How tall is Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman's Height

5ft 10 (177.8 cm)

American Bodybuilder, who has been a winner of Mr. Olympia on 8 occasions. On twitter he once said he was "Bout 5'11".

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5ft 10.05in (177.9cm)
Alejandro Regalado said on 27/Nov/23
In a recent Brian shaw podcast , Ronnie said he was 5’10 1/2 during his bodybuilding days. Closer to 5’9 1/2 - 5’10 range with all his injuries
ManKo said on 7/Sep/23
Recent pic with Arnold:

Click Here
ManKo said on 17/Apr/23
He lost lot of height, I am certain now, which is not a big surprise taking into account his injuries.

Here with Flex Wheeler, both in their prime:

Click Here

Wheeler and Coleman nowadays:

Click Here

Here with Jesse James, who seems to be 177cm:

Click Here

Hard to know how tal Jesse is really, here is a pic of him with Bjorsson (the mountain)

Click Here

How tall do you think Coleman is nowadays Rob? what about Jesse?
Editor Rob
He likely lost at least an inch, though looks to be standing worse than Jesse, who might indeed be close to 5ft 10
183cmErzhan said on 15/Mar/23
OriginalAnon said on 12/Nov/22
Sorry, all, but I definitely classify 5'9'' or under as short. I very seldom see a man who is under 5'8'', for example. I don't go by statistics which state that 5'9'' is average height, the ways in which those data are gathered is highly questionable. If you truly believe that the average height for an adult male, in the UK or USA, is 5'9'', then I would argue that you're mistaken.
Chcjcjjcc said on 15/Jul/22
@OriginalAnon Kevin Levrone Flex Wheeler are perfectly average
Chcjcjjcc said on 15/Jul/22
More bodybuilder are bertween 5 ft 9 and 5 ft 11, not short
Chcjcjjcc said on 15/Jul/22
Statista Research Department, Nov 26, 2021
According to a survey conducted by Ipsos, the perfect height for men, according to 22 percent of survey participants in Great Britain, was between 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 1 inch. As for women, 21 percent of respondents stated that the ideal height for a woman should be between 5 feet 5 inches and 5 feet 9 inches.
Eli Shahar said on 29/May/22
5’10 is the maximum for him. No more no less
Vincent Caleb said on 8/May/22
Peak height is correct, but he really needs a current Rob. Look at him in recent videos, he is struggling for 5’8” now. He’s had like dozens of operations and his extreme lifestyle really lead to a lot of damage to his body.

The GOAT of bodybuilding btw
6'4" Leprechaun said on 30/Apr/22
5'9.5" is tall for a bodybuilder. That's why I believed Schwarzenegger was 5'9.5". I doubt Coleman shrunk much seeing how he's still in his 50s.
IceCold said on 18/Apr/22
Alex 6'0 said on 17/Apr/22
5'10 is fair for the peak. 5'10 is a tall bodybuilder.

He looked tall comparing to others bodybuilders. I thought he was even 5'11 once. But most of bodybuilders are pretty short and looks ridicilous due for that
Alex 6'0 said on 17/Apr/22
5'10 is fair for the peak. 5'10 is a tall bodybuilder.
ManKo said on 9/Mar/22
I wonder how tall he is now after all those operations...he looks shorter that Cutler nowadays, probably lost lot of height. What do you think Rob?

Click Here
Editor Rob
I'm not sure exactly what he's lost by now.
Pete J said on 2/Jul/21
I was 5'11" when I met Ronnie when he was still competing and he was as tall as I was. I'm in my 60's and was just measure at the doctors at 5'10.5". Of course I did not do the poundage of Ronnie when I was training.....his famous saying..."ain't nothin' but a peanut"
Djdjdjd said on 23/Jun/21
@OriginalAnon More bodybuilder are normal height
ALEXIZ/180cm said on 13/Apr/21
178 cm max
OriginalAnon said on 9/Mar/21
5'10'' peak max. Looked like a "tall bodybuilder" because the majority are short.
DarkPower729 said on 28/Feb/21
He looked like a tall bodybuilder in his heyday so I don’t think 5’11” is entirely out of the question for him as a peak. He probably measured 180cm-180.5cm (5’11”) in the morning and 179cm (5’10.5”) at night when he competed and is probably struggling with the 5’10” mark now thanks to all his surgeries. Absolutely massive guy definitely the GOAT.
Amadeus said on 13/Feb/21
I have seen a recent interview with him, he claimed to be 5 10.5 . I guess that's his peak height. I also believe his height today might reach 5 9 cuz he pushed his body over the limits and also had so many surgeries. Do you think it's time to make a current/peak height for him Rob?
viper said on 5/Feb/21
He was never anywhere close to 6-0

5-10 at most
Alpha_Octav said on 4/Feb/21
Judging by the monstrous bone structure he had, I could bet he was even 6 feet in his prime years. But today, 5'9 is the absolute maximum he can be, maybe even 5'8 only. You can lose an inch of your height by sitting in your chair all day with horrible posture or by lifting massive weights with poor form, even at 20 years of age, imagine lifting 1000 kg with your legs and 500kg with your arms and going through 14 or so back surgeries. My guess is 5'11 when he had his back unscathed, maybe 6' in his 20's, today only 5'9 or 5'8
Vincent Caleb said on 15/Jan/21
I could easily believe strong 5’10” peak, but he is around 5’9” now. He has had 13 back surgeries. Lost at least an inch at age 56.
rafael proulx said on 30/Dec/20
Easy 5’10 maybe 5’10.25
Animus said on 18/Oct/20
Yeah, Coleman has definitely lost height, he looks about 5'9 standing next to Joe Rogan. As far as his height in his prime, I think 5'11 can be ruled out, if you see Coleman next to Jay Cutler.
FrankR1 said on 30/Sep/20
Ronnie Coleman was a solid 5'11" in his 20s & 30s, but he has "definitely" lost height (1" to 1.5") after multiple back surgeries. Ronnie pushed his body to its absolute limit, and unfortunately he's paid a heavy price. That being said, he's a bodybuilding legend.
Thomas123311 said on 9/Sep/20
Rob, you should make a peak and current listing for this page. Ronnie is already at an age where height loss is possible. Don't you find it likely that he lost a significant amount after several back surgeries and years if heavy lifting?
MaxB said on 16/Aug/20
@Kurzzawa - how old is that picture with Yates? The thing is that Ronnie went through a series of spine surgeries, where they fused most of his vertebrates if I understood correctly, so he probably lost some height because of that. Anyways, you have to account for Ronnie's back surgeries, and not only for possible footwear difference.
Gugacion said on 29/Jul/20
Solid 5'10 at his prime.
Kurzzawa said on 6/Jul/20
If Coleman is 5'10 then Yates has to be atleast 5'10 too. Right Rob? Look this picture Click Here Even with much looser posture Yates is no less than 5'9.5 there. Here is the picture which Yates have shoes on and posture very similiar. Yates looks inch taller. I have Dorian 5'10 range. He just cant be anything like 5'9.
Editor Rob
from that one photo it could seem Yates might be at least as tall or taller, however barefoot it might be different. I haven't seen much of Yates/Coleman together barefoot though...
Arch Stanton said on 2/Jul/20
This guy is living proof that lifting super heavy weights is terrible for the body. He's on his 14th back surgery, it's almost completely fused together now. Yet he doesn't regret a single thing. Given his serious back issues which stop him from walking more than a few steps without pain you would think he would have lost height now, or just the fused spine make him sustain height now, I don't know.
Jkiller said on 1/Jul/20
A very decent 5'10. Could've been 5'10.25 in his prime.
Big Ben said on 30/Jun/20
At 2:50 he mentions his height: Click Here

