How tall is Robbie Amell

Robbie Amell's Height

5ft 11 (180.3 cm)

Canadian actor, best known for playing Stephen Jameson on TV series The Tomorrow People, Ronnie Raymond in The Flash and for films such as ARQ, The Duff, Nine Lives and Max. On Twitter, when a fan asked if he stood tall at 6ft 2, he replied: "Nope. 6'0". In this convention photo I had between 0.3-0.4 inch more thicker sneaker than him.

Robbie Amell at Rogue Events City of Heroes Convention 2016
5ft 8 Rob and Robbie (age 28) @ Rogue Events City of Heroes 2, 2016

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Average Guess (152 Votes)
5ft 10.57in (179.3cm)
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 28/Dec/22
I still think 5’10 3/4” is a more accurate figure. Stephen Amell is two inches taller than Robbie in about every photo.
Wehrmacht180 said on 20/Jul/22
178.2 cm
John Rose said on 22/Mar/22
He looks shorter at times on Upload because some of the actresses are so tall and they also wear high heels. Such as 5'10" Allegra Edwards and 5'11" Zainab Johnson. But I can believe that he's a legit 5'11".
Rickie said on 16/Mar/22
He looks 5'10.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 2/Mar/22
The only reason why I believe Robbie Amell is a weaker 5’11” is because Rob has met Stephen Amell, and the latter appears to be a weak 6’1” by him. There appears to be two full inches between them.
Wehrmacht180 said on 6/Jan/22
178/179 cm
And his brother is 184 cm
thatmanoverthere said on 29/Dec/21
You all also have to remember that Rob himself isn’t a flat 5’8 (more 5’8.25 in my opinion). When taking into account his footwear advantage, the fact that Amell isn’t standing perfectly straight, and Rob being taller than 5’8, 5’11 seems like a pretty decent listing.
Seal said on 31/Oct/21
No clue why average guess is pretty low. He's easily 2 inches taller in this photo and he's not even standing tall. He's slouching. He's at the very least 5ft 10.5 And even that I don't think he is. I'd give him 5ft 11 flat. Though, a fraction under 5ft 11 is likelier than a fraction over it.
MD said on 4/Oct/21
With a 5'8"ish King Bach:

Click Here

Seems like a (bit) of a stretch to be honest.
Slim 6'1.75 said on 21/Sep/21
He looks like Amell

181 is impossible

179-179.5 is a better listing since we know Stephen isn’t a solid 6’1”
Hyper said on 12/Aug/21
In his defense, he does have less footwear than Rob, so 5’10.75 at worst.
ALEXIZ/180cm said on 19/Mar/21
178 cm max
Original said on 31/Jan/21
179 is fine.
slim 6'1 said on 13/Jan/21
179 zone
Aj06 said on 7/Jan/21
5'10.5 maybe 5'10 3/4 on a good day between that range nothing more
Hyper said on 22/Dec/20
@Rampage he did call Bo Burnham a giant, once, on social media. There is a scene of them together. There are other scenes, but they have weird camera angles. Here is one scene of them. -- Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Oct/20
This guy probably thinks his cousin is 6ft2-3
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Oct/20
Usually looks a full 2in shorter than Stephen so I think 179-180cm range is likelier than 181cm since Stephen isn't quite a full 6ft1
Editor Rob
considering the other actors I've met who worked with him, I doubt he is really much shy of 5ft 11.
Ray ? Atikian said on 22/Sep/20
He definitely seems 6’0 1/3
Slim 6'1" said on 6/Aug/20
181 ruled out he’s either this or 179cm
Vsquad said on 6/Jun/20
Rob, I don't think your footwear advantage was enough to make Robbie look sub-3 inches taller, and thus justify him being as high as 5'11.

I'm 6'0 and my dad is 5'9/176, and even when he has 0.5 inch more shoe than me I still look a comfortable 3 inches taller compared to Robbie next to you in that photo. At best I'd give him 5'10.75, but even that I don't believe.

