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5ft 10.02in (177.9cm)
supermanfan380 said on 12/Feb/09
I'd give Ronnie about 5'10" or 5'11'. depends on posture and time of day. first hour or two of the day, about 5'11", later on around 5'10". He is close to what his listed height is. When I met him I did not think "wow he is shorter than I expected, he was about right what I thought he would look like. He was wide houses though. Glad to see he lost some of the size since he stopped competing. that extra weight alone must have been hard on him. He looks healthier at a lighter weight.
damien said on 11/Feb/09
he is still over 300 lbs... he is still training, thats just a bad angle pic, you people are nuts... he is competing this year again :)
Danimal said on 23/Jan/09
Anonymous says on 22/Jan/09
This is a recent photo of Ronnie with his new wife. As you can see, he has clearly stopped using steroids and looks no bigger than 225-230lbs, tops. Yes, he is human after all; yes, all those giant muscles came out of small glass bottles.
[IMG]Click Here[/IMG]

More like 215 pounds there.
Anonymous said on 22/Jan/09
This is a recent photo of Ronnie with his new wife. As you can see, he has clearly stopped using steroids and looks no bigger than 225-230lbs, tops. Yes, he is human after all; yes, all those giant muscles came out of small glass bottles.
[IMG]Click Here[/IMG]
Anonymous said on 19/Jan/09
Do you live with him? Are you his cousin? Unless you're his best friend Brian, or one of his nieces/daughters, you don't know what the hell you're talking about, "u mad?". He takes 4-5 months off gear, especially now that he's retired, and drops to the low 240s. He hasn't been over 300 since 06 when he did his last Olympia. And he's not 5'11", get off his nuts and get a life.
U mAD? said on 18/Jan/09
his 5'll, he gets over 300 lbs in the off season, he was 296lbs shredded competition weight. man he is 5'11, get over it you freaks, ronnie isnt even standing up straight in this pic.
Joey said on 7/Jan/09
Met him. We were both wearing Air Jordans, different model but same thickness of sole, and he was exactly 2 inches taller than me. I'm 5'8". He's not 5'11", much like Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn't 6'2" but really just 6'0". He looks tall in his videos for 3 reasons: 1) Mitsuro Okabe films him while crouched, or while holding the camera at waist-height, so the viewer sees him from the lower back up, giving him the appearance of a mountain; 2) He has very long arms for a man of his height, and therefore doesn't look as stubby as Jay Cutler or Dexter Jackson; 3) photos of him are often taken from a distance, giving the illusion that he's actually taller due to the massive area he occupies. I once met him off-season, when he was (by his own admission) off steroids/GH, and he was considerably smaller - maybe 250lbs instead of his usual 325. He also didn't look very tall.
Hugh said on 31/Dec/08
A little freak. I hope Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman choke on the steroids they take. They have officially ruined what was once a great industry. I heard he's very ignorant aswell.
Mike said on 20/Dec/08
Ronnie looks really tall but hes only 5 11
Leung said on 18/Dec/08
The two times I met Ronnie Coleman was because he was doing guest appearances at my local gym, and he was wearing thin soled weight-lifters shoes. Coleman is 5
bbfan said on 17/Dec/08
Mamum is 5' 8" late in the day, so you could claim he's 5' 8.5" really. If you then account for his hair advantage, and Coleman leaning, that put's Coleman at 5' 10.5" IMO. But then I don't know his footwear. If it's those huge Nike's I've seen in some pics, 5' 10".
Alex said on 17/Dec/08
He's barely 5'10 I still think.
Bruce said on 17/Dec/08
yeah, and Ronnie dont have hair lol.
jon said on 17/Dec/08
To Danimal,I have seen all the bodybuilders you mentioned at 2007 olympia and around the expo, Jay Cutler would be lucky to be 5'8" and he wears timberland type boots, Ronnie had flats and is a strong 5'10" but Flex Wheeler is the tallest of the bunch, maybe he had something in his shoes. My friend and I were both surprised, he seemed 5'11".
Big King said on 17/Dec/08
I'd say, he is one and a half inch taller than mamun, he's 5'9 3/4" or even 5'10".
Clay said on 17/Dec/08
Easily two inches over Mamun you have to visualize Coleman standing as straight as Mamun.
Zach said on 16/Dec/08
Mamun, is that you wincing at Coleman's grip? ;)

Just messing. I've never quite believed 5'11, 5'10 seems about right, has always been around 1.5inches taller than Cutler.
Hugh said on 8/Dec/08
Looks barely taller than Mamun. I'd say 5ft9 tops.
Hugh said on 4/Dec/08
An absolute freak.
random said on 11/Nov/08
ive met ronnie 5'8" at the end of the day and i would say hes 5'10"
theenforcer22 said on 11/Nov/08
Don't bodybuilders get measured for height before they compete? Also, it's always well documented in muscle mags e.g. xxx has 19 stone on a 5 ft 9 frame.
Balto said on 25/Sep/08
I don't think he is above 5"10. Adjusting for footwear I would say he's no taller than 2 inches over 5"8 Mamun. Sure M's hair is there but it's rather flat. And meeting Ronnie in person (like Leung suggested) is no real guide since the guy is so MASSIVE physically that the thoughts of an individual tend to sway to that. I reckon 5"10 is a safe bet.
Danimal said on 18/Sep/08
JMH says on 6/Sep/08
I think you have to consider that it's very hard to determine a guys height from a photograph, just as it is hard to tell from TV. I go along with 5'11" just because that's what he's always been said to be, not just from his website but from competition results also, where measurements really matter.

