How tall is Vanessa Anne Hudgens

Vanessa Anne Hudgens Height

5ft 1 (154.9 cm)

American actress from High School Musical and Sucker Punch. In TeenMag she mentioned her height, saying "I like surfer guys and guys who are taller than me which is not hard because I'm only 5'3".

Ashley Benson, Vanessa, Selena Gomez and Rachel Korine
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Average Guess (81 Votes)
5ft 0.84in (154.5cm)
Lucy Holt said on 2/Jun/23
I reckon 5'1.5 same for Lucy Hale and 5'1 for Sarah Hyland. I know heels make a difference but Vanessa does seem taller than Sarah in every photo Click Here I know Lucy has heels on here but I don't think Vanessa does and she still out does Sarah
Realist said on 21/Feb/23
In Bad Boyz 3 she looked a legit 4'11. I would say she's probably 5'0 even.
Comentarista said on 14/Oct/22
155cm beauty.
the fan said on 11/Sep/22
She always seems a bit taller than Sarah Hyland. I think one might need an upgrade or downgrade, as there's maybe a half inch between them.
Supdude1223 said on 4/Sep/22
she looks 3 inches shorter than selena
Futy Adore said on 3/Sep/21
This measurement is a real scale for other celebrities and female actors.
As everyone poses alongside her on Emmy awards you can compare easielly who is exagerating their heights and who is not.
Chloë Grace moretz is obviously 1 inch talller than her..and she's 5'4"-5'5"?hehe!Neeh.In heels , she is.On Flats she's 5'2,5"
Andrea said on 13/Aug/21
Rob, look at her with Ashley Greene: Click Here Click Here
Assuming that Ashley is 5'4.5, she's at least going to be near 5'5 in those sandals... and Vanessa can even seem a bit taller! Now, I don't know how much her heels add exactly, but considering that I doubt they're over 3-3.5 inches... Don't you think she could be taller than 5'1? I know you said she can look not much over 5'0, but if anything I'd say she can look over 5'1 flat.
See her with Nina Dobrev too, that you just upgraded to 5'5+: Click Here
Editor Rob
5ft 1.5 is a figure I did consider, not ruled it out.
Elene said on 9/Aug/21
Infalible said on 29/Apr/21
155 cm
aisha said on 24/Apr/21
@curiouspeachie she isnt 5'4 and never was.... it says shes 5'5 and now said shes 5'6 which would make sense bc their height difference looks about 4 inches so vanessa is 5'1
CuriousPeachie said on 18/Apr/21
@justlikemagic No, I said Selena Gomez is 5'4.
Megrace said on 6/Apr/21
5’1” is the absolute highest I could argue for her
justlikemagic said on 23/Mar/21
@curouspeachie selena gomez said shes 5'6 where u get 5'3 from???? ashley tislade is 5'3 and miley is 5'4 i think
CuriousPeachie said on 6/Mar/21
Rob, when are you going to add Rachel Korine to celebheights? If she’s to be added, I suppose she's well in the 5'3.5-5'4 range. Slightly shorter than Selena Gomez, but around the same height as Ashley Benson.
CuriousPeachie said on 23/Feb/21
@Tyson Funny, I'm 5'3.75 or almost 5'4, and my youngest sister is taller than me.
Vanessa isn’t 5'3. I saw a picture of her with Ashley Benson, Selena Gomez, and Rachel Korine, who are all in the 5'3-5'4 range like I am, and she is 2 inches shorter than all three of them. 5'1 and no more.
Realist said on 28/Jul/20
She is lucky to be over 5'0 lol 5'1 is generous
Alanna said on 27/Jul/20
I think she's taller than 5'1". Her proportions don't make seem this short. I think she is around 157/159cm. I don't buy these 5'0" or even worse 4'11" estimates. That's just ridiculous. Clearly Hudgens is no where near that.
the name's Sam said on 20/Jul/20
Claim is very big from her I think she’s 154 cm at best
Alanna said on 19/May/20
There is no way she is 5’1. She’s gonna be at least 5’2 1/2, maybe even 5’3.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 1/May/20
@6'4 and a half
I don't think that anyone's too short or too tall for a relationship. I'd prefer women no more than a foot shorter than me, but it's not a dealbreaker or anything like that.
6'4 and a half leperchaun said on 30/Apr/20
I had a crush on her and she's a year older than me. She's too short for my 6'4 1/2'' self. No taller than 5'.
Tyson said on 22/Mar/20
Lol. Vanessa is shorter than her younger sister.😂 My older sister is also 5,’1 and she is the shortest in the family. My 5’3 younger sister always mocks her for her short stature.
rosa said on 28/Dec/19
Click Here

clearly Hayden as a small platform which correspond to the difference between Vanessa and her so Vanessa is exactly the same height as Hayden so 5'0-5'0.5 max
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 14/Dec/19
💝💐🎂 Happy Birthday Vanessa! 🎂💐💝

Wishing Vanessa a Very Happy 31st Birthday!

Five Foot One. 😁🎁🎈👍😘

TheBat said on 16/Nov/19
5'1" flat. Definitely not 5'3"
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 29/Jul/19
VANESSA IS NOTHING MORE THAN SOLID 5FT 1... about 5 footer half.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 22/Jan/19
Pretty rare for 5'1" women to claim 5'3". Most of them around that height are typically honest, at least from what I've seen.
Michael 5'10", 178 cm said on 16/Dec/18
Short girls always seem to lie about their height because they act like It's something to be ashamed of, I can understand short guys being insecure, but short girls? Vanessa is a small girl, she is no taller than 5'1", I died when she claimed 5'3" when she is obviously not that tall. She's 5'1".
j97 said on 30/Jun/18
Why are they always saying "only" and then the totally not accurate height...
Nia said on 7/Mar/18
Same height as Kay Panabaker
Nia said on 7/Mar/18
A solid 5'0" (152 cm), I saw her the last month... I'm a 5'1" (155cm) and she was shorter than me.
Dude 173 cm said on 23/Jan/18
Good shoot with the listed
MAD SAM said on 15/Dec/17
153 cm on a good day
nada said on 9/Dec/17
Hudgens looks a good 3+ inches shorter than co-star & producer, Jennifer Lopez, on the set of new movie. Comparable foot wear & hairstyles.

She has a rather long torso for such a tiny thing.
187cm(6'1.5'') said on 14/Nov/17
I thought she was 5'2''
The Fan said on 6/Oct/17
Can we get a height page for Stella Hudgens? is she taller than Vanessa?
RennyD said on 10/Aug/17
Can you please do the height of her sister?? They say she is 5'5 but she is just a little maybe not even a full inch taller :) thank you
RennyD said on 5/Aug/17
Can you do her sisters height??? Stella Hudgens
aida said on 5/Aug/17
no way she is 5'1 more like 5'2.5
Kelly said on 11/Jul/17
she is 5,1.5 or 2 I think Selena has to be 5,5 then Rachel then Ashley
6'6'' said on 4/Jul/17
She definitely appears to be around 5'1''
Kelly said on 3/Jul/17
More like 5,2 still short but in high school musical Vanessa looks taller than Ashley but I'm wrong Ashley is a smudge taller
jans said on 9/Jun/17
with 5' 1" Kim Hidalgo Click Here
she looks like a giant so shes def 5'3"
Kick901 said on 23/May/17
Click Here

Vannessa wearing heels next to Luda she got to be 5'1
Mike said on 5/Apr/17
How could she be 5'1", she looks taller than that to me. I'd say she's 5'2" (1.57) exactly.
AM said on 10/Feb/17
Hey, Rob - any idea what height Christina Kirk is? Vanessa stars alongside her in the new superhero comedy Powerless.

