrageous claim, most folk wouldn't even question it to be fair.
Anonymous said on 1/Nov/17
A 5.5 claiming 5.8!
MJKoP said on 30/Oct/17
Hopefully that 5'8" statistic won't be included on a press release to promote his forthcoming "Truth Campaign"(Too soon?).
Alex said on 26/Oct/17
If Corey can claim 5'8", I can claim 5'10"! I never inflate my height, not even by an inch.
Sandy Cowell said on 25/Sep/17
Ha ha ha! He says he's 'only' 5ft8! Only what? Well, standing next to an authentic 5ft8, he clearly is much, much shorter!

He is getting 'only' 5ft5!
Slim said on 18/Sep/17
Really? A 5'4.75"-5'5" guy claiming 5'8"?!!!
Johan said on 2/Sep/17
A 3 inch boost though is insane, thats not just rounding or being unaware. Look at the pic and how much height Rob ( a legit 5'8") has on him. Hell even big G would be comfortably taller.

I agree also with the posters below, most height boosters I ignore but when they start including you in their nonsense thats a step too far. You suddenly gain an inch or two just to fit in with their lie.

On the other hand you have some who are pretty incapable of judging height with other people. I have a couple of co-workers who fit that mold, one in particular is a regular 5'10" guy and he claims 6' but still thinks I am my 6'1" claim. The mind boggles, he actually thinks there is 1 inch between us when he can't even look me in the eye.
Shredder said on 1/Aug/17
I saw him over the weekend as I went to his show , He walked past me and shook my hand , I would say with about 0.5 more shoe that he looked a little shorter than myself , 5'5 is pretty spot on.
Mimi said on 31/Jul/17
@Lee168cm I am almost 5ft8 and I like guessing people's heights. When someone who is like 2-3 inches shorter than you claim the same height, for me it's irritating
Nik said on 31/Jul/17
@ Sally

I am sure they knew what you meant!
Canson said on 30/Jul/17
@Sally: I have an acquaintance that sorta does that. He is roughly an inch or so shorter than I am and claims 6'4 or some derivative of a Weak 6'4" usually 6'3.5 or just enough to round up to 6'4". He used to try to tell me that he was 6'3.75 and I was "6'5" until a really good friend of mine (who is 6'3") and is actually his friend (I don't so much care for the other guy really because of his ego that being one of the reasons he lies about his height) told him that he was the same height as he was. I stood them back to back and it was extremely hard to see a difference but I concluded it was roughly 1/4". My friend even measured me in front of him at 6'4 1/4 or 3/8 somewhere in there in the evening and he came out to like 6'3 1/4 actually a hair under when he measured him. My buddy I measured as well right a mm below 6'3 like 190.4cm so he is perfectly legit on his. Maybe a week later the other guy is back at it saying he's 6'3.5 or 3/4 something and that the other guy measured me at 6'4.5 or 3/4 (a load of bs) just to keep claiming 6'4". This same guy tells a 6'5" and change friend that he's 6'6 (he's 6'5.25 at night but when someone asks him he doesn't even claim the fraction just says 6'5 on the dot). I only know because he was measured right in front of me more than once and he doesn't care about evening or morning has always claimed 6'5 even when he played ball. But this other 6'3 and change guy Does this just enough to be able to justify rounding up then making it believable by inflating my height. I was again measured the same night and my buddy wrote it down at 6'4.25 that time to which my 6'3" friend said that "he isn't 6'5" he's an inch or inch and a half taller than me".
Sally said on 29/Jul/17
@ Canson & @ Mimi
I should have used the word "average" rather than "normal". The word normal when used in this context implies that individuals below average height and above average height are abnormal. That was not my intention, and I know better than that.
Canson said on 27/Jul/17
@Sally and Mimi: yep well said.
Sally said on 26/Jul/17
@ Canson & @ Mimi: I will further digress. Being a 5'11.5" female, I am often asked how tall I am. When I accurately tell them my height, more often than not, they look up at me as if I am a giant and reply "You're taller than that!" I agree with Canson that it is very irritating when people "contradict my claim or assess me a height in correlation to their own lie." You would not believe how often this happens to me. Maybe I am over sensitive but I feel like shorter individuals prefer to categorize me as a "freak" so they will be considered "normal."
Mimi said on 25/Jul/17
@Canson I have experienced that with other people too. Most of them were classmates/schoohlmates that I was not close with in high school. Everytime they ask me about my height, they make me 2 inches taller to get away with their not-even-close-to-some-truth height claims
blazer said on 25/Jul/17
Looks more like a 4 inch difference here. 5'4. The 5'8 claim is pathetic.
Canson said on 24/Jul/17
@Mimi: I must digress. It irritates the hell out of me when people do that especially when they attempt to contradict my claim or assess me a height in correlation to their own lie. Otherwise if they want to lie and not involve anyone else than its fine by me
The shredder said on 24/Jul/17
I might meet him next weekend.
ReallyShortRussianDude said on 23/Jul/17
I couldn't imagine being insulted by someone lying about their height, I mean does it really have any bearing or effect on you really?