He was listed at 5'10" for YEARS before they boosted that to 5'11". In ALL publications up until 1998. The same goes for Kevin Levrone who was boosted from 5'9" to 5'10" and Jay Cutler from 5'8.5"-5'9". Chris Cormier was boosted from 5'9" to 5'10" to 5'11" and Flex Wheeler from 5'8" to 5'9" to 5'10 1/4". Do ANY OF YOU even follow bodybuilding???
jordan said on 17/Sep/08
i think its crazy how you people can comment this picture with so little knowledge. Watch ronnies training videos... he is so strong his trainer said he could be a world champion power lifter, but he didn't want to hurt himself and screw up bodybuilding. He is the strongest bodybuilder... in his videos he front squats insane weight and dead lifts over 700 lbs for sets of 8... not even training for strength. and eddie... contrary to your backwards logic... if you cut from a higher weight you're stronger than a person at the natural weight. Thats why fighters and wrestlers cut weight for competition... not for looks buddy. coleman is 5'11 because that's what the IFBB said. I'm pretty sure they check these things... not guestimate by a picture.
James Fitzgerald 0012701 said on 16/Sep/08
eddie:no offence but shut your trap as you have no idea what you are on about.train for look not power?hahahaha ye 300pound benchpress for looks?you can destroy him?none of your skinny ass karae punch is going to hurt this guy.i agree if he doesnt box and only bodybuilds his punches are not optimum but not to say they are pathetic.he will open your skull up wit one punch.he can bear hug you and break your spine what yoou gonna do karate kid block his punch?im a 20stone super heavy weight muaythai fighter and i wont take him on
Rocky said on 8/Sep/08
alexander Kane ain't 6'5 he's 6'8 kido, taker is 6'7 kane is a inch taller
JMH said on 6/Sep/08
I think you have to consider that it's very hard to determine a guys height from a photograph, just as it is hard to tell from TV. I go along with 5'11" just because that's what he's always been said to be, not just from his website but from competition results also, where measurements really matter.
alexander said on 26/Aug/08
the undertaker is 6.7
kane 6.5
the look more biggers in tv but in the real life look more short ,was my experience i meet them time ago
im 6.5
Mamun said on 18/Aug/08
No problem incline ! To be Bizarro I would need a lot of facial make-up !

incline said on 17/Aug/08
whats up with the superman stuff are wearing superman in ever pic you have on this site lol... id say bizarro is more suiting ;-) (j/k of course)
Cobra said on 10/Aug/08
Funny how my pic got ignored; pretty good strategy, you use the arguments that support your theory, and ignore the ones that are against it.
Alex2 said on 9/Aug/08
Colemans retired from competition now hasnt he?
Alex2 said on 9/Aug/08
Danimal, you ever met any pro bodybuilders?
Clay said on 8/Aug/08
6'7.5 makes perfect sense for both Undertaker and Kane.
Lego said on 7/Aug/08
lol his arm is bigger than his head, huge biceps.

i do agree though he's a weak 5'10.
Derek said on 6/Aug/08
Viper says on 22/Jul/08
"Apparently we have a lot of crazy people on this site then, lol. A lot of people see Kane in the 6-7-6-7 1/2 range".

I'm one of them lol. 6'7.5" is actually my estimate. I think Undertaker is .5"-1" shorter.
Alex said on 6/Aug/08
Coleman is closer to 5'9 than 6'0. Thats for sure. Coleman looks to be struggling to hit 5'10 in the picture above though.

I could see Kane at a possible 6'8 but no more than that as some claim he's 6'9 plus still.
Clay said on 24/Jul/08
Chalk me up as a crazy person who see's Kane at 6'7.5/6'
Cobra said on 23/Jul/08
Apparently we have a lot of crazy people on this site then, lol.

Now, that is true. ;)
Danimal, no, I don`t followed his career that long; but height listings in Bodybuilding don`t say much. But as I said, for Ronnie: 5ft11 morning, 5ft10 evening. Would explain the 2 different listings, I think Ronnie`s difference between morning and evening height is maybe even slightly bigger than from an average person.
Viper said on 22/Jul/08
"Viper, you also say Kane is 6ft7... now that is crazy."

Apparently we have a lot of crazy people on this site then, lol. A lot of people see Kane in the 6-7-6-7 1/2 range.
Danimal said on 22/Jul/08
Cobra says on 20/Jul/08
Ronnie is definately closer to 6ft than to 5ft9 some guys here claim.
to me Ronnie always gave a 5ft11 impression. Viper, you also say Kane is 6ft7... now that is crazy.

DUDE, the man was listed at 5'10" in the IFBB WELL before he was listed at 5'11" (when he started to make a name for himself in the mid 90's). Been following his career since the early 90's. Have you?
Leung said on 20/Jul/08
Ronnie Coleman can look 5
Cobra said on 20/Jul/08
Ronnie is definately closer to 6ft than to 5ft9 some guys here claim.
to me Ronnie always gave a 5ft11 impression. Viper, you also say Kane is 6ft7... now that is crazy.
Danimal said on 19/Jul/08
5'10" FLAT
Viper said on 18/Jul/08
Close to 6-0? Thats crazy.
Leung said on 17/Jul/08
I know what you are talking about, 5
jassem said on 16/Jul/08
i met with ronnie coleman yesterday at an appearance. there is no way he is 5-10. he seems like he is 5'11 or closer to 6 feet. he is tall. there is no way he is 5'10. no way. i am 5'11 and he had abit on me. i would say half an inch on me. he is a solid 5'11 or even 6 feet. this picture he is probebly not standing stright or our friend is wearing boots. no way he is less then 5'11.
Cobra said on 12/Jul/08
The guy on the right is 5ft10. I can see Ronnie 5ft11 morning and 5ft10 evening.
Click Here
Cobra said on 11/Jul/08
In the pic with Mamun, Ronnie is leaning big time.
Take a lookt at this one:
Click Here
The guy on the right is exactly 5ft10. Ronnie looks a tad taller. IMO, 5ft11 morning, 5ft10 evening.
Mamun said on 8/Jul/08
Thank you Lynn for your kind comments . My friend , his arms are 26.5 inches
( one of the largest on the planet ) and in this picture he weighs around 345
pounds . The picture does speak for its self . I did't touch the picture in
any way . That's him in real .