Click Here
Editor Rob
AM, she can look over 5ft 6.
LM10-196 cm(6'5'') said on 15/Jan/17
Ya she should be around 5'0''
B.B. said on 24/Nov/16
Think she is 5ft.
Kira said on 3/Dec/15
I've met Vanessa this year and we're both exactly the same height. A few weeks before I actually met her, I had a doctors appointment and I had to have my height checked and guess how short or tell I am? 5'2! Which is 157-158 in cm, Vanessa isn't shorter than 5'0 and she is not 5'3. She's actually 5'2 and yes when I met her I thought she would've been shorter than me but nope, we were both wearing flats and we were exactly at eye level.
n9 said on 17/Nov/15
5'1 seems righ, maybe 5'05. How I hate people who not only increase their height in interviews, but also say ONLY. Like, you're not even close to that height, please.
nessa said on 26/Sep/15
Rob can be between 5 and 5'05 also?
Editor Rob
at times Vanessa can look not much over 5ft flat.
Ally said on 4/Mar/15
Click Here

Austin is 6'0" so 5'0-5'1 seems fair for Vanessa
Arch Stanton said on 30/Dec/14
Rob how tall is her mother? G image Vanessa Hudgens mother. Click Here One picture there She makes Vanessa look tall!!
Glams said on 16/Aug/14
i think she is 5'1.5 or 5'2
christy said on 29/Jun/14
agreed...she is 5'1 (max)
roza said on 3/Jun/14
she seems smaller than avril lavigne and not only of 0.5 feet
justme said on 13/May/14
I saw Vanessa Hudgens at Bootsy Bellows in Los Angeles when she was playing with YLA. I am either 4'11.5" or 5'0". She was standing right in front of me for a few minutes. I was wearing 3 inch heels and I was slightly taller than her with my heels. She also had on 2-3 in heels. So assuming her heels were 2 inches and mine were 3, she MIGHT be 5'1".
yaknow said on 1/Mar/14
shes 5'1.5 and 107 lbs the same height as me and im only 13
Hola said on 26/Dec/13
Could be shorter, certainly didn't look above 5'1 back when she as with 5'8 efron.
The Barbie Blank said on 25/Aug/13
You saw I told you that she's taller more than 155cm thanks "TeenRag" :) I know that hehehe and Little sue I saw that either :D :D
kg said on 25/Aug/13
i think like you g 'cause she seems as small as hayden panettiere (even smaller than her somotimes) in some pictures and hayden is 5'0.25. maybe it the same for nicole richie she seems as tall as vanessa and in some pictures she's smaller than hayden.
little sue said on 18/Jul/13
She says in The Metro today that she put some weight on for her last film and that it showed on her '5ft 3 frame', obviously doing the 'two inch rule'
Mandy said on 11/Jul/13
She is at most 5'2 and at least 4'11
g said on 6/Jul/13
Click Here
she and kay panabaker who is 5 feet! rob there might be a chance she is 5ft ???
The Barbie Blank said on 26/Jun/13
Her pics with hayden p is old sweeheart! Look at her pics with josh on 2013 new year..
g said on 14/Jun/13
@the barbie blank. but check out her pics with hayden p shes looks shorter than 5feet.
kg said on 13/Jun/13
in some photos hayden pannettiere seems taller than vanessa but in heroes we can saw that hayden is smaller than kristen bell who is 5'1. vanessa can be only 5ft tall?????
Marina said on 7/May/13
Look at her with Ashley Benson. She's at most half an inch shorter than her.
Click Here
And with Josh Hutcherson. He is claimed to be 5'7" on the internet but you said he's 2 inches shorter so let's just assume he's 5'5".
Click Here
Ashley Tisdale (5'3")
Click Here
Vanessa must be at least 5'3" ! Actually, I think she can be even 5'4". But she definitely needs an upgrade.
marla singer said on 16/Apr/13
In the picture above she looks 3inches shorter than 5'3.5 Benson, and 4inches shorter than Selena. On Chelsea lately she also said she wasn't noticeably shorter than Selena (O.o) ... I'd estimate her at 5'0.5
rahul said on 3/Mar/13
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marla singer said on 7/Sep/12
Vanessa looks nearer 5'2" mark than 5'1"! Click Here
Just can't see 2in between her and 5'3" Ashley Tisdale
Izzhy said on 31/Aug/12
Im 21, and im 5 ... Makes me want to cry. I really wanted to be taller
Aria said on 6/Jun/12
She's definitely 5'1", there's no way she can be over like 5'1.5" at the most!
Click Here
Silent d said on 5/Feb/12
156cm. I remember this site had he listed at 157cm or something like that. Why the downgrade rob?
Ematzu said on 29/Jan/12
im 4 foot 11 1/2 and theres no way shes 5 foot 3 or 2 mabe 5foot or 5 foot 1 we weight about around the same of 95-100 ir so punds i weigh curent about 95 punds she apears to be about my hight when i think of short celebs my size she one definently iv read places and watched is were she s says shes short and avraging about what iv desvribed i dont rember the sites or anything im proud to be short and i admire vanessa hudgens a lot.
aliz said on 29/Jan/12
yaeh she's like 5'1'...............but i am shorter than her by 2'' hahahaah it sucks
holkahh said on 23/Jan/12
Pictures of her with hayden p. Show them at the same height. 5'1" us probably right.
diversityisbeauty said on 11/Jan/12
I believe she is the height she claims. Pic w/ Megan fox made me think so. Megan's heel has an extra platform under the toe which does make a difference when comparing heels and the height they provide.
checkout these shoes and how she stands against Jessica Alba and Katy Perry.
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katy's shoes
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Cathrine said on 30/Dec/11
OMG!She's little!!! I thought she was 170 cm! Im 165 cm and 15 years old. I had always thought that I was little!
Clemencia :D said on 6/Dec/11
Vanessa is 5'0 in good days. Puhleese, 5'3"? Freakin' craziness!
bluer2 said on 2/Dec/11
Vanessa is usually listed between 5'1'' and 5'3''.
Stella is usually listed between 5'3'' and 5'5''.
They look to be about the same height.
What is really their up to date heights?
Greenbolt said on 16/Nov/11
5'1'' sounds right seeing that 5'8'' Zac Efron towers over her big time.
Noelle said on 11/Nov/11
I thought Vannesa Hudgens was way shorter I thought she was only 5-1 or 5-2
Nessy said on 6/Oct/11
with 1.70 , VANESSA will be a greatest woman!...Love U nessa!
Shan said on 4/Oct/11
Ive red somewhere she is 5'2.5
shreya said on 27/Sep/11
i m 16 and only 5.2.though i m same height as most of the girls in my class.but still i m quite short!i hope i can grow a few inches more..
Vannesa is 5.1 according to me!
xxx said on 22/Sep/11
@short green kid short both short and tall are ok
Kat said on 29/Aug/11
I Met Vanessa & her family & she is 5'2 feet !
Emma said on 21/Jul/11
I am 12 and I'm already 5'7,but I like beging tall!Even if its hard to blend in sometimes! And Vanessa Hudgens is 5'1!
Kayleigh Marie said on 26/Jun/11
Seriously, Being tall has disadvantage in Love cos It's hard to find a guys taller than you, I bet she's 5'3
anon said on 22/Jun/11
15 and 5'1 - yaaaay same height as nessa!!!
Alicia said on 6/Jun/11
She's 5'1" at the most Click Here she looks so short here!
dorsa said on 31/May/11
hi i,m 14 and i,m 5,1 tall is that ok?i mean i want to be 5,2 or 5,3 is that possible (i drink milk and calcium and i play basketball every day and im in swimming team)plz some one give the right answer!!!!!
dana said on 30/May/11
something is not right.
here we have ashley greene with vanessa.
Click Here
ashley looks her height (164 cm), and there is obviously 10 cm difference between the two,which would make vanessa 155, as you said.
but then there is ashley tisdale with vanessa.
if vanessa is only 155, then why is she the same height as ashley tisdale,who supposedly is 160?
Click Here
either tisdale is also 155, or vanessa is 160. tho she doesnt look it.
and then there`s vanessa with megan fox (163 cm).
Click Here
there is obviously a big difference between them, of about 10 cm,say 8 cm, which would also make vanessa 155 cm tall.
so, either you have to downgrade tisdale, or i dont know..
Kiffy said on 27/May/11
She is clearly 5'0 and needs to be downgraded.
I mean she's surely shorter than hayden by a quarter of an inch.
xixi said on 8/May/11
cant see the difference with hayden panettiere,