Though I do agree that adding 3 inches to your height, is a little silly.
Mimi said on 23/Jul/17
Rob don't you think it's quite insulting for a legit 5ft8 man like you that someone who's 5ft5 is claiming 5ft8? For me it's really irritating.
Editor Rob
I think if he said 5ft 6, it would have been a more believable claim than 5ft 8.

I can understand how it might be irritating. A large proportion of the population will be economical with the truth in regards to how tall they are barefoot.

Having a centre of truth for such simple aspects of ourselves such as height, forms a great building block in life.
World Citizen said on 27/May/17
And Rob how was Corey's personality? Was it a kind person?
Editor Rob
he wasn't rushing through people at his autograph table, was having as much a little chat as you can...

there are some actors who sign and have nothing much to say, Corey ain't one of those!
World Citizen said on 19/May/17
He looks closer to 5 ft 5.25
Timur9717 said on 8/May/17
There is a GOOD 3 inch difference betweeen Rob and him. So I'll guess 5 feet 5.
John said on 5/Apr/17
Rob, what was your footwear here?
Editor Rob
he has a fraction more shoe.
Shredder said on 28/Mar/17
He looks 5'5.25 to 5'5.5 here with .25 more footwear , He is nothing but 5'5 to 5'5.25 barefoot.
John said on 23/Mar/17
Corey Feldman's height is 5ft 6in (168 cm)
MJKoP said on 21/Mar/17
Danimal said on 20/Mar/17
MJKoP said on 24/Nov/16
Danimal said on 25/Oct/16
Honestly, he does look to be over a flat 5'5" barefoot if he were to straighten out his neck. He has quite a lean in the above pic with you Rob.

Danimal said on 20/Jun/07
Haim is 5'6". Feldman claims 5'7", but is really around 5'3".

Looks like someone had a slight change of heart.

I did have a change of heart. I admit it.

Good man. Now, about Cruise and Stallone... ;D
Adijos said on 21/Mar/17
I looks 5'5.25" (166 cm) this photo.
Danimal said on 20/Mar/17
MJKoP said on 24/Nov/16
Danimal said on 25/Oct/16
Honestly, he does look to be over a flat 5'5" barefoot if he were to straighten out his neck. He has quite a lean in the above pic with you Rob.

Danimal said on 20/Jun/07
Haim is 5'6". Feldman claims 5'7", but is really around 5'3".

Looks like someone had a slight change of heart.

I did have a change of heart. I admit it.
Ted said on 19/Mar/17
In all fairness he does look over 5'5, but not quite 5'6. My guess is 5'5 1/2
Arthur said on 5/Feb/17
Man, what a sad little guy...
MC said on 30/Dec/16
How can he claim 5'8 if he's not even 5'6? Seems like a guy whose got Napoleon complex
Shredder said on 22/Dec/16
Rob , are you sure Khalid is a full 5'7? He looks about an inch shorter than Giancarlo Esposito.
Editor Rob
Shredder, I think he measures taller than big g for sure, probably right on 170cm.
Shredder said on 20/Dec/16
Astin is taller in other pics with him.
Editor Rob
in person Astin is taller.

I'm sure 5ft 7 Khalid had 2 inches on Feldman and he had less footwear than Corey for sure, probably half inch from memory.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Dec/16
Looks similar to how Sean Astin does with Rob
Shredder said on 14/Dec/16
I can't believe he is only 5'8 , I thought he was at least a 5'11 guy like Rob.
same said on 2/Dec/16
he reminds me of charlie sheen #winning
MJKoP said on 24/Nov/16
Danimal said on 25/Oct/16
Honestly, he does look to be over a flat 5'5" barefoot if he were to straighten out his neck. He has quite a lean in the above pic with you Rob.

Danimal said on 20/Jun/07
Haim is 5'6". Feldman claims 5'7", but is really around 5'3".

