How tall is Zendaya

Zendaya's Height

5ft 8 ½ (174 cm)

American actress and singer best known for films like Spider-Man: Homecoming, The Greatest Showman and TV shows Shake It Up, K.C. Undercover and Euphoria. She once said her height was "Five Eight" in a video q&a., but in 2013 began to claim standing in the 5ft 10 range and loved being tall. In 2014 she even added a half inch, saying "about 5'10" and 1/2".

How tall is  Zendaya
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Average Guess (197 Votes)
5ft 8.56in (174.1cm)
Joe 5'10 1/2 said on 11/Jan/21
I worked at an event in London for the screening of Spider-man far from home. I saw Zendaya walking in converses the morning after in the halls of the hotel. I was also wearing black converses. I was actually surprised how easily I could look over her head. Probably like 5'8 1/2. No chance she was my height (5'10 1/2). Although I have no chance in dating her so I guess it evens out lmao. Her mum is tall af.
Therene said on 19/Nov/20
I think she’s actually 5’10 because of her and TOMS height difference I’ve seen a picture of them wearing the same pair of shoes and she towers over him
Your-Name said on 1/Oct/20
Rob, have you seen The Greatest Showman? Looks a bit taller than Efron in the film - you get a decent look in their musical number when they are standing face to face. Plus, she’s wearing ballet slippers while he has what looks like a standard men’s dress shoe on in the scene. If he’s 5’7.5” I’d believe 5’9” for her.
Editor Rob
Yes, I think they looked pretty close, although it's a dance number on not perfect floor, but I'd have said Zendaya had a greater chance of measuring taller than Zac barefoot.
6'3 Julian said on 27/Sep/20
Yeah I think she’s 5’8
tharini said on 24/Aug/20
Either way she is taller than me.
The French Dude said on 10/Aug/20
5'8.5 sounds fine comparing her to Tom Holland
Andy5'93/4 said on 15/Jul/20
I really hope she can one day be photographed with Rob Paul
Dior said on 12/Jul/20
Zendaya should be a catwalk model slender figure fit for it ?!🤩
Lover_thorn3 said on 30/Jun/20
Rob. What would her morning height be?
Editor Rob
Could be over 5ft 9.
I'm 5'5 7/8 said on 27/Jun/20
I feel like people over estimate how tall a tall girl can look in heels zendaya is probably like 1.69M haha
Nik Ashton said on 24/Jun/20
Look at these:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

I am so delighted to give Zendaya her 300th comment!
Jam Cherry said on 4/Jun/20
Pretty girl but she’s lying about her height by 2 inches she’s 174.5 cm max
JohnMoore-162cm said on 27/May/20
5ft8 1/2" - no less no more
Nik Ashton said on 18/May/20
Look at this:

Click Here
spazzy man123 said on 18/May/20
Definitely 5'10
People who say 170cm are so wrong. Tom Holland is like 172cm and Z is much taller
Vexacus said on 16/May/20
She's a tall girl indeed , 5'8-9 , normally girls over 5'7 are pretty honest , but since her parents are over 6'3 , she maybe wish to gain some inches.
anca said on 10/May/20
Andy5'91/2 said on 9/May/20
Hey Rob is there any chance any of the people guessing 5’7 are right? I more agree with 5ft81/2-5ft83/4 maybe in between like 5’8 5/8 i cant see as low as 5’7 how about you?
Editor Rob
5ft 8 flat is arguable for her, but 5ft 7.5? I don't know if I ever seen enough to think that was possible.
anca said on 25/Apr/20
anca said on 23/Apr/20
JohnMoore-162cm said on 17/Mar/20
5ft8 1/4" & 5ft8 1/2" at most .
Nik said on 14/Mar/20
Look at these:

Click Here

Click Here

The average guess is 5'8.52" (174 votes) so she may well be 5'8.5"! Also it is cool that her Mom is taller than her Dad! 👌
The hamburger said on 13/Mar/20
She is not that tall. I always thought that she is 5ft 7-ish and i was surprised when i see her listing on Wikipedia as 178 cm. She is pretty tall, but definitely not FIVE TEN. Click Here here she has massive platforms, giving to her height a stront 5 inches i would say, tom is almost 5ft 8 with shoesh, and Zendaya is only 5 inches taller? Zendaya can't be just 6ft 1 with those huge heels. She would hit 6ft 2 easily if she was really 5ft 8 ½. 5ft 8 is maximum that i would give to her. She is not tall like she wants to be.
Nik said on 12/Mar/20
@ Nik Jones - Interesting!
Kobe4ever said on 12/Mar/20
Rob how tall do you think Zendaya’s mother is? It is claimed for her to be six foot four or six five yet she doesn’t look as tall as Jacob Elordi.
Editor Rob
6ft 3-4 could be possible for her.
Mimi said on 7/Jan/20
I think she's spot on 174cm
Xeon 5'8 said on 18/Dec/19
@Rob What happend if you make a video on Youtube about a celebrity but then you change your guess about the same celebritie?
Editor Rob
You could always go into a video and add a note that pops up, and mention 'I now think he's 5ft 10.5', although if you were making a video, it's best having a solid estimate to begin with.
Alternative would be to delete the video, then upload the modified version. You lose views, and video starts anew, but personally it's the best option.
Of course that really only works for more informational style - if it's longer and more involved, it's more difficult.
FE said on 24/Nov/19
@Editor Rob,

Could u add a Page for Kadeem Hardison?

By looking through all my posts on Dacoscos' Page, I think 181cm for him would be fair for him.