It's a pretty interesting quote if you're into that sport.
Thomas P2 said on 20/Jun/20
I think he could have been near 5'11 at his prime, not 5'10, thus he shrunk way more than an inch.
Thomas P2 said on 20/Jun/20
Rob, you only think he lost a fraction? I think he lost a pretty notable amount of height. His torso shrunk significantly as you can see in his appearance with Joe Rogan, due to the complete spinal fusion surgery he had. I don't see him much over 5'9 nowadays, and that is if he tried to stand tall. I think there definitely should be a peak height and current height category for this one, despite the fact he's not that old.
Editor Rob
It's arguable from 5ft 10 or even a bit more to 5ft 9.5 now
derr said on 15/Jun/20
Click Here
1:32 makes ronnie 5'7? next to joe lol
BobbyCurls said on 15/Jun/20
Here is a recent photo from Ronnie's appearance on Joe Rogan's podcast: (Click Here)

Although Ronnie isn't standing as tall with a slight bend to his knees, It seems that he has lost some height at this point. Understandable considering his age, the plethora of back surgeries, and the extreme amount of weight he has lifted. You can clearly see his wheelchair in the background of the Rogan picture.
santgr said on 14/Jun/20
Rob how tall do you think Dorian Yates was in his prime? 5ft9 (175cm) or taller?
Editor Rob
5ft 9 I could see for him
6ftKyle said on 30/Apr/20
Hi Rob, what would you guess for the body builder Rich Piana’s height? He’s listed as 6’1 although I don’t think he’s that tall.
Roderick said on 24/Feb/20
@Rob I think so. I've seen Ronnie in person a few times but I didn't pay attention to his height
Roderick said on 12/Dec/19
Rob do you think he's lost height?
Editor Rob
Fraction possible by now
donian said on 26/Nov/19
He is not 178cm. The reason shrank further after he operated on the hip joint. It was judged as 175cm or 176cm based on speculation from many photos and comparison with other famous people.
175.0 cm said on 17/Oct/19
Ronnie might be less than 5'10" now because of all the back surgeries that he's been through, but in his prime he was a legit 5'10" guy. To be honest I wouldn't be surprised if he measured 5'11" at some point in his life and then lost some height due to the insane weight training that he did. This man has squated 800 lbs so I can only imagine what that does to a person's spine. For the "most likely" scenario I think he was 5'10" - 5'10.25" on stage for all of his Mr. Olympia wins. There's a video of him being interviewed backstage by Triple H where he looks kind of short, but Triple H is an above 6'0" dude in dress shoes that potentially give him 2-3 inches of extra height while Ronnie was barefoot.
Littlelee5ft6 said on 2/Sep/19
How about body builder choon tan who is said to be the worlds shortest bodybuilder at 4ft 10? He seems shorter than that to me maybe 4ft 8 or under
mohammad said on 23/Dec/18
Legitimate 5 foot 10 , at least over 300 pounds .
Cassius said on 25/Sep/18
Rob please do more bodybuilders. Iv'e followed your page since 5 years ago since I became increasingly insecure about my height. Being measured by the doctors at 5'7 when I was 18, I am more closer to 5'6.5 at night with a bald head. I'm around 5'7.75 in the morning. What would my height be? Also, can you please please make a page for Shawn Ray and Lee Priest. These are two of my main inspirations as I lift weights a lot. I would love to know how tall they really are. Thanks man!
alan94400 said on 20/May/18
Hes just one inch taller than Dorian
...Dorian Yates barefoot stand 5'9" ... but Never forger than lot of big Iron Warrior (Powerlifters/Oly lifters/BB/ S.M) know enormous tall variation bettween evening and morning 2inch in rare case...vs on half inch for majority of pearson...if you dont trust me see Astronauts tall variation...cause is vertebral disks
ManKo said on 25/Apr/18
@Leno Bigrammy is 175 cm or 5'9, I have met him too and took some photos with him and he is no more than that. As more athletes, he claims his height in shoes or add one inch to his real height
Leno said on 8/Apr/18
Big Rammy is 5'10, I think prime Ronnie was the same size as Rammy, but nowadays I doubt it
farian said on 19/Mar/18
i don't understand why everyone say he is an inch taller than kevin levrone or even saying levrone is like 5'8, when kevin stands up straight he is almost the same as ronnie who i would say is pretty much a legit 5'10, levrone was 5'9 and 1/2 in his prime and 5'9 nowadays i have a picture that proves it.
SL9 said on 10/Feb/18
"No way he's this tall. Next to Arnold he's 5'9 at most."

Arnold is in shoes, probably with lifts or a generous heel
Dingus said on 18/Dec/17
IMO he's just under the mark these days.
Bran said on 8/Dec/17
Hi Guys
If anyone's wondering about Bodybuilder height claims stumbled across a few and can link/ reference if necessary. Flex Wheeler claims a specific 5ft10.5 ( Click Here ) which is interesting. Coleman claims 5ft11, I will add I do believe he looks near this as for somebody whom carried around 300 pounds offseason ( Training videos ) in my opinion, he looked of decent height ( 5ft10-10.5 ish ) . As specified on this site Cutler claims 5ft9, 5ft8 looks reasonable, his proportions are not similar to smaller guys such as Kai Greene. Dorian Yates claimed 5ft11 I believe in his interview with Seth Rogan, meanwhile Lee Priest on one occasion described himself as 5ft4.5.Does anyone know if Levrone has claimed a height? Levrone-Yates shots both show them considerably taller than Shaun Ray I believe which suggests they must be near average if nothing else. Also wasn't Ramy taller than Heath in this recent Olympia, looks over 5ft9 to me?
santgr said on 27/Nov/17
Rob can you add Big Ramy? Is he around the same height as Ronnie at his peak?
Wipeout said on 14/Nov/17
yaniv maor said on 5/Oct/16