KInd regards

THE REAL ANONYMOUS said on 8/Jul/08
I see Coleman at 5'9. Coleman is a bodybuilder, I see him gassing before he even steps into the cage. Seriously, MMA and Bodybuilding are worlds apart. The very best mma fighter could not compete in the Bodybuilders. Penn beats Coleman or any other Bodybuilder in whatever way he chooses to.
Lynn said on 8/Jul/08

this pic is a masterpiece.

But a question for you. Why have you photoshopped his arm???
Marcel said on 7/Jul/08
Funny that 177 is considered as short.
Jake said on 6/Jul/08
Looks 5'9 1/2 to me. His bulky muscles and big shoulders make him seem more. From head to head....he's about an inch taller.
Marcel said on 6/Jul/08
This guy is not 5ft11. 5ft9 sounds more correct.
Alex said on 6/Jul/08
I think 5'9 1/2 is most accurate for Coleman. I wouldn't go below that. He has over an inch on Mamun if both were same distance from the camera.
cal said on 2/Jul/08
this guy is no way 5 11. i met him at ballys the other day and im 5 10 and a half n id say his about 5 9. 5 9.5 max
Johan Thorendahl said on 26/Jun/08
I think some of the past postings are too far from the topic about celebrity hights, right Rob?
Charlie23 said on 7/Jun/08
According to the picture with Mamun this guy looks only 5'9 maybe 5'9.5 MAX.
Davey said on 2/Jun/08
lol metric.good post.
Viper said on 1/Jun/08
Even Kimbo Slice would kill you Mattiew.
Metric said on 30/May/08
Mattiew: Your statement of "owning" Coleman is just so ridicoulus. Even if you were lucky enough to land a punch to his face what the f*** makes you think that would take care of business!??? You know nothing about Ronnies speed or reflexes. He could easily (and most likely) be deceptively fast - much like a bear. Colemans HUUGE neck would make it almost impossible (for anyone) to knock him out. Once he got infuriated he would break your inflated ego (and body) in half! I think it would be absolute horror. Something like a cocky rooster (you) going into the "fight" and in about 5 seconds experiencing everything from surprise, self-denial, fear and sheer PANIC when the truth of this guys strength would hit you in the face like a sledgehammer. ENOUGH with this nonsense!
WantingToBe6FT said on 29/May/08
MattieW, you wouldn't be able to move this guy, he would absolutely destroy you. As for Coleman, I'll give him at least 5'10" because he does 5'11" in some pics, and next to 5'9" Jay Cutler.
Clay said on 29/May/08
See the difference between a street fight and an MMA fight is if someone with superior strength, such as Coleman, gets a hold of BJ's throat - its lights out there will be no referee tapping on his shoulder.
Mattiew_- said on 29/May/08
So after telling us the WEE stars are tough as nails mofos ( as we saw when Bart Gunn or Sean O'Haire fought Butterbean ) you're telling us every police officer in chicago is UFC material ?
This is the day of the scoops ... What's next ???

MAybe you should email Dana White , I'm sure he will be very interested to recruit cheap fighters "street certified"...

Anyway , I have don't have anything to prove to you man .
My point was answering to the j**k who said " ''I would put my money on Coleman beating any MMA fighter who isnt a heavyweight.'' "
He should shoot himself for making such a bold statement .
Is there anyone here really thinking Ronnie would beat Anderson Silva or GSP ?

In case anyone of you knew some years ago Dorian Yates was literally rolled at the Dutch BB GP by a MMA fighter and left out cold .
Suge Knight who's 6'4 320 and a f*****g thug was KOed cold lately by a 5'10" barber .
Size doesn't mean **** in combat sports if you don't know how to fight and your opponent knows .

And as a weightlifting student I saw almost every Coleman training DVDs and the guy sur can't run . So I guess I would just have to run around him until he gasses and then go for the kill :)

Anyway to be back to the topic , one of my best friends saw big Ron at the Holland GP some years ago, barefeet (because he was about to pose) , and told me he was 177 cm to me. I can see him being 5'11 when he was much younger and lighter , because putting so much pound surely can make you lose some cm .
So Rob's guess is spot on IMO .
Mamun said on 29/May/08
Ronnie coleman was a police officer in one of the most violent and dangerous
city in the world ; Chicago . So there is no way in hell that they would
keep some one in thier forces who would know nothing about fighting .

Mattiew , thank you so much for your kind words . But I still didn't
get an answer for the first question ; How will you prove your point
in taking down Ronnie Broher .


Dave said on 29/May/08
mattiew..... this is getting silly, lets all leave it. Besides, mariusz is not just a muscle freak.... he is a black belt in 2 forms of martial arts, and is quick as lightning for his size, and has incredible cardio conditioning.... he would be no pushover for anyone.

Anyway, back to coleman... 5'10 absolute max, i think hes more like a 5'9.

btw, mattiew.... besides pictures, how the HELL will we ever prove the heights of these celebs, so i guess pics arent good enough anymore eh? some people on here are incredible... the pic gives us a good estimate give or take an inch about how tall the man is. its THE best we are gonna get, short of sudating, tying down and measuring celebs... and i dont see that happening. So pics are the best we got, so we should go on them.
Mattiew_- said on 29/May/08
LOL @ the answers about beating Coleman .

And lol at the people here who thinks it's feat of glory .
Had they ever trained a day in their life ( not doing Tombstone piledrivers on their little bro in their backyard ) they would know that someone who has no cardio and can't move is no threat as long as they don't grab you ( which would be very unlikely to happen with Coleman considering I have the reach advatage and he is slow as hell ) , and that fightwise lean muscle mass means **** or Mariusz Pudzianowski would be the most dangerous man in the world.