Do u Agree Rob?
TheBat said on 23/Nov/19
If she was 5'10.5" then Tom Holland would be 5'9" and Jake Gyllenhaal would be 6'1". She's exactly 5'8.5".
Nik Ashton said on 1/Nov/19
It would be interesting to see a photograph of Zendaya and Paul Rudd!
Bobby 5ft 10in (178cm) said on 2/Oct/19
If you search her up on Google, she's listed as 5'10. Definitely a tall woman, but she's not 5'10. Otherwise, Tom Holland would be like 5'8.5.
Ruthiebaer said on 16/Sep/19
Yeah she never looks tall in photos where she's not in huge heels, and just casual clothes and flat shoes. It's so weird to think how genetics work tho; I'm 5'7 with my mum being only 5'3 and dad 6'2 when both her parents are over 6ft lol
Peter175 said on 14/Sep/19
She looks 3-4 cm on Tom who doesn’t look above a weak 5,7. She’s barely taller than zac efron as well.

5,8 and maybe a quarter
Vsquad said on 13/Sep/19
I always cringe when I see her remind us she's "5'10". She wears massive heels all the time, so nobody's able to call out her inflation with certainty unfortunately.
Nik said on 1/Sep/19
She is one and a half inches taller than her good friend Tom Holland!
Nik Ashton said on 24/Aug/19
It’s amazing that her Mum and Dad are 6’4” and 6’2” respectively!
Questioner said on 24/Aug/19
@rob I wasnt comparing her to the women im comparing her to kodjoe she looks lucky if shes 5'8" compared to him honestly so yeah this listing is the absolute max
Questioner said on 22/Aug/19
@rob heres some more... Click Here
shes in heels
Editor Rob
She can vary from looking an inch to over 3 inches taller, depending on heels and posture.
Questioner said on 22/Aug/19
@rob overlisted her she is with tom in heels though they arent massive this time looking 2 or a bit more than 2 inches taller maybe she really is 5'8" flat or a bit above
Click Here
and there are people arguing tom isnt the full 5'7" to unless hes a regular lift wearer shes over listed
Questioner said on 20/Aug/19
@lolli found the fangirl with a maybe 179cm stephen she doesnt even look an inch taller in what looks like 4 inch heels. no way shes above this listing that I think is very generous
Click Here
@rob I think shes 5'8.25" rob downgrade in order?
Editor Rob
I'm still ok with 8.5 for her, though I doubt I'd ever go above it.
Lolli said on 9/Aug/19
She can easily be 5'10 i think. And in Euphoria, she wears completely flat sneakers while Jules (Hunter) is always wearing platform shoes with like 3 inch heals/platform.
TheBat said on 30/Jul/19
Zendaya's 5'10.5" claim is like me trying to claim 6'0.5". She's 5'8.5" throughout most of the day.
James G. said on 29/Jul/19
Hey Rob, I agree the 5’10” claim is highly unlikely barefoot, but wouldn’t you assume she’s grown since her 5’8” claim? Maybe she’s in the 5’9”-5’9.25” range? Thanks!
Editor Rob
5ft 9 would be the highest I'd ever try to argue, but 5ft 8.5 may well be around the lowest I'd you could say I'm not ruling out the idea of 5ft 8.75.
Nik said on 27/Jul/19
It's great that she is currently the 17th top Celeb!
Littlelee5ft6 said on 23/Jul/19
She's at best 1.5 inches taller than tom holland no way is she over the listing
KBB said on 21/Jul/19
Easily 4-5cm on Tom Holland in Far From Home. So ONE of them is wrong ;) My guess is she's a bit taller than listed!
Duhon said on 7/Jul/19
I wonder if it's easier for 5'8.5" girl to believe she's really 5'10"? Most 5'8.5" guys wouldn't be mistaken for much taller but I can see how a slim girl that height who wears heels is often mistaken for taller by others.
Editor Rob
She is certainly a few inches shorter than her Mother, so maybe she expected to be 5ft 10 or is going with sneaker type measurement.
Lazar99 said on 30/Jun/19
5ft10 is just too much, 5ft8 1/2" is very possible.
Marc said on 27/Jun/19
Hey rob. At the 08:20 mark she still claims to be 5'10

Click Here
Editor Rob
Barefoot I can't see a decent sneaker, maybe she is close to it. I would be really surprised if she hit 5ft 10!
elen said on 22/Jun/19
Now that Euphoria is out, we can finally put the 5ft 10 claim to rest. Since Zendaya is noticeably smaller than Hunter Schafer who plays Jules in the series. Hunter is supposed to be 5ft 10 (or 177cm) and she visibly towers over Zendaya in the scenes they have together. She (Hunter) could be wearing heels, of course, but I think that Zendaya's claim is false. She's still quite tall, of course, and very pretty girl.
khaled taban said on 25/May/19
The claim of 5'10 1/2" is ridiculous, she is 5'8.25",maybe 5'8.5" at most definitely not more.
Per Malmar said on 6/May/19
Is this the girl from Spider man Homecoming?
Editor Rob
Yes, noticeably taller than tom holland too.
Oliver said on 3/Apr/19
Rob,who would win the staredown?
Zendaya, or Elle Fanning?
Thank you.
Editor Rob
I still feel maybe zendaya by a little
Mimi said on 28/Mar/19
I wish she could meet Nicole Kidman and say to her she's 5ft10 1/2. I'm sure that would confuse Nicole as she is 2 inches taller than Zendaya yet claims to be the same height as her.
Marc said on 21/Mar/19
Hey Rob i am having a hard time that she es nearly as tall as Laure Harrier. I think she is more like in between Tom Holland and Laura.