Stephen Amell also looks way too tall next to him to be 5'11.
Editor Rob
There could be a full 2 inches between them, definitely wouldn't go under 10.75, that would be my lowest I feel he could be.
VitoCheng said on 24/Apr/20
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Feb/20
There’s at least 2in between him and Stephen
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 2/Oct/19
@Bobby, Let's me explain why I thought he was around 5ft 10 tallish than 5ft 11. First, his posture isnt as good as Rob's posture like he probably slouched down a lot... bad posture is the reason why some sees others bit shorter than they actually are... if he or she has better posture than his or her partner with similar height range, they might end up overestimating someone with better postures height.... yes, Rob is more of 173 (5'8 1/8) range which is slightly above SOLID 5ft 8 [His Lowest height in the night time] like he stated on his height page despite I saw his height as 173.4-173.7 on his youtube videos to show how much height does some of his favorite brand shoes give. Like he subtract his barefoot height from height with shoes....
BUT, I MUST ADMIT. I forgot to read the last sentence he wore 0.3 and 0.4 inch higher sneakers than Robbie's. Like you said, Robbie got footwear disadvantages in this pic.... so I mistakenly guessed him as weak 5ft 10 instead of 5ft 10 quarter and half range...
Bobby 5ft 10in (178cm) said on 16/Sep/19
@Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173)

Exclamation marks don't somehow validate your opinion as fact. There's no way that Robbie Amell is a weak 5'10, Rob is looking at the tip of his nose area there and that's with footwear advantage in his favour. So, being a solid 2 inches taller when he's got a footwear disadvantage goes to show you that if you subtract that 0.4-inch difference (1.016cm) in Robbie's favour then keeping mind that Rob is really more 5'8.25 than a flat 5'8, Robbie would have to be a minimum of 179.5cm or 5'10 5/8s. Really more of a weak 5'11. I suggest you pay attention to eye level next time you make a judgement like that in the future.
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 16/Sep/19
Weak 5ft 10!!!!!
Dream said on 3/Sep/19
Rob, was he taller than someone like Josh?
Editor Rob
I would have guessed so from meeting Robbie, I doubt he's much under 5ft 11 barefoot.
Bobby 5'10 (178) said on 22/Apr/19
He's looking 1.5 inches taller there with the advantage Rob has on him, so if we subtract the 0.4-inch advantage or roughly just over 1cm, then Robbie may well be a solid 180cm. Perhaps a figure of 5'10 7/8s is appropriate.
Peter 180cm said on 29/Jan/19
179cm is the highest i'd give him although he looks just 176-177 here with less footwear.Anywhere in 178-179 range realistically so at most 5'10.5 while struggling to look even 5'10.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 13/Dec/18
Rob, How tall do you think Robbie looks with Bo? (Source: Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous Episode 6.)

Click Here
Editor Rob
He is at a disadvantage, but he probably is at least 6-7 inch taller.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 9/Nov/18
I can see 5'10.5" but no less than that.
Zampo said on 7/Sep/18
I just clocked that Robbie played the main love interest to Keke Palmer in teen sitcom "True Jackson, VP". I wasn't anything but height aware when the show was on and would have guessed him in the 6'0 range back then. Lol
Complimentary said on 12/Aug/18
I think he can hover around 179.5 at his low. He seems way shorter than Amell sometimes for it to just be a 1.75 inch difference.
6ftMedium said on 4/Jun/18
He looked 5'9 with Amell.And in the photo even without Rob's footwear advantage he cannot be over 5'10".So 5'9.5
Zampo said on 27/Apr/18
This is where one has to trust Rob's judgement because looking at body proportions, eye level etc. Adjusting for footwear, 5'10 5/8. Average guess is quite telling.... again this is all based on this single snapshot.
Tunman said on 3/Apr/18
Lying about his height but still didn't push the lie to the point of confirming the 6'2 fan guess.Could be about 6' in shoes probably.
ma said on 12/Feb/18
If this guy is 5 ft 11 than Rob is 5 ft 9

Stop trolling us Rob and reveal us that you are a legit 5 ft 9 :)
Editor Rob
Robbie might be 5ft 10.75...but I cannot see him less, that would be the bottom of my range, 5ft 11 is the top of course.
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 19/Jan/18
179cm at his low.
Pierre said on 6/Jan/18
Rob 5"8 1/8'= Robbie 5"10 1/8'max imo= give to Rob the same posture(head looking upward),the same hairs and 2 inches= both will be at the same height imo
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 11/Nov/17

I agree
Slim 185 said on 10/Nov/17
The highest id list him at is 5’10.75” imho. Now that Stephen got a long debated downgrade, it’s fair Robbie does aswell being a 2 inch difference between the cousins.
Slim 184 said on 4/Nov/17
AGRee with junior.