Kevin Levrone claims 5'11 still when he is definitely below 5'9 now. Jay Cutler, I was told by someone who spent a while with him, is shorter than me and I am 5'9 and 1/2 midday. I would say that Ronnie Coleman when he was younger was just over 5'10, but now I don't know because of his surgeries. I can tell you for certain that Flex Wheeler is at least 5'10 and 1/2 now, because I met him at the LA Fit Expo this yr and he had a good inch on me easy. So when he was younger Flex was over 5'11 for sure.
hardguy said on 26/Sep/17
still peak imo
Yuval said on 9/Sep/17
He is barefoot next to arnold
Chilean said on 8/Sep/17
He had a back surgery in 2016 ,so could be shorter now
ee said on 3/Sep/17
No way he's this tall. Next to Arnold he's 5'9 at most.
Click Here
John said on 7/Aug/17
Im 5'8 and my friend who met him is slightly shorter than him, and he is at least 5'10 range. I actually think Ronnie needs a bump up to 5'11.
even said on 17/Jul/17
in his career he was 5'10" and 330 lbs
ok said on 1/Jun/17
He is me in heels .. saw him at a gym but absolute tank
berta said on 13/Apr/17
i think its sad that todays bodybuilder are all max 175 well a few guys are taller but i would like to see many guuys in the 190 range aswell.the reason is ofcourse that its harder to get the proportions as big for bigger guys. this guy can sometimes look tall when he poses i thought at first he was like 6 foot ore taller but beside other he look 177-179 maybe?
ok said on 28/Mar/17
tank still 5'11.5 imo
abe said on 8/Mar/17
5 10 maximum
RP said on 21/Dec/16
I've personally met Lee Haney at Exzel Fitness in Spartanburg, SC last year...he was spot on 5'11", a chance that at his peak height in his younger days he was 5'11.5",, Haney himself & Weider publications used to always claim 5'11.5" for Lee in the 80's & early 90's....
yaniv maor said on 5/Oct/16
levrone was 5'9 - now 5'8+ ..he lies about his height for sure
ronnie was 5'10 - now 5'9 tops because of injuries
wheeler was almost 5'9.5..and is probably around 5'9 now
short bodybuilders usually dont lie about their height because they are already short..but the avarage height types have a complex..
you need to watch a lot of images on stage when they are barefoot and compare heights
andre said on 11/Sep/16
i fell ronnie is 5ft9 barefoot 5ft9.5 at his prime
jay cutler is 5ft7 barefoot
Wipeout said on 6/Sep/16
Remember, Ronnie is 52 now plus has had all sorts of joint injuries and surgeries. His peak height seemed a solid 179 cm but now he is looking honestly under 175 cm. He lost a lot of height. Possibly close to 2 inches in the past 10 years.

Peak: 5'10.25
Current 5'8.75

As far as the others, I think Jay Cutler was at 5'8.75 at his peak (now 5'8.5) and Kai Greene is 5'7.75. Big Ramy is about 5'9.5. Phil Heath is 5'9.5 and Kevin Levrone was 5'9.75 but at 52 is now 5'9.
John Baptist said on 5/Jul/16
Rob how about you were mistaken in the past 15 years , i bought leica measuring system it was like infra red measuring technology and my measuring was exact the same as seca stadiometer reading. How about tape measure was not that accurate Rob ? Pls reply
Editor Rob
the leicester model I have tested a couple of them and both have the small error, I have many tape measures and they are all precise.
themthen said on 7/Jun/16
HIdetada yamagishi 168cm
Shawn ray 168cm
Arnld peak height was 185
MIke 183cm
Haney 180cm
coleman 178cm
Click Here
themthen said on 6/Jun/16
Haney taller than ronnie

Haney just 180 Ronie 178

mike Christian 183
Click Here
andre said on 30/May/16
triple h towered over him i think he is 5ft9.3 and 5ft10 with shoes and jay cutler is 5ft7.3 barefoot and 5ft8 with shoes
andre said on 28/May/16
Rob what you think is kai greene barefoot height 5ft6?

he looks shorter then jay cutler
Editor Rob
somwhere in 5ft 6-7 zone is possible
eliot said on 12/May/16
actually i've seen some videos and i must go back

phil may be 5'8.5 and jay cutler is around an inch shorter, so 5'8-5'7.5 is good for jay
eliot said on 12/May/16
phil is clearly an inch taller than jay...
i think phil heath is the only one who does not lie about his height
Click Here
my guesses are
ronnie 5'9.5 today, 5'10 peak
yates 5'9
jay cutler 5'7-5'7.5
phil heath 5'9
kai greene 5'6.5
kevin levrone 5'8.5
themthen said on 5/May/16
Coleman: 179cm
Dorian Yates:177cm
Lee Haney:180cm
Jay Cutler: 174cm
Dexter Jackson: 168cm
Phil Heat: 173cm
Branch Warren: 169cm
Kai Greene: 171 cm
Mike Christian:183cm
5'11 quinn said on 12/Apr/16
Ronnie was I believe 5'9 max, usually I believe when a person claims 5'11 they are from 5'8 to 5'10......
Click Here here you can see he's with Elliot of strength camp, and Elliot is only 5'8 barefoot.
no possible way he is 5'10 or ever 5'11. Since he swam all the as a kid
5'11 quinn said on 11/Apr/16
Ronnie was I believe 5'9 max, usually I believe when a person claims 5'11 they are from 5'8 to 5'10......
Click Here here you can see he's with Elliot of strength camp, and Elliot is only 5'8 barefoot.
no possible way he is 5'10 or ever 5'11
berta said on 5/Apr/16
maybe lost a Little height by now? He can barely stand his back and hips is totaly destroyed.
Pjdaddy said on 3/Apr/16
When I say he dwarfed me I don't mean height as I was taller. I meant at 230lbs with 17.5 arms, 48 inch chest, 36 waist and 25 inch thighs he made me look small. Man had to be close to 300 lbs. He was in a tank top and shorts and he looked like me when I stand next to a 160 lb guy. I'm very sure he is just under 5'10. I'll give him 5'10" morning height as this meeting was probably at 10 pm after he probably got done with his 700 Lv squat leg day lol
MD said on 28/Mar/16
@yea buddy,

Back in this 1994 Baltimore Sun article, Levrone was descibed as 5'9" (Click Here), and just looking at him and putting him up against the rest, he is certainly not any taller than this. Seems like with a lot of folks, he got "taller" as he got more famous. lol He honestly only looks about two inches taller than a listed 5'6" Dexter Jackson, and that if that's dexter's actual height.
berta said on 24/Mar/16
i Think Coleman is 2 cm shorter now. his body is completely destroyed.
caliban said on 18/Feb/16
Rob, If Coleman is 5'10 that makes Dorian Yates go to 175cm max, right?
Editor Rob
around that mark could be possible
yea buddy said on 17/Feb/16
Rob, how tall do you think kevin levrone(lists range from 5'10 to 5'11, but he is shorter than phil heath in many shots), phil heath(always listed as 5'9) and dorian yates(listed from 5'9 to 5'10) are?