Look at this video they standing in different angels in front of a green screen:

Click Here

1:47 2:44 4:33 on this marks.

I would give her the benefit of the doubt and 5'8 at best.
Editor Rob
5ft 8.5 I think is still ok, but at times 5ft 8 looks possible...personally with Tom Holland I think she generally looks over an inch taller.
Nik said on 6/Mar/19
The average vote shows how much faith people have in Rob!
Littlelee168cm said on 22/Feb/19
Trenton she's not 5ft 10.5 not with a bit of a heel
Trenton said on 20/Feb/19
Zendaya is 5'10 1/2
Littlelee168cm said on 13/Feb/19
Not below this listing edged out zac are ok in the greatest showman and he had shoes she was barefoot
jriggs said on 31/Jan/19
Same as Zac or a bit more like 5'8.5
Nik Jones said on 5/Nov/18
She's definitely 5'8" flat because most of the time she is in skyscrapping heels that at least add 4 inches to her actually height and in pictures where shes standing next to Zac effron she wearings heeled boots or heels which make her a good 3-4 inches taller. so I'd say she's the exact same height as 5'8" Zac effron
Matt99 said on 15/Oct/18
I don’t even think she’s even 174 range just by looking at the new set photos with Tom Holland in his Spidey suit. I reckon she’s a solid 5’8 like yourself rob, perhaps 5’8.25. Nowhere near her 179 claim, it’s laughable.
Zaydaan Chowdhry said on 15/Oct/18
Just under 5ft 9
Warren said on 2/Jul/18
Height to foot size ratio has some variety. I'd say that has nothing to do with your attention
Skinny_kid said on 28/Jun/18
Zendaya is 5’10” in her bare feet. In fact, Zendaya wears European size 41 shoes which is a womens size 10 or 10½. I saw size 41 marked her her high heel shoes. So Zendaya cannot be shorter than 5’10” in her bare feet.
MAD SAM said on 22/Jun/18
177-178 cm Gigi makes her look really short by 6 cm, also she’s taller to Tom by 1-2 cm so this brings her height to 171-172 cm range, I don’t get it why would she claim herself at 179 cm
Tiemo said on 11/Jun/18
Honestly idk, she’s taller than Tom Holland’s by at least a couple inches so there’s that
Hyea said on 5/Apr/18
Zac Efron is in the 5'8-5'9 range. Taylor Swift is a strong 5'9. When Zac was standing next to Taylor without her heels on, she was the same height as Zac. When she was wearing a low small heel as well, Zac still wasn't shorter than her.

That being said. It's safe to say, Zendaya is in the 5'8-5'9 range, since Zac is, and she wasn't towering him on James Corden and in a few other segments. Zac was her height.

So... 5'8-5'9 range.
Lynx said on 1/Apr/18
lol i love how there're so many comments saying ''if she says she's 5'10 then she's 5'10'' wtf, if i say im 7ft im 7ft?
Like 70% of people (i would say more) say they're taller than they actually are.
jonas said on 22/Jan/18
This is laugable saying she is 5'8. Google her and see how she towers other Girls. You cant compare with Heidi Clum on different heals and when they Are sitting. And KD is a strong 6"10 not 6"9 and 3 quarters thats his height at 18
Editor Rob
Not sure why it's laughable, I mean you have her in heels beside Beckham Jr who measured just over 5ft 11 earlier in the day.

I think 5ft 10 is too high an estimate for her.
Anonymous said on 5/Jan/18
A girl can easily fake her height by wearing 4" heel 😂
My guess is 5'6".
Johnson said on 4/Jan/18
@Aleisha the problem is Zac Efron is not 5'10. He is clearly shorter that that
The Thinkerer said on 4/Jan/18
I don't think she's taller than 5'8 cause she and Zac Efron appear the same height and even shorter my top guess would be 5'8 no more.
Aleisha said on 2/Jan/18
Yeah I thought she is tall, like 5’10. Because in The Greatest Showman she is standing next to Zac Efron and looks almost same height as him. Maybe an inch shorter.
Allie said on 2/Jan/18
Her mom is for sure above 6 ft. But 6'4? Thats kind of laughable.
James said on 31/Dec/17
I honestly don't think her mom is 6'4". Maybe 6'1", or 6'2". As for her dad, GET OUTTA TOWN! He is probably only 5'11". Most importantly her height, I think more like 5'7", or even 5'8". Definitely not 5'10.5".
Allie said on 30/Dec/17
Because she consistently doesn't look 5'10 or 5'10.5 in pictures? And even when you see videos or bts pics with her costars she doesn't look THAT tall.
Anonymous said on 29/Dec/17
You all are saying that 5’10 it’s not her height, but if she has already said that it is, then what you know more than she does?!
Anonymous said on 27/Dec/17
Once again, people on here trying to downgrade a tall girls height....
Cristian said on 27/Dec/17
How tall is her mom?? She looks tiny next to her when she isn’t wearing heels m, I think that the huge heels she wears all the time make her appear to be closer to 6 feet but without them she looks pretty average height, short next to actually tall women like her mom.
Peter175 said on 26/Dec/17
Tom Holland and Zenny are very close with similar footware. 3-4 cms at most
Mimi said on 13/Dec/17
Click Here

Looks 5ft8 range with Fallon. I wouldn't go any closer to 5ft9 unless he's wearing big enough lifts
nada said on 9/Dec/17
She looks the same height if not an inch or so shorter than Zac Efron & James Corden, in photos from filming the latter's show. Zendaya's boot heel seems as high as their sneaker soles are thick. She & Efron are in similar wigs. Whatever the true heights of those two gents' are, she's close to it.