Click Here
Anna said on 4/May/11
im 12 and im 154 cm right now and live in holland which means i am one of the shortest in the class because dutch people are reaally tall. Bit i am gonna be 163 cm when im older so i am soooo glad that those heights are normal in america. Are they?
Aria said on 17/Apr/11
Click Here
Vanessa Hudgens is definitely only 5'1"!!
Jasmine said on 16/Apr/11
she taller than emily browning who is 5'2.. so yes Vanessa Hudgens is 5'3
tallie said on 16/Apr/11
i'm a 12yr. old girl and am 174cm. It's annoying cause everyone is shorter than me, even in school and i'm ahead a year. It's cool to be tall though for sport;) and when you think about all the people who do not have the advantage of being tall.
Dean said on 3/Apr/11
@ Anonymous - your 175cm and everyone is taller than you? haha where do you live? Im 175.5 at night and most of the day 176cm and I feel around average but slightly under..definetly nowhere near bieng solidly tall. Even a 6ft guy nowadays wont feel "always tall" where do you live? haha.
About vanessa 5'2 id say
Heaven leigh said on 1/Apr/11
No Vanessa is 5'3.. Im her #1 fan and i know everything about her! It says multiple times that she is 5'3.. dont believe the measurements though cause it says that she is 34-26-34 but thats not true cause she is tiny.
Alex said on 31/Mar/11
She gets listed at 5'4.5 too LOL. Shes def not that or the 5'3 she claims. 5'1, maybe 5'2 if she was lucky.
anon said on 9/Mar/11
has anyone ever met her?
san said on 1/Mar/11
wow this is small... i didn't knew she was smaller than me
anon said on 1/Mar/11
what bout the pics with ashley and vanessa at the oscar partys! vanessa seems a lot taller than ashley?
kookierx said on 27/Feb/11
JD's pic w/ Vanessa + Megan REALLY helps thanks JD

b/c barefoot Megan is MAX 5-4 I think exactly 5-3.5"

Megan seems 2.5"-3" taller than Vanessa in JD's pic
(and both of their heels are nearly same height)

so the math makes Vanessa a SOLID 5-1" or even 5-0.5" barefoot :)
Anonymous said on 17/Feb/11
Well, I'm 175cm tall, which means I am around 5'9 and I'm 18. EVERYONE seems shorter than me lol. I sometimes wish I was shorter but the fact is the grass always seems greener on the other side. People basically LOOK for things wrong with them. Just be thankful you're alive and healthy, and enjoy living life while you have it.
And btw, I think Vanessa Hudson is 5'2.
ianne said on 14/Feb/11
here it says she's 5 ft. 4
Click Here
Anonymous said on 6/Feb/11

u don't have anything to worry about, lots of guys like petite girl so be confident girls and guys too no matter what height u r because u all look great the way u r.
peoli said on 4/Feb/11
my height is only 5ft...i feel so embarrasing while goin specialy wid ma frnds who r taller dn me..i m fair n luks gd bt i think cz of my height no guy wil like me......!!!!
draco said on 26/Jan/11
old photo!
but he has not grown more.
Click Here Click Here
he is about 15 cm higher than vanessa. she is 5'1 (1.55)
I guess zac efron without shoes is a strong 5'6 .5 (1.69) or 5'7 .5 (1.71)
Emma said on 12/Jan/11
i think she's around 156, its weird cuz in some pictures she seems taller than others. i just turned 19 last week and im 5'1, everybody seem to enjoy telling me how short i look, specialy my best friend who is 5'7. the thing is i dont see myself as short, i even prefer to be shoerter like 4'11. i always hear people complaining about not growing enough but im complaining about the opposite is that weird? my only wish for now is not yo grow any taller !!
Nicole said on 10/Jan/11
I don't think shes 5'1 and a half. but it says shes 5'3 if you just type in "vanessa hudgens height"
CHiLL . said on 7/Jan/11
I thought she is taller than me. Well, it's maybe because of her heels . HAHA ! I'm 5'3 and I am 16 years old and dammit ! I'm a college student . I hate my height. It's not enough for a Flight Attendant . Right ? I want to grow taller ! HAHA !
Anonymous said on 14/Dec/10
14 year old girl, well height-wise, maybe, but probably only only a negligible amount like half an inch or something. But your body shape will change and it'll make ya look taller, more grown-up. (: And hey if it cheers you up, I'm 5'0 and 16 hahaha
Louise said on 7/Dec/10
5"1-5"3..... so yeah. Well, I guess the average is 5"5, but Australia has so many different sizes and different cultures I really have no idea. Anyways, Vanessa really made me proud of my height cause I'm near the same height and weight of hers. She's my idol! :D
Nurul said on 6/Dec/10
5 ft 1?? even if it impossible, its possible anyway. people appears to be bigger and taller in the tv but as we look upclose, they're much smaller. In my country there's a singer who acts in a tv series, I thought she would be at least the same height as i am ( 5'1'' ), but later a couple friends of mine went to this music award and was taking her autograph and stuff and they're shocked by the fact that she's the same height as my other friend which is 4'9''.
JD said on 6/Dec/10
With 5'4" Megan Fox Click Here
Olivia. said on 4/Dec/10
14 year old girl. - i'm 5'2.5 and sixteen. count your lemons!!