I can't prove it for sure , but neither can any of you prove his height ( beginning with Mamun , because posting pics doesn't mean **** as we never see your footewear man ) .
So you can question my ability but anyway I know what I'm talking about, and I know what I can or cannot do . I'm impressed

To people like my friend Mamun I answer I love how you tell me I can't prove it then give us your own streetfighting and wrestling curriculum vitae .
Kinda ironic .
Plus I don't see what half of the WWE roster has to do here when we are talking about REAL fighting .
If anything you should at least have named real fighters's name not entertainement freaks .
It's sums up pretty well the fact that you obiously know little about what REAL fighting is about .
So keep dreaming the Undertaker's "gogoplata" is a hell of a deadly move that needs to be banned because they are blood caps coming out of Khali's mouth .

ps : those WWE wrestler who still be much more dangerous opponents than Coleman because of their size (reach) , the fact that they know how to throw a punch and they sure can move for guys their size ...
Metric said on 28/May/08
Danimal: whatever
Anonymous said on 28/May/08
in that interview, it said Coleman was a cop (LA Police, i think) it described him as being 5'8 in height. they showed him in his polic uniform. that interview was about 10 years ago.
Davey said on 28/May/08
ronnie coleman is 5`10 with hes nike air max on.
Charliemoto said on 27/May/08
looks barely 176cm there
Slaz said on 27/May/08
He looks about 5'9 in that picture, maybe a tad more if he stand up straight, but not that much, even with the best posture i give him a very weak 5'10 at best.
Tony said on 27/May/08
To Mattiew

I think your forgetting Ronnie Coleman is a cop . Police officers are taught self defence and grappling

2nd you talk as if Bj penn compared to this guy are almost ='s in giving more than Ronnie can handle

The prodigy is a trained machine to hurt people Ronnie isnt

Sean Sherk works out to much to compensate for being short and the Sherk and Bj penn Fight you knew that Bj penn was pacing himself and relaxed and not even a quarter of intensity compared to his other fights

ne ways Kyokushin Karate sucks

im gonna pull a mamun on you mattiew to end this like he does the classy way


Ras said on 27/May/08
Danimal says on 24/May/08
I'd love to see Jay Cutler next to Mamun.

That would indeed be interesting.
Danimal said on 26/May/08
Mamun says on 25/May/08
I have one with him too !

Please post it Mamun. It would be MUCH appeciated.
Clay said on 26/May/08
It was on youtube Metrc. Im sure you could find it if you searched.
Metric said on 25/May/08
Clay: Could you post a link to that interview? Thanks.
Mamun said on 25/May/08
I have one with him too !
Dave said on 25/May/08
hes never ever ever ever 5'11..... and mattiew, he was never 180... hes lucky to be 177 imo!!!! at ANY time!
Danimal said on 24/May/08
He was never over 5'10" and that was early 90's height. He's only 44 years old, so height loss would be minimal. I think the fact that he deadlifted 800 pounds, squatted with heavy weights, etc.. for 30 years and he has weighed around 300 pounds for a LONG time, HAS chopped off a bit off his height, but again, he was never over 5'10" imo. I'd love to see Jay Cutler next to Mamun.
Davey said on 23/May/08
Mattiew nobody cares you keyboard warrior.keep your approval seeking to yourself buddy.
Mamun said on 23/May/08
I have only one thing ti say to people like my friend Mattiew : How in GOD'S
name are you going to prove your point Buddy .If you could do to Ronnie what
you dream of doing , then you could also take on Scott Stainer, Kurt angle
and the Undertaker plus Kane in a handicape match . For your kind information,
I had been a street fighting too , including experiences in wrestling ! I
will always keep these dreams to my self .


Mattiew_- said on 23/May/08
Maybe he was around 180cm prime , but it is obvious carrying so much weight on such a small frame has made him shrink ...

On a side note to answer to the guy about the fighting skills , Coleman would get smashed by any half decent MMA fighters even people like Sean Sherk or BJ Penn would give prolly more than he can handle .

I'm 182 87kg and I've been boxing and practising Kyokushin for 15years . I would own Coleman anyway of the week street or ring/cage and I'm nowhere near top 10 pro level fighters .
The dude can't move and has no cardio , he is sweating just by walking a mile .
Plus what makes you think he can take a punch ???
Alex said on 23/May/08
If Coleman can get a hold of one of them and they can't get away then I'd favor Coleman but those guys aren't going to let Coleman get that close to them.
Anonymous said on 23/May/08
I do remember reading an article about him, around 10 years ago and described him as being 5ft8 in height.
Davey said on 23/May/08
Just because hes a body builder doesnt mean he could beat a pro fighter.He would probably get belted by a much lighter Ufc fighter.
Jason said on 23/May/08
Clay says on 22/May/08
''Jason, I said in a STREETFIGHT. Obviously with gloves, rules, a cage, and a referee Coleman would be made to look foolish.''

What I said applied to in a match, streets ... anything. The majority of lightheavies would also own Coleman, as would many below that. You're the only one here that thinks only the heavyweights would, mate.
Clay said on 23/May/08
I've seen an interview where Ronnie is talking about his diet - This guy eats more steak, chicken, tuna, pork, and rice in a day than I would in a week.
Davey said on 22/May/08
lyn he hasnt shrunk.He was never 5'10. Stop saying things you know nothing about.
Viper said on 22/May/08
I can easily believe the 24 inch estimate. His arms are just wicked.
Lynn said on 22/May/08
I agree with you. Coleman is now around 5'9".

He used to be a little taller. Look at all the Mr Olympia, in the first ones he was clearly a little taller.
Alex said on 22/May/08
J-Lee, maybe since sometimes being so heavy can make you appear shorter.

I thought Coleman's arms looked 24 in season. Or maybe 23 in season and 24 offseason. He's at least 23 in season I think.
Lynn said on 22/May/08
Seems he has shrunk a little.