I find her acting, singing & dancing a bit hokey. That she makes most of her money off children yet markets herself as sexy & edgy is strange. However, the girl can strike a pose & appears levelheaded. If around 5'8, with her body type & an androgynous face "interesting" enough for fashion - she could be a model. Might even put the dull heiresses to shame on the catwalk.
Sweet potato said on 9/Nov/17
She's definitely a 5'7"5. She always claims to be 5'10", which is pretty false.
Anonymous said on 18/Oct/17
You guys are over exaggerating her height she's like 5'7 and I seen her in 2 inch heels and was still shorter than 5'9 Laura Harrier who towered everyone except Michael Keaton and Bokeem Woodbine in Spiderman
Realist said on 17/Oct/17
She is a pretty little liar I would say 5'7 at most maybe 5'10.5 in some nice heels
elijah said on 16/Oct/17
She's 1.5 inches taller than tom.
Kentopoto said on 12/Oct/17
She looks 5'6-5'7.5".
Joshua said on 10/Oct/17
She looks 5’7 in the Spider Man
Marine said on 24/Sep/17
Click Here
Click Here
with Heidi Klum (5.9)
She is probably almost 5.9
Mimi said on 13/Sep/17
She must be so sad she ain't as tall as her mommy so she's trying to make the world see her as this very tall girl. She is tall but not omg-you're-so-tall kind of tall.
Anon2 said on 4/Sep/17
I'm sorry, I can't see her measuring just under 5'9'' barefoot. That is way too much for her! she looks very similar to Tom Holland height wise. at most she's only 1/2 inch taller, which leaves her somewhere in the 5'7'' range.
Peter175 said on 3/Sep/17
She has Tom Holland by a decent inch to an inch and a half.

Not 3.5 inches which is what one would get when putting together his claim and her claim.
A shorter male and a taller female and the male is the honest one.... Such a strange circumstance
Morris said on 1/Sep/17
168-173cm max barefoot
andrew234 said on 31/Aug/17
For all of you saying that without heels she is around Tom's height, I'm pretty sure he wears lifts in a lot of those pictures when he is beside her
Anon2 said on 29/Aug/17
Without her heels, and in the same footwear, she is the same height as Tom Holland who is a decent 5'7''. She is probably almost 5'8'' at best. I could be wrong, I'm only going by what i've seen. Without her heels she would be around Toms height Click Here
Peter175 said on 26/Aug/17
Ari234, where was the shaming? Lol I'm fascinated by her being a girl who is so adamant about being tall. Not usual. Most women will bend their knees and stand more open legged and even rest their heads. Zendaya is always in huge heels, legs close together and straight with her head up. This gives her the illusion of being 5,10. In converse shoes she isn't more than 3cm on Holland

My girlfriend is about the same height as zendaya (5'8.25) and has slim model like proportions. I've always like women closer to my height and even dated 2 girls taller than me, don't know where you got that idea from. I can post a pic if you don't believe me. I brought it up because even as a guy of 5'9" I don't think she's that tall. I see girls taller than her all the time.

As for zendaya its clear to me she has a height complex. Exclaiming she's tall all the time. Bella thorn is the same. I'm certain both of these rich types visit doctors often and know their real heights exactly. I couldnt for a minute imagine myself being 5,11.5. Which is what she basically claims. Even 1 inch is huge
Warren said on 14/Aug/17
A little surprised she's almost the same height as me, I thought she's 5'10"
Victor Polk said on 12/Aug/17
She did say that she is 5'10 for a reason, while other people would agree that she looks like that.

So I say that she is 5'10.
Mark(5'9.5") said on 9/Aug/17
Going by her logic, Justin Timberlake would be nearly 6'2", but he isn't. He's an inch shorter than Tom Cavanagh (A real and true six footer).
Molly said on 30/Jul/17
She's 5'10. She's said it multiple times, she was taller than Val when she was on DWTS in heels so I don't know why people are still debating it. I think SHE would know how tall she is.
Editor Rob: she would know, but people can still give false heights. Not everybody is truthful.

For me, honesty = better, no matter the actual height of the person.
Ari234 said on 29/Jul/17
To Peter175. You sound pathetic. Maybe you're like 5 feet and were never able to get the tall girl in hs, which is why you have to shame. Why do you assume that she's trying? Most people who walk red carpets have decent posture. Wtf do you mean by military posture anyways?
Ashley. said on 27/Jul/17
She's definitely 5'8. Or even 5'7. My friend is 5'6 and took a picture with her. She was BARELY taller than him. She's not that tall all.
even said on 20/Jul/17
shes 5'10.5" - 2 inches = 5'8.5"
Peter175 said on 14/Jul/17
Also the reason she can pull off 5'9 sometimes is because she's one of the ONLY girls you see who will stand in military posture while in 4 inch heels. She's obsessed with being "tall" just like her co-star Bella thorne.
Editor Rob: growing up with tall parents, she probably thought she'd be over six foot.

