How tall is Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne's Height

5ft 6 (167.6 cm)

American actress best known for tv series Shake It Up!. In June 2011 on her twitter she said "i'm 5'3" and in September 2012 "i am 5'6 now!" (her sister Dani that year said she was "5'5 and [i'm] 5'7"). In 2014 she said "i'm 5'7 and weigh 107 lbs" and also later in the year started saying "pretty sure I'm 5'8". In 2015 she proclaimed that she "Just got measured at the doctors and I am 5'8 so EFF U haters I'm not short." Her shoe size is "size 7 or 7.5 shoe".

How tall is Bella Thorne
Photo by PR Photos

How tall is Bella Thorne
Robbie Amell and Bella
Photo by kathclick/

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Average Guess (163 Votes)
5ft 6.07in (167.8cm)
Jodie said on 30/Apr/23
166 cm

if she was 5’8 she’d be the same height as robbie in those heels, can’t be anymore than a strong 5’5.
Comentarista said on 18/Feb/23
No more than 167cm
Daniel Lee 173 cm said on 12/Dec/22
she has a height complex, that is the reason why she has claimed 5'8
Daniel Lee 173 cm said on 12/Dec/22
She needs a downgrade
Click Here

She is 5'6-5'6.25" with high heels in this photo, the man's name is Tahj Mowry who is 5'4. I think he is gaining at most 0.3 inch with the pose of their feet.
A 1.74m finnwoman called Chloe said on 15/Oct/22
her claim is unrealistic as hell, even though, it manages to be more accurate than Zendaya's (ouch)
she seems to be 5'6"1/4 to me, 5'8" suits more Zendaya.
What do you think, Rob?
Jimmy_ESB_182 said on 23/Aug/22
In heels she still looks at least 3 inches shorter than Robbie.. whom many people don't even think is a full 5'11". No more than 167 imo
Hann said on 17/May/22
I guess Bella is over 170 cm
Warren said on 30/Aug/21
God trolls with no evidence and assumed her without footwear advantages.
Elene said on 9/Aug/21
167 cm looks tall
cupcake said on 13/May/21
I have a shocking story so One day in October 2019 I was walking down the street and I thought I saw Bella throne it was her but it didn't look like it was her cause of how petite she was when I walked up closer I was shocked but I didn't want to freak her out so I just asked for a picture I'm 5'5 3/4 and when we stood by side by side both of us barely having any foot wear I was so surprised I thought she was 5'7 but I was taller than her in the photo by at least 2 inches. I have come to realize Bella is a petite 5'3 1/2 inch that being said she couldve dropped some height there but I doubt it the highest she could've been and this is generous is 5'4" which is average but I'm sure shes 5'3 1/2
Infalible said on 9/May/21
168 cm
Megrace said on 31/Mar/21
5’6.25 max. I can’t see her being over 168 cm at all if zendaya is measured at 173
Badar said on 14/Mar/21
Definitely under 5'7.
heyyyyyyyy said on 26/Feb/21
168 cm MAX
janelane said on 11/Jan/21
She doesn't look like 5 ft 6 i guess she's 5 ft 5
stefkat said on 7/Jan/21
Rob compared to the pic of her with Robbie .How tall is she with the heels ?
What’s the lowest you would go for her and highest ?
Editor Rob
from that series of photos with Robbie, I thought she was 3-3.5 inches shorter, plus at least 2 inches extra footwear.

Hard to imagine she was over 5ft 6 barefoot really.
Alanna said on 3/Oct/20
Any chance of 5’6” 1/2
Editor Rob
Very highest I'd give her
Mimi said on 1/Oct/20
She's a very unlikeable girl and her claiming a height that is quite off from her actual stature is one of those things for me.
Leesheff85 said on 29/Sep/20
Shes clearly not 5ft 8 or she would look taller next to robbie amell than she does. Hes 6 foot in shoes and she still looks 3 or more inches shorter. If anything there more of a chance she could be 5ft 5.5 barefoot as those heels look to give 3.5 inches
Andy5'93/4 said on 2/Jul/20
Rob. If you had to pick one what would you lean more to. 5’5 3/4 or 5’6 1/4
Editor Rob
I'd go with 6.25
JohnMoore-162cm said on 24/Jun/20
@Rob-She looks at very most an inch taller than Deppy Ryan here :Click Here
I don't know how you did give her 5ft7 few years ago !
Editor Rob
Thorne can seem taller than Ryan...Ryan going back down to claiming 5ft 5 and Bella insisting she is 5ft 8 is hard to believe.

Though I can see at times 5ft 6.5 being possible for her, maybe measuring in sneakers near 5ft 8 isn't impossible, but barefoot I would be surprised.
JohnMoore-162cm said on 24/Jun/20
No way this girl is 5ft7 , she doesn't look that tall ..Bella Throne is weak 5ft6 and 5ft8 is out of the question !
Lover_thorn3 said on 9/May/20
Looking at photos of her and zendaya nowadays im not convinced shes a weak 5’6 maybe its bias but if zendayas 5ft8 1/2 then why isnt she nearly 3 inches taller than bella i think bella is more like 172cm-weak 5’8 range Click Here
Nik said on 12/Mar/20
It would be great to see a photograph of her with Rob Paul!
TheBat said on 24/Feb/20
Lol at 5'8". She's a weak 5'6"
uddipta saikia said on 20/Nov/19
168cm Same As Me 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Nuf said on 24/Aug/19
I would say something in between 5'6 and 5'7
Hannah323232 said on 2/Jul/19
5”5 or 5”6
khaled taban said on 19/Jun/19
Average vote is high, she isn't bigger than 5'6".
khaled taban said on 18/Jun/19
No way 5'7", 5'6" is the most I'd estimate
Stranger things fan said on 16/Jun/19
5’7 i think
Nik said on 8/Jun/19
It is interesting that she claimed to be 5'8"!
Nik said on 17/May/19
I like her shoes!
Dream said on 8/Jan/19
*nose sniffing*