Vanessa is tiny, but gorgeous ;)
Anonymous said on 22/Nov/10
Anna don't be stupid. Some things are not controlled by human. Look at Dan Radcliffe, even after so much money & fame he is still 5'5". I doesn't matter how tall/short you are, its the feelings that you both share for each other. So screw the world & those who laugh at you....enjoy being in love.
jess said on 19/Nov/10

is that a joke? you want to break up with your boyfriend because he's 37cm taller than you? and who would make fun of you anyways. i think it's cute when the man is a lot taller than the woman. it looks pretty to me :)
anna said on 16/Nov/10
you make fun with short girl:"( this it my asin girl i only heigth 150 cm.but my boyfriend 187 cm he are europe man.i love him and he love me we know for long time but i still shy when we walk togather because i too short and him too height mean he height more that me 37 cm.ohh my God!! for me know problem if i love him but alway peoplo make fun when see we are walk 26 year old now it too late for make more height that what can i do???may be i should finish him??
ianne said on 3/Nov/10
with 5ft5 josh hutcherson
Click Here
lily said on 30/Oct/10
with 5.025 hayden

Click Here
Grace said on 26/Oct/10
I'm only 5'3"... Who is she kidding?
diana said on 2/Jul/09
apparently in the last few decades women and men's average height is not that amazing because we eat so badly in the u.s. surprisingly we used to dominate first half of 20th century
Phil said on 1/Jul/09
Thea, I think 5'3"-5'4" are pretty nice heights for girls. I live in the USA, where girls are like 5'4"-5'5" on average and 5'3"-5'4" are some of the most common heights. If you're 5'4" and in the US, you'll find that every other girl is pretty close to your height. I think you start to stand out when you reach 5'0"-5'1" or so.
Thea said on 29/Jun/09
What do guys think about girls around 5,3-5,4? I live in Norway, and girls are like 5,6 average. I think they are really tall, and some are often 5,9 and more. I am the second smallest in my class and i'm 5,4! Is it like that in UK. and USA and the rest of the world?
Clara ^.^ said on 18/Jun/09
Well yeah i guess she really is 5 "1.5" ish in my opinion. But i still find it hard to believe i mean vanessa does look kind of small in some pics that she is in. Besides im also the same age as "bktbllr:)" but im about 161 to 162 cm. Im not quite sure what that is in feets though.. Anyways im also asian and play alittle bbal sometimes.
lily said on 10/Jun/09
she's probably 5'2 in the morning. so during mid-day she's 5'1.5, which is her accurate height.
blabla said on 9/Jun/09
haha no not true. she is 5'2 she said it herself
Holly said on 7/Jun/09
She IS 5ft3, in this pic she is relatively the same height as ashley tisdale and brittany snow, both 5ft3 - Click Here
Samantha said on 3/Jun/09
I don't have the slightest idea as to why you're all saying it's impossible for someone to grow taller after 20. If you work at it, it's very possible.
Mandy said on 3/Jun/09
Jamie: Thanks. :) There another height predictor that says I will be about 5'7. Depends on your weight though.
Jamie said on 2/Jun/09
I agree with Lily... there's no way she's going to grow any more, since she's already twenty.

Mandy: Oh... I'm sure you'll still grow. :) I'm hoping that I will still grow too... lol. Height predictors are saying that we'll be about 5'4" or 5'5" when we're adults, according to our parents' heights. I'm countin' on 5'5". :) It doesn't matter to me if I get to be the same height as my mom... I mean, my dad's only 5'8". :P
lily said on 2/Jun/09
vanessa is 20 and there's no way she's still growing.
mimi said on 1/Jun/09
Anonymous on 1/Jun/09:

Megan's heels were much bigger than Vanessa's. Check out the platform on Megan's..they're about 2 in.
Anonymous said on 1/Jun/09
substantially shorter than 5'4 megan fox
Click Here
she is in huge chunky heels
Click Here
i would say 5'1 at the most
Mandy said on 31/May/09
Jamie: I wonder if I am going to grow anymore. I know this girl and she's like 5'7 or 5'8.
natasha said on 31/May/09
looks like she has grown then, lots of people said she was 5"1 but it looks like she is 5"3 now.
Julie said on 30/May/09
i dont think vanessa has lied about her height. she is growing and her height will not be 156cm forever.maybe she is really 5'3 now.

Im in Hong Kong and the average height of female is around 157cm.Im 159cm and Im already taller than many adults.
There is a teacher here who is extremely short.maybe 135cm or even shorter.
Jamie said on 27/May/09
Mandy: Most of my guy friends are under 5'2", and so are most of my girl friends... lol. I have one friend who's a girl and she's about 5'2" or 5'3", just a bit shorter than me. I'm the tallest one of my friends, with the exception of Megan C. (she's like 5'6" or 5'7")
lily said on 27/May/09
girl u'r only 16. u still have 2 more years to grow. just don't obsess about it.
and don't worry about the meanies. there's nothing with being short.
Mandy said on 26/May/09
Some of my friends are like 5'6 or 5'5, and some of my other friends are shorter than me (5'1, 5'2).
shortgirl said on 26/May/09
guys!you're all lucky!well, ya know, i'm turning 16 on october but i have this one huge problem! And that is my height!
Aww.i'm just 4'10 - 4'11.
my cousins are kinda tall, and they tease me.
(also some of my classmates) :(
i don't know if i still have a chance to grow taller.
please i need advice,what am i going to do?
it's a pleasure for me if you answer this.
thanks! :)
Jamie said on 26/May/09
Lily: Why would I find that strange? It's great that you love your height! :) Many people don't appreciate their heights... I for one, am learning to appreciate it. :) At my age, many boys are still shorter than me... it gets kinda awkward. = That's a downside to boys usually getting their growth spurts later than us girls... not that I have anything against short guys. :) I mean, most of my guy friends right now are shorter than me... lol.
jessica said on 19/May/09
Vanessa is definitely 5' 1". She just loves to wear heels that make her appear 5' 3".

@ jamie: here's another heck of a growth spurt. When I was 12, I was 4' 11 and weighed 82 pounds. NOW I'm 21 and 5' 5". Talk about a late bloomer lol.
lily said on 12/May/09
u know what jamie, u for one, might find it even more strange that i do so luv my height, being 5'1 and 20 yrs old.

(i mean, if i were taller then maybe i would've liked that too.)

but since i'm short i look younger than my age. ppl usually tend to think that i'm a high school girl and that's a plus point, i guess :D
Jamie said on 11/May/09
Mandy, I live in Alberta, Canada, and I was born in January... lol I'm just a month older than you. :) In the morning I'm like 5'5", and at night I'm about 5'4"... everyone keeps telling me how tall I am.. lol.

Lily, I agree. :) That IS indeed strange... o_o Chinese girls are usually average or taller than average, but boys are usually below average or short..
Mandy said on 9/May/09
I live in Michigan though. What month was you born on, I was born in February.

In the morning I am 5'4 1/2, and afternoon/night 5'4.

I am so happy, I finally found somebody just like me!
Jamie said on 9/May/09
Harujuku, you were about 4'5" at 12, but now you're 5'1"?? O_o That's one HECK of a growth spurt, if you ask me. What is that, like a 9-inch growth spurt? It seems to me that girls who are under 4'8" at 12 or 13 years old will always end up having a HUGE growth spurt..
Jamie said on 9/May/09
Mandy: LOL! :) I'm from China though...

My friend's mom is 5'3", and her dad is 5'9" (a bit taller than my dad). She's only like 5'1" or 5'2" though.. and she's 12, almost 13. She's also from China... lol.
lily said on 9/May/09
i know many chinese ppl.. and what i've noticed is that chinese girls are taller than average, whereas chinese boys are ususally very short. strange, isn't it???
Phil said on 8/May/09
I get the impression that 5'2" at 12 is average. But then again, I'm nowhere near 12, so I wouldn't know for sure!
Harajuku said on 6/May/09
Lena, there's nothing wrong with being short. And being 5'2 at 12 is TALL, when I was 12 I was about 4'5 and now I'm 18 I'm 5'1. So its very likely you'll have some growing to do.
lily said on 4/May/09
jay, when u met her were u weraing the same footwear as her? coz she's usually in huge platforms, which would've made her look taller than she is.