Stephen Amell= 6’0.5” with a chance of 6’0.75”
Robbie Amell= 5’10.5” with a chance of 5’10.75”.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Nov/17
Stephen has at least 2in on him.
Pierre said on 31/Oct/17
By this picture i see Robbie closer to 5"10' than 5"11' because i think a 5"11' guy would more edge Rob than here even with the shoe advantage of Rob imo.Rob has more shoes(just max 1cm) but Rob's head is looking downward compared to Robbie's head looking upward and imo can give an advantage to Robbie in the picture.Imo Rob's and Robbie's shoulders are around the same height,Rob has a shorter neck than Robbie but a longer head.At the peak of their head i see more 2 inches than 3. Around 5"10.25' to my eyes.
Slim 6' said on 31/Oct/17
Agree with @fe, even rob has admitted Robbie is 2 inches shorter than his cousin.

So Robbie 179 range is the truth imo.
FE said on 29/Oct/17
@Editor Rob,

Robbie should be Downgraded….
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Since Stephen is now at 6’0.75”, i don’t see the reason why Robbie should b kept at 5’11”.
I think 5’10.5” or 10.75” is a better fit, Not as low as 5’10” tho.
Editor Rob
in person I think at the very worst 5ft 10.75, but I'm not sure, I thought he was well over 5ft 10 flat (and with as I said a good 1/3rd range less sneaker)
Slim 6' said on 25/Oct/17
Junior said on 25/Oct/17
Rob, you had downgrade Stephen Amell at 6'0.75" so it should be fair to downgrade Robbie at 5'10.75" because there is always 2 inches between this two cousins.
Now that Stephen Amell is listed at 184 CM and Robbie is 2 inches shorter, Robbie should get a 179 CM downgrade as well.
Junior said on 25/Oct/17
Rob, you had downgrade Stephen Amell at 6'0.75" so it should be fair to downgrade Robbie at 5'10.75" because there is always 2 inches between this two cousins.
Ally182 said on 18/Jul/17
Nothing more than 177cm
Slim 182 cm said on 6/Jul/17
Umm, can anyone care to explain why Robbie looks 5"10 in the photo?
Editor Rob
remember he did have a good fraction less sneaker.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 28/Jun/17

No, Stephen would be 6ft4. They're only 2 inches apart.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Jun/17
Lol if he's 6ft2 then Stephen is 6ft5!
Slim 181 cm said on 13/Jun/17
Rampage(-_ Does it matter? He'll still be 185 cm which is pretty much the perfect height... not too tall to be seen as a freak (196+) or not too short to be criticised (171 and below). I've seen Stephens instagram, he does appear 5 cm taller than his first cousin Robbie(I thought they were twin brothers!). Even though he can appear 6 or 7 bigger.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Jun/17
If Stephen's gonna get a slight downgrade then this guy definitely needs to be lowered aswell because there's at least 2in between them from what I've seen. If Robbie is 180cm then Stephen actually looks 186-187cm range (which he isn't of course)
Slim 181 cm said on 12/Jun/17
179.5 cm afternoon, 181 mornings, 178.5 night.
The guy could of measured his height in shoes or didn't flatten his hair! Seriously it might have had gel in it. 😂