Rob, what should I say to her claim if she dares to claim 5'8" in front of me? LOOL!
Editor Rob
Tell her the Doctor misreads 6's for 8's.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 11/Dec/18
Bella forget to added she was 5'8 in tiny platforms measure by her doctor. Thats nothing wrong. I'll gave her 5'6 1/4 at best.
Doink said on 5/Oct/18
Click Here

Still claiming 5-8 in this Wired Autocomplete interview
MAD SAM said on 29/Jun/18
Is 170 cm a possibility Rob ?
Editor Rob
I struggle to see her that tall barefoot.
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 22/Jun/18

Maybe Bella and Trump share the same doctor, lol.
Editor Rob
I'm sure he's got a long waiting list. The go-to Doctor for 'honest' height measurements, with a 5-year waiting list of new patients!
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 21/Jun/18
She must've either measured 5'8" at the doctor with high heels on or she's lying. There's no way she's 5'8" barefoot.
Editor Rob
But she said the Doctor certified her as 5ft 8!!
Butter wouldn't melt in this girl's mouth, surely!
Height revealer said on 20/Jun/18
In 2014 Tana said she was measured at 5’4” 1/2. She was 15-16 At that time, Not sure shes added height since then. Click Here
Height revealer said on 19/Jun/18
Rob, what do you think of this? Could she be below 5’6”? Tana only claims 5’5” and Bella looks shorter than her barefoot! Check out 15-30 seconds! Click Here
Editor Rob
Bear in mind Tana said this "Every time someone asks how tall I am I say a random number between 5'4 and 5'6 cause really idk", so she may well be 5ft 5-6 range herself.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 30/May/18
@Ms Laconia I believe you met her but if you look up to her i'm wondering you're not 5'6.5" but 5'5-5'5.5" seriously. Maybe you type wrong or something. One fact is Bella look at most 5'6 1/8 (167.9) maybe a full 168cm compare to actress she work with.
Height Revealer said on 11/Apr/18
Ms Laconia, why should we believe that? No doubting, just wondering
Ms Laconia said on 9/Apr/18
I met Bella at a CVS of all places. She was very nice and friendly too. I'm 5' 6.5" exactly and I definitely had to look up at her. I was surprised she was so tall. We were both wearing flip flops with no heels too. She is very pretty.
Nik said on 10/Jan/18
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

Thankyou for telling me Porkypine's name! It was also interesting what you said about her!

I like to see celebrities with footwear that stands out a bit, in a positive way of course! I also like Rita Ora's footwear and I said as such on her page last year and if you want to see more shoes like Bella's then visit Phoebe Waller-Bridge's page, a page I commented on yesterday!
I liked your previous comments on this page so I thought It would be good to get a conversation going with you!

Sandy Cowell said on 10/Jan/18
@ Nik - The chubby black kitten-cat is called Porkypine, and at five, she is my youngest cat. That is why she is often called a kitten-cat! Peelio was the same, and as they came from a shop which sold quite a few fairly off-colour animals, they didn't grow very big!
Sandy Cowell said on 10/Jan/18
@ Nik - Yes, they are rather nice, aren't they?
I wouldn't attempt wearing anything like that yet until I have had my operation!
I have a large black chubby kitten-cat sitting on me at the moment and I can't move! She is very heavy! She also makes me want to go to the toilet!

Have a good day!

Bella can have 5ft6 and a quarter!

(From Sandy - just in case my name doesn't come up!)
Tallish89 said on 9/Jan/18
@James 5'5 might be a bit to low

More 167 a weak 5'6
Nik said on 9/Jan/18
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

I like her shoes! Look around on the Internet for a pair!

No way is she 5'8"! Realistically she is 5'6" - 5'6.25"!