Looks like someone had a slight change of heart.
Danimal said on 25/Oct/16
Honestly, he does look to be over a flat 5'5" barefoot if he were to straighten out his neck. He has quite a lean in the above pic with you Rob.
Danimal said on 25/Oct/16
The Goon said on 13/Oct/16
5'1"--5'2" tops for Corey Feldman. Just saw him on the Today Show wearing gigantic thick soled shoes. 5'5" is about right in those shoes.

NO. Rob has him listed correctly. You see the pic, right?
Jordan87 said on 25/Oct/16
5'5ish. 5'8? Please! Keep taking those silly little pills, Corey
MJKoP said on 15/Oct/16
@The Goon: So I guess Rob really falls into the 5'4" to 5'5" range?
The Goon said on 13/Oct/16
5'1"--5'2" tops for Corey Feldman. Just saw him on the Today Show wearing gigantic thick soled shoes. 5'5" is about right in those shoes.
The Putrid Rancid Goon said on 13/Oct/16
5'1"--5'2" tops for Corey Feldman. Just saw him on the Today Show wearing gigantic thick soled shoes. 5'5" is about right in those shoes.
Danimal said on 21/Sep/16
Closer to 5'5.5" than 5'5" flat. He's also not standing fully straight. Easily would hit that 5'6" mark with his hair. He's taller than I thought tbh.
Editor Rob

He did have a bit more footwear...

For big G, worth remembering his photo and quote:

5ft 6.5-7 G Click Here

His quote is still on the page: "he is 5-3,5-4.rob has him too high.he had insane boots on".

Also Khalid met him and Feldman has at least half inch more shoe than Khalid.
Shredder said on 15/Jul/16
Rob , what would you guess his weight?
Editor Rob
he might actually be somewhere around 150 pounds mark.
Shredder said on 15/Jun/16
He looks slightly over 5'5 but no more , I think he is a guy that holds 5 ft 5 most of the day. I would guess his weight at 140 ish.
berta said on 10/Jun/16
5 fott 5 - 1/2 maybe?
Editor Rob
I would have guessed Corey a fraction over 5ft 5...but he had a fraction more footwear, I wouldn't have guessed almost 5ft 6, I mean even big G thought he was 5ft 4...
Cdub said on 26/May/16
Back in 2003 I went to a Halloween party at writer/director Shane Black's house and Corey showed up. I'm a legit 5'6" myself and Corey was at least an inch shorter than me.
175.7cm said on 13/May/16
@Alex wtf lol
Alex said on 23/Apr/16
Apparently Google lists him as "5'9"...
Paleman said on 9/Apr/16
What a joke of a claim. I'll never understand people claiming to stand a woaffy 8 centimeters taller than they really are... The current listing is fine, though he might be just a hair taller.
184.3cm (Night) said on 29/Mar/16
"Only 5'8" " Hate it when people say this. Its putting down people who are that height, like its inferior or something.

I also see people alot saying only 5'10" or 5'11".

Even a couple saying only 6 foot. They are always at least 2 inches under their claim.
mrtguy said on 27/Mar/16
Corey claiming 5'8'' come on
tumac66 said on 20/Feb/16
Who is G everybody keeps mentioning ?
Editor Rob
There's a longish article about me meeting him or even a buzzfeed article which was 6 years after he was on this site.
mrtguy said on 17/Feb/16
He almost looks 5'6'' with the hair.
hey rob said on 2/Feb/16
166 is fair, not much difference between him and haim in some photos, at least that is my opinion
CD said on 22/Oct/15
I said 5ft 5.25 back in 2013, people overestimated the hair and thought he was 5ft 4, but he actually looks 5ft 5.5 in the photo with Rob. I'm surprised too that Big G thought he was 5ft 4.
Editor Rob
big Khalid got him aswell I'm sure, although I can't remember how he looked in his photo.
seb1.91 said on 14/Oct/15
Somewhere between 5 ft 5 and 5 ft 5.5 is possible. But rob are you rlly 5 ft 8 ? I always think you're 1.74
Editor Rob
I'm 173-173.2 range, anwyhere in that.
mande2013 said on 18/Aug/15
He looks more 166/167 cm range in this picture frankly. Certainly not a full 5'6, but 5'5 flat seems a tad severe, unless it's a way of calling him out for his ridiculous 5'8 claim. If he were 5'5 flat his eyes would struggle to reach your lower lip.
Editor Rob
he did have a fraction thicker shoe, although he could fall into a 5ft 5.25 range possibly.
an anonymous peach said on 5/Jul/15
Corey Feldman is 5'8" and Rob is 5'11". Sound good?
mande2013 said on 25/Jun/15
I know in the past I said I was 5'6 on here, but I was probably measuring myself incorrectly, so in any case, my eye level by the end of the day is comfortably at 5'1, yet I struggle with the 166 mark at day's end as well, and I have a pretty normal facial structure, so there's a difference of less than 11 cms just like with G.
mande2013 said on 25/Jun/15
Okay, thanks Rob. It's weird though, because with G there only seems to be a difference of 10.4 cms or so. His eye level looks to be right at 159 in that picture while he overall measures 169.4, so does he just have an unusually high eye level? I know he's on the short side, but head side generally doesn't vary that much, and I would imagine a difference of less than 10 cms would just look weird, although I could be wrong.
Editor Rob
I think in person I saw his hairstyle and would have said it was in the 3cm zone. But just a slight downtilt can add a 1/4 inch to your eyelevel.