100% sure he's in 179 just don't know if it's flat or .5
Slim 181 cm said on 12/Jun/17
Hmmm why does a 179 guy claim 183? If he'd Just claim 180 he would of been gotten away with it.
Moke said on 5/Apr/17
5'11? Come'on, he would barely be that height in chucks :)
Pierre said on 5/Apr/17
5"10.25' is a value barefoot(5"10.25' is just my opinion).Lots of shoes can give you easily 1 inch or around 1 inch and then a 5"10.25'guy can look 5"11.25' with shoes.
Pierre said on 2/Apr/17
@G 5'11=
Around 5"10.25' in my opinion.
G 5'11 said on 30/Mar/17
@Pierre well the average guess has him at 5'10.5ish. Are you saying he's a weak 5'10? I would say definitely a weak 5'11. But he might fall a little shorter then the mark. I don't think robs going to change him from 5'11" though.
Pierre said on 30/Mar/17
Rob is looking easily shorter because his head is looking downward when Robbie's head is looking upward.Give to Rob the same hairs and the same posture as Robbie,you will look at a 5"10'guy more than a 5"11'guy imo,even by considering the shoes
S.J.H said on 28/Mar/17
@G 5'11

Honestly robbie amell didn't lost much height in picture not even leaning to drop More height like you say. He only look 177cm with rob. A real 5'11 guy would look much taller next to legit 5'8 guy like rob. Unless i met amell in real and convince he is 5'11 but rare chances he is. But just this picture alone he is 5'9.75 max not accountable on his hair volume.
abcd said on 13/Mar/17
179 maybe 180
G 5'11 said on 9/Mar/17
@S.J.H I'm not even talking about his hair, he is leaning so he is dropping a bit in height. Honestly I'd have to meet the guy in person to be able to see if he's actually 5'11 or not. I'm 5'11 and I know a couple legit 5'11 guys I see on the daily, sometimes they have large heads or skinny frames which give the illusion of extra height. However, I'm sure he's close enough to the mark that rob gave it to him.
Sandy Cowell said on 9/Mar/17
There only looks to be 2 and a half inches difference here, so Rob, either you're 5ft8.5 or Robbie is 5ft10.5!
Personally, I'm inclined to believe a bit of both! I think Robbie is 5ft10.75 and that you are 5ft8.25 fresh out of bed in the morning! I've thought that for a while now. (5ft8.25 for you if you're still making slightly over the 5ft8 mark last thing at night!)
Headman said on 7/Mar/17
What would you say his head length is, Rob?
Editor Rob
a little over 9 inches, not a big head, I'd have said Stephen's head seemed a bit bigger than his brother.
S.J.H said on 7/Mar/17
However some people will still execute the truth that robbie is not over 5'10 and say he is 5'10.5 or up
Balrog said on 6/Mar/17
Looks 5'10.5" at best taking into consideration the footwear.
Pierre said on 5/Mar/17
Imo a 5"11' guy is looking like his mouth is about the same height as Rob's eyes(distance between your eye and your mouth=around 7cm).And Robbie has not a long head imo.Robbie's head is looking upward so imo a little advantage on Rob,but Rob's eye is still looking the same height as Robbie's nose. Ithink he's more around 5"10' than 5"11'
Josh said on 28/Feb/17
Probably dips to 5'10.75 at the lowest. He's leaning a bit in the photo so 5'11 seems right. Nothing more than that though.
S.J.H said on 27/Feb/17
@Greg, Wrs567