James said on 31/Dec/17
I'm pretty sure she isn't 5'8". I think more like...5'5" exactly. A legit liar.
Anonymous said on 26/Nov/17
She is the same height or even smaller than Nina Dobrev.
Xavier said on 24/Nov/17
Typical Hollywood . They lie about their height.
She is 5 foot 6. Maybe 5 foot 6 and a half. 5 foot 6 is a good height
for a woman in my opinion.
Amanda said on 29/Oct/17
Click Here
Hello Rob in this pictures bella thorne next to isabeli fontana looks like 5’5.5 ,not even 5’6. But sometimes she really looks like 5’6.5 i don’t know why.
Editor Rob
she looks miles away from her claim of 5ft 8 when standing with a model like Fontana!
Faza said on 25/Oct/17
Doctor measurements can be off for sure my brother got measured at 188cm in socks and he thinks he is weak 6ft going off home measurents is done 2 inches seems a lot now of he said his height as 6ft2 which the doctor read out to him je would look silly shows how easy it can be for most folks to claim an extra 2 inches without telling a lie
Editor Rob
yeah, not all Doctor or Nurse measurements will be bang on accurate, a proportion may be off, whether due to poor technique (touching hair and not skull), misreadings, measuring in shoes/sneakers (no person should ever give a height in shoes, it's not part of a human for god's sake :) )
Junior said on 17/Oct/17
She had pretty assets but shes a typical liar at 5'6 claiming 5'8.
Height Revealer said on 16/Oct/17
Rob, there may be a chance she's taller than Mod Sun. Don't think she's shorter than him.
Editor Rob
they have one thing in common...both of them claim 5ft 8!
Mimi said on 13/Oct/17
As an almost 5ft8 girl, I take offense with [her] claiming 5ft8.
Joshua said on 11/Oct/17
She looks 5’5 with Zendaya
Morris said on 8/Oct/17
She is no more than 164-165cm without shoes also less but a medium-high height surely. 160-162 is a medium height for girls.
asdf said on 17/Sep/17
Amy Schumer, who is 5'6.5-7 is clearly taller than her, so, period.
5'6 for Bella
Click Here
Mimi said on 3/Sep/17
5ft8 my ass. GURL you're lucky to hit 5ft6.5 sosit yo butt down.
Mark(5'9.5 said on 19/Aug/17
Rob, should I meet her in the disguise of a male Wonder Woman in Wonder heels? 😂😂😂😂😂
Editor Rob
I'm not sure, but I'd love to measure this see her reaction when she finds out what her real height is!
tony t. said on 6/Aug/17
Certainly nothing over 5'6.5. Even then it would be on a very very lucky day for her lol
banana said on 4/Aug/17
5'8 seems right for her
Mark(5'9.5") said on 29/Jul/17
Rob, Big G would love to date her! 😂😂😂Jk jk! She'd reject him! 😂😂😂

Jeez, I'm so mean nowadays! I'll tone it down more!
Bert91 said on 25/Jul/17
Looked around the same height as Halston Sage in their new movie.

I think this listing is fine or maybe 0.25 inches taller, but I don't see her as a weak 5'7" or even 5'6.5
Jacob said on 23/Jul/17
Reminds me of a girl I know claims 5'8.5 really like 5'6.5-5'7 or maybe even 5'7" and half
Sandy Cowell said on 21/Jul/17
I seriously rate Bella's shoes, not that I'm planning on nicking them or nuffink!
Where the blazes can I buy a pair of size 3's, nice and wide, preferably in a gorgeous deep pink, or failing that, black will do nicely?
Can anyone help me?

Meanwhile, I will give this lovely girl 5ft6 and a quarter.

👠👠👗👑 👍
Editor Rob
Bella took great offence over people questioning her height on twitter, even saying 'fact' in reference to the Doctor measuring her 5ft 8.

I would say it was impossible for her to stand that tall barefoot.
even said on 20/Jul/17
shes 5 foot 6 and no more than 105 pounds .
SLAYEVERYDAYY said on 20/Jul/17
Lmao Bella Thorne is 5'8 now she sex looks it she got taller but i might add she is taller than the veronica Dunne who is legit 5'7 I know because there characters on kc undercover they hung out please tell me this is reasonable evidence Rob
Siam abedin said on 12/Jul/17
No she's really tall she's definitely 5'8"
Ally said on 5/Jul/17
That seems right 5,6 is like tall
Kelly said on 3/Jul/17
She is only a little bit shorter than zendaya I would have to say 5,6 and a half
Kelly said on 16/Jun/17
Heals? Ok 😌 5"7 without 5'6 5 foot 6 is the taller ppl
Height Revealer said on 15/May/17
Rob, how come Dani and Bella are listed the same? Bella has some height on her with multiple accounts of evidence. And Dani is 5'7" anyway. Bella edges her out Click Here
Editor Rob
from all I've seen, I didn't think either seemed to be say a consistent inch taller than the other,, hence I gave them both the same...
Peter175 said on 15/May/17
Hahahah good one Rob 😂
anyonmious said on 10/May/17
I say she is five foot five without heels
Nik said on 8/May/17
She's actually quite tall!
Peter175 said on 4/May/17
Why does she lie for though?

5'6 isn't short, it's average
Editor Rob
she may not be lying, she may simply be using the notorious height-boosting Doctor of New York, whose clients included President Donald Trump, Mr. Glenn Cunningham and Dwayne Johnson.
176cm guy said on 28/Apr/17
When i got measured at the doctors, She told me i'm 5'8" but when i did Big Rob's measuring method, i got 5'9.25". Both night heights at the same day btw. So this time i was undermeasured by the same doctor, that got my sister at 5 feet but even though i measured her at 4'10 5/8".
Chris said on 5/Feb/17
Looked very tall in the tall wearing heels. I think maybe around 5"7
Jay said on 25/Jan/17
@anonymous, many of the female actresses have grown past 14/15, like Miley, Zendaya, Selena, Peyton List, Bailee Madison etc
anonymous said on 2/Jan/17
how can she get taller at age 14-18? is she a late bloomer??
chris said on 19/Dec/16
charlie puth was a good 3 inches taller than her in recent pictures of them together and he's only 5'8 she's probably 5'5 and wears heels or lifts often
Height Revealer said on 20/Nov/16
She is clearly taller than her sister Dani, Rob. Sho there is no way she is 5'6. What do you think of that
Strong 5ft9 said on 21/Sep/16
My sister got measured at the doctors and she got 5ft. While a week or 2 weeks before, i got her at 4'10 5/8". Something seems fishy to me lol.
Editor Rob
was the Dr a Harold Bernstein per chance?