Shredder was asking about Noah I said on willa holland page, that guy looked above 5ft 5 in person, you can see Noah with Corey...up close Corey in person looks shorter than Noah
mande2013 said on 24/Jun/15
So what's the difference between one'e eye level and the top of their head on average? Roughly 11 centimeters?
Editor Rob
it is roughly between 11 and 12cm, for women it is on average a fraction less than men.

But with head tilts somebody with a 4.5 could look to have a closer to 4 or a 5 with a wee tilt up or down! Worth bearing in mind.
Michael said on 20/Apr/15
@177-178 cm guy, you can thank his 6'3 father for that.
177-178 cm guy said on 17/Apr/15
The Goonies cast sure is small. Josh Brolin is the only one who ended up average.
120 said on 6/Apr/15
Do you think his ego still stands at 5'8"?
Editor Rob
I think he got measured by the Cannonball Run doctor.
120 said on 6/Apr/15
165 cm is spot on
random said on 22/Feb/15
if the guy on the left is exactly 5'8" barefoot, corey looks about 5'5", maybe 5'4" barefoot
linke said on 25/Jan/15
Rob in terms of height exaggeration, does this guy top the list on this site? He looks 5'5 tops.

Other I can think of are jerry ferrara, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Salman khan who add 3 inches .
Editor Rob
yeah about 3 inch exaggeration is on the upper end of crazy claims.
Andrea said on 10/Jan/15
And you complain about G, Rob... At least he can say to be 5'8 in shoes! This guy should buy Robert Downey Jr's lifts to reach the 5'8 mark! This claim is a big joke!
Editor Rob
I always will try to put a claim down, I saw his the other week and thought it was funny that he used the word 'only' in front of 5ft 8.
There is a problem though - in this case I think the claim could make Corey appear silly as surely nobody is going to believe he's 5ft 8 barefoot? Well apart from G!
Danimal said on 24/Sep/14
Corey Haim was max 5'6" and he had over an inch on Corey Feldman. I see Feldman in the 5'4" and change range.
Editor Rob
unless he had a lift in his shoe, he looked a solid 5ft 5, well he had thickish shoes so a fraction more...but I'd be surprised if he dipped under 5ft 5
Arch Stanton said on 27/Aug/14
Well, nowadays there's no problem for an actor being over 6 ft 5, they'll just get snapped up by Games of Thrones :-)
new guy said on 26/Aug/14
Ok rob I was looking at alot of fan photos you did and you were taller than so many guys and a good amount who were your height so 5'8 wouldn't be too bad.Do you feel average I couldnt tell you how many 5'7-6'0 guys I see a day
Editor Rob
acting is a bit height biased though. In general 5ft 8 does feel a bit under the average mark in the UK.