He was near 5'10" in his prime.
Nelssoni said on 22/May/08
Comon 5'11 is almost as joke as levrones 6'.
Mamun said on 22/May/08
He looked 5'9" my friend !
Brah said on 22/May/08
Mamun, how tall did he look to you in person?
Anonymous said on 22/May/08
We can't see his footwear, could be closer to 5-8!
Anonymous said on 22/May/08
he only looks 5-9 maybe 5-9.5 no way 5-11
Clay said on 22/May/08
Jason, I said in a STREETFIGHT. Obviously with gloves, rules, a cage, and a referee Coleman would be made to look foolish.
Davey said on 22/May/08
I think hes a strong 5'9
Jason said on 22/May/08
Clay says on 21/May/08 ''I would put my money on Coleman beating any MMA fighter who isnt a heavyweight.''

How old are you??

Man, and you think my height estimates are bad... lol.
J.Lee said on 22/May/08
Alex, i want your opinion. I am 5 10 an half in morning but evening i am five ten. I am half inch shorter. But do you think ronnie could be a full inch shorter simply because he is a 300 pound enormous bodybuilder? Do you think when you way that much it makes you even more shorter during the day?
Danimal said on 21/May/08
25" biceps? Uhmmmmm, no. At his PEAK, in the offseason, he had 23"-24" at a bodyweight of 320 pounds.

He's 5'10" out of bed and during the day he is what you see next to Mamum.
TNTinCA said on 21/May/08
Regarding the poster that stated that MMA fighters are not 'unstoppable fighting machines', I would tend to agree. But that does not detract from the fact that they are trained fighters.
How would Ronnie Coleman fair in a boxing match with Lennox Lewis? Would he win just because he is big? If it were that simple, he would have become a boxer since they make WAY more than bodybuilders do.
As I stated before, it is apples and oranges. I wouldn't expect Ronnie to be able to beat a MMA fighter anymore than I would expect an MMA fighter to be able to win Mr. Olympia. Although I am confident that Ronnie could kick MY ass. :-)
Alex said on 21/May/08
Coleman is probably 5'10.25-5'10.5 out of bed and 5'9.5-5'9.75 by the evening.
Alex said on 21/May/08
I'd bet Tito Ortiz would take out Coleman.

I'd never wanna be even near of big as Coleman. I'd like to get to 18 inch arms flexed and even thats big but not compared to Coleman.
Cobra said on 21/May/08
I think in the morning Coleman could very well be 5ft11. Bodybuilders tend to exaggerate weight, arm cirfumfence etc. but actually not their height. 5ft11 morning and 5ft10 evening can very well be true.

Looking like Coleman would be cool, thou. IMO he looks more aesthetic than the other Pros, maybe because of his height, his good symmetry, I just like his look.
When it comes to fighting, in the Octagon, its the home of the MMA guys. But in a place, where a fight usually starts, like a bar or something like that- I am sure Coleman would kick some ass. But apart of that, just from the sheer looks, who would pick a fight with THIS guy? So BB can be a pretty good way to keep yourself away from violence, because the are so intimidating.
Viper said on 21/May/08
At least Coleman has made some pretty good coin off that physique.
Alex said on 21/May/08
Derek, I read his arms were 24 and thats going to be flexed so his arms are probably 23 unflexed then unless he gets more than an inch from his flex. Some guys are different though.

I expected 5'10 or a bit less before this picture. With Mamun a bit closer to the camera makes it look even a bit less.
Davey said on 21/May/08
Why clay? Because hes big? How do you know coleman can actually fight? I think someone like mike tyson although smaller,would kick the crap out of this guy.
Davey said on 21/May/08
looks like a strong 5'9.nothing more.Common guys havent we learned anything yet? If he says 5'10 then hes probably an inch less.I really think that is the way to tell a mans height,just take an inch off whatever he says lol
Clay said on 21/May/08
The ''notion'' that MMA fighters are these unstoppable fighting machines is blown out of proportion a lot of the time. Without gloves, without a cage, and without a referee I would put my money on Coleman beating any MMA fighter who isnt a heavyweight.
Derek said on 20/May/08
5'10" sounds right. His arms have to be an easy 25" unflexed.
TNTinCA said on 20/May/08
Ronnie Coleman is a big, powerful man. But he is not going to last more than a few seconds in an MMA ring anymore than a typical MMA fighter is going to win Mr. Olympia. It's an apples and oranges comparison.

Avid bodybuilders pack on the maximum amount of muscle they can to their physiques. But the cost to this is reduced mobility and stamina. Two things that are very important to a martial artist. So I wouldn't expect Ronnie to be able to take on Tito Ortiz in the octagon anymore than I would expect Tito to be able to bench press what Ronnie does during his workouts. :-)
Mamun said on 20/May/08
Thank you Lynn for your kind comments .

Anonymous , I totally disagree with you on Ronnie not having a chance with
tito ortiz in a fight . You have to remember one thing Bro ; the moment Ronnie
gets his hands around Tito , his dead meat . Ronnis arms is so powerful
that when you shake his hands , you could actually feel that he is strong
enough to pull your arms out of their sockets .Tito will have to keep his
distance as far away as possible from Ronnie if he were to win a fight !


benlaswn said on 20/May/08
i think somebody need to design a shirt,short etc for the bobybuilder which by wearing it they'll look ok rather than what Ronnie wearing above he look damn fatass
Guido G. said on 20/May/08
He looks about 5'9
Danimal said on 20/May/08
HAHAHAHA. I told you guys ALL ALONG. The only guy who was with me was my buddy Alex. MAX 5'10" for Coleman and probably even a little less.
Joe said on 20/May/08
He's either 5-9 or 5-9.5. Could be 5-10 first thing in the morning but there's really no way he is 5-11 as he is listed.
Viper said on 20/May/08
Mamum doesnt look totally dwarfed by Ronnie. Maybe its because hes closer to the camera.
Anonymous said on 20/May/08
Yes, Ronnie Coleman can probably out fight the average person....but comparing him to tito ortiz is silly....c'mon....he is a body builder not a MMA fighter...he wouldnt have a takes years of training and natural talent to be a top fighter just as it takes a lot of hard work...great genetics and training to be a top body builder.
Alex said on 20/May/08
Mamun is a tad closer to the camera though so that could make up to a 1/2 inch difference. Either way he's no more than 5'10 max.
Lynn said on 20/May/08

Mamun you are big, yor are Superman but Ronnie is far waaaay bigger than you.