And could ronnie be 5'9.75?
Editor Rob
Ronnie can be argued 5ft 9.5-10 range, Kevin I wouldn't have guessed over 5ft 10, his height can range a bit too.
Johno said on 7/Feb/16
With Dorian, he did not look taller then Kevin on stage barefoot and infact Kevin looked a bit taller but Kevin is close to 2 inches shorter then Coleman but the problem is, Dorian looked closer to Coleman's height then Kevin did.
Johno said on 7/Feb/16
Coleman is 5'9.5 just like Flex Wheeler. Kevin Leverone is 5'8, Phil Heath 5'8.5, Jay Cutler 5'7.5 [wears big boots at times], Kai Greene 5'7, Big Ramy 5'9.5, Markus Ruhl 5'8.5, Dorian Yates 5'8.5, Dennis Wolfe 5'11 to name just a few. I am pretty positive these athletes are not outside 0.5 inches of these estimates.
Hugzz said on 21/Jan/16
Hey Rob, why the change to simply 5 ft 10? I see lots of videos of him vs Jay cutler on stage and there seems to be a slightly bigger gap in height than just 2 inches, yet I absolutely don't think Jay is below 5 ft 8.
Many pictures hes similar height to Phil Heath even.

Also, what are your thoughts on kai greene and phil heaths height?
With thanks, Hugzz
Editor Rob
not sure there really is any more than 2, sometimes even it can look 1.5
Sylvester said on 24/Dec/15
Rob,could You list the Height of Dorian Yates?Many sites claim 5 10 -5 9 .What s the real height mark according to You?
Jay said on 2/Dec/15
Rob ,the bodybuilder Dorian Yates is listed as 5'10.
Do You think it is a legit height or not?If You have seen some picture of him
Sam said on 11/Sep/15
Yeah, in a different sense other than height I can imagine a lot of average built people feeling dwarfed next to him.
MD said on 24/Aug/15

Some people use "dwarfed" for things other than height. Sometimes, people use it for physical size, and in that kind of definition, Coleman would dwarf the vast majority of people.
Modeus said on 20/Aug/15
Pjdaddy says on 14/Mar/14
I'm 5'10".5 and he is shorter than me. 69.75 inches best guess. Shook hand with him at a Mavs game, we were both in sneakers. I'm a sold guy, 230lb, he dwarfed me. My wife said I've never seen you stand next to someone your own height and look small. We are also the same age

how he could have dwarfed you when he's the same height as you? that just doesnt make any sense
Kourosh said on 8/May/15
im convinced he is just a good 5'9 no more.

178 could be his early days, i mean barefooted.
Kourosh said on 8/May/15
Thank you rob so he is 5'11 or 181 cm in them?. because to me they are very thick soled sneakers??

1.25 is = 3.175 cm so he is 177cm barefoot.
Editor Rob

A lot of running sneakers or high-tops have a concave insole and the outside looks 1.5 even 1.75 but the insole sits a fraction lower.

whatever he is, a good 3cm taller in them I'd say. 181 is possible yes.
Kourosh said on 8/May/15
rob he wears very thick heeled shoes, how much of height he is getting it from them?

8:22 Click Here

is he over 5'11 or in 5'11 ranges in there?
Editor Rob
I don't know the brand, but I would doubt they were more than 1.25 types...
andre said on 4/Jan/15
5ft9 no more
Olympus said on 24/Aug/14
At least 5'11". Either that or Cutler is 5'6"-7" because Ronnie always looks a good 3-4 inches taller.
Pjdaddy said on 14/Mar/14
I'm 5'10".5 and he is shorter than me. 69.75 inches best guess. Shook hand with him at a Mavs game, we were both in sneakers. I'm a sold guy, 230lb, he dwarfed me. My wife said I've never seen you stand next to someone your own height and look small. We are also the same age.
Meltdown said on 31/Jan/14
I'm going to say peak height was 178 cm. Now 176.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jan/14
178-179cm and might've been measured close to 5ft11 in the morning, Rob?
mee said on 22/Dec/13
he is 5'8-9 no more. he was at the gym
Boss Alex said on 23/Sep/13
Met him in may at my gym, he is 5.10 at the most
Viper said on 14/Aug/13
Dexter Jackson looks taller than 5'6 with 6'2 Shawne Merriman Click Here
Charlie said on 8/Aug/13
Are u insane? Arnold at 5ft11? Arnold was 6ft1 minimum at peak. Maybe he is 5ft11 when hes 80 years old.
Ras said on 13/Feb/13
Ocelot I totally agree with your estimates. I'd add Dorian Yates who I think is 174cm, Mike Ergas who I think is 168cm and Kris Gethin who I think is 170cm tall.
Ras said on 10/Feb/13
Rob, when are you listing bodybuilders like Jackson, Coleman or Cutler in the celebweights area?
Editor Rob
it'll be a long term addition of those pages
Vegas said on 26/Jan/13
Ocelot says on 30/Oct/12
Coleman: 177cm
Dexter Jackson: 168cm

was watching the 2004 olympia last night and there more 9cm between jackson and coleman, easily 12cm i thought
Ocelot said on 30/Oct/12
Coleman: 177cm
Jay Cutler: 173cm
Dexter Jackson: 168cm
Phil Heat: 174cm
Branch Warren: 169cm
Kai Greene: 172 cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Jul/12
Might be 177cm. The height difference between
bodybuilders onstage is barely noticeable despite
the fact theyre in their barefeet.
mike said on 24/Jul/12
His biceps are about 5 10
shewşonko said on 1/Jan/12
Ronnie, 47 years old and 330 lbs probably shortened by a few cm long
Joe said on 11/Dec/11
his arms are bigger than super mamun's head! i think 177.5cm
Clay said on 8/Dec/11
Click Here

Ronnie standing nothing under 5'10'' next to 5'8'' Cutler here.
dicksock said on 7/Dec/11
5'10" is perfect for Coleman.
Physics Enemy said on 1/Dec/11
Rob is 5' 8.15" (173.1 at his low), so I say he's 5' 8.2" midday or 5' 8.25" as a general figure to the nearest quarter inch. I think Mamun's a solid 1 cm shorter.
Alex said on 30/Nov/11
Physics, we dont know for sure if Mamun is 5'7.75. He looks about Rob's height. He's probably a hair shorter than Rob but can still be 5'8 flat since Rob is a good 5'8 1/8
Physics Enemy said on 28/Nov/11
Mamun is actually 5' 7.75", so Coleman may well be 5' 9.25" today.
ChiasmataX said on 21/Nov/11
175cm in this pic. Just look at their ear level.
Clay said on 21/Nov/11
I see 5'10'' next to Mamun.
Legend said on 14/Oct/11
He's closer to 5'9 than 5'10 now. He might have been around 5'10.5 at one time in his life though.
klem said on 11/Oct/11
I saw a picture of him with an 180 cm guy, the are both leaning but Ronnie seemed to be 178 cm max. I think his exact height is 177.5cm, 1 inch under 180 cm(because 180 is not quite 5-11). That guy claims 180 cm and competes in fitness category so he knows his height as he is measured officially often.
Danimal said on 6/Oct/11
Physics Enemy says on 5/Oct/11
I think he was definitely a solid 5' 10" in the early 90's, Legend. I'm not sure about now though, he could have lost a bit of height. Likely has done.