Heard he's the go to guy in NY for height measurements...
Brandon said on 14/Sep/16
I got measured at the doctor once 2 inches shorter than my ACTUAL height. I had a friend who went to 2 different doctors within a couple of days, one measured him at 6'2.5" and the other at 6'3.5", both barefoot and in the morning. My 5'10" cousin was measured 6'0" but get this, he was measured 6'0" when he was 5'8" a couple years ago. How he got measured 4 inches taller than his actual height is beyond me. To this day he claims 6'0" even though i'm 5'11.25" and visibly taller than him. He is really about 5'10" flat now. I've had some measure me and tell me exactly my height within 1/8th of an inch, and others say "well you're about this tall,close enough." I've heard of some people getting measured in their shoes, I don't know if that's true but it wouldn't surprise me. It just depends on the person measuring you and the equipment available.
spainmen191cm said on 7/Sep/16
Rob, do you think that sometimes doctors can measure a peerson wrong, and its more accurate to measure yourself using the aerosol wall measurement?
Editor Rob
it's natural for errors to occur in some measurements - a nurse or Doctor might misread, the equipment might have a flimsy part and it bends or doesn't touch your head. I'd say in most cases you are probably fine, but I can understand how dodgy readings do occur.
Elle said on 21/Aug/16
I think Bella does look like a solid 5'8 and that her ex-boyfriend wheres shoe lifts.
bruh said on 9/Aug/16
@Height revealer
No way she's 5'8''. If she's that tall then Zendaya seriously needs an upgrade (which i think she does anyway)

Zendaya-red-carpet-L-A-premiere-Alexander-And-The-Terrible-Horrible-No-Good-Very-Bad-Day.html" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Click Here

She's still a bit shorter than her boyfriend Gregg Sulkin listed as 5'9'' in heels mind you
Click Here
Jay said on 5/Aug/16
Still over 5'6
Shawn said on 30/Jul/16
She is 5'5... 5'6 MAX Rob... Downgrade Click Here
Height revealer said on 10/Jul/16
She is taller than Dani, clearly. In other photos you can see they have the same brand of shoe on Click Here

Why do you not see her as a solid 5'8", Rob she looks it
Chchg said on 10/Jul/16
She is a way taller then the 5"5 tall Jason Earles... She is 5"7.5 or taller
Shawn said on 10/Jul/16
She's gotta be at least 5'7.5, she's taller than Dani
Shaun said on 8/Jul/16
Rob, there is no way her and Dani aren't the same height
Saqib said on 16/Jun/16
Wtf i thought this girl was like 25, turns out shes only 1 year older than me.
Yo said on 7/Jun/16
Do you think she could be over 6'0 in these Rob? Click Here
Editor Rob
those are the kind of heels you don't want to get a wobble in, as it could damage ankle ligaments.

Yes she'd be very close to 6ft, they should give over 5 inches that style, but not a full 6 inches.
Ana said on 4/Jun/16
Seems about 169 to me but 173cm (googles listing)?? Why do all celebrities up there height??
Larry said on 10/May/16
I agree with Shawn. You can clearly see Bella is taller in this photo: Click Here

Bella is 5'7.5 if Dani says she is 5'7
Shawn said on 8/May/16
But Bella is taller than her...?
Editor Rob
not really sure she is taller
Shawn said on 5/May/16
Rob, what do you think of this? She is clearly in the same than her sister Dani who's measurements are listed at 5'9... The same website used to say 5'7.5 Click Here

There can't be 2-3 inches between them.

Click Here
Editor Rob
Dani doesn't even claim 5ft 9, many model agencies like to add a couple of inches.
Dani's claim is 5ft 7...
tony t. said on 26/Apr/16
Jay said on 10/Apr/16
@tony t, so you agree that she's atlesat 5'6.5 then?

No. What I said was for ppl saying she's over 5'6.5, 5'7 etc.. You can clearly tell she's AT MOST 5'6.5. She is MAYBE that on her best day.
Sal said on 13/Apr/16
Rob, that article said that:" our entertainment sources confirm that Bella Thorn is not an inch over 5’5″. What do you think about that?
Editor Rob
I don't know what the source is, but at times she can look 5ft 5, 6 and even over that, but typically I feel near 5ft 6 is fine.
Sal said on 13/Apr/16
Rob, do you think that Yo's article writer took that information from ur website?
Editor Rob
yes bellapetite will have taken a bit of the quotes...