Thank you.
Great pic!
Alex said on 20/May/08
I read his chest was 60 and 61 in other articles as well.

He actually looks 5'9.5 with Mamun but could be 5'10 still. He really isn't more than 5'10. He does look huge though.
Leung said on 30/Mar/08
All you guys that are claiming 5
Jeff said on 29/Mar/08
I believe he is 5'10.5", 2 inches taller than Cutler.
Tyler said on 20/Feb/08
Mikez, I just bought a muscle mag that has Dennis Wolf is 5'10. So with that in mind I'd say he is about 5'8.
Bill Bushey said on 15/Feb/08
Having had the opportunity to meet and speak with Ronnie Coleman while standing, I'd say that his listed height of 5' 10" is pretty accurate. Like most bodybuilders, their bulk tends to make them look shorter than what they're listed to be.
Adam Brennon said on 6/Jan/08
I remember reading that Coleman had a 58 inch chest!
Alex said on 26/Nov/07
Ronnie can sometimes look as short as 5'9 flat because he is so massive and wide but I'd give him a full 5'10.
I was telling some guy who swears Coleman is 5'11 because he is listed at that but some people believe all listings.
Danimal said on 25/Nov/07
Here are some facts. BEFORE Ronnie began going up in the rankings (1996-1997) he WAS being listed at 5'10" in ALL Flex and Muscle and Fitness Magazines, as was Jay Cutler being listed at 5'8.5" up until HE began making a name for himself. Ronnie was NEVER above 5'10" and today, I am sure he is under that. 5'9.5" (my height).
Alex said on 24/Nov/07
Mikez, I was about to say because that would make Coleman 5'8 which is too short. He's roughly 5'10 most will agree on.

[Editor Rob: sometime in a few months a pic might appear here.]
mikez said on 13/Nov/07
Sorry I have to correct myself from the oct 21 post...the pics I posted have ronnie standing a few feet behind...hes really much taller than in those pics.
chris said on 24/Oct/07
he looks to me a solid 5ft10
mikez said on 21/Oct/07
Here is Ronnie next to the 5'11 Dennis Wolf

Click Here

Click Here
JG said on 11/Oct/07
Ronnie is 5.10 1/2..... not taller than that.

Bad Man, that's not ronnnie in that pic. Thats DEXTER JACKSON (lol).
bad man said on 8/Oct/07
no way 5'11" look at this with arnold even though he has shoes on he looks atleast 6 inches taller
Alex said on 17/Sep/07
Dino, I saw the picture. So you were measured at 6'0.5? but was that barefoot or with shoes? If so then Cutler does look 5'9 but had bigger boots so 5'8 may be his real height but I thought he could look as short as 5'7 but probably because of his stocky build.
What do you weigh by the way? Looking at your picture I would have guessed 240lbs maybe?
Dino said on 12/Sep/07
Everyone! I sent Rob the pic of myself and Jay Cutler. I confirmed with my wife. She remembers that he had on Timberland boots and I had on flip-flops. The guy may very well be a tad under 5'9". 5'7"-5'8" max.

[Editor Rob: I will add the page the morrow at 5ft 8.5, maybe...]
Dino said on 2/Sep/07
I sent Rob a picture of Jay Cutler and myself. Maybe he can let me know what the deal is on that. Thanks guys!
Jason said on 26/Aug/07
That makes you actually 5'7''-5'8'' then, Clifton...
clifton said on 25/Aug/07
im 5'10" and i meet ronnie and he was atleast 2-3 inches taller then me.
Danimal said on 12/Aug/07
Cutler was listed at 5'8.5" before he was listed at 5'9" and it's a known fact that he is not even a full 5'8".
Dino said on 11/Aug/07
Jay Cutler is billed at 5'9". I am not good with determining height by looking at someone. I am an amateur bodybuilder. I met Jay Cutler 2 times and took a picture shaking hands with him in the lobby of an event. Heck! I am not sure of my height. Haha! I was in the military and listed in medical records at 72.5". He had on Timmbs with shorts and a takn top. I had on basic trainers being that I was in the competition and leaving after the prejudging (competition attire). My eyes were at his his hair line and I was leaning a bit forward to make sure I was in the camera. I do know that the science of bodybuilding and what we go through as far as transforming our bodies can alter our appearance at times. One guys described me as 5'9" or 5'10" to someone else. If I am that, and Jay Cutler is listed as 5'9" in the guest posing brochure, then maybe he is 5'5". Haha! Just kidding. Mass has a way of altering a bodybuilders appearance for sure. I looked about 3" taller. I guess the picture would have to be seen to determine what the deal is. I have a few pics with a few IFBB Professionals. If someone could tell me how to add the pictures, I would. I would not give him more than 5'9" even with my unqualified guesstimation. Haha! He is very massive indeed.
Bad Radio said on 5/Aug/07
i met ronnie coleman at an expo and he was wearing these massive 3 inch boots and towered over me(I'm 5'11)..then I saw him a year later at the olympia barefoot and he was shorter than me...either way this guy is a monsterous looking dude.
Jason said on 28/May/07
I think it's kinda even for me, I used to be slim years ago. In some ways I look less long than I would if I were skinny, but overall I think I'd be inclined to go with looking bigger, too.
Alex said on 27/May/07
One example is my friend who is a good 6'5 and when he was bulked up a lot and weighed a lot at a point he looked easily 6'5-6'6 and now that he's much more leaner and 90-100lbs lighter he sometimes looks 6'4 tops to me. Also I believe he use to wear footwear a bit bigger and also use to carry himself more better but fact is that it can go either way though.
Jason said on 27/May/07
Yeah, I think it can go either way, though. Like, depending on proportions, limb length; that kinda thing. I've read someone who met him and got a pic with him that Jay appears taller than he is in person because of the mountains of muscle on his shoulders and top of his upper body, & the dude was like 6'2''.
Alex said on 26/May/07
They say sometimes if you're slimmer you look taller then sometimes they'll say if you're bigger you'll appear taller.