I get fool by amell hair advantage like you guys too. After a second look honestly amell hair volume brushes about an inch high makes him look like he drop that little bit posture but look 5'11 he atually look 5'10.5 without his hair minus off 0.5" shoe advantage he really was 5'10
Bobby said on 22/Feb/17
Well Grant is 5'11.5 (I think?) and Robbie Amell looked to be about the same height as him... So I'd give him 5'11, then again, it's also possible he's closer to 5'10.5 in reality.
Johno said on 22/Feb/17
Somewhere around this listing.
Mike said on 20/Feb/17
Doesn't look much over 5ft 10 with Rob, even with his advantage, I think 5ft 10.5 is more accurate.
John said on 18/Feb/17
Yes I believe is weak 5' 10.25 cause his shoes always give him a larger tall look than the most often usual
AJ said on 17/Feb/17
Ya weak 5'11" is what I'm seeing here. I can buy stephen at 6'1", but not this guy at 5'11"
G 5'11 said on 13/Feb/17
I could see him as a weak 5'11, I just don't see a flat 5'10 for him, plus he is leaning so we can't really judge accordingly. I would have to meet him in person and see how he compares to me to know for shigoogle.
Peter 179cm said on 13/Feb/17
LOL at the 6'2 guess and the 6'0 throwback-i just saw it.He's lucky if he's 5'10 range and i wouldn't argue anything more than 178cm for him,and i'm being generous.
Tarinator said on 12/Feb/17
Looked about 10 inches taller than Mae Whitman in The Duff and 5 inches taller than Bella Thorne. In this picture he is looking 2 inches taller than you but actually measures at 180 cm. I think I would be a little taller measuring at about 182 cm myself or 184 cm at a good day. Stephen would measure 2 inches taller than him and 1 inch taller than me I think.
MisteHako said on 12/Feb/17
I don't think he is full 180 cm,probably out of bed 180 cm and night he is 178
Pierre said on 12/Feb/17
At the peak of their heads,Rob with a classic posture is just a little smaller than Robbie who is looking upward.That's why i think he's more 5"10' than 5"11'
Wrs567 said on 11/Feb/17
Rob met the man in person anyway.

And from what Rob is saying about the footwear and everything, I can buy a weak 5'11''

Maybe 5'10.75'' is a better listing
berta said on 11/Feb/17
rob maybe 179 is a better listing? to me he looks like he is maybe 178,5-179,4 somewhere in that reange. Never 180,5 and stephen amell can actually look 185,5 with a chase of being more 185. mybe more a weak 185 guy than pushing 186. best listing i think is half inch of this guy an d1/4 of stephen.
Editor Rob
5ft 10.75 is possible for him, but I wouldn't guess any lower, 179 seems too low I feel.
Ray said on 11/Feb/17
Stephen Amell is 2 inches taller than him at a weak 6'1 and Robbie amell a weak 5'11
AJ said on 10/Feb/17
@Wrs567 Amell isn't standing as tall as Cena.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Feb/17
Just under this probably. Stephen has at least 2in on him
Sammy Derrick said on 10/Feb/17
He looks like a strong 5'10-weak 5'11(179cm-180cm) range.He's just as photogenic as his older cousin Stephen Amell(6'1/185cm).
No wonder he played a superhero.
Arthur said on 10/Feb/17
He is barely 5'11.
Bard said on 9/Feb/17
Not much over 5'10
Wrs567 said on 9/Feb/17
What's weird is Cena made him look very short, and it's not like Amell grew, he was 22 there

Click Here

It just shows Cena is a little more than 184cm
Adamz said on 9/Feb/17
Not seeing the full 5foot11
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 9/Feb/17
Stephen Amell: 6'0 3/4"-6'1"
Robbie Amell: 5'11"