I think over 12 years I've spent on average at least an hour a day searching for is time-consuming stuff, although twitter has been a godsend and has helped a lot.
Yo said on 11/Apr/16
This is funny Click Here
Sal said on 11/Apr/16
Click Here I don't believe that she's more than 5'6
Sal said on 11/Apr/16
I'm not convinced about the pic she posed with Dani because it's what she posted on her insta and everyone wants to be the better looking one on the social media
Sal said on 11/Apr/16
Rob, what do you think about her height this pic and the others? Click Here
Editor Rob
there's a comment above with heidi klum and bella...I think we'd struggle to say she is only 1 inch shorter than heidi.
Jay said on 10/Apr/16
@tony t, so you agree that she's atlesat 5'6.5 then?
Yo said on 8/Apr/16
Bella and Dani are like twins. 5'6 is too low for her. Click Here
tony t. said on 2/Apr/16
Anyone who thinks she's over 5'6.5 needs their eyes examined.
Yo said on 13/Mar/16
How tall, just looking at her... without knowing any other knowledge, of how tall do you think Bella looks in this picture, Rob? Click Here
Editor Rob
probably 5ft 7 range in that photo...but you could photograph some 5ft 6 women and make them appear 2-3 inches taller with the right lens and angle, plus other people could influence the perception of how tall they look.
Jay said on 15/Feb/16
DR that first pic is not a year old, it's from early 2013. She definitely grew since then.
DR said on 1/Feb/16
Um, a "year ago" was when she started claiming 5'8". Actually more than a year ago - the quotes Rob lists begin in mid-late 2014. Here's one more: her and 5'7.75" Ed Sheeran are the EXACT same height, and she's wearing four inch platforms. Pic was taken June 21, 2015.

Click Here

I get that she wants to be 5'8", it's the sort of gateway height to tall, female model status, but if you're not 5'8", you're not 5'8". Just how it is :-)
Allie said on 30/Jan/16
If Dani agrncy says 5'7.5 she's probably 170. Gotta add that half inch.
Editor Rob
dani herself has given that 7.5 and 5ft 7 on twitter
Yo said on 28/Jan/16
@DR using pics from over a year ago doesn't make an a good argument
DR said on 27/Jan/16

The 5'8" Rydel Lynch is marginally taller than her: Click Here
Same height as 5'6" Peyton List: Click Here
Still quite a bit shorter than 5'9" Gregg Sulkin: Click Here
Still not even with 5'9.5" Tyler Posey and those are some massive heels: Click Here
Same height as 5'7.5" Dylan Minnette and who knows how big her heels were here: Click Here
But most convincing, barely edges out the 5'4" Claudia Lee: Click Here

Not sure why it seems people are so harsh to the fact that she's not 5'8", unless Bella herself is on this board. 5'6" is a just fine height for a girl and anyway, she's a wonderful actress regardless of her height.
Yo said on 26/Jan/16
No way Bella is 5'6" regardless of how much you think the camera angle effects the picture. Bella isn't standing straight either Click Here
Yo said on 24/Jan/16
Rob what do you think of that picture... She is clearly taller
Editor Rob
I don't know if bella is nearer the camera, in photos of them I'd say they could look quite close, she did say 5ft 7 and 7.5, but I haven't looked at dani with other people.
Jay said on 23/Jan/16
I see people are still trying to downgrade even below 5'6....
Yo said on 23/Jan/16
Well then... She looks clearly taller than her 5'7.5 sister, Dani. Click Here (According to her agency) No way she is 5'6"

Click Here
Aligatorr said on 18/Jan/16
Look 5'7 for me
With the 5'2 Dove Cameron who is in maybe 5-6 inch shoes : Click Here
With her 5'9 boyfriend Gregg Sulkin (but I think Gregg is 5'10-11) Click Here
And this in the same day : Click Here Click Here Click Here
Same day: Click Here Click Here
And she listed in CSI 5'7 Click Here
With the 5'8.75 Zendaya in normal heels : Click Here
Yo said on 12/Jan/16
It is really odd... She looked around the same as her 5'7.5 sister recently
Hg said on 11/Jan/16
Rob, she is actually 5'5.5 because next to Victoria Justice she is exactly the same height in flats. Also next to a 5'6 person she was slightly shorter and could have been wearing similar heels. She looks a lot shorter without heels. But I see how you got 5'6.
Yo said on 5/Jan/16
@DR how about you use a picture that gives a fair camera angle... There is not a huge difference between them Click Here
Ps said on 4/Jan/16
Rob, based off just looking at... could she pass for 5'8"? Click Here
Editor Rob
not from that photo, but you could take a bunch of photos of a 5ft 6 range girl and she might look 5ft 7-8 in them. Add heels to the mix and it always can create a taller illusion.
DR said on 3/Jan/16
On the contrary, 5'7" Schumer edges her out and Bella also has bigger heels. 5'6" looks to be right on the mark for her and might even be her morning height. She has long legs and those can be very tricky and fool a lot of people. My mother was 5'1" and had leg proportions like Bella's, and everyone guessed her to be 5'4" range.

IMHO she looks 5'5" 1/2 when standing next to her 5'9" boyfriend. She doesn't even come up to his height in gigantic platforms. Frankly I am not sure who she is trying to fool claiming to be 5'8" :-)

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Fray said on 30/Dec/15
@Yo..according to my mum I was the cutest baby... but then I saw the photos #sad
Yo said on 30/Dec/15
Rob, you might be downgrading her too much. She has shown 5'7" many times.

With Amy Schumer (5'7): Click Here

They look EXACTLY the same.

Then again with Julia Goldani(5'7): Click Here

Then with Katie Stevens (5'2 1/2) she looks a solid head taller.