Being taller is an advantage in the acting game, although there is still an element of too tall, which can hinder roles.
Realist said on 3/Jul/14
Rob you would be 5'4 till the eye right?
I am 5'7.75-5'8 and 5'3.75 i.e. 162 till the eye.
Editor Rob
it is in the 5ft 3.5-3.75 range, raise your eyes up or down and the eyelevel will change a bit in photos.
Andy said on 2/Apr/14
I really don't care if someone is tall or short anything more than it being a curiosity. That being said, this site makes me feel like my 5'9 (5'8 3/4") is not so short. I could have been a tallish actor! :)
the shredder said on 13/Mar/14
5'5 looks right. These lines really help for those with hair.
the shredder said on 12/Mar/14
Rob where does his head stop?
Editor Rob
probably around purple line
James B said on 20/Jan/14
About 5ft5 with his hairstyle
Mid190s said on 12/Dec/13
Rob destroys another of my childhood icons with just one simple photo. Maybe small Actors are just more cost efficient to capture on film?
Flabio said on 23/Oct/13
I saw him sprawl out of a limo and into a bar in the East Village in the 90s. It was quite a spectacle in the middle of the day. He looked 5' 6".
Powerhouse said on 28/Sep/13
Yeah that's a solid 4 inch difference he's about 5'4.25
Rusty said on 26/Aug/13
He only comes up to Rob's eye meaning a 4 inch difference. Dude has to be 5'4"
averagegiant said on 1/Aug/13
Does he look a little bit like a smaller Charlie sheen? as well as crazy
just me said on 12/Jul/13
well I seen him in Lake Tahoe and I am 5'2 and he was about the same height as me!
leonari said on 10/Jul/13
No even 165 is generous. 166 no way.
cd said on 8/Jul/13
Could he be 5'5.25" (166 cm)?
LG69 said on 29/May/13
I'm seeing 5'5 1/2"...not counting his spikey hair!!

Meant to type "spiky hair."
gaz said on 23/Sep/12
ha ha I M D B still have him listed as 5' 8 ½
the shredder said on 13/Aug/12
They have Kane Hodder (Jason from Friday the 13th) at 5'10 3/4" now...haha...

haha , now that was not me lol .
Danimal said on 12/Aug/12
the shredder says on 11/Aug/12
I M D B is a joke for heights ... I put 6'4 for Will Smith joking and it was on for a while !

They have Kane Hodder (Jason from Friday the 13th) at 5'10 3/4" now...haha...
the shredder said on 11/Aug/12
I M D B is a joke for heights ... I put 6'4 for Will Smith joking and it was on for a while !
Danimal said on 10/Aug/12
BTW, I M D B has him listed at 5'8.5"
Danimal said on 10/Aug/12
5'5" is a roundup for sure. He's 5'4" and change. Corey Haim was 5'5" and change.
Hob said on 31/Jul/12
166cm edward furlong tops over feldman.
the shredder said on 10/Feb/12
Rob , Alf needs to be listed shorter ... He was shorter then Sean Astin
Emil said on 7/Feb/12
More like 5'4
leonari said on 5/Feb/12
Alfonso Ribeiro is one of the few heights that are wrong on this site. Ribeiro is a solid 5'5" guy. He is not 168 cm. What do you say ROB? Time to change Alfonsos height??
Editor Rob
I can't say he's just 5ft 5, but he might be a weak 5ft 6 guy
The Karl said on 31/Jan/12
he still looks childish. what is he now, pushing 40? weird. haim had the same problem. lot of child stars seem to fall in that bin. no wonder they get lost in never land.
Brad said on 30/Jan/12
Count on Sly in his customs in NYC.
Danimal said on 29/Jan/12
Rob, having met both Corey Feldman and the late Corey Haim, who to you felt taller of the two?
Editor Rob
Feldman looks shorter than Haim to me in person.
THE REAL ANONYMOUS said on 28/Jan/12
Rob, this is Interesting. The comparison pics you posted of Corey, Glenn, and yourself show that there is the same difference in height with you, and Glenn as there was with Stallone, and Glenn.
Now I am not sure if G was wearing his NewYork sandals, and Sly was in "barefeat", but I think we stumbled onto something here.
the shredder said on 25/Jan/12
Why would a guy under like 5'6.5 be in monsters ?
Angela said on 24/Jan/12
I met him in 1992 outside of a club. I am 5f4 and he was taller than me, but just so. My shoes were flat. i remember thinking he was kind of short, but he was a bit taller. 5f5 or even 5f6
Danimal said on 23/Jan/12
I don't think he's a full 5'5". I think its a roundup. His hair is spiked quite high in this pic with Rob. Remove the hair and he's at Rob's eye-level. 5'4" and change guy.
Editor Rob
he looks a lot more like a 5ft 5 range guy in person than a 5ft 4, I couldn't see any sign he would be in lifts.
Brad said on 23/Jan/12
Porty to Goth cancel. That's a 5' 6.5" guy and 5' 8" guy by a 5 foot 5er.
Haze said on 23/Jan/12
He looks spot on with his listing with Rob. But man does he look rough, and whats the hair?
Anonymous Collge Guy said on 20/Jan/12
5'3" is ridiculous for Corey. He's at least 5'5". Look at him with 5'6" listed Carlton in the pic shredder posted.
Not ACG said on 20/Jan/12
I believe Glenn said that the Feldster was wearing 2-3 inch "goth" boots at the time of their encounter. So naturally, I...erm, HE was taking those into account when making that assessment.
Editor Rob
I wouldn't trust a guy who says converse give an inch of height.
jeff said on 20/Jan/12
what is rob's eye level?
Editor Rob
5ft 3.5-3.6 usually
the shredder said on 20/Jan/12
The Glenn looks his height with Corey ... His portmans and Ground level up him to 5'8 in others !
the shredder said on 20/Jan/12
Rob , do you think the fresh Prince guy is 5'5 with him ?
Editor Rob
I think it makes above 5ft 6 unlikely, and 5.5 a possible.
the shredder said on 19/Jan/12
ACG says on 18/Jan/12
Not trying to start anything up, but Glenn looked taller than Rob does in comparison to Corey.