Yeah, he was 5'10" in the 90's. Had a little bit of height on 5'9" Kevin Levrone.
Danimal said on 6/Oct/11
Legend says on 5/Oct/11
You have guessed Coleman at 5'9.5 yourself. I'm not budging from my 5'9-5'9.5 estimate for Coleman.

MAN, you always give EVERYONE their LOWEST possible height and then subtract another .5"-1" off of that. Dude, why are you so insecure that you need to lower everyone else's height?
Physics Enemy said on 6/Oct/11
I'm just saying Coleman may well be taller in the early 90s than he is now. Heck, he may be taller in that 2001 stage photo with Cutler than he now. I think he's a little under 5' 10" (now). I'd be really interested to meet Ronnie for a height comparison. It would be close I suspect.
Alex said on 6/Oct/11
Physics, in the picture on the stage Coleman looked 3 inches taller! But could have been the angle or the distance where the picture was taken from though. I think Coleman 5'9.5 and Cutler 5'7.5.
Legend said on 5/Oct/11
You have guessed Coleman at 5'9.5 yourself. I'm not budging from my 5'9-5'9.5 estimate for Coleman.
jawad yaqoob said on 5/Oct/11
yes . The orignal hight of colmen is about 5. 9/5 to 5.10 inch
Physics Enemy said on 5/Oct/11
I think he was definitely a solid 5' 10" in the early 90's, Legend. I'm not sure about now though, he could have lost a bit of height. Likely has done.
Legend said on 4/Oct/11
Physics Enemy, Coleman isn't 5'10 though. That's all but fact.
Physics Enemy said on 3/Oct/11
Alex, Rob thought the difference was 2". Maybe it is and I was overestimating. 2" is probably more than I realise. I think 5' 8" and 5' 10" is pretty fair, there's clearly a solid 2" gap and that puts them 1" under 'listed' heights.
Shaun said on 3/Oct/11
177cm in my opinion.
Alex said on 3/Oct/11
Physics, yea a 5'9.5 Ronnie could still result in a 5'7 Jay in those pics you posted below. Looks over 2 inches between them there.
Legend said on 3/Oct/11
Ronnie is 5'9 in my opinion, but I can go with 5'9.5 max. Cutler is 5'7.75 or so.
Physics Enemy said on 29/Sep/11
Ok Rob, I hope you can knock off the 0.5" for Cutler. If Ronnie is at least 1" under his listed 5' 11", it makes sense Cutler is also at least 1" under his listed 5' 9". Leaving a solid 2" difference still, as evident from pics.
Physics Enemy said on 29/Sep/11
Greene 5' 7", Cutler 5' 7.5", Heath 5' 8", Coleman 5' 9.5" are my best guesses. Cutler's pretty short, I've seen him in vids with 'normal' people and he always looks short. Coleman looks fairly solid. These heights also mean Ronnie has 2" on Cutler and Heath has 0.5" on Cutler; which agrees with most pic evidence.

Doesn't change Rob's opinion though. :-(
Editor Rob
I would need to set aside time to look at jay to see if I think he is shorter, I've briefly looked but not enough yet.
Legend said on 29/Sep/11
He looks a flat 5'7. Cutler must really be less than 5'8. These guys look huge but average guys like us make them look short.
Physics Enemy said on 28/Sep/11
Probably Legend, I think he's slightly shorter than Cutler, though I haven't analysed it properly. He gets listed 5' 8", so knock off the standard 1" ...
Legend said on 28/Sep/11
Isn't Kai Greene supposed to be 5'7?
Physics Enemy said on 27/Sep/11
Legend - I think Cutler is 5' 7.5", Heath is 5' 8" and Coleman is 5' 9.5". Coleman looks borderline tall in many vids, so don't think he's any less.

Heath's actually shorter than I realised. He's barely taller than Cutler and not much taller than Kai Greene. I can't believe Rob has Cutler at 5' 8.5".
Legend said on 26/Sep/11

I agree that Cutler is under 5'8. I'll say Heath is 5'8.5 and Coleman is between 5'9 and 5'9.5 range.
Physics Enemy said on 26/Sep/11
The pictures prove more than our own gut feelings. The pictures show there's at least a 2" gap, arguably more. Coleman is just quite a bit taller than Cutler. You guys want to maintain a 1.5" difference to suit your agendas, rather than from the evidence.

I've actually lost a bit of respect for Rob regarding Coleman/Cutler, because he's ignored the evidence to list Jay higher than he actually looks. He even said himself it was 'possibly 2 inches'; but it's more from the pics I linked.

I have no problem with Jay being listed 5' 8.5", but I'd then list Coleman at 5' 10.5" or even a full 5' 11" to stay consistent.

Ohh and another thing; Jay Cutler looks 1" shorter than 5' 9" listed Phil Heath. Doesn't that throw a spanner in the works. Cutler's barely 1.5" taller than 5' 6" Dexter Jackson.
Legend said on 26/Sep/11

Cutler is 5'7.5 and Ronnie is 5'9 regardless of what these pictures "prove"
Sword said on 24/Sep/11
He seems more 177cm in this photo near Mamun.
Physics Enemy said on 24/Sep/11
If you think Coleman is 5' 9" Legend, then Cutler is under 5' 7":

Click Here

Click Here(2001-Mr.-Olympia)-PART-II.&docid=tr6gSg1TDeMXRM&w=300&h=234&ei=TBF-TtecHcu48gOr1sWUAQ&zoom=1
James said on 19/Sep/11
178cm does seem just slightly extreme judging by this photo.
Clay said on 16/Sep/11
Ronnie has Mamun by 2 inches easy here.
anonim said on 13/Sep/11
I think Cutler is an evening-length shoes 173-174.Coleman in the neck 176-177.
Legend said on 11/Sep/11
It's possible, but I might go with 5'9 over 5'9.5, not that it's a big difference anyway lol
Physics Enemy said on 10/Sep/11
Alex - Click Here