Click Here

She is above average for a female. 5'7" seems good for her Rob...
TheCool said on 19/Dec/15
5'7" @Rob Click Here
Yo said on 18/Dec/15
Accord to her mother she is 5'8 with out shoes... Read comments Click Here
Yo said on 13/Dec/15
Two inch difference between her and Gregg? Click Here
Editor Rob
looks somewhere in that range, plus however much heel difference (roughly 2 inch)
Fray said on 11/Dec/15
@ Rob - Agreed on her 5'8" wish. If she grew from when she was at the show, then MAYBE now she's 5'6"...but she did not hit that height then.
Editor Rob
I saw a recent photo of her near Hendricks...I think her Dr must have humoured her saying she was 5ft 8, either that or she's telling a little white lie.
Yo said on 12/Nov/15
With 5'11 Robbie Amell Click Here
5'7" might be a better mark for her.
Yo said on 12/Nov/15
@Julia I wouldn't judge by that picture. Heidi has the camera advantage and has slightly more footwear.
Julia said on 11/Nov/15
5'6" seems accurate. Here she is with 5'9" Heidi Klum Click Here
Editor Rob
I think Bella has a bit of a wish to be 5ft 8 and her Doctor generously made a mistake telling her she was 5ft 8...
Yo said on 22/Oct/15
Rob, what is the difference between her and 5' 1/2 Mae Whitman?Click Here
Editor Rob
in the photo it could look 6 inch range.
Yo said on 22/Oct/15
@DR that picture is not from this year
DR said on 21/Oct/15
If she's 5'8" then why does 5'8" Zac Efron tower over her?? (pic is from earlier this year, not a long time ago). Plus she always wears ridiculously oversized heels, which doubles the height you have to subtract in every picture of her.

Click Here
Kojic said on 17/Oct/15
@Yo Peyton List is always consistent being 5'6". Unlike Bella claiming to be 5'7" or taller
Kojic said on 17/Oct/15
@Yo Peyton's claim is only 5'6" and she is always consistent being 5'6". Unlike Bella always claiming to be 5'7" or taller.
Yo said on 11/Oct/15
They are close... Click Here
Yo said on 11/Oct/15
I think Peyton List might be taller than her. Click Here
Kojic said on 27/Sep/15
@Yo but i still think she is not 5'8"
Yo said on 23/Sep/15
Here she is with "almost 5'8" Cambrie Schroder: Click Here
The pic
Click Here
Yo said on 20/Sep/15
Was it possible for her to grow over the past year? Because she obviously grew in other places...(should know what I'm talking about)
Fray said on 19/Sep/15
She is not 5'8" or even a full 5'6". Click Here
Yo said on 16/Sep/15
Skyler is at least 5'6"
Kojic said on 16/Sep/15
Thanks @Victorina that photo is accurate enough for @Jay to see
Victorina said on 13/Sep/15
With "5'5" Skyler Samuels.

Click Here
Yo said on 30/Aug/15
Rob, what is the difference from them? 2015 MTV Video Music Awards : Click Here
Editor Rob
in that photo he could be nearly an inch taller, she has possibly 2.2-2.3 footwear advantage.
Kojic said on 23/Aug/15
@G-rara exactly
G-rara said on 19/Aug/15
She Just Seems Short to be 5'8...
Kojic said on 18/Aug/15
@Yo but I still dont think she is 5'8" tho
Yo said on 16/Aug/15
@Kojic yes proof: Click Here
Kojic said on 14/Aug/15
@Jay sorry for the wrong grammar i was sleepy lol
Kojic said on 14/Aug/15
@Yo are you sure that her brother is 5'11"?
Kojic said on 10/Aug/15
@Jay i know u have a like bella as much as any fans would and i think she is hot too but i dont think she is 5'8" height is not a way to look at someone's beauty pics are accurate. She only have this good figure for anybody to tell she is 5'8". I believe 5'6" is her tallest.
Sixty percent said on 10/Aug/15
@Jay she could be 5'6" or 5'6.5" she doesnt tower Victoria that much
Yo said on 9/Aug/15
She doesn't look much shorter 5'11 brother, she can look 5'5 at times or 5'8. Click Here
Jay said on 7/Aug/15
Sixty Percent, Victoria is listed as 5'5.5 on here. And there are several picture of Bella taller than her.
Sixty percent said on 7/Aug/15
@Yo yes i believe you. 5'6" or 5'6.5" could be her tallest
Yo said on 6/Aug/15
She doesn't even tower over 5'2 Dove Cameron, even in platform heels and Dove in normal heels. Click Here
Andred said on 5/Aug/15
5'6 is spot on, maybe 5'6.5. Looks that height beside Gregg.
Sixty percent said on 4/Aug/15
@Yo i think gregg is not full 5'9" too
Sixty percent said on 4/Aug/15
@Jay she is the same (or maybe slightly taller but not towering) the 5'5" Victoria Justice
Sixty percent said on 3/Aug/15
But she looks the same height as the 5'5" victoria justice
Jay said on 3/Aug/15
YOOOO's pick looks more accurate. There's no leaning or tricky angles. Not below 5'6, but I believe she's over.
elizabethh said on 1/Aug/15
she looks 5'8
celestine17 said on 1/Aug/15
Hey Rob! Can you find how tall madison beer is?
Yo said on 31/Jul/15
I honestly don't think Gregg is a full 5'9.
Nat said on 31/Jul/15
Her boyfriend is 5'9", she looks 5'5"-5'6" here
Haha said on 31/Jul/15
@Yooooo she still looks 5'6" bc if she is really 5'8" she and 5'9 greg will not have a kinda huge difference.
Yooooo said on 30/Jul/15
Looks 5'7/5'8 here... What do you think? Click Here
Yo said on 29/Jul/15
I'm starting to lean toward 5'6/5'7
Nat said on 26/Jul/15
Click Here Click Here 5'5"
mallow said on 9/Jul/15
Yo, hands down! ;)
Yo said on 6/Jul/15
She can actually pull off 5'8 at times but 5'6 is a good mark.
Yo said on 4/Jul/15
With 5'7 Madison Grace. Downgrade to 5'5.
Yo said on 1/Jul/15
Heels are just a way to hide true height.
Yo said on 1/Jul/15
With 5'4 Tahj Mowry... Click Here
Yo said on 30/Jun/15
@Nat that's a bad angel, Can't judge by that photo.
Nat said on 29/Jun/15
Bella with 5'7.75" Ed Sheeran .. Click Here she's 5'5 max
Yo said on 29/Jun/15
I'm not saying she is, but she looks closer to 5'5 then 5'7
Jay said on 28/Jun/15
So from what I got from Yo's post is Bella is now 5'4.5.....
black and red said on 26/Jun/15
Rob you think Bella's slender figure makes her look taller that's why she claims that she is 5'8"?
Editor Rob
she has a good figure to look 5ft 7 or 8 at times in photos
Catt said on 25/Jun/15
Rob, is there a way to get shorter, 1-2 inches shorter :)
Editor Rob
yes, take the lifts out your shoes.