Click Here

Click Here
jay said on 3/May/09
I asked for her autograph and I'm 5 ft 1.5. She seemed exactly my height or maybe even half an inch taller then I am.5.2 for sure. My friend was with me and she's 5.3 and Vanessa wasn't her height.vanessa cannot be 5.1 either.
rudina said on 3/May/09
hi how are you I am from Albania and I know that if err mir vannesa is just English and I thought that it is long, but we see where the films appear short and when she saw the interest is 20 years and is 1.56cm while I I am 12 years and 153 as hayden penettiere while my wife is as me is 1.73 and it is too long as zac ok again that they still remain the beauty of my world zac and vannesa hudgens
X marks the spot said on 2/May/09
Hey you guys, I met Zac Effron at my local radio station when he was here for the premier of "Hairspray" the musical movie and my friend took a photo of him. (I also met Nikky Blonsky, who is my height - 5'2). Honestly Zac isn't much taller than me and I'm 5'2 157cm. I was surprised cos I expected him to be taller!!
Jamie said on 25/Apr/09
Lina, 5' isn't short!! Well, it depends on how old you are. :) If you're like 13, then sorry... but if you're 12 or under I'd still say you're average. :) 5' for a 10 or 9 year old girl is definitely tall!
lily said on 24/Apr/09
anon: ur link doesn't really work.
Anonymous said on 23/Apr/09
Click Here ml
she looks tall in these pictures, i dont think she is 5"1.5 i think she is taller!
Lina said on 22/Apr/09
Rachel: Well said! The height shouldn't really matter. I am about 5'', and I'm so tired of people always commenting on my height, when they stand next to me. I actually don't care, but it's sort of annoying that people are Obsessed With Heights, gaaah!
Jamie said on 16/Apr/09
Rachel, do normal people get their picture taken every second of the day just because they're taking a WALK? Do normal people get followed by mobs of fans and the paparazzi? If a normal person does something embarrassing, is it announced to the world?

I know what you mean about celebrities being people, but they're definitely not NORMAL people. Since they're celebrities, people just want to hear all about them, height included. :)

lol, just making a point here...
lily said on 14/Apr/09
Rob, why is it that when i post a comment like the one from rachel, it never gets published???
Rachel said on 13/Apr/09
Guys. I dont even know how I got on this page or anything, but this whole height thing, it shouldnt matter. The whole human race is full of different sizes and shapes. There will always be people taller than you, and people shorter than you. Its the way it is. So please, does it actually matter how tall these celebrities are? They're just people.
lily said on 28/Mar/09
this very good picture clearly shows that vanessa is shorter than 5'3 ashley by at least 1.5 inches. the heels are also same size.

Click Here
lily said on 28/Mar/09
here, vanessa and ashley both are in flats. judge urself!!!

Click Here
Anonymous said on 27/Mar/09
people who have met her should be able to confirm her real height. in that picture of her in the beach makes her look taller and 5"1. either she is taller or Zac Efron is shorter than we think. Vanessa has longer legs and short top half that is why she might look taller than her actual height plus she is really skinny so that helps as well.
lily said on 27/Mar/09
don't confuse yourselves girls. this site has got her height just right.

just check out her pictures where ash n vanessa both are in flats.

Click Here

n the one where vanessa is wearing heels that give her about 4 inches and ash is wearing flats. she doesn't tower over ashley in that. which makes her shorter than ashley tisdale.

Click Here

so 5'1.5 is about right for her.
Jamie said on 26/Mar/09
I know she always looks at least 5'3" or 5'4" in the pictures... that isn't short at all..

I'm really confused too.
Virginia said on 26/Mar/09
I'm really confused, because on justjared and the pictures from the paparazzi,
she looks really tall. i know she always has about 3 inch heels on, but pictures always seem to make her look really tall. does anybody know why? because i keep getting so confused because you guys are saying she's 5'1, but in her pictures she looks nothing like 5'1.
Jamie said on 25/Mar/09
My ideal height would be 5'5" (like I said before, lol). You're not short, you're not tall, but you're above average. I think I'll reach 5'5". =) And if I come close (5'4 1/2) that's fine too..

I'm pretty sure I'm exactly 5'4" now, because my aunt is exactly 5'4", and I'm the exact same height as her. Plus, this guy in my class says he's 5'5", and standing next to him, I'm about an inch shorter than him. My mom is 5'6", and when I'm standing next to her she can't see over my head (so that makes me 2 inches shorter than her). And this girl in my class is 5'2", and I'm about 2 inches taller than she is. So yeah... I know in real life I don't LOOK 5'4", but that's my height. =) Whenever I say I'm 5'4", they say, "No you're not." because I look like I'm 5'3". Plus, I even measured...
k.leigh said on 24/Mar/09
Right here at this link:
Click Here
it's confusing once you know both their heights, because first off, here it says that zac is 5"8 and that looks very accurate to me, but then it says that Vanessa is only 5"1.5 and that doesn't make sense, because standing next to zac at 5"8, she looks about 3inches shorter, which would put her at about 5"5 then subtract the higher sand shes on and her shoe, and it would be about 5"2 to 5"2 and a half. That just makes sense to me, lol I have no idea, but it seems right, maybe I'm trying to incorporate too much math. Then again, no telling how much higher the sand ledge is than zac.
lily said on 24/Mar/09
i guess she appears shorter than avirl bcoz avril's wearing platforms and she's in simple heels. but it is clear now that she's not more than 5'1.5
anonymous said on 19/Mar/09
Click Here

what about this???she's even shorter than avril.....
lily said on 10/Mar/09
hey, look what i found.

Click Here

if that picture indicates anythin, vanessa does look as tall as ash. man, i'm confused. tina, u still here???
Jamie said on 5/Mar/09
Your 15 year old sister is 5 feet tall? Well, at least she's taller than her mom.

Plus, HOW can those girls call me short, when I'm taller than most of the moms mentioned here? lol!
Phil said on 4/Mar/09
Yeah Jamie, I've read through what everyone said. I'm 5'4", which is really, really short for a male [and falls out of the common range of (5'5"/)5'6"-6'3"], and 20 1/2 years old. I'm Filipino and a lot of my family is short, with my mom at about 4'10", my 15-year-old sister at 5'0", and my dad at 5'7".

My relatives on my mom's side are pretty much short and my relatives on my dad's side are shorter or average. My male cousins on my dad's side are like 5'9"-5'10", so they were lucky :) I guess I got my height from my mom's side, as my male cousins are only 5'5"-5'7"...

I don't decide what's tall or short based on my own height. I take an objective approach and I observe how people compare to the rest of the population. :)
Jamie said on 3/Mar/09
Phil? You know in the Taylor Swift height page the girls there were saying I'm short because they're all like 5'7" and up? But here (Vanessa Hudgen's height page) everyone's saying I'm tall.. I guess most people decide what's tall or short based on their own height. =) How tall are you, Phil?
Cantu said on 3/Mar/09
Wow i would think she would have been a little taller...but tall or short she's fine
Jamie said on 2/Mar/09
4'10" for an adult female?? I'm sorry, that sorta surprised me.. that's really short..