How was Robbie Amell ever listed as 6'2"???
6'0 said on 8/Feb/17
I don't think he looks 3 inches taller that you; maybe 5'10".
Andrea said on 8/Feb/17
You mean he wasn't shorter than Josh, WITHOUT considering any footwear difference, right?
Editor Rob
yes Andrea, no shorter than big Josh (with Robbie in less sneaker), so I'd be really surprised if he was any less than 5ft 10.5 range minimum.
Wrs567 said on 8/Feb/17
Rob, was he comfortably taller than Dylan O'Brien in person?
Editor Rob
yes he was taller than Dylan, with less footwear.
Jordan87 said on 7/Feb/17
Solid 5'10, Not quite 5'11 with Rob there inst 3" there, no way.
pukpuke said on 7/Feb/17
Flat 177cm
Jake said on 7/Feb/17
If you're 5'8" he's probably 5'10.5" max.
Flyin said on 7/Feb/17
Well done bagging this one, good listing, him leaning gives the 179cm impression.
Andrea said on 7/Feb/17
So just another "bad" photo? 😕
Did he look a cm taller than Big Josh and in fact a couple of cms, considering his thinner footwear then?
Editor Rob
well remember he can lose a bit of height with a lean, account for that+footwear and he's minimum 5ft 10.5 range.
He certainly wasn't any shorter than Big Josh.
Pierre said on 7/Feb/17
His head is looking upward and give him a little advantage.By considering the postures and shoes i think he's in 5"10' range,i don't see more
G 5'11 said on 7/Feb/17
Looking at this photo you can't really make a judgement because he is leaning, I feel he looks a weak 5'11 probably wakes up a little over the mark. Wouldn't give him as low as 5'10 plus rob he footwear advantage over him.
Peter 179cm said on 7/Feb/17
He looks 176 with 1cm less footwear.As i said before,he's lucky if he's 5'10 at night but he's more like a weak one considering how tall Cena looked with him who isn't over 184cm.
Judd said on 7/Feb/17
he seems more a 5'10.5" guy...he has 2" on Rob plus a 0,4-0,5" Rob's shoes advantage then 5'10.5" is ok
Shredder said on 7/Feb/17
Looking again , I can see 5'10.5 easily , Rob has more shoe height and the angle.
6 foot 17 yrs still growing said on 7/Feb/17
5 ft 10. 75 more like a weak 5 ft 11
S.J.H said on 7/Feb/17
5'10 claim 6'0 and wonder how fans exagerrated think he is 4" taller at 6'2 Lol
Victor Surratt said on 6/Feb/17
With a good posture, he maybe looks like 5 ft 10.5 in, at his peak but i not see a 5ft 11in. Yoy think he could be a 1.80, Rob?
gian92 said on 6/Feb/17
Watching this photo i think he is max 5'10
Steve said on 6/Feb/17
I can only see about a 2inch difference between Rob and Robbie here.
If Rob has 0.3-4inch shoe advantage then I'd say Amell is 5ft10.5 max.
Peruvian 1.73m said on 6/Feb/17
6.5cm taller than Rob counting the footwear and the posture
grizz said on 6/Feb/17
5'11? No way
Jacky Huynh said on 6/Feb/17
Mr. Amell appears to be slouching a bit and Rob mentioned that he had about 0.4 in (1cm) footwear advantage.

5ft 11 seems about right.
Rory said on 6/Feb/17
In most pics of Robbie and Stephen there looks more than 2 inches between them,at times 3 inches even. You could argue Stephen has better posture but I'd be surprised if Stephen had any less than 5-6cms on him. If Robbie is 5'11 then Stephen looks 6'1.25.
Andrea said on 6/Feb/17
Honestly, Rob? He looks more 5'10 range, even considering the shoe disadvantage...
But maybe you've got some camera advantage or maybe he isn't standing at his tallest? Because I doubt you'd list a 5'10 guy at 5'11...
The only stuff I've seen of this guy is a few photos with Stephen a few years ago and I thought he could look at least 2 inches shorter than him, possibly nearer 2.5 in some photos but we all know how perfect Stephen's posture is most of the time so maybe he wasn't standing as tall as his cousin in some pictures! Anyway, I doubt there would be any less than 2 inches between them so, considering Stephen himself is a weak 6'1, this guy looks a weak 5'11, to say the least! Actually closer to 5'10 with you :)
Editor Rob
Andrea, I would have guessed Robbie (ignoring footwear) was over a flat 5ft 10, in fact close to 5ft 10.5, plus footwear and I think the worst he'd measure is 5ft 10.75.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Feb/17
Looks 5ft10 w/h Rob.
Rory said on 6/Feb/17
I think he looks 5'10.25 in the picture, at a push 5'10.5..0.3/4 inch less sneaker, I think really 5'10.75 would be a better listing. He usually looks at least 2 inches shorter than Stephen Amell whose never been a dependable 6ft 1 himself.
AJ said on 6/Feb/17
Weak 5'11"
Giorgi said on 6/Feb/17
This whole height thing feels so overrated sometimes. 5'8" doesn't look much different from 5'11" if you really think about it.
Peter 179cm said on 6/Feb/17
Considering footwear,he looks barely 5'10!And yet another overlisted actor...Rob are you sure you haven't grown lately xD!
cowboy said on 6/Feb/17
Wow. I don't see 3 inches difference here. He is lifting his eyes giving himself a 1" illusion, and his high hair gives another illusion of height. He may be 5'11, but just going of this pic if he kept his eye level straight I would guess he was a flat 5'10. He is far from his claim of 6 foot.
S.J.H said on 6/Feb/17
Look nearly 4cm taller than rob by compress down rob 5-6mm hair. rob had 0.35" more shoes which is 9mm. No excuses for camera angle here. Robbie just slightly behind rob no much different.