But really, you can adjust your posture to drop height...wearing heels actually helps a lot of women hold a more upright posture.
ikib said on 24/Jun/15
@Yo I like your point of view
Yo said on 23/Jun/15
Bella's fan will do anything to defend her, they agree with her no matter what.
Heightgirl said on 23/Jun/15
5'5 1/2 MAX. With Victoria justice (5'5) she is exactly (if not shorter) the same height (from a photo taken in April 2015). It's pretty obvious she is not 5'8.
Yo said on 22/Jun/15
How high do you think these heels are? Click Here
Editor Rob
they should give a little over 3 inches, probably 3.2
Yo said on 22/Jun/15
Bella took a picture with Kat McNamara who claims to be 5'4 1/2.
Proof: Click Here
Bella looks about the same as her here... Click Here
ikib said on 19/Jun/15
@Nat she's in heels. Duh.
Nat said on 18/Jun/15
With 5'9" Gregg Sulkin Click Here
Allie said on 16/Jun/15
Given her age, unless she pulls off a Sharapova type spurt, she's staying in 5'5-5'6 range. 5'7 at the very most. If she does grow.
nature spring said on 16/Jun/15
@Yo hahahahaahh she's mad
nature spring said on 16/Jun/15
She is not 5'8"
Honestone said on 14/Jun/15
She's like 5'7... At morning
jack said on 11/Jun/15
she wore converse an her sister 5'7 wore scandals and she's still taller than bella and it's easily to see that dani had both poor poster and position
bella is 5"8 said on 10/Jun/15
You go to bella instagram and see her pic with sisters so say your idea
jane said on 9/Jun/15
fake , im 5'7 and i look taller than her......
Jay said on 7/Jun/15
Great choice Rob!
Editor Rob
I used to have a teenag mutants t-shirt or 3 as a teenager...I also used to have a Belt...just like Bella's.
Yo said on 5/Jun/15
She blocked me on Twitter for saying she was lying about being 5'8.
Editor Rob
I'd have said, 'Bella, can I have the name of your Dr, I'm 5ft 8 and want to be measured taller like you!"
Yo said on 1/Jun/15
I'm not sure if she's as low as 5'5 but she's around it.
ikib said on 31/May/15
The thing is there are already lots of evidences that bella is 5'5" to 5'6" nice work @Yo.
Yo said on 30/May/15
Here is proof of Bella being in the 5'5 range. Click Here look at 1:49... Her and kate both standing straight.
Yo said on 30/May/15
... I watched it too. It took boots for Bella to be as tall as Zendaya, Zendaya was in flats.
Jay said on 29/May/15
Can we get an updated pic Rob?
Editor Rob
what about one with her in a ninja turtles t-shirt?
Jack said on 29/May/15
And she always uses that pose with every one. The pic with debby ryan is an example
Jack said on 29/May/15
No with kate bosworth you can base on the straight line of the wall corner and you use move parallel to their head. U can easily see that they almost same height. But in the pic she stood alone with kate(bella leaning pose - easily seen when she pointed her shoulder to the camera) she them seems to be tall. That 's the question
Editor Rob
sometimes being in the middle of photos can be advantage, other times maybe a disadvantage. That's why the more photos you see of somebody, maybe they start looking around a certain height more often with others.
Wilson said on 29/May/15
She was just on with Zendaya on KC Undercover. It seems like they were both in tennis shoes but regardless, Bella was a couple of inches shorter than Zendaya was. I would say she's in the 5'7" but she has some very long legs that could throw us off.
Regardless, she has a perfect figure, her long red hair fits her perfectly to her skin tone and I can look at those legs all day long!
delvin said on 29/May/15
Who lies more about their height? Big g or Bella thorne
Editor Rob
I wonder if any of these celebrities ever would do a vidoe measurement...I suppose we would love to see it, then there wouldn't be any arguments!

At least you'd you might still say 'she has socks with lifts', it wasn't touching her hair...the stadiometer is rigged, she's just woken up and it's nearly her morning height :)

I think Bella is rounding up a fair bit, maybe she does it a bit more than big G, BUT big G recently came out with his outrageous statement that luckily people see him as 5ft 9 or 10.