There's MIN 2 inches between Coleman and Cutler in this vid, I think slightly more though. That's why I'm sure Cutler is well under 5' 8".
Alex said on 10/Sep/11
He looks a hair taller than Mamun in the picture but Mamun is closer to the camera. If there were the same distance I think Coleman would have over an inch on him. 5'9.5 is my best guess.
Legend said on 10/Sep/11
Alex you're close. I think Coleman is 5'9 though.
Alex said on 9/Sep/11
Physics, 2 inches min between Coleman and Cutler? Got a few pics to show? Coleman does look over 5'9 with 5'8 Mamun though. 5'9 1/2 is my best guess for him meaning Cutler at 5'8 tops?
Alex said on 9/Sep/11
Vegas, I just saw the picture with Coleman and Big Show as I was scrolling down haha. Big Show is minimum 6'11! but either way thats at least 13-14 inches difference. Coleman I put somewhere from 5'9-5'9 1/2 range.
batu said on 3/Sep/11
i ve seen him in real life. im 6"4 he was at least 17-18 cms shorter than me.i think he is sth like 5"9.
Physics Enemy said on 3/Sep/11
I'm not sure on that Dave, I've seen vids where Yates is the same height as Levrone. That made me think Levrone might wear lifts lol. I'm gonna check out some Olympia vids to gauge Yates' height.
Dave said on 2/Sep/11
Dorian Yates is a genuine 5ft 10inches, I can vouch for that
Physics Enemy said on 1/Sep/11
Cutler is MIN 2" shorter than Coleman, Legend. The 2001 Mr O vid doesn't lie. If Coleman is 5' 9" then Cutler is 5' 6.75". I think Colemans 5' 9.25" and Cutler is 5' 7". Cutler makes Coleman look tall. Cutler is 1" taller than legit 5' 6" Dexter Jackson. Cutler is WAY overlisted on here.
Legend said on 31/Aug/11
Cutler - 5'7.75
Coleman - 5'9 max
Physics Enemy said on 31/Aug/11
Alex - Cutler is more than 1.5" shorter than Coleman, there's min 2" between them in the 2001 Mr O Vid I linked on here. I think Cutler is 5' 7.5" MAX. It's very pheasible to me that Cutler is 5' 7" and Ronnie is 5' 9". Another reason I believe this is because Cutler looks 1" taller than legit 5' 6" Dexter Jackson when they're side by side in the 2008 Mr O Finals.
Legend said on 31/Aug/11

I'm speechless. I really am. Ronnie is clearly breathing in and stretching out all the way up while Flex is actually slightly tilting his head down. You are unbelievable. Get a grip. There's hardly even a half inch between them.
Alex said on 30/Aug/11
I'd put Cutler at 5'8 and Coleman at 5'9 1/2
eric said on 29/Aug/11
Big ron sat in front of me last week at the dallas cowboys preseason game. My first time seeing him in person and what was shocking to me was how short he looked. I got a pic with him while he got up during half time. He was wearing some monster nikes, boost his height by 1 inch maybe 1 and a half. Im 5' 11 and was wearing worn out sandles that wouldnt boost my height even if i wanted them to. Ronnie is 5' 9.25 barefoot and 5' 10.25 with those massive nikes. u can tell in the pic im slightly taller. sorry i dont know how to post the pic on this website. anybody know
Physics Enemy said on 29/Aug/11
Vegas, Ronnie looks to be tilting his head up and stretching his neck there. Flex looks more relaxed to me. I think there's 0.5" difference from the vid.
Legend said on 28/Aug/11
@Physics Enemy

The problem here is how much bodybuilding exaggerates heights. It throws everyone's math off.
Physics Enemy said on 27/Aug/11
Ok thanks Legend. If Flex is 5' 8" then Coleman is 5' 8.5". Cutler is no less than 2" shorter than Ronnie (see 2001 vid), putting Cutler at 5' 6.5". That's the Maths ... but does it sound plausible?

I think Flex at 5' 8.5", Ronnie at 5' 9" and Cutler at 5' 7" may be a better estimate. The reason I say that is because Flex has 0.5" on Levrone and I'm highly confident Levrone isn't under 5' 8".
Legend said on 26/Aug/11
He's not more than 5'9.5 on a good day...
Physics Enemy said on 26/Aug/11
Ok Danimal, I wasn't aware sorry. I don't think Wheeler is 5' 8" because that means Coleman is 5' 8.5" and Cutler 5' 6.25" - 5' 6.5". Coleman has 0.5" MAX on Wheeler in the 1999 Mr O Vid, and Coleman has an easy 2" MIN on Cutler in the 2001 Mr O Vid.

I'm thinking: 5' 7.5" Cutler, 5' 9.5" Coleman, 5' 9" Wheeler. It could just as easily be 5' 7" Cutler, 5' 9" Coleman and 5' 8.5" Wheeler though.
Legend said on 26/Aug/11

Flex wheeler has been listed at 5'8 before. He's also mentioned in one article I read a couple of days ago as "almost 5'8". So I wouldn't be surprised if Flex's real height was 5'8.
Danimal said on 25/Aug/11
Physics Enemy on Ronnie Coleman
Sorry Legend that's also the vid you linked us to. But yes, Flex Wheeler's lowest listing was 5' 9".

Actually, I have seen him listed as low as 5'8" and as high as 5'10.5". Collected Muscle and Fitness and Flex magazines since 1981.
Physics Enemy said on 25/Aug/11
How is Flex Wheeler inflated at 5' 9" Legend? That's his LOWEST listing, he's also listed 5' 10" in MANY competitions/events. He's never ever been listed 5' 8" ... show me proof? I've never seen it.

I agree Ronnie is only 0.5" taller than Flex, granted. But Wheeler is at least 5' 9" from what I gather, he could be 5' 9" and change too. That may explain the 5' 9" and 5' 10" listings.
Legend said on 24/Aug/11

You really know how to evade a question don't you? Let me add it up for you then:

Flex wheeler is listed at an inflated 5'9 and has been listed as low as 5'8. Ronnie Coleman is not even one inch taller than him in the video where they are both barefoot. Therefore, Ronnie Coleman is not even 5'9.5...
Physics Enemy said on 24/Aug/11
Sorry Legend that's also the vid you linked us to. But yes, Flex Wheeler's lowest listing was 5' 9". That would make Ronnie 177 cm MAX though. If Wheeler was 5' 9" and change (he was listed higher than 5' 9" too) then Ronnie is a legit 5' 10".

However; the 2001 Olympia vid with Coleman and Cutler has Coleman much taller than Cutler. Cutler looked 2.5" shorter in that vid to me. Here it is: Click Here

Based on this vid where they are clearly side by side, Cutler can't be anything over 5' 8" and likely 5' 7.5". They're barefoot side by side. People can't say that's a 1.5" difference. Or can they?
Physics Enemy said on 24/Aug/11
Legend, where on earth did you get the idea that Flex Wheeler is 'not even 5' 8"'? The lowest he was ever listed at was 5' 9" and he's been listed up to 5' 10". Ronnie is marginally taller than Flex Wheeler; check out the vid where the medals are about to be awarded in the 1999 Olympia. They're standing tall, side by side. Ronnie has Flex by 0.5".
Vegas said on 23/Aug/11
Legend says on 20/Aug/11

What do you have to say about the video?

why are you asking me?? i haven't met coleman or at any point given an estimation for him recently, the only thing we know for sure with ronnie is his arm size at peak, which seemed to get me alot of heat, he certainly looks shorter next to paul wight than i do, wheeler is listed 5'9 (i can't say i know much about his height) and the close up shots in that video the camera angle favours wheeler alot (look at the green/white/orange stripes on the wall e.g), in the long shots which are level coleman is easily an inch taller, if we knew wheelers exact barefoot measurement then that that video would be of more value
Legend said on 20/Aug/11

What do you have to say about the video?
Legend said on 19/Aug/11
I made a big mistake. This guy can't be 5'10. Look at him in this clip next to not even 5'8 Flex Wheeler: Click Here
johno said on 15/Aug/11
- Mamun upon recently inspecting your recent pictures with celebrities where you have lessened your hair, i have realised the top of your head is higher then i thought. Thus the difference between you and ronnie would be about 1.5inches

Mamun 5'8
ronnie 5'9.5
Legend said on 14/Aug/11
Ronnie looks 5'10 if Mamun is 5'8. One of a few accurate listings.
Physics Enemy said on 2/Aug/11
Accounting for Mamum's hair, Ronnie's posture and the fact Mamun is 5' 8.25" ... then Ronnie is probably 179 cm.
Alex said on 31/Jul/11
The more I look at the picture with Ronnie and Mamun I think Ronnie is more like 5'9 1/2 than 5'10.
Radek said on 29/Jul/11
He looks 5 feet 9.5 , could be 5 feet 10' with good posture.