Bella should get remeasured by a competent Physician, not Dr. Magoo.
Peter175 said on 14/Jul/17
Really surprised she feels so tall at 5'8 and some change. My GF doesn't seem THAT tall to me. Just 3 inches above average

It's 5'10.5 when girls start to get freakishly tall. She acts like she's nearly 6ft but nope. Just 5'8 and a bit
Siam abedin said on 12/Jul/17
No she's 5'10" definitely
Ben said on 11/Jul/17
Click Here

At 5:08 she says she's 5'10".
Jacob said on 10/Jul/17
I was at disbelieve of her 5'10 claim I was like no way
Peter175 said on 6/Jul/17
She is defo in the 5'8 range. The reason we see her as being a giant is because she was starring in a show full of short actors and she had her growth spurt early. I think she was the second tallest in that Disney show, including the males

She will never be 5'10-11 or even 5'9 for that matter. She is the same height as my GF, 5'8.25-5. She's still above average or tallish but not a giant girl like 5'11 or something.
Ally said on 5/Jul/17
Zendaya is really tall but she can't lie she is 5,8 she wants to be 6 foot and doesn't relive she's tall enough
Kelly said on 3/Jul/17
Zendaya is like 5,7 she wants to be tall I was actually expecting her to be really tall but 5,7 is still a lucky and tall height
Ally said on 28/Jun/17
Zendaya is 5,8
Kelly said on 19/Jun/17
Zendaya is taller than Bella by 2 inches but shorter than swift but she looks like 5,8 in k c undercover so she's tall taller than Bieber XD
Allie said on 19/Jun/17
Zendaya probably wants to appear taller because both her parents are over 6 ft. It is quite obvious that even as an adult both are several inches taller than her. I wouldn't blame her for being maybe a little insecure. In theory she should be at least 6 ft or taller but that didn't happen.

My guess is that both the parents were outliers and many of her aunts and uncles are likely not 6'1 or taller. 5'8.5 is perfect.
Kelly said on 17/Jun/17
In the show Casey under cover she appears to look 5,8 taller than Bieber XD
Peter175 said on 5/Jun/17
She's 5'8.5. Perfect fit.

She wants to be tall so badly. She is but not THAT tall. Her and her shake it up co-star seem obsessed with wanting to be tall. Not like most female celebrities to add 2-2.5 inches to their heights
Mimi said on 23/Apr/17
Rob,was she listed here at 5ft8.75 a few months ago? Because I was ata this page couple of months back and I think I remember her listed at that
Editor Rob: yes, but I thought 174cm on the nose seemed the best fit.

Ace said on 18/Apr/17
Yeah, there is no way she is anything above 5'8.5
Megrace said on 14/Apr/17
5"8 the body looks to short to be 5"10
Mouse22 said on 31/Mar/17
If I picture search 'Zendaya and Taylor Swift' and look at all the photos comparing them I think she isn't any taller than listed here. But almost everywhere else she's listed as 5'10" - who knows where they get that crazy height from.
Chris said on 5/Feb/17
Maybe 5"8 no taller. Never remember her standing out as tall but no seen any of her work too recently
Lis said on 30/Dec/16
I think 5'8ish is right for her, there's no way she's taller than 5'9. Her body is very similar to Bella Hadid, so I'd guess they're about the same height.
yipee said on 9/Dec/16
with 5'9 Zayn
Click Here
Click Here
yipee said on 9/Dec/16
with 5'9 Zayn
Click Here
Gary said on 5/Dec/16
No way she's only 5'8 she's a giant she's no less than 5'10.
Strong 5ft9 said on 3/Nov/16
@niki Large head? What the heck are you smoking? Her head is nowhere even close to being large, looks about 8" long. She's not 5'10", get over it. There is numerous evidence proving that she is most likely a weak 5'9". Lots of people tell me all the time that i look 5'10" rather than 5'9" (5'11" in some cases). Nobody knows what a true 5'9"-5'11" person looks like anymore, since a majority of guys who are 5'6-5'8" claiming those heights and thinking that 5'9"-5'11" people are short af (unless if they're a woman). smh.
Height revealer said on 6/Oct/16
@Pk that's a joke
Pk said on 26/Sep/16
Shes from anywhere in the range of 170-173.5cm
Jay said on 23/Sep/16
@James I agree. She's still as tall as the average guy, which is still big, but she should have been at least 6'0.
James said on 21/Sep/16
@James Unless the father is only 5' 7''
James said on 19/Sep/16
If her parents are well over six foot, she actually ended up pretty short. A mother over six foot is usually a guarantee of very tall height.
Height revealer said on 10/Sep/16
Well.. She's not shorter than Heidi though. Heidi looks to have larger heels as well Click Here
grizz said on 23/Aug/16
@Thorpe, even without heels, she would still have at least an inch over the current Spider-Man. What were they thinking?
Thorpe said on 19/Aug/16
Some updated picture of Tom Holland and Zendaya.

Click Here
Click Here
AJ said on 14/Aug/16
This girl needs an upgrade!
Shawn said on 30/Jul/16
5'8.5 is too low... With AS YOUR WEBSITE SAYS 5'9.5 Nancy O'dell. 5'9 minimum Click Here
Allie said on 19/Jul/16
Hi Rob! Do you really think Zendaya's mom is 6'4 like she claims? How about the father? I actually think her father looks shorter than her mother! Any height estimates for them?