I wouldn't rule out 5'7 for Cutler though. I've heard plenty of 5'7 sightings for him and this guy from the gym I knew showed me and picture with him and had him by a good few inches and said he looked 5'7 in person.
Danimal said on 26/May/07
Jason, it's the opposite. The LARGER the frame (especially in Jay's size) the shorter one appears.
Jason said on 26/May/07
Naw, Jay is 5'8''. He's about an inch and a half shorter than Ronnie. Maybe he comes across as slightly taller because of his size.
Viper said on 24/May/07
Cutler is no 5-7. He looks 5-8 1/2 - 5-9.
Danimal said on 24/May/07
Jay was billed at 5'8.5" LOOONG before he was billed at 5'9". I used to collect Flex up until 2000 and he used ONLY be billed at 5'8.5" back then.
Alex said on 24/May/07
How tall is Jay Cutler legit? He's billed at 5'9 but I heard he's as short as 5'7 from a few people who seen him in person. He does look as short as 5'7 though but no lower.
Danimal said on 24/May/07
Wheeler has been billed as low as 5'8" and as high as 5'10.5" just so you know. Ronnie used to be billed at 5'10" and since then, at 5'11".
Danimal said on 24/May/07
Hey Viper, I spent my entire summer in the Outer Banks in 2000. Great times!
Alex said on 23/May/07
I'm from NY.
Viper said on 22/May/07
North Carolina
albi said on 22/May/07
What can I say. This should speak for itself: Click Here
Wheeler is rated at 5'9". Ronnie looks his exact height. Might be the camera angle, but to me they both look at more than 5'10". They look like 6'ers. You decide whether Coleman's or Wheelers height is wrong.
Alex said on 22/May/07
I seen Ronnie's video where he went to a steakhouse.
I can eat like an animal too if I want, sometimes less than other times though.

Viper, where in the USA are you from?
Viper said on 20/May/07
Not at the Outback I go to.
Danimal said on 20/May/07
At the Outback, the waiters come and sit with you and help you choose what you want. It's a pretty cool concept.
Jason said on 18/May/07
Ohhh right. Yeah ... ironically, we don't have it here lol. Not fair. Ronnie eats like a king.
Viper said on 18/May/07
Its Australian themed but its based in America.
Jason said on 18/May/07
''Outback'' steakhouse? It's not an Australian-themed restaurant, right?
Viper said on 17/May/07
The kicker is Ronnie orders the SAME exact thing every time. The waiter sure has an easy time for him.
Viper said on 17/May/07
Pretty good restaraunt of that variety. I like it but not every night.
Jason said on 17/May/07
I might be able to lol. What's the menu like???
Viper said on 16/May/07
Alex, have you seen that Ronnie goes to the Outback steakhouse EVERY night for dinner in his taining videos. I couldnt do that.
Alex said on 16/May/07
Lesnar is a very strong guy himself. I've seen Ronnie's DVD.
Probably both around the same strength but Ronnie probably edges him a bit.

I think Tito Ortiz would kick Coleman's ass.
Jason said on 16/May/07
Kurt Angle would win against Ronnie ... well, more than likely, anyway. Ronnie would be stronger than Lesnar I think ... plus, he's been a cop for like 18 years.
Alex said on 15/May/07
Shaq may kick Coleman's ass but you never know. Coleman is a HUGE mound of muscle and he's too short for his weight which makes him slow I can bet on. Most guys in the UFC would kick his ass. Coleman's best strength is to get a hold of someone give them big blows or throw them around and end the fight fast.
Viper said on 14/May/07
What about Shaq versus Coleman. Actually Shaq versus 7-6 Clavin Lane, the world s biggest bouncer would be epic :)
Alex said on 13/May/07
I could still kick his ass though! LOL
But really I bet most of these WWE wrestlers and especially UFC fighters would mess Coleman up. Take Lesnar for example. He's not as big as Coleman but could be as strong or stronger in some areas and Lesnar is much faster, athletic. Lesnar wins. I even think Angle would beat Coleman while most will disagree on that. Imagine Big Show vs Coleman?
Jason said on 13/May/07
Yep lol. 305? They could be going on an old weight. Though I guess I could believe it. I've never, ever seen him look that big, though; so, I'm more inclined to go with 320, which he said is his biggest ever off-season weight. He's holding his tummy in there BTW. :)
Alex said on 12/May/07
Possible. 300lbs at least though.
Viper said on 12/May/07
He does look 320 there.
Alex said on 12/May/07
The page said 305lbs.
Wait did you just estimate someone weiging more than I estimated?? HAHA

If you go to another Coleman site it says 255lbs in season and 280lbs offseason. They need to fix that.
Jason said on 12/May/07
He looks 320 there.
Alex said on 10/May/07
Check this picture out of Coleman and a normal sized guy. Rediculous here.
I can give Coleman 5'10, 5'10.5 at the most and its just rounded up to 5'11.
He is sure looking 300lbs here though.