I doubt he ever was 5'11 as some sources claim. And I doubt bodybuilding makes you drop height, instead its back injuries which can make u end up standing not so straight up anymore and thus looking a little shorter than if u standed up properly.
Clay said on 20/Jul/11
Legend says on 19/Jul/11

How tall are you smart guy?

5'9'' bud. What does that have to do with your tendancy to downgrade everything...?
Alex said on 20/Jul/11
Legend, so if you think I am 5'11.5 then guys like Mamun, Rob, and Frank are all shorter too. Yea right!
Alex said on 20/Jul/11
Rob, thanx. Yea I remember it was 2pm I got measured than around 6pm and 1-2mm less. I wonder how much I would have been if I got measured at around 10AM. I am probably like 6'0 3/4 out of bed though.
Legend said on 19/Jul/11

How tall are you smart guy?
Legend said on 19/Jul/11
Alex is 5'11.5...
Editor Rob

the day we met him in NY it was about lunchtime and measured a good 6 foot and a few mm, we went out for a few hours to the central park and then around 6pm measured again and maybe he was a mm or so less, but still 6 foot, even taking the 2mm off for the stadiometer error.

so it's really unquestionable his height is 6 foot!
MAMUN said on 18/Jul/11
Anything you say Big Brother ! But Ronnie is one hell of a big dude !


Clay said on 16/Jul/11
Why are you guys surprised? This is the same guy who says Kane is 6'6.5 max and Big Show is under 6'10'' for Pete sakes. He also has Taylor Lautner at 5'6.5 who I've seen in person and is 5'8'' minimum.
Alex said on 15/Jul/11
Mamun, looking at the picture of me and you compared to you and Ronnie isn't the best to judge since we are barefoot in our pic. It can appear me and Ronnie are closer in height kinda but I think I'd have over 2 inches on him.
Alex said on 15/Jul/11
Wow I seen it all on here now. Its one thing to downgrade the celebs or people who we haven't seen proof of measurement of but I was measured at slightly over 6'0 by Rob midday and I have been measured at 6'0 1/4 at the doctors in the last few years too so to state I am 5'11.5 MAX is absurd.

Vegas, yea those were good pics. The one with me, Rob and Jenny came out better. I got 4 inches on Rob who is slightly over 5'8 so I dont know what this guy is talking about LOL
MAMUN said on 12/Jul/11
Legend , My Big Brother Alex was measured by His Exclellency King ROB at a little over six feet !


Legend said on 10/Jul/11
Alex doesn't look a full 6 feet. I don't mean to be rude but I'm just giving my opinion. I won't buy a full 6 feet for Alex. I'm going to say like 5'11.5 at the most.
Alex said on 4/Jul/11
Ronnie's arms were prob 24 inches offseason?
mamun said on 3/Jul/11
Thanks Vegas for the work ! Ronnie does look like he is only an inch shorter than my Big Brother Alex in this comparison photo ! What do you think Big Brother Alex ?


Big Mike said on 3/Jul/11
If Mamun is 5ft8 then Ron must be 5ft9 clearly their is an inch differance here if you look on his website or bodybuilding sites they say he's 5ft11 unless mamun is 5ft10 then i stick wit that hes a lilk bit shorter than we think
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Jun/11
There's not even a handful of bodybuilders these days that are 6ft or over.
Eddie said on 27/Jun/11
Looks 5'9 next to that dude.
johno said on 25/Jun/11
This might be out of topic but zack khan is bigger then both ronnie and jay. His biceps are alot larger to.
Viper said on 14/Jun/11
Coleman just looks like he has 2 big rocks planted in his arms.
d wade said on 12/Jun/11
Ronni coleman has atleast a 60 cm arm but Arnold never had a 56 cm arm more like 50cm.
Danimal said on 11/Jun/11
Vegas says on 8/Jun/11
Mamun says on 8/Jun/11
I am not buying this 21 inchs measurement for Ronnie ! I have met Ronnie 3 times and saying he was a monster of a man is an " UNDERSTATEMENT " ! He is much much bigger than Arnold who competed at a body weight of 235 pounds and who also had a bicep measurement of 22.5 inchs .

arnie didn't have 22.5 inch arms, his was measured at 19.75 inches pumped by arthur jones after his first olympia win, jones said ray mentzer and sergio olivas arms measured out around 20.5 inches

Contest condition when down to 230 pounds, yes. Offseason at 260 pounds they were over 22 1/4".. FACT...
Vegas said on 10/Jun/11
guinness is not a good source, they had Leonid Stadnyk listed at 8t 5 in one edition, i have a 1982 edition and giant haystacks is listed 6'11, the 1982 book also has arnie down at 185cm, chest 145cm, bodyweight 235lb at his peak and 56cm upper arm, i would believes arthur jones over guinness, how can you dispute ronnies measurement when its right there on video and thats only 3 weeks after the biggest tournament of the year
Mamun said on 9/Jun/11
I bought an old Guinness Book of world records ( Int'l edition ) dated 1980 where they have Arnold enlisted as the man with the most perfectly developed in the world at a Height of 6' 2" , ody weight of 115 kg , Chest 60 inchs and Biceps 22 inchs ! Also in his book his Biceps are listed at 22.5 " !


Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Jun/11
I can buy 179cm...
Vegas said on 8/Jun/11
Mamun says on 8/Jun/11
I am not buying this 21 inchs measurement for Ronnie ! I have met Ronnie 3 times and saying he was a monster of a man is an " UNDERSTATEMENT " ! He is much much bigger than Arnold who competed at a body weight of 235 pounds and who also had a bicep measurement of 22.5 inchs .

arnie didn't have 22.5 inch arms, his was measured at 19.75 inches pumped by arthur jones after his first olympia win, jones said ray mentzer and sergio olivas arms measured out around 20.5 inches
Mamun said on 8/Jun/11
I am not buying this 21 inchs measurement for Ronnie ! I have met Ronnie 3 times and saying he was a monster of a man is an " UNDERSTATEMENT " ! He is much much bigger than Arnold who competed at a body weight of 235 pounds and who also had a bicep measurement of 22.5 inchs . How can I buy only 21 inchs for a man who competed more than 60 pounds heavier than Arnold ? Well at least they didn't seem only 21 inchs to me !