173 + 4cm + 9mm = 177.9cm which is like 5 foot 10 robbie amell height here if rob is atually holding 5'8.25 then robbie amell did be 5'10.25 not over

(0.35 inch = 0.889 cm)
Jayyy said on 6/Feb/17
He looks barely 5"10 next to rob
Jayyy said on 6/Feb/17
He looks barely 5"10 next to rob
Shredder said on 6/Feb/17
He looks 5 '9 lol
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Jan/17
Looks a good 2in shorter than Stephen…
Peter 179cm said on 16/Jan/17
He looks about 5cm shorter than his cousin Stephen but 184 Cena completely dwarfs this guy.Cena makes him look 175cm max although clearly has better posture.I would give him 179cm max but more like a solid 178,imo.
Wrs567 said on 8/Jan/17
Maybe somewhere in the 5'10'' range is better for him?

He looks nothing near 5'11'' with John Cena

Click Here
Giacomo Quaresima said on 1/Jan/17
5 ft 10.5 in
Marco said on 29/Nov/16
Looks 5ft 11 @rob wish i was his height im only 5ft 7 but handsome like him :(
S.J.H said on 4/Nov/16
Just a flat 180cm guy
Flyin said on 19/Jul/16
Oddly enough I'm arguing for the 1cm upgrade to 181cm, he may have said 6ft due to a 183cm straight out of bed.
Alex said on 12/Jul/16
Around 180 cm yes..surely shorter than Stephen Amell.
yarrakoğlu said on 10/Jun/16
Hey rob what do you think he could be 5'10
Editor Rob
he is nearer 5ft 11 than 11 and Stephen is nearer 6ft 1 than 6ft.
paulkersey32 said on 28/May/16
All things considered id say hes smack on 6'. Perfect proportions. Also have to admit he was my favorite in The Duff film. Surprising talent.
Aaron Zamora said on 24/Apr/16
Is 179 possible?
Editor Rob
not sure I'd guess him that low, although there's certainly photos he can look more than 2 inches shorter than stephen
Josh said on 19/Feb/15
Seems about right. Maybe a fraction more like 5'11.5. He and Victor Garber were very close in height on The Flash. He is also a but shorter than Grant Gustin who i don't see lower than 6'
Stan said on 17/Feb/15
I think he look right on 180cm. Not under but maybe a fraction over on a good day
181 said on 28/Jun/14
He looks 178-179
SAK said on 25/Apr/14
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Sam said on 10/Mar/14
I know this guy from the top-knotch (haha) live-action Scooby Doo movies I've watched with my kids. I guess they couldn't convince him to don a blonde wig for Fred like they did with Freddie Prinze Jr.
SAK said on 8/Mar/14
He probably fluctuates between 179-180cm.
Balrog said on 4/Mar/14
I'm not sure but I think I saw this guy in How I Met Your Mother and he looked a bit shorter than Josh Radnor, maybe he is just 179cm, but really haven't seen much of him.
ajcf1995 said on 2/Mar/14
@SAK looks a little under 5'11" there, maybe 5'10.5" or 5'10.75" would be my guess.
SAK said on 28/Feb/14
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Chris said on 28/Feb/14
Weirdly, he looks shorter than that. Although he has all the good proportions which should make him appear taller
Arch Stanton said on 28/Feb/14
Oh yeah I know this guy well, ahem, never heard of the last 4 entries....
MD said on 28/Feb/14
The two cousins for reference:

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With Chris Colfer (who has a slight shoe advantage):

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divincodino92 said on 27/Feb/14
5 feet 11.5-75!

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