Well, Phil, none of my relatives thought I was going to be very tall because of my dad's height, but since my mom is a bit tall, it was sorta hard to tell... Plus, them being so close in height makes it hard to tell too. xD

But all my relatives on my mom's side of the family are tall or above average, and all my relatives on my dad's side of the family are short...
Phil said on 2/Mar/09
I think it's correct too :) I got 5'4 1/2 from the average of your parents' heights and then I got 5'6" from your mom's height, which I think you wouldn't grow past because they're so close in height. It also makes it hard to see which parent you take after, lol.
lily said on 2/Mar/09
well vanessa has taken up her mothers height. only a few inches taller than her mother. she's 5'1 and her mom looks like 4'10.

Click Here

and hey same here with me. lol. i'm 5'1 and my mom's around 4'10.
Jamie said on 1/Mar/09
Well, my mom is 5'6" and my dad is 5'8", and from what I remember, you predicted my height to be anywhere between 5'4 1/2-5'6". I think that's exactly correct. =) I'm sure I'll be somewhere in there... Right now I'm 5'4" (163 cm) which is really close to 5'4 1/2 (164). Off by a centimeter!
Ella said on 28/Feb/09
Ashley Tisdale is 5"3 vanessa is hardly 5"2 compared to her in pictures, wearing flats.
Phil said on 27/Feb/09
Jamie, in my experience, girls either ended up taking a combination of both parents' heights or their father's. I've seen guys that have parents with an average height difference, and the guys either grew according to predictions or they ended up outgrowing their parents. Many of those guys totally defied genetics and ended up not taking after their short mother's height (which worked to their benefit =) )
Jamie said on 26/Feb/09
um, Phil? What I've heard is that girls tend to take their father's height (like if their father's tall or short, they will likely be that too), and boys tend to take their mother's height (if their mother's tall or short, they will likely be too). Well, that's what I've heard...

I think it can also be a combination, because sometimes there's girls whose dads are short, but their moms are tall, so they're tall. There's also cases where a guy's mom is short, but their dad is tall, so they're tall.

I guess it could go either way, but I think it's usually that girls take after their dad's height, and boys take after their mother's height. =)
Jamie said on 26/Feb/09
And Lily, you know what the strangest thing is? In the morning when I wake up, I am AT LEAST 5'5". At that time, I am only about an inch shorter than my mom when we look in the mirror, lol. But at night time when I'm about to go to sleep, I'm 5'4" again, 2 inches shorter than my mom. That is so WEIRD, is there something wrong with me? I don't think there's anyone else here who's a whole inch taller in the morning than they are at night...
Jamie said on 26/Feb/09
I think I'll be taking my father's height. He's only 5'8", which is kinda short for a guy. Plus, I started menstruating and got my growth spurt 3 years ago (when I was 10 and a half years old. Early, I know). I don't think I'll be my mom's height, I think the tallest I be will be 5'5", but that's a great height and is very close to 5'6". =) But if my mom was something like 5'3" or 5'2", and my dad was 5'8" like he is now, I might not even make 5'5"! So I think I might be a combination of the two...

I agree with what you mean by "acting tall". I admit, I slouch a lot, but I'm trying to keep my back straight these days... lol.
Phil said on 26/Feb/09
I think girls either take after their mother's height, their father's, or a combination of the two. It could go either way.
lily said on 26/Feb/09
i replied to jamie, i wonder what was wrong with my comment that it wasn't posted...

anyways, jamie: when i said "make u feel taller" i must've been kidding.

and by acting tall i mean the rigth posture of ur body. ppl who slouch low seem pretty short even if they're tall. no i'm not joking, it's true.
so if u'r short and u stay right up, u'll feel taller and u'll look taller than u are. it all depends on ur body posture.

and yes u are tall for ur age girl, and i've heard that girls take up their mothers' height. if that's true, u'll grow upto 5'6 like ur mom. :)

Polly: Er.. no i wasn't right. the picture of ash and vanessa for thw workout has been claimed to have been taken from an angle. but in the MTV picture, vanessa is wearing platform heels and ashley's wearing simple heels. so that would definitely make vanessa as tall as ash.

the third picture is taken from a very obvious angle. ashley is farther from the camera so that obviously make her look just as tall as vanessa.

Tina has given a very good picture, u can check it, and for ur convenience i'll paste the link here so u can check it urself.
Click Here

this picture clearly shows vanessa is 5'1.

and kate, miley cyrus is 5'5 now.
V said on 24/Feb/09
Her mom is very short. Probably about 4'10, and her dad is probably about 5'7 or 5'6, sO i can see why she is so tiny.
Jamie said on 23/Feb/09
And what do you mean by "act" tall? lol...
Andy said on 23/Feb/09
Hmm. Anybody watched the Oscars last night? She seemed a lot shorter standing next to Amanda Seyfried who is listed at 5'2.
Jamie said on 22/Feb/09
Lily, what do you mean when you said short people "make me feel" taller?

Being 5'4" at 13 years old, I'm actually one of the tallest girls in my grade. Plus, all my life I've been told I'm tall. When I was 10 years old I was about 4'11" or 5'. That's pretty tall. At 11, I was like 5'1" or 5'2". At 12, I was 5'2 1/2 or 5'3", and now I'm 5'4". So yeah... I'm not sure how much I'll grow from now on lol. =)

What you said was true though. Some people look tall or short when they're actually not.
lily said on 22/Feb/09
yeah it's true... some ppl look tall or short when they're not.

my cousin who i thought was like an inch and a half taller than me, when she checked her height was actually 5'4. 3 inches taller than i am.

and she said she thought i was 5'2 or more. not less. but i'm 5'1.

and my sister appears to be a little short than i am, and we're the same height. i guess if u act a bit tall, you'll look that. just my pov.
Jamie said on 21/Feb/09
Plus, there is this lady who works at my school. From a distance she looks to be about 5'3", but when she's standing next to me she's at least 5 inches shorter than me. So she's what, 4'11"- 5'? Plus, she's an adult...

I guess some people look a lot taller than they actually are. =) I'm 5'4", but I have to say from a distance I look like I'm 5'3" or 5'2". I have a friend who is 5'2" or so (about 1 or 2 inches shorter than me) but from a distance she looks really tall. I guess it depends on your body shape...
kate said on 21/Feb/09
Vanessa is 5'1"
Ashley is 5'3"
And Miley is 5'4.5"
Polly said on 21/Feb/09
Er sorry, but I think lily was right in the first place in this picture they are the same height
Click Here
and then in this picture
Click Here
AND in this picture

Click Here

I would put them both around the 5ft2 - 5ft3 mark
Jamie said on 20/Feb/09
Ann, if you're still out there...

My mom actually stopped growing at 18, 5 years after she got her period. So that would mean I will stop growing at around 15 or 14. Plus, I heard from someone that your period has nothing to do with your height...
lily said on 18/Feb/09
no i wasn't being defensive.
Anonymous said on 9/Feb/09
Lily...when was I being sarcastic to you? I meant it when I said you found a great picture! Please, you don't have to be so defensive!
lily said on 3/Feb/09
i cold do without the sarcasm u know tina.
that's the only picture of brenda and adrienne that i knew a link to, otherwise i have that picture from dc games that u gave.

n yeah she wears high heels that make her look tall, but she really might be 5'0. but i never heard her claim 5'3. mostly 5'2 but nothing higher than that.