Portman's / Ground level ?
Editor Rob
acg is making up stuff :) See the previous link I posted.

not that it really matters what G looked, he could have looked 6ft tall, still doesn't change the fact he is 5ft 6.6 at night.
runt said on 19/Jan/12

Can you believe we're coming up on the 3 year anniversary of Volvogate and already more than 5 years since Portmangate?

Editor Rob
I've no idea what ACG is smoking, but Glenn with Corey and Rob with Corey should stop his false claim :)

chuck said on 18/Jan/12
He looked 5'3 on his reality show. Im still not convinced hes 5'5. Might be wearing lifts with Rob.
ACG said on 18/Jan/12
Not trying to start anything up, but Glenn looked taller than Rob does in comparison to Corey.
jtm said on 18/Jan/12
did anyone see that funny picture of him and jerry o connell?
jtm said on 18/Jan/12
yeah is funny that he is listed at 5'8.5 when he was actually listed at 5'3 in the past. i don't think he is that short but doesn't look 5'5 next to rob. maybe is his posture?
camnewton said on 18/Jan/12
This is SHOCKING. He was always listed at 5'3.
the shredder said on 18/Jan/12
Rob , does this make Alfonso 5'5 ?

Click Here
jasperwazap said on 17/Jan/12
think he seemed 5'10'' on some public access music dance show back in the 90's, i swear it exists. weird because this proves he was not even 5'8''. he looked 5'7'' weak 5'8'' on his reality show with haim who claimed 5'7''-ish.
Kent said on 17/Jan/12
CLC, same here. I would have guessed him to be four or five inches taller than he is.
Brad said on 17/Jan/12
Not much of lift guy as I've seen at shows he's attended. Kinda cool he doesn't give a $hit about being short.
runt said on 17/Jan/12
I'd like to see him stand up straight
CLC said on 13/Jan/12
wow I always thought Corey Feldman was average height. He seems around 5"9 in pictures to me. Never knew he was that short.
jake said on 20/Jul/11
He gets listed as 5ft8.5 which is way off the mark. He is 5ft5 max.
Editor Rob
I met Corey before and would say he was definitely 5ft 5, although if he was 5ft 8.5 he'd be taller than me, which I'm pretty sure he wasn't ;)
ACG said on 28/Jun/11
fuzzblaster says on 30/Dec/10
I saw him approach a ****ty EV bar after he stumbled out of a limo. He looked 5'7". I was stunned on two points...his perceived need to have a limo and the fact he was the most handsome man I've ever seen.

Had you literally just been born at that time?
Danimal said on 24/May/11
Corey Haim was MAX 5'6"... Corey Feldman was shorter (MAX 5'5")..
fuzzblaster said on 30/Dec/10
I saw him approach a ****ty EV bar after he stumbled out of a limo. He looked 5'7". I was stunned on two points...his perceived need to have a limo and the fact he was the most handsome man I've ever seen.
Anonymous said on 18/Dec/10
I saw Cory Feldman in a movie with Mark Dacascps, who is 5' 9". Cory was much shorter, therefore, I would say that 5' 5" is about right.
5-2.5tops said on 8/Jun/09
leonari says on 8/Apr/09
He is 2 inches shorter than Haim. Since Haim is probably not a full 5'7" Feldman could be even shorter than 5'5"