Clay said on 7/Jun/11
''Biceps'' isn't a great way to describe an arm measurement, lol. Your arms are 70% triceps!
Jim said on 5/Jun/11
@manuel you might be right about his height, but i don't think anyone wants to be anywhere near as muscular as he is. dudes muscles are disgusting and not at all proportionate.
® said on 5/Jun/11
I am naive when it comes to bodybuilding bcoz ive never been to gym muself.But how big are steiner's biceps.
Alex said on 3/Jun/11
His arms are listed everywhere at 24 inches though.
violatorjames said on 2/Jun/11
how is he 5'10? He looks more like 5'9 max.
Vegas said on 2/Jun/11
well that video was shot in november 2004, couple of weeks after the 2004 olympia (held on october 30th), here is a photo from that trip to korea Click Here
Mamun said on 2/Jun/11
Vegas , he looks much smaller in that video than he does in my picture !


Vegas said on 1/Jun/11
Mamun says on 31/May/11
Alex , I heard they were more like 26 inchs !

measured here at roughly 55cm so just over 21.5 inches, 30 second mark Click Here

Editor Rob
goes to show how truly big a real 21.5 bicep is.
Mamun said on 31/May/11
Alex , I heard they were more like 26 inchs !


Alex said on 30/May/11
I am 6'0 210-215lbs with 16.75-17 inch arms and I feel big. I wouldn't wanna get over 225lbs myself. Maybe 230 max and by then I'd have like 18 inch arms where I wouldn't wanna be more than anyway. But 24 inch arms on a 5'10 guy is crazy like Coleman!
Big Mike said on 30/May/11
well yea 5ft9 may be he's actual height but his videos on youtube he actually looks taller could be the camera angles on youtube he looks 5 ft 11 or 6ft
Legend said on 24/May/11
He's 5'9.75
Alex2 said on 23/May/11
Met him yesterday over here in UK, very nice guy. I am 5'9-5'9.5 and I didn't think he had an inch on me. 177 cm could be bang on.
Mamun said on 18/May/11


James said on 17/May/11
Mamun says on 11/May/11
James , did you also know that Ronnie was a cop in one of the most violent cities in the world , Chicago and is probably well trained for arm to arm combat to face very dangerous criminals ! I will say this , if I want someone coming to arrest me , my lasdt choice would have been Ronnie !



I am sure he's a nice guy though right?
Thor Knapp said on 11/May/11
The very large shoulders of professional bodybuilders can make them see shorter, but his official IFBB stature is 180 cm, and it's surely true.
Mamun said on 11/May/11
James , did you also know that Ronnie was a cop in one of the most violent cities in the world , Chicago and is probably well trained for arm to arm combat to face very dangerous criminals ! I will say this , if I want someone coming to arrest me , my lasdt choice would have been Ronnie !


Danimal said on 7/May/11
Viper says on 26/Mar/11
Ronnie is a bodybuilding GOD

James said on 5/May/11
Mamun says on 9/Apr/11
James , who would you rather jump into the ring ? Kane or Ronie ?



Kane even though he's 6'8 and i am only 5'9
blazer said on 3/May/11
he is 5feet and 10 inch
michael said on 28/Apr/11
same height in the picture
Vegas said on 19/Apr/11
i believe it was taken sometime in 2010
Mamun said on 17/Apr/11
Wow Vegas , where did you find this picture and when was it taken ?


Mamun said on 9/Apr/11
James , who would you rather jump into the ring ? Kane or Ronie ?


James said on 7/Apr/11
He may not be massive but i am sure most 6'2 and 6'4 guys would not want to mess with this guy. Like Mike Tyson as well he may not be very tall but he sure as hell has the mass to compensate.
jhand said on 1/Apr/11
I've seen him in person, he's about 5'9 or 5'9.5
Viper said on 26/Mar/11
Ronnie is a bodybuilding GOD
James said on 23/Mar/11
Yeah 5'11 is extreme. I think all round 5'10 is good for this guy
E said on 15/Mar/11
could have shrank from all the lifting... maybe originally 5'11" but not now...
Danimal said on 10/Mar/11
James says on 15/Feb/11
179cm or 180cm if he stood at his tallest in the pic?

NO James. I have been following his career since the early 1990's, BEFORE he was a SOMEBODY he was consistently billed at 5'10". When he began making a name for himself and placing higher, the magazines upped his height to 5'11".. Same goes with a ton of other pros..
LG69 said on 9/Mar/11
1.5" difference there...Coleman might be 5'9.5"
anon said on 5/Mar/11
Doesn't look like he has any more than 1 to 1.5ins on Mamun. Always thought he was just under 5'10''. 5'11'' is nonsense.
Candyman said on 18/Feb/11
Lol @ Dago Red
Very true
James said on 15/Feb/11
179cm or 180cm if he stood at his tallest in the pic?
Alex said on 25/Jan/11
For someone 5'9 or 5'10 to weigh as much and be as big as Coleman is crazy. 320-330lbs offeason is crazy and to be shredded at 290lbs at that height is even more crazy. At 5'10 the biggest I think someone should really be is like 225-230lbs without looking too big.
CLay said on 12/Jan/11
Danimal says on 8/Jan/11
Ronnie has been struggling with a flat 5'10" for years now.. Try dead lifting 800-900 pounds for 20 years and tell me how tall you'll be at the end of the day... Jay is a flat 5'8"...

Anonymous said on 10/Jan/11
he's 5'9". NOONE can get that jacked if you're 5'10"+.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Jan/11
Could he be 179cm, Rob?

Editor Rob
I wouldn't bet on it
Danimal said on 8/Jan/11
Ronnie has been struggling with a flat 5'10" for years now.. Try dead lifting 800-900 pounds for 20 years and tell me how tall you'll be at the end of the day... Jay is a flat 5'8"...
Anonymous said on 8/Jan/11
If Ronnie coleman is 5'8½ that would mean that jay cutler is about 5'6½.
Click Here
TruebloodFan said on 29/Dec/10
@Sasha says on 16/Dec/10
Agreed. My coach in the gym has been to the United States, and met Ronnie Coleman. Coach is 6ft flat, Ronnie was 180, or a cm under. 5ft10 works, if not 5ft11 for the reasons you stated.
Aaron said on 28/Dec/10
Lol, Coleman looks ridiculous. Mamun has a very average sized head, and Coleman's head looks quite a bit smaller. The man is extremely disproportionate. It's because of his proportions that Coleman looks taller than he really is.
Sasha said on 16/Dec/10
In normal situation a man doesn't stand at full his height! It is very exhausting. :) For a normal man his height, when he stretches as tall as possible (for example, when he is measured) and when he stands in a normal situation, differ for near 2cm. Verified on myself. But for a HEAVY man, like Ronnie, the real height and the "standing height" may differ more. For example, for 5cm. So we should add the 3cm handicap to the 177cm height, which is deduced from the photo. And so we get the real height of 180cm (or 5ft 11).

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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