Click Here

and u'r right. there should be a page for brenda song. but that goes for demi lovato and selena gomez too.
Tina said on 2/Feb/09
Look at those mega platforms!

Click Here

Hmm...u tell me...
Tina said on 2/Feb/09
Lily, what a great picture you've found! And you are right, Brenda does look to be roughly the same size as Adrienne and a few inches shorter than Ashley Tisdale!

Here's another pic:
Click Here

I'm asian and I'm short. Brenda's body is actually shaped a lot like mine, so I wouldn't be surprised if she really is 5'0. A lot of my friends always try to add a few inches on to their height (like 5'1" claims she's 5'3") so it's not that uncommon.

P.S. We're like hijacking Vanessa's page for Brenda! LOL. Someone should start Brenda her own page on here!
lily said on 2/Feb/09
no jamie, brenda song is like 5'0. she claims she is 5'1 and 3/4 though. but you can see in the picture below that she is hardly any taller than adrienne bailon who's 4'11.

Click Here

i thought she must be 5'0 but i asked glenn what he thought, and he agrees that she is 5'0 at the most.
Tina said on 1/Feb/09
Brenda Song with Adrienne Bailon (4'11")

Click Here

Click Here

So maybe Brenda's shorter than 5'1....I say find a good pic of Brenda and Adrienne together and then u can guage her height.
Tina said on 1/Feb/09
And Lily, there are LOTS of short celebs out there! Even shorter than 5'1"! Eva Longoria, Hayden Paniettere, Shakira, Jada Pinkett Smith, Adrienne Bailon...etc. They're all beautiful and very proportioned for their size! I don't think it matters so much what hieght you are, it's how you're shaped and proportioned.
lily said on 1/Feb/09
yes that's right. zac is short. he's the same height as kevin jonas who's the shortest of the jonas brothers.

and by the way, i'm glad to finally realize that vanessa is 5'1 (i hope i dont sound mean), because i'm 5'1 too and it's nice to know that there are short celebs too.
Jamie said on 31/Jan/09
I'm guessing Brenda Song is around 5'3"?
5 ft 3.2 said on 31/Jan/09
Looking at Tina's picture, I'd say that Vanessa is 5 ft 1 TOPS. I wouldn't be surprised if she was 5 feet tall. I say she ranges between 5'0" to 5'1" Anyways, Vanessa doesn't have to lie about her height, she's totally gorgeous, regardless. Plus, Zac is short, so it's perfect!
lily said on 31/Jan/09
ok girl. u got me convinced.

vanessa IS 5'1. it's kinda funny that u say u like vanessa, and u'r proving she's short, and the fact is i don't like vanessa and i've been trying to prove she taller.

lol, anyways, got any idea about brenda songs height. from suite life of zack n cody?
Tina said on 30/Jan/09
Here they are together...Both in flats. Vanessa is definitely shorter!

Click Here
Tina said on 30/Jan/09
Ashley in FLATS and Vanessa in higgh heels:

Click Here

Standing together:
Click Here

Now, how can you say that they are the same height? If they were, Vanessa should be towering over Ashley with those heels on! Find a friend who's your height, put on 4 inch heels and stand next to them when they are wearing flats. Aren't you a whole lot taller??
Tina said on 30/Jan/09
See the kinds of shoes that I'm talking about?

Click Here

Tina said on 30/Jan/09
Ashley usually doesn't wear very high heels even though Vanessa does. Here's a pic of BOTH of them wearing the higher type of heels:

Click Here

See how Vanessa definitely looks shorter now?

p.s. I actually like Vanessa =) I'm not trying to make her seem shorter to diss her. If anything, she has a great body for being petite! Small and cute!
Tina said on 30/Jan/09
Vanessa's heels are taller than Ashley's heels. Ashley's shoes are only heels raised from the back while Vanessa's are both platforms and raised higher as well. Trust me...I wear a lot of heels. You might not think having a front platform makes a difference but it can give an extra inch or two. On that note...I guess what Vanessa is listed as (5'1.5" seems to be correct).
Polly said on 28/Jan/09
Ok well I met vanessa hudgens in a restraunt last year in London. I am 5ft5 and she is about 2.5/3 inches smaller than me. Hope this helps.
lily said on 28/Jan/09
here are two more pictures of vanessa, one with ashley and one with zac.

i can't see ashley's heels in the second one but i guess they might be the same size as vanessa's.

i hope these could give some idea to vanessa's height:

Click Here

Click Here
lily said on 28/Jan/09
yeah i know that vanessa always appears shorter than ashley in the movies. and that's why it confuses me bcoz when they're standing together they seem to be the same height.

here's another picture of them with zac and i guess u could tell me if their heels are the same size, coz i'm not an expert on heels.

Click Here

the heels appear to be the same size to me, and if they ACTUALLY ARE same size, then vanessa IS 5'3.
Tina said on 27/Jan/09
Lily, you're really pushing Vanessa to be 5'3". 5'3" aren't really that small, and Vanessa DOES look shorter than Ashley. The picture that you provided are taken from an angle and doesn't prove that they are the same height. You're dissing my photos when they show their heels! Yeah, Hayden's heels seem to have more of a platform, but they're not that much bigger. And standing right next to each other, Vanessa isn't even taller than Hayden! Even if you want to compensate for Hayden's bigger heels, that does NOT make Vanessa 3 inches taller than a 5'0" Hayden!

"ashley's shoes are maybe a few cm more than vanessa's and still hey're the same height, give or take a few cms"

When you say a "few cms" how many do you mean? 2.5 cm already make an inch!
Anonymous said on 25/Jan/09
Tina, I actually think Hayden looks taller than Vanessa in all of those photos.
lily said on 25/Jan/09
wow tina that's rich that u'r talking about "proving-height-by-proof-of-shoes" when the pictures u'r givin' do not even clearly show the size of heels both are wearing.

in the one that i've given, ashley's shoes are maybe a few cm more than vanessa's and still hey're the same height, give or take a few cms.

we can say ashley's a teensy-weensy bit taller but vanessa is not 3 inches shorter than her.
Tina said on 25/Jan/09
I think Vanessa is 5'0" to 5'1" tops. Hayden Panetierre is only 5'0" and here are pics of the two together at the Neutrogena Fresh Face concert.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Footwear seems about the same (c'mon guys...if you're gonna try to prove "height," you've gotta include proof of the shoes!). Vanessa does seem a tiny bit taller, I'll go with 5'1" tops.
Jamie said on 23/Jan/09
Wow... that REALLY confuses me because whenever I see them together Vanessa is always about an inch shorter...

So maybe Vanessa really is 5'3"?? I really don't know anymore... lol I'll have to meet her to know 4 sure. =) But 5'3" really isn't short at all..
lily said on 23/Jan/09
so i found this picture and you'll see that their heights' are same. that's why it confuses me when so many ppl say vanessa's shorter. i'm no fan of vanessa but i can see that she's not shorter than ashley.

Click Here
Jamie said on 22/Jan/09
Um, Lily? Whenever I see Vanessa and Ashley together, Vanessa is always about an inch shorter. So 5'1 1/2 or 5'2" for Vanessa would be correct. I don't think Vanessa is 5'3" (Ashley's height) because Vanessa is always just a little bit shorter than Ashley.
lily said on 22/Jan/09
well i'm 5'1 and my physique is just like brenda songs. she isn't very skinny like ashley but she is not too fat either. that's why i want to know how tall she is.

but anyways, vanessa IS just as tall as ashley, as i've already proved my point by giving a picture og them together.