Haim is 5-6.25, so Feldman has to be 5-4.25. Need a downgrade.
boswell said on 22/May/09
I saw him on a film set in Toronto and would have put him taller than 5'5", but he may have been wearing lifts on the set. I would have put him closer to my height, 5'8".
Anonymous said on 12/May/09
In photos of him with massive boots to make him look inches taller you can still see he'd be short barefoot as he has very short legs. don't know he's as short as 5'3" but is deffo in that area. P.S Can't believe he's nearly 39 he looks really young. Then again i'm 23 and look 16 LOL Plus i'm only 5'6" myself.can't say i'd go around telling evry one i'm taller like a very insecure feldman
leonari said on 8/Apr/09
He is 2 inches shorter than Haim. Since Haim is probably not a full 5'7" Feldman could be even shorter than 5'5"
leonari said on 21/Nov/08
So Feldman 2 cm below 5'8" Maribel? Oh please! He is not below 5'5" and could be 5'5.5" on a good day but over 5'7"? Another case of girls having a hard time judging how tall a guy is.
Maribel said on 20/Nov/08
I've seen him, he was about an inch taller than Haim, who's 5"6 1/4, so Feldman is like 5"7.25 and he's not any shorter than that. Need an upgrade on this dude.
sam said on 1/Jul/08
has anyone seen his footwear in the shrinks office on series 2 episode 2 of the two coreys, Huge lifts
Jon Doe said on 6/Nov/07
Whoever said David Spade was 5'6 is comical.David Spade is 5'4,he never looks 5'6 on t.v. and he doesn't seem to really care to much either.I seen the picture with Corey and David somewhere too and Feldman looked an inch taller.But Corey is definetly atleast 5'4.
LV said on 12/Aug/07
I just got done watching the Two Corey's on A&E. Corey Haim says at one point during tonight's episode, "I'm a 5'7" funky white boy". That tells me he's nothing over 5'7" and since he might have Feldman by 1"-2", Feldman could be 5'5". His listed height here might be dead on.
leonari said on 2/Aug/07
please downgrade Rob. Please. Glenn seems very sure on this one.
RICHARD said on 18/Jul/07
Corey's height is very tricky. He looks way taller than 5'4 or 5'5 in the 90s. He once looked 6' on a TV show once so he must have wore lifts because I would never thought he was 5'4 or 5'5. He DID not appear taller than the other Corey,who wasn't a giant either.
antron said on 1/Jul/07
Rob, I think the consensus is to cut Corey down by an inch. No one seems to see him at 5'5"
TheJerk said on 29/Jun/07
They closed all the towers? They closed ours, good place - I grew up on it, I miss it. In fact thats where I met Robert Parish (7,or 7-1).
glenn said on 28/Jun/07
one last time.he is my comments.please.
Franco said on 27/Jun/07
yeah looks 5'5
glenn said on 27/Jun/07
the one in the trump tower i never went to.i think they closed at like 6pm or something.there was another tower short lived on 74st bwdy besides the 3 that closed in the city and the one in yonkers that closed 2 or 3 years ago.and one or 2 in long island i never went to.whenever you post a pic rob,or usually,i cant veiw it.he had frankenstein boots least 3.
Anthony said on 26/Jun/07
Tower was awesome. I went to the one in Trump Tower a few months before it closed.
glenn said on 26/Jun/07
i loved tower least i can say i shopped at tower since its opening in 1983.
Anthony said on 26/Jun/07
Feldman''s hair looks like it's helping him out a bit. Love Virgin BTW. Great selection. A bit hard to get around, though.
glenn said on 26/Jun/07
well he is 5-4 for sure.i dont have 5 inches on him or 4 cause i said he had really giant goth like boots on.
Danimal said on 26/Jun/07
Glenn does not have 5" on him. He is NOT 5'3". What happened to his face? He looks SO young now.
glenn said on 25/Jun/07
i was in virgin records times square and bumped into him.this was 2 years ago.very friendly.
glenn said on 25/Jun/07
he is 5-3,5-4.rob has him too high.he had insane boots on.
The Horse of FUNK said on 25/Jun/07
Bah, that anonymous comment below was mine.
The Horse of FUNK said on 25/Jun/07
5'5" Pfft, come on now, he's like 5'3". He is consistently shorter than most women he is in photos with. He might be 5'3.5" or something, but 5'5"? I'm not one who plays the lifts card for every celeb like others do on here, but this guy definitely receives a little help on occasions.