Unbelievable, I put that to Jenny live, after I made a video she said she thought he was the same height as her sister who is a weak 5ft 6!
Jack said on 28/May/15
rob, does her leaning side post makes her looks taller. Bcause it causes an effect with the camera that makes you bigger when you re standing near it
Editor Rob
with katie? I don't think there is any advantage either person has, both look roughly same from camera.
ikib said on 28/May/15
Rob, I think if that's her difference between either the 5'2 1/2 or 5'3" then there's no way that she's 5'8" even though she claims that. 5'6" is a spot on or 5'7" on a good day.
ikib said on 28/May/15
@Yo yeah yeah. She is a pretty lady though so it is kind off too much for her to fight about her height.
Yo said on 27/May/15
Her and 5'2 1/2 Katie Stevens. Click Here
Editor Rob
Katie has said 5ft 3 a few times, in a couple other photos there's a bigger difference nearer 4 inches but maybe bella has better posture.
Yo said on 27/May/15
It makes it obvious she's lying.
ikib said on 26/May/15
And why does she always have to angrily defend and fight her haters about her height?
ikib said on 26/May/15
She looks 5'5" next to Debby Ryan though
Yo said on 26/May/15
Here she is with her 5'5 sister. Click Here Bella looks shorter but her sister has larger footwear.
anonymous said on 26/May/15
Wouldn't say she's far off her 5'8 claim going by recent pictures but 5'6 isn't short, I'd put her at 5!7 for now
moody said on 26/May/15
@Yo real funny haha you are claiming bella to be 5'8" before now you are telling us that she's 5'5" below
moody said on 23/May/15
I now agree with Yo. Jay and Josh she is tall but not 5'7" and beyond
Yo said on 21/May/15
Less than an inch taller than Debby Ryan Click Here
Yo said on 21/May/15
Her w/ 5'4 Brittany Snow. Click Here In between 5'5-5'6.5
H said on 20/May/15
@TJE and she s not
TJE said on 19/May/15
She's gotta be a little bit taller than Kylie Jenner.
Yo said on 14/May/15
Lol. You can certainly tell she's lieing about the doctor measuring her at 5'8 when she said "EFF U haters"
Bishop said on 13/May/15
Seems tricky to pin down but a little over 5'6" is possible.
Josh said on 11/May/15
The most I would go for her would be 5'7. She could be a bit over 5'6 on a good day, but seeing all these pics of her it's hard seeing her over that. She looks a solid 3-4 inches shorter than 5'9.5 Tyler Posey.
moody said on 10/May/15
@Jack I so agree with you. What I dont understand is she has to have a battle with us fans about her height.
moody said on 9/May/15
Claiming to be 5'8" when in fact she is so short beside zendaya, i agree zendaya's 5'10" tho
TJE said on 9/May/15
Rob, is 5'6.25 possible for Bella or no?
Hei said on 9/May/15
Agree with @jack she's somewhere between 5'5 and 5'6 because all of these pics with victoria show they have no difference even with heels so ur 5'6 , rob has no difference
moody said on 9/May/15
What an attitude just to be 5'8" when in fact she looks just like she is 5'5" to 5'6.5" and nothinf more.
Jack said on 9/May/15
She tried to state that the doctor measured 5'8 while showed nothing but her own words and i cant believe that many people trust that
sunflower said on 8/May/15
She is really claiming to be 5'8" Rob. Maybe she really is? How come? ANd where and when did she say that she's 5'8" and eff u haters
Editor Rob
she says it on her twitter...

only thing is, sometimes Dr's can measure wrong...I mean measuring isn't that hard. In fact I did a video Today quickly using a few different objects.

I'd love to see Bella do a home video of her measuring her own fact I would applaud any actor who did one!
Omg said on 8/May/15
@Jay Maybe she's 5'6.5"
Jay said on 7/May/15
@Omg, I'd say she's closer to 5'7. Yo seems to want Bella to be 5'5 or less which isn't possible. She doesn't look more than 2 inches less then Zendaya. It's all depends on the angle of the picture.
Yo said on 6/May/15
Here is Bella with her 5'5 sister. Not even taller than her. Click Here
hahaha lol said on 6/May/15
@Height183 yeah she's claiming to be 5'8" tho 5'6 + bella is taller than her.
o m g said on 6/May/15
@Jay so for you she's 5'6"? Or 5'7"?
Yo said on 5/May/15
She's not taller than Hailey. Look that a picture where they are both standing up straight.
Yo said on 5/May/15
Kate claims 5'3.
Height183 said on 4/May/15
Rob, come on you need to downgrade Hailey Baldwin, she is shorter than Bella!

Click Here

What do you think? Even Bieber had about 1.5 inches on her recently.
Jay said on 3/May/15
And since when was Kate Bosworth 5'3 when she's taller than 5'4 Julianne moore?
Jay said on 3/May/15
@O m g, I'm not claiming Bella is over 5'7 though. Others on here are trying to sell that she's under 5'6, when not counting difference in foot wear.
o m g said on 1/May/15
AND i can see you, Jay, trying so hard to defend Bella's height. Bella is 5'7" for me.
Editor Rob
from everything I've seen I think around 5ft 6 range is probably a lot nearer than her 5ft 8 claim, or anything under 5ft 6 range.
Yo said on 30/Apr/15
There is clear evidence lol, have you seen her with 5'3 Kate Bosworth and 5'5 Ellie Kemper? Click Here

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