Rob, i think u need to update vanessa.
Jamie said on 21/Jan/09
No one really thought I would be very tall... because even though my mom's a little on the tall side (she's 5'6"), my dad's only 5'8" (average or maybe even considered a bit short)... so I might only be 5'5" or 5'6". There's no way I'd be 5'7"...

plus, I think Phil's estimation of my height when I stop growing is absolutely correct. ^^ I'll be anywhere between 5'4.5-5'6", depending on my parents heights and when I got my period...
Jamie said on 20/Jan/09
Meema: The height has NOTHING to do with the period?? Ah, Ann down there kept telling me that it does have something to do with your period... so I actually believed her.. all my relatives kept trying to tell me that your height has nothing to do with your period but I didn't believe them either... so I guess I believe YOU, Meema. =) That your height has nothing to do with your period.

Meema, 157.5 m is 5'2". 163 m (my height) is 5'4". 160 cm is 5'3".
My grandma, when she was young, she was 5'3", but she's 72 now, so she's only like 5'1.5. lol! My other grandma was 5'4" when she was young, but now she's 68, and 5'3". lol I guess we'll all shrink a little when we get middle-aged...
lily said on 20/Jan/09
jamie: so u like short ppl coz they make u feel taller? lol... i'm just kidding

and yes i know what u mean now. and it just happened today that i saw a girl who was a head shorter than me and i'm only 5'1. but that doesn't really matter coz u'r right both short and tall ppl are beautiful.

meema: u'll definitely grow coz ppl grow upto 20 years. and n u'r right, height has nothing to do with period. and even if u think 18 is the maximum age, u have three years of growing ahead of you.

most ppl stop growing when they start obsessing over their height. it has a psychological factor too you know. so it's better to leave it at that and u'll grow.
meema said on 20/Jan/09
Well im 15, and i don't know if i'll grow up... im about 157.5 cm thats about 5'4 i think... i wish i will grow more. Well i had my period when i was 14.5 so it's not so far away that's why i think i'll be about 160 cm just like my sister... My mother when she was young she was about 160 com about 5'3 she's now 44 and her height is 157cm so just like and im even taller... And let me tell you that the height has nothin to do with the period... well everyone has something called "cartillage de croissance" (its in french cz i don't know what does it mean in english lol) when it stop giving a hormon of growing the person "hormone de croissance" will stop growing... for example some people stop growing up on 18 (cz it's the maximum age) just like my brother... these information are brought from people who have a lot of knowledge.. :D
Jamie said on 19/Jan/09
Lily: Okay, I was NEVER calling short people freaks. I said it'll be freaky (for me) NOT to be my mom's height. There are some people who are under 5 feet tall, but most of them are taller than their moms, so that isn't freaky AT ALL.

I think both short and tall people are beautiful!! I would never call either a freak!! People who are average height are beautiful too. You can be any height to be beautiful. I'm not sure how you misunderstood me, but I would NEVER call short people freaks. I'm actually very glad that there are short people out there.
lily said on 18/Jan/09
jamie: i think u'r over reacting. i'm sure u'll grow upto ur mom's height but it's nothing to freak about if u dont. n ur last statement's a bit offensive considering u'r indirectly calling short people freaks. u might've hurt a lot of people out there who aren't even 5'0..
Maribel said on 16/Jan/09
156cm seems right barefeet,5-foot-3 in footwear. I'm also short, I'm a hair under 5"2, my sister is probably about 157cm and my mom is very short, about 147cm. My dad is about 166cm I think and my brother is around 170-71cm. I come from the short genes as well.
Jamie said on 14/Jan/09
Chik- of course you'll grow!! u haven't even had ur period for a year yet!

I just turned 13, and I'm 5'4", but I've had my period since I was 10 (I was 5' then). I'm pretty sure I'll still grow, cuz no girls stop growing 3 years after their first period...
chik said on 13/Jan/09
i am about to turn 14 and i am 5.2 and a half feet tall.will i grow taller.i got my periods 6 months ago.please desperation!
5 ft 3.2 said on 11/Jan/09
She said that she's "5 foot 3?" no way. She's short than that. If you look at her next to Ashley Tisdale, she's shorter.
Jamie said on 8/Jan/09
Aysha- that's true. Your sister is almost 11 and ALREADY 5'4"?? Wow that's hard to believe. xP There are some 11 year old girls who are 5'7"... and I heard about this 13 year old girl who's already more than 6'. Your brother's still gonna grow... boys stop growing at 19-20ish.
Jamie said on 8/Jan/09
Chrissty: You might... like Ann said, only time will tell. =) How tall are ur parents? I just turned 13 years old (on January 2nd), and I'm still 5'4".
My relatives on my dad's side of the family are all pretty short (my grandma's only 5'1.5 and my grandpa's 5"3. lol they were taller when they were young xP My two uncles are both 5'7"-ish, and my dad is 5'8") but my relatives on my mom's side of the family are all tall (my grandma is 5'3", my grandpa 5'9"-5'10"ish. My aunt is 5'7", my mom is 5'6", my other aunt is 5'4.5, and my uncle is 5'11").

How tall are Hayden Panettiere and Shakira? Just wondering. And I just found out Demi Lovato's also only 5'2". Another short celebrity! xP
Cheska said on 29/Dec/08
as mentioned it's nice to know there are short celebs (: I'm filipino and in general, we're kinda short. I don't really like my height... 13 1/2 and I'm only 4'7"-ish, short in my grade.. Wish I could grow taller faster. *sigh* think I'd reach atleast 5'? Parents are kinda short, so that's a bummer. But my relatives are really tall. Urgh.
dk said on 16/Dec/08
I agree. It
Thomas said on 10/Dec/08
saw her a few days ago with her boyfriend. very tiny.
Aysha said on 8/Dec/08
there r a lot of other things you have 2 consider aside from genetics you mom's 5'1" my dad's 5'7" but my sister's 5'4" and shes turning 11 in january..shes obviously one of the tallest in her grade.i really dont know how that happened but i wish it had happened 2 the oldest at 18 n im only 5'2.5" sucks yellin at some1 whos gotta look down at you brothers only abt average..he's 14 n 5'7/8"ish..
that kid said on 1/Dec/08
ugg, this makes me feel so gigantic im only 5`4 but my mom is 5`1 1/2 and when you stand next to someone 3 inches shorter than you it makes you feel like a sasquatch :-( why cant old people grow.
Jamie said on 29/Nov/08
I have another friend who started her period when she just turned 11 (she's 12, my age) but she's only about 5'1.5" or 5'2" right now. Her mom is only 5'3", and her dad's about 5'8", I think. I don't think she'll be too much taller...
Jamie said on 29/Nov/08
Ann, for real?! When you were 5' at 10 years old, there were girls TALLER than you that were your age?? I was around 5' when I was 10, and I was pretty much the tallest girl in my class... there were very few who were taller than me.

My other friend is 10 years old (turning 11 in January) but she's already around 5'2". She is tall. O_o I don't think she's started her period yet... I'm pretty sure she'll be around 5'7 or 5'8 when she stops growing.
Jamie said on 28/Nov/08
Anyways, back on topic! Vanessa Hudgens is 5'1 1/2?! O_o She's so tiny! On TV she looks at least 5'3 or 5'4!!

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