Ray said on 25/Jun/07
Never thought about his height when watching The Burbs numerous times throughout the years but knew he was pretty short. The Burbs is an awesome movie as well as Lost Boys and License to Drive.
Danimal said on 25/Jun/07
He's taller than I thought he was and man, he looks today.
Anonymous said on 25/Jun/07
he is very small. thought he was even smaller, like 5'4.
Anthony said on 25/Jun/07
It's "Paul McCartney Live In Red Square", Rob. Great concert.
Glenn said on 22/Nov/06
Never saw the Burbs.must get it then.
Danimal said on 21/Nov/06
By the way, The Burbs with Tom Hanks was far from forgetabble. It is still one of my favorite comedies of all time.
Glenn said on 21/Nov/06
Love how when Im awake I see my hideous spelling.yikes.
Glenn said on 21/Nov/06
Feldman is in the vincinity of 5-4ish.maybe 5-5.THATS being GENOUROUS.
Glenn said on 20/Nov/06
Exactly Viper.
Viper652 said on 20/Nov/06
This guy is 5-3 all the way.
leonari said on 19/Nov/06
no way 5'6"
Glenn said on 19/Nov/06
Never sent this photo? he is 5-4.
Aussie Bloke said on 18/Nov/06
I reckon he's grown a bit since back in the Burbs, coz he looked the same height as David Spade in a pic I saw on Google Images, and Spade is around 5ft6, so he could just about get 5ft6 old Corey
Glenn said on 26/Aug/06
Bumped into him a year ago.5-4.
colleen said on 25/Aug/06
i was drunk and he walked me back to my dorm last say he was bout 5 5 because im 5 6
The Burbs said on 12/Apr/06
Look, I don't care how tall he is but to call The 'Burbs forgettable is ridiculous. That movie is funny as hell.
Yummikins said on 28/Feb/06
I was shocked tonight when I saw Corey Feldman at a party. He was tiny!!!! I'm 5'6 barefoot and I was wearing three inch heels tonight. I could tell the minute I saw him I was taller than he was when I was barefoot. I towered over him at 5'10 in heels. He was so slight as well. He probably didn't weigh more than 130 lbs.
Viper652 said on 11/Dec/05
Feldman looks 5-3 to me
Danimal said on 26/Nov/05
I read in an article in 1988, that Corey Haim was 5'6" and Corey Feldman was 5'7"..They were still young back then and I know that Corey Haim grew, but in now way did Corey Feldman shrink..
175cmandjust16 said on 16/Nov/05
umm... Corey Feldman starred in one episode of THE CROW-STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN and played Eric Draven's brother. Eric Draven was played by Mark Dacascos who is 5'9'' or 175cm tall and Corey looked like... perhaps 5'3'' or 5'2''. Dacascos is so much taller than him.
HawaiiD said on 9/Nov/05
I met Corey in person a few years ago(4-5)while he was in Hawaii,I suppose he was on vacation or something.At first I didn't know if it was him because he was wearing a baseball cap.We made eye contact and I said to him curiously Corey Feldman?He then gave me a wink and smiled.I'm 5'7 and the top of his head came to about my eyes.I didn't realize he was that short in person.I'd say 5'3 maybe 5'4 max.
leonari said on 31/Aug/05
TheMan you must be joking rght?? 5'8" for Corey Feldman is outrageous!!! A 5'8" person can look tall on screen. Now Corey never ever appeared anything else than short. You have no clue about heights and estimating them. How tall is Tom Cruise? 5'11.5" or maybe 6'0"?? GET REAL!
TheMan said on 30/Aug/05
Corey feildman must be atleast 5,8 5,7 at the lowest surley not as low as 5,5.
McFan said on 27/Aug/05
In "License To Drive" Corey Haim's driver's license said he was 5'6 and Corey Feldman was like 2 inches shorter than Haim.
SonicSould said on 20/Jul/05
I agree with CelebHeights Editor. He appears closer to 5'5"-5'6". He was on an episode of "Married with Childern" and looked to have 2-3 inches on David Faustino who is 5'3"
someone said on 6/Jun/05
in 1993 he has got to be atleast 5'7, more like 5'8, i guess he was around 21 then.
leonari said on 19/May/05
Sorry but no way this guy passes 5'5"...He is more than a head shorter than Hanks in this movie you refering to
CelebHeights Editor said on 19/May/05
Visitor emailed me after he met him at a convention "corey feldman isnt as short as u think. he looks exactly my height at 5 foot 6"

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

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