Also, I think the tall gene both her parents possesed must have been a fluke or an Ireland Baldwin happened cause despite both her parents being 6 footers plus she barely passes for a 5'8-9 range.
Editor Rob: her parents do look several inches taller, her Mother over 6ft I am sure, although 6ft 4 looks a bit much.
Shawn said on 10/Jul/16
Why don't you believe her claim? Her mother is 6'4"
1997 said on 15/Jun/16
@niki kylie is 5.6, so 5.9 right for zen
niki said on 3/Jun/16

plus kylie is around 5'7-5'8 ( hailey is around 5'6-5'7, look at the heel difference)
so zendaya definetly around 5'10
bruh said on 1/Jun/16
No way she's shorter than 5'9'' she absolutely towers over both kylie jenner and hailey baldwin and they're between 5'6''-7''
That's got to be more than 2 inches

Click Here
niki said on 1/Jun/16
@strong 5ft 9
small head ? her head is huge and makes her look shorter/ smaller
she is 5'10
Strong 5ft 9 said on 30/May/16
What makes her so tall, is because of her small head and her slim figure. That's why most people seem to mistaken her as a sub 6 footer. But either way, i think 174cm is about right.
Leonardo said on 6/May/16
Zendaya Coleman is 173cm
AJ said on 1/May/16
Yes this is much better. Compared to Gigi and Kendall she does look more 5'8" range.
Yo said on 1/May/16
Good downgrade
Yo said on 28/Apr/16
She's shorter. Maybe a strong 5'8
Allie said on 26/Apr/16
Her parents are like 3/4's of a head taller than her. I'm convinced that both her parents being she claims at her mother is 6'4. though maybe 6'2 or something was most likely some fluke or something and the rest of the relatives/grandparents are probably average height. I mean, I haven't seen enough pics of the siblings but she's taller than two of her sisters I think.
Draxler said on 25/Apr/16
5'8 is perfect for Zendaya.
5'8.5 is a little probably
Yo said on 23/Apr/16
No way she's over 2 inches taller than Tika Sumpter... Down to 5'8?
tony t. said on 8/Mar/16
Yo said on 1/Jan/16
She's at least 5'10...

In boots...
DR said on 7/Jan/16
@184.3cm - Hmm perhaps. Maybe he needs his own page so we can assess further? ;) (Well if he were a bit more famous that is) Zendaya still towers him in heels.
Yo said on 1/Jan/16
She's at least 5'10...
184.3cm (Night) said on 31/Dec/15
That guy Valentin Chmerkovskiy looks 5'9 range. 6 foot? rofl. Look at his proportions, short legs, He isn't a big broad guy either since a young girl looks normal next to him.
Fray said on 30/Dec/15
I think its time for an upgrade.
Yo said on 20/Dec/15
Joe said on 18/Aug/15
Rob what is the difference between zendaya and the blonde headed girl Click Here ?
[Editor Rob: Joe, somewhere in 3-3.5 inches is possible. She looks like she has a bit more footwear though.]

The blond girl is 5'7.5" so...
Yo said on 19/Dec/15
@DR I agree. No way she is below 5'9.5" IMO. Right there she looks over 6' then lol
DR said on 18/Dec/15
Here she is with her former DWTS co-star Valentin Chmerkovskiy, who claims 6'0". Zendaya has always struck me as one who is the height she claims to be, although in this pic it looks like she's downgrading herself.

Click Here
savage said on 5/Dec/15
She looks at least 6ft
Star said on 29/Nov/15
She is young though. I know many girls who grew until they were 21. She could have grown.
john said on 21/Nov/15
She looks 5'9
Jay said on 5/Nov/15
She is not 5'7
Sophie said on 4/Nov/15
I think she's more like 5 ft 7 as she looks 3 inches shorter than Taylor in bad blood and all the pics with Taylor
Yo said on 31/Oct/15
What do you think of this, Rob? He claims she's in sneakers Click Here
[Editor Rob: impossible to tell without seeing if the sneakers are those type of ladies elevator high top sneakers.]
Allie said on 18/Oct/15
Surprised she's only 5'8-5'9 given her parents height. They don't look 6'4, Actually, scratch that. They look near it. More so with her mother. I think 6'4 may have been her morning height, she's looks 6'3. She doesn't even come up to their eyebrows.But I believe she was younger so who knows. But they do look 6'0 range obviously. Then again, judging from the pictures, Zendaya ended up being a skinny twig. Both her parents look like they could snap her with a hug tbh.