Click Here
Leung said on 6/May/07
Bodo, there is no way that Coleman is 5'9". I've met Coleman up close and face to face, I'm 5'11.5" and he was only a little shorter than me. His footwear were those very flat weightlifting shoes. My estimate is that Coleman is 5’10.5” and a morning height of 5’11”.

With regards to comparing Coleman with Cutler, I have got the Mr Olympia 2005 DVD’s and Coleman is obviously taller than Jay Cutler. Even though Cutler has an inch of slicked back hair he is still shorter than bald-headed Coleman.
Bodo said on 5/May/07
I have seen video in the past year or so (on the internet) of Jay Cutler and Ron Coleman doing side by side posing routines in bare feet and they are exactly the same height. There was really no question as they were right next to each other posing and nudging one another in some weird sort of "posedown". Jay Cutler says he is 5'9" on his web site <Click Here>. There is no way Ron Coleman is over 5'9" and more likely both he and Jay are closer to 5'8". And these guys wear the most ridiculously obvious lifts in their short hiking boots that they wear when they walk around the audience at shows.
For perspective, keep in mind that a great many professional bodybuilders (not absolutely all), like circus showmen such as the tall man, often exaggerate all their "numbers" to make themselves sound more impressive. The flexed biceps circumference measurement, for example, is notoriously inflated by bodybuilders. One of the few honest bodybuilders along these lines who comes to mind is Steve Reeves from the 1940's who said he had a *cold* 18" arm and if you have seen what he looked like in 1947 doing a double biceps pose when he won Mr. America, you realize he was a *huge* guy then. (That was 9 years before the *first* steroid, Dianabol, was invented and marketed.) Now Jay Cutler at 4-5" shorter says he has a 22.5" arm. Going further back, Arthur Jones, who invented the Nautilus exercise machines, had bodybuilders like Arnold, Sergio, and many others to visit him back in the 1970's and surprised them by taking arm measurements. Even with their steroids and obsessive (2 times a day/6-7 days a week) workouts, *only one* of them had arms that were 20" even though for example Arnold claimed something like 22.5" or so in publications at the time. Sergio Oliva had 20-1/8" arms, and Arnold had 19" arms. So do you think you can believe the published heights of the current crop of short/average height bodybuilders?
Viper said on 2/May/07
I dont know man, he sure doesnt look that tall.
Leung said on 1/May/07
I've met Coleman twice, the guy is 5'10.5" to 5'11".
Ronnie Coleman squats 800lb so there's a good chance that he would be naturally taller if he wasn't a bodybuilder.
Viper said on 1/May/07
I beleive Coleman is no taller than a flat 5-10 at best.
Dan said on 14/Nov/06
Coleman at 5'10.5" is tall for a bodybuilder when the average height of the competitors at the 2006 Olympia was 5'8". It's no good naming loads of tall bodybuilders and then saying Coleman is short in comparison, I could name loads of short bodybuilders and say he's tall in comparison. Compared to the other current bodybuilders who approach his level, (and Kickinger definitely is not among their number), Coleman is above average height.
Neal said on 24/Oct/06
Mat, Take off 20 or 30 lbs. and these boys are still at the top of their game. If you don't agree with their choices then don't knock them, just go about your business the way you believe. The only way you can legitimatly talk noise is if you were in their league. Are you?
Jonathan Smith said on 14/Oct/06
Ok mat dorian wasnt 5'10 or 5'11. Arnold was around 6' and ronnie is at least 5'10. You cant exaggerate a posedown if you knew anything about bodybuilding you would know that a lot of them dont even measure they just look in the mirror and see what needs to be improved. Bodybuilding is probably the only sport where you cant cheat. Arnold never claimed to have 23 inch arms either. Point is if you know nothing about something keep your mouth shut.
CoolJ said on 26/Jul/06
Nice video from Olympia 2005 to compare with other competitors

Click Here

Alex said on 23/Jul/06
Coleman is def not over 5'10 for sure. 5'9 and change at least but with so much muscle mass it can sometimes make him look a little shorter than 5'10 though since it takes away from his height.

Didn't Ronnie get up to 320-330lbs in the offseason because I read he's normally 285lbs in season and read in a magazine once 296lbs. Is 296lbs the heaviest weight that someone had in season?
Danimal said on 20/Jul/06
Ronnie isn't tall. Maybe for a bodybuiler. Many of the Mr. Olympia's were taller. Arnold S. (6'1"-6'2"), Lee Haney (5'11"), Dorian Yates (5'10"-5'11"), Paul Dilett (6'1"-6'2"), Mike Christian (6'1"), Lou Ferrigno (6'4"-6'5"), Gunter Shleirkamp (6'1"), Bob Paris (6'0"), Nasser El Sombaty (5'11.5"), Roland Kickinger (6'4"-6'5"), Dave Draper (6'0"), Steve Reeves (6'1"-6'2"), Rory Leidelmeyer (5'11"), Mike Katz (6'1"), Reg Park (6'1"-6'2"), Serge Nubret (6'0"), Ralf Moeller (6'6"-6'8"). I just named 17 PRO's off the top of my head. To say Ronnie is TALL, isn't saying much, when all those men are taller and there are MANY others.
Leung said on 19/Jul/06
Met Ronnie Coleman last year and he was only slightly shorter than myself (I’m 5’11.5”) , so 5’10.5” sounds right. He is a massive guy with huge muscles, he’s thighs were so big that when he walks it’s similar to like a mega obese person ambling along. Ronnie is tall for a body builder, he’s taller than most of the top professionals.
Alex said on 17/Jul/06
Ronnie can actully look 5'9 sometimes since he has so much muscle mass it takes a bit away from his height but I do think he probably is 5'10 legit.
Viper652 said on 10/Jun/06
Gunther looks like a giant a 6-1.
Alex said on 9/Jun/06
CoolJ, 5'11 is a little tall for a bodybuilder too. Most are 5'8-5'10.

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