Sorry if that sounded mean but it's kind of the truth. Her parents look much more fuller and she just looks high fashion model skinny. Maybe both of them were the tall out liners while their siblings were short or average? Cause 5'8 range is by no means short in America for a female.
joe said on 12/Oct/15
Rob what do you think about this, she is in 5.5 inch heels with a one inch platform yet she isn't taller than kimmel. Do you think she might be only 5'8 flat? Click Here
[Editor Rob: the heels might give roughly 3.75 range so she has what, 2.75 inch theory she should be the same, it points to another instance of her being 173-4 range, unless she is dropping height that is hard to tell...I can't believe she is claiming 5ft 10.5 though]
mini said on 11/Oct/15
Nancy O'dell is 49, she was 177, but now sh"s not taller then174
Yo said on 9/Oct/15
Defiantly needs to be fixed.
Yo said on 8/Oct/15
Rob, she's at LEAST 5'9.5. With Nancy O'dell Click Here
kendallRose said on 7/Oct/15
Yo@ she 5.9 not taller then that. she is turn 19 not 14.
Jay said on 7/Oct/15
Nice updated pic. Should still be upgraded to atleast 5'9.
oliver said on 1/Oct/15
Looks like 5' 9 .
Matthew190 said on 4/Sep/15
She looks about as listed to me, although I haven't seen that much of her. Her mom is quite tall, a good amount taller than she is.
Jack said on 28/Aug/15
No offense to her, but it really annoys me when tall girls like her lie about their already awesome height and the funny thing is they usually always end up as "being 5'10" tall" (like taylor swift whos actually 5'9" something) because that height usually seen as "glamorous" and "model-ideal"......well guess what? It puts down guys like me who are actually 5'10" because people see her in person and thing 5'8" is 5'10" and therefore think 5'10" is "shortish".
Other then that, I think she's a wonderful person and amazing dancer.
x5foot4x said on 21/Aug/15
She looks so petite I think she's 5'7 tops
Joe said on 18/Aug/15
Rob what is the difference between zendaya and the blonde headed girl Click Here ?
[Editor Rob: Joe, somewhere in 3-3.5 inches is possible. She looks like she has a bit more footwear though.]
mini-mini said on 17/Aug/15
5.9 tall for girl
G-rara said on 10/Aug/15
Yeah, she's in the 5'10 range.
So Tall!
Jay said on 7/Aug/15
How tall is Kadeem Hardison?
Yo said on 7/Aug/15
Could you update the picture from something this year?
fray said on 6/Aug/15
@Dev, slip-ons with about .50" height. With slip-ons she was over 5'10", without, she would hit 5'10". An assistant had also measured her in stocking feet (I was not there) and stated she was a little under 178
Jay said on 3/Aug/15
She always looks tall on her show, and only wears shoes.
Fray said on 1/Aug/15
@Yoooooo I cast for clients (Runway/Print) as well as a costumer/tailor based in Burbank
Dev said on 1/Aug/15
@Fray Was this with or without shoes?
Yo said on 31/Jul/15
Could you update her picture from something this year?
Yoooooo said on 30/Jul/15
@Fray what is your "work"?
Fray said on 30/Jul/15
@Emily - Where did you get your info from? At work we had measured her - she was (don't know if she has grown more since then) a pretty good 5'10" (almost 178 ) and Bella is shorter than 5'8"
Emily said on 29/Jul/15
She is not 5.10, really 5.9 her max
Fiona said on 27/Jul/15
she reminds me a little bit of chanel iman.
fray said on 26/Jul/15
She WAS 5'8", but she was a kid still growing. Worked in wardrobe, and made things tougher as she shot up in height! She is at least 5'10". This needs an upgrade.
Allie said on 24/Jul/15
@Fiona - Omg you're so tall. :p. I'm 5'10 and 1/4.. apparently I'm the ideal female height.. I guess that's why a lot of women on this site have claimed it but are honestly only 5'7-5'9.. as in the case with Zendaya..

Anyways, this is right.. not really a weak 5'9 tbh.. and she's close in height to Lily A.. who isn't 5'7.. but looks to be a strong 5'8 imo..
Fiona said on 15/Jul/15
@LouLou 5.7 to 5.11 ideal female height, its not too, beautiful and leggy.
I am 6.1,5( I am real unfeminine ogre, I hate my height
Yo said on 13/Jul/15
@Celtic Warrior Bella is around 5'5/5'6
LouLou said on 10/Jul/15
Celtic Warrior 2 inches its over 5 cm! Iam 177 or 5.10 but when I'm wearing heels(only 2 inches or 5cm) I really feel like a giant, unfeminine ogre. I am taller than most people my age, even the doctor said so.
My twin sis sthorter then me 6cm over 2 inches, it is very noticeable,
for me bella is 5.7, zendaya 5.9
Mimi said on 10/Jul/15
zendaya ia 5.9 bell is 5.8
Celtic Warrior said on 9/Jul/15
Zendaya is 5'10 and Bella Thorne 5'8. It's really hard to notice the height difference when it's only 2 inches apart
Yo said on 1/Jul/15
If she is 5'8.75, Taylor Swift is around 5'7 lol
Najma said on 1/Jul/15
She is a solid 5'9
Dev said on 30/Jun/15
This needs a serious upgrade. She is 5'10".
Yo said on 29/Jun/15
She's claiming 6'4 with those giant heels. Click Here
nature spring said on 17/Jun/15
Look at her with the 5'6" bella thorne. She is 5'10" for me.
Joe said on 17/Jun/15
Click Here Rob how tall does trevor jackson who is standing next to zendaya look?
[Editor Rob: he could have between 4 and 5 inches over her there.]
Yo said on 16/Jun/15
@Derp Zendaya was in flats. Shay's had some heel.
Derp said on 15/Jun/15
Shay Mithcell looked taller than Zendaya in a recent photo.
Az said on 2/Jun/15
On that note, most celebrities I work with also have acne, cellulite, facial hair on women, arm pit fat, veins, you name it. Good Lighting and confidence take you to the next level. And great PR! Haha
Az said on 2/Jun/15
She is 5'8". Probably more 5'7.5" but sure, 5'8". That's a great height! But I meet a ton of celebs and it's funny how inflated heights get. It helps their "untouchable" quality from a PR standpoint but I feel it's a very negative impact on young people and for that reason I cannot support the lies. They are white lies in a sense but not when young people feel they need to be x height and x weight to be beautiful. A lot of these celebs are truly beautiful and way way shorter than they say. Teenagers and people struggling with security deserve to know how they "measure up" and that all shapes and sizes actually can be star-worthy beautiful oxx
Jay said on 1/Jun/15
Not buying that height Ax.
Yo said on 30/May/15
No, Ax is saying she's shorter than 5'8.
Natasha said on 28/May/15
ax@ that's mean she's over 5.8?
Ax said on 23/May/15
Nope. I met her in February and she is maybe 5'7" not more. My job is casting / models and production work for London fashion week NY fashion week etcetera. I see tall girls all the time and all the biggest models in the industry for near a decade. I know who is over 5'8". And I really know who is 5'10". Sorry Zendaya. Pretty girl though.
Natasha said on 21/May/15
5.9 right for her.
Bishop said on 19/May/15
I hope you know that I wasn't using that pic as comparison to Taylor. I was using it as comparing it to Lily and Martha. Lily is 5'8" and Martha is 5'10". Zendaya is the same height as Lily and shorter than Martha, so all the 5'10" claims are completely destroyed. Sorry about that :P
Yo said on 19/May/15
I'm leaning towards saying she's 5'9.
Jay said on 19/May/15
Bishop, I hope you don't uses that pic as proof. Taylor was clearly wearing super high heels, being covered by her pants. Martha Hunt is truly 5'10, yet somehow smaller then Taylor?
CS said on 17/May/15
I'm actually shocked that she is as tall as she is eve listed. She looks so petite to me
Yo said on 17/May/15
Click Here Zendaya, Lily Aldridge, Taylor Swift, Martha Hunt, and Hailee Steinfeld. Look through all the pictures for certain angles. Based off these I'd say Zendaya is around 5'8-5'8.5
Bishop said on 17/May/15
Rob, I think she's going to need a downgrade:

Click Here
Cooldude said on 13/May/15
Thank you Jay for ending the argument. I'm glad that we aren't arguing anymore. We can finally start talking about height again.
Bishop said on 11/May/15
With Robin Roberts, who is listed on google as 5'10" (and I think claims it):

Click Here

Their heels:

Click Here
Cooldude said on 10/May/15
Jay I am talking about when you replied to my comment from, June of 2013. You need to take reading classes. Stop annoying me no one was talking to you in the first place. I WAS TELLING EVERYONE STOP TALKING ABOUT THEIR HEIGHT BECAUSE THIS IS ABOUT ZENDAYAS HEIGHT. STOP BEING SO OBSESSED ITH OTHER BOYS.
Cooldude said on 9/May/15
I first commented in June 2013 so yo annoying behind better shut up. I wa telling people no one cares about yall height this is about zendaya. So be quiet jay. You act like somebody cares about you.
Adna said on 9/May/15
@coolkid Peyton list is 5'6 btw
kate said on 7/May/15
Oh my god Zendaya is only 5ft 10 I thought she was 6ft tall.
Jay said on 7/May/15
Hey Cooldude, if you knew how to read, I commented to same month you did in November 2014. Just because you're late, doesn't mean I don't have a life.
Cooldude said on 5/May/15
Hey Jay why don't you shut up and get a life instead of replying to my comment from June of 2013.
Skye said on 29/Apr/15
Rob, do you think Zendaya could've grown at least an inch now? I know that some girls just stop growing at about 14-16, but typically, I know some that grow past that may grow an extra inch.
Jay said on 29/Apr/15
Bella is not 5'5 Yo.
louise2002 said on 28/Apr/15
@Bishop my mom is 6.1 I am only 5.6& sis at age of 13 was 5.11.5 naw 22yo she is 6.0!!
5.9 for Zendaya...
Bishop said on 27/Apr/15
No, he isn't. He's listed here at 5'7" and there is evidence to prove that is pretty much the top-end of the range for him.

Haven't seen enough pictures of her with her mom to compare so don't know how tall she really is. Her dad looks maybe 6'1-2" range.
Skye said on 25/Apr/15
@Bishop - I see. I just googled pics of her parents, and they both look noticeably taller than her.. Imo, I find it odd that she only ends up being roughly 175cm while her parents look to be near the 6ft+ range (not so sure if I believe that her mom is exactly 6'4 though),
Dev said on 24/Apr/15
Zendaya is a solid 5'10"
nebule said on 24/Apr/15
@Bishop Nick's 5'9"
Yo said on 22/Apr/15
Bella Thorne is only around 5'5 maybe 5'5 1/2... Zendaya is around 5'8-5'9
Bishop said on 20/Apr/15
Yes, it was her mom.
Skye said on 18/Apr/15
Didn't she proclaim that one of her parents was 6'4?
Helga said on 15/Apr/15
Ciara is 176cm.
Zendaya 174-175 not taller then that
@ Kendall is only 4 cm taller then Cara, so 175 MAX
Jay said on 8/Apr/15
Kendall is 5'10. Don't see her any lower then that.
Bishop said on 7/Apr/15
Here are Ciara's heels:
Click Here
Click Here
They're the same as Zendaya's. Zendaya appears shorter because she's not standing straight, but this shows she's clearly not 5'10" like she or some here claim.

She's a lot taller than Kendall because she's closer to the camera and wearing much higher heels than her. And I don't think Kendall is as tall as she is listed here.
Yo said on 7/Apr/15
Yeah she is wearing 5.5 inch heels
Yo said on 6/Apr/15
Here she is with 6' Trevor Jackson - Click Here
Danielle said on 6/Apr/15
Click Here
Can she really tower over the jenner girls if she's only 5'9?
Jay said on 5/Apr/15
Bishop, you can't even see the heels on Ciara. Noway is she lower.
coolkid said on 29/Mar/15
I have Peyton list listed at 5'7" and here she is with Zendaya Click Here can't tell what shoes Peyton is wearing though. They look similar
Yo said on 29/Mar/15
I'd say between 5'8-5'9
Bishop said on 27/Mar/15
Here are pictures of her in similar heels with 5'8" Ciara:
Click Here
This listing is actually quite generous.
Jay said on 25/Mar/15
Still needs an upgrade.
Kira said on 7/Mar/15
She is 5.10... thanks for her huge head
Princess said on 2/Mar/15
I've met her and she pretty tall. I'm 5'8 and she wasn't too much taller than me so about 5'10 seems right.
Yo said on 26/Feb/15
No she is at least